Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Stones Throw from the Cape

With the wind gusting to 35knots Ella's Pink Lady is really surfing away the last 80nm to Cape Horn. It's looking like we'll be rounding the Cape first thing tomorrow morning, super exciting! Fingers crossed that the cloud lifts a little and I get a half decent view as we sail past.

Up in Punta Arenas (Chile), Mum and Dad are getting ready to take off later today and will be circling around overhead in a plane. We'll be able to chat over the VHF radio so looking forward to that.

Also, boats from both the Chilean Navy and Argentinian Navy are expected to swing by to give us a wave. It's been over a month since I've seen another boat and almost 3 months since I've seen another person, so I feel totally thrilled and spoiled to have so many guests all at once! I was extra careful brushing my hair this morning, (which is of course completely pointless in this wind!).

The other exciting news is that I heard from Dilip that he and Mhadei rounded the Cape ahead of us and are now on course to the Falklands to sort out his steering problems.

Anyway, there's plenty happening and things that need my attention out here, so I'm going to sign off for now.



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Lori said...

Wow Jessica Watson, how very exciting this is for you, your parents, ground control and all your blogger family - it is a very emotional time for all.

We are so proud of you - your achievements, attitude, gracious nature and glass 1/2 fullness, if you know what I mean.

Don't let the Navy hinder you, tell them to steer clear and that you are coming through...:) You are going to be overwhelmed by so many people around you after being alone for so long, enjoy it darling, it will certainly continue to give you great memories as you continue on your adventure in days to come.

Congratulations and thank you for being who you are......x

-Lori, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

With you in thought and prayer. Take it all in! You keep inspiring all! God Bless Jess.
Christopher-Ohio, USA

Anonymous said...

I hope your mum and dad can keep it together when they see you and speak to you at the same time - a totally awesome moment like that could make some of us fall into a blubbering mess. Onya Jess

Unknown said...


Hooray! Yippie - almost there! I'll be waving in spirit. Good Stuff.

Virgina USA

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. We were in the doldrums of our winter grind when we read your latest blog about all the exciting things coming up at the Cape and our spirits soared!!! Enjoy every minute of it because you have some long stretches with not as much excitement coming up. Any time I meet a new person I give them your website address and tell them to check it out. I use to tell people that if my wife went to the big golf course in the sky before me that I was going to buy a cabin in the deep woods and move there. I have since modified that plan and now I'm going to get a sailboat and follow the summer wherever it is. Your next blog ought to be a doozie!!! Sail safe Jesse and know that there are a lot of people who cannot be any happier than they are right now for you!! Your long distant friend Larry (

Anonymous said...

Sally You are amazing!!! It took me a couple of seconds to see it, but HOW COOL!!!! Keep'em comming.

Anonymous said...

"de plane, Boss, de plane!!"

"Imagine a place where any dream, any fantasy, can come true. Such a place exists."

I think Jessica has found such a place.

Congratulations on 'Rounding the Cape'


Sally said...

Hi Jess

I am excited that you are so excited! You have an action packed few days ahead with lots to do and see. And you brushed your hair and all! I love that! How funny. Never mind the wind. What about some lipstick?

You sound really thrilled and no doubt are looking forward to the passing of the cape (woo hoo!) and some human contact - of sorts - especially the folks. How good will it be to talk to them on VHF radio! They will be so close to you, bings a tear to my eye thinking about it! They must be so proud of you and just as anxious and excited to have this close contact with you also. I will be praying for excellent weather conditions so that it all fall into place perfectly.

And Dilip too - they are just around the corner from you, and then there's the Navy, throw that into the pot and it's all go. Guests everywhere! On your own for months and now you will be overwhelmed. It's good to see.

Waiting with baited breath Jess - keep us posted.

Stay safe and look forward to your next blog.

Some good news from me - my nieces both took out the Junior & Senior Pricilla Presley look alike competition in Parkes. How gorgeous are they!! I am not even sure if they are Elvis Fans. They were visiting their grandmother at the time of the festival - have a look:

'Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong'
Ella Fitzgerald

“All great achievements require time.” Maya Angelou(American Poet, b.1928)

Sally In Sydney

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Besides the Chilean and Argentine Navy, your Mum and Dad, you have some other spectators. If you look carefully you will see some King Penguins waving and wishing you successful sailing while you are going by Cape Horn and their cousins will be watching for you to pass the Falklands.
Best of luck...Russ/Calgary

didier said...

Good luck enjoy the moment:-))



Unknown said...

Go for Jess. I can't think how you must feel right now. It must be such an amazing feeling to be doing what you are about to do. The Cape WOW. From Viv in Auckland N. Z. Grandma Viv.

Katie Fin Kelly Maddie and Zoe said...

Congrats Jess!

I admire you so much, you are brave and cheerfull and awseome! Have a wondeful day tomorrow seeing all your visitors


Newhaven College
Year 8's
Katie, Fin, Zoe, Kelly and Maddie

Astroglide_Australia said...

Congratulations Jessica, another milestone


Glenda said...

Hi Jess, almost there, what a blast! How honoured you are to have the Chilean Navy and Argentinian Navy to greet you. Give them and your Mum and Dad a huge smile and wave (look Mum no hands!). Just kidding .. stay safe and imprint this day on your memory! A huge congratulations to you, your parents and all your support crew for the fantastic success so far. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo!!! You go girl!!! :)
Karyn, IN, USA

Rose Perignon said...

How thrilling! This is incredibly inspiring. Good luck!

Dukehaus said...

Ahoy Jesse!! And big HOWDIES!!!
So happy to hear such good news!
The WORLD is smiling with you!!
Stay safe always and enjoy every moment. May you have a strong wind at your back and clear seas ahead!
Be Careful and YOU GO GIRL!!!
Kim & Bill
Cheyenne, WY, USA

captain said...

Go Jess....really really proud of u. Capt'n Kelly

Richard in Maryland said...

Way to go, Jesse !
I can feel your excitement in your post. When I read that the Chilean and Argentine Navies were going to greet you, I have to admit that this was one of those rare times for me that tears welled up in my eyes and I felt a tingle go up my spine! I am actually a very unemotional kind of person, but I think this moment for you is special for a lot of people around the world. I know it is for me. Lot's of laughs trying to get the courtesy flags right!

Here is a link to some surf music by two legendary guitar players, for the legendary surfin sailor, Jessica Watson!

Crank it up


Richard W
SV "Shaba"
Whitehall Creek

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Over 200 comments already. Wow Everyone is so excited for you. We are all sitting on the edge of our seats to hear you are around the Cape and heading home.
Enjoy the moment. Especially Mum and Dad flying over.
Congratulations to all the team you must be so proud of Jesse.
Keep safe,

HomeSweetBoat said...

Bless you Jessica - have just seen your video - thank you so much! So, so happy for you and the excitement your parents will be experiencing - and all of us Bloggers. ENJOY, ENJOY, you deserve the best.


Fay from the Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

@ mattsmom... you absolutely cracked me up :))


for those who missed it:

Anonymous mattsmom said...

dwe are all keepimg por fijmgers crossed too, bit it is jard to tupe tis way!

Thinkinf od you Jess!

Ann in toa snm (Taos, NM, UsA)

January 13, 2010 2:13 AM

Aussie in Maine

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

Just to say I am just so proud of you.
Wish you fair winds and safe sailing around the Cape.

I think all sailors is just amazed by your performance and integrity.

Hahoi Captain

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
That is so COOL (I bet it is cool down there) I'm so excited for you.
Hope you have a fantastic view of the Horn tomorrow. Take lots of pic's
Enjoy seeing people.
Saraya :-)

Old Iron said...

Jessica Closes in on Cape Horn

Great Video!!!!

Good to to see you.

Your hair looks great!!


Anonymous said...

You have done an amazing job, Captain Jess! It's wonderful your parents will be able to celebrate this most important milestone.

Head in the clouds said...


Wishing you clear skies and fine weather for your history-making rounding of the Cape.

You're a marvel, WELL DONE!

Take Care,

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

Stuart H said...

Well done Jessica!
You're an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Go Jess, almost there, how proud you must be. Stay safe, love Vicki your little guardian angel from Caloundra.

Jo said...

I have had stomach butterflies about this moment since you left. Now i have tears and butterflies. I have been following you since day 1, and hope to be in Sydney when you arrive. I read Kay Cottee twice when i was little hence my interest AND butterflies and tears.
Take care girl!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Very exciting!!!!
ENJOY the moment :)
Wishing you 'perfect' weather.


Justin said...

Glad to hear that your making great progress!! Gonna be something seeing your parents kinda sorta!! Best wishes from wisconsin as always.. love watching your posts!

Keith from Melbourne said...

Hi Jesse

Its Keith from Melbourne again, although I am actually in Vietnam now.

That is wonderful news from you today, although to hear from you everytime is just as wonderful. But I, and I think everybody else who is following you, feels your added excitement at this time and over the next few days.

What a mountain you have already climbed.

But don't let your guard down Ok.
Take care dear,


Didier said...

Gives me tingles! Thought I might look for an mystical associations to the Albatross and found this
Long but interesting. Cya and continue the fun Jess!
Albatross - Prince of Waves

Grace. Wind Wisdom. Weather Forecasting. Ocean Wisdom. The Language of Currents. Wandering. Independence. Monogamy. Loyalty. Courtship. Freedom to Break Through Limits. Solar Worship. Messenger. Path-Working.

General Description: There are 24 species of albatross, a large, sea-going bird which is famous for its large wingspan (up to 12 ft) and graceful manipulation of the wind and currents when flying. The albatross has an average life expectancy of 30 to 50 years. They tend to stay in the southern oceans, but some will stray up to Alaska and Siberia.

They spend most of their lives characteristically at sea. Albatrosses are monogamous with an extended courting period. When breeding they communicate with loud gurgling calls, bill-clattering, brays and yaps. They nest in colonies that can occasionally number in the thousands. The albatross feeds on squid, cuttlefish, crustaceans and fish. They are sometimes scavenge around fishing boats. The albatross is vulnerable to predation from sharks, large fish and long-line fishing.

Brief mythological associations:
The albatross has a rich mythological and cultural history which persists today. Sailors worldwide view sightings of an albatross as good luck, and its injury, capture or death is a terrible omen to those at sea. This superstition is highlighted in a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge called 'the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.' However in some regions albatross feet were used as tobacco pouches. Further research into cultures and mythology will yield much on the symbolism of the much-loved albatross.

Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

- Albatross teaches us grace. It comes into our lives to show us how to use our bodies in ways that help us move fluidly through our lives in conditions that can seem even treacherous to our wellbeing.

- The albatross is a master at wandering. It often teaches us the value of simply finding new roads and pathways; path-working in order to find the road less traveled if it looks like it might yield more nourishment.

- Albatross comes into our life to teach us the value of monogamy. If we are already in a long-term relationship and are souring on it, albatross tells us that through flirting and gentle courtship we can revive the wonder of monogamy and find our way into what we liked about our partner in the first place.

- Albatross teaches many types of wisdom, the foremost being wind wisdom and ocean wisdom. Albatross is excellent for people who work frequently with or around the ocean, and will lend luck and grace to anyone involved here.

Didier said...


- Weather forecasting is a science, an art and a magic. Albatross energy addresses all aspects of weather forecasting and helps us to understand storms, rain, and all aspects of weather connected to water and wind.

- Albatross teaches the language of currents. This is a literal and metaphorical lesson. Sometimes we need to pay attention to the currents of movement and energy in our lives, sometimes we need to go with the flow, at other times we must learn how to use the wind to our advantage and cut across converse or harmful currents.

- Albatross is a messenger bird like the eagle, and can come into our lives to pass us messages from deities or the world around us. These messages, if we open our hearts, can have great impact on the direction of our lives.

- Albatross gives us the freedom to break through limits and self-imposed limitations. Albatross energy will reject conservatism, damaging belief-systems and philosophies, and dogmatic cultures that restrict freedom easily, and can help others to do it too.

If you have Albatross as your Totem:
People with this animal as a totem will often manifest traits similar to the animal itself. I work on the philosophy that we only have one totem, and it teaches us lessons as well as representing the core aspects of our personality. Therefore -

- Albatross people are wandering spirits that often find it hard to commit to any one path in life for too long (except that of wandering). People with albatross as a totem will often go where they want, when they want. Neither culture nor people can make them conform.

- Albatross people teach us the value of long-distance relationships, and monogamy despite great distance. They will overcome odds in order to show that long-distance relationships can be just as fruitful as other relationships.

There will be other ways your totem manifests, and you will recognise them with awareness and communion.

Didier said...


As shadow guide/totem:
The shadow totem is the animal we often fear irrationally, that teaches us things about ourselves that are profound and difficult to confront. Often the traits we fear most within the shadow totem, are the traits that we dislike in ourselves. We must scrutinise why this is, and learn how to work with them.

- People who fear albatrosses may have an innate fear of the ocean and the wind, they may not like the unpredictability of these elements, particularly when combined together to sometimes make frightening storms. They might be worried about being 'blown off track', and may find the power of the ocean over-whelming. These people might be prone to having frightful dreams about the oceans and tidal waves in their lives, and most importantly, probably fear their internal currents and the currents in their lives that affect where they're going. Overcoming this fear can teach those who fear albatross to find the power to navigate their path with grace and talent, rather than with fear and reluctance.

- People who don't like albatrosses may be very ill-equipped to conserve energy, and may find that they burn themselves up because they never take the time to assess how best to perform at work and in their lives in order to conserve energy to better enjoy life and see what's coming up ahead. These people need to learn to relax, and might not see how relaxation is a priority.

- Those who fear albatross may resent faithfulness, loyalty and monogamy because it represents being trapped to them. They might only see the negatives from these traits, and might resent even the idea that they should learn to embrace them (even if they're not adopted in their lifestyle).

Contacting Albatross:

Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Albatross is probably best contacted at or near the ocean. If you don't live near the ocean, visualisations involving scenes of the ocean, cliffs and wind may help.

Albatross tends to come to us in visions and in real life, and can sometimes be seen in meditation and dreams soaring right out on the horizon, a distant reminder that the Source is close to us at all times, keeping a watchful eye.

Alonzo P. Tornquist said...

Go Get `em, Jess ! Godspeed
I`ll be thinking of you and rooting for you..and hoping maybe your Mum and Dad will find you through a break in the clouds.
I'm waving at you from the Chesapeake Bay !

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I'm so excited for you to be so close to rounding Cape Horn !!!!

And its so exciting that your Mum and Dad will be circling around overhead in a plane and that you can talk on the VHF.

How wonderful that the boats from the Chilean and Argentenian navy will give you a wave.

Be sure to keep safe in all the extra excitement. ( don't forget your safety gear ).

All the best with the remaining part of rounding Cape Horn, we are all here with you cheering you on as well !!!

I'm really happy to hear that Dilip and Mhadei have rounded the Cape and hope that they can sort out his steering problems.

Keep safe and focussed on getting safely around the Cape, and then enjoy all the fun and excitement!!

best wishes, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless

Armidale NSW

Unknown said...

You go girl !!!!!!!! How does it feel to have the whole world watching your progress? I log in every day to see how your doing. Ive just been sailing local and doing allot of grey whale (and some orcas) watching off the southern california coast. Your such an inspiration to so many. if you get the internet out there go to youtube and search on rgberry53 and you will see my mug in a video called orca encounter. have a great day at the horn.

Gods speed Jessie.


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Hugest cheers and encouraging support from Bathurst Australia. Hope all goes well for your rounding!
Mal (Bathurst NSW)

Anonymous said...


So thrilled for you Jesse!

Check out your page! Your high spirits lift us all up!

You deserve everything, as you've earned it!

Best of wishes little buddy!


Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

The Big Lefty is chucked at last !!! WooHoo & Congatulations.

... Look forward to the pics, too. :)))

.... Ooc.


ali cross said...

Routing for you! And a good brush is sometimes all you need to help you feel better :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!

I said I would never call you kiddo again once you get around Cape Horn!

So, Kiddo, Kiddo, Kiddo, Kiddo, Kiddo!


Have fun Jesse!

Lap it up, but keep your guard up too!

Proud Billy!

Dave said...

Seriously well done Jess and the Pink Lady. What a top effort, most definitely an inspiration for all adventurers. Continue to enjoy the voyage and the live the dream. Am following you journey like all in amazement.

I certainly could use some of the huge belief in yourself and courage you display. Can imagine the excitement in being able to see some other people let alone to talk with your parents. Cheers Dave from Hobart

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse! Cape Horn ain't that sound cool :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jessica, hope favourable weather conditions prevail, and say hello to your parents from your blog supporters. By the way, did you manage to get your heater going?
Take care,

jo from perth said...

Dear Jesse,
i am so excited for you and for your parents. It is so wonderful what you have already achieved. I think i am a little lost for words. Best i just stick to wishing you good winds and safe sailing.
But Bloody Hell Jesse you are amazing!

Ailsa said...

Hi Jesse, Thinking of you as you go around Cape Horn. You are so inspirational and this is so exciting.
Stay safe.
from Melbourne

Anonymous said...

My Dear Captain Watson; Congratulations! Nothing clever to say other than that I am pleased to be part of your adventure. Fare Well Captain. Alfred
Vancouver, Canada

P.S. The guy from Brisbane is right. 'Cool Change' is your song.

jo from perth said...

Jesse it's jo again, i was just reading your blog out to my husband and i got all choked up!!! even if i could steer ELP i would useless cos my eyes for some reason are watering!

LHall said...

Congratulations Jessica. Wish I was down there to wave as you go by. How exciting! Way to brush your hair in spite of the wind. It's not pointless - it's a way of marking a special occasion and being your best for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica. You have done it. You really are a little Aussie treasure. Enjoy the day!
Roger, Cleveland QLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I've been following your blog with much interest and wish you all the best for the rest of your epic journey.

Wollongong, NSW

RICHARD said...

We are really getting excited for you. Rounding the Cape, visits from the Navy, Mom and Dad in the sky.... funny what things become important.

Enjoy your day. All of this is truly a blessing for a sailor who blesses us daily with her bravery, attitude and dauntless ambition.

We will all wait for the pics of your day to arrive. :)


See Ya Sailor!

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

I'm so glad you're almost there. I guess I must be a professional worry-wart. Haiti is no where near you and yet, now I'm worried their earthquake could create a rogue wave. My renewed fervor of prayers are in for your safety and that of your folks as they fly over--not that any waves are going to effect THEM, it's the unpredictable high winds I worry about where they're I said, I seem to be a natural at this worrying stuff.
You take care---stay warm... and on a cheerier note, hang ten and kowabunga!

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Amazing Grace....

Mary said...

Thank you for the video, Jess. You look terrific and your excitement is INFECTUOUS!!

With love and hugs,
Mary, Maine, USA

Bluefin said...

Jesse you look beautiful on the video! Really healthy and glowing, the sailing life obviously agrees with you, no need to worry about looking good in the photos, you look wonderful!

This is so exciting, an incredible achievement.

Huge congratulations,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Yes I know how that hair brushing thing is! Still its good to keep at it... :DDD

Tim B

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog and am so excited and nervious for you as you approach the Cape. I lived in Chile for two years but never made it that far south. Sail safely - you've got the whole world cheering you on!

Karen, Connecticut, USA

Roger said...

What a wonderful piece of nautical history you are making! It's fantastic that you have made it so far, and that the weather seems to be holding up for you in an area that normally has notoriously bad weather. Neptune is smiling on you! Best wishes on the remainder of your journey.

San Jose, CA

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jesse Girl...
I thought the comment by "Rio The Homework Dog" about taking a Jar of HORN Water home might be a novel thing to do...if not funny, because I started imaging you collecting Jars of Sea Water for every significant part of the voyage, and thinking it would be funny seeing you looking at your Jars trying to remember "now was the South Pacific or when I crossed the Equator,, that was Cape Horn...damn I wish I had've labeled them!"....sooo funny, hell maybe you are doing that?

Anyways....this is an exciting moment as everyone is contesting too, having the Navy come out is pretty spectacular, I hope there is media down there to report it back to the 6:00 o'clock News!...Go Jess, I also have a tear in my eyes...

Out of curiosity I went following a link I saw somewhere which led me to the "SunShine Coast Daily" Newspaper, you know I had only been hearing about the people that were being negative and seemingly making not nice comments, and then I saw a bunch of lousy posts from some narrow minded people, this was back in September so I know is now sea water under the bridge but I felt I had to leave a comment to those posters...go here if you are interested:-

It's interesting to see the number of "other" blogs out there discussing Jessica's Journey....But as far as I'm concerned here is where its all happening in the Warm Glow of kind comments form all over the world baptized in the Inspirational enthusiastic emotional commentary from our Jess at Sea...

And here is where I'll stay...

Love ya Jesse

Clint - Melbourne Town

Cobrarog said...

Now Jessica, watch out for ships at sea! Don't go falling overboard looking up at airplanes either!!

That is a lot of special attention you are getting and I doubt that will be the last of it, until you arrive safe and sound in Sydney.
Best of luck rounding the Horn.

Here is hoping the winds will be favorable from here on!
Sweating it here in Hervey Bay. Cobrarog

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

Great idea Jo. To go to Sydney to see Jessica arrive. Guess that will be posssible won't it. I also read a book about a lone sailor years ago. It was Robin Lee Grahame's solo sailing adventure. I was just thinking about it the other day and may just have an old copy somewhere. Can't really remember the story - only that it was exciting just as Jessica's is. Glad some people out there do the exciting stuff and take us armchair adventurers along for the ride. Cheers, Erica

Unknown said...

All good news then Jesse,
Hope you have a great view and the clouds blow away!

Anonymous said...

So close now, Jessica, you must be able to taste your success. Tomorrow will be a big day, and one you will remember for the rest of your life.

You'll be in good hands with Mum & Dad above, and Navy vessels from two countries to escort you past Cape Horn. WOW, what a great honour.

Good night, sleep tight,
Brian & Phillippa
(aka kiwi_canuck)
Vancouver, Canada

John Webb said...

Jeepers Jess, I think that I am the total fuddy duddy, I have a tear in my eye as I read your blog, I keep checking up with passage to keep an eye on the weather and I find that I am worrying about you like I would my own daughter. There must be so many fathers out there doing the same..!! Don't forget to salute Neptune as you round the cape..!!

SV Playground

Philip said...

Nice to hear that you are close to the cape.
Don't forget to take pictures of everything if you remember.
Just hang on though with the breeze and lets hope the weather lets up enough for you to see things.

Anonymous said...

fantastic news that this milestone is virtually reached. Many, many people's good wishes and thoughts go with you. I hope you and your folks get to eyeball the boat/plane and you see the Cape.

Good on you Jesse. I will be checking the news/TV tonight and tomorrow to see if they cover you and "Pink Lady"....they should!

fair winds
Gai ;-)

Mary said...

Thank you, Vince, Brisbane, for the heads up about Little River Band's, "Cool Change". I haven't heard it in years so I listened to it with affection and, yeah, it's a great song for Jess.

Group Hug for Jess!!
GodSpeed and SafeSailing, Sweet One.
Mary, Maine, USA

SaltyDog said...

Samurai, I totally agree. Bob does deserve three cheers.
Well done, Bob and the entire EPL Team.

And to Paul and the Killer Whales, you’re welcome. I know where Campbell River, B.C. is and would love to visit someday. I think that it’s great that the class is following Jessica. They couldn’t have a better role model. Keep tracking Ella’s Pink Lady.

From Seattle, WA, USA

janel said...

So excited for you!
Hooray..GOOD LUCK!

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Just saw your video, you look so excited, congratulations and enjoy the day.
To the "Blogger Family", "Jessaholics Annonymus" and everyone else who have been following this incredable young lady. Thankyou, when Rosie and I started following Jess way back when, we where just Father and Daughter following a young girl who was doing something amazing.
Now we are part of a evergrowing global family who are following an incredable young women live out her dreams.
We have learnt so much from you all, more than what any classroom has ever taught me (sorry to Paul and the Orcas and Room 401). I even have learnt to love poetry (thanks Brumby and all the other poets). I am getting a bit tounge tied now lol, so i'll just end by saying to Jessica, you are an increadable young women Jess. The biggest lessons I have learnt is from you, your ability to be so positive and calm in situations that would make others cringe amazes me. I hope that a little of you rubs off on my children and they too can achieve their own personal goals.
Well thats enough carry on from me Lol. I look forward to following you through the next leg of our journey and reading your blogger family posts.
Rosie gets home on Friday.
Tim and Rosie

Jose, Clearwater, FL USA said...

Wow Jessi, congrats. South America is my homeland and you going around it makes me want to be there. Hey happy to hear your folks will be around. If possible send us a pic :).
As always stay safe, warm and dry.
And Straight Ahead !!!

kellie said...

hiya jesse great to hear you are almost there and i am sure you will be glad to see the plane with your mum and dad and be able to talk to them if he got around the cape ahead of you it must be ok and i bet just haveing the ships from not one but two navys there will be something just goes to show how special they must think you are
go jess go


Steve K. said...

Brave Jessica,
I was just remembering watching you & your support crew readying EPL at Mooloolaba. I wasn't so much cynnical as fearfull, when I said to my brother, she too young, it's too far, it's too dangerous. Well, you've sure shown a couple of 50yolds whose boss.(or should I say Captain) I wasn't checking your blog every day initially, but I do now. I'm still trying to get my head around what you've done so far & what you will do. You are one tough cookie and I salute you in sheer amazment. I know there's still a long way to go, but you've already proven you've got the right stuff. So sail on into history, girl. You've already made your parents proud & a world enthalled.
On a lighter note, remember, once you round the Horn, bergs to the right, safety to the left.

Steve K., Bli Bli, Qld.

P.S. Your home-coming is gonna' be something not to be missed.

Lori said...

Thanks for the video Jesse, you look wonderful, so relaxed and refreshed looking, love your hair up like that - nobody would know (only 1,000s) you have been at sea for 3 months.

Enjoy this time sugar and once again, thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with us all, it is so appreciated...x

-Lori, Brisbane

Igor, USA said...

Wow! Super!
Keep going!

Michael Bourke said...

Hi Jessica,
I have a daughter your age and sometimes give her a hard time about the silliest things but your achievements have made me re evaluate my relationship with her. I think what you have achieved will make many parents do the same.
Congratulations on what you have achieved so far and I hope clear skies are ahead for your rounding of Cape Horn.

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess
Exciting times!!! Best of luck for tomorrow's (AEDT) crossing.

Viaje bien as they say in that part of the world. Sail safe, sail fast.

Best wishes


Sechelt, BC calling said...

Congratulations on your journey so far...we are keeping a close eye on your adventure!
You go girl!
Brenda and Warren
Sechelt, British Columbia Canada

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Well you certainly know how to draw a crowd don't you!
Full speed ahead by the sounds of it, hang in there. How exciting - finally getting around that bloody CAPE. Congratulations.
Love Aunty Chris, Hot Tamworth, NSW. Oz.

Odette Carty said...

Got goosebumps already!

Odette, Sydney

Ann said...

I am sitting here reading all the comments and I have goose pimples all over....what an exciting time for you Jessica, half way point and the world is must be so excited to have such a flotila of ships to welcome you....hope you get time to take some pictures.....I just wish one of our tv networks had the foresight to have a boat or plane to capture the moment on camera.
I am going to have a wee sherry tonight to toast you Jessica and wish you well on the rest of your trip...hope the winds are not too strong....and praying for a smooth journey and good weather......
you are in the history books now Jessica......hope you managed to have a great conversation with your mum and dad......Blessings
(;) (:) (;)
Ann (Morwell)

Brian Riley said...

Jessica. this is fantastic news, as well as your bubbly personality coming through as you write. I read that Dilip rounded this morning he must be flying in the conditions.
I have the cloud ceiling at about 15000ft so all should be good for a wave, and don't forget to turn the camera on in all your excitement,(we particularly wish to see your hair combed :-) :-)& don't forget the lip gloss.
Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay.Qld.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jess...just watched your new Vid'
Gee you're looking great, say, does this mean we are going to be graced with another the next 24 hours!

Hope so...

Richard in Maryland...good onya!

Pipline was good too...

Clint - Dandy/Melb townshipy

Brian Riley said...

Jessica, Just a short one, don't forget to lower your Australian flag to half mast when passing the navy vessels. (Protocol)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica...

It's been mentioned before but there's this great song that's been written especially for you called, "Dance Jesse Dance" and the video clip bought a tear to my eyes too.

It can be found at...

I'm sure all the other bloggers will enjoy it too.

Just look at how much creativity, wonder, happiness and hope you inspire in others.

If you do nothing else... you've already changed countless people for the best and not many can say this.

Reaching your sailing goals are the least that you deserve. I, and undoubtedly others, will also wish you fame and fortune and continued lifes blessings and I hope your sponsors and management take very good care of you on your return.

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished thus far... you're amazing!


mike said...

Go Jessica! Enjoy the experience and please share your feelings as you round the horn with us. You might be on top of the moon and looking down at all your support crews flying over EPL or sailing by to salute you.

What a moment for you.

Best wishes,
Mike (from Canberra)

Anonymous said...

You guys just have to listen to this song and view the video clip... you too Jesse when you're not rounding capes, entertaining the navy of two countries and delighting your parents as they espy you from afar.

Unknown said...

Well done Jessica you are truly an amazing young women. It is a great achievement. Enjoy this special moment. I will continue to pray for your safety. Hope that you mun & Dad will have a good view of pink lady has she round the Cape.


Jean-Marc From Brisbane

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

You should not be surprised at the attention you are recieving,apart from the fact that you deserve it, you are a world wide Super Star. I even heard about you when i was in Berlin, London and Dubai, ok so i was telling any one who would listen, when i was there, about "The brave young Australian sailing around the world." The fact that you are a girl did not enter into it, nor should it, or does it?hmmm.
A super congratulations on a truly great achievment, well done.

Stay Safe

Berlin Red

Unknown said...

Hooray Jessica. As I said before I wish I was there to wave as you rounded the Horn. Me and how many 1000 others. Dilip didn't think he would catch up before you reached Cape Horn. I'm sure he had wind when you were becalmed. Well you will leave him behind when he stops in the Faulklands. Maybe we'll be wondering who will reach Cape Hope 1st. I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow. God bless, good sailing, and say hi to Mom and Dad from all us armchair sailors!! Grandpa Bob in Tuccon

Pete said...

Nothing to say but 'Woohoo!'

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you Jess. Good luck and sail safe.
I don't think i will sleep tonight, thinking about you!!



Reviresco said...

Enjoy your day, you have earned it. You are truly doing something amazing that few of us can appreciate.

Evie from Bendigo said...

What wonderful news, you are so close to one of your goals. Now for a blast of sunlight to give you that wonderful view of a brilliant prize.
Your certainly are being spoilt you wonderful girl and deserve every bit of it.
Even though mum and dad cant hug you but oh how special to have them with you as you make this achievement.
You have not told us how you intend to celebrate the crossing with a toast of hot chocolate and a bag full of lollies.
love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Unknown said...

You are amazing..I am following your progress everyday and everyday I cheer you on..thank you for your inspiration to me and everyone who's with you in spirit

Susan said...

Heart stopping stuff Jesse. Couldn't be any prouder than if you were my own. Can only begin to imagine what this gutsy effort will realize for the rest of your life. Well done, and so well deserved. You are a role model for all our young and an inspiration that will live long in our hearts. Bravo and have a truly wonderful experience of rounding the Cape and enjoying your fleet of well wishers and above all the joy of "connection" with your parents overhead! What a memory this will be!
Susan in Melbourne

Prabir said...

Dear Jessica, Am from India and have been following Dilip since Mhadei was under construction at the dockyard. Now, I find you doing a similar voyage. Way to go. My best wishes. Great going.... Both of you give me hope. I like the way you are good for each other too. Our hearts are with you too.

alis said...

Ciao Jessica, we have been following you silently. Now you are almost there and so we really feel like clapping our hands and in standing ovation telling you BRAVA! All our love from Lake Como Italy, Alis Peter and Francesca
( daughter your age).
If you ever come over we can sail you on the lake in a very relaxed mode:)))

Marilyn, South Australia said...

Best of luck have a lot of people at home behind you... what an amazing role model you are!

Anonymous said...

Great news....the wind is 'gusting'
in Sydney at the moment ?? and I knew it was a sign that your nearly there.
I'm thinking of you even more and I do hope those clouds clear.

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, Oh wow you are nearly at the Cape!! What an exciting time for you and your parents!! We will all be waiting with baited breath for pictures and news of the next few days! Hoping for good weather and safe conditions... Take care 'til next time.

Helen said...

Hey Jesse

I think if I were you I'd just put a hat on and forget the hair!

I expect it will be quite emotional for you after your weeks of solitude, especially having your folks in such close proximity. It all sounds fantastic and I hope you enjoy your "rounding of the cape" celebration - some choccie to open perhaps?

Take care
- Helen (UK)

SUBIR said...

Hi Jessica,

1. You should be rounding the horn sometime later today. Advance congratulations and have great fun while you are at it. Gr8 your folks and many of my international Naval Officers and men in arms will be at sight to wish you. With Dilip, also around though probably not at waving distance, you can add the Indian Navy to the Chilean and Argentine Naives.

2. You are right, Dilip is headed for the Falklands. Hope we can get his steering fixed and he can have a more comfortable next leg.

3. As I requeted you earlier, please put in an extra wave to Mr and Mrs Watson on my behalf – they may be one of the proudest set of parents today.

4. My daughter Khushi and wife Sandipta join me in wishing you all the very best. Varuna (the sea god) will look after you.

All the best,

Paul G. from Chesapeake said...








Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Well done !
Nearly completed the Cape,
then it will soon be the
halfway mark.
Be happy. Keep smiling.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Kimberly said...

Yeah Haaaa! So wonderful & exciting to be following your adventure. Thank you Jessica Watson for sharing this amazing adventure with the world. You absolutely are fantastic!! God bless you dear one. You inspire me so much to live in the present. Cheers!!

Pete Smith (Melbourne) said...

Hello Jessica, this is my 1st post, but I read your blog daily. Congratulations, and best wishes for everything. You are an amazing young lady. Kindest Regards, Pete Smith

Anonymous said...

Go Jess!!! Nearly there!!! Enjoy the rounding!!

Jill (Newcastle)

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess
Wonderful news - only a few miles to go and you're flying along. What a fantastic effort!

Just stand by to help out those Navy visitors if they get into difficulties rounding the Cape with you. Nice to know you are there to look after them. Good news about Dilip too.

Enjoy your meeting with destiny at Cape Horn and sail on victorious. You are in very illustrious company.

Mike (Sydney)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face reading your latest blog. I'm so happy and excited for you. I've been following you every step of the way on your journey and I'm just so proud of you Jesse.

It just shows how much of a following you have now, even Chilean and Argentian Navy going to say hello. Savour every moment over this period and feel very proud of all you have accomplished. ALL BY YOUR LITTLE SELF. I do so hope that the cloud lifts so that Mum and Dad can see you and EPL as they fly over.

It's great that you have still been in touch with Dilip. It sounds like you weren't able to wave to each other. But hey you must have been pretty close to each other. He is such a nice man and I'm pleased that he is close to getting some assistance to get his boat fixed up so that he can continue his journey.

I wish you continued safe travels Jesse. You, your crew and EPL are such a great team. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Unknown said...

Onya jess.

Unknown said...

Great news Jess, that you are doing so well and will soon be a bona-fidi Cape Horner.
What a thrill it will be to leave that cape on the port quarter and start to make a bit of northing. It will feel like you are on the run home, and in a way you will be. Enjoy it all.
See you in Sydney.

Unknown said...

Onya jess

Unknown said...

I have just realised that the 10 or so messages I have sent did not get through. I am following you all the way.

You are a great inspiration and role model to all . I talk about you to my 12 year old daughter all the time . Stay safe, stay harnessed .We are all lifting you up with our prayers.

Lewis Tyndall

Galia said...

how exciiittiiiing!!
enjoy the rounding, we are all waiting to see some pics and to hear that all went great.


Anonymous said...

I WAS going to put you up for the "Quite Achiever Award" but your fans have ruined that...

I am toasting you with a "Dark & Stormy" made with Bunderberg Rum (Queensland, Pacific) & Goslings Ginger Beer (Bermuda, Atlantic)

......YOU LITTLE BEAUDY.........

I salute you Jesse!

41N71W at 0715 GMT 1715 QLD

Unknown said...

Jessica, been keeping up to date with your adventure, very exciting for a land must be thrilled to bits...all very best and look forward to seeing you sail back into Australia


Clayfield, Brisbane

Unknown said...

I was impressed by a comment from Richard which read in part:

"When I read that the Chilean and Argentine Navies were going to greet you, I have to admit that this was one of those rare times for me that tears welled up in my eyes and I felt a tingle go up my spine! I am actually a very unemotional kind of person, but I think this moment for you is special for a lot of people around the world. I know it is for me."

Me too, mate, me too!! I am just so overjoyed that our little darling is going to get some recognition at last. What a shame the Royal Australian Navy couldn't be there to keep order.

Have we any musicians who could write "The March of the Penguins" and set it to music?

Lots of love and best wishes!

Ian from Brisbane

hezakiah299 said...

01-13-10 @ 02:32
Hi Jessica,
This is so fantastic, it's more exciting than crossing the Equator. I think it's more exciting since the Equator was pretty smooth sailing, and you didn't have your parents there, nor two (2) Navies either. The only thing missing here is a Big Brass Band. LOL.....
But we can’t forget that the Equator was a major event as well. There’s still the Indian Ocean, which is a ferocious looking……yeah. But with Bob at the controls, he will guide her thru the roughest parts with ease. I think that once passed Lord Howe Island it was the beginning of a multitude of major events for Jessica. Everything past there was another step forward, another step forward….and so on. But with all the major events that she will have behind her I think the greatest of them all will be seeing her smiling face sailing back into Sydney…….. Amen.
God Bless Her, she’s such a special person, and the multitude of followers confirms that.

For nutralady2001: Thank you very much, but that will give me two (2) more days on my b’day, so now I’m two (2) days ahead, Yes??? LOL….

For Clint: Very nice post. It’s very annoying to go back through papers and see how cruel people can be.

For Samurai: Beautiful job on Mr. Ross and the flag, as only you can do.
The conversation and translation pic was great also, you go girl……..

So proud of you, young lady, keep up the excellent work, and maybe a dab
of lipstick would really have both Navies howling to the moon. LOL…….
Sounds like Dilip had a pretty rough time out there. He was still in a gale when he sent his last blog.
Looking forward to your next post, whenever you can.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

workerbev said...

Hi Jessica (Beverly here in Tassie)
I'm so excited for you! I cannot imagine how YOU must feel. Heavens to Betsy - the Chilian and Argentinian navies sending boats and the RAF Typhoons when you get to the Falklands and of course, Mom & Dad. How can you handle all of it. What an HONOUR that the navies and air forces are acknowledging the accomplishment you are about to do. I don't recall hearing about anyone else having such attention from the militaries. Great going.

Please be safe, stay clipped on no matter what. Wave til your arms fall off. Blow kisses to everyone.
What fun you are going to be having in the next few hours.

God is right there beside you, don't forget to thank Him for giving you the fortitude you have inside you. You are quite the young woman. His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL guiding you through this weather system, on around the Horn, and into calmer waters. {{{HUGS}}}Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

Anonymous said...

Cooeee from South Australia, Jess!

Am so excited for you kiddo!

You're doing yourself, your parents, family, friend's and Australia PROUD!

Fair winds and smooth seas!


Rowie said...

hey Jess,

Fantastic news! It's so close now, you've made this trip sound so easy! I hope the weather stays favourable and you round the Cape without incident. Congratulations on a job done well so far.

Best regards, Aroha

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOHOOOO!!! Awesume effort you are just one amazing person love your spirit Jesse all the best!!

Pipefish said...

Wooohooo! Jess, you'll probably round the horn as I sleep, but let me tell you, it will be the last thing I think of before I shut my eyes for the night! If I may borrow a saying from your down home bretheren Jess, GOOD ON YOU! May the angels be soaring at your gunnels as Ella's Pink Lady surfs on through!
Pipefish, California Usa

Serendipity said...

Hi Jessie!

Can't believe you're almost there or that it's been almost 3 months since you left - it seems like yesterday... How exciting for you - such a major milestone on your trip & Mum & Dad there as well to share the moment! How are you planning to celebrate? Got any tinnies stashed away? (lol) Hope all goes well & that the weather is kind to you. Take lots of pics - you probably won't be passing that way again any time soon! Take care - stay safe. Maurie - Sydney Down Under

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse...
(Loud Applause)
Stand up & take a bow...
So proud of you...
Daily my thoughts are of you & Pink Lady & I wonder what sage wisdom you will share with us on your blog...
Will be watching & waiting for your rounding... Until next time...
I remain your admirer...

Anonymous said...

Great sailing Jessica. Keep going and keep safe.
Regards from Auckland, NZ.


Sue said...

Hi Jess,
I hope that you are keeping all the beautiful comments that you are receiving, it seems as if the whole world has or wants to adopt you. As an aussie, you are doing us sooooo proud. Rounding the Cape will be a fantastic time for you, but you still have a long way to go, so please stay focused & safe, we are all praying for good weather & safe sailing. Take Care.
Beachmere Queensland

Lea said...


We're all so very excited for you.

Lea xx

Anonymous said...

Jesse, You pretty near walk on water in our book!

The Chilean, the Argentinean navies--and don't forget the Indian Navy who passed you--and next the Parental Air Force, then the Royal Air Force! Who's coordinating this regatta? No collisions, please!

Your blog in light of others pretty much sums up world peace, expressed by Clint of Melbourne Town: "But as far as I'm concerned here is where its all happening in the Warm Glow of kind comments from all over the world baptized in the Inspirational enthusiastic emotional commentary from our Jess at Sea...

And here is where I'll stay..."

Your charisma, skill, calmness and humor make you a world leader in adventure AND international diplomacy.

(Perhaps Peter Szeged from Hungary will create another certificate?)

Cape Horn Honors well deserved by a young, world-class mariner in a marvelous vessel! Maybe the next "Voyage" icon will be GOLD for a medal on the Google Map!

Hugs, Toasts, Flags, Hip-Hips,
The Albacore Lia Fail Family at midnight rolling into Jan. 13th in Northern Nevada:
Patricia, Richard and John

gilllain@Fontainebleau said...

LOVE the new video Jess. You look fresh, happy and very very excited!
Gillian, France

Ellen T/Sth Aus said...

GO GO GO exciting..fair winds for a continuing safe journey.

Anonymous said...

YeeeHarrr!!! Nearly there Jess, keep going and look forward to hearing from you on the other side.

Cheers, Leeroy from BNE

Anonymous said...

Well done. Enjoy it all. You are an inspiration.
Keep taking those lovely photos.
Keep Safe

Lance said...

Fantastic - we are all there on the boat with you. What a buzz. The blogs are great & and we cant wait until the next one. Keep safe & confident.

Lance & Family ( NZ )

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
as Rosie would say, "are we there yet?"
Take care
Tim and Rosie

Bebie - Caloundra said...

Oh Jesse, I'm so excited for you. The most important people in your life will be there to see you through this high point and I can't even begin to imagine how your whole family and team are feeling but I do have to say I'm overcome with awe and emotion at this big and important part of your journey.

God bless you with smooth sailing little sweetheart.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

You are an inspiration to us all both young, old and in between. Maritime safety first before ambition. The Good Lord is surely watching over you.

Confident there are many Prayer Chains around His globe focusing on your journey mercies.

The kindest weather wishes from,

David & Carolyn Jones, Toowoomba
Brendon & Karen Jones, Mt Coolum
Alex & Rodney Davison, Springwood
Genevieve & Robert Knowles, Taigum

Charlie E said...

It's wonderful, and from Brussels we are too looking in your direction, sending our congratulations, wishing you on well. Continue! Continue!

Unknown said...

Hi JESSIE from the Walsh family in Tauranga NewZealand you are a huge inspiration and i hope you get the chance to write a book, because you have a beautiful way of describing your journey, we feel like we are there on the boat with you. all the best for ronding the cape thursday morning

fnqgirl said...

Susan from Oregan.....I'm with you 100%

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,
Perhaps you have rounded the Cape by the time you get this .. congratulations ... keep it up, and in no time you'll be nearing 'the land downunder' again
Barby and family

Anonymous said...

The best wishes for your journey,


Horsti. Austria (europe)

Anonymous said...

Good onya jess, our outing off barenjoey in the weekend pales, with your acheivements, makes us want to hoist a bit of rag!!! may the wind be on a beam reach for you, or at least constant, good sailing and seas for you and ellas pink lady. Simon and family, curl curl, nsw

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - I can feel the buzz and I do hope Mum and Dad get a good view of their extraordinary girl rounding the Cape. There can be no glitches now; you have it all but sewn up - good on ya darl, I am so proud of you beautiful girl.

I word of advice don't raise a challenge to the Chilean or Argentinian Navy I've got a funny feeling they are better armed than you - just wave the Aussie flag and keep going.

'til next time when you will have achieved your extraordinary milestone, you stay in the moment, think safety first and enjoy your achievement. Well done darl. Stay safe precious one and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Jess

Have been watching your progress on an occasional basis and am well impressed.



observer said...

Good for you! ..... and the great team supporting you. Another leg almost complete!
Every great sailor eventually rounds the horn. It is obviously sooner for you!
Keep 'er rolling downhill and the reports coming.
A lot of us are living our own around the world trip thru you! :+}.
At no time in history can so many virtually be on the boat with you.
Great Job.

ALISON said...

7.03am this morning Wednesday 13th January you posted your last blog.
It is now 9.53 pm 13th Jan. and we wonder just exactly where your position is now.
How can we sleep!!! The World is with you Jesse.
"Seize the Moment"
Alison, Hamilton, New Zealand

Faye and Max said...

To Didier
Thank you, we now know why the albatross has been visiting our Jesse.

Take care Jesse dear, hanging out for some photos of the flyover of your mum and Dad.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Unknown said...

Wahoo Jessica I'm getting as excited as you obviously are on on on.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Pomona Qld

Unknown said...

Jess. My heart is with you, I think that you are the most AMAZING young girl in the world. WOW WOW WOW. Cape Horn. You must be so so so close right now. It is now 10:00pm in NEW ZEALAND I am so so excited for you. I Guess that you will put video pics on your site for us all to see. Hugs to you, from Grandma Viv in NEW ZEALAND xoxoxo

Tim09 said...

Wine in the fridge .......Check
Cheese and Biscuts ready .check
Laptop Ready .............Check
Mum and Dad in the air ...check
Navy Ships Ready .........check
Go Jess Go.
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
All Aussies are so proud of you!!!!
Yippeeand Yahoo to you!!!!!

I had my first big sail over the last 2 weeks for our January holiday ... up and back to Port Stephens (just past Newcastle)and back to Sydney .. simply a 12-14 hour sail each way. We had a lovely week around Nelson Bay, Broughton Island, etc. We saw dolphins, lots of sea birds, etc, and even saw a mother and 2 fairy penquin chics back at our mooring in Sailors Bay in Sydney.

My sail was miniscule compared to yours, but I had a lovely sense of achievement.

We will all feel your sense of achievement as you go round the Cape ... collect $200 as you go!!!

Best wishes and may the winds blow hard for you (but not too hard!).

Gabrielle, Sydney, Australia

Joanne van Os said...

Go Jesse! We'll be checking the blog fist thing tomorrow to see where you are. Glad the winds picked up for you, and hope they stay comfortable.

Your Mum and Dad must be so excited at the thought of flying over you at the Cape!

After this you'll be on the way home. Stay cheerful - you have so many people with you in spirit, girl. (and stay clipped on!)
Joanne XX
Darwin NT

Kissyfrott said...

And the sweetest of all videos as a horn gift!
Thank you, Miss Jesse! You are as kind as you are cute, and as cute as you are great, a genuine gem.

You enjoy, we savour, the world applauses, and tears are pouring as well as champagne.

Just a silly thought: as "Horners" are allowed to wear a gold earring at the left ear (the one that saw the Cape), just imagine that each of your supporters bought you a gold earring? OMG! You would become instantly a rich girl!

But you are already one anyway; I doubt many a girl on this planet may have ever attracted so strong stremas of love. If vibes could be felt, your heart would be hot. (maybe you feel them a little, that would explain how you look so great without your heater).

How can such a BIG hero fit into such a TINY boat?
Go on, Legend!

bernie777 said...

Rounding the Cape could take some time its a journey of about 500 nautical enjoy the moment please send video and photos of this momentous occasion to share with your faithful blogging bernie777

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
It’s late afternoon here, well nearer 8.00pm, and I have finally got to writing this note after watching your “Nearing the Cape” video and reading your “Shore Team Report” posted last night Brisbane time.

I hope this reaches you before all the action begins. “Pretty exciting stuff !!!!” - what a typical understatement from you. Jessica, this is much more than that – it is and will be remembered by you and all of us following your progress, as one of the highlights of your voyage.

I hope you pass the Cape in daylight and in sunny conditions, and that you will be able to get some marvelous photos and video of it. I’m sure you want that scenario too, so good luck.

By now I expect your parents may have flown over you and I guess the Navy ships may salute you sometime tomorrow. It will be great to hear from you about the whole event.

I think I would be right in saying that the whole world-wide mass of people who have read your blog and our comments have become very excited about your progress during the last few days. There is an air of great excitement in what people have written, and this reflects the enormous interest your voyage has generated and the excitement you portray in your most recent video.

Enjoy each of the special moments you will have in this part of your journey.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Jules GC said...

OMG, Sally, your nieces look fabulous. What a week this is! Jesse, you have some AMAZING friends in these blog contributors and you deserve them. When this is all over, it'll probably take you another 6 months to read back over them and I'm sure you'll be chortling away for ages.
Soooo looking forward to you getting "round the corner". Good luck!

Bruce Dunlop said...

Hey Jess..Great going, what a momentous point of your trip... as usual it is great to read your blogs and I'm sure it will be great to know mum & dad are close. Good luck with the rounding of the cape.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you as always. Smooth sailing.
The Dunlops - Port Macquarie NSW

Albert said...

Hi Jessica,
I imagine from the time that your dream started years ago, in your mind you have sailed past Cape Horn a hundred times and in all weather conditions, but today's sail is the one that counts, it etches your name in the history books, enjoy it.
It was great to hear that Navy ships from Argentina and Chile have headed your way to witness the event, these simple gestures cement relationships that last forever.

In a few hours your passing of Cape Horn will be one of the top "feel good" stories reported around a world plagued with disasters.

Anonymous said...

Hi jess glad to hear that you are having a great time you go girl Karen

Anonymous said...

GO JESS You great human being!!! Just live the moment and be proud as your parents who hover over you will be and all those who have believed in you from the to the Inca gods of the sea and sun and they will guide you as they guided their people...well done fair lady with the pink boat!
Sue (Buderim)

Anonymous said...

Well Jessica,
If you had 80n.m. to go at 7.30am, blog posted, then by now 8.30p.m. (all Aust. Eastern Daylight Savings Time), then I guess you should be there by now, 6.15kn avg. So CONGRATULATIONS You are one AMAZING young lady, I think you now have to get an earring as a cape horner, I will enjoy a rum drink for you in celebration!!
Dave Ulladulla.

Unknown said...


graeme and Annabelle Dodd

Macca said...

hey jess thats amazing keep going many are saying the tougest is yet to come but ur jess watson u can do n e thing

p.s jess is cute

Anonymous said...

Watson, how very exciting this is for you, your parents, ground control and

Helene McGeever said...

Good luck Jessica - you are one amazing woman. Will be thinking of you.
South Australia

odelia said...

Fantastic Jessica,so exciting your inspiring,Go girl


lindsay said...


Unknown said...

Way to go young lady. I am so proud of you and your fabulous attitude. Enjoy every moment - this is an awesome memory you will carry forever and one day tell your grandchildren about:)
You must be so excited about seeing mum and dad - no doubt big smiles all round.
Can't wait for pics.
Sail on.
Best wishes, Pippa

Unknown said...

Go for it Jesse. We're all so proud of you. You're a true inspiration. Woohoo! :)


Anonymous said...

hey jessica

hope all goes well for your rounding of the cape! Good luck and I am definately looking up to you because I have only just started sailing. What a great effort you have made it this far so bring it home.

cooper, brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

fantastic, nearly there!
And I envision blue sky, at least some patches, so Mum and Dad can circle safely and you will see each other!
Wow, and the Chilean Navy and the Argentinian too!
Indeed, important visitors!

How must it be, to not have seen a person for 3 months, hope you still recognize your parents!!! lol

So Dilip did overtake you. It's great that he can get the boat looked at in the Falklands.
You will be on your way on home by then!

In any case, you will have an experience rounding the Horn, that will be told and retold not only by you and your family, but by all who are associated with you doing this fantastic journey!

Keep well, good luck for tomorrow, hugs to you and your parents, keep safe,

Trudy, Austria, Mackay

Unknown said...

Love the news. Love to you. Go Cape Horn rounder! Phil, Perth, W.A.

Petrina said...

Hey Jessica

fantastic to hear that you are so close to rounding the Mt Everest of the maritime world. You certainly deserve to see this famous geographic location up close as it slips past your keel. I hope you have good weather to see your parents (they must be so proud), and the other boats out there comming to give you support. Bear in mind that there are also thousands of us everyday folks back in our normal lives also supporting you in spirit and wishing that we too could see you pass this place. But, your blogs are so good it is almost as if we are there anyway.

Please keep up the good work, and safe sailing. And finally, remember, climbing a mountain (and passing Cape Horn) is only half way there - you need to climb back down, which in your case means the South Atlantic, Cape of Good Hope, and the South Pacific before your triumphant return to Sydney. So, one day at a time for you and that great boat of yours.

All the best


SusieB said...

How exciting for you Jess, you must be very proud of yourself in your achievements to date - what a girl! Your parents must be so proud as well. The flyover will be such fun for you - enjoy the moment
Stay focused, stay warm and sail safe

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best for when you mark your milestone. Hope it will be a nice day for you and your parents to mark this occasion. Congratulations for/ upon reaching the half way mark of this journey. You deserve all the success. I heard one of your team members been interview on local ABC radio today, saying all is fine and well and that you are coping 3 m swell. Stay safe

Anonymous said...

43º 24´ N; 8º 24´ W

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Not sure if you'll read this since there are so many messages. Wishing you the very best as you are rounding the Cape and off course for the rest of the trip. I did (when much older) a couple of Transaltlantics on a yacht 3x the size of Ella's Pink Lady and with a good crew so feel I have only an inkling of an idea of what you are experiencing and what the weather could bring you that far south.

Shorten sail before you need it and remember there is another Cape to go before the home run. Look after yourself, Ella's Pink Lady and she will look after you in return. You will never forget the stars, dolphins, phosphorescence, serenity and anger of beautiful mother nature at its best. Take care and I am sailing with you all the way! John St Kilda.

Sven said...

Dear Jesse,
you looked fantastic in your video and this is a remarkable day in your life.

You are almost there, that's so thrilling!

Take care,

Sven, Hamburg.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and safe sailing.
Thinking of you.

Atkinson Family
Yacht A'Stray'N
Manly. Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching the halfway point. You are what our society needs in these days. A good positive influence.


John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to hear that you are almost there.

I hope that the rendezvous with you parents goes according to plan.

It's a pity that they couldn't hitch a ride with one of the navy vessels, now that would be special!

Nevertheless, I'm sure that with them circling overhead,it will be a great comfort to you.

Enjoy your day!

Best Regards,

John F

Anonymous said...

I’ve been following your amazing journey since day one and figured it's time to increase your support. Best wishes for rounding the Cape, which should be close now. You're a legend Jess and I look forward to reading your next Blog after this momumental part of your journey. Take every care.
Valla Beach NSW Aust

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Not sure if you'll read this since there are so many messages. Wishing you the very best as you are rounding the Cape and off course for the rest of the trip. I did (when much older than you) a couple of Transaltlantics on a yacht 3x the size of Ella's Pink Lady and with a good crew so feel I have only an inkling of an idea of what you are experiencing and what the weather could bring you that far south.

Shorten sail before you need it and remember there is another Cape to go before the home run. Look after yourself, Ella's Pink Lady and she will look after you in return. You will never forget the stars, dolphins, phosphorescence, serenity and anger of beautiful mother nature at its best. Take care and I am sailing with you all the way! John St Kilda.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica!

We admire your personality growing stronger by the day. Jealous as always, but in great admiration, many greeting from the Netherlands, class H4D Lingecollege Tiel and their mentor Ton Zuidema.
Stay hooked!

Molly said...

I guess I better pick up a Foster's on the way home from work. : )
Good to hear you sounding so excited.
I love the vision of Mom and Dad "overhead".
Like Angels, watching over you and waving you on.
Because they are...angels...your Mom and Dad.
Blow them a kiss, as they fly by.
You should be close to your "halfway point", right?
Maybe I should get two Foster's.
Big love and special blessings from me to you,
Maryland USA

Two To Go said...

You go girl.....The equator behind you now the Cape... Hope the cloud lifts for you so that you get just a glimps of the cape but more important that you can see that plane that mum and dad are in . CONGRATULATIONS JESS
God speed back to Sydney

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Thinking of you last thing at night & will be first thing in the morning.

Also agree with the post from "Lori" that your hair looks great up.


The McGraths Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Wow Jesse, we are so excited for you, your family and your support team.

Loved your blog by the way, you made me laugh out loud when you made the comment about the hair brush. I guess sailing and great hair days don't always go together!

We are thinking of you and can't wait until you are safely on your way from rounding the cape.

Stay focused and don't go changing. You are one in six billion!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, Just saw you on sports tonight. Think you are fab and just want to wish you all the best.

Rob Brisbane Australia

Janeen said...

Well done Jess, I'm so excited and thrilled for you.
Congratulations, Janeen

ben said...

Chilean Navy cruise by, Argentinian Navy cruise by, Royal Airforce (Falklands) fly over, acknowledgement by fellow solo circumnavigator Dilip Donde...
and last but by no means least, a fly over by Mum and Dad. How much better can it get Jesse. A fitting tribute to a (as Cmndr Donde said)
"gutsy girl". We are sooo proud of what you have achieved so far and this is my acknowledgement in advance. Be happy, be proud and be heartened by the accolades flooding in as you truly deserve them all. But most of all let the presence of Mum and Dad give you sustenance and the drive needed to continue on as you have a wee way to go yet.
A biiig congratulations on reaching this huge/humungus milestone young Jesse 'tamer of the oceans'.

ps; I don't drink alcohol so 2moro morn I'll toast ya with a can of diet coke...cheers!!

Ben (Qld)

Trish said...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010 (10.00pm AEDT)
We are incredibly proud to announce that Jessica Watson has conquered the Mount Everest of the maritime world by rounding Cape Horn this evening at 8.40pm (AEDT), doing so in 40 knot winds, mist, drizzle and a bumpy 4 metre sea...........Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy woooohoooo ya did it!!!! Jesse Congrats!!!
Am so proud of our young woman from Queensland !!!! Am thrilled to bits!!
okay now for the next bit... which is to get yer (_|_) home lol
Love Trish (CYC) Cairns xox

Sue from Beachmere said...

Hey, Jessica,
Just saw the latest post from your support team, YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY, you did it, how proud are we ( Aussies & especially Queenslanders )of you ? Hope the weather down there was kind enough to you, so that you caught a glimpse of your Mum & Dad.
Words cant describe how excited & happy I am for you.
Take care, stay safe.
Sue from Beachmere QLD>

Peter Vickerson said...

G'Day Champ.

Quick Calculation. 80 nm to go. 35 knots of breeze. You should be doing at least 6 knots. Your post this morning was 7am. Therefore you should have just passed Cape Horn!

Let me be one of the first to congratulate you.

You're absolutely amazing. Well Done.

To your critics I say "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

Only 2 more capes to go and you're home.

Auusies Rule!

God Onya and God Blessya


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