Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The good news is that so far the wind hasn't been nearly as strong as expected. But on the down side, it sure has been and still is very cold!

The cabin temp has been sitting on 4 degrees Celsius and the wind chill outside is really quite something. Handling wet lines on deck is just downright painful, but mostly I'm staying toasty warm in all my layers. But without any help from the heater which seems to have picked this as a good time to blast cold air rather than hot! I think the problem is fixable but that's going to have to wait till things are a little quieter.

I've also got a little problem with a block on the main sheet (the line that controls the mainsail). Again it's not a biggy, but for now I've got the mainsail down and seeing as there's still plenty of wind, Ella's Pink Lady is making good ground with just the headsail up.

So as I'm writing this, the wind is sitting at about 30knots and it's just become daylight again to reveal an angry, grey ocean. Nothing too serious, but I'm still a bit on edge, as there's more wind expected again today and the odd big wave is knocking us around a bit.

With everything in order there's not really much for me to do for now, so in between frequent glances at the instruments and out the companionway I've been reading, watching the occasional DVD and working my way through all the messages and comments from you guys.

I hope I don't sound like a broken record, but once again thanks so much for all the messages of support. Whenever I sit down to down to read them, I normally laugh and smile the whole way through!

Oh, and I just love the way you guys all keep yourselves entertained chatting in my absence!



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Molly said...

Cold and windy here too Sailor Girlie.
However, I am not dealing with life on a sea-going vessel.
Adding "wet" to cold and windy must be hard to take.
And yet onward you go, you brave one.
Glad to hear the winds are manageable, hope they stay that way.
As always, sending blessings and wishes for safe travel.
Maryland USA

Joe L said...

Hi Jess,

Just wanted to say Hi and tell you we all think about you daily. We had some more family over yesterday and sat around reading your blog and watching your videos again. Everyone that hears about your journey is so impressed at your confidence and bravery for a person your age.

Hey, it shouldn't be too long before Dilip catches up, maybe???

Stay as safe as possible when you're up on deck and sail on girl . . .
- joe -

thijs said...

Keep it up!
sure to be some hot times ahea.

Yelling at appliances does tend to not work,but is soothing anyways!

At least your not stuck learning ;)

Teddy said...

so glad you are able to stay warm, cold really interrupts my thinking. hope you continue to find your way quickly since there is not much to slow down and enjoy right now!!

sarge said...

Hi Jesse
Keep it going - I'm starting to get sea sick with your blog! ha ha
You are such a strong & funny girl.
All the best

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Well, as you can tell, with 485 comments (last count) on the "Calm Before the Storm" message, the longer we don't hear from you, the more people seem to write messages between us (and to you) to pass the time until next contact.

I had done all of my study up on diesel heaters for sailboats and was just imagining how toasty warm you must be in the cabin and now you tell us the darn thing is blowing cold. Absolute bummer !

Well, in the "Cold" report you seem to be handling things quite well and I am sure you will fix the little annoying things that aren't quite working properly.

Might as well wait, if safety is no issue, until calmer waters lest you end up with a southern ocean drenching like Commander Donde. One drenched circumnavigator is quite enough.

Hope you have had time, reading the comments, to take read RichieParis' interview with King Neptune re your voyage. It's a classic.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Bob B said...

Reading your blog made me cold, and it's summer time there. I can't imagine what winter would be like. Brrrrrrrrrrr!! I did spend acouple winters in Alaska but very little wind there at that time of year where I was at. Wondering where Donde is at maybe you guys will round Cape Horn at the same time. I talk about you to my family all the time and so far they haven't told me to stop. I guess maybe they are cheering you on also. God speed and good sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

Anonymous said...

sounds like nice weather to me.
here in ohio,usa it was 16 degrees
fahrenheit this morning when I got up. good luck with the heater when the weather comes down.
be safe

Jose Hernandez, Fl USA said...

Brrr, now that is cold.
No worries it is cold here too in Florida, USA. Good to see your progress, not need to worry about us land based fans we are all good.
As always, stay safe and...

Straight Ahead !!

Thomas said...

Hallo Jessica!

I was riding my bike for 63 km today. The temperature -3 C. Tommorow I will go for a run: 20 km - what I want so say: Thank you for your dream.
Thomas, Germany

tassie devil one said...

jessica so pleased to check back in and there you are its 2.45a.m.tuesday down here is tassie, it is a real pain that the heater has packed it in for the time being, it must be too cold for it ha ha ha, please eat lots of warn food and drinks this will soon pass I hope.best wishes from tassie devil

RedDog said...

Hope you get your heater fixed. I think that it is cold everywhere, it's 49f here in Florida,USA. Where is this global warming when you need it?

duane said...

You knew days like this would pop up but still its got to be a little surprising when they do. Sounds like you are handling it very good. Hope you don't hurt yourself when you get too cold. Just think of the nice warm days ahead in the Atlantic. keep safe and happy. duane

pete said...

jess you the one that is entertaining us, your truly amazing, and to your parents , one can only imagine how you are both feeling about your daughter being out there all alone in the grey scary looking ocean that jess sometimes comes across, my hat goes of to both off you also. thinking off you all, kind regards, Pete. Cairns

Rusty said...

Jessia you are doing great. Abby is getting ready to leave and I will go down the Marina Del Rey to see her off. You young sailors are are really an inspiration to us old salts to get our butts off the couch and go out even on the cold wet days. Its all sailing and its all worth doing.
Carry on young lady. Remember that if it gets too cold you can turn the diesel engine on for about 10 minutes to warm the inside of the boat a bit. When I get too cold I do that and stand right infront of the engine. It helps.


Anonymous said...

Think warm thoughts, Jesse- I am so proud of you! I wish your 'voyage tracker' gave your position and nm's travelled. Any chance your team can look into that? I've seen other bloggers who are circumnavigating and it's nice to see your actual position and progress. Keep up the good work! Karyn, IN, USA

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Ouch! Yes I know how the cold can really ignite the neurons and stiffin the joints!
Sorry the heater is blowing cold!
Wish I had some useful advise to share but sympathy seems to be all that is here. Hot chocolate hardly seems adequate to the task and I'm not sure you have any.
'Sounds like you're in the thick of it. Hope you get around that pesky Cape Horn soon!
Take care and blessings,

Rockymntnhigh said...

Hi Jess,
over the holidays i didn't really get to read your blog. The more I am surprised on your amazing progress! You are really starting to get south! Great job, you and your boat are holding up well!
Better late than never: Happy 2010. Your new years resolution will come true, I am sure of it. I wish you lots of dolpins, good winds and maybe a bit more success with the catiching fish...
Save journey!

Linda Björk said...

Hi Jess. Happy new year!
I've read every blog since you departed from Sidney and I check your website every day for the latest news.
I've never been interested in sailing or anything like that but I decided to follow you through this journey.

Here in Isafjordur (my hometown in Iceland) the temperature today is -8°C and little wind :o)

It was funny when you posted:
"It's cooler again with the temperature down to 17c and over the next few days I'm expected to see a low of 12c."
Because here in Iceland kids go out and play in t-shirts and shorts, in 10°C, eating icecream. :-D hehe

You'll be rounding Cape Horn soon and I'm very excited for you to finish this significant milestone in the voyage.

Keep safe, you rock!


Cheryl in San Diego said...

Good Morning Jessica,
Gosh it is good to hear from you. I wasn't expecting a blog until tomorrow. I am sorry to hear about the cold and yukky conditions...but the important thing is that you are safe and sound. Just like we like you!

I noticed that the date on your blog and all the comments are indicating Tuesday, January the 5th yet the date here in San Diego is the 4th. I was scrambling searching out time zones etc to see if I had somehow missed a day or was having a very senior moment!

I do hope your heater perks up and starts warming you soon and that the main sheet block can easily be fixed or replaced.

Many, many of us are praying each day for you, at times many times a day Jessica; so please know we are with you always.

You amaze me more each day!
God Bless you young lady.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
We're still with you every day.
Get that main block and the heater fixed. They're both very important (as if you didn't know). Can't have you freezing when you go below after freezing topsides.
Stay safe and shorten sail early... very early!
May the winds be fair and on your quarter.
You're doing great.
Best of luck, stay clipped on.
Jenny and Volker, Perth, WA

Brian Riley said...

Well Jesse you are certainly in the cold end of things at the moment with only 4deg in the cabin. Sounds like Parker is doing a good job for you with EPL keeping most ailments down to as little as possible,you are in control of things very well, knowing in advance the conditions you are to expect means you can reduce sail and prepare before the impact of this weather and reduce the element of what if. ( Any person would be on edge in these conditions, you are amazing.)
We love talking to you of the adventure you are taking us on, what are friends for,(you have inherited a large family of them.)
Keep up the good work.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay, QLD.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

In Perth we're currently sweltering in mid to high thirties so a little bit of your "Cold!" would be nice up here!

The weather does seem a bit miserable down your part of the world at the moment but manageable and it sounds like you're still making good progress.

Hope you get your heater fixed up soon to improve the cabin temperature and get that block on the main sheet working properly.

Not sure how close you are to the Horn now, perhaps you could let us know in your next blog. Is Dilip somewhere near you now?

Stay safe, warm and comfortable!

Thinking about you a lot and keep up the great work!

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

cowboychincs said...

OK Jessica... as I said, it is the "little things" that will get in the way... that is why it is sooo important to check them out before a need arises... e.g., the heater. Hopefully you will get that repaired soon and can once again get your body temp back up. Keep your wits about you... as my father always told me, do it correct the first time and then you wont have to do it twice"... keep up your great spirits as we all are behind you 100%.
Grandpa Jerry in South Carolina, USA (also, please tell your support crew to put a metric/celsius conversion program on your site for us metric challenged folks... tee hee)

zorbitearth said...

Stay warm Jess! Try to think about warm times, like perhaps sitting on your favorite beach in the summertime eating your favorite ice cream. :)

Even though my New Year's resolution was to eat better, I intend to eat some ice cream today in honor of your stamina and bravery in the COLD Southern Ocean!

Yum, chocolate icecream. Hey world- Who's with me?!


Bruce de Mich said...

Well, my 'verification word' is 'BABLE' this time so I guess that must be an invitation!

Good to hear from you again, Jessica. I was also pretty concerned for Dilip for a while but he let us know things are relatively OK this morning for him as well. He surely shares your report of 'cold'! BTW, there is another solo sailor (Bernt Luchtenborg) http://www.sail2horizons.com/ behind Dilip who is downloading an occasional streaming video which gives a pretty good look at some of the stuff you are all encountering out there.

Not sure exactly where you are now but my estimates put you approaching the Southwest coast of Chile, longitude wise. That is nearly due South of our State of Michigan. So... welcome to the longitude, I guess! :)

Sorry to hear that the heater pooped out on you at this of all times! Sounds like you came through again with your excellent "Plan B" by keeping out of the wind and donning the layered protective clothing. Your incredible confidence in yourself , your knowledge, your skills, "Ella.." and your shore team even show through all of those layers! Pretty soon you will be able to gain some warmer, safe shelter to the East of SA. Keep up the good work!

Bruce de Mich

Rex said...

Carry on, Jesse. Godspeed. I'm sure Bob is giving you great forecasts and you know exactly where you are relative to the storms. That one that's affecting you now is centered at about 63 S and 97 W and moving eastward, so if you are still on Lat 55 S, you're probably in a good position until you have to start moving a little farther south to go around the horn, after this storm leaves you in its wake. Hope you get around the Horn before the next storm catches up. There seems to be a small one at about 140 W and a bigger one at about 160 W. Of course, the easterly current is helping you move eastward as well, and giving you a couple of extra knots, even with your mainsail down. Hope you can get it back up soon, and speed on along. Dilip is right on your tail at Lat 55 S according to his posting this morning. He was just west of Longitude 100 W then.

Cheers to you both,

Rex Gibbons
Newfoundland, Canada

Lori said...

Hey Jesse, good to hear from you sugar.

Sorry you have a couple of minor hiccups happening, but you seem to be OK breezing along without the mainsail at the moment, hope it's easy enough to fix when things calm down a bit, also to kick start the heater again - could be a lot worse, just frustrating for you.

Sounds like another hot chocolate coming up soon to warm you up.

Was reading all about Easy Meals, I had never heard of them before, what a brilliant idea, no need for refrigeration and a 12 month shelf life, aren't some people clever coming up with new ideas?

I have been asleep, but my cat started yowling very loudly, so got up to see what was the matter, I think she just knew you had 'posted', was so pleasantly surprised to find you had, thank you.

Take care, I hope things stay managable for you and that you get time soon to repair sail and heater - would keeping the stove on help at all, although having said that, if it did you would be doing it.

You are always in our hearts and prays - did Flipper come back?

-Lori, Brisbane

jo from perth said...

HI Jesse,
tis late here and the easterlies are blowing strong. At least they are cooling things down a bit... quite the opposite to you it seems. How big is the 'big odd wave' i wonder? I love the ocean but i get really freaked out by big waves. I am so impressed by anyone who can take on big waves, but i was so impressed by you long before you mentioned the waves.
I keep wondering how you cope with the salt water? As soon as i have finished my swim in the sea i have to wash off the salt water else i get that blood running cold feeling, like nails on a blackboard. I think perhaps it is safe to assume I will never be sailing around the world like a certain courageous 16 yr old is currently doing!
Jesse i hope i don't sound like a broken record when i sign off (by the way you never do) as i wish you Good winds and Safe Sailing.

Bryan said...

Hi Jess
Not sure what time it is where you are but its 2.11am in Brisbane, I am sitting here enjoying a white Tim Tam and got to thinking about the enormity of the journey that you are undertaking and the more I think about it the prouder I feel, I hope that more and more people young and old start to understand that age is no barrier and that life is there to be embraced.
Keep going Jessica Watson You are an inspiration.

bernie777 said...

Hey Jerssica the biggie is that u r still writing this blog to us your Motley crew...we love it when you do some hard core sailing and leave us on the edge of our computer seats...we get so worried and sometimes fear the worst...but suddenly out of the blue the next e mail blog arrives and we get busy typing again...so full speed ahead...watch those big waves ...and keep us posted....its minus 12 at night in downtown Europe coldest snap in England for 25 years....plus 4 is a heatwave over here...r but the wind chill is biting....but u gotta admit we all love you....even David Bowie sent you wishes...u r so lucky..me 2 thats y Im Bernie 777....heres to u go gal go...we r sailing....

Larry said...

Hello Ms Jessica (the old Salt) Watson, It is comforting to hear that you are handling all the little problems with such a positive attitude. It is this positive attitude that will see you through to the dock in Sydney harbor. We have a similar cold here in New Hampshire but we are not on a boat in the middle of the ocean and our house is toasty warm! I didn't mention that to make you feel bad but to let you know we all feel your pain. Whatever you feel and relay to us we all feel it also!! Just imagine that beautiful warmth on the other side just waiting for you Jesse!! Well unfortunately I've got to go to work and rake snow off the roof for this blind lady that I do work for. I have my own handyman business that I've been doing for nine years now and the only thing I don't do is hang wallpaper. If I do win the lottery another thing I'm going to do besides taking my family to watch you sail in to Sydney is to buy a sailboat, learn how to blue water sail and it's adios amigos! That's enough BS for now Jesse. Try and stay as warm as you can, sail safe, and think of that time soon when you, your Mum, and your Dad can have that big and long group hug!!!! Your long distant friend Larry (guamgranite@myfairpoint.net)

Captain O said...

Well you certainly are a trooper! It makes me think twice about whining over the 2 feet of snow with 9 degree (F) we have here as I don't have to be out in it much. Too bad about the heater but hopefully it's easily fixed. As you must know, to persevere is all. Present conditions will pass, much as the fog cleared and the wind rose, the sun will shine and the seas will calm. You just have to stand your watches in the meantime. That is part of the magic of being at sea. Be well...

Victor said...

Hi Jess,

I hope the weather is manageable for you. I am watching it from many angles and I think the worst of it will pass before you but that may leave you with an ugly sea state.

Watch out for Sandip.

We are living this adventure with you probably easier to be on the boat than he on land waiting for the next blog entry.

Take it easy. You know what to do.

s/v Varuna

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Just about to go to bed and saw your post. Glad everthing is going well,hope the waves don't knock you around to much. Just been re-reading your amazing adventure from the start and am up to where you just started refitting EPL. You certainly have got a lot of sea miles under your belt over the last 12 months and in all kinds of conditions. My new fav photo is the one of the sealions chasing you out of the harbour at Campbell Island. Well take care Jess thanks for the update. Oh forgot to ask did you get the 12volt hairdrier out when Mr Albert Ross visited you the other day? :-)
By for now
Tim and Rosie (who is in Ayr but gets home on Thursday)
From Caboolture

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing person! I so enjoy starting each day reading your update and imagining the conditions you describe.

I am glad to hear you handle each situation with such confidence! It is so admirable to hear you describe each challenge & how you met every one head on. We are all right here with you, watching your dream come true!

Wishing you fair seas!

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hey hey Jess,

Whooosh...30 knot winds!

Also recommended for grey oceans and turbulent waves/winds is some good background music and warm/hot chocolate!

Up here in the Virgin Islands we are into the "Christmas Winds"...foul weather off/on. So lots of music and chocolate our side.

You are doing so great, really great Jess!

Sail on!

US Virgin Islands

Rob said...

I'm glad to here you made it through the new year storm. about as cold there as it is here. we are sitting between -3 and 10 F. However, I'm not complaining because I have a dry house to sit in, and it is much warmer than 3 C in my house! I really hope you can get your heater working. staying that cold for days won't be any fun. I'm getting really excited for you almost reaching the cape! I'm right there with you as I'm sure everyone else is. If you need anything just let us know and we'll be there in an instant! loved the pictures!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Gillian @ Fontainebleau said...

Stay warm Jess. Sounds like conditions are very tough over there at the moment. Thinking of you.
Gillian, France

Anonymous said...

hei jess, happy new year! best of luck with all that is in front of you. you are super cool. respect!

Anonymous said...

hi jesse

certainly you sound like a broken record :-) but then, it's one of my favorite records which i like to play over and over and over...

keep on the good work!

Anonymous said...

Jessica thanks for the informative update hang on and soon you'll be in more pleasant weather conditions and you can tend to repairs & get some rest ! God Bless !

Mary said...


How do you type with the all the rockin' and rollin'?!

I have a clear picture of you, layered and warm and toasty in your skin while moving and below deck, but handling the sheets with wet, cold fingers (even with gloves on, no doubt) above deck.

I'm glad you're able to read our posts, watch some dvd's and read some. Bring on the next hot meal and drink while you can, too!

All blessings to you, with warm hugs and manageable winds.

Here's a trick that I made up for when I'm cold and want to feel warm. It works for me EVERY TIME:

I picture myself lying in the sand of the hottest beach I've ever been on, in this case, Tobago island, north of South America. In my hand, I'm holding a bowl of hot oatmeal cereal, topped with brown sugar. As I eat the hot cereal, while sitting in the hot sand, with the hot sun beaming down on me, I feel the deliciously hot, sugary oatmeal warming my throat and then my esophagus, then my stomach. Aaaahhhh. Yum....and now I'm warm.

chris coles-morales said...

Hello there!!
Glad to hear that you made it through the storm! Judging from the geostationary site I watch,it looked like a good one.
Too bad the heater went on the fritz.... hope you can fix it soon.. or you can just turn on the stove and heat the cabin when you cook?
Keep warm and dry!!
chris in calif

Mike said...

The challenges have begun. Use the tests you have had to keep your mental bearings. Keep your focus, be methodical and safe in all you do. Sorry about the heater, but you can survive this test too.

You are in my prayers and I along with many others am very proud of you.

Mike Atlanta

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

Where I stand the temperature is minus 8 celsius ( minus 16 with the wind chill factor), with winds at 26 km/h.
Until your heater is working and your mainsail goes up again, I've decided to share the cold with you.
So I have cut the heat, opened the windows and jammed the doors open.

The scary part of it is I might have to face a rebellious crew! :-)

You're the best!

Stay dry, keep safe

Дорожник said...

Your "Cold" isn't so cold as our. It's -20° outdoors :) But I hope you will repair your heater.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to hear that the wind hasn't been as strong as expected. 4 degrees C seems cold for being where you are. Is it normal for the season? I do hope that you can fix the heater soon, even the line.
It's very interesting to read your reports. I show my friends and we talk about what you are doing.
We are in a very cold period still and for tomorrow will it become even colder. Up north -38 C at least. Brrr. I guess we will get
-14 C.
Keep warm and stay dry and sail on safe brave Jessica.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm sending you warm wishes from northern California! Keep safe and warm! Nancy

mdtuttle said...

Hi Jessica,
We're a family from South Dakota, USA and have been tracking your journey and reading your blogs since you first started. You are truly an inspiration. My daughters are 12 and 15 and have really had fun tracking your journey. Sorry we haven't written before this. We complete understand about the cold weather, just the other day our temp was -29f! Brrr! Keep busy to stay warm and hurry and get to warmer weather. Please stay safe.

South Dakota, USA

David said...

Hi, Jess, 4 degrees converts to 39 degrees fahrenheit where I live, but when you add water to the equation it is very cold. I can imagine your discomfort and trust you and your team will figure out how to get more out of your heater. In any event, it was good to hear from you today and know that you are still surfing to the Cape. Can you use the Straits or do you have to go around Terra del Fuego?

David Indiana

S C Petersen said...

Captain Jessica,

Once again I have to tell you how amazing you are. Of coarse, you expected to have some problems on your voyage but you seem to be taking these problems in stride, and with such a great attitude!!

If the rest of the followers and I are this proud of you, I can't even imagine how your folks keep from bursting. They must be so very proud of you!!!

As always,
Fair winds and following seas,

Alessandro Machi said...

Sorry about your heater not working. Sometimes heaters are just blowing out the same amount of heat no matter what fan setting you use, so the higher the fan setting, it may seem like less heat because it is the same amount of heat being blasted out farther.

If for some reason you did not try all the settings try the low fan setting and see if that helps any.

lol, or it could just be broken.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on. You're doing all of us proud and I'm sure, none more so than your parents. :-)

Jan said...

good morning jesse,from a very windy canterbury nz. sensational adventure,
have my 9 year old grandson george on board now and loving it. cheers.

SailSim said...

Hi Jesse,

OK, well one thing is for sure; when the outside temperature reaches tropical again, that's when your heater will decide to blast out hot air again! The layers thing works well for core body temp, but it's hard to keep your hands warm, right?

Stay safe and fair winds.

Jim @sailsim

Mike said...

Hello Jessica! Well if everything went perfectly, that would be boring right? I am glad to see things have not been crazy as far as the wind and swell. I hope the repairs on your equipment go well, and I know you can handle fixing it. Good job preparing and staying on top of conditions. I will continue to pray for your health and safety, and strength and comfort knowing you are well equipped physically and mentally for the trials ahead. I'll also continue praying for the strength and comfort of your family and team at home (especially mum!).
I just read on Abby's blog that your mum has been helping Abby's mom pack her food. What a wonderful example of support for someone who shares the same dream! The rest of the world should take notice and learn from this great example of comradeship! I picture the two of you on some national talk show sharing your experience with the rest of the world.
Stay warm, safe and focused. This is another big test of your endurance and abilities. I know you have what it takes to handle it!
Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that You cover Jessica with Your Angels of protetion. In Jesus' name Amen!
Grace Fellowship Church
North Stonington, CT. USA

Darren Rickard said...

Well done Girl ! You have done brilliantly so far and I back you 100%. All the best for the cape and the rest of the trip.

Home of the greatest sailors, New Zealand.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, It can be very
disconcerting when you have repair
issues in a heavy sea and 30 knot winds. You are smart to wait until conditions improve to fix things. You're thinking safety first and I applaud you.Hang in there and finish this important leg of your
journey. Better conditions await you when you round up near the
Falklands. Be Happy! Be Safe! Sing Louder! Stay Warm! Godspeed!

Michael in California said...

I wonder what Movies you are watching???
I am still reading you everyday, and have sent out your web site to everyone on my Christmas list in hopes that they will follow you as I am.......

Michael in California.

Anonymous said...

Be careful out there Jessica, Cape Horn is not to be taken lightly, as Im sure you know, praying for you daily, also watching Dilip, crazy how you two are so close to each other, probably not to many others in that stretch of ocean for hundreds of miles. Best wishes to you both....

Victoria said...

Hi Jessica,

I started to read your blog a few weeks ago but now I'm addicted and don't miss any of your updates.:)
I just want to say you're the bravest girl on Earth and I hope there won't be many difficulties during your journey.
4 degrees in that cabin??? I think about this every day when I have to go outside (as I live in Europe it's winter here now brrr)... anyway, don't give up, you're the BEST!
Keep safe and warm


Anonymous said...

It's -15 below (Fahrenheit) here in Iowa, U.S.A. I hope you don't get that cold! Stay with it Jessica! You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Go Jess Go , the Horn is coming

stay dry

Anonymous said...

About -17 C with a wind chill of -25 c here today. More snow expected. No one in bikinis around at all in this weather. Hope you get that heater working with hot air instead of cold. You will probably need all the heat you can get the further south you get. You are doing everything possible to make sure all the lines are in order and making all the necessary repairs before you really get into the rough stuff. I think a lot of us read most of the comments and get a good chuckle out of some. Keep up the good work and as usual safe and as smooth as possible, sailing. Best wishes from up here in Calgary...Russ.

el grande said...

4 degrees - ouch! all sailors know that a piece of equipment will fail when you want to use it. ignoire the heater and it will start working again. stay bundled up and good luck getting to that block!

Jurga said...

Hi Jessica,

Greetings from Vilnius, Lithuania!

All the best to you during these wavy days :) I enjoy reading your blog and following your travel. You are amazingly brave!


sunfish550 said...

hi jess, you're safe and sound, that's good. jess, this is so true, 'when your feet are warm, you're whole body is warm'. so wrap those little piggies in layers ok? i can imagine you looking like the Michelin man,:)
following you on passage weather.com Weather Bob, please bring our jess around the Horn safely ok?
may you always have...
love to share
health to spare
friends that care

be careful jess
lenny Pittsburgh PA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

Nice to hear from you again! I'm glad that you are doing fine after the last storm, hope the weather in the next days gives you a chance to fix the thing that are not working properly. Can you go through the horn with the mainsail down? probably it will be enough wind to keep the things on track.

Have a good rest as much as you can.

Best wishes,

Marina from Turin

Old Iron said...


Good to hear from you.

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Grant from Coolum

Hi Captain Jessica,
You are doing so well keep up the good work and you will soon be through this tough patch. Hope you can fire up the diesel heater soon to make it more comfortable for yourself. It was so good to hear from you this soon.
Go Go Go Brave Girl

Grant from Coolum

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess , I had to get up early this morning . First thing , I turned the computer on .
So glad to find your blog again this morning . Hope it workes out with the main sail and heater .
Hang in there and look forward to good days ahead, we are all behind you . Safe sailing , thinking of you , Love from Nana Annie XO

RICHARD said...

I hate cold... and diggin' holes! So sailing sounds good but I may have to stick to the equatorial waters.

30 knots? That's pretty intense. perhaps a warm wind will find it's way to you and EPL. Sounds like you could us a break.

hummmm can you take the block below to fix it or do you have to make repairs in place?

Hang in, it will all change all too soon.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
A brave sailor.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Christiane said...

Hey Jesse,

I was happy to hear you're doing fine! Sounds really cold over there, hope you'll get the heater working again! We're having a lot of snow here in Germany and -5° so I have an idea of what it must be like.

I'm marking your progress on my wall map and keep noticing how fast you're travelling! Need to buy new pins soon ;)

Keep yourself warm and take good care!

Best wishes, Christiane

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

It's so satisfying to hear you're alive and kicking! Can't image how one can deal with those cold temperatures in- and outside! Don't you sonstantly shiver??

I wrote a large report about your travel in my blog and I'm amazed, how many people around the big big globe are interested in your progress!

Even though we're thinking of you we can't do anything but pray - hope that helps anyhow. And we wish you some higher temperature and some sun to refill the battery!

Stay safe and healthy out there and go for it! Greetz to all commentators, too! Nice to read your lines, really.

Stefan from Germany

Vegasclimber said...

Hey there Jess!

Glad to hear you're well, sorry to hear about the minor problems.

Nothing more annoying then something you know you can fix, but you can't get to it for some reason! Our heater went out last week and due to work it was a few days before I could deal with it.

Hopefully the wind settles down a bit soon so you can get on top of stuff and get into repairs mode.

I'm glad to hear the blog puts a smile on your face, you have attracted some wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring people here. Not only do I stand in daily awe of your posts and your voyage - and you - but I also really look forward to seeing the comments from Samurai, Richie, Rob, Riley, Mary and so many more.

Sometimes talking amongst ourselves, is kind of a tension reliever! Nervous chatter you know, while waiting for updates! ;)

Hope the rest of your day goes well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Jesse,

Thanks for your post.
It's a great description of the weather, EPL and how YOU are doing. Most importantly I am glad to hear you are STILL "staying toasty warm" in all your layers despite the conditions.

In the meantime...there are a lot of WARM hearts here sending you and "your crew" a big hug and WARM wishes....hope that helps a bit.

The fact that you are "a bit on edge" tells me you are up for any challenge. YOU CAN DO IT JESSE.

Safety first,
Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

PS Roger and Julie...best wishes.

Piggy3 said...

I was complaining this morning about the weather conditions: cold (around 0°C), with slippery roads and pavements because of the snow... but now after reading your post, I find my position quite confortable: sitting on my couch in a warm room, and with nothing more worrying for tomorrow than another day in front of my computer! YOU, on your own on small ship in the middle of the immensitiy of the sea with big wind and big waves, about to go round Cape Horn! You make us dream and relativise our dayly "problems"... So thanks again and keep on being so brave.
Malène, from somewhere close to the very quiet Leman Lake.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

It is great hearing from you and it is good to hear the weather so far is not too bad. Bit of a bummer about your heater but I am sure with all your layers on you will be ok until you can fix it.

Hope you can sort out the little problems with the rigging so it does not become a bigger problem later.

You are doing a fantastic job living your dream. Enjoy every minute as you will be back in Sydney before you know it and then planning your next big adventure in life!!!!

Stay safe and keep warm.

Ingleburn NSW

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

I was a little concerned about it being so cold for you. I hope you can repair the heater sooner than later. Know that we (your followers) are keeping you warm and toasty in our thoughts. It has been in the low 70's farenheit, even during Christmas/New Year's (Mother Nature doesn't serve up "winter" here on the Southern California coast).

I think of you several times a day. Keep up the wonderful attitude and spirit. I hope you will see the sun again soon, and even sooner than that, warm air from your heater!

As always, stay safe.

Newport Beach, California

Bengt said...

Oh, I feel pity for you. +4C does not sound so cold, since I have -4C right now in Sweden (weak wind), and -15C yesterday morning (no wind).

But with the moisture and the 30 knot (15 m/s, oh shit) and more wind chill, and day after day, it must be terrible.

But you will make it, of course. It feels good to complain a little. The Cape Horn is about a week away, then it is back home!

At the moment the ETA (estimated time of arrival) at Cape Horn is 11 January. By the way Dilip Donde also has a similar ETA, the 10 or 11. Maybe he will catch you up the day before and you sail together until the Horn!

I will publish a new list of ETA for the rest of the journey when I have improved the calculation more. The ETA is 19 April in Sydney now. Some errors in my calculation gave 13 April on my previous forecast.

You have seem to have 110 nm per day based on the theoretical great circle distance, 5507 nm Kiritimati–Cape Horn, in 50 days (22 nov–11 jan), which is my base for calculating your ETA. Good speed really!

Good luck and good sailing and all the best. Bengt I Larsson, Gothenburg, Sweden.

lswinter said...

Mon morning, Jan 4, '10, NC USA

Hello, Jessica,

As near as I can figure it, you are in your mid morning. We read about your heater and that concerns us. We'll be praying that you can find the time soon to get that going. Seems that a long chill would not be a good thing.

Otherwise, you present a good image of a seasoned sailor with ability to make good priority decisions. Keep up the good thing you're doing. We look forward to reading the book!

Blessings and prayers,
Leon & Sally

maxine maroochydore said...

Goiiodmorning Jesse. you brave brave girl, hope you are o.k. I really mean o.k. also hope you can fix that heater of yours, of course you can you fix everything else. Well let me tell you a littler bit of trivia, one of my grandaughters Jasmine, who is 16, went camping the other day up to Double Island point, who with you ask your sister Emily, and her boyfriend Nick, Jaz couldnt wait to ring me up and tell me. The conversation was of course about you, I think Jaz gets abit jealous, because she told Emily, how I idolise you and how you are my hero LOL, but its true, and now Jaz knew more about you than me LOL. Well Jesse, I am off for a walk now with the dogs, Dolly mine and Abbey Jazmines its a little rainy and still a little bit dark, but nothing like you have to go thru, so I will be thinking of you as always, and wishing you safe journey. God speed Jesse, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

jwb777 said...

There you are, out in that wild and uncertain Southern Ocean and you take time to send us the latest on yourself and EPL! You are SO loyal, thoughtful, and unselfish! Would that the world was full of Jessica Watsons!!

ALL of your posts are greatly appreciated, but never would any of us want you to post at the expense of your safety. So, write only when it's safe, OK? Keep lots of carbs and fluids going in, stay clipped on, and keep your face to the rising sun! Cape Horn will soon be at your back! ....WE LOVE YOU!

As we say in Oklahoma, "Ride 'em Cowgirl!"

Hugs and prayers,

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Fox Maho said...

Hey, Little Star!)
Just sitting at the heater with -15 degrees Celsius outside... Yeah, Moscow has a little freeze;) Crossing my fingers for you to be safe and victorious! Thousands of minds send you spiritual support and energy! So you're not alone wherever you are... as me also learning my english;))
Well, if there are such girls in Australia, I'll definitely go there for sure!=)

Myriam Grech said...

Myriam from Malta.Hi Jessica. Just loved the photos of the albatross. Just beautiful! Pity there isn't one of the dolphin from the porthole :) He must have been quite a companion.Well, just take good care of yourself and keep your news coming. I just love reading through your blogs and watching the videos.Take care and have a happy new year.Myriam

martin said...

Jess, you are doing fantastic! I sail inland and only on nice summer days, and only dream of doing what you are doing. Our prayers are with you and my God keep you safe on your journey.
Marty, USA

Sabrina, Valerie & Bob said...

My two granddaughters (ages 5 and 8) and I have been following you since you started and wish you the best. Not much water for sailing around here, so we're learning a lot and getting great inspiration from your quest.
Take special care of yourself!
Wichita, KS USA

Anonymous said...

aaw Jess... cold air from the heater, now that SUCKS.

it's like us having 'heated crockery, bedding, towels etc' on a 40+C day when all we want is to cool down...

perhaps some visualisations will help warm you up, you know... big roaring fire, polar bear skin (fully synthetic of course), some spunk to snuggle up to...

Keep well, mate

Deborah said...

When you do not blog, Jessica, I always check the "Latest News" section of your website. Your team is good about keeping us posted when you can't do it yourself. Reading about your journey is quite educational for me. Too bad it isn't possible to circumnavigate the globe closer to the equator, eh? But I accept, as you do, what you have taken on, and that it won't always be comfortable, and sometimes it will be downright awful.

Thanks for sharing everything with us.

Best wishes!

Dan said...

Dear Jessica

My first post, but have been following you since day one. You are really proving to be a great sailor. I think you are maturing before our eyes with every post. Hope you get that heater fixed soon.(I'm sure you will) With the diesel fuel you are saving now while it is off you can make the cabin nice and toasty for a day when things settle down and you get a chance to fix the problem and have a little break. Hoping that comes soon for you.

Keep up the great work!!!

Best Regards
Portland, Oregon, USA

LINDA UK said...

Hi Jess,
I am another one of your avid !followers /supporters ,thinking of you much and letting all my friends and family know what you are doing :)

Its all very exciting and Im sure we all picture you in your cabin and working hard just keeping everything ticking over.What an adventure and what stories to tell when you get back.
I will be first in line to see the Jess Watson Movie,

take care,stay warm and will comment again soon,
Linda ,UK

hartmut said...

Hi Jess,
to live in a room with only 4 ° C is very hard , you have to take care for yourself not to cool down!!
Or even get wet and cold!!how will you become warm again,... ??,when the heating doesn`t work correct?
I´am from the northern hemisphere and by the time we do have winter up here with snow and temperatures about -10 ° Celsius, believe me I also would prefer summer!!
But don`t worry things will become better after you`ve rounded the Cape!! And that will spend you more power, because you`ve mastered ,as I think, the biggest step of your trip.
Regards Hardy

Anonymous said...

Morning Jess!

So cool your doing ok, Not cool that it's so cold though! Stupid heater!

Back to work for me today and I think we're going to be hitting the 40's this weak in Melbourne. Think it's pretty much the same all ova Aus! That's cool though, love me job and working out side in all crazy weather!

Hope you can get that blockage fixed to get the speed you need to get your but around the cape fast!

Hardly even worried about you now!
Just the freaky waves and stuff I spose.

Worried about Whaling ships and Ella's pink lady spotting them!

She knows she's not the Sea Shepard by now doesn't she? lol

Crap! Gotta go!

Have a great day Jessica Watson!

You ROCK!!!

Go Jess! Go


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse

Great to here everything is alright.
How much farther to getting around the horn?
Stay Safe!


KB said...

Hi Jess
I just sent you a couple of warm angels to wrap around you
Seriously though can you leave the stove on for a while, just enough to heat the cabin up a bit and dont forget to tape any any cracks up so as to keep the cold out.
As for the huge waves, all your doing is riding the waves into the history books

Keep going strong Jess, wont be long before everything sorts itself out so stay CLIPPED ON and enjoy

see ya in Sydney in a few weeks babe!!!

KB (Melb.)

Sally said...

Morning Jess

4 degrees - Ouch! Keep those thermal undies on girl and fix the heater!!!

You seem in good spirits which is comforting to hear for us 'bloggerholics' and if you are not as good as your seem - you are faking it well! Another day at the office hey?!

Being a little on edge can be a good thing - at least your senses are sharp and you are prepared for fast action if something occurs. I just hope that you are getting some rest and eating properly amongst all this. The cold makes you so hungry. Eat chocolate!!

I hope that you have managed to sort out the probs with the sail (and the heater)

It's a warm one in Sydney today - sorry Jess - and I am confused on what dress to wear to work. My problem sounds so minute compared to yours *lol* But you know, the air conditioning in our office is so cold throughout summer that I have to keep a blow heater running under my desk. It's freezing! I'll suffer with you Jess!

Anyway stay safe - have a great day!

'You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we're doing it' ~Neil Gaiman

Ocean: A body of water occupying two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills. ~Ambrose Bierce

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. ~Robert Henri

Sally In Sydney

Julie said...

oh so lovely to hear from you Jess... you have been on my mind..what committment and tenacity you have. this is a wonderful experience ( for all of us)...you know, I need to tell you, I am haveing cancer treatment and sometimes when the going gets tough and i feel a bit sorry for myself I think of you and your courage and buck my ideas up !!! so thank you for what you give to me....
you go girl and you will be bouncing into Sydney harbour before you know it....am even thinking of coming across the tasman to welcome you home...( by air i might add from this land lubber !!!! ) lots of love and hugs to you.... xxxxx

Ryan said...

Hey Jess!
Ive been following since the start so am happy to see you're progressing nicely. Have you seen any ships or other man made objects in the last few weeks since youre so far out? Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Hang in there.. stay warm... think about palm trees and hot sunny beaches.... Be extra careful... We are looking forward to a safe passage around the HORN!!

Gale Family said...

Keep it up girl! Warmer days ahead!

JL said...

Your cheeks must be frozen... how do stay warm, I mean, in NYC it has been 32 degrees F, and wind chill making it zero degrees, but inside it would be 50 degrees F and I would be so cold.

lol, stay warm.

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,

Of course we're talking about you. We even get to get in touch with one another. And YOU DID that, mind you. ;-)
Well, it was minus 7 here in Britain. But at least the floor was not moving and trying to knock me down. And yeah, the heater is working. So, I feel for you being in those bad conditions.
But still, I think you're the lucky one.
Hope the line is not going to become a big concern for you.

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Anonymous said...



Randy said...

Hi Jesse!

Doesn't sound so very good, the cold weather and all the wet lines you have to handle...,
but mostly the problem with the block! Is there a chance to fix it?

I hope there is! Cause is so important you can go (sail) on and
make your dream real!!!

It's really fantastic, your writing about your journey!
You give us a good idea, how life on board for so long time seems to be.
Every day, I wait for your new blog!

I send you all the best wishes on your way to Cap Horn!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Nyle James said...

Jessica, go, girl go. So enjoying following your adventure and I marvel at your maturity and ability, and your honesty to admit things can get a bit scary. Stay safe... and keep your wonderful sense of humour. Like the rest of your huge fan base I am sailing overy n/mile of the way with you.
Take care
Blenheim NZ

Eric said...

Jessica...Just wanted to say that I'm a mormal suburban Dad who's been watching your progress every few days...Please take care as you near "the Horn" ... Good Luck
Eric Melbourne Aust. 5/1/10

Anonymous said...



Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jess

Well it isn't cold in Dubbo this morning..just very nice..hope that doesn't make you feel bad. Two more days at work just to tidy up and then off north to your part of the world..Lennox Head first then Caloundra wayhoo for ten days of swimming and fishing and then to Wollongong Yass and Perth for a further few days. I will stay in touch. Stay warm ..the roos are back the joey is getting to big for the pouch so I imagine mum will boot him out in a day or two...legs sticking out etc. Client "he/she" says hi and loves your blogs...very motivational for this person who is your age who lives on little food and virtually no sleep, however they will be in good care while I am away.

I am getting excited about you roaring along getting closer and closer to the Cape.

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Stephen said...

Hi Jessica,
Sounds like your having a blast with your equipment ganging up on you all at once! I hope you get some down time to fix that heater soon! That would be first on my list. LOL
Thanks for the update. Yours is the only blog I have ever read and I haven't missed any of it. Thanks for taking us on your adventure with it. Keep up the good work out there!
Steve Z.

bruce said...

SO many people are sailing with you and wish you well in the next critical days. All you need is a little headsail for stability and to keep moving forward!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
Aussies are being fried and Euopeans and Americans are freezing their butt off, so enjoy the chilly wind and them giant waves!

Sounds like your boat starts to show some wear and tear. Admiral Didl has already a little bit more miles under his keel and is also struggling with loose and malfunctioning things. I guess its part of the game, isn't it? Hey, you should be almost within sight of Admiral Didl! Don't give Admiral Didl a big hugh because than you will loose the competition of being "unassisted"!

Anyways, what happened to them albertos and them dolfens? By the way have you seen any of them biggy animals, like them whales and them sharks?
Please don't forget to send pictures and video's. I would like to see how them giant waves look like!

Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

My daughter Monique (11 years old) just sent through a little message to you. The family are always keen to hear how you are getting on.

It's great to hear from you again. It's sounds like you have your work cut out for you at the moment but as we all know you are more than capable of handling anything that comes your way. You also have that fantastic crew on board - set up a roster for them, they are all willing workers! EPL is doing really well thanks to the great skipper on board.

I just want to say I really admire you Jesse. You are such a caring lass. Since you mentioned Dilip's blog I have read it and he mentioned about you phoning him on New Year's Eve which meant a lot to him. He is having a few challenges with his yacht at the moment and I think that the call you made to him just made his day.
It's great when people from different countries support each other; youself, Dilip and Abby all have great sportsmanship and should all be really proud representing your respective countries.

On Abby Sunderland's blog she mentioned that her Mum was speaking to your Mum about the food Abby will need. That's so neat that your Mums were having a chat.

Well my dear I have been carrying on a little here so I will sign off. Take care, keep warm and safe and know that we are all thinking about you. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

John said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well even if you are a little colder than you would be used to. When I first moved to Canada I bundled my kids up a 5 celsius now that's practically shorts and t-shirst weather. Everything is relative. You will really enjoy the climb back up the thermometer once you round the Cape and start heading north again.

Stay safe.

Lut said...

Take care Jess and thanks for keeping us informed
I hope the heating will be working again soon ! Here in Luxembourg we have minus temperature the whole day long and now at 21h it is already minus 7 ...
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse.

Not a sailor here. Just interested in your progress around the world.
You are doing very well with Cape Horn getting closer. It has been forecast 43C on a day soon so seeing your 4C sounds painful!

Can't offer any advise as you are the expert out there but keep going and never give up.

Cheers and God bless,
NW Victoria

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
Brrrrrr! I find that appliances need a swift kick when they play up... jumping up and down yelling at them also helps. At least it might warm you up for a while. :)
Stay dry, keep rugged up and sail on.

Angus (bris) said...

Hey Jesse,
I'm glad your OK, it can start to get depressing when the cold sets in for a prolonged period.
I know what you mean when you say your heater spits out cold and not heat. One of our trucks had the heater stuck on hot for several weeks before the driver complained about it. That sort of makes you wonder, and before you say anything, he lives near Buderim.
I hope you get your main sheets fixed, its hard to work when your hands are so cold.
I don't know how you type in the rough weather, I have enough trouble sitting in front of my computer. Thank god for spell check.

Last Sunday night we had a koala outside making a lot of noise (as they do) we live on 4 acres. Anyway this guy (koala) was making so much noise I stuck my head out the window and yelled at him to shut-up, 5 minutes later one of our neighbours rang up and apologised for the noise they were making. I didn't even know they were having a party.

Sometimes I think it must take you hours to go through all the messages.
So long for now, take care. Nearly round the Horne then off to some calmer weather.
Fair winds and following seas.

Paula said...

Whew! What a relief to see your shining pixels again after quite a dry spell, although I know it wasn't especially dry for you!

Your fellow circumnavitor Dilip is having some mechanical problems too, so I guess your block trouble is par for the course. I just hope you can fix it and get that main up soon, so you have your full complement of gizmos to keep you and EPL moving smartly along.

It's bitterly cold here in New York and will be all week. It's about 15 degrees, which is....ah....about minus 9 Celsius, and a stiff wind makes it even colder. My little dog, Grover, who usually loves long walks, was quite ready to come in after only 15 minutes out there. I wish I could loan him to you for a nice warm snuggle.

I also wish I could insert a photo of him to cheer you up. Godspeed!

Attitude said...

"It takes a little courage, and a little self-control. And some grim determination, If you want to reach the goal. It takes a great deal of striving, and a firm and stern-set chin. No matter what the battle, if you really want to win, there's no easy path to glory. There is no road to fame. Life, however we may view it, Is no simple parlor game; But its prizes call for fighting, For endurance and for grit; For a rugged disposition that will not quit."
Navy SEAL Masterchief

anth said...

Just finished reading the blog Jesse, theres water everywhere at the moment with most of northern and western NSW getting between 230 and 320mm of rain so far this year but it isn't 4 degrees.

Stay save out there Jesse.


Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Just an thought, you might want to put up the storm trysail until you get the mainsheet block sorted. That way you are ready if anything nasty comes up.
On the heater, I really,really,really hate to hear that you are coooold! I did research on heaters ond have concluded that you probably have an Espar,Wesbasto or Mikuni forced air diesel heater. Regardless, cold temperatures make them harder to start. Turns out they have very high initial current draw. I'm sure your support crew back at "mission control" is all over this, but here's another thought. You might have to start the diesel up to make sure that you have sufficient current to fire the thing off. In cold temps, diesel is harder to ignite, and batteries do not deliver full current because of the cold. When the heater is started , a blower turns on, a pump runs, and a glowplug glows. all this draws alot of current. Have the diesel running if nessasary when your support folks say it's ok to try again. On the Espar units, there is a lock out if it doesn't start within a couple of tries. If you don't have the reset box, you will have to call your friendly Espar rep in Tierro del Fuego, so that he can row out and reset it for you!(Unless you have the reset unit onboard that is)

Hang in there Special One!
You are living Life!
Richard W

PS The original inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego went naked and kept warm by smearing themselves with grease. They always had fires burning, hence the name Tierra del Fuego.
They had heat and no clothes, wearas you have clothes and no heat!

Hugh Anthony said...

Each evening we still around the fire, have a few beers and "whats Jessica up to today" comment always crops up. together with comments about the comments. You are achieving a wonderful journey, which is keeping alot of people entertained and are sailing with you. God bless.

Bobespirit2112 said...

Good luck and hang in there, Jess. I'm sure better weather will come soon.
Indianapolis, USA

danma said...

Happy New Year Jess, we have been down to Eden NSW so haven't had that much internet just enough to check on your progress.
We played beach cricket & tried to hit the ball out to you, big call I know but the thought was there.
Hopefully soon you will be back in the warmer parts & you can start to thaw out.....
We love to hear what you have doing, please stay safe & as always happy sailing....
Keep warm.....

Pip from Tassie said...

Hi Jess,

Hope you get that heater fixed soon! It's so important for your health and morale to stay warm and be able to dry out if you get dunked (as if you didn't know!).

I'm still reading your blog every day and am amazed (and very pleased) to hear from you so soon. Thanks to your shore crew for the update on your news section too. It stops us all from worrying too much. :)

I have a picture of Southern Ocean waves on my background and can't imagine being in a small boat amongst them. You got moxy girl!!

Remember bravery isn't the absence of fear but the courage to keep going in spite of it! The edgyness will just serve to ensure you stay cautious and respectful of the sea. You sound like the sort of person who just gets in and does what needs to be done in a practical and resourceful way so keep it up.

Keep up your spirits, we're all thinking of you. Love and prayers from one of your "proxy mums".

Carol said...

Good morning, Jessica!

What a wonderful surprise to hear from you during this period when we worried that you wouldn't be able to let us know how you were fairing. Hope that your little glitches don't become any more of a problem than they are right now . . . . but don't know how you can stand it without some heat to give you a break from the cold.

I wanted to remind you to keep drinking water, we don't want you to get dehydrated . . . which can cause confusion and keep you from thinking clearly, something that you really need the most during this part of your voyage!

I won't ramble on, because I know that you have a lot of messages to read and I don't want to take any more of your precious time . . . but, did want to remind you about the liquids, even though you're probably thinking that it will just mean that you'll have to make more trips to the head, and unbundle and bundle up again. . . . keeping hydrated is one of those things that you shouldn't skimp on, especially right now!

Hope you feel my hand squeezing yours? It's sending you encouragement, and the message that "you can do it, yes, you can"!!!

I truly appreciate so much all of your loyal supporters and "blog family" . . . which you may have noticed is growing daily!!!

Also just to let your know . . . our love, hugs, and prayers are winging their way to you, Jess!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Hope your problem with your sheet on the mainsail is not a big one.I trust you have insulation in those gloves of yours.
You are in a challenge of the sea that you will overcome,part of your adventure and you will look back on it at the end and say did I really go through that,you will ''YES I DID''.
I hope you are getting good intake of food during this cold period,hot ''Oatmeal'' is a great start to a cold day.
''Pink Lady'' is keeping you safe and on track,I can tell she his tough,just like her skipper.
Keep taking in liquids when it's cold because your body gives off more heat during these times.
Stay safe and true to your course young lady,thank you for your update,your ''world family ''waits daily in all you do.
May the winds stay manageable and your ''stuffy crew'' and Kiwi stay on their furry,rubbery toes.
By the way,whats your DVD tastes?
That's it for this afternoon from the USA,remember we love and support you through good time and rough one's.
Stay warm,be safe,stay positive young sailor,you'll have stories to tell.
Hugs to you and crew,
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
Maryland,USA,[cold,windy,like Molly said].

parkerbob said...

Hi Jess,
I've been following your adventure via the web since you left Sidney! I can't wait each day to read your next blog on the trip. Keep warm and safe and know there are thousands of people pulling for you!

Bob from Florida

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, sounds chilly. I guess you lose a bit of agility with all the layers of warm gear on eh?
I loved reading the blog of Dilip Donde and have started to follow him as I follow you. You are both 'out there' - multiple interpretations :). I keep imagining what it must have been like to undertake such a quest as you and Dilip have embarked upon at a time when such technology was not available to a round-the-world sailor. . . totally daunting I would expect. The mental strength of guys like you is phenomenal - inspiring even (so, if you ever happen to find yourself giving birth it will be a complete breeze for you - you could use the little mantra, 'I've bloody sailed around the world ALONE AT SIXTEEN . . . I think I can deliver a little baby without too much fuss'
We entertain ourselves by chatting to each other because we have no other friends :) :)
Keep the extremeties warm in the
PS: Don't get any ideas 'out there' - you are too young to be thinking about having babies, right?

Richard said...

HI Jessie

I follow your blog each day and think you are one Brave Young Lady. You keep up the good work and GO GIRL !! Be safe and Gods Speed.

Rihcard , Tallahassee, Fl

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Good that you’re busy I guess but I'm not too sure about the freezing cold, grey sea and somewhat large waves. Not to mention the problems with your heater and main sail. Oh well, I guess that it keeps life interesting.

Great to read your blog again.

Great to read that you're keeping in a good state of mind and, hopefully, body.

Take care of yourself. Stay strong and safe. Find those kind winds to bring you home.

June and Richard Thorn

Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess
Sounds as though the heater and sail problems are not getting you down, so lets hope your shore crew can talk you through the repairs. Keep strong and sail on Jess.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica,

Well this is what you came to do, it was never going to be easy, if it was you would have stayed home snug as a bug in your bed!
I have great faith in your ability to cope with whatever mother nature can throw at you, your vessel is well equipped and your can-do attitude will enable you to achieve your goals. Hang in there, face each day and challenge as it comes and I will be off Sydney heads to escort you into the Harbour.

Pete, Lake Macquarie

Ian said...

Hi Jess,

I didn't really expect to hear from you so soon. What you describe is really dreadful weather. Forget the showers; you'll be able to catch a hot one after Tassie. by then you'll really be humming along!

Wretched heaters always seem to have a mind of their own. Lovely to hear from you, lassie. I was worrying but confident that you would be OK.

Best wishes and love from

Ian from Brisbane

Sarcha said...

ok, to be honest I wasn’t to interested in what your doing, but now I cant get enough, I think its just a maternal in-stink to keep watching to ensure things are going well.
All the best and I wish you good luck, what your doing is incredible! Keep being strong!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for all your up dates through these holidays....happy new year too! Hang in there with all that wind and cold.....the wind here in michigan is definitely a challenge too!
Sending you lots of holiday vibes and awsome wishes for the new year.
Love Jenny, Gypsy, Barb & Tigger

Toni McLean said...

hi Jesse,
Thanks for the blog. It's really great how you keep us up to date and again let us know about the 'little' things.

Your attitude is just marvellous. Coping with the cold and with EPA (and you) being knocked around. I remember the first time I experienced that and was so surprised at the power of the ocean. For something that's not solid it really packs a punch.

As for that tricky diesel heater, don't suppose you can just ring up the dealer and get them to replace it for you? (Joke :-) )

It sounds as though you've got your priorities right - and attending to your needs is certainly a high priority as you navigate this difficult part of the ocean. Keeping your spirits up with food, rest, and warmth is so important. No doubt, you have a range of strategies for dealing with edginess, just keep using them so that you keep that edginess in check. It will pass, and if you can stay connected with your confidence you will come through with even more confidence.

If you want something to laugh at, I overheard my step son say to a friend online last night while they were playing a game together "Gee it's great how we can talk on the internet for free". His father and I rolled around laughing as we called out - "what about the cost of the internet service, the X-Box console, the modem and router etc, and dad's time dealing with all the inevitable technical hitches that arise?"

I remember people used to say to us how great it was that because we had a yacht it didn't cost us much to travel around, and we used wind and solar power to power the boat instead of a generator - they forgot about the cost of all the equipment that helps you use the wind and sun for 'free'!

Hope the next blow is not too bad. Your course on Google Earth indicates that you've made a bit of northing. Hope that's not a problem for you.

Hope you get that recalcitrant heater going. We don't want your fingers falling off.

Still wishing you all the wind you can manage.


Heather (Mooloolaba) said...

Hi Jess,

Grey clouds have settled over us on the Sunshine Coast for the past couple of days, a little rain, but we could do with some more. Still very humid though, I'd bet you would give up your 4 degrees c for some humidity right at the moment, whereas, we are prob thinking we could do with some cooler weather, I guess you know how much we love humidity....NOT..
Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy, would love to know what movies you took with you.
Keep up the good work, stay safe and warm,and look forward to your next update.

Chris said...

Hey from Raleigh North Carolina! Hope that heater decides to blow some hot air!!! It is cold here but not as bad as what you are going thru. Stay warm.

Safe travels

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

You are a STAR!

Thanks so much for the update in spite of the testy conditions. Actually, sailing with the headsail only, is probably the best in these winds but we do understand how you would like to fix the problem with the mainsail asap! A quieter time will come for you to tackle it.

Another upside is that you shouldn’t get sick, except for the cold, as you are in the most sterile conditions out in the middle of the ocean!

Wow, we are having such fun spurring you on as well as chatting amongst ourselves – glad it amuses you and keeps you occupied! I always read every single blog.

Stay safe and warm ...


Fay from the Gold Coast

captain said...

Hey Jess,
Im sailing the "Pantomime" to the Sydney zoo today to see the new baby elephant. The plan is to sail out of CYCA to the other side of the harbour, , drop the anchor, bravely launch the dingy, walk up the hill and find the baby elephant. Ill give him your best wishes if we make it!!!!
U hang in there. U r always in the back of my mind and all us sailing folks and Australians in general r very very proud of u....

cheers Capt'n Kelly

dave said...

Hi jess,
on the mape as I watch your progress Cape Horn gets closer every day.

Use my pilot's never fail navigation technique - just keep it to your port side going past. If its on your starbord...don't panic !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Been keeping an eye on you since you left Sydney, and praying for you too.
Just thinking aloud.
As your trip is unassisted I hope those overseeing the rules etc. don't think that you are going to take on help for the next stretch with Dilip on your heels.
I was thinking about a father and son trip that didn't qualify as unassisted ( as far as I know) because his father was following a way off.

Blessings, Jess!

From a Kiwi in the Berlin, Germany snow!

Marg said...

Hang in there sweetheart! My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.You are doing brilliantly!
I can't imagine being sooooo cold though, as you know what humidity is like here in Queensland at this time!

Mark Searle said...

Hi Jessica:

I'm writing from snowy Port Credit, Ontario, Canada (just west of Toronto) I've ben following your journey religiously every day.I've tried to write before but the system has fouled me up a few times so I'm trying again. You're doing very well...I rather thought you would. I have a teen age radial girl and she is also a terrific sailor. You must be excited getting so close to Cape Horn...I'm so jealous. I do a lot of single-handed racing on my J24 on Lake Ontario but I shall only round the mighty Cape vicariously through you. Keep up the good work and Fair Sailing...

Minus 8 Celsius here,

Port Credit (Mississauga)ON

Ben Sultan said...

All that cold and wind sounds horrible haha. I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. Hope you get that heater working again.

tashworth said...

The mainsheet block problem sounds a bit serious. Hope you can soon fix it Jess. The lack of a heater makes it uncomfortable but as long as you're out of the wind we will be less worried.
Just think, in a few more days you'll be able to exercise one of the Cape Horn privileges of drinking the loyal toast (even if it's only a soft drink) with one foot on the table!
Stay safe and clipped on.
Tony, Brisbane.

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

It sounds to me that your equipment likes warm weather as well. I am waiting for the blog which says that you have ice/snow on your deck which does happen to yachtspersons (is that the correct term?) in that part of the world. Although, judging from the temprature you are getting very close to going sub-zero overnight.

Did you bring your Ugg Boots and trackies for the cabin? Essential aussie-girl cold weather fashion!

Love your work Jess! Stay safe, sail fast.


Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse...

Yep.... 'could' this be the same girl who 'mentioned' the heat and humidty of the tropics !! Well,.. Y'get that !!

Keep y'eyes open for little iceburgs, eh!.... and your line trolling for that fish.

I hope your necessary 'fix-its' work smoothly. Ice cold hands and shifting spanners are a bit of drag..... Most important, do your work over a container so you don't lose any bits. ( & and that your _very_ securely attached needs no question !!)... Bunnings is a bit far to drop in for some washers and stuff. Hehheh....... Besides, Bunnings is the $100 shop, isn't it! Y'go in for a few cheap nuts and bolts and come out with a trolley of 'good stuff' that you 'need'... Happens all the time !

Gees... looking at your Voyage Map is rather awesome, now, Jesse. "We've" ( viz. the unwashed serried rankers that have followed your every splash) sure travelled a bit of water , now........ Y'getting into the league of Carstenzoon, Tasman, Hartog, Diaz, Magellan..( well, 'sort of' ! ).... hey, OK.. how about Francis Chichester, then ! :))

OK... enough of the fantasy asides.... You just take real extra care in the cold... and keep an eye out for the little 'burgs as you make the Big Left Turn , soon. Hahhah.

... good luck & best wishes...

.... Ooc.


RebelCowboy said...

Well I would say to stay warm but sound like thats a little hard to do so how about at least be carful an staying dry till ya get that heater working.

Confederate Money Farm (cmfarm.us)
State of Dade, USA

Anonymous said...

We think of you and wish you are strong enough to keep your way!
Next time you will be the heroe on the page for the youth in our newspaper.
Axel, Germany

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

hope the cold doesn't get toooo unbearable,..

“If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can ever warm me, I know that is poetry.”

“Life always gets harder toward the summit - the cold increases and the responsibility increases”

Take Care

Bluefin said...

Hi Jesse,
Wow that's cold! I can understand how working on deck would be very painful. I hope you can fix your heater, you sure need it in your cabin.
Glad the wind isn't as strong as expected, we've certainly been thinking of you down there, 30 knots is still quite a breeze you will be around the Horn in no time.
You havn't mentioned that your cabin is damp, I read Jesse Martin's book and that sounded horrible, so it sounds like you are still snug in there, fantastic. :-)
I hope you can get that heater fixed, all the very best,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Jennywren said...

Hi Jess,
Watching your progress closely from Maryborough, just north from your hometown.
You are doing so well - good on you for chasing your dream.
Safe travel and godspeed!

Maryborough Qld.

Anonymous said...

He jessica we think of you often and pray for you to have a safe journey, my husband and i were just saying how brave you are and we are adults and could never do what you are doing. We have a daughter called jessica and she is celebrating her 17th birthday today she is learning to drive and that is worrying enough for us. Jessica keep safe and enjoy your adventure you a such a wonderful role model, god bless you, love from the Sant family from Melbourne Victoria Australia.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am a bit surprised that someone from queensland would have thought to take warm clothes, friends from cairns visit in january and spend the whole time lamenting how cold it is in melbourne, I'm sure the southern ocean must feel like melbourne in winter.
Glad to hear you are keeping your spirits up and that Ella'sPink lady is letting you know whats on its mind (heater, Mainsheet block)
maybe shes not fond of the southern ocean weather either!
Keep up the good work you're doing great

Gary mccredden MtMartha Vic

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you are, even at 16, a more skilled sailor than I. I also have all the respect in the world for your support team.

However, if I could add my humble opinion, fix that block and get the mainsail up. I've found that when the seas are up, that main is going to keep Ella's Pink Lady much more stable keep the tossing about to a minimum.

Just my thoughts.

Otherwise, I am very impressed with your calmness and positive attitude in whatever the Southern Ocean throws at you.


RockyOne said...

Hi Jess, Hope you safely fix that heater real soon. Take care. We are so proud of your back up guys, including of course, family. Now I am off to print out your progress graphics and pin it on our work notice board for all the guys here. I log on your site after my 0700 coffee at work each day. Sail on !

Chris R Brisbane said...

Jess, you will be pleased to know that the sunny Queensland weather has been left in my more than capable hands for your pending return!

Ron Garvey said...

Hi Jess
good to know that you are weathering the storm. Can you give us an update on your position?
i expect that you will be rounding Cape Horn over the weekend.
Stay safe and warm young girl.
Ron Garvey

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

Glad to see that we can bring a smile to your face. I hope that you can get that mainsheet block fixed, if not I'm sure you've got spare blocks that you can use.
Along with your heater it sounds like Murphy's Law is still at work.
Have you heard about Paddy's Law?
No? Well Paddy's Law states that Murphy was an optimist!
I guess you cant wait to get around the Horn and move up into warmer latitudes.

Good onya and God blessya


Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess,

should you be wearing a crash helmet in the cab when it becomes a bit rough????
Don't worry about the small problems they can be fixed later.

Keep reading the comments they make
my day as well.
Keep warm
stay safe

Jonathan@Tooradin said...

Good on you Jess,

You are a toughie and incredibly positive. Us older fogies can learn a thing or two from you.

Good to know that the wind is behaving itself (sort of !) and that you are making progress with just the headsail (as an aviator, I honestly wouldn't know the difference between the mainsail and the headsail except to surmise that the mainsail is larger than the headsail !). With a great onshore crew and your own ability, we are confident that you will get the mainsale operational again.

Dilip Donde has also reported 4degC temperatures so hopefully thats as cold as it is going to get.

Oh, we don't need a second invitation to keep chatting on your blog - all of us share the excitement of following your progress and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Stay dry, warm and eat well.


andrewVA said...

hi jess,

you sound like you're in great spirits as always...i'll say it again: you are amazing!

but really, at this point you have no choice but to carry on, huh? and carry on you will, and you'll be just fine. there is no doubt you and EPL will come through with flying colors (we expect nothing less).

we're dealing with a bit of cold here in virginia as well. but we're not bouncing around in the open ocean with 30 kts of wind to keep us company either.

keep up the great attitude and post when you can.

please get the main sheet block fixed as best you can...you never know when you're going to need it.

stay warm!!!

richmond, va

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jessica once again have woken up worrying about you , great to hear you a ok. keep your self warm even if you have to do a few exercises. sounds like you eat well. We know you a going so well and my residents look forward to the news I read out to them in regard to your trip. and we all wish you safe and happy sailing.
still raining here on the Sunshine coast and Floods in NSW last month was bush fire. also a cylone is forming off Darwin as we write.
Keep smiling and enjoy this wonderful trip you a doing and cape Horn will be just around the corner.
Bye for now Dee58
and From all our Residents of our Aged care Home, Sunshine Coast

Glenda said...

Hi Jess, great to hear you are safe and well, although chilly. I've skied through a few freezing, howling blizzards and it's funny how you still just want to be out there enveloped by it all. Keep those fingers and toes clenched and unclenched and moving. Hope you get a chance to do the repairs soon. Warmer, calmer days are not far off. You are doing fantastically well. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
After reading the “Latest Report” about the weather conditions you were experiencing I thought we might hear from you tonight (Tuesday, Melbourne time), so it was a surprise to find your blog this morning.

Bad old Murphy – just when you really look forward to getting hot air from a heater all it does is blow cold air. Heaters are temperamental. I had the reverse in my campervan last year – the air conditioning would only produce hot air with everything set to the coldest setting. I had to drive with the vents shut. Until you can fix it you will have to ‘layer up’ as you say you have been. Stay as dry as possible.

The problem with the mainsheet block is of greater importance. I’ve seen many boats rolled by a jammed mainsheet block, as I guess you have too. I hope you get a lull in the weather when you can fix it quickly. I’ve looked at the photos of EPL and see it has an end boom sheeting system so to fix is probably not difficult but will require you to be out of protection from the dodger and consequently affected by cold and extra cold from windchill. So … fix it when you can and in the meantime sail on without using the mainsail. A jammed headsail furler would be much worse, and Dilip has been facing much more serious problems with serious equipment breakages rather than simple malfunctions.

I’m glad you laugh and smile as you read through our messages of support, encouragement, pure amusement and unsolicited advice. I do too. I am constantly amazed at how some readers have you already married, having babies, and going on all sorts of new adventures…….

With regard to your current weather forecast (by the time you read this you may be into the stronger conditions) I am sure you and Ella’s Pink Lady will sail through brilliantly, with a little help from ‘Parker’. Look after him and keep him properly adjusted!
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

I am getting a kick out of reading everyone talking about how cold it is in their country, hometown, etc. and comparing it to your 4 degrees Celsius. (It was 19 degrees Fahrenheit where I am in NC in the USA this morning.) Anyway, what we need to remember is to compare your 4 degrees to the temperature inside our nice warm houses!! And to remember you are living in that cold temperature and cannot duck inside the nice warm place after going out and throwing a snowball! One exception, hats off to the kids in Iceland, who according to Linda, are outside in t-shirts eating ice cream in 10 degrees C!!! Lol!!

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"That first peak is the best place to pause and look back, to
see if you took the easiest route, to learn the lessons from
the first climb. And it is the best place to examine the
terrain ahead, to change your plans and goals, to take a deep
breath and begin climbing again."

-- Michael Johnson

Pete and Nancy in Keene NH. USA said...

Hang in there Jess,

Cold and wet is certainly NO FUN. Try to stay as dry as you can. I know, easier said than done, but as you know, dry is the big key. Sorry to hear about the heater, but I'm sure your shore team will be able to help you out.

If it makes you feel any better, we got about 12" of snow yesterday and my kids in Vermont got 33.9" in the last 2 days. Cold is one thing, but at least you don't have to shovel it.

Take care, be safe and know that there are thousands around the world with you.

Kerry Kane said...

I hope you get the heater fixed...think summer!!!!



Holland, Michigan USA

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,

You were an Angel giving us 2 days off so I could go to the cricket but it was a disaster for Australia. One placard in the crowd summed it up "Punter..Can't bat ...Can't toss". I won't bore you with an explanation because that's what Google's for, lol.

Today is Jane Mc Grath Charity Day in the Test Match at the SCG. Ella's Pink Lady would love it (the colour) as all the crowd is encouraged to wear pink. The players have a bit of pink on their bats and all the officials get into the spirit too.

It was great to read that ..."so far the wind hasn't been nearly as strong as expected" The bloggers here have kept us up to date with the weather patterns, it's great when you confirm their prior guesstimations.

I thought this comment summed up the Horn beautifully..."Jess Martin was printing Rallye Stripes into his underwear" - Kenny. I'm glad you have avoided this dilemma so far, lol.
Hoo Roo.

Anonymous said...

Genesis 8:22
"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."

Hi, Jesse, so glad to hear from you and know you are able to get a word out despite the conditions. That is encouraging. You know, it's obvious but this text tells us that God created the cold and heat just as He did the seasons, and as long as the earth endures the cold will be here. Here's to you, taking it in stride, dealing with it so well, so well equipped for it, just as you have handled every other thing that's come your way. You have both enjoyed (sun, animals, sunsets, stars) and battled with (cold, wind, waves) God's creation on this journey, and you are so privileged at your young age. We are all so proud of you. He will protect and keep you, and He already knows exactly when this voyage will end. I hope you find some assurance in that. I am praying today for you and mostly for your warmth and health. I am sensing that you are pretty sure you are okay, even though you are a little on edge. I am also praying for your family, as I know they are on edge, too! Again, we are all so proud of you, Jesse.

Danny Dries said...

Love following you Jessica. My 17 year old, Emma, is also following you and we worry about you. We love you.
Yours truly,
Danny Dries

MoonWynd said...

Hey Jessica!
What a bummer: blasted broken heater!
That's why I buy 2 of everything whenever I shop! (And sometimes 1 in every colour, if I like it!)
But enough about shopping...I envy you so much about passing by Tierra Del Fuego. I've always wanted to go there (Patagonia). It's supposed to be very beautiful on land. Give a wave for me as you pass by! I hope your support can help you fix that heater! You're such an amazing troubleshooter. Wow!
Like everybody is telling you: keep having warm drinks and warm food. Hope you see Dilip passing by: that's so amazing too! Love from Vancouver.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jessica,

Please accept my apologies for not commenting on your blogs for the past 3 days - I have been reading them but have been simply too tired to type a response. I know it is no excuse as I know how much you look forward to hearing from me! LOL

Anyway, the past few days have involved very long hours of golf practice (around 10 hours per day) as my first major tournament is only 2 weeks away, and squeezing in a bit of work as well - gotta pay the bills I suppose!

Your blogs continue to be great, but I do get lost in all the sailing jargon - I think I am working it all out, but not really sure. But us males are the most clever creatures on the planet, so I am sure I will work it all out!

Great pics and video of the albatross - it must be pleasing to have a little company, albeit dolphins and birds. Do you get excited when you see them come alongside? I know I would if I hadn't seen any human beings for over 2 months.

Now that you are in the more "adventurous" stage of your journey, I do worry about you, but you seem to have everything under control and you certainly do a great job in your blogs to ease everyone's minds.

So how is the rest of your crew handling the larger ocean? Are they all still securely strapped in and have you put blankets on them? LOL Oh yeah, that's right, the rest of your crew are cuddly soft toys with plenty of fur on them to keep themselves warm - how stupid of me!

Keep up the good work Jesse, and stay warm, getting cold will set you back quicker than the odd big ocean swell.

I still constantly think of you and send you good karma through "psychic mail" whenever I gaze over the ocean in your rough direction.

Take care gorgeous girl!

I'm off to more golf practice!

From one of our adopted daddies

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Barry Clements said...

Hi there Sailor

Can you tell us your current position in relation to rounding Cape Horn.

If you can give us approximate latitude and longitude we can get a good idea of where you are on Google Earth that shows map co-ordinates.

I'm looking forward to the blog from you to say "Pacific Ocean done" when you tick it off your to do list.

It's going to be a big day when you're across the biggest ocean and don't see it again until the last couple of days when heading up to Sydney.

Looking at the weather forecast there is some good winds coming from the South West that should be about where you are in 24 hours.

It's nothing you can't handle with 35-40 knot winds and 5-6 meter seas but will actually assist you for getting around the Cape quicker and away from the chilling Southern weather.

I'd say you are looking forward to having the sharp end of ELP pointing North up into the Atlantic Ocean and the heater can stay broke.

Getting the unexpected blog from you must have thrilled everyone and shows what a true champion you are. you took the time in missiable conditions to think of your supporters and let them know how you are.

Good on you Jesse and thanks very much from everyone for the update.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

I read your blog whenever you are able to update it.

I have 2 kids. One is 15 years old, the other is 11. Although I am proud of every achivement they make in life, when I read your blog I am always in awe of the courage you show with every mile you travel and how immensely proud I would be of my kids to take on such an incredible challenge at your age.

Now, whenever they say "I can't" or "it's too hard", I say to them.... "I wonder if Jessica Watson said that?"

It's not about actually achieving (or reaching a marker), it's about giving it a good crack and seeing how far you can get... that's all. you can't do better than that.

No matter how far you get, Jessica, ( & I know you will make it all the way) you accomplish a new personal best every day.

Stay safe out there, conquer the seas and conquer the world. Dig deep in times of doubt.

We are all with you

JC Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Glad to read all is OK,although cold but we know that is only a small issue way out there in the sea. Read an article from US yesterday about your X boss hoping to sail the cape and give you a big wave. Not long know Jess take care

Maryborough Queenland

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

Second post today.

I know you have a fantastic ground crew who helped prepare you for all contingencies, but I had a brainstorm-type idea about keeping your hands and fingers warm (couldn't resist: the mom in me, as well as a former avid sailor who knows how cold it can get at night). It came to me while using rubber gloves in the kitchen.

You undoubtedly need your hands free to work the sails and do all the handiwork tasks, but do you have snug fitting latex or non-latex gloves with you?

I would imagine traditional gloves might be bulky and/or slippery, but in combination with durable rubber gloves (the kind researchers wear), perhaps they would keep the cold air off your hands and fingers and provide you with just a tiny bit of comfort 'til you round Cape Horn.

Just a thought :) Stay safe.

Newport Beach, California

hezakiah299 said...

01-04-10 @ 18:14
Hi Jessica,
Well that was a pleasant surprise, I didn't expect to hear from you for a few more days. Very glad to see it though.
First of all I'm very pleased that you get some entertainment from all of us bloggers. That's what we are here for and hope to achieve. Look how much entertainment we get from your travels and your funny situations. But more important, we must keep a smile on that pretty face. Yes???? Yes!!!!
Sorry to read about the heater, but at least you have many layers of clothes to keep you warm. You shot down my theory as to why you weren't using your heater, and I thought I was being so smart. My face is red. Pass the salt please. LOL..... ’nuff said, shall we move on????!!!!!!
I hope that you have good gloves that will keep your hands dry when you're handling the wet lines. I can sympathize with you as I have done similar work (not sailing) where I had to handle wet lines in the winter, it does hurt. Do you have and kind of liniment on board?
I appreciate your honesty in letting us know exactly how it is and what you're going through. We know enough about you to know you are not a whiner. And that's a fak, Jack. LOL.......

The problem with the mainsail block, does that require you to go up the mast??? If so I trust you will wait until it's very calm. I know that you know, the higher you get, the wider she swings. Please be careful.
You're scooting along at a pretty good rate, 30knots(34.5mph) and that's without the mainsail. Just be careful you don’t go thru the Cape so fast you miss seeing it.
Maybe being a little bit on edge is a good thing, you sound like you are very alert, you’re relaxing, reading, but not missing a beat. Very proud of you Jessica.
So since you have everything in order, make sure you are properly tethered and go for the ride.
Thanks very much for the post, It was a relief. LOL…..

Thanks for the explanation. It's kind of like saying "I put a hex on you" I gotcha. LOL....
Begin again in 2010 I liked this one. Keep up them posts, there good and funny.

Take care of yourself and all them scallywags.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

DreamsFloat Joe said...

Ms Jessica, I am sending you warm wishes for some soon smooth sailing!

"Wind, wind, go away, Jessica wants to come out and play."

What's for dinner?

Stan said...

Good luck, Jessica. I hope the heater gets fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

You're doing a great job!
Hope you get the repairs done.
Go girl!
Stay safe and best wishes.

Karen - Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Jessica. You could never sound like a broken record. I was thrilled to see there was a new blog posting today because we had been led to believe you were too busy surviving the rough weather to keep us updated. It's pleasure to read anything you post.
Too bad about the heater but at least it's above freezing and it sounds like you have lots of warm clothes. And you're a tough chick.
Thanks again for the update and continued safe sailing.
Arnie in Canada

Jules GC said...

Great to hear from you, Jessica, but sorry to hear life is less than comfortable at the moment. Like "Bluefin", I just read Jesse Martin's book and if you are going through what he did at times it must be very difficult to cope with, both inside and out! How do you manage with everything getting wet and cold and salty? You will no doubt have a lot more to tell when it comes to your own book. Nevertheless you seem to be coping magnificently and you are almost halfway through your courageous voyage. Hope you can make the repairs needed soon. Keep warm and go girl!

The Nicholson Family said...

Thanks for the updates, and especially for taking such an interest in reading your fan mail and addressing the questions we all have.

One suggestion as a pastime (assuming that you do indeed have unspoken-for time)----If you have a giant world map to spare, it would be neat to encourage your fans to keep signing their locations with their comments, so you could mark dots to signify your friends all over the world.

If it were us, we'd probably write a small number above each dot, and then keep track of the names and numbers on a notepad to avoid repeats.

That way you could look at the map when you are feeling isolated, and know that you have an awful lot of people who care about you.

The Nicholson Family
Sterling, Virginia, USA

~j~ said...

I so appreciate your posting and keeping us all updated! it's a treat to open up your blog and hear your words describe a very life changing adventure. Keep up the great pace you and Ella, you are quite the team.

Sven said...

Hey Jesse,

was just thinking of you - having read your update and all comments.

Till you have a chance to repair that heater you may just have 'warm thoughts' and look forward to reaching the cape.

I adore your strenth!

And watch out: the Indian Navy is after you (lol).

Take care,

Sven, Hamburg (Germany)

Jan said...

Hi Jess, first thing I check your blog - and here you were when I didn't expect to hear anything for a few days! Thanks for taking the time to blog - it's so good to hear how you're going. What an amazing adventure - you'll never have to say "I wish I had....". You'll be able to say "when I ...." (and watch people's faces turn green with envy and sometimes regret that they didn't venture beyond their own comfort zones.) Go girl!
Jan - Melbourne

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse so good to hear from you!

Yes we are becoming quite the little family. I am sure that is due to YOU and the open friendly person you are.

Thanks for checking in sweetie. Your shore crew did update us yesterday. Stay warm . Hopefully your little problems will be rectifed. Dilip has been having problems too, both autopilots on strike and something else as well.xx

Brian said...

G'day Jess
Glad to hear it's not quite as bad as expected but I bet that wind chill is a rotta. Hang in there get the problems sorted as quick as you can & hurry back.
Your a CHAMP.
Regards Brian
PS will be 39c here in a couple of days. (Melbourne)

JJ said...

Hi Jesse,

I've been one of the thousands if not millions of "silent" admirers since the day you set sail. Your guts, self belief, determination and level head is a constant source of inspiration to me.

I was floating around on Lake Argyle the other night watching the stars and was wondering what you'd be seeing - the big dipper etc ....

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I put in one comment at some point.

All the best, safe travels and take care.


Anonymous said...

Your the best Jess..just simply a joy to read your blog each day. Drink some hot chocolate to keep you toasty and warm. Safe sailing!
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Dreamsailor said...

Captain Jess

Great to hear yor doing well, i was not expecting to hear from you for some days due to the weather,

I am not sure i could handle the cold weather, its gone down to the mid 40's f in miami the last couple of days at night and i have to have the heating on full, when you move from the uk to miami your blood seems to thin very fast..

Keep smilling and laughting

I wish you calm seas and steady oceans,

Dreamsailor, miami, florida, usa

GrandmaSue said...

Full steam ahead Jesse, tuck into some porridge that'll warm your cockles.

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Reading you latest blog about the cold really makes me appreciate where I live.

I have lived in places where the temperature can get that low (or lower) and you are right about the wind chill factor....try not to think too much about how cold that is!

Stay Warm!

John F

Tina said...

Hi Jesse, have been reading all your posts and keeping a close eye on you but haven't messaged before. I think your amazing and admire your strength and courage to take on the challenge that you have!! I read your blog everyday and feel a little 'protective' of you, I guess it comes with being a mother!!!...hoping that you are okay and coping well. Sounds like things are a little rough for you at the moment, stay strong and keep doing those things that keep you positive and happy...which I know you are already because your such a smart girl!!!! hee hee... and remember that you are in the hearts & thoughts of many always.

Brisbane QLD

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