Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I've had a very different day again. We've spent the day almost completely becalmed. But the novelty of having a clear sky, sunshine, slightly warmer temperature and the company of two Albatrosses that kept me from getting too frustrated.

There was so little wind that even the Albatrosses were flapping their wings today. I know a lot of you have requested some pics, so I had the chance to get some close ups today as they kept landing on the water right next to Ella's Pink Lady (see pics below). An Albatross taking off without any wind is very clumsy, as they have to flap hard to lift themselves off the water which is very out of character for such graceful birds!
I also caught some vision on video (see Videos section of my website).
So it's now New Years Eve for me and now just 5 minutes away from midnight (see pic below). There's quite the wild party planned out here, all the big names from miles around are attending! Entertainment will include party poppers and a range of my favourite treats will be served - believe me, the treats are one part that you really don't want to miss!

This makes it the second New Year in a row that I've spent at sea. Last year I was out in that Tasman sailing another 34footer to New Zealand. As it was only the third day out and a bit bouncy, we were still all feeling a bit queasy. So the treats that Mum had packed for us last year were completely ignored. But not this year!!

Deciding on my New Year's resolution wasn't exactly hard. I think that getting back to Sydney safely will be quite enough of a challenge and my main wish for 2010!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks so much again for all your support!

Pic 1: Just before midnight on New Year's Eve with the moon and its path on the water!

Pic 2: Albatross at sunset

Pic 3: The Albatross in full flight

Pic 4: Even the Albatross likes a rest sometimes!


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Alessandro Machi said...

Ha, it just turned the new year in California a scant 11 minutes ago. Happy New Year. Great pics once again.

Sally said...

Happy New Year to you Jess from Annapolis, MD! Wishing you fair winds and a safe sail on home to Sydney later this year. Thanks for the great pictures! Our boat is on the hard so I'm keeping up with you and sailing vicariously. Enjoy your New Year's celebration!

Alessandro Machi said...

Wow, those pics really are amazing. Do the Albatross just rest on the water all night long? Aren't they worried about being eaten by something below?

I doubt they fly at night.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jesse!

Awesome Photo's!

My resolution too! To see you get home safely!

Happy new year Jessica Watson!


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Your Welcome Jesse,
Great pictures, great story once again, maybe you launch a couple of Flares to make your own Fire Works...narrr on second thought you better not!

I'll check out the new Video in a doubt it'll be tops!

Love your humor...and your treats, let me guess - more chocolate..huh?

Your just so fanstastic Jesse....

Luv ya heaps..


Anonymous said...

good on ya Jess!
I wish I was you!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jesse, just looked at your tracking map, your pretty close to antartica, you should be able to freeze some icecream down there.

Looks like you will be pasing the cape in a few days too. Go Jesse!

Russ from Bowen Qld

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jesse, hope everyone cleans up after themselves when they leave..

Love the photos... what a gorgeous bird the Albatross is, I am so happy they are keeping you company..

Happy sailing to you.. we stop and think of you often.

Natasha NSW xx

Sussa said...

Gott Nytt År! (Happy New Year! in swedish)

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Great pictures and video. Glad you have had a spell from all that rough weather.
Hope you enjoyed all your treats and the party did't get to rough.
Hope the crew behaved themselves.
2010 will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life, especially sailing back into Sydney Harbour.
Go Jesse.
Keep safe,

jo from perth said...

Happy New Year to you (again) Jesse!
Your party sounds more racous than ours. We did a big lunch and only just managed to make it to midnight, then off to bed for all of us!
What beautiful photos of the albatross... and as usual you look your happy,contented self in your picture.
I wish you many more new years eves on a boat out at sea along with good winds and safe sailing.

Ocean Girl said...

They were there to keep you company. They heard it from the dolphin.

Happy New Year Jessica. You are amazing and inspiring.

Susan said...

Beautiful, fantastic photos Jess.
The scenery is incredible. Thank You! What a way to begin a new year...hard to top!

**Happy New Year **

Celebrities are pretty good at keeping secrets from the press, so no one will know about your big party, and we won't tell a soul!

A New Year Blessing for all

I hope for you in the new year:

That the single, most significant dimension of life is your relationship with the Source of goodness who never ceases to sing love songs to your soul

That you find meaning, purpose, and vitality in what you do daily

That you treasure your loved ones and let them know how dear they are to you

That you make choices and decisions that reflect your truest self

That you look in the mirror at least once a day and smile in happy amazement

That you remember relationships are what count above all else - more than work or money, or all the material things we spend so much time tending

That you live in an uncluttered manner, enjoying the freedom to be content

That you keep your sense of humor when things don't go the way you want

That you find adventure in each new day and marvel at the wonders of creation which constantly present themselves to you

That you never give up on yourself when others turn away or do not understand

That you are attentive to the health of your body, mind and spirit

That you take risks and accept the growth-full challenges that come to you

That you draw on your inner strength and resiliency when you are in need

That you carry peace within yourself, allowing it to slip into the hearts of others
so our planet becomes a place where violence, division, and war are no more

May we all be blessed in the coming year
Susan in Oregon

Jay-Sea said...

Happy New Year Jess. Thanks for the pics Safe sailing back to Sydney

Anonymous said...

Go Jess!
It seems that you've got a bit of
animal company every so often!
Hope the winds stay as you want them.
Happy New Year and keep up the great work!

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

Well done with the pics,

I would like to maybe have the resolution to see you come home through Sydney heads to be there would be awesome

stay safe and keep making us gasp in awe of your many talents

God Speed
Peter and Sally

maxine maroochydore said...

Beautiful photos Jesse, the one of the moon looked so lovely, and that sea looked amazing too with the Albatross winging its way around you. I get such a kick out of reading your blogs cant help checking all the time, my husband says Im a fanatic and why wouldnt I be you are AMAZING, Your wish is mine too Jess, God speed Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Anonymous said...


Just because you think your smashing the record, don't start assuming that you might get home early!

In other words! Don't start eating through the CHOCOLATE from the unopened food bags! Not yet! lol

mimo said...

Hey Jesse,
Once again an excelent blog entry and thanks so much for the pics.

Happy New Year

Stay Safe


samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
WOW!!! I have to fess up and say I have never in my entire life felt so spoilt as I do right now. Thankyou so much!!! The pics are absolutely fantastic. That's such a lovely shot of you with the stairway to the moon behind you. Great shots of the albatross too especially the one sitting on the water with its cute slanty eyes :-)) I love them. Then, as if that wasn't enough, you top it all off with a video and such a wonderful one at that. Apart from the beautiful albatross flying around, I loved the feel of the boat and the sound of the water in that bit of footage. Just superb beyond words. Thankyou so much. I really don't have any more words for now...I'm gobsmacked! I have to go and have another look at them all. Lovely to hear from you. Glad you're well and happy and safe. Take care and bye for now...Sam XX

samurai said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy new year Jesse! Enjoy those treats and great pics of the albatross.

Hope the good weather continues for you.

Safe sailing...

Sydneysider :)

Bruce Watt said...

Great photos Jess and it refreshing to see your spirits so high.I am sorry I will be unable to attend your New Years party, as the sheer logistics of getting to Ella's Pink Lady are beond my capabilities. But by the same token I want you to have fun.

Ps- So impressed am I with your endeavours to date I have written about you in my own blog.

Anonymous said...

happy new year, safe sailing
We track your blogs daily
Mitchell qld

Mike said...

Hi Jess
I've followed your blog since you started and want to thank you for what you are doing and for sharing it with us.

Have a really happy and safe New Year and may your journey get better and better until you return safely and triumphantly to Sydney!

You are a great inspiration to us all - even oldies like me.

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

dear Jessica, a happy and successful new year to you and your fmily and friends from the far away Germany. All the best furthermore, good progress and always fair winds, yours Marcus from Germany

Scott said...

I was hoping you'd post some albatross pictures. I'll bet your party our there would give some others a run for their money. Good resolution for 2010 - we're all pulling for you.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

StuntTrader said...

Have a good NYE party but take it easy 'cos you're the one that has to drive home!

Anonymous said...

Hi, All the very best for 2010 and may you realise your dream of your journey. Now it is apparrent that you do enjoy your own company but if you are having the 'big names' attending your party who would they be??
Enjoy, Lynn, Qld

David said...

Happy New Year Jessica - from Wisconson ( a frozen part of the north central USA) where I am a landlocked sailor and some delusory lost sailors even sail on ICE. Your albatross video and photos were the first "live" images I have ever seen of them. I never saw them in the Atlantic/Caribbean. Thanks! You rock! Your new year ROCKS TOO!! from Dave, in the snow

Chelley said...

I REALLY love the phots you are sharing!

I am a mother of 3 and foster mother to another...

You inspire me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Love reading your blog - I think you have such a big heart and am sure that your NY resolution will come true. Last year in New Zealand I saw the only land colony of albatross and thought they were AMAZING! Can understand why you love them out there!
Kay in Sydney

hezakiah299 said...

01-01-10 @ 04:07
Hi Jessica,
Holy Mackarollie, just getting ready to go to bed and your blog popped up. But really, THANK YOU!!! I’m not complaining.
Glad that you are having a restful day, get them kinks out and relax your muscles.
I was glad to see that you are throwing a big party, I just hope Ted doesn’t start running around wearing the lampshade. Chick with Attitude will probably straighten him out. Unless she starts doing her wild hoochie-koochie dance. LOL…..
The pics are beautiful and will make a lot of people happy. Me too!!!
I’m glad you mentioned the moon in the background reflecting off the water, I didn’t get past that beautiful smiling girl in the front. WoW!!!
You’re really looking good Jessica, rested and happy. And why shouldn’t you look happy, you just did battle with a storm, and you won. Go Jessica.
Short story about the Albatrosses landing on the runways in Guam when I was out there. They would have been out at sea for so long they’d forget to put their landing gear down when they were coming in for a landing, and the feathers would fly, and they would stand there with this quizzical look on there face, wha happen’. LOL…..Yes, they do look funny taking off compared to how graceful they are when flying.
If you don’t mind I’d like to join you in that New Years Resolution, hoping that you arrive safely back at Sydney and survive the reception as well.
Happy New Year again, take good care of yourself and I hope you can find some ice for Ted’s head. Ha, ha.
Thanks heaps for the pics, their great. I’ll check the other’s tomorrow, right now I’m off to bed!!!!
Looking forward to your next post.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Have a great New Year Jessica Here in Arizona USA you have been on my mind a lot today. Great job and fair weather to ya!


Anonymous said...

happy new year jess, all the best for 2010 and homeward bound!

Karen C said...

Hi Jes,
Happy New Year - 2010 will be an awesome year for you - take care happy sailing - Karen from Red Lid Advertising

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
Wow you are not wrong about being becalmed the water is dead still. Fantastic shots of the albatross. Maybe experiment with the zoom on the camera amazing what great shots you get.
Happy New year again Jesse you could say you have had 2 new years eve parties this year one with Australian time and one with Grenwich mean time. Have a wonderful party and enjoy the calm for a brief period. I guess its the calm after the storm.Enjoy your visitors.
Take care pet.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
the photos are so lovely!
You look a picture of contentment.
When I compare your photos from before you left Sydney, I see so much maturing in your face and lovely eyes, Jessica.
I always thought you were a mature being in a young body, but 2 1/2 months at sea with challenges, that really were all virgin territory in reality, contribute
to gain presence and an outlook on life, that not many people are able to achieve.
The pictures of the Albatross are first class and the moon on the horizon, paints an enchanting mood.

It seems that the ocean is apologizing for putting you through the washing machine, but it doesn't have to go to the other extreme of hardly any movement at all!
Still, it is a respite for you! You can rest, party, reflect on how far and how successful you have already travelled!
Talk to your family.....
So enjoy it while it lasts and hopefully their is more wind soon.
Enjoy the treats, what were they?
I add my energy to your New Years resolution, dear Jessica,
safe sailing, good winds, keep well and happy and above all else stay safe,
Often thinking of you, sending thoughts of cheer,
Trudy, Austria/Mackay
Will look at the video! Thank you so much for spoiling us with 2 posts!

Péter said...

Happy New Year Jessica!
Boldog új évet Jessica!
Great pictures and video!

Take care,
Péter from Szeged, Hungary

Nico said...


and may there always be enough water under your keel and a good, steady wind on your sails! :D

Frankfurt, Germany

Anonymous said...

What a great party last night Jess!

Your an awesome host and I still can't believe how many of us crammed on to Ella's Pink Lady!

Tell the Kiwi bird that my eye's ok now, I think the swim home fixed it! She should be more careful when turning to face people!

I think I left my thongs (Aussie foot ware) on top of the dodger so I'll swim back out sometime during the week!

Hope everyone else had a really good night and got home safely too!

We promise we won't tell anyone!
Shhhhh's the word from me! My trap is zipped!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Bring it on 2010!

Mostly a big fat and safe happy new year to Jessica and her family!


Charles said...

Happy New Year from Alaska. Wishing you the very best and fair winds. Charles

karen lee said...

Aren't you so thoughtful! Dilip has just posted a new blog entry and mentioned he got a phonecall just before midnight from his 'neighbour' - YOU! That is just so special and meant a great deal to him - and I'm sure to you as well. Good on you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

Another great blog - the pics of the albatross are just great.

May your New Year's wish come true - I think it would be the wish of your myriads of supporters too.

Joy (South Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Jesse'

Yes, it's another year gone by and I am sure you have been looking back over it many time's in your mind of all the things you have done or seen. What a true blessing to be able to be doing what you have set out to now. I am sure that nothing you have ever done from your passed will ever hold up to what your about to do.. and become. No that God is watching over you always ... and he will be with you always... Hold on to your Dream'... become it and much, much more.. your someone I hold deeply within my own heart.. praying and hopping for each and every day that you'll be coming back home once more..




dee said...

Happy New Year. Fantastic pics and great descriptions of what it must be like out there.

Anonymous said...

That was one lucky albatross to have met a very special girl like you. Not every albatross can run into a "gutsy, brave Aussie in the Pacific on New Years Day. Stay safe. Bessen Family, Mypolonga SA

trugannini said...

Ah! That albatross. Great pictures Jessica. I wonder what he is thinking, that one sitting on the water. They will respond if you speak to them, not at first but as they get used to you. Having said that, Food is uppermost in their minds All the time..

Happy New Year Jessica,may the wind carry you speedily and safely around the Horn.

Forster NSW Oz

RichieParis said...


What a good resolution! I'll have the same. Come back safe to your homeland, after a magnificent achievement of your project.

Great pictures, you are spoiling us! I think the Albatross would be a good symbol for this year 2010.
A high flying one, far above the storms and the crappy things. Same as your Odyssey, same as your soul. And inspirational, like you.

I am sure your NYE party was fantastic (maybe it is not over yet!) and that all your crew members did dance with you. The Ocean may have found EPL quite bouncy this time; but it was your turn, for all the times he has been bouny himself, dancing with his wavy girlfriends. Sorry I couldn't attend, but maybe next year, what about trying a third different sea in a row, like the English Channel?

Best wishes, precious sailor. We cherish you.

Ann and Steve said...

Happy New Year Jesse. I hope 2010 brings you everything your heart desires, but especially a safe homecoming! From Shreveport LA USA

bernie777 said...

This is why I am so interested in your blog its not just boring old sailing but human passion and the fact that we are all connected in the human conciousness or something but your blog today is a real treat and we are all willing you stay fit and keep smiling there will be no calm b4 the storm...and these photos are the best...u r a real winner....go 4 gold Bernie 777....x

Bebie - Caloundra said...

Love reading your blogs - large waves indeed and the photos are wonderful as usual. It's great you could have such elegant company ... what a lovely companion you had through the big waves. God sure has a way of encouraging people.

Jesse, wishing you a Happy New Year with safe sailing all the way to Sydney Harbour.

The McGraths said...

Oh Jesse,

Thankyou so much, they are really fantastic shots, in particular the one of you with the moon behind you. I can honestly say since you left you just look so at peace with your surroundings.

All the very best to you and we hope your NYE party with your crew is one to remember.

We really appreciate the time it must take you to get the shots, post them, do your blog & all the other maintenance stuff around EPL.
Thanks again, your one in a million.

Not far now, we're hanging on with bated breath.

Take care little one.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Andrew said...

Dear Jesse,
For the New Year I with you not "to get back to Sydney" but to get forward to Sydney safely, easily and joyfully.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Jessica. I was thrilled to read of the dolphin with you during the storm. What a wonderful comfort to know you were not alone. All the very best.
Val, Toowoomba Queensland

Staffan said...

Happy New Year Jess

I know how it is but dont get tempted not to use your safety harness.

Be safe now!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
I just watched the video with the Albatross. Awesome!
When I think of the vastness of the ocean, you out there alone and yet not alone, I get goosebumps.
It's difficult to put this feeling into words, this all inclusiveness, while I am sitting here at the computer, this marvelous event is happening out there with you and we, definitely tied to your apron strings even if you don't wear one, are privileged to be part of it!
Following your life sure has broadened my horizon and having lived on 3 continents travelled all over the globe, I thought my horizon wasn't that limited!!!!
Now, I know better! You just give me more of a taste for my own life's adventure!
Jessica, you following your dream has blown out my circuits!
Thank you Jessica, thank you J's family and support team!
Trudy, Austria/Mackay

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for the great photo's. Fantastic that the Albatross decided to land so you could take a photo of him. You with the moon looks so pieceful. When we went over to 2010 the moon was with us too, I looked at it and thought about you.
I wish you all the best and keep on sailing safe and with your nice smile.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Tim09 said...

Happy New Year Jesse,
Just wanted to say GREAT PHOTOS.
Love the moon shot.
I agree with you, get home safely will be a great achievment.
Have a great 2010,
be careful of the calm before the storm.
Tim and Rosie

Lori said...

Wow Jesse, you spoilt us this time, blog, pics and video, thank you so much.

You look great, as do the albatross(s), great to see them, they are wonderful creatures aren't they? So is the photographer, you have out done yourself. The pic of the moon in the back ground is stunning.

Nice to have time to catch your breath, enjoy your treats sugar, you deserve them.........x

-Lori, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the NEW YEAR BEST WISHES and photos with your blog.
I see many sea birds near my home but not the amazing Alatross so I loved seeing them in your video and photos.What an experience for you especially with the full moon!!!
Following you all the way Jesse and loving the journey.
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Kev said...

Good going Jesse!

We're all with you.

Cheers, Kev, Forestville, Sydney, Oz.

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Loved the photographs except that last one with the albatross resting on the water. Seems to me that he looked just a little bit angry to be so becalmed.

Oh well, tough luck for him.

Happy New Jessica Watson Year.

Stay safe.

June and Richard Thorn

margaret said...

What a special start to 2010, to an incredibly special person.Having just weathered a storm (sounds like the fury of Mother Nature was at its best) in the company of a dolphin (that in itself was an amazing story) ,then having a full moon on a starry night with the sound of the sea gently lapping at the side of EPL then having the privilege of the company of the albatross,(perhaps I should say that the albatross were privileged to have had your company) what an amazing few days.Lots of love and best wishes as you continue on your journey,you are simply one amazing inspirational soul.

Anonymous said...

Happy NY Jess, thanks for the awesome photos! Hope the party didn't get out of hand ;)

We had another stinker today but... would you believe it... my neighbour had the fire going...don't ask...

We are now bracing for another mighty storm overnight with thunder, lightning and hail thrown in this time, someone musta have really upset THOR.

Hope you have a wonderful and glorious start to 2010

Schumacher said...

Hi Jess, I send you my best wishes for the new year 2010 and I wish you every success in your travel

I read your blog regularly. Friendships.

Pschum from switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Many thanks for your 1 January 2010report. Glad to hear you were about to sit down and have a wild party with your gang of seafaring rogues. I hope they enjoyed New Years Eve at sea. Back in my past history I was at sea for Christmas one year – parked in Eden along with a few other yachts waiting to sail north or south. We had a party on board one of them. It’s a different experience. I guess next year you will again find yourself at sea somewhere!

Your photos of the albatross resting, soaring and flapping across the sunset are great. I wonder how many shots you took to get these three? I looked up my Bird Book but can only suggest it may be a Yellow-nosed Albatross, which is partly characterised by its long slender bill. Anyway these three photos are good to see and I hope you had a lot of fun taking them. You did very well with the placement of the albatross at sunset almost silhouetted in front of the sun – it’s a very picturesque photo.

Thanks too for your two videos. The albatross scene shows the path of the albatross well, and how it soars some of the way low across the water and then flaps to gain height as it turns. Good work.

In your previous report you mentioned how pleased you were with Parkers performance. For any readers interested you can find information about how ‘Parker’ steers Ella’s Pink Lady by accessing the website and clicking on the link to a recent article by Greg Murphy about how a Fleming wind vane works. It is also possible to see a 31 second video showing a ‘Parker’ at work. Go to ‘Video’ and click on ‘Global 400’. The video is of the system on a ‘tiller-steered’ boat similar to Ella’s Pink Lady and shows how much it moves the tiller to keep the yacht in the video on a straight course going downwind. The history of the Fleming windvane is also interesting reading.

Well, your ‘Happy New Year’ report really has a sense of excitement about it, as did your previous report. Must be anticipation to reaching the Horn. I hope it lives up to your expectations.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

sarge said...

Hi Jessica
Great blog & beautiful pics.
Ta so much for taking the time to share your voyage with the world.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you from Sweden!!!You are amazing!!!

Joachim Koehler (St. Hubert, Germany) said...

Happy New Year from Germany, Jesse. Just got aware that you have a blog and I'd loved to read in the archive. I wish you a lucky and successful journey. Take care.

Kortney said...

Beautiful photos Jess and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Just watched your new year video Jesse. With today's photos, blog and now the video, you have spoiled us and provided us all with an incredible new year present. Thank you.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,
Wow.....great blog. You are certainly experiencing all kinds of weather there now.

Fantastic pics and videos you have just posted. You are certainly seeing some wildlife and, to me, it is amazing seeing the albatross so far from land. You must be about 1500Nm (2500km) from nearest land. Truly amazing animals.

You look well on the video and nicely wrapped up keeping warm. Your 2010 new year resolution is apt although I am fully confident with your skill and determination you will have no problems in returning to Sydney.

As usual you are constantly in my thoughts.

Stay safe and keep warm

Ingleburn NSW

Andrew Kot said...

Happy New Year, Jessica. What a lovely and thoughtful person you are! :-)

Here is a quote from Dilip's blog, posted today:

"Midnight of New Years eve, just as I was getting out to change the wind vane with the wind dropping, the phone rang. Finding it a bit odd to receive a phone call close to midnight, picked up the phone and what a pleasant surprise! Jessica calling to wish New Years! So very thoughtful of her! Amongst all the new years wishes I have received in all these years and at various places I think I will cherish this, from this gutsy girl 350 Nm away and the nearest human being to me, as the most special! With wishes like these how can 2010 not be anything but great!"

Lovely blog entry as usual and excellent pictures. Simply, I am adicted to your blog.

Fair winds

Andrew - Melbourne, Aussieland

Lori said...

Hello again, just noticed there is also an Update from the Land Crew, plus another pic of Jesse - thanks Land Crew, it is very much appreciated - Jesse's resolution is one all of us share..........x

Bluefin said...

Wow, really incredible photos of the Albatross! Thank you so much, they are so beautiful and majestic.

I hope you and your crew have a great night and enjoy all your treats, party on Jesse!

I'm glad you are having a rest from the big seas.

Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jessica,
It looks like the work starts now. The planning of your trip to send you north of the equator in the Pacific has been a masterstroke, giving you 2 1/2 months and 8000nm to get used to the boat before the tough stuff.
I have great faith that you and EPL, such a proven design in this kind of enviroment will handle whatever comes your way.
Nothing more to do but stay safe and enjoy the experience, no matter how scary it gets, remember you have the blessings from so many people around the world powering you on.
Dave Ulladulla.

AIM Overseas said...

Happy New Year Jess!
I wish you some great sailing and a wonderful time at sea, before you return safely to Sydney. Can't wait to see you sail into the Harbour!

loonyhiker said...

Happy New Year from Greenville, SC! Loved the pictures! We were just on a couple of cruises in the Caribbean and now I wonder if the birds I was seeing were albatross since we were out in the middle of nowhere. The pictures really helped! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you for 2010 Jesse. You are an amazing person. I love the way that you always sound so positive. I have no doubt that you'll achieve your goal and we'll all be there at the end cheering you.

Peter Vickerson said...

Happy New Year Champ,

Great to see your getting close to the Horn. You're certainly having some variable weather, but the calm probably gives you time to recover from the gale.
It's great to see that you have built up ypur confidence both in Ella and yourself for any more bad weather headed your way.

You're always in our prayers.

Good onya and God blessya

BTW, did that homework get washed overboard in the gale?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Jessica.

I keep thinking about that dolphin that stayed by your side through the worst 6 hours of the storm.

Great karma in that.

During the recently completed Vendee Globe single-handed race around the world I believe two boats collided with whales that were sleeping on the surface.

It's interesting to think that your dolphin escort might have been keeping an eye out for such things. Although dolphins and whales communicate at different frequencies, I'd imagine that a dolphin would know how to make a whale move out of place.

For whatever reason the dolphin came, it seems wonderful that it chose to stay by your side for such a very long period.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

AB from KG said...

Happy New Year, Jesse, from Kangaroo Ground. How lovely of the dolphin for keeping an eye on you. Amazing that it kept up with you for so long - very special. Just love keeping up with your day-to-day news.
Love AB

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Lovely photos.
Have a good rest and
enjoy your sail to the Cape
Luv u Richard (QLD)

Petrina said...

Hi Jesse

Happy 2010 to you - thanks for the continued updates, and great photos of life where you are. I am humbled again at reading your descriptions of your first gale - 45 knts and you seemed to really relish it. I know how tired I get after 30 knts for 4-5 hours, but can not imagine it on my own in the middle of the southern ocean. I am so looking forward to a couple of months from now to read of your arrival in Sydney. I am sure that you will join the ranks of other greats like Joshua Slocum (in the Spray), Robin Knox-Johnson (Suhaili), Peter Blake (Lion NZ, Steinlarger 2 and others), Ellen McArthur (Kingfisher and B&Q), Kay Cottee (Blackmores First Lady) and Jesse Martin (Lionheart). All the best, keep safe, and keep up with the great work you are doing out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey J.W

I've never had any interest in your sport until i started following your trip. Your in the middle of something truly inspiring.
Hang in there when you hit that nasty weather because we all know that you can/will do this.


Anonymous said...

I like your pics especially this with full moon.
Wishing you safe sail and safe returning home

Sofia - Bulgaria

Makauro said...

Happy new year from Switzerland. Wish you all the best and a good journey.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

When you do something or write something and I start believing "She'll have a hard time topping that" darn if you don't come up and go one better.

Great pics and video and, as always, great written description to go along with it. You are making good use of subtle humor.

Happy New Year and I believe sailing back to Sydney Harbor is resolution quite enough for 2010.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

DreamsFloat Joe said...

Lovely photos Ms Jessica, thanks for sharing. Why does everyone on this tour group have to wake up so early? smile

Have fun Ms Jessica!

Sonja said...

Just a comment on blogging - when bloggers read about something on someone else's blog and then talk about it or do it themselves, credit the idea to the source. Example:
Thursday, December 17, 2009
"Up The Mast and Into The Roaring 40's"
Jessica makes the wise and necessary climb up the mast to check her equipment before things get rougher.
While up top, she takes an awesome picture of her boat!

Friday, December 18, 2009
"Progress, Progress, Progress"
"My first time up the mast!! My new favorite place on Wild Eyes =)"
One day later, Abby just happens to climb her mast and take a similar picture. Coincidence?
No offense intended, just support and credit each other.

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Great Pictures!

Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

Stay Safe (and warm)

John F

Circumnavigator Junkie said...

Here's some great resources for circumnavigation junkies!!
We can now follow SIX circumnavigators or "soon to be" circumnavigators!
Our own Jessica Watson from Australia
Dilip Donde from India
Minoru Saito from Japan
Soon to depart:
Abby Sunderland from the US
Ryan Langley from the US
and of course,
Laura Dekker from The Netherlands (who has just be approved by the Dutch courts for departure!) (English translation)

Did I miss any?

See the list of circumnavigators
I'm surprised that Zac Sunderland (US) and Mike Perham (UK) haven't added their names to this Wikipedia list.
Zac's blog
Mike's blog

Great circumnavigation videos at

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jesse, nice pics - gorgeous moon. So glad the water was good for your NY party


Konstantin said...

Happy New Year Jesse! Your Blog is awesome, such a joy to read about your adventure!

Have a great 2010!

Greets from Germany, Kon

FotoMenno said...

Happy New Year to you, Jesse.
I whish you a safe journey.
I'm impressed of what youre doing.
Nice pictures you've made.

Hav a good day!

Stan said...

Hi Jesse
I'm glad the weather is good for you
We copped a storm and a half here in Bendigo at 11pm
all the best
Stan & Pam

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess may all your dreams be achieved for 2010 and to whoever is guiding you and caring for you I hope she brings you home safely....that is what I asked when the clock struck 2400hrs last nite....I was working night duty....I did remember you out there in the wide open ocean...what a inspiration for us all...keep on keeping on...
Sue (Buderm)

Old Iron said...

Again, Happy New Year to you, your family and support team.

Thanks for the video and photos.
to Cape Horn and Sydney; Happy New Year

Jenny said...

Happy New Year from Sydney. Your albatross companion is a Black-Browed albatross.

russian windhound said...

Happy New Year from Southern Portugal, Jessica!!!
Love the pics!
May the Winds be with you for the rest of the trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,


Very beautifull pictures

Els from the Netherlands

Jim said...

Hi Jessica

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said by the bloggers before, the two videos are just simply AWESOME!!!! I LOVED the video of the albatross soaring and you look absolutely fantastic with your radiant smile in the photo with the moon behind you. What a treat for us, Jessica- thank you from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of all of us for sharing your journey with us, Don't underestimate the tremendous pleasure you give to so many. I doubt there has ever been a solo circumnavigation around the world anything like this.

Well Jessica, I hope Chick- With- An-Attitude, Blue Bear, Big Ted and Kiwi all behaved themselves at your party and didn't get too tipsy, nothing worse than a crew who drink too much, sure you kept them under control.

TO SALLY OF OREGON - Thanks for your lovely poem, it's truly beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us.

TO MICHAEL(74) Thank you for your lovely heart-felt words and prayers to Jessica, PRAYER WORKS!!!! ANGELS ARE REAL and Jessica has plenty around her.

To SALLY OF MELBOURNE: I love your pictures using the characters, they are amazing, and to the others who do them too, thanks! Whoever did the one a while back of the arrow and forming the word "SOUTH" it was a stunning piece of work.

There are just so many of you out there I would like to offer my appreciation to, all the regulars, like Salty Dog, Richard Parris, The McGarths, Sam, etc. (What's happened to Hulmut?)and not so regulars, All our combined prayers of a safe, victorious return to Sydney must surely create a positive energy that surrounds Jessica and ELP, that will be borne out.

But most of it's you Jessica I thank for taking us on this journey with you. I remember watching the live television coverage on channel 10 of you leaving Sydney and all the boats with their banners wishing you good luck, so God only knows what it will be like when you sail back in, there will many sharing more than a tear or two, or three....

Sail on Silver girl

KB said...

Hi Jess
How nice of flipper to show his playground.
Enjoy your journey and I just wish I had the guts to do what your doing.
You make us all proud
Stay safe and always always clip on
Enjoy your journey and Ill see ya in Sydney in a few weeks


Alan said...


You're doing brilliantly and will be back in Aus before you know it, so enjoy every minute of it out there. The discomfort lasts for days, the memories a life time.


Hi There Jesicca,

" H_A_P_P_Y N_E_W Y_E_A_R !!!! " Sweetie. Hope It was A Good One For You. It's now about 11:20pm (on New Years Day), here in Sydney, as I SEND This. That's N.S.W. Daylight Saving Time: So It's about 10:20pm Queensland Time).

This Message is Short and just to wish you A Happy New Year, so thart I can get into the Early lot of Comments. The Photos are GREAT Jess !!! ... love the Albatross!!! ..... I'll look at the video's later, because it takes my PC quite a while to Open them (It's So Slow).

ENJOY YOUR DAY JESS !!! ... And Keep Pursuing That Dream & Goal To SAIL INTO HISTORY !!!

Have A SAFE And Happy Trip ..... But Most Of All HAVE FUN !!!!!

" You CAN And WILL Do It Jessica Watson !!!!! "


HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - happy New Year once again and darl and you will get back to Sydney, believe me, there is no alternative. I made it my resolution as well and I'll do whatever it takes in terms of support to get you back to where you belong. You are far to precious to lose.

The snaps are awesome particularly the moon light on the water. I do hope you had a little celebration and no doubt you have been speaking with family and friends and you need to keep that up. I'm so relieved you have been able to get some sleep before the next big challenge whatever that may be. The rest will clear the head which makes it much easier to focus in the right place.

The animal life has been good to you and remember the old saying - an animal is a girl's (in your case) best friend. That dolphin stuck with you through some harrowing moments and then there was Silly - this is all very

It's great to know you are in good nick mentally and I should say you look a treat in the photograph. Take care precious one; think safety first and stay clipped on at all times. Catch ya soon darl.


blacksab said...

beautiful pics! happy new year xx <3 <3

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the pics they're rippers.
Unbelievable that you get that few hours of darkness and the clouds part for the Full Moon at midnight. A great way to welcome 2010.
Copya L8er.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos, Jessica.
I am able to view them now.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Glenda said...

Sensational pics and videos, Jessica! You look great. It's very good to see some calm sea so hope you get a bit of rest to recover from that wild party. Hope Albert and Ross drop in again to keep you company. It is always so uplifting to read your blog. Thank you for sharing everything with us. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse !

Your and your Lady a Happy New Year !

Life your dream and try to enjoy every single moment even in the darkest nights.
I know how it feels to be all alone in the middle of nowhere for a long time.

You are so inspiring !!!!!!

And you deserve highest respect for your courage and your strength.

But actually you´re not allone. Many people around the globe are with you in their hearts.

Always fair winds and a safe return to those you love !

Go Jesse, go ! ;-)

Warm greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Happy New year, hope your resolution becomes true.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Happy New Year from all your fans in Western Australia.....

You've handled your first gale like a veteran and both of you (Jesse and EPL) seem to have come through this unscathed....

Loved your latest photos and video and thank you again for sharing them with us...

It seems rather unusual to be almost becalmed in your current location but I'm certain you'll get some stronger winds to deliver you to Cape Horn in good time...

Keep up the incredible work and stay safe....

Best Wishes, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

Brian Riley said...

Jesse, what an amazing New Years Eve for you with the albatross dropping in to keep you company, the skies clearing for you to see the blue moon, as well as all being calm on this wonderful night, hope your party was as good as ours, was yours a BYO?.
The pictures of the albatross are terrific, as is your expression just before midnight, who is going to pull the party poppers with you?
(I'm jealous did you have a stow away on board?)


Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

workerbev said...

Happy New Year again Jessica! (Beverly here in Tassie). WOW, you certainly know how to spoil us! A blog, beautiful pics (especially the moon shot), and a video. And...I just read where one of the bloggers wrote the support team updated the NEWS also. I'll have to check that out. And to boot, Cdr Donde updated his blog finally after forever. He made some really great comments about you and how he will cherish your New Year's Eve call forever and above all others. Great on you for being so considerate and thoughtful. He was having a pretty rough time with breakdowns so I'm sure your call was very welcomed. But, what else would we expect from you, our hero!

Like I said last night, we had a beautiful thunderstorm here in Tassie, the lightening lit up the sky so bright, my husband thought the midnight fireworks had started, but nope, it was just God putting on His own fireworks display for the New Year.

I whole-heartedly agree with your New Year's resolution and I'm praying really, really hard that we can get over there from here and greet you as you come in. Is the Sydney dock that big to hold all your blog family?

New Year's Day is over here now, it is 0024 hours. I will have to call my daughter soon in Texas and wish her a Happy New Year. They actually had "SNOW" in El Paso, TX, the other day. The weather is certainly amazing over there this winter.

Well Jessica, thank you again for spoiling us so much, I get all excited when I see a post from you. You are my life right now and I can't say enough good words about you. You give me incentive to do something (I'm not sure what yet, LOL) but something!

Remember, God is right there with you waiting to listen if you need to talk, and His Legion of Angels are all around EPL keeping you both safe and sound until you get to the Sydney Heads and home to the arms of those who love you the most. Oh yeah, your parents too, lol. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Bridgewater, Tasmania,

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
The photos were great, It's nice you had a good new years eve, you sure deserve it.
Dilip seemed to appreciate your phone call, it must of been like getting a call from a celebrity. Your becoming quite the photographer, they will make a good record in years to come when your telling your grand kids about your trip.
It's nice to have the occasional treat to celebrate with. I think I've had tooooo many treats this Xmas. I'll have to get back to work to get some weight off.
Take care and keep chipping away at that mountain.
Fair winds and following seas.

Michelle said...

huge hugs from Michelle and Alicia in Canberra, following your blog with love and support amazing angel! xxxxx

duane said...

Great photos and video Jessica. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Am sure your New year resolution will come along just as planned. Perhaps you needed a day of rest before the next gale comes along.
Best wishes for a great New Year. duane

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! We are at sea also just north of Bonaire on a short sail to Curacao in our Morgan outisland 41 in the Caribbean. We have been following your blog since you started. The moon was gorgeous last night on the water and loved your pictures.

rod said...

good day beautiful young adventurer,
pics are great and blog keeps us all well informed on our adventure with you.
again a happy and safe 2010.
as always take care young captain.
look forward to your safe return to the sunshine coast in june.
best wishes
blackbutt qld

John Pender said...

Happy new year!
Love that last picture.

Ellen said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Jessica. Wishing you a year filled with happiness, good health and also one that sees your ambitions come true. The photographs are stunning - I am so glad the 'crew' behaved for the photo-shoot this time!

Mary said...

Dearest Jess,

Wow.....I'm SO over-the-top marinating in love and appreciation for all that you've sent us this New Year Day.....I read Samurai's message to you and thought:

DITTO!!!! I feel so spoiled and completely GOBSMACKED. I LOVED seeing the albatross's face, CUTE!!

The photos are beautiful. What a treat to see you in your video message AND to see the flying albatross. Both messages are completely lovely.

Ah, I feel like I've just had the finest meal of the year, all prepared by you, Jess! Thank you.
You truly host the best party on Earth.

Take care, my dear. May you continue to radiate courage, clarity and stamina as you sail your dream.

With blessings and deep respect,
Mary, Maine, USA

CHLOE said...

Good day Jesse
and Happy New Year to you, your family and to the whole world.

Wishing you the very best for 2010 with the best gift to receive of coming back to Sydney safely with a Great Pride and bundle of joy.

I Salute you with respect Miss Jessica Watson. Achieving dream is full of sacrefice & patience. Stay with your faith & God Bless!

From:Pink & Blue Soda
Asia with love

claudia said...

Happy New Year Jesse!
Great pictures. I especially like the one with the moon in the background.
Perfect new years resolution!

CHLOE said...

HI Jesse,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My wish for the best Jess is to come home safely with full of pride & bundle of joy.
Stay with your faith
God Bless!

Asia W/ love

jeffrhen said...

Thanks for sharing the picks Jess. Happy New Year from Dallas, TX!

Jeff Lang

Flat Creek Farm said...

New to your blog, but not new to your amazing story. Lovely pics! I'm following along now. How exciting! I know you can and will do this! Many blessings to you and yours in 2010. -Tammy

andrewVA said...

wow jess! wow! i don't know what else to say...the pics are amazing. thanks for sharing.

happy new year and best wishes for the upcoming 5 months at sea...

there's no question in my mind that you're going finish what you've started out to do.

be assured that i and so many others are behind 1000% on this!

be safe. be well. have fun. stay warm!

richmond, va

Anonymous said...

Hej Jessica!
amazing birdsPetrel" - here is a poem by Gorki
The song of the Stormy Petrel.(Russian: Песня о Буревестнике)
Over the gray plain of the sea the wind gathers storm-clouds. Between the clouds and the sea proudly soars the stormy petrel, as a streak of black lightning.
Now the waves on wingtip touching, now as an arrow soaring to the clouds, he screams, and — the clouds hear joy in the bird's proud cry.
In that cry — the lust of the storm! The power of anger, flame of passion and certainty in victory hear the clouds in that cry.
The seagulls groan before the storm, — groan, toss over the sea and are ready to dive their terror to its depths.
And the loons also whimper, — the loons cannot attain joy of life's struggle: thunder of lightning-bolts frightens them.
The stupid penguin cowardly hides blubber in the rocks ... only the proud stormy petrel soars bold and free over the grey sea froth!
Ever darker and lower clouds drop to the sea, waves singing and rending the heights to meet the thunder.
Thunder rumbles. In pounding anger moan the waves, fighting the wind. See the wind grab waves in a lockhold, and in wild fury, throw them on the rocks, smashing emerald masses to drops and mist.
The stormy petrel soars with a scream, a streak of black lightning, as an arrow pierces the clouds, on wing-tip slicing the wave froth.
See him hover, like a demon — proud, black demon of the storm — he laughs, and cries ... he laughs atop the clouds, he cries with joy!
In the froth of anger — clever demon, — he has long heard weariness, he knows that the clouds won't cut the sun — no, the sun will triumph!
The wind roars ... Thunder rumbles ...
As a blue flame burn clouds over the sea's abyss. The sea catches arrows of lightning and snuffs them in her depths. As snakes of fire howling in the deep vanish those reflections.
— The storm! Soon will break the storm!
The bold stormy petrel proudly flies between the lightning and the frothing anger of the sea; now screams the prophet of victory:
— Let the storm burst forth in all fury!orki
God Luck

Rex said...

Happy New year, Jessica. Welcome to 2010, and have a good one sailing home.
Glad to see you had a more pleasant day with sun and warmer weather. Great pics. Obviously, the "wild kingdom" is keeping watch over you, the albatross and the dolphin.
Also great to see the progress of your flags on the map of your voyage. You and Dilip will soon see each others sails on the horizon. God speed to you both around the Horn and into warmer waters NE of the Falklands.

Best wishes,

Rex Gibbons
Newfoundland, Canada

kina said...

Hey jesse,

I've heard it said you shouldn't make resolutions that are well beyond reach or ones you cannot realistically keep. Well, that is certainly not an issue here.
You will complete this journey, it is only a matter early?
Your challenge is well and truly within reason albeit a few hurdles along the way.

Wow! we really have been given the 'Jesse special treatment' on this 1st day of 2010. Two special videos and an upbeat blog indicating all is super ok south of the border on the high seas.
Comforting to see you looking sooo well and ready for the final stage of this leg Jesse.

Hope the party went ok with the 'big names' and y'all are back on track for a speedy run to the Horn.

As always, be safe and secured.

Ben (Qld)

ropisfwb said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario Levesque said...

Happy New Year JW!
Safe seas and fair winds for 2010!
Keep sending us great pics and stories!

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog I learn something new. Who would have thought it would be so calm and peaceful so close to Cape Horn. I recently read "Two Years Before the Mast" by Richard Dana and really expected it to be a raging freezing storm for at least 2 weeks. (I recommend it for any sailor BTW. It was written at the very end of the sailing era and the beginning of the industrial era.)
I love your description of your little New Years Eve party. Your sense of humor and indomitable spirit will carry you through this adventure easily and will keep all your fans, friends and followers eagerly looking forward to the latest news from our Angel of the South Seas.
Love the photos of the Albatoss. Love the photo of you all bundled up in your toque and shawl.
Have a wonderful and successful 2010.
Arnie in Canada.
PS I'm wondering about your sleep cycles. You always seem well rested and refreshed so you must be getting about 8 hours per 24. But I can't imagine you sleep a very long stretch at a time.
Thanks and continued safe sailing.

Mike said...

Happy New Year Jessica! Thanks for the pictures! What a wonderful picture of the moon near midnight! Enjoy your break in the action and the calm seas. It is remaining winter here in the north eastern USA. Snow all day new years eve, and snow on and off for the next couple of days.
Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to following your progress in this new year!
Mike Kugler
Grace Fellowship Church
North Stonington, Ct. USA

Ranen said...

Happy New Year Jess...ur fotos r too gud...simply like it....kaap sailing....happily

Mark said...

Happy New Year Jessica!!! The photos are a real treat; keep them coming when you can. Wishing you good luck around the two Capes and everywhere in between. Have a great 2010.

Stay Safe; Stay Strong

Atlanta, GA (USA)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the blog, pics and video! We LOVE keeping up w/you so closely! Happy 2010! Safe sailin'!

Ranen said...

Happy new year Jess, enjoy your sailing, I love ur fotos, too gud....hope to see lots more......have a good day

Bobby from South Carolina said...

Happy New Year friends all wished you a happy new year last night when the ball dropped in Times Square.... safe sails in 2010!!!

Bobby from South Carolina

Greg said...

hey Jess... Happy New Year to you too, yeah i believe you on that resolution i do hope you make it back home safe and healthy. Thanks for the pictures thats the first time i think i seen a picture of a Albatross befor. by the way dont party to hard with the stars. take care and as i said befor your awesom for doing this. keep on going, dont give up and you will have lived a adventure.

lilshawnee said...

Awww Jesse, such nice pics and your story, Thank you so much.
Wow your doing so good and your so happy alone.
I love your stories and it wont be long now i will start to have fun too. I get my first sail boat in June 1010.
Well lil jESSE,keep up the good work stay warm, By the way how do you keep your cabin warm?
Stay safe and keep sailing on
God Bless you and Pink ella
Your friends
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

Rupert said...

Hey Jesse, another happy new year and best wishes from Germany! It has become an everydays habit to check your blog, getting more and more involved like reading a real special book. Thank you for sharing all this with us!
Strange how one starts to feel somewhat familiar just by reading a blog... and how that creates a lot of sympathy, as all the comments here show. I would be interested how you think and feel about all this attention, whether it is - with all the encouragement and support it surely supplies - sometimes a bit strange or even scary..? Probably you are busy enough with your great adventure, Ella, the challenging sea, precious encounters with other species within the "middle of nowhere", so that thoughts like this certainly are somewhat virtual right now. I wish you loads of mental capacity to treasure all these experiences. It's just great to have that window to your adventure here in my comfortable living room, touching my own dreams of experiencing nature face to face, far away from every days habits, ties and duties. Where little signs have special meanings like an animal friend being at your side during stormy weather or getting a phone call from the nearest fellow human being at new year's eve just about midnight like Dilip did and appreciated so much (as probably all readers could sympathise). :) Where one can genuinely experience that these basic things, signs and behaviours - that let you know that you're related - are (at least imho) the most importants in life.
Uhm, sorry for so many words... ;)
All the best for 2010, Jesse, stay safe, good luck and Gods blessing!

Hege Andresen said...

Hi Jessica! Happy new year to u from Norway!! I follow your blogg almost every day, and i have so much respect for u as a person and a sailor. This journey you are on right now, is a pretty big deal og that i salute for.. Be careful Jessica.

Love Hege (27 years from Norway)

Bruce de Mich said...

Happy New Year to you and your crew from Michigan, Jessica! Thanks for the great pics. Though frustrating, the calmer seas must be a nice reprieve from the earlier stir of the seas. Looks like you may have company at The Cape with Dilip only 350 NM behind at this point. BTW, very nice touch to call him with the,"Happy New Year!" Happy Sea Trails!

Bruce de Mich

Lisa in MN said...

Happy New Year! Glad you had company to ring in the new year with. Keep up the great sailing!

Lisa in MN

Anonymous said...

Happy safe New Year and a continued safe journey!

Meechree said...

Love the photos!!!
Keep it up (:
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hahahah! Great new years intention! :)

Lovely full moon picture! Nothing like watching the light on water!

Happy New Years!

~Tim B. SF, CA, USA

Dave Russell said...

hey Jess
If there are albatross there with you ,doesnt it mean that there should be fish too..........have you honed your fishing skills abit more now or are you training the albatross to catch some for you hahaha....
great pics by the way


Captain Jessica -

Thanks for the photos - Love the 'midnight moon on water' shot!
You look very happy. The albatross is a nice looking avian. Thanks for that pic.

I've been reading that human genes are closer to dolphin genes than to any land mammal. Guess that is why there are tons of stories about dolphins helping and protecting humans. Next time a dolphin comes up alongside your yacht, play your radio a bit louder and talk to the dolphin. They are highly intelligent, and there is some speculation about them also being telepathic, believe it or not! I believe it, since there are too many occurances of dolphins assisting human beings, keeping them safe from sharks, staying with them in marginal conditions. What other creature would do this? Other than someone's own dog. - I like the name you suggested for the dolphin, but could we spell it with a 'Y' and an 'E' at the end? LOL.


Anonymous said...

Some very nice photographs and the narrative is excellent, as usual. Not much action here for us but someone got stuck in a snowbank in front of our house. They did not get pulled out until well into the morning of the New Year. Your conditions sound much better than ours ! Have a nice day Jesse and safe sailing. Get all the rest you can before the Cape. Best wishes..Russ.


Captain Jessica-

Happiest New Year to you! A safe return to Sydney Harbor is a great New Year's resolution. We're all in that boat with you!

My new years resolution is to find a job in my profession of paralegal. I'm one of the many who became unemployed due to the recession.

Here's to leaving a bad year behind and bringing in full speed a brand new year!


Molly said...

Wow, just wow.
What breath taking pictures.
The one of you and the moon is amazing.
Happy, Happy New Year to you Jessica.
I second your resolution to get home safely, and that is in my prayers every day.
No name for the albatross? :)
Maryland USA

Swati said...

Hey Jessica,

Once again wishing you a very very happy new year!! I am Dilip's friend from Mumbai- India!! Love to read your blogs!!

You are simply great, that you can think of celebrating the new year eve with such a zest in the middle of southern ocean!! Keep up the spirit!!

I am so touched by your gesture of calling Dilip to wish him New Year!!

I am sure that made his day, after the tough time he is going through. So thoughtful of you!!Your wishes will continue to make 2010 very special for him and all of us who know Dilip. The opportunity of speaking to someone just 350 Nm away in the midnight on a new years eve is so exciting, special ...and so very important to keep up the spirit. Thanks so much for thinking about it!!

You are not only a great sailor but a very nice human being!! You are the winner!!

Wishing you success in this special endeavour and wishing that you will reach home safely and triumphant!! Keep it up !!

Your pics really interesting and a real treat for all of us!!

Waiting t hear about another exciting moment of you and dilip crossing one another and hopefully waving at each other!!

You take care

With lots of love and Wishes

Swati (Mumbai-India)

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Happy and Blessed New Year of 2010, dear Jessica!

Thank you ever so much for FOUR photos, TWO videos and a partri--oops! albatross hoping for a fair breeze! (Almost rhymes with pear tree).

We hit "replay" a few times. We love having your beautiful face and Australian accented voice visiting in our kitchen this New Year's morning. Actually I have tears in my eyes and I'm a bit choked up... we are growing to love you so, and we feel so proud of you. The scenery you are showing and describing, and hearing the lap of water against Ella's Pink Lady--it's so crystal clear on our Mac screen and sound that I can say I have heard and seen where you are, but for missing the cool breeze on our faces and the smell of the sea air.

Our 12-year-old, John, at five once said "Mommy, why do you always say 'little by little'? You need to say 'BIG by BIG' or you'll never get there! You and he share a kindred spirit!

Thank you for sharing this incredible part of your life with us, Jess, and for awakening us at the end of a year when so much seemed so difficult, the operative word being "seemed." Compared to 44 knot winds and 5-meter seas, my attitude is adjusted better now!

Happy New Year, Jess--and many more!

Patricia, Richard and John in Northern Nevada

christine said...

Dear Jessica,

What a great courage you have to face this big adventure of sailing alone around the world!

Your description yesterday of the storm, even your lacking words to describe it, reminded me a nice story out of a book written by Gary Miller, and here I would like to share it with you:

"Some years ago, the story came to us in Toronto about a man who was in the merchant marine and made his living on the sea. A Muslim gave him a translation of the Quran to read. The merchant marine knew nothing about the history of Islam but was interested in reading the Quran. When he finished reading it, he brought it back to the Muslim and asked, “This Muhammad, was he a sailor?” He was impressed at how accurately the Quran describes a storm on a sea. When he was told, “No as a matter of fact, Muhammad lived in the desert,” that was enough for him. He embraced Islam on the spot. He was so impressed with the Quran’s description because he had been in a storm on the sea, and he knew that whoever had written that description had also been in a storm on the sea. The description of “…a wave, over it a wave, over it clouds” (translation of the meaning of Aya 40 in Surah Al Nur)
…was not what someone imagining a storm on a sea to be like would have written; rather, it was written by someone who knew what a storm on the sea was like..."

May the One and Only God protect you during all this time, as He protected you during this storm.
He even sent you a dolphin to comfort you, and now today the two albatros.... so THINK about it!

All my best wishes for you, to accomplish this great challenge and return back home safely !

Pilland said...

Hello there and a Happy New Year to You and to Your Visitors! I arrived here just surfing. I hope Your Today will be all the time better than Yesterday and worse than Tomorrow!

An Estonian living in Italy

Chimli said...

Nice shots Jesse, bit of a breather from that gale. No noisy neighbors out there for you, lol. Unlike urbanier currently :) Just smooth gliding beautiful critters. Have a lovely n/y's day.

Robert said...


Copied & pasted this from Dipip's blog. An example of how you are affecting people.

"Midnight of New Years eve, just as I was getting out to change the wind vane with the wind dropping, the phone rang. Finding it a bit odd to receive a phone call close to midnight, picked up the phone and what a pleasant surprise! Jessica calling to wish New Years! So very thoughtful of her! Amongst all the new years wishes I have received in all these years and at various places I think I will cherish this, from this gutsy girl 350 Nm away and the nearest human being to me, as the most special! With wishes like these how can 2010 not be anything but great!"

Bob from Seattle

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

I'd missed the posting before last so have to comment on both now. (smile) I do love your bright and beautiful spirit and can see why Dilip says he will forever cherish your new years greeting. How exciting that you had a guardian porpoise and how appropriate -- I mean, your attitude of being awestruck and thrilled by the wind, seas and night skies seem a perfect match for how a porpoise would feel about it all.
Thanks for the great Albatross photos--they too seem like a good match for your spirit -- free, soaring, and all about enjoying the great air currents.
I hope you get enough breeze to push you along, but I'm kinda hoping for nothing to dramatic.
Meanwhile for me, it's back to that exciting laundry. No porpoise sitings for me I guess.

SaltyDog said...


Happy New Year! What a treat to wake up on New Year’s morning to your fantastic pics and videos. Those albatross are thinking they’re the luckiest birds in the world to have you come all that way to throw a New Years party for them. And somewhere, your dolphin friend is probably still saying thanks to you for keeping him company for 6 hrs during the storm.

I didn’t get too emotional last night watching people celebrating, stumbling around attempting to sing Auld Lang Syne. Thank goodness, no one was around to see me when I got on the computer this morning because a tough old bird like me isn’t supposed to show their emotions. But I have to admit that I got choked reading your blog and seeing your pics and video. But then I checked out Commander Dilip Donde’s blog and I lost it. He really had a tough day yesterday but here’s how he said his day ended.

Dilip wrote “Midnight of New Years eve, just as I was getting out to change the wind vane with the wind dropping, the phone rang. Finding it a bit odd to receive a phone call close to midnight, picked up the phone and what a pleasant surprise! Jessica calling to wish New Years! So very thoughtful of her! Amongst all the new years wishes I have received in all these years and at various places, I think I will cherish this, from this gutsy girl 350 NM away and the nearest human to me, as the most special! With wishes like these how can 2010 not be anything but great!”

What more could I say?

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Bob B said...

Enjoyed your great pics and video. Hope no one got too rowdy at your New Years party and had to escourted off property. Might have got their feet wet. I also enjoy looking at the comments from all your fans and seeing where they are from EVERYWHERE! Good sailing and may the winds be just right. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

Jan said...

h jesse, thankyou for the wonderful pics and video.

your blog is truly addictive,

once again happy new year. cheers from canterbury, nz,

Jan said...

h jesse, thankyou for the wonderful pics and video.

your blog is truly addictive,

once again happy new year. cheers from canterbury, nz,

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
Your happy face says it all.
Those photos are the best yet, you sent us all
thru the ceiling with happiness.
Heartfelt thanks for you Jesse
nobody does it better.
You are in famous water now much has been
said over history - you will have another
story to tell... looking forward.
Wishing all good things, Charley

Scott said...

Happy New Year's Jesse!

Happy New Year's also to all your family and support staff. Congratulations on a successful 2009, and great end to the decade. You all have done a great job so far, keep up the good work!

Many blessings for continued success in 2010 and a great finish for your "round the world" trek.

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien
Denver, Colorado USA

Kaleen from Erie PA / USA said...


I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far and all that you have yet to accomplish. Keep up the great work!

Anyway, it has been so much fun learning about sailing from you and then on my own, taking a side-trip & learning about Austrailia. A couple of weeks ago I read an article that your homeland has the largest herd of wild camels at about 1 million--needless to say that was info I immediately shared with my co-workers! Anywho, you are doing a great job at being a good-will ambassador for Aussy and I am sure your country folks are very proud of you.

You know if you get bored when you get back home, you could always set off to break another record, like the most times around Aussy non-stop--I don't know how many nautical miles that would be just doing 1 time around, but heck, you could easily do like 10x around and be in the record books for a while!!!

Anyway sailing angel, take care and may the good Lord Bless you and keep you safe this coming year. Kaleen from Erie PA / USA

Anonymous said...

Your location is much better than this?
Will trade you for some of your sunshine.
Russ. Calgary

Bruce de Mich said...

To Susan in Oregon: Susan, just wanted you to know that the composition you created (I am assuming it was your original) for your New Year's wish to Jessica struck me so powerfully that I took the liberty to copy and send it on to my wider community of friends and relatives. (With credits to you of course!) A beautiful and thoughtful piece. Thanks for sharing your wishes for Jess with all of us.

Bruce de Mich

Randy said...

Hallo Jessica!

Frohes neues Jahr!

All the best for you in 2010!
Will all your wishes come true!

I read about your journey in the newspaper and now i'm looking every day at your blog.

Stay safe!
Randy from the north of Germany

Jeanelle said...

Happy 2010 from Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Safe Home -

Phil in Idaho said...

Happy New year!! Great photo's Jess. Did you ever think you would be becalmed in the southern ocean?? I never would have guessed.
My first wish for 2010 is for you to complete your voyage safely.

MoonWynd said...

Happy New Year Jessica, crew and albatross!
That was so great to give Dilip a call on New Years. He was so pleased you thought of him out there not so far behind you! (I read his blogpost this morning.)

Lots of drizzle here in Vancouver /very grey: not much of a Grand New Years Day Walk-type of weather. Well all the hustle and bustle and hype and hoopla of Christmas shopping, preparation is over for another year. We now have the Olympics to think about up here in Vancouver. The party will be starting big-time in the next few weeks. It's going to be a "
ZOO"! It would be a good time to leave and find some peace: I envy you your journey, so much. I just love the sound of the lapping water on your boat (in the video).

Well, all the very best to you and keep the blogs coming! Stay warm and safe,
Love, MoonWynd (post #2)

Friends From Russia said...

We wish you happy New Year, Jess!

Sven said...

Happy New Year, Jessica!

Thanks so much for the videos, you always have good company.

Seems to me that you had a good start into twenty-ten, so enjoy your success.

All the best to you, EPL and your crews onboard and ashore.

Take care,

Sven from the cold and snowy Hamburg (Germany)

Llew said...

Jess, Wonderful to read on Dilip's blog that you called to wish him new year good wishes. What a girl you are! Fantastic! Methinks you are wise beyond your years and a person the world can be proud of.

"Maggie" said...

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year Jessica! I've been following your blog since day one of this journey and I breathe a happy sigh of relief every day when I check to see what the day (or night) has brought you-as any parent would do!
I'm so glad that you and the EPL manageed well throughout the gale you encountered.

I wondered if you have something to play DVD movies or use a Kindle to read? You mentioned you were reading but I can't recall whether you mentioned the format, i.e., paperback book or Kindle. I thought Dilip mentioned he was watching movies and I wondered if you were able to do so as well(although I understand your down time is limited!). If I missed that part of your blog, please forgive me. I often read your blog from my Blackberry while at work (on my lunch that is!). Reading your blog from my BB is almost microscopic!

I too would enjoy the dolphins and and albatross; welcomed friends and refreshing I'm sure. I am off to see your video, make some hot chocolate (we are knee deep in snow here with 10 degrees F today), then work on my first 2010 illustration. Maybe it will be about the sea...

One of my resolutions this year is to support you throughout this journey until you arrive home safely, which I have no doubt you will!

Maggie/Designer M
Midwest, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I have been following your course and blog messages for your entire journey to date and wish you well. Being out at sea with nothing between yourself and the horizon but wildlife is a wonderful experience but is something difficult to put into words. You are painting your own picture piece by piece.
Everyone I know wishes you well. Please remember that it is YOU that is doing this deed, not the WE that you keep referring to in your dialogue.
The only difficulty that I have is that you began your trip from Sydney. This message comes from Melbourne...I had to add that bit to keep the old Sydney/Melbourne rivalry alive.
Best wishes. Everything is crossed in the hope that you enjoy your journey around the Horn.
The father of another young lady about the same age as yourself.

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess:
Sorry I haven't written, with the holidays and all. I feel so guilty, but the pictures are beautiful. I love the albatross,it's such a beautiful bird. The beauty and the gracefulness is certainly something to behold. Thanks for sharing them with us. It's so nice to see you so well, with that smiling, happy picture of you. I have been tracking you on my world map with red arrows and the distance between you and the Horn is very small now. I figure about mid January would be the time u should reach the Horn.
Happy New Year! :-P


Anonymous said...

Wow, so beautiful and lovely pictures! Happy New Year 2010! I pray also for young girl from Holland who wants to be young solo sailer around the world like you. Her name is Laura Dekker, however unfortunately the child care authorize who blocked her for not letting her solo sailing around the world.
By the way, I wish you best of luck and be safe sail on home to Australia later this year. I am so proud of you. :-)

el grande said...

It's a good thing you kept your party under control. I understand albatrosses and dolphins can get crazy when they don a party hat.

You sound great in the video - we were all celebrating with you. You just couldn't hear us for the dolphin laughing.

Bob said...

It is a Black-browed Albatross, a very commmon bird. They can travel at night. Believe it or not some of those bird you see will be over 30 years old, they only come to land to nest. They travel thousands of miles at sea. Do not be alarmed if one crashes into your boat at night, the can get very relaxed out there :)

Ron said...

Maybe getting back to Sydney of a challenge gut it's a challenge that you will handle with ease. As you have done with the rest of the world, you have become my darling. I'm jealous that you belong to your parents and not to me. If I had a daughter like you, I would think I had died and gone to heave. Godspeed Jesse. You are adorable.
Ron - Alabama USA

jwb777 said...

Everything about your New Year blog is top-notch!! You are coming along splendidly!

Many thanks for taking photos and videos, then taking time to post them for all of us to view. Those sights, sounds, and scenes make your adventure come to life for us. They are super, and greatly appreciated!

Let me say it again, you are a dear for so graciously letting those of us scattered around the globe live your dream with you! WE LOVE YOU!

2010 is gonna be GREAT!!!
But precious one, always...SAFETY FIRST!

Hugs and prayers,

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great video and pictures,the albatross seems so at ease just resting on the surface.
Your picture of you looks so warm,wish I could send you some snow to really make if feel like the season.Hope your celebrations where enjoyed by your entire crew.
I was so so pleased to pick up the festivities on the harbor,I only wish I could have been,but I guess in spirit will do.
Your New Year's resolution is right on and I know your ''world family'' is rooting you on all the way,I can't to see and hear about your reception upon your entry into the ''heads''.
Here in the US we celebrated under cold and rainy conditions with close friends and of course a little ''bubbly'',I made a quiet toast to you upon midnight.
Keep the updates coming and remember the quiet times are to be enjoyed.
My best wishes to all for a prosperous 2010,you will succeed,you take it to the bank.
Watching ''ice hockey'' on the tube in Boston,outside,which they do once a year,they had snow last few day's,so it looks cool.
Hugs to you as all way's.look forward as all way's to your videos and updates.
May the winds pick up and carry you along safely.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',

Kobi Sade said...

Happy New Year Jessica and many thanks for your words, pics and the inspiration

Dave on Seren said...

Happy New Year Jess,
Thanks for the photos and video - they are great,


Anonymous said...

Matthew 6:25-27
25 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Hi, Jesse! Thank you for thinking of us with the pics and vids. By all indications so far you sure seem to have pretty well mastered the worry thing. Loved your description of how the clear sky, sunshine, and birds actually help you avoid frustration. Two new years in a row rung in at sea -- what next?! That's awesome! Here's one observer closely watching to see you carry out that new year's resolution! I am praying for your progress, warmth, and good strong health. Count on it. I will continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Jess - what a treat I had for my first check on you today to find those superb videos of those magnificent albatros - and you too of course - and to be able to hear the ocean on the sides of EPL!! When I read your blog it brought tears to my eyes (tears of wonder and joy) for you and what you are achieving and for all of us who are following you so closely and being uplifted and so encouraged and amazed by you. Thank you for your indepth coverage - this is a truly unique event to be involved in and I am privileged to be able to "take part" in this small way with you and your team. I send my thanks and encouragement to them too. I hope you are keeping a diary for yourself to keep in writing your detailed experiences and feelings etc - this experience combined with your superb talent with words has the makings of a fantastic bestseller.
Well little lamb my prayers are with you as usual. Blessings from Nan Mim

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Awesome albatross pics. Thanks for posting these. And the horizon in the background looks so 'serene'.... and it's all 'yours' !

Glad your New Year's Eve raging didn't divert your purpose.. Hehheh. Not long to go before the Left Turn, eh.

The 50 degrees plusses have undoubtedly erased your memories of the humid equatorial waters. And won't south of Tierra del Fuego put even these into perspective , eh ! :))

I hope you get that long awaited 'fresh fish', soon. Gees, with the approach of the 'point', there's gotta be something around.... the albatross aren't around for the view !

And Yesssss.... Sydney. The goal of 2010 !! The Bridge to the west and straight ahead, the Opera house on the port side, a host of welcoming 'fellow sailors' being contained on the harbour and the throng of Serried Rankers on the shore. Yep.... it's gonna be a blast as the 'Inter-Galactic Queen of the Sea' returns from her Adventure of a Lifetime... Can't wait! Hehheh.

OK, Jesse... we're all 'into' 2010, now. And all the Serried Rankers are with your every splash. "C'mon", the left turn !

... catchya down the tacks...

..... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and a great video. I hope your party was good
as well. Thank you for all of the details. It seems like the sea has clamed down a bit, hopefully you can get some rest.

Best wishes for a Very Happy & Safe 2010. May you have smooth sailing and continued success.

Good Luck...

Joe Springfield VA USA

Anonymous said...


Have a go at what you’ve created here!

Between you both, Jesse’s parents, her family and the people you have brought into her life!


It seems your legacy has been answered!

You have all brought the people of the world that little bit closer!

Those yet to be born and those who now share her voyage!

You’ve made the world a better place!

Your legacy will live on for ever and it can only get stronger!

With all my love and respect to you!



I'm proud to share your name even if we aren't related!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Richie, Michael and Anonymous for helping me find Tom @ Billi's Comment!



Worldviewer said...

Brave, Beautiful Young Lady,

May you have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year and may all that you dream, become reality.

Below, my token New Year's gift to you...a wondrous young sailor full of wanderlust, who has somehow managed to fit so many thousands of people the world over, on board her tiny vessel.

In Cabin'd Ships at Sea
Walt Whitman

In cabin'd ships at sea,
The boundless blue on every side expanding,
With whistling winds and music of the waves, the large imperious waves,
Or some lone bark buoy'd on the dense marine,
Where joyous full of faith, spreading white sails,
She cleaves the ether mid the sparkle and the foam of day, or under many a star at night,
By sailors young and old haply will I, a reminiscence of the land, be read,
In full rapport at last.

Here are our thoughts, voyagers' thoughts,
Here not the land, firm land, alone appears, may then by them be said,
The sky o'erarches here, we feel the undulating deck beneath our feet,
We feel the long pulsation, ebb and flow of endless motion,
The tones of unseen mystery, the vague and vast suggestions of the briny world, the liquid-flowing syllables,
The perfume, the faint creaking of the cordage, the melancholy rhythm,
The boundless vista and the horizon far and dim are all here,
And this is ocean's poem.

Then falter not O book, fulfil your destiny,
You not a reminiscence of the land alone,
You too as a lone bark cleaving the ether, purpos'd I know not
whither, yet ever full of faith,
Consort to every ship that sails, sail you!
Bear forth to them folded my love, (dear mariners, for you I fold it here in every leaf;)
Speed on my book! spread your white sails my little bark athwart the imperious waves,
Chant on, sail on, bear o'er the boundless blue from me to every sea,
This song for mariners and all their ships.


Carl said...

I agree with your main wish completely - to return safely to Sydney. But we'd also like you to accomplish your goal to be the youngest...

In reading your blog from the beginning things seem to go very smoothly. It wasn't until I began to read Dilip's blog that I heard about specific difficulties/dangers that you face. You're both facinating and we hope you achieve your goals.
Carl, Wisconsin, USA

Jonathan@Tooradin said...

Hi Jess,

Beautiful pictures ! Yes, the albatross is very efficient when flying because of the shape of its wings (slim and long or "high aspect ratio wings" as is known in aviation terms) but using these same wings to get off the ground requires much more effort than a bird with "normal wings".

Again, I have been thinking quite a bit about your arrival in Sydney next May and I know I will be there, so having said that, if there is anyone else amongst our blog community that is also interested in making the trip to Sydney, I am more than happy to start organising this.

Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR !


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