Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shooting Star and Crossing the Line Tomorrow!

I'm not much of an Astronomer but with all this talk of meteor showers last night, I was keeping an extra good eye out and did see the most amazing shooting star. It was so bright and big that I was actually a bit spooked before realizing what it was. But I can't tell you what I wished for though!

Well 'Silly' left us this morning (see pic below) but it was nice to have someone to talk to and have the company for a while. He really did have the most interesting opinions on the subjects of fashion and boys! He wasn't at all interested in any of the food I offered and didn't seem to mind the flash of the camera.

Not a real exciting day out here today, other than the usual chores, sail trimming, HF radio skeds etc. I actually slept through most of it. I'm becoming more and nocturnal lately because it's so much easier to get anything done when it cools down after the sunsets. It was good to get a few extra catnaps in while I've still got plenty of open water and nice conditions.

Dinner tonight was the yummiest omelette with powdered eggs, tinned butter, bacon bits and dried parsley.

I also attended (via a phone call!!) my first equator crossing party tonight, some of my aunties, uncles, cousins, Grandma and Granddad and all their friends got together in Cromwell in the South Island of New Zealand to celebrate Ella's Pink Lady and I crossing the line - but they were a little early!

The winds have been nice and steady all day so we've made good progress and only 50nm to the equator!! Anything could happen but right now it looks like we'll be crossing in about 10 hours which is Thursday morning back home in Australia. So it's a big day tomorrow.
Pic: That's "Silly" sitting on top of the sailor 250


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Molly said...

Wow, a shooting star!
That is definitely a sign of good luck.
Good on you, not telling what you wished for. :)
So nice to hear you had a "phone party" with your clan.
We'll all be celebrating with you as well.
Sorry to hear Silly has moved on.
Glad you had his/her company for a while.
Blessings, fair winds and safe travels to you.
Maryland USA

Ben Hogan said...

Great work Jessica.

Be sure to enjoy the conditions while they last!

Congrats on making it to the equator (near enough) which is a great milestone to tick off the list.

Heading down south is going to be a different proposition all together. Just keep on keeping on!

Great Job!

Ben (from Australia)

Unknown said...

Good to hear you are closing in on another mile stone. Hope you enjoy the visit to the top of the world. Best wishes always, duane

Tim09 said...

Hey Jess,
Thanks for the photo of Silly Rosie enjoyed it. So big day tomorrow well one of the many that you are going to experience. Enjoy hope you have something good planned.
Tim and Rosie

Unknown said...

Hey Jess
Great progress and good to see that you are in such good spirits. Keep up the good work and dont forget to toast Neptune as you cross......

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jessica, long distance sailing distills the essence of life on earth.

Alex. said...

Congratulations on making it to the Equator as of tomorrow, Jess! Keep up the fabulous work.

Silly is very cute. I hope he comes back to visit you again.

matthew donovan said...

hey Jess

Loving the blog - especially waking up every morning in a very very cold London!!

Good luck with the Crossing - make sure you give old neptune a nice cup cake!

all the best for rounding the horn - when i went around a few years back it was the calmest sailing I had ever experienced and almost felt let down!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Well fancy talking to a bird about fashion and boys!!! You've only been out there a month and you are starting to worry me j/k!!! I can't believe the progress you are making, it seems like you only set off a few days ago.
Congrats on crossing the line, which is only now a few hours away.
Silly looks cute and I bet he was glad of the perch.
John (Macedon, Vic)

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

I can see Silly!!! mum just loved that picture Jesse, thanks so much.

We shall crack a bottle open tomorrow to celebrate your crossing too, good onya Jess.

I think I know what you wished for too!

Sorry, I can't imagine powdered eggs but I love my omelettes too!

So thats about 7 to 8am for crossing the line huh, send us folks just a quick post to say you crossed, I'll let everybody at work know!

I'm trying to be quick with what I want to say...wanna see if I can get the first post!....actually I just checked..there's already 9 posts...damn some people are quick!

Counting down that 10 hours!



samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
No offense to Silly but he looks like an owl in that photo. You have made very good progress today and now down to double digits. Yay!Don't forget to take a photo of your GPS screen showing all those zeros as a momento of your becoming a shellback. I shall have champagne and orange with my breakfast tomorrow around 0700-0800which would probably be around the time of your crossing. It's now 1930 here in Perth and I figured if you average 5-6knots overnight, I won't be far wrong. I'm so happy and excited for you I can hardly contain myself. Your phone call party must have been something very special for everyone. Have a good night and you'll hear from me again tomorrow 'cause I just can't help myself. Take care and bye for now...Sam

Unknown said...

Great you got to see a shooting star - they are beautiful. How wonderful you got to connect with your family.
Yes!! we all got to see Silly!!! Your photos are great - sorry to hear he/she has flown on but there will be other "Sillys" on your journey. Will be thinking of you tomorrow morning OZ time re crossing the Equator.

Best wishes,
Jane and Scott
Mosman, Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse.......
I'm so happy all is going well for you , I'm afraid I was one of those people who thought you were too young to be doing this .... However I look forward to logging on to your blog each night to get your message . I'm sure there are heaps of us .
Sorry to hear Silly decided to move on , however that happens eh!! Glad you're enjoying your meals , please remember to let us know when you catch your "big" fish !!
Take care Jesse , enjoy crossing the equator tomorrow !!!!! very best wishes ... Fiona (Denmark ) West Aust .

Anonymous said...

Well what can we say," you go girl", cross the equator keep smiling, and keep going strong

The blogs are as good as ever,

We have you pegged out on crossing the equator on Google Earth around 0°53'23.72"S and162°14'8.21"W.

Give King Neptune a wave for us, dont forget to do a merry dance as well

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

Aldinga Beach Crew said...

"The boat that Rocked"

DJ Jesse cranking the beats.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog everyday and find it to be quite fascinating to read, you really shoud consider publishing it as a book once you get back home.

I've been wondering how much one pays attention to time on a journey like yours. I mean there no set time for getting up or eating and the weather and currents must pretty much decide when you can eat, sleep and when you have to work. So for you a watch must be really worthless except maybe for checking the time before calling home. Do you keep track of which timezone you are in ?

Happy crossing and I hope you journey continues to go well.

Thomas (from Denmark)

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Sensational. I'm glad you looked up but don't blame me that now you'll get heaps of your blog family telling you that it was probably the ISS or the space shuttle Atlantis, lol.
That's right, tomorrow you offer something to King Neptune while that mythical undersea citie's namesake is thousands of miles above your head.
I'll celebrate with poached egg in my backyard at 9.30am.
And it's a Godspeed (John Glen) to Jessica Watson from me too ♥

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess , Its always nice when blog comes in with picture even tho your words are also very descriptive. Did you tell Silly about your ambition of sailing around the world .. alone and non stop, did he comment. I think he would have said ..... Keep Going .. will meet you soon.

trentgs said...

Your first 30. Behind you now. Cossing the line, and pretty soon the first big curve! Lots of firsts for ou. I know what you mean about the heat of the day pressing you to be more nocturnal. Take care of yourself. Be Safe. Celebrate. You deserve it! Sing us the song..but be happy today! I bet you're looking forward to turning back south..Lots of new things coming up..Be Blessed!

Gary & Jan

Emma said...

Hey Jesse,

Congrats on almost reaching the equator!! The shooting star must have been a good sign. =) And Silly looks, well, silly...nah just jk. A little dark tho but I guess the company must have been good. But how awesome, you sort of had ur family with you-through the video call.

Well, good luck tomorrow! And hope to hear from you soon!


Barking Gecko said...

Congratulations for when you cross the Equator.

When you cross can we see a pic of you with some Northern Hemisphere sea weed in your hair.

Could be funny :)

All the best out there.

Cheers from Lake Burley Griffin

Austen Reptiles said...

Hey jesse,

Well done on almost reaching the Equator! Before you know it you'll be heading back down sth for Cape Horn.. I've been following your blog every day and you've been great with the updates... Thanks.. I'll have a beer for ya tomorrow when you reach the E-line..

Be safe :)

Michael from the Gold Coast

mike said...

Hey Jesse! Maybe Silly doesn't have parents like yours who support you crossing the equator. My hunch is Silly will be allowed to hitch a ride with you again on your way south. Congratulations when you reach your major milestone tomorrow. Now here's a crazy thought - why not bake a cupcake and eat it while you have one leg in the southern hemisphere and one in the northern hemisphere. You would be the first person ever to do that!

Sail on (safely) Silver Girl


The McGraths said...

Congratulations for tomorrow, thankyou for the update on approx time for equator crossing. I have won the bet with my husband. That'll cost him another $50 for shopping in Hawaii next week.
Did you show "Silly" the "Chick with attitude." Bet he hasn't seen one of those before.
Take care, till tomorrow.

The McGraths Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
This is so exciting only a few hours to go to the equator! What a great milestone, we will all be celebrating with you. Loved seeing Silly, so cute and I'm sure he /she appreciated a change to rest on Ella's Pink Lady. Shooting stars and dolphins, what a wonderful time you are having, I just love your blog and am now looking forward to the next leg of your journey.

Safe sailing and say "hello" to King Neptune for us!
Bluefin, Buderim Qld.

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Well Silly really is silly .. not staying around long enough for the crossing. But good omens from the heavens ... I think one time before when something like that happened, a rather special person was born ... well there's something special happening this time as well.
I'll turn on the radio and fire up the computer first thing in the morning in the hope of hearing news of the crossing. It seems no time at all since you started ... at least for me if not for you :-).
I remember being spooked in the wee small hours one night too. It had been very cloudy and the moon was rising late. I had been below for a few minutes, and when I came out into the cockpit I saw what looked like an enormous cruise ship just off the port bow and I was frightened it was coming for us. It had appeared out of nowhere. It was gigantic and had millions of lights on ... or so I thought. When I got my heart back in my chest and calmed my tummy enough to think rationally, I realised it was an illusion. It was actually a neatish, 'structured' arrangement of remnant clouds in front of the moon, which was quite bright, and making it look like a large cruise ship with lights shining from all the portholes. My relief was enormous.

Fair winds as you round Kiribati.

samurai said...

I must say I breathed a sigh of relief when I read Matthew Donovan's blog. I've not often heard, if at all actually, Cape Horn being described as the calmest experience anyone has ever had. I love it. It sounds very reassuring. Thanks Matt, I don't know why but I feel so much better now.

I had another look at the photo of Silly and silly me, he does not look like an owl at all, sorry. Must have been his eyes. Ok, I'm off again. Bye all and have a great day tomorrow...Sam

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
WOW that's amazing a 'shooting star'
Oh cool pic of silly.
Happy Equator day for tomorrow.

Take care
Saraya :-)

yarnek said...

I lightened up the Silly pic somewhat and decided he looks overfed. You sure he/she hasn't been into your next food bag?
Great day tomorrow...I have a day off and will have your page up all day. I can see I'll wear out the F5 key before you cross the line. Thanks also for that great pic yesterday. Could almost feel the bow rising to the crest.
Drive safely girls.
Cheers from the Old Bloke.

Anonymous said...

Fancy Silly just up and leaving like that!! Mind you,talking to a teenager about fashion and boys could have confused him. heh heh.
Will be looking for your post in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Great work jess nearly at the equator it will be hot there in day time funny bird pic I wonder

Camel said...

Congratulations in advance! :D
And Silly sounds like a pretty darn epic bird.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible story you are already Jessica. Been following it but first time I've blogged. This is addictive, inspiring, fascinating, all of the above. The way you write and convey your updates each day is quite unique. I agree with Thomas from Denmark and others about the book. So I just searched your website and noticed Hachette were a sponsor. So there will be a book.
Congratulations on reaching the equator. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! your blogs are totally addictive Jessica, an equator party with your rallies and Silly isn't hanging around for it, okay I see that post was at 9.00pm I presume that is Brisbane Time, which is 10.00pm AEDT and 7.00pm here in the west so 10 hours on will be 5am tomorrow (thursday) Perth Time, I'll make sure you are in my thoughts then, King Neptune awaits you. This will be indeed a major milestone, There has been some coverage of this in the Australian media today and I suspect more tomorrow,

Wishing you Safe travels Jessica as you head down south.


Linda Björk Pétursdóttir said...

I'm so excited for you.
Crossing the big line in few hours :-D
Can't really belive you've been sailing for one month now.

Fair winds!

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Good to see that the 'very clean' Sailor 250 survived Silly. The bird is either very clever or your just a domestic godess as well. Not sure what sort of bird he is. A Tern(sp) of some sort?

I have to get back to studying. Hint, hint!

Good luck for tomorrow!

Best wishes


Gary Patton said...

Goodnight travels...our prayers are with you....and our pride watching a young lass from Australia literally conquering the world shows no bounds
Gary & Kerryn, Traralgon VIC

Zahira said...

Hi Jess, From North Queensland. Congratulations on your first 30 days at sea and congratulations on becoming a "Shellback". You are an amazing young lady achieving a wonderful dream. We are sailing with you in our thoughts.

Z (North Queensland)

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Tick - tick - tick and the countdown clock continues to tick off the time and nautical miles till you reach the equator. What a milestone you have accomplished so far. Most ocean sailors would hang it up and say "I've done enough" but you continue on in this odyssey of sailing. Good on you.

Glad you had Silly for a visit and I am sure he / she left well rested. And on top of all of that, a shooting star thrown in for good measure.

Take a pic of the GPS when you cross and I hope we get a long picture blog with your thoughts and comments.

Now it is on to Kiribati and then hang a 180 (of sorts) to the Horn.

Safe sailing and Godspeed

Georgia Guy

Gary Patton said...

Goodnight travels...our prayers are with you....and our pride watching a young lass from Australia literally conquering the world shows no bounds
Gary & Kerryn, Traralgon VIC

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

Well I'm going to crack a bottle of champagne tomorrow as soon as I've heard you've crossed the line.

What are you going to do? You're not 18 yet so you can't drink (LOL)

Well, I'll have one or two for you.

Well done girl! You are just totally amazing.

Good onya and God blessya


Anonymous said...

Will there be dancing at your party?

Anonymous said...

wow! It is so cool. You are sailing around the world by yourself, and you are in my age. All those stories you tell are amazing!
Wish you good luck, and have fun!
I'll keep read your blog
Tal, Israel

Vicki said...

Hey Jessica,
We hope you have saved something special for crossing the equator tomorrow. Maybe there is something in that new food bag. Mum could have hidden a treat in there!
Keep up the good, safe sailing. "Slow and steady wins the race" is an old saying which means that if you take your time, and have patience, everything will be ok.. Keep harnessed Jesse cause you know all your "mothers and fathers" worry about you.
Sorry if I'm nagging but I am a mother of twin girls 6 days younger than yourself and a daughter 16 months younger again, which gives me the skills to worry as if you were mine.
Keep up the good work Jesse.
We are very proud of you, we hope you know that. We are with you day and night, and look forward to your equator crossing tomorrow.
Vicki, Michael & girls

Summersailor said...

Nice to see you having a conversation with "Silly", but you didn't say what he/she's advice, was to you :oD. It must be wonderful to see those stars and how bright they are without any interference of earth lights. Drink these beautiful moments in, they will last a life time. Enjoy!!


hezakiah299 said...

11-18-09 @07:35
Hi Jessica,
Congratulations Shellback, now you’ve really done it. I figure by the time you get this blog you will have crossed the Equator. God Bless you. I’ll bet Aussieland was full with parties and people all over the world were jumping up and down and toasting you constantly. Three cheers for Jessica, Hip, Hip, Hooray--Hip, Hip, Hooray--Hip, Hip, Hooray, and a West Virginia yaaahooo from me. You make me feel so proud to know you. So tell us what did you do to celebrate, a little jig maybe or maybe just a hop, skip and a jump anything just as long as you danced across the Equator. LOL
I was really sorry to read about Silly, apparently he/she was a good listener, did he/she squawk and screech much, he/she looks like a pretty big bird. That’s really to bad, maybe he/she just went ahead to the line to let King Neptune know “JESSICA’S--A--COMING”. I hope he/she will pick you up again when you turn South.
Well Jessica, I hope you enjoyed your “phone party” and your dinner sounded pretty good although I’ve never had powdered eggs.
Congrats again, stay safe, be alert and have a good time. Which I’m sure you are. Looking forward to your next blog.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
By tomorrow morning Melbourne time I expect you will have ‘crossed the Equator’ so I am sending this in anticipation. Congratulations! When I first crossed the line in 1957 on a 24,000 ton ship I was given a certificate. The words on that certificate, modified for you, were:

Be it now proclaimed by call of Conch and Nautilus throughout the Latitudes of our Oceanic Domain that We, Neptune, Ruler of the Seven Seas, King of the Secret Currents, Lord of the Boundless Waves, Master of the Tides, High Constable of the Coral Caverns and Uttermost Recesses of the Deep, do hereby Sanction and affirm that Our Most Noble Cross of the Equator be bestowed on Jessica Watson, who mere Mortal though she be, hath, this 19th day of November 2009 on board Ella’s Pink Lady, accepted with Good Humour and Withstood the most Rigorous Initiation into the Ancient and Moistening Rites of our Aquatic Court. Sealed and Witnessed in the presence of Edward Bear and all your cabin friends, and signed by His Majesty, King Neptune.

I think you should read this aloud and then empty a bucket of sea water over yourself – the moistening rite – and then CELEBRATE.

You don’t have to do this when you cross again going southwards. You are considered initiated. Look forward to hearing from you after you have crossed and then again when you circumnavigate Kiribati Island and begin heading southwards.
Tony L (Mt Martha)

Brian Riley said...

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, who originated as the god of fresh water but later became associated with the Greek sea god Poseidon. Poseidon was one of three sons of Kronos: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon were said to have cast lots for the three kingdoms of heaven, underworld, and sea. Neptune generally appears with a trident (a three-pronged spear) and his consort, Queen Amphitrite.

If you hear Neptune calling in the night that he is going to board you when you cross the equator, offer him one of your cupcakes and I am sure he will be kind to you, and not wish to carry out any of the crossing myths and fables we hear of.

Safe passage, and a good crossing, will talk later.

Hervey Bay. QLD

Richard Lathrop said...

Good morning, Jessica!

Be sure you give us the official time of crossing so that all who have made guesses at it can be satisfied.

It's nice that you shared that party with your extended family back home. Think of how proud your grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. must be! Watching you grow up and now this historic voyage--very satisfying, I'm sure.

Astronomy seems like one of those subjects that's rather remote, slow moving, and irrelevant to the pace of the world today. Who needs it! Right?

BUT, in your case, I urge you to explore the subect because you will never get a better look at the sky than you are having on every clear night.

As you are about to traverse from the northernmost point to the southernmost point in your voyage, the night sky will tell you of your progress and, unlike Silly, When a new constellation appears over your communication dome, it will not fly away the next day!

In my opinion, a study of the stars--motivated by your genuine curiousity and your unique situation--would go a long way to compensate for those packaged schoolwork assignments you've been dodging. And I'm guessing that it will get you just as far in life. (as if you had to worry about that!)

Be cool (literally) and stay safe.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Mary said...

Dear Jess,

Brilliant blog! Words can't express what I'm so many have said, your moments of magic at sea are pure indications that you are sailing in the best of times for you. Each meeting you've had, with dolphins, Silly, the shooting star, are wonderful charms to companion you along your way.

Wishing you skyhigh joy as you reach the zero line and have a good sail around Kiribati.

With love and a hug,
Mary, Maine, USA

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jesse,

Love the photo of silly..!! Thought it was great to hear that your family have toasts’ in hand ready to party in NZ. All the best to you for tomorrow !!

I will be thinking of you in the morning.

Speaking of shooting stars, Space shuttle re-enters the atmosphere in about 10 days. I know the entry point should be about the cook islands doing a respectable speed of about 15500km per hour, they chuck some big u-turns to spin off speed, before gliding into land. (Don't quote me on this, I watched TV when they live beamed the women pilot landing)

Help me out here "Magpie", will Jesse have a chance of seeing them re-enter in 10 days? My Geography is like my sense of direction.....

Amazing that you are doing the ocean frontier, and they may? be over your head coming in from the space frontier, owning it, like you do. (Well, I can see the irony).

To freind bloggers.

"McGraths NSW", I am there if you are !! Lets get this welcome party started. I am unaware whether "Samurai" read the post? I am sure some lots will come, even some of our regular world buddy bloggers too...!! It's not like it's completely around the world...!!


Lisa said...

Congrats on the upcoming crossing! Take a minute to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Wishes of good wind in your sails, Godspeed, and safe travels...
Minnesota USA

Bernard-99 said...

Hi Jess

I copied your photo of Silly into photoshop & increased the brightness by 25% and you can see Silly very clearly !!

By the look on his face, I think he was very grateful that you came along.

PLEASE let us know as soon as you cross the equator - we will all be clicking on your blog tomorrow morning.

Like another blogger said, a close up photo of the GPS would be fantastic!

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

By the sounds of it, you have had a great day sailing, from 270NM to go yesterday to 50NM today - that's averaging over 9NM per hour!

I told you that "Silly" was just King Neptune's messenger bird. I wasn't surprised that he left you today, he has now given King Neptune the heads up to your arrival in the morning. No doubt you will have something special ready to give him?

It's a pity we couldn't listen in to your conversation with Silly about fashion and boys. That would have been a crack-up!

I can just imagine it, you saying, oh this boy is a hottie or that boy is a hottie, and all Silly says is "arrh" LOL Or asking Silly, how do you like my pink toenails? And his response - you guessed it! "arrh"

I can't say that I agree with you about how yummy a powdered omelette is like, but you have to do with what you have on board. So are you craving a nice supreme pizza, with extra cheese yet?

Good luck with your Equator crossing, maybe you can throw a little blog our way about an hour before you cross the line so that we can all think about you at the same time.

Have a great night, keep those wishes coming whenever the shooting stars decide to excite you a bit and take care.

Seeya gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Unknown said...

Who would ever have guessed a 16 year old girl from Australia could teach a 60 something year old man from Florida, USA about world geography. That is exactly what is happening as I track your progress across the oceans and around the world on Google Maps. I am discovering all these remote islands and atolls (I didn't even know what an atoll was a couple week ago). I am learning so much about their history, culture, and peoples. For that, I thank you and wish you a continued safe journey. Joe

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
Great job on getting this far...just awesome! Keep sailing not much left to the crossing. Didn't see the bird tho, was to dark...bummer!

Safe Sailing and ready to hear the words I crossed. Thanks for the updates.

Marion from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

'different drum' said...

Hi Jessica,,congratulations from all of us ,wish i had shares in a Champagne company,most of us following you will be toasting you tomorrow,,!!..Our six year old looked at the photo of 'silly' and said,"is that a black bird on a dark night and then added,where is it ??" ,.and i blame your photo for what my partner said,," i think we need a Sailor 250 ",,hmmmm.
Enjoy tomorrow,a special day for you and EPL,
Please all raise your glass's,,Well done Jessica.
Cheers,tony,aya and crest,fremantle

Old Iron said...

Making a wish on one amazing shooting star named Jessica Watson

Colin said...

Love your blog Jess. You could make a living writing when you have finished globetrotting.

Fair winds and following seas.

Colin (Perth W.A.)

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear your buddy "silly" left, Just wondering, how far past the equator do you have to go before crossing back and continuing. I was at work tonight, so your dinner sounds better than mine.

Anyway gotta go

Stay safe


Alessandro Machi said...

Maybe you changed the photo but I can't see Silly, I just see pitch black. I'm pretty sure my monitor is adjusted correctly.

I wonder how far the bird had to fly with no where to rest before reaching land.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Your blog really is a treat! The other day I watched a documentary about Michael Perham and it was a great way to get a glimpse of what you are going through. The pacific ocean is so lonely and vast, it made him a little bonkers. I think 'Silly' was a bit of a blessing!

Take care, happy sailing,
The Netherlands

ash said...

Silly was cute ;-) good luck and congrats on almost reaching the equator!

Unknown said...

Go Jessica go! You embody all of sense of adventure and courageousness. I follow your blog daily to kind of leave my everyday life and be transported out to sea. It's truly wonderful what you're doing. When times get hard...and they will...remember your family. They'll pick you up even if they're not right beside you.

North Carolina USA

Ernest from NH (USA) said...

Shooting star or falling star is the common name for the visible path of a meteoroid as it enters the atmosphere to become a meteor. If a shooting star survives impact with the Earth's surface, then it is called a meteorite

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the pic of Silly. Pics of any friends you encounter out there would be greatly appreciated. I find it fasinating. Looking forward to your crossing.


The Griffs of WA. said...

oo hoo, so excited that you are nearly there. What an achievement and how cool to be fulfilling the first of your major gains. We will be thinking of you tomorrow (Thurs) You must be getting so far ahead of Perth time now. I will have to check out what time it will be around the islands you will be spinning around. Good luck Jess. You are in our thoughts.

The Griffs Hillarys Perth.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Jesse,Excellant work navigating
to the equator,Ya,Ya,Ya,Ya,Ya,Ya!
Applause! Hands clapping!Be Safe!
Be Happy! Stay confident! Smile and
be proud!

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Enjoy your crossing! Truely exciting times in your amazing adventure.

Thanks for the silly pic too...

Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW
Mal :)

Nico said...

Tonite, today, tomorrow ... and the dateline to add even more confusion to the mix: For someone halfaway around the globe away from you it's sometimes very difficult to figure out, what day and time it is right now with you.

So this is rather a suggestion to the people managing your website (thanks for that, by the way!): Why not adding an "Ella Clock" to the starting page or the map, which always shows the date and time aboard your boat?

Maybe I'm the only one a bit confused about all those numbers (I'm very bad at any kind of number shifting), but to me that would seem a real help.

I wish you much fun at your line crossing ceremony and friendly winds furthermore!


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
The first thing I will be doing when I get to work in the morning, is to log on to see if you have crossed the line. At 0700 in WA should be about 1100-1200 your time?
It's a little strange how a imagery line can cause so much excitement, but we all are having a great time as you are.
The meteorite out were you are with the clear black sky would be awesome, the chances of one hitting you is very remote, so enjoy.
Let us know what you did to celebrate the crossing, heaps of photos if possible. One question does it cost you much to send photos over the net with your system?
So have a great time crossing the equator, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA

claudia said...

I am sure that by the time you read this, you have crossed the equator! So, I wish to congratualte you on a fine crossing!
I missed the shooting stars the news was talking about. We were supposed to see them at 4am. Um, it's too cold at 4AM to go out and watch the stars shoot!
I am glad you got to see that one. It is a sign of good luck!
Happy sailing to you!

Anonymous said...

Psalm 36:5-6 (The Message)
God's love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks.

Wowza, Jessica -- can't believe how long Silly stayed with you! Also, can't believe you participated in the Leonid meteor shower -- I planned that for a few days but alas, the clouds moved in. I will sure be thinking today about what the milestone of the equatorial crossing means to you and all who support you. In addition to the celebration, pause to give thanks to the one described in those verses above who continues to accompany and care well for you. As in each of the previous days of your great adventure, I am praying today for your continued good rest, strength, and your safety, and for that extended family of yours already celebrating your progress, and still missing you very much while they care for you.

Unknown said...

In my youth, I was a sailor. However, Paula(my spouse) and I now live in landlocked Albuquerque, New Mexico (800 miles inland from Los Angeles). We are following your blog every day, it is part of our morning read. I overslept yesterday and did not see the Leonid's shower. Paula and I have spent many a romantic night spread out on our backs in the middle of the desert watching meteor showers.

How is your schoolwork coming?

Albuquerque, NM USA

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on becoming a
Shellback . I'm sure there's a certificate awaiting your return.

Stay Strong~


Anonymous said...

Thats a fantastic photo of ELP showing what she's made of. Cant say it looks calm. I wonder if silly will stay with you for the journey? He wont be too happy if he's migrating and you take him a few hundred nm in the direction he's already flown. There again maybe he knows you're going his way so he's just hitching a free ride. Keep an eye out for birds feeding in the water, sure sign there's fish around.

Its now midnight almost, I think you must be almost on the equator almost by now, congradulations. Wel done. I think the next month or so is going to keep me on the edge of my seat worrying about you.

You have almost convinced me to give up the 16ft half cabin power boat, although Im getting on in years, and sailing sounds like hard work. Should I take the plunge? Its a lot slower, but the beauty is you are not reliant on the price of fuel, and considering it costs me a hundred bucks just to go 60nm, ..........thinking.....

I need a yacht the right size for singlehanded, easy to sail, forgiving to a beginner, and comfortable for one or a group of friends. And capable of passage making. I will seriously consider your advise Jesse, now that you're a seasoned sailor.

Just thinking about how you like to work at night. Im the same, live in the tropics, much cooler at night, but its also easier to sleep then also. A lot of builders, farmers get up before sunrise and do all the laborious work in the early hours of the morning up here.

Well must be going now. Stay safe, and hope silly will help you catch some fish. Unless he gets defeathered by the windgenerator.

Russ from Nth Qld

Unknown said...

Congratulation Jessy, but please let us know your position (complete in ° " and ')
From Italy,
Alberto Rolandi Beretta

Wolfhound said...


Congrats ! I'm sure you've crossed by now. Don't forget that the winches and everything else work in the opposite direction now that you're in the Northern Hemisphere...

Glad you got to see the shooting star. I remember the first time I saw the Milky Way, from the French Alps, and it was an unbelievable experience for someone who grew up in a big city. I can only imagine what it's like for you out there with the whole night sky to see on a clear night - the Milky Way, satellites, shooting stars. And of course the phosphorescence in the water. What a truly memorable experience your voyage must be.

Anyway, congrats again, hope you baked yourself a cake !

All the best,

Brian in NY

Unknown said...

Congratulation. Jessy!!
But please let us know your position (in ° " ')
good wind
from Italy,
Alberto Rolandi Beretta

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
A huge hug as you cross the line congratulations. You deserve the world's praise and you are an inspiration in a some times drab world.
A toast to you and both the gods of the sea Posiedon and Neptune as you cross the line.
Tomorrow we have our first total fire ban here in Victoria (Australia)Fear of bushfires in 40 degree heat is playing on every ones mind. I live in Bendigo a city in rural Victoria surrounded by scrubland and unfortunately Black Saturday initiated us to the hazards of bush fires I have experienced them before in South Australia.
Unfortunately you dont have air conditioning like us land lubbers only the cooling sea breezes. Enjoy the tropics
Love and hugs

Steven Hays said...

Ha! Jesse, What have you been feeding Silly? He looked fat and happy up there on the perch! You go Aussie! Enjoy your Equator achievement!

el grande said...

You have crossed the line by now so congratulations! Don't worry about talking to Silly, only worry when you begin to answer yourself!

Bryan said...

Hello again "Jessicaptain"

Like your thousands of "Puffers & Blowers" experiencing your dream via your incredible Blog -


Most of us knew you would do it - and now that you have shown us your colours - the rest is just patience and concentration - you have the mettle and fortitude to earn the title of "Jessicaptain"

My earlier prediction when you advised that you still had 650 NM's to go - I estimated that you would cross the equator at 0933 your time (same time Zone as Hawaii) on Thursday 19th November -I may just be right - fantastic sailig Jessica.

Here is a little information for you - when in the Southern hemisphere the water goes down the sink in a "Anti-clockwise" swirl - when ON the equater it does not swirl and then as you cross the equator it goes down in a clockwise swirl. You will be in the Northern hemisphere.
Check it out and confirm your position.

The reverse will occur when you turn the corner and cross the equator again.

Congratulations for pulling 168 Countries of our planet together - amazing lady - more powerfull than most leaders of the world.

Keep your sails full and God speed


Bryan - Perth. Western Australia

Anonymous said...


Just a little ahead of time but CONGRATS Jesse.It will be a great day

Ron said...

The entire world is going to love Jessica Watson. Your blogs are marvelous. I've read all of Sir Francis Chichester's books, his writing is so very dull compared to you. Go Jesse Go

Alabama, USA

Robert said...

Since you spend time up at night and have clear skies you may want to consider this web site
It will tell you of all the spacecraft and other objects flying over and how bright they are. I have seen many to date.
You will have to manipulate the location to fit where you are but it’s doable.
Enjoy your journey.
Roy, Washington, USA

Phil in Idaho said...

Congrats on making it to the Northern Hemisphere!! Hey, Does the water really go down the drain backwards for you??

Good JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jess
Greate plug for the Kiwi´s they breed such great "chicks" :-)
Your up there with Sir Edmond Hillary..
Would say you must bee the most popular "Chick" on this planet right now good on you Jess
Hope you are having a great time crossing the line..
Hipp hipp hurray
Cheers "singelhanded"

AlbacoreLiaFail said...


We are so grateful that you take the time to faithfully write for us, shoot photos and videos, allowing us on your adventure! Does it count for your school work as a project? I can't think of any bigger undertaking and I hope your teachers see it that way! Are you doing online school? How have you set up the school aspect? How much math and science are you permitted to cover using your voyage?

We have been late on some of our assignments and for work/school from reading your blog and bloggers interesting comments, too! Even though you don't get tardy slips or reprimands, don't let up on your fatigue management and ship chores. Keep all the salt corrosion rubbed off fittings, etc. especially in the unlikely places, and the lines orderly and every gap caulked--and toes pink! Neptune is not known for forgiveness. Congrats on your soon-to-come equatorial crossing! Blessings as you go!

We were so relieved that your mom met with your navigator to get the latest on winds, currents and chart changes for the Line Islands and your big line coming up! Will it feel odd sailing southeast after a month of northeast? We also gain so much from other bloggers offering websites of other adventures and info as well as poetry. Even as children, in our family we learned some of John Masefield's sea poetry. When you publish a book, including some of the bloggers' pieces in the conversation would be so fascinating! You have wonderful friends, even the ones you have never met in person.

Technology and your imagination have done what was only science fiction a few short decades ago: we're on the journey with you, wishing "bon voyage" every day!

Your friends in Northern Nevada, USA who are expecting heavy wind and a foot of snow near Lake Tahoe this week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Wow, it must have been something special to experience the shooting star out there. I guess that it is pitch dark during the night which gets this event even brighter.
When I did Milford Track with friends, I saw a very bright shooting star too. Walking the track was really something special for me.
Interesting to hear about your family members having a party for you. I have passed Cromwell, which is a very nice area. I have friends in Alexandra, but have never been there. Hope to visit next time.
Nice to meet Silly, but sorry that the bird now have left you. He/she find a spot to rest on, and for a chat with you.
You are 10-11 hours before our time, so when I go to bed tonight I will be thinking of you when you cross the line. Congratulations and well done Jessica.
Great job, sail with a smile.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

M. Eric Carr said...

Cool that you got to see one of the Leonids. Hope you get your wish! Take a picture of the GPS readout crossing the line as a memento, if you're not too busy keeping Ella's Pink Lady pointed in the right direction...

leslie said...

Well done Jess to get this far!! with only 50nm to go on this leg of your journey is a great result and one for which all your family and friends will be justifiably so proud of you!! And of course your many many followers world wide.
I think "silly" is actually one very smart bird (hitchiker) probably conserving his/her energy to do a spot of fishing!!
Terrific sight it must have been to see that shooting star.
here is my quote today from a very brave little girl under enormous strain.
"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature."
Anne Frank


andrewVA said...

hi jess!

a shooting star for good luck as you finish the 1st leg of your journey...

congratulations on the crossing...please don't forget to snap a pic of the GPS!

i think of you constantly...i guess you could say i've become obsessed with your journey.

be safe and take good care of EPL!

richmond, va

SaltyDog said...


Thanks for the picture of Silly. Even though he didn't want any food, it looks like he's had a few pasta dinners before. I'm sure he enjoyed your company and having your floating oasis for a rest. Though you don't have the bird to talk to now, you still have chick-with-attitude to serenade you with some Shania Twain.

Instead of bringing out a bottle of bubbly when you cross the line, I will toast you with something more appropriate. CHOCOLATE !! Wish I could run down there from Seattle to cheer you across the line and welcome you to the Northern Hemisphere, but I don't think I'll be able to make it. I'll definitely be there in the spirit, though.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuffs!

It must be great to experience this trip...

Wish you the best and hope you are having a good time!

Best Regards

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse, it's a shame Silly left before the celebrations tomorrow. Maybe all the fashion talk scrambled its brain and Silly's ducked off to clear the head before retuning tomorrow for the celebrations. Wouldn't that lovely if Silly was there at that special moment. Also my fish bet looks safe - fingers crossed I'll be able to pay the rent.

Congratulations darl on your milestone it will be a truly wonderful moment for you. Enjoy it with family and friends and I'll down a bottle or two of the local brew.

Promise you wont allow the excitement to take your mind off the job. I'm sure you realize that you must remain vigilant and ensure operationally everything remains normal and as it should be.

'til the official crossing tomorrow please take care, keep safety upper most in your mind and stay buckled up. Well done special one and you will certainly be in my thoughts as you sail closer to your dream.


Unknown said...

Captain Jessica

That amazing, bright shooting star that you saw, was just your reflection!

Happy Equator Crossing!!


Josh said...


Following your journey has been very entertaining. You have a very whimsical writing style that brings us right on board with you.

The human spirit never ceases to amaze me because of people like you living their dreams and making the world a little bit brighter everyday.

Peaceful Thoughts and Safe Travels,

Minnesota USA

Meechree said...

Very neat. Can't wait til you cross the equator! Good luck
-Dimitri, USA

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Ohhhh, how sweet! The family is celebrating Equator Day!
Now, because of our time difference I'm tardy wishing you a happy anniversary at sea. It's only 8:32 a.m. November 18th for I'm celebrating (late?) with a blueberry bagel, cream cheese and Hazelnut coffee (with sugar and *lots of cream*....I'm with ya there--and glad for the excuse to pin my excess on the occasion!)
So...I think your dear camera (does it have a name?) was exposing for the white pedestal that Silly chose for a perch. "Exposure Compensation +" button to the rescue! I'd hit that puppy about 5 times (maybe more), I think, to bring up the'd loose the writing on the white thingy, but it's a small sacrafice (night shots are tough, because normally you'd expect it to almost over- compensate for the darkness all on it's own--but a flash sensor would see that white and stop when the white reaches "18% gray" in black and white photo-speak). But Silly may not return, so I've Picasa'd your pic with "fill" (Picasa feature), but on my work computer it's still a bit dark and quite a bit pixelated, because my monitor here is naturally dark at it's lightest settings. I'll try from home tonight.
Gotta run now.
Happy Equator Crossing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica --

It's a pleasure to read your blog -- you're an amazing young woman! I followed Zac around-the-world on his blog after by chance hearing him on the radio here in the States before he left. I'm far away from the ocean here in Oklahoma, USA, and have never been on a sailboat, but it's been educational & a great ride to follow Zac, Mike, and now you and hopefully Abby, too... All my best to you -- keep up the great work and words!

Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

Myriam Grech from Malta said...

Myriam Grech from Malta - Hi Jessica. Really nice reading about'Silly'. A pity I cannot see it on the picture - it is too dark! Any other photo of 'Silly' please? It must have been amazing to see the shooting star across the vast waters! Must have brought you plenty of good luck to cross the equator. With you all the time through your blog.Good luck - Myriam.

Tony said...

Congratulations Jesse! You will prolly have crossed by the time this is posted. Nice to see your birdie friend, a picture paints a thousand and all that. Welcome to the top half. Very best wishes. Tony (Shipshape and Bristol fashion) Bristol UK.

Kissyfrott said...

Hello Jesse,
Dawn is approaching now for the mid-Pacific zone, and heath too, probably, for sailors nearing the Equator's line. So I shall have won my bet on the 19th, for my daughter's 22nd birthday. This crossing is going to be the first leg of a triple milestone, before your U-turn around Kiritimati, and your second crossing, north-south this time.
As we had booked for today, we celebrated a little earlier (just like your NZ family did) with a superb lunch in a *** restaurant of Paris. Some Dom Ruinart champagne in magnum, to echoe your powdered eggs, a delicious poached egg with Burgundy truffles, and many great dishes. Sorry you weren't there, but you can't be at the same time in Kiribati and in France, so you are excused. If some day you come to the northern hemisphere again, but in this part of the globe that's called Europe, we would be proud to invite you there.
After that memorable meal, we went to Ella Bache's historical address, rue de la Paix, to congratulate them, but in fact the board moved to another address and there is just a little shop and institute left there. We were welcome by a young lady, and we told her how wise and noticeable was Ella Bache's sponsoring of your adventure, and she was more than happy, and told us she would make the compliments be transmmitted to the direction.

Back to the sea, and to your daily sailing and blogging, we are once more dlighted by your writing and the magical way you make us "live" aboard with you. We are addicted blog-readers, and permanently hoping for your next post

The shooting star is a beautiful show and, certainly, a positive sign. For Romans, it was definitely one.
It meant at least luck, or the God's protection. idn't this one fall down right, showing the way to Cape Horn?

Silly looks very elegant, no wonder he had opinions on fashion! Sorry he left so soon; maybe he was a married bird and wanted to avoid troubles with his wife by staying too long on another girl's floating house.

Fair winds, smooth weather, happy line crossing...
You go, Girl, go and jump on that line! We are admiring you so much!

goldendog said...

Good to see that things are going really well for you Jessica.
The main reason I am writing is in hope that you see my post and what happened in the state of Utah last night around midnight.
Part of the Leonid meteor passed by our earth and it was so bright that it lit up the valley for about 8-10 seconds of brightness, like night turned to day. It could be seen from Utah, Wyoming, and even as far as California. There are a lot of video shots from different peoples security lights, cameras, and video. Everyone like myself felt a big rumble. It was so loud and bright that alot of us thought that the world was going to be hit. It is making the news today and everyone is talking about it. Lots of us thought the world was coming to an end. It was really scary but most of all very exciting. Astrologers say that we may never see anything like this again. I am just wondering if it could be the same shot that you saw that went through the states over here. I am attaching a link from one of our news channels here in hopes that it gets posted so everyone on your blog can read about it and even see the video shots and pictures.
Jess sorry for the length but this was just so cool to see and be part of and then to read what you saw. So here is the link for you and everyone to enjoy:

Take care and keep it up the U.S. is rooting you on big time. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us.
I just wish I could write as well as you. Happy sailing Jessica,
Tracy Fowler Salt Lake City, Utah

Carina said...

Hope to see a video from your meeting whith Captain Neptun. All the luck to you, and dont forget to do your haire, fix a crown and act like a princess!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse. You made it to the equator. Would you please take a picture of Kiribati Island. Is it possible? Thanks. Enjoy your journey. God bless.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Jens said...

Hi Jessie!
Keep up the good spirit! I admire what you are doing.

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

Steve - K4CPX said...

All the way to Kiribati????
Where do the rules state that you must go around some land mass in the Northern hemisphere???
"There are a few key targets I must achieve to qualify for around the world status. The approximate distance is 23,000 nautical miles (about 38,000 kilometres). I must depart and arrive from the same port, cross all lines of longitude, cross the equator entering into the Northern Hemisphere at least once and round the southern landmarks of South America and South Africa."
A documented GPS Screen-Shot of your position in the Northern Hemisphere would seem to be irrefutable, Jess. A half mile would be more than enuf!
From your circumnavigator friend, Stephen Crow , S/V Carina, a Cal 46.

Dave Russell said...

By the time i read this in the UK you should be over the equator and heading towards kiribati.Well done Jess........thats the first goal is Cape Horn i take it. Will you be going close to the Gallapogos Islands at all???
Take a good look at Kiribati when you round the island as it may not be there much longer due to global warming....they say that Kiribati will be the first country to disappear due to the effect of Global warming.

Robbie said...

go Jess have fun crossing the line u are well on ur way love ur blogs thank u for takeing the time to get u in touch its great i fills like we are all sailing along with you good luck Robbie from Tassie

BAW said...

Congratulation on crossing the equator!!
Another goal achieved.

I figure I am writing this just about the time you are actually crossing the equator.

Continued Success!!
Bruce W.
Delaware, USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Captain Jessica! In a few hours you will cross the line. You are an inspiration to us all. By the way… Do you have a boyfriend? Because I have a very smart and good looking sixteen yr old son. Ha Ha. He would kill me if he knew I was trying to get him a date. But seriously……lol.

Mark Passmore
Gainesville Georgia. USA

Chicago Jim said...

Congratulations Jessica, and keep up the good work!

The Green Sailor said...

Every morning upon waking first thing I do (after email) is to check your blog and status. It puts me in a great mood and inspires me to keep going for my dreams! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Jules said...

Nearly at the equator hey? That's fantastic, Jesse. Let us know when you cross the 'line' and we'll celebrate with you.

Thinking of you always.

Wynnum, QLD

Bob B said...

If I could I would stand on the equator and shoot off fireworks as you went by. Good sailing. Bob in Tucson

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,

Silly looks like a Brown Noddy - if you are interested in the bird-nerd details. Enjoy the trip - and post pictures of any wayward birds that land on EPL.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I think we can all guess what you wished for. We're all wishing the same for you. Can you still see the Southern Cross? Fantastic achievement crossing the equator. You need to know that the whole world is following your progress with awe and wonder. Thanks and good luck.

~~SC from NZ

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Fantastic news. Its 5.30am here in Sydney so I imagine you have or just about to cross the magical line. Congratulations!!!! That is another big box ticked as part of your journey.

I can only imagine what the night sky is like out there. Seeing a shooting star would be fantastic.

I will be thinking of you today while you are in the northern hemisphere. Your next amazing leg south will soon begin. Cannot wait for for more details.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Richard in Maryland said...

Congratulations on your excellent sailing! You make it look too easy! Pretty soon everyone will be buying pink boats and heading out.

I copied your "Silly" pic , played with it in MS Picture Manager, and posted it on my blogger page at.

Maybe someone knows what kind of bird he/she is. Gustov? , Sam?

Sail on!
Richard in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
A star is born.
You should be crossing equator soon.
Well done, beautiful girl.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi Ho ☺

Thanks for the Silly picture, He must be Aboriginal. All I can see is the whites of Sillies eyes.

Its only been 30 days out and already you are talking about boys. You better batten the hatch and think about that when you get home.☺ ☺

Yes I bet all your friends and relatives are excited for you as we are too.

Talk to you in 10hr or less. Party on ♥ ♥ ♥

Sarah said...

Yaay another big milestone to tick off tomorrow..Keep it up!!
And a shooting star, I so wish i was out there aswell!!! Keep enjoying yourself..xo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica

How exciting! You could be crossing the equator in just a few hours!!! I woke up thinking, "I wonder how Jessiac is doing today?" and so pleased to read your blog and have a "catch up". Woken up to some gentle drizzle here in Redcliffe this morning, which is such a welcome after the heat... to much cloud coverage to see any stars though... must have been amazing to see that shooting star!
Thinking and praying for you as you make another big step and cross the equator as your adventure continues.

Take care and have a great day!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

6.19am here in Victoria and I am guessing you crossing is mere hours away!
How exciting and done with such confidence on your behalf....

Erik Lönroth said...

Best of luck to you from Sweden! We keep track of your posts here aswell!

Brian said...

G'day Jess
By now you have probably crossed the line, fantastic job kiddo,keep it up. After you round that island its down hill surfing all the way.

pestinfo said...


Maybe it was a "Silly" shooting star saying "thanks for the lift lady" !!

Sail safe, your probably in the Northern Hemisphere as I type this. Don't hang around too long, quick circuit of an island and back down south.

Regards, Allen, Hervey bay, Qld
0534 hrs Thursday (Qld time)

Sally said...

Good Morning Jess

Party on! The marvels of modern technology, it's so good that you spent 'time' with you family in that way, sharing the celebration and the moment. You are almost there. I would imagine that you are going to cross the equator today - so congratulations! Well done!

So what's our next milestone Jess? We are all with you in this!

So long Silly - it was great that you had his company for a while. You have provided him some much needed rest and I am certain he enjoyed your's, Parker's and Ella's company too! NO doubt, there will be other visitors along the way - of the feathered and sea going kind! They may more interesting advise about boys an fashion !!!

Dinner sounded yummy, well actually I can't imagine powdered eggs. But I am glad that you are glad and that you enjoyed it! I had a big juicy mango for dinner as I was too hot to eat after a 10k walk.

It's going to be a hot one in Sydney today the sun is streaming through the window here at home and I don't feel like going to work!!!!

Take Care Jesse - stay safe.

No Matter What!

No matter what the obstacle or task,
You are strong enough to make it through!

No matter what distance the finish line is,
Pace yourself to complete the race!

No matter how seasoned in years you may be,
Your wisdom is more valuable than youth!

No matter how hard today appears to be,
You can make it because you are here!

Keep pressing on,
Don’t lose sight of your dreams and be determined,

No Matter What!

Sally In Sydney

nòR said...

Hello Jessica,

sending greetings and some cool winds from the appalachian mountains. just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me in my work and life. thinking about you setting out to sail around the world makes my own impossible goals seem possible after all.

thank you for sharing your journey with us,

Anonymous said...

Crossing the Line - congratulations there is another milestone ticked off. I am sure silly was good company for a while.

Geoff H
Bundaberg Qld

Attitude said...

How exciting Jess, it is 0545 Thursday morning on the Gold Coast. You must be crossing the equator around now. Congratulations and a job well done.

o0oooooo0o said...

Hey Jessi..

I am guessing that you are crossing the line about riiiiiiiight...... now! And don't forget.. this is your big chance to see first-hand that water swirls down a drain in opposite roatation direction on different sides of the equator!

I am so glad that you got to enjoy your time with Silly! I am also surprised he didn't eat anything you offered. Creatures in the animal world can sometimes be weird about eating. For instance..

There was once a man from the city who was visiting a small farm. During this visit he saw a farmer feeding pigs in a most extraordinary manner. The farmer would lift a pig up to a nearby apple tree, and the pig would eat the apples off the tree directly. The farmer would move the pig from one apple to another until the pig was satisfied, then he would start again with another pig.

The man watched this activity for some time with great astonishment. Finally, he said to the farmer, "This is the most INEFFICENT method of feeding pigs that I can imagine! Just think of the time that would be saved if you simply shook the apples off the tree and let the pigs eat them from the ground."

The farmer looked puzzled and replied, "What's time to a pig?"

And, speaking of pigs.. tonight at our house we are going to celebrate your crossing and the fact that this event will be the closest you come to the USA by having Hawaiian food for dinner.. wich will definitely include sweet & sour pork.

It will be great to have you "up" here with us, even if it is just for a short while.. so sail on sweet Jessica!

~Al yer pal~

Bobby in South Carolina said...


One more day - and your first big goal the equator!! Our celebration party is planned for Thursday evening!! Glad you got to enjoy a little bit of the meteor shower last night - that was God celebrating your big accomplishment!! Don't forget that there is a whole world of people out there pulling for you... we are all proud of you!!! Sending you a big congrats hug & as always you are in my thoughts & prayers daily. Safe sails my friend.... safe sails

Bobby in South Carolina

thefoxhole said...

Hi, Jessica

Congratulations on crossing the equator. And thank's for the pic's,
when my mum and dad crossed the equator on the Fairsea in the sixties they had a fancy dress night, I dare you.

Anonymous said...

And here is Jessica not realizing, that the Equator is one BIG glasswall with the boat crashing into it and bouncing back... Autsch!

Geoff said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, Jessica. Reading your Blog is both entertaining and interesting. Great to think you'll be in my half of the Globe shortly, even if it's the wrong ocean!

Enjoy your 'new' meal pack too, LOL!

Geoff (Cornwall, England)

Rowie said...

Mornin' Jess,
Just an hour or so to go...congratulations in advance! oh and then the big turn south. Wishing you all the best Jess, great work!
Phil, Rowie, Maddy and Pat

Richard said...

Hi Jess

Nearly there for the big party ... I've just flown low over those Line Islands cann't see you at the moment ... but I know you will be there ... I'll give you a wave when I see you ... courtesty of Google Earth of course!!!

Hope others will do likewise too

Time to open the Champers for part 1 completion ... well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, a shooting star scare the bikini off you, but at the same time shine a light upon you. Ok, too early for jokes. By now, you have probably crossed the equator - we are all waiting with baited breath on that milestone. Keep blogging - you have a massive following from all around the world. BLOG Queen of the Pacific. Couldn't really see "Silly" in that picture - could just make him out. Fair winds and calm seas all your journey.. MEL (Sydney)

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning Jess, It is 6.19 a.m. Maroochydore time, just back from our walk, and I am guessing you are just about crossing the line now or have done or will be hooray, congratulations andevery thing else that goes with it. Saw the photo of silly had to look a little hard, but there he was, hubby and I had a good laugh about him having such a big opinion on different things. You really are very clever the way you describe everything to us all here on land. The star must have been an amazing sight, getting the best view out there where you are. God speed Jesse Love Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Anonymous said...

Captain Jesse and Team,

Thanks for sharing this experience with us all.

Wishing on a star back at you tonight Jesse.

Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

SaltyDog said...


Well, by my calculations, you have just crossed or are about to cross the equator. Just wanted to say "Welcome" to the north side of the globe. You are now officially a shellback. In your honor, I just toasted the event with chocolate (instead of champagne.) May the fair winds continue on your trip downhill to the cape.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Unknown said...

Hey Jess,
Greetings from expat Aussies working in Tunisia Nth Africa, love reading your daily log ,think its because we need to escape here! Admire the courage and spirit shown, enjoy your adventure, it will be over all too soon :-) and stay safe round the horn.

All the best
John & Jenny
Sfax Tunisia

captain said...

Hi Jess,

I did the Twilight race at CYCA last night and I too had a crewman who will henceforth be called "Silly". Do you want him??!!

Capt'n Kelly

Kissyfrott said...

Well, Steve, I share your point of view. Making the loop round Kiribati means something like 200 unnecessary nm...
Let's guess that her formidable team has good reasons to ask her one or two extra sailing days?

The Nicholson Family said...

Hi Jessica. You are making tremendous progress!

We hope you get some good pictures of the equator. Will you need a special camera filter to capture the bright red colour?:)

Take care and Godspeed,

The Nicholson Family
Sterling, Virginia, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
How exciting you are at the equator. We are in for a hot day here in Victoria today (Total Fire Ban) so we will probably feel we are at the equator with you. ha ha
Continue to have a safe trip and enjoy the moment.

Unknown said...

It's 10am NZ time so all yr rellies in Cromwell should be jumping up and down about right now. Big Grats!

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem


So there I was, I thought alone
Until I looked upon that dome
Twas a bird that sat there high
Watching me with darting eye

I knew it was a rest she needed
Still I talked, a response I pleaded
Alas this feathered word’s didn’t come
The company still, was better than none

My food I shared as best I thought
Silly bird preferred that which it caught
Soon all rested and thinking me crazy
My feathered friend flew off Ella’s Pink Lady

I watched as Silly soared amongst the waves
Wingtips Touching as she plays
A little sadness first touched my loss
Until I realised, I’d gained, not lost

Brumbyy 2009

Toni McLean said...


Across the Equator ... what did you celebrate with? I've been thinking about you all morning and have been watching the News page on the web site. Round the marker buoy at Kiribati and then south east to the dreaded Cape?

Go girl ...

Wishing you all the wind you can manage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Think you are amazing. What a brave adventure. How is the chick with attitude? We are following your progress in our class. Hope you and the Pink Lady make it and have a wonderful journey. All the best Gabby.

Ron Creevey - Australia Big Boat Racing Team said...

Well done Jess on crossing the line from the Big Boat Racing team in Sydney. Ron Creevey

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jess .. keep it up you are an inspiration to us all!


Anonymous said...

congradulations on crosing the equator.from vickey & the rest of tauranga grls college new zealand. you are our idol! well look at your blog every time in science. we wish you the best. [:

Anonymous said...

Go, Go, Go, Jesse. 0845 here in Sydney, so you've probably crossed the line. Congrats!

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

Congratulations on reaching another milestone. Hope you didn't party too much!On to Kiritimati, then it's back down south again.
Sail on,

hugh said...

Congradulations, you are doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

It is exciting to be on board with you on your incredible adventure. I look forward to reading your entries every couple of days. You are one brave girl! All the best from Lin in North Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Mi said...

Well done Jessica!
You inspire us all to look beyond limited horizons.

Love from Sweden!

US Navy Retired said...

Hi Jess,
Really am enjoying your blog on your trip. My first time across the equator was off the east coast of Africa. Glad you won't be near that part of the world on your journey.

Jerry in Colorado

Hannah said...

according to my estimations you would have crossed the equator now??!! Congrats Jess...I've been enjoying your blogs and am always looking to see what you're up to next. Keep Safe :)

lilshawnee said...

Well Jess,You are doing so so good and thankyou so much for the pic of silly.
We in America is so happy for you Lil Jess.
For some reason now i cant get my mind off of sailing looking for a sail boat now i want some of that fun.
Well keep us posted as we are living your dreams with you.I just wished we could be out there with the best lil sailer ever made.

Well better let you go so i can call everyone and let them know how far you are now.
Take care lil Jess.
we all loveyou,,,,your a lil Hero
from your friends
Robert,Ellen,Alison and Autum

Anonymous said...

I see you made the crossing about 2 hours ago (3:17 New York time 11/18)! Congratulations!

Bob NY

Carlee said...

SO excited for you to cross the equator! Your adventure has definitely grown on me!


David Spencer said...

Well done - 1st milestone done and dusted - Congratulations!!!!

Pix said...

Hi Jessica, it seems so long ago that I was defending you against knockers and we have never met, but your are an inspiration. You are what makes this world a better place, I hope young people around the world look at your determination and take a step in the right direction, my prayers are with you....

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

Hey Jess,

Wow, it's party time! Congratulations on the equator crossing. It's 8:37am EST on the sunny coast, I figure by now you have made the crossing.

I have my cup cake and coffee and am now celebrating with you. Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!!!

You are an amazing young woman and we are all so proud of you, can't wait for your next post and maybe some pics of your crossing.

Power on girl, get that turn around done and start heading back down. I'll continue to pray for your safety and wisdom.

Keep safe.

Sunny Coast Qld

Unknown said...

So who guessed 7.17am Thursday Sydney time? Congratulations, Jess. It was a great effort. I was highly amused that your Kiwi rellies went a bit early with their party but, what the heck! if I were related to you, I wouldn't be able to contain myself either. I'm just an ordinary Aussie and I'm flushed with joy at your achievement. The world is at your feet, we're all behind you, we all wish you well.

Ian from Brisbane

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
18/11/2009 at 22:43GMT (22:43 also local time for me)
I'm reading now on your site (not this blog) that you've just made the crossing a few hours ago.
All my congratulations for that and my very best thoughts go with you.
And with a display of shooting stars just for you, at that !! Well, you ARE a lucky girl indeed.

Just 3 more capes to that, little madam! Go on, Jesse. With a talent like yours, you're going to do that as easily as a walk in the park.

emgb1 (South Wales, UK, GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jessica, you are making great progress, and "Silly" may have only disappeared temporarily.You will certainly be the talk of Cromwell,a wonderful South Island town,a river or two but a fair way from the ocean, although 'as the crow flies', not to far to the coast.With that K1 W1 blood in your veins, you can't help but succeed!!Your crossing the line is imminent, congratulations, well done, another milestone achieved.Have a great day,("clipped on")Jesse you are in our thoughts and prayers, god bless Dougal

trentgs said...

Looking at the map of your track it appears you are about 50nm from Jarvis. Theres no indication on the tracker as to where the EQ is located in reference to you but by my World Clock you must be near mid night on the 18-19 terminator. Maybe sleeping, or too excited to sleep. Either way you've been my topic of conversation on the job as I worked place to place..and when I wasn't telling someone about your amazing journey I was remembering to pray for your safety and smooth sailing. We don't want those Angels to be too busy running ahead of you, yet we want you safe and enjoying the sail.
So much I thought to tell you but my mind is a blank so Be good and sweet dreams..

Gary & Jan

trentgs said...

Oo..I remember now..The photo of Silly was a bit dark so I saved it to a file and then pasted it to the Voyage file thats in Word. Once it was on the page I simple lightened it and added contrast an voila!! there's Silly in all of his/her glory!!Pretty Cool. I have to do that alot in my job as I am forever taking pictures for my files, and on ocassion I have to lighten one up.. Try it you guys and you'll see it like Jess did! Well atleast the whole bird!

Still wonder what you're doing for the Crossing..if its' not too hush hush..


Gary & Jan

Nico said...

I just read about your crossing the equator:

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !! :D

Have a great party out there!


Lake Effect said...

Welcome to the northern hemisphere!! Good to have you join us!!
Is there a thick line in the ocean at the Equator like there is on my little globe?
Next time stay a little longer with us!!

-Don in Ohio USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I just heard your mother on the radio, she has just announced you have passed the Equator, congratulations!
The photo of Silly is a bit dark but he/she seems a young bird.

Des said...

Hi Jess
Since I have been tracking your progress I have been become more aware of the geography of the Southern Pacific. Your route will take you around Kiribati Island. From the satellite pictures I discovered it is an inhabited island with a township called London. There seems to be a safe harbour there. I know this is a non-stop voyage but I notice that after rounding the Cape Horn you are going to take a rest is protected waters. Do the rules allow you to take a rest in a place like London?
Sunshine Coast

Sergio said...

You keep sailing and I keep learning. Good luck in the imminent crossing of the Equator. Cheers from Sergio (Venezuela)

Cheryl and Steve said...

Godo girl you must be just about crossing the equator as I type this. I was a little late in discovering your new blog, and sad to hear that "silly" has moved on.
Looks like you may originally be a south islander. I know it well.
Keep safe and may the winds be kind to you.
Cheryl and Steve
Anna Bay nsw

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

On reaching the equator:

The uncertainties of the present always give way to the enchanted possibilities of the future.

You are destined for greatness.

Enjoy your journey and remember to have fun.

Sydney, Australia

trentgs said...

Just updating my log of the passage.. and on your 69th will be Christmas..How about that! I just posted your Eq crossing on my College Alumni page under 'History!' I hope you don't mind I uploaded one of your pictures to illustrate.

Anonymous said...

Go Jessica
Congratulations. Now for the second crossing.
All the best.

Jodie said...

Great job and well done Jessica, we are so very proud of you. Its 7.40am Thursday morning here in Perth, so I am guessing that you are probably crossing or have crossed.

So very excited for you and so so glad to hear that everything is going well. Thanks for the piccie of Silly, how lovely to have a little friend to "chat" to LOL.

Take care and sail safe

Jodie, Perth WA

jo from perth said...

Morning Jesse, in case my other post didn't go through, i don't think i sent it properly, i will keep this brief and just wish you my customary Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

Naomi's Emerging from Darkness said...

Hello we have been slack lately, our teacher has been making us too much work!LOL

The meteor shower must have been awesome!

Some of the waves looked prety scary!

What kind of bird was Silly?
How good did it feel going over the equator?? It must have been exciting.

Did the homemade bread taste nice?

Have fun!


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Congratulations, you should have crossed the EQUATOR by now, 3 cheers for Jesse, 4 more big milestones to go.
What did you get up to when you crossed the line, had a big party with all your mates, flipper, silly, Johnanton and squiddy, but no fishy mates, always one that doesn't turn up.
Have a great time in the warm weather, it will all change soon when you head south.
Keep having fun, keep safe and waiting for your new blog.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...


Hope that by this time you already crossed the Equator Congratulations!!! Thats one down few more to go.

As always be safe.


moffa said...

Congrats to the passing,Jesse!
You are growing for each day!

Unknown said...

thank you for giving me this warm feeling everytime I get to think of you and your journey.. it's in the core of someone's heart where real love, passion and will lives.. and the ones like you, who listens to their heart's saying, gets cleared from all doubts.. good luck and be safe.. may your journey be happy and joyful.. greetings from turquia..

Anonymous said...

...yay, jessica!!!! congrats on the upcoming crossing of the line! i remember crossing the line my first time (while in the US Navy). yours will a LOT more sedate than what us squids had to endure! sorry haven't commented in a couple of days, but i know you're making excellent progress. sail safe! <3

castro valley, ca, usa

Anonymous said...

well congratulations jess ,i would say u would b across by now. what a sailing. silly has left ,pity he/she couldnt do the crossing with u....but to have some thing to chat to must have been good for sailing.

Anonymous said...

Just home from a night shift & way too excited to even think about sleep today ... logging into your blog each morning is an absolute delight! Am dying to hear more of how you celebrated thus as soon as old Neptune heads back to the deep, hurry - send photo!! Congratulations Jess & thanks for allowing us to share so much in this, your great adventure.
Ps: have you seen Nemo yet?

Macca said...

tell us as soon as possible whenn u cross the equator


p,s jess is cute

rod said...

good day jesse,
congrats on xing the line.
take care as always.
best wishes

Anonymous said...


phil said...

Fantastic news Jess - almost at the Equator. A huge milestone on your epic journey.
Re. the pic of 'Silly'. You took a great shot of the radar but Silly got lost in the dark. You turned the camera vertiacally (good) but had the flash at the bottom. Turn the camera the other way so the flash is at the top. I'm a photographer but I'm sure your support crew has told you this already. Your pics will be important in your book. Keep safe. Love, Phil, Perth W.A.

Unknown said...

Hope you cross the Equator today, you must be very excited. Glad to hear you're looking after yourself, baking bread, cookies and making omelettes. Quite a feat on a boat in the middle of the ocean.
Susi (Australia)

Unknown said...

Wonderful acheivement with lots more ahead of you.
Ian & Eleanor
St. Albans NSW

pestinfo said...


Just heard that you crossed the line at 0717 hrs AEDT 19 November 2009. So my first comment to your blog wasn't too far off the time. Only half an hour away.

Now get round that bit of an island up there, and then get yourself back down into the South Pacific ASAP.

You'll probably meet up with "Silly" again on your return trip.

Oh! did I mention "WELL DONE JESSE"

Sail safe
Allen, Hervey bay, Qld, AU

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