Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ready For Some Wind!

I've been having a busy few days doing jobs and double checking everything before we get too far south, all the while flying along in great sailing conditions. Of course possibly the most important job of all had to be the installation of a safety strap for the crew, my stuffed toys! Hope you liked yesterday's pic.

The cabin has copped a full re-arrange, with everything properly secured, light wind sails shuffled to the bottom of the pile to be replaced with the storm sails, all my warm clothing has been dug out along with wet weather gear ready for easy access. Sorting out the bow area had been something I'd been dreading as it had become a bit of a dumping ground, a lot like the way I've always shoved stuff under my bed at home! But it turned out to be good fun as I discovered all sorts of things that I'd forgotten were there, including all my Christmas presents! Don't worry I managed to restrain myself and save them for Christmas.

Turns out to be good timing as it looks like I'm going to be in for some pretty strong weather tomorrow. Although the wind has been nothing severe today, the clouds have slowly been rolling in and the wind is expected to start picking up any time soon. Chances are that things are going to get pretty bumpy for me tomorrow. Call me crazy but hearing that Ella's Pink Lady and I are finally going to get some rough stuff was in one way a big relief, as it's been keeping me in suspense waiting!

I'm a tad nervous but mostly just excited knowing that I've done everything that I can. Well that's it for me, I'm off to have something good to eat and to try and catch some sleep while the going is good.



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Jim said...

Hello Jessica - You are doing so well with your preparations for the rougher conditions, I salute you on the tremendous job you're doing and great to see you have Big Ted, Chick with an Attitude and co. buckled up for the high seas, you are so thoughtful of your crew Jessica, I loved those photos too, you look great and at peace.

Perth, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to hear you are all prepared for the rough weather ahead. I am sure you will cope with it. Keep focused we know you can do it.
All the best,

Tillman said...

Hi Jessica ..

It has been a daily pleasure for me to follow your nice and very interesting blog.

I hope that the southern latitudes wount make your time misserable on the boat. This far you have managed amazing good.

WhoTheHeck said...

Good luck, hope you get a dream run and its not too rough!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Nice to hear that you have had time for all the important arrangements before the BIG SEA, and good on you not opening the Xmas gifts. I'm sure you have a small Santa tucked away.
I wonder if you expect more than 40knots tomorrow?
It's amazing how much gear, food, clothes, water, etc. Ella's Pink Lady can store.
Try to sleep while you can young girl.
Sail on and sail safe.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It seems you have taken the proper measures to start for a difficult part of your journey.
Have fun and I still love your blogs. Always nice to see pics.

Jan van der Wel
The Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Incredible! Just watching the pink marks move across the globe and knowing you to be the one traveling is awe inspiring. Good luck with the rough winds.

Japevasi said...

Hi Jessica,

It seems you have taken the right measures to prepare for a difficult part of your journey.
Always nice to see pics.
Still loving your blogs.


Jan van der Wel
The Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Evening Jess,

Glad you feel so ready for the rough stuff to arrive, although I hope it isn't too bad too soon for you.

If it starts getting really bouncy though, just think of us poor things stuck back here on dry land and then the bouncing won't seem so bad!!

I'd give an arm or leg to be sitting up on deck watching the sunset with you, wind or now wind!!!

Stay safe,

Cheers, Kyla
(Gympie QLD ... still HOT and sticky!!)

PS: Oh and also well done on not opening the Chrissy presents yet ... I'm in my 40's and I don't think I'd be that strong or good!!!!! You Rock Jess!!!

David said...

Take care and get those sails down early and lifelines attached at all times. Good luck Jesse.

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
You said, "I'm a tad nervous but mostly just excited knowing that I've done everything that I can". That's exactly what I saw in your face in the pic you posted yesterday, as I tried to explain in my comments. I can relate very well to those feelings of aching, excited anticipation. Sounds like you're pretty much on top of everything in the way of preparations. Good for you. You're doing such great work and are so deserving of a great passage through Cape Horn. I hope the weather doesn't get too unkind to you tomorrow but as you said it will be a relief for you to finally get into some rough stuff. Be careful what you wish for though. Don't do anything to upset the wind gods and stay safe. Get some good food and sleep...way to go! Take good care of yourself and bye for now. I'll be thinking of you as the wind picks up tomorrow.
Have a good night...Sam

Anonymous said...


Just kidding!

Nothing beats preparing like good preparation. Stay safe out there....


Anonymous said...

You're going great Jessica! Get a thermos of your favourite hot beverage and easy to devour food ready if it starts getting rough, as you may have your hands full.

Andy. Ballina

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Fingers crossed for good sailing weather for you. Make sure that you are safe at all times.
Will wait for your next post to find out what sort of adventure it was.
Good luck......

Stay safe & happy sailing.....

Lawrence said...

Good fortunes Jessica with the bigger Southern seas that await you from yet another AP who has been following you from the start. An interesting combination of trepidation and relief there! Make sure you clip-on every time - some of your pictures, especially your blog pic from before you started, are quite alarming in this regard :). I expect your harness is fairly short, but having been towed behind a boat that kept going myself, I recommend a pre-tied loop for a Prussic if you don't have a Jumar on your line :). (My crew was about as active as perhaps yours might choose to be.)

I think your outside pic from yesterday shows some Easting going on - heading SSE there? Gradually turning the corner. Please show more pics of the rigging and equipment when you have time for us armchair sailors who are not feeling the wind in our hair.

Late here in California and time for sleep as well.

Fare forward - Lawrence

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
well done for getting everything ready for the cool weather and sorting out the bow area. Here's hoping you sleep well and get enough rest for the testing times ahead. I'm sure you'll come through just dandy in the strong winds. Doesn't stop me from wishing you good winds and safe sailing though!

pestinfo said...


If the wind blows, you can move more quickly. The secret is working out how much sail to put up for the conditions you face.

Nothing you haven't done before.
Bit like a walk in the park really. Sorry I didn't mean to mention that 4 letter word "land".

sail safe

Allen, Hervey bay, Qld, AU

Fred said...

Hi Jessica
Still following your progress every day - 25% down - wow you are almost home!!!
We'll be praying for you and following your progress closely as you head on into the rougher waters.
Take care. Yet another adoptive Dad...
Ipswich, Queensland

Mr. Canadian said...

WoW Jess you are just typing up a storm. ha ha Thats good sounds like you are all ready for what ever comes at yeah. I hope you have a good night sleep.

Brian said...

G'day Jess
Good luck with the slop to-morrow but your an old pro now, everything checked
(triple) you'll be sweet, take care

Lenny said...


Just know that there are thousands of fans cheering you on and wishing you the best through the southern lattitudes.

Best wishes,


Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
Good to hear you have prepared for the different conditions ahead and the crew are secured. Clip on, hold on and stay safe.
Sail on.

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

You going to be pretty busy in the blow headed your way, but when you've got through it all it would be great to hear what your heavy weather strategy(s) are. E.g lying ahull, running before it, parachute anchor etc.

BTW, I'm a bit embaressed by my comment yesterday. I hit the publish button before i got a chance to preview it. There were some glaring errors in my calculations (typos).

I meant to say that in 51 days you averaged 117nm per day at an average speed of 4.9 knots. A fantastic result considering all the calm weather you had earlier in the peace.

Anyway you are going to have an interesting and busy time in the next couple of days. I'm sure you'll handle it the way you've handled the voyage so far...with skill and excellent preparation.

We always pray for you.

Good onya and God blessya.

andrew said...

Good luck heading south Jessica Watson.
Remember many people around the world will be thinking about you.
We all admire you and I am especially jealous of your courage.
All the best......

nutralady2001 said...

Good luck Jesse! Don't worry too much if you can't blog much. I was thinking about you today and imagining you being both nervous and excited about heading in to rougher seas. You are so well prepared I'm sure you'll be fine, lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way from all of us. xx

Bengt I Larsson said...

You are great, you are not crazy. When some people say, I can't do this and that, I can't handle technical stuff and so on. That has mostly to do with attitude, they don't like that stuff and don't believe in their skill.

But you, you have really great attitude, you love this. You have talent for sailing, and talent for sailing has mostly to do with attitude, and less with physical abilities. One learns particular field much better if one likes it. And it is so fun to read about your love for sailing. You also have a safety awareness which is very important in ocean sailing.

You will do great.

Bengt Larsson, Sweden

Bebie said...

Hello Jesse,

It sounds like you've got everything in order and prepared for what lies ahead.
Your photos are wonderful - they always are and the crew look all secured and cosy ready for the busy time you're going to be having.
Even though I know you know exactly what you're doing and do take care, I say again ... "Take care." My prayers are with you and for you.

AMZ said...


good luck in the strong weather over the next few days.. hearing how well prepared you are I can only imagine you will do just fine! keep dry - if you can!!

Anonymous said...

hai Jess!

I can understand your looking forward to some excitement even if it is only a bumpy weather. The more the challenges, the more sweeter you victory is going to taste.

good luck child.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Very impressive.....getting things in order and staying focused. I had my 4 year old grandson on here today telling him all about your quest. He wanted to know all about the ocean, whether you had seen any whales, dolphins or lots of fish. He also wanted to let you know he loves watching Thomas the Tank DVDs, he sits at the computer and works it like a pro, as do all the youngsters, puts us oldies to shame. He wanted to let you know his name is FRASER and I think he wants to see it in print.
Now back to the moment, I suppose when you have trained hard and prepared for something, you cannot wait to put into practise what you have learnt, although with a little trepidation, such as a fireman with a big onward. Safe sailing, cheers

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day. Very interesting and a nice diversion for a box office man like me.

Seems to be a long trip to cape horn. Wish you all the best and always some nice surprises in your food bags :-)

Dresden, Germany.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully it wont be too rough sailing, enjoy reading your blog most nights,

God bless


Anonymous said...

The good looks are so far from true beauty, like the money and fortunes are far from being rich. We come into the world with nothing and we leave it just the same. Your only true success are the people that you inspire, your morals no matter how great or small, family values, those around you, your strength when under pressure and self control. Your fight for all life with what you believe in is right. Success is to know who you are and to never stop learning or teaching, with a voice that’s embraced and wants to be heard is a gift for success. The only success in this life is what you inflict onto those who do love you and what they will inflict on the next. Your brothers and sisters, your children’s children and all those around them, from your love, your life, passion and fun times that you share are their memories and true stories that no one forgets. The only real success in this life time is your legacy, for there is nothing else on this planet that is ever truly forever yours.

Jess, it takes a lot of years to become a qualified teacher, but you’re teaching more students and teachers than any one person, years to become a doctor, but you’re making sick people get better. You’re making the politicians, experts and all highly paid professionals think twice before voicing opinions. The do gooders all set in there comfy positions. You may not grasp the caliper of affect that you have on others and nor would it have been your intentions.

Your just the kid who didn’t give up, who had to sail the world. Don’t be overwhelmed with the extra burden of knowing that you are working for good people in every country at every different level. With all the crap that’s going on in this world for self gain, greed and so called human progression. You are the sole trooper (Our soldier) who has chosen no mans side. You’re the chick who just decided to pick a fight with the ocean and take on the skies.

You’ve managed to adopt the world as the world has adopted you. You’re a part of all great people’s life and you’re touching the world as a family in every good way. You’re an Australian child who is making us proud.

You may need to work harder than ever before or may ever need to again in the next few weeks or some other time of your voyage. I know most of us have 48 hours without sleep up our sleeves with a crew to push each other. Eat and drink more, think twice, move carefully, fight through the pain and emotions. Fatigue is a part of your fight and we all know you’re not the giving up type. So when the going get’s tougher young soldier please make sure you only get stronger!

As another proud adopted parent, but from an Australian man to Australia's number one child “DON’T MAKE ME BLOODY SWIM OUT THERE”

Be safe Jessie!

Justin said...

I've been reading your blog daily, and I have to confess that I thought you would get bored out there, but apparently you have a ton to do every day! Good luck with your sailing and if you get bored, my email is From: Houston, Tx

Hans Fredrik said...

Hi Jessica! You qualify as an honorary Viking for your bravery. You may become one of the GREAT SEA-FARERS if you manage to pull through, which I'm confident that you will. Best of luck!


RichieParis said...

Well, well, Captain Jesse, this new entry sounds like a military report before a battle. Good to read that the commanding officer and her crew are ready, and the flagship too.
The way you depict your condition and your attitude kind of show that until now, you were on a holiday cruise (fishing, cooking, reading...) and that you are finally entering the interesting leg, the hard seas one.
And you take it with such a steely determination, and though quite calmly, that we feel you will make it.
You know where you are getting in, you are well prepared, and you are going to win. Amazing girl! Teenager looks, but the inner strength of any Hollywood hero... Which one do you prefer? Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, Stewart Granger...?

About casting, one fellow blogger mentioned you could introduce your crew... Nice idea. I'm wondering their names and what each of them is in charge of on board.

In the adoptive parents cast, I'll join Mary (Maine) to ask for news from Jessica's Jokester. We haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. Hoping he is just taking some holidays?

With strong winds and rough sea, a bouncy way and a forties' taste, you can guess your enlarged family will hold closer to you. We all know you are brave and talented, but we need to be sure you will be careful too. Don't take any chances (about clipping on for instance). Having Old Neptune on your side will help, but the other old Gods might be jealous seeing him flirting with the hottest girl on the seas, and the ancient mythology is full of horrible stories of that kind.

Go, Captain Jesse, go...
Fair winds and finally eastbound; you're going to fly!

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

Hi Jess, great news about the preparations - and finding your xmas pressies - thats exciting !

A few nerves, a little anxiety etc are good things, that keep you on your guard, keep you alert and focussed, so keep your confidence up, im sure theres nothing you cant handle... one step at a time.... Great you have swapped the summer wardrobe for the winter one - ted, chick and co may need a blanket too!.

Keep doing one thing at a time, ALWAYS CLIPPED ON, and just go for it girl. You have absolutely everything it takes, dont forget to smile often, and always one hand for you and one for EPL. Fingers crossed you get some sleep tonight under the stars. PS I have posted your pic from yest of the sunset on my facebook page so my friends can see what you are doing. (hope thats ok)

Cheers Jess and co.
Carole (Mackay)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are incredible! An inspiration for anyone with hopes and dreams. And all the while you are having fun. I have followed your journey from the first day. I am amazed and awed by your strength and soaring human spirit.
Las Vegas, NV USA

Tim09 said...

Hey Jess,
Thanks for the pics yesterday, glad to see the crew are safely strapped in. :-) Have fun with the bigger seas over the next couple of days and we hope they don't last too long. Rosie and i know you are going to be busy over the next few days, so we won't expect a blog until the rough stuff passes.
Anyway stay safe and dry and we will see here from you soon.
Rosie and Tim

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

Hey Jess,

Great to hear that you are excited about what lays ahead, you are an amazing woman! Keep pressing on with your preparations, nothing beats good preparation, except maybe great ability, which you seem to have.
I must admit I have a quite nervousness in my stomache when I think about what you are heading into, I will continue to pray for your safety and wisdom in facing the southern oceans.
I am looking forward to seeing you through that part of your journey, but hey, you are Jessica Watson and an inspiration to the world, I know you will handle it well.

Keep safe.

Sunny Coast Qld

Barney said...

Hi jesse
You are the best role model for any teenager.You are doing something that others can only dream about. Your family should be very proud to have such a switched on 16 year old daughter
melbourne, australia

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
You are just so organised
and in control.
All the best for the next stage
of your journey.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
It's better to be safe than sorry, pleased to hear you double checked everything.
Loved the photo's from yesterday.

Be Safe (and Good Luck)tomorrow.

Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica...I'm following your wonderful,brave & gutsy adventure most days. Delighted you are doing so well & confounding your critics.Keep it up! I'm remembering you in my prayers here in Fremantle,West Oz and admiring your tremendous couragae & enterprising spirit. God Bless you and your boat and your voyage! John A. in Freo...

Lea said...

Lea... Far North NZ

Hi Jessica
Your photo is great. It looks like you are just relaxing in your bedroom at home. Not thousands of miles away, all alone (except for your crew. I hope you're not breaking the rules with those little fellas.. Hee Hee). Enjoy the wave riding and hold on tight.....

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jess, ready to conquer the wild side (of the oceans, and perhaps even yourself...)?
Hope you have had the chance to get some good sleep... it helps!


The McGraths said...

Hi Jess,

Good to hear you're having a spring clean just like the rest of us, although in your cramped conditions you wouldn't be able to let it get too messy.

It's always good to hear from you & obviously part of our daily routine now. Not sure we like hearing that your heading into rough weather though. Now the worries will start for everyone I bet.

I'm so glad though that you're able to contain yourself & save your Christmas presents, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Till tomorrow, take care little one!

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

bernie smith said...

hi jess,this is bernie from brisbane,i know nothing about sailing,but have been following you all the way and admire all the guts you must have.i wish you a merry xmas and am hoping you get soft seas down south.rember aussie is getting closer.will keep following your blogs.PS when you get back well take you out to wide coloundra to catch some real fish.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will handle it all OK.
We'll all be cheering you on for sure.
Stay strong and safe.


JustJim said...


Glad to see you are being pro-active regarding the weather.

Depending on how bad it gets, you're likely to be cold and wet. Be sure to keep an eye out for hypothermia. Lots and lots of hot drinks (chocolate was my favorite - hot and plenty of energy thanks to the sugar)

Take care and stay safe.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for the update and I am glad to hear that your stuffed toys are all safe and secure. After all, soft toys are a girl's best friend, yes, even more important that diamonds!

It is really good to see that even though you are having a great time, the responsbile side of you is looking ahead and preparing for what will be in store for you.

I just have to picture my son's or my daughter's room to imagine your storage area - it must be good not to have your mum around nagging you to clean up all the time.

Good luck tomorrow with your first real taste of strong weather, I hope you sail through it with flying colours.

From what I have learnt about you, I am sure that you will be fine! Just stay relaxed and don't get down on yourself if things go a bit wrong or you make a few mistakes. Keep your head up even in the tough times.

Anyway, good luck over the next couple of days and I will send my strongest good karma wishes to you.

I look forward to hearing from you again on the other side of the storm.

Take care gorgeous girl

Adopted Dad LOL
Caves Beach, Newcastle

Phillipa said...

Hi Jess,
Excited to hear you are getting ready, boat wise and mentally. You have some good testing ground ahead before you take on the southern ocean. Having a sound, safe boat is the key - Ella will get you where you want to go with good preparation.
When we did our 11 year cruise making sure the boat was well maintained and we knew where everything was in case of an emergency, meant that when we hit a Force 10 of the South African coast, the boat was ready. She and Mr Fleming outdid themselves!
You take care out there, Pippa

legend said...

hi jessica
your going great, just remember the boat can handle much more than humans can. so sit the bad weather out if you need to
take a picture if you can as we would all love to experiance it with you

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Sailor Girl,
Head fast and strong and plough through those waves let the wind be your friend and the sea be your mentor forge ahead knowing you can do this, a dose of nerves is a good thing...have that video camera ready too....

Thinking of you Jesse...

Clint - Dandenong

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I am enjoying following your progress every day. You are amazing. I wish you the best of luck with the weather ahead. Do you get any seasickness?

Perth, Western Australia

Rodney said...

Stay safe, best of luck as the weather turns rough. Our prayers are with you!

yarnek said...

Hi Jesse,
The crew strapped in, everything sorted and ready, and now some well earned rest. I'm sure EPL will iron out those bumps nicely and give you a safe ride South.
A few bloggers have offered inspiring quotes, so here's one from the latest episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Being Erica.

"The struggle itself, toward the heights, is enough to fill a man's heart".
# Albert Camus

If he was alive today and reading your blog, no doubt he would replace "a man's heart" with "a young woman's heart"

The Old Bloke

infiniteblue said...

You rock Jesse and it will be good to try out some big wind,hopefully for not too long though :)

It has to happen doesnt it? cos: "the wind keeps blowin somewhere every day,
they tell me things get better up the way"
Clip on, sail smart and stay safe.

greg said...

Hi Jess this is the first time I have posted a blog,I realy enjoy reading yours and seeing the photos, hope you have good sailing down south take care and stay safe Greg Townsville QLD.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
All the best for the rough stuff - you will be fine. My old Mum's friend is still praying for you every night. I have printed her off some blogs - she was stoked. Me - I don't believe in mumbo jumbo. Just science & the preparation you have done!
Stay warm, and keep your cool!

Felipe said...

Adelante con precaucion Jess! Con suerte, Felipe

Grant Fjermedal said...

Jessica --

For caution's sake I'll restate a few things you already know:

1) Keep all lines and sheets and halyard ends very securely fastened within the cockpit. The Japanese multi circumnavigator Saito had to be rescued off of Cape Horn because as he weathered a storm some lines from the cockpit washed over the side and tangled with the rudder.

2) If you deploy a sea anchor or drogue or warps, work very slowly and deliberately. One of the frightful passages in Jesse Martin's excellent book Lionheart about his solo circumnavigation involved deploying a sea anchor from the wrong side of the boat -- the leeward side instead of the windward side. He was in danger of it wrapping around the keel and rudder so he cut it free, and waved goodbye to his drogue. Brilliant decision compared to the tangled mess that could have immobilised his rudder.

3) Always have a knife with you in case you need to cut something free. Jesse scolded himself for not following this rule.

4) Reef early. Very early. And secure sails as tightly as possible. A loose roller furler could be a disaster in a storm, as could a doused main billowing out from the boom.

5) Do everything slowly and methodically. This might be difficult when your boat is knocked down, spreaders in the water, but the tougher things get the more you need to act with caution.

6) Take care of your rudder. If you decide to lie ahull to the wind, tie the rudder down securely in the position you choose so it can't flail about and get into a position where it could be damaged by being pushed backwards on a wave.

6) When in doubt, go below and let the boat take care of itself. You can't do better than your Sparkman & Stephens 34. It is a proven circumnavigator. The S&S 34 carried Jesse Martin around and David Dicks, and a great list of others.

Racing and cruising literature is filled with successful accounts in which sailors decided it was simply too dangerous to be on deck. They tie the helm over, with either no sails or just a storm handkerchief up, and then go below and secure themselves into a bunk and try to sleep as they listen to the wind howl and the waves growl. In the tragic Fastnet race of a decade or so ago, on the day after the storm rescuers found abandonded sailboats doing quite nicely after crews had panicked, and launched a liferaft that would later capsize.

The S&S 34 is one of the few boats to have more than half of its weight in the keel. This means that if you roll over, the boat will rapidly turn itself upright. You might not have a mast when it comes back up. You might not have your liferaft when it comes back up. But an S&S 34 will come back up.

Having given all of this sage advice practically guarantees you'll have a cake walk to and around Cape Horn. ;-)

Wishing you all the Best as you head toward the Roaring 40s, (And you may as well stay up in the 30s for as long as possible.)

-- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Ian said...

I'm so pleased to hear that you are finally going to experience some challenging weather. It's what you set out on your voyage for, to get to know your strengths when all around you is busy going 'tits-up' (to coin a phrase). But with all the preparation that you've done and all the strength you have shown as you navigated your way through Kiribati and then the islands and reefs of French Polynesia, I have no doubt of your success.

Know that your extended family loves you, admires your guts, and believes in you totally.

Love and hugs!

Ian from Brisbane

Sylva said...

Hi Jessica,
You are doing great! Love to hear how you are getting ready for what lies ahead. I wrote to you awhile ago about my sailing from the US to Australia so I know how quickly heaven can turn into hell! Good Luck - thousands of people are thinking of you! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
You have obviously done so much preparation for the forthcoming weather that there is no way you could be thought of as crazy for wanting to take on the challenge that awaits you. And being a tad nervous is good because it indicates you are well aware of what you may have to face, and being excited is even better because it shows you are confident in your preparation and ability to meet whatever challenge lies ahead. Sail well and enjoy the changed conditions as well as you can, and remember that at the end of a wind shift which brings a chaotic sea condition the new wind direction will bring with it a regular swell wave from a new direction. You know that.

I have a saying posted on a kitchen cupboard which says:

I somehow think you and your parents and all of your EPL Team may know that. You can do whatever it takes!
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

RichieParis said...

Your Christmas presents...
Happy to know you will have some even there far...
Wondering what it might be! Probably not a bicycle, nor a pool table. Something small enough. Chocolate again? Jewels? Some extra crew member?
Anyway, you know you're floating on a ocean of care and love. We wouldn't even wonder if one morning, you told us in your blog that the blue pacific waters turned pink!
Merry sailing, Skipper!

duane said...

Best wishes upon entering a more challenging part of your trip. I am sure you are up to it and hope you enjoy the ride. God bless. duane

Heather - Sunshine Coast said...

Safe sailing Jess.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica from Bangkok... go get them. My family and I are cheering for you. My young girls are learning so much from your great writing. Keep it up!

The Russell's, Bangkok Thailand

Attitude said...

"The control center of your life is your attitude."

elizabeth said...

Hi Jess,
It comes as no suprise that you are well prepared for a bit of wind and we already know you have the skills and knowledge to cope.
Your continue to amaze and inspire.
Good on you for not peeking at the Christmas present...:)
Loved the pic.
All the best


Toni McLean said...

Wow Jesse, I can hear your excitement, anticipation and a little apprehension. Sounds like you've been spring cleaning with gusto! I hope you get time on Christmas Day to open your pressies. Will that be Christmas Day Australian time or Christmas Day wherever you are? You'll be a bit behind us, unless there's a heck of an easterly blowing for the next couple of weeks!

I was surprised to see your blog again so soon. You must have had enough of the cleaning. I head for the computer when I've had enough of domestic stuff.

I hope that crew of yours is being helpful. I promise not to tell anyone that you've got help! It's our secret. :-)

Hoping you get plenty of sleep and just as much wind as you can manage, from the right quarter.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Jesse wrote:
Call me crazy but....

Well, let's see:
You're taking over 200 days to sail from Sydney to........... Sydney!
Nothing crazy there! Just a perfectly good excuse to eat Tim-Tams for 8 months!

The world is crazy, Jesse. You are a brilliant ray of sanity and inspiration in these times.

Thanks Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse -

"The 6P Principle"

Like RichieParis said, sounds like you are ready for some serious sailing!

We believe in you.

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Have just read the last entry in the Latest News section of your website.

I just love the last comment about your critics remaining "eerily silent".

You are certainly proving them wrong!!

Best Regards,

John F

Geoff said...

Hey J (old salt) Dawg

Nothing to worry about with a bit of breeze and a few bumps on the road, you're a SEAsoned campaigner now

As for your crew what a motley bunch of no gooders, I can understand why you have tied them up :)

that is all



Melbourne Orstralia

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

The oncoming rough weather today and tomorrow is simply a dry run (HA HA) preparation for the roaring 40's to come. You will pass this test with flying colors.

Nice to hear that you have everything well organized ahead of time. No sense in having to dig through things when you NEED IT NOW.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Georgia Guy said...

Note to Jessica's Mum Julie

Any progress on getting a post office box for cards?

I believe a large number of followers here would like to send them.

Georgia Guy

David said...

Hi, Jess, ahead is what you came for. Keep your harness on and stay safe.

David an adopted parent in Indiana, USA

Brian Riley said...

With the conditions taking a turn for the worst, it is time to see that you have your safety harness lines in place for your movement around the deck and being able to feel secure at the same time,I have no doubt that your offshore sailing has trained you ready for this moment, nerves are good as they will keep you alert, and your mind on the right decisions to make at the right time which will change the nerves into self confidence and bring your skills to the forefront.
Jesse you have shown us that you have the grit & determination for the lower latitudes and the passage ahead of you.
Enjoy dinner and the shut eye.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay,QLD

HAWKEYE said...


Jesse you've done the preparation and no doubt you have sat back and done a lot of imagining as well - well by the sounds of things you won't have to imagine for much longer. In one sense this is all new to you but you have proven yourself to be adept at dealing with novelty. The important thing now is to respect nature, trust that EPL is a safe haven, keep upper most in your mind that the support team are their for you, the bloggers love you and will leave no stone unturned to keep your spirits up. But most importantly you have Jesse - you know Jesse very well and one thing you can be sure of she is no loser, Jesse is special and is capable of managing whatever is thrown her way.

Frankly, I am pleased you are a 'tad nervous'; it should help you keep an anticipatory mind set and therefore well prepared for the novel.

My JESS-STRESS level is about .8 on the Richter Scale and I've just slipped a Valium into my Crown Lager. But I'm a wimp and that's nothing like our Jesse. 'til next time special one safety first, clip-on tightly and keep a check on it, stay in the moment and only in that space and PLEASE PLEASE be very very careful; and of course be happy!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess...just wanna wish you all the best for the southern leg!! You'll be in for some real adventure soon and but rest assured we'll be right behind you...all the way!!!


Susan said...

Being a little nervous sounds just right for rough'll help you stay focused, tuned in and present.
Video or pics, if you can get them, would be wonderful... like a window to peek in on what you're experiencing.
I know you know what you're doing. I'm happy for you that you got everything rearranged in time, the crew's got their seat belts on, you've swapped the summer clothes for the wintery ones, and know where to find your Christmas presents!
You're as ready as can be for the challenging winds and waves ahead.

One cannot expect any journey worth taking to be easy.
K.J. Wetherholt

Safe sailing,
Susan in Oregon

Micke said...

God luck tomorrow,I think it's no problem for u. Hug Micke from Sweden

Neville said...

Jessica.. sorry. but first time on.. why have you gone so far north after Tonga instead of heading straight east to cook islands???.. it looks like a detour not needed.That said doing a great job. but would like a reply if time and winds allow

thanks Neville.. 50+ from Brissie

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Geat hearing from you and it is good to hear you are well prepared for the journey south.

It is wonderful how well you are handling all situations and I am sure that you can handle anything thrown at you as you head further towards Cape Horn.

Keep doing what you are doing. Always thinking of you.

Ingleburn NSW (in Singapore, back to Sydney in the morning and then holiday in Fiji from Friday)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jessica!We all know you can do it
From Portugal

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Good on you! Its been great reading your blog every day! Best of luck with the rough weather. You are a braver girl than I am and you deserve credit where credit is due!

Danielle & Darren
Townsville, Australia

rod said...

good day young captain,
good to hear that the crew is safely tucked away and your ready to face the future.
as always i wish you all the best and safe sailing.
take care young adventurer.
one of the adopted ones.
blackbutt qld

Donna said...

I know what you mean Jess about the relief hearing your going to get some strong wind tomorrow. Waiting is ALWAYS worse then actually doing it.Once you get through the first day of'll be fine. You will do GREAT Im sure !!

Lori said...

Jesse, what can I say that nobody else has - your preparation sounds fantastic, I wish I was so organised, glad you have such a wonderful team to back you in preparing for the next stint, which by the sounds will be both challenging and rewarding.

Stay safe little sweetheart, you are in our hearts and prays, we will stay strapped in until we hear from you again, after you get through this next bit. Good luck on your bucking bronco.

-Lori, Brisbane

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, Good to hear you are well prepared for the rougher weather, well we knew it would come. You will be fine as we know you are quite capable to handle yourself out there. Take care 'til next time.

Vegasclimber said...

Glad to hear that you have everything battened down and ready!
Many of us in the States are cheering you on as well, and we really look forward to your blogs and pics, as well as the comments from your "family" here - Samurai, Richie, Rob and others, are a bright spot in our day.
I was complaining about some rain the other day, and then I though,nothing compared to winds and big seas for sure!
Make sure and double check your crew's safety lines...and triple check yours. Make sure all your EPIRBS are in good shape, and sail on!

Best Wishes from Vegas!

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
What's this proper talk about "stuffed toys?" At least call them cuddlies or furry friends! I know you have to be cool and all that because you're still at school but you must care about 'em a bit, lol.

Anyone who gives chocolate to King Neptune(and friends)has to be onto a good thing in the Ocean.

Anyone who tells you it's a good thing to be nervous always seems oblivious to the side effects, lol.

By the way the Biggest wave event(Pro surfing) is on in Hawaii, The Eddie Akau memorial (First time the waves have been big enough for 7 years, lol), There was never anything that Eddie wouldn't have a go at riding. That lead to the famous phrase...Eddie would go.
Hang Loosey.

cowboychincs said...

OK Jessica.... hopefully you checked every screw, nut, washer, and lock nut to make sure they are all snug.... I know on my boat, those are the details I have forgotten about and then when I am out on the water, something happens and I had wished I had checked all the "little" details out as well... keep up the good work and the spirits! Grandpa Jerry

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, even if I am as far from beeing a sailor as you can imagine (I hardly know which is the front and which is the back of a boat), I keep coming back to your blogg! I just love it! It takes me into a completly new world!! Now I have a question, when I look at your route I am intrigued by the fact that you took a, what looks to me,detour round Kiribati Island? Why, was it so you had been in the northen hemesphere? thanks again for opening a new world for me!

Heather Chalk said...

Hello Jessica
Love reading your blog everyday. Usually check it before going to bed. I get disappointed and worried if you have not left a message. I know you get busy but really love knowing how you are going. I also live one the Sunshine Coast,and we are experiencing some hot weather here at the moment. I expect we will have a hot Christmas.
Keep Safe
Heather Chalk

RichieParis said...

Hi Georgia Guy

This is for you, from yesterday,
and also for all adopted parents wishing to send greetings, cards, and other stuff to Jesse, for when wshe will be back home:

Address kindly provided by Andrew Fraser, from 5 Oceans Media:

220, West Street - Crows Nest

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

The coming weather is a good primer for what’s to come in and around Cape Horn and beyond. Sounds like you’re all ready and raring to go too! Your heavy weather preparations will definitely be rewarded. EPL can undertake anything Mother Nature throws at her and Parker can do the same. Just keep EPL buttoned up tight, reduce sail early, stay strapped in, hang on and enjoy the ride! You know what to do, just trust your instincts. (Sorry... I know I said I wouldn’t offer up any more advice, but it gives me something to write ;-)

Unfortunately, it’ll be like riding a roller coaster all by yourself; with no people to share the YAHOO’S with (except after the fact, via-email and Blog, etc.) By the way, thanks for another great Blog!

All-in-all it ought to be great fun and I am very excited for you!

Enjoy the ride and be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Roy said...

Hi Jessica,
This is the first time I have written to you but I have been following your exiting voyage since you left land. I am a sailer also here on the Oregon coast in USA. We love your blogs and pictures of you and Ella's Pink Lady. Could you please attach more pictures of the ocean while under way. Thank You.
In our prayers, Roy

Sally said...

Hi Jesse,
Sending you a heart full of wishes for safe seas and happy sailing ahead.
Sally in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica all the best for the rough seas and weather and have faith god is with u and now I will say a prayer for u so God bless u from Barry (Watsonia Vic Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

I'am glad that you are preparing for the bad weather and I hope everything goes well for you.

God Bless you!

Marina from Turin

Maureen Burton said...

Great effort Jesse - very pleased to hear that you are prepared for the rough and tumble seas ahead!
Stay safe and God speed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess.
Sounds like you have it all sussed,
sure you will just sail through with
the Pink Lady at your finger tips,
don't open your present early its
more of a surprise the longer you

Happy Sailing and may the world be
with you

Fue Man

Harvey, Western Australia

The Griffs of WA. said...

Hey Jess

Great Pics yesterday.

Keep safe and good luck tomorrow with the weather and seas. Hang on tight, you'll be in our thoughts.

Best wishes The Griffs of WA.

Mike D said...

Re: The Line (posted yesterday)

Poem by;
Brumbyy 2009
December 9, 2009 12:26 PM

Good Stuff!

Mike D
Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Gabe said...

You have to be one of the most prepared women there is.
You have everything in order for the bumpier time ahead.
I think being ready is half the task.
May the weather be kind to you and may you sail safely through any storm you encounter.
Maryland USA

pj said...

Note to Grant Fjermedal of Seattle: Great entry. Well done. (Constructive and concise.)

Note to Jess's support crew at home: Great job. Well done.

Note to myself: You're sitting in a sterile office? (!) staring at computer software all day? (!!)

Eight hours a day? (!!!)

(Oh, the humanity!!!!)

Oh, well. (Sigh.) At least somebody is 'switched on' and doing the right thing.

Clip on/Rock on, Jess.


Richard Lathrop said...

I'm sitting at my window looking out on Eastern Long Island Sound--roughly 41 North 72 West--and a storm is raging, maybe 40 knots from the southeast.

This sets the stage for me to think about what you'll be preparing for. My fellow comment writers also help and I'm thankful to Grant Fjermedal for his detailed and specific advice.

Of course, we don't need to be the ones to coach you on any aspect of sailing--you have that covered--but since we are all sitting on the edge of our armchairs now, cheering you on, we have to play out the advice game because it helps us get a handle on just what survival entails. It serves us to say and hear others say "clip in" over and over. It keeps US teathered to the boat in a way!

This is the test you have been preparing for and I'm sure you will ace it. I ask King Neptune and the Goddess of Wind to start you off gently and not decide to hammer you all at once. But you are as ready and as capable as any mere mortal in your watery world.

Let's just think of the approaching blow as an early Christmas present. Let us know what turns out to be inside.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Ally said...

Oh great pic
Your gonna be awesome through this rough patch, youve got all us commenters backing you up in spirit Jess.As you venture into new ground were there with ya chicky. Dont forget that.
One less day remember not one more.

Ally (from dusty Sth Oz)

Ps: Just got new nails put on first time in my life Jess, and it took me ages to type this comment. HAHA. Ive yet to go to the bathroom with them....OH dear!

Anonymous said...

Ready, Jess, are you sure ? Have you oiled the swivel on the stove ?

FotoMenno said...

Good luck Jessica,

it's really nice to read your blog every time!

Staffan said...

You are going to be just fine in rough weather in a 32 S&S. Even in a full storm nothing dramatically will occur. The worst that can happens is with the rigg. Anyhow you will be safe no matter what.

Keep your harness on all the time.


Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jessica,

How exciting !! Loved your pics from yesterday. Sounds like you are all strapped in and ready for a great ride. I had no idea there was such a thing as 'storm sails', so glad you have them in any case. They sound like the real deal for strong weather.

Bit like wet weather tyres for a racing car? Well Jessica, I would volunteer to be your pit crew any day. You did all that work yourself, and still had time to have a chat and give us another informative blog. I am completely glued and hang on your every word. (have to go google some words though as a land locked clueless person) Off now to check out these storm sails. See you soon, have fun and turn the music up. Cheers.

fullyfavorable said...

Hello Jessica I am following your blog and have to say I really enjoy it. I am living precariously through you. Stay safe God Speed

bernie777 said...

as cliche as it sounds u r 1 hellava gutsy lady....and ya gunna steam on through to the other side...u should head past Easter island and catch a glimpse of dar Moa der....b4 ya head on down south...lotza icebergs 1 is heading to WA,,,bigga news 2 day...well get going sheila cause surfs up in Hawaii and u gunna be riding dem when dar going gets tough...u snow dar they tink lady gaga could be a bloke...nah tis impossibull....

Richard said...

You know you really should put that crew to work! Why should the captain have to do all of the work. No freeloading! What do they think, they're just for cuddling? Make them pull their weight around EPL. This isn't a vacation!

Maybe you could put them to work as videographers and they could shoot some video of the conditions as you encounter the fun stuff. I am sure you will have your hands full.

This is the part of the journey that concerns us the most. If you get too busy to blog as least tell those with whom you communicate to keep us informed. Perhaps they could keep us posted through the "Latest News" page.

We are all pulling and praying for you, the crew and EPL. We have all watched the "rounding the Cape" videos on YouTube but will the 4000 miles of ocean you have in front of you be fill with ruff sea as well?

Sounds like you are up for the challenge... but are we?

Safe journeys and good sailing.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 31:10, 17
10 A [woman] of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 17 She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.

Good morning, Jessica! Wow, you have a lot of experienced people posting to your blog. The detailed comments and advice by these who obviously have great sailing knowledge and experience make it all the more fascinating. Yesterday's pictorial post inspired me to that place in Proverbs I sent you, and I hope you don't mind that today I just continued with another installment from the same passage I think is quite applicable. Your character is shining through, giving much joy as we follow your journey. Today I will again pray for your character and strength, good rest and physical wellness, and that your equipment performs well for you as you enter these storms you predict. Looking forward to the next installment!

el grande said...

great work on the prep for the big winds & seas! keep a thermos of hot soup or noodles at the ready since you may only be able to gulp them down in a quick moment. stay focused, stay clipped on, and stay dry if possible!!

Paula said...

It's blowing a gale here in Larchmont, New York, very windy and rainy. I'm sitting in my kitchen under a big domed skylight, and the rain is pelting down, making a fearsome racket. Just imagining what it would be like to be in a sailboat on the big open sea in such weather! But you're prepared, mentally and physically, and you are obviously a great sailor. You're a remarkable person, Jessica. We are all so thrilled to be even a small part of your quest.

SaltyDog said...


Feeling a tad nervous and excited is how you should feel. When someone at an amusement park is standing in line for the roller coaster, they feel a little nervous. Once they're on the roller coaster, nervousness changes to excitment and when they get off they say WOW, lets go again. With all of prep that you've done, the heavy weather will probably be some of the highlights of your trip.

And always remember to clip on. Sorry, I had to say that more for me than you. I know you're following all safety measures to the letter. And definitly remember, DON'T OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Mary said...

Greetings, Jess!

You sound fantastic! I have every faith in your preparations and abilities to fulfill this stage of your mission.

The adrenalin you feel in anticipation of the wind reminds me of what I imagine a bull rider to feel before the gate opens: intense concentration, senses heightened and alive, and excitement to handle the ride. (I think blogger Lori and I are in the same arena in this thinking!) I've always felt that you're beautifully connected to your "stallion" EPL, Jess, and ride her as if she's an extension of yourself.

My heart continues to sing for you. Enjoy the majesty of the ocean and your sailing experience.

With waves of love and light following your way,
Mary, Maine, USA

PS. Neville, all your questions can be answered by taking some time to read through Jessica's web site. Enjoy. You won't be sorry.

Anonymous said...

As I've read your blog over the past couple of months, I've been impressed with your continuous preparation and attention to detail (i.e. rubbing sails, fraying lines, organization of essential materials). So, I thought I'd share this quote...

"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly."- Shaquille O'Neal

That said, you are an excellent sailor ready to tackle the south! Congratulations on what you've achieved so far and what you will achieve in the days to come.

Jeff from Indiana, USA

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, WorkerBev!

Mary, Maine, USA

robert said...

Hi Jessica,
I recently got back from a delivery of a 47ft boat to Tortola, BVI from Annapolis, MD. I had a crew of 4 who were all sailors, but had never completed a blue water passage. After the trip they congratulated each other on their great accomplishment. The other day I sent them the link to your blog. They are all feeling rather humble now and check out your blog every day. Be safe and remember, the things that are hardest give us the greatest rewards.
Annapolis, MD

MPREID said...

You are prepared for this portion of the journey so believe in yourself and follow your instincts.Let Ella show you what she is capable of.

Ron said...

Jesse, you'll do great in the rough stuff. You have a wonderful boat and you are personally well equipped for anything mother nature has in store. I know that with your good seamanship and my prayers, you will perform wonderfully and safely. Just don't forget your blog, it has become the most important thing in my day.
Ron - Alabama, USA

Anonymous said...

Best Christmas lights display. Hang in there until after the first verse, then it's like fireworks.

Enjoy Jessica.
Smooth sailing...Russ.

Neil McMicken said...

Hi Jessica, Love your photos you post. Glad you are getting ready for the weather. Think I'd rather be there too, we had about 6" of snow here last night which I grow to hate more each year. It will be nice if we have some for Christmas though. Stay safe and good luck with the upcoming weather out there. Best wishes, Neil from PA in the U.S.

Peter Stockwell said...

Hi Jessica,

Good to know everything is prepared and to hand. Stay safe, you're a star.

Peter and Robyn

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Seems like the organization of things would probably be the most difficult of life on board for me, but sounds like you have the discipline for it and even manage to command your "crew" with ease! Thanks again for "taking" us along by taking the time to post your activities!! Godspeed. Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
wow, you are doing so well. We are so impressed with you and you are so brave. I am sure you will cope with whatever comes your way. Our family keep you in our prayers every day. (if doesn't matter if you don't believe, we do, and we are the ones doing the praying). Keep smiling, stay ship-shape and have plenty of carbs handy if the wind and waves get up, hot drink wouldn't go astray either and stay warm. Don't worry, you're a girl, you can do anything in the world.
Cheers, Mel - Queensland

Dave Russell said...

Sounds like you have prepared for the worst weather that is going to hit you.........luckily it is summer down there in the southern hemisphere. Just watch out for loose icebergs floating up from the antarctic....we dont want another titanic Jess!!!!!
The way that you write your articles really brings us onto EPL with you and we can sense every part of your fantastic journey.
Just take care ok!!!!

Scotty - Denver said...

Hey Jesse -

We're with you in spirit out there in your first weather. Keep up your good work and all your preparations should pay off. Keep that duct tape handy though too!

May The Lord continue watching over you and keep you safe.

All our best.

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien
Denver, Colorado USA

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica.....
Everyone is writing "girl"... but you're actually quite the YOUNG WOMAN! The tie that binds us all is that we all want to see you succeed, and with your tremendous abilities and courage, this trip is going to be a crowning achievement to a "career" that began as a child.. one that all will have been proud to follow, as I am, at this moment.

David Lord
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Mike D said...

-- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA
December 9, 2009 8:06 PM

Some fine pearls of wisdom!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Robert said...


You're doing a great job out there. You're doing much better than the guy that did a similar sail recently. (must be female planning vs. male) Christmas will be a tough time to get through mentally when you're on your own away from family and friends. Be ready for the holiday blues and push on.

gustav said...

Hello Jessica,

I liked those pictures of you and the crew safely strapped in very much.Its good to know that you are well prepared for more challenging conditions that will come sooner or later.I think I know what you mean when you say you actually looking forward to some rougher conditions.

It brings out the best in Sailors and Pilots that are trained well and there are always some valuable new lessons to learn when conditions are tough. The body seems to kick into another gear with all senses alert and the fighting spirit coming out with a great feeling of joy, that"the everyday land-lover"can never comprehend.

My most memorable flights were those, that were also my biggest challenges. Some while being caught out in a thunderstorm with visibility down to zero,so I had to find my way home on compass alone without GPS, or landing in strong crosswinds, testing the limits of my aircraft and at other times I like to push my limits during Aerobatic flight, when the weather is too nice and boring.

I think a good sailor or pilot likes to test their limits so I understand full well why you are actually looking forward to more challenging and testing conditions.

It is at those times when Nature is testing us that we mad sailors and pilots are at our best,with all our senses alert and the adrenalin pumping
through our system.

It is the same high every sports person gets when they perform at their best.

It is the age old Hunter Survival Instinct kicking in and nothing feels better to us than a dose of pure natural adrenalin.It is a natural high and it is given away by mother Nature for free, everytime we push our limit a little.

It is Natures way of saying to us:
Come on,wake up and have a bit of a go!

gustav haffner

janel said...

I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for good days ahead. We enjoy the updates and look forward to your future posts. Godspeed!

Kerri said...

Hey, Jess, you have been busy but it sounds like you are well prepared (glad your mates are secure --- make sure their captain is too!). Christmas presents and nearly 15 days to go , oh the temptation, wonder what grandma will send this time! Here's to the big stuff headed your way, have a good sail, and we will all be pulling for you and EPL to have a good work out , but not for too long, you need to keep up with your beauty sleep. By the way you are looking marvelous after 40+ days at sea ---- ah youth. So until you have time to check in again..........
Happy sailing from California


AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Just checking Wunderground Weather's site for Pitcairn Islands to Easter Island--Jess, we're gad you're ship shape! Be careful what you wish for!

Stay cool, calm and collected while you tackle the adventure!

I'll tackle the icy drive to work in -2 degrees F. The foot of snow is vanishing in low humidity herein Northern Nevada! Tame compared to you! Bon Voyage!

Stanlee said...

Change is so exciting. Just the fact that you are fully prepared for change is in itself exciting. We don't always know when there is going to be rough seas ahead, but you have the strength and fortitufe to caryy on no matter what the sea changes pose for you. Look for the magic all around you. It is there just waiting to unfold itself before your very eyes. What a journey it has been and what a journey it will be, but there is so much peace in the present. Enjoy each minute as you forge through the sea. How lucky you are to be in the midst of such a great experience in life. Keep your heart open for the miracles. You are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jesse, thanks to Grant in Seattle for sharing your wisdom. Its all these little bits of advise from those who have been through it, that might mean the difference between success and tragedy when things turn to poop.

He mentioned a sail coming loose, I seen one unfurl on a grounded yacht at Airlie Beach last year in 90kph winds. About 10 minutes was all it took for the mast to snap simply from the force of the sail flapping in the wind. So yeh, keep everything tight and neat, firmly and surely secured. Good advise. I think when it gets really rough, sounds like the important thing is to protect yourself and the structural integrity of the ship, plenty of time after the storm to sail on.

I read a comment a while back in response to your critics on a news site. Sounded like it was from an elderly gent who I imagined was an experenced old man of the sea. He said that with the hatches all locked down, in an S&S, you'll be fine, like a cork in the ocean he called your breed of yacht. I guess thats that, keep strapped in and sit it out.........patiently.

Anyway, now Im holding my breath waiting for your next blog to know you have passed through the gail. Stay safe, dont do anything I wouldnt do.........Id love to be out there in it with you, but I think this time Ill watch from the shore, he he.

Mike - USA said...

You go Girl!

Have fun....
and Remember

One day at a time....

Be Safe!

Frederikke Eckstrøm said...

Hello Jessi.
I think, it is really cool that you are apple to sail around the world in the young age of 16. I mean, you are just a a half year older than me, and I could never do such big a thing, as sailing around the world, and then alone too. I never been outside Europe actually. I have so much respect for you. You really are a good example of how, you can accomplish your dreams if you work hard and really believe in yourself.
I hope, that you are not too lonely, but it do not look like it. I can see that a lot of people, are writing to you, and I think that it is very nice and sweet of them. I can imagine, that it can be a bit boring to be alone out on the see in so many months, but I guess you have a lot to do, with the boat and all.

It is great to see that your teddy bears keep you company. They are really cute by the way, and it is good to see that they cannot fall out and drown, now when the weather gets a little more windy. Great idea with the seatbelts, thumbs up for that. I hope you keep in touch with your friends back home in Australia, It must be hard to be away from them and your parents in all this time, and also now when it is soon Christmas. Hope those presents under your bet are fantastic and can remind you, of how much your family and friends love you.

Good to read that you like other outdoors activities, I like that too, and it is good that not all teens sit around indoor all day. But that is not a fact for me, I am never home lately. I started in the Danish version of high school and it keeps me busy. I wonder, what you do with school and your education. I mean, I do not suppose you go to school now, when your out on your little adventure, but you properly have something planned with your teachers, I hope.

We share a lot of the same interest. I like the beach and ocean too. I love to swim and snorkel, fish and the bottom of the sea, can be so beautiful and it is amazing to spend hours just swimming around looking at them. I love to cook and bake to, just food and cakes in general, but I do not suppose, you are apple to make big fancy meals. I do not think the kitchen on your boat is that big and well-provided, no offence, but I cannot imagine that the boat is big enough for that.

Your web-site is really good and informative. It is fun and interesting to see how far you are and how far you have left. I read that you already have sailed over 25 %, that is pretty nice. You must be really proud of yourself, I know that all your fans are.

Now I just want to wish you good luck and tell you, to keep up the good work. I hope, that you get a marry Christmas and a happy new-year (a little quote from a song…), hopefully you can spend them with somebody, I do not know what your plans are, I just do not think, that anybody should spend those nights alone. I am looking forward to hear about the rest of your trip. Keep up-dating your blog, so that we can know, what you are up to.
Good luck!
Frederikke Eckstroem, Denmark.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, A challenge awaits you,and I know you will succeed because of your intelligence and strength. Be safe!
Be happy! Be determined and focused! Godspeed!

Kim said...

Hi Jessica,
My daughters (14 and 12 years old) and I have been following your blog since you set sail and are amazed by your adventurous spirit. We look forward to following your progress in the coming weeks. Love the pics, by the way. Take care and may God bless your endeavors!
North Carolina

~j~ said...

Wow reading this I realized how much you have to anticipate when doing something like this... very impressive!
Blessings to you Jessica.

Meechree said...

Everything seems to be going great. Keep it up.
Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Ride 'em Jesse ----

I am in exact agreement with Grant Fjermedal -

Personally I would print out and post on my bulkhead his very sage comments and advice...... confidence in your equipment and preparation (physical/mental/spiritual)is the key, and by now you have plenty of that going for you.

Go for it !!!!

Gary O

Susan said...

To add one more story to what Grant said--
In Kay Cottee's book, she tells of getting washed overboard, but because she was clipped on, she was able to get back onto her boat with the help of a wave.

You know we're all behind you by all the reminders and solid advice from the experienced sailors... and you know it's not because of not trusting your ability or knowledge, right?
In a moment that is stressful, something that someone has said will come to you, and it will be just the right thing.

You've got the best boat, and it's hard to imagine any better onshore help than what you have...that's reassuring as you begin the rougher part of your circumnavigation.

Susan from Oregon

Anonymous said...

Want to send Jessica holiday greetings via snail mail (regular post)?

Ms. Jessica Watson – c/o 5 OCEANS MEDIA
220 West Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia

Happy Holidays!

Ed Hendrix said...

Hello Jesse,

I am following your blog daily. Very interesting how you handle this experience.

Looking at the progress on your website it finally looks like you are heading a bit to the east. This must be a great feeling.

Take care in the southern part of the ocean, save sailing,


Rob Williams said...


Look after yourself as you head further south.Best wishes from Rob Williams and family, Tassie.

J said...

Jess, I love watching your progress on the map. I am as excited as if I was there! Enjoy every minute and don't get lonely. The world is with you..

Nita, Los Osos, California

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
It's good to see your well prepared. You never know what tomorrow can bring, but I'm sure whatever comes you'll handle it.
You are definitionally chipping away at that mountain.
Were working near your home for the next few days, I wonder if your oldies have put a sign up yet saying (Jesse Watson lives here).
I hope the weather doesn't get too severe, I'm sure you can handle it.
Fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

hello Jessica
My husband and I have been checking on you each morning with "our Jessica is okay" we have until now not sent a message but the further south you go and with heavy weather forcast thought we should register our 'keep safe' wishes for you and your crew, I have sailed and know what the sea can dish up, we salute your courage, C&L Christchurch

Red said...

Hey Jess,

Berlin Red here,i have finished my own big adventure and i am back at Work really loving that. As i crossed the equator a couple of times at 30,000 feet and at 800kph in the kast three weeks, i could not help but admire your spirit,although i did not catch any fish either side of the equator as well, it just remined me what you have set out to achieve, well done.

Stay safe



Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad your all set for showtime. Think of this as grad school! I remember a quote I read on a cruising website somewhere. "The question is not whether I am paranoid, but whether I am paranoid enough!" Check and double check. Things like lifeline cotter pins, every little detail.
I'm sure that is what Bruce Arms was referring to.

You have a great support crew. Hats off to all the people that have worked on your yacht. They must be going over in their minds what they did and how it will hold up under heavy conditions.

I can see that you are mentally prepared as well. In video day 41, I love the sense of drama in your voice when you say you are looking forward to big swells and "cold"!

All the Best!
Richard W
Maryland, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

What can I say... You're one amazing individual. Good luck sista not that you need it. We love reading your blog each day.

Natalya & Aida
Robina, QLD

Rob Williams said...

Enjoy the rough weather,keep warm and keep safe.It will be good practice for the roaring fourties.
Cheers, Rob Williams and family ,Tassie.

Roger said...

Please let us know what your heavy weather strategies are: Heaving To, Running, Drogue ??
This will help us poor sailors who don't get out quite as often :-)

San Francisco, CA

hezakiah299 said...

12-09-09 @14:
Hi Jessica,
Looks like you were pretty busy getting ready for the wintry portion of the trip. Kinda like a spring cleaning. But I hope you got all your winter gear out so you don’t have to go re-arranging things again. I hope the next couple of days aren’t to bad. Maybe just a warm-up session for the cape???
I liked the relaxed and rested look on your face in the last picture. Now you are ready for anything.
Samurai explained your feelings well “aching, excited anticipation” .
Thanks to Richie Paris for researching that much desired address, well done.

In answer to your question about the shore crew Richie, I went back to October and found the following information about the Shore Crew from Jessica:

Something I maybe should have done long ago is to introduce you all to my amazing shore team. If you ask me, they're the true heroes handling all the tricky stuff back home while I have fun out here! Here's just a few of the people I rely on and talk to every day, the complete support network is made up of even more amazing people with all sorts of different skills. And that's not to mention all the people who worked on Ella's Pink Lady and all our sponsors, it's more like a huge big extended family than anything. So along with all you guys thinking of me and Ella's Pink Lady I'm not really alone out here.

Firstly there's Bruce the Project Manager. Bruce and his wife Suzanne have worked on the voyage full time for most of the year, were hugely supportive before then and a big inspiration to me. I love Bruce's calm 'can do' approach and I talk through boat performance, conditions, any potential shipping etc with Bruce.

I talk to Dad (Roger) on the sat-phone twice a day for the official skeds (slang for a scheduled talk normally by radio). Dad's great for talking through any little problems with me and is kept busy chasing up all sorts of bits and pieces. It's nice to talk to Dad and hear all the ins and outs of what's going on at home.

Then there's Scott and Andrew who handle a lot more than just my management and media. Scott's always there to patiently help me work through the camera systems and the some of the sat communication gear. Andrew looks after the blog, sponsors and other news updates.

Bob McDavitt (the ambassador for New Zealand's met servos) is providing all the weather forecasting and routing us around the worst of the bad weather. It gives me a lot of confidence to have such a good idea of what's coming.

And lastly Mum (Julie) keeps me up to date with the outside world, forwarding on emails, sending me any news that I might find interesting. She's also the one who packed all the food so when I can't find something she's the one I ring!
Take care Jessica, and be safe and enjoy the next run.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Ashraf Adel Ismail said...

Take Care Jess, i think its going to get more difficult but exciting too at the same time, sail safely girl & iam praying for you, GOD bless you...

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, Keep safe, happy sailing Cant imagine what it is going to be like for you, thinking of you always, cant wait for your next post. God speed Jess. Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Warren said...

Hi Jessica - My 3y/o is delighted you have (what looks like) a toy rooster keeping you safe (she has one just like it!), and says it will keep you safe and well. You're doing so well. Keep it up and stay strong.

el grande said...

one last message to all folks who get rattled when Jess doesn't post regularly - she will be a bit busy for a while now, so let's give her room to stay focused on EPL and the passage!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to hear you have got all your preps complete,you sure want to spend the time getting your Pink Lady sailing down your southern stretch.I can only imagine what FUN you had reorganizing the bow and come across pending xmas presents,I know you must have been tempted.Just remember I sent ''Santa'' an email the other day to tell Rudolph to be on the lookout for you on the 24th.I told Santa to check your blog for your location,I am sure with Rudolph's nose so bright they will find you.So don't forget to put out a couple of ''TREATS''before you turn in that night.
I am so glad you are getting allot of adoptive parents on your adventure and the US contingent is keeping up the daily blog,even though some are digging out from a tough early winter storms over hear.
I get a thrill out of your updates and your descriptive way of writing,when I was your age going to a private boarding school in Sydney in the seventies all I thought about was our next Rugby game and when the term was over and all the other good things boarding life offered,wont give away my old school,just sat it rhymes with Cranberry,being an old boy of the school I am more proud of it now being so far away and allot older too boot.
That's it for my enter today young lady,I am so proud of you and wish all the best through your roaring 40's trip.
Just had to take down my ''Aussie'' flag from my balcony due to strong winds coming next few day's with temps in the 20f. range,have flown my flag since you started your adventure in your honor.
Take care,sail well with a little water touching the rails and come about in the true spirit it brings you.
God speed and may your mainsail stay true.
Stephen M.
Your adopted ''transplanted Aussie'',
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to hear you have got all your preps complete,you sure want to spend the time getting your Pink Lady sailing down your southern stretch.I can only imagine what FUN you had reorganizing the bow and come across pending xmas presents,I know you must have been tempted.Just remember I sent ''Santa'' an email the other day to tell Rudolph to be on the lookout for you on the 24th.I told Santa to check your blog for your location,I am sure with Rudolph's nose so bright they will find you.So don't forget to put out a couple of ''TREATS''before you turn in that night.
I am so glad you are getting allot of adoptive parents on your adventure and the US contingent is keeping up the daily blog,even though some are digging out from a tough early winter storms over hear.
I get a thrill out of your updates and your descriptive way of writing,when I was your age going to a private boarding school in Sydney in the seventies all I thought about was our next Rugby game and when the term was over and all the other good things boarding life offered,wont give away my old school,just sat it rhymes with Cranberry,being an old boy of the school I am more proud of it now being so far away and allot older too boot.
That's it for my enter today young lady,I am so proud of you and wish all the best through your roaring 40's trip.
Just had to take down my ''Aussie'' flag from my balcony due to strong winds coming next few day's with temps in the 20f. range,have flown my flag since you started your adventure in your honor.
Take care,sail well with a little water touching the rails and come about in the true spirit it brings you.
God speed and may your mainsail stay true.
Stephen M.
Your adopted ''transplanted Aussie'',
Maryland USA

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Make sure that that crew of yours don't go unfastening the safety harness you set up for them.

On that note, make sure that you keep hooked in when up on deck.

At least the stronger winds will help in pushing you towards your goal and home just a little quicker.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Safe winds.

June and Richard Thorn

KP said...

Hey Jessica
I don't have TV, don't buy news papers, not interested in politics or sport. What has become of interest to me however, is you (and your crew)'s progress. This is not such a good thing for me though, I've now got these voices in my head saying... "sell the house and buy a boat Paul... live your dreams Paul".

Paul Brisbane

Anonymous said...

can you tell me what is the difference with the different sails, you said you had get out the storm sails. love your blog, follow it every day. Dan from Calounda.

Barry J said...

Hi Jess, Very impressed by your preparation. Sydney Harbour last weekend and out the heads and back for the first time. I now understand what you are doing, weather conditions change all the time! Even saw Wild Oats XI, awesome. All the best and have a great Christmas. Barry J

Val Young said...

Hi Jesse
I simply want to say-stay safe. The whole world is going on this journey with you and wishes you courage xx

Sue Canavan said...

Hi Jessie

Good to hear all is well and you are so prepared. The pictures are great to see and especially the one of you. You look great.

Love your blog. Look forward to seeing how you are doing.

Love & Luck
Sue Canavan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,

I'm behind you 100% as are 1,000's of other people around the world.

Keep up the great work you're doing!!! You are an inspiration to us all.

Keep safe my dear. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...


Neil said...

Keep safe out there. Remember to keep your safety harness attached when you're out on deck.

Ashley said...

Hi Jessica! We're big fans of yours over at and we wanted to let you know that we blogged about you in an article called Sailing Around The World, BRB. What you're doing is AWESOME and you're an inspiration to teens everywhere. Keep at it!

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

you're going to be just fine.

keep your wits about you and keep your eye on the prize.

long-distance sailing is partly a mind game; you are EXTREMELY well prepared for the next part of your journey.

be safe. be well. have fun.

richmond, va

Lloyd said...

I am enjoying your voyage as seen through your blog - first thing I look for every day. I have been anticipating the voyage around the Horn and hope that you will instruct us what it is like. my wife and I are a little scared for you but are confident you will master the seas.

Lloyd and Morva Queensland.

lilshawnee said...

Well lil jesse,get all the sleep you can.and wow 16 year old girl and still saving your Christmas gifts,,,wow,that great.
Keep us posted when you can...please be safe you have family now all over the world...
We dont miss a day of your trip...
We are all pround of you Jesse.
Take care the world loves you.
Your friends

John Webb said...

Hi Jess,
Yes you are at that place in the world where temperatures are dropping and the weather can only get worse. Sailing around the horn has always been a challenge and if it wasn't you wouldn't be there now. You have a well found sailing vessel to complete this voyage, a tenacious back up team, and on your part a tremendous amount of sailing knowledge and courage and commonsense.
At Xmas time there will be thousands of people throughout the world like me who will be raising a glass and saluting you, and thinking about you opening your Xmas presents in the middle of the ocean and probably doing it tough. So keep smiling that beautiful smile and cherish the good and the bad throughout your voyage and remember you are a winner..!!
Warmest regards

John and Susan Webb
SV Playground

Anonymous said...

Go Girl! You are the best. Oprah.

Anonymous said...

I say, Jessica Watson for PM ! a can-do Prime Minister !


Emma said...

Hi Jessica,
I think your journey is so brave and cool!I am 9 and from the United States. I do a lot of sailing with my dad but i don't think that i will be that brave when i get older.I follow your blog almost every day! I love how you painted your boat pink! It's funny how you pretend your "crew" is your stuffed animals! And "Silly" was cool. I miss him not being with you!

Glad to know that everything is ok!

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I hope the winds haven't buffeted you around too much yet, but you sound like you're ready for them anyway. Don't forget to strap yourself in too!

Pics are great - keep them coming! :)

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Im going to be one of the first to buy your book when you write it champion ! !

Summersailor said...

Well Jess, u have the right mind set for this part of your voyage and can sense your excitement through the writings. This will test your "meddle", like a fire walker's first trip over the coals. Your certainly mentally strong enough, as well as Ella's Pink Lady and the crew. :-D Just be patience and meteorically go about those chores, which sounds like your doing. Your doing 1 of the important thing, This is so important because the of lack of it, clouds one judgment. You'll do just fine and understand if u don't email for a while.

Have a great night. :-))))


bernie777 said...

go Jesse as the wind picks up so too should morale....sailing on a breeze.

Anonymous said...

Go Jesse,
Organised and ready to tackle some rough weather! I bet your crew are just as excited buckled in and cheering you on. You're ready for this Jesse, your incredible skills, common sense and planning will see you through very nicely.
Have a great time,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Morning Jesse!
All my hope and thoughts are with you crossing this leg. I guess you're going to find out what Ella's made of. Fly Jess. Kick some serious but.

Ross said...

Have been following your Blog every day Jess. You sound pretty confident and you are putting the work into th prep. You are in my prayers.

All the best

Ross Cleveland Brissy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Pet I guess you will be off line possibly for the next week or so, would you mind getting mum to drop us worrying adopted parents a line to let us know your progress.
You sound like all teenagers clothes on the floor and having an adversity to cleaning up your room and under the bed is a great storage area for lost things smelly socks down to mouldy sandwiches was my experience with my daughters. Lol.
Pet your guardian angels will be flying with you in your sails keeping a strong watch on you. Prepare your hot thermos have your snack food in your pocket keep warm and know we are all with you.
Huge hug and love
Evie from Bendigo

GlenF said...

Hi Jesse,

Glad to see you've learned the 6 P's rule (I see it's below too.)

So you're up for some strong wind - could be worse - could be Grandma's after curry.


Rob said...

I'm getting so excited for you to start getting South! Hearing about how you are getting the southerly gear out and ready to go really means we are making progress. I tend to make my closet a dumping ground not so much under my bed. What is the difference in the sails? I would imagine some are built tougher than others but is there anything else? I can't wait to hear how the weather was!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
my early morning ritual........First click on bigpond to connect to the internet, next bring up your website and check the blog!!!!!!!!!!
Following the lovely photos, now interesting word pictures! Thank you!
True to form, all is well in the sovereign state of 'floating pink island' EPL for short.
Her captain capable and having foresight, all is under control.
these are the imperative words.........
just excited, knowing that I've done everything that I can...................
no more is needed!

It really is only ever to start a job, that in one's mind is unpleasant, but when begun turns out to be quite acceptable and when finished puts a glow in ones face over the accomplishment.
And you had a good catalyst to have to do it, because you are getting ready for rougher conditions!
Why is it that we often need an 'excuse' to do what is necessary anyway? 'At least that is so with me, occasionally.
I can empathize with you, that you now want the action after having prepared and waited so long!
And I am sure, nature will provide amply!!!!!!

Enjoy your meal, you must be at the end of another bag soon.

Glad you have organized everything as is most practical for you and your crew is not going to be airborne and become plane personnel instead of sailors in the rough weather ahead!

Keep well, happy and above all safe,

Trudy, Austria, Mackay

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith."

-- Margaret Shepard

windsong said...

Hi Jesse,
I am glad you have your crew's safety to the fore - I loved the pics.
I admire your ability to re-organise your 'home' in such a confined and moving space. I am trying to clean out my shed and I have so much space to dump everything!! Looks worse now than before!!
Keep up the great sailing as you move south - enjoy it.
I heard the Dalai Lama in Hobart on Tuesday - his main message is to be happy with yourself and your surroundings and it all starts within yourself. I can sense that you can understand that.
Take care and be at peace,

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