Monday, December 14, 2009

Amazing Sunset

Mostly it's just been a normal day out here, not a lot of wind but just enough to keep us moving on a gentle sea at a steady 5 knots.
Tonight's sunset was far from normal though, it was amazing! I thought it was good to start with, but then the colours just kept getting better and better as the sun disappeared. And yes I captured some pics (below) to capture the moment and colours. Hope you like them.

Well it's just going to be a quick update for today as my tummy is telling me I'm way overdue for some food!


Pic 1: An amazing sunset in the background

Pic 2: Ella's Pink Lady also enjoyed the sunset!


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captain said...

Thanks for sharing that Jess.... a beautiful sunset.

Capt'n kelly

Ellis said...

You are amazing ..and a pretty good photographer to boot.

Molly said...

Wow, just wow.
As it's been said before, thank you for sharing pictures with us of things we will never see.
That sunset is breathtaking.
You are making the most amazing memories.
Hope you had some good eats.
Blessings and safe travels,
Maryland USA

P.S. My verification word is "chili". I'll laugh, if that is what you had to eat. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Great stuff and keep the pictures and updates coming.

You are a HERO in my eyes

Attitude said...


Shane said...

Hi Jess, It's just incredible to look at these photos and think you're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Just such a radically different idea for us land dwellars to get our head around. It's absolutely fantastic to see you doing so well and glad you are having the opportunity to see some beautiful sights such as the sunset. You've got an exhillerating future ahead of you - I admire your determination and perseverance with venturing the world's seas. Take care and look forward to more photos when you have the chance. Shane.

Attitude said...

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength." Ralph Sockman

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jess, thank you. Yep, must eat when your tummy is telling you to :).

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G,day Jess

Great pics, fantastic sunset hope you experience a few more before things get rough down south. Met a old journo buddy today who is watching your blog but not commenting...he is waiting for some neg stories and he is ready to swoop like seagull on the "Jess bashers" as he calls them...a great ally let me assure you.

So, there we's a good Aussie picture for you..had to shoo a roo out of the backyard tonight..they are hungry and thirsy because of the drought...he was eating the fruit and leaves off the blood orange tree...still plenty left the oranges are about the size of a large grape at the moment...should be huge by July..just for you

Hey have a sleep and a laugh and as usual sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Thank you for the pics, I noticed you have got a jumper on is it starting to get a bit chili ???

Yes please eat and be safe.
Saraya :-)

Grandma June, Gold Coast, Qld said...

Good on you Jessica. Your inspiration and attitude never ceases to amaze me. Out there doing what you are doing all on your own. I know that dozens have said this before me, but I would never have considered doing what you are doing when I was 16, 44 years ago! even if it meant great sunsets. And what a lovely sunset that is behind you. Thank you so much for sharing your special experiences with us.

Things must be getting exciting for you now, as you edge ever closer to your next milestone. As you know, we, your followers, are all thinking of you and wishing you well and safe sailing.

Good to see you wearing your life jacket!

Bruce said...

Hey Jess..beautiful shots...I have been away for a week and forgot just how amasing your trip is..I had a week of planes..and hire car travel...and grumbled alot..but see your shots and reading your blog puts all in perspective redaing your stuff..stay safe and happy young Jess are amasing..
Port Macquarie

Anonymous said...

SkipOhoy.Captain Jessica. Red light at night Sailors delight. Thanks for the Photos.Holy smoke you have grown up a lot the last month. Steady Going and fair Winds. All the Best from Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

FotoMenno said...

I like your pictures!
Thanks for sharing, Jesse.

Good luck

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
you've got Long Sleeves on...lucky you.
Sunset photos are beautiful thanks for posting them.
The sun hasn't set here yet but i'm done for the evening so Goodnight Jesse...
Good Winds, Safe Sailing,

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

The Sunset is just as spectacular as the young girl in the foreground!

You are looking just wonderful...Jess

As I type I'm wearing my new EPL Hat and Shirt (Black) which arrived today, they're all out of Pink Shirts!!:(

Go and feed that little tummy and keep your strength up!

Have a pleasant night Jessica

Clint - Melbourne Town

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

Wow...Looks beautiful. You have all that beauty to yourself, how spoiled to you feel about now? Lucky girl. You will also have yourself quite the photo album on your return. Have to go catch up on other blogs, so excited to hear how things are going. Get some rest, talk again soon. Keep smiling. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

They stunning photos!!!

I couldn't resist it made the top one with you in it and the beautiful sunset in the background my desktop background.

Your are truly beautiful on the outside and on the inside.


Jay said...

Jess, its my first time to look at your site, and Girl! I just got to say that you are beyond your years. I too am living my dreams, but I started too late! Keep on with your dreams... I look forward to you showing them 'knockers' that you can!

MUNGUS said...

Hi Jesse,

While you have calm enough conditions to read a longer inspiration -


To laugh is to risk appearing the fool
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
To reach out for another is to risk involvement
To expose the feelings is to risk exploring the self
To put ideas and dreams before the crowd is to risk loss
To love is to risk rejection
To live is to risk dying
To hope is to risk despair
To try all is to risk failure
But risk we must
Because the greatest risk of all is to risk nothing
For those who risk nothing –
Do nothing!
Have nothing!
Are nothing!

Author unknown

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

Anonymous said...

Live your dreams and show them... you are closer to the finish than the beginning, because you are doing it. Lots of people believe in you..

Mr. Divine said...

Don't you fancy having a stopover? I mean stop in South Africa for a week. I mean why not?

Oh I changed my mind, I fancied a bit of dry land.

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, Thanks for the beautiful sunset you shared with us. You look well and rested in that pic and that's great. Now go rustle up some grub and have a good nights sleep. Take care 'til next time.

Toni McLean said...

Well Jesse,
This is a sneaky little blog. Just thought I'd check before I turned the computer off, absolutely not expecting to see another blog, and then I was surprised! Not only a quick blog but some photos too. It must be starting to get cold now. I saw today just how much easting you're making and it's fantastic. You'll be around that cape in no time at this rate.

Thanks for posting the pics, that must be a little extra trouble for you to do that. The water looks pretty gentle at the moment. But maybe not for very much longer. Better fatten up now in case you don't get to eat much in a couple of weeks' time. Like the bears do :-)

Wishing you more fair winds

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - thank you.
Fair winds until you write again.

Tim09 said...

Thanks Jess for sharing this special moment with us.
Tim and Rosie

Ally said...

Thankyou Jess
Ive got the biggest lump in my throat with this blog
A picture says a 1000 words

Love n thoughts

Ally (from South Oz)
PS - its not dusty at the moment & Ive mastered these nails at last :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jesse,
What beautiful photos, you are such a wonderful photographer and you look very relaxed, confident and "at home" out there. I've been away for a few days and enjoyed reading your last blog re being alone but not lonely and it shows on your face, you also look content and in control.
I hope you enjoyed your meal,
All the best
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

It looks so calm.

Sofia - Bulgaria

Rod said...

Hi Jess, Photo's look great, and you look well settled on board. I am just wondering why it looks like you are heading towards the sunset and not away from it? Keep enjoying yourself, I know I couldn't do it. Cheers Rod.

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem

Thoughts of Pals

I see the wide expanse before, yes out in front of me
Rolling waves and white cap tufts, as far as eye can see
A wistful thought crosses mind, one I want to share
At times as this, I feel the need, a friend of which to hear

Then a tern, so far from land, soaring waves alone
Skips its wing off wavelet top, as if a skipping stone
I speak to him as if my pal, hello my sailing mate
Pleased to see our different souls, enjoy this watery state

With speed and skill, my feathered friend, glides wet surface near
Comes to me, we are alike, as equally ship I steer
I’m not alone, no not at all, I’m here, not as a clone
I’m sailing round this aqua world, and here, I’m not alone

With different eyes I scan those waves, so very far ahead
My feathered friend has gone his way, I lose my lonely dread
I might seem far, I might seem one, but friends are many things
I settle back and realise, such beauty solitude brings


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Wonderful photos pet and you are looking just fantastic and healthy. Be honest you look a lot better than when you first left home the sea is good for you.

A little news from Aus. W.A. is getting its first cyclone for the season. Qld and NSW having bushfires and here in Victoria we are heading for hot northerly winds before sudden change they are predicting fire warnings.
Take care
Thoughts are with you always
love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Jan said...

Thanks for the wonderful shots!
Jan - Melbourne

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Stunning pics, thanks for thinking of us.
I see you have snapped out of that melancholy madness of yesterday, lol.
I betcha glad you're not sailing past Fiji at the moment. Talk about a few strong gusts!!! As someone always reminds you at those inappropriate times...'Careful what you wish for.' ☺☺☻☺☺

The McGraths said...

Oh Jesse how I envy you. Those pics are just beautiful. Your keeping our travel bug alive.

You also look that relaxed it shines from your eyes.

Each day we look forward to your blog to see what you come up with next & you never disappoint.

Thanks again,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those that love colour the most."

John Ruskin

Thank you Jess for sharing those beautiful sunset colours with us. Fantastic!

Jill (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess

you are blessed, that's a riot of colours. Maybe its nature's way of entertaining you.



Muhammad Asim said...

Hi jess

Thanks for sending the pictures. A real GREAT sunset.. it always inspires. Well .. you are looking gorgeous as always.

The McGraths said...

ps....To Brumbyy 14/12 09:32pm,

Nice poem!

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

SailSim said...

Hey Jess,

That's what going to sea is all about! Seeing nature at it's very best. Thank you for sharing the photos - you have got to love this satellite technology.

Have you head your sextant out yet? I bet you get some glorious star fields? Do you have a star almanac aboard or a navicomp? If you get a moment tell us about your astronav backup.

Fair winds

Jim @sailsim

RichieParis said...

A wonderful sunset, a wonderful girl.
This time, we are spoilt with these 2 pics.
Thank you, Captain Jesse,
Bon app├ętit!
Take care of yur tummy, and EPL takes care of the milles!
Good ride and be happy.
Luv U

bernie777 said...

Theres a song by Deep Purple...if youre drifting on an empty ocean with no wind to fill your sails...I forget how it look really lovely in that photo my dear the best one yet....remember your health is your wealth....and money cant buy me love....stay in touch lol Bernie 777

nutralady2001 said...

Stunning what an experience. I love sunsets/sunrises to xperience them at sea must be amazing xx

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Your contentment with yourself and your surroundings shows so perfectly in the first picture and I am so glad you took that very special moment to share it with all of us. To me it says "This is why I am here."

Well, not the total reason you're there but the confidence in your mission and goal shows so clearly in your face and eyes.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse,

Lovely photos, thanks! It's a wonder you are making any headway at all with the millions of people on board with you. We look forward to your updates every day.

Sleep tight......stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Your tenacity and vibrancy are a wonder Jessica Watson.....
I check in every day as does our whole scout troop, we have a chart of your voyage on the wall and plot your position every week. Some of us wish you would cross the equator again as the party we had to celebrate was huge fun. Particularly when all the scouts were required to bring food based on the sea; we even had banana octopus in chocolate sauce.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thank you for giving us a photo of the beautiful sunset.Oh!!Pretty colorful world which paints the sky in shades of pastel PINK!!!!!
Sally in Melbourne

cathlamb said...

Hey Jesse,
Just sending love and best wishes from Jersey, Channel Islands, up near France. Following your progress with excitement as my hubby, 2 kids and I are setting off round the world by yacht in July 2010. Aren't ocean sunsets just the best? Almost as good as moon-rises!!
Love, the Jackson Four (Cath, Mark, Mia and Lachlan)

GlenF said...

That's a cracker. Eat well.

The Jackson Four said...

Hey Jesse,
Just sending love and best wishes from Jersey, Channel Islands, up near France. Following your progress with excitement as my hubby, 2 kids and I are setting off round the world by yacht in July 2010. Aren't ocean sunsets just the best? Almost as good as moon-rises!!
Love, the Jackson Four (Cath, Mark, Mia and Lachlan)

Brian Riley said...

Are you sure you are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,about 3250nm from Cape Horn, and not just outside Sydney Harbour? the seaway looks fantastic, the sunset is awesome,& you come up 8/10 for a person doing what you are doing.(I deducted 2 points for no makeup in front of the camera!!!).
If this weather continues down into the 50's you are going to have a dream rounding of your first Cape.
Enjoy dinner.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD>

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Thanks for the photos Jessica, you are right, that sunset is pretty good, especially as there is no pollution to help with the oranges and reds.

Now go and eat some food - can't have you frittering away!

Take care gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

jowel said...

Glorious sunset. I can see why you wanted to take the pics and keep this memory with you forever. It does look like a previous poster suggested that you are heading toward it but that can't be the case.

I just arrived home tonight from my youngest daughter's school presentation night. I was amazed at the achievements of so many young people - my daughter's included who scooped quite a few awards. These awards are great to get but more important is the personal satisfaction of doing well, setting your own goals and meeting them. A lot of kids didn't get awards but I know their parents are just as proud of them.

Jess, you are a fine example for young people all over the world. You have a team of people behind you, including the most important of all - your parents. I'm one proud mamma tonight, I think your parents must go to sleep each and every night feeling just as proud. You have given them this gift - so be proud yourself! You are doing an amazing job!

Richard said...


I'm just wondering how you navigate? Are you relying on gps systems and electronic plotters? Or do you have charts and a sextant and use a combination of conventional navigation and electronic? Would be good to have a daily/weekly competition - us trying to predict your lat and long at a given time, say 1200 daily for example. Regards Richard

mbasscat said...

Jesse your awesome, great pictures also. What a beautiful sunset.
Hope you had some good food also.
Have a Great Day and a better tomorrow. Thanks for the updates and pictures.

Safe Sailing...
Marion from Oklahoma City(USA)

rod said...

good day beautiful young lady,
just got back from brisbane and have read both sundays and mondays blog.
from the number of followers you have you have no time to be lonely,when i read your blogs i feel you are sharing your thoughts with us. when we reply to your blogs we your followers are sharing our thoughts and feelings with you.
i for one feel that we are very lucky having such a wonderful young captain sharing her dream and adventure with us.
i feel that you are very lucky having such a loving and caring crew of wanabe advenurers tagging along with you in spirit.
so keep us up to date with the thoughts that you can share with us and we will keep you up to date with all the inspirational thoughts that we like to share with you.
the photos that you have shared with us thru your daily blogs are great.
you look great and i look forward as always to your next blog.
kindest regards always young adventurer.take care
blackbutt qld

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess,

Lovely photos and you looking very happy. The colors remind me of orange and pink sherbet ice cream, absolutely yummy and heartwarming.

I hope your days continue to be fair and full of wind.

Ride on, Captain!!
Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

Thanks for the beautiful pictures! The sunset is really wonderful.

I was wondering why are you heading west, at least it what it seems by those pics. Probably a sailor person can give us an idea. Thanks and have a safe trip.

Marina from Turin

duane said...

Love the pictures. Looks like it put a little color in the pink lady too. Thanks for sharing. Be safe and have fun.

trish said...

G'day Jesse .. oh boy you look sooooo relaxed and at home there!!
I see you have your wet weather trousers on so it must be getting a bit cooler. Take care as always - eat well - and when on deck one hand for you and one for EPL. I look forward to the next blog.
Love Trish Cairns (CYC)

kina said...

Hey Jesse,
they say a picture paints a thousand words. An awesome picture it is too. I see a well rested young lady looking energized and ready for a battle with the elements. I see a becalmed ocean calling it's formidable seafarer to build up the reserves for a rough journey ahead. I see a horizon that is beckoning one into it's domain, but to be ready in every concievable way. I see the light of day lenghtening to show the way when the going gets tough.
But most of all, I see two intrepid lady's who have prepared well mentally, physically and structurally. Respect demands respect..."I came, I saw, I conquered". The world is your oyster Jess. Take care.

Ben (Qld)

marlyn said...

I look forward each morning to check out your blog. I LOVE reading about it, because this is something I could never imagine doing or imagine any one I know doing. You are an inspiration! Continued best wishes for safe sailing. God bless you as you continue this journey.

John said...

G'day Jesse,

You are right that is a wonderful sunset. Now I have a new photo for my desktop.
You are right about loneliness. You don't have to be alone to be lonely and just because you are alone doesn't mean you are lonely.

Not enough of us take the time to be alone with our thoughts in our busy, hectic lives. Make the most of it while you can.

But who am I, a self imposed adopted father, to give you advice?

Thanks for sharing your adventure with so many strangers. Remember our love and support if times get tough or scarry.

Keep well and happy and safe.

All the Best

Richard Lathrop said...

Nice pics and a pleasant surprise to find a new blog just now. I just figured out how to make the day/night line show up on google earth. If my estimate of your position is right, it's the crack of dawn where you are now--and pitch black in Sydney. Someone's working overtime.

Love the way the sunset and horizon are reflected in Ella's cabin window. Love the way you look, and to see the long sleeves. They spell progress.

We now know that you're still on port tack sailing into a light Easterly. Did you remove the heavy weather sails?

A steady 5 knots will do the job, especially if you can follow your great circle to Cape Horn. And it looks to me as if that's now the case.

Fair winds, champ.

Richard Lathrop

mimo said...

Okay, you succeeded, we're all very very jealous.
Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and update.

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks so much for those awesome sunset photos ... what a treat that must have been after the dull days you've had recently!

I've actually thought of you quite a lot today because I spent the whole day picking mangoes off 2 trees we have in our yard ... the mangoes are huge and although not yet ripe, they'll be perfect in 2 - 3 weeks. I picked almost 200, then had to wash and dry them before wrapping them in newspaper ... yes it was quite a job but totally worth the effort.

So of course knowing how much you love mangoes I kept thinking about you while I was working! If I could send you a bag full of them for Christmas I would ... but ... oh well it's the thought that counts I guess!!! :)

Anyway I'm so glad the weather has eased a bit for you and I hope you're luck with it continues.

So stay warm and safe ... we are in total awe of you!

Cheers Kyla

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the great pics....

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

Rob said...

The pictures are fantastic!! I'm sure there will be many more like it. I hope the old saying is true, red sky at night sailors delight! I hope you have some good wind today and you make some good progress. Be well and keep up the good work!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Janet said...

Hi Jess,

It's been a while since I've written, but I read your blog and pray for you every day. I have also told everyone about who will listen about your incredible journey.

Question for you: How high are the highest waves you've encountered so far, and what is the greatest height of the waves you anticipate encountering? I'm sure you can handle it, just curious.

Love your recent pics. Keep up the great work!

Janet in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

ToSeeTheSea said...

Nice Photos Jess.

Your now about at a latitude just south of Auckland New Zealand.

Watching your progress with interest and looking forward to further updates. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Hej Jessica,

Nice to see you and the very beautiful sunset and sea.
Here fell 4 cm of snow during the night.It was nice too but no sun in sight.
Safe sailing.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

M. Eric Carr said...

I think there's a saying, "Red sky at night; sailors' delight." Beautiful sunset; here's to more great weather!

Slamdunk said...

Great sunset--thank you for posting. Safe travels.

Wolfhound said...

Hey Jess,

Beautiful photographs !

Looking at you there in the midst of that beauty, this quotation springs to mind :

"That is happiness: to be dissolved into something complete and great" -- an American writer, Willa Cather.

Enjoy the moment. This is an experience that you will never repeat, so live in it to the utmost. True, you may do long voyages in the future, but this one will always be your first.

You're doing a fantastic job ! Thanks so much for bringing us along on the ride. We are so grateful.

In the meantime, did you see any of the meteor shower last night ? It was visible in the Northern hemisphere, but I'm not sure how far south it could be seen.

(And incidentally, don't worry about those who complain about your position plot not being updated. We don't need to know exactly where you are until you cross the finish line !)

All the best,

Brian in NY.

el grande said...

great shot, thanks for sharing! it looks like things are going pretty well today!

Jan said...

Hey Jess - have you seen the green flash yet?

Ron said...

I was unable to fully enjoy the amazing sunset because of the amazing girl in the foreground. I have not, and will not, miss a moment of your voyage. Your blogs are the first thing on my agenda each day. Checking your progress and looking for new videos have become the prime focus of my life. I'm neglecting my wife, my boat and my motorcycle, all because of you.
Jesse, I continue to pray for your safe and memorable voyage. Godspeed.
Alabama USA

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Yes I like the photos very much and thanks for sharing. The colours all around EPL are amazing and it just goes to show that painting her pink was definitely a good choice as she blends in beautifully with the pink tones in the clouds and the surface of the water.
I just got home from work and am feeling very tired and now very confused as well because...well, isn't that sunset supposed to be somewhere behind you? I mean you are sill sailing in an easterly direction aren't you? Is it just me of what's going on?
"Moving on a gentle sea at a steady 5 knots" sounds simply divine. There is absolutely no place on the face of this earth I would rather be than in your shoes.
I start every comment to you with "I hope you're well" and end with "take good care of yourself". They're not just words, I really mean it sincerely. Your health is your greatest asset. Enjoy every moment of this journey you're undertaking, however long it may be and do take very good care of yourself. Stay safe and bye for now...Sam

Neil O'Donnell said...

Absolutely amazing sunset... right now out my window is a ton of snow; big difference in scenery (personally I like the snow, but my wife despises it). Best wishes for a fun, safe journey.

Neil from Buffalo, NY

p.s. how's the fishing been?

Richard said...

Always love to see pics! 9 degrees in Oregon last night. The sunset looks inviting.

We are wondering, it looks like the jib in the foreground, since you are sailing southeast, and the sun sets in the west, how is it that the bow is facing west?

Got grab the long sleeves and get everyone moving.


See Ya Sailor!

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks so much for sharing these fine photographs with us. The colors are spectacular! You did a fantastic job with the exposures, i.e. fill flash in the foreground to effectively illuminate you against the vivid sunset. You’re going to be as marvelous a photographer as you are a sailor and writer before trips end!

May your every day finish as serenely as the one in these pictures...

Be safe

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Anonymous said...

The photographs are very professional. You look very healthy. It must be the cook! Very nice sunset, quite different here. Temperature this morning with wind chill -40C Brrrrr. Will definitely trade you.
Smooth sailing and appreciate the photographs which speak louder than words. Best wishes. Russ/Calgary

Anonymous said...

Can't decide which is more beautiful... the sunset or you!!

janel said...

What a nice way to begin my day, seeing the beauty that you enjoyed at the end of yours. Keep smiling and keep taking those photos. Be safe and God Speed, and have FUN!

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - beautiful sunset, beautiful girl!! I see strength, beauty and gentleness. Never ignore the tummy - the tummy rules!!

Take care gorgeous girl; my Jess-Stress meter reads normal tonight - its obviously picked up your safety gear. Smart meter huh??

'til next time,precious one, safety first, stay in the moment, fill the tummy and of course be Happy!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. I take courage from your courage. Full sails and brisk winds (sorry don't know the sailor terms, hope I'm close :))
You go girl!!

hezakiah299 said...

12-14-09 @10:17
Hi Jessica,
So glad to hear from you, and I loved those pics. You’re really looking good, well rested and definitely in good spirits. Looked like a pretty calm sea, for the moment, so enjoy it while you can. Bake something.
Have you had any luck with fishing? I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, the pink bottom could be scaring them away?????
The last picture you took, in this position, was on the Port side and this one is on the Starboard side. Now if some crackerjack photographer could splice them together, if possible, that would be a crackerjack picture. LOL……..
One of your new admirers wanted to know about your shipmates, you kept referring to we, she didn’t know they were all stuffed. (with your muffins)LOL………
Quick, yes, efficient, yes, most enjoyable, definitely, thank you very much. Now go and feed that hungry tummy and get some rest.
Glad to see you’re getting a good hold on the easterly turn
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

SaltyDog said...


WOW!!! Sunsets and sunrises when at sea can really be spectacular. That's one of the fantastic job benefits. There were just enough clouds to add to the effect and you timed it just right to catch the reflection off of the water. I really am envious of you. And you're making great progress. Hope you came up with another gourmet meal. Thanks for making my day with those outstanding pictures, Jess. They stir up a lot of great memories for me.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Brian Miller said...

beautiful sunset...

kulio sent me over, i will be back...

Bob B said...

what a great view of the sunset, except some girl was standing in front of it. Hope you see this and get a smile from it. Also hope you have many more beautiful sunsets. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

hezakiah299 said...

12-14-09 @10:52
Hi Jessica,

For jwb777 :
Thank you for that beautiful collection of pictures, I enjoyed them immensely. I didn’t know that four (4) minutes could go by so fast, so I had to play them again, and again, and…………………….
Thank you, Janell.

Just had to drop another line to you.
That great big ball of fire looks beautiful the way it reflects off the water, and you look so content, so at home. Yes. (nice vest ha, ha)
Keep up the good work and sail true.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi Jesse
Didn't see no sunset at first ☺.♥♥♥

Nice Pic's have a good day.
Thanks for sharing.

Stanlee said...

Do you realize just how lucky you really are? Very few people in life can say what you said even in their advanced ages. To be so aware of your great fortune in being able to just be, without any other human to guide or nudge or distract or prevent you from just being who you are. Gliding along with your whole being focused on your personal goals. You're in such an amazing point in your journey. I, too, am growing and feel stronger in my journey of just being without interference. Life is really full of blessings.

kerstin said...

Thanks for sharing pictures with us!

Kerstin in California.

Mike D said...

Who is this sailor?
Why does she sail?
Towards isolation worse than jail?

Take hold the tiller
Hoist up the sheets
Let loose the line upon the cleats

Make fast the rigging
Sail strait and true
Bid bon voyage without ado

But sea’s rise up!
No man can tame!
Ply angry oceans chasing fame?

My own ambition
Not for renown
But to create my own way round

No port to call?
No land perceived?
An endless trip around the sea?

Who are you sailor?
Why would you go?
Leave friends and family and a home?

Conquest of self
And nothing more
Not to conquer worlds or war

Not win some game!

Enough inquisitions!
No ones to blame
I sail for me, refusing shame!

I sail for me, refusing shame...

-Mike D

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

You look relaxed with your amazing sunset as a backdrop to your photo. Thank you for sharing it.

Have a wonderful day. It is exciting to see every new milestone indicated on your voyage map.

California, USA

Kerri said...

Courgeous sunset, lucky you! Enjoy the calm and a chance to relax and read and sleep. Happy to see you in your vest, too!
Anymore fishing, lately? Any luck? Keep eating the protein, good for you and your bones. Keeps your hair growing long and healthy. And the brain sharp (we love your witty prose).
I'm curious, know it is a loose schedule and all, but wondering if you are on track for where you wanted to be at this point in your journey? Even maybe ahead? Seems like mostly you have had steady wind and not been becalmed too often. Are you using mostly rain water for your fresh water?

Sail on, sail on, mazing Jess. Appreciate your fantastic pics and posts.

Happy sailing from California,


Meechree said...

Lovely photos! Really great. Have you ever seen the phenomenon?
Really neat.
-Dimitri, USA

Chimli said...


John said...

Amazing sunset... it looks so peaceful.

Take care Jess

New Bedford

jake said...


The pics make it real - keep 'em coming!

Scott said...

A couple days in a row of brilliant sunshine. That's exciting.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Phil in Idaho said...

Keep taking photos. No matter how many you take it won't be enough as you look back on this years from now. Believe me!

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks a lot for those photos they tell a lot.
Good to see you looking pretty + good. You enjoyed the day and so did we enjoy your day.
Red sky at night sailors delight. Port photo sun at your back - heading east, headsail catching the breeze at 5 knots, ripples under one foot. A good day Jessy, Charley
Albatross down your way?
Catch a fish?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,

what amazing photos, thanks for sharing. It's fine to hear that all
is going well.

I wish you all the best,


Andrew said...

Thank you lucky ...makes me feel lucky too. Just watched a beautiful sunrise an was thinking bout you bobbing along out there. Great to see you looking happy. Safe travels

Anonymous said...

Well it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me.
And if the wind is right you can sail away, and find tranquility.
Oh the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.

You're going great Jess. Thanks for shareing.

~~SC from NZ

rob said...

Great pics! Just what we need here on a miserable winter's evening in the UK... Thanks for giving us a bit of sunshine!


Russell said...

Jess at first I like many others were against your trip but I check your updates everyday way to go girl, i wish i had your courage

Bebie said...

Hi Jesse,

Beautiful photos thank you. Sure was a lovely sunset and I noticed that your life-jacket, the sunset, and the water, were "the same".

Take care little sweetheart.

Vegasclimber said...

Wow, now that is a phenomenal sunset. Thanks for sharing!

Gives us a very literal translation of "Red skies at night, sailors delight" :-) Hope the winds pick up a little bit soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse

Lovely surprise this morning to see your message and beautiful photo's. Must admit I looked thinking don't be greedy we had one yesterday.

Sunny day here in Picton to. Just a little breeze and going to be a cooler day.

Until next time

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
Great pics again, thanks.
Looks like a calm sea at the moment, enjoy it while you can.
Sail on,

Red said...

Hey Jess,
Just when i wonder what you could write about next, you come up with the perfect sunset, keep it comming. Hanging off your every word.

Stay Safe
Berlin Red

hartmut said...

Hi Jess, thank you for entertaining us with your amazing adventure!! I`am following your blog from Germany. That shows ya,there are really many good spirits with you, from all around the world!
Your photos are beautiful. I specialy
liked that one with the silver shining fish-:))
May the good winds always be on your side !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, It's Myriam from Malta back again. I love sunsets and get to see really beautiful ones here on our small Island but yours are just as great. I find that it is a great time for reflection on the beauty of our surroundings. Great going and keep it up. I read your blocks everyday. It has become an addiction. Regards, Myriam

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
I'm glad things are going well for you, the sunset is just amazing, your quite a photographer.
I used to sit for hours and watch the sunsets. They never cease to amaze me.
Epl looks fine and you look in fine spirit.
You mentioned something about knockers in your last blog.
I have spoken to a few friends of mine (whom are politions)and there sources indicate there is only positive talk.
So it seems the whole country / world is behind you.
This is something I already new.
In my entire 60 years I've never known so much positive support from so many different people and Countries.
When you get back home and decide to wright your book, it should be pretty easy. All you have to do it copy your blogs, and you'll have the perfect book, signed, sealed and delivered.
Your ability to communicate is a positive reflection on correspondence schooling. It certainly comes from the heart.
Take care Jess, and keep chipping away at that mountain.
Fair winds and following seas.

maxine maroochydore said...

WOW WOW WOW, they are amazing pics, thanks for sharing, you are amazing God speed Jess, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Reg said...

Love the sunset it all about being in the right place at the right time. Better get back to work.

AMZ said...


beautiful Jesse.. lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your not lonely Jess!! Dan in Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Great pics of sunset,reminds me of the sunsets on Sydney harbor when I was a young boy,do I miss those carefree day's.
You looked great,see you had a light sweater an your vest on,good on ya girl for being safe.
Looking forward to more updates,it most be tough to come up with topics each day,but keep your adoptive world family interested,you now have a large regular following.Love if the Maryland,USA group could get together and have a ''Jessica watch''party,it seems the three of us are close in location,what you say Molly and Richard!!!!
Jessica what books have you been reading?
Sounds like you are in a smooth sailing period right now,enjoy the quiet times and have a toast at sunset,it supposed to bring you luck.
God speed for now young lady,as all way's look forward to your next update.
Keep warm,be safe and smooth sailing.
Stephen M.,
Adoptive ''Transplanted Aussie'',

Anonymous said...

Ah, I got pictures like that; Got up at three in the morning when it was pitch dark but the tide kept me moving. It is absolutely splendid to sail into a day like that, provided you're warm and well fed; When you are cold and hungry it's a torture, never mind the sunrise. I have no idea how you get around with your sleeping schedule but I admire and envy you, yet I wouldn't want to be in your place - I guess at a certain age one cherishes one's sleep more than a beautiful sunrise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
Love the pictures and the updates, you have brought back many memories of when i use to sail (long time ago), as you stated in your previous blog, being lonely is only a state of mind and if you choose to do the thing you love then you will never be alone, people all over the world keep track of you through your blog on a daily basis living the dream with you. More people now are probably keeping tabs on you than ever before when you were on dry land.

Keep your positve attitude and you will soon be back home..

I wish you calm seas and steady winds.

Dreamsailor, miami, florida,usa.

Susan said...

The Divine's painting, such beauty for the eyes and soul.

I LOVE seeing the photos of the ocean, and the conditions you are sailing in. I will never tire of that!

Being on the ocean for months alone is bound to make you reflect and feel... many things... all okay to feel, as it's all part of the experience, the journey and the transformation and growth. Thanks for your honesty. The quietness within is such a gift.

Blessings always,
Susan in Oregon

Bengt said...

I really like the photo with you on. You look happy, your eyes really shines, and the background is beyond stunning. A high-res version of it would be perfect for the cover of your book.

/Bengt I Larsson, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Don't like to give you bad news, but your going in the wrong direction!! If your going east the sunset should be behind you, but from the pics, it looks like the sunset is in front of you! Which can mean only one thing, your going west!!!!

lswinter said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the lovely sunset picture. For me the best sunsets are the ones I've seen at sea. The horizon is not obstructed by land or manmade things. You're a privileged girl.

Still praying for your health and safty. Soon you'll be sailing past Christmas Day and into a new year. Hardly a better way to enter 2010.


Leon and for Sally

Suzanne said...


Sensational snaps

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying following you on your journey. Stay safe.
Susan (New York USA)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

“If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.”

Sunrise's are pretty special too.

Your're a Legend

Bruce said...

Thanks for the great photos.

I met some sailors from the Netherlands and England who couldn't believe that a lot of Australians just take the beautiful sunsets we have for granted.

Saw a little bit of a show on TV the other night about a lone sailor in the Southern Ocean. Huge Seas!, you definitely have some exciting times ahead of you.

Everyone is with you.

Stay safe and dry


Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse, I curious! What spurred you into this voyage? What keeps you going? Your an inspiration! Nice pics, too.

Emile MHS said...

Yo Miss Jess. Wonderful sunset pics. you lucky girl. NOw concentrate on getting South away from the Cyclone zones. Fair winds

Anonymous said...

This is for all the people who are asking about jessica apparently heading West because of where they see the sun setting...:

In the southern hemisphere we are approaching the summer solstice, so where Jessica is (somwhere between 30deg and 40deg South) the sun will be setting in the southwest, not the west. It looks to me like Jessica is heading south in those pictures, which makes perfect sense. The sun is setting over the starboard bow (roughly 45 deg from straight ahead) which would be SW if she is travelling south. She could even be heading a little E of south and still get those pictures, depending on how far South her latitude is, since the further south you go, the further towards south the sunset will be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
What a fantastic sunset.
Again thankyou for sharing your trip. You are looking great. Hope dinner was good.
Stay safe,

Anonymous said...

We've just returned from a trip to Antarctica - so we'll be following your progress as you round Cape Horn - hope this crazy stretch of water is kind to you!

All the best,
John & Josie Russell

hezakiah299 said...

12-14-09 @18:05
Hi Jessica,
I just had to pass this slide presentation along. I checked it out and had to check it out a number of times. It is really fantastic, and very enjoyable to. Try to guess who the star of the show is before you pull it up. Yeah right!!!
You know Jessica, you just can’t please everyone, out of 134 positive posts on your pictures, there was one that wasn’t satisfied.
Anonymous: December 14, 2009 11:31 PM
It must have been past his bedtime or he was sitting on a porcupine. He was naasssty LOL………..

I liked the way a number of posters(including myself) casually mentioned that they noticed you had your life vest on. You ain’t gonna get away with nothing Missy. LOL.……
Keep them pictures coming, you’re doing a great job.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Sally said...

Morning Jess

Beautiful sunset - what gorgeous photo's!!! The colours are amazing. They will be a treasured memory as you look back on the journey after your successful return!

We had a lightening strike at home and it blew up our Modem. The computer was Ok fortunately - just he modem blew up and also our telephone. So I have been 'off line' for a week whilst we were getting all that sorted. It makes you feel so isolated when you haven't got access to the net! Which is quite strange as I am at home feeling isolated without the net and you are out there in the middle of the ocean and feeling great!!!

Christmas is just around the corner Jess and the traffic is chaotic - even though you are missing your family, you must be thankful that you are not caught up in the daily mayhem. We had our dancing concerts last week and all was successful...

Hope all is travelling well with you Jess - stay safe !!!

Sky splashed with color,
At dusk.
Soft hues blend together
To create a silent painting.
A crescendo of golden rays
Sweep the sky.
Subtle expressions;
Fade behind the distant clouds.
Nature holds its breath,
As the sun,
Slowly and silently,
Slinks below the horizon,
And the sky is left;
Featureless and dark.
by R. G., Pascoag, RI

Sally In Sydney

Vijay T said...

Hi Jess
Great Pics!!
- you are doing great - two months already, how time flies.

travel safe & live your dream - so proud of you - thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.



Ian said...

I enjoyed the sunset pics, Jess. You project a feeling of utter tranquillity. Thanks for sharing with us, your adoptive family.

Ian from Brisbane

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

I second "Hezakiah299", you will appreciate some great shots of you & EPL. Real nice photos!

I really have to stop checking your blog, I have heaps to do & have night shift tonight & am meant to be packing to visit our grandchildren for Christmas.

Till tomorrow morning, have a great day & night...

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Old Iron said...

Great photos.

a beautiful sunset

always enjoy any photos you send our way.

ronan said...

Hi Jesse, any chance of a lat/long on your blog or the site. I would like to plot your progress with a little more precision. Ronan, Salt Spring Island Canada

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jess,
Wow.. what a picture! And I don't mean the sunset, which is very pretty. You have a very amazing expression on your face. It seems as though you are reflecting on the cosmic nature of your surroundings. The infinite sea in all directions, the starry heavens above, the cycles of day and night. In all directions from your tiny bubble, no sign of the hand of man, just the universe. Unbelievable!

I found a quote from Thomas Edison the famous inventor, who was publishing a newspaper on a train by age 15, and thought of you and your quest.

Maturity is often more absurd than youth and very frequently is most unjust to youth.

Thomas A. Edison

Best of luck,always!
Richard W

trentgs said...

"...'Lonely; a depressed feeling of being alone'. I might be about as physically alone as you can get, but I'm not depressed about it at all. How can I feel lonely with people all over the world thinking of me, talking about me.".. Busy Holiday season...But still thought about you..and mentioned you yesterday morning in the prayer room at church after saying a few prayers for you at the world map in the prayer room..'re thought of often and held up in prayer... Saturday Jan & I went to a Christmas Program entitled "Christmas Station". It was very well done..the acting and the music. Then we watched a neat video entitled 'The Star Of Bethlehem'..which made me think you,ve got one of the best platforms for star gazing..I bet the stars are like diamonds on velvet. Thats how they used to look to me when I lived in the desert.. I've got a neat telescope now but its rare that the 'seeing' is very good..Still Thankful is a word that comes to mind as I look out at the sky...At my drummers house the skies are almost always incredible..He just happens to live where Savannah's lights aren't too bright..

Touching base with you just makes me feel like I've heard from a really good friend..and thats how I've thought of you since I first heard of you on the radio..seems like forever ago now..

Be always comforted by the thoughts and prayers being raised for you..You're pretty special..luck hasn't anything to do with it..You're blessed.

Aiden Cook said...

Hi Jessica,

You certainly get a lot of comments to read each day!!! Anyway,... I've been watching quietly from the safety of my computer room as you've progressed and just wanted to wish you all the best in the run into the cape. Good luck and fair winds, talk to you in the south atlantic!

Aiden (Toowoomba)

Mary said...

Greetings, Jess,

Thinking of you from very dark coastal Maine. We have seven days until the Winter Solstice and our days become "longer" with minutes of light. Whoopie!

You are blessed to be sailing your joy and vision, blending with the Big Sky and World Ocean while absorbing Glorious Sunsets and Miraculous Moments.

May you continue to express confidence, concentration, and clarity in the face of all your challenges, Jess.

With love and deep respect,
Mary, Maine, USA

PS. Dear BlogMaster Andrew, an anonymous rude and unkind blogger slipped through the "cracks" with unnecessary and unsupportive comments toward Jess. It would be very thoughtful to remove the comments, which are truly beastly and impeccably childish.

trentgs said...

Thanks for the pictures. You look Happy..And the sea looks incredible..
Your 58th day and that smile says it all..

Brian said...

Captain Watson:

I am amazed at your beautiful pictures and stories of your voyage. You are an inspiration to many and we wish you all the best in your travels, both now and in the future.

Brian, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,you are making solid progress and everything seems to be in place for a good ride south to the "Cape"Your photos are very,very good,and that sunset is something you probably only get to view when you are at sea! fantastic!!
You will be looking forward no doubt to the "Southern Ocean"which boaties who have sailed there descibe as "awesome"Jesse, you continue to inspire many people with your voyage, and the manner in which you are "tackling" it! Godbless and Godspeed, Dougal

Anonymous said...


Hi Jessica,
Romy again.I drew a Christmas star today for you.I am happy for you
because you have gone far for
your age.I love the picture of you and the sun sets.I will send another message for you.
Bye surf girl.


trentgs said...

Like you said..You're out in the wide ocean..I'm having trouble figuring out where to put my pins (there no lat/long oneither of the "i'm basically guessing..I've probably got you 200 miles off course!! But it looks like you're making good progress..
(the verification word looks like 'shore-rat'..sorta..hum..Rather than put up a Christmas tree we've decided to go with Christmas Cactus..Our have just exploded..beautiful fuchia and white ones..and an incredible bounty of them..We had to replace our wash machine was 13 years were 3 when we bought it..And when they were delivering the new one the dolly (hand truck)fell over and hit Jan's shes' nursing that. I was a work..Shes' soaking it in Epsom Salts..It reminded me of walking in the surf at Tybee Island when I had sprained my ankle..I don't know if sea salt water helps or not but, It made me feel better..The forecast here is for rain Little take care of yourself too..and yeah..go eat another tin of mangoes!!

We had meatloaf tonight..Jan makes a great meatloaf..even with a swollen foot..

Sail smooth and sleep well..

Anonymous said...

Just a short comment. Someone said you are going the wrong way. The person that said that, check the sail. Jesse is taking the photograph looking back.
Jesse knows which way she is going :):):)


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-- Mark Twain

THANKS for the photos Jess.
You are exploring, dreaming and discovering.
Our family thinks of you everyday on your adventure.
Best Wishes from Nambour.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Fantastic photos Jesse, love the sailing photos. You look so happy and relaxed.
The conditions look perfect, as you said, a nice gentle sea, what was the wind speed and direction, I guess about 10 to 15 north easterly, an extra 5 or 10 knots would be great? It would nice if you could include a basic weather report (just speed and direction) and then I can compare it to passageweather, only if you have time.
You may cross over 40s today or tomorrow, I think this is another milestone. The weather looks good for some nice sailing a little further south, with some nice westerly's giving you a pertect wind for your run to the Horn.
So keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

Anonymous said...

WOW, beautiful! Thanks for the pics Jesse :o)
~Deidre NC, USA

Jessica said...

This is the first time I am leaving a comment, but I have been following your travels since the start. I think what you are doing is truly amazing and I am wishing you all the best. I am a stay at home mom with 2 young boys, and I am glad when I was a lot younger (still young:)) I went for my dreams and accomplished many! So its so awesome you will one day have this to look upon. You are truly lucky.


David Rountree said...

I just saw you story yesterday. I'll be watching you from south texas.
Best of luck.

David R.

D said...


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jess, I've just found out that Fiji had Cyclone "Mick" just hit with winds up to could have easily been in that!...whew so close....

I think as you head further South there will be less likly chances of Cyclones!


Clint - Melbourne (typing from work "Its my Lunch time btw")

Lynne said...

There certainly was an amazing sunset in the background....and an amazing girl in the foreground.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot! Lovely smile. Beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing that.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Robert said...

Ms Jessie
That was a great sunset, Have you seen any of the "green flashes" mostly on clear sunsets you can. I see that you are starting to wear some warmer clothes like that long sleeve shirt. We have not seen any weather reports from you,I know the water is getting cooler, as you move south. Next is there any new videos for all of to see soon? Please make a few and post them. The weather is still looking good at this point, How far are you now away from the horn?
You said something earlier about the lonelyness - I remember being a way from home and my friends in the winter of 1977, serving in a very cold frozen area while in the US military (USCG). You can move on and start to put your notes together for a book!!! and don't leave anything out young lady!
You will be in warm swim suit weather again soon.
Keep up your smile
Robert - San Diego Ca

Anonymous said...

Wow, the pictures are cool.

Speaking for everyone here, please, more pictures.

Pipefish said...

Once again, that sunset is awesome Jess! The camera is really capturing the inensity of those hues, even across the surface of the water! I think there's an artist hiding inside this circumnavigator! Perhaps you should take up painting when you get back to solid ground! You'll have a wealth of colorful memories for future paintings! Warm regards,

Pipefish, California Usa

Brumbyy said...

A Jessica Poem


With sun to grace my waning day
Brightness splurging, each every way
I feel the gods are with me close
Splendour, wonder, such massive dose

I know it can not, last at all
Yes time soon, expect barometer’s fall
But if the gods do wish to show
My gratitude, I’ll let them know

I’ve got my thoughts, I’ve got my plans
Months to go, before touching sands
So drinking in this wondrous sight
A Neptune’s thanks, for facing his might


Lily said...

Stunning photos today Jess, thank you so much for sharing that special time of the day with us all. You look quite happy too which is good to see.

You are truly doing an amazing job, and so many people are following you and praying for you.

Take care, smooth sailing, and stay safe.

My Golden Retrievers send wags and woofs to you too.

Lily in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

pweb21 said...

Beautiful sunset Jessica! You are very lucky indeed. Enjoy and take care. Paul W., Fort Worth, Texas

Anonymous said...

Love all the blogs and pic's!!! Safe travels!!! Nina, Germany

Russ said...

Great stuff Jesse. Lucky you left when you did. A cyclone just hit Fiji so it looks like your timing was impecible. The photos are great. What type of camera do you have ?

Mary said...

Keep on Keepin' On, Jess!

May you be safe and sound,
Mary, Maine, USA

jimmy said...

Great photos Jesse, loving it!

Arnold van Cauwenberghe said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for sharing your great blog with us. Some 20 years ago I also curcumnavigated the globe, at 2.5 times your present age. I left singlehanded and came back married. The longest I've been on my own on the yacht, without human contact was 2 months. No satelite phones at that time. And the same like you, I was alone but never felt lonely, just loved it. Also loved standing in the companionway for hours at the time "watching the world go by" as you said so poetic.
Keep safe,
Arnold van Cauwenberghe

Dansdaman said...

Hey there Jess..... You are an amazing girl and I wish you all the best on your long journey.
I followed Jesse through his voyage and it was spectacular and scary sometimes but sheer determination and courage will see you through just as it did him.

I have spent some time on the sea and know how unforgiving it can be sometimes. You are a absolute ledgend and i will be following you through every mile you achieve.

All the best and happy sailing.


Yallourn North, Victoria.

reza said...

hi Iam a seaman just i know about your ..........
please be caerfull about your safety....

....i was 12 years at sea

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Lovely photos, and you are
beautiful, too.
Happy sailing
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

greg said...

H1 Jess great photos and good blog, don,t feel lonely every body is thinking of you, just read some of there comments,it will make you feel better,the weather looks good in your part of the world, if the old saying holds true, red sky at night sailors delight,red sky in the morning sailors warning, it looks like you are in for some more good weather.hope you get some wind to push you along, well stay safe and keep enjoying your self.Greg from Townsville.

greg said...

Hi Jess great photos and good blog, don,t feel lonely every body is thinking of you, just read some of there comments,it will make you feel better,the weather looks good in your part of the world, if the old saying holds true, red sky at night sailors delight,red sky in the morning sailors warning, it looks like you are in for some more good weather.hope you get some wind to push you along, well stay safe and keep enjoying your self.Greg from Townsville.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse. Was wondering for all the
young school kids following your excursion, how is your school work coming along? When do you fit it in to your schedule? Do you have some kind of correspondence with the school or teachers?

Mary, Ohio, USA

Gayle said...

Hi Jess
You are the luckiest girl in the world also one of the bravest!!Thankyou for your pictures and safe travels Jess

joolzmac said...

Wow, lovely Jess! I am a sucker for a good sunset. Here's to wind in your sails.

Cheers - Joolz

Rod said...

Hi again Jess,
I am sorry for having been concerned with you sailing off into the sunset. I used Google Earth to put myself on the surface where I thought you should be, turned on the sun, rolled the globe, and lo and behold, watched the sunset south of Cape Horn. I don't even begin to understand how, but from now on I won't interfere and will leave you to do all the navigating. I do believe you would have been home sooner with my directions though.
Cheers Rod.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica,

That was a genuinely beautiful sunset; last time you posted a sunset photo, all I could see was the vast ocean, but this time I managed to enjoy the sunset.

Today your video diary entry for Day 59 was posted (last Wednesday; when you finished preparation for the Southern Ocean and were expecting stormy weather), and I have a question. Visible behind your head was a small pipe or tube that was discharging a variable dribble of water (down onto the deck behind you, I guess). What is that? It looks (to this uninformed landlubber) like a hole in the ceiling, an intentional leak of water from where it should be (the roof) to where it should not (the "floor"). Is it part of your fresh-water collection system? In a rainstorm, do you hook a hose up to that and guide the water into a tank? If so, why can't you CLOSE it the rest of the time, so it's not dribbling sea-water (that sprayed onto the roof) inside the cabin? Or am I completely misinterpreting what I'm looking at?

Looking at the tracker, it's obvious what splendid progress you've made since your big turn south. You're at least a third of the way from the turn to Cape Horn, and maybe 40 percent. You're doing so well!

Best wishes,

Michael from Texas, USA

Anonymous said...

...hi, jesse! you look great!!! sail safe!

castro valley, ca, usa

Roger H. Werner said...

Hey Jess,

You were discussing loneliness the other day. I live in a city of 300,000 people and I rarely interact with people on a more than cursory level (beyond my family). For the most part, people bore me to tears. I prefer my dogs and horses to most people. There's nothing wrong at all being alone and that's not at all the same as being lonely. If you learn no other lesson then this, you should count yourself very lucky! By the way, I envy your aloneness. I spend a lot of time alone in the bottom of trenches reading stratigraphy. There's a certain Zen feel to it that I find renewing. I wonder if you have felt this?

One other important fact: Hopefully you will come through this unscathed (changed for sure but not hurt in any way). If that happens and even if you do get a little hurt, nothing in you life with the possible exception of marriage is ever going to seem difficult to you. You are doing what is seemingly impossible... think of it. How many people in the past 50 years have had the courage to even try what you're doing? 50? Out of a few billion? This doesn't make you makes you extraordinary win. Most people pass through history and leave little if any mark. You are making history.

Jan said...

hi jesse, first thing i do when i switch on my computer is to see if there is any news from you, thanks for keeping us all informed look forward to hearing more. keep safe. cheers.

jari said...

Hi Jess, I really like the way you described your sailing life in this blog. And I read your blog every day in a specific way: use google to search your website and read from the catched file! Unfortunatey I can not see any of your pictures by this way! But I am still very happy to read the words to know your situation everyday. In my mind, you are the great. KEEP MOVING SMOOTHLY! GET YOUR GOAL EARLIER! JARI, DALIAN CHINA

Anonymous said...

Great to see the pics, keep em coming, you are still an inspiration to all, you and EPL stay safe & God Bless.
Cam & Annie "H"

Anonymous said...
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Old Iron said...

Thanks for the new video

Jessica’s Video Diary – Day 59

always good to hear from you

Blog or video.

Peter Stockwell said...

Lovely sunset and a nice easy sea after the wind. Looks really good.

Peter and Robyn. UK

Cleo said...

Thank you for the gorgeous sunset piccie Jessie.Stay safe Little traveller

Anonymous said...

Love the photos Jesse! Thankyou

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?? Did you take any fireworks with you?? :))

Stay safe

Gold Coast

West Direction Answer said...

Someone asked why Jess is heading towards the sunset. The sun sets a fair bit to the south of west (~W-SW) as it is near the summer solstice. Jess therefore appears to be heading ~S-SW in the photo so may be tacking into a ~S-SE breeze so one tack would be ~S-SW the other ~E-SE. I'm sure Jess can look forward to the roaring forties and some more easterly progress soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your blog I feel I am there with you on this adventure. I have my fingers x'ed and have best wishes for your safety.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, what a beautiful sunset, alot of people wish they were there with you.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photos.
After your alone but not lonely dissertation these just confirm your soul and poetic heart. Great to see you appreciate the aesthetics of the ocean.
Go Girl

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! Been following you like crazy since you set off. As a matter of fact, there is a whole group of us here in America that have been so moved by your story that we have been researching as much as we can about your sport. I am disabled and wouldn't be able to take on such a mission myself, but your story has led me to learn about Jesse Martin and others who have attempted this feat and I am just amazed at your courage and strength. Just thought I'd pop in and let you know what a huge following you have and how much light has been shed on the sport that you love so much. We are all with you .. probably even when you don't want us to be! LOL Please be safe and know how much we appreciate your sharing this wonderful adventure with the world!

Sherry Price
Maryland USA

p.s. To Mrs. Watson -- I have two teenagers and God Bless You! LOL My thoughts are with you and your family as well. I know you are very proud of your remarkable daughter, but please know that us mothers around the world are with YOU as well ! :)

Anonymous said...

The Scenery was just breath taking nice job


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