Saturday, January 2, 2010

Calm Before The Storm

It's been calm and sunny again today. I spent the morning doing jobs on deck and soaking in the lovely sunshine. Talk about a treat to have such lovely conditions!

I end-for-ended the headsail sheets, runners and windvane lines (as they were all showing signs of chafe), re-lashed the spinnaker poles, scrubbed at a few rust stains and re-stowed all my rubbish in the aft locker.

But it doesn't look like the calm is going to last though, with the wind forecast to really start coming up again tomorrow. Its sounds like this one is going to be pretty nasty, so this is probably the last time you'll hear from me for a few days. But please don't worry as Ella's Pink Lady and I are completely ready for it!

The wind is not expected to be too much stronger than last time, but it is blowing straight up from Antarctica, so it is expected to be very cold. The little diesel heater will probably cop a bit of a workout!

My action plan for this one is really very simple; stay calm and confident. If I can't manage that, then I will fake it and just pretend to be!

I'm off to get some sleep while I can.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

I know you are up to it! We are thinking of you and you will be fine. You are a STAR!

Stay safe and go well.


nutralady2001 said...

Best of luck Jesse ! You sound a little nervous bet the blog family will be too with that announcement LOL.
Put that fluffy useless crew to work they have to work off the party food! x

workerbev said...

Jessica (Beverly here in Tassie) I will be praying for your safety and peace of mind during this next coming storm. Sounds like you have all the little details taken care of for such an event. And from how you handled the last one, I am confident you can do this one as well. Just remember, GOD is right there in the cabin sitting right next to you and His Legion of Angels are all around EPL and you to keep you safe from Mother Nature's fits. Even if you do become a bit afraid (and I imagine that it is a normal feeling) just please ask God to give you the Peace that Passeth all Understanding and you will be just fine.

I'm sure your entire blog family will be praying for you also. May God Bless You during this trying time. Love and {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Bridgewater, Tasmania 2010

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you Jessica.
Good on you Jessica, your prepared for it and your getting a rest before it blows up.
Your kicking ass girl.

Anonymous said...

Okay we won't worry (not) if we don't hear from you for a few days, it's the deep south you are heading into, bit waves, big winds, and cold. Just keep yourself safe and harnessed in.

I have though it would be good if the land-based people assisting you could post briefly each day saying how you are though, cause we do worry some, try stop us girl lol

kevmeister from perth

bobcat68 said...

Hi Jesse,

We all know you can do it! You have put in the hard yards and training and given EPL some wise maintenance.

Congratulations on the pictures - all are great.

Cheers, Bob from 25 mins due west of Noosa

Pete and Nancy in Keene, NH USA said...


Sounds as if you may be in for a little tossing around. Glad that you took the time to turn the sails and make preperations for the weather while you had a break.

You've made it this far and we don't have any doubt that you'll make it through this. Stay bundled up and dry. Send a message when you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I love your last comment, you are such a brave young person, and I agree with the first comment, you are really a bright STAR.
Yesterday I watched a TV documentary about a Swedish adventure, Ola Skinnarmo, when he and his crew manage to sail and pass the North East Passage. Last time a Swede managed to do that was 130 years ago.
Stay safe and keep warm.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Rosemary,Kingaroy said...

Hi Jessica Another one for Show and Tell!You and EPL will come through flying if a bit chilly! Rug up girl and don't get drenched like your nearest neighbour.Ouch!Wishing you two dolphins,one on each side.Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Heard your mum speaking on ABC Grandstand tonight (5 pm. SA time). She told the listeners you were preparing well for the next few days. Stay safe Jessica. Bessen's Mypolonga SA

DreamsFloat Joe said...

Ms Jessica, an icing can make a cake so sweet, a string can make a balloon so high, a match can make a candle so bright, aye hope that my simple Hi can make you smile.

Enjoy your journey,

Sol-Britt said...

Hi Jessica,
it sounds as you are well prepared for the coming challenge. I will be with you sending thougts of power and strength. Once again greetins from just beneath the polar circle.

Russ said...

G'day Jess!

Good to hear you have been battening down the hatches in preparation. You've done all the hard work getting ready for things like these. Just another day, another challenge for you.

We all believe in you and your ability. Keep up the good work and look forward to your smiley photos after! Take care!

nanna said...

Hi Jess,thinking of you as usual,we all are, you go girl.
Rest up while you can and have no doubt you are more than up for the challenge.Your doin it,very proud of you..
Nanna Cairns Qld

Maraina said...

Hey Jessica,

I'm a new reader to your blog. My partner and I wish you a safe and happy voyage. You are a hero in our eyes!

Coolum QLD

Andrew said...

hahaha "If I can't
manage that, then I will fake it and just pretend to be!" love it so true lol works 4 me all the time lol have fun in the cold think i will stick to the sun!!!

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse

Glad you've had some time to recoup and to gather up your strength and resolve for the next 'bit'. We'll all be thinking of you and waiting, waiting to hear from you to tell us how you, EPL and the stuffy crew faired. (Make sure you get that bloody kiwi to do his share, you know what they're like!)

Thank god I got on this site a little earlier than usual, only a few blogs to read atm - there have been so many to read lately it makes my eyes go funny.

Love Aunty Chris, Tamworth (I think I'm sprouting now) NSW, Oz



Anonymous said...


We're ok if you're ok little buddy!

Sleep well!

Go Jesse Go!

Auckland NZ - Judy said...

Hi Jessica

My grandson Caleb (7) and I check your blog every few
days and count the little pink yacht icons getting closer to Cape Horn.

Happy New Year for twenty/ten

Judy & Caleb
Auckland NZ

Aus said...

We'll be thinking of you Jess. And we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that it really all fizzles out and is just a little bit of huff and puff and then its gone!!
Keep warm, keep strapped in and wish for plain sailing.
Yes if the 'land lubbers' could keep us updated it would be great to not get that extra grey hair while we worry that your safe.

You go girl!!!

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

You are more than up to it and you cannot be more prepared. You will get through this the same as you have all other challenges thrown up at you since you started.

This doesn't mean that we won't be a little worried about you ;-).

You are one special girl and I look forward to hearing from you when you are through this oncoming weather and you have time to post more comments.

Stay safe our very special girl and keep warm.

Ingleburn, NSW

alex said...

Hey Jess, just think about how good it will be to round cape horn. You will get through the wind. It can't hang round forever!

RichieParis said...

Hello Captain Jesse
Passageweather showed some yellow and red coming, but I hoped you could avoid it. Well, it seems that the Cape can't really be tamed without experimenting that kind of roller-coaster.

We are all with you and shall keep mentally focused on this new challenge. We know you will do it. And we shall wait for your "Cleared" next post as long as we have to, worried but quite confident as ever. And we think that your shore team will post a few lines meanwhile, so we can get some sleep too.

With much love from your armchair army!

Jim said...

Hi Jess,

I could see how thrilled Dilip was when he wrote about receiving your midnight NY call after experiencing some equipment failure, how he said it made his day and was very special to him, yet you didn't write about in your blog which shows not only do you possess great sailing skills but you are also a beautiful, humble human being.

To SUSAN of OREGON, My apologies for calling you Sally from Oregon when I was praising the wonderful piece you wrote on the blog last night, around 10.15ish 1/1/10. It was truly a beautiful, inspiring piece, what you wrote. Thankyou.

Back to you Jess - Thanks for telling us not to worry, you will be just fine because all the preparations and maintenance work you do make sure ELP is fully prepared to handle a bit of tossing about. I wont worry if we don't hear from you for a few days. Yes, indeed the energy of all the people praying for you and sending you their vibes of love and safety will see you and ELP through this storm. Not to mention the legions of angels guiding you.

Western Australia

Lori said...

Hi Jesse,

Good luck for this next challenge, I am sure you are all up for it - we will be sweating it out though until the next post, when you can.

Our thoughts and prays are with you always - hope Flipper is on standby..........x

-Lori, Brisbane

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I have no doubt that you will be able to stay calm throughout the whole adventure before you.

I say this with confidence as we are all completely beside ourselves with worry. With this much angst on dry land you have no time to worry.

Whilst I have complete faith in your ability, please know that I praying for you each and every minute of every day.

Stay safe and come back to your family as quickly as you can.

Safe winds.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Everything shipshape and
in order.
Look out for your dolphin
to show you the way.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Jesse's mantra....
........./|@ @|\
I am calm>>>>I am confident
I am confident>>>>I am calm
I am calm>>>>I am confident
I am confident>>>I am calm
I am calm>>>>I am confident
I am confident>>>>I am calm
I am calm>>>>I am confident
I am confident>>>>I am calm
I am calm>>>>I am confident
I am confident>>>>I am calm

That's our girl!!!!
Hang in there and try to enjoy the ride.I'll be on the edge of my seat as I'm sure the other family members and followers will be.
Thinking of you and fingers crossed it won't get too bad.
"Let the rumpus begin" as Max says in Where the Wild things Are"

Sally in Melbourne by the (not so windy)Bay

Lucy said...

Ah, way to go Jess! you sound sooo great! love to read your comments about your day! I'm reading all your blog entries and love your sense of humour.... stay safe the next few days getting past Cape Horn (okay, stay safe until you reach Sydney!!!) but you know what I mean!!

Just think of all the chocolate, tarts, cookies and extra gravy you're not putting on your hips this year!!! I've managed to accumulate enoough treats for an entire crew!!!

Wishing you safety, and fair winds, but most of all, know there are literally hundreds of people around the globe cheering you on and wishing you the best!!

take care and Happy New Year Jess!

BC Canada!!

dave said...

Hi Jess,

I watch your progress every day first thing. You are definitely having more fun than me every day behind a desk.

Keep going east and we will see u back soon :)

happy new year

jowel said...

Dear Jesse,
We all know you are up to this - this is what you have prepared for and are expecting! It would be great for the kind weather you have just experienced to appear in between 'nasty' times to give you a breather. A dolphin or two would also be nice. Oh, and we can't forget Dilip just behind you. Hang in there and know there are lots praying for a safe passage ALL the way home.
Blessings for the next few days - and it would be nice for the shore team to update on the website if you are unable to blog. We do so worry about you.

Anonymous said...

Hun, You're awsome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to hear you have done all the ground work, sorry deck work for the coming weather.
We know you can handle it, we will be praying for you.
Make sure the crew have their life jackets on and make them pull their weight.
Hope your dolphin is there for support.

Stay safe,

Bec Hem said...

Good luck! I'm writing from HOT Brisbane so i just can't imagine the cold right now! Go EPL!

Gillian said...

One step at a time.

; )

Anonymous said...


I sent this to you ages ago but this time I took out the word child and tried to make it better!

When you get around the Cape I will never call you KIDDO again either!

Fight it like a warrior! KIDDO! lol

Your friends are with you Jess!


What I sent!

The good looks are far from true beauty, like the money and fortunes are far from being rich.

We come into the world with nothing and we leave it just the same. Your only true success are the people that you inspire, your morals no matter how great or small, family values, those around you, your strength when under pressure and self control.

Your fight for all life with what you believe in is right.

Success is to know who you are and to never stop learning or teaching, with a voice embraced that wants to be heard.

To never stop asking the dumbest of questions finds the right answers.

The only success in this life time is what you inflict onto those who do love you and what they will inflict on the next.

Your brothers and sisters, your children s kids and all those around them, from your love, your life and fun times that you share are their memories and true stories that no one forgets.

The only real success in this life time is your legacy, for there is nothing else on the planet that was ever truly forever yours.

Jess, it takes a lot of years to become a qualified teacher, but you’re teaching more students and teachers than any one person, years to become a doctor, but you’re making sick people feel better.

You may not grasp the caliper of affect that you have on others and nor would it have been your intentions.

Your just the kid who didn’t give up who had to sail the world.

So don’t be overwhelmed with the extra burden of knowing that you are working for the great people in every country at all different levels.

With all the crap that’s going on in this world for self gain, greed and so called human progression, you're the sole trooper (A soldier) who has chosen no ones side.

The chick who just decided to pick a fight with the ocean and take on the skies!

You’ve managed to adopt the world! Embrace it, as the world has adopted you!

You’re a part of all great people who is touching the world as a family, friend, sister and daughter in only good ways!

The young Australian woman who is making us proud.

You may need to work harder than ever before!

Work harder Jesse! Get sleep!

Fatigues a big part of the fight, you’re not the giving up type!

Walk tall young trouper! Be safe and take care!


John F said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm sure that you won't have to "fake it". You are more than ready for any challenge that is put before you.
Given the forecast conditions, maybe your shore crew could jot down a few lines for those of us that are following your journey so that we know you are ok.

Stay Safe

John F

StuntTrader said...

Fake it 'till you Make it.
Shhhh don't give away the secret :)
Anyway, lets be careful out there...

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

"Calm before the storm" eh, we know your up for it but we still get goose bumps thinking of you out there doing your stuff.

Been on line checking out the other sailors and spent far too much time looking at their sites, thought I'd better come back and see if you had posted and there it was. As always take care Jesse and lots of hugs and prayers from our house to yours.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I read your blog everyday - you are def up to the job and I doubt you will have to "fake" it! Hats off to you Girl... I can only dream of such an adventure.

Give it horns !

Debs said...

Hey Jesse

We Were blessed to have the 6 O'clock news do a news item on you and ella tonight....Smile.
They showed your new years eve video.

Was great to see on the news.

As for the next few wont fake it....your an amazing young lady who can get thru anything... Keep an eye out for dolphins...i wouldnt be suprised if one shows up again to keep you company and watch over you.

Ill be keeping a keen eye on your blog over the next few days....more than likely reading more comments from your admirers as we await together for news from you. Take care, keep warm, and know that there are thousands of people out here watching over you and supporting you....keep up the hot drinks and we will catch you in a few days.... :)

Deb and the Guinea's

Mulliday said...

Hi Jessica

Good luck with the next challenges of your voyage. We have been following your journey, like so many other Australians, and only hope that one day our two babies will be as brave and courageous as you.
Keep your young spirit alive and keep warm over the next few days.
You certainly make us all proud to be Australian.

Mal, Wendy and Samara. said...

Happy New Year Jess, It sounds like your getting along with things and making new friends out there, and that's all good. I like your photos too by the way.

You're dealing with things as they come to you and doing it well, so I'm sure you will deal with the southern ocean, you've trained for it and will handle it..... plus you have the wildlife looking out for you also.

We are all quite happy that the xmas mayhem is winding down back here and some sort of less hectic lifestyle may follow in the coming weeks....but in saying that, it has all been fun.

Enjoy the ride mate, your living an experience that a lot of people would love to do but have'nt had the "grunt" to follow through and make it happen...........YOU HAVE, and that's pretty dam special.

Take care, and we are with you all the way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sally from the (not so windy) bay!

ha ha ha!

You are so awesome!


MoonWynd said...

GOD bless and keep you safe, Jesse. That's really all the needs to be said. This is a test for you. One of many to come in your life. Hang in there. Be brave. Do the right things with a calm and strong mind. "Pray, hope and don't worry."...St. Padre Pio.
We are all cheering for you! Love from Vancouver, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next blog. Good pics of the albatross. Take care and have a good sleep.


Lea said...

Hey Jesse,

Lock the doors and rug up I say! We'll be thinking of you in the rougher conditions but we know you will be fine, even if a little chilly!

Take care and thanks for the great pics of the albatross - they are awesome aren't they?

We're all thinking of you and we're so very proud of your achievements so far - it won't be too long before we'll get to welcome you back into Sydney so keep enjoying the silence :-).

Lea xx

Bill said...

Best of luck with the bad weather we are all thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I do not think you will be scared from some antarctic wind. Just put your hat to be warm ;) I am confident in your sail skills.
Be safe! Waiting to read from you soon :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - what do you mean don't worry. My Jess-Stress meter is in a state of flux and the worry beads are falling of the string. I'm pleased you got the maintenance done and have an opportunity to get some shut eye before the expected storm.

I know you will be OK. So far you have managed what has been thrown at you and if you don't stray from the moment, follow the support teams advice and use your apparent wily judgment things will fall into place for you - I know they will.

EPL has been a real warrior and is made for the imminent battle ahead and others that will no doubt come your way as time goes on. But you must stay in the 'here and now' and it will be fine - I'm absolutely certain of it.

Furthermore, I'm predicting another sea creature will be on the ride with you, to protect you and help calm the nerves.

'til next time , precious one, take extra care; ensure you are well clipped on, stay in contact with the support team and remember the love and support you have on board from all your devotees. Good luck darl and god bless.


Daisy said...

Hi Jessica,

Sounds like a pretty scary place to be, but I'm sure with all your knowledge and experience that you'll be just fine.
Hope the weather is not too hectic.

Love reading your posts. Keep safe.

Sonja de Wet
Cape Town, South Africa

Dave on Seren said...

Hi Jess,

Can I have Pink lady when you are finished? I would love to do what you are doing!!!

You are doing a great job and I look forward to your message in a few days. Hope you saved some chocolate for munching on during the bad weather.


Tim09 said...

Hi Jessica,
Well it's time to take that climb up the sailors Everest. You are well prepared for this challenge, so trust in yourself to make the right decisions. See you on the other side (of Cape Horn that is).
Tim and Rosie
To Billy,
Loved your blog tonight, great passage.

trish said...

Jesse my dear... You CAN and WILL get through this storm unscathed and with a lot more knowledge of your inner strengths... that gritty determination (I can imagine you sitting there with hands on hips and saying "Nah this a'int gunna beat me"), and when this storm passes there will be a collective sigh of relief from us crew that are hanging over the gunwhale on that top rail with you. Stay safe, warm, and even if you have to open a can of cold baked beans, keep that food up dear! lol
P.S. glad you turned the headsail sheets around and relashed the pole. Better to think ahead and get rid of any potential problems - I have EVERY confidence in ya!!!!! Look out The Horn here comes Jesse!!
Love Trish (CYC) Cairns

windsong said...

Hi Jessica,
I notice that you have a few Tasmanian fans - perhaps we ought to form a club! We know what a wind can bring from the Antartic so get the thermals on, keep warm and stay cool!!
I wish you many dolphins for company and with a good breeze you will be around 'the Horn' in no time at all. Infinite success.

A prayer for you and EPL:-
May peace prevail on Earth,
May peace be on Ella's Pink Lady,
May Jessica's and Ella's Pink Lady's missions be accomplished,
We thank you guardian dieties and guardian spirits.

I keep telling people what an inspiration you are for all of us, particularly your generation. All my grandchildren are now Jessica fans!
Infinite love, peace and harmony,
Tom, Tasmania.

poppa bear said...

G'Day Jess'
Nice 'phots and video. Google for type of feathered friend.

As this may be calm before the storm be aware you have a humumguss amount of people power watching over you.

As always ,
sail safe,
and most of all,
Enjoy it all.

Poppa Bear

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jesse! I hope the winds are not too fierce. Rug up and don't forget the harness!


Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

How great was it to experience some calm water and sunshine to be able to prepare for the coming storm? Once again, your attention to detail and maintenance will pay dividends and you will come through this just fine.

I don't for a minute believe that you will have to fake anything. It's a task for which all these years and the miles behind you on this journey alone have well prepared you to undertake.

The only thing I can compare this to is when we have tornado alerts here in Georgia and we truly experience a similar calm before the storm. No matter how many times you experience it, you never get used to it or become complacent about it.

But, and I believe I speak for everyone here, we'll still nervously look for updates until we hear back from you again.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse.

I know you are up to it! There's no double there Jesse, we will all be thinking of you and remember "be brave and mighty forces will come to your aid." You will find strength you never thought you had. You have prepared well.

We saw you on two local TV channels tonight, wonderful.

You go Jesse and please remember that you are bigger and braver than the task ahead.

Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

i love reading your're so positive even though the rough stuff has started. keep up the good work, keep your head on straight, and you'll be fine!

looking forward to hearing from you again in a few days...

carol in the usa AAAAAAAA:)

Geoff said...

Hey J Dawg

Long time no talk - since last year


when the going gets tough the Jess and EPL get going

stay warm & hang on


Melbourne Orstralia

tashworth said...

Hi Jesse,
If passageweather is right, the bad bits are going through Drake's Passage ahead of you and one is a fair way behind you. Good timing on your part as you should miss the worst. Your shore team is on the ball, as always, and your meticulous preparation should pay off during the bumpy ride.
Nevertheless, we'll be holding our collective breath until we get your next blog.
Stay safe.
Tony, Brisbane.

jenne said...

Hi Jess,
I've been following you and your blog and it has been such a wonderful trip so far. I have no doubts about your abilities to make it successfully home, nor have I any doubts about your boat as I sailed in her many years ago. We were caught out in Bass Strait in a 65 knotter and she handled everything thrown at her in her stride. I wish you good fortunes, and I have to say I don't envy you your current cold climate. Looking forward to your next message, stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, just got home from late shift and checked out your blog, atta girl, great attitude, plus you sound well prepared for whatever nature throws at you. We will all be praying for you and thinking of you, if that helps. Take care, stay calm and focussed.

Bron Central West NSW

Anonymous said...

Happy New Jessica,
I found Wikipedia's article about Cape Horn fascinating. Here's a short excerpt:

"…sailing around the Horn is widely regarded as one of the major challenges in yachting. Thus, a few recreational sailors continue to sail this route, sometimes as part of a circumnavigation of the globe, and almost all of these choosing routes through the canals to the north of the actual Cape…"

Sailing around the Horn is a much bigger feat than crossing the equator or the international dateline. It's a huge accomplishment. HUGE!

Keeping our fingers crossed...

Robert Bernecky
(snowy) Mystic CT USA

Piggy3 said...

Happy New Year from France.
I have been following your blog for only one month, but I really like the way you write. And of course your voyage is fantastic.
There will be many people thinking about you when you go round Cape Horn. So good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I think if you had days of calm and easy sailing conditions all the way to the Horn you would somehow feel cheated and under-challenged. You have expected from day one that the Horn would be the challenge of Everest, and you ARE completely ready for it.

You have now wisely and sensibly prepared Ella’s Pink Lady for this task and that preparation will give you complete confidence to face this next challenge – so however bouncy it may get you and EPL will get through this storm whatever it throws at you.

Stay calm and confident in your boat and I wish you well.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Hold on tight and ride that storm!

You can do it! Go Jesse, go!

Brian Riley said...

Hi! Jesse, I am sure you and EPL are in ship shape condition ready for the stronger winds that you have been expecting, so mentally you are ready, the cold will be the strongest physical barrier for you to overcome, keep your inner core warm and no frost bite on the fingers, you will come through with flying colours, and it will not be faked as your ability is strong and ready, this you have already shown.
Sweet dreams.
Safe passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay,QLD

Rex said...

Good luck to you, jesse,

Here's hoping that Drake's Passage will be flat as a lake when you pass through it.

Thinking about you,
Rex from Newfoundland

Sharyn said...

Keep up your amazing courage and positive outlook Jess.

Good luck for this next leg, sounds like it's getting exciting!!



christine Gold Coast said...

Christine Gold Coast. Good luck Jesse, you are well prepared and can weather any storm. My prayers are with you and look forward in hearing from you in the next couple of days.
Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

happy new year and good luck for the next view days, i wish you all the best, we are thinking about you. Thanks for the great photos.

Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Have a good rest Jessica and stock up on the calories, and hang on tight when the going get rough, I love your attitude to adversity, that is the spirit of achievers.
Take care and keep warm and dry.
Wishing you all well,

Anonymous said...


Hey Jesse....

~~~ Go for it !!!!

Great words !

You are so right on it all..... just awesome.

.. catchya closer to the big lefty.

..... Ooc.


Ian said...

We'll be right with you, Jessica. We know that you have the skill and the courage to meet with whatever the Antarctic can throw at you.

Nevertheless, you will be constantly in our prayers until we hear that you are safe once again.

I am always thankful that you take such good care of routine maintenance; it has become a way of life with you. It will undoubtedly contribute heavily to saving your life.

I am so proud of you.

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

HI Jessica

I am new to this blog thingy, but I have been following your adventure and I am in Awe... I am almost 40 and have never come close to contemplating such a huge challenge (apart from having 3 children!)- so my admiration and thoughts are with you through the next few windy days and ofcourse the rest of your journey..

May you have company along side!!


Anonymous said...

Every fighter is nervous before the big fight. Once they are in the ring fighting, its a different emotion. This is what you have prepared and trained for, nows your chance to put it all into action. And the bonus of a new experience under your belt.

Looking forward to your next blog, you cant stop us worrying though, its a bit like watching a kid climbing a tree. We are more frightened than the kid.

Cant wait to hear all about what it was like. Go Jesse! Stay safe and warm, make sensible decisions. And just remember, you will get scared before EPL does.

Anonymous said...

anticipate problems before they happen, may the sea gods watch over you during the horn passages.


hezakiah299 said...

01-02-10 @07:17
Hi Jessica,
Looks like you were a pretty busy gal today. Good for you on switching the sails, and for keeping a sharp eye on them. Got everything battened down and stored? Safety belts on the crew, and don't forget yours.
What I saw on P/W didn't look to good on Saturday but it had settled down by Sunday. For the next five (5) to six (6) days it looks pretty much like your most recent storm. So I know you can handle it, but I'm still going to worry (just a little bit).
What I just told you is what Passage Weather shows on their charts, what Mother Nature will do can be entirely different, depending on her mood. But she is a sweet, dear lady, isn’t she. (don’t want to talk ill of her now).
Glad you enjoyed your ‘fun in the sun’ day. Wouldn’t make any difference weather you’re moping or working, you would enjoy it. Yes!!!!……
Get yourself rugged up real good, spot yourself some quickie snacks, something hot in a thermos. With your skill, determination and tenacity there ‘ain’t nothing gonna hold you down‘. LOL……
I’ve got all the faith in the world that you will handle this hiccup as well as the last one. I wonder if the dolphin will accompany you again.
You cracked me up with your action plan.
My action plan for this one is really very simple; stay calm and confident. If I can't manage that, then I will fake it and just pretend to be!

Hey SaltyDog, there Scallywags --but good scallywags. LOL…

Clint Jeffrey:
Thanks for the heads-up on ‘Sailing Cape Horn’ it was great.

Well Jessica, if we don’t hear from you I’m sure the Shore Crew will drop us a line to keep us informed as to your accomplishments.

Looking forward to your next post. At your leisure!!!!!
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

We wish you a safe trip through the storm, remember God is in control of things and He will guide you and be with you always.

We will be waiting to hear from you.

God bless.

Marina from Turin

Erica, Brisbane said...

We've been offline here for a few days, so good to come back on and read your news. Sounds like the sea is being itself - always changing. Fantastic about the dolphin keeping you company. Hope he or she comes back again soon. Thanks for the photos of the albatross, and yourself with the moon at back. It's just so wonderful to have this technology which allows us to see where you and Ella are. And Happy New Year to you both out there. I had tooo much of a good one, but now have recovered and looking forward to a busy 2010. Will be different for me this year as both my daughters now have left home. I'll be concentrating on improving my golf I think. Happy sailing for now.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jess,
Yes, I can see also that there is more wind on its way, well - you are as prepared as you can be, you'll be worry's okay!...this is just the thing you wanted to experience the sea is in your blood, and you are well practiced with your spider impersonation so you'll be just fine!

Today the Melbourne Herald Sun followed up on another article on page 24, giving you a bit of a write up about your recent Gail storm and your Dolphin friend, it was titled "Dolphin helps teen sailor see in 2010"....printing your description of the Sea and how far to go to Cape Horn.

I'm collecting all these newspaper articles!

I've been watching some You Tube clips of people sailing around the Cape, you should try to sail within sight of the Horn Jess, getting that on Video would soooo worth while for you.

Anyway...Sleep well Jesse, believe you me we are all going to be thinking about you and we won't be resting easy until we hear from you in the next couple of days...

Lets hope your Dolphin friend finds you again in safe hands...

Please take care Jess....

Clint - Melbourne Town

Fiona said...

Will be thinking of you flying through the waves. It has been very windy here at Malua Bay (South Coast region of Australia) and every time i look out from the headland to the gray waves peaking with whitecaps i think of you racing through the waves. Like all of us i admire your bravery and i love the term 'fake it to you make it'....though i am sure you won't be faking it with all the preparation you and EPL has had. Will be thinking of you over the next couple of days.

Alan said...

Remember Jess, that tranquility is not shelter from the storm but peace of mind within it.
Be at peace with your surroundings and you will be just fine.
You have a great boat and even better attitude.
Stay well young friend,

rod said...

hi jesse,
as mentioned by previous followers,
its very hot and uncomfortable weather in brisbane and surrounds.
because your logic and thinking is beyond your years you will have very little trouble in reaching your current goal.if i remember correctly in one of your blogs your goal was to get around the cape and have a rest near the falkland islands.
hope you enjoy that rest soon.
in the meantime , keep calm or pretend anyway,keep dry,keep warm and most of all keep safe.
take care as always.
look forward to your nextblog and pics.
blackbutt qld

Anonymous said...

Atta girl Jesse,
Hang in there and don't worry about us. We'll be OK. You just take good care of yourself and be careful. See ya when we see ya.

makenzie, brooke and dad said...

There's nothing like a lot of close reaching in 40 knots to get you around the Cape fast.

Bundle up and blast off, girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessee
Best of luck for your passage! We are confident that you will be fine and awaiting for your next update.
12 28 S 130 50 E

Freddy said...

Hey Jesse!
Since I didn't have any internet access yesterday I'm a bit late with that...
All the best for 2010! And good luck for the coming storm. I'm sure you'll make it with flying colours!
Freddy, Germany

AB from KG said...

Jesse - more good vibes coming from Oz to you! You're a champ.

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

What do they say, go hard or go home

Well your going hard and on your way home too

God Speed and many prays for you

We will wait with bated breath for the next blog

Peter and Sally

Anonymous said...

Goodluck for the tough conditions ahead Jesse as you round Cape Horn. Just remember that once that is over it should be smooth sailing ahead! There is no going back, keep it safe!

iRish Pixie said...

Go girl! As the saying goes, "Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference." :D

Have fun, and as always be safe! Happy new year!


Hi Jess,

Well Sailor Girl ... One of the Most Challenging Parts of Your 'Journey Into History' is Almost Upon You.

As far as you saying . . .

" My action plan for this one is really very simple; stay calm and confident "

. . I don't think we have any need to be concerned from what we've seen so far. We all know that You'll Do JUST THAT !!! . . . You won't have to FAKE IT !! You are Way To Confident and Smart To Do It Any Other Way !!!

I can't believe how So many People Doubted You !!! . . . and there are Still Some Skeptics out There . . . . . Well Jess, Let's See Them Do Better, or even Just As Good As You Have Done So Far !!!

I must admit that I was also skeptical at first ..... Until I Started Reading Your BLOGS. So What if you made One Silly Little Mistake when you first Set Off from Queensland. Anybody could have done that: Some People (including, I'm sure, some of the Skeptics), do Exactly the Same Thing when they drive a car, and don't think anything of it. You know what Jess, I bet some of those Skeptics will become Some of your Biggest Fans when You Sail Into History !!!

As I said Jessica ..... "One of the Most Challenging Parts of Your 'Journey Into History' is Almost Upon You" . . .


Remember Jesse, You have Your 'LITTLE GUARDIAN ANGEL' (The Dolphin) With You !!! ..... And if He/She is unable to follow you All The Way; well, I know that His/Her Friends will be Close At Hand to Lead You Through Safely.

By the way Jesse, have you thought of a Name For That Little Dolphin yet ? ... I still think it should be 'FLIPPER'.

Bye for now Jesse,

Have A SAFE And Happy Trip, But Most Of All ... HAVE FUN !!!

" You CAN And WILL Do It Jessica Watson !!! "


Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess, great job so far, go for it girl, you can handle it! We are all very proud of you! But don't forget that you also have a great and well organized team behind you!
Great pictures and videos of them albertos! I love them birds, so don't eat them OK?
What happend to them dolfen? Is he going to come back for the next storm?
Keep them pictures and videos coming!
And keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

greg said...

Hi jess for you it will be a peice of cake,you have prepared well for this and you will be just fine just keep doing things in advance.god bless,stay safe and good sailing.Greg from Townsville

Tony 2010 said...

Hey you had a visit from Silly, Alby and Bertros, as well as Flipper. All keeping an eye out for our wonder of the world from Oz. Don't need to worry about the next phase in the storm, Moby will be up to give you a hand and guide you through safe waters. You have done all the stats, now for the adventure.
Gepez, we all feel the cold from back in Brizzy as if we are all right along side you. Your discriptions paint a massive picture as if we are along for the ride.
Kia Kaha Jess ( Be Strong )

Janet Nancarrow said...

You will be fine,you have a lot of people with you out there,stay calm and stay belted till next time Jess

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, You've done all you could to prepare for this blow.
Resting and sleeping are good. We are with you 100% Be Safe! Be Happy! Keep Warm! Godspeed!

mike perham said...

Hey Jesse,

Keep having fun down there and keep remaining positive. I think your attitude is brilliant!

Enjoy the washing machine times!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jess. See you on the other side of the storm. If your not up to it maybe yor land crew could put a post up to let us no that things are fine.
will be thinking of you!
Deb (syd)

Paula said...

Jesse, courage is not the absence of fear, it's the willingness to plow through in spite of fear. You're courageous and smart and a fine sailor, and you're up to this challenge. Everybody in your worldwide family will be with you on Ella's Pink Lady through the coming winds, and if we could be on deck helping you keep the sails trimmed, we would!

Stay warm. That's so important!

I'll be so happy to read your next post when you tell us all about this latest adventure. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
You have a wonderful sense of humour.
I had a good laugh at your "faking it" line!
In the downhill skiing world, the coming gale may be your "double or triple black diamond run" (for non-skiers info, a very steep ungroomed run usually full of icy moguls and other hazards requiring expert skiing ability).
Its pretty obvious that you are an expert sailor and no doubt will be up to this latest challenge.
Best of luck and be safe.
From the Bras d'Or Lakes....
huge winter snow storm predicted here tonight with up to 110kmh winds too!

bernie777 said...

Dear sweet Jessica...dont be paranoid...or afraid...remember in Forrest Gump...Lieut. call this a storm.......ha ha come and get go in with an attitude....if you were a bloke Id say you got a pair but u r a foxy chick so you wont need none.....Jessica...quote...what the bloody hell am I doing out here. Blog master...lovely day today coupla albotrii flew bye..simply marvelous...Jessica...big storm heading my way Jesus Mary and guisseppi pray for me...blogmaster...wind should pick up soon sailing along rather nicely.....well Jessica we all need a laugh...u keep doing what u do best...sail.... and fear is all in the mind...go Jesse u r so close now...we are willing u through...write a blog soon and video the storm waves if u can we can all admire your spirit even Bernie777..x

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse, Happy 2010. Great pics and videos, thank you. Sounds as though you are about to get the kind of sailing you were longing for in the doldrums! Your prep work and attitude will prevail! Glad that you enjoyed the calm and sunshine while getting Ella's Pink Lady ready. I am glad that you told us that you probably won't post for a few days now we will "prepare" as a blog family to wait for your next post. On that subject I am going to leave Tuesday January 5 to go to The Dry Tortugas National Park for 30 days to be the campground host. The park is 70 miles from Key West Florida USA. It is our most remote US National Park. I will greet daily visitors and orient those who are going to stay and camp. There are two ferries that bring about 150-200 visitors daily.So I will be absent from your blog till Feb 3. Godspeed, Mike

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Keep safe. I will keep checking your progress. I am up each night with a very upset and uncomfortable refluxy child, so checking your blog is my nightly "treat" to make it all bearable! Thanks for the inspiration.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G,day Jess

Your positive attitude is shining through again with this latest blog. Nothing wrong with "faking" it because you aren't really when you think about it...basically you are coping although you may be anxious and a little have prepared for this weather, trained for it, thought about it, spoken with other sailors including the other've come through one storm and you WILL make it again.
You are strong and a positive thinker and sailor..I look forward to hearing from you soon..stay warm and clipped
As always
Laugh and sing out loud as you rock and roll

Dusty from Dubbo

Molly said...

I have every confidence in you.
You have been ready for this challenge for some time.
My faith says that you determination and good sense will see you through your windy days.
While "you" aren't hearing from "us" :),
know that candles are lit, and prayers are being said for your continued safe sailing.
God has a special ear for sailors and those who pray for them.
Blessings and sending warm thoughts your way,
Maryland USA

trentgs said...

So you must have awakened the dawn to be so alert and ready to write..seeing as its only 8 am Saturday morning here in the Savannah cold. Brrr..its in the lower 30 s (f*) and heading down into the lower 20s'. I gotta get some prep for the freezer...a small heater to keep the T@da water tanks liquid. One wonders how you keep your little vessel warm enough..but we will believe that you are safely cocooned in the EPL and hopeful that as bad as it less than that predicted...Maybe even another shot at clear skies and bountiful stars... I'm sure you have a busy day planned and are up for it. Never doubt your ability..You've proven that now just cruise to tomorrow..and we'll hold your hand in the dark..through prayer and care..Believe in the Lords' provision..for He has truly created you for this moment and this place in time and life. Five years from now God only knows what Grand Voyage is before you..A trip to Mars perhaps? don't take unnecessary risks... Worlds unknown but dreamt of..So sail on safe and we will check in and make comment and continue to press on .

Be blessed and Be Safe..Clip on and Take care of yourself. Don't forget to eat..drink some chocolate and dress warmly..even if you feel like a wallarus.

jorge said...

Jesse , great luck you will need it for this one..checked this meteo from chile an it looks like this :

Jorge Garretón L
Santiago,jan 02,2010 10:36 local time

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Everything you need is already in and with you!

Enjoy the adventure and look forward to the story on the other side.


Pauline Follett said...

Dear Jesse,

Just saw your pics of the Albatross.

This is indeed the Black-browed Albatross (Diomedea melanophris).
It is the race melanophris, which has the dark eyes, as opposed to the race impavida, which is the NZ breeding race, whose eyes are amber. I have seen both at once a few years ago when I was on a pelagic expedition off the coast of Portland, Vic Australia.
It is an abundant Albatross that has circumpolar breeding on many sub-Antarctic Is. including Macquarie and Heard Is.The Race impavida breeds on Campbell Is. NZ.

May the Albatross continue to accompany you during your voyage.

Best Wishes,

Pauline Follett.
Gol Gol NSW Australia.

Anonymous said...

Jaws was on telly tonight.

Anonymous said...

Jessica - we'll be sending good thoughts your way as you tackle this storm. You are amazing!
Nancy, Maine USA

jo from perth said...

Dear Jesse,
get all the sleep you need for the upcoming conditions. You sound well prepared mentally and physically and it seems as though you have kept EPL in good condition too. Reagardless of wether we hear from you or not, I am still with you in thought and spirit. I swam in the ocean today and looked out to the endless horizon and said to my Husband, 'Jeese is somewhere out there in the blue infinity'.
Jesse stay warm and maintain your calmness and vision and i am sure you will be fine. I wish you good winds and safe sailing.

Anonymous said...

We know you can do it. Be brave, stay warm and most important, be safe. I'm looking forward to hearing the report on this latest adventure as you get closer and closer to the Horn.
Bon Voyage mon cher.
Arnie in Canada

Anonymous said...

Miss Watson.. Taurean Superstar.. You apparently are competent please stay safe and go you good thing I will wait for your next post and know untill you do that the big sister is powering on. Good on you Lass..WOW

kathie said...

Hey Jess,
Sounds like you are well prepared for this next storm. You have come this far, you are capable and we are all confident in your abilities as now you must be. Your family has grown exponentially and we are all cheering for you. Just think, if we all held hands we could form a safety net around you!!!

oxox Kathie (NYC)

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

"But please don't worry as Ella's Pink Lady and I are completely ready for it!"

OK skipper, we won't.

Stay warm and dry, be cool and play safe.

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic 2010, Jessica! Take care... All the best from Germany XX Per

Anonymous said...

Psalm 65:6-8
6 who formed the mountains by your power, having armed yourself with strength, 7 who stilled the roaring of the seas, the roaring of their waves, and the turmoil of the nations. 8 Those living far away fear your wonders; where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.

Good morning, Jesse. Thanks for letting us know in advance just what is coming, with the details.
Sounds like extreme cold will be a concern but I'm sure you have an abundance of good and effective layers. Loved the way you slipped in the answer to an earlier posted question (does EPL have a cabin heater?).

Jesse, many have already posted that they will be praying for you, and reminded you that you are truly in God's hands. He has marvelously equipped you and trained you for this, and He remains in control, even of the winds and waves. If it should happen that your calm or confidence begins to be shaken, turn to Him. He will never leave you if you do.

I can't wait to read how it goes for you, and of course, as I remind you every day, I am praying for you now and will for the next few days, for your warmth and strength, that you can be well rested and clear-headed, and of course for your EPL and all her equipment.

Blessings to you as you go for it, Jessica!

el grande said...

Great job doing all of the work while you can. It will definitely pay off in the next few days. All the best to you, Parker, and the crew. I know you are all up to and ready for the challenge!

Stay clipped on and enjoy the ride (as much as you can)!

Ally said...

Lots of prayers have been "banked" Jess and we look forward to your next blog, exciting in a way.
Lots and lots of positive thoughts and STAY WARM!!
keep on keeping on chick

Ally (from Sth Aust)

Kara said...

Current weather map
Jess will be fine!

Ed said...

Happy New Years from your friends in Michigan. Good Luck on your journey.

BevandY2 said...

Hi Jesse, from beautiful Peachester, really enjoying the blogs, you're doing great by the sounds of it, those pics were truly wonderful, thanks, and many of our Grey Nomad friends use those diesel heaters, so good to know you're not completely frozen out there.

Safe sailing young lady, keep up the cheerful blogs, we love them, and I am wondering how far south will you go to round the Horn, from all I've read it can be pretty hairy down that way.


eric said...

Hey: Best Luck!

Rick said...

Hey Jess

To summarize: "I'm heading into a storm bigger than the last one, but don't worry about me if you don't hear from me for a few days"

Yea right.

We'll all be thinking of you and saying a little prayer.

Stay safe girl and BE CAREFUL!


Dave in Canada said...

You've got plenty of sea room. Hang tough.

sarge said...

Hiya Jesse
Stay safe - and even if a blog says "I'm ok" send it to all of your worried 'parents' ha ha
Catch you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
The sunshine and nice weather sounds perfect for all of your chores on deck. Yes, I expect you will have some colder temperatures and longer daylight hours. The longer daylight hours certainly will be helpful to you on your trip through the cape. Keep prepared and let's hope that wind from the Antarctic is not too cold and severe.
Safe and smooth sailing. Best wishes from the snow country..Russ/Calgary

Igor, USA said...

Good luck Jessica!
Keep putting one foot in front of the other!

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
This is so exciting.
The calms and the storms amid a great team warm up.
The excitement is building to great heights.

when you say you'll 'shut up' for a day or two while the Sydney Cricket Test match gets underway.
☺☺☺ You are an angel ☺☺☺

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

keep you head in the game and your eye on the prize...

you'll come through just worries, OK?

be safe. be well.

richmond, va

Lesley Carew said...

Good luck Jess, our prayers are with you, you are a very brave girl, take care Lesley & Jeff.. Townsville

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi Jesse
Like someone else just said,Show and Tell! After these next few days you will be able to tell us how it all went. I hope you are going to have enough diesel for that little heater of yours to last till its starts getting warmer. You are woman lets hear you "Roar"

Jan said...

hi jesse, hold on tight,keep safe,this next challenge is making me nervous.cheers from canterbury nz.

kina said...

Right on jesse!
stay calm and be confident because you've ticked all the boxes, dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. Expect the unexpected and stay focussed.

Be safe, keep warm and have those easy meals on hand.

The sound of the Horn is getting louder.

Ben (Qld)

M. Eric Carr said...

Sounds like you're well prepared. Stay safe, and remember that your dolphin friend is probably still out there watching out for you, even if you don't see him/her!

madson1_1999 said...

may the wind fill your sails, stay safe (i know you will) and come home to us all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

All the best for the coming days. I'm sure your looking after EPL will result in her looking after you in the winds and sea to come! You're doing great and thanks for keeping us up-to-date.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Jessica! We'll be thinking of you. We probably will worry though so when things calm down, let us know! The first real challenge of 2010 and half way done!!!

~Two in TX

Anonymous said...

Jess, You have the thoughts and prayers of hundreds of people, including mine. I have the good feeling you will be blogging in a couple of days how you and Ella came through beautifully. God Speed. Nancy Monroe, Georgia USA

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Took the time to go back through all your blogs today (as have some of my fellow bloggers i discovered) and it was interesting to see how long you have been preparing for this adventure.
I loved all the pics and found out more about your character and what makes you tick.
Well my eyes are starting to go cross-eyed so i am going to go to bed.
Stay safe and God bless you over the next few days.
Tim and Rosie

Peter said...

All the best for your next challenge when the winds start to pick up again. Good to be prepared. Thank you for sharing the site of the Indian sailors blog with us in an ealrier posting, now I have two blogs to read.
Peter, Puerto Rico

lilshawnee said...

Hi Jesse,thanks for your post and thanks for the Storm warning.
We all will look every day.
We are so glad your a good sailer.
Be safe lil one, get rest and you will do it, you are a tough lil girl.
we are all with you and most of all the Good Lord is allways at your side guiding you and holding you.
I love Pink Lady
You have it girl take it away.

yor friend Robert,Ellen,Autumn nd Alson.

Helen said...

Lol loved the last comment - if you can't manage it, fake it - perfect!

Get your woolies out, I'm sure you'll weather the storm and many more just fine. EPL will of course look after you especially after you took that time today to look after her and keep her looking lovely.

- Helen (UK)

Kathy Haynie said...

How cold is it? What temperatures are you experiencing?

Anonymous said...

No worries Jessica! (Even us Alaskans can learn to speak Aussie.)

Thanks so much for the updates and don't worry about us when you go a couple of days without reporting in. Now your Mum is another matter! Let her know you're safe out there.
It sounds to me as though Ella's Pink Lady is in great hands. Best of luck and good sailing!

AJ in AK

Phil in Idaho said...

Good Luck Jessica!! Sounds like you are prepared for the storm. One of many to come I suppose. My prayers are with you. You and Ella's Pink Lady will take care of each other and come out in fine shape.

Jen said...

All the best to you.. Good luck with the storm Jessica.
From Sweden..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for all your wonderful posts and photos. I read your blog every day.

Keep safe and warm, and keep all that safety gear on.

You're in my thoughts and prayers as you face this next challenge.

take care and God Bless


Armidale NSW

duane said...

you can handle whatever comes your way! Try to keep warm. duane

Joseph said...

All the best to you Jesse in this new year. Keep on pushing ahead !

Ralph and Judy said...

Good luck and greetings from South Florida, USA. We read your words everyday and admire your spirit.

Anonymous said...

All the best to you in the New Year Jesse.
Keep on Pushing Ahead!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year Jess! Great to see you had some good albatross company to ring in the new year with!
Good Luck in the next wind storm about to hit. Look forward to reading all about it when it's over and you post again!
You continue to be such an inspiration!

Meredith said...

I read your blog everyday and am cheering for you all the way from Texas! Stay strong and confident. I'm so impressed with your attitude...keep it up!

Randy said...

Hi Jesse!

The next days, I wish you all the best! ...also hope to hear soon from you again!

So, good luck!
I think of you.

Randy form North-Germany

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, Thank You for the Christmas and New Years greetings. We wish and wished you the same. To say that your journey is a life changing experience is a gross understatment!!! Very few people who have ever lived on this earth, who are here now and those to come have will ever experience the sights and sounds that you have seen and have tried to tell us about. The future will probably consist of space travel anyway. You are in the phase of the trip that is equivalent in a running marathon. The excitement of the start is over. You now know what you and the boat are capable of and its now pace and grind time until the blessed homestrech. I detect a dual personality. Your blogs are composed by someone who writes well beyond 16 yrs of age but when you get in front of the video camera and know that you are taking to thousands if not millions of people you are again that cute 16 year old. It's just something I notice and It's just a gut feeling. That dolphin following you for six hours through the last gale was a very interesting story. Some things are beyond human understanding!!! You are becoming an old Salt which
as you know is an extreme compliment!! So patten down the hatches and get ready for another exhilarating ride compliments of Mother Nature. Be Safe Jessica Watson and we will talk to you on the other side when things calm down a bit. Your long distant (adopted) friend Larry (

Ron said...

I hope the heater keeps you nice and warm and comfy. Otherwise, you and Ella's Pink Lady will do fine. I say this with complete confidence because my prayers and my heart are with you. Via con Dios sweet girl.

Ron - Alabama USA

Randy said...

Hi Jessi!

The next few days, i wish you all the best! ...also hope to hear soon from you again!

So, good luck!
I think of you.

Randy, North-Germany

Summersailor said...

Jess, that is the way to be, always being prepare. Changing the lines when chafing shows, is always a good idea and most important getting your sleep when you can. One thing you already know is, the cold can suck a lot of energy out one very quickly. Your confidence and staying calm is always important as you pointed out. As Samuel Johnson once said: "Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings."
Sail Jessica sail. :-D


Rick said...

Hi Jesse,
By the time you read these blogs you will be through another challenge. And that’s what it is all about.
All the best in the New Year, and safe sailing.

Robert said...

Yo Cap,

So now we have to worry huh? I guess that is part and parcel to why we follow you. If this adventure was a cake walk, you wouldn't be out there. So enjoy the adrenaline rush, and will check on you in a few days.

Good luck.

Bob from Seattle

Momma C said...

Hello Jessica!

Well, more challenging seas, you'll be right in your element! Sounds like you are well-prepared for it. Thank you for the bit of info on your heating source, I was wondering about that.

We will be waiting to hear how you're doing in a couple of days then.

Stay safe, keep warm, and enjoy all of it!

Momma C
Potter Valley California

peter said...

Best of luck as you approach Cape Horn. Not sure of your upcoming weather, but it seems you will round the Cape on Jan 8-9. Maybe with the Commander along side.
Peter ( Phildelphia,PA USA)

Chimli said...

Go Jesse

I can see you grinning into the face of the wind with your hair flying back and enjoying the thrill - Good on you mate, go for it.

Anonymous said...

Jess, we are with you all the way, you have a great crew behind you (onboard and onshore) and friends in 'higher places' showing themselves in the shape of albatross, stinky, dolphin) all those combined energies will help lift you up if need be and carry you through any challenges.

hope you got plenty of sleep, mate

Neil & Kathy said...

Hi Jessica,

Keep strong, keep smiling and keep determined. We know you're capable of it. We'll be thinking of you look forward to hearing from you when you get out the other side.

Robert said...

Hello Jess:

You will do fine. Get some rest and cudos for keeping you boat clean and ready. I can not even keep my desk clean... :-)

Take Care, stay safe and talk with you in a couple of days...

Bob and Family from Denver CO. USA.

JoeL said...

Hi Jess - I'm sure you will be just fine and get through this next blow without a problem.

I've heard that being prepared and having confidence in yourself and your equipment is 80% of dealing with any situition. The remaining 20% are things outside our control and we shouldn't worry about them anyway. They tend to break down our confidence by degrading our judgement so, be strong because you are doing what most people only dare to dream about and because you have the backing of so many people world wide.

We all grow up differently and most people have their sights set on goals that they could never attain in 10 lifetimes or not have any goals at all! It's a real kick-in-the-pants to actually see someone reach one of those dreams.

You are in our prayers every day so feel strong, have fun and in 30 or 40 years you will cherish these memories.

- Joe -

trentgs said...

That little pink boat is inching closer to the horn on the global map...Its a bit harder to figure where you are without longitude and latitude references..but I have you in the right direction and general vicinity and closing...

Have you tried to catch any more dinner? Just wondered if while the sea was becalmed whether you tried your luck...I think you are entering good waters for it. I took out the world atlas and looked it over just so I will know what you're writing about once you navigate through the passage...I know you will be somewhat relieved once you're on the otherside...Jabberwocky and all that..Stay true and cruise free..Our prayers have you covered. Blessings..and Don't forget to eat! Gotta keep up your strength for those challenges ahead..

Gary & Jan

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,

I know you will come through whatever comes at you just fine. You have the natural skill for this, as well as the perfect boat. Olin and Rod Stephens are watching over you with their excellent design, built Aussie tough in "Pink Lady".
I have been thinking about your porpoise and remembered a story from Bernard Moitessier in the 1969 round the world race, as recounted in the book "A Voyage for Madmen". At one point south of Stewart Island NZ, 25 porpoises swam up on starboard and made a hard right turn in unison. Moitessier watched, puzzled. This happened a few times more, so Moitessier checked his compass heading. The wind had shifted, and he was on course to be wrecked on a reef! After changing course, the behavior stopped, and the porpoises swam in front of him on either side. Then all of them swam away, leaving two porpoises to swim with him for the next five hours or so.
This morning I woke from a dream and realized that your blog family are like virtual porpoises keeping you company in the sea of cyberspace. We are all swimming alongside to keep you company. You have created a cyberpod!

Sail on Special One!
Richard W

Anonymous said...

Skip,Ohoy.Captain Jessica.I will pray that this Storm coming,not will be a bad one,just stay warm and watch that diselheater,you do not want any dangerous gases in your cabin like Co2.(You cant smell that gas)The Photos of the Albatrosses warmed my heart,at first I tought it was a Vandering Albatross but found soon out that it was a Black-Browed Albatross(Diomedea melanophris)also called Black-browed Mollymawk.You had good company out there because Albatrosses are belived to be carriers of the mariner's soul;if a mariner killed an Albatross he vill be cursed for the rest of his life.So if you come close to another Albatross;talk to it,its just another Sailor in a different shape.Exept for Albatrosses you will also see Sautern Giant Petrel(Macronectes giganteus)its a heavy,albatross-size petrel,this bird looks slightly humpbacked in flight. Cape Petrel(Daption capence)This seabird was likened to a pigeon by seamens.The smallest one is Wilson's Storm Petrel.(Oceanites oceanicus)This sparrow-size seabird flutters across the oceans with its legs dangling and often pattering along the sea surface. Jesse G-d speed and all the best.Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA. P.S;Keep an eye on that Disel Heater.

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,

Of course, you'll do it. I bet you'll come out of it with a smile. Even though you might have to clench your teeth once or twice, you'll get out of it with your head up (and maybe your hair wet as well but never mind that too much hey).
Everything and everybody is well ready to face it onboard EPL. All your furry crew is belted tight, please please please, do the same.

You're right, grabbing some sleep while you can is by far the best plan for now.

Keep safe and looking forward to reading your next post.
We'll think of you.

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, (GMT+0)

Joe from New Jersey said...


Can you please give us a lesson in some of the nautical terms you are using. Some of us have never been around a sail boat before and have no idea what you are talking about. Godspeed to you.

SaltyDog said...

If you’ve ever faked confidence, you deserve an acting award. I think you have just the right combination of confidence mixed with the proper amount of caution and common sense. Some people experience weather conditions like you have gone through and will go through and they learn to fear the sea. Many of those people never want to step foot on a boat again. But sailors like you don’t learn to fear the sea, you learn to respect it. Because of that respect, you make the preparations that you have and use all necessary precautions to weather it. You have the knowledge and skills along with great equipment and an outstanding shore team to weather any storms that you’ll encounter. Make sure everything below deck is secure, strap in the scallywags and get some rest while you can. Put us on the back burner for awhile. Your shore team has been great about letting us know that you’re safe when you can’t write to us and that’s all that we really need to know. Enjoy the thrill ride and we look forward to hearing from you when you can get back to us.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

RainCityBob said...

Stay Strong, Stay Smart

Brave in deed, those who take a boat to see
The world we live on from its surface salty
Boats of wood, ships of steel, hulls of fiberglass
Using wind or using fuel, sailing slow or motor fast
Whether by one’s self or with a crew
Each life is risked each day renewed

Though wondrous is our blue pearl
It holds no slack for our young girl
Jesse has put at risk all on sailing skills
To conquer oceans broad, swells like hills
To fight the winds that blow cold and hard
Breakers that’ll convert boats to shards

She dreamed to set a circle record
To separate self from a youthful herd
Now she’s alone to face her task
Not gods, nor dolphins she can ask
To take the helm or to take her risk
Only Jess can short Old Davy’s list

Davy Jones keeps his locker filled full
With mariners who hold all to know
Neptune helps Davy with weather calls
Adverse winds, days in irons, oceans tall
Conquering boredom is the preliminary quest
Using hours to prepare for Neptune’s final test

Complacency at sea is a burden
Unless to Davy you are hurrying
Know this sure for it is fact
Others too have done this act
Not so young, that we know
We all watch Jess’ skill unfold

Jesse, you have picked this task at sea
It serves us all in our humanity
Cold hearted would a person be
That failed to hope for posterity
Fair winds,
And a following sea

Bob McCoy, Sammamish, Washington, USA 47 34’ 48”N 122 03’ 01”W

Deborah said...

I learned awhile ago that if Jessica doesn't blog for a little while the place to go is "Latest News". People who are in direct contact with her will give us updates when she can't do so herself. I really appreciate that. Eases my mind.

Robert said...

Ms. Jessica
Luv - I am glad to see your million dollar (pounds -it just does not sound the same) smile again, with a clear sky and forward progress and some visits from the neighorhood waters can cheer up a person so quickly. This new year will be your best for some time to come, and that is one great resolution, but I have to say that you started it years ago.
So we will wait to hear from you after 'cross around the other side of this storm'.
Young lady - Stay warm and dry and back in contact when you can.
Robert San Diego Ca.
Are you having a real hard time with your sleeping in the southern hemisphere?

Claudio Silva said...

Our best wishes for you and your ship on the next days, Skipper! It is not a piece of cake but has been done before, so we're sure we'll hear from you, safe and sound and successful, as long as you've cleared the storm. No use to worry about what has to be faced; and after all having guts is not about not feeling afraid, but going ahead and doing what you have to, even when you feel like panicking... Many of us know it out of experience, and others will find it out along their lifetimes. We salute you and send you our prayers of well-being, as you fulfill yet another phase of your extraordinary endeavour (and it would be so even if you were 40-years-old and six-feet tall...). All hands on their posts, Madam! You may proceed when you wish.

Robert said...

Ms. Jessica
Me again Luv - I am sorry that your Christmas present did not arrive from me - As I said I will tell you in the New Year - I asked for a US Coast Guard southern unit (ice breaker ship) to air drop you some fresh fruit, but I do not know why they did not, we will try again later. Again I am sorry for missing the requested Christmas present of fruit
Robert - San Diego, Ca

Swati said...

Dear Jessica,

Yes we are calm and confident too about you and EPL managing any storm...

All the best and take care

You and Dilip will be in our prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Just wishing you the best over these next few days! I can't wait to hear your next update!

Valerie (Newark, Delaware..USA)

Kortney said...

Have fun a good luck!!

Bruce de Mich said...

Gee! Wish I had your confidence going down the iced, slippery drive to the mail box! :)

Calm-Storm-Rainbow: Keep your eye out for the latter amid the former, Jessica!

Wishing you safe passage. You have given us all confidence that we will see you on the other side of The Cape.

Probably don't need to say this but no one else seems to have... 'stay clipped' and enjoy the journey!

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

As I was reading your most recent blog, this quote came to mind...

What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible. – Theodore Roosevelt

Keeping focusing on the details and the days will take care of themselves!

Jeff from Indiana, USA

Cyn said...

Hey All!
Since we may not have any Jesse to read for a few days, I thought I'd repost some links from a previous post so we could say hello to the other circumnavigators. (Thanks to Circumnavigator Junkie for the links!)
We can now follow SIX circumnavigators or "soon to be" circumnavigators!
Our own Jessica Watson from Australia
Dilip Donde from India
Minoru Saito from Japan
Soon to depart:
Abby Sunderland from the US
Ryan Langley from the US
and of course,
Laura Dekker from The Netherlands (who has just be approved by the Dutch courts for departure!) (English translation)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful're really getting quite good at that. I am concerned for you, but not worried; you know what you're doing. Write when you comfortably can. As to all New Yearsers, drive safely and be well!

-Steve, CA

Anonymous said...

Sending strength and support to you and your sweet crew!
Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jesse, we are with you all the way, looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Cape Town /\/¯¯¯¯¯\/\ South Africa

Anonymous said...

We do worry for you, but also know you're up to the challenge. Looking forward to the next update.

Stay safe,

Geoff H.
Bundaberg Qld.

Mike D said...

OK, here we go!

-Fill the stove and the thermos! Hank on the storm sails! Lash the tiller… No, belay my last!
-Parker… Steer straight and true!
-Ella… mind the seaway, steady as she goes!
-This is it crew… Batten down the hatches and wait ‘till she blows over or throw open the hatch and invite it in for supper!

Hey Jess,

You got this! No worries! Were pullin’ for ya! Stay warm and dry as best you can. Keep hydrated! Go with the flow! See ya on the other side of the moon…

Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, PA, USA

“Hi Jesse - what do you mean don't worry. My Jess-Stress meter is in a state of flux and the worry beads are falling of the string.”
Too Funny, LOL

RichieParis said...

Staying calm and confident, of faking.
Captain Jesse has always a delicious sense of humour.

I would like to say a few words to our AUSSIE fellow bloggers, who are sometimes, maybe often, writing about how they are proud. Queenslanders or not, many of you say and repeat that you are proud, that Jessica shows what a true Aussie girl can do, and we feel a whole country's heart beating, pride in the eyes, flags up.

Don't you think that this pride rash is exagerated?

Well, I must confess it is not. You are bloody damn right. You can be pride, your young Queenslander IS a marvel. I should feel a little bit (much) jealous, but not even, as she is bringing so much to all, in her country as well as in all the other countries. That's great, and a kind of a miracle; a case where patriotism has 100% positive effects, without any bad thoughts.

Thank you Australia (and New Zealand, I guess), for having bred and grown up a hero in times where it has become so rare. Immense credit to Jesse's family too.

We stay calm and confident, waiting for the end of that storm. I guess some of us (adopted family) must be faking a little.

Come on, Jessica, Hold on! You are doing it.

Attitude said...

You have a great attitude Jess,

Meaningful challenges will motivate and inspire you to be your best. They'll compel you to sharpen your skills and to discover new resources.

As long as you're going to be passing the time, you might as well make it count for as much as possible. So spend your time solving the complicated problems and tackling the difficult challenges.

When you're willing to take on the tough assignments, there will always be opportunities to do so. And you'll enjoy rich rewards for completing those assignments.

Fulfillment never comes from taking the path of least resistance. The biggest payoffs come from successfully working through the most demanding challenges.

When there's difficult work to be done, jump in and do it. And the best opportunities will always be yours.

-- Ralph Marston

Peter Stockwell said...

Well done, the details are taken care of. Stay safe and good sailing.

Peter and Robyn (UK)

Ben Sultan said...

I just had a chance to catch up on the last few blog entries. I just really love reading about every step of your journey. It's just a very cool experience. I get to feel a little like I'm there. Keep it coming


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