Monday, January 11, 2010

Closing on the Cape. Slowly!

I'm really not having the most exciting time down here at the moment. We've still got very, very little wind meaning very, very little progress towards the Cape. All this slow progress and light winds really wasn't something I expected in these latitudes, so I've sure had to adjust my expectations.

Yesterday the wind dropped out again to the point that Ella's Pink Lady sat completely stationary rolling on a glassy swell for quite a few hours. Making any ground at all in conditions like this means a lot of sitting out in the cold, either hand steering or constantly adjusting Parker to keep us on the right heading. I have to say I'm a lot more prone to giving up and just letting us drift and going back in to the warmer cabin, than I was when we were becalmed in the warmer areas in the doldrums!

To try to take my mind off the tedious speeds and uncomfortable rolling, I've been working away at a few books, totally throwing myself into the stories. Mum keeps asking me what books I'm reading and I think she's a bit surprised at my replies. I've hardly picked up an adventure or sailing story since leaving. Instead I've been reading and re-reading the most mindless, trashy
stories that I have. When part of your mind (and often all of it) is constantly thinking of nothing but sailing and all the different aspects of looking after Ella's Pink Lady, the last thing I feel like doing is reading about more sailing!

So things out here couldn't be more different to all the stories of swimming, sunshine, diving and surfing from back home. But as always, I wouldn't be anywhere else. Having no wind can completely drive you up the wall, but at the same time seeing the surface of the big, gentle swell become so glassy that it reflects the moody, grey sky is just incredible. So good things still do come with the bad.

Anyway down to business. The has wind has finally picked up to a steady 12knots in the last few hours, so Ella's Pink Lady is pushing along nicely again now. You have no idea how good it feels to be moving again! We've still got about 270nm till Cape Horn and if the wind behaves as expected, we are aiming for the rounding sometime on the 13th.

I've got all my fingers, toes, limbs and everything else crossed hoping that the weather works out ok for the fly-over with Mum and Dad!

Rounding the Cape is sure going to be a huge milestone!



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TONY said...

We are right there with you Jess. What an achievement. Your progres of rounding the Horn has left us all in antiscipation as if we are right there on EPL. Can't wait, we'll be there soon...


Bruce White said...

Glad you are moving Jessica....

Keep plugging away, I'll be happy when you can make your turn north into the Atlanic...


Delaware, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Good luck for "Rounding the Cape!"

We'll all be thinking of you and your Mum and Dad.

Stay safe and best wishes.
Karen - Brisbane

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Keep at it - at least you are still going forward ...... however slowly. Will be an amazing site for your Mum and Dad to fly over!

All the best for the milestone and stay clipped on for the forecasted bad weather ahead.

Take care


HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

We really feel for you sitting out there on a calm, albeit "swelly" sea! SO near to your huge everest and it must seem like it is taking forever … we understand the frustration. If only a seal or another dolphin would pop up to make your day … maybe that will happen soon.

We are so excited about your Mum and Dad’s intended flyover – at least they have time to prepare and you haven’t beaten them to it!

Hang in there special STAR and it will all happen. Proud of you and we send lots of hugs and best wishes.


Fay from the Gold Coast

Robin in Maryland, USA said...

Hey Jessica! I am greatly enjoying reading your blog! Thanks very much! I like the way you write, and express your thoughts, and let us know what it is like out there in the wild blue. Way to go!! Congrats every day!

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Wish I could send you a pile of trashy girly mags to help with the boredom and I'd love to pop in for a chat as well.......
We are all blowing a bit of wind from behind you thats why the wind picked up a little, it was the best we could manage, will try a to do a bit better for you later today.
Keep warm and you will be around that Cape very soon. Don't forget to give Mum and Dad a wave from all of us as well.
Love Aunty Chris, from Country Music Tamworth, NSW, Oz.

Bob from Seattle said...

According to it looks like the winds will start picking up by Tuesday. It must be frustrating waiting it out. At least your not racing against time other than wanting to round the Horn before there's too much of it.
Enjoy the books. Hope your keeping warm.

Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica -

Glad you're on the move again!

The big 'Round the Cape' day is closing in on us...better get the chocolate cookies ready, and lots of hot cocoa.

I'll have mine with some Captain Morgan, thank you!


Jenny English said...

Hi Jess,

I have been reading your progress since you started and I must admit that I was a sceptic to begin with and being a mum to a teenage daughter really felt anxious for you... Well you have totally blown me away by your positive attitude, commitment and your drive to achieve your goals. You go girl!!! I hope you do get to meet up with your parents at Cape Horn and I am sure it is going to be a wonderful reunion.

Love your blogs :-)
Jenny (Brisbane)

Unknown said...

Hello Jess:

All things will happen in good time. Take advantage of the down time whenever you can.

Is the Heater working yet??

Stay safe and Warm.....

Bob and Family from Denver, CO USA

Poppa Bear said...

G'Day Jesse.
Just checked in to see if you had updated.
Good to see you are on the move again, and as all the multitude of followers, will be looking forward to your 'rounding of the Cape' - hpofully with a good many flypasts of Mum and Dad.
I have been checking out the weather in your area using URL's I supplied in my last blog just to keep up with conditions you are having.

Sail safe,
and as always,

Poppa Bear

Henry said...

Hang in there and keep us the good work! We all love following you and wish you the best!

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Patience dear, you WILL get there.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you, this will be my first post. Hope the wind in your sails will give you steady but safe progress. Do me a favor and get past the cape so I can see that one of the most concerning parts of your voyage is behind you, then I will feel much better as I am sure you will also.
Have followed you since the start and will follow you until your arrival back in AU.
Brian / Texas / USA

Janet Nancarrow said...

Hi Jess glad to hear from you,sorry you have no wind to speak of but im sure things will improve for you.
It wont be long now and you will be past the Horn and looking forward to warmer weather.
So very proud of our local girl
By for now.

Brian Jones said...

We're becalmed up near Toronto too! Only difference, minus 20 with only our jobs or school to look forward to in the morning. Press on Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your update.

I've got everything crossed for your Mum's and Dad's flyover as well.

It's not such a bad thing if you lose yourself for a little while in those "trashy" books my dear.

Keep warm and safe. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi Jesse we have not forgotten you, we check every day to see how you are going, and we panick a bit when you dont post but we understand, you are so close to the cape!!!! and at lasf a steady wind, hope Mum and Dad have perfect clear weather for when they visit you, Jesse you are a brave wonderful Person, we Love you, Hugs and Kisses and sail on into the history books Sweetheart, Roger and Lou Dwyer

Andrew said...

Hi Jess, just thought i'd check on you again for the fourth time today and ur latest blog appeared with no comments. Could I be the first today.

Glad the wind has come up for you, being becalmed is definately no fun even when it is hot. Its about 40º here today so i'll will some of our warmth to you.

Was really happy to hear about mum an dad coming down to see you round the Cape, wishing them a safe an happy flight.

Hanging out to see the little pink boat on the other side.

Stay safe an warm Jess

couisnpete said...

hi jess, wow, just 250 to go! ye hah. i understand the no wind deal. been there and done that.
i know that the parents fly over will be totally will rule. i hope they can get some video and post it on the latest news, for us to see a live motion shot of you and the lovely pink lady.
what do you have planned for the rounding of the cape as far as traditions?
safe travels

Anonymous said...

With happy grins, and hearty hugs given all around,
the Captain and crew celebrate a deed well-done!

"Listen up, me hearties!" the Captain calls out.
"Today, we sail North!"

The crew roars its approval, and the Captain announces,
"Grog for the crew, and a much sterner quaff for
the Captain, hot cocoa and a double dose of the
darkest chocolate! We drink to softer seas, a gentle
breeze, and fairer weather, if you please!"

Congratulations Jessica. Now on to the Atlantic,
which is no piece of cake…

Robert Bernecky
(still snowy) Mystic, Connecticut, USA

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA said...

Good one Jess.

So excited for you as your second big milestone gets closer. My students are going to love following your journey.

All the best
The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

Queenslander said...

@ Molly in MD... I have a couple of those oversized "Canadian" tinnies (Aussie for beer can or aluminium dinghy) gathering dust in my basement in Maine! Been waiting for an appropriate moment to "crack the Fosters"... as soon as I saw your post I thought "THAT'S IT!!"... Thank you Molly... what a top idea. Must go pop them in the fridge! I am going to drink one as a toast when she crosses my Longitude of 069-05'.78W a la Richard Lathrop (not sure how he had her at 72W when 81W is approx 450NM from The Cape) & then one for the Horn. I just wish they would keep the chart up to date (you would not think her security would be much of an issue down there?!?!?) especially at such a symbolic & significant moment in Jessica's journey.

Alessandro Machi said...

I get it now. You only post if you are moving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie.
I would suggest you uncross some limbs as you may need them to sail with. We are following your progress with great anticipation.
The Harmon Family.
Portland Oregon.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the wind is back! I hope you have great conditions all the way to the Cape now! Don't forget to take a picture or two.

Anonymous said...

Wow! - how exciting to be closing in on Cape Horn albeit torturously slowly the last day or so - sometimes sailing is just 'hurry up and wait'. Its great you've been able to look past the frustration and see something special neverthless in the glassy sea and moody grey sky. Will be thinking of you and have fingers and toes crossed for the next couple of days. Keep warm! stay well! and fair winds!!! Gonecruising.

Auzziemom said...

Well Done Jess,

Glad you are on the move again. Thanks for the update as we do worry about you. The first thing our girls ask when they wake up is "Have you heard from Jess today?" Sending lots of love and support. We are so proud of you!!
God bless and perfect sailing conditions.

Tim09 said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the update, a flat glassy ocean Are you sure you are in the right place. lol. Well i think that even tho it is frustrating it is much better than the alternative.
Take care Jess
Hope the weather is kind for when mum and dad fly over.
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, You are doing so well, I thought I'd tell you a little story..... A young man I worked with a few years back signed on to a private sailing ship that was sailing round the horn on its way back to Europe. He came back some three months later with his photos. There were some of this magnificent fully rigged ship sailing in 'calm' seas with the Iles hornos clearly in the background. Who took these I asked Oh! he said we launched the ships boat and I took everyones camera and took the pictures. So I suggested to him that he sailed round the horn in a dinghy. I suppose I did he replied. I hope for you that conditions will be similar for your passage and that we will get to see lots of photos.
Good luck and good sailing.
Bill M Perth.

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Great to hear from you. Good to know that you are starting to lay the line to Bouy number 2.

Maybe you need to play some loud music and do some deck dancing - clipped on of course!

Best wishes


bernie777 said...

Once again u have amazed us with your story...its really special..the army of bloggas r gunna love this 1 n so too do I....we wondered what was happening an u explain it so well...I am becalmed an freezing an now I am going again,,,an its so nice that u bin reading a good book or two..I dont do alot of it..but to be sure I read every blog u ever wrote,,,and this one is so warm an puts us there with you...lots of love will come of this human endeavour...try reading about Earnest Shackelton on Wiki...pedia its not so much about sailing but about rowing...and then take a peak at Scott of the Antartic,,for a look at some real will warm your heart,,,winds picked up ,,,and a nautical mile is only 1.85kms so I would say it could be that ye will be sighting land in a day or two me hearty,,,big snow capped mts of the Andes..glaziers an all 18 knots is a great speed...heave away me bonnie lassie...pirate Bernie signing off...aaarrrgggghhhhh 777 lol....

terrylh said...

My first post and I hope you receive it OK. I much appreciated meeting you at Buderim , and hope my notes may have been of some slight interest.
I have followed you wonderful progress, and offer my sincerest congratulations on your very professional performance.
terrylh Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,
Ohhh! You are so very close now...can feel the excitement of such a momentous milestone and the anticipation of knowing your parents will be near to where you are after all this time apart. We are with you in spirit (as so many people the world over) - to celebrate and to wish that all plans with your family come to pass as you hope!
Keep up your positive and hopeful attitude, it really does make a difference! Thinking of you and waiting for news that you've successfully rounded Cape Horn!
Marcella and Jenny in Massachusetts, USA

Unknown said...

Hang in there sweetheart! I am sure the winds will pick up soon. How exciting for you knowing that Mum and Dad are so close!
We are all with you in spirit.

Denise from Mandurah WA said...

I'm first...yay!
Fingers crossed for you Jess that all goes well.
As a mum, the fly over happening with your parents is going to be just as emotional for them as it is for you. Feel their encouragement and feed off it, they are so proud of you.
Stay safe and good luck

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
Being becalmed for such a long time would be very monotonous, but you finally have some wind and now progressing towards the cape. Yes it would be nice if you had some clear blue skies for your Mum and Dad's flight over you. Being in a jet will be a bit on the fast side but just the thought of having them so close at this time will be very comforting to say the least. It would be nice if you do not have severe weather conditions and just have nice winds and reasonable seas. We have had a real break in the weather. 8C today and the snow is melting fast.Good speed and safe sailing, always be alert. Best wishes..Russ/Calgary

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

well done so far - hope the pace picks up for you again soon.

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

You're a legend

Unknown said...

Hang in there princess. You are remarkable. You are an inspiration to your generation to get off the couch playing video games and go do something. God Bless you.

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,
Sorry that it's slow going for you at the moment, but I suppose make the most of it coz it'll probably freshen up soon. Have some sympathy for u poor folk in Adelaide. 5th day over 40 deg today but change coming in on tuesday so hanging out for that.

Anyway, stay safe


Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,
Sorry that it's slow going for you at the moment, but I suppose make the most of it coz it'll probably freshen up soon. Have some sympathy for u poor folk in Adelaide. 5th day over 40 deg today but change coming in on tuesday so hanging out for that.

Anyway, stay safe


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you're on your way again! Looking forward to your crossing of Drake Passage, then heading northward.

Fair winds to you and EPL,

Steve from SCalifornia

SaltyDog said...


It’s great to hear from you. That must be just brutal to go so long with no wind especially when you’re so close to the Cape and probably getting very anxious to have a fly-over visit by your parents. So happy to hear that you’re now getting a bit of wind. I imagine the mellow weather has allowed you to get plenty of well deserved rest, anyway. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately too but it hasn’t been exactly trashy, mindless stories, in fact just the opposite. It’s been all of the comments on your blog. It sure makes for some great reading. Well, thanks for writing, Jess. Looking forward to your next update.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Mike said...

Thanks for the update. I am sure the sitting still, rolling with the waves is not a pleasant way to spend time. At least you get to catch up with some reading. Cant wait to see the cape photos.

Keep safe and warm.

Mike Atl

Kara in the U.S. said...

I can't believe they get to do a fly-over! That is going to be so exciting. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that should have read....

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which SHE has overcome."


Anonymous said...

Jesse, thank you for subtly answering the question of how you were going to get together with your parents. You mention the fly-over so will that be it? Wow, what great parents to come all that way for a quick flyover. You are an amazing person Miss Watson, and may God be with you and I hope you have a terrific rounding!
Dwight in NC

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are wonderful! Am getting very excited for you as you approch the Horn.

For all of us on land, dreaming about doing what you're doing, can you provide a few technical details about how you cope with stronger wind and sea conditions?

BTW You write that you are reading trash at the moment, may we ask what trash?

buddymarie said...

buddy & marie from the riverina. Hi Jessica,pleased to see the wind has picked up for you. we hope the weather is fine for your mum & dads flyover. we love reading your comments and find you a very brave and gutsy young girl, we wish you well in your journey.

Dan said...

Dear Jessica

I hope you got some good rest and hot food while you were becalmed. You will have plenty of exciting sailing ahead so enjoy the rest breaks nature gives you. It would be nice to have an average of the wind speed you have had over the last two weeks, but that doesn't seem to be the way it works down there. It seems to be all or nothing. Anyway, I'm still praying you get a gentle warm wind to ease you around the cape and I'll add some clear sky's for the big fly over to that order. I know that would mean a lot to you and your folks.

Keep up the great work.


LScottG said...

Hello Jessica

Been awhile since I have chimed in. But I have been keeping an eye on your journey daily. Very cool that your folks may get a chance to watch you round the cape an travel out into new waters. Also read that a friend of yours would be sailing near your location as you sail around the cape. Have you had contact with him? Sorry to hear about the heater. Was hoping your support would be able to help with a fix. I am sure they tried hard, as well as you.
That's it for now. Except - Get your tail around the Cape already!!

Scott - PA USA

Dave Dawson said...

Like some one once said, I am a long time follower and first time writer!!
I have been following you since day one and would like to congratulate you on every thing you have achieved so far. Keep up the good work and am glad to hear you are finally moving again. Also following Dilip Donde thanks to you and now another young lass from the USA about to set sail very shortly Abby Sunderland
Just one question, I dont know wether its my computer or not, but on your Voyage tracking page is it possible to have the Longitude and Latitude Grid lines on the Globe? Take care and may the wind be with you.
Regards Dave - Manurewa NZ

Charles Dodgson said...

Hey Jesse, I would really like to hear what you are reading too. You know you have 1000s of people reading your blog and vicariously living your voyage. What fascinates me most are your reactions to all your experiences, including the most mundane.

Anonymous said...

Well leave it to a true adventurer to want more of a challenge. I do believe Jessica you are one of a kind.Most of us would probably be glad for a bit of a reprive, but you are longing for the adventure you set out for. I'm sorry its so darn cold. i can't believ I logged on and there was your blog, and no one had blogged back yet so I may get here first. Chin up girl, I'll give you something to read thats not sailing. Its nonsense, so here goes..


Susiangelgirl said...

Jess, I'm so excited that you are so close to the Cape. I will sleep a little better once you are on the other side of it. Good luck with the weather.

We haven't had the greatest summer in Sydney so you're not missing much.

Kissyfrott said...

Hi Captain Jesse, astonishing calm weather for the Cape Horn's area! The Ol'Cape must have thought you're too tough for him and he gave up and fell asleep... What an unexpected way to round him!

Being bored THERE is really amazing... Who would have bet on such a anticlimax? I guess you will have to be guard up for Good Hope and Leeuwin, I can't believe it will be as easy for the three sharp angles of your journey.

No real surprise you have your sailing dose in real life, and you prefer to read ordinary land stories. WE read the sailing books, hidden in the cities.
Time seems to flow slow today, but when you will meet the next storm, you might regret this rest, even if it is too long. And you will probably regret it once back on land, with all the interviews, meetings, celebrations, and all the duties that will fall on your shoulders.

The soft 12 kn wind you have now will help Parker driving you to Atlantic Lane, where you are expected by all your fan club members. Another leg is coming up...

Ok we shall blow harder <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Take care, Wondergirl... You remain the Captain of your story too!

jeffers said...

Hi Jess,
Good to hear that you are "on the move" again
Remember zjess hat there is always a positive - isn't it better than roaring gales?
Your blogs show us the maturity that you have which is way beyond your youthfulness.
Just hope you continue to have comfortable conditions till you round the horn.
Sail on girl

Lisa in MN said...

Way to go, Jessica!

Keep up the good sailing, whether high seas or calm. We are all with you in spirit, and look forward to rounding the Cape with you.

As always, thanks for the great updates. Good to hear you are safe and well! Godspeed -

Lisa in MN

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

It has been a couple of slow day I see. Oh well what else can you do. Good to hear from you. I had put you at the cape today some time but the wind has dropped out like you said.


Julie said...

been waiting to hear from you Jess !!!! so pleased to hear that you're moving forward the 13th isn't that far away. what an achievment.. I'm trying to imagine how you will be feeling about the fly over and knowing your Mum and Dad are so close !!! very emotional for all I would think... so proud of you Jess....can't wait to fly over to see you sail back into sydney....lots of love Julie xx

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

Good to hear from you and hope the winds pick up (a little) for you. Enjoy your provoctive novels. I sure hope your parents are able to post a picture of you from their fly-over. Take care - Sue

Anonymous said...

Not long to the Horn now!! Fingers crossed your parents will be able to fly over. Good luck!!

And glad to hear you're back on the move. Can imagine it would be frustrating to just sit there. Are you seeing any birds or animals apart from Albatross down there?


Glen said...

You are the greatest and may the winds be in your favor.
Alabama USA

Joybells said...


Enjoy the milestone. 12 knots sounds nice. Thanks for your comments on the blog. They take me varcariously into your life situation; and they make me feel excited to my core at what 1 person can achieve.

Sll the best.


Anonymous said...

We need a photo of that flyby, Jessica. I am so excited for you to round the Horn. You go girl.
Kathy Bend, OR USA

mike said...

Hi Jesse

Hang in there Silver Girl. One of the best qualities you have is patience, even though it may be sorely tested at times when you are so close to reaching a goal.

Maybe use any more spare minutes of calmness before the 13th to make a New Year's Resolution and think about how you will stick to it. You have shown us all that you already have a track record for maintaining enthusiasm and motivation to achieving your goals anyway.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Mike (from Canberra).

The McGraths said...

Hey Jesse,
So good to hear from you but sounds tedious not getting far. Sounds awesome for Mum & Dad to do the flyover, hope we hear from them on ABC radio.
We also think of you often and wish you well.

I was looking at the computer this morning & our 3yo grandaughter walked into the study & said "Oh that's Jesse", I can tell you I was thrilled to bits, made me laugh very much.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Glad to hear that the wind has picked up for you and EPL.It must be so frustating knowing that Mum and Dad are waiting for you and there's no wind. I know it will all work out. Relax, I feel there is pressure on you to execute this perfect rondavue. You must not be distracted now, because this leg is the most important and most dangerous part of your circumnaviation attempt. Many climbers to Everest have failed because they got complacent while climbing the final leg of there trek to the summit. I have complete faith in you to make the right decisions. As always, Be Safe! Be Happy! Blow Long Kisses!
Sing As Loud As You Can! Keep Warm!

buddymarie said...

buddy & marie from the riverina. Hi Jessica, hope the wind has picked up for, and hope the weather is clear for your mum & dads flyover. we love reading your comments. you are a very brave and gutsy young girl, and we wish you well.

Epsilon said...

Hi Jesse,

How frustrating being so close and waiting for wind although it sounds as if it may have reached you now and you are on your way again to the Cape! Wonderful. The alternative is too much wind and having to work hard at keeping the boat under control and safe.

I wonder when you will be sailing up the NSW coast as I plan to spend some time sailing along side of you and Pink Lady as I too head north on Epsilon.

Enjoy the next few days, a very special time for you and Pink Lady. We are all watching with interest and admiration for you.

Kind regards,

SV Epsilon

Kathy Haynie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jessica! I showed your blog and videos to some of our high school students here in Oregon, who are beginning a study of a book about Shackleton's adventures in Antarctica. I think they're more interested in you than in him! The boys in the class think you're "hot!"

Grant Fjermedal said...

Thanks for the update.

Sounds like you've got a nice amount of wind now.

After all the stories one hears of Cape Horn, it does sound kind of crazy to be floating out there without a breeze. Glad some wind has finally come up for you. It all adds to what should be a great story.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Bluefin said...

For Jesse as she rounds Cape Horn -

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them - glory and danger alike - and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it."

Only two days to go Jesse, I'm glad the winds are finally picking up for you, you have been doing it tough but not in the manner we expected but still doing it tough by having to change your expectations and having to deal with the very light winds. You are the Mistress of your surroundings no matter what is thrown at you.

Your parents flying over will be massively good and combined with it happening around the Cape will by something you will never forget.

This is it Jesse, the Big One, you are nearly there, I know you are going to enjoy the experience hugely.

All the very best, mightly proud of you,

Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

jimmay said...

Thanks for the update Jess, good luck to the cape!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Well, I think I can understand how you feel with the great big Everest of sailing build up, and you were expecting a really challenging double/triple black diamond run when all you got was the bunny run in skiing terms, so far that is.

But now, as you say, the wind has picked up to 12 knots and it looks as though you will be in for a thrilling ride for awhile
according to PassageWeather.
Its not over yet!

Hope you get to wave to your parents as they fly by on your way through Drakes Passage.
There are emotional influences present since your Mum and Dad will be close by and you being unable to stop to visit with them would be very difficult to say the least.
Keeping your mind in the present is of primary importance for the next few days. (You already know that). I, like all of the other
adoptee Blog parents/grandparents, are riding with you, urging you on, as if you were our own daughter.
Be safe and keep your chin up.

From the land of the "Great Big Sea" band.

Cat Harbour said...

Well done, Jesse. Keep on trucking. We are all anxiously waiting for you to get around the Horn and into safer and warmer seas on the other side.
Don't despair.

Rex Gibbons
Newfoundland, Canada

Kerry Kane said...

keep it up your getting close to the cape...

good wind and good speed!!!!

all the best!!!!

Holland, Michigan USA

Faye and Max said...

Hi again Jessica
Well you have certainly caused a buzz around your “adoptive family” with the announcement that your Mum and Dad have left for Cape Horn to be there when you sail past. What an emotional time this will be for you, and them, and of course us. We hope you have good weather for the rounding, and would love to have some photos posted of this wonderful milestone of your voyage.
In spite of the emotion dear girl, keep focused on the job at hand, and above all – stay safe.
With Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Us again, I actually wanted to leave a qick message to Richard from Maryland, Thanks for the link yesterday. That is my favourite photo. Jess looks likes she belongs right there where she is. In a boat and in control. Yes i find reading Jessicas journey from the start very therapeutic.
My name is Tim and I am a Jessaholic.
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

My mind was on u all night last night Jess. I was thinking how excited u would be and then this morning no movement. keep up the good spirits it will all happen if not as quickly as you had hoped. The wind is a funny thing. so excited for u Jess.
Broken Hill

Val Ardill said...

Thanks for the update. I have been reading your blogs for sometime. Checking where you are each day. Sorry to hear of your slow sailing,good to hear you are on the move again. I know how proud your parents will be to see you round the Cape. Take care and keep safe. Val Central Coast NSW Australia

Anonymous said...

I think I loved this post more than any others!!! Your honesty is so nice. I can imagine the feeling of being stationary when you want more than anything at this point to be moving!! It's great that you're reading mindless trashy books - good for you! Your mind should be occupied w/other things when you have a chance. That will undoubtedly help your mindset. :)
Glad the wind is picking up and I have a great feeling about the fly over. We love ya and are pulling for you all the way!

~Two in TX

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Its nice to hear your moving again. Sometimes I find your ability to express yourself is as amazing as your ability to sail. There are not too many 16 year olds that have your ability to express themselves to the point you can nearly feel the cold.

It will be nice for you to be close to your Mum and Dad again even if you cant get a hug, it will be second best.

Have to get back to work and whip the troops into a frenzy.

Hope the wind goes well for you and the weather holds for your Mum and Dad. So long for now.

Fair winds and following seas.

Rev Joe Mercer said...

Hdy Jessica,

My name is Joe Mercer and I've been following your journey from the first. I am in Peru as I write this and am aware that you are just a little south and west of me. I look forward to your clearing the Cape and getting into safer waters. God bless.
Joe Mercer

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Just finally giving in and setting up a real blogger name thing.

I hope the wind is still blowing and you can put away the trashy books for now LOL. Not that there is anything wrong with a mindless trashy book every now and again.

Safe sailing and Godspeed

Georgia Guy

terrie said...

I log on everyday --the excitement is building!! go jess go.
Good Luck -God Bless
Terrie Martin
WELLARD West Aussie.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your journey religiously and am very excited for you now you are so close to rounding the Cape. What a fantastic effort Jesse - good for you. Best wishes from Janice (Funnell), Peter, Aaron and Jackson. XX

Scott said...

Well, occasional progress is better than none, and at least you're still headed on the right direction. How close to land do you plan on sailing when you round the Cape? Like you said, the Cape's a big milestone and you'll be there before you know it!

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

SaltyDog said...

To the Killer Whales from B.C.

Jordan, Tristan, Jake, Ethan, Cyan, Jason, Zoe, Phoenix, Chris, Isabel, Salena, Keith, Ethan, Julia, Adam, Riley, Matthew, Abby, Kai, Taylor, Graham, Raleigh, Paul and also Orca and Jamie, welcome to Jessica’s family of bloggers. I’m almost a neighbor of yours since I live just south of Seattle on Fox Island. You have a lot of excitement with the 2010 Winter Olympics about to begin in your area. But I think you will also have a lot of fun following Jessica’s voyage. Paul, you couldn’t find a better role model than Jessica for your grade 2 class to study. If you haven’t already, I hope you will have time to go back and read as many of the past blogs including comments from Jessica’s supporters to your class. There are also some outstanding videos about Jess that you can find on YouTube. Jessica has been an incredible inspiration to thousands of people around the world and I think that you will enjoy getting to know her more. I’m looking forward to reading future comments from the Killer Whales from British Columbia, Canada. Welcome aboard and enjoy the voyage.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Ron said...

I hate it when I hear you're not having the greatest weather and wind but as your blogs indicate, you'll handle it quite well and continue on your world record journey. I'd love to be with your mom & dad when they fly over. Just pretend I'm there when you wave, it'll make me smile from ear to ear. I'll be watching for your passing blogs and video. I can't wait.
Ron - Alabama USA

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica
Good luck rounding the Cape - it should be exciting for you and for all of us following your progress.
Barby and family

janel said...

I am thinking of all of you and know how very exciting your "fly by" with your parents will be. I agree, reading mindless novels would be just what I would want to read. Do you have a Kindle, and can you download electronically? That would be GREAT. Keep at it, and cannot wait for your next milestone! Keep the camera handy, we LOVE your shots.

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
I can relate so well to your frustration right now. Being completely becalmed is not (really) much better than sailing through a fierce storm. Especially if (unlike me) you have a deadline to meet. I have spent copious amounts of time in the doldrums when I was out tradewind cruising but at least I didn't have the wind chill factor to consider. Just lots and lots of sunshine, clear skies, wall to wall blue and pods and pods of whales everywhere. Whales can be quite a hazzard if not for their sheer beauty but that's another story...
It's a good thing that you're able to distract your mind and escape into a book occasionally. I hope you find enjoyment out of reading our comments and I'm glad you don't mind us chatting amongst ourselves when you're busy SAILING AROUND THE WORLD!!! You lucky, lucky girl! With all of us out here crossing fingers, toes, limbs and everything else right along with you, how can the weather possbily be anything but fine for your parents' fly-over. Lucky I guess, that the 13th is not a Friday. I'm not speaking of superstition as much as personal experience either. I've experience too much in that regard to put it down to superstition or even coincidence, but again that's another story... :-))
Glad you've picked up a bit of speed now, so off you go and grab your very well deserved GREAT MILESTONE. Congratulations on making it this far in your voyage. If you believe in yourself, I believe in you MORE! And I mean that from the heart of my bottom...oops, am I dyslexic or what? :-)) Just kidding.
Take good care of yourself, enjoy THE MOMENT, stay safe and ALERT and don't forget to keep up the D+F's. Your Aunty Sam says so. :-))
Love, kisses and best wishes...Sam

Anonymous said...

Jessica. When you have completed your circumnavigation, will you be doing a Lap of Honour????
Bryan with a Y. Perth.

Old Iron said...

thanks again for all your updates

all calendars have January 13 marked.

Hope you have great weather.

Best wishes.


SaltyDog said...

To Hezakiah299,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michael! It’s a double celebration. Your 75th birthday and Jessica rounding the Cape. It’s too bad the wind didn’t cooperate for her to make it on your birthday, but how appropriate that Jess will be passing Cape Horn close to your birthday as you have been such a loyal supporter. Your comments have always been made with the class, dignity and optimism that Jessica deserves and have always been a total pleasure to read. Keep ‘em coming and enjoy your big day.

And I’m sure them scallywags are celebrating on your behalf. Happy birthday, my friend…….

From Seattle, WA, USA

Dukehaus said...

Howdy, Jesse! How wonderful to hear from you although conditions are not your favorite. We certainly understand the lack of wind, that phenomena is about the only one that catches our attention here in Wyoming. It's just isn't normal. So from here it seems like God has been telling you to just take a deep breath and relax! Undoubtedly you will look back on these past few days as some of the most amazing of this journey. Honestly, who would ever think you would be becalmed with glassy conditions just west of Cape Horn for this long?
Please, please just remember that you have ALL THE TIME it takes to reach your goal...we all do. You, your parents and your incredible shore team have prepared so painstakingly that this unexpected rest must seem like an eternity. Embrace it. There is a reason for it and, as with all things real, only time will tell you why. Hope you maybe baked a little? Chocolate cupcakes again? Mum & Dad will fly over soon and they will be carrying the heartfelt best wishes and love of all of us! Big chore, but obviously they're up to it, they had YOU!! The candle is lit. Stay brave and sail on, safely.
Kim & Bill
Cheyenne, WY, USA

Daniela V. said...

Cape Horn.. it feels like yesterday when you were leaving Sydney. And now it's so very close to the Atlantic Ocean, the big pond! :-)

Enjoy every second - but feel free to feel angry, homesick and sad too! It's part of life, no matter where you are and what you do!

Daniela (Germany)

Sally said...

Morning Jess

So glad to hear from you. I always let out a sigh of relief when I see your next blog. Not that I am doubting your ability mind you - just I know that you are safe!

Sorry that the wind has not been with you and things have been a little dull! Just as well that you have packed some books to keep your mind active or 'occupied' is probably a better word. There's nothing like a rubbishy novel to make the time pass and they are so easy to read. I don't blame you for not reading so much of the 'sailing' literature. You are so totally immersed in sailing - you do need a bit of escapism whilst you waiting out this dull weather.

While you are out there hand steering or adjusting Parker sing out loud Jess - play some loud music to get the blood flowing through your veins. Music that you really like and can have a good out loud,top of your voice. karaoke sing along to. Always works for me with housework - who cares what the neighbours think!! You might amuse your feathered friends a little!

I will keep my fingers and body parts crossed for you as well, hoping that the timing of your parents fly over works out as well. This will be a really important moment for you and for all of us bloggerholics as well.

We have just had a really warm & sunny weekend in Sydney. Our new pergola is getting near completion as the weather allowed us to do a fair bit more work on it. James & I sat by the water at Oatley yesterday evening watching all the weekend fishermen and families bringing their motor boats & cruisers back in from their weekends of boating. We are thinking of buying one. Summer is such a lovely time of year...

Have a good day Jess & as always - stay safe.

'Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out'
Robert Collier

'People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing'
Dale Carnegie

Claudio Silva said...

Patience is a virtue, Skipper. Most sailors nowadays can rely on their engines when the winds fail to appear, but you set the rules for yourself, and being becalmed near Cape Horn is not the worst hazard that may come along, just a bit unusual, indeed. No wind at this latitude? Talk about climate change... Anyway, it's good to hear from you and to find you're on your way again. I had begun to thing that map of yours was broken or something and you were already near africa by now... But you still got lots of time until May to get to Sidney; and the wind from now on might get a bit more stronger than you expect, so go with it. Take care of yourself and enjoy your books. I don't like to read about my job on my free time either; and some literature is good for learning but sometimes you just need to laugh a bit in a cabin without a heater, miles away from nowhere. May the love of all your adoptive parents help you to stay warm and happy. Big hug from the sunlit, 40º celsius hot Brazilian coast.

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Dear Jessica,

It’s Sunday, January 10th, 20:00 hours (EST)

Read the new update and it looks like, due to your being becalmed for the last three days or so, it’ll still be two or more days away from your rounding the Cape. They didn’t tell us how far, in nautical miles, you have to go, or whether they expect the situation to change soon. I’m hoping that the weather that we heard was behind you doesn’t catch up before you reach this next goal.

So, in the meantime, I’ve been thinking about your balky heater situation. I was thinking that maybe your heater is just having an attitude problem . . . pouting . . . maybe because you haven’t given her a “name” (like you have for “Ella”, “Parker”, “Fleming” (oh, I guess that seems to be another name for “Parker”), “Silly”, and the
members of you “crew”, and , of course, the sea life that you’ve been encountering. You’ve even said really nice things about your two Hella Italian fans, even though you hadn’t give them individual names. And everyone has talked up the “dodger” and how great that is. But, no name (or good words) for the heater yet, unless they’ve been mild expletives,

We could just call her “The Brat” since she’s being so difficult, and moody, but that wouldn’t get us on her “warm” side or get her to “put out” . . . (heat, that is!) But, if you want to get on her good side, maybe we could give her a real “girl” name . . . like the Scottish name: “Heather” ( Heat-her, get it?!) . . . “Heat-her, please! “ “Heat her, soon!” “Heat-her, now!” ; “Heat Jessica . . . Heat Ella . . . Heat the motley crew!!”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that would work?!! Guess we shouldn’t hold our breath, or start taking off any layers yet!

Praying that your winds pick up enough to get you safely, and surely, on your way round Cape Horn. But, hope that once you get there you aren’t so busy with having to do some difficult maneuvers and you can’t fully appreciate your parents being so close. You’ll certainly want time to have them in view (and them, you) for as long as possible, and as close as possible without any disqualification.

I’m sure you (and they) are so excited . . . and, Jessica, we’re all so very excited for you!!!

Love, Hugs, Prayers, and so much more is being sent your way by all of your blog family. And, of course, I’m still sending your hand encouraging squeezes throughout the day, hope you actually feel them once in a while!!!

Vaya Con Dios, Amiga!!

Carol Florida U..S.A.

Anonymous said...

wow, becalmed at the Horn, thats sure not what you expected I bet....must be frustrating but it could be blowing 60 so enjoy the calm while it is there, just get around the horn safely, thats all that matters, once you can get a little more north after rounding the horn, the weather should be better, please be careful

Anonymous said...

Who would ever have expected to becalmed so far south and so close to rounding the Horn- crazy, I tell ya'! Karyn, IN, USA

6.023x1023 said...

Jessica, in case you missed this before here is one of my favorite paintings. It's called "Rounding the Horn" by Carl Evers. I fell in love with this painting, actually a limited edition lithograph, many years ago. My prayers are with you. John in Charlotte, NC, USA

Ron Munro from 5108 said...

I read a book many many many years ago by Basil Rathbone called "swallows and Amazons" which I still have in my library of secondhand books. Its prompted me to want to try sailing one day. So far I have only sailed a landyatch on a salt lake near Woomera, SA. But to be able to 'step' into Pink Lady with you, sit here, and read your bloggs is just great to be there with you as we all adventure around the world on this journey. Like Tony from Brisbane said "We are there with you" and you go for it. Once you have done it once its yours to keep forever as a treasured memory and expierence no-one can take from you. Love from your land-lubber crew!
Ron, Salisbury, SA.

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse,

I had a management business for quite a few years but always read the Woman's Weekly on aircraft and gave a wide berth to The Bulletin or any other business magazines so I understand your penchant for trashy books. They put you in another place which is what you need. You still have plenty of sailing and adventure to go.

Great to hear the doldrums have passed and you are getting a good breeze once again.

Can't wait to see you round the cape!

Stay safe!

Good Luck

D and U

Alan Shea said...

I have been enjoying your writings of your trip. For 3 years I read as my brother and his wife bicycled around the world and for the last year reading about Freya as she kayaked aroud your home country and now reading your story.

Anonymous said...

Can imagine the big smile that fresh wind has brought to your face, Jessica.

All the best for the rounding....... so exciting!

Donna in Perth

Unknown said...

Hi Jess

I thought I'd finally say hello, and to see a fresh post with no replies means I might be at the top of the list if I'm quick. I have been following the blogs every day and really enjoy tracking your progress. I had a letter published in "The Australian" during all the controversy around your departure and said that I hope you weren't typical for your age group because if you were you'd turn back as soon as you lost mobile reception. :-)
I think I went on to say... but if you possessed the skills, sailing competence, determination, physical and psychological strength, then you would succeed, regardless of your age. Clearly, as you near Cape Horn having sailed alone across the Pacific, you have demonstrated that you have these skills by the bucketful and that you will succeed.
Enjoy the moment and give us all a wave as you round the horn! You go girl!
Nick WA

Susan said...

Thanks for another post Jesse!
Yea! for some wind again. You're doing fantastic with patience and the excitement of being so close. I am praying that the weather cooperates so your parents can see you, and you them... or at least the plane. It will be an emotional time for all of you.
My heart and eyes overflow just thinking about it.

I can't help fantasizing that there is a way that your parents can join John Bankart, IN his boat rather than flying over your boat. I've been told that Aquarians are idealists... is that true for you too Hezakiah299/Michael?
Happy Birthday to you...3/4 of a century... there's lots of wisdom, and silliness :) in those years.

Regardless of my idealistic fantasies, it is wonderful knowing your parents will be there with you in one of the biggest moments of your life... of course they wouldn't miss it for anything. They are obviously very dedicated and love you dearly... parents after my own heart!

The 13th looks like it might be okay weather wise (then you need to avoid that purple spot a few days later :{ ... no purple seas for Jesse please)

Do you think that you and Dilip will cross paths? All of you could have quite the party down there... remember, the albies are good at keeping secrets!

Keep up with your rest so you have the reserves when you need them.
Are you still staying warm enough with all the layers of clothes?

Favorable winds,
Susan in Oregon

Wilson James said...

Congratulations on getting this far and good luck with your rounding and the fly-over, Jessica. Today's post is a good reminder of how the sea can change... from storm to calm and back in a matter of hours. Thanks for sharing all of this.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

We're thinking of you here in South Dakota, USA. Keep up the positive attitude. Your doing a great job and Cape Horn will be here and gone before you know it. Sail safe! Stay warm!

Denise and family
South Dakota,USA

Unknown said...

Hey Princess, I cannot even imagine how bored you must be.

What kind of computer access do you have? Do you have full web access, if so, that is cool. Do you have web-TV?

Well, my toy poodle, Chloe, turns 1 year old this week, and her afro alone will guide you along your journey :) (It's true)

Good luck and chin up...


Rich@rcantrell said...

San Antonio Texas - Rich: The winds are now with you and Cape in a few days. My thoughts and prays are with you. Have a great time with Mum and Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Capt'n Jesse,
Pretty nifty! Mom and Pops doing a fly over in a couple of days.

Another Milestone coming up, rounding Cape Horn. Amazing stories you have been sharing.

Reminds me, we were out fishing in the Bay one early morning and this thick fog came rollin in. We sat there 3 to 4 hours. Water was similar to a mirror.You could here the power boats,but no site of them. We thought we were between Wickford harbor and the Jamestown Bridge. Actually ended up drifting to the other side of Jamestown Island about 500 feet from the Pell bridge and Newport, Rhode Island. saw a few fish, but none for the table.
We had to check in on your progress. Good to see the winds picked up again and your busy moving forward.
Keep up with the warm dry layers and soon you will be in warmer climate.
Think Safety First!
Take care and eat well,
Bob and Charlene Florida

Anonymous said...

Hope you will be able to see your parents as the fly over. I am sure you are busy but did you get the Heater fixed yet? If not let us know what it is doing or not doing maybe someone might have some suggestions to try and get it fixed. Keep your spirits up, and there is nothing wrong with teen magazines, at least that is what my daughter, Katherine tells me. She wants to know if you have read the Twilight series? (that is her favorite)

Mark and Katherine
Michigan, USA

Brian Riley said...

Hi1 Jessica,
Frustration of sailing, (to be or not to be)looking at the weather you are soon going to be pushing into headwind coming down of mainland Chile, that will quickly turn SE then SW, so enjoy this quiet, nice that the wind has picked up to 12knts and you are in forward mode.
As you say you wouldn't swap it for anything.
Parts of South Australia and Victoria are in code Red, get out while you can with temperatures up to 45deg's.
With the cloud mass coming down with the weather change I do really hope your parents are able to fly under it to see you round the Cape.
Keep Smiling,Safe passage,Will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I've been following you from the start, this is the third time I've written but I'm not sure they're getting through. Doesn't matter I suppose because you're certainly getting lots of support. I just think you're such an inspiration, i can't imagine what it must feel like out there in the middle of all that sea. I've written a song about it and a short film, like I said you're an inspiration. Go girl go...I love the google map!
Grant from Queensland

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
glad to hear you have some wind today, nothing worse than sitting around waiting for something to happen. Any luck in fixing that mainsail?
Looking forward to hearing you round the cape!


Kestrel said...

Keep going Jesse!
It's OK to feel a little let down when things don't go according to plan or expectation and I dare say your blogger family are feeling it with you.
Great to hear that the wind has picked up and you are under way again and we too will all have everything crossed for ideal conditions for your rounding of the Horn.
Sail on,

jan said...

hi gorgeous girl, so all of your blog friends must have started blowing to help you on your way,do you think? cheers from canterbury nz.

Unknown said...

Thanks again Jessica for the wonderful update. You will get there of course but ya I'm sure it is frustrating at times. Love the positive attitude. It sure is cool to be able to look up to a sixteen year old. Wish all teens had your attributes. Best wishes, duane

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when I was in the fire service in NZ, I read comics as a way to calm the mind during pressure-cooker courses with way too much maths, hydraulics, chemistry etc, so I know what you mean about your trashy novels. They pass the time, but don't take too much concentration away from the big job at hand.

Hope your folks get to wave at you from above.

Best wishes for the coming days, and your passage around Cape Horn.

(aka kiwi_canuck)
Vancouver, Canada

Jo Mitchell, Brisbane said...

Hey Jess
Hang in there! I'm sure the 'calm' is all part of the bigger picture. You are always inspiring with your extremely optimistic outlook on things. Glad that you've remedied the little problem with the mainsail.
I hope you can have lots of nice warm Milos to keep you toasty. There's nothing nicer than to escape into the fantastic world of fiction -even if what you're reading is trashy!
Very excited about your parents fly over. Take care Jess.
Love Jo

Unknown said...

From our local newspaper for interstate and overseas bloggers.........

"WHEN Jessica Watson rounds Cape Horn, her two biggest supporters – her mum and dad – will be there to cheer her on.

Yesterday Julie and Roger Watson made a last-minute dash from their Buderim home to the Brisbane International Airport, where they boarded a jetliner to South America.

Next week they will have a bird’s eye view from a private jet as their 16-year-old daughter passes Chile’s treacherous Cape Horn, the Mount Everest of the ocean.

Jess is aiming to become the youngest person in history to sail solo and unassisted around the world.

Her parents’ trip was not finalised until yesterday morning.

“IT’S so surreal. Right now everything’s just a blur,” mum Julie, who had to rush home from work to pack, said.

“We’re so excited to have the chance to be so close to Jess during this landmark of her journey.”

Over the past week, Jess has faced trying conditions and admitted, in her blog, to being “on edge”.

Julie said she had experienced moments of worry for her daughter, but was proud of Jess’s determination in the face of adversity.

Despite several equipment malfunctions, Julie said Jess had handled the conditions well.

“She’s just been through a really bad patch (of weather), but Jess concentrated on what she had to do and stuck it out,” Julie said.

“The big problem is lack of sleep, especially when the boat’s being knocked around a lot. Jess has caught up on lots of sleep over the past few days though, which has put my mind at ease.”

During her epic journey, Jess has spoken to her parents at least twice a day and has revelled in the support shown by fans responding to her blog.

Julie said loneliness had not been a problem for her daughter who “feels like everyone is there with her”.

“The support shown to Jess through the blog really helps lift her spirits. She loves reading through everyone’s comments,” Julie said.“It’s going to be a big relief when she gets through this stage of the journey.”

Jess has passed the 9000 mile mark of her 23,000 nautical mile journey, and is now less than 700 miles from rounding Cape Horn.

While enduring the tough conditions, Jess said she was enjoying the challenge of the fierce Southern Ocean.

“It is incredible down here,” she wrote.

“The wind is freezing and it really packs a punch.

“It is not like your normal wind – it is much heavier.

“You really have to respect the Southern Ocean.”

On current predictions, Jess should round the Cape early next week."

Thanks for your latest update Jess. Slowly but surely you are getting there girl!

We are all so proud of you.

Safe travels, smooth sailing..
Lily in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

We all need to read trash at times to relax. Why read about lots of other peoples adventure when you're on your own great adventure.

You will be able to start writing your own book when you have successfully completed your solo sailing trip.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jesse,
I think I can understand your bemusement over the still conditions down there, but as you point out its still amazing to experience both ends of the extreme a gentle glassy swell reflecting the sky which can turn into a hefty stormy must've been sitting between weather cells a sort of no mans land, well the wind has picked up again thankfully you're on the move again...we're all going crazy waiting to celebrate you rounding that Horn...I wonder if the media will be on board the Aircraft with you Mum and Dad?

As some bloggers have pointed out there is definitely a bunch of "new" people putting up first time posts, some saying that they have been following you from day one but now making there first posts to wish you well to simply first time folks that have just found out about your Journey, So a BIG WELCOME to the Jesse Express to all those new bloggers.

Hey Jess, you reckon you get frustrated being stuck with no winds, just wait until you get your drivers license, dealing with City Traffic will truly drive you crazy...

Once again there has been a lot of good funny amusing comments being made, your extended family Jess are all chatting amongst ourselves like a family of Seagulls squawking madly at each other, actually that comment reminds me of the movie "Finding Nemo" where all the Seagulls are saying "mate!..mate!..mate!" always makes me smile.

Well....I can see everybody has just pounced on your latest blog Jess, within the next 24 hours it'll be up to its normal 300 plus posts...

Anyway Jesse you are bound to experience Stormy Seas again, I'll be surprised if you get through the South Atlantic as smoothly as you have with the South Pacific give or take the couple of storms you've had already...but of course we don't want it to become to we now!!

We don't mind what you read....not sure what your Download Speed must be like but one can sure waste hours just reading everybody's posts here! if what you are reading gets tedious just get on line and read all these wonderful comments about you...that's sure to help...pass some time...or whatever...

You'll be right girl...hang in there, it's all down hill from Cape Horn, well near enough!


Clint - Dandy/Melb
P.S Its predicting to be up to 42 degrees C today...tooooo HOT!!!

Lori said...

Hey Jess, great to hear from you and glad that the wind is picking up for you - but, as usual you are making the most of every situation out there, from reading to admiring your surroundings, fantastic attitude to life you have.

Enjoy the next fews, they will go quickly enough and then you will be smiling and crying at the same time as you reach this milestone and have your dear Mum and Dad there with you, what a moment for you all, and so well deserved.

Until next time, keeping you in our hearts and prays.....x

-Lori, Brisbane

Macca said...

keep it upjess i think that when you see your mum and dad again you will get your mind straught to the task and go for the gold

Anonymous said...

Go Jesse, all Australia is proud of you. You make Sir Francis Chichester look like an ameteur. Got your heater fixed yet?

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
You say your not having the most exciting time at the moment, but I can tell you that you are having a dam more exciting time than me at work. Another groundhog day for me, and I'm sure for most people around the world today.
It's great that you have some nice wind at the moment, and with a bit of luck in will take you to and around the Horn safely.
Yachts are certainly not the most comfortable place to be in, with no wind and some swell around, so I think, keeping yourself busy by hand steering and tending to parker, (tell him to get his act together). This will help to keep your mind of boring bits.
So, in about 2 days, you will be on one of the biggest highs of your life and all of us will be there with Jesse.
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

Anonymous said...

Best of luck rounding the cape Jess

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a way that we could create some winds for you..just to keep you on the move..DONT let your thoughts stray
to much...stay focused and keep that final goal in mind...also, read some more of the trashy stuff..good luck with the fly over..stay steady...stay safe..

good sailing.....

Joe Springfield VA USA

Cowboychincs said...

Way to go Jessica.... we are living every minute with you.... keep up the wonderful work and keep your spirits high!

Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, We are glad to hear that you are moving again. A quest like the one you are on requires taking the good with the bad. Knowing that your Mum and Dad are at the Cape waiting and you having very little wind to get there musst have been maddening for you but you are moving again so Hurrah!!! I feel that you being able to put your thoughts and feeling down in a blog to share with other people is in itself very therapeutic. We arm chair psychiatrist try to discern your mental state as you deal with the ups and downs of your quest. So far you are coming through with flying colors and getting more mentally tougher each day. Keep it up Jesse!!! Sail safe and realize how blessed you are to be able to pursue this difficult dream. Your long disant friend Larry (

Unknown said...

I really love your descriptions of that mindless sea as you sit becalmed upon it. A little light reading of the trashy kind is just what you need, I suspect. And I'm really pleased now that you've finally got going again.

Roll on the 13th.

Best wishes!

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Each day is such a milestone and another memory of your great accomplishment. When you arrive home you will then wish you were back where you are right now..Happy sails to you.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

NorthCountryGal said...

So wonderful to read that you are in the wind again and getting close. I am excited for you and also for your parents. I keep imagining (as a mom) how emotional and how proud I would be to see my daughter out there making history in a little pink boat. I pray for clear conditions and a wonderful reunion for all of you.

How about some news of the little crew, what have they been talking about lately, any good gossip or were they bored with everything being so calm too?

And I just love that you are reading all that trashy stuff, I am sure it gives your mind a nice rest from thinking about all the sailing language.

Best wishes from Minnesota and from my two Himalayan kitties, Iris Martha and Trillium Rebecca who send greetings your little crew. Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
More sea poetry re wind!
...and the deck hand's name was Carter, by jove he was a farter,
when the wind didn't blow
and the ship didn't go,
we got Carter the farter to start 'er.

Great you're nearly 'round the cape. as a parent of teenagers your mum and dad must be burting with pride. Hope you get to see them.

God speed. Jimbo and family Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Take care and keep up the awesome work that you are doing, looking forward to hearing that you have rounded the cape and maybe see more pictures.

Wagga Wagga

Bruce Watt said...

ok good to see you so positive, despite being becalmed which must have been very frustrating to say the least. With the wind picking up to take you around the cape must be thrilling, particularly with the possible reunion with your parents. Go Jess go!

Anonymous said...

Really excited about the days ahead and best wishes for a safe and exciting sail around the Cape. Haven't missed one blog as it is so much fun following your journey. May you fly with the angels through these tough days ahead.

Toni McLean said...

hi Jesse,
So it's been rather dull for the adventurer as she approaches possibly the most treacherous part of the ocean in the world! The ocean is behaving like a tame little pussycat! Well, the tigress might unsheath her claws yet! And then you might have more adventure than you care for! :-)
But what a pity it's been so boring and in the middle of nowhere.

Sitting out in the cold would be awful. I guess just as long as you're still pointing in roughly the right direction that's good enough in such conditions.

As for your reading distractions, it's probably not surprising. Your brain has to be working overtime most of the time to do what you're doing, so it really does need to veg out with something trashy - mental junk food. I don't think it indicates a personality change. But I am amazed you can read in rolly conditions. I wouldn't be able to do that.

270nm to go from this morning, so maybe 265 to go now. Getting close.

I hadn't thought of your parents doing a fly over. Shows my lack of imagination! That will be exciting. Hopefully you will actually "see" each other.

Well, Jesse, glad the wind has picked up. My work effort has to pick up so I earn some money, so I'll get back into that.

Wishing you enough wind as usual. Let the countdown begin!


Chicago Jim said...

I'll save the opening of the Champagne once you get back home, but for the rounding of the Horn me wife and me will uncork a bottle of fine Australian wine in your honor.

Keep on keepin' on!


Lea said...

Hi Jesse,

We also have everything crossed that the weather continues to be kind to you, that you are able to wave frantically at your parents as they fly over and that you reach that next milestone as quickly as possible.

Maybe if the wind drops again you could whip us all up a batch of something yummy??

Lea x

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

hope against hope, I switched on the computer (1 pm Aussie time) to check your blog and low and behold there you are!

I can feel your frustration about not moving or not much and I am SO glad, that you are getting 12 kn winds now!
After all, the purpose of your adventure is to move, not languish even in the loveliest spot!
I understand completely, that after a diet of sailing hands on just about 24/7 for months, you want to read something that is light and not related to your subject of your journey.
After all you want to take your mind off your daily business of sailing for a while.
I also read to 'escape', but I usually have got a few books going, so I can swap!
I can hardly contain my excitement, that you soon meet up (at least as close as a few meters) with your darling parents.
It brings tears of joy to my eyes, when I feel the heady emotions that thought engenders!

I admire you and will copy you, to see something good in EVERY situation!
Good for you, your attitude is impeccable!

Again you paint such a beautiful and vivid picture of the glassy surface of the sea, that reflects the grey sky!

You were, you are and always will remain a treasure, Jessica,
keep well and happy, not long now and you will experience an even greater highlight rounding the Horn and seeing your parents,
keep your fingers and body warm and above all keep safe,

Trudy, Austria, in Mackay

Jimmy said...

Hey Jesse,

More sea poetry, re lack of wind,
...And the deck hands name was Carter,
boy was he a farter,
when the wind wouldn't blow and the ship woulnt go.. we got Carter the farter to start 'er!!
Hope that gives you a laugh Jesse.

As a parent of teenagers your Mum and Dad must be bursting with pride as you near the cape. I hope you see them.

Best wishes Jimbo and family, Sydney

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Reading "Bad Boys Down Under" while becalmed off Cape Horn? It probably beats reading books about what it's like to sail around the world singlehanded, doesn't it! You obviously are at home on the sea. And now your folks are going to fly by your floating pad and say hi. How special is that?

Looks like a strong wind will come up soon, enjoy the respite while you can. You are the best.

Keep On Keepin On!
Richard W

PS. Isabelle Autissier is sailing from Cape Horn to Antartica right now just to the east of you. She is one of the best sailors in the world. I'm sure she would like to talk with you. She is on a mountain climbing and iceberg detection expedition, having retired from racing.

samurai said...

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Happy birthday Michael.
Congratulations on your 75th!
Many happy returns.

Cheers & Beers.....Sam

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica!

So glad that you are moving along with a steady breeze again. I have spent many hours reading on windless days, listening to the sails flap back and forth... of course I was always within sight of my house, not in the middle of an ocean!

Jessica, I love the way that you always manage to find the "positives" in any situation. I recall being bored one windless day, but was amazed when the "SnowBirds" (Canada's airforce acrobatic team) decided to use my stationary boat as a reference point during a training session. Ended up being a very exciting day on the water. I am sure that you will enjoy your fly over even more knowing that your Mom & Dad are up there!

Anyway, thanks for the blog update. I'll be sharing it with the "Killer Whales" tomorrow. One of my students e-mailed me this weekend... she was very excited that she shared your web site with "grandma" and that she sent "Jessica" a message from her home! You really are a great inspiration & role model for kids around the world.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Jess
That wind will pick up & soon you'll be wanting the calmer waters again :)
Hope all goes really well for you & you get to see the aircraft at least that Mum & Dad are in - in other words it wont be pouring with rain.
Big milestone to tick off when you get round hey.
I saw an old W2 Zero fighter fly real low down here (northern NSW) on Saturday on its way from Coolangatta to Evans Head for an air show - was a magnificent site. How much more magnificent it will be for you to se M&D.
Keep up the great work!!!

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodafternoon Jesse, thinking of you as always, nearly there amazing girl Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Zryda said...

Hey Jess,

Just more couch sailers from home..

Your Mum and Dad must be bursting with Pride (and the rest of us too).

Best wishes for the coming excitment, rounding the horn will be a fantastic achievment.

We are going to try and get down to Sydney to see you sail into the harbour, can't wait for that.

all the best,
with you in spirit.
Ross & Dee

Yeoman said...

Hi Jesse
You're doing wonderfully. Dillip is now only 90 nm behind you but doesn't think he will catch you up before the Horn. He says he has a 2 knot current in his favour, which I expect you have too. So even without wind you should be making 48 nm a day in the right direction.
Here's hoping that visibility is great at the time of your rounding the Hor. We are all looking forwrd to great photos and video from your Mum and Dad.
You're the best Jessica.
David & Joy
Sippy Downs

Kev said...

We're all with you Jesse and continue to look forward to your blogs - and we understand when you miss a day or two.

It's good to read that you are progressing well again!

Best wishes,

Kev, Sydney, Oz.

digger 0901 said...

Been reading about the adventure....keep on going.....will keep on the the following...


riveter said...

JESS...a wise newfoudlander years ago said to me...
" YA NEVER KNOW WHERE YOUR TOO>>>>TIL YA BEEN WHERE YOUR AT!" I live that motto every day...and where ever I am....I'm glad to be there. Were all so proud of you and we can't wait to see that massive grin from ear to ear when you accomplish this next milestone of your trek. From Sidney BC Can...we are thinking of you with warm hearts
cheers Riveter

Brian T Brisbane said...

Hi Jesse,
Here's hoping the special moment of the 'fly bye' of your mum & dad will be one blessed with 'perfect weather' (and that they don't allow your mum to wear a parachute on board the plane ... I'm sure the temptation to jump down to hug you might just get too tough!!)... :-)
My first blog, but it comes from a very big fan. You are an amazing young lady & I, like so many others here, are all in awe with the way you are dealing with the challenge you have set yourself. Go Jesse - stay safe & enjoy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Great to see your still doing well. I have a question are you allowed to take on supplies if soem one in another boet cam out to visit.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I sat for a while and just stared at the little pink boat on the google map that plots your course. Even at 12nm hour it's awfully tiny steps in an awfully big place. I dare say at some point you'll be looking back on the droll doldrums with envy! "Luxury!" as they say. I've always been astounded at the 'bigness' of knowing what a small place we occupy. And what small steps we take. Strangely not feeling daunted so much as humbly accepting. And finding a weird place of strength in that. So step onwards. The journey is the destination, yes? Hope the luck of the albatrosses continues to be with you.

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - yes, a huge milestone indeed. It's a good idea to switch the spare time into an alternative activity and reading what you call trash is a simple diversion that wont take the mind too far away from the important focus. You would hardly want to read about sailing adventures when unfolding before you is the greatest story ever told.

Anyway Jesse I'm saving all my accolades to the 13th or whenever the rounding takes place. In the meantime safety first, rest because things can change so quickly in that part of the world.

"til next time precious one take care and remember we are all with you as you approach something special. Stay clipped-on and God bless


Anonymous said...

John O Dunedin NZ

Go Jess!! Always have a positive attitude and you will get where you want to go. Keep up the good work. You are without a doubt the best advert for the younger generation. Happy land fall and plain sailing.

ericinoz said...

Great stuff Jessica, we are all behind you hoping that you have an easy rounding of the Cape. You have done a great job so far, keep up the good work and come home safely.

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Good blog. Most excellent to read that your 'on the way' again..... Hey, if Mum&Dad get a piccie of you "Rounding the Cape"... lay it real Heavy that this HAS to be posted on this blog.... This is a MUST !!

Your Becalmedness could very easily generate some Megapissedoffeness in a Lady whose desire to 'get on with the job' is so focussed.... Hey, not to worry... This is_really_ the time to practice your "Being".... and I hope, amongst your reading, you have Sam. Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner" ( y'can get it off the 'net if you want!).... 'corz your words fall like hand in glove to the "water water every where" part.... the 'glassy sea' bit............... but y'd better not knock over an albatross.... a young female 'greybeard loon' mightn't be the go in downtown Brizzy !! Hehhehheh.
OK... gettin' out of your way again to make way for the serried rankers who also are 'Ecstatic' with your Big Port Turn....... with which I hope the sea remains favourable. :))

... catchya...

... Ooc.


Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
We are sweltering in a heat wave and it has been declared a catastrophic fire day in Victoria and we are heading for 43 c at present it is 42c here in Bendigo.

Could do with a blast of your Freezing air.

Reading anything is good it immerses the mind in something other than what is actually happening around you.

I so hope the visibility for your passage through the straits is excellent so you get some wonderfully memorable photos.

Looking out the window just now I seen a pelican circling well and truly off course suspect it is looking for water. Some say the pelican is an omen for bad weather whilst the albatross is the mariners friend.

Well Pet keep warm enjoy the reading and I will pray for a good wind to guide you on your way.

Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

yirrpa said...

Keep focused and alert at all times near the Cape Jessica. It is a pretty big corner to turn through. Do not underestimate the weather whatever you do.
From OZ ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

May your rounding of Cape Horn be smooth and exciting for you all. I doubt there will be a dry eye on the boat or in the plane

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Anonymous said...

My dear wife and I join with all the others fallowing you arround the horn and wishing you well. San Diego, CA., USA

zz said...

hang in there Jess, it will happen.
Hows the Albatross?
Esperance WA

Anonymous said...

Jessica.. exciting that your nearly at Cape Horn - just remember to expect the unexpected and be prepared for those nasty winds the Cape is so renowned for. We are all with you and once your past it - we'll all breath a little easier - should be smooth sailing from there on. GOOD LUCK.
Mel (Sydney)

Iowa Ed said...

Hey Darlin...I'll bet if you can describe what stove ...model...and what it is doing in a little detail, some geek out there would be more than happy to remotely troubleshoot it for you. Warm is good.

David Roberts said...

Hello there,
Just had a thought about how to keep you moving. It's 36 degrees (c) here in Hobart, Tassie, today so a few mates and I are off to the beach in a little while. That beach just happens to face east, soooo...
We'll all stand in a row and blow as hard as we can. Perhaps a tiny little bit of it will reach you and lift you a knot.
Best of luck Jess


Chris Akenfelds said...

The world will be watching you, Jessica. Best of luck over the next few days. You are going to really stick it to the naysayers and "Doubting Thomas's".

Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane QLD

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica you've nearly made it to Cape Horn, what an achievement. You're such an inspiration to all young people. Wishing you a safe journey home. Have followed you're journey since you left Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica you've nearly made it to Cape Horn, what an achievement. You're such an inspiration to all young people. Wishing you a safe journey home. Have followed you're journey since you left Sydney.

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
This is a quick message to Samurai and Michael.
Happy 75th Michael, hope you have a great day. Love your reading your comments also.
To Sam
Loved your Happy Birthday message to Michael. Very clever. :-)
To Jess,
Look forward to you rounding the Cape. My wife Athalie and I have a nice bottle of wine to crack open when we get the word.
Stay safe and happy sailing,
Tim and Rosie

kellie said...

hiya jesse
glad your on the move again just dont worry about it as i thinkt you will have your hands full when the time comes hoping the weather is fine also when your mum and dad have there fly over
stay safe jesse and just relax


Anonymous said...

We're with you Jesse!

We really are!



David Verity said...

One of the RAF jet fighter pilots (Dave) based in the Falklands is now in direct contact with Jessicas management team. They will be able to supply coordinates and radio frequency to the RAF pilots when Jesse gets closer.
The jets are restricted to 100 miles from the Falklands so here's hoping Jesse gets that close!
Meanwhile thanks to Daves wife Louise back in the UK for taking this silly old sod from Sydney seriously and helping to make this all happen!
Good luck with the Cape Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

How do you make time for school work? You never mention it very often. Will you be held back a grade? My 10 yr old daughter keeps track of your progress and she keeps asking me if you are falling behind on the school work.

Susan, Ohio, USA

anth said...

Go Jesse nearly at that milestone.


Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Hi Jessica
Just read your latest post and you mentioned climing the walls in frustration of no wind. Well at least the walls of EPL are not too high so you wont have far to go.
Lets all hope for favouralbe winds to get you to the cape for you Mum and Dad
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!
Good luck and safe sailing

The Original Whyalla Jack said...

ONYA Jess.
With you all the way.


Organisedvicar said...

Hi Jesse!

Its sooooo close now, we are all waiting to hear/see you pass this milestone - such an incredible one at that.

As for the books - how mature you are! I can so identify with you saying the last thing you want to read is about sailing!

The mercury just hit 44C so if I could blow a little of this heat your way I most certainly would.

Stay warm, keep up that bright spirit and would love to know what the 'tradition' is for rounding the cape.

We're all there sailing right with you and ready to pop the corks!

Geelong, Aus

Organisedvicar said...

A quick but probably stupid question - how close will you pass Cape Horn? That is, will you see land?

Berlin Red said...

hey Jess,

Just remember the frustration you felt with catching your first fish and crossing the Equator and never forget how great you felt when you achieved those goals the Horn will be the same great feeling i am sure.

Hang in there it is a great big World you going around. Enjoy every moment, because it will be over way to soon.

Stay Safe

Berlin Red

John Webb said...

Not long to go Jess and another milestone will be out of the way..!! The support that you have from the bloggers is amazing and I think I speak for everyone and say that you are an inspiration to us all..!! You are a legend..!!
Go girl go..!!

John and Susan
SV "Playground"
Brisbane Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Most likely, by the time you to read this, you will be close enough to your next milestone to write in your blog:
And you will. And then you will be the youngest sailor to have conquered ‘Everest’ solo and unassisted. Go for it. We all know you can do this.

I should not remind you of this, but I will. Both Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin took photos of the Horn and published them in their respective books. It is mandatory that you try to take a photo for eventual publication, although we might like a sneaky peek, and try to take video too, if possible, so we can all see what it was like for you.

Your most recent blog report that you have 12 knots of wind must be a welcome change from slopping around in nothing. Drifters are never fun!

Seems you surprised your Mum with what you have been reading. Well, you can’t read sailing books all the time, and right now you, through your blog pages and not doubt log and personal diary entries, are in the process of writing what will eventually be a much cherished book about sailing around the world - at sixteen.

Enjoy the moments seeing your parents. That will be a time you and they will never forget and never regret. I expect you will have bout of homesickness after the occasion, but you will get over this quickly if you simply ‘get on with the job – sailing towards your next goal’.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
just discovered a great song and film clip dedicated to you.It's on you tube
Good luck going 'round that horn, go girl!

Anonymous said...

Texas 11:40pm 01.10.10

Ahoy! Captain Jesse the Explorer

Captain, my Captain, you make me proud to be a human being. Thank you for sharing your dream with us all across the world. In so many ways, on so many levels, you have created something very beautiful, and through your grace, we are part of it.

As you come upon Cape Horn, to conquer it, to make it your own, know that your "blogger family" is with you all the way, in each speck of wind filling your sails, and the air you breathe.

You are greatly loved, Captain, Brave, Brave Woman.

Godspeed, Ben from Texas

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Note to Samurai . . .
January 11, 12:45 a.m.

You are absolutely, positively, amazing! What a wonderful birthday message you prepared for Michael. I'm "gobsmacked" (does that mean
what I think it means?) At any rate, I'm simply in awe of your talent. My mouth is hanging open . . . but I'm speechless!

You have been so thoughtful to remember him, and you're such a wonderful part of Jessica's blog family!! I look forward to each of your posted
blogs with great anticipation! Keep them coming, I'm sure that everyone enjoys them as much as I do, but I just had to let you know that your work (and I know it takes a lot of work) is greatly appreciated.

The message, and the pictures you've created (and included in your blogs) are just wonderful!.

And, I noticed that you waited until just after midnight (his time) so that you could maybe be the first one to wish him a Happy Birthday . . . I'm sure that Michael is going to be thrilled. He may even be up checking the blogs (even though it's after midnight) to see if anyone remembered . . . and we all do, and wish him the Happiest and Healthiest 75th year!!!

Thank you for your caring, and for your sharing!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To Jessica!!! Stay clipped on, and "safety first" . . . always!!! Still thinking of you, and worrying about you, and . . . boy, it's going to be a long 4 or 5 months of more of the same for us. Worry and Wait, and Wait and Worry, and then, excitement, each time we finally see that wonderful new update from you.

We'll be looking for each and every one. Will keep you first on our prayer list!!!

Hugs and Squeezes

Carol Florida U.S,A

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

You are doing awesome. You seem to be master of the Pacific and soon to be master of the Atlantic.

I too wish the wind would pick up. The waves on the Goldy have been flat for ever. Hopefully once you pass the Cape some of those big storms will be back to give us some waves.

Keep on rewriting the history books girl. You are doing it easy.

Mark - Goldy

PS To all you bloggers out there. Can Abby Sunderland have a chance at beating Jess around for the age and unassisted record when she is leaving so late? It should be a close race.

Anonymous said...

To Hezekiah Michael
I hope your 75th party hasn’t finished yet. It is still 11 January 2010 Melbourne time so I wish you a happy birthday and many happy hours continuing to enjoy reading Jessica’s reports and the comments made by all your Jessaholic friends who contribute sanely and insanely and every other way possible in response to her writings.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

hezakiah299 said...

01-11-10 @ 0
Hi Jessica,
So good to see your post, sorry that the wind was so pathetic there for awhile. But as I continued reading I could see the strength in you taking over as you realized 'this will pass'.
Good point, take your mind off it completely with the most "mindless, trashy stories" ha, ha. Sometimes the brain, just like the body needs a break, a change from the routine . But through it all you still see the beauty in what you love so much, and taking the bad with the good. Apparently this post was written over a period of time as you have talked yourself through the worst of it. Good job.
What more can I suggest to you that you haven't already told yourself???? Adjusting your expectations, changing your attitude and your outlook, and look where you're at, doing a whopping 12knots. OK, it's not setting a speed record, but you are picking up speed.

I also wanted to let you know that I just finished reading and answering the most warm, and beautiful letter from your Grandparents. I was really surprised, but it sure made me happy and picked up my spirits. Really wonderful people, but you already know that. Yes!!!

Now, don’t go crossing everything up so that when you have to get up you wind up tripping all over yourself. LOL….
Keep up the good work Jessica, you are in control. How are the scallywags doing, do they have their dress parade well practiced? Good!! I’m sure your parents will be impressed. LOL…..
That was a very nice post, I appreciate your honesty in all your moods, really lets us know exactly what is going on and how you feel about it.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

The McGraths said...

For "Hezakiah299"

Happy 75th Birthday Michael. We hope you have a wonderful birthday.
I'm not as clever as "Samurai" doing the music but our birthday wishes are the same.

All the very best,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Relax, and enjoy yourself
Lovely girl
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Shame your not having much progress however nothing wrong with reading & relaxing.

So good Mum & Dad are doing the flyover & hope to hear there report on ABC radio at some stage.

I was on the computer this morning checking for a blog when our 3yo grandaughter walked in & saw your picture & said.."Oh that's Jesse" It really made us laugh.

All the best Jesse,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

angela said...

Youg go girl! We are all cheering for you.
I hope you get a glimps of your parents. I'm sure they are very excited to see you.
Lets pray the wind picks up for you

Odette said...

Hey Jess,

I'm going to call you Miss + from now on. You make me smile every time I read your blog. Can't tell you how many times I've argued your case! If I were your mom, I'de be proud as punch. Go for it.We're all with you.

Odette, Sydney

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