Thursday, December 17, 2009

Up The Mast and Into The Roaring 40's

Yesterday was a nice calm day so I decided it was time to have a go at climbing the mast. Down came the mainsail, on went the main electric auto pilot, on went my dorky helmet and up I went. Ella's Pink Lady hasn't got the tallest mast and there wasn't much of a sea, but I certainly felt every little roll up there!

It was good to have a look around up top after being at sea for so long and before we hit the bumpy stuff. I'm happy to report that everything looks to be in perfect condition. The view was definitely great and it was really cool to see Ella's Pink Lady sailing along from another angle (see pic below). If I can say so myself, what a cute little boat! The trip back down was the most interesting part because I didn't manage to give myself a very smooth ride, ouch!

Typically, while I was swinging around at the top of the mast, the wind, which had been steady all morning, started knocking us about (changing direction to come from the direction we were headed). Luckily I had my remote commander (a gadget that controls the main auto pilot and displays information like our heading, the wind strength and etc.) with me and was able to bring us around to a better course. It wasn't exactly a high drama situation as there was only a light breeze. Worst case scenario would have been an even more uncomfortable trip back down, but I got a thrill out of the fact that here I was swinging around at the top of the mast sailing Ella's Pink Lady like a remote control car. Pretty amazing!

It wasn't till yesterday morning that I noticed that my adventure up the mast didn't leave me completely untouched. I'm just a little stiff all over and have a few extra bruises. But all good.

We've had great progress lately with the wind a steady 14 knots. Ella's Pink Lady loves reaching in conditions like this and yesterday I hardly saw our speed drop below 6 knots. I love this sort of sailing too because the motion and heal is nice and comfortable. It's a treat being able to move around the cabin without doing the arms and legs everywhere (spider impersonation!) that it often takes to stop myself being thrown about.

Also, yesterday we sailed into the 40's. The wind didn't suddenly start roaring or anything but I'm sure that part comes later. Today's been a pretty average day. Not average as in bad, as everyday's great! Just nothing much new or out of the ordinary.

I dug out all my Christmas music today (my favorites would have to be snoopy at Christmas and Christmas with the Wiggles!) and have been singing along very loudly and very, very badly!
Pic: View of Ella's Pink Lady from the top of the mast!


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Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a shot!!

Great ,great skill Jessica.

Have you set a personal best (PB)record for getting to the top and then back to the deck again? Just kidding, don't take unnecessary risks.

Do you notice any more flying fish or seabirds that hitch a ride?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Hi From the sunny coast
Great pics, you must be having a ball out there. We always look forward to reading your blogs and it gives us a great insight to your adventures. Sounds like you are going to have a good Xmas singing out loud across the ocean.

Darren Helen & Amy
Sunshine coast

Anonymous said...

Wow Jess, don't down play what you did, that was a pretty dangerous thing to do, hard to imagine what it must have been like up there! What a brave girl you are! Your family must have been freaking out while you were up there!
Great pic, certainly a view very few get to experience.
Happy & safe sailing,
Kathy, Qld.

Anonymous said...

Wow the yacht looks so small. It must be very dangerous to be on top of the mast in windy weather. How tall is it? Some ten meters above... how scary and exiting.
I am glad to hear that you are OK.
All the best :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

What a fantasic view. That would scare the out of me!

You rock!

Peter Stockwell said...

Great picture! Good to see everything is okay and you are checking your gear before things get (more) exciting.

Best wishes as always.

Peter and Robyn (UK)

Karen C said...

Hi Jess, I must be the first to read your blog today - awesome pic, great sailing, keep it up...... love Karen from Red Lid

Ronan said...

Nice pic, Glad all the rigging is in good shape. From the website I had you at about 38...
It would be lovely to have a real lat and long for you...
Ronan, Salt Spring Island Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Your feathered friend Silly here. Remember me? Not too surprised if you don't. The time I dropped in and spent some time with you near Kirabati I could hardly hear myself think over your loud music. And when that stopped, all you could talk about was boys! Boys boys and more boys. Boy! I felt like a stunned mullet sitting on that slippery satelite dome.
And now words coming in on from other friends that you've taken to singing out loudly from the top of your mast. My cousin Dopey was going to land and say G'day but the sight and sound of a 16 year old girl on the top of her mast singing Wiggles songs sent him packing.
Good luck and fair winds down south.

Debbie from Adelaide said...


Sue (this n that) said...

Absolutely amazing photo from the top of the mast Jesse - left me gobsmacked! Wow!
Enjoy your Christmas music and hope those bruises aren't too hurty.

Linda said...

Loving your blog!I've been reproducing extracts from a journal written 131 years ago from a clipper sailing GB - Australia on my blog:
They're on day 82 now due to arrive in Melbourne before the new year :)

danma said...

omg not a big mast, that looks massive to me.
What a great view you should think about sailing into Sydney harbour from up there.......

We will all be waiting for you.....

Stay safe & happy sailing....

Anonymous said...

Incredible Jesse!
Congratulations on entering the Roaring Forties zone and covering 7,000 nautical miles already. That mast looks so high and with a little swaying thrown in I can't tell you how impressed I am and what a great photo. I'm glad you found no wear and tear or chafing whilst up there, sounds like you are as ready as you can be to take on the Southern Ocean.
I never cease to be amazed by your abilities, climbing the mast must have been quite an adventure. I loved reading how you can control Ella's Pink Lady by using a remote control whilst up the mast!
Wonderful stuff,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Angus (bris) said...

Hey Jesse,
What a brilliant photo, your expertise with the camera never ceases to amaze me. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much coming down the mast.
It sounds like you have all the gadgets you will ever want to help run the EPL. I'm glad there all there fpr you.
As I said once before, below the 40th parallel isn't always bad, and its not always good.
Somehow I cant picture your spider impressions. But I know what you mean.
Your sure making good time, wont be long before your around the horn and off to Africa.
I'm guessing there will be some people who see that photo and get a bit of a scare and worry for you. that's a genetic thing inbuilt in all parents, so don't worry.
You sure have fired up the Xmas sound, glad your enjoying them. so long for now, take care.
Fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

You hang on tight girl and all the best..look forward each day to your updates. everyone is so proud of you

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse and thank you again for your up-date and beautiful photo. What a view! I imagine you were glad to be down to deck level all the same. Been a beautiful day here and have been working in the garden and posting off Christmas cards.

If I don't get a message through to you in the next few days I would like to wish you a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year. No doubt you will have a huge celebration when you are back with family. Keep up the good work, you are a very brave and talanted young person.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Oh, my God! Jessica, you are full of surprises! In the slide show on You Tube I saw the photo of you up the mast (pre-trip?), but out in the middle of the planet where--even in calm you can feel every move--and SOOO high up! Wow! You are so at home in your environment, in your skin, in your zeal! You are the empress of your world, and so many of us hold you in deepest respect for what you are about, which is much more than sailing.

Even though it sounds trite, thank you for sharing. You have expanded my envelope tonight! Plus, you are about at our longitude due south of us near Lake Tahoe, Nevada (and California)! So welcome!

Were you playing any music while you were up there, or did you prefer just quiet?

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless!

You're a true legend Jess!

A said...

This is my favourite picture so far Jess - just awesome!!! Really gives you a little perspective hey? You're STILL doing an awesome job and I've been following your blog from the very beginning - keep it up!

Wellington, NZ

Anonymous said...

I feel nervous just looking at the sea and Pink Lady from that angle!!!!
That was amazing Jesse and I hope you don't have to do it again!!!Unless it gave you a real thrill and you WANT to do it again that is.It certainly made my hair stand on end even looking at it!!
SAFE SAILING and take care of yourself...
Sally in Melbourne

Geoff said...

Hey J Dawg

That is an awesome pic of ella from the top

take a look at our resident wombats from our recent holiday at Wilson's Prom


Melbourne Orstralia

slarti58 said...

Hi Jessica.
Haven't commented before, but I've been following since before day 1. Congrats on the preparation, weathering the media storm, and the trip so far. I'm not one of the many converted knockers - I believed from the start that if you are as prepared as possible and ready for the trip (physically and emotionally), you should just do it. I've always liked the Nike approach to life.
Keep up the good work and the excellent blogging. Well done on the mast scaling too. That's a very dangerous thing for a solo sailor to do. I wasn't aware it would be possible to remote control the auto-pilot. Most cool. That must have been a very fun thing to do, although tacking from up there must be a bit freaky with the resultant swing - even with the mainsail down.

For those who want the kml to follow the trip in Google Earth - it's
If you're not sure how to add it:-
On the menu, click Add -> Network Link, then give it a name (like "Jessica") and paste the above URL into the "Link:" box.
On the refresh tab, check "fly to view on refresh" and set the Time-Based refresh to 1 or more hours - whatever you like. Click OK and you're set.

Hope this helps some of you. I been enjoying the contributions of many of those following this blog. Quite a global band of brothers (and sisters).

Sail on young adventurer.


Carol and Shane said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!! That pic is amazing! Your confidence, maturity & expertise is truly inspirational.

Fair winds & goods seas Jesse.

You're doing an amazing job.

Matt Donovan said...

great pic Jess!!

love how blue the water is getting!!

Dont worry about the bumps and bruises, they will fade and the memory will be with you forever.


Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me with your attitude towards this great adventure. Safe travelling.

Jan, NZ said...

Love the pic from the mast! May the Roaring Forties treat you well. You have lots of supporters from Waitara, NZ! Kia Kaha!

Brian said...

G'day Jess
well congrats on a few more milestones, the 40's, up the mast, ton of guts Kiddo, great pic. How tall is that stick? Keep it going &
have a great Xmas, don't eat & drink to much, be thinking of you.
Regards brian

willi said...

09 am in Switzerland,

and a happy person (Willi)
to read all the good news and to hear that you are ok.
started to worry not reading any news.

After reading all the precaution you are taking I feel much relieved.
wish good speed!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are INSANE, in the NICEST possible way, ha ha ha! Seriously you are one brave girl. I bet the view from the top was worth it. Fun pic, thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo Jess! How often should you have to climb the mast. Checking for damage or signs of wear I assume?

What are you plans for Christmas day? Do you have some special foods packed as a treat? I'm sure it will be a Christmas you'll never forget.

Happy times, safe sailing - you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed! You sail around the world and climb high. I myself am afraid of heights and thrive on the ground. Follows your adventures every day. I think you are amazing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you. / Mia from Sweden, Vallentuna

Mike Gregg said...

Keep the photos coming! It sounds like you're making great progress. I'm envious of your adventure!

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

Great Great Great i've just ate

ET Gurl

Kissyfrott said...

WOOOW again...

Great news, progressing...
Great job, up the mast...
Great entertainement, bad singing Christmas music...
Great writing, bringing this special mixture called on land "Jesse's condition", made of wide smiles and joy tears. Should be added to Jesse Walks, Jess-Stress, Jesse's cupcakes and some others.

Following your blogs is an addiction, reading them is delicious, and finding a new one in the morning makes a bright day.
I love the Singing Spider image.

Hoping your bruises won't last more than your thumb little cut or the banana chips, I wish you a nice and thrilling ride towards South America's down corner...

Thank you for having taken the time to write. Your blogs are the best Christmas or not-Christmas gifts for so many people on earth!

Wonderful job, Captain Jesse!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas

Peter Vickerson said...

Well Done Champ!

It's always great to read your blog. Great to see that there is no wear and tear at the top of the stick. Your preperation and planning are exceptional.

Good onya and God blessya

Anonymous said...

Good on you spider girl keep up the good work love the photo! Best wishes for the next part of your hair raising adventure around the cape.. Marie

Unknown said...

Good grief Jesse, you're starting to sound like that guy out of "Water World" completely at home in your element even if it is perched precariously atop your main mast!
Yahoooo! What a rush!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture!
Dave - Tinley Park (near Chicago)

Ellis said...

Welcome to the Tassie Latitudes.
Top shot of Ella from the mast top.
Ideal conditions to check out the fittings
prior to the higher 40's and low 50's that are coming up. Well done.

Vicki said...

Such a cool photo! Just hope your mum doesn't see it!

Richard said...

Fantastic view from the mast!
By the way how many hours of daylight do you have now you are in the 40s?

Cobrarog said...

Jessica you little monkey you! I hope that trip up the mast isn’t a sign of boredom.

I could no more climb to the top of that mast than jump over the moon. Acrophobic me.

Great photos and wonderful graphic updates!

My favorite times on the boat are sitting in the cockpit in the early morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea watching the sun come up; and sitting in the cockpit at sunset, watching the sun sink into the ocean with a Rum and coke in my hand along with some nibbles like fresh cooked fish pieces from the Bar-B. Those are beautiful shots of your sunset the other day!

You remind me of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, the very successful and popular Jimmy Buffett.

Jimmy has been a wanderlust all of his life and began his crave for adventure as a youngster such as you. He hadn’t tackled as steep a challenge as you have at the same age but in his 60 plus years he has traveled and explored the outback’s all over the world. He has stated: “One must begin their exploration and world challenges at a young age. By the time you get into your fifties it is a bit late as there is so much to see and do.” Needless to say, Jimmy has plowed through some harrowing experiences in his lifetime and has accumulated a wealth of fodder for his books and albums. He did however, achieve a University degree before he started all of that.

You have enough time out there to think about what you want to do with your life and to plan your educational ladder in preparation for those ambitions. I can see you hitting the ground running upon your return to Sydney.

Jesse, it is quite OK to be nervous when you are about to enter the world of the unknown and known challenges ahead. Adrenalin will take care of that when the time comes. Just keep your head!

Surely you can’t be lonely, you have had almost 400 comments on your blog site at one point. Maybe when your relegated to your sleeping bag in bad weather, you will have time to read them all. Just don’t get beaned by your laptop when your bouncing around in your bunk!

Wishing you the very best of luck and safe passage,
Cobrarog from Hervey Bay.

Anonymous said...

You are an intrepid sailor and your courage and bravery amazes me each and every day into your journey!!
I ask the heavens above to surround you with Angels and to keep you safe in God's embrace and the winds at your back. Be safe sweet girl and Godspeed!!

EPSILON said...

Hi Jessica,

Great photo! It must be reassuring to have been up the top and checked that all is secure. Enjoy the "Roaring 40's", you are going in the right direction!

I am watching your blog with interest from Afghanistan so today's picture with the beautiful ocean was very special.

Keep up the great work, sail safe and enjoy.

Kind regards,

SV Epsilon

Anonymous said...

Again, You rock. loving your updates!

Anonymous said...

That's pic looks really high up I'm pretty sure that you could see long ways, having so much fun up I'm so jealous! Make sure you don't fall play it safe. Tayt.t from gold coast

magpie said...

That is absolutely breathtaking.
The photo and the experience.
I'm lost for words, finally, lol☺☺☺

AMZ said...

awesome photo Jess and thanks for sharing!! as usual you just make me wish I was out there with you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Wednesdays Herald Sun in Victoria had an article about a German woman who on Tuesday completed her journey paddling a kayak around Australia. The journey took 332 days and she travelled 13,790km. It stated that she did it “because it was there. That’s why people climb Mt Everest. This journey was there to be done”. She was described as a determined and very focused woman who can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Sounds a little familiar!

Thanks to your Shore Team for the earlier update and news that you were nearing 7,000nm, and congratulations to you.

I have just opened your blog about climbing the mast. I recall reading that Kay Cottee made a similar mast climb in calm weather for exactly the same reason – to check for chafing etc at the mast head - before the start of the heavy weather section of her voyage. Good to hear everything checked out ok. Did you leave a note for Santa up there? Your masthead photo is great, and the set of the genoa shows it setting superbly – could be one for your book.

For curious readers there is a photo of Jessica at the top of the mast in her blog for Thursday 27 August. This photo shows the gear at the top of the mast very well, and also shows the mast fitted with a set of fold out steps for her feet to provide greater stability while she is working there. This photo was obviously taken in the marina – you can see the mast of a neighboring boat – so Jessica is barefoot up the mast. Not something she would do at sea.

What follows is a bit of sailing humour which did the rounds many years ago. It is the transcript of a radio conversation between a US Navy vessel and Canadian Authorities off the coast of Newfoundland:

Americans: “Please divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision”
Canadians: “Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision”
Americans: “This is the captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course”
Canadians: “No, I say again, divert YOUR course”
Americans: “This is the aircraft carrier USS Missouri.
We are a large warship of the US Navy.
Canadians: “We are a lighthouse. Your call”.

With apologies to your American blog followers.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

hezakiah299 said...

12-17-09 @ 03:30
Hi Jessica,
Simply amazing, but I'll bet that view was a nice change from just looking eyelevel over the water. The picture was choice, you never realize how high 12metres(39ft.)is until you're looking down. Ella looked tiny, but yes, she is a cute little boat and befits her Captain. Sorry to read about your aches and pains, but you finally had a chance to stretch your body and it's just reacting. It's easy for me to say that just doing stretches to touch your toes is helpful, but as you say, having to do the "spider walk" isn't the best conditions for exercising. Do you have any kind of liniment with you? I’ll get some right out to you.
You are amazing, I knew, I kneeeew that you would treat this adventure just as casual as only you can. But that's what's so wonderful about you, you just roll with the punches, and don't let anything faze you. That's great!!!!
In the states we have a saying when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to, we blame it on “Murphy’s Law” so I guess you could blame the increase of the wind on good ole Murph. He takes a lot of blame.
That was just natures way of checking up on you to see if you were clear headed and staying on the ball. But you fooled her and had your little gadget (remote commander) with you. I can hear you giggling as you were swinging around up there, and (as you said) sailing the lady. No panic, just taking care of business. Fantastic.
Glad to see you were making good time, I hope it stays that way. I figure about twenty three (23) days to the Cape. That’s my S.W.A.G.
Well Jessica, what would Christmas be without Snoopy. So you just keep on swinging and singing out there, and don’t berate yourself, you have the most beautiful voice on your boat, so sing out girl.
Take good care of yourself and the crew. I’m very proud of you. You just made my day.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Jan said...

What a wonderful snap of Her from the top of the mast. Thanks so much for sharing it. Thoughts and best wishes for you while you sing along to the Wiggles :-)
Warm regards,
Jan - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing person, remote control sailing from the mast, unbelievable

Mike Whitaker said...

Great view from up top! Good to hear you two are doing well.

The Sunshine Coaster Family said...

Not only are you nearly half way somewhere between here (Australia) and South America but you go and climb the mast....

How amazing is the photo from the top of Ella's Pink Lady Mast.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your amazing adventure.
Thoughts are always with you as we check your blog daily!
From The Sunshine Coaster Family (Nambour)

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

Great progress ! It never ceases to amaze me how mature you are about everything.

Thats a great shot from the top of the mast ! Gives you a whole different perspective doesn't it?!

Talk about the roaring 40s, I guess in some ways you are lucky (so far) - here in Melbourne, we've had 39degC with strong winds out of the north yesterday and about 22degC and lots of rain and wind today. I normally go flying midweek but had to stay grounded because of the inclement weather, so again, lucky you !

"Sail on Silver Girl, sail on by.
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way"

Thats an extract from one of Simon and Garfunkels most famous tunes and I thought was a good little anecdote in support of what you are achieving !


Kerri said...

Jess, glad all went so smoothly into and out of the 'crow's nest'. That is a fantastic picture of EPL. Must have been refreshing to get a different view. Glad to hear you are getting into the Christmas spirit; love Charlie Brown Christmas (I'll think of you, sending you great sailing vibes, as that is all we land lubbers can do for a Christmas present, every time I hear it). Boy, if that wasn't some kind of run-on sentence ;-)
Happy Holidays! Hope the 40's treat you well and what a great up date. Be safe, have fun and here's to you!

Happy sailing from California,


samurai said...

Hey there jess, I hope you're well.
I just got home from work and what an excellent surprise to come home to...the best picture ever! What an amazing view you get from up there, huh? EPL is a very cute little boat indeed. Good move, taking the remote up with you. The picture shows water splashing on either side of the boat and not much of a wake so I see what you mean by getting knocked about when the wind changed direction on you. I can almost hear the water slapping against the sides of the hull as I gaze into that picture. I'm glad to hear you got back down reasonably unscathed and thrilled for you having taken such an adventure.
Congrats on entering the 40's. I hope that you are able to make a definite move in an easterly direction soon and to have the wind further aft of your beam would be nice too.
Good to hear you've been singing. :-)) Sing out loud and sing like no-one's listening. Great stuff! I love singing and used to practice alot while sitting out on the foredeck by myself. Now I just sing all day everyday and give everyone an earache :-)) just kidding. I do it at work and it's amazing how many of my patients cheer up and sing along with me. It's a riot sometimes...good fun! Some people just think I'm strange.
Anyway, sounds like you're having perfect sailing conditions at the moment and managing to do at least 6-knots, although maybe not so good for fishing. I can feel a good cooking session coming on to make the most of these ideal conditions. Keep up the good work Jess, you're doing great. Enjoy...Take care, stay safe and bye for now...Sam

Anonymous said...

Bula Jesse!

Wow!! You are so incredible and so very brave. OMG!!! I admire your courage to be suspended above EPL like that, that is just awesome. Keep it coming Jesse, I look forward to your entries every day and it is like a breath of fresh sea air.
Wish you all the best and luckily you are far away from Fiji which has just been hit by a very strong and destructive cyclone Mick on Monday.
Looking forward to more surprises from you and EPL.
God Bless.
Eleni. Bundoora, Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
HOW COOL !!! love the pic.
You are an amazing 16 year old, I know everyone probably says that but I truly mean it, the courage it takes to even go up the mast at a marina with other people there, but by yourself out in the ocean is unbelievable.

Great Work
Saraya :-)

Anonymous said... exactly did you get up there??? are a petite, little 16 yr old girl in the middle of the ocean and you climbed the mast!
Wow!!!!!! You rock! Awesome photo too!
Keep up the great work and the great posts!

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem

God’s Phone

Its howling winds past 70 knots
The sky is froth, as it passes like clots
The waves are like, not ever before
So this is what’s meant, by just what’s in store

But Jessica girl, as you see each peak rise
Look really close, it’ll have someone’s eyes
For the thousands of us, from all round this world
We each have our prayers, towards you they’re hurled

So never believe, that it’s just you alone
From Parents to Strangers, we’re using God’s phone
Hang for the tough times, allow a scared tear
Its human to be so, to show him some fear

Nary a man, if he’s true to his soul
Could achieve what you are, your magnificent goal
So take all he gives, for to make you his great
He’s going to extract, in his desire to create

You have not a follower, not a person at home
No not one of us, not using that phone
He’s listening, he knows, our global young dear
Our prayers are his tool, for conquering that fear


This poem is written with a forward looking mind, for once over the lattitude you are, things will change from time to time. The Poem is the message. Go for it girl.


Anonymous said...

omg! that pic! scary!!!

Lola said...

Ok, seriously, that photo is so cool! I was wondering if theres any way to get any of these photo's in high-def. That photo, especially, would make a great computer background wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

Keep Going Jess
Hope that it all goes smoothly for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great photo. I bet you will have plenty of adoptive parents telling you to be careful about climbing that mast.

With all the spider walking you are doing, do you think it will feel pretty weird to be back on solid ground after so many months at sea?

Enjoy your Christmas singing as loud and as often as you like. My kids always tell me to shut up when I sing!

Perth, Western Australia

calvi said...

question: how do you climb the mast??
You seem to be having a great time and wish it was me!

Unknown said...

Whoa, enough of the mast shots, my vertigo kicks in just looking at the photo, LOL. I must say young lady, you've got a lot of guts and it still amazes me that someone so young is doing this. Then again, when my kids were in their teens they didn't seem to fear much, especially my son. Anyway, take care and Stay Safe.


Kwis said...

Great photo!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica!

Nice photo from atop the mast. Perhaps you should try the climb regularly when weather permits - good exercise!

It is good to see a young person who has some go and grit.

Be careful!

Hans, Tasmania

Old Iron said...

anther great photo Jessica

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Wow. A great picture from up the mast.
I am happy for you.
Glad that all is going well.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jesse,
Yet another creative picture, look at the colour of the water!...such a great perspective, where were your feet??

Welcome to the roaring 40's....if you are lucky it will live up to its name!

Thanks to "Georgia Guy" for the You Tube link, a wonderful Pictorial dedicated to you Jess, a great Tribute and really fitting music too, here's the link in case you missed it...

I started to tear up by the second last picture, there's some really good photography, you know Jess you have a lovely cute little face and I think the camera knows it too!, MrEpepe has done a terrific job at this compilation.

Of course its not even half way through your journey, so I'm sure there is going to be plenty more pictures to add to his pictorial as time continues on although I suspect its timing was dictated by the length of the piece of music used.

The remote commander was interesting to learn about, and I guess a trip up the mast is something you don't do everyday, but never the less many thanks for taking us up your mast!

I could go on but there's about to be another couple of hunderd posts coming up with everybody saying something of interest, there really has been some great comments.

And about your Singing...I dunno I'd reckon you'd have a great little singing voice, a little croaky perhaps but hell look at Rod Stewart he's done wonders with his singing voice!...hehe, if you can hold a note and sing in key you're half way there...that's it - thats what you can do, together with your Book and DVD, you could promote a CD - Titled..Jessica Watson - At Sea - A collection of cover songs to sing while at sea for 8 months by yourself....*chuckles*...sorry Jesse....just being cheeky;)

That's it I've gone on for another hundered words...I'm stopping right now.

See ya tamurra...

Oh...try to keep those bruises to a minimum, I can just imagine how many times you have to do the spider impersonation thing...

Clint - Dandenong Town

Unknown said...

Woah thats some view!! I've been following your progress since you appeared in our local paper - im in Auckland, NZ. Very cool trip!

Unknown said...

Loved hearing from you again, and seeing the photo of EPL taken from the top of the flagpole.
Gulp..........I hate did really well getting up that high, and back down again with just a few stiff joints and bruises to remind you of that feat.

It was an awesome picture though, looking down on your boat from that angle. That'll go well in your book.

You sound very upbeat and chirpy, as well you should after entering this phase of your journey. I hope the roaring 40s are kind to you, and sort of break you in gently instead of lashing you with full force from the start.

I hope you are able to get enough sleeps in the form of frequent cat naps.
Hervey Bay was a little cooler today, but so very dry. We can't seem to get any of the rain that has hit other areas around Qld.

Smooth sailing Jess.

Lily in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, great photo from up the mast!!! hope the roaring forties arent to bad for you, love reading your blogs, How many days until round the cape??
All the best,
Ali - Victor Harbor SA

Anonymous said...

Now,now,young lady! When you send us pictures like this, y'know some of us old dears will have palpitations! You are correct, though, EPL is a dem cute little boat!

Was climbing the mast really on your check list, or were you just a bit bored? Seriously, I read an experienced boatie's comment regarding checking and inspecting rigging, etc. when cruising off shore, "...the question is not if I am being paranoid, but am I being paranoid enough!" IMO, Jesse Watson is exhibiting a healthy paranoia.

Thanks for the picture!
Todd, by the big cold lake

Anonymous said...

I'm . . . like . . . speechless - you are a goddess of the seas!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo Jesse. What a wonderful perspective for us all to see- you too of course!!
keep up the good work.
you really are inspiring.
Take care with those 40's
From Suzi In NZ

David Loaring said...

Godspeed Jessica: you would be a hero to my dad and his brother and their father, all sailors, all gone now. They would marvel at your adventure. I find your blog interesting and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jessica, that's very impressive. You must have felt like a trapeze artist! Brave girl, I'm even more impressed with your fearlessness and knowledge.
So I guess there may be a few gaps coming up in the blogs, when you will be far too busy to be wasting time typing at a computer, but as long as your shore team can pick up the slack and assure us you're ok I'm sure we'll manage.
You go girl!
Julie, Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

"OH MY GOD" Well we can be assured that you have indeed no height phobias hey.I have been logging on each day to catch up on your progress since you have started your journey. I admire your courage and determination against all odds. For all the messages that you have coming your way there must be thousands of people out there like me that hold back from sending a message for one reason or another, but at the same time would most likely be over whelmed by your valiant courage and the matority on the way you are handling yourself in all areas of your journey. I encourage people to read your blog and get an understanding of how pasionette you are of your sailing. I remember when i was 13 back in England that it was such a thrill to hang out their on the trapese of dads Cat. I could not even begin to think of the thrill you would be getting now 24/7= You go girl. Well done....

Anonymous said...

Jess you are a legend. What a shot. Unbelievable. Enjoying your ride, stay safe. Glen from Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jesse, mit Spannung verfolgen wir Dein Abenteuer und ich vermisste
schon Deine Nachricht.
Aber Dein Schiff mag Dich sehr.
Dein Mißgeschick an der Mastspitze
Und die Überraschung sollen Dir sagen, dass Du immer aufmerksam sein
musst auf der gefährlichen Reise.
Die Weite und Stille können dich werden
Wir sind in Gedanken mit Dir!
Liebe Grüße von Klaus Wunder aus Potsdam in Deutschland und Familie

Stacey said...

Jessica ~ We follow your blogs and though haven't responded to date want you to know that you continually amaze us with your confidence, strength of character and endurance. May these fine qualities continue to be with you through this next journey around the Horn!
You are an absolute credit to your parents and we wish you happy sailing
With much love to you

The Sainty Family from Stanmore Bay NZ :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant photo, honey. Well done! Reading 'A Voyage for Madmen' about the first ever solo round the world race back in the sixties when I was in nappies and you weren't even an egg (probably your Mum wasn't either)! Fascinating!

Chelley said...

Oh I am the first?!!?! WOW

LOVE it keep it up Jessica!!

Anonymous said...

I had the experience of going up the mast once--but with a full crew below.
But to do it single handed--wow--you've got my full respect Jessica.


Anonymous said...

Awesome shot of Ella's Pink Lady from up there!! Can't believe that you were able to use a remote control
and steer the boat from there.

Anne, Hervey Bay said...

Jess, missed you the last few days. You really are having a wonderful time. What a trip up the mask and back down, hope all the sore parts are much better soon. You definitely are daring but good to see you enjoying everything and trying new things. Sunday's blog bought tears to my eyes when you showed us what an amazing young lady you are and so mature for your age.Take care though be safe and will keep watching for your amazing blogs.

Susan said...

What a view!
It's pretty cool that everything looks good and you're ready for stronger weather without having to do any major overhauls. You are obviously doing an excellent job taking care of everything Jesse.
The rest of us now get to see what you and your parents and team knew all along.

In everything we do,there's always an element of the unknown, that can't be helped, but I'm seeing that you've minimized the risks, and are prepared and ready and capable to handle the challenges... and,perhaps even...eager?!?

Watching Jesse Martin's movie and reading his book and Kay Cottee's, I know what you're doing isn't my calling!...but it is yours and not only can you achieve your goal, you just might beat Jesse Martin in an arm wrestle when you're back too! The interview with him on YouTube is one of my favorite, and I hope you two are in communication, so you have someone who really 'gets it'.

Always wishing you blessings and safety,
Susan in Oregon

Joe L said...

Hi Jess – glad everything is going fine. Just had a visual image of you doing the spider impersonation about the cabin – ha! You are an amazing young lady . . .

Hey, nice picture of Ella's Pink Lady from the top of the mast. Wee, better relax and enjoy the calm days while you can cause it can't stay that way forever.

God bless and stay safe

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

You say it's not a tall mast, but when you consider little things, like, you know, the location where you are scaling it, and the fact you are on you own, and you are taking pic's, and driving the boat via remote control, it's plenty tall enough - Is there anything you can't do?

I'm surprised you didn't take up a set of water colours and paint us a picture - no don't!!

Steady progress - nice one. How's the fishing going?

All the best to you and your team for xmas - Keith & Crew Auckland.

ericinoz said...

Hey, you are one game girl. I don't like climbing a 40ft mast in the pen, much less in the middle of the ocean. Keep up the good work and come back safely.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
What a fantastic picture from top of the mast, I will tell you not to many people would be happy to do that task, well done Jesse.
Ella's Pink Lady looks great from this angle.
The roaring forties has been giving you some nice sailing by the looks of it, hope it keeps up all the way to the Horn, wishful thinking may be, but you never know.
You could have taken a photo of you in that dorky helmet, I bet you would still look fantastic.
So keep knocking over those miles, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

carole (Mackay) said...

Hey Jess
Well arnt you amazing ! up the mast with lots of confidence to check EPL rig. Good you had your safety gear and sailing by remote - how cool is that. Ive been up the mast in a marina and that was scarey, so once again you just exceed all expectations. Now you will feel even more confident knowing EPL is in fine shape.
A great pic from way up there = I imagine what it wouldve been like with the roll motion, and the wind, and trying to hold all of your gear, plus ensure you get down safely.... well done Jess...

So now you are into the 40's - another milestone. You and EPL are more than organised - one step at a time, keep up your sleep and nutrition - high energy goods, maybe make some muffins and stock them up for a quick munch on the hop. Have a good night Jesse, and once again youre amazing....

Unknown said...

Wow, amazing picture from up there, looks really daring!

Good luck,
Peter (Netherlands)

Helen said...

Oooh I feel giddy just looking at that photo! Great progress, I'm sure you'll both really start to streth your legs now and put the nm behind you.

- Helen (UK)

Head in the clouds said...

Awesome Jesse, just awesome!

I mean your writing - and your trip up the mast was...awesome, and the pic was, well you guessed - awesome

I fly anything and have skydived and completely sht myself when I have to go up a mast, and you have no you climbed? Yeehaa

Um - even more awesome :-)

Here's today's inspiration for you -

We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alan & Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Precious one -- Thanks for the wonderful post today --excellent writing and WOW! that view from the top was super! Glad you had a day of steady winds for lots of forward progress.

Also glad that your trip up the mast was basically uneventful....would never want one of those trips up there to turn into a 'high drama situation', as you put it. ....It must be comforting to know that you can sail EPL by remote control. I find that to be truly amazing!

With your skill and preparations, with the technical equipment and support you have onboard and back in AU, I just know you are going to complete this trip like the champion you already are!

You have a worldwide Internet community out here cheering you on! We love you!

Hugs and prayers,

Janell, in Oklahoma, USA

Anonymous said...

Love the picture from the top of the mast and I Glad you made it up and down the mast just fine.

Safe sails and beautiful seas

Anonymous said...

Up the mast is that a bit like up the walls. Up the mast and in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Yes it has to be the same as up the walls.

Don Rocin said...

Sitting ontop a mast in the middle of the ocean; you’re on your own; listening to The Wiggles for Christ’re some young lady Jessica Watson. One of my daughters is your age and if she’s a few minutes late coming home I go nuts - and she’s only down the street. I must be too strict; clearly 16-year olds aren’t little kids and have so much they can do without over cautious parents scaring them into bland and unadventurous lives. Thank you, and Happy Christmas to you...and to your parents.

Chris said...

Hi Jess,
know what you mean with getting down from the top of the mast.
My friend always drops me way to fast -on purpose-, and I have to get around the spreaders very quikly to prevent me hanging up side down. And a fun they have... (and he's affraid of heights himself!)
But we have never done that on sea, always in the harbour. when somebody jumps of the boat I allready go around all the way, imagine in the waves, surely a thrill.

I always come home broozed...

We have the snow here in the netherlands at the moment!
I have a sailing regatta on Sunday, hopefully we can throw some snowballs.

Have fun out there!!

Butterfly said...

That water below you is a superb shade of blue!
It all sounds like adventure from here.

Best wishes for the next leg of your journey!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
What a fantastic view of Ella's Pink Lady. I must say though I am glad it was you up the mast not me. Hope the bruises are okay and stiffness gone.
Enjoy your Christmas Carols. My grandchildren reminded me today that there is only eight more sleeps until Santa comes. Hope you are still making good progress.
Stay safe,

Unknown said...

Good to hear that you are still enjoying your adventure. Great pic from the mast.
Keep up the great work, what you are achieving is truly remarkable.

Narelle said...

thats an awesome pic Jesse! It looks like quite a long climb from that angle. I am glad you are doing so well and enjoying the trip so far. You are an inspiration to all of us land lubbers who at the moment can pnly dream of such an adventure!
<3 Naz
From Buderim

Brian Riley said...

One could say you were up in the air about things, as you say it is a magnificent view looking back down on the yacht, lucky you thought ahead and took the auto pilot remote with you, "all skill"
All the rough weather at this stage is above you with cyclone Mitch giving the Fijian Islands a battering.
The weather will be changing for the cooler side of your trip, so your wind cheater gear will not be far away.
Thanks for sharing your photo up the mast with us it is awesome.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD.

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

Hey Jess,

well what can I say? You've reached new heights! What a great photograph, excellent work Jess, you really do capture our imagination with your writing, as others have already said, you make us feel as though we are right there with you, sometimes lately I think that it would be just great, but then there's all that water and no land in sight!!
You are right about not being alone out there as there are so many people constantly thinking of you, I guess we have made it our adventure too, pathetic souls we are, letting you take the risks and us enjoying the ride, but maybe you are made of stronger stuff than some of us, really, there isn't much doubt about that!!
I will be on the NSW Central Coast for Christmas, relative is a fisherman there, so plenty of fresh seafood and talk of the sea. I will be constantly reminded of you so our thought and prayers will continue to surround you as are many others.
Keep safe, God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

Julie said...

wow....what a long way up that is !!!! glad you had the ' dorky ' helmet on!!! its a long way're doing so well...lots love Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Jessica, what an amazing view!!! I'm not sure that I would have been able to climb up there though, lol. This is my first comment, but like many others have been following you since the day you left the harbour. Keep up the great sailing, you are inspirational. Take care, from an admiring follower of your journey, Leanne

Unknown said...

Off you go and roar along safely!
Awsome pics and great geography lessons that you are providing to my kids.
Travel safely and may the wind be with you.

jan said...

oh. my god, how amazing is that pic.keep safe dear jesse, jan chch nz

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty spectacular, Jess, thanks for the pic.
Hey...bruises are ok, at least you don't have any explaining to do right now, unlike me who came back from skydiving bruised in verrry interesting raised a pair of eyebrows and a 'please explain' was in order too LOL
Glad you made it up and back in one piece :)
Weather is interesting here, 37C yesterday, 17C today.... ho hum.
hope you get a lot more good quality sleep

Anonymous said...

What a clever young lady you are. Just looking at the photo gave me goose bumps!!!!
We mention you every day and wonder how you are and then when there is no blog for a couple of days we worry!!!!! BUT of course we should not expect it daily.
Take care. We are proud of you
Cheryl and Steve
Anna Bay NSW

Erica said...

It takes a lot of courage to start a journey like this; including climbing up a mast and this is something that you have and that many people lack. You are an inspiration to me to tackle my equestrian dreams. said...

Whoa Jess!!!
Going around the world by yourself is one thing... climbing that mast by yourself is quite another!
Full points for bravery. First time I've sent a comment but i check your blog everyday. You are the very definition of adventurous and brave.
You go girl!
Best of Luck

Unknown said...

Well done young lady. Have been watching your progress from day one. Great pic from the top of the mast. Love the colour of the water. Take care out there.
First time blogger

Nerang Qld

Alison said...

Great shot Jesse

Happy Sailing
Ali Brisbane Qld

Anonymous said...

you are such an amazing young lady doing what you are doing, I go onto your blog everyday to see what you have posted and love to read all about it. I look at some of the photos with waves and think I couldnt do that and I am 37 and then to see that amazing photo of you at the top of the mask, you rock girl :)

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA. said...

Hey Jessie

Awesome blog today. Love the pic it is fantastic. You sound so happy with your lot, I am almost jealous.

Well I have to tell you that I've planned my whole unit for next year and called it
"Where in the world is Jessica Watson?" Therefore no pressure, but you just have to keep going so my teaching plans don't have to swap to something completely boring like dinosaurs. My boss the Principal is really happy to take your trip into the school and I'm planning a whole chance and data type maths "whole school" guesstimation competion where everyone makes a bet on what day and what time you cross the finish line. SO AS I SAID "NO PRESSURE!". Just make sure you keep yourself safe.

Anyway, we are loving your whole journey, you are a star. Keep safe next time your venture up or outward.

Love The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm surprised at how amazed I am at your courage. That really looks as though it is a long way down. I guess that at least up there you get a great view of your little ship.

And ship shape she appears.

You are an amazing young lady.

You know, I think that I would enjoy joining you with you favourite Christmas carols.

Stay safe. Come home soon.

June and Richard Thorn

polila1982 said...

Hi, captain! I suppose you did everything in safety gear and of course the mast need to be inspected before the sea gets rough. Even so, prepare yourself to hear a lot of complaints from your worried adopted parents and siblings. I trust you not to run into UNNNECESSARY risks, for there is no riskless way to do what you're doing. Congratulations for reaching the 40's, and enjoy the nice weather while you can.

yarnek said...

It's all been said before.....but I can't tell you how much I love reading your blogs. Being there with you is a blast - and believe me, we're all there with you in spirit. My legs are aching from that shimmy up the mast!

The Old Bloke

Tony Roberts said...

Very, VERY impressive!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, my name is Jake Taylor and I have been avidly following your progress. I am so jealous! What an adventure you are having. I am just getting into sailing myself and would love to do a circumnavigation one day. Anyway, reason for the post is to let you know you are now approaching Point Nemo - the Oceanic pole of inaccessibility, or in other words the farthest point from land on earth. Congrats! Good luck Jessica with the rest of the journey :-) (PS info on point nemo here:

Jan - Wellington, NZ said...

Woohoo - you go girl! That's pretty awesome Jess. I wonder how this adventure is going to change you. How on earth will you be able to settle once you're back home. Life will never be quite the same for you I don't think - in a very good way.

You're a little legend!

You take care now.

Jan, NZ


Well i have been away for a week unable to get your blog so tonight I got all caught up. The pics are great and I love the sunset. They always make me feel good when Im on a cruise. I always get up for the sunrises and stay out on deck to watch the sunsets. They are very spiritual for me. I liked your explanation of lonely and how you couldnt possible be lonely with all of us with u. Thanks for the reassurance we try our best.
The hot custard sounded good and especially the banana muffins. Banana cream pie is good also. Opps you cant make that out there can u. Well you'll have to put that on your list when you get back and read all that mail.
Sailing your boat from the mast is amazing to me. The things we can do with technology now....WOW!!!
Well gotta go so I say good bye for now. Keep up the good work and I love ur writing.

Unknown said...

Ha, wish you had made a video of you singing Christmas songs! It would be an viral instant hit in Youtube! Now take care of those bruises and stretch your muscles while the wind and the sea allow you to do it without too much work, OK? We all worry about this Cape Horn turn, and we'll breathe better once you've made it into the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jessica,
not only captain of your ship, but circus artist on TOP of it!!!!!!!
I am back, woohooo!
And after 5 days of sailing instruction in the Whitsundays, I am now a fully qualified beginning beginner of the art of sailing (competent crew) crew yes, comptetent...........
I had the time of my life and have a new appreciation for what your are accomplishing!
Tacking, jibing, night sailing, head- and mainsail, working sheet and lazy sheet and more are all terms I now understand!
We experienced everything from no wind to a squall with 31.3 knots and heavy drenching rain.
I have only been out there 5 days and I often thought of you ........24 hours a day, non stop, no break as you said you fleetingly wished for, on and on.
We anchored every night but once in a sheltered bay, you don't have that luxury at the moment!

I tried to make lunch as we lurched along and I thought, how does Jessica do that. I managed but it was doing a bracing dance in between every layer on the sandwich!
I returned home today and I can still feel the motion of the boat!
This will be an interesting experience when you step on land again after months at sea.
The photos of the sunset and Ella from the top are spectacular.
I am glad, that job is out of the way and hopefully you don't have to do it again.
Enjoy the Christmas music and I am sure your crew appreciates the singing!

Keep well, happy and above all safe,

Trudy, Austria, Mackay

Jim said...

Hi Jessica

Day 60, 7000nautical miles up, into the roaring forties and another glowing news report, I am just totally amazed at your sailing skills, climbing the mast with your dorky helmet, checking for wear and tear and chafe and great to hear all is well,what am absolutely amazing photo you have taken from up there, I know it’s said before but you Jessica Watson are one amazing sailor woman!
Great to see you latest recent video up, you’re really chugging along down there in the Southern Ocean, sounds and looks like it’s pretty bouncy on ELP going by the look and sound of the sea in the background. I took a look at the google map and by moving the arrows and bringing South America into view I can see you are directly on course heading straight to Drakes Passage, you’re much closer than what I thought, what fantastic progress!, maybe when passing Easter Island, check have a look around if no one is looking you actually tie up there, have a stretch of legs enjoy dry land have a cuppa and chat with the locals and offer them your banana muffins for them not to tell anyone, on second thought better not! All jokes aside I know you are not the lonely type and enjoy your own company living your dream and relishing the bigger waves down south.
I would have to agree that photo from yesterday with you on the deck and the sunset in the background is the leading contender so far for the front cover of your book.
From the one of the lines of one of my favourite songs by Simon and Guarfunkle - Sail on silver girl.

Perth, Western Australia

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
I know you say EPL doesn't have the tallest mast, but from the photo it looks pretty damn high up to me! What a great photo though. Climbing the mast is something i would love to do. Sorry to hear you got a few bruises and stiff muscles in the process... but i reckon it must be worth the climb and the view.
Isn't it wonderful that you can sing along really loudly and badly with no one around to hear you... that's one of my favourite past times too when i am on my own.
Sounds like you are well prepared for the roaring forties... along the way i wish you good winds and safe sailing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
I think you need a bravery medal to climb the mast! Great photo. The little snippets of information you share - such as the remote control gadget - keep me intrigued. Keep it up and thanks for sharing your joy of life.
Joy (South Australia)

Mark Lunn said...

Awesome pic up the mast... it always makes the boat seem real small when you're up there. great progress!
enjoy the "warm" weather and mild wind while it lasts!

H28 Ketch

David said...

Jess, Wow, you are an amazing young lady. Great blog today. Stay safe.

David Indiana

Craig / Perth WA said...

What a amazing photo you took on top the mast that was oarsome....
Looking forward to see you can really sail into the roaring 40's
and good luck because I've been in the roaring 40's as sailing in someone yacth and I tell you what I will never do it again because I got too sick and too scary.
Keep sailing babe you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

G'Day Jess',

I understand your comments on a different perspective on sailing whilst up the mast

I am an old Professional Pilot that has been flying for 47 years - the last 14 in command of long range maritime surveillance aircraft; wandering over the seas and oceans around Australia.
Out as far as Christmas Island and Cocos to the West - Lord Howe and Norfolk to the East

As can be expected, I have observed the sea in all its moods, from sea state zero to 8 plus.
Also the humbling privilage of observing sights and occurences beyond counting that few have the chance to ever see,let alone experience.

Pods of Dolphins in their hundreds, Whales in all their glory. All this from a Grandstand aerial view of on average 1500 feet.
As well as all the above, Yachts, from grey Nomads of the sea to utter luxery items worth over $100 million plus. The obligatery ident pass was done at 200 feet for still and video photo records, all in living colour with a chat on marine CH 16 and working CH
I would like to ask a few questions,if I may,from a professional point of view that many who Blog here could find interesting.

Do you have an unbreakable rule that you 'clip on' when ever you are on deck, regardless of sea state?

Reference your Sat 'Phone, do you alternate with the one in your grab bag to keep them fully charged, and to check sevice ability?

Remaining on Coms, do you carry HF? if so what frequency do you use? Ham radio operators spring to mind here.

We,myself and crew,always had a personal EPIRB on our belt - 121.5 as this frequency is monitored by all Aircraft world wide 24/7;do you have something similar with Sat monitored frequency?

Finally, a couple of tips - Sunsets!, wait until the Sun is well below the horizon, the colours are out of this world - better still Google phot tips on subject some interesting advice for all.Not that there is anything wrong with what you have achieved so far, just exoerience commenting.

If you have it onboard put a roll of aluminium foil in your grab bag, makes a good Radar reflector.

Sail safe,be on your guard always; maybe one of the Surveillance Aircraft will buzz you on your return as I did with Jess Martin off Perth. Above all, enjoy!!!

Poppa Bear

Anonymous said...

Wow! It reminds me of my dad sending me up there when I was a little giirl. Go Jess!!
A little closer to heaven and the Star of Bethlehem (I know baby Jesus is sailing with you) & praying that your high tech gear sees the trip out.
Well done.

Andrew said...

lol ' dorky ' helmet got to love it lol
singing hay come on i know its not that bad :)
i should be getting ready 4 bed but after sitting on a plane 4 wat 14 hours im not tired lol!!! well have a good 1 buttercup :P:P:P
Fair winds and following seas

Bebie said...

Whoa ... talk about a giddy nana! What an amazing shot! Not only am I not a boat person, I don't like heights but I so appreciate your climb and photo. Thank you Jesse. Your courage is something to behold.

God bless ... Caloundra

Mary said...


infiniteblue said...

That is SO cool Jess.

I'm enjoying following your passage

Astroglide_Australia said...

No more mast climbing please

Anonymous said...

hay nice photo i have one like that but i am up a coconut plam working its cool. islandboydaz

greg said...

Hi Jess great blog again and love that photo,must be a bit nerve racking up there?,It looks like a long way down at least you got a silly,s eye view. Keep up the good work and stay safe good sailing Greg Townsville

Tim09 said...

Hey Jess,
Wow!!!, what a great picture,

We know that the next few weeks are going to be tough as you go around the Cape and you will have quite a large familywishing you safe passage. So take care keep safe but most of all keep having fun.
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...


Yes, and you can see how unbelievably beautiful
Ella's Pink Lady is too!

Who would have thought pink could look so right - she must look like she's formed from the magic of the sunrises out there!

Cheers from Mt Ninderry!

Anonymous said...

John 16:33
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Hey Jessica, I know I just posted last night after reading the detailed news posting about your progress, but now that I read your blog post I just had to go again. What a pic, what a description. What great equipment, planning, execution. And you, quite a thing to have done what you've done. Love your attitude, even about the bruises and stiffness. You are truly taking heart at each obstacle, and I so look forward to how you handle what's ahead. Stay warm, stay rested, eat well. I will of course pray daily for you out there, your steady and good safe progress, your health, and of course your family at home still caring well for you.

Fred said...

I read your blog's with interest, and pass it on to the villagers. I live in a retirement village in Brisbane.
Keep well...

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse....

The 'down the mast' piccie... Oh, ( expletives) !!! --- No way could I do that !!

Still, when you are the ONE on EPL, and stuff _has_ to be checked, you get the job, eh !!!

It's worked out.... so that's the most important bit !!!

So hot back here in Oz.... Untold bushfires. NSW is scorched! The 'madness' of Chrissy is everywhere. Beats me why so many go Nutso, especially on the roads at this time.

And you're soaking in the unbelievable tranquility and beauty of the South Pacific as you beat out your Quest !!.

So _excellent_, Jesse.
Good sailing and safe moves. ~ And thanks for the great blog and pics.

...catchya later..

.... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Pet that is one fantastic photograph one that will remind you all your life what a great view you had of Ella Pink Lady and your miniscule island in a large ocean for all those months.
Pet if you have any linament in your first aid kit give your bruises a bit of a rub with it might ease the soreness of your muscles and the pain of the bumps and bangs.
You are one incredible young woman but personally I hope that is the first and last time you go up the mast.
Good night
love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Chris said...

Could be your next challenge:
Round the world in jacht, whilst sitting on the top of the mast... -:)

Larry said...

Hi Jessica, When I saw the picture you took from the top of the mast of Ella's Pink Lady a let out a loud "WHOA" at 5:30am !!!!! I'm not big on heights. If I know I'm secure I can get somewhat comfortable but I don't relish the idea right off. I'm sure there was a hugh sigh of relief made worldwide knowing that little procedure went off relatively successful. I was just thinking the other day about the day you return to Sydney. After all the warm embraces and kissing from family, friends, and support group. After all the interviews and media attention goes away. I see you returning to Ella's Pink Lady for some quiet reflection. Returning to the place that has been your home and literally your entire world for the last eight months. You may not believe it now but it may take some time to separate yourself from that lovely lady. Sail on Jessica!! It is obviously your destiny to be the undisputed youngest person to circumnavigate our world nonstop and unassisted. May whatever you believe in to get you through the most trying times be with you!! Sail safe Jessica Watson!! Your adopted long distant friend, Larry (

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, Your blog was really interested and you are brave to travel around the world. I'll follow your blog during your trip. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and take care of yourself and Ella's Pink Lady also.

Greetings from Jonna, Sweden

Alessandro Machi said...

I too was up high yesterday picking persimmons from a persimmons tree. I'll stick to the land stuff as I dropped the scissors I was using and had to watch them float away. Well, you get the point.

Love the photo you posted.

Unknown said...

Jessica you are one brave girl! That shot from the top makes my hands sweaty just thinking about it. Sure makes your boat look tiny. Hope you do not need to climb the mast in rough seas.
I just read 'Godforsaken Sea racing the world’s most dangerous waters' and almost all the sailors dreaded and avoided climbing their masts until absolutely necessary. So you are one up on most of them.
Great blog again Jessica. Keep safe and enjoy the ride. duane

KP said...

Very cool Jesse!

Wendy said...

OMG I have goose bumps just looking at that pic! I am no good with heights, but obviously you are! Great photo though :)
Gladstone Qld

Anonymous said...

Well done! I can't imagine how scary it must have been up there, but sounds like you are all over it, Woop woop! Also an amaaazing pic. Enjoy the season, Leeroy BNE

Conrad said...

Well done on the climb if we allsend u incoragement then the. Voyage willgo faster just keep writi g those blogs and it will keep your mind busy Conrad

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your progress so far! You're an amazing girl.

Lisa and Brian

GlenF said...

Awesome Jess,

About time you got up to that Crows Nest :-)

Anonymous said...

What a view!!!!!!!!!!!!!

minnesota mom said...

Dear Jessica, oh dear, I had to cover my face with my hands to peek from between my fingers at the photo from the top of your mast. It's very nice to know that your task up there was successful and that you're back safely on Ella's deck. As they say here in northern Minnesota: Uff Da! Thank you for all your photos and posts.
It has been amazing to follow your voyage. Ella Bache must be delighted to have made such a great decision to be your sponsor.
Keep safe and you are in the hearts of millions around the world. We all wish we could drop a Christmas gift off for you. I mailed you a card to Australia last week! Minnesota Mom

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

Well done on the climb, remember this, "the bruises will fade but the memory will live on forever"

As usual you amaze us with your writing skill, keep up the good work

God Speed

Peter and Sally

z said...

Wow! you are one amazing young lady. This is a brilliant shot - well done and thank you.

Sailing with you in our thoughts and prayers.

z of north queensland

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, great photo, gee a long way down!!! Enjoy the Christmas music, especially the Wiggles, I saw them live in Hobart only a few weeks ago.
Happy sailing.
5metreswell, Tassie.

John Pender said...

This is the coolest picture you've taken so far. Love it!
Although you are much more brave than I.

Mike said...

Hey Jessica!Very nice pictures of the sunsets and the picture from the top of the mast is amazing! It looks like it was taken from a helicopter. I'm happy to hear you are back on deck and safe! As you write about Christmas, I ponder what it would me like to be where you are at Christmas. I think there is no better place to be; out there in the middle of what God created. I suspect the feeling would be that some how you are even closer to God. You are so fortunate to have family and friends that love you so much that they helped you to be doing what you dreamed of. I know your family would probably rather have you at home for Christmas, but Christmas is sacrific for others, and your family's sacrifice is letting you be where you are. Just think of how joyous the return will be!
Jesus please keep her healthy and safe. Cover Jessica with Your protection. Amen
Grace Fellowship Church
North Stonington, CT. USA

Richard Lathrop said...

Welcome back to earth, Jesse.

Let's try to turn that stiffness and those bruises into something good:

If you hadn't felt them you might be back at the top today--steering with the remote and belting out your christmas songs. Dorky helmet and all.

The pic is a fantastic addition to your album and I'm sure we'll see it again, many times in many different places. It does you and your boat proud.

Glad to hear that you found everything in order up there.

Welcome to the 40's. I'm in the 40's too, but mine are in the Northern Hemisphere and they don't roar quite so loud.

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Macca said...

i just wanna dive from the top nice clear water 2


p.s jess is cute

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse congratulations on entering the Roaring 40s. Another notch on the belt - huh?? However, I can't say I'm too impressed with you climbing the mask - those few bumps and bruises could have been much worse. Please don't press your luck too far it's a bit silly and risky to put at stake the primary goal. I knew something dodgy was going on when there was no blog yesterday as my Jess-Stress meter was running riot and although you maneuvered the mast safely and found no chafing etc I still think you should think twice about placing yourself in any sort of danger whatsoever. Please darl be very very careful.

'til next time special one please take every precaution and keep the head thinking straight and in the present. You are far too precious and speaking for myself, I worry like hell. Take care darl , safety first, stay in the present and be happy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics Jesse, hang in there.

See ya (back in Syd!)

Lake Effect said...

Thanks for taking us up there!! That's the first time I've ever been to the top of a mast of pink a sailboat in the Pacific Ocean!! This is great fun!!

-Don Jones, Ohio USA (where it's -10°C!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. When a few days go by without a new blog entry I get a little worried. Amazing picture from the top of the mast!! Glad all the hardware is in good shape up there. Take care and keep the great reports and pictures coming.
Chagrin Falls, OH

Anonymous said...

What an amazing picture Jess!!!

well done!!
and what fun ...tinkering with the remote control up there..

Ciao bella

Gabrielle, Sydney

Molly said...

What an amazing photo.
I am not good with heights, so it made me a little dizzy.
That is how true to life it is.
It sounds like life aboard your Pink Lady is lovely these days.
Keep singing those Christmas songs.
I have it on good authority that Santa will be dropping by to see you on Christmas Eve. :)
Maryland USA

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

What a great adventure ! and many thanks for sending sending the picture. Well seems that you are quite ON TOP OF EVERY THING.

art & judie said...

Cool! You have the best sea story since I read Joshua Slocum. You are as good at writing and sailing !

pagepne said...

What an adventure? Great news that the mast rigging is all in great shape up top. The water looks so blue!
I am reading a book about an eighteen year old from NY who received an ultimatum from her dad. She either had to go to college or sail around the world solo (very much assisted)in a two year period. Well guess which she chose? She has so many wonderful memories to tell.

The experiences and life skills that you are gaining every day are so meaningful. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Greg from COLD Maine!

SaltyDog said...


When I read that you had climbed the mast and that all went well, I gave a big sigh of relief. Climbing the mast, at sea, solo is one of the most dangerous things anyone will do on a sailboat, so to know that you completed it and the rigging checked out good is huge. All of your practicing climbing was well worth it. And you gave Parker a little time off for good behavior by using the A.P.

A big congrats on hitting 7000 miles and entering the Roaring 40's. I think that my pulse keeps going up the closer you get to rounding the Horn. What a thrill that will be. Boy, I'm both excited and happy for you that things are going so well. Hope you get some well deserved rest and the bruises heal up quick. GREAT JOB, Jess!

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
I love the fact that you took the camera with you on your climb up he mast. I love the perspective in that photo! Also, I checked out the Google earth version of your route tracker. It really helps us understand just how incredible your adventure is. Keep up the good work. And be safe!

Rosemary,Kingaroy. said...

Jesse,how DO you actually climb a mast? Sorry, I know zilch about yachts.Is there a rope ladder, or footholds or something? Very Silly Question to you I am sure!!So glad you had the sense - as usual- to take the camera up with you for that awesome shot ........ just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Well, that certainly would have added some variety to the day!

Love the bit about the spider impersonation too...I'm getting a visual LOL

Merry Xmas Jesse!

Gold Coast

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Makes perfect sense to me. Climbing the mast that is. Being near to Ushuaia, the most southern city in South America is not where you want to discover you have a problem with your rigging and mast cables.

Being anywhere is not good if you discover problems and doing your maintenance and visual inspections prevents this. Forewarned is forearmed. So good for you.

The view from the top of the mast was a classic and thanks for taking the camera up the pole and sharing it with all of us. You rock kid.

There is very little else I can add to what others have already written here so I will close.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

crikey, jessica, EPL does look very neat and well organized from aloft....nice shot. yep, getting chrismassy here with test cricket in town, hot days and plenty of hype.

cheers from donna in perth.

Anonymous said...

The Roaring Teen in the Roaring 40s, nice one Jesse. You couldn't sail all the way around the globe without getting up the mast huh, I mean where else is there you haven't been ?!. It must have been a tad scary with one degree movement at the boat translating to YEE-HAH at the top. You better be careful with those bumps though - you're the doctor, patient and nurse out there.

You know, during those magical moments on the dodger watching the sea and sky, and feeling the moment, maybe you could capture it in your own poetry - or write songs. If you publish some efforts some musos in the blog could put the music to them and you could upload the result while you're still bobbing around watching that same sunset. Yee-hah


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Love all the pictures, my desktop changes on a regular basis thanks to you, keep safe, steady winds and calm seas

Dreamsailor, miami, florida, usa,

Just in case you have forgotten, you are amazing by the way...and that is an understatement....

Anonymous said...

Amazing picture Jess, well done!

I'am glad you are taking all the necessary precautions before the winds get stronger. And now that EPL is ready try to rest and eat well for getting ready for the next challanges.

Have a great time and safe trip to and around the horn.

Marina from Turin

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Just another quick addition,
what a great example you are giving the rest of the world, while you sail around the world creating your own electricity, carrying all the water that you need for 9 months, bringing back to land all the garbage that is non biodegradable, while on the other side of the world in the largest climate conference ever in copenhagan they are producing 40,000 tons of co2.

Thay have a saying in scuba diving,

take only memories, leave only bubbles.
Jess you are keeping the deam alive.

Dreamsailor, miami, florida, usa

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica, very cool shot. You are so amazing. Glad to hear that you made it down without to many bruises..not sure I would of made it down in one piece:-) God bless you!
Safe sailing. Jersey Shore Mom

Jo said...

Hey Jesse, that's a great shot of made my heart skip a beat!!! Well done young lady and it made me smile when I read you've been singing loudly and badly LOL I'm sure you sound just fine!! Take care 'til next time.

Anonymous said...

Way Cool!

Fukuoka, Japan

janel said...

What a wonderful shot! It is always great to get a new perspective on things. I have to say, thinking about you up there gives my stomach a bit of a quiver, and as a mom, I am so glad you wore your dorky helmet! Wise girl you are. Merry merry to you and keep smiling. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with all of us.Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a terrific shot Jessica. Your followers say it all so will just wish you safe sailing and don't forget "safety first". Your last two photos are on the blog picture. Best wishes.

bulletproof said...

hey good to read your all smiles i didnt know snoopy could sing or talk is there a soleO well lobster fishing is well and truly under way in the west and the talk is it might close early if they catch more than 2500tons in the Czone that'll be in two weeks if they keep catching monday sore 20tons cought for blu wave (alone)we got about 35boats from mandurah-geralaton.. my offer still stands dinner if you pull into fremantle on your way..though..past..around dont wurry i'll pay after all the hard work you,ll need a good feed of lobbys anywhoose have fun fishin luv the pickys how high up to the top of the mast looks like fun..

Anonymous said...

My 8 year old asked me if you were missing school to take on this adventure...I said yes! Often the best learning experiences do not happen inside a classroom. (No telling what ideas that put in her head!) :) Stay strong and hang in there...
We look so forward to each blog and each post!

Anonymous said... are so wise for 16 but trust me when I say, the full impact of this journey on your life won't be felt till many years later. You are amazing! What time for introspection that most don't get in a lifetime.

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