Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Stones Throw from the Cape

With the wind gusting to 35knots Ella's Pink Lady is really surfing away the last 80nm to Cape Horn. It's looking like we'll be rounding the Cape first thing tomorrow morning, super exciting! Fingers crossed that the cloud lifts a little and I get a half decent view as we sail past.

Up in Punta Arenas (Chile), Mum and Dad are getting ready to take off later today and will be circling around overhead in a plane. We'll be able to chat over the VHF radio so looking forward to that.

Also, boats from both the Chilean Navy and Argentinian Navy are expected to swing by to give us a wave. It's been over a month since I've seen another boat and almost 3 months since I've seen another person, so I feel totally thrilled and spoiled to have so many guests all at once! I was extra careful brushing my hair this morning, (which is of course completely pointless in this wind!).

The other exciting news is that I heard from Dilip that he and Mhadei rounded the Cape ahead of us and are now on course to the Falklands to sort out his steering problems.

Anyway, there's plenty happening and things that need my attention out here, so I'm going to sign off for now.



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Mal Johnston said...


Anonymous said...



Richard T said...

Jessica, What a super effort so far and so modest as well.At this point you have made history, it all gets better from here,I have got my fingers crossed for you,whats left of them, good luck, Regards Richard T

Unknown said...

Hello Jess:

You are amazing !!!

Take some Pics of the fly over...

We are all pulling for you!!!!!

Stay safe and all the best.

Bob and Family from Denver, CO USA

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! What an exciting day ahead you will have. You must feel like you can do anything now. To me getting around the Cape was historically like facing your worst nightmare. Fly with the angels. Blessings.

Sue (this n that) said...

Well done, not much extra exciting day for you!

Anonymous said...

Well Jess you are almost there! I was just having my morning check up on you and there was no blog from you - I went to the latest news section and then back to your blog and there it was so without waiting I am sending you a message. I am so excited for you and will continue to pray for you as you contend with some testing weather conditions but I am sure at the same time you will be "lappin up" the excitement of it all - the Horn, your dream, your parents, the Chilian navy, Dilip and even more. Take it all in Jess and know that you are an amazing inspiration to many people of all ages all over the world. An incredible achievement already for a youg lady. Take care precious little lamb as you "do your stuff"!!
Blessings from Nan Mim

Penny said...

Wow!!! When you mentioned the navy will be out on the water to give you a wave, with your parents circling overhead, I got a tear in my eye!!

You must be having the time of your life... I wake up many mornings wishing I could trade places with you in an instant...

Take care
Penny, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Go Jess! Say hello to South America for us.

Amanda said...

May you round the Cape in style

Franklin said... is 10' swells. Your luck is holding. Continue the great work.

Kiwinzl said...

Really great news! I am sure you are excited!

Sue Canavan said...

Hello Jessie

Great to hear that you are at the Cape. You may still see John with a bit of luck. He was at Deception Island Volcano last email I got so he may be out of range.
My skin shivered when I read your last blog. Great to hear about the guests arriving.

Love & Luck
Sue & James
Sunshine Sailing Australia

Lanna said...

@ Penny re the tear in your eye. Every time I think of this amazing young woman and her inspirational journey and personality, I get a tear in my eye. Teamwork is always good, but individual greatness is the stuff of dreams. Keep up the great work you outstanding young woman!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic entry. I can almost feel your excitement.
Your mum and dad must be bursting with pride, and will need super strength not to jump out and swim over to you to give you a huge hug.

Keep up the inspirational work Jesse xxx
Natasha NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
THIS IS IT, the moment you have trained for and looked forward to for so long. Congratulations in advance to you and the shore crew.
Also Bob, your weatherman must have special powers over Neptune and the weather gods !
Great that you will have a conversation with you parents.
So, needless to say you will be excited and possibly distracted by all the aircraft, so stay focused and safe. Great work.

Cape Breton

Emile said...

Hello Jes, It's wonderful that you have such support for the dangerous rounding the horn. Good Luck and Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse,
Excellent as you make this last little bit around the Horn as it were... you're writing as excellent as your sailing...there's goinging to be some serios "grins" and "hooplahing" as your folks do the fly by... what you'ld give to have a "hug"... been eighty-seven days since you've experienced one of those... you hug us everyday as you encourage all of us with your words... and attitude...
mark n adino

Attitude said...

Well done Jessica. almost there!

Rich said...

How exciting for you, Jess!! Keep going!!!

Unknown said...


The McGraths said...

Great news Jesse, truly happy for you and your parents.
As always we stand in awe of you & appreciate this is such a huge marker for you.

Hugs & kisses xxooxx

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

G'day jesse,
Looks like your getting terrific weather for where you are. Well done! Round the Cape, then head home. Won't be long now!

nutralady2001 said...

My goodness Jesse I am super excited as well fancy the Chilean and Argetinian navy giving you a salute as you go past that is fantastic!

Hope you can get some photos especially of Mum and dad's plane if they fly low enough. What a mileston .....big hugs xxxxx

tassie devil one said...

hi jessica , I am so excited for you.............actually I havnt been to bed had a project on computer so at 8a.m. down here in tassie I thought I would just check to see if you had appeared before I go to bed ..........and there you were. It is lovely that your mum and dad will be flying overhead, just hope the clouds clear for you , what an exciting day for you, we are all picturing it in our minds and we will not be surprised if some newspaper crew wont be around somewhere to take some photos for our local press..congratulations jessica.

chris coles-morales said...

You keep on going!!
Almost there!!



best of luck and keep the wind going!
chris in calif

Anonymous said...

Hey, dont forget to slow down and take a photo or 2, if you blink you might miss it :-)

Well I just spilt my coffee, so looks like its getting a bit bumpy out there, hang in there Jess, its going to be a great day!

Brett from South Aust.

Ally said...

Oh Im just so excited for you Jess. I was going to leave a message last night when I checked in saying "are ya there yet"? "are ya there yet"? are ya there yet?
I couldnt stop thinking you but decided to log in this morning and great to read this last blog.
Enjoy the moment chick.
A great milestone indeed.
Keep on keeping on

Ally (sth aust.)

Anonymous said...

gosh jessica, I am sooo excited for you !!!

Hope you get some fabulous pictures !!

You gooooo girl .. were all very proud of you :)

Jules GC said...

So excited for you, Jesse. This will certainly be a memorable day, with Mum and Dad and the navies of two nations escorting you around Cape Horn. Soak it all up and enjoy!

Bob from Seattle said...

How exciting for you. Mum, Dad and both navies. Everyone is very proud of you !!!

pestinfo said...

Go, you good thing !!

You'll make it and then wonder what all the fuss was about.

Sail Safe
Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Your almost their,I am sure you want to get a paddle out and move the Pink Lady along,sounds like mother nature will soon be helping you out,if she hasn't already considering I am a day behind you.
So I can only assume you will get this on the day of rounding,you have accomplished so much already and I am so proud being part of your ''world family'' on your adventure.
Trust your ''motley crew'' is helping out on board,remember to put your ''turn signal'' on.
I can only imagine how you must feel right now,I hope your daily diary is over flowing with wonderful comments with more to come.
''Sam'' thanks for your reply,you still amaze me with your wordings,should be a teacher.
Enough for now young lady,I am sure you are busy getting ready for your turn,hope the land lubbers are on the shore line wishing you nothing but the best,I am sure your adoptive world family wishes we where their,but you know we have never left you.
My heartfelt congratulations so far,you continue to amaze each and everyone of us.
God keep you safe and the winds be true on your voyage of a lifetime.
Much love and support,
My warmest wishes also go out to your Mum and Dad and the shore crew,you all have done and continue to do a superior job.
God speed to all,
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
Maryland,USA,[sun setting in western winter sky]

Cowboychincs said...

Dear Jessica.... just one word.... YIPPEE!!!! Congrats... am sure that your mum and dad will be VERY happy to see you as you surf on past the Cape... how exciting for them as well as for you! Keep vigilant of all the little things... and stay safe!

Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

This is fantastic and exciting news.

Sure hope you get a view of the Horn as you pass and I hope Mum and Dad can orbit your location for a good long view to see you accomplish this great milestone. I am sure they will have a video camera on board.

Great news that apparently you have prompted both Chile and Argentina naval vessels to sail out and welcome you. That has to be exciting.

This is it sweet cheeks, the Everest of sailing and you're the one to do it.

Also, great news about Dilip rounding the Horn.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Randy said...

Hi Jesse!

Your words sound so good and you are such a great girl!
The next hours have wonderful moments for you.
So I hope you can enjoy every little second!

All my best wishes from me to you!
I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

The world loves you Jess and we are so proud of you. How exciting... mum and dad in a plane overhead, the Chilean Navy, the Argentine Navy... then the Royal Air Force if you get within 100 miles of the Falklands. With all the military support you have from all these countries nobody better ever mess with you!!
Take care little one.
Dwight, NC, USA

Anonymous said...

Best wishes as you round the Cape. You're an inspiration to me to get out on the ocean for some cruising.
Portland, Oregon, USA

dutchinspace said...

Good one Jess, but is that time in GMT,AEST or ChillyJessTime!!!?? Have you seen any Icebergs yet? I heard there was one floating down off West Oz a while back?? Not far now you can hang a north and warm up a bit, then not much betwixt you and Tassie(just a bit of water and a couple of dramatic land bits- I've been playing around on Giggle Earth)!
No rum toddie cheers for the cape either hey,RBT-anywhere, anytime,and you can't really say you weren't driving!!! Good Luck (I have to go to work now)

graemek said...

You're just wonderful !!!!

I'm thrilled to pieces !!!


Tony said...

Wooohooo ! fun times just ahead. Raising a glass to you ! well done. Tony (Shipshape) Bristol UK

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

WOW, it is almost happening … how absolutely exciting for YOU … and US … and your parents and other visitors … and all your followers everywhere.

Am lost for words, just to say …

GO GIRL … you will coming shining through SPECIAL STAR!! We are all behind you.

Fay from the Gold Coast

Toni McLean said...

Thank you so much Jesse for taking the time to let us know how close you are, especially while you're having such fun surfing. Seems like the ocean is trying to help you on your way.

How exciting that your mum and dad are so close now, and that the Chilean and Argentinian Navies are going to say hello too. You might get some requests for your mobile number! With all these visitors you really will have to brush your hair and put some lippy on! :-)

We will all be waiting with baited breath til tomorrow morning.

Hoping the winds are just what you want.


Anonymous said...

Keep going Jessica !!!

The whole of Oz is with you.

You're an absolute inspiration.

Dennis in Toowoomba

Unknown said...

I’ve been following your blog since day one and figured it was about time to leave a comment. Congrats on this monumental moment! That’s so exciting that your mum and dad get to do a fly over!

Stay safe,

Jess E.
St. Charles, MO, USA

jan said...

hi jesse, what an exciting blog from you today, enjoy and savour every moment. go jesse go, you are WONDERFUL!!!!! cheers canterbury nz.

KP said...

Its exciting enough simply reading about whats happening. Must be soooo much more exciting being there. Don't forget to stear the boat in it all.
Paul Brisbane

AMZ said...

GO Jess!! you can do it!!!

Danielle said...

wow Jesse, look at you, you're actually doing it! Enjoy it, lifetime memories to be made :)
You are in my thoughts, stay safe.

Brian said...

G'day Jess
You bloody beauty
Regards Brian

Unknown said...

What a great achievement! You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
So good to hear Dilip has rounded the cape.
God speed.
Cooroy, Queensland

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Way 2 GO Jess
Enjoy your family as they pass over.
Keep focused
Stay Safe

danma said...

Yay Jesse,

You totally rock, I had tears in my eyes & my voice was wavering as I read out your post to my kids this morning.

We are all with you, our thoughts & prayers are with you as well.

As always stay safe, happy sailing & savour this moment forever.

We will wait with baited breath till tomorrow.......

Anonymous said...

Okay, the mother in me in heaving a sigh of relief! I know you are doing an exceptional job, but I have been biting my fingernails off in anticipation of your Cape rounding. Even though you are well prepared, I kept imagining my own teenage daughter all alone at the bottom of the world in infamously rough seas. I feel SO MUCH BETTER knowing that your parents will be overhead, and the Navy will be there cheering you on.

I'm beside myself with excitement for you and your team. Be safe, hold on tight and enjoy your moment of glory !!

God Speed !!

Sherry Price
Crofton, MD USA

lswinter said...

5 PM, EST, Tue, Jan 12,'10

You're going to do it in style, Jessica! You have plenty of wind in your sails now. Not too many spots on God's good earth that are as filled with exciting potential as the cape of South America. We're praying for you. For you mom and dad too, that their flyover will go without any troubles from the wind. Hopefully they'll get some great pictures of you from above.

God be with you,
Leon & Sally

Bluefin said...


What a triumphant procession as you round Cape Horn! You, your loyal crew, Mum and Dad, and the Chilean and Argentinian Navy ships. What a grand occasion!

You have earned this Jesse, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Have everything crossed for clear weather for you.


Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Unknown said...

This is so exciting Jess! So many people barracking for you! [US friends, us Aussie's don't use the term 'root' for certain reasons.....LOL].

I was once one of those doubters, but I am now enjoying my meal of humble pie and feeling your excitement!

Way to go girl! We are all holding our breath just waiting to go around that landmark you have been aiming for!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie......oi, oi, oi!

Smooth sailing and safe travels from Lily in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
It must be a thrill for you to round the Cape and to see your parents and some other people after such a long time alone on the water.
Don't forget to use your camera, and I'm sure that your parents also will take photo's of you from above. I keep my fingers crossed that the weather will be clear.
Congratulations to you Jessica, but also to all in your team.
Sail on safe with a smile and the wind in your hair.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

JJ said...

I am so excited for you :-D \o/

Good luck!!

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the
triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel
afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

-- Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

Jessica, this is soooooooo exciting for all of us that are coming along with you. Wish you all the best as you round the cape. Must be so wonderful your parents will be circling around over you as you accomplish this milestone. I'm sure we all wish we could be in that plane cheering you on and see the historic moment.
But with all the excitement, don't let down your guard.
Tons of hugs
Val, Toowoomba, Queensland.

moffa said...

Hi Jesse!
Over here in Sweden we are very impressed,excited and happy for
what you have done sofar.

Fair Wind from the sofa.

Geoff said...

hey J Dawg

remember once you get past turn left for some warm weayher



Melbourne Orstralia

Vegasclimber said...

Great to hear that all is well Jessica, have a safe rounding and enjoy your day, you have earned it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse! What an exciting time! I wish you all the best when you go round and enjoy all your visitors! Will be thinking of you. Congratulations to you and EPL. You're both doing brilliantly :))


The Swozzies said...

Jess you just keep showing the way.
Congrats that all is comming together. Ground control a top job and keeping our Jess from the hard work Dilip must have been through.
As for special guests besides Mum & Dad, you have the world following you.

Bengt in Sweden, now back to work as this girl moves. 'Tack så mycket, i Göteborg' and a good job with the charts.
Go Jess.
Swozzies , Tollered Sweden.

Kortney said...

How exciting!! Congratulations Jess and have a wonderful time!! You can do anything!! Blessings from Sydney!

Roy GC said...

What a milestone! Brilliant... Go Jesse and keep warm.
Roy on the Gold Coast

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

What an exciting post! So thrilled for you to have so many supporters see you round the Cape - mum,dad AND sailors from the Argentinian and Chilean navies. WOW! Have fun!!!!
I hope the cloud cover disappears at just the right moment.
Gillian, France

Mary said...

How fantastic are you!

Words can't express how excited I am for you, as I swallow the lump in my throat and feel the tears dampen my eyes.

May you continue to have a great run through the passage. Feel the love that we're all sending you. We're carrying the image of your parents flying over and the naval vessels near you as well.

Extraordinary ALL THE WAY!!!!

With oceanic hugs and deep respect,
Mary, Maine, USA

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica,


Ella's Pink Lady and you have earned extra brownie points for that one!

And so you will have a Navy escort on top of a fly over!

Chocolate for everyone: family, friends, supporters and a fantastic team! :-)

Hurray for Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady!

peter said...

Hey Jessica....all the best for rounding the cape. All that action in the air and on the water should be good. Get that camera out for some pics.

Auckland NZ

Dutchnomad said...

Jessica, I wish a happy passage around the first cape on your trip. Beleive me many people are jealous (well at least me :)

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Jan Pieters

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. Congratulations on your progress so far, and all the very best for rounding Cape Horn. Sounds very exciting, especially with family and others around to witness it. I've been following your blog regularly, and really enjoying it. You write well. What you're doing is so impressive, and you seem to be handling the challenges well. I'm sure you'll continue to do so. Take care and have fun.
Wellington, NZ

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you, we can hardly stand it! Take pics or video if you can!!!! But only a few b/c you need to really really take it all in!

~two in tx

Jana said...

So excited for you! Hope to see lots of pics!

jana in wyoming, usa

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!......this is so exciting, God Bless you Jessica, hoping Cape Horn is a blast! best regards, david henderson

Llew said...

Fantastic stuff Jess! What a memorable event for you to have your parents flying overhead and being able to chat to them at the time. Great to know that the Chilean & Argentinian nations are supportive of your epic adventure. Your rounding of Cape Horn is deserving of some international media coverage on the evening bulletins I would suggest. Take care,

Llew, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica!!!!
What a great achievement, well done!!!!!!
Arnold van Cauwenberghe

Jonathan Castelino said...

Great job Jess,

By the time you get this, I'll bet you will already be rounding the Cape and saying a good old Aussie "G'Day" to the Chilean navy and more importantly chatting away to Mum and Dad.

PW forecasts show the winds dropping off a bit but the pressure still low around the Cape but you know what? It will all work out in the end and you will have the time of your life !

Congratulations on this magnificent achievement. Looking at the map, the trip to the next Cape looks decidedly short !!

From all your blog faithful three cheers for Jess :


I can literally hear the resounding sound of voices cheering you on !


Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica-

Navy salutes, Air Force flyby's, and the whole world watching!

I'd say you are in great company!


Charlie Snow said...

Wow, I'm as excited for you as you are!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation, Jesse, for reaching and rounding CapeHorn!!
I follow your postings since your start in Australia. I wish you good luck, health and power for finisch your world rounding happyly.
I am Holger from Berlin, Germany, i love the great water with respect of his power. Stay carefull with you!

Anonymous said...

Super exciting indeed. You are absolutely delightful and your personality simply jumps out of the page. Enjoy the party with all your guests. You deserve all the attention and I think even Neptune and the Sea Gods are favoring you with good conditions.
Look forward to hearing from you when you reach the Atlantic.
(Maybe you can catch a photo of the line between the oceans??? LOL)
Arnie near Toronto Canada

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA, only 80nm to go!!! sounds as though you will have a cheering squad as well as your folks!!! Hope the cloud lifts so you get a clear view of the Cape. Stay safe, keep smiling, keep warm. regards

Bron Central West NSW

Charlie Snow said...

Wow, I'm as excited for you as you are.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse. Such tremendous news. You and your crew have done a fantastic job. Your messages are most welcome to so many anxious followers from all parts of the world. Looking forward to hearing about your Mum and Dad circling overhead and the Argentine and Chilean Navy escorts you will soon have. You are certainly an inspiration to everyone. Goodonya !!!
As always, smooth sailing, keep safe and I personally will raise a tinny in your honour.
Best wishes..Russ/Calgary

Al said...

Hey Ms Jessica, you are loooooking goooood. Way to go.

Al P.

p.s. It is a little chilly in Beijing these days!!

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

Great to hear your nearly at the HORN but you didn't take my advise to eat plenty of that Indian Currie to produce plenty of that natural wind to beat Dilip to the Horn mmmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

My class and I are so excited because with only 20 minutes left to our school day, you just put up a new blog. With a 35 knot wind, you must be flying! Even better, we get to move you around the Cape tomorrow! Yippee! Hold on tight and wave to Mom & Dad for the Killer Whales.

To Salty Dog:

Thanks for saying hello to our class! Guess what, we live on an Island too... we live in Campbell River, B.C., on Vancouver Island!

From Paul & the Killer Whales

PS "Orca" says "Hello" to the stuffy crew on the Pink Lady.

Vince from Brisbane said...

Well done, give yourself a present and listen to the song "Cool Change" by Little River Band. Although the song is over 30 years old I beleive it was written for you and decribes your journey.

If you google; cool change lrb it should bring up the song and a film clip that I am sure you will enjoy.
Your blogger family may also enjoy.
i had tears rolling donw my cheeks listening to it and thing of your adventure.

Hope you enjoy it and i recommend your managment team adopt the song as your Theme song.

All the best
Look forward to seeing you come thru the Heads in MAY.

Scott said...

You're so close! That's awesome! What an honor to have so many people there to encourage you on. Be sure to get pictures if the clouds lift.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Bruce de Mich said...

A few great moments in life, Jessica. Such memories will never recede! Congratulations on achieving another piece of your dream... and a big, "Hello!", to your folks up there when they appear!

May you enjoy a few well deserved moments in the lee of Argentina before heading across the Atlantic.

Fair winds and following seas!

Bruce de Mich

Susan said...

Go Jesse!

I just read that Dilip passed the cape, and wasn't really expecting an update from you, but being addicted, and as if my impatience will help anything, I checked in and here's another post from you... Thank You!

~You are amazing.
~What you are doing is amazing.
~What you've accomplished so far is amazing.
~Your abilities are amazing.
~I know you have that 6th sense about sailing, and that is amazing.
~You've just crossed a vast ocean, both West to East, and North to South, and that is amazing.
~That all our parently advice and admonitions don't annoy you is amazing.
~Than You have both the Chilean Navy and Argentinian Navy saluting you is amazing.
~That the worst of the weather seems to keep clearing out of the way for you is amazing.
~No Heat, and no complaints, amazing.
~You flow along with whatever the journey brings, being becalmed or gales and rough rollie seas, amazing.
~You manage everything so gracefully, amazing.

Susan in Oregon

doreen said...

We a so excited for you.

Today to be able to wave to your Mum and Dad.

and may see Bilip as well as your other friend.

We are all so proud of you

Take care and enjoy my dear

Doreen Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

HELLO JESSE - I have been too late with my last couple of blogs to you. I just want to say thinking of you and hoping you get the weather you wish for rounding the cape. Glad you have more speed now.

Looking forward to next message etc from you.

SAFE JOURNEY, and although busy enjoy the moment.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS the Horn is in sight. You are an inspiration! There's a great song and video dedicated to you on you tube. A friend put me on to it ..some australian guy, cheers! I jotted down the address. Good luck, Big wave to your parents!

dee58 said...

Dee 58 and residents

Well what a girl and a well done
we all wish you well.

God Bless you and to see your parents today!!! wow!!!

Dee58 & Friends

craig said...

Good to have some wind to round "The Horn" you woud amost feel cheated out of the experience to drift around. Have fun.
Mount Gambier

BroncoDave said...

Bravissimo !

Safe Sailing !

From gig Harbor, Washington State USA

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

WOW! What thrilling news from you just now! I know your heart must pounding with excitement, but I'm not sure yours is pounding any more than mine!! I am absolutely thrilled for you and for this moment!

May your rounding of the Horn be all you have ever dreamed it would be....and more!

God bless you with good weather and continued safe sailing!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

SaltyDog said...


I’ve always said that if I was given the choice to take a flight to the moon or sail around the world by way of Cape Horn, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice. Just point the way to the boat. So I couldn’t be any more excited for you. To have a visit from the Chilean and Argentinian Navy’s is incredible, and then having your Mum and Dad there is just the icing on the cake. I don’t know for sure if he’s still there, but the last I read was that Minoru Saito was still in Punta Arenas. I wonder if your parents had a chance to talk to him. I’m sure that Saito is cheering for you, too.

Don’t worry about your hair, Jess, you couldn’t take a bad picture. And your smile will be big enough to fill any camera lens.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Pachacuti 1 said...

Go Jess! And all cynics be damned!

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
There is an S&S 34 just like yours (but not pink) next to my yacht in the marina and every time I walk by it I think of you, in a tiny little yacht, in a great big ocean, achieving amazing milestones. I am in awe of you! Keep going, you are doing yourself, your family and Australia proud.

Alan of RBYC.

Joe L said...

Jessica - I'm so excited for you! Rounding the Cape will be a great milestone and to have that many visitors at once must be the icing on the cake. You should be really proud of yourself for this accomplishment. Well done indeed . . .
- Joe -

Sheryl NSW said...

Good on you! How brave you are. Just cruised 13 days I could not do what you are doing. Safe travels, wish you well.

Sheryl NSW

Sergio (Venezuela) said...


You'll make it!!! Not the slightest doubt about it.

However far, this is the closest you will ever get to Venezuela on this journey, so from here and now (and from a country close to chaos) also my word of support and let's hope for the best weather.

Sergio (Venezuela)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...
Any chance your folk with air drop chocolate supplies to you, or is that against the rules? I presume it is. Doh!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME...GO Jessica

CONGRATULTIONS on reaching another goal....

stay safe....and stay alert..

Joe Springfield VA USA

Anonymous said...

ahhh!!! single-handed round cape horn.
I wish I had THAT on my CV


Rich@rcantrell said...

Three months of CONGRATULATIONS. Enjoy visit with Mum and Dad. Wishing you continued success!

Eli said...

OMGoodness Jessica! I'm really excited to hear you're almost there!! Truly, you're starting the year with good news! And I'm glad to hear your many successes!

I continue to pray for your well being and for things to be as you want it them to be :D

Anyhow, God bless ya Jessica! Stay amazing!

Anonymous said...

the one thing that I do at work that makes my day a little more exciting is keeping track of your adventure. Half way round the world already, you definetly have an angel at your shoulder. Go you gutsy girl,
regards mags

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,
Fantastic news that you will be around Cape Horn within the next 24hours. Just hope the weather is generally kind to you.

All these visitors it is wonderful. Seeing your Mum and Dad overhead and the navy ships will be absolutley awesome.

What a fantastic job you are doing. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes from being so proud and full of admiration for you.

Make sure you snjoy passing this huge milestone. Thinking of you.

Stay safe and keep warm,

Ingleburn NSW (In Singapore again)

Janet nancarrow said...

Hi Jess this is so exciting now im so happy for you,i will be with you all the way as will a lot of other people.By for now have to baby sit my Grandchildren.

Brumbyy said...


This poem is one dedicated to pioneer women and although it is part of a compendium of poetry, it epitomises women and their bravery, strength, tenacity and essence.

As you sail pass the Horn, I could honour you no more, than by accepting the essence of this Poem, is in fact a true embodiment of you.

May all women look to you in awe, for most men do, for you deserve all that comes your way, God's speed our Neptune's Child.


The Waggoner

The bruises grew each savage jolt
The wagon needed halting
She wrenched with all her strength and might
The shaly stone kept faltering

The bullocks just, short a trot
The brake arm grazing knee
This mountain woman knew her lot
It was just her, and the dragging tree

It was steep, and it was long
This narrow winding trail
Chains so taught in steel song
A parting thought, caused pale

They slogged it to the valley floor
Sweat whisked from brow by breeze
Her heart stopped pounding in her chest
No more, would her they tease

She stumbled from the wagon seat
Legs struggling to get hold
Then stood with pride on stable feet
This land is mine I’m told

Her new found husband touched her hand
Smeared with dust and blood
His family big was grandly planned
Large heart was in love’s flood

He knew now that his choice was good
He walked her to the stone
A marker for his mother dear
And there he read her tome

“Here lies Martha Baxter,
A mountain lady grand
Nothing every fazed her
Now she’s buried in her land

Proud she was to have a son,
One just like her beau
May his woman fill his heart,
And with him family grow”

They walked across the cabin yard
Her dress dragged in the dirt
Nary thought, life wouldn’t be hard
Those bruises, no longer hurt.

© Brumbyy

infiniteblue said...

Nice work Jesse, keep it up, one watch at a time....hmm,... perhaps solo circumnavigators dont actually have 'watches', or do they ?

Anyway, keep your eye on the luff and your hand on the helm.
Sail safe

room 401 said...

hey jessica
you are geting by Cape Horn
i hope u make it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica for allowing us to share in your briiliant acomplishment sailing solo around Cape Horn your acheivement one that will go down in nautical records as one of the best ever! CONGRADULATIONS JESSICA and the entire Ella's Pink Lady support team fantastic job!

Kissyfrott said...

Surf and Fly, Fantastic Princess of the Sea!
The night will pass like a cloud, and January 13th is going to be a memorable day.

Argentina and Chile both saluting you, Mum and Dad overhead, John Bankart at your side, and later the RAF Typhoon "flapping wings"...
All these guests coming for you are the ambassadors for all your relatives, adopted or authentic, for your friends, admirers, followers.

Oh Jesse, I'm so happy for you.
I just told the news to our children intheir beds before they were asleep, and they were frantic. Sailing dreams coming up, I guess.

Your epic ride is already historic, soon legendary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
This Sunday is my birthday and I am going sailing out from the Mooloolaba Yacht club (Queensland Australia) for the day. (this is where Jess left for Sydney and her current voyage)
I will make sure your blog is up to date and posted in the window as usual. You are a great ambassador for sailing and many have a growing appreciation for sailing by watching your efforts.
Best of Luck
Dean and Deb

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Your blog oozes your excitement and enthusiasm - it is infectious!

Well what a crowd puller you are hey! - enjoy the moment!

Take care


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC NEWS JESS, I am jumping with joy for how exciting it must be for you, as u have done an exceptional job over the last three months and I imagine there will be tears of joy when u see your parents fly over and also how exciting to see the other big (i bet) ships coming over to give u a wave. You are such a remarkable young lady and even on nye we were talking about how inspiring you are. enjoy this wonderful milestone that you are about to mark off as you round the cape. (if thats what u do as I have no idea with sailing) cheers, mum of five, gold coast

Chook ... said...

Good luck to you Jess!!!! and a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TOO!!! You done exceptionally well so far and you should give yourself one GIANORMOUS PAT ON THE BACK!!! Hope you parents get a clear view of you..what a proud moment for them!! Can't wait to see the photos!! GO GET 'EM GIRL!!!
Trace, Oz

Chelley said...


stand up tall gal!!! Way to Go!

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

I’m so so very proud and happy for you! Your latest blog has got this grown man all choked up with tears-a-welling up.
I’m just thankful that I’m not in Mum and Dad’s shoes, gazing down from high above at their daughter in the teeny-tiny pink “tub toy” in amongst the gynormous ocean swell with the immensity of the Southern Ocean all around.
--Puts a lump right here, don’t it?--
And the Chilean and Argentinean Navy are dropping by just to say “Hi!” How completely Incredible! It’s just a complete shame that you can’t take aboard any gifts; like say some fresh Chilean fruit! Yummy! (just say’n)

And Hey! How ya like that Dilip character just sneeeeeeeek’n on by without so much as a “Well, that’s a mighty fine vessel ya got there capt’n Jess” or a “I’m head’n in to port now missy, so howsabout I take away some of that there trash ya been-a-stow’n, eh?” That Scallywag!!! Goes to show, you just can’t trust them Sailor-Blogger types ;-)

---TO THE HORN!---

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

PWB said...

Hi Jessica,





Peter Bush

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Jesse, you are so good!!!!! around the Cape and on to the record books, WOW, enjoy the visit from Mum and Dad and the Navy boats, thinking of you every day Sweetheart you are so brave and as I have said so many times such an inspiration to us all, take care and stay safe, Love you, Roger and Lou

Chameleon Saint said...

As many have said already, this is such an exciting milestone. I must say I can imagine how your parents are feeling right now.

I wish I was also able to be there, but it is still exciting just the same.

Enjoy this moment to both you and your family.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, You and the Cape are getting along famously! You are well prepared. Enjoy the extra company at this great milestone. Which of your crew is going to volunteer as the traffic director? LOL Glad that you brought us along on this great journey with your wonderful writing. Stay safe. Memories like this are forever.
Ron, Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

I can hear the excitement in your voice as your write. Congratulations on getting yourself and EPL to where you are right now...its one of those once in a life time moments that you (and all of us) will recall for years to come.

Enjoy the next 24 hours!

cheers, Vicki

Ali said...

Congratulations Jessica, almost there! Enjoy this very exciting day and all the very best for tomorrow!

Welsh'sWander said...

Congratulations Jess.
You are an example to all young people out there.
Good luck and good fortune

Gary and Paula

~j~ said...

oh my goodness! soo exciting, I am praying for that weather to be perfect, It sounds like a party is about to take place ;))

Anonymous said...

Too cool ! I'm glad that Grant's weather guess was not correct and that you don't have to bash your way around the Cape.

All the best. Wish I had know a girl like you when I was 16!

Steve in California
(MUCH older than 16)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jess, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight! I can't wait to check tomorrow morning to see what your post is. Had goosebumps reading your blog today as you close in on the Cape. How wonderful your parents and two Navies will be there to cheer you on! Stay safe, my dear!

Little old lady in Florida, USA

Old Iron said...


thanks for update and passing on all the news. A lot of news today.

Great news on the Chilean Navy and Argentinian Navy!!!

Glad you can chat over the VHF radio to your Mum and Dad!!!

Thanks for all the exciting news.

All the best.


jarmo said...

Jessica, one of many milestones on your trip rounding the cape. You really are an inspiration to all Australians young and old.

Keith and Anne said...

Well done Jess will be waiting to hear you have done it. By now you probably have. Enjoy every moment of it and especially the company of your parents not far from you. Your adopted parents watching over you will be happy to hear you are through as well. Be safe, take care and have good conditions. Enjoy.
Keith & Anne, Hervey Bay.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news....what an exciting 24 hours ahead! Congrats Jess!

Anonymous said...

You're doing absolutely brilliantly, Jessica.
It's wonderful to hear a teenager express their passion of the sea, the waves, the wildlife and being in the moment with sailing.
So proud and happy for you.

Byron Bay

David said...

Jess, all the nay sayers before you began are now spitting feathers. You are one accomplished sailor. Have a wonderful day tomorrow with all the attention focused on you. You deserve every bit of it.

David Indiana

rod said...

captain jesse,
we all look forward to rounding the cape with you.
take care young adventurer.
til tomorrow,
regards as always
blackbutt qld

Sandra La Knitalian said...

JESSIE, you are my HERO, GIRL! I'm following your blog now! GO GET'EM!

Sandra from Elkhorn, WI

Pete and Nancy in Keene NH. USA said...

Dear Jess,

How awesome for you. Yuo are the biggest inspiration on the internet. YOU GO GIRL !!! Hopefully you'll have great weather for you Mom & Dads flyover. You have done a Great job so far and we all know you'll do great on the last legs of your voyage.

Take care and be safe. Make sure to take pics or video to let us all see.

We are all with you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Magic...pure magic,,, and we can sense the excitement in your writings. Good luck tomorrow, hope the skies are clear as crystal.

"My mom and dad were in the iron and steel business – my mom used to iron and my dad used to steal"...

You're a Legend

Anonymous said...

What a day you are almost there, after those slow days of sailing, you are amazing. With your Mum and Dad to fly over and all the well wishes I am sure this will be some celebration. Take care and keep safe sailing for the next leg.
Maryborough Queesland

Linda Björk Pétursdóttir said...

You're almost there Jesse! Bravo!
Take some pictures and show us :)

I've got a small globe puzzle in my living room, and now I'm looking at Cape Horn and Antartica and thinking of you! :-D
Stay safe!

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Dear Jessica,
Tues. Jan. 12, 2010 17:00 hrs.

What I would give for a good Cape Horn Webcam about now! It seems like it would be a wonderful spot for one, with all records being chased after, and even documenting the personal goals of sailors that are not attempting to break any records, but just for the adventure! I’m trying to enclose a photo to go along with this blog, but I’m not sure if it will go through or not! Wish me luck!! (And, of course, I’m wishing you luck and good seas as you ‘round the Cape.)

For all of our blog family . . . Below is Jessica’s goal !!
If you can’t see the photo, you can Google: Cape Horn or even Cape Horn Lighthouse (lighthouse not in this shot, tho’)

Cape Horn is the southern most point of land associated with South America; it is located at / 55.97972°S 67.27167°W, on Isla Hornos in the Hermite Islands group, at the southern end of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. It marks the north edge of the Drake Passage, the strait between South America and Antarctica. The dividing line between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans runs along the meridian of Cape Horn, from Tierra del Fuego to the Southern Ocean.
Don’t forget to “toot” your own horn as you go ‘round, Jessica! We’ll all have to find horns to toot, too!
We know that you’ll be very busy what with sailing, and waving, and crying, and all, but hope Andrew will let us know just as soon as possible, rather than keeping us in suspense!!!
By the way, there’s a good website (, and also, Ship Tracker) that shows the other ships that are currently in the area. (Commercial and Cruise Liners, it looks like.)
Wishing you the best of conditions, Jesse, and know that we, and your dolphins, and your albatross’ are all with you in spirit, lifting you and your Ella safely ‘round the Horn!!!!
Prayers, Hugs, and Squeezes for your safe passage!!
Carol Florida U.S.A.

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

It's so funny to read your quick reports on this adventure! How about doing some makeup before all the paparazzis focus their equipment on you??


The truth is that you don't need to impress anyone with brushed hair and stuff. A lot of people are much more impressed by your achievements on sailing and mental power. It's inspiring to think of you struggling with life's circumstances on a small vessel without any physical help.

I wish you all the best for the next 10.000 nm and for the whole project. My thoughts and emotions are with you every day 'cause you're an inspiration and a role model.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and sound!

Greets from Germany,


Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hi from Room 401!

This is sooooo exciting! The Cape is here!

I had students that preferred to skip recess today and stay in and check your blog. You are such an inspiration to so many people.

The kids were so excited when they clicked on "The Voyage" and saw how close the little pink boat is to the tip of South America.

I loved the comment about brushing your hair... It made me smile.

I went through quite a few emotions reading your blog. First I had chills, then I had tears in my eyes, and the entire time... I had a huge smile across my face.

School let out an hour and a half ago and one of my students just called my classroom. She told me she left her first message for you from home. The excitement level on this blog site is going to to be HUGE!!!!!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating at school by blowing "Cape Horns" (purchased after the New Year's celebration) and eating chocolate in your honor. (If the parents of the kids in my class read this... Jessica loves chocolate, and yes, there will be chocolate for breakfast.) I think it's a great reason to celebrate!

We will have 24 hands that will be crossing fingers hoping your view will be great!

Do you have a jar of some type that you can collect a little water sample from? There aren't too many people that have a little jar on their shelf labeled Cape Horn H2O.

Best wishes -
Room 401 Third Graders

Daniela V. said...

Great, great! Finally you've got some good winds!

I can't imagine how thrilled you must be to see your parents (as tiny, tiny spots on the land... just try to imagine that :-D )

Stay safe, happy, brave!
Daniela (Germany)

lilshawnee said...

Cool Jess,
Good luck keep sailing.
Take pictures if you can of the airplane.
We are so exited for you keep going girl you have it now.
have fun rounding the cape and be safe
we are so happy for you, lil HERO
your friends
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison
you have a friend with you,,,,our Lord.

Unknown said...


JH said...


Almost there how amazing and how exciting for you. Your Mum and Dad to fly over and all the other well wishes from all over the world. Enjoy the day and keep sailing safe for the next leg.
I cant wait to read the next blog or listen to the radio reports which I am sure will keep us informed on your amazing adventure.
Take care

Maryborough Queensland

Anonymous said...

Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

hezakiah299 said...

01-12-10 @ 18:42
Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the post. So much good news at one time, it’s incredible!!!!
Wow, when things happen, they happen in a rush, good deal. It really surprised me when I read that post. From the last bit of information I figured that you were in for a fairly rough time, and had about 150nm‘s to go. But this is great, and only 80nm's to go, fantastic.
Yes, I hope it will be clear enough for you to be able to get yourself some pictures. Do you have a good filter on your camera??
Plus, the Chilean Navy AND the Argentinean Navy are going to pass by and give you a wave. Does your Mum know that all them sailors will be waving to you? Possibly whistling, hooting, howling and carrying on something fierce????? LOL… They’ll all be perfect gentlemen. Yes, I‘m sure!!!
This is just a prelude to arriving at Sydney.

That's great that you'll be able to talk to your Mum and Dad. I’m sure there as excited as you are. Be cool, now.
I just can't believe it's all coming together for you like this at this point. It’s just so beautiful, like something out of a fantasy novel.

You say that you are feeling thrilled and spoiled at this point...imagine what it will be like when you pull into Sydney. WOW
You had better make sure your little Scallywag Navy is properly prepared to receive these visitors. LOL......

Don't worry about your hair Angel, just put your hat on. LOL.....

Glad to see that Dilip is heading for the Falklands and will be able to get his steering problems taken care of.
By the way, I chatted with your Uncle Andrew(The Ivory Family) the other day, very nice gentleman.
Enjoy the time you have to spend with your folks and also in going around the Cape. These are a lot of moments to treasure.(hold your head) LOL….
Take care of yourself and the crew, Hi to your folks, if possible. I think I'm almost as excited as you are. Well,....maybe.
I’ll be saying prayers of thanks for this episode.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Good Job Jessica!! Safe Travel onward!!

-Boston "Three J's"

bernie777 said...

well done Jessica...we all hoped u would reach this huge milestone congratulations Bernie 777

Alex. said...

Woo hoo, go Jess!

Anonymous said...

what a monumentous milestone Jessica! it will be so awesome seeing your parents flying round above you in the plane too. i cant imagine not seeing another person for 3mths! you're amazing. looking forward to hearing about the rounding of the cape.

Brenda :)
Nelson, NZ

robbo said...

Gidday Jess...from one aussie to another....youre bloody amazing!

riveter said...


nutralady2001 said...

Michel from Kingswood it was very remiss of me not to wish you a very happy 75th birthday. Blame all the consecutive days of 43+C heat!! What day was it? I turned 62 on January 8th same day as the "King's" birthday he would have been 75 as well if he had lived , such a talent lost way too early :( xx

Em said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning, a truly amazing moment, enjoy it, stay strong :-)

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA. said...

Oooooo Jessie

Waiting with baited breath to hear that you have made it. So proud of you girl. You're mum and dad must be so excited. God! I'd have a few tears up in that plane to see my 16 year old daughter bobbing away down below. You are truly awesome and thanks so much for going on this adventure. You are living your dream and hopefully it will inspire other lost souls to find their own.

Love and best wishes to you. Enjoy the moment and I hope the clouds lift so you can savour the memory.

Cheers as always

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA. xx

Anonymous said...

Yay! Go you good thing!!

Tony said...


Good luck with your rounding tomorrow, hope the weather is good and your parents get a good view and get lots of pictures and video. Hope you have the chance to take pictures of all the visiting ships. This is such a big event in your quest and we are all proud of you. Sorry to hear your friend is having boat problems.

Tony from Texas

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
I hope you get everything you hope and wish for just as you wrote in your update. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Your hair looks perfect just the way it is and don't forget to wear that gold earring in your left lobe as as you round the horn.
Wow! It seems like only yesterday we were all excited about your becoming a shellback in that monumental milestone and Cape Horn seemed (then) so far away, and now here you are. Amazing! Excellent! Well Done!
I posted my picture of this banner (as suggested by Stephen) on the previous episode but with such a short shelf life as these blogs have, in case you missed it, here it is again. Sorry I couldn't find a pink banner 'though.
You take good care now, Jess. Stay alert and ENJOY!!! I am overwhelmed with pride for you...Sam

Anonymous said...

Tops Jess!
As I said before you left: You're a legend!

Anonymous said...

Go on and don´t give up! We´re so proud! Greetings from Austria

Martin said...

Go on and don´t give up! We´re so proud! Greetings from Austria!!!

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

Fantastically exciting news Jessica. Saw a great Lonely Planet book at Folio Books yesterday on treks in the Chilean Andes and Patagonia. Soon as I finish Michael Palin's book about his trip to countries bordering the Pacific Ocean I'm going to read it. You're really giving me a taste for travel adventures. Happy sailing for now. Erica from Brisbane

Jax said...

Brilliant news Jesse,

Enjoy this most special moment.
Much love

Unknown said...

Go, go, go Jesse! You are amazing!

nanna said...

Hi Jess,just checking in again,great to see you had posted news.I am so excited for you,just about worn out my keyboard checking in on you.
You must be very excited,
Go Girl
Nanna Cairns Qld

Ron said...

You parents have to be the most proud people on the face of the earth. I envy them very much. They have the most adorable daughter that anyone could ask for. Keep being you, you're as close to perfect as is possible. Godspeed. My prayers continue to go with you.

Ron - Alabama USA

Jeanelle said...

You are amazing! Your parents must be so proud!

Colorado, USA

Kath, Qld said...

Woohoo Jess, not far now!
Hope your Mum & Dad get a clear view of you & vice versa, can't wait to see the pictures.
I can imagine how exciting it will be for you to see not only your parents but the navy ships, it's the least you deserve!
stay safe. X.

maxine maroochydore said...

How exciting for you, we are all praying for you and keeping our fingers crossed, that the weather is kind to you, and also that you can see everyone cheering you on, Mum and Dad of course. YOUR ARE AMAZING CAPE HORN HER COMES OUR HERO FROM AUSTRALIA YAHOOOOOO God speed Jess, Maxine andd Colin Maroochydore

Kathie said...

Jess, I will be thinking of you as you round the Cape, parents flying above !!! a moment you will remember your entire life. HOW AMAZING!!

We are all with you
Kathie NYC

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing inspiration to us all. Can't wait to read more about your amazing adventure

Regina, SK Canada

Anonymous said...

Jess you are a star, may tomorrow be awesome for you and your parents

Aussie Aussie Aussie

RebelCowboy said...

Welcome to the americas..... One great ocean down, two to go. This is the first time in a while I took the time to look at your map again. Just proves that no matter how slow it seems to get, in the end you still get there....Good luck in the morning Jess.

Marlon N Weldon
Confederate Money Farm.

Unknown said...

Keep up the great work Jess, you are an inspiration to other teen agers to get up and do what you want. Hope you have a safe trip around the cape, we pray for your safety everyday,just so you fell a little better, we have a foot of snow on the ground here in central Ontario Canada at -11 degrees. Most of all have fun !!!
Ol Alfer Orillia Ontario

samurai said...

Susan in Oregon
January 13, 2010 8:31 AM

Great comment Sue, perfectly correct on all counts but I must say...

"That the worst of the weather seems to keep clearing out of the way for you is amazing."

That bit has a lot to do with Bob so, three cheers for Bob...

Hip, Hip...HOORAY!
Hip, Hip...HOORAY!!
Hip, Hip...HOORAY!!!

To Bob and the rest of the entire EPL Team, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Cheers & beers.....Sam

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Hoorah! Hoorah!
Hoorah! Excellent work getting to
Cape Horn and in position to rounding it. The Parents and the Navy Wow!!! It's got to be better than New Years,Christmas,Birthdays,
And school breaks all in one. Be Safe! Be Happy! Wave Your Hands Excitedly! Blow Kisses With A Deep Breath! Smile and Laugh! Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse

Sooooooooo close!

Enjoy the moment.

I can see right now that this web site is going to crash tommorow with all the messages.

Stay safe

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

This is such fantastic news! Bravo to your skill, tenacity, positive attitude, humor, and beautiful spirit. I am sure you are both relieved and overjoyed at reaching this important milestone. Your posts are so descriptive that it feels as though I am a passenger, right there with you, rather than continents away, I, too, had tears in my eyes as I read your last one.

Wishing you a restful night and winds just strong enough to keep you moving rather than becalmed....but most importantly, not so severe that your safety is at stake.

Warm hugs,

Newport Beach, California, USA

Lisa in MN said...


Way to go, Jessica!!! Stay safe and enjoy the ride. Lots of prayers and well-wishes continue to be sent with you as you fly 'round the Cape. Godspeed!

Lisa in MN

Faye and Max said...

Hi again Jessica
When your Mum and Dad fly past, please give them a very special wave from all of your “Adoptive Family” as if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be following this amazing adventure.
What wonderful parents they must be to have the courage to support their daughter to fulfil her amazing dream. Not sure how we would have handled the situation if one of our daughters had come home and told us that she was going to sail around the world, nonstop and unassisted, especially at your tender age. But yours did, and from the time they knew that you were fair dinkum, have done everything possible to have you prepared for this world record breaking event. We can only imaging how much has gone into this preparation, and we just can’t wait to read your book to get a better understanding. We know that we will never be able to shake your Dad by the hand, or give your Mum a hug, so the best we can hope is for you to give them a big wave from us, as they watch you sail around Cape Horn. I can tell you Jesse that there will be plenty of tears of joy over the next day or so – and they won’t all be off Cape Horn.
Take care dear girl and enjoy this very special time of your journey.
With Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Unknown said...



Stay Safe


gustav said...

Great News Jessica !


With Mum and Dad circling around overhead in a plane,you talking to them on VHF and boats from both the Chilean Navy and Argentinian Navy as well,this is just getting better and better.

Everytime I think this must be the best you can possibly come up with something even more special happens and this Cape Horn rounding must be one of the most exciting ever,because it is shared by so many people around the world.

Well done Jessica,you are the best!

) ) ) ) ) )))) … … … … ∆˚

gustav haffner

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
You are truly amazing. Enjoy the view for me, because I'm stuck in a landlocked state!!
Hello from the Americas, and Happy Sailing!


Bruce Watt said...

Hey Jess
You have hit the big time as I saw you in a news clip on the Ch.10 mid-day news to-day. With the navy of 2 countries, your parents flyin g overhead, thats as good as it gets. Yaaay go Jess,sail on around the Cape.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Congratulations on reaching your truley memorible history making milestone.
My Grandchildren are only babies, but Iam sure they will read about you in their history books in the years to come.
I am so proud to be a part of your history making adventure!

Jess, Jess, you're nearly there
Feel the wind in your Golden Hair
Your'e sure to see some wonderful sights, especialy the one from the greatest of heights.

History being made in front of our eyes, and the joy you bring us, continues to surprise.

Sail on Jess, you've done us proud,
and today we salute you and sing out aloud.
Ausie, Ausie, she's our girl
One of a kind, our precous pearl.

Stay safe!

Nth Qld

Anonymous said...

Great Jessica!!! You go girl.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

sunfish550 said...


I'm so excited for you, I'm shakin'
Naval escorts...
mom and dad circling...
This BUD'S for you!


lenny Pittsburgh PA.

Lesley Holt Carew said...

Hi Jess, great news don't forget to take photo's all the best

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jess! Your journey has been exciting to follow from a distance but no doubt even more exciting from your position. After this the world will seem like such a small place.


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