Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Big Day - Pictures Tell a Thousand Words!

Pic 1: "Can you see the line?! Un-tangling it from the keel was quite a challenge!"

Pic 3: “Mostly I celebrated crossing the line with a lot of slightly melted chocolate! You can see the chart plotter behind me displaying our position now in the northern hemisphere.”

Pic 3: “The traditional dunking of salt water of any first time equator crossing, can't say it was all that bad!”


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Ondra from Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess. Watching with interest and wishing you the best of fair weather and sound sailing. Ignore the doubters Jess. We're proud of you, and backing you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Regards from Spain!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
What is it called for a "double crossing" of the equator?
Lovely pictures.
I am happy for you.
Enjoy the next stage of your adventure.
Luv u.
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

great job, yahoo

Crocks said...

Congratulations Jess,
You may as well duck up to Hawaii while you're up that way.
You're a champ. Keep it up.

Shaun (Sydney)

Linda Björk said...

Congratulations Jesse! :-D
Fantastic achivement!!
Linda - Iceland

jo from perth said...

Jesse CONGRATULATIONS.... ahahah i don't know what else to say, what a girl you are. WELL DONE!!!!! love the photos of you and didn't know about the traditional dunking. I am so happy and excited for you, I feel elated just looking at your photos. WELL DONE WELL DONE WELL DONE.
for the rest of the journey to come, Good Winds Safe Sailing.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

If you were in the U.S. Marines or Navy, you would yell, at the top of your voice, and the moment you crossed the line

HOOYA ! ! !

Good on you girl. All of us around the world who are following your journey are so very proud of you.

Loved the pics and hope you have more to send.

Safe sailing and Godspeed

Georgia Guy

Geoff said...

Hey J


well done

how long before you do the u turn

double celebration tonight - your TBO 2 and I start holidays

stay safe & keep smiling


Melbourne Orstralia

kick some roaring forties butt for me will ya :)

Jon van der Horst Bruyn said...

Well done! Great pictures looks like your having a ball.

Kiwi Jon

The McGraths said...

Sensational Jess,

We're so thrilled for you, getting to the equator is such an achievement in itself. We're thrilled to bits & absolutely love the photos. You look beautiful in photo number 2 as well.
The next leg is just another chapter in your amazing story.

Take care little one!!
The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Victor from Ukraine

Bryn said...

Hi Jess,
great to know you crossed the line I will try to keep following you through the holidays and next year but I might not remember
all the best for all the rest


Anonymous said...

congratulations - the pics were cool , great to see you look healthy and happy

Bengt I Larsson said...

You are so great! Congratulations! I like that you followed the tradition with the bucket of water, and the joke with "untangling the line".
Now continue to the rounding mark and then towards Cape Horn, the second big mark. Bengt I Larsson, Sweden.

Péter said...

Hi Jessica,

Congratulations for reaching the Equator. Along with the constant attention of the fans and the thorough work of team, Your strong will and endurance are the most essential to success.

I made your well-deserved Ceartificate (following Neptunus himself's orders of course). You can download the Certificate signed by Neptunus Rex from the following link: (click on the small picture first)

I'm sure you have celebrated the crossing yourself. We celebrated with You as well.

Great Pictures! I wish you good winds and safe sailing.

Take care.
Péter from Szeged, Hungary

Aldinga Beach Crew said...

Congrats!! well done

Pete and Nancy in NH USA said...

Congratulations "SHELLBACK" !!!

Miss Magic said...

Hi Jesse
Nice to follow your joerney..
But I am sorry to say, it seems to me you are way off course.. you have to go futher south, this way you go now will never bring you around the globe..
keep safe

Dearest Henrik from Denmark

Shirley said...

Hooray for you!! You are a supernova!
Shirley Cape Town South Africa

Max said...

now your on the down hill run, heading home.

Max & Annette

Anonymous said...

Congratulations shellback, you are now officially a member of Neptunes domain.

Keith, Sydney OZ.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Good onya Jess, been thinking of you all day...

Loved the Video on the Galley....

As I type we are watching Jess Martins DVD on the home theatre that arrived just a few hours ago.

Your amazing Jessica!

Clint - Melbourne

P.S I really loved "Stinky the Sea Bird" by Pacific...very very good!

kanga said...

Wow Jess, what a milestone for you and you celebrated in style young lady. You are an inspiration to us all. So proud of you. Hope you enjoyed your salt water dunking and of course the chocolate.

Take care and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Yea, well done, congratulations to both you and 'Ella's Pink Lady', safe sailing from now on!

Bindo said...

Congrats Jesse
i'll go with you on the second lap

andrewVA said...

hi jess!

congratulations again on a huge achievement!!

you continue to amaze me and the rest of the world with this fantastic adventure.

tomorrow is my birthday, so i'll consider your crossing as an early birthday present and celebrate with you!

on to leg 2!

be safe.

richmond, va

Dagmara from Norway said...

Congratulations!!!! :-))))))

Isobel said...

HI WELL DONE!!plz another video diary!!!

John said...

G'day Jesse (Lady Penelope),

Congratulations on reaching your first milestone. It is lovely to see some photos of EPL and you. I must say everything is looking shipshape. Bugga about getting the line caught in your keel ;-).
We are having a thunderstorm here in Adelaide after another record hot day - 43C so maybe I'll turnoff all the lights and cook cookies.
Stay safe and happy.
Thanks for the joy you bring so many people, I bet you never expected it at this stage of the adventure.
All the Best

Anonymous said...

great to see your crossing celebrations - thanks for sharing!

donna in perth

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

congrats Jess, you are truly amazing.
Keep safe

Alison said...

Congrats Jesse job well done

Ali Qld

Bradd said...


Bradd(kiwi in perth)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica! Well done to you and Ella's Pink Lady, loved the photos, King Neptune would be well pleased.
Bluefin, Buderim, Qld.

rod said...

good on ya jesse,
that must of felt great, little adventurer.
keep up the good work and all the best.
from one of your armchair travellers.

Aprilstar said...

congratulations form England UK !!

Sharon from Castle Hill said...

well done Jess what an achievement and crossed in such great spirit!

Anonymous said...

what are tradition,I`m gald u celebrated crossing the line.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy for you. Enjoy the rewards of so long an effort. Congrats to the family and team as well.
L.G., Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...



Aprilstar said...

Congratulations from England UK !!

Mary said...

Dear Jess,

I'm laughing gleefully along with you! Yeah, the line was clear as mud in your pic but I'm glad you got a good dunkin' of H20 to make things better. Good-oh for you!!

Loving the pictures and radiant you.

Wishing you all the best on this day and always.

Mary, Maine, USA

Cobrarog said...

Congratulations on your first crossing of the equator Jess!!

With your drive, I expect you will achieve great things in your lifetime.

You are learning patience which is a great virtue. Just have a look at the way people behave on the highways and elsewhere! You read about them every day after they have wrapped themselves around a tree or indeed another vehicle. Patience and consideration of other people go hand in hand.

Perseverance is another virtue that will get you over the line. Life has its doldrums but one must press on.

A good education is an absolute requirement for success in this world. You have many hours available to you, to do more than just dream and sit on the deck as some have suggested. Use every opportunity you have, to get that dreaded school work done according to your pre-planned schedule. Try to get ahead whenever the weather is cooperating and creating the opportunity.

Obviously, your safety, “housekeeping” and diligence take precedence above all else.

I am sure there will be more birds like Silly who will bum a ride from time to time just for a rest and a visit.

Don’t confuse the space shuttle or the International Space Station for shooting stars. The shuttle was launched 2 days ago and is now connected up to the ISS.

Here is a link to NASA where you can see their real time tracking and will give you a bit of a clue as to when they will be in view of your position.

Loving your running dialogue and pix! Press on Jessica!

Cobrarog from Hervey Bay

maxyb said...

Congratulations Jessica, what a fantastic achievement, you should be so proud.

carole said...

CONGRATULATIONS JESS - you are a champion ! How cool you celebrated with the water dunking (which you somehow managed to photograph), and all those yummy choccies... Well Done. Thats a real milestone, a real achievement to you and Ellas Pink Lady. Well Done. Ps the video of the galley was great. You look really well in the photos - dont look tired, you look tanned, bright and energetic - thats great you are taking care of yourself as well as "the pink lady". Keep up the great work... You are a star !!
Carole (Mackay, Queensland)

Gabe said...

Know ye,
that Jessica Watson,
on the 19th day of November, 2009 ,
aboard Ella's Pink Lady,
appeared at the equator at
Latitude 0° , Longitude 173°
entering into Our Royal Domain,
and having been inspected and found worthy by My Royal Staff
and was initiated into the
Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.
I command my subjects to Honor and Respect her
as one of our Trusty Shellbacks.

Davey Jones — His Royal Scribe
Neptunus Rex — Ruler of the Raging Main

Maryland USA

Georgia Guy said...

Hey Jessica,

Just found the new galley tour video tape.

Great vid, and you can really see EPL's rolling when watching the pot on the burner.

Safe sailing and Godspeed Jessica

Georgia Guy

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Dear Jess

A huge congratulations to you and your team. Great work. I love your celebration. Too much chocholate is never enough - unless of course you can't get to the shops to renew your stock.

Here is a tune to sing-along to:

What an amazing feeling it will be to change your heading to SSE. Maybe a handbreak assisted turn skidding aroung Kiribati before opening up the throttle to head down south.

Tierra del Fuego please Parker. Yes, M'Lady!

Best wishes


Dusty from Dubbo said...

hello Jesse

So you are a shellback which I always thought was an old wise sailor..forget the old you are a great sailor well done again

Hey as u pass by kiribati island..Kiribass??? i don,t know why I know this but they use AUS if you need some change..only the photos ... enjoy the moment you look as though you have already

Great radio press in NSW, TV was a bit light ..we'll see what the papers do in the morning

Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hope crossing the equator wasn't too bumpy for you. Don't want to disturb the ingrediants of your next masterpiece in the kitchen.
Much admiration
Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

Holy Mackeral! For someone so petite, sweet-sounding, fragile looking & young you sure don't fit the bill. It would take mountains of courage to attempt what you are, let alone 'cross the line'! My hat's off to you girl, I'm more than double your age and NOWAY would I be out at sea with nothing but miles of water surrounding me, no land in sight. If only all 16 yr olds had your maturity..what a richer land we'd have:-)
Wendy, Central Coast, NSW.

Toni McLean said...

Congratulations a hundred times over. You're making it look all too easy. Every fool who thinks he or she can sail will be jumping into anything that floats and heading for the Equator too. I bet you get a lot of posts for this blog. The piccies are great - the water looks fantastic. Let's hope the doldrums don't haunt you on the way back down. It seems like a bit of a roller coaster - first you go up and then you go down.
Well done

Anonymous said...

Woot woot, congratulations Jesse, bet it felt real good :))
Love the pics, thanks for sharing!

here is my favourite quote I'd lke to share with you

"Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down and hope nothing hits you, or stand as tall as you can, show it your teeth and say, "Dish it up, baby, and don't be stingy with the jalapeños." "

That has your name written all over it ;)

cheers mate
(Moonambel, Victoria)

brendon andersen said...

So you seen the equator bouys then??? WAHOOOO least u kept tradition Jess. Congratulations!!!!

Brendon Andersen

ASJOI said...

Way to go Jessica, One more notch in the mast!Keep on having fun and keep your eye on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess
Kathryn Agnes Water Qld

simon said...

WOW! well done Jessie! Can't believe how far you've gone already! And just to think how far you've still got to go lol. I love reading about your boundary breaking journey everyday! keep it up kid, a big shout from Perth, WA x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess! Brilliant effort. Hope the crossing went well for you today. And I see you celebrated in style - chocolate! No better way imho :)


GlenF said...

Fantastic Jess. Glad to see you continuing the traditions of the sea.

You've made great progress.

Wow, soon you'll be pointing towards Cape Horn. Keep some chocolate safe for later.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jess,

Congratulations on crossing the line. I am glad you gave yourself the traditional dunking. Enjoy untangling the line :-)

You are such an inspiration to everyone. Truly words escape me. I am full of emotion sitting here writing this.

As usual I look forward to you daily updates. Just make sure you look after yourself and prepare for the next leg of your journey.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

carole (Mackay) said...

PS Love the streamers over the plotter and your humour (untangling the line LOL).... Well Done Jess. We are all with you.

Anonymous said...

Great news Jess a big milestone . enjoy your celebration Very happy for you Marie from oz

Jayne Mercer said...

Fantastic news Jessica. Great photos

roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Congrats Girl, you are so amazing Jesse, Love u Roger and Lou Dwyer

z said...

Congratulations, Well Done Jess.

Sailing with you in our thoughts

z (North Queensland)

Tim09 said...

Well done Jess,
Great Pics
Tim and Rosie

Dusty from Dubbo said...

hello Jess
I think my wireless connection has crashed again so here goes take 2. Love the photos congrats again on the crossing. As u pass Kiribiti ISland just think they use AUS currency...don't know why I know that silly trivia

On and on u go

Keep strong

sea ya Dusty from Dubbo

Susan said...

Congratulations Jessica!
Across the equator and still maintaining equilibrium! Way to go.
The blue blue ocean looks so beautifully blue! and much calmer than in the last picture you posted.
I look at our globe and picture you out there in a small pink boat sailing along in the middle of the pacific ocean... it's quite amazing. I'd love to drop in and experience that energy too!

Always wishing you the best,
Oregon, USA

Andrew said...

Congrats Jess!

Not long now until you get to point in a different direction.

Might take a few days to get used to the sun rising and falling on the other side of EPL.

fair winds,

Andrew from Perth

Randy said...

Way to go! Congrats from the mountains of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Gisela said...

I'm so happy for you Jess. Way to go! Congratulations. I'm eating chocolate to celebrate with you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Germany!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse.....

Y'made it !!! ~WooHoo !!! You're now a King Neptune's babe..... Hehheh.

And---Your pics are a delight ...and your 'tour of the galley' , outstanding !!! Thank you for taking the time to post these. As you said.... a piccie is worth a thousand words.... Yeah, well, ummm.... your words are pretty good , too. :)...

Watching the gimballed stove dance on your video was rather interesting. Though I reckon you'd be kind of 'chasing' the pot when a swell is up, eh ! hahhah. Good gadget , though.

Now, around the island and down, down to the south. So absolutely enthralling to follow your journey.... and be astounded at your wonderfully balanced resolve. You are a very special example of the 'best' in humanity on this planet, Jesse. :))
When you sail into Sydney Harbour we will _certainly_ be down there and somewhere in the crowd to add our cheers for your homecoming. For now, 'go for it', eh.

..... best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

Well done girl you are doing a great job, the day you are back Sydney we will be their to give you a cheer

Vic Australia

Kai said...

Jessica, welcome to our Hemisphere! Congratulations from Hamburg, and good luck for the rest of your journey.

Danny said...

Congratulations Jessica, welcome to our side :-).
Danny, Netherlands

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Congratulations on crossing the equator.
I'm glad you didn't have anyone around to bother you, lol.
Good to see that as a 'Shellback' you are upholding traditions in the true spirit of the salty sea dogs. I hope the boom didn't knock you on the gybe. Onward to the Horn.

Sussa said...

Congratulaions Jessica!

You are a true inspiritaion and an amazing girl!


Ove said...

Hi Jessica,
Congratulations from the Aaland Islands for passing the Equator. Good luck on your next leg down to Cape Horn.


Anonymous said...

From an ex Navy Man, well done on the traditional "crossing of the line" King Neptune would be pleased to see you address his requirements. Congrats on crossing the line, keep up the good effort and be safe. Fair winds and following seas. Paul, Golden Bay, WA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica. Must be nice to have one challenge completed. All the best for the rest of your trip!
Lesleigh from St Andrews, NSW

The Ryders said...

Congratulations Jesse! You have made us all very proud. I can imagine how your family and all your support team are celebrating! Especially if there is some kiwi rellies! We are praying that the rest of your trip goes just as smoothly! The Ryders xx

Anonymous said...

Go you go girl!! Sanchez Paynesville Aust

DUZZ said...

Congratulation on the milestone!!!!!! Top effert keep it up ur doing great.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Godspeed.

Andrew said...

Great stuff, i've been reading each blog and following your progress since you began your journey. I have two daughters 10 and 12 and we all think you are a great inspiration.

Congatulations on crossing the equator.


Romagirl said...

More congratulations!! A wonderful achievement. Good to see you keeping tradition with the salt water dunking! As always, your vivid blogs carry us with you on your journey.

Russell. said...

Congratulations Jess. I'll bet all the people who were against you making voyage are now scratching their poor old land based bald heads and wondering if they should have kept their mouths shut! :-)

Stay safe Jess. I'll see ya on the wharf mate ok?

Anonymous said...


infiniteblue said...

Cape Stiff here you come .
Stay safe,keep smiling and clip on

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss Watson! have a great and safe trip around the world!

Nico said...

Welcome to our northern hemisphere! :D

I myself never got closer to the equator than Key West's southernmost point ... ;)


dee said...

Great effort and welcome to the Northern Hemisphere. We continue to follow your fantastic voyage with anticipation. Stay safe and have fun.

ian said...

Awesome Jesse, congratulations, you must be so stoked! I I have been following your blog with my 8yo daughter Holly to show her what is possible if you believe in yourself. I think you are a great role model for her to help her chase her own dreams (she wants to be a vet.) It was hardly sailing solo around the world but I remember well those who backed me and those who didn't when I said I wanted to learn to fly. I don't know if you know the song by Muse called Uprising? I hope you do. Anyway I bought it for my iPhone when you set off with a plan to play it on the shores of Sydney harbour with your other supporters, on your victorious return. I look forward to that day :) :)

Anonymous said...

looks like a cruisy day out there.
happy sailing.

dugie caloundra

pestinfo said...


New day, new food bag, new other side of the world. Careful now, you do realise that the world is flat don't you? Come back south before you drop off the edge.

Sail safe.

Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Meli said...

Congratulations Jess!!! Great milestone to tick off! Love the pictures! I am just enjoying checking out your blog every day - it has become part of my everyday nightly routine! You write beautifully! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jessica!

You actually fooled me about the line. I looked for it for about 20 seconds!


Fukuoka, Japan

yarnek said...

Yay!! Congratulations Jess. I'm all out of chocolate so I'm gonna celebrate with a late dessert of one of your favourites - tinned mandarins. What a shame Silly left before the feast. He would have also been handy when untangling that line.
Sail on, Golden Girl. Safe passage down.
Cheers, The Old Bloke.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool Jesse well done ! V&L Qld

DUZZ said...

Congratulation!!!!! Keep up the great effort, ur doing great. And good luck.


duane said...

Welcome to the top of the world! I know your visit will be short but hope you enjoy it. The photos are great. blessing, duane

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos Jesse ... Congratulations on the "crossing over" !!
I must say I was one of the people who thought you were too young to do this , however I must tell you I've been following you each day over the past few weeks , and can only say "Good on you , follow your dreams , stay safe"
You've obviously got lots of folk following you from all around the world, and given us an interest each day .
Thanks Jesse ...... Take care...
Kind Regards ... Fiona .Denmark WA

ropisfwb said...


Anonymous said...

awesome!! just saw you on telly as well :) well done! on to the next target now :)

wishing you continued good & safe sailing!


Micha, Kalamunda, Western Australia

Rockymntnhigh said...

Hi Jessy!
That line IS beautiful in the picture!
Welcome in my Hemisphere!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Yay! I wish I was there to celebrate with you, but then again, so do a lot of people and we all wouldn't fit on that boat! anyway, I hope this finds you well, happy, and excited to get on with the next bit of your voyage! Fair winds and good luck!

Lindsey B said...

Congratulations! Welcome to our hemisphere! I can't believe it's been over a month since you started! Keep it up, you are absolutely amazing!


Bradd said...

hey jess

was just checking out your blogg and watchin channel nine news and was very unhappy you were not mentioned however i switched over to channel ten ...7pm project and to my surprize caught your interview..... and loved it...!

...but i am alittle gobsmacked that you hav not caught a fish yet....... please explaine what lure you are using and how you are using it...... also what other gear you have on board....(fishing)
hopefully we can teach you via these blogg comments to catch a fish and hopefully one in northern hem..(before you cross again)...and many more in the southern hem....

any babe hope you are enjoying your self...

Bradd (perth kiwi)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Jessica
Now for the next journey. You will do it!
Stay safe

Lynne said...

What a milestone, Jess, you must feel so proud. Lynne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica well done girl may god be with you and keep you safe to come back home to us. Thinking of you Kaye Brisbane Australia. xo

RichieParis said...

Hooooray Jesse! Congrats and yeeeppppees!
Thank you for these great pictures and details...
Your are now a northern hemisphere citizen... for a short but how brilliant stay.
Though we are more than honoured by your presence, lady, we would be much pleased if you could re-cross the line as soon as possible, as we learnt you have an important appointment you should attend in some austral harbour named Syd-something.
After that most essential commitment, we would be so happy to see you come back "up above" to celebrate.
WOW! What o Woman!

samurai said...

Hey Jess, I hope you're well, as always.
Excellent photos, thanks for sharing. I love the 3rd one of you dunking water on yourself...gave me another blast from the past...thanks. Mmmeeemoriees, :-))
As I thought of you through my day today, I wondered if you ever got seasick or, have you noticed any leaks inside EPL since you left? You've not mentioned either so far but I don't mean to be negative. If you do and you have then I'd only pronounce you normal anyway.
I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I predicted you'd be chucking a yoowee sometime over the weekend. A long, wide berthed, yoowee, around Kirabiti Island. 200nm there and same again down the other side before crossing the equator again. What purpose would that serve, I wonder. I mean it's no hop, skip and a jump is it? Anyway it looks like you won't be starting to head due southeast until the weekend after all. In any case I hope you have a very enjoyable trip around the northern hemisphere. Thanks again for the great photos. I'm putting together a PowerPoint presentation of all your photos for my patients at the hospital where I work.
Take care sweet lady(ies) and bye for now...Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

WOW what a great day, Conratulation for this great Milestone! I wish you all the best!

Paul Crisp said...

Jessica, Congratulations on crossing the line, what a mighty achievment with more to come. I am enthralled by your journey and look forward to your further journey to the Horn. (Now as an old salt you are entitled to refer to Cape Horn as "the Horn"). Regards Paul of Queensland

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Henri from Munich, Germany

MJ said...

Hey you are doing so well!! Pity Silly hadn't hung around but might be back..... How many of your family are in Cromwell in NZ .... such a beautfiul part of the world and I'm biased cos that's where I come from!! Keep smiling - hope there are heaps more little "Sillys"!! MJ Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Good on ya Jess! Congratulations.

Donna from Connecticut said...

Jess !! CONGRATS !!!! The whole world is excited with you !!! And we are all proud of you. :)

SailSim said...



Shame there's no big red line to see :)

That's a major milestone. Now it's on to Cape Horn.

Fair Winds!

jim @SailSim

Anonymous said...

Go girl go. Congrats, be safe, I hope you had a great crossing party.

Joan said...

Nice!!. Keep it moving Jessica!!. Big step you've made!!.
Good wind and fair navigation!!
Joan (Barcelona - Spain).

Anonymous said...

well done Jess!

allan.mcdonald8 said...

Alan said:
Congratulations Jessica on reaching this important goal in your voyage and love your sense of humour re crossing the invisible equator line in Style.

Cheers from a sailing Kiwi living in Hobart Tasmania

Workerbev said...

Jessica - CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a huge milestone for you, even though you can't "see" it! (Beverly here in Tassie). I tried and tried to see the line in the picture. I think the world powers should get together and put buoys out there marking the line for all to see. I can't imagine you dumping sea water all over you - isn't it quite cold, or is the water warm there on the line? I sorta wished "Silly" would have stayed with you so you could have some interaction with "someone" but I imagine he was on his migration route, either north or south, from wherever he lives. Would have been nice if he would have told you more about himself wouldn't it?

It has been a few days since I read the blogs, just really wasn't "there" if you have ever known anyone with deep depression you would understand. You just don't wanna be there or anywhere. But I'm back, sort of, and really enjoyed reading the last 5 or so blogs. Truely love reading your explanations of things, you are teaching me a "few" things for when I get my boat off the "refurbishment" line and into the water, I hope sooner than later. I look forward to it, although I am not nor do I think I want to be a sailor like you are. I just want to go out and enjoy a day on the water - I'm a Cancer, so I'm a "water baby". Ha, well at 63 y.o. not exactly a "baby".

Well, that's it for now, please stay clipped on every single second you are out there and please remember God and His Angels are out there with you too. If you ever need someone to talk to, He is a great listener. Anything you want to get off your chest, just tell Him, you will feel so much better. Or even if you just want to have a conversation. Sometimes feels silly (ha, your little bird) talking to yourself, but God is there and He does listen.

Great sailing "girman" (girl-woman) and enjoy the calm seas and again, Congrats on a big milestone. Beverly & Andrew Penney

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess! You continue to do an amazing job! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Leeroy, BNE

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Welcome to the better half (a) :p

Happy sailing to you today :)

-Martin from Sweden

tweedboy said...

Fantastic, crossing the equator another box ticked, I hear the fishing is easier on the northen side, keep up the good work.

Jannette said...


marilynne said...

Very exciting for all of us Jessica..Well done!
Marilynne from Ashmore Qld

Joan said...

Nice!!. Keep it moving Jessica!!.
That's a big step!!.
Good wind and a fair navigation!!
Joan (Barcelona - Spain)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

Congratulations for crossing the equator!!! You must be very happy. Have fun out there. :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What is your next milestone, rounding Cape Horn? What are you expecting in terms of timing and weather? Justin from Washington, DC.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have reached your first major milestone! A great effort to also do it pretty much on schedule!

Did you say hello to King Neptune or were you just sailing along too fast and he missed you.

The pictures are great, but the chart plotter cannot be read, I will just have to take your word as gospel.

Have you noticed yet how the water swirls down a drainpipe, sink, toilet etc in the opposite direction to what it did a couple of days ago? That's the Northern Hemisphere for ya!

By the way, have you been using enough sunscreen? You look a bit flushed, is that sunburn or excitement!

Your traditional dunking across the equator line was as good as you could do in your situation.

When I first crossed the equator on HMAS Stalwart, me, along with about 20 other equatorial virgins, were dunked in a large pool of "yuck". Basically, a whole bunch of wine, other drinks, food, fish etc was left in a tub around 3 metres square and in the sun for 3 days before we reached the equator. You can imagine the smell when they took the lid off and then dunked us all in it. It was putrid, but tradition so you had to go with the flow.

I bet you're glad you are not at Caves Beach for the next couple of days, over 35 degrees here for 4 days in a row - and doesn't that make golf practice fun? NOT? TOO HOT! But it's all good, I could have been stuck in an office.

Anyway, have another celebratory meal tonight and enjoy the good times while they last.

Take care gorgeous girl and keep up the smooth sailing.

Caves Beach, Newcastle
() () () - 3 congratulatory hugs for a job well done!

Hakuna Matata said...

Ten thousand congratulations - to you, and your spirit! Great writing, great photos - thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Good luck for the next bit - hope the doldrums arent for too long - and then......... one day at a time. Hakuna Matata

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessie! Well done & excellent effort. Hope the crossing went well for you today.


Tania24 said...

Woo Hoo. Way to go Jesse. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. You're making it look all too easy.
We're all with you in spirit and will be there all the way with you.

A. said...


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Hey Jesse

Media coverage in AUS very good brilliant in NSW TV a bit light so we'll see what the papers do in the morning. TV showed your photos and gave very positive words as did are a star!!!!

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Gabe said...

Know ye, that Jessica Watson,
on the 19th day of November,2009,
aboard Ella's Pink Lady,
appeared at the equator,
entering into Our Royal Domain,
and having been inspected and found worthy by My Royal Staff
and was initiated into
the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.
I command my subjects to Honor and Respect her
as one of our Trusty Shellbacks.

Davey Jones — His Royal Scribe
Neptunus Rex — Ruler of the Raging Main

Big Congratulations Jessica!!

Maryland USA

John said...


Congratulations! What an adventure!

John - From San Francisco

Brian Riley said...

Congratulations Jessica, awesome Photos, and great weather.

Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

Safe Passage, will talk later.

The Snake's Mommy said...

Yay you! Toasting your adventures with a mug of coffee and a big grin and some tongue flickers from the resident python. Between you Jess and the shuttle launch this week, it's a glorious time to be alive. I am always glad to see your posts.
Congrats from Raleigh North Carolina

Sally said...

Fantastic achievement Jessica. I am loving your blog and look forward to following your progress as you head south. Keep safe. Sally

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Awesome voyage! Great pictures, keep them coming!

New Jersey, USA

Anonymous said...

Once again congratulations. Thanks for the pictures, they tell the story. Keep safe.

Bryn said...

very cool,
good pics, bet your really happy that you crossed the line
all for the best

Macca said...

wow was the chocolates good


p,s jess is cute

Anonymous said...

congratulations Jessica, u r the best inspiration, the world needs u to succeed.......

all the best from here on, take it one day at a time, don't take your eye off your dream, stay safe but above all keep enjoying the process....

Gary and Louise
Wollongong, NSW

Rick said...

Congrats fellow Shellback!

gustav said...

Congratulations on your first
x…EQUATOR…x crossing Jessica!

I am so very proud for you.
Equator crossing and a shooting Star
and a fantastic picture of Silly.

It can't get much better than this.

I kept looking up into the sky near Mars for some Leonid Meteors but I had no luck at 2am - 4am on the 18th and 19th November. I kept on watching the sky with binoculars, had a good look at my favourite constellation Orion and planet Mars of course.

I posted this before,but for those who are interested in the Night-sky and the stars above Jessica here it is again:

Now that Ella's pink lady has officially crossed the Equator, Jessica should be able to see Polaris the North Polar Star just above the horizon in the North.

The North Polar Star is only visible on the Equator and North of the Equator.The Heavens-Above site is a favourite with Astronomers and those who want to learn more about celestial navigation.

The site is free,but to use it properly, it is best to register in order to be able to save and configure observation sites for example: Kiritimati , Kiribati (Christmas Island), 2.0718°N, 157.7197°W

put in the Time in UTC and you are ready to see what the sky above Kiribati looks like night and day or any year you choose and from any point on Earth.

Learn about the constellations planets and stars as they appearoverhead in the night sky.You will also be able to track the International Space Station as it passes overhead the Ella's pink lady or any observation site you choose.

more about Polaris and the Southern Cross:

Intertropical Convergence Zone:

Well Jessica ,you have done a fantastic Job crossing the Equator.Thanks also for those great pictures,they always are a real joy to behold.

I bet Silly caught a ride with Ella's Pink Lady on his way home to one of the Islands.His or her family was probably waiting there for Silly's return.

Fair Winds Jesse ))))))))) …… … ∆˚

lots of love and best wishes,

gustav haffner

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica!
Well Done! "untangling the line from the keel". That is great stuff!
As you swing around Kiribati it will be the closest you will come to the USA. Make sure you wave!
Keep smiling! Stay safe and alert!
Grace Fellowship Church
North Stonington, CT. USA

Kaye said...

Congrats Jessica from Brisbane Australia.
A little verse for you.
Look back now and then my friend
But do not linger long
The past is gone
The future waits
So walk forward with a song.

Stay safe Kaye xo

Rick said...

Congrats fellow Shellback! I look forward to you daily comments.
Rick - New York

Anonymous said...

A big hug from Barbara from Germany. Hey, great, you crossed the long awaited äquator! Gratulations!
I am reading your blog since you were leaving sydney and I have to say you are so admirable... like a window to an adventure I would never be brave enough to experience by myself. I wish you Godspeed and "immer handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel", as we say in Germany, which means "have always a hand of water below your keel".

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jessica! power to you

Bill Gold Coast

Mary said...

Congratulations Jess, an amazing feat! Well done and enjoy the tripo to the turn around and then we can all sail with you to your next milestone. regards Mary

Freddy said...


Enjoy your stay in the northern hemisphere! ;-)

All the best and take care!

Freddy, Germany

Tan Anu said...

Well done Jessica,

You're making great time, congratulations on the crossing, keep up the good work, the blog's compulsory reading!

Vinh said...

Hi Jesse,
Well done!. Crossing the Equator, a moment that we were all waiting for, has become a reality.
I saw you and EPL on SBS news today, something that I have always been imagining for the past several weeks. You and EPL were amazing.
When are you starting to head South?

Anonymous said...

congratulations Jesse, sorry you didnt catch a fish in that leg of your journey.
Love and hugs

Aeden said...

Well done! Best of luck for the rest of your journey :)

Adam Cavanagh said...

Just saw your crossing on the new. A big congrats!!

Ed Hendrix said...

Congratulations with this big milestone. You must be proud on yourselves.

Save sailing round the world.

Anonymous said...

Many dream about it, few ever get there. But I think there's extremely few who have to do the christianing all by themselves. Maybe Neptune will visit you at least in your dreams...

Bruce said...

Just saw you on the late news crossing to the wrong side of the globe. It's fantastic all is going well with smooth sailing. Congratulations on this first leg.
Thanks for the regular updates.
Keep enjoying the chocolate. It still tastes good, even when it is melted.

Axedale, Victoria.

Malcolm said...

Hi Jessica,

Congratulations on your arrival at your first major way-point.

Have been following your journey with great interest.At sixteen years of age you have the world in your hand. Enjoy the experience.

All the best as you head for the Horn.

~eMm~ said...

Whoo!! Congrats Jess! What else can you say but congratulations?!

Good luck & godspeed for the next leg!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, your a star.
Cool pictures and hope you enjoyed the chocolate, even though it was melted(sometimes it tastes better).

Good Job, we are so proud of you.
Saraya :-)
P.S I checked out your video, it was great.

Dan & Michelle, NSW said...

Hey Jess
Congrats. Massive achievement. You are definitely an inspiration to all the young people out there and so much so a person that proves that woman can do anything. Keep up the great work and good luck for the rest of the journey.

Paul said...

Yeah !

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessica!!! One more milestone down.... you are getting quite the following. we all love your courage and what you have already achieved. Like your daily log to keep us in touch and also some educaton.....Steve Sydney

Hugo said...

Congratulations, we are all behind you, wishing you the best!
Hugo (Argentina)

Tagen said...

Congrat's Jessica!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!Hugs the earth equator.
claudio ROME-ITALY

Alan said...

Way To Go Jess!!!!!!!

henrik said...

Congratulations Jessica!

following your blog everyday and it just put's a big smile on my face =)

cheers from a cold sweden!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - congratulations on reaching the equator!!! I have been reading your blog from the beginning but have been shy to post comments - but have supported you always in your journey - a thousand blessings sent your way
Kathy from Brisbane

The Griffs of WA. said...

Woo Hoo Jess. Good job girl!!! You're that much closer to Santa claus now. Better get your list written before you slide back down to the bottom of the globe.

Have a great day.

Cheers The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

Ernest said...

Heh Jesse,Excellant work!Great pixs
Great first leg.Let's have another
party when you sail through the Horn. Be safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! You made it!! Congratulations!! Thanks for the pics. What is your next goal? Keep safe, keep enjoying each little step!

Jill (Newcastle)

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Well done Jess!!!

Take care,

Sarah (Perth)

Lisa said...

Way to go, Jessica! You have a whole world of people celebrating with you and wishing you well. Safe travels and Godspeed -
Minnesota USA

Anonymous said...

Bloody marvellous Jessica !

Ron and Jenny
Lawson NSW (Blue Mountains)

Summersailor said...

Great day for Jessica and "Ella's Pink Lady". The pictures are fantastic. It nice u are towing a line behind, so important, even though you had to untangle it. I guess now it time is time to head south. Have fun and good luck.

Robert :-D

Leone said...

bet you were so happy to see that line..... :-)


Leone (Singapore)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on joining the fraternity of shellbacks. I crossed the line for the first time in 1980. We have been following your blog from the start and sail with you in spirit.
The Harmon's.
Portland Oregon.

Brissy Fan said...

Congrats Jess!! Wishing you well for your forward journey

oganiksurfy said...

Kiakaha Jess! From Fiji Islands. You're a legend!

Anonymous said...

Nice1 Jesse, you got the dunking right but what about the fish heads?. Not sure if Neptune will be happy enough to celebrate your first equatorial crossing with such clean water - watch out for them flying fish!. Wishing you luck and happiness for the trip to Cape Horn


Anonymous said...

188 comments within 2 hours of your blog posting WOW!!! - thanks for the latest video, take care jesse

elkevino said...

Congratulations!!! What a great feat! In the US Navy, you now qualify as a "Shellback". Bravo!

kina said...

The legend grows...well done Jesse.
A biiig congrats on completing this milestone and best wishes as you prepare for the southern leg. Take care and be safe as always.

Ben (Qld)

Mike said...

Awesome and now I have some new photos for computer background. Keep up the good work and be safe.
Most of all soak in the journey.

Also congrats to the great team you have assisting you.

Mike Atlanta

Kristi said...


Kristi~Ohio, USA

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