Friday, December 11, 2009

Banana Muffins and Watching the World Go By

For the last few days we've had a dark and slightly eerie sky and a building sea. The wind picked up for a while and was expected to hit about 40 knots and I have been waiting for some action. But it looks like we've missed out this time as we've just sailed clear of the squash zone (an area where two weather systems come together). Oh well, there's always next time. I can't see there being any shortage of strong winds further south. Call this one a practice run!

My favorite pastime lately has become standing in the companionway, under the dodger, sheltered from the wind, watching the world go by. You could say that I'm entertained by small things but I still find watching each wave roll under Ella's Pink Lady, with the occasional one dumping over us, just fascinating.

The weather really hasn't been anything special with the heavy overcast skies and occasional rain giving us pretty poor visibility, but in its own way it is just as spectacular as some of the stunning cloudless days.

Climbing into my cozy sleeping bag is already becoming something I look forward to. The getting out again part is more of a challenge though. I even pulled on a set of thermals today, probably over-reacting really, as the temperature is only down to 20c, but for now the cooler weather is still a bit of a novelty.

As always I'm good spirits but couldn't help thinking this morning of how nice it would be to be able to take a few days off, to think of something other than sailing and to be able to let down my guard for a while - just wishful thinking really and after all, its just part of the challenge!

I discovered something this morning that I can see becoming a favorite, hot custard for breakfast! And talking of food, in an effort to get rid of some of the banana chips that Mum must have packed for me (on the off chance that I actually might start liking them!) I had a go at making banana muffins this afternoon. Everyone present voted that they turned out perfect! They must have been pretty good as I'm eating the last one now!

As you've probably noticed on the tracking map on the website, we've finally been able to make a little progress to the east lately and the outlook for the next while is for conditions to calm down a little more.

And for everyone asking where they can send letters to, the best snail-mail address to reach me on is via my management company in Sydney;

Jessica Watson
c/o 5 Oceans Media
220 West Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia

All that mail waiting for me when I get back to Australia will be another thing to look forward to!

As always, thanks for all the support!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
You make my day. I enjoy
your sense of humour and your
lovely descriptions of
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

hi again Jessica, I´m the one that´s trying to figuer out why you did the detour rount Kiribati Island. Maybe not a big issue really, but beeing a non-sailor small things lite this intrigues me! Love reading your blogg, I hope someone will but all your texts into a book! you are a marvel at writing! love from the cold north - Sweden that is! =)

The McGraths said...

Hey Jess,
So nice to hear from you & very thankful you seem to have missed the predicted 40knot winds even though you're anticipating them. We do like to think of you in relatively good conditions (not that we doubt your ability though.)
I love how you have mentioned that you watch each wave roll under EPL. I truly can visualize that too & think it must be fascinating.
Your brekkie of hot custard sounds yummy & one of my faves although not at brekkie time, however anything goes on EPL it seems.
Love your blog tonight & won't take up any more of your time.

Sleep well Jess, always in our thoughts.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Too bad about missing out on some action re the weather but as you said you will have plenty of that before too long. We were expecting a nice storm here on the Sunshine Coast today also after another hot, sticky day but it also disappeared. I love the sound of your cooler weather and hot custart for breakfast and I'm sure the dark skies and grey seas have their own unique beauty especially with Ella's Pink Lady cutting such a fine figure through it all.
Say "hi" to your crew for us!
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

nutralady2001 said...

Thanks Jesse wasn't expecting another blog quite so soon but lovely to hear from you.
You can expect heaps of mail (including Christmas cards LOL) when you return, I'm on the lookout for an extra special one for you....... take care and stay clipped on ! (preaching to the converted I know it's the mother in me) xx

ToSeeTheSea said...

Hi Jess
If your readers want to see a boat sailing with storm sails up, I’ve put a new upload on
Looking ahead at weather maps, it looks like the weather gods are playing games with you, as they do in those latitudes. That depression may try and follow you.
Hope you’re able to get enough sleep so the fun factor stays with you.


bernie777 said...

wow Jessica hot Muffins.yum yum scrummy....looks like you are not alone out really should sing alot ...sea shanties.ahoy...keep up your spirit....and keep us all in will be passing Easter Island soon go take a few snaps why not sail around the island for some r n r no one says you must continue straight or is that breaking the Bernie 777

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I am addicted to your journey. Its a relief everytime I see your new blog message. You deserve all the accolades that will come your way.
Blessings on the journey to the first Cape.
Frank H. (Qld)

bernie777 said...

wow Jessica hot Muffins.yum yum scrummy....looks like you are not alone out really should sing alot ...sea shanties.ahoy...keep up your spirit....and keep us all in will be passing Easter Island soon go take a few snaps why not sail around the island for some r n r no one says you must continue straight or is that breaking the Bernie 777p.s. its the simple things in life that are the most important

Anonymous said...

I think of a boat, water everywhere, clouds or blue skies, winds, waves... how can every day's description be different? and yet Jess, you manage to describe your days like each one of them is unique in its own way and very much part of an adventure. You are an inspiration to all generations, young and old. At 64 I have not achieved what you have in your short 16 years. Carry on and be safe.

MARC (Melb)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fantastic blog. You're an inspiration to all us landlubbers. Fair winds and following seas.
Hervey Bay

Tony Stott said...

It is always nice to be close to the front of a huge queue of comments! Jessika, I along with countless others are hanging on your every word! The tracking map really shows how much progress you are making, especially when looking at the Google Earth version.

Keep up the great work!

Legs said...

Jessica - just a note to say how much I am enjoying your blog. You write really well and we love to read your stuff.

So even if it is dark and windy out there think of us with you in the companion way ducking the spray and flexing to the swells with you.

Best wishes and hugs

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, yes thanks for your lovely descriptions of everything as usual, I found myself checking on you all day today, keeping in mind that you said please dont expect a blog every day, here I was thinking poor Jesse out there it must be really bad weather for her, hope she is o.k., and there you go again surprising me making muffins again OMG. Im glad the rest of your crew enjoyed them too HaHarrrrr God speed Jess, you are amazing Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Molly said...

As usual, you are making the best of things.
Your ability to appreciate the beauty around you is wonderful.
Following your blog has gotten me thinking about those who voyage the sea.
My husband and I watched the original "Moby Dick" the other night.
Glad to hear that you and your crew are safe and enjoying your latest culinary effort. Cupcakes, banana up? Strawberry torte. :)
Blessings and safe travels to you Jessica,
Maryland USA

Jay-Sea said...

Hi Jess the Horn is getting closer stage two drawing closer to an end only seems like yesterday that you left. Yes it would be nice to let your guard down and just enjoy the ride with out the worry but hay girl you are doing a fantastic job This silent crew member is really enjoying the trip. Thanks Jess for taking as all along with you on a trip of a life time. Stay safe and enjoy and enjoy those muffins

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G,day Jesse

Well Friday over and done with and the Christmas party referred to this morning was peaceful...thank goodness...coming home tonight the Christmas lights on houses this year seem better than last year..very lets get rid of the grey days for you and let the stars be yours. Glad to see sleep is a priority and that your mood is still positive. Yes it is hard to stay alert all the time but as you know your survival and the "record" depend on it....stay strong, stay clipped and enjoy your sailing plus the banana muffins!!! The blood oranges await you for your arrival in Sydney.

Sea ya and good night

Dusty from Dubbo

William Watson said...

Woo Hoo. So cool Jess. Seems I'm worrying too much. Well, you are worth it. Will use that address to send you a bill for all the damage I've been doing at work. Just fence palings and pot plants and stuff.

If you've got cinnamon try cinnamon and sugar on toast grilled if you have a griller. Gotta melt the sugar into the cinnamon. Yum!

Take care Jesse!

RICHARD said...

I, for one, am glad you missed the stormy clash. All of your supporters have every confidence in you and your ability, however, the smoother the sailing the less we worry about you.

I can understand why your favorite pastime has become watching the world go by beneath EPL. It really proves how much you are enjoying the experience. We all should be enjoying every puff of wind, every splash, every storm and sunny day. We only get to pass through life once... we should take your approach and appreciate and enjoy the journey no matter the condition.

You teach us well.

We all had a good laugh today listening to the answering machine message that the staff at Maroochydore High School in Queensland created. What a stitch! If you haven't heard it search it on youtube. It will add some brightness to your day. :)

Safe journey.


See Ya Sailor!

Ellis said...

Hi Jessica
Just a few more days and you will down level with Tassie....the 40's are not too bad...just refreshing breezes. Your progress is great. Keep it up..Well done
Ellis in Tassie

Brian Riley said...

You are handling everything like an adult, but when it comes to keeping warm and not wanting to get out of bed,out comes the teenager in you I think this is fantastic to be able to live in the over 25's and under 18's.
The weather is really looking after you at the present and not giving you any major scenarios that are difficult to handle means all good, for sailing.
Banana muffins and all present were satisfied, not that any one complained, (ha ha ha)
I like your description of the waves and motion you are going through by watching the present past behind you, time travel on water!!!
Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay,QLD

Jim said...

Hi Jessica,

First I would like to say thank you to the support team for the news report I read today to comfort us that all is well with Jessica when she is unable to send a report, some of have asked for this so THANK-YOU support team.

What another wonderful descriptive blog, what you're doing is so absolutely amazing Jessica. Apart from your obvious adept sailing ability I reckon your attitude is so much a part of successfully completing this round the world epic adventure. I have always noticed in your writings that you seem actually totally fearless, making comments like you can't wait to get to the southern ocean as if to say sure there will be some big waves down there but no problem I'll do it. It is this amazing positive attitude that ensures your success for what we expect to happen is generally what will happen.If we are fearful well then we can expect that be borne out. Winston Churchill said something to the effect "We are creating our experiences as we go along" not the exact quote but something very similar. I get the feeling have already created the the scene of sailing up the east coast of Australia, rounding the Sydney harbour heads sailing into what must be the world's most spectacular harbour and berthing and giving your parents a big hug!

I think the chefs will be busy that day all over Oz cooking up copious amounts of humble pie

Western Australia

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
glad to see the crew are liking your cooking. Havn't tried cooking Banana Chip muffins yet, must give them a try.
I bet you loved going on all the thrill rides at the Ekka lol, you seem disappointed that the weather wasn't more thrilling.
Anyway stay safe and keep having fun.
Tim and Rosie

Ellis said...

Anonymous said...
hi again Jessica, I´m the one that´s trying to figuer out why you did the detour rount Kiribati Island.

From Jess's Website covering the rules of the trip..
There are a few key targets I must achieve to qualify for around the world status. The approximate distance is 23,000 nautical miles (about 38,000 kilometres). I must depart and arrive from the same port, cross all lines of longitude, cross the equator entering into the Northern Hemisphere at least once and round the southern landmarks of South America and South Africa.


Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Good to hear from ya as usual - sounds a bit like you were a bit disappointed that you missed the squash zone. But I wouldn't stress over it too long if I was you.

It is most likely that in a couple of months time, you will be asking for the opposite, a couple of quiet days.

It really sounds like you are having a good time at the moment, and you seem to be very content in your own little world, enjoying your sailing, enjoying the ocean and enjoying the weather.

Tell you what, I will give you a few days off sailing when you get back to Sydney, but only a few days OK! LOL

I think you will find the warmer meals much more appetising as it cools down, I wouldn't worry too much about what you eat, I am sure that you are probably burning every calorie off that you are digesting.

So did you passengers make a lot of mess when they ate the banana muffins? LOL

Anyway, just wanted to say hi again, re-affirm my positive emotions towards you, and continue to wish you good luck and good sailing.

Take care gorgeous girl!


Caves Beach, Newcastle

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
It is wonderful to read your blog and I check every day to see if you have an update. Good luck with the cooler weather and rougher conditions. You are an inspiration to me.
(Those muffins sound pretty good).
Katanning, Western Australia

GrandmaSue said...

Sounds like you've got a hungry crew on board - those banana muffins were polished off quick smart!
All the best.

Bruce Watt said...

So pleased you sailed through that patch of rough weather, which speaks highly of your excellent sailing skills. More will follow please dont lose concentration, and rest as much as possible.

GlenF said...

Go Jess,

Greetings from Mooloolaba today. It's nice to hear the happy coloured yacht is cutting for the Horn. It's nearly Xmas - looking forward to the present opening with your extended family.

Some people have desk diaries with "inspirational quote of the day" on them. I don't need that as you have given us youngestround.

You should practice for "Celebrity MasterChef" - I'd like to see you on there saying "well tonight I' m cooking dried egg with banana chips in a melted toblerone sauce - a South Pacific special"


rod said...

your beautiful and i love traveling with you.
keep up the good spirits and take care as always.
regards as always
an adopted dad
blackbutt qld

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Plain sailing "honeymoon" leg is about past it seems (and good it was too).

The heavy cloud and cooler conditions seem to signal signal that the next more challenging phase is about to begin.

Through your positive commentary, changes in diet and clothing along with the careful checks and preparations one gains a sense of your mental readiness and your eagerness to enter into that next phase - with a calm, alert and confident mind.

Through your words to us we blog readers also feel that building sense of heightened adventure - just like getting further into a good book! Whatever lies ahead our hero is ready for it!!

Enjoy all the moments as they are experienced for they will live in your memory for many years from now - especially hot custard for breakfast!


Raincoast said...

"I still find watching each wave roll under Ella's Pink Lady, with the occasional one dumping over us, just fascinating".

I completyly understand your feelings with the waves.

I have been on ships (in the 70's we traveled on ships from NZ to Eng several times. And my fav passtime was standing at the back of the ship watching the waves and gettting splashed by the waves, and wathing the dolphins sail behind the ship. In those days we could feed the dolphins and after dinner I would take them food and throw it over board. Being a bit of a water baby I longed to go swim with them dolphins. I was only 11 the first trip. There was always something magical about being out there on my own in the dark watching the sea. I long to have that experiance again.

Christine Merrall Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
I still your blog is the best I've read!

You are amazing!

Regards from Susanne in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
4 months ago (yesterday) my cousin, my Mum and I met you at Mooloolaba Marina and we got a picture with, gosh that seems like it was just yesterday.
I can't believe how much you have achieved in 4 months.
I like the sound of temperture at 20c it's very hot here in Brisbane.
Saraya :-)

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, this is my second message I've sent tonight. I didn't expect you to write again so soon, so I felt I must as well. We all can only wonder how you're doing out there until you post so I for one am really pleased to know the weather hasn't been too much of a challenge for you and your trusty crew. How lucky are they, their captain cooks as well... banana muffins no less!! Take care Jesse 'til next time.

carole said...

Hey Jess
I was just thinking of you and wondering if you got caught in the storms and growing seas and clicked on your blog, and it was like Christmas.... there was a lovely cheerful update from you. Fantastic news the winds wernt as strong as you were anticipating, and the muffins sound divine... you could write a book on cooking at sea.... its nice to imagine what you are seeing out there, the waves roll under the hull, standing under the dodger watching the world go by.... bet you are sleeping better now it is cool, nothing like snuggling up in a sleeping bag as long as it keeps dry!
Love your attitude, your confidence and your readiness for a challenge. Well done Jess, those skies hopefully will clear and the seas flatten out for a little while. Maybe you could get your fluffy crew to take over for a day :) or maybe not... they might upset parker!
Great progress Jess..... we are all saluting you !
Carole (Mackay) QLD

Anonymous said...

Fly like the wind and soar with the clouds.Jesse dreams of rolling seas.But for the moment Banana muffins will have to do.
With you all the way Jesse.

Sally in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

An old Nana here wishing you a safe and wonderful journey. Love your attitude to living.
Nana Doddie

duane said...

Sounds like you have things well under control. The crew must love your culinary abilities. A happy crew makes for a non-mutinous crew.
Happy to hear you are in-tune and enjoying your environment. I suspect when your voyage is done you will have a new appreciation for things previously unnoticed.
Happy sailing and keep warm. duane

Richard Lathrop said...

You missed the squash zone, but you did not manage to avoid the banana zone.

Your mum is pretty sly in her attempts to get you to eat bananas. I'll bet this battle began when you were still in a high chair. Finally, she's packed them into your food supply--strategically counting until you are as far from land as you can possibly get on Earth--then BANANAS. Eat them or starve, kid.

Well, as usual, Mum has won and you have turned a bad thing into a good one. [she knew you would] and bananas are back on the menu.

You are a great observer, by the way, I can relate to your never tiring of watching the waves roll under the bow. When I was at sea once the conversation turned to "whales" and for a day or two every wave on the horizon took the shape of a whale in my mind. Has that ever happened to you?

Thanks again for your very fine blogs. Stay dry.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

Hi Jess again

I forgot to add a message for you to relay to the shore team.
A BIG THANKYOU to them for updating the Latest news, explaining what was happening today in case you didnt get to blog. Its great to hear from them and to fill in the gaps in case we dont hear from you some days.

So a big thanks to them.

I guess by now the banana muffins are gone - time to whip up another batch LOL enjoy your night Jess. Its a bright jewel in our daily life to be able to tag along on this wonderful journey with you and your furry mates.

Cheers, fair winds.

Bengt I Larsson said...

Hi Jessica!
I always look forward to read your blogs. They usually arrive near lunchtime Swedish timezone. I really like your texts, and today's text is really interesting to read.

And a message to the Swede and others asking about the detour. It is the rule for a 100% world circumnavigation, the equator must be crossed. Otherwise it would be too short just rounding Antarctica. Read the "rules" link on Also the Cape Horn must be passed. It seems that Abby Sunderland, a younger girl planning to circumnavigate alone, plans to use the Panama Canal, which requires engine usage there.

Information in Swedish to the Swedish person: Det är en regel för att en världsomsegling ska räknas, att ekvatorn ska korsas.

Tracey said...

Hey Jess, enjoy that 20deg, incredibly hot here in SE Qld. What a fantastic job you're doing, GO GIRL!!!! It's great being able to track you progress and read your blog, keeping us all informed, fantastic!!!
Until next time...only the best for you

windsong said...

Hi Jesse,
Great blog and very readable and descriptive - I am glad your crew appreciate your cooking which is not always easy in a bouncing boat.
As others have said, waiting for your next blog is becoming a habit and something to look forward to.
Thanks for posting your snail mail address which I have put in my diary but I do have a question - who delivers your mail?!!!
You are a great inspiration to us all - keep up the good work, we are all behind you.
Peace and harmony,

Anonymous said...

hey Miss Watson you are a Taurean Superstar enjoy the quiet as no day goes by without you in my thoughts...power on sister.

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Sorry you missed the mêlée (wind and waves!) Kind of like preparing to go out on a trip only to be left waiting at the door because the taxi didn't show... Oh well, plenty more action to come (hopefully not to much.) We are all very glad you are in good health. Eat hardily and sail on.

Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Meechree said...

I love banana muffins :D
Keep up the good work!
-Dimitri, USA

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Awww shucks, we were getting prepared for you to get a good dusting over and all you got was a few 40 knot gusts, lol.

Looks like the Horn will be easy compared to getting round Albany in Western Australia, this is from the sydney morning herald...
"Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist Neal Young says the iceberg, named B17B, is 1700 kilometres south-south-west of the West Australian coast and moving north with the ocean current and prevailing wind. The iceberg is 19km by 8km, equating to an area of 140 square kilometres [SMH]" As Hanrahan said..."We'll all be rooned!"

Thanks to ♣Richard in Maryland for the proverb about little things that matter most, looks like Jessica is doing that as we write.

Richard Lathrop said...

To Commenter Ellis,

a lot of questions and suggestions were raised in blog comments back when Jesse crossed the Equator for the first time.
we never received a final answer then, and i doubt that you'll receive one now. these sort of questions are seldom answered directly in the blog. I suggest going back and reading the comments.
many suggested a photograph of her gps to prove entry into the northern hemisphere (as required by rules)

My own guess is that such evidence could be questioned at some point. Rounding a physical island is more easily proven.

Anyway, welcome to the blog and enjoy the commentary. Hope this helps, maybe others will chime in with their opinioins.

But we're probably going to have to wait for Jessica's first book to learn the reasoning behind many of these decisions. [and when we do learn it, i'm sure we'll find no fault with it. everything associated with this project seems absolutely excellent to me]

Richard Lathrop

Bill said...

Hi Jessica,

Like many others I look for your latest news with great anticipation. I just read that you put on thermal underwear at 20? Seems a bit warm for thermals! Or was that supposed to say "2 C"?

Good luck and be safe.


Anonymous said...

Map positions still haven't been updated.

Would be nice if this could be done daily.

I'm assuming this is done by the support crew, so it doesn't require time from Jessica.

Alessandro Machi said...

Jessica's Cooking Channel.

Errol said...

Hi Jessica, You are one "gutsy" little girl. May God watch over you and keep you safe and well right through your amazing journey.

Best wishes and good sailing from Errol & Chris Forest Lake BRISBANE.

RichieParis said...

Oh Captain Jesse, everyone wrote it already, but what a lovely blog again!
How can we congratulate and thank you for giving such a pleasure, sharing so well the core of your journey?

We, the landlocked parents, really can live aboard EPL with you, as you describe as well the "landscape", your inner thoughts (fascinated by the waves gliding under, idea of a few days off), and your daily details (the banana muffins).

With your gifted writing, we feel all the aspects of what you are living. We are incredibly lucky and grateful, as your adventure is all but common. None of us, or so few, will ever live such a big one.

Keep on enjoying, making our days. I doubt we can ever imagine a mean of giving you back the present you are offering us.

Fair winds and happy sailing, Miss!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I hope you and your team take care of the icebergs!
"A flotilla of hundreds of icebergs that have broken away from Antarctic ice shelves is drifting toward New Zealand and poses a risk to ships in the south Pacific Ocean, maritime authorities have warned."
All the best for you!

Macca said...

every day i come home and cant wait for an update


p.s jess is ahottie

mimo said...

Hi Jesse,
Yeah, it must be tough always having to be alert. Even when you sleep you've probably got one eye open. You've got to make sure you get enough rest otherwise you could start getting a bit "punchy" and make mistakes.
Anyway, you know what your doing.

Bye and Stay safe.


Georgia Guy said...

HI Jessica,

As with everything one does, with practice comes improvement and enhanced skill. Your blog "Banana Muffins and Watching the World Go By" is a perfect example.

Written words paint a picture for the reader and the picture you painted was perfect. Each word has special meaning like each brush stroke on a canvas; all contributing to the image.

I write a good bit (totally amateur) and have been working on a novel (for years now) and I am very conscious of the picture I try to paint for the reader.

Your skill level in descriptive writing has improved immensely since the journey began. When you comment about standing under the dodger, I could almost feel the sensation of the waves, the rocking of EPL, and taste the salt spray. You conveyed the scene wonderfully.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Mary said...

Hiya, Jessica!

Yes, a practice run!! That's the perfect way to characterize these last few days. Build up, build up, build up.....phfew!!!


Getting ready, moving into cooler waters, cooler skies, larger seas, darkening colors. Eating heavier foods, hotter foods, layering warm clothes, struggling out of the sleeping bag.

Mother Nature is giving you time to strengthen yourself to make shifts as you venture south. Brilliant!

Your way of standing in the dodger and watching the sea is also how you learn about the waves, wind, skies and their effect on you and EPL. You process kinesthetically, with your whole body and all of your senses, building your strength and readiness for the inevitable shifts in seas that are sure to come.

I agree with you that putting banana chips into muffins is the best way to eat them. Good going to come up with that creative way of downing the chips.

All blessings to you, Jessica, as you fly through the coming days.

With love and deep respect,
Mary, Maine, USA

Beth (Qld) said...

Hi Jessica, I have been reading your blogs as often as I can and miss them if they are not there for a day or two. I want to wish you the very best for the rest of your wonderful and exciting voyage around the world. You are an amazing young lady and should be very proud of yourself. I love your photos and your great attitude. Your family must be so proud of you. Wishing you a safe journey all the way and many wonderful memories to keep.

(Nanna) Beth from Boonooroo, Queensland

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse, like others I am surprised to see a post so soon and am glad that your spirits are up and you have the time and conditions to make muffins! I also wanted to say hello and Merry Christmas to you and all the other followers too. A few thermals wouldn't be enough here in Indiana USA where we have snow and near zero temps! But we just turn the thermostat up, so my thoughts and prayers for your safety and comfort as you enter this part of your journey. Godspeed, Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You're making great progress and it's good to see a little more Easting in your track.

Sounds like you're really enjoying the cooler weather and I'm certain your wish for stronger winds will eventuate soon enough.

Banana muffins sound great but I'm not too sure about hot custard for breakfast! It doesn't sound like the crew are complaining though.

Look after yourself and the lovely EPL and stay safe.

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Thank you to H for the suggestion to watch the video at, just watched it and it is well done and very interesting to see what you are going through Captain Jesse. Once again, I have learned so much from following your blog by both what you say and all the comments left by others. Mike

el grande said...

Banana muffins.... and it is breakfast time on the east coast of the US... thanks for the inspiration!

Keep storing up that reserve energy - it will be handy when the heaviest seas come!

Like thousands, I check for a new entry each morning. Your writing is brilliant!

pestinfo said...


Thanks for the update. A Christmas card is on it's way to your snail mail address. You did say you would be home by Christmas. You just never mentioned what year!!

Remember it's just you and me doing all this.

Well, there maybe a couple of extra bloggers as well.
Actually, more than a couple.
OK, to be truthful, it's heaps and heaps from all over the world.

We all think your doing great, and we all wish all the best.

Sail safe.

Allen, Hervey bay, Qld, AU

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Loved hearing about the banana muffins, but it reminded me of the old song. Now, of course, I'll have this crazy song in my head all day. So I warn you not to check out the melody on the internet, or you'll be humming it yourself, all the way to Australia !

Yes, We Have No Bananas:
"There's a fruit store on our street,
It's run by a Greek.
And he keeps good things to eat
But you should hear him speak.
When you ask him anything
He never answers "No."
He just "Yesses" you to death,
And as he takes your dough,
He tells you:
YES! We have no bananas,
We have no bananas today.
We've string beans and HON-ions,
Cab-BAH-ges and scallions
And all kinds of fruit, and say
We have an old fashioned to-MAH-to,
Long Island po-TAH-to,
But YES! We have no bananas.
We have no bananas today."

All the best,

Brian in NY

Molly said...

Hoo boy.
I have to add that I went and watched
I don't think I would be a very good sailor.
I kept thinking that the boat was going to tip over.
It's a great visual of what it might be like out there for Jessica when the weather gets choppy.
Sailor Girlie has a lot more gumption than I do.
God bless our Jess,
Maryland USA

SaltyDog said...


RichieParis is right. It would be nice to learn more about the crew. I have never met them personally, but I caught a brief introduction of your friends in one of your videos. I know that I shouldn't judge people, or stuffed critters, on first impression. But my perception was that Big Ted is probably the strong, authoritative one, even though he comes across as just a big teddy bear. To me, Blue Bear seems like the one who is quiet and level headed (unless he gets strapped in too tight against a bulkhead which might make him temporarily flat headed) who adds stability to the whole group. I think that Carter, the Platypus ( sorry if I'm identifying him incorrectly) is the captains favorite. Probably can't do anything wrong. And then there's Chick-With-Attitude. I've just got a feeling that she's the life of the party. I do know that chick's a good dancer and does a mean Shania Twain impersonation. I'm sure that they are all great company and support for you, Jess, and what really makes them such a good crew is that they have a great leader who has an exceptional amout of class. I think that everyone would get a kick out of learning more about your crew in the future.

Great job of preparing for the heavy weather that is coming up. Enjoy your down time while you can.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

hezakiah299 said...

12-11-09 @ 09:30
Hi Jessica,
Now that was a surprise, a very pleasant one I might add, but I didn't expect a post from you for another couple of days. I'm glad that the weather wasn't as bad as you had anticipated, but sorry that you were disappointed. For you to travel ATW with only smooth sailing all the way would not set well with you. You want to have a little excitement in your voyage and rightly so. Patience, patience, patience. You will have your fun in the sun. (or rain) The squash zone you described sounds like it could be nasty.
I can appreciate the way you see beauty in everything you look at. Things that the average person takes for granted.
Glad to read that you’re in good spirits, you’re a strong and well balanced (mentally) girl, so when you do get a “little down” you know how to pull your self out of it. Go Fish!!!!
You amaze me with your baking talents in the middle of the ocean. Made my mouth water. They must have been good since the whole crew enjoyed them. Now I’ll have to go bake some P/B cookies. LOL……
My only regret about this whole trip is that I won’t be able to be in Sydney when you return, because that is going to be one hellatious(?) shindig. They may even declare it a “Jessica Watson Holiday”, our returning daughter.
Post when you get a chance, but remember you come first.
I’ll be back.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for your good health. A friend of mine was making a solo walk across Africa and got malaria and got so sick he had to quit after six weeks. Enjoy the sights and protect your health! God Speed!

Lori said...

Hi Jess, so great to hear from the ground crew and now yourself, I can sleep easier tonight.....

You are just so amazing - you already get so many compliments, and well earned I might say, just don't let it all go to your head, you might not fit in your cabin anymore, ha ha only joking.

Meant to remind you yesterday, that Queensland had it's 150th birthday - yes, world watchers, we are a very young country compared to you, we lack the historic buildings and the history that goes with it all, it is only when you travel that you realise just how young we are, but how big our island is, we are the biggest. Come down and see us some time - in the mean time, please send some snow ASAP, we are cooking down here!

Well, as I said, we can all breath easier now - glad you had such luck with your banana muffins, you could also place some underneath your hot custard for breakfast, that should be yummy as well.

Until next time, stay safe and keep enjoying yourself.....x

-Lori, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just have your people scan and email your snail mail to you. Then you'll be able to read it with the sense of timelines in which it was intended. It's not so hard to scan a card or letter, and reading it when you get back will feel similar to reading all the newspapers that piled up while you were gone.

Anonymous said...

Ecclesiastes 11:5
As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.

Good morning, Jesse. I was thinking during the rest of your journey you may spend much time trying to figure out those winds, and then wondering what happened when they don't go as predicted. I'm also intrigued at how you have come to appreciate those continuous gray skies and find such beauty in them. Even being fascinated by those waves rolling under your EPL, one at a time. So cool. Thank you for sharing about your wishful thinking about a few days off. Many have written you about that aspect of your journey and I know all enjoy sharing your moods with you. Well, I am praying today for your warmth and continued good health as you change over to the cooler clime, and your continued good spirits and clear thinking about what lies ahead. I'll remember your family and crew at home, too. 'Til next time....

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain Jesse,

Congratulations to you and the team on your progress to date. You are in my thoughts work associates ask me daily for updates...your pics are on our desktops....everything JESSICA....he he.
20c sounds good to bay here froze over last night for the first time with some Canada geese and swans still contemplating whether to move on for the winter....-17c with windchill at 9:30 am.
Great writing and pics...stay safe.
your fan, john,
Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

PS Best Wishes to mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

From San Diego, CA. USA my wife and I started fallowing your adventure just before you crossed the equator. We find your blog delightful and your voyage heroic.We are praying for you.

John & Patsy from S.D.

Lance Mason said...

Enjoy reading your posts. I like seeing where your heading and what islands you pass. Speaking of that - i really liked the Google Maps view better than the Google Earth view. I liked seeing it laid flat to see progress. Take care - be safe!

trek1000 said...

How do you deal with lonliness out there Jess? It must be a struggle at times. Dan in Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Wow, you are fantastic, making banana muffins in this type of weather and also have eating them all. Not many could have coped with that.
I really wait to hear your new report. Today I had to wait until the afternoon, because we celebrated Lucia at my former job.
Snow flakes was in the air when I biked home.
Sail on safe and I look forward to read your next report, how life is out there.
Take care.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse I must have made a 1000 hits today trying to find out how you were going out there. Thankfully my JESS-STRESS levels dropped dramatically when I saw the latest posting. I am so pleased you were not battered about and you seem in such good spirits which is just wonderful.

Your description of life on the waves is tempting but not having your courage I'll stick to surfing a few big ones in sight of land. Darl I hate reading the statement 'letting down the guard'. You know you shouldn't say things like that - when I read it my JESS-STRESS meter went into a wild frenzy. But it did settle down when I came to the bit about 'wishful thinking'. Good girl - that's the mindset to keep; in the moment, the 'here and now'.

The muffins smell great but come on ya being a bit greedy darl - I mean, I've been hanging out for one all day and you're crowing about hoeing into the last one. Also a please explain Jesse - what the hell's going on out there Hot Custard for breakfast? Come on, nobody has hot custard for breakfast - do they?? Shortly, you'll be admitting to having porridge for supper. With all these strange happenings it may be a good idea to check your temperature - maybe the thermals have precipitated Squash Zone fever. Anyway Jesse how would I know you seem to be doing pretty well to me despite these strange events.

I was so relieved to hear from you today and more importantly that you are in good shape. You will no doubt have many more of those 'wishful thinking' moments but the trick is to process them to long term memory and drag them out when you arrive back home. I know I must bore you but please please stay in the moment.

Well done over the past couple of days and your position does appear a little further East. 'til next time precious one keep the mind on the job, enjoy whatever is happening in the moment, stay well and truly clipped on, rest when it's safe to do so and continue to be so very very careful. And of course be happy!!


Stanlee said...

Your joy in life is so apparent! Of course, without that joy, you would have never even attempted this phenomenon. I'm glad you are really seeing the joy in the small things. If people would wake up and really see what unfolds around them, we would see that those small thing are really the big things, the important things that make the world go round. Even the things we resist, like banana chips, can bring us unexpected pleasure. The world is your oyster!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about banana chips. Glad you were able to convert them. ;)

Weather will come soon enough. Enjoy.

L.G., Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

Jessica, 1st blog for me, I have also been following your trip (i.e.) adventure. I am amazed at some of the blogs to you, and was happy to see someone with as much knowledge as our man from Washington state was in his instruction to you on how to weather the storm. But it still comes down to you dear one. Have I mentioned I'm proud as if you were my own grandaughter? I tell everyone who will listen about you and your journey. And some who don't lol. I think you had a bit adrenalin going there Jess waiting for the storm to hit and then a big let down.I'm sure you will get down a bit from time to time, but your doing and amazing job out there, keep your chin up. Have you heard about the ice cap floating around down there? Keep your eye out for it as you head home, who knows where it will be by then. Also Jess please DON'T give your exact coordinence out there around the cape, don't want the pirates tracking you. Last but not least...I am a praying woman , and have been praying for you. Chin up young one, You have a support system all over the world. You were born for such a time as this. from Ohio USA

kina said...

Hi Jesse,
so good to see you making steady progress south-east. Long may it continue. It seems 'mother nature' is beginning to flex her muscle a bit and no doubt she will test you many times before reaching 'the horn'. What MT does not know is that there is one tough cookie out there ready in wait and urging her to...bring it on! Such is the determination of one destined to succeed. So keep watching those waves roll under EPL and dissipate knowing that yet another nm has been left in your's and EPL's wake.
Take good care out there of yourself and EPL...oh, and the crew too.

Ben (Qld)

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

Squash made of muffins,banana chips and hot custard?
Sounds like you are on a Magical Mystery Tour with the Beatles, daydreaming at the waves'rythm.

What about school work while the weather let's you? :-)

Be cool, stay warm, keep safe!

Bon vent!

kerstin said...

Hi Jessica! It's so fachinating to read your blog !! I really wish you good luck!!
I would love to see more pics of the waves or just pics of the ocean.

Kerstin a swedish who live in California.

Anonymous said...

Now that you're headed back south, keep a weather eye out for icebergs. We hear there's a real monster of a berg west south west of Fremantle.

Augusta, GA

Anonymous said...

Watching heavy clouds is something one can do for days on end without ever getting tired of it. No formation, no second is ever the same. The skies and the sea, they constantly produce never ending varieties.

Russ. VE6VK said...

Great story as usual Jesse. You are making excellent progress. As another person mentioned you will be heading into summer around Cape Horn and Patagonia. Temperatures average about 9 degrees C at night and can go up to about 18C during the day. You also could have up to 18 hours of daylight. Very much like Canada's summers. We get lots of daylight and the further north you go the longer the daylight is in the summer. No doubt you will be getting cooler weather than you have experienced so far.
We find that in the cold weather it is best to layer your warm clothing, so, if it warms up just take off one layer at a time. Also, the best headgear is a wool toque. You will see most of the ladies wearing toque's on a very cold day.
Enjoy the banana muffins. The stuff you cook sounds very appealing. Safe and smooth sailing young lady..Best wishes..Russ/Calgary

Anonymous said...

Your truly an inspiration!!!! I look forward every day to reading your blog, safe sailing

Anonymous said...

Jessica So everyone present voted your banna chip muffins were the best you definitly got a wonderful sense of humor ! Love your blogging updates and can't wait to read them thanks so much Happy Sailing Cheers!

fd@, Los Angeles said...

You continue to amaze me on how you look after yourself out there. Keep up the good work.

Great job team EPL for avoiding that storm. I wonder who's got more sleep now these days. Jesse or team Bob. LOL

Stay safe always,


Phil in Idaho said...

Gooooo Jessica Goooo!!!! Yes the heavy weather awaits. Love your blog. Yes this is a mnetal challange every bit as a physicial one. I'll never complain about being to busy again!!

Anonymous said...

I do not know anything about sailing, but your böogg is anyway very unteresting!!

Ursula form Finland

Ron said...

Being entertained by passing waves is what sailors do and you're a true sailor. My admiration for you is more than words can describe. I'll never stop inviting you to visit me when you come to the U.S.A. and it'll happen sometime in the near future. You gotta come make this old man happy. I'll cook you some good American food.
Ron - Alabama USA

Swiss Alps said...

Hey Jessica,
Just to say we have been following you since the start over here in Switzeralnd,we come from the Gold Coast and live over here now. It's great what you are doing, take care and all the best catch you again soon.Stephen & family

Fadzli said...

I love your spirit!! almost like waves, it dips a bit but it doesnt dip without knowing it will peak again. keep up the good progress to the cape!

Scott said...

I'd say you're doing pretty well if you're only now wanting a break. I'd have been exhausted a few days in. Like you said, it's all a part of the experience. You've made it this far and you're doing great, so keep it up. Good idea with the banana muffins. You're making more in your little galley than I ever do in my kitchen.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Russ. VE6VK said...


Anonymous said...

I am one of those, who try to thwart the desire for daring adventure as I trudge through every day life.
Growing up meant realizing my wildest dreams were not suitable goals. A non conformist, grudgingly adhering to the practicalities of every day life. Wondering, what would have happened if I had stood up for my very nature and followed my heart, a long time ago.

The ocean is in my core. I grew up in Hawaii. Our family spent a lot of time on our sailboat.
I understand the purity of your expression and have taken the time to feel your words. Imagining myself surrounded by water without land or soul in sight. Raw and perfect, without interruption or compromise.

The free spirited wanderer in me is in awe of your ability to believe in yourself and your dreams. For your remarkable combination of maturity and innocence. I wish you a safe and successful journey.


Ben Sultan said...

Hey, sounds like you are appreciating everything at the moment. I've been more appreciative of stuff too lately. I'm glad you're moving faster, but don't move too fast. I'm enjoying reading the blogs too much for me to want you to finish too soon.

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess:
You'll get plenty of action(wind/seas,etc.) as u ascend the Mt Everest of sailing around the Horn. Your right the 40 knots of wind was only a warm up for the real challenge ahead of you. I guess not too many calm, sunny warm days for a while, which makes your adventure all the exciting and demanding . It's nice to see your spirits so good, keep it up and enjoy. :oD


danma said...

Hey Jess,

Good to hear that the weather turned out well for you & Ella.
Hahahaha banana chips, who does like them? they are a poor joke for banana's I would say. Maybe you could put them on your hook & catch a monster fish with them. That would get rid of them.

Stay safe & happy sailing

Attitude said...

Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals. Zig Ziglar

tjg911 said...


please be aware of the Geminids meteor shower. the peak will be 12/13 and 12/14 around midnight local time. i'm in the nh but i believe this is correct for the sh too. being out in the dark with a clear view in 360 degrees this should be a great show for you! please tell us if it's not cloudy how it was.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica:
I am another one of many supportive grandparents. Your blogs are great. Dont ever drop your guard. Always be prepared and stay safe. Enjoy the voyage.
I look forward to your postings and I pray for your safety and success.
Joe Springfield VA USA

Christine said...

Hi Jessica, You are 1 amazing young lady and your following continues. Your blog as usual is great, take care and enjoy.
Christine - Tura Beach

Andrew said...

Hi Jess and thank you, what week you've had. Nice build up to the exciting stuff. Love your spirit.
Stay safe (an warm).

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

As always it's great to hear that you're doing well.

I hope that that crew of yours didn't eat too many of those muffins on you.

As usual for this time of year Brisbane is sweltering. Your 20 degree temperature sounds like heaven.

I hope you took a moment the other day to celebrate Queensland proclamation day. If; however, you were like the rest of us you wouldn't have even known it was on. It just came and went.

We almost had a terrific storm here last night. It was going to be one of those summer beauts. Unusual for the size and sounds given out by the clouds it just blew away.

Brisbane is again dry and dusty. Not quite like where you are at the moment.

Stay safe and strong. Kapp finding the kind winds home.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

So good to see you're soaking in the 'Being' under the dodger. Anytime you get the camera out and snap a few more pics.... even just of waves, horizon etc.... would be most welcomed.

Rather ironic a BananaBender eating banana chips...... :)) You're in amongst them back home, eh !!

On bananas, have you ever tried banana ( dipped in lemon juice) wrapped in bacon, a few drops of 'Tabasco', or other hot pepper sauce, all secured with toothpicks, and then indirectly BBQ'd.... Yummm !----- Of course I know that BBQing on EPL is 'out', but y'could try this when you get back home------ since you and Mum have such a 'penchant' for bananas... Hahhah.

Most excellent to see you still strongly leading your phalanx of 'serried rankers' southwards. Can you 'feel' the 'presence' of all your followers ? There are _so_ many !!

And, hey, must be about time for another fish, eh ! :))

Again, time to get out of a busy Lady's way .

Best wishes, as always...

.... Ooc.

Stephen said...

Hey Jessica,
Nice job on the latest blog. I know you said that wished you could have a couple of days off but think of the character you are building. blah blah blah Ha ha
That's always fun to hear. Regardless, keep up the great work, be safe, and have a good weekend.
Steve Z.

Vegasclimber said...

Glad to hear all is well, and that you missed the worst of the weather, and ran through the squash zone as well.
Don't wish for the bad stuff too soon, there may be a time when you get more of it then you like :)

It would be interesting if your team could add an interactive weather report to the website along with the map, showing current and predicted weather and sea conditions in your general area.

That may help ease some minds when they hear you may be heading for a rough patch and then get worried when the blog and website doesn't update ;)

Just a personal observation, but you may want to try and hold off on the thermals as long as you can, and let your body acclimatize to the cooler weather...otherwise you may be bundled up like an Eskimo by the time it really does get cold.

Have a wonderful day watching the waves roll by!

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Nice to read a new post so soon, really. You passed through the expected bad time. But no worries, there will indded be a next time, I bet.
I'm completely addicted to your blog. We do travel with you, you know.

And you made my day (well, my evening rather) with your sense of humour. The title of your post today is hardly the picture of a run-up to The Horn, is it? :-)))

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, (GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

HI Jessica,
Young lady I continue to be thrilled to hear how mature you are in your descriptive comments.
I can only hope as you head further south the ''Gods'' of the sea well treat you with ''kid gloves''.
I fully expect you to take on each challenge and come out with an experience you can cherish as you look back when your journey ends,just remember young lady you are not alone,you have your a''stuffy crew'' looking at you daily.
I wait with each blog you send and you remain in my thoughts daily.
The ''winter winds'' are upon us here in the northeast USA.
So I send you my warm wishes and always look out into the world and remind yourself you are on an adventure of a lifetime which is truly an accomplishment already for you.
Thank you for being you and making my day's bright.
Give your crew a ''Hug'' daily and I wish you sweet dreams nightly.
Signing off for now,again God speed and may the winds keep you and ELP true to your course.
Await your next update,
Stephen M.
Adoptive ''Transplanted Aussie'',
P.S. My xmas wishes are on their way to you via ''snail mail'',unless I bribe ''Santa''to drop them off to you on the 24th,STAY TUNED FOR A ''SANTA UPDATE''.

hezakiah299 said...

12-11-09 @ 16:17
Hi Jessica,
Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, but it sure looks like you’ll be getting your wish for some excitement. Of course I’m not a qualified navigator but it (Passage Weather) looks like some rough stuff ahead of you. I figure you have everything anchored down and nothing loose to fly around, especially your crew. But I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle. I’ve got faith in you.
I hope you’ll be able to climb into your cozy sleeping bag and I do understand about not wanting to get out of it into the cold.
Have you been eating good and getting some rest? Good, glad to see that.
You know Jessica, now that we have an address to contact you I imagine that when you arrive home and see the mountain of mail (Christmas, your Birthday and just letters of encouragement) you’ll probably run back to EPL and head back out to sea. LOL…….
But every card and letter is a token of our love and support for someone as special as you.
Take care and have fun in the bumpy stuff, but stay clipped on as well.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, I say thank you very much weather gods for missing the big squash. You certainly will have other opportunities to test your skills. Maybe you can have a day off. Pick the right conditions and set up Parker to fill in for you. Well it may not be a whole 24 hours. But it might be just enough. Be safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Yes! There will be a next time so don’t feel too downhearted. Practice runs are good and getting into thermals is all part of sailing in cooler weather – and essential for combating the dangers of hypothermia. You are not over-reacting - you will undoubtedly live in them in the southerly waters you are heading into, so that’s part of your practice run too.

Thanks for giving us your snail mail address. Coming from you makes it official and your mention of it will be greatly welcomed by many of your readers. Hopefully Oceans Media will not tell you how many tons of mail will be waiting for you as you approach Sydney – you might enter the Harbour, cross the line and then do a u-turn and head across the ditch for New Zealand.

Good to hear you are in good spirits and enjoying sailing, banana muffins and hot custard. Very Scrumptious. How’s this for a thought: the more you eat the lighter the boat will get and the faster it will go – like a Formula One Racing Car. I don’t think there are any Pink Formula Ones on the circuit yet, but who knows in the future! I wonder how much your food supply actually weighed when it was loaded?

Well, I gotta go get a banana muffin at the local café. I hope they make them. If not I’ll tell them you recommend them.

From another of your grand-parent aged blog followers – with experience on off-the-beach racing catamarans and some experience sailing coastal cruising keel-boats.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Ian said...

Nice to hear from you again. i was concerned when the weather began to turn rough. Not concerned for your safety but that you would not get a good chance to try yourself out. Twenty degrees C. sounds heavenly after all the hot, sticky weather we've experienced in the south-east corner of Queensland.

As always, your happy attitude entertains me and does much to impress us. Fine sailing, now.

Love from

Ian from Brisbane

Angus said...

Hey Jesse,
It sounds like your really enjoying getting further south and the cooler weather.
Custard for breakfast, A bit different and banana muffins , well that sounds good.
I must say , I don't know about thermals in 20c, but I'm sure you'll need them when you get further south.
What latitude are you planning on for your Horn to Africa section?
Well it sounds like your well prepared for whats to come.
I just don't know if you'll be prepared for the reception when you get back. So long for now.
Fair winds and following seas.

Brent said...

Your writing now depicts a very settled contented sailor.
Cheeers Brent

Anonymous said...

Go on braveheart !
The Netherlands

Paul said...

Thanks Jess,

You are a roll model I hope my girls can look up too.

All simple things have beauty if only people could take the time to notice them.

Paul from PNG

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"There are those who work all day. Those who dream all day.
And those who spend an hour dreaming before setting to work to
fulfill those dreams. Go into the third category because
there's virtually no competition."

-- Steven J Ross

Stephen Lyons Jervis Bay said...

Hang in there Jessica, sounds like it may get a bit rough round the edges for a while.

Whatever you do stay safe.

We're all right there with you all the way. :) Keep up the great work.

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hello Jess

As you are so far east does this mean you get to celebrate Christmas first, or have you crossed the international date line which means you will be last.

I say you will be first, call your Mum at what ever time you see the sunrise, what a pay back for the banana chips, lol.

Thanks again for your wonderful blog, you are an inspiration to everyone.

Take care, God Speed

Peter and Sally

Steven Elmer said...

G'day Jess,

I have only recently got on to your blog and lets just say that I am now addicted!

Mega congrats to you on undertaking this, you will look back on this experience with pride one day and laugh at the people that doubt you.

I'll keep posted to more of your blog updates.

Enjoy ya muffins :P

Stevo (Sunshine Coast,QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, the country of the actual Americas Cup Winner SWITZERLAND is watching you and wishing you all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, good luck from the country of the actual Americas Cup Winner SWITZERLAND !!!

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

OK, so obviously no whales! Guess it WAS silly to make more out of a little cloud than that it was just a little cloud---and now the sky is so packed with the buggers that there's no separation (altostratus?), so I can't play "Rorschach test" with them anymore. :-(
Sounds like YOU'RE having fun though.
Personally, I think *I'd* be troubled by the occasional wave tumbling over my boat but if you aren't worried about it, I'll try not to be.
Take care and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, good luck from the other side of the world and the actual Americas CupM Winner SWITZERLAND !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Glad to hear from you so soon and that the rough weather was a fizzle.
Can you tell us how to email a Xmas card to you Pet?
Glad you enjoyed the muffins, they are a great way to eat things you dont quite like that much. You can make savoury muffins as well using tin left over vegies and cheese. But my kids faourite was chocolate chip and banana muffins and I used banana chips.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Anonymous said...

banana muffins, gives me an idea for today, will get my 3 year old to help out!!! :) YUM!!! I will ask her if she would like to draw you a picture to send in the mail, she wants to send santa one so we will try to send one for Christmas to you too!!
take care, keep enjoying the sights, more pics when you get a chance to post some would be great!
mel of yenda nsw

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Here I was thinking about you all day and imagining the exhilirating experience you'd be going through and you come up with... "banana muffins and watching the world go by while standing under the dodger in the companionway". Talk about an anti-climax! I was so excited for you because I know how well you prepared for this and how much you were looking forward to some real action. You're understandably disappointed but that is also part of the challenge. I get where you're coming from, longing for a few days off to think about other things and let your guard down for a while. You can always go fishing, you lucky, lucky girl. When I read that part of your blog I got this mental picture of you throwing you arms up in the air saying something like, "All that prep for nothing!". If you did then it's just an anti-climax type reaction and I can't say I blame you. I'd feel the same way. Be careful what you wish for though and never ever EVER blow a whistle at the wind in frustration (as if). I did...ONCE! But that's another story. :-))
Enjoy the next few days. Hope you catch a nice fish. Stay safe, warm and well hydrated.

Dear Kaleen. I'll trade places with you right now. Here in Perth, Western Australia it will be 37C on Saturday and 39C on Sunday. Maybe that ice block down south will cool things down a little??? :-))

Anonymous said...

HI Jessica
Once again I wake up and first look at your blog! I must be like all those extra mothers out their all concerned about your welfare.
We love your blog and what I find is for a 16 yrs old girl you write with great grammer.
You sound like like you a better cook than me and I have astove here.
Take care we a tracking you with our zigsaw puzzel of the world.

I was also concerned about those Iceburg Take care. and God Bless
happy sailing

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Things are looking good, and I'm happy you didn't get hit by the heavy weather. It will happen soon, but a little practice now makes perfect, and when it comes you will handle it no promblem.
I agree with you Jesse, sitting under the dodger and looking out over the stern watching the waves go by, is special.
But my all time favourite, which is a little hard for you, so don't try it, is sitting right up in the bow. I'm sure it would be a little wet for you.
I can't believe the weather has cooled down that much in this short amount of time. What is it going to be in about 2 weeks. It was 42c here in Exmouth yesterday and the same again today, but going out fishing tomorrow, so it will be little cooler on the water.
You will need to eat all the food you don't like on the way, it would not be fun to have only the least favourite food left to eat on the last month of your adventure.Have you been tempted to open a new food bag early. I sure you have, but I know you wont.
It's great to have an adress to send a christmas card to, so watch out when see the size of the mail bag.
So keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
You are absolutely amazing. I was a big skeptic when I heard you on Allen Jones. I couldn't believe you were being allowed to take this trip, but believe me I am the biggest convert you have. Congrats to you and your parents for being true to yourselves. You knew what you were capable of and we / I had no right to think any different. SORRY !!!!
Your blog is fantastic and the way you are handling yourself is a wonderful, you are truly a gift from God and an inspiration to many.
Well done mum and dad for bringing up such an incredible young lady, you are obviously one amazingly bonded family.
Stay safe and God bless.
Will be in touch again before Chrissy.

Lily said...

Hey there Jessica, great to hear from you so soon. I had been imagining you being very occupied with rough sea's and strong winds, it's good that it wasn't as bad as anticipated for you.
Still, you will no doubt hit them sooner or later, at least you are prepared.
Shame that you are feeling a bit low, wishing you could just relax and unwind without having to worry about winds and sea's. I guess this is going to happen more frequently as you continue your venture. It would certainly be tiring for you always having to be on guard 24 hours a day.

Hopefully as your trip continue's and you are past the halfway mark, then you can breath deeply and focus on the sailing through Sydney Heads. Right now though you do have a lot ahead of you.

I did see someone mention a few days ago............what about pirates?
That would certainly be my main concern especially sailing off Africa's coastline as you will be doing. You have generated a lot of publicity and a bright pink coloured yacht is pretty distinctive.
As a mum, I would be really worried about such a thing. Call me silly.

Anyways, no more doom and gloom. I am just wishing you all the very best as you continue your journey. Stay safe, eat well, try to sleep when you can.

I wish we had cooler temps. Here in Hervey Bay it has been very hot and the humidity today is the pits. Oh for a cool breeze!
Smooth sailing Jess..........
Lily in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

PS to Evie from Bendigo
December 12, 2009 10:15 AM

who wanted an email address to email you a Chrissy greeting. I would imagine so many would love to send one that the servers couldn't cope with the load. A actual snail mail address is given by Jess in her post with regards to Christmas cards being sent to her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

You're doing so great and you'll have many days off when you get back which really in the scheme of things is the blink of an eye!!

It will be so cool when you arrive back, I will certainly be watching on the telly :0)

Have a great day!

Gold Coast

P.S.I love hearing all about your food! :D

Anonymous said...

Firstly it seems not enough that Jessica's team has kindly provided us with a mailing address to send snail mail to but some blogger now expects someone to physically scan each and every one of those letter/cards and forward them on to her email address. Think of the process involved.
Secondly another blogger expects Jessica to write something every 24 hours even if its just a few words. Whether its just a few words or a book is easier said than done when her laptop is likely to be stowed away safely in heavy weather. Think of the process involved.
C'mon now people don't you think that some of your expectations may be unrealistic, or don't you think???

Toni McLean said...

Ah Jesse,
You're a reflective and insightful young woman. As far as I'm concerned, those gifts will serve you well throughout life.

And you're mum's pretty smart too. Knowing that if she packed banana chips that you don't like, you'd be resourceful enough to find something to do with them.

Like you I found all weathers had their own special charm, except when it was so bad you were too busy to take it in. Funnily enough, when I remember my sailing days, I'd say it's not the postcard brilliant days that I remember first. And not because we didn't have many because I sailed mostly in the tropics so there were lots of sunny sparkles dancing on the blue ocean days.

As for wanting a bit of a break, I remember that some people used to think that sailing somewhere meant that you didn't have to do anything, either to prepare your yacht for the journey or in the sailing there. I think they thought it was a bit like catching a plane. They didn't understand that you worked darn hard both before and during to make it happen.

I think it was Larry and Lin Pardy, in another lifetime, who estimated that for every three weeks cruising, they had one day's break. No one would work under those conditions! You've been working for how many days/months/years now?

Sounds like that crew of yours is eating you out of yacht and boat! You'd better put them on a diet or make them get some exercise on the winches or reefing lines! Eating all the muffins indeed!

And I was probably nearly as excited as you when I saw how much easting you had made in the last few days, and surprised to see that you are probably on a reasonably good course for the Cape as it is, at least chart-wise if not weather-wise. Funny how curves change things.

Your sparkliness and good humour shine through as always. And I'm sure all of us won't mind if you want to have a hissy fit in a blog occasionally.

Fingers and toes crossed for all the easting you need.


jo from perth said...

HI Jesse,
an early night last night and late morning rising for me, and the first thing i did was check your blog and there you were.. posted long ago. Oh for the cooler weather you find a novelty, it's going to be a scorcher here in Perth this weekend. Banana chips....yuk! at least you found a use for them and the crew approve of the muffins. If i could swap places with you to give you ' a few days off, to think of something other than sailing...' I would do so, although i think you would be a bit upset with me cos i can't sail to save my life! Good on you keeping your spirits up though.. keep your music turned up too/
Good winds Jesse, safe sailing,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess and all,
For those of you following this journey who would like to see what it looks like where Jessica is going, look at the Vellux around alone web site. Some great video of the southern ocean in a yacht.
Pete from Perth

max said...

Jessica you are wonderful example to the younger generation, I only wish more would take a page from your book & follow a little of your enthusiasm, dedication to what you are doing your thoroughness to make sure you have every thing in place. I am 4 time your age & while sailing is not been one of my hobbies seeing our wonderful country Australia has been the very best of luck & safe travel

Anonymous said...

Go girl Go! great to hear that you are heading East, keep safe and enjoy the ride.
Annie & Cam "H"

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I spent many years in the Navy and I never tired of watching the waves go by or crash over the bows. It is mesmerising.

Geoff H
Bundaberg Qld

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess!

What a great bunch of blogs you've received so far....lots of commentary about your crew and their enjoyment of your banana chip muffins! Who could have guessed that the topic of the day would be keeping the crew satisfied with creative cuisine?

I love Brian in NY's Banana Song. I have never known the lyrics.....very funny, Brian.

Samurai, I have a sense that YOU have a book to write as well. You're an excellent writer and you have lots of stories, but are holding back for obvious reasons. Have you written a book of your sailing experiences or do you keep a blog log of your own?

I'm very surprised to hear of the iceberg movement in the south pacific, southwest of western Australia. Wow. Hmmm, there's lots to think about and say about them but I think I'll just not feed any fire of speculation about What They Can Mean for vessels in the waters.

We are ten days from the Winter Solstice, then the days start to lengthen again in the northern hemisphere. Minute by minute.

The wind is positively howling right now. I think of you, Jessica, and I trust that you are well and warm and that EPL is flying along at your beckoning.

With love and deep respect,
Mary, Maine, USA

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess!

What a great bunch of blogs you've received so far....lots of commentary about your crew and their enjoyment of your banana chip muffins! Who could have guessed that the topic of the day would be keeping the crew satisfied with creative cuisine?

I love Brian in NY's Banana Song. I have never known the lyrics.....very funny, Brian.

Samurai, I have a sense that YOU have a book to write as well. You're an excellent writer and you have lots of stories, but are holding back for obvious reasons. Have you written a book of your sailing experiences or do you keep a blog log of your own?

I'm very surprised to hear of the iceberg movement in the south pacific, southwest of western Australia. Wow. Hmmm, there's lots to think about and say about them but I think I'll just not feed any fire of speculation about What They Can Mean for vessels in the waters.

We are ten days from the Winter Solstice, then the days start to lengthen again in the northern hemisphere. Minute by minute.

The wind is positively howling right now. I think of you, Jessica, and I trust that you are well and warm and that EPL is flying along at your beckoning.

With love and deep respect,
Mary, Maine, USA

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem

The Protected

The darkness brought me to my thoughts
This pending storm, now there are no ports
This is where I am to start
Just me, my Lady, my 16 year old smarts

I have prepared both ship, and this wee girl
I’d lie just a little, if denying mind’s whirl
Yet anticipation, with excitement has stirred
Transcending my doubts, as day vision blurred

I rest & I eat, whilst awaiting King’s test
He’s given me time, to adjust to his best
As morning breaks out and the sky is a blue
I understand God Neptune, a fine day is anew

I look to my plans, for that which was thought
It was really a test, yet all come to naught
For Neptune was happy, of all that he saw
The work I’d completed, ship needing no more

So sailing both south, with an easterly flow
Heading to 40, near where ice bergs do grow
Winds will change, blow me straight to the Horn
Protected by Neptune, his youngest yet borne


Jessica you sort of tricked me here, as I had a whole different mind set, of your situation and for the first time, pre-empted your post and wrote a totally different poem, but it will keep for later, I am sure.

God speed.

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Your latest blog reminds me of the old saying:

"When the going gets tough, the tough bake muffins!"

I enjoyed watching your videos over again to get a feel of where you are coming from as a person. I especially enjoy the one where you are interviewed by Jesse Martin. There is a piece in there where you essentially say that you just take on a challenge and give it a go, in kind of a laid back way. I think this flexible attitude will serve you well when you really "have to bake muffins" if you know what I mean.

I once had an encounter with nasty weather on the Chespeake Bay, sailing a Catalina 22 in the remnants of a hurricane singlehanded with a full main and genny. I had to keep sailing for hours to my destination, because if I had taken my hand off the tiller for one second, the boat would have instantly rounded up and gone out of control. I had no visibility in the sheets of rain, and every once in a while, a yacht would pass in front of me out of control. I found that I went into detached state through all this and stayed calm, playing the sheets like a dinghy to maintain an even heel and stay under control. I can only imagine what dealing with very large waves,gale force winds and swell in the open ocean would be like, especially if the storm went on for days, having only read about it, not experienced it.

I have thought a lot about what it would be like to face serious conditions at sea, because at some point, I am going to do some coastal passages with my present boat, or another one.

All the storm tactics for heavy weather sailing in all the books and articles I have read stress the importance of flexibility in deciding what storm tactics or combination of tactics to use and at what time. (Some times running off, sometimes using drogues, sometimes dragging warps, sometimes actively steering,and sometimes heaving to, etc). Having a somewhat detached attitude to what is going on,(even though things will get pretty crazy), and a flexible mindset will help as you apply and experiment if necessary with the different ways of getting through the tough patch in one piece.

I know you have expert advice from very experienced people, and you have trained well, but the only way for you come to terms with heavy weather is to experience it.
( How can you train for sailing in a storm without sailng in a storm?)

As I said before on one of your first blogs, I think your dinghy racing experience coupled with your fantastic mental attitude will serve you well in this adventure of a lifetime. You go girl!

With much admiration!
Richard W

PS Jessica Watson, cute and tough!

Chimli said...

Can understand you being fascinated by the waves; v/relaxing - hypnotic infact.
Hot custard ummm, nearly as good as rice pudding -
Thought the tracker had an odd kink in it recently with you heading back toward NZ for a bit? (curvature aspect maybe?)
Lastly, have you checked yr toes lately? Any webbed ones yet?
lol, go Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Go Jess Go!!

Great to hear you avoided the weather...

Stay safe we are pulling for you !!

Bob and Family from Denver, CO USA

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great descriptions Jessica! I've never sailed and I've only been at the beach at the ocean so it's nice to see what you are seeing through your eyes. You have everyone's support and best wishes! (You're lucky you didn't get a foot of snow like we did on Wednesday! That would tend to ruin your spirits a little) You're doing great! D.J. in Iowa, U.S.A.

Pipefish said...

Jessica, congrats on your slipping through the 'squash zone' unscathed! I like your pastime of watching the world go by, wow, what a vantage point you have! You have probably seen more of this planet in your sixteen years than most of us will see in a lifetime. I envy you! Mmmmmmmmm banana muffins! You worked a miracle on those banana chips! Keep churning those nautical miles into wake froth as you go. As always, godspeed!

Pipefish, California Usa

Dave said...

Do not give Parker any more scones! All he does is sit there so he'll be a porker when you get home and you won't be able to sell him. Saltwater and kind words only for him!


molmatt said...

Hi Jessica,

My name is Maggie and I am 9 years old and live in Los Angeles, California. I love hearing your stories about the Pink Lady! Good luck,

Bryan said...

Hi, I'm Bryan Bridges from Virginia in the USA. Hang in there, I've been keeping up with your journey since about a week before you left via the news, and have read some of the log you're putting on the internet. My good wishes and God Blesses go with you!

Anonymous said...

Watching you from Seattle Washington, USA. Puget Sound Cruising Club. Keep up your spirits and school work! Best wishes and early Merry Christmas!
Larry aka CaptBigMac

Anonymous said...

hi jess

I sailed from Perth to bussleton and I thought that was cool but sailing around the world would be cool. when i sailed to bussleton i thought that was sceary going over night but you must be really sceared out there all alone.and allso when we went to bussleton we used the moter a little bit as well and you'r not usind the moter at all so you must be going extra slow. from Abbey W.A perth

Geoffrey Hilliard said...

Dear Jessica,
How long now before you round Cape Horn which I understand is the most dangerous part of your voyage?
Geoff, 54 (Melbourne)

noelthebigboy said...

Another weekend is upon us. It must be time for another movie night. I bet you will enjoy them when the weather gets colder down south at nights. Hope you took plenty with you. So you and the crew can rug up in the cabin and enjoy them.

Keep smiling as your blogs keep me smiling and keep safe.

Noel G
Perth WA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Unfortunately no "Time Outs" just yet.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he/she has overcome.

Take Care
You're a legend

tayla bowden said...

hi jess

my class at skool has been folwing u and we all wish u luck (not that u need it)lol

best wishs tayla bowden
western australia, mandurah

Sharon Kerr said...

Jessica you are someone I truely admire. I wish I had a fraction of the courage you have. I now know that from what you have achieved to date, no one should hesitate in doing what they believe in. One day I may sail away with the man I love and not fear to do so. I should just think of what you have done.
Keep on sailing on.
Love Sharon (Sunshine Coast, QLD)

kina said...

A msg for Grant Fjermedal,"Ready For Some Wind" Dec9 8.06pm:

Tho not intentional, you've given us terra firma bound an insight into what Jesse might expect to be doing under extreme conditions and I thank you. I would imagine Jesse and her team to have covered these areas often, but re-enforcing these tasks until they become second-nature is so important for, "a cake walk to and around Cape Horn", as you put it. Also, it is comforting to know that if all else fails, Ella's Pink Lady can ride out a storm with Jesse secured inside.
I guess it depends on 'wind and current', but can anyone tell me just how long approximately would it take for Jesse to round Cape Horn and does the rough passage (roaring 40's) extend to and beyond the Cape of Good Hope? Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me on this.

Ben (Qld)

seipptrade said...

Hi Jessica ..You have no idea how interesting your comments are ,specially in contrast to the conduct of your school kind at our beaches So many of your aus friends are so proud of you,your critics making irrational airhead comments are silenced as they either wait for some awful fate to befall you or realise you are not the twit & airhead their lame brains imagined .

You write well, cater foe people's questions,nice a breezy well composed real life news from a very smart head decades older than your School ie crowd .In fact some of them may never reach your maturity.

Thank you Roger & Julie for Jessica ,you stopped reproducing too soon HeHe

John Seip

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every minute Jess! Thanks again for your always interesting updates!

Jill (Newcastle)

Richard Lathrop said...

the news on your site claims that you found the squash zone and passed through the worst conditions yet of your voyage.

It must have been a bit of a surprise, judging from your previous blog in which you thought you had missed it.

30 knots of wind doesn't sound too bad, but it would be nice to know what point of sail you were on when the first gust arrived. My look at showed that it could be coming from any direction in your piece of ocean.

rest up, stay dry, stay warm and don't feel any pressure to blog. It was nice that the shore crew filled all of us Adopted Parents and Grandparents in with the "latest news".

Richard Lathrop

trentgs said...

A nice way to utilize the banana chips! Your spirits oven must work pretty good.. or is it more of a double oven? I remember the cupcakes earlier on..'quite the baker you are.'..(sounds like Yoda in my head).
I fixate on small stuff myself. I take photos of butterflies, dragonflies, and rain blossoms (oil on pavement struck by the sun that creates really pretty rainbows.) When I was on the carrier back when your parents were kids probably..(U.S.S. Wasp CVS-18)1965-66) I used to love standing on the bow and looking down at the phosphorus streaks as the hull cut through the water... More later..Hey Its' great to hear about all the preps for the South..and once again I went back to my Anapolis Book Of Sailing to learn about the differences in sails...

Be Blessed Jess.. And a Wonderfilled day..Thanks for the snail mail adddress too..

Gary & Jan

Martin said...

Leaving your mail address is a good idea but in 1968 during that non-stop yacht race around the world, letters to the winner Robin Knox-Johnson had to be read out loud to him from another boat as he sailed past New Zealand, about halfway through his voyage back to the UK. The journalist with his letters couldn't hand them to him because that would have constituted outside assistance! Remember that if you want to keep your unassisted status!

Anonymous said...

i hope you get not scared with all the peole telling you abouth the bad wather comming¨!

looking forward to hear good news.

seipptrade said...

Dear Jessica Looking for your daily report as ever I canimagint you choosing a path through big trouble water tonight &may tell us about it tomorrow

You are a borne professional sailor & travel writer ,I crave for the next edition always ,your bright philosophical spirit &( corrected ) Composition shames most of your age . you have won a world of friends who love you for the same pure reasons ---who you really are .

If not for this brave venture I would have never known of you & I thank you for that as the light to many dull days /I've been in big water in bad weather & it is not so funny though a very interesting challenge ,but at 16 ,you have really raised the bar . Keep your mind on the job &bring it all back intact. Trust God & not you own understanding .He handles Climate change not politicians & parasites .

john from Ipswich

Mary said...

Dear Jessica,

Thinking of you and sending you courage, confidence and clarity, as always.

Mary, Maine, USA

PS. To all Jessica's landlubber fans and nontekkies like me: I wanted to convert wind knots to nonmetric MPH. Up came a good site:

William Watson said...

See what happens when you bring the right two adolescents together!
Two fillies chewing at the bit!
Still strangers, but both with gut feelings something's not the same as what they’re expected to be. Unsure, yet knowing deep down they are both extraordinary.
One dressed in white, she wants to run, she has the muscle, she has the drive, but she’s frisky, something's not right.
The other mixing with many but everything's the same. The pair of them possibly tom boys, with the tallest being the brawn and the smallest with a heart, the wit and most of the brain.
No one alive will ground an adolescent tom boy and you'd be nuts if you tried.
Two adolescent tom boy strangers that both need to drive.
One in the form of a beautiful girl, the other a shape of a ship with wings.
Jessica Watson meet Ella.
Ella’s awake, her make over perfect, she see’s her reflection, she is Ella’s Pink Lady and she’s now happy and ready.
Jessie’s working, making it real. Pleasing cameras, sponsors and all of the people. Reassuring her family not to worry. Jessie is the protector. Mum as long as I have CHOCOLATE you know I’m ok!
Now both adolescent tom boys as one, unbroken and untamed, not fully acquainted. Different ideas going in different directions.
Jessica Watson sets out to conquer the world and break records. The youngest ever to sail around it alone and unassisted.
Ella’s Pink Lady wants to grow up to be the Sea Sheppard and save whales. Lol
Thanks Jess! Thank you both for lifting us up and bringing the world a little bit closer together.
She knows what you want now Jesse, you have her tamed, guide her as she trusts you, stretch her legs when you can and let go of the rains.

SaltyDog said...

Thanks, Mary from Maine for the knots to mph conversion site. Here's another one thats pretty good.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Mary said...

Hi, all,

A quick word to "newcomer" bloggers, with respect to THINKING about Jessica, her adventure and our writing to her.

For those of us in North America, Jess's Aussie team is about 16 hours AHEAD of us, almost a full day. When we're going to bed, they're up and doing jobs. When we're writing to Jess during the day, they're deep in sleep, hopefully. At least the blogmaster might be!

A way to manage expectation is that we think in terms of two to three or more days, not in daily reports. Stretch your thought waves so they're longer and rounder. Then, when we do hear from Jess and/or her team, we'll be delighted and reassured with news.

Mary, Maine, USA

Sally said...


You are awesome! I really admire you. Thank you for your well-written and charming posts. Keep it up!

Watching your progress from the USA.

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

You have some impressive commenters, Jessica. One person referred to Grant Fjermedal's comment, so I looked him up on Google; amazing Seattle writer/entrepreneur.

If you have Jello packets (gelatin) to which you add boiling water, you may put it into your custard or anything you wish. It will help thicken up your blood to stay warmer. People have gelatin before surgery to prevent bleeding.

Can you use banana chips for bait? Muffins sound creative! I made banana pancakes for supper last night because I had bananas on the brain!

QUESTION: Who makes up these definitions of "unassisted"??? Just handing you something would break the rule? Unbelievable! Are they some organization? How did they push the evolution of "unassisted" to mean handing you something? Would it be because they would have to pull alongside? What if the Coast Guard pulled up to ask for Ella's papers or something? It sounds as nuts to me as some of the Olympics rules! Thanks, Julie, Roger & Team, for the updates one way or another! I'm amazed the little pink icons almost don't fit on the Voyage page! Bon Voyage! A Pink Parent from snowy Northern Nevada!

Anonymous said...

Will your position on the chart be updated prior to Cape Horn?

Why can't your position be updeated daily?

Grant Fjermedal said...

For those who would like to dive into another solo circumnavigation story while awaiting the next post from Jessica, I've just stumbled upon a wonderful book (for free, as it is posted on the Web) about one of the first Americans to sail solo around the world via Cape Horn.

The book "Storm Passage: Alone Around Cape Horn" was written by Webb Chiles who did the trip 35 years ago -- without an engine, and without any electronics. Just sails and a sextant (and a bailing bucket to keep his leaky boat afloat.)

The Web site for reading the book is:

Or you could just do a Google for "Webb Chiles" + "Storm Passage"

He's got a great sense of humor. From his first few days out he writes:

"About 3:00 this afternoon I tried to take another sun sight,
which was spoiled when I misread the stopwatch. I tried again,
only to have the sun disappear behind the only dark cloud in the
sky. That was more than a half hour ago. So much for finding
out where I am today. Presently we are headed 165° at 6 knots.
That is where I want to go, and there can't be anything ahead of
me for hundreds of miles (to be remembered when I go aground
tonight); the sun is still behind that cloud, probably making
obscene gestures."

He also had to bail "12,000 pounds of water a day" -- by hand with a bucket -- through much of the Southern Ocean because his Ericson 37 leaked so badly (my guess would be from the hull-keel joint, but I haven't gotten that far in the book.)

Anyways . . . I figured that armchair sailors who are following Jessica would enjoy the story of how Webb Chiles fared in hurricane strength winds off of Cape Horn, survived 3 capsizes, and managed to live through a whole lot else on his solo voyage without engine and electronics.

I'm supposed to be working today -- but while the kids watch Saturday morning cartoons and my wife sleeps in after our Sloop Tavern Yactht Club party the night before (where I learned that a sailing buddy had gone so eccentric that he had managed to accumulate 3 ancient 6-meter class sailboats on the side) I'm diving back into "Storm Passage."

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm really glad you can make some moves to the east right now; otherwise you'd have to prepare yourself to add some penguins to your "crew" ... ;)

To me, it's very understandable that now you've reached those moments when you think of being somewhere else and like to do something else aside of sailing. I tell you one of the most well kept adult secrets: Whatever you'll do, sooner or later it will feel that very same way. I'm one of those lucky people who are being able to earn their money by doing something they really like ... that's copywriting for an advertising agency (and some big, interesting clients), in my case ... but with my usual 12 to 13 hours working days now before Xmas, there really isn't much fun in it.

I don't mean to say that life always is boring. It's just, that even with the greatest possible fun it's only natural that you want something else after a while. So don't question yourself - you're probably doing the right thing now, but it's right as well to feel this way about it from time to time.

I've found another band which made me think of your journey, and it's not only their name which to me seems very appropiate to a sailing trip: Seabound. The best way to get some of their music for you should be Youtube, and I'd recommend "Scorch the ground" for a start.

Good winds and good luck

Frankfurt, Germany

Anonymous said...

Righto, ah, today's social message is especially addressed to all those deserters sending paperproducts to the snail-mail in Sydney. Unless you forward your wishes into the time slot of "Christmas in July" (one of those queer Antipodean conversions to have a cosy "White Christmas" in the Southern Alps of Oz or NZ), you will be creating a massive stack of waste cardboard piling up in some office corner. I guess on return, Jess will rather prefer to be handed a stack of fresh banana pikelets with REAL CANADIAN Maple Syrup (nudge,nudge, wink,wink, to our CANADIAN fans, send the sticky stuff, well wrapped, so it won't break in the mail - much more efficient use of the snail-mail than supplying wastepaper...)
Therefore enjoy the closeness of your blog comments and consider the immediate psychological effect you will have on Jess being out there, "alone but not abandoned" (Drip, drool, how smalzy...).
And having stated that, I would kindly add a very friendly "NO, GET UP ! YOU CAN'T SLEEP IN TODAY ! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ? A LUXURY LINER ? COME ON, THERE'S WORK WAITING..."
Be thankful you are sailing into the zone of Long Daylight. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's not very helpful to be deprieved of daylight as well. Experts prescribe Vitamin D as a stimulus, but for me it's more a Vitamin B Diet as in "Baked Apples, Beer, Bratwurst..."
So keep the waves outside and dry sailing

Anonymous said...

Hyperthetically speaking, considering the presence of Iceberg B17B on the way to Western Australia. Should you have a titanical encounter with that lump of freshwater on the final run to Oz, who is going into the liferaft first ? Jess the child or Jess the woman ?

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

as always, simply amazing! imagine: banana muffins in 40 kt winds and 3 mt seas!

be safe. be well. have fun.

richmond, va

Emile MHS said...

Hello Miss Jess, nice going and stay focussed. Bananas are just the right food, dried, chipped and best of all in muffins. How do you find time to cook muffins? Good luch with your eastings.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Had to travel out of town yesterday and I won a jackpot. CHERRIES bought some huge deep red ones from a bloke selling them on the side of the road. I thought of you and your mangoes!!! The cherries in the shops this year up to now have been small and tasteless.
Hope you have a pleasant Sunday with a good Sunday arvo cat nap !!!! Go you good thing

Dusty from Dubbo

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

Nothing like a practice run to get ready for stronger winds further south. You are doing well and yes, the simple things in life are usually the most enjoyable and peace giving, and wishful thinking always gives us something to look forward to, so nothing wrong with that either.
Keep up the good work young adventurer. I'm enjoying every part of your journey.

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse,

My grandson is a very competent '13 y.o. and I look at him and think, "Sailing around the world solo in 3 years time.......NO WAY!". I honestly do not believe that you even understand what an unbelieveable job you are doing. That easterly turn looks great.
Our prayers and best wishes are with you always.

Kaleen said...

Kaleen from Erie, PA / USA here.

Hi Jessica & hi to all my other blogging brothers and sisters from around the world....feels like a family around here, with only an occasional fist fight with one-another! Basically, we have a normal family another words!!! (and we are giving sister Jessica some serious laughs from all the uproar at times!!)

Anyway, update about the storm and then another poem for Jessica... Erie only got about 6 to 8 inches of snow, more to the east and up in the direction of Buffalo...we did have white out conditions & frigid temps, but the blunt of the storm hit upstate New York... neither Lake Erie nor Lake Ontario are frozen over and now is the time when the storms get rough til they, Saturday, it's actually been sunny all day with the temps in the low 30's farenhite. Went to the annual Christmas tuba concert at one of the local colleges at the noon hour...about 30 various types of tubas played...a heavey metal concert that Jessica you would have gotten a real kick out of!

Anyway, I found 1 more poem out of the book called "Selected Poems" by Edgar A. Guest that I thought was approbriate for Jessica and all my other family members here. Again, the copyright of this book is 1931. The poem is called "See it Through". Enjoy everyone!

When you're up against a trouble,
Meet it squarely, face to face,
Lift your chin & set your shoulders
Plant your feet and take a brace.
When it's vain to try to dodge it,
Do the best that you can do;
You may fail, but you may conquer,
See it through!

Black may be the clouds about you
And your future may seem grim,
But don't let your nerve desert you
Keep yourself in fighting trim.
If the worst is bound to happen,
Spite of all that you can do,
Running from it will not save you,
See it through!

Even hope may seem but futile,
When with troubles you're beset,
But remember you are facing
Just what other men have met,
You may fail, but fall still fighting;
Don't give up, whate'er you do:
Eyes front, head high to the finish,
See it through!

Again, written by Edgar A. Guest

Well Jessica, our Sailing Angel, stay safe, clipped on & chin high. Until the next time, May God Bless You. Kaleen from Erie, PA / USA

P.S. thank you again for all the kind welcomes from other bloggers. Take care everyone...time to do another fun thing today...the season opener of our local NBA development basketball team & to go guy watching!! HA! HA! Hey Jess, this old broad of nearly 50 yrs old is looking for a hunky, kindly man... spotted any sailors in your binoculars on another passing ship? They need to head up the St. Lawence Seaway quick b4 the water freezes over!! Erie has a harbor and 3 lighthouses, they won't get lost!! Keep smiling! HA! HA!

David and Una said...

Oops, Jess I meant to ask, "How many nm have you covered so far?"

SS (stay safe)

Anonymous said...

OK, now I'm worried...that low pressure bit following EPL is now a cyclone following. How long do cyclones last and do they weaken or strengthen over water?I googled cyclone duration and cyclone behavior, but did not turn up much that's available to the lay person. It's 5-day forecast puts it due south of Kiribation Tuesday.

Chasjr1450 said...

Thanks Jessica,
As many have said before You make our day and restore my faith in the younger generation, while so many are playing with their I pods or I phones and whining and shopping at the mall with Dads credit card, but there you are at the mercy of the winds and sea. I really admire your spirt and get up and go.

Thank you and God speed
Chas Jr. 1450
on aboard "THE LADY STAR"

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
Is it ok for us following you persue your dream to call you Jess?
More importantly are you ok??
Has home sickness got hold of you ???
The reason I ask is because I used to work away from home (a lot) and I found that homesickness was the toughest challenge to overcome.
I like most of the people following your trip worry for you, not that that will help. I (unconditionally) believe you can do this but when there is a gap in your comments I guess we get worried.
Keep happy thoughts, all of us admire you and wish you a safe and happy adventure.

hezakiah299 said...

12-12-09 @ 18:00
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to say hello and to see what you and your crew are up to.
It seems like the nasty weather I was looking at on “passage weather” is running ahead of you and you may not catch up with it. Not knowing exactly where you are makes it difficult to say. So all I can do is estimate where you are and hope for the best. It’s almost like the weather is teasing you, come on Jessica, catch me if you can. LOL….. I think you will, eventually.
Are you able to do any school work? Yes, you’re right, I just had to say that.
I went to a Christmas breakfast with a couple of old friends that I used to work with years ago. I was telling them all about you and they couldn’t believe it. I just took it for granted that they had internet but they don’t.
I always enjoy reading the posts sent in to you. The amount of love, concern and appreciation for you is amazing. I just hope that what you are doing will help some young people somewhere. Personally, I think it will. But I know you know that.

For The Shore Crew:
I also wanted to thank your shore crew for letting us know what you were up to a few days ago. I really appreciated it and hope to hear from them again. If you get into some heavy weather I’m sure they will back you up and let us know what and how you’re doing. Thanks to the shore crew!!!!!

Take care of yourself Jessica, and keep them scallywags out of trouble, did I see a rabbit in there?
Be safe, stay alert and clipped on.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Ron Munro of 5108 said...

My 4th grandchild, a granddaughter named Abby, is one today. And what better time to spend, along with her special day, is to check up on another great daughter of Australia doing her bit of all aussies that go out there for Adventure by checking up and see how you are going. I am loving the map, as being an ex-military man I work well with maps. Happy Sailing Dear Daughter; looking forward as ever for the next update of our ride. YGG!!

bobcat68 said...

Hi Jesse,

Your inventivesness amazes me. Hot custard for breakfast? I wonder if you could also write a "Cookbook for Long Distance Sailors" when you are home again.

Right on lass you have great spirit. You're making we landlubbers envious and proud of you.

Bob, 25mins due west of Noosa.

Jose Hernandez,Fl USA said...

Well I am not really happy about the building seas sentence.
Watch yourself and stay safe.
As always, only one way to go....
Straight ahead.

MUNGUS said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm sure we all understand your desire for a few days off but remember that you're already a quarter of the way round!

Here's some inspiration for you to help with the tough times, we don't know who originally wrote it -


Nothing in the world can take the place of PERSISTENCE

TALENT will not!

Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent

GENIUS will not!

Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb

EDUCATION will not!

The world is full of educated derelicts

PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION alone are omnipotent

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today
is a gift. That's why we call it the present."

-- B. Olatunji

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Vicki your little guardian angel from Caloundra. You are doing so well I love reading your daily adventures. I will wish you Merry Xmas today as I am sure you will have thousands of people sending wishes your way. Stay safe and know how much we all care about our little Jess. Vicki.

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, I've been reading some of the comments from some of your supporters who seem to be very heavy weather savy sailors and I'm sure you are smart enough to heed some of the very good advice. Unfortunately I can't help you because I was a submarine sailor in the U.S. Navy. We would go on patrol and stay under water for two months. I did that four times. I'm a lot better now!!!!! Your off hand comment about wishing for a couple of days off from sailing caught my attention. Especially coming approximately two months into an eight month journey. I mentioned in one of my previous comments that you are going to be one mentally tough young lady when you pull into Sydney Harbor. Your Mum will undoubtedly recognize the physical Jesse but the mental Jesse will be somewhat different. This is not a bad thing but a good thing brought on by your experiences in the eight months. So I'll stop bending your ear as the saying goes and wish you continued smooth sailing with a brisk following wind to speed you on your way. Sail safe Jessica Watson. Your adopted long distant friend, Larry (

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous Jess,

Banana muffins...yummo. You are quite the cook aren't you...all the way out in the middle of no where...i am challenged by that here at home on land with all the modern cooking put me to shame..might nip over to the bakery and get they are no where as tasty as yours.
take care ..i know you are...and each day you amaze me more and more. you are one special young lady..oh.. so is EPL..haha.


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