Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Pic 1: Tonight's sunset, lots of pastel colours

Pic 2: All ready for the Southern Ocean. My crew with their newly installed seat belt!


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Helen said...

Hehe fantastic - glad you're getting everything locked down in preparation! Won't be long now. Are you cooling down now? Time to get out the woolies soon :-)

- Helen (UK)

Anonymous said...

hey jesse

i loved reading your blog and seeing your photos!!!

Cant wait to hear more about your journey

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

How nice to see you and your crew.
I do hope that you to are tied up when you are out doors and the waves are high. What a nice sunset and the sea looks very nice too. Do you have a sketch-block with you?
Today I will get into Stockholm. I guess there will be a crowd, all shopping for Christmas, as I will.
Sail into the Southern Ocean with a smile.
Safe sailing.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Safety first. Good job belting the crew in. :) The map shows good progress on that 30 knot day. Gettin' there.

L.G., Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to hear all your updates!

Is there anything that you forgot to pack?

Wishing you the best memories that this adventure can bring.

Anonymous said...

love it

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Lol I love the bears in the seatbelts.
The piccys are great. And a special thanks to ♣Richard in Maryland, gr8 youtube link, the kite camera from the yacht even gives you a good view of the horizon curve.
Also...Finnish Independence day (who knew) lol, I wonder what Tiger's doing for his wife? They breed 'em tough.
Keep flying along.

russ said...

so how cold will the water get to when your furthest south??

What will you do for bathing when the water is to cold?

Anonymous said...

Nana Annie said -- Loved your photos . The Tuesday sunset is now my desktop picture . Thanks for sharing your journey. Take care Jess. Thinking of you .
Lotsa Love XOXO

Tim09 said...

Thanks for the Pics Jess
Tim and Rosie

The McGraths said...

Hey Jess,

Great photos, I must say how well you look, glowing actually. Love it!
Also good to see "Chick with attitude" & the others strapped in.

Sleep well in that bouncy sea.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

Thanks for that personal mail you sent me & i do know what you mean about the sea so happy sailing

ET Gurl

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jesse,
keep up the good work, and watch out for the cold ...
Fatima , Saudi Arabia

FotoMenno said...

Nice pic's!
Good luck, keep care of your crew and yourself of course!

Greetings of rainy Rotterdam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Great pictures. Sunset looks terrific. Glad all your friends are getting ready for the southern waters.
Keep up the good work.

Mitch said...

With a crew like that you can hardly call it a solo trip

carole (Mackay) said...

Hey Jess, Great photos. Interesting to see the swell too. You look really great - fresh, tanned, bright eyed. Thats just awesome you have had yesterday to recharge your batteries. Love your Crew !!! - they are just georgeous - good they are strapped in too. The cooler weather will be refreshing for you and should make it a bit easier to get a nap.
My cat Malibu had a big operation yest so I have been nurse all day looking after her, shes same age as you, but thats old in cat years.Have a good night Jess, keep strong, rest when you can, keep your maintenance up, check, check, check everything. Most of all keep smiling. You are TOTALLY AMAZING.
from Carole (Mackay) QLD

Anonymous said...

pretty cool crew you got there, Jess :D
they'll never start a mutiny...


Alison said...

I love seeing ocean photos. I was in Sydney on the weekend and the harbour is amazing, all these sail boats cruising around. It makes me want to find somewhere to learn how to sail. It looked like to much fun…

Have fun Jesse
Ali Qld
P.s Glad to see your crew is safe and well.

RichieParis said...

Nice pics, one outside and one inside, the boat and the crew, and everybody looks great and fine! All the adoptive families are going to love these, many thanks, Captain Jesse!
Noticed you are slightly progressing towards East, your circle is taking shape.
You are more and more famous, many people were talking about you yesterday at the Salon Nautique de Paris...
Fair sailing, you're fantastic!

James said...

Been keeping you on my evening net surf each night. Inspirational....
Hey do you have a site counter? it would be cool to know how many hits your getting. Good luck

Manly Brisbane

Anonymous said...

keep up the pics Jess they make it all 'real' for us on dry land....it makes it all so much more amazing! take care and b safe
Sue ( buderim)

Anonymous said...

You have a quite big crew. For sure they will help you a lot :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Arrrrr, steady as she goes thar Jesse. Just check'n all's well and it appears to be.
Keith & Crew Auckland

A v P... William Watson said...

Way to go champ! Looks a bit cooler!

Jonathan said...

Hi Jess,

Great pics ! You're looking well and I notice a sparkle..........no.......wait......a steely determination in your eyes.

Speaking of getting cooler, we had quite a bit of rain here in Melbourne today (and pretty much in the entire state) and it felt like early spring with temperatures struggling to reach 18degC. Decidedly like the Melbourne we know and love ! I just hope there's more rain to come.

Like my fellow Jessica Watson fans, the world may go around each day just as it normally does but your ongoing adventure has given us all that something special to look forward to each day, watching that pink marker move ever forward on the Google Earth globe.

If I am not wrong, you're about a quarter of the way to finishing this incredible journey - congratulations !

One of your many adoptive parents


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! I was curious as to what you wrote on the inside of your boat :-) You're doing a great job Jessica! D.J. in Iowa, U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I'm an avid reader of your blogs and have told many friends about this site, however, sad to say but this is my first blog!

I thoroughly enjoy your day to day travels and the way you write them - can't wait for the book!

As many have said, you are inspirational and have wisdom and strength of character many years beyond your age.

Unfortunately for my work, I check this site daily, even before my work related emails - shhhhh...

Great pics and safe sailing on your way, hopefully SE soon. Don't know whether the Roaring 40s would be a great thing on a square run!

Best wishes,

Andy said...

Hi Jesse,

great picture! I was wondering: when you take a picture of yourself, who really push the button of the camera?? :-)

Cheers from Italy!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
just spent hours on the computer and what a delight to find some photos from you!
Impressive sunset!
No doubt, you will all need your seat belts sooner or later!
Am looking forward to learning all about the gear on a yacht myself, which is visible on the picture with the soft evening light on the horizon and the water on EPL.
Maybe after my 5 day 'competent crew' I will be a little more knowledgeable!!!!!!!

The main thing is, that you know your ship Captain Jessica and about that I have no doubt!

Keep well and happy and above all safe (with seatbelts and harness on!)

Trudy, Austria,now in Mackay

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
just spent hours on the computer and what a delight to find some photos from you!
Impressive sunset!
No doubt, you will all need your seat belts sooner or later!
Am looking forward to learning all about the gear on a yacht myself, which is visible on the picture with the soft evening light on the horizon and the water on EPL.
Maybe after my 5 day 'competent crew' I will be a little more knowledgeable!!!!!!!

The main thing is, that you know your ship Captain Jessica and about that I have no doubt!

Keep well and happy and above all safe (with seatbelts and harness on!)

Trudy, Austria,now in Mackay

Anonymous said...

Terrific pictures of the ocean, you and your crew! I would also like to comment on a few blogs in your post titled “Quiet Sunday”. There were four bloggers who asked for your longitude and latitude. Peter from Brisbane has asked in his last three blogs, and there were three anonymous ones this time. Anyway, going back to the beginning, lots of people asked. Then the tracker was put up and those that sat and thought about it realized this was for the best. One blogger said “ I followed Zac and Mike with the longitude and latitude posted on their sites”. Well, Zac and Mike were not 16 year old girls in pink boats. I think there are many adopted parents and grandparents out here that would be upset if longitude and latitude were posted exactly. I can even see delaying the tracker when sailing near islands such as Christmas Island and French Polynesia. My thoughts anyway.
Sail on Jesse, we are behind you 100%!!

Ina said...

Good Morning Jessica,

I am a 78 year old grandmother and great grandmother from Mesa, Arizona, USA. I have been reading your blog daily since you set sail on this wonderful voyage. I try not to worry about you and to just rejoice with you as each new day unfolds. You are in my heart and in my prayers.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

And a hearty lot of able bodied crew they appear to be.

No wonder the voyage is going so well.

Loved the pics. Say hi from me to your shipmates.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, thanks so much for the new pics, your crew looks rearing to go!! Don't forget to let them out now and then so they can help with the housework!!! lol You look happy and relaxed in that latest pic which is great to see. EPL is looking mighty fine too :) Take care 'til next time.

Jan said...

Hi Jesse,

Gorgeous photos! You're becoming quite the professional photographer aren't you. Your little animal family on board there with you are very good at listening to their Captain and putting on their safety belt. See what a great role model you are :-)
They are all following by example.

I just had a thought. Are you in to sketching pictures? You could sketch some of those beautiful sunsets and sunrises that you are seeing if you do like drawing. I guess it would have to be a quick sketch though as you haven't got hours to sit and doodle and perfect your artwork.

Take care Jesse my dear and enjoy every moment of this great adventure. Warmest regards Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Bert said...

Wot is this............... No blog today??
Enjoy yourself girl, it's a once in a life-time experience and you make the most of it.

'Grand0dad' Bert of

Anonymous said...

Another of your many adopted Mum's here - make the most of the warm weather because it's definitely going to be on the chilly side once you get to the southern latitudes. I know 'cos I live in Tassie! Love your blog... and also enjoy watching those little pink symbols creeping across the globe. Take care and keep the jumpers handy LOL

Richard Lathrop said...

Ahoy Jesse and crew,

looks like you're still on port tack heading south.

your position on the tracker--which came out before your blog this time--revealed a bit of progress east. Maybe the wind just backed a little.

You all look happy and healthy and well cared for. Most important, you look well rested.

Would you (or the shore crew) tell us about that disc clamped to the pulpit rail? I hadn't seen one before, and I couldn't find one in my West Marine catalogue. Maybe one of my fellow bloggers recognizes it.

Again, thank you for including us in your voyage. You are a hero in many ways and you have reached thousands of hearts.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Kevin Tobin said...

Hi Jess, Photos are just great. Excellent reading. Keep busy and stay positive. Look forward to reading and seeing your blog when it appears. Take care now and be safe. Kevin Tobin, Portland, Victoria.

Ron said...

Gday Jess,

Was having a boring day driving the bus. What made it worse was knowing that you are out there enjoying yourself. Well guess I better go for dinner now. Having Rib eye steak and also looking forward to that pavlova with fresh cream and strawberries.

God Bless

Pete said...

I don't know how you cope.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Hey jesse,

Loving all the comments and keep the pics coming!

Caught anymore fish?

John said...

Hi Jesse,

Love the photos.

Every good girl needs a pink drill to go with her pink boat!!

Keep well, great to see some big smiles.

All the Best

Bruce said...

Hey Jessi

Following your epic journey with great interest, went to sea once with a mate on a 48ft Buezin and bailed due to bad weather and hated myself ever since for it, think your amazing and gods, speed to you.


David said...

Hi Jessica!
Wishing you all the best from Sherwood, Oregon USA! I found your story, and then your blog. My family and I are having a great time watching your progress!
More pictures of your boat please? My daughter and I find them very interesting.
David, Amanda and Charlene Foss

willi said...

Willi from Switzerland,
still trying to post a blog
before writing more
rgs willi

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the pics. Not sure about this crew though. I thought you were supposed to do it single-handed. Mind you, looks like they might not be all that useful in a crisis. What are their sail-setting skills like?

You're making this adventure look all too easy. You look happy instead of looking as though you're enduring great hardship.

Your lovely attitude shines through.

Hope the winds are fair enough.

Debs said...

LOL...Glad to see you taking good care of the crew

Great pics....i love sunset pics...the colours are always changing

Any idea yet when you start to head east???

All my guineas are back to being healthy again for now....smile

you take care, stay safe but have fun

Deb and the guineas

Peter Stockwell said...

Great progress, good pictures. Well done.

Peter and Robyn

Anonymous said...

Good luck jess we are keeping up with your journey since day one take care and stay safe Gail and Lex Queensland

Bruce said...

Hi jessica

Sailed once with a mate on a 48ft Buezen form Hamilton Isl to Brisbane and bailed out at Digby Island due to bad weather (log story) any think of that and think of you and I think AMAZING !!!! very proud and keep pushing on and god speed to you..


Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously, more photos!! Aside from your interesting updates, the photo's are the icing on the cake. I wish I could sail! :(

Anonymous said...

Been following your trip everyday so keep those blogs coming...I am sure there are thousand of people like myself checking each day for updates....love the seatbelt 2...

richard .T . said...

Jesse, Looks like your going Ok, fantastic effort so far,try to read your book "living on 12 volts" it will help you.Hope things are dry enough for you,keep safe. Richard. T.

Cameron B said...

Naww, that's cute as... make sure your as safe as your friends now :D
Till next time..
Cameron B

duane said...

Great photos Jessica. Glad to see the crew secured in. There hasn't been any talk of mutiny I hope. They don't look dangerous but don't let that deceive you. Happy sailing. duane

rod said...

good day kiddo,
you look great,i have had a few drinks tonight,as always love to hear from you.
do take care, photo's are great.
i read your blogs usually daily,and its great to hear that all is well.
love to met you and your parents on your return in june.
again take care
regards and best wishes
blackbutt qld

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jess Girl...
Watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith at this present moment, very funny show....Brad and Angelina having a great time.....looks like you're having a great time as well....good to see Chick with Attitude all tide up!

Gezz its hard trying to be the first post here, people must be refreshing there pages every minute just be the first...*sniggles*

Hey..btw, you and T'coast need to get your timing a little closer, you keep missing each other...and only by a couple of minutes or so...try maybe 5 minutes later...just a thought...;)

The Waves are looking real good Jess....can't wait to see those 40 footers!.....only kidding of course...*ahem*

That's it...I'm building a VLF receiver...better get back to...

Sea ya

Clint - Melbourne/Dandenong/Victoria/Aust.............

Mary said...


Thanks for the photos, Jess. So great to connect with you and your mateys.

Safe journey and perfect conditions for you, my dear!

Mary, Maine, USA

rod said...

kid your beautiful,
take care!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Hi Jesse, I also have been following you from the start of your adventure.
I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, you certainly are an inspiration, also love the fellow bloggers comments, we are like a huge worldwide family.
Keep up the fantastic work you are doing, you have the world in the palm of your hands, we are all rooting for you.
Stay safe, so glad you are loving it all as we are reading about your daily episodes.

-Lori, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Lucky crew, how do we get a good jub like that, it's good to see that you have company. go girl & God bless.
Annie & Cam "H"

GlenF said...

Hey Jesse,

You have crew! Is that allowed? I thought all the stuffed shirts usually stayed back at the yacht club.

I wish I could tell you some deep wisdom that my mother once told me...
(I always tuned out at that point.)

Go well. Go West - head for the pointy bit. Love your photos, I am a photographer, your photos have something that's hard to find - story and adventure. You are looking good, it must be all the toblerone.

I was reading Jesse Martin's "Lionheart" the other night and noticed that there is now an extra chapter: "The Lost Volume" - it goes like this:

Chapter 11: Beyond The Beyond

... some stuff about stuff ..., then:

"... and my greatest fear is that some young girl will come along and steal my name, call herself Jesse and then sail off with a new batch of dried egg, scooting around the world in some pink dream boat..." Could never happen.

Go Aussie, keep it in the family. Catch fish, if only to feed the crowd of gawping blog readers :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
Love the pics, your crew look very happy and secure and ready for the adventures ahead.
You look great, I bet you are enjoying the cooler weather. Very hot and dry here on the Sunshine Coast.
Love the photo blog, always inspiring.
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

GlenF said...

Oops I meant head East! (Thank god I'm not navigating :-)

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi Jesse , you look good, so does the crew, keep safe and well Jesse, Love you , Roger and Lou Dwyer

Anonymous said...

wow, powering along now... i am stoked to hear you are getting a chance to relax and recharge before you round the bend!
we are all with you every wave of the way.
take care out there,
sweet dreams,
mel of yenda

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,
I'm just crunching the numbers again (Old maths teachers can't help it)
You have travelled 6000nm in 51 days which translates to an average of 117 nm /day at 409 knots. That's brilliant!

However the last 1000nm were sensational. I think I remember that you did 500nm on day 44?

If that's so, in the last 7 days you've covered 142 nm per day at an average speed of 5.95 knots. Dammit, let's just say 6 knots.

Jess you're a great sailor and you have put in a fantastic effort. Well done!

Has your schoolwork accidently fallen overboard yet? and if not, why not?

Good onya and God blessya.

Peter from Brisbane


Anonymous said...

Good thing to wear safety belts. If you had a mother-in-law with you on board, you could tell her to "belt up" he he he... I just love your blog and can't wait for the Hachette book to come out. Cheers.

MARC (Melbourne)

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me, you make us very proud.
I can't believe you have been at sea for over 50 days and you have still got a big smile on your face.
Be Safe
Saraya :-)

Julian. said...

Hi Jessica,
Greetings from England.
Love the teddy bear pics!
I work for a cosmetics company and
The other day was packing tubes
Into cartons.the cartons are pink!
It reminded me of The Pink Lady
And your sea adventure! And
To see how your getting on!
Wanted to share that with you!
Thanks reading this and a continued
Safe journey for you.

Jim said...

Hi Jessica

A lovely picture blog, I can make out the sun setting over the horizon, you pics are if I we were right there feeling the ocean spray, the wind blowing, the sound of the waves crashing around the hull of the yacht.

Great to see you have your crew safely buckled up but why is Chick with an Attitude buried away at the back? On the jesse martin interview you wouldn't let him go through his full routine, anyway you're making all of us so proud and so relieved you now back heading South East.

As the saying goes: Go East Young Woman.

Wishing you Safe seas and Fair winds.


nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse great photos! Good captain to be taking care of the crew!

As an aside I'm some-one who doesn't think you should put your latitude and longtitude, I'm just happy seeing those pink sails heading South on Google Earth.

Think of you often and check in several times a day.Have a crazy busy time the next 2 weeks lots of end of year stuff but I'll check in each day and comment when I can xxx

Bruce said...

6000 nm under the keel and less than 75% to go! Well done Jesse.
What is the story behind the comment on a local radio station in Brisbane re wet bedding due to a sudden storm? I assume you got caught by a squall again with your hatch open!
Anyway great to see your progress and also that you are still positive in your outlook.
I hope you are as well clipped as your crew when you go outside.
Thanks for the photos

Go Girl

Sailor man said...

Hi Jessica

You are making so much fantastic progess, for those who haven't read your latest glowing news report, 8th DEC. here it is:

On day 51 of her solo circumnavigation, Jessica this evening passed the 6000 nautical mile mark and is preparing to take on the Southern Ocean.

She is currently on the same latitude as the iconic surfing town and Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay. She is some 3,000 nm east of Cape Byron .

Having safely negotiated the testing French Polynesia region and heading south to Cape Horn, Jessica has been very busy in recent days, adhering to detailed checklists as she prepares her boat Ella’s Pink Lady to take on the rougher conditions of the Southern Ocean. She changed over to a heavy weather staysail this afternoon.

Jessica has been in daily contact with all her shore team including Project Manager Bruce Arms, whom she has been cross checking lists with.

“Jess has prepared well and has been kept busy sealing small leaks and finding little jobs that are all very important as she heads into the tougher conditions down south. We went over the checklists that we had created especially for this part of the journey and I can’t fault her attention to detail,” said Bruce.

There is currently a low pressure system building up behind Jessica and it may bring stronger winds later in the week, earlier than initially expected, but she is keen to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

“I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and ready for the inevitable storms that we will encounter at some stage over the next few weeks. But everything is going well, Ella’s Pink Lady is in great shape and we’re happy with our progress,” said a buoyant Jessica this evening.

The 6,000nm mark also means Jessica has completed over 25% of her 23,000nm voyage, as the ever-decreasing critics remain eerily silent!

murfomurf said...

Looking good- enjoy those sunsets! Good on you, young Jess- I would never have thought of it at your age!

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

RE: "My crew with their newly installed seat belt!"

You are too funny! Love the pink flashlight too, LOL.

Nice pic of the sea state and sky.

Thanks for the pics and the laughs!

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

Love the piccy's, they are excellent. Great to see you have strapped the babies in. Lucky they don't talk or cry or get sea sick. No chance of them walking the plank. Happy sailing Jess, thanks again for taking us with you. I will be glued to your updates on what you think about the Southern Ocean action. Have fun, cheers to you.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Great pics! To the uninitiated that sea looks a little scary. You look refreshed and your crew seems ready and able!! Hope that means you have been getting some good sleep. A few days ago that didn't seem to be the case. Great post in the "latest news" interesting, hope you got everything checked and rechecked and repaired. Congratulations on 6000! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your team, Godspeed. Mike

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics Jesse,
Australia is behind you, Go Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Nice photos
Great crew
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jessica,

Me again, I was just checking out your voyage map. I know you said you were making good time, but when you look at it....Wow. ...unbelievable stuff. I also tapped into Passage Weather (as suggested by another blogger) and Bob has dropped you straight into the pocket of good times and speed cameras? Is it normal to do it that quickly from Equator? Cheers and get some sleep.

hezakiah299 said...

12-08-09 @07:38
Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the pics, they’re great. I love the sunset and the action on the water.
But the second picture takes the cake. You look so happy and definitely well rested, love that smile. Glad to see that the crew has a good seat belt. They don’t need to be flying around when you hit rough seas. Wouldn’t want any of the crew to get hurt. LOL……….
Are you getting plenty of rest and eating well? You look like you are. You seem so relaxed and content, is that because you’re taking care of your crew.
The one in the center made me think of “Silly”. I guess ole Silly was just a fickle bird.
Good to see that you are bearing East a little bit. I hope you will have good sailing for awhile.
Take good care of yourself, Ella and crew and be safe.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Brian Riley said...

Great photos, you look so relaxed in your environment, love the seat belt for the crew.
Safe Passage,Will talk later
Hervey Bay. QLD

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess:

Great photos of you looking relaxed and happy with your crew, getting prepare for what lies ahead. :) The picture of the ocean is cool as well, because of the color and the sun setting. The deepness of the water is also reflected in the color as well. Sail on girl. :oD


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

I don't normally do second posts (blogs)...but there are so many good and funny posts tonight, Glen.F getting his directions wrong and then correcting himself not to mention the lost chapter...that was really good!...then there's Ron describing his dinner for you..*ahem*
and then I liked Jonathan's openning, "no...wait...a steely determination in your eyes"...very good,...the whole world is getting to know about you Jesse, hell you wont need to write a book when you get back, hmmm...on second thought you better still write a book...

I'm outa here...

See ya again
Clint - D'town

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
I can see that you are looking very well in fact. You look very relaxed and excited, 'though a touch apprehensive but at the same time pleased with all the preparations you've just undergone in readiness for the dreaded roaring 40's.
Thanks for the photos and I'm pleased to see you have your priorities right in ensuring safety first for your crew. The sunset shot not only looks great but also interesting in it's detail of boat bits. Some of which may be looking rather precarious but that's all I have to say about that. :-))
Is that disc your fishing reel, I wonder, but what I'm most interesting in knowing is what that yellow thing is that seems to be attached to the gunwale just aft of the winch.
By the way, congrats on achieving 6000nm. You've travelled 1000nm in 7 days, which is just under 143nm daily average, which is an average of just under 6nmph. That's pretty good going for a 34-footer. I'd be very happy with that. Much better than a slap on the back with a wet fish, hey? :-))
I see you're still on a port tack but not so close hauled which is promising. Give those south easterlies a miss altogether, I say. You're doing a great job. I hope you stay well and enjoy the next few days in your current conditions.
Takegood care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

RichieParis said...

6000 milles! Great!
EPL, skipper and crew are doing well. Congrats, captain Jesse!

I had posted an entry with several possible postal addresses for greeting cards a few hours ago, it has been published here... and erased a little bit later. I guess I shouldn't have given 5 oceans media's address, I am sorry, shore crew. I didn't guess it was THAT secret.
Maybe Bruce Arms or Mum Julie could do something? Like opening a P.O. box, for instance?

Thank you... You are doing a wonderful job too!

Jos and Jo said...


That's a fine looking crew you have - they wouldn't happen to be stowaways??!

Your blog is one of my regulars which I look forward to reading every day.

Take good care of yourself.

Ringwood, Victoria

Anonymous said...

I think I only saw Zac's blog comments reach 100 a couple of time. To be in the 200-300's every blog Jesse, you have a great following. Keep it up.
Daily reader

Gabe said...

Great pictures girlie!
The nice thing about that crew is that you don't have to share your cupcakes with them. :)
What a beautiful shot of your ocean view.
Good to see that King Neptune is still riding along side you.
Wishing you safe travels, fair winds and blessings,
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
I think you may need to cover up more in your shots dear one. You don't know what sort of perverts are out there, no joke, checking you out, unlikely to be appreciating you for who you are. .

Greybeard said...

Hey Captain Jesse, got to admit I am a bit under the weather tonight (partially pissed). It’s to do with a few negatives in my life at this juncture, age and circumstance. Having said that, where do you think I go for a serious hit of positives…….. strait to your blog.

I find your honesty, your drive, your intellect and your balanced view on managing your challenges quite unique. Many others (many = thousands and by now probably hundreds of thousands feel the same way – one day you may find the time to read all of the blogs - mind you, you will be a very old lady at the end of it as it will take many years of reading).

With all you have to get through each day (and there are plenty of things that you simply cannot tell us about because of time, privacy and practical management) you still find the time and depth of mind to give, what can only be describe as extraordinary writings. Understanding these writings are a day to day account of what you have been doing and where you are at, to most of us at this end every one of your days is quite unique. I say this because your “office” is like no other. What you have achieved to date and continue to achieve is truly, truly cool. GO JESSE

Kind regards James and family.

mimo said...

Gee, at times I envy you then I look at those sees and I think you're crazy. You go girl.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Congrats on achieving another milestone, 6000 of them in fact!

You're looking great in your Pics but I'm not so sure that your crew are looking quite as happy as you are!

Keep up the fantastic work you are doing and Stay Safe!

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale W.A.

Anonymous said...

Six Thousand big ones already. Jessica your the greatest...go get em! All the best from David in Perth WA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
You look wonderful hope you feel as good as you look pet?
We had some rain here in Bendigo overnight and during the day it was fantastic to wake to the sound of rain.
When I was having my children we had then naturally without epidurals and relied heavily on meditation. I used the sound of waves lapping on a beach as my incentive. I still do when I meditate. The sound of waves is so relaxing and soothing to frazzled nerves.
I enjoyed your photos look forward to the next ones when ever you get the time.
Can your mum put on some information as to how she prepared your meal bags and clothing for the trip.
Take care pet
love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

hezakiah299 said...

12-08-09 @07:38
Hi shore crew and Bruce ,
Thanks a bunch for the update, I and many more do really appreciate this.
I often wondered about the little leaks and her preventive maintenance but I didn’t want to nag at her. (She gets enough of that, with love) It seems a shame, and I’m guilty of it to, but we shouldn’t worry and complain when she doesn’t send us a blog seeing as how busy she is. I don’t know how big of a job it would be to change out a staysail, but considering the conditions I imagine it could be quite hazardous. Something like that in conjunction with all the little daily chores can be very time consuming. I think if we could get more updates from you guys we wouldn’t worry or complain so much. Just a little constructive criticism.
You guys are doing a fantastic job, you are the people in the background who only come to attention when something goes wrong. You take the heat. So congrats to you for helping to get her to the 6000nm mark.
I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes, that was not my intent. If so, I apologize.
She’s averaging 117.6nm per day. FANTASTIC!!!
Keep up the good work and God Bless you all.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Stephen said...

Hey Jessica, thanks for posting the pics. It makes me wish I was in a sailboat by myself in the middle of the ocean. Keep up the good work!

Charlie E said...

I read the report before coming over to your blog pages. 6000 miles done. A great achievement. Obviously the planning has been down to the smallest detail, and as you prepare for the next stage of your journey that effort is going to make a such a difference. With your crew strapped in and you and your team focused, you're doing so well. As my Hash House Harrier friends would say "On, On!" Continue.

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Oops, I mistook the pink drill for a pink torch. I saw what looks like a head lamp hanging around your neck and I just assumed the drill was another light. Just wanted to clear that up, lest I get blasted by your followers!

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Jon@VA Beach said...

Crew??? What ya mean?
I thought this was a solo sailing. ;o)

This was the best photo so far..
You look great - fresh and focused.

Don't forget to keep the seat belt on !

hezakiah299 said...

12-08-09 @ 08:40
Hi Jessica,
Congrats on passing the 6000nm mark. You’re really clicking along. Good for you. That’s averaging 117.6nm per day. The shore crew and Bruce
posted it. I didn’t fully realize just what you were doing, Bruce said that you had to change out a staysail (???). That plus all the little leaks, preventive maintenance and going over all the checklists preparing the lady for what’s ahead takes up a lot of time. So I don’t think we should complain nor you should have to apologize for NO BLOGS. A picture is worth a thousand words. I really enjoyed the last two (2). Even though I said that you shouldn’t work so hard, it’s hard to get around it. And you definitely have to have some Jessica time. Remember, you are #1.
Bruce mentioned that you’ll be getting a pretty good tailwind later in the week, so good luck to you on that.
Take good care of yourself, Ella and crew and be safe.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Hello Again Jessica!
You continually paint such a vivid picture with your words. They are truely a pleasure to read. Glad to see your "crew" is belted in. Make sure you do the same for yourself!
Thanks for posting the pictures! I see you are almost smiling in one of them! In your pictures and videos I rarely see a smile. I know you have to focus intently on what is going on out there, but don't forget to smile once in a while! I am glad to see that you are thinking ahead and preparing for the southern oceans. Getting mentally prepared is every bit as important as being mechanically and physically ready.
I am looking forward to your sharing of the rest of your adventure! Thanks again so much for letting us ride along!
I am praying daily for your strength and safety.
Grace Fellowship Church.
North Stonington, CT. USA

Russ said...

Great photographs, you are making good time Jesse. Let's hope you keep having seas like your photos show. You and your crew are getting well prepared for the Southern Ocean. The sunsets will help make everything worthwhile. Keep safe. Best wishes..Russ.

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

great pics as always! thanks for sharing with us.

be safe as you make for the "Great South"!

maybe at some point you could tell about your epirbs and survival equipment? not that you're going to need any of it, but it would be interesting to know about...

be safe. be well. have fun.

richmond, va

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Jesse! You have a fine looking crew :o)

I wish some times that I was out there with you. I love my life and my work (I am a small animal veterinarian), but your life is far more exciting!

Stay safe and take good care,
~Deidre NC, USA

RichieParis said...

@ To all fellow bloggers who want to send "postal" greeting cards to Jessica, so she will be able to find BAGS of them when she will be back home in a few months, and swim in a paper ocean of love and support messages...
Here is the address kindly provided by Andrew Fraser, of 5 Oceans Media:

220, West Street - Crows Nest

Thank you, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 31:10, 13-14
10 A [woman] of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 13 She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. 14 She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.

Good morning, Jessica! I can so tell from the latest "news" entry and your blog that you are just plain busy. I know your days are driven by the planning and readying for the ocean portions which are to come. Also, I loved the news entry which noted that the naysayers are growing strangely silent as you have put 25.0% of your voyage behind you! Congratulations and good on ya'! Anyway, still praying daily for your health, safety, and good sound rest, for EPL and that the new, heavier sail is just what's required, and for your family helping you daily and missing you always. You are the greatest!

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,

Big Ted looks up at the overhead, "The seatbelt light is on". Now what can this mean?

Your looking great, Jesse, it looks like you got your beauty sleep!

What is that strange circular deal in the first photo? Another mystery!

All the Best!
Richard W

Maryland, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
I loved the pics especially the one of your safety first Crew.
Here is the best I could manage of a pic showing my co-driver on the laptop.His name is Crispy and he's a 10 year old tiny Shnoodle being a toy poodle cross.I am lucky if I can get elbow room as he is such a snuggler.My other pup is a toy poodle called Whitely after the artist.I'm glad you have company on your journey and they certainly wouldn't be noisy or irritating companions!!!
Thanks for the great photos.
Snuggle up!
Sally and her two hairy pups in Melbourne

RICHARD said...

Pics are great! You lppk fit and tan. Well wirth the extra 1976 words.

Be safe.


See Ya Sailor!

SaltyDog said...


Outstanding pics, Jess. The ocean and sky look increadible. Glad to see that your thinking about the safety of the crew. But how are Chick-with-Attitude's batteries holding up. Hope she's still able to sing haromony with you.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Eddie Offermann said...

Great to see that everybody's buckled in!

Looking forward to reading about your experiences on the southern ocean. Hold fast!

SEPTAQ said...

Gettingcloser from south america isn't it?

sarge said...

Hi Jessica
Love the view and the crew!

Paula and David said...


What has happened to the Google Map? The Pacific Ocean is ghosted with vague outlines of SE Asia and South America.

David, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Old Iron said...

always love any new photos; great sunset!!!

Old Iron said...

Jessica passes 6000 Mark!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great pictures! Love'em! Keep them coming!
I've only gotten to see the Hudson River in New York State.
Tom in the U.S.A.

Kerri said...

Yea, pics! You know your supporters love getting a look at a little slice of your world (not that your words aren't good enough --- they are and brilliant); a picture let's us connect to what's happeneing in a different way. Your mates look like they are well strapped in. So glad you've had this time to get some sleep and just chill out a bit. You are doing a fantastic job.

Happy sailing from california,


Anonymous said...

I thought it was a "solo" journey..hehe
thanks for the photos
Victoria Canada

el grande said...

so happy to see that the crew is staying clipped on. safety first!

you look calm and confident and we are all hoping to see you turn eastward soon! It looks like it's not too chilly yet, so enjoy the sunshine while you have it!

Rob said...

They better still hold on tight but I'm sure they are much more comfortable knowing they are buckled in. Looked like a wonderful sunset. Have you noticed the stars changing? As you head south you should be able to see some new stars. I'm getting exited for the Horn!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

bernie777 said...

Its time for another fab video...you are really brave...and the fans will keep you warm as you head round Tierra del Fuego...we are all going 4 u to go 4 it so go Jesse sail on....

HAWKEYE said...


Well the sunset looks a picture but what about Jesse? For mine you look gorgeous and refreshed. Jesse darl the crew look well cared for and I see they are in 'restraints' for the night. What about Jesse - huh?? Remember safety first and that you're number one out there. It could be a case of being 'rocked' to sleep tonight by the look of the sea.

I hope you are keeping the mind in the moment and setting daily goals as you whittle away the miles. It's amazing how the small steps add up and you must pinch yourself knowing what has been accomplished so far.

We worry about your safety, I know I do, but besides my JESS-STRESS this journey is obviously having an unexpected impact on many of your devotees. It's a case of the total being far greater than the sum of its parts. Like it or not you have infiltrated our lives - confirmed by the content of the postings. Take pride from what you have achieved so far and feel good in the knowledge that to many of us you are profoundly special. Believe me Jesse, it's all good!!

So do me a favour special one clip-on now for the night ahead and keep yourself snug and safe. 'til next time keep the mind in the present, get some rest when it's safe to do so and be happy!!!


Mary said...

Hiyo, Jess!

Happy day to you, I hope. I've decided I'm going to weave pink ribbon throughout my Christmas tree this year in your honor. Maybe tie a few bows, too. And I'm happy to report that I'll have time to make cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting to share with friends. I didn't have time during your equator crossing but I will in the coming weeks.

Cheers to Glenn B. who declared that he was melting in the heat and offered to come to my place in Maine and pay rent! Yes!! But you have your choice of other states, too, 'cuz a large blizzard is bearing down on the midwest right now.

Good Tidings to all!
With love,
Mary, Maine, USA

Steve, CA. said...

Has anyone ever shared a major voyage day-to-day like this? To my silly self, this is a greater historical accomplishment than the age factor. I have RARELY enjoyed anything as much as reading this diary every day. Thank you so very much, and Godspeed!

Meechree said...

hahaha, cute.
-Dimitr, USA

Anonymous said...

UK-Halsey's Encyclopedia of Sails
-- Staysails

The term "staysail" denotes any one of a large variety of what might be called auxiliary or supple-mentary sails. Cruising sailors are most apt to carry a forestaysail, which is a smaller jib hanked onto an intermediate forestay. Its tack is set on the center line of the foredeck about a quarter of the way back from the headstay to the mast, and it's best set from an intermediate halyard about three-quarters of the way up the foretriangle. The advantages of a double-head rig are great. When close reaching, you can get extra speed, and in heavy air you can reduce sail area while keeping the helm balanced by flying a smaller headsail off an intermediate stay close to the mast with a reefed main. Another advantage of flying sails off an intermediate forestay is that in heavy weather crew members don't have to venture all the way out to the end of the bow, where the deck is narrowest and the waves come aboard. The forestaysail can also be used under a genoa or reacher as part of a double-head rig. The sail is most effective when the apparent wind angle is from about 45 or 50 degrees to 75 or 80 degrees off the bow.

Just in case you were wondering...

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. helps gibes us landlubbers a sense of your world - so, thank you!

Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW.

Mal :)

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
wow it just looks so beautiful out there on the ocean. i was looking out over the water today and thought of you, trying to imagine what it would be like to be completely surrounded by blue water and no one or nothing else in sight for miles and miles.
Didn't realise you had so many crew on board with you keeping you company. They look like the perfect crew members, ones that don't talk back or argue with you.
It's pretty late here so i will say goodnight and wish you good winds and safe sailing.
ps you're looking good too in your photo

Beau said...

I think of you and your journey so often, and hardly know what to say. You share your experience so well. Thank you- and batten down those hatches! Stay safe and keep smiling at sunsets!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Congrats on the 6000 milestone ... simply awesome!!

Absolutaly love the pics and would love to see a few more occassionally too, when you get the time!

Oh and I simply LOVE your crew
..... and to think we all thought you were out there on your own!!!

Keep smiling sweetie and happy sailing!

Cheers from Kyla
(in hot and humid Gympie QLD)

Maria Jose said...

From Venezuela we wish you the best of luck!!

Just love reading your post! Keep up the great work.

btw- The fish you caught the other day here in Venezuela we call it "Bonito" which you probably know that it translates to pretty! and it´s related to the Tuna.

What you are doing is just fascinating!

Maria J

Anonymous said...

Hey sistergirl - Been enjoying your blog for awhile now and I'm happy for you that things are so chill (as in, going well, not cold!). Hope things continue in that vein. I'm so excited for you as you go on your journey. Did you ever read Tania Aebi's book Maiden Voyage? One of my faves.
Take care and thanks so much for sharing your adventure with those of us who can't be out there or are too scared to be out there or both. You're a star! :)

San Diego, California

Anonymous said...

To GlenF ... "Oops I meant head East! (Thank god I'm not navigating" :-)

I bet Jess is too!!!!!
Thanks Glen, that's the best laugh I've had all day! :)


Russ said...

I thought you might like to see a little snow for a change Jesse.
The pets love jumping around in the snow.
Best wishes. Safe sailing.
Russ. Calgary.

John said...

Glad to see you’re doing well... nice pictures.
We had our first "SNOW" storm here this past weekend... Brrrr! Well take care and keep warm as you head south!

New Bedford, USA

Anonymous said...


I check every morning to see that your okay and I am so enjoying living vicariously thru your blogs and map.

Your a very brave young lady.

Be safe!

Jim (USA)

Anonymous said...

Sailing just wouldn't be sailing without constantly having to fix something around the boat. But it is very satisfying every time when a plan works out.

pestinfo said...


Sail Safe.

Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld.AU

pestinfo said...


and I quote " The 6,000nm mark also means Jessica has completed over 25% of her 23,000nm voyage, as the ever-decreasing critics remain eerily silent! ".

I don't think any of the Watson's have to worry about grammar schooling any further. Their ability to communicate appears to be exceptional.

So it's just you and me (plus a cuppla hundred thousand others) who think you can do this.

Go Jesse

Sail Safe

Allen Hervey bay

dukehaus said...

Howdy Jesse! Wow!! 6000 nm behind you and you are well on your way to half way home!! Thanks for the photos, you have quite a crew there! Not to mention the wonderful crew back home. 3 degrees farenheit in Wyoming today with about 8 new inches of snow. We are very fond of our wind here! Praying for great sailing for you as you approach the Southern Ocean. You are making this voyage solo, but I promise you are never alone!
Kim & Bill
Wyoming, USA

Robert said...

Jesse --- Miss Brave Soul,

Great pics !!!

You look great along with your friends. I wish you would take more outside pics of Ella's Pink Lady and explain what things do like the little wheel in the one you sent today. Some of us have never ocean sailed and would love to have YOU for our teacher.


Bob from Birch Bay WA (Washington State USA not Western Australia)

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hey hey Jesse,

Zoom, zoom, zoom! “Thar she goes!”

Just returned home and back to your blog after a quick trip into the seasonal madness of Manhattan, NYC to find you’ve made great progress! Congratulations, really great.

Love the pics! Much rather be home on the ocean, or on a sail on the wide open like you, than in the buzz of the concrete jungle of NYC.

Looks like you have a steady crew, no “scallywags”!

US Virgin Islands

Anonymous said...

magpie, Dec8, 7:27PM:
Unlike Jess Tiger won't be able to enter any Solo Record events...lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Tell Parker to turn left! Seriously, keep up the great work.

~SC from NZ

Anonymous said...

GlenF, Dec8, 9:35-:36:
Are you on the turps ? Putting the wife out, making the cat a cuppa, heading west... what's next ?
Telling Jess to sail backwards ? Keep it up, we need comedians like you to keep the starch out of the comments.

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse,

Awesome sunset piccie across an ocean on which only you can be !!! Thanks for that... I hope you've a 'collection' of many such for your book !

Your 'voyage' map is sure filling out, now.

.... maybe another fish , soon?.. Hehhehheh.

... best wishes,

.... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

"Hooray,yipphee, I've made it ! I've turned east and got through the swirling waters of this windblasted piece of sea..." "Jess, this is Ground Control from Australia, do you read me, over..." "Ground Control,loud and clear, go ahead, over." "O.K., well...ahm...job well done, but adjust your GPS reading and keep the easterly heading. You have just cleared Cook Strait, the folks in Wellington send their regards, had a good viewing of you bobbing along, clearly missing the Inter-Islander Ferry. But as I said, don't dwell on that for too long, it's time to catch the Forties for Cape Horn, over." " Yeah, look, Ted told me...[blah,blah,blah]...and then Chick...[blah,blah,blah]... and since I have strapped them in, I guess I will find time to concentrate on the Navigation...[blah,blah,blah]...wish those teachers didn't give me that *&%#@^^* schoolwork along, should fold the paper into boats and let them swim off...[blah,blah,blah]...and then there is the blog, you know, all those fencesitters, expecting their daily read...[blah,blah,blah]...phew. Did I create enough wind to get going faster, over ?" "Yep. Sounded pretty strong, certainly blown some of those commenters off the fence, over." "Cool, can you take some pics and post them on the blog, over ?" "Will do. Happy sailing,over... and out"

Anonymous said...


good to here from you, glad your still up with every thing that's goin on around ya.. keep up the goodness you have in ya.. to keep goin on... Bless you with your lovly pic's you share with us all. Keep a smile in your heart, know your never a lone for we are all with you out there where ever you are at... dear one.

remember;DON'T FORGET TO PRAY...



Anonymous said...

Where's the written stuff ? Did you have to natter to some doorknockers flogging their believe on you ?

Anonymous said...

A variation of the traditional question,'Does a 7/11 Shop, trading 24 hours, 7 days, have locks lon the doors ?':
Going Non-Stop, does EPL have an anchor ?

Anonymous said...

Keep up great work Jess. We love keeping up with all your blogs, go girl.
Marilyn and Ian
New Zealand

Scott said...

Great sunset. I like the Google Earth globe view on the map.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

Captain Jesse the Explorer

Hi, Captain Jesse,

Your pictures are great! As I viewed the beautiful sunset across EPL, I noticed the ropes & pullies, something round I could not identify, and thought to myself. "she knows so much, all about every small thing on her boat- amazing!"

Dear Captain Jesse, I think your greatest danger will not be the high seas on your voyage, but the weight of all the praise and honor you will receive upon your return to Sydney. Do not change all that makes you beautiful and courageous. I and the thousands around the world following you, continue to pray for your safety and happiness.

Godspeed, Captain Jesse. And yes, Hi to your most able crew- loved the seatbelts.

Ben from Texas

AMZ said...

hi Jess,

thanks for sharing the photos.. the sea looks incredible.. are you sure you never get scared thinking about those big southern waves?? I am getting scared for you!! Also.. i have been wanting to ask.. what about Pirates??

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jesse, congrats on the 6000nm milestone! Wow. It, for me, for the first time, really puts into perspective the hugeness (?) of your adventure. We've been watching every one of these first 51 days which are, of course, huge, but thinking that's about the 25% way-point is sobering. We look forward to "seeing" you every day and pray and hope each is good.

Have you been close enough to land that people have gotten out to see you go by? Fare well Jesse.

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning Jesse, Wow, what a lovely photo, glad your crew is all tied down, and hopefully you are. This business about blogging on to you has become a real must do for me, as it probably is for all your admirers, you are one special person Jess, I can just imagine how proud all your family are of you. God speed Jesse, Love Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Attitude said...

Love seeing the pics Jess, thank you.

Acid_Annie said...

thanks Jesse!
I'm on holidays now, two weeks away from my job as a nurse in the Townsville Emergency Department. Two whole weeks of relaxation! No shift work means I get to wake up and do whatever I please! Checking your updates are becoming automatic! Happy sailing! xoxo

Best wishes from
Anne Elvin

oh just thought of something, how many christmas greetings you are going to get! I wouldn't want to be your internet service provider!

Jan said...

Hi Jesse,

Just read "The Latest News". WELL DONE JESSE, 6,000nm covered and 25% of your voyage completed already. We are all so proud of you.

You sound all prepared and excited about the next leg of your journey.

Take care and have a great day. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Ashraf Adel Ismail said...

Very nice Pics JESS :)

SaltyDog said...

To Richard Lathrop, someone has probably already answered your question about the disk on the rail of EPL, but it almost looks like either a tuna puller or crab pot puller. Can't tell for sure. And to Wayne, thanks for the global weather satelite web site,http://vortex.plymouth.edu/mollsat_ir_an.gif. That's a fun one to check out.

And, Jess, keep securing crew and anything else possible before you hit the roaring forties. I once had the lid to my coffee maker jump off the stove and found it a month later in the bilge, way back under the engine. It must have grown legs to make that far. You'll definitely have things jumping.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Gillian said...

Greetings from breezy, freezy Fontainebleau in France. I am one of your founding blog followers (ie. an avid reader since your Sydney departure) but am a rather shy correspondant. I delight daily in reading your blog and especially love it when you post new photos. You are looking really well. Keep up the great effort. You are truly inspiring. Stay safe, Gillian.

Anonymous said...

Hi jesse
I am a 56 year old Mum with a 20 year old son and 25 year old daughter. In the weeks leading up to your departure I was outraged that your parents were actively encouraging you to follow your dreams in this way. Not any more! You go girl! You look a picture of health, and you certainly seem happy. All we want now is for you to take every precaution and navigate safely. Love your blog, stay safe xxx

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the update and the pictures (it makes it all the more lively and real for us)

Saty safe

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, GMT+0

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great photos. A picture does defintely says a thousand words.

Congratulations on passing 6000Nm and 51 days at sea. Fom the update you certainly have been busy. Make sure you all your jobs are done. As you have said rougher weather is to come.

You continue to amaze me. You are certainly one very dedicated and special young lady.

Keep safe and always thinking of you.

Ingleburn NSW (now in Singapore for 1 day!!)

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jess
Fantastic sunset hope 10 or ONEHD use for a weather report background! So the mind set is well and truely getting prepared for the southern seas great work. You look well rested in your second photo which is great. Cooler here today but we did have fires yesterday but thanks to those helicopters with the fire buckets only a few acres burnt out.
You are certainly covering some ground! He/she, my troubled client says hi...he/she is getting better and will love seeing your photos.

Bye for now

Dusty form a dusty Dubbo

Roger said...

Hi Jessica.

As an old boy, just celebrated the big 70, I admire youth who get out there and challenge the world, be it start a small home business or take on the bigger picture.
Well done. I've been following your progress.
Personally, I have never sailed, always wanted to, never got the chance.
I wish you luck in your attempt towards success......and you will make it.
All the best sweetheart. Go for it.

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

you've made some good progress in the last few days as far as I can estimate your website's voyage map - congratulations to you for that!

And thanks for the pics. You definitely look relaxed and happy there with your crew, and I hope very much that this will last for that vast stretch of water ahead of you for the next days!

Good wind and good luck!


cousinpete said...

Hi jess,
thanks for the pics.
sounds like you are following a good plan with the heavy weather sail. pre planning and good maintenance will do you well.
your great.

Mal said...

Hi Jess,

Your composure and ability to make the simplest little things sound interesting has obviously (from reading all the comments) endeared you to many hearts.
'Anonymous' (8.12pm 8/12/09) hit the nail on the head re. Lats and Longs. The main thing is that you know exactly where you are, your Mum, Dad and Bob know exactly where you are, and that is all that matters. The rest of the world only have to tag along and enjoy the ride through your eyes.

Keep up the good work, you're doing just great!!!

Cheers, Mal (Townsville)

danma said...

Love the pics Jess, thanks for sharing them with us.

Do you write on the boat as you go along or is that from friends & family?

Stay safe & happy sailing.

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Lovely picture of the sunset! Thanks for sharing!
Chick with Attitude looks cozy with her friends.
I think I'll check the route page and see if I can get a clue of where you are.
TTFN (ta-ta-for-now) & blessings,

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Jesse! Keep 'em coming!

Mr. Canadian said...

LOL Hi Jesse
Nice pictures I save all of them and put some of them on my Facebook Page.
Sounds like you are planing for some ruff waters. Well at least you are thinking of your crew, thats a lot more then some captains would do.☺

Its my Birthday today and I cant think of a better way to spend it then saying Hi and seeing how you are doing.

Thanks for the update
Stay safe there little one and "HANG ON Tightly" ha ha ☺ ☺

Suzanne said...


Nice pics, perhaps for the days you dont have time to write, send some pics so we all know you are OK!!

jwb777 said...

Pix are super! THX for sending.

You are looking quite chipper! And, how thoughtful of you to protect your soft, silent travel buddies! I think it is just great that you have them along.....after all, how many teddies get to travel around the world on a cruise like yours!!??

Hugs & prayers,
Janell, in Oklahoma, USA

Wanton C22/110 said...

Hi Jessica,

We had a look at the weather forecasts and sattelite images in the Cook Island Region this morning and it looks like you're sailing in the "shade". Cloud cover seems pretty thick in places. According to the map you may be experiencing 2 to 3 meter waves, and you will probably do so until you get a lot further south, which is pretty good for ocean sailing.

You are making incredible progress in your journey, I hope that you have some of our favourite marine friends swimming with you and keeping you company.

We like the way you have secured your crew; very secure but within easy reach for a cuddle when they need reassurance.

We look forward to reading more of your blogs. We try to work out where you are every day, actually it has become a bit of a ritualised must do task at least twice a day.

Needless to say remember the harness when on the deck, especially if you have to forewards.

Keep a good lookout and take care of yourself.

Lots of jugs from
The Flynn's at Sunbury Vic.

Lewis said...

Hey Jessica,

Enjoy your blog and pictures. How exciting it is to see your love of life, it's contagious!
We are keeping you in our prayers, be safe!!!

The Rains Family
Knoxville, TN

moffa said...

Hi Jesse!
I love to see that you are not on your own.Even if they are a lazy bunch I´m sure they will give you some comfort.
Many thanks for keeping us updated.Over here in Sweden the day always start with checking how you are doing.
You are just doing fantastic!
Fair wind!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - This is my first message for you but I have been enjoying your progress & blogs from the start - you write a great story - loved the photos of you and crew, all of you looking fit and healthy
I think you are amazing, a champion, an inspiration
As a mum of 3 adventurous boys (another adoptive parent) I appreciate that you just had to do this - we are all very excited for you , look forward to your news each day and wish you a successful safe journey
As you sail into cooler weather, in brisbane we are heading into +35 degrees for couple of days
Look forward to more photos, sail safe
Susie B

Lily said...

Loved seeing your photo's Jess. You are looking pretty happy today which is good to see. In one of your earlier pics you looked quite down, especially in your eyes.
Great to see that sparkle back in them again.

I guess you use a self timer on your camera for the photo's. [someone asked earlier how you took a photo of yourself].

Smooth sailing...........

Lily, Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Ship,Ohoy,Captain Jessica.Your crew looks good,hope they dont get seasick.Nice Photos. All the best and Happy Sailing. Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

Anonymous said...

Ship,Ohoy,Captain Jessica.Your crew looks good,hope they dont get seasick.Nice Photos. All the best and Happy Sailing. Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
my second comment this time. I just read the update.
Heartfelt congratulations on your 6000 nm and going strong!
I am so delighted over the statement from Bruce Arms:
................I can't fault her attention to detail.
These are high compliments from people who are in the know.
I am thrilled, that everything is going so well, I never for one second doubted your capabilities, but to have it spelt out is the dot on the 'i' for me who is watching from afar with thousands of others!

You were a champion even before you started and remain so for the rest of your life!

I am privileged to know you!

Keep well, have fun, above all else stay safe Captain Jessica,
you are always in my mind and heart,
Trudy, Austria now in Mackay

My great wish would be, to be there to welcome you home to Sydney!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I have just read the ‘Latest News’ that you have now passed the 6000 mile mark – and have been preparing EPL for the expected rougher conditions of the Southern Ocean. Congratulations for reaching this milestone.

Your two photos are wonderful story-tellers. The sunset one showing your love of the colours of sunsets and what I guess you would describe as a slightly bouncy sea – probably a wind wave on top of a swell. The position of the boom suggests you were sailing free and probably flying along very happily, and from the position of the sun possibly making a little south easterly progress. I hope that is a fair interpretation of it. The photo of your crew – well, I wonder what Big Ted is telling the rest of the crew. He probably wonders why he is now tied up in a huddle with them and thinking “What is Jess up to now, why is she reading all those lists and fiddling with so many things, why is it now getting colder, why can’t we go into the cockpit and enjoy the wind and spray anymore???” By contrast you look wonderfully relaxed and ready to take on the next challenge!

Once again it is great to read that Bruce Arms ‘can’t fault your attention to detail’. Your preparation is sounding awesome. Again, congratulations on now reaching the quarter way mark. Look after Parker and Big Ted and the rest of your crew – and they will look after you.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Neil said...

Same latitude as Byron now - wow! Pity we can't see around Earth's curvature, might spot Pink Lady. Following every day with interest, what a journey!
Neil (Casino)

Anonymous said...


A 64 year old Lake Tahoe (USA) softy sailor here. Really amazed at your courage and spirit. Follow you every day and draw inspiration from you. Keep smiling and sailing. 6,000 down and only 17,000 to go!


lilshawnee said...

Hi Jesse,thanks for the pics,,i added them to my collection.
Well Jesse,since you wont be home for Christmas i am going to buy a lil girls gift in your memmory and give it to some poor little girl for Christmas.Yes it will be pink.
in a few years i will be in your path,,,doing the smallest boat so keep us inform so i know what to expect ok lil one.
your friends
God Bless and be safe.....
thanks a buch Jesse

Anonymous said...

Been following your blog with my 10 year old daughter! You're her hero! Keep up the great attitude!

We are always thinking about you!

Ken and Sarah

jake said...

Hmmmm. Your crew is looking a little soft -- better get'em in shape! Try serving up more chocolate.


davy jones said...

Courage is something anyone can achieve! it can happen so fast if you just believe! believe in yourself and you'll be surprised! your more braver than you ever realized! courage is something hidin deep inside! whoever said its not that person lied! courage means you can face your fears! that your not afraid to shed some tears! getting courage is easy to do! look deep inside and you'll find it too!

Anonymous said...

So, how does it feel to know that tens of thousands of people all across the globe are sailing through you - vicariously! :-)

I envy you. Keep on trucking!!! :-)

Paul Lusk
Battle Ground, WA USA

Anonymous said...

Glen F,
your comments are a scream, you give me belly laughs, thanks!
Trudy, Austria, now in Mackay

Gabe said...

Ahoy Girlie!
I posted something here earlier today...
I guess it got lost in the shuffle.
Glad to hear you passed the 6000 mile mark.
your blog family...
are all very proud of you.
As you should be of yourself.
Wishing you safe sailing and happy days.
God bless,
our Jess,
Maryland USA

Steve & Michelle said...

Doing great.

What will you do for heat when it gets cold? Do you have a supply of propane for heat and cooking? I can't imagine you have enought electricity for heat.

Never done any real sailing, keep talking us through it. There are a lot of us out here who know nothing about sailing...


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