Friday, November 20, 2009

Northern Hemisphere

No change that I can see. The water is still blue, the waves are still rolling and the wind still blowing, but apparently now the water splashing across the deck and slipping away behind Ella's Pink Lady, is northern hemisphere water!

I couldn't have asked for a better day to cross the equator, flat seas,15knots of wind and sunshine. We crossed the line at 2017 utc doing 5 and a half knots and celebrated with the usual toast to Neptune, the traditional dunking in salt water and plenty of excited phone calls. I also had a few presents stashed away, especially to open for the occasion. They were mostly chocolate which turned out to be very melted! Neptune was toasted with fruit juice and plenty of chocolate. I'm not normally one to toss good chocolate into the sea, but I figured that this was my chance to get myself into Neptune's good books. I'd hoped that my generous offering might by rewarded with a fish on my line but no such luck!

I thought that crossing the line would be just like any other day out here, so I surprised myself a little by getting a bit emotional as I juggled three different cameras while counting down the latitude read out on the GPS. It's not so much physically crossing into the northern hemisphere that had me so worked up (you can only get so excited about an invisible line in the water!!) but the fact that it meant the end of the first leg. Sure this has probably been one of the easier legs (call it the shake down!) compared to some of the sailing down south to come. But the distance we've already covered is pretty amazing. Getting this far (and everything that happened before the start line!) has given me the confidence to know that even though we've got some seriously tough times ahead, we're going to be able to have fun tackling whatever comes our way.

Great sailing overnight again so we're well into the northern hemisphere and well on our way to Kiribati Island which we might be rounding by late tomorrow. It's been a slightly eerie feeling with overcast conditions all day but I think it was more my imagination than anything and Ella's Pink Lady has made steady progress, so I can't complain.

After all the celebrating and fun yesterday I got back into a few jobs today (not that jobs and maintenance aren't fun too!). I'm sure keeping on top of even the slightest little potential problem will pay off in the end and keeping busy keeps me more than happy.

We've finally got a bit of a moon out here this evening, I'm not sure about dinner yet but I'm thinking of attempting some kind of apple crumble with stewed fruit for dessert. A bit of ice-cream on top would go down pretty nicely too but maybe it's better not to think about that!

Thanks to everyone for all the congratulations. Sounds like plenty of people had a great time celebrating on my behalf as well! But I still say the credit all goes to Ella's Pink Lady and the amazing team that got her to the start line. I'm just along for the ride!



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Gabe said...

Hello Trusty,
Your nickname is now "Trusty" ,
as in "Trusty Shellback".
Here is a link to my celebratory picture of your great day.

Glad to hear that you are still moving along at a good pace.
May you be blessed and safe as you head to your next landmark.
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica – Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your crossing of the equator from Sydney solo at 16 years of age simply AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved your two recent videos, cooking in the Galley and dunking yourself with a bucket of water, you are looking radiant Jessica and why wouldn’t you be. In 24 hours of posting November 19th, you have 556 comments from every corner of the globe that must be some record surely. I must admit that when I first heard about a 16 year old girl from Australia is going to attempt to sail, non-stop, unassisted around the world the thought of it seemed absolutely ridiculous, now I am very happily eating big helpings of humble pie, and I’m not the only one, I have been following your blog since day 1- October 18th as well as going back and reading the blogs from February covering the amazing preparation put into your epic adventure. The more I read your blogs as the days pass the more I just know you are going to do this, the Southern Ocean will not defeat you, and you KNOW you’re going to be in about 7 months, (give or take a week or two, or three) be sailing up Sydney Harbour victorious feeling immensely proud as well you should be along with your wonderful parents, support team and your supporters there to greet you. I can assure you Sydney will put on an amazing welcome for you so better have plenty of hankies ready. Jessica you are no ordinary teenager, your consciousness is so expanded – You are the AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL JESSICA WATSON. In your blogs you come across as a very humble, lovely, beautiful person not after fame or wanting to have your name up in lights, obviously sailing is your love and you’re fulfilling your dream, doing what you love, it just happens that in this case the dream is sailing around the world, solo, non-stop! How many of us can say that we are fulfilled in life doing what we love? It seems today so many teenagers are drifting along with no direction in life, My hope is your epic adventure is an inspiration to others, whatever our age that we can with the right attitude and determination truly do what we love, what makes our sing! Thanks Jessica for being that inspiration to me. I think a lot about what you are doing and apply it my life and dreams, reading the blogs this is the case for so many here. Lastly I want to reiterate what a previous blogger wrote, please make sure you retain your fun-loving girlie ways infused with your adept sailing, navigation abilities, it is what makes you, you.

Happy sailing and Fair winds Jess!

pestinfo said...


You may be "only along for the ride" but you are one great jockey!

Well done. I'll send the ice cream out to you tomorrow. It should arrive in pristine cold condition over the weekend.

I've hired "Silly" to deliver it to you.

Let me know when you get it!

Sail safe

Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Alison said...

After all the excitement it is nice to get back to some plain sailing. Your modesty becomes you!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog Jessica
Look after yourself and catch a fish soon!

Anonymous said...

Well done jess,everyone here in aust are very proud of u. Big day tomorrow turn around to head back down stay safe and will talk to u soon, all our prays are with u.from mick and family Rockhampton...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm from Belgium and following your way, your story. It's amazing what you are doing. Fantastic! Keep going on, you're so brave!! Enjoy this experience. I think it will give you a lots of good things in your further life.
Best wishes, Ilse

Carol & Shane said...

Big Congrats on your Equator crossing Jess!! I'm now absolutely hooked on your blog. You are a remarkable young woman doing what you're doing. Safe journey & good winds.

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jessica - that's a big milestone out of the way. You are doing a great job. I'm really happy for you that things are going so well!

Jen said...

Oh Jessica, you are doing so well. What a proud aussie I am. You go girl and enjoy this wonderful experience.

Am reading your experiences every day now and looking forward to every night when I can find out what has happened that day for you. I must say the bread sounds nice that you made. And how nice it would be to have with jam etc sitting there sailing. I am envious.

elizabeth said...

Hi Jess,

You are doing a great job out there and painting a fabulous picture with your blogs.

Enjoy the little moon light dancing on the water beside you.

Safe travels and happy days

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Such a humble young lady aren't you! Yes your team back home are doing a fantastic job keeping you informed and a lot of credit goes to them and all their hard work. You deserve a big pat on the back as well. You have kept EPL happy by keeping her ship shape, even looked at your school work and also looked after yourself which is one of the most important jobs and also keeping all your adoring followers happy with your blogs, photos and videos.

It's great that you are enjoying the ride Jesse.

You could maybe have a chat to my 15 year old son about how to enjoy doing his chores :-). Maybe a few days on EPL would cure him of his allergy to chores.

Have a lovely day and keep safe.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Dusty from Dubbo said...

g'day Jesse
I am really amazed at how you have taken on the highs of yesterday and settled back into a routine...a routine that will have you successful on your second leg. I could see on the video that you were a tad be expected..we are all cheering for you from afar and you will possibly experience more lonely moments. Believe me you are not alone!. Stay strong the oranges are going well despite another 43 C day in Dubbo

More inthe morning sleep well

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Smooth sailing.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

carole said...

Hi Je was, always great to read your story for the day. It sounds like you are keeping busy and yesterday was such a celebratory milestone for you - there will be more milestones to come and we are all ready to celebrate each one with you. Northern hemisphere water over the bow ! - thats cool.... hopefully you can catch a fish in the next few days, fresh fish will be a nice change for your dinner. Apple crumble sounds great - you are living like a Queen ! good on you. Well just want you to know theres plenty of us on terra firma thinking of you, I had the telescope out tonight stargazing and thought "this is what Jess sees every night", but possibly better with no interferring lights. Post some more piccies tomorrow, especially of the seas around you. Cheers. Carole

Anonymous said...

Neptune Says "Thank You for the Chocolate and I'm sending some fish your way."

Love reading your Blog
Ros & Ross

John said...

G'day Jesse,

I hope all the generous words of encouragement you are getting do help you through the tough conditions that are ahead and that the banter helps lift your spirits. I know reading your blog makes me feel great.

My 16 year old is off on her own adventure to India this weekend, She'll only be gone for three weeks but It will be an eye opening experience for her. You are never too young to stretch your boundries!

Love hearing about the daily routine, the cooking video was fun and so was the crossing video. What a challenge cooking meals over 230 days on just a two burner stove!

Keep safe and happy, I'm sure father Neptune will challenge you but not dish out anything you can't handle.

Keep the music cranked, loved Linin Park New Divide in the background during the crossing.

All the Best

mike said...

You may be just along for the ride Jess, but you are continuing to convince us that EPL is in very good hands. Thanks for the lovely descriptions of your journey so far.

Take care, and rock on.

Mike (from Canberra)

Bryn said...

good job Jess,
great 15 knots but still 7 months to go but hope you make it but BOY POWER!! by Jesse Martin


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jess! Congrats from us in the Blue Mountains! Really enjoying your blog and the chance to share your journey. Rather surprised to be the first to comment tonight.... Am I the only one at home on a Friday night with little kids tucked up in bed!!!
Wish I could magic up some ice cream for your fruit crumble. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
You sound very calm,happy and positive that is the best additude to get yourself around the world.

Keep up the great work.
Saraya :-)

Justin said...

Still my hero...great to hear you've made it past the first leg of this big journey!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It seems as if you did dance at your party one way or another. Congratulations for this achievement and many more.


Simon said...

hey jessica,

i have to admit that at the beginning, when i first heart about your project, i was like "why?" , "why this risk?"... now, by reading your blog some kind of regulary i think you made the right choice ! like you said the hard part is in front of you and such a thing isn't done until you cross the final line > but hey ; you do well out there at this moment, and this is what counts, no ? .... I'm happy for you for the equator-crossing - surely an amazing feeling. Please keep posting , no matter what iridium or inmarsat ask therefor ;-) Simon (Munich, Bavaria)

'different drum ' said...

and you make it seem all so easy,,,
but it is not and you ,EPL and your amazing shore crew,,,i won't them for my next trip.
hope you get to see palm trees when you turn right,,
safe sailing

Kaye said...

Well done Jessica the world loves you and we are behind you all the way. Take care and stay safe.
Kaye Brisbane xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and keep smiling - eric penguin

pelel said...

Congrats Jesse but don't lose your concentration to anything even if they look obvious. You must focus even if crossing the calmest part of the ocean.

Keep up the good work and we are always with you.

Pele Leung
A Photographer

Anonymous said...

have a good night Jess cant wait to hear more tomorrow Its 11pm in Sydney and still boiling hot and windy Lots of fires too You are a lucky girl to be out in the big blue.. Marie from OZ

Di said...

Awesome post, you're sounding so positive. Good for you.

Di - UK

Anonymous said...

G'day Jessica,

Well done on achieving your first challenge of your epic journey!!

You're a very brave, skilled & confident young adult with an envious amount of drive for your passion.

I truly wish you the best for the next leg of your journey.


Bris, Q.

Tim09 said...

Hey we are having apple crumble and ice cream for dessert as well.
Thanks for the updates Jess, we really enjoy them.
Tim and Rosie

duane said...

Jessica, you truly are incredible. Your sense of humor is great and of course your narrative descriptions are suburb. After checking my e-mail each morning you are next on my list. Never disappointed! Will follow you around the world. duane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Congratulations on your crossing. You inspire me with every blog.

What an unbelievable achievement.

You enjoy those chocolates because you have certainly earnt them

You are the talk of our work place.

Happy and safe sailing


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - sounds like you're having a fantastic time out there, I am sure you and ELP will take all the southern ocean has to offer in your stride, and thanks matt donovan for reassuring us the Waters down there in the deep south can be smooth also, I was so relieved to read that, hey Jessica how's chick with an attitude handling the waves? thanks for sharing your amazing journey with us all through your pics, videos and blogs etc. reckon you're made of special stuff!

Happy Safe Sailing Jessica


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Jesse, wonderful Ella Pink Lady!!!! Congratulations~~~Happy sailing!
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Anonymous said...

go jessica go get a good start on your second leg now the sea is flat and the wind is good.DAZ

Anonymous said...

It's the water going down the plughole that changes so I'm told--spins the other way.
But I spose you don't have water to spare for that experiment huh?
Anyway good luck and happy rounding.


RichieParis said...

Hi Captain Jesse!
I am glad you appreciate the upper part of our blue apple planet. You will see, it is not so icy and freaky as some people say. Even better not to get your feet on land, as you would have a really hot welcome, and that's not useful at all at the moment.
And no need to practice your kiribatian language, yu can concentrate on school work... and basics: do you remember where is starboard? You will soon have to turn your rudder and get on the second leg's start line.

Boatbuilder said...

Well done Jessica. We follow your blog everyday and enjoy it very much. My 15 year old son would like to be out there doing what you are doing. Keep up the maintenance and head for the Horn. Regards Richard (Melbourne)

Roddy222 said...

Good on ya Jessica. Keep going. Gettin a little further every day.

hezakiah299 said...

11-20-09 @07:08
Hi Jessica,
Well Jessica, I’m glad to see that you have some good sailing. I hope the Northern Hemisphere will treat you good for the short time that you will be in it. Now that sounds like a good combo, fruit juice and chocolate, tart and sweet. Hmmmm....different strokes for different folks. LOL....Just as long as you enjoy it what difference does it make. Fifteen (15) knots is clipping along pretty good, Yes? You’ll be around Kiribati in no time, and then taking the southward plunge. I like your attitude in regards to what's coming, don't let nothing get you down. Go get 'em Jessica. It sounds like a pretty good meal. How is the maintenance coming along, have you had some success with the little leaks? With maintenance there is always something to do (plus preventive maintenance). Keep up the good work and stay safe and alert. I would say, and have a good time, but you’re already doing that. Always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Peter Deane said...

Apparently, according to Disney anyway, you're supposed to contact Neptune and get him to lift up the equator so you can pass under it and enter the other hemisphere!

Are you telling me Disney was wrong!?!?

Was 37 degrees in Sydney today, 30-odd tomorrow and 39 on Sunday. Just so you know what you're missing :-)

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse, i've had a fairly eventful day myself so was delighted to log in and find you had already posted your news. I love reading about your day so much and as i am no sailor at all i am learning alot. The closest i have come is when we took our kayaks out to the sea one day instead of the river! I often wonder if you have read the book The Life Of Pi? Dinner sounds wonderful and is making my mouth water for my own, so Jesse,
Good Winds and Safe Sailing,

Anonymous said...

wow, looked at the map, you are so close to Hawaii! Just as well it's you sailing and not me, 'cause I'd probably be tempted to keep going north and have a stopover in Hawaii (and maybe not keep going!) lol

You're doing an awesome job. Sail on, and enjoy the warmth while it lasts, I reckon it might be a little chilly down at Cape Horn. : )

Beky said...

Congrats Jessica, love reading your blog.
You will be interested to know I saw Justin Jones and James Castrission tonight presenting a lecture here in Melbourne. Talking about their Crossing the Ditch journey. You were mentioned a few times during the night by different people.

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

It's great you've achieved the first leg of your journey and your posts are great reading. I feel as though I'm sailing there with you.
You have a mature attitude, always conscious of work that has to be done on Ella Pink Lady. By keeping up with them, it will make it easier when the seas whip up down south.
Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us.

rabreezway said...

hi jesss,sounds like you are having fun and welll done,keep up the good work from Ron ( Brisbane )

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess. Great effort little champion!!

Ernest said...

Hi Jesse, That was a fun party yesterday.Keep on grooving to the tunes and steering EPL around the Islands then heading south. I'm having a blast following your voyage. Your in my thoughts 24/7. I tell everyone about you and your goal. Love the pics and above all,your writing.Be safe! Be happy!
Be focused!Be Tough!

Macca said...

hey jess when are you expected to come back down the equater

jess is cute

Anonymous said...

hi jess,
my class is following you and we wrote about you in our books. each day we read your blog. and it's very interesting reading about you. And CONGRATULATIONS for crossing the equator. enjoy yourself sailing. AND GOOD LUCK!!!!

from hihihi, Perth,wa. Australia

Caitlin said...

Congrats Jess!
I've been following your blog, have the link saved on the main screen of my iPhone & have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I went sailing myself for the first time last week & while it was fun, it definitely made me admire what you're doing all that much more!
Good luck with the rest of your journey, can't wait to hear more of your adventures!!

Summersailor said...

Jess,it's wonderful and amazing to see you maturing in your short month at sea. I see this in your writings and your realization of what lies ahead in this voyage of a life time. I guess it will be time to turn south in a few days to begin the 2nd leg. Good luck and stay well! :o)

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

good morning! thanks so much for the video of you crossing look like you're in great spirits and it looks like EPL is FLYING along!!

keep up the great attitude and you'll be fine...

best wishes on leg 2.

cape horn, here we come!!!

be safe

richmond, VA

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

A GREAT first leg and a good forecast of things to come. Your confidence is well earned and well deserved.

Maybe you can discuss with the team if it wouldn't hurt to swing in close enough to this next island to get a good glimpse as you round it. Might be the last land you get to see for quite some time to come. Just a thought.

EPL may not be a race boat but keep tweaking those sails as every knot gained will really add up over time. Don’t forget to practice your heavy weather sailing when the wind picks up a bit but before it gets to crazy; and maybe try out some of those storm sails and heave to for a bit. Practice make perfect, and when you’re cold and get to tired to think, and the mighty ocean is throwing its weight around, it’s best to have all of these things as routine as possible. Also think to yourself, what could I do if this happens or that happens, and plan out in advance you actions. These drills (although extra work) will really pay off in spades if needed down the line.

Last lecture (I promise ;-)

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

You continue to amaze me from this perspective. Well truthfully, from many perspectives but I will focus on this one for now.

As someone who began my first knowledge of you based on a short TV news clip here in the states, and subsequently read, I believe, ALL of your blog postings, I have seen a distinct maturing in your style of writing and the craft (yes craft) of presenting your thoughts. I sense sometime you would rather steer clear of the word maturity, at age 16, but clearly it is there and it has grown and bloomed.

I just hope that one day in the future, when your odyssey is complete and you've made it around the world solo and unassisted, all of this is reduced to a book describing your thoughts in this magnificent journey.

But more than that, now days when books are written and published, teams of editors hem and haw over each word, debate and discuss each phrase, review and word smith each each noun, pronoun, adjective and verb based on what they perceive will best appeal and sell to the consuming public. The author of the book, at times, is left on the sidelines wondering, "what are they doing to my story"?

My whole point in this is that when that day comes, you insist that your feelings and thoughts remain just that . . . . yours and not theirs. Keep it like it is, your work product with your unique style and presentation.

You are speaking from the heart and that is what makes it so magnetic. It is the essence of your soul.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess ! I didn't forward my congratulations y'day because a whole world was sending them and i decided to stay differant. Well todays blog was lengthy and reflects hi spirtits. This is what you need for all the time because we here can only pray for your safety and success. Better develop the habit of Serendipity, it pays in these kind of circumstances. This keep your adventures Alive. wake up every morning to Report your fans something Fantastic and New. Give Us a Surprise Every Day.

Des said...

Hi Jessica
I always look forward to reading your blog and the comments. It seems the whole world is with you. You are our champion. Get arroud Kiribati and get back down under.
We are praying for you.

The McGraths said...

Hey Jess,
It sounds like it's back to business after a very exciting day yesterday, not just for you but for all your followers. We can't wait for the next leg to start.

You're doing so well Jess, so till tomorrow, sleep tight & rest while you can.

We're praying for you.
The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Congratulations in your crossing to the Northern Hemisphere.
I heard about your trip last June when on board of "Evohe" went to the Aucklands Is. I live in southern Chile, near the Cape Horn, so I am looking forward to read when you cross it.
Cheers and safe sailing

Alex. said...

Woo hoo. Sounds great. Keep it up! x

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
When I was reading your blog, I was finishing my dessert, you wouldn't believe it, hot apple pie with heaps of ice cream. I had a bit of a laugh when I came across the part you would like some ice cream on your apple crumble,it did taste good.
It looks like the conditions are still good so keep knocking over those miles.
By the time you finish this adventure you are going to take a long time going through all the still photos and video you have taken over the 8 months.
I'm sure Neptune would like your chocolate, but I'm sure you would already be in Nepture's good books.
He would be very impressed with what you have acheived so far on this fantastic journey.
Did you give Ella's Pink Lady a little pat on her deck for a job well done.
So enjoy the next stage as much as the first, as we have, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA

mimo said...

Another wonderful blog entry Jesse. You truly have a great way with words. Sometimes I really feel like I'm out there.

Stay safe


magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
This blog is such a crack-up!☺!
I have learnt so much in the last few days.
When Rex made the comment about Neptune's mates..."Neptunus Rex, Ruler of the Raging Main, said...
To all sailors, wherever ye may be: and to all Mermaids, Whales, Sea Serpents, Pogpots, Sharks, Dolphins, Eels, Skates, Suckers, Crabs, Lobsters and all other living things of the sea..." i couldn't stop laughing.
Time to gybe 'round that island and zoom away from that commotion. Go Go pink lady ♥◘♥.

Richard Lathrop said...

You're just along for the ride?
I don't think so!

You're along to show the world some of the best aspects of the human spirit--authentically applied to survive in nature. We don't get a chance to witness that every day (or we didn't until you sailed into our lives).

It's fun to hear your observations and the comparisons you make between things. Your jokes are funny. And then you switch into the serious sailor/navigator that you are, speaking about the need to anticipate any possible thing that could go wrong.

You are going to complete this voyage, and when you return the world is going to be a better place for your having done so.

That good is already beginning to flow.

Can you see Polaris?

Fair winds and warm regards,

Richard Lathrop

Rabbi said...

Hello first I thought it wasn't a great idea, but reading your amazing blog and progress, I now admit I was wrong.
If you ever give up sailing, I'm sure you'd be a great journalist.
Congratulations...and I'm following your progress. Bye for now from Laurie

hezakiah299 said...

11-20-09 @08:25
Hi Julie and Shore Crew,
Long time no hear. How about a little note as to how things are going on your side. You guys are the backbone of this quest, and I (for one)would like to hear from you. How things are going and what's in the near future (for example). I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but you provided some good info the last time you were on. Hoping to hear from you.
May God be with her and watch over her and may the angels keep her sails full. I will keep you all in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Sounds like you managed to have a lot of fun and celebrate a bunch. That's fantastic. As you say there's a bunch of hard work to come, but the progress you're making will bolster your confidence to tackle the hard stuff.

One great thing about your journey is that is exposes how sad the world has become. In previous generations - 50, 100 or more years ago - I believe that most people would have encouraged you in your dream. Today, there are so many naysayers, who say that it's too hard, too dangerous, you're too young, you're only a girl, etc.

Many of these observers would claim that they're being 'responsible', 'cautious', 'realistic', 'only looking out for you', etc., whereas the truth is that we've become a generation of control freaks, forgetting that the purpose of live is to *live*. It's not the destination that matters, it's the journey. And it's individual enterprise, exploration and adventure that is such a large part of what makes life worth living.

So I'm thrilled with your success, not just for your own sake, of course, and your team's, but also because it can serve as a message to all the small-minded people in the world. I hope that, for them, your story will make the resounding statement that life is about pursuing your dreams and meeting challenges.

It doesn't matter whether a person fails gloriously in meeting a challenge, because the wonderful thing is that they tried. How sad would life be if we all lived in a world where no-one had any dreams, no-one was willing to take a risk, and where no-one did anything without the approval of legislators, regulators, supervisors, pundits, journalists and commentators ?

So thank you, Jessica, for following your dream. I hope for your ultimate success, and that it brings
you the satisfaction that I believe it will. I also hope that it serves to inspire other people - especially girls - to drive relentlessly ahead in pursuit of their hopes and dreams, and to say, as we do in Ireland, "damn the begrudgers".

All the best,

Brian in NY.

Helena said...

You Beauty!!!

yarnek said...

You are truly remarkable, Jessica Watson. Unlike your "just along for the ride" self, I am stuck for words. I trust your doubters are similarly afflicted.

Rock on Girls.

Clair said...

I love your new video and your pictures are awesome! Those are other skills (of many!) you're developing! Taking a digital picture of the moon - that will be a challenge! Last time I posted I wondered about how you "clip on" when on deck and when are the times you wear a pfd just in case. How do you wash your hair? And why do you have a salt water tap in your galley? Do you have a winter coat etc. or will it never get that cold on your trip? I guess you probably don't have time to read all these posts so your team may have to cull out some good questions for you to answer!

ToSeaTheSea said...

Well done for leg one.

Watch out for those hard lumpy bits of coral around Kiribati. I helped survey the waters around those parts in the 1980s. Not sure if the charts have done since.

Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Jess,

We are with you all the way!
You are too modest. But that is probably your nature. I think that is why people from around the world are connecting with you, because your true nature is shining through. You can do it , one step at a time!

Best Wishes as Always
Richard in Maryland

Brian Riley said...

Well one could say that the moon is Neptune's reflection, wishing you a pleasant and safe passage.

EPL is serving you well and the shore crew are doing a great job, but as for you being along for the ride, it is your skills that brings everything together keeping EPL on a steady, and comfortable keel.

Enjoy your evening meal and pleasant dreams.

Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

RICHARD said...

Great stuff!

Your insight reminds me of the revelation Arthur had in Sword In The Stone when Merlin turned him into a bird. Once airborne, Merlin asked Arthur what he saw. Arthur reported that he saw "no lines" dividing the cities from the counties, the counties from the Kingdoms or the Kingdoms from the countries. It was all one big beautiful world and the things that divide us were all man made.

However, you may notice that draining water spins in the opposite direction. Which makes one wonder... do the eddies EPL makes in her wake also spin in the opposite direction from those she leave in the southern hemisphere? Hum... That would be a fun thing to pass on to your followers.

Thank you so much for the vids. They are also worth a thousand words. We really get quite a charge out of them. And when you post new video or pics, the buzz about you and EPL seems to surge, and the level of excitement between the kids spreads like wildfire. Your dunking video was the subject of the day in the car. :)

Stay well and busy. You are prayed for.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 31:10, 25, 29
10 A [woman] of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. 29 Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.

Hi, Jessica. Your video, pics, and posts at this milestone sure display your humble, noble character. Thanks for sharing the emotion you felt at the crossing, and your eerie feelings during the overcast day. Those words make it all very real for us. I am praying this morning for your continued safety and diligence, good rest for you, and much wisdom as you think ahead, prepare, and maintain and prepare EPL for what lies ahead. I am praying for your health and your family, too. Count on it!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are still going strong. Any chance you know what month you will be returning home?


samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well. Thanks for the update and another great read. Good to hear you're progressing well. Don't worry, I can feel a fish coming on. A decent pan sized one you can enjoy landing, cooking and devouring. I prefer raw fish myself but it depends what kind you catch. You'll get one soon so be prepared. Have a bucket handy to drop it into, save it thrashing around in your cockpit. I learnt a trick about how to stop fish from thrashing around upon landing but that's another story. I could go on and on about fishing. "The scream of the reel" as you strike a fish is like music to my ears...sad isn't it. I should have been a boy.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Northern Hemisphere" and was particularly moved by your humility in the final paragraph. You are one very special lady and don't you ever forget it.
Yes, in all probability you will have some hardships ahead rounding the horn and then the southern ocean, not to mention the cold and wet that goes with it but you, especially YOU, have what it takes, I don't doubt that for one minute. Take very good care of yourself, I mean your health both physically and mentally, you'll be just fine. You have all the enthusiasm and drive you need to succeed.
The thing I can relate to best of all is how you enjoy doing all the menial tasks around the boat. You're always looking around in anticipation and always thinking how you can improve of this and that, aren't you? You know what I mean, don't you? Even while asleep in my bunk at night or whenever, I used to always keep an ear out for noises around the boat and can pretty much tell what it is and where it's coming from. You don't need to physically go outside to see that the wind has shifted, you know, feel and hear the boat as if you are at one with it. It really doesn't get any better than that.
Take care, stay safe, fair winds, calm seas and tight lines. Until next time...Sam

Anonymous said...


Special delivery of a Choctop cone for Jessica .Ah! the treats that are waiting for you at the end of your journey!!!
Sally in Melbourne

Lut said...

Congratulations !!! You are now in the same hemisphere as me :) Take care and keep in sailing safely !!
From Luxembourg

Phil in Idaho said...

Jesse You are simply fantastic!! I'm sure Neptune has a smile for you as well.

Keep on Coming!!

z said...

well done Jess, Enjoy your Apple Crumble. Please make sure you keep tied on. Sailing with you in our thoughts.

z (North Queensland)

Bryan said...

Hi again "Jessicaptain"

Just incase you missed my earlier comment prior to your 1st crossing of the line - keep an eye out for the "Swirl" down the sink - now that you are in the Northern hemisphere the swirl is Clockwise and when you re-cross the equator it will confirm our ownership of you back into the Southern hemisphere as the swirl will revert back to anti-clockwise.
We only loaned you to our Northern friends for a few nms & days.

Once again congratulations for your 1st Gold Bar on your Captains Epaulettes. There are 3 more to come.

We are with you all the way - Thanks for the ride.

Keep your sails full and Godspeed.


Bryan - Perth. Western Australia

Ron 'n' Dot said...

Well done Jesse - my wife and I are proud of you.

We followed Mike Perham all around the world on hi voyage this year - from day one to his arrival back in Portsmouth.

Now we continue with you.

We are feeling like sailors but have never sailed, but learning a lot from you as I did from Mike.

Keep going lass.

Ron 'n' Dorothy in Staplehurst, Kent, in the UK.

Rob said...

Congratulations and welcome to my side of the world!! Also, I must apologize for being absent the past few days. I was traveling and didn't take my computer with me. So you ended up being much more plugged into the world in the middle of the ocean than I!
Here is a question for you, when a drop of water makes it across the equator in the ocean does it get dunked by saltwater or tossed over the head of some first time equator crosser??
Silly looked very pleased with the entertainment you provided him. I wonder what he named you?
I know you said you aren't much of an astronomer but if you go to you can plug in your location and see if you can watch the space station fly over you. Basically it is just a bright moving star but those folks are on a voyage themselves.
I have a marathon to run this weekend. I'll run a few miles for you so you have a chance to stretch your legs.
I think you'll be catching a fish in the next few days, don't fret. Be well and keep up the good work, and no self inflicted injuries the rest of the trip!!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

KR said...

high congrats are in order! good on ya to make it to this side of the world. (This I write as snow is still on the ground and the sun rises on a blue-sky day in the mountains).
And thanks for sharing the celebration!


Old Iron said...

Enjoy your time in the northern hemisphere.

Hope your gifts to Neptune are well rewarded. The distance you covered is pretty amazing.

Looking forward to more photos and videos.

Maybe a video of one your few jobs ( maintenance ) . Would a moon light video work???

Thanks to you and modern technology; we can follow you.

Again, congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, congratulations from germany! Unfortunately a little late but not less cordially. I really love your blog and I'm eagerly watching your progress. Sure it's gonna help me over the long german winter.

Sail safe and keep your good mood!

Wolf (GER)

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Two years ago I had a chance to go overseas for the first time in my life, it may have been only a ten day trip to Tianjin not to far from Beijing but I got to spend 2 hours walking through the Forbidden City, 2 hours or so walking through the Summer Place and 2 hours walking the Great Wall of China, before I knew it I was back in Melbourne, I wanted to explore the world after that but alas one needs money!

While I was in China, the one thing I really wanted to see was the Sky, the Stars, the Northern Hemisphere is very different to what us Australians see, I also wanted to check the Moon out but non of this could happen, why?....because of the heavy pollution in the Air, you couldn't see a damn thing! may not be an Astronomer Jess but your not all that far removed, have a look at the Moon and check out its surface features they should appear slightly different if not upside down, it would interesting to read of your observation of the Moon while north of the equator, that's if you get a full moon to look at!

We've just watched Jesse Martine's DVD "Lionheart", lots of horrifying scenes, particularly when he played his guitar, I hope you have a better singing voice?...;)

Anyway Jesse, its just gone 2:38am here in Melbourne Saturday morning, I can sleep in a bit!

Full Steam Ahead!!

Clint - Dandenong

Neil O'Donnell said...

Congratulations! You're an inspiration to everyone! Happy sailing and best wishes in your fishing endeavors!


HAWKEYE said...


Jesse, I have said it before and I'll keep saying it: what you are doing out there far exceeds what you realize. You are simply a beautiful girl in so many ways. You are inspirational but humble, you can be serious yet funny and while doing this you are clearly enjoying yourself and at the same time bringing joy to others. So many of us have been captivated by you inner beauty and I admit I have. Jess is no forgery - Jess is the real deal.

It's a relief to know your mind is back on the job today and you are right about the routines - it's those one per centers (that little bit extra you do now, and the sound habits you develop) that could make a huge difference further down the track.

Jess,I don't care how often you say it's the team and those around you that deserve the credit and I too acknowledge they are indispensable - their role is critical. Notwithstanding, JESS is the one out there dealing with the elements and manner in which you have handled things so far is impressive.

Sorry about the fish but I've never heard of chocolate being either a useful bait or lure but nice try. However, don't give up on the chocolate just yet, maybe, just maybe Northern hemisphere fish love chocolate - it's a question of getting the right intelligence on their taste. Keep trying!! Maybe a couple of Mars Bars could do the trick although giving up two Mars Bars would be a massive sacrifice - to hell with the fish.

"til next time, special one, take care and do all the safety first things.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jess:

Congratulations (Although Late)

Great show on crossing the eqauator!!

Stay safe and enjoy yourself !!

Bob and Family from Denver

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Nice concluding paragraph there! I thought I was going to make it through this reading as a normal observer but that last paragraph got the eyes watering a bit. Maybe I should replace "Tracie Lynne Hall" with "Sap".
Anyway, it's interesting to learn that it can be clear skyed and calm at the Equator. I never gave it much thought, having lived my entire life in desert-like California--humid equals cloudy to me, possibly because I just don't know any better...but where else would the moisture come from? Guess I need to read up on weather. I'm almost to that part of the sailing manual so hold that thought. :-)
'Hoping you have continued lovely days (and nights)--

Jessica's Jokester said...

Hey Watson!

I am guessing that, even though you are limited on space, it is still sometimes easy to misplace things. I know it sometimes happens to me when I travel and items are not being kept in their normal spot. A comnon situation for a lot of folks.. but there is really no excuse for these two idiots...

A carpet layer had just finished installing carpet for a lady. He stepped outside for a smoke, only to realize he'd lost his cigarettes.

He went back into the house and in the middle of the room, under the carpet, was a bump.

"No sense pulling up the entire floor for one pack of smokes" he said to himself, so he proceeded to get out his hammer and flatten the bump.

As he was cleaning up, the lady came into the room. "Here", she said, handling him his pack of cigarettes. "I found these in the hallway."

"Now," she said, if only I could find my cell phone."


Happy Friday!

~Al yer pal~

ArRaina said...

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment thus far, Jess! Your postings and pictures are really amazing.

Glad you are always cheerful and full of energy.When you feel down Jess, just look at the sky and admire the beauty of the surrounding. May you feel blessed that you are the one chosen to travel around the world at the age of 16! You are magnificent, Jess.

So, take care and may success be with you, Jess The Best.

Best regards from ArRaina family, Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Tossing chocolate into the ocean? Well, well. Let's hope that you never come into a situation where you wish you hadn't done so. Chocolate is very important, it not only gives your body carbon hydrates and fat to burn, it also makes you feel better in times when you are down. In rough weather, when it is impossible to manufacture a decent meal the chocolate cookies are always a safe bet for a last resort.
But then again, I'm probably just jealous. It would appear that I haven't eaten as well in the last few years as you have done in the last four weeks. Being able too cook well is one of the greatest assets one can have out there.

Anonymous said...

G'day Jess,

Congratulations for crossing the line! I have been enthralled reading your blog and following your journey online, and I only wish the very best for you! You are truly an inspiring young lady, and the world needs more like you!

I only wish the very best for you on a safe and successful journey! I will be cheering you on the whole way...along with the rest of the world from the looks of it!

luv Jo, a Kiwi in San Francisco

chris coles-morales said...

Also note that northern hemisphere water runs the other way!! lol
I tease my friends in Gisborne about that all the time... could not resist!
So now its back to the normal grind. you have come so far! My grandpa used to say,look at what you have done,not what you still have to do.
Now you are on your way to the cape... oh boy!!
chris in calif

Anonymous said...

Jessica all I can say is YOU GO GIRL!!! Congratulations on crossing the equator!

My question is: what do you think will probably be the hardest part of the journey?

Wayne and family in Perth

jennifer said...

i love how your dunking bucket matches ellas pink lady. geez i'm so addicted to reading your adventures i check your blog before my own email each day. i haven't received an email that's as fun to read as your stories, so now it's just another boring task. what will i do when your journey's over?! just sail round again so we can keep reading ;) i think nasa should hire you to be the youngest ever in outer space. i'm sure after you return to sydney you will be ready to break another record. venturing out into the final frontier would be nothing for you girlfriend, you'd be like, 'sure, no problem. when do we blast off?' ok, back to my landlocked boring day. well at least i get to go adventuring thru disneyland tomorrow, but i'd sure rather be out at sea.

southern orange county, california

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Great milestone to accomplish at such a young age, but one of many that you will achive in the coming months, you journey is often in my mind as i am working through the lunch crowd, keep positive and i wish you fair winds and calm seas,

miami, florida, usa

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our side. It's cold up here (at least up in Scotland it is). This is a great blog - not just the journey, that's obvious - but your writing too. Good luck

Anonymous said...

i'm scared crossing that ocean on a 747...

LScottG said...

Hello Jessica

Congratulations on your slip across to the Northern half.
If I were out there I'd be looking for a nice Island to anchor off of and take a couple days of R&R.

Take care, be safe.


Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jess,

Congratulations again for crossing into the northern hemisphere.

It is good now that you are back into your normal routine. Make every day count and enjoy every new thing that comes along.

You are changing peoples lives. Many people are so involved and with you on your journey it is amazing. You are truly a special girl.

I look forward to your continuing updates.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Mark said...

Well done Jesse.
Leg 1 down - and what a great leg it's been, but as soon as you head south it will be ...
Leg 2 - so go go go, it'll be fantastic, and a bit cooler. I've been to Cape Horn and when I was there it was calm and beautiful, so timing is everything.


Anonymous said...

Congratulatiosn Jesse ~ You are an amazing person. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and daily updates. I feel like I'm on this adventure with you.

Patti, Jason & Payton

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
You sure have a lot of people behind you, be the amount of comments. How would you ever get time to read them all.
not long now and you'll be heading south and round the horn. So far you've done an amazing job. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be using a 16 year old girl as an example on how to get things done, and what you can do if you put your mind to it.
You are truly amazing.
I was so proud of my kids when they graduated from Uni and then succeeded in their chosen fields. I know just how your parents feel.
Fare winds and following seas.

Meechree said...

Glad to hear it (:
Keep up the good work :D
-Dimitri, USA

Dark said...

Well done out there Jessica
it's great you've achived your first goal and I can see that. Your attemt to achive has now become what you have achived, and while I know you have many more targets you are realy doing it now and have in my opion proved yourself a worthy achiver.

So Jessica give yourself a pat on the back and knuckle down as you are now about to cross an entire ocean on your way to the famed Cape.
So good winds and smooth sailing


Darryl said...

Hi Jess, I have been watching your progress since the start, and also reading your blog entries every morning, and I think this latest blog is by far the best so far.
It's great that you have finished the first leg and a shame that chocolate got melted! Keep trying with the fishing and take care out there. I look forward to seeing more entries like this one.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

good morning Jesse

Further congratulations...on the TGIF radio show yesterday u won the winner of the week award for crossing the equator as opposed to the loser who was a pommie whose bum transplant failed....apparently he lost it in a car accident and they tried to replace it...I wont repeat the lines that followed as they are all to obvious.

They did say on the show at a later stage how brave and determined you were..we all agree to that. By the way I love your giggle after you drenched yourself for King Neptune

Sea Ya
Dusty from Dubbo

lilshawnee said...

Hi Jess,Well so glad your having a good time,We are so happy for you.
Cant wait to see more pics and read more tomorrow.
Your such a brave hero.
have fun and please be safe.
your such a good sailer.
I cant wait till i get started,Then we will come your way...Have fun God Bless you all the way.
Your friends
Robert,Ellen,Alison and Autumn

( AKA ) lilshawnee

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jesse! Knew you could do it.

Sally said...

Morning Jess

Glad to see that all is 'ship shape' and you are back in the office and back to your daily business.

Interesting to note that the water is still the same colour on the other side of the hemisphere!!

Yes you are very fortunate to have such a great team behind you and a huge congratulations to them for supporting you and getting you across that line, so to speak! Onwards and upwards.

"only along for the ride" indeed Jessica! I think you may have a 'little' to do with it also! Your strength of character and grounded determination certainly helps. Let me also say your 'witty' sense of humour is another part of your support team also. A sense of humour is a great asset to have and can save you in many a difficult situation!!

Love the footage clips Jess - keep them coming. We are a demanding lot aren't we?!

It's going to be a hot one here today Jess and I am off to teach dancing for the day. Packed bottles of water to keep me going. Went to a Christmas party at the Opera House last night which was spectacular, but my head's tired and fuzzy. So I hope that I make sense today.

Have a great day Jess - stay safe!

'When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing -- then we truly live life' -Greg Anderson

les said...

Hi Jessica Good read of your great progress and to know every thing is going very well for you,,best regards From Les & Mary from N.Z

Helmut said...

You know, of course, that you give Kiribati a wide berth when you round it. You don't want to get pushed into the Bay of Wrecks by the treacherous current.
Congratulations on your fantastic achievement so far. Very reassuring that you look after the smallest detail and are so well prepared for the tough ride ahead.

KP said...

Hey Jess
You may not have caught a fish yet but as far as being one more new blogger to your site, you've got me... hook line and sinker! And I suspect there will be "thousands" more to come. Hope we don't go slowing ya's down, so as well as being hooked, I've decided we all need to swim and hence all of us hooked bloggers will be out in front of epl, pulling her along:-) All the best out there in them open waters, have fun!

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Well, all the Line celebrations done now and it's forging further on into your quest.

Now that you're into the 170's (E) , the sun is rising nearly an hour an a half ahead of back here at 'home'. Does this make you feel 'in front of the bunch'... Hehheh.
Anyway, your next 'Line' is the IDL.... that'll set the 'whose in front' straight , eh !! :)) We'll be writing to you in 'tomorrow' from here.... and you'll be in 'yesterday'..... well, for some of the time! Kinda fun... sort of 'Dr. Who-ish' !

I'd hoped for a fish-catch report now that your into scattered islands but I guess watching where you are puts 'fishing' into insignificance. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to your Marine Culinary Extravaganza---- with necessary piccies, of course. :))

BTW.... I couldn't see the 'clipped on' in your bucket-over-the head video ( so excellent).!! Yeah, I know that others keep nagging about tis as I do.. "as if"--.. and surely you don't need it. But _do_ always be 'clipped on', won't you. :))

OK.... outa ya way, again.

'Fair winds, goodspeed, safe sailing' etc.... ( and maybe 'that' fish :)

..... & best wishes 'til next time...

... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica...congrats on the E-Crossing!! Really an amazing feat for such a young girl...I think you're the Bee's Knee's...the Kit & Kaboodle...The Cat's Meow and The Real Deal all rolled into one!!! Keep up the progress young lady...I love hearing from you each and every day.I can't wait until tomorrow:-) Wayne B. in Milford, Connecticut USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
It was nice to see some kind gentleman sent you your King Neptune certificate.Congratulations.Quite a nice keepsake. Happy sailing and keep safe. Tight lines.
Russ..Byron Bay/Calgary


G'day Jesse

Well done. Fantastic effort. After talking with your Dad at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show we knew that you could do it. On to the next leg. We read your blog everyday.

Best wishes
Bill and Jillian (Brisbane)

Barny3688 said...

Congratulations Jessica, one milestone to be proud of. I have been watching your progress from the start and this is my first blog. I just had to say hi. You are making good progress and it is great to see that the world is watching you too, lots of blogs from all around the globe. Go Aussie!
Phil, Canberra, ACT

Annabel said...

Hi Jesse
We have had Vern Meyer building a hydrangea house for us, so we feel we also know you, and we are now most enthusiastically following your progress. I thought you would get very lonely, but you have plenty to do I guess, to keep you occupied. We also have a yacht in Croatia, but we are cruisers, not doing the hard yards you are.
Good sailing
Annabel and Joe from Tauranga New Zealand

Bill said...

G'Day Jesse

Well done. A great achievement. After talking with your Dad at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show we knew then that you could do this. On to the next stage now. We read your blog daily and look forward to your next chapter.

Best wishes, Bill and Jillian (Brisbane)

Bill said...

G'day Jesse

Great achievement. After speaking with your Dad at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show we knew you could do it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Best wishes, Bill and Jillian Mannix (Brisbane)

Steve said...

Well Done Jessica! You are amazing. Thanks for the photos.


Anonymous said...

Just wishing you congratulations on finishing the 1st leg. We are so proud of you Jessica and I know you will be okay as begin the 2nd Leg. Take care and I hope you catch some fish very soon.
Sunshine Coast

Gavin said...

Hey Jessica, well done on hitting the northern.

I have been reading every blog, but only just realized I can make a comment. Its Saturday morning here in Brisbane at 7:30... and the weather is beautiful.

Your very inspiring.



Jay MH Skooler #3 said...

Hello Miss Jess we luv choccy melts. throw our way please not to neptune. Eqautor 0 degrees N/S COME BACK NOW usuposed 2 munch sea weed silly not choc on vrossing 0 degrees. u can hav earring for rounding Cape Honrn. BEST OF LUCK and be vigilent

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

I have just watched you video "Jessica Crosses The Equator" and the emotion of the moment is clearly visible.
I can only imagine the sense of achievement that you must already feel, even though you are only still in the early days of your voyage.
You openly admit that there will be tougher, more challenging times ahead. Don't be afraid to show your emotions during these periods. We are all here to support you in your attempt to be the "youngest round"

Here's to a good trip "south of the line".

John F

Dr. Gregory Bath said...

Hi jess, dr. greg again. I am wondering, when you pass a ship do they communicate with you, wave or give a yell or have a chat on the radio??? or do you just pass in the day or night.
Greg & Karen.

Ian said...

I have a few friends in the Northern Hemisphere and they've always been a bit strange. I put it down to the water but, having read your blog, I might have to re-think that. LOL

Nice to see that you're trundling along. My best wishes to you. There were over 550 entries on yesterday's blog. What a party that was! You could feed them with the loaves, but they must have had to find their own fishes. ROFLMAO.

Enough nonsense! Go, girl, go!

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
Loved your video, what a big achievement crossing the equator was and to see you settling back into a routine again and making sure EPL is shipshape again shows your huge maturity and huge ability and now you have added humility to your long list of personal qualities. I wonder if you realise just how inspiring you are, by just being you, to so many people.

Fair seas Jesse,
Bluefin, Buderim, Qld.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, good to have you 'up here' for a couple of days!
Loving your blog!
Take care and keep clipped!
Ana- Spain

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,
Well done. I really don't know what to say about your achievement so far.

You are an incredible young lady who can achieve anything.
What's left to to do after this adventure?
Climb Mt Everest with one hand tied behind your back?

By the way, the champagne was great.

Good onya and God blessya

Peter from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

I could listen to you & read your stories for hours, I love the photos, I cried when I watched you cross the line. You are doing what the rest of use wish we were brave enough to do. You are the spirit of life. Thank you for making my days even brighter.
Wallerawang NSW

Ian said...

I notice a comment has been deleted by a blog administrator. I applaud the administrator for that action. Sometimes we forget that our precious sailor is just sixteen. I'm very glad that someone is watching; there are grubs out there. Just another reason to keep Jessica's exact position away from all of us. Something as simple as going out to physically cheer her on and handing her something as innocuous as an orange would make the whole voyage null and void.

So, blog administrator, keep her safe!

Ian from Brisbane

Cameron said...

Good on you, Jessica! Congrats on crossing the line. I'm in awe that you have the courage to do what so many of us would be terrified of. Wishing you fair winds & a following sea,

Eddie Offermann said...

Congrats! Now when you finish, you're officially eligible for sparrow tattoos! :)

Pixie Princess said...

Go are truly an inspiration and very brave! The good stuff Aussie's are made of! We are very proud of you!
Cheers from Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Love the story about Neptune!! Even if throwing chocolate into the sea seems criminal! Take care out there.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, from just another one of your guardian angels. You have achieved amazing things. Stay safe - Vicki, Caloundra

Sue Canavan said...

Hi Jessie

Well done and congratulations on crossing the line. We are watching you closely at Sunshine Sailing Austalia.
We are all so proud of you. Love reading your blog each day.

Love & Luck
Sue, John & James
PS. I have just worked out this morning how to comment and contact you. Will keep in touch.

Verem said...

congrats! i'm reading your entries each day, very interesting. you are 1 brave kid!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the North young lady! Keep up the good work. As a child that grew up in Newport Beach I dreamed with passion of doing what you are doing now! That was 30 years ago, and I am living the dream today as the result of your efforts, you are a lucky lady and my thoughts are with you every day. Thanks:->

Marcel said...

Hey Jess,

keep on rolling! Today was a big report in our local newspaper here in Straubing/Bavaria/Germany, about your journey, that you've crossed the equator, and there are some words from your mum, too. I saved the article, maybe one day I can give you this one. It's too bad that you don't understand german. :)

So be carefull, and keep an eye open for your fish ;D

Greetings Marcel

Al said...

Well Ms Jessica, a job well down meeting up with old Neptune. I did this in 67 and on the deck of a us carrier as pollywogs we ran the fire hose whipping gaunlet and it wasn't fun, let alone the garbage dunking, I had filled the garbage troth - nice- and all that. So congrats on being a Shellback. We had beautiful certificates but many of us lost them in a bit of a fire we had in July 67 off the coast of N Vietnam. Maybe someone will get one and frame it for you, it will be a life long treasure.

Please excuse my spelling, not a strength of mine and I usuly hurry these notes through.

Great job keeping at the little things asap, it will as you say, save big headachres down the line.

So many so say many things I would think it would keep your head spinning. Anyway, God Bless and keep at it.

Al P

Anonymous said...

Jess, about the fishing. Change lurers, distances from boat etc.
I've always had most luck making my own with white rag and silver plastic foil.Put a gang hook on to a swivel and wire trace then tie the rag and foil around the hook to make it about a small fish size.
Try that
Pete, Perth WA

King Neptune's Messenger said...

Well done Jesse! King Neptune was very pleased with your offerings. You now have the protection of all the sea creatures in his kingdom.
Fair winds and smooth seas for the voyage ahead

Lake Effect said...

Welcome! Next time, come back up here when you can stay a little longer!!

Don in Ohio USA


HI Jessica,
It's great to know all is going well. I remember when I came over from the UK when I was only seven on the HMAS Oriana, we crossed the same line and we all recieved a certificate. I once again posted your blog on my facebook page.
It would be great if we had a map showing your position.
Bob Howson
Coffs Harbour


HI Jess,
I just realised you have a map on your website.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica on your crossing. You are one amazing young lady. I know we doubted you from the beginning and as parents and grandparents would have not liked our family to do what you have done. You really have proved yourself though, well done, keep up the good work, be very safe and just love reading your blogs.
Keith & Anne Hervey Bay Queensland

Anonymous said...

CALLED "silly"
I have been keenly researching the birdlife of this area and believe he was a......
They are a poorly known bird due to their remote nesting habitats.They nest on remote islands of the South Pacific and feed at sea on squid,fish and flying fish.Unfortunately the numbers are declining due to over fishing,introduced species like rats and rabbits as well as habitat degeneration and pollution.
I'm sure he was greatful for the lift and rest stop.Well done for keeping him entertained on his visit.
It was very interesting to lean more about this region as I have never been there and find your journey a wonderful reason to expand my interest and knowledge.
Thanks for having us along on your journey.
Sally in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Jessica! Thanks so much for your updates and pics. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Stay strong and happy sails.

LFR, in the USA

rolias said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm taking notes for my trip! So, give plenty of sailing details. Congrats on being in the "upper" half of the world.

Newport Beach, CA

Trevor said...

Well done Jess, stay mentally tough and ready for anything. Fish will come. Enjoy the good days, ready for the bad - we know you are. Stay strong, we are all cheering you on.

phil said...

Congratulations Jess. You've won the hearts and minds of hundreds if not thousands of people worldwide. Love, Phil, W.Aus.

Maurie said...

Jessica, what a little ripper! Congratulations on achieving this milestone – as you say, the first leg is now safely behind you. I am thrilled, excited, SO happy for you! You are an extraordinary young woman – what a feat! And such an honour to be sharing the moment with you! I’m surprised the chocolate lasted this long – a sure sign of your self discipline! I don’t think Neptune needs any bribing Jess – you have had such great sailing to date, you are obviously one of his favourites! Great blog, great pics. With you all the way. Take care – Maurie - Sydney

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic blog from you, thanks Jessica for sharing your wonderful journey. Loved the video,complete with pink bucket!!! You may only be "along for the ride", but I am sure EPL loves having such a switched on and dedicated Captain at the helm. 44deg out here in the west yesterday, way toooooo hot, felt envious of your salt water dunking and the beautiful blue ocean in the background. Keep safe and happy, enjoy every moment of your epic journey!!! Hear hear to all the other comments congratulating you

Bron NSW

Michael Kent said...

aye jess

pictures are great, put all your blogs in a folder and place on counter at my shop, great reading

keep on going and stay safe


hezakiah299 said...

11-20-09 @19:20
Hi "Shellback" Jessica,
You know Jessica, I sat down to drop you a line of encouragement and found that after reading all the complimentary blogs I couldn't think of anything to say that hadn't already been said. There were 610 hits on the
"A Big Day - Pictures Tell a Thousand Words!" blog. I thought that was fantastic.
You are doing a fantabulous job, and don’t ever think you are just along for the ride. (I know you don’t, but that’s you). The Shore Crew may be the “backbone” of this excursion, But you are the Jockey, driver, helmsman, wheelman (wheel lady) and Skipper all rolled into one. You are the main cog in this wheel.
I thoroughly enjoyed all the letters of encouragement from all your admirers. It amazes me how you have touched the hearts and minds of so many people in so many places in the world. Since we’ve been together for many months, chatting back and forth, they are now seeing the real Jessica, not just a sailor, but a tenacious, beautiful person, who won’t settle for second best.
In my unprofessional navigational mode, I have figured (from passage weather) that you will be in for some smooth sailing going down the West coast of Peru, Chile and Argentina.
Boy, for not having anything to say, I sure did run my keyboard. LOL….
More good luck to you Jessica, and how’s the thumb?
Take care, be safe and stay alert. And have fun. Always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

leslie said...

Hey Jess!! Congratulations Fantastic result for you,i guess as you say heading down south will be tougher but your achievement of the first major leg of your journey is none the less remarkable for a 16 y/o, there is no way i would or could do what you are doing I like my comfort zone too much!
"One never knows what each day is going to bring. The important thing is to be open and ready for it." Henry Moore British sculptor (1898 - 1986)

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
How beautifully and simply you write. I think all of us following your journey appreciate how you bring us aboard ... it's the minutae of life that allows us to be able to vicariously share your days with you. Sounds as though Neptune was favouring you as you crossed, and he even kept the line clear of the keel for you! I've heard of others who have "crossed" several times as they bobbed about in the doldrums.

Pity about the chocolate, but maybe Neptune was happy with that. As for the fish, well we were never very successful in catching fish in the ocean - we always seemed to be near land when we managed to land anything while underway.

And the crossing is a very significant if invisible milestone for you ... is milestone the right word for things nautical? Perhaps waypoint is better, as the tangible milestone is a solid object attached to the ground - bit hard to have one of those in the middle of the Pacific. Regardless it is certainly significant in terms of your achievement. Once you round Kiribati, well it seems 'downhill' from there in a funny kind of way. I have heard of people rounding both the capes and having an absolutely uneventful time of it, so you never know.

That eerie feeling must just be the northern hemisphere ... things are different there, all upside down :-)

You are obviously supported by a great team, but their work would have been a waste of time if you didn't actually tackle the adventure. And they wouldn't have supported you if they thought you weren't up to it.

Wishing you more fair sailing


MUNGUS said...

Awesome - well done again!

OK, that's enough of a treat for the northern hemisphere, we want you back in our half!

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

rborden said...

Congratulations on crossing the equator! I check your blog daily to see how your excursion is going and your read your postings. Keep up the good work and know there are many people wishing you success.
Good sailing!
Richard, Oregon USA

cousinpete said...

congrats jess. fine job !!
round the island, and head for the next box to check off.
seee ya!!

windsong said...

hi Jessica,
I have been following your journey since I saw the 7.30 story on ABC months ago.
Congratulations on your first major milestone in crossing the equator. As so many people have said your blogs make fascinating reading and gives us all a feeling that we are sailing with you - in body, not just spirit.
You are an inspiration and a great role model for young people the world over and I will encourage more people to follow your journey.
May your guardian spirits guide you safely through the waters ahead.
Infinite success,

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Oh, no, you are not just along for the ride, no. You are the soul of the adventure and we all think that we wouldn't like anyone else to take that role.
I may have understood by a few hints from you that you are rather a chocolate-lover (if not a chocoholic lol). So, I trust that chucking chocolate overboard must have been appreciated by Neptune as a worthy gesture, coming from you. LOL

What an interesting, funny, inpired and inspiring post, today.

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, GMT+0

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

After discovering this blog I became fan of your posts, reading with pleasure every day!
I wonder if you have any stops at any islands to get some food and water, fuel? can you get yourself an icecream? :)))
You are the best, brave and talented!
It would be very interesting to read some kind of a book after your journey, like a biography, how you started sailing, how did preparations went on, and the journey itself! I bet I would be very popular! I would be the frist who buy it :))))

You inspired me for taking some sailing lessons!

Keep moving forward girl! :)


James said...

Hi Jessica,

A bit late I know but congratulations on your equator crossing, so many with you, wishing you the best, the blog of Nov.19th has 620 posts!!!! I absolutely cracked up when someone posted this:
"To all sailors, wherever ye may be: and to all Mermaids, Whales, Sea Serpents, Pogpots, Sharks, Dolphins, Eels, Skates, Suckers, Crabs, Lobsters and all other living things of the sea"

I agree totally


Arnold van Cauwenberghe said...

Hi Jessica,
Like a lot of other people,I also read your blog daily. I like the way how you decribe your voyage of a life time. It makes me think back 18 years ago when I sailed single handed into the Pacific, from Panama to Pitcairn Isl. It's roughly the same distance that you did now, but it took me double as long. A lot of fustrating drifting and roling. The goose barnacles had the time of their live, they were approx. 10 centimeters on arrival. But dispite my slow progress I loved every minute of it! Same like you I wasn't very lucky with fishing, but managed to catch a few tuna and dorades.
You're doing FANTASTIC!
Arnold van Cauwenberghe

Anonymous said...

Jess, congratulations on crossing the equator! Not sure if you're into stargazing at all -- as a sailor, I suspect you might be -- and if you are, please let us know if you glimpse the North Star at night! You won't go further than 2 or 3 degrees N it seems, but if it's a clear night you may be able to see it low down in the north.

trentgs said...

I've never tried it but I've heard that freeze dried campers' ice cream is pretty good..That thought poped into my head reading your words (Wishes?) for ice cream.
Hopefully you are taking a bit of a rest in between all the excitement. I was just looking at the map..of the full plot ..It won't be long till you start south again..and maybe a bit more moderate temperature wise..maybe even chilly down round Chile..

Sleep Away..and enjoy the quiet waters..

Praying safety and peace..


Gary & Jan

Erica said...

i just wanted to say you are truly inspirational. I am really into horse riding and you have inspired me to reach those higher levels. I am at the bottom now but because of you i am determined to reach the top.
i am really into adventure too at the age of 17. I have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro the highest free standing mountain, with my family.
I have also been sailing on a tall ship in Vanuatu with a crew of 27.

I look forward to your blogs every day.

Lismore, NSW

Doug S said...

I've been following your journey and I am thrilled with being able to do so. From Fargo ND USA I think you are an incrediable lady. I wish you all the success in the world.Be safe and be happy. I love reading your posts
Doug Fargo ND U.S.A

Kim said...

Hi Jessica,
A very big congrats from St. Louis, Missouri, USA! I've been following your blog since you left. I am cheering you on along your way. I look forward to your daily entries.

Good luck to you and safe sailing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it to the Equator! What a great feat! All of Australia and the World should be so proud of you. I am confused though by your last post where you say "apple crumble with stewed fruit for dessert" Isn't apple crumble a dessert? Are you only having dessert tonight for dinner? MUM? This doesn't sound very healthy!!!

Kevin in NYC

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Congrats, on crossing the equator. What's the Temp like?
Hope you hook a fresh fish soon.
Sail safe

Helmut said...

You saying "we're going to be able to have fun tackling whatever comes our way" reminds me of a great management book by Townsend titled "if you are not here to have fun and make money, what are you doing here?". Keep up having fun, you are inspiring. Helmut

Helmut said...

You saying "we're going to be able to have fun tackling whatever comes our way" reminds me of a great management book by Townsend titled "if you are not here to have fun and make money, what are you doing here?". Keep up having fun, you are inspiring. Helmut

Anonymous said...

hello JESS and ELLA,I thought it was time so say hello and to thank you for the presents.
I sent the dolphins out to meet you and to give me a up date the other day,they told me you were doing well and it would not be long untill we meet(sorry you got caught up in the line I will hold it up with my folk on your return)
Well JESS and ELLA"S PINK LADY we will be watching out for you and ella on your long trip and we will be with you all the way.
Don"t be surprise if you see those dolphins or any of my friends as they are just watching over you and ella.
My friend up above sent you a friend you called (SILLY,he can be a little bit like that at times)
but he reported you were doing fine.(he has told alot of his mates about you so don"t be surprise if they all call in for a chat or to have a look a your toe nails painted pink,he could not keep that one to himself)
MY friend says he is looking over you from above and he said he also gets lots of prays from all around the world (you think you get alot of blogs he is getting just as much and more)
Well JESS and ELLA"S PINK LADY I have to go and control these dolphins as they are mucking around again.
Safe travel and you JESS and ELLA are always welcome inany part of my oceans I can"t wait to see you again in a few days time.
YOU make us all proud so keep safe and smiling (very nice smile you have)say hi and give ELLA abig kiss from all off us.
love you JESS and ELLA"S PINK LADY
from your best friend and mate KING NEPTUNE>>XXXXXXXXXX
P.s the dolphins said to say hi.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

you make me laugh, you are only along for the ride!!!! :-)) Ha!

I see that a little different!

You provided the dream, the drive, the energy.

If you had only thought about this dream wishing for it to happen but not starting to put it into action NOTHING would have become of it except wishful thinking and regrets about not ever having the gumption to fulfill your dream.

Your team needed this shining beacon of a lighthouse (you) so they could do their expert thing to support you!

NO, NO, captain Jessica, the main kudos go to you!
You started it all!

Your wonderful parents realized, that their 'quirky' adamant daughter really meant business about sailing around the world, so this fantastic team gathered around your energy and together you made it all happen!

That is how I see it!

Thanks for another great post, I am an eager beaver to follow you every day!
I am grateful, you allow us all to tag along and learn from your great attitude towards life!

Good luck, keep well, happy and safe,

Trudy from Austria, now in Mackay

Pipefish said...

Just found your site, and am happy to be able to follow your progress! I used to read these sort of books as a kid, but was never able to embark on such a journey. Godspeed Jessica, fair winds, and a bit of luck be with you. Thank you for sharing this with us, and congrats from California on your equatorial crossing!

David said...

Hi Jessica!
Following your progress from Sherwood, Oregon USA. Great to hear you crossed the line! All our best,
Dave and Charlene

Anonymous said...

Hello up there in the Northern Hemisphere from The Land Downunder.

It may still look and feel the same but you know it isn't!!! It's your mark of achievement!! And more to come! Well done!!

Emerson says
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Yes, Jess, you are part of a team, and have a great sailing craft beneath you but ultimately it is you at the helm and it is your passion, skill and determination to achieve your dream that is making this adventure happen!! You are indeed making your own path and leaving an inspirational trail!!!

Keep up the great work. And thanks for having us all along with you!

Jill (Newcastle)

Helmut said...

I just read all your blogs going back to May 2008. You obviously had a solid preparation for this epic journey.
Beside many things I found most impressive, there is one thing I found very endearing – your spelling. It puts a warm glow into my heart. When you publish your inevitable best-seller book, your proofreaders will probably eliminate all these wonderful misspellings.
Maybe that’s a good thing, because you will be a role model for a generation. But I’ll miss it.
Your bloggers love you, Helmut

Warwick said...

Hi Jesse

I continue to follow your passage and enjoy reading about your adventure daily on your blog. Congrats for getting over the line so smoothly, you're doing so well. Sorry to hear about the melted choc. Go safe and we're all with you.

cheers warwick

Bruce Watt said...

Yaay! Congrats Jessica..keep make us back home in Oz so proud of your efforts,

Quintet said...

Really enjoying your blog Jesse, reading it's a highlight of each day. Thanks for finding the time and making the effort. Congratulations on the first leg, hope the rest are equally amazing. You're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Been with you in thoughts and prayers from day one and will continue to do so even though here in the Arizona desert there is no water in sight :)

Stay safe! You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

"The water is still blue, the waves are still rolling and the wind still blowing..." Thank you for pointing out the obvious. It may or may not be your intent, if not, please allow me to project the following message: There is only one big body of water on this rare planet we call earth. Based on our ancestors' territorial instincts, we choose to draw imaginery lines to divide and segregate ourselves. The self-identified countries of origin of the respondents of your blog show that many human beings, whether living near the water or residing in land-locked locations, enjoy reading a good adventure and like to cheer for a winner. Enjoy the do-it-yourself "northern" hospitality onboard while it lasts.
On a lighter note, not being an inter-hemispheric traveler myself, may I ask the aviators among your supporters: Is there a traditional celebration in an airline cabin when a Qantas airliner flies over the equator? If so, what is it?

Joseph, Portland, Oregon, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello and Congrats,
We are following your progress in Penssylvania US. I have 4 daughters ages 12, 15, 16, and 20 - they are keeping tabs as well. We pray for your safety and admire the positive message you send. Age is not as big a factor as determination.
Again congrats.
The Zvarick Family
Collegeville PA, USA

Barbara from Sydney said...

Hi Jessica
The following quote reminded me of your voyage so thought you'd enjoy it. Congrats on reaching the Northern Hemisphere!

"So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain

from sydney

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Just along for the ride hey? Well what a ride.

Skipper you've done a whole lot more than just go along for the ride. You've proven the doom sayers wrong and now have a whole Country following your every move.

You are an amazing young lady and a marvellous sailor.

Smooth sailing and keep those kind winds pushing you quickly back home.

June and Richard Thorn

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica, what an achievment. You're a goer. Your posts each day are so informative, and enjoyable to read. Well done.
May you be blessed all the way on your journey. Your positiveness is an encouragement to us all out here on dry land. Enjoy those chocolates and Crumble.
Y & N

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