Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick Update

Glad you all liked the pic from the mast yesterday. It's been an overcast day today and the wind has been pretty light, but we've been able to make reasonable progress with the big light-wind reaching sail up. That was the one sail that I didn't expect to be using at this latitude!

It's cooler again with the temperature down to 17c and over the next few days I'm expected to see a low of 12c.

I spent the afternoon tackling a little electrical problem. The battery monitor (a gauge which tells me the condition of the batteries and all my ins and outs of my power) had stopped working. I thought it was well and truly a 'goner' (Aussie slang for finished!) and that I'd have to go without, but thanks to some really detailed and helpful instructions from Neil our astute electrician, combined with an afternoons hard work, I'm very happy to report that I had a win! With all the tricky little details involved, I can't say that I was that confident that it was going to function. So you should have seen how thrilled I was after replacing the last fuse to see it fire up again!

That's it from me, it's past midnight local time and I'm feeling a little overdue for some shut eye.
Good night!



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Chris said...

You're so brave and capable. I read this blog every night before going to sleep and it inspires me to look forward to tomorrow! Can't wait to see you sail back into Sydney Harbour. Thanks for your excellent writing, that alllows us all to share your journey.

Geoff said...

Hey N Dawg (Neil)

Good work sorting the prob for J Dawg (Jessica)

I think that pic from the top of the mast is the best pic so far

stay safe & keep smiling


Melbourne Orstralia

duane said...

Jessica you are incredible! Sounds like you can tackle any problem that comes up. You rock girl. duane

Old Iron said...

Jessica Watson the sailor, electrician,technician,

Rosemary,Kingaroy said...

OK Amazing girl so now you can add electrician to your CV.Apprentice one anyway.So glad you had a win. I should think knowing how your power systems are functioning would be very important.
Just watched a TV prog. about three old fellas who spent a few days sailing around the Horn.Had some lively sea but it was so calm going around the Horn that they actually landed and walked up to the light house!! At least you can't be tempted to do that.
Here's hoping for equally calm seas for you , although I suspect you'd like a bit of action, but just enough to be fun. Go you good thing!

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
so it looks like we can add 'electrician' now to your list of never ending skills and achievements. I think i have said this before but it is often not until i read what others in the 'know' have posted that i realise the extent of what you are doing and going through out there. you are too modest for words! Well dear Jesse hope you have a good sleep and have fed yourself well to prepare for what lies ahead.
On the way i wish you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

Neville said...

You are amazing Jesse

Take care.


Anonymous said...
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Wendy said...

good on you Jess for being able to fix that battery monitor! Good night and stay safe and keep on having fun

Gladstone Qld

trish said...

Ha!! I can just imagine you doing a happy dance around below deck.
Keep on doing exactly what you are doing young lady - we are all so proud of ya!! Oops nearly forgot.. congrats on getting 7,000 nm under EPL's keel ..onya!!
Trish CYC (hot n steamy Cairns)

Mark said...

Good deal Jessie, you sure are handy! Us yanks say goner too ;) If it's getting cold, it might be time to break out the long john's (the wooolies) and burrow in (brrr). Your mast pic was really out of sight, and I truly enjoyed it! Sleep tight and sweet dreams I'm off to work here in Dallas, TX.

Staffan said...

Stay safe out there.

Sailing friend from


Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica. Thanks for sharing all your experience with us. I read your blog every day and its just amazing and breathtaking.
Good luck and stay on your course.
Amina from Florida USA(

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Well done. As good old World Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell phrased it:
Learning by doing. In German we have this word of "begreifen"[to grab] for 'understanding', which relates back to early childhood play of touching everything and through the nerves in your fingertips gaining information on the researched item, such as texture, shape and function.
In a similar fashion you had to tackle your way through a problem and by giving it a go you came out successful. Learning process: Next time you will remember the procedures and come up with a similar result. Combined with logic thinking you will be able to connect problemsolving to come up with quick solutions or even newer ways. As we all pointed out, traditional schoolwork is something for traditional landlubbers. You are part of a new generation, who will come out on top of a lot of things by doing them a different way.

Victor C. Pankouken

Richard Lathrop said...

'tis good to get these updates on checking the rigging and fixing the wiring.

And it's really great to hear how your electrician from home could talk you through the repair process and get the gauges working again. The loss of that monitoring could definately be the sort of thing that might lead to greater problems down the road.

You also answered another question. Even though you had switched to storm sails, you can still trot out something for Ella to wear on those light wind situations to keep her moving at a decent speed.

Keep on top of these things, Jesse, I know you will.

How are the bumps and bruises? How is the rest of your crew faring?

Stay Dry, and keep the cabin dry.

[btw, we say "goner" in The States, too--if we're over 60--otherwise it's "toast" as in "burnt toast" lol]

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Molly said...

Hello Sailor Girlie,
I left a note yesterday, but somehow it didn't make the comments.
That was an awesome picture from atop your mast.
I'm not much on heights, and it was so realistic, it made me dizzy.
You are so brave.
Glad to hear your "fix" on the electrical project was a good one.
Accomplishments are so satisfying.
Get some well deserved rest.
Maryland USA

Tan Anu said...

Great work Jessica, your team back home is certainly a great support - your own Mission Control.

Following your story closely, keep it up.


Tan Anu

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

You never cease to amaze me.

Gene Cernin was the last man to walk on the moon. He said that it is his desire that he is not to be the last and that many more should follow in his footsteps. He said that it didn’t take guts or bravery to accomplish what they did but dedication to the task.

He encourages all young men and women to take his place and head for the moon and then to Mars. I think that with your dedication to your task and your tenacity, you should be getting your education and signing up with NASA! Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Watson but she really fits that picture.

With you all the way,
Cobrarog from Hervey Bay

Mary said...

Congrats on keeping your head and collaborating with Neil's feedback to fix the monitor, Jess. It takes a cool head to be able to LISTEN to instructions, process them, and deliver!

So glad you've been able to work with your light sail and move along nicely.

Safe passage and good winds to you. You'll be home before you know it!

Blessings all around you always,
Mary, Maine, USA

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
So, you learnt something new today. How exciting! Well done on fixing the battery guage, good on you. You're right about the light-airs sail at your latitude but hey, what a bonus to be able to make use of it and maintain reasonable progress. By your descriptions, I cab sense a feeling of relaxed contentment in you of what you've accomplished in the way of routine maintenance these past few days and of your present conditions and how EPL is moving through the water. How's the fishing going any bites or nibbles on the lure? I really hope you catch a good feed again soon before the weather starts to pick up again.
I changed my pic to one much more beautiful :-)) Isn't it lovely?
I must say, I had a bit of a giggle at Magpie's comments yesterday. Lost for words are you mate? :-))
Take good care of yourself Jess, stay safe, warm and well hydrated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Good Job tackling that little problem and seeing the good outcome, it's very self satisfying when you complete a task/job and it works.
Be Safe and have some sleep while the weathers good.

Saraya :-)

Gary Patton said...

Well Done Jesse, better watch out you don't have the ETU (Electrical Trades Union)after you lol. Safe Journeys and have a good night's sleep. Good to hear that you're introducing the world to some of our slang as well...YOU BEAUDY!!!!!
Stay Safe
Gary & Kerryn, Traralgon VIC

Anonymous said...

Godday, Jessica,not to scare you, but one small hint from one tradie (plumber) to an apprentice (of all trades...).Material: Timber goes slowly.It moans and growns and splinters, before it's strength will falter and collapse. On a wooden mast you would have seen fine cracks, but not so on a metallic structure. It simply goes "SNAP" before any time has passed, leaving you in a mess of sudden failures. But failure is no option. No with us, my dear, we keep alert of all sort of things.

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse thanks for the quick update. Gee you must be tired after 'hanging five' yesterday you were doing a quick electrical apprenticeship today. God your good - in fact very very good!! I know it was part of the plan to do the mast bit yesterday and I think you were marvelous out there but please try and understand my concern. I simply can't stand the thought of anything happening to you.

Glad you're off to get some shut eye and given the time you are well overdue for a good rest. 'til next time special one please take care, keep the head in the present, safety first and be happy!!


Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hey Captain, I start my day reading your post as it posts in the morning here in the USA. Hope you got some sleep and your repairs are still working. My two year old grandson has been staying with me while his mom recovers from surgery and I think my hands are full but nothing compared to being alone at sea miles from anywhere and have to repair the ship! Well enjoy the day and Godspeed, Mike

carole (Mackay) Queensland said...

Hey Jess
Well that is just remarkable you managed to fix the electrical issue - well done! I imagine doing fiddly work in your switchboard with the motion as well, you would have well and truly been like a spider clinging to thet walls. Every day you achieve an 'extra' task as well as actually sailing EPL. Thats good news the winds have been light while you tackled repairs. It sure is getting cooler quite quickly, I bet you look forward to your hot dinners at the end of the day. Any birdlife out there? Hope you get a good solid sleep tonight and tomorrow brings another new day with Captain Jess, EPL and all of your land based sailors LOL cheering you on.

Cheers Jess
Carole (Mackay)
Do you have your christmas decorations up yet, just got my tree up and all decorated and the cat decided to climb it and pulled it over .... so we are just starting again...

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you are diving under the boat,to show us the winged keel in your next blog ?
Just kidding, 12C water isn't very inviting to win the ratings.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Good work fixing the electrical issue. I see it's cooling off a bit. Here in New Hampshire it was -14C this morning.
Not good sailing weather. Again, great pic from the top of the mast.
Be Safe! Be Happy! Sing louder!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Whew!..thankfully a blown fuse is all it was, many thanks to Neil, good on ya!

Stay warm Jesse, looks like that temperature is heading down scale, it'll be the wind chill factor that'll make it seem really cold too...

I'll keep it short tonight...

Good night too Jess...pleasent dreams

Anonymous said...

Congratulations an your trip you are going so well and it is very interesting to be following you ..........keep up the good work best wishes fron hobart tasmania

Daniela V. said...

I'm sure you'll learn more about the world (and yourself in it) in this eight months than a lot of people in a whole lifetime!

Thanks for keeping us updated!

You do rock, I agree :-)

Stay safe,
Daniela (Germany)

Gary Carlson said...

'goner' is apparently Wyoming slang for finished, too!

Sunnyside up!

Gary in Wyoming

Stephen said...

Hey Jessica,
I was just wondering if you have anything in Ella's cabin to provide you with warmth. Any kind of heaters? Sorry if you've covered that before. BTW...I too have made it part of my daily routine to check your blog. Great job out there!
Steve Z.

Ron said...

My goodness baby girl, you're a sailor, an electrician and I'm sure you'll get into your share of plumbing on the trip along with repairing leaks, rigging and other essentials for sailing. You would certainly come in handy aboard my boat. Will you come do all my repairs when you return? I'll feed you hamburgers every day.
Godspeed to you Jessica. I pray for you daily.
Ron - Alabama USA

GlenF said...

Hey Jess,

A win! That's another trick for your repetoire. Great to have a skilled shore based backup - well done there.

Sleep well and cook more cupcakes.

Glenda said...

Ah Jessica, glad you are finding interesting things to fill your days! Is there anything you can't do?? Thanks for taking us on this huge adventure with you. Rest well and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

Once again you are demonstrating your positive Aussie "have a go" attitude towards everything by fixing the electrical problem with your equipment. Yesterday you were performing interesting moves on the mast. You are incredibly versatile and you are certainly impressing everyone with your range of skills and the highly capable way in which you and EPL are making progress across the ocean. Thank you so much again for sharing your adventure with us and please stay safe.

Kindest Regards, Martin,Canning Vale, W.A.

P.S. Your masthead pic was a classic!

Anonymous said...


samurai said...

I agree with anonymous' comment.
December 18, 2009 10:15 PM.
It was just a tongue in cheek comment typical of harmless Aussie humour. At least that's the way I read it.
I forgot to mention the significance of my new photo. It is of a new dolphin born yesterday at Monkey Mia.
Take care all and stay positive...Sam

claudia said...

I was talking to a customer at work yesterday about boating in general. He said his kids sail, so of course, I Googled your site and showed him where to go to show his kids what you are doing. (Honestly, I can't believe that there are still people don't know of you!)
He got really excited and went home to show his kids! You now have more followers!
Good work on getting that battery moniter fixed. I bet by the time you have finished your voyage, you will be an expert at EVERYTHING on that boat!

Anonymous said...

CAN SHE FIX IT???????????????????????
YES SHE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
v.----->WINNER!!!!YEAH You got there through your PERSISTENCE.
With you all the way!
Sally in Melbourne :)

M. Eric Carr said...

Good to hear the battery monitor is back; it sounds very useful -- more so as your latitude increases and less solar power is available. Keep having fun and stay safe!

captain said...

.....and now your an marine electrician! Go Jess!

Capt'n elly

Anonymous said...

Hi J
that mast photo was incredible. Wow! Your family must have been freaking out. Spotted this story about you yesterday. A Savvy Young Woman Charts a Brave Course

Anonymous said...

J Dawg, you are amazing. I don't know you and yet, I am so proud of you. The shot from the mast say's so much about the enormity and beauty of your character, the ocean and Ella's Pink Lady.

I read your blog to my brother in Kentucky every day (he doesn't have internet). He hopes to retire and go to sea one day...your blog is a big part of our day, everyday.

Merry Christmas
May God Bless You
John, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

J Dawg, you are amazing. I don't know you and yet, I am so proud of you. The shot from the mast say's so much about the enormity and beauty of your character, the ocean and Ella's Pink Lady.

I read your blog to my brother in Kentucky every day (he doesn't have internet). He hopes to retire and go to sea one day...your blog is a big part of our day, everyday.

Merry Christmas
May God Bless You
John, Colorado, USA

kina said...

You are so amazing Jesse, now you can add 'electrical problem fixer' to that resume..well done! I can so clearly see that expression of utter elation as it came to life. Add yet another milestone to that list of growing achievements. You've more than earned an encounter with the 'sandman. Sweet dreamzzz.

Ben (Qld)

SaltyDog said...


Out there, it's not like when a car breaks down on the side of the road. You can't just call for a tow truck to come to the rescue. It's up to you to make all repairs. But you had two big successes. Inspecting the rigging and repairing the battery monitor. Makes you feel great, doesn't it. Well done again, Jess.

You're right. You probably figured that you would have the storm sails out by now instead of the light-wind sails. That will come soon enough. Enjoy the light wind while you can. Get a little R & R.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Let's see now . . . .

Sailing mast inspector
Electrical repair
Leak fixing and caulking
Crew restraint belt installer
Bread and cupcake baking
Head chef for an ocean cruising ship
Scenic photographer
Ocean navigator
HF radio communicator
Blog author
Commercial fishing (well working on that)

Your resume enhancements are becoming longer and longer.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

All i can say is... bloody amazing!! you continue to astonish Jessica
Go Girl

Anonymous said...

John 16:33
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Jessica, so grateful for this upbeat report of your technical success. We all can give thanks for Neil, too, and his good guidance. I hope you fell into some deep rest to catch up. I am praying this Friday for your sleep, warmth, good health, and still for all of EPL's good equipment and its condition. You have indeed been blessed with great skills, and wonderful things surely lie ahead for you. Thanks again!

Ash said...

You're awesome Jess. I hope everything continues to work out for you :-)

Ian said...

Good work Jess. Here's an article on another 16 year-old chasing your tail.

Anonymous said...

Nice1 Jesse, you have a fab team on terra firma and you do it well. Don't think of anything being dud on this trip, something good can usually be made out of a bad situation. There was a program on TV tonight on Sir Robin Knott Johnston - first to do what you are trying to do, as you would know - he said the mark of a true sailor is to pass through Cape Horn. I have no doubt that you will be proven.


Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Well done with yesterdays Pic, glad you thought to take the camera up the mast with you. Take care over the next few weeks as you sail around The Horn.
Tim and Rosie

Paula said...

Brave and capable, that's what you are, Jessica. I agree with Chris totally.

Now I'm thinking I might need to be there in Sydney to welcome you back home myself! Let's's a long flight, it's expensive, and .....I have no good reason not to do it! Can you give me the exact date of your return?

No???? What's wrong with you, girl!!

Just kidding. Keep up the excellent, exciting and thrilling work you're doing.

John (UK) said...

It's cool at 17 degrees?!

You should be here in the UK. It's minus 2 on the south coast and snow has been falling overnight and much of the day!

Jo said...

Hey Jesse, so good to hear from you again. It's 2am in Oz and I'm sure you are well and truly catching up on some well earned sleep right now snug as a bug in a rug... bet it gets cold at night out there. Well done on your latest accomplishment, electrician/technician... go you!! Enjoy your rest..... take care 'til next time.

Craig said...

great job Jessica.Nothing you can't handle.I fix my electronics all the time on my boat.I love your sideband radio plastic cover.I'm looking for one myself.
Good luck and hope you get into some good wind

Craig said...

Happy your writing early our time also.Keep us up to date.We all want to hear from you

JoeL said...

WOW Jess - you do electricial work also! Glad to hear you're able to fix problems that crop up and thanks for sharing. It make us feel like a part of your world . . .
Stay safe
- joe -

Mr. Canadian said...

Electrician Tech. Whats next you going to go in for bomb squad training too ha ha. When there is on one else to do it. Its all up to you Jess.
Have a good night.
P/S Do you have any Pic's of you in all your gear when you went up the mast. We won't laugh at your helmet.

Hey you should wore a Helmet Cam.☺

poppa bear said...

Just about to turn in and thought I'd check your Blog.

You have a great back up team for all that may be required - well done on your end with a moving work station.

In my last Blog I asked a few questions which I'ii repost if I may,just in case they got lost in the multitude.

Do you clip on when on deck no matter the sea state?

Do you carry HF, and if so what frequency do you use? I note one blogger in Canada is a Ham radio operator.

Do you keep on your person a personal EPIRB?

Have more but will space them out.

Your current Lat & Long in each Blog would be great so we can all plug it into Google Earth and zoom into that piece of Ocean you recently occupied. I know it is on the voyage section but L&L is a more specific spot.

I mentioned in my last blog to wait until Sun is well below the Horizon for even better sunsets - give it a go and see what you come up with.You're phots'so far are damn good.

Finally watched a doco' tonight on 'Three Old Dogs' One of them was the first person to sail around the world solo. John Knox Johnson was the name, or something similar.

They sailed around the Horn to see if old coggers could. - had some fantastic footage of what you will be sailing past.

Remember,alfoil in the grab bag.

As always, keep safe,and enjoy!!

Poppa Bear,

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
All thankful for your opportunity to prep for the days ahead.
You are a young old pro with Ella's Pink Lady.
We are 'asking' for a good ocean passage for you Jesse.
Good job, nobody does it better.
Hanging on tight with you. Charley

Grant Fjermedal said...

Exciting to see you are in the Roaring 40s. And it was verys sensible of you to take a run up the mast to get a feel for it prior to having to go up for a repair.

As a fellow mast climber (I had to re-lead a halyard on a Santa Cruz 50 during a 2-week race to Hawaii one year -- the Victoria to Maui Race -- and I've done the same around Puget Sound) here's some advice: Never trust a shackle.

Whenever I went to the top of a mast -- whether at dockside or under way -- I always took a sail tie and looped it through the bosun's chair D-rings and the loop of stainless steel that holds the shackle. I'd still use the shackle, but would have this backup in case the shackle went loose for some reason.

Also, was taught by an Old Salt -- the same Old Salt who taught me never to trust a shackle -- that you should never trust a halyard. So whenever I went to the top of a mast (once upon a time I used to be the lightest guy aboard, and was always foredeck, and when something daring needs to be done, it goes to the foredeck as part of the pride of position) I always used two halyards, which is a luxury that I'm sure isn't available to single handers. ;-)

To show why it is good to listen to Old Salts, I was preparing to help a friend take his Swan 37 from Seattle to San Diego one year and he wanted me to go to the top of the mast at dockside to check out the Windex. There weren't enough hands for us to use 2 halyards. Was just about to start getting hoisted up when the voice of the Old Salt came ringing through my head. I turned to my pals and said: "I only go up with 2 halyrards."

Some guy was walking down the dock with an ice cream cone. I flagged him over and he manned a second halyard with one hand while continuing to eat his ice cream cone with the other.

Once he finished his treat he went to 2 hands on the backup halyard.

I got to the top. They tied me off, and I set about doing my work. It was a beautiful day. All of the sudden the whole mast shook and there was this terrible sound. The primary halyard had broken.

The owner was scared fierce. Took him half a minute to utter the first words: "Are you all right?"

I was a bit shaken. I sat up there in the bosun's chair, and looked down to the deck so far below where I would have landed.

But because of the backup halyard, all was well. Hooray for Old Salts!

So how does a stainless steel halyard -- especially one on a Swan -- break?

It turned out to be the wire-to-rope splice.

Another time I got to go to the top of a the mast of the 12-meter Weatherly, which had won the America's Cup in 1962. (Some rich guy in our club had purchased it on the Great Lakes years later and brought it to Tacoma, Washington where it was the celebrated queeen of every race. Someone a few years later bought it for a song and took it to Newport Rhode Island, the home of 12-meters, and placed her into the nostalgia charter business with some other old 12s.)

For that event, prior to the Swiftsure Race, I again had the crew use two halyards, but for the trip to the top of the 12-meter's mast I also packed along something to drink. In the same spirit of doing everything in doubles I packed 2 beers away in the bosun chair pockets. And once I accomplished my work (taping rigging against chafe) set about having my cold ones as I watched the huge harbor pre-race party from a vantage I hope I never forget.

Yikes! Mast climbing sure brings back some stories.

The take home lesson though is to never trust a shackle. (On the Maui Race we learned to hate the shackles we had on our boat as they had the habit of releasing the spinnaker or guy at inconvenient moments.)

And, after you complete this voyage and are the rock star guest crew on some other yacht, never go to the top of the mast without a second halyard.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

That's something most adult male sailors would have failed to accomplish. Well done you!

Anonymous said...

Imagine doing this a few years ago? With today's technology, namely, satellite phones, you, with the assistance of your expert electrician Neil, solved quite a serious problem. Congratulations to you both. Safe sailing.
Best wishes. Russ/Calgary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse I love your blog read it all the time but haven't wanted to post until now. Just wanted to reply in response to Michael re- the post concerning your hair. 99.99% of Australians have a well developed sense of irony and humour. We often speak in a manner called "Tongue in Cheek' I am sure this is how the post was intended to be read!

Bruce de Mich said...

Gosh! You are now a certified electrician too!? Great work, Jesse. Keep'em move'n!


Anonymous said...

Jessica-we are tracking your progress here in Oklahoma City, OK USA-our prayer is that God be with you ALL the way.Enjoy your pictures.

Jim S.

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

I hope you and your team would open an Ella's Pink Educational Cooperative. All of you as teaching and technical staff along with your sponsors, who have been so successful and faithful in providing you and all of us adoptive Pink world-wide family with such an impressive, massive project about living an, immensely detailed dream with indefatigable spirit--what a combo!

What if every young person wired like you had the chance to learn from a young age the foundations for all the skills you have, Jessica?

Not every student would have to handle the rudder; some would be like your expert team members in everything from oceanography to electrical engineering and sailmaking and boat brokerage. People would come from all over the globe to bring their children and teens for such a school. Silly gets to be the mascot. The stuffed animals would be part of the office staff!

Anyway, we love you and wish you a Wonderful Solstice, 12 Days of Christmas and a little bit of Chanukah left ( and lots of other winter celebrations, and, of course, a 2010 that sees you sailing happily into Sydney Harbour with you and EPL in wonderful condition with all the "rules" and more importantly, your dream, fulfilled!

Anonymous said...

Mast Climber, solo sailor, writer, world wide celebrity and now electrician, is there no end to your talents,

Love the blog & pictures, keep going and smash that world record.

I wish you steady winds and calm seas,

Dreamsailor, miami, florida, usa

Bengt said...

Reparing a delicate electronic equipment is not so easy, even with telephone support. But with correct attitude it is possible. Well done!

I have made a list in Excel of positions for every mark on the voyage tracker. I have also created formulas for distance and direction between each mark, distance to next major waypoint and estimated time of arrival. Maybe I could publish it if there is interest.

The tracker mark from December 17th ("Up The Mast and Into The Roaring 40's") has the position 41.97S 138.85W and the great circle distance to Cape Horn is 2807 nm. Its about halfway between Kiritimati and Cape Horn.

I think that the speed will be higher to Cape Horn, maybe about 140 nm per day, giving an approximate arrival on January 6th. That's my guess. I invite people to make guesses!

/Bengt Larsson, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jessica,

Kevmiester, Perth

Kerri said...

Amazing you! Besides a world class sailor, look at your mad skills; fantastic blogger, photographer, film maker, sea-cook, Superchick (able to leap tall masts in a single bound), adventurer, and now electrician. And probably all the other cool stuff we don't know about you ----- you go girl!
Thanks for a fun up date.
Happy sailing from California!


Old Man said...

How fortunate you are to have such a talented and helpful support crew . . . .

Mike said...

You just continue to amaze us Jessica. You are definitly showing us how determined and capable you are. Glad to hear the meter is back up and functioning. Nice work by you and your team!
Grace Fellowship Church.
North Stonington, CT. USA

jwb777 said...

Shame on anyone who doubted your abilities! You are everything anyone could dream of all wrapped up in one precious person!

We love you!

Hugs and prayers,

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Anonymous said...


Thanks for showing the world how to get the job done.

Remember, KISS when trouble shooting a problem.

May Our Mighty God continue the voyage with you.

Houston Tx.

Jake said...

feels so good to solve problems you normally wouldnt see yourself capable of. usually the simplest things too

Anonymous said...

You're doing great! Its so fun to read your daily updates. We have 4 daughters that are getting a kick out of your blog and your successes. Take care and enjoy!
Your friends in Utah, USA

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration to others. If you can do that at 16 what can the rest of us do. I read your blogg every morning and every evening and can't wait to see how you're going - no pressure of course!!!

I respond very positively to the way you write about your day. It creates such amazing access into your world in a real way, miles from here.

I would also love to hear from some of the others on the team about how they feel doing what they are doing in support of you - their day in Jessica's world (your Mum, Dad, the electrician, weather man etc etc) It might take the pressure off you occasionally.


bernie777 said...

once again the picture told a thousand words..i watched your new video powerful stuff...get ready for your next big challenge the beckoning Horn...just go really hard for it and youll soon be there...hope you catch my drift...big news in Poland its minus 14 and last night the Arbeit Mach Frei sign at the gates of Auzwitz was knicked..its a terrible shock they had a new one put up today...I think it was either ordered by a collector or some alkies nict it to get some quick vodka 4 dar scrape metal...anyway its so cold i put up a carpet door on the dog house to keep the puppies warmer...u can see the puppies on Martinville pl. they are so sweet one of them flew off to Helsinki her new home...a real jettsetter...stay kool happy winds in your sails onwards to round ye Horne....cheers Bernie777....

FotoMenno said...

It's great to read that the battery problems are solved! You must be proud at yourself!

It's nice to read your blog..:-)

Chicago Jim said...

Jesse, along with all the many skills you have, now you can add electronics genius to the list.

You Go Girl !!

Rusty said...

Well done Jessica. This was one of my biggest worries---could you handle these types of "fix it" problems that happen all the time at sea. You are doing great.
Abby is getting ready to leave and I live close enough to drive up and see her off. Both of you are proving something us 'old man' sailors. Young girls are just as capable of doing this as young boys. It is your mental strength that that truely amazes me. When I was out there at a very young age, I was scared most of the time.
We share a common experience. Before I left on my trip I had a collision with another vessel. It happened on a sunny afternoon in Los Angeles harbor. I almost cut a small sailboat in half. My boat was hardly damaged. Nobody got hurt but the hard lesson learned has stayed with me all my sailing life.
The memory of a collision under way will never leave you but makes you a much better sailor.
Carry on Jessica. Home is just over the horizon-- just keep going east.

Dana Point, California

Brian Riley said...

Hi Jesse,'The Electric Light Sailor' sounds like a good title for a movie, Robert Redford beat you with the 'The Electric Light Horseman' but your story showed more skill compared to sitting on a horse all lit up, and you were more excited with the results.
Totally amazed the winds are so light for you this far south using a Genoa to capture the wind available, next you will tell us you had the spinnaker up and sailing down wind.
I have you approx. 2700nm from Cape Horn on a heading of approx. 134deg. and you talk as if you are sailing up Sydney Harbour in light conditions.
You are amazing the way you put us in the cockpit with you.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

steve said...

You doze off but start my day with ambition and energy. Two fine gifts.

steve said...

You doze but start my day with ambition and energy, an estimable gift. Steve

Anonymous said...

go Jesse! oz

Jan said...

hi jess, your blog is so addictive, i cant wit to see what you are up to each day, and you never cease to amaze me,cheers ftom canterbury nz.

Anonymous said...

You really deserve a win. Your courage, determination and intelligence all that makes you capable to navigate this huge earth. Your writing is enjoyable. Thanks for bringing me there with you. Take care.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mark S said...

This mission reminds me of the astronauts working in space. When they have a problem mission control works on a solution and sends the instructions to fix the problem. Do you feel you could be an astronaut?

chris coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Glad to hear that you feel accomplished. I bet a big woohoo went up when it lit up. haha
Today is Christmas cookie baking day... so I will think of you when they are baking and wishing I could send you some!
You rock, I try to post links to your blog in my twitter so everyone can see how you are doing, hope you don't mind the freed advertizing,lol.

Take naps when you can!!
Chris in Calif

Anonymous said...

For our American friends, I believe you said it was in the low 60's and you expect to see it in the low 50's soon.

Sussa said...

You are amazing!

Regards from Susanne in Sweden

Teresa of Iowa said...

Hello again Jessica! You look great in your pictures! I wonder do you talk to someone each day? Have the opportunity to hear human voices?
I continue to enjoy looking at your pictures and tracking your progress!!

God Bless,

Nadine said...

Hi Jess,
I'm glad you figured out that fuse problem. I think it's amazing how you tackle each little hurdle as you come to it.

I also think the picture from way up top of that mast is the greatest one.

Can't wait to hear more.
ohio usa

Bob B said...

Glad you got the gauge fixed. It's always good to know your bat. condition. Hope you have a peaceful sleep and I'm going to have to load a convertion table for c to f degrees. Us Americans just have to be different. Take care and good sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
good morning to you (our time 4.15 am) I am off to the market soon.
Thrilled to find another update from you!
You really are incredible!
Just like you remote controlled Ella from the top of the mast, now you allowed yourself to be remote controlled by Neil, your expert electrician and you fixed the problem!
That can only happen Jessica, because you stay in the moment and have no fear of or hesitation to have a go.
You don't think for one moment ......I have never done this before. There is no trepidation or failure thinking in your mind!
You just do it and consequently you can!
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
You inspire me no end!
By the way, the night sail in the Withsundays is most memorable for me. Never in a million years had I anticipated that I would one day experience driving a boat by the stars even though I have read about it, how the sailors of old steered their boat by the stars. I am still overwhelmed with emotion thinking about the millions of stars twinkling in the sky. I have never seen such a spectacle and now I know YOU have the best Christmas lights out there in the middle of the ocean.
Did you do a dance and hollered a whoopeee, when the gauge worked again?
Hope you had a good rest I bet you did, after this most satisfying experience of getting the gauge to work.
Good winds, hope you don't get too cold,
keep well, happy and above all else safe,
Trudy, Austria, Mackay

Rebecca said...

"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves".--Thomas Edison

Way to rise to the occasion, Jess! I admire your approach to problem-solving: stay calm, think about what needs to be done, & do it. It's clear you can handle whatever comes your way. Well done. :)

~Rebecca in California

Anonymous said...

After all the emotions I have felt while living through your experiences, the last one I expected to endure was VERTIGO. Thanks for the pic.
You're an incredible example of the best of our human race and, well - you go girl.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Happy sailing
luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Now you are an electrician, is there anything you cannot do? You are so capable. I wish all 16 year olds had your attitide and capabilities. The world would be a much better place. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Susy said...

Hi Jessica, Having a rare bout of insomnia so checking in on you with your broken sleep patterns. Glad they don't seem to be bothering you and everything is going so very well. The pic from the mast was breathtaking (the younger the better for that sort of adventure). I also love the shots of the sea and your enticing descriptions of life enveloped by nature, not to mention the pic's of you with your confident, determined look. You are an inspiration to young and old, and your growing global adopted family is very proud of you!

MV No Worries said...

Nice job! You are the MacGyver of the high seas! ("MacGyver" may be a bit before your time.) Best wishes on a safe voyage.

Washington DC

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
great job!
God bless and happy sailing...

From Bavaria,

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse...

Yet again you select the right arrow for your bow..... _~ What an astounding young lady you are !!

It seems only days ago ( up over the equator ) when you were looking forward to the cooler temps..... well, y'got 'em now !!!

Did you read of the big iceburg down south of Oz ?.... Since you'll be so much further south around the Cape, I wonder if you'll see any there. Better keep the eyes peeled, eh !!!

Are you still trailing a lure for another fish ? I reckon it's about time for a fresh taste.

Your voyage map is even more impressive , too. A lot of sea has been covered.... and you're much further south than our 'home latitude' now---- and coming to the real interesting bit, eh !! :))

OK.... outa y'way again. ----Just 'touching base' to merge with the serried rankers that are with you every second of your way... and steeped in admiration for your seemingly limitless skills....... - fine electrical work on the high seas.. What next ? :))))

Quality sailing-----

... catchya later, Jesse...

... Ooc.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great work on the repair but you should know by now that you are capable of doing anything that you have to do. I for one am not surprised that you solved the problem.

Cannot believe that it is more than 60 days since you left Sydney and now less than 3000Nm to the Cape.

Keep doing what you are doing you truly are an inspiration.

Stay safe and keep warm.

Ingleburn NSW

danma said...

Hey Jess,

You can put that job down on your resume, for when you back.

It sounds like you will be getting those winter woollies out soon. Our weather has been inconsistent to say the least 42 degrees one day then raining & 20 the next.
Lets hope for a beautiful sunny weekend (that's so more people can turn up) day when you get back to Sydney.

Stay safe & happy sailing

el grande said...

JW Electrical Services will be the name of your next venture (as long as Neill is by the telephone).

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jess, what's all this activity ? Don't you know, that as of December 12 you are officially, according to Queensland's Laws, on School Holidays ?
And don't touch any schoolwork until January 27, 2010.

Anonymous said...

You know what I like about your updates,something new to add to your resume an''electrician'',great work young lady,get some shut eye,you deserve it.
We here in the Northeast,USA are getting for our first major snow storm of the season,early this season.The forecaster's are saying as much as 20 inches,starting at 9p.m. Friday all the way threw to Sunday morning,went to the market this AM,what a zoo,STAY TUNED.
Again thank you for your descriptions an your daily activities,your world family enjoys them.
What has been on your menu these day's?
Yet to hear back from Santa on my request,no news his good news I trust.
Don't know what all the blogger family is doing,but only four comments,come on gang,we don't Jessica to get bored.....
That's all I got from a stormy upcoming few day's here in Maryland,USA.
God speed young lady,may the winds be positive.
Hugs to you and ''stuffy crew''.
Stephen M.,
Adoptive ''Transplanted Aussie'',

Lynne said...

Well done to you and Neil for fixing the battery monitor thingy. I only know about makeup, perfume and dresses, so I am fairly impressed! Have you caught any more fish lately?

gerard said...

It’s fantastic to see that you are the owner of “the dream”. If you were simply following the dream of your supporters or sponsors, you would have turned back long ago.
Look forward to seeing you in my ocean.
Gerard - exsolo sailor - Brazil

Anonymous said...

You ARE the luckiest girl in the world.
Can you imagine what the hell, that is raging here on land, called Christmas Shopping, is like ?
Car Parks full, either HOT (and I MEAN H O T !!!)or wet weather, impatience as far as the eye sways and hardly a friendly word in some places ("YES, YOU CAN HAVE A LOOK IN A L L MY ^*#$%@ SHOPPINGBAGS ! DON'T YOU THINK I'VE GOT MONEY TO SPEND IN YOUR ^%#$*& JOINT ? DO YOU THINK I LOOK LIKE A ^&%$*# SHOPLIFTER ?")
Alone, but not lonely. Far from those maddening crowds. Which will call a truce for the 25th.
Only to return to the "Battlefield" on the 26th ("... the idiot, your brother, didn't have to have that extra load of plumpudding with custard. His shirt would fit and we don't have be be here again in this madness to exchange it. I told you to get a gift voucher...")
On this occasion, can you let us know, if among the pressys on board somebody gave you a gift voucher...? L O L
And have you got a position light on top of the mast? Just in case the big fella in the red suit cruises low in your area, supersonicing his way around the globe (Thank goodness for time zones, the load would be unmanageble...)

Mandy, QLD said...

Hey little Jesse,

So glad you were able to sort the battery monitor our before the seas get rougher... that might've been tricky!

You are incredible, tough and multi-talented. A true inspiration.

Stay safe out there. We are all with you.

RichieParis said...

Oh Captain Jesse, you're electrifying all your supporters... We're all shining after your new achievement! We knew that no one could resist you (seeing how you convinced family, support and sponsors), but it seems nothing can resist you either.

I should read all your blog comments from the beginning, to find out which word has been the most used for you. Could be "amazing". Well, you deserve it fully. I am amazed. Neil is astute, and he is certainly one more guy proud of you.

France is under snow, which makes us think that you are going to approach Antarctica to round the Cape Horn. Austral Summer will help, but you should feel more cold soon. It will be time for your furry sailors to bring you some warm hugs.

Go, brilliant girl. I miss words to tell you how impressive you can be in handling all this so well and so easy-going, while we daily lose our means and our temper in small problems.

Keep you guard on, your spirits naturally high.
Your adopted families are crazy for you.

Anonymous said...

So you can add "electrical repair person" to your resume along with all your other skills. Good work. Sometimes it's the little accomplishments that feel like big victories.
Keep up the good work and continued happy sailing.
Arnie in Canada

RichieParis said...

Seen The-Voyage's map: Jesse, you ROCK!

Bella said...

Good luck heading into the roaring forties and merry christmas!! keep the good work up!

Anonymous said...

To all fellow commenters.
Do we have our logic thinking switched on ?
Jessica is well on her way in her epic journey. Despite being 16 she has studied a lot of subjects relating to this trip. SOLO around the world means: Doing it yourself out there, unassisted, physically. There is no chance to pull over and wait for help. Once she lifted anchor in Sydney Harbour, she knew that she has to do all tasks on this boat by herself. She knows about the risky weather situations coming up. She is the youngest, but not the first. Jessica is hopefully capable to judge situations by herself, based on the knowledge, that it can be done, otherwise she should not be out there. It is good and helpful as a moral booster to praise the success of doubtful actions. But, please, despite her age, she is not a baby or a toddler.In some countries girls of her age are already married with child and family, bearing a load to support subsistance. Is anybody of you "adopted parents" worried for those children ?
Sorry, folks, I might come over as a pretty grumpy person, but these "nappy wrapping" comments of some of you are getting a bit on my nerves after a while. O.K., we were all very nervous at the beginning of this trip, but Jessica has mastered a few tricky situations and has proven her capabilities. If nothing severely happens, she will complete the run and return safely back to Sydney. A great achievement for her, but still not prove, that every 16 year old can do it. At the same time, turning the number simply over, are we prepared to cheer a very vital 91 year old person on to go on the same trip ?
What is it really, that fascinates us on Jessica's journey ?

Victor C. Pankouken

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot... well done Neil and Jess!!!

did I hear a collective sigh of relief?

cheers mate

Neil said...

Good for you Jessica, you're making us all very proud of you.

Angus said...

Hi Jesse,
Sounds like your becoming quite the electrician. You do realise you will become the No1 fix it person when you get home.
Its good that you fixed the gauge, it also gives you that extra confidence, not that you need that.
Its funny, I feel, and I guess like most of us that send you messages, when we send you a message its like talking to our own daughter or grand daughter. And sometimes when we read your blog, send you a message or watch your video, a tear comes to the eye and we worry. I know you have the fortitude to do what you want, Just hope EPL has the same.
Have thought some about going to Sydney when you get in, but I imagine there will be so many there to greet you I would become just an old face in the crowd and might not even get to see you.
I recon its going to be quite the affair. Which you richly deserve.
Well on to colder temps, I guess you'll be heading East soon.
Every day brings you a bit closer to home. Take care.
Fair winds and following seas.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

How about some more Aussie slang in your blogs to keep your overseas admirers guessing...You could translate later but it could be a bit of fun for you reading their comments on trying to work out what the hell you mean
!!! Glad to see all the electrics are ok now...very satisfying when you fix something and it works...most things I fix need someone else to further fix after I have made a complete mess.

Can't say stay cool stay warm and clipped and goodonya for wearing your safety gear up the mast.

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Kathleen from NZ here again! Your latest blog has just confirmed my opinion of you! One VERY competent and well prepared young woman!
For the info of your fans, Jessica was present for the whole time of the refit of EPL from when it was purchased and handed over to her by Don. She was completely 'hands on' with every aspect of the refit. She made herself totally conversant with EVERYTHING. If you go back and read her early blogs you will see just how 'hands on' she was. She developed a total affinity to EPL which has forged this impressive partnership of woman and ship which we are now seeing. A credit to her and her family, which is certainly paying off now as she demonstrates her practical, technical abilities.

Glad the electrical repairs worked Jess, You are a sensation here in little old NZ with everybody talking about you, and no wonder!
Godbless little sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

The view from the mast in your previous post is excellent. Well done you kiddo.

Ross said...

Well done Jessica! While you probably would have got by without the gauge there's a lot of peace of mind involved in knowing their condition, rather than wondering.

Hope the current conditions last for as long as.

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jessica,

The 'from above' picture yesterday was an absolute masterpiece. Was a great post card from you.
So now you can add "sparky" to your unbelievable skill set. I am glad you got that thingy going. I see the irony that the thingy that measures your power lost power. Who would have thought.

Your crew team has packed your parachute well though, good on ya Neil. 17c is cool, 12c is cooler. For a Queenslander, that is thermal underwear time. Brrrr. Or at the very least, many hot chocolate drinks with melted marshmallows. Yummo. Take care till next time. Have fun and talk to you soon. Cheers.

Nyree said...

Awesome pics, it is wonderful to get a glimpse of what you are seeing and experiencing out there. Well done to you for doing what so many wont in their lifetime...following your dream. Cheering you on from the Sunshine Coast.
The Crabb Family x

Anonymous said...

Well Done Jesse,Good effort, and that dorky helmet may just save your life one day.. even in the cabin in the rough stuff..Keep it handy.. Hows the fishing going..

Stay safe and cherrish the moment.

The Gnome.. Burpengary

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,

A hell of a good sailor, navigator, radio, cook, electrician, very good writer and journalist, photographer. And everything else we don't know about you yet.
There seems to be nothing that you cannot do, honestly. Well done you!

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, (GMT+0)

Frances said...

I woke up this morning thinking of you and i found you, very proud of what your doing , you go girl,say hi to any whales for me, keep safe :) Kurunjang Vic in the land down under

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

AMAZING, the pic from the mast, fantastic, your ability to be such an allrounder, amazing, one tends to forget just how young you are! It is such an addiction now to check out your blog, whether it be late at night after being out or early morn, before setting out for the day. Great to follow your journey. You made the Daily Tele here in Sydney during the week, I am sure they will publish your Thursday pic, that was spectacular!! When I think long enough about how you got the view, it sends shivers down my spine!! I repeat AMAZING! Safe sailing, cheers

Anonymous said...

Very well done Jesse, I agree with Duane there's probably very little you can't tackle.
I bet you didn't expect to be using a light weather sail in the Roaring Forties, watched a show on SBS last night where the first person to sail solo and unassisted around the world went back and sailed around Cape Horn again and the seas were almost flat. I guess you can get lucky but I hope you have a little bit of the rough stuff, just enough to test you but not enough to be too scary!
Fingers crossed for some showers here on the Sunshine Coast this weekend, unfortunately that's all that is forecast. Have a water tanker here at the moment filling up one of our rainwater tanks, first time in 30 years we have had to do that.
Have fun Jesse,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Summersailor said...

Jess, isn't it fun to fix something you had no knowledge of? With the help of your roadside crew, you fixed it. :-D The greatest thing is you learned something, therefore, this should count as school work completed, don't you think? I had a similar experience when I was soloing offshore and just called my marine mechanic and he help me solved the problem. It's a great feeling I know, because you like everything working on board. il on. :-))


Wolfhound said...

Hi Jesse,

Glad you've solved your current problems !

Great pics yesterday, and flag to hear everything is going swimmingly.

All the best,

Brian in NY

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Glad to hear you got it fixed (Thanks Neil!). Any idea what blew the fuse? Too much Christmas music, no that wouldn't do it. Hope it holds up!!!

Thanks Jesse!

maureen said...

I have looked at your blog since the beginning am so proud you are a fellow Aussie. You really have inspired me. Love your writting. That was a really beaut photo you took at the top of the mast. Safe sailing Jess.

Alessandro Machi said...

You were briefly mentioned on KFI-640 am Radio in Los Angeles yesterday, Dec. 17th, between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM on the John and Ken Show.

They were interviewing Abbey Sunderland and her attempt to go around the globe as well and the talk show hosts mentioned you and if you two had talked.

Apparently you emailed her, then she emailed you, and hasn't gotten a reply yet.

I wonder if you two could end up crossing paths.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Since your journey started my morning routine has changed, coffe and the computer to read your blog. Jes you are amazing.
To be out there miles away by yourself and to take every thing in your cool manner which comes through in your Blogs, safe sailing and take care.
Maryborough Qld

Anonymous said...


Brian said...

Captain Jesse,

Sounds like a sailors work is never done and it takes a dedicated sailor to accomplish all tasks that may arise. I am so impressed with all of your god given talents. Sail on and have some more fun.

Lakeland Florida USA

Ian said...

Thanks for keeping us informed about your weather situation and your electrical issues, especially since it is so late at night at your position. Sleep tight, sailor!

Ian from Brisbane

Scott said...

It's always satisfying having success with something technical, and I imagine even more so when you're the only one around to do it and you've never done it before. Good job.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Danielle said...

You go girl! I love to read and catch up on what you are up to. You are so inspiring. Stay safe and on the ball. Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You surprice us with your skill all the time. When did you have a chance to go through everything which could happens out there, and have time and talent to fix things?
There are people who don't know how to change a fuse. Good on you.
Keep the spirit high.
Safe sailing.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden.
White, cold -11 C.

Rowie said...

Hey Jess!

Excellent job with the electrical problem and yes, loved the photo yesterday taken from the top of the mast!

Congratulations on the success of your journey so far. I can see pink flags all over Google Earth before too long! So thrilled for you Jess.

Best wishes for a safe and wonderful Christmas celebration this week!

from Phil, Rowie, Maddy and Pat

BavariaBlu said...

Hi Jess,
go get your woolen socks out and let's stick together in this cold. Here in Bavaria temps have also dropped a bit, we're down to -8.5° at the moment with a prospect of below -10° for the wekend. Glad we're on solid ground and not on a boat, even if it was EPL.
Congrats to your electric whiz and yourself for the repair of the battery monitor, could I maybe send you my new mobile that just doesn't want to do as it should? No? ok, just asking ;-)

You don't know how much I appreciate every bit you write. Truly great stuff!


Anonymous said...

It was nice to read your blog about listening to the Wiggles Xmas music, I took my 2 year old daughter to see them in their Sydney concert yesterday and she LOVED it, danced from the start to end of the concert. I'm sure the Wiggles will be proud to know that you are playing their music.

Keep safe, can't wait to see you sail back to Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Nothing makes you feel better than the impossible becoming possible a great boost I'm sure! Continue to enjoy yourself as we come along for the ride.


Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

Once again you are proving all those doubters wrong, now an electrical technician.

Well done, look forward to your blog everyday

God Speed, take care

Peter and Sally

Pete and Nancy in Keene NH USA said...

Good on Ya Jess,

Glad that you could track down the problem with the help of the support team.

When things get frustrating. just step back take a deep breath and go back at it. Which sounds exactly like what you did. Electrical issues are not usually fun. but sounds like you've got a great support team backing you up. We follow your blog every night and love catching up with your day.

Hope you get a good nights sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse
Great going girl - still can't believe how at peace you are with yourself alone in the ocean. It's OK to drop your guard if you want to but I get the feeling you really haven't put up a wall - you really ARE enjoying every single minute. Do you hear from your teachers and if so what do they think.
In case I don't get a chance before Xmas as we have the family arriving today I would just like to wish you a great festive season and that your main presents are the good winds and good weather and whatever else your little/big heart desires.
Go you amazing girl.
Mazza from Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for tackling and solving the electrical problem. That must have left you tired and ready for a good night's rest. Be well...

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we
are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily,
marvelously who we were born to be."

Anne Lamott

hezakiah299 said...

12-18-09 @ 17:53
Hi Jessica,
Just finished reading your latest Blog, and everybody seems to have enjoyed "Up The Mast and Into The Roaring 40's". That was great.

Glad to read that you conquered the battery gauge problem. With some good instructions and a capable technician (yourself), it had to be a “piece of cake“. Kudo’s to Neil for guiding you through that.
How thrilled were you, did you clap your hands and giggle???? LOL……
I know that you described it in a few sentences, but there’s a lot more to something like this, there's different kinds of checks to make and probably running back and forth, oops, got to go get another tool, Ted won’t get it for me (box his ears). LOL…… But you conquered it.
Jessica, what are you NOT capable of doing??????

I was thinking that 17c (62.6f) wasn’t to cold but I guess on the water it would be damp cold. That would be a good outside working temp. for me as long as I’m active, at least it used to be. Bundle up lady and keep your snuggies on.

Well Jessica, you’ve had a pretty busy day so now it’s time for something hot in your tummy and as much sleep as you can get. Looks like some cooler weather coming up.
I’m real proud of you and all your accomplishments. Keep up the good work.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Vegasclimber said...

Way to persevere and get it fixed!

You've mentioned this gauge and system before I believe, and it seems like a fairly important part of the system, so I would wonder if you had a spare on board.

But kudos to you for fixing it and making do with what you have. I also hate electrical problems, they are such a pain. And seem to be even more so on boats, i don't know why lol.

Enjoy your rest time, sounds like you earned it!

trentgs said...

Glad to hear your monitor is back in operation. It should build your confidence.

Maren said...

I have been following your blog from the very beginning but only written once.
Very impressed by your trip to the top of the mast *hehe*
Well, as it is getting cooler where you are, some weather report from the other end of the world (this is Germany/Europe): -5°C and snowing :)

Keep on the great spirit!
Lots of greetings!

Anonymous said...

Well Jesse
Better to spend a frustrating afternoon fixing the problem now and not have something you could really do with.
Hope pet you got to have some good shut eye time. a nice hot stew would go down well a cup of hot chocolate and a good book as a reward for all your hard work just before you get any rough weather and those simple pleasures go out the window.
Take care
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Birmo said...

Epic win over that treacherous gadget. Well done.

Suzanne said...

Well done apprentice sparkie

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

wOOt! You GO, girl! Good on you. Thanks SO much for blogging about your ongoing adventures.
Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW.
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me.
Look forward to more of your captivating writings.
safe travels Jessica
xx Natasha NSW

Lily said...

Wow Jess, you are amazing. Now you can add electrician to your list of achievements on this voyage.
Keep up the good work, and enjoy the cooler temps as those of us in Aussie are sweltering in the heat and humidity.

Stay safe, and smooth sailing.
Lily in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jess is there anything you can't do? A sailor, electrician, you can cook, take great photo's and write soooo well!! You're doing sooo well, you'll show those critics just how wrong they are!! Keep up with the very loud singing, I would if I were you!

Jenny, Sunshine Coast

Ute Sonter said...

you go girl you're an ispiration have a geat chrissy even if it is on your own safe sailing the Sonter family

mimo said...

Thanks once again for the update. It's gonna get a lot colder yet so keep warm.

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Wish you a Merry Christmas during your journey at sea. Cheers,

Anneriek said...

Fantastic work Jessica. You're SOOOOO brave. Fixing and checking all these things in the middle of nowhere! Lots of respect!!! Keep on smiling (and sailing ;-)

philip said...

Wonderful. Great job Jess and a great backup crew. Phil, Perth, W.A.

greg said...

Hi Jess glad to see you got your electrical problem sorted out,hope you keep having good weather with a little more wind, well stay happy, stay safe and I will talk to you again soon, Greg from Townsville,

Bruce said...


Anything you can't do? What a champion.

I got a job for you replacing the anchor light on top of a mates mast when you return. Were not goling up there. Too scary.

I know it's a bit early but book me in for your home coming celebrations.

David W said...

I love following your progress on Google Earth. Is there any way you could post your actual Lat/Long and course so we could plot your approx. distance to the Capes?

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
It almost sounds like it's time to cue a song.....
"Sail on silver girl." Nahhh, pass on that one, you're going for the Gold ☺☺☺
How about..."Calypso?" Well us Aussies are playing the West Indies in the cricket, lol.

You have the best prepared team on the round the world quest. It looks like EPL is starting to lock down and focus on that scary "Time for the woolies" Fiftyfiveish lattitude. It's looking mighty fine from the Home plate in Sydney Australia.

Holy-Cow I think she's gunna make it ☺☺☺ ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

You are a very impressive,brave and inspirational young women. I will aspire to do more of the sailing on my next trip with my husband. Best of luck getting around Cape Horn.

Anonymous said...

OMG Get off the top of that mast child....Nah just kidding. Great pic Jess. I was thinking about you this morning as I was walking along the beach. The sunrise wasn't that spectacular but the ocean was flat and looked good to sail on.
Anyway keep up the good work and great writings and pics.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a safe New Year.
Coolum Beach

Anonymous said...

One day when you are ready to join the workforce I think you will have the most impressive CV that any employer has ever seen.

Perth, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Love your resoucefulness and your intrepidity, it's something (western) humanity has lost in an age of instant gratification and endless comforts.

Can't wait until you reach the Horn.


That view from the top of the mast scared me. But it was awesome. You are one brave lady. As for the technical problem you fixed...congratulations. Your perseverance, paid off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your blog I also feel Iam there with you on this adventure. I have my fingers x'ed and have best wishes for your safety.


arose4lee said...

Hey Jessica, you are doing so well! Good luck on the rest of your journey and thank you for keeping everyone posted. I feel like I'm on this journey with you. I hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Wish you fantastic weather for the rest of the trip!

Emile MHS said...

Hi Miss Jess, Nice going. We loved your mast adventure. Go Well and fair winds. NOw we add electronic master to your listof great achiements. We are silaing at present and can only ctch up with your blogs when we are home for afew days. The HOme Schoolers have a great role model in you and are keen to know just how you are, where you are and how your are doing. Keep on the leech anD MERRY CHRISTMAS MISS JESS

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just stumbled upon this, I'm from Canada in University. I'm looking at doing some sort of crazy around the world trip, and I think your trip sounds really cool and inspiring. Good luck with your trip Jessica!

Ciaran Olsen
Prince George, Canada

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Great job in getting the battery monitor backup and running, it sure gives you a lift when you get something like this back on line. You can't let things like this stay not working,(there will be times you just can't fix a problem)but, before you know it half the items are not working, so well done.
It's amazing how much the temperature has dropped and I bet the water temp is cold by now, the old salt water scrub downs will be a little harder now, or are a thing of the past.
It looks like sailing conditions are good and with the reacher up it should be nice and comfortable I hope.
So for now keep having fun and keep safe .
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica--I am a Grandpa type landlubber and wonder, you have mentioned changing sails, could you sometime tell us what kind of sails you have and how you decide to use them? I checked the archives and may have missed this, but some of us techy-nerds love that kind of stuff.

Thanks! And thanks for keeping us informed on your progress and thoughts (love the photos)!


Anonymous said...

Well done girl, keep the blogs coming and stay safe.
Annie & Cam "H"

Four Girls in Indiana said...

WOW! The pix of looking DOWN on the boat is dizzying to me. I can hardly stand heights myself so... Hehee... Wow! is all I can really say.

Yay for getting your battery to work! Would you like to work on my laptop a bit now? It has something going on with the screen that makes it hard to see... I feel inspired to get some directions and try to fix it myself now. Hope it turns out as well as your battery! :)

Take care on those upcoming wild seas!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible opportunity you have and at such a young age! what will you do next? I hope the wind remains strong enough to move you along but not enough to tip you over!The main rule to remember with batteries is to make sure more charge goes in than is used!(ie:go easy on power consumption just in case) Best wishes Russell

cousinpete said...

hi jess.
goes to show you, with a little help and support from friends, you to can gain confidence in tackling and overcoming problems. nice job. i bet you slept well afterwards.

Jim said...

Your amazing talents go on and on, now you're an ace electrician with the help of one of your support crew. What a wonderful team you have behind you Jessica.

That photo from the top of the mast gives me the heebeejebees just looking at it, that must have so skillful to have taken your camera up with you to the top of the mast as well as your auto pilot controller and change the boats direction from the top of the mast.
What a thought a 16 girl at the top of of a mast of her yacht in the roaring forties in the Southern Ocean singing Snoopy's Christmas and wiggles Christmas songs, perhaps you could add Rolf Harris's "Six White Boomers" and "Rudolph the "Red Nose Reindeer".

Sail on Sailor Girl.

Perth, Western Australia

Ron Munro of 5108 said...

Put a cork in it all you doubters!! OUR Jess is awesome to boot. Well done and one day I hope to stand on awe if front of you and shake your hand. Thats Our/My Girl ~ a true adventurous Daughter of Aussieland. Love and again congratulations to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
That pic from atop the mast was amAZing. You are one skilled up chick! and good on you for stepping out (literally and figuratively).
Watched a doco on SBS(AustTV) last night about Robin Knox-Johnston? re-rounding Cape Horn and it was all the more real because its where you're going. The 'horn' really does look like a rhino horn - hope you get to see that! They had some strong weather as they approached and then it calmed out as they went around. Calm seas and fair winds Jese - gonecruising.

1231franklin.obrien said...

HI I am so proud of you.
You are an inspiration. God speed, encouragement and keep believing in yourself as you have already shown. wonderful.regards to mum,dad and siblings.

Cameron B said...

Well, i could assume by the end of your voyage you will be a 'Jack of all trades and a master at *one' (sailing)

Take care Jessica <3
Cameron B

Anonymous said...

wow, you go girl!! sailor, navigator, chef, photographer and now electrician... is there anything you can't do!!
enjoy the rough ride ahead and if i don't comment again before Chrissie, have a safe and happy Christmas!!
stay safe,
mel of yenda

lilshawnee said...

Well Jesse,wow that was a cool pic yesterday.
So glad you are doing so good.
Im going to miss you next week as we are going to the mountains for Christmas.but i will catch up with you when we get back.
take care lil one god bless.
be safe and take care your friends
Robert,Ellen,Alison and Autumn

Bruce said...

little by little ! ! !
Champion JW
all character building, and

I am addicted to your Blog

Great Stuff Jessica

every best wish

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