Friday, October 23, 2009


Still more slow progress out here, but past the 500nm mark which is a bit of a milestone. We spent last night completely becalmed next to Lord Howe Island drifting along at less than a knot. But when we finally did get a light breeze as the sun was coming up it made for a pretty amazing picture which I have included in this blog for you. . The water was completely glassed reflecting the rising sun, so as we started picking up a little wind it was as if we were gliding along a sheet of glass.
Today was more of the usual stuff for me, playing with cameras, catching up on a little sleep, keeping us moving, carefully monitoring my power ins and outs, feeding myself, the usual tiding up, lessening to music (there's noone to complain about my taste or volume I like to play it at!) and sending a few emails. It probably doesn't sound all that exciting but its keeping me happy and I still can't see myself ever getting bored, there's always something to do. Sailing around the world sure isn't all high action and excitement but quiet days reading are part of what I signed up for.

Not much wildlife around today, just Ella's Pink Lady, myself and lots and lots of blue, what more could anyone ask for?! We are not moving too badly again now, doing 6knots under full main, headsail and staysail.

Sorry I'll have to keep this short today because I better go and turn the HF on for a radio sked. As always, thanks to you all for all the support, I can't believe how many people are following the blog. It means a lot to me knowing you're all out there thinking of me!



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Mark said...

first comment for the blog,yippee. Enjoy yourself Jessica, you are in our thoughts more than i thought.

henrik said...

Hey Jesse,

Awesome pictures wish i can do the same trip someday =)

cheers from stockholm, sweden

Al said...

Hi Jess
Great to read how well you are doing despite the light conditions.

Stay happy


Captain Australia said...

I really applaud your courage in chasing your dream. If the world had more young people like you, we could hold more hope for our collective future.

I do have one grave concern, Jessica.

You will sail through areas that are lawless and dangerous. I dont mean to scare you, but I hope you have thought about the possibility of being robbed or hurt or taken for ransom .. for example by Indonesian pirates.

The world has inspiring people and can be a place of hope - but it is also a haven to darkness and evil.

I worry for a young woman travelling alone. I hope you have a gun or some kind of protection.

Your watchful friend,

Captain Australia

Grim - WA said...

Great pictures Jess. So many people following your progress from all over the world.

Checking your blog each day is rewarding. All the best,


Debs said...

Wow....Nice Pics....
Hi Jess

Great to see you still enjoying good weather. You mentioned your taste in music today, who is your favorite artist???
I'll miss your blog tomorrow cos im off for a weekend of hiking...but will be sure to read back over all the comments and your blog when i get back
stay safe but have fun

Deb and the guinea's

Matthew said...

Well done Jessica, sounds like your doing fantastic. Keep the good work going and enjoy your trip while you can cause it will go in a blink of an eye.


hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
Maybe I'll be the first one to say good morning to you today . Although it is not morning where you are at. It's 07:00 here. But the pictures are beautiful and once again your blog is very interesting. Enjoy your music as loud as you want to. I'll bet the dolphins won't even complain. LOL
Take care and be safe and I look forward to your next blog. May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I keep you in my prayers.
Michael from Kingwood,WV

noelpenn said...

I use to race on lakes in our area. I have always wanted to go ocen sailing. I guess I will have to live through you! May God watch over you and guide you! THe Mark Twain quote I read on your site is one of mine. I have a photo of a catamarran sailing off of Florida and added that quote to it! "...So throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds inyour sails. Explore, Dream Discover."

Bill said...

Keep on truckin'

Macca said...

nice videos u got goin there its very nice and i am tryin 2 b the first comment everyday but failing lol please keep us up 2 datw

ps jess is a cutie

Jess said...

Glad you had time to blog in,
the photos are great,keep it up,
Jesse from Murrumba Downs.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jessica, great pics, enjoy the quiet times while you have it, get plenty of rest so that you are fresh for the wilder times that you will no doubtedly experience.

Have you finished your chocolates yet? You should keep some for the celebratory days such as after getting through a tough period, it will help to keep your spirits up.

I will keep reading the blogs and my thoughts will be with you always.

Caves Beach


Hi jessica all of SIPPY DOWNS are thinking about you on your venture YAHOO good luck

Tony Cumner said...

Hi Jess
Luvin your blogs,pics and vid feeds, keep sending them and hope soon we can get some sort of map on here to see where you are.
Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

We are with you all the way and are really thrilled with your blog, can't wait to read it each time. My thoughts are with you constantly for smooth, safe, sailing - you are fantastic.

Siraj said...

hi jessica -- one more nice blog ... thanks my dear... what are you reading and listening to?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Don't listen to Captain Australia, he do not know what his talking about. Piracy is big business today, they don't care about small boats like Pink lady. Beside that, you will scare them off with your charme;-).
The pix u took are fantastic. Thank u for sharing :-)
keep up the good work, and enjoy the calm days...the fun might start soon:-0)

Best regards
Jacob, Denmark

Mike D said...

Jealous, so so very jealous!!! At least till some weather hits ;-)

Hey Jess, we all missed your blog a couple a days ago and it’s wonderful it has gotten so many hits. You are a great writer, and your descriptions of your daily routine are not boring so keep them coming! And please give us some Lat & Lon fixes so we can follow you along and I can stop reading about everyone asking you to, lol; at least until your team gets your track up on your web site.

By the way Jessica, I am now on the hunt for Tim Tams! I hope you didn’t eat all of yours. I’ve never had them but you made them sound so delicious so I (chocoholic too), and I suppose many others reading your blog, will be out looking for them. I have read that the USA just received a shipment of them this month. I’ll be shopping for them tonight! Jess, they should pay you just for advertising them! (Jessica’s team, get right on that!)

I guess by now you’ve gotten the big picture of how you have become an overnight, worldwide sensation and inspiration (but don’t get a fat head over it... just kidding, LOL). And that everyone wants to know every little detail about you and your voyage with the Pink Lady. But what I want to know is what Jessica wants to hear from all of her new fans and admirers on her blog. What can we do or say to cheer you along and keep your spirits up? Just let us know because we’re all pullin’ for ya!

Here’s a shout out to Jessica’s mom & dad. I have 2 daughters myself (17 & 20) and I don’t think I’d have the courage that you’ve shown to let them take such a big voyage all alone. But from what I can tell, Jess is as ready as anyone could be for it. Good on ya, as you guys say in Australia!

Jess... Eat well, get your rest, mind your health and mind your watch! Stay harnessed and tethered fair weather or foul for its a long swim back :p

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesse, for he time and care you spend blogging and keeping the world in touch with you.
Your pictures and text are the best drugs ever for ordinary people surrounded by traffic jams in Paris as in many big cities. Enjoy the quiet days. We are all happy to read your lines,as we shall be relieved when we shall read, later, that you went successfully through the huge waves or bad weather.
You are a true wonder.
Richie and family

Anonymous said...

Alot of people following you and wishing you well.

I think you are going to need a much bigger boat for the second lap, we all want to come with. Even if it means doing the washing as payment for passage.

In my eyes you are already a winner, Just the act of getting onboard and sailing off makes you a great
australian hero.

You may be sailing solo in the physical, but we will be with you every step of the way.

Keep doing what you do best!!


p.s Can you turn the music up i cant quite hear it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica
My name is matt
I am really enjoying your bloggs and website.
being able to share your journey through your words and pictures is a real privilege for all of us who can only dream of such adventures.
wishing you well
and are you doing any fishing whilst becalmed?
Kind regards from the Goldcoast

Vicki from Brisbane said...

You sound like you're having a great time. Makes me want to get out there too. God Bless you!

sueb said...

Hi Jess
Thinking of you as I work late at night. What an amazing experience you are having and how courageous you are. Stay safe and I'll stay tuned. Great photos too!

Graeme M said...

Hi Jessica,

We care about you.

Dani and Graeme

Mike said...

Great photos. At least you might be getting little extra rest during the slower days in preparation for the more challenging moments. A few of my friends also following your adventure and keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. Lots of people thinking about you. Be safe and have a great day.
Mike Atlanata, Ga

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Thank you or the photos! They are lovely!
I am curious if you provide any stop during your trip? For example to make come suplly?

I am with you..
Eva from Poland

bruce clan said...

Hi Jess, have read alot about you lately in the papers. You are very brave and certainly an inspiration for alot of people. Sail safe and ensure you take some time to enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings. Well done! Shaun from Brisbane

Jen Booth said...

I am in such awe of your wonderful and adventurous spirit, Jess, you belong to that very special class of adventurers that discovered that the world wasn't flat after all. I apologise on behalf of all those sceptics that tried to douse your spirit and confidence. Good on you for ploughing through the negatives with your great attitude, that's why I have such belief in your ability to meet and overcome whatever hurdles thrown to you. God speed and have a wonderful, safe and fulfilling journey. Always remember to enjoy each day!

Jodie said...

Hi Jessica - thankyou for another wonderful update.

So glad that everything is going well, my thoughts are with you each and every day and I tend to find myself wondering how you are doing out there amongst all that blue.

Wish I could send some of the wind that is currently howling through my back door your way.

Sail safe

Jodie, Perth WA

craigiebear said...

Hi Jesse,
Well done so far safe and sound.
I dont beleive how many people are involed in this Blog website and I am following you all the way on my google map of the world to see wear you are,anyhow if it possible you can give me your longitude and latitude position so I can pin point wear you are, like every Saturday -stay safe and have fun.
Cheers from Craig

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
It seems I've waited all day for your update & can now rest easy knowing your doing OK. I haven't been able to do household chores because I've read every blog and am hooked on reading everything. I can't quite believe the change of attitude I've got in regards to you going on this mammoth adventure, you are a very capable & mature young person. Our family is now right behind you and wish you all the best & want you to know we think of you day & night. God bless you little one! The McGraths

Anonymous said...

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Keep the pictures coming Jess!!
Love it!


Mark said...

Hi Jess

500nm - a great start! To put that into perspective, if you were sailing the Sydney-Hobart, you'd be half way down the coast of Tassie. If you headed north you'd be sailing past Fraser Island. Just keep heading in the direction you're going!

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

love the pics Jess ,and you sound happy and contented, all sound good with you out there, we are amazed at the blogs too, happy and safe sailing Jessica we are with you Roger and Lou Dwyer

xav said...

go jess me and all my family hav alot of faith in u and know u can do it

Anonymous said...

Such a brave young girl. We all wish you the very best of luck and pray for your safe return. Mansfied family Nudgee Brisbane

Georgie said...

Gday Jesse
Gr8 photos mate sounds like your havin a ball love ya blog and all the comments people are putting on. Take care champ and ill write AGAIN tomorrow.

Good on ya mate "YOUR A TRUE BLUE AUSSIE"

Hermann said...

Hi Jesse
thanks for your updates, what great pictures from your great adventure, i wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess - I think us Texans and you Australians share a lot of common traits. Be assured that we're following your saga very closely. Good luck to you - Joe

Hans said...

Hi Jess
Great photos keep them coming. We look forward to reading your blog every day. Good luck and stay dry.

Jean Hall said...

Hi Jesse,
How about adding a "followers" widget to your blog. I think it would be really interesting to see how many people are following. You are an amazing young lady. Not only adventurous, but a good writer as well. I am off to watch a movie. You have a good night between sleeps.

angela said...

Dear Jess

You have inspired me so much. Go for it Jess you are setting such a fine example for all people, young and old out there.

I read your blog every night, keep safe and have fun.


Rob and Mel said...

Hi Jess,
Like yourself and many people here I'm amazed at all these blogs. It proves a suspicion I had, that most people in the world are basically quite nice.. but especially yachties! All the best and fair winds,
Rob and Mel, in Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
I am completely hooked reading your accounts of your adventure and also the blog comments!
The photos are beautiful. It's hard to imagine, that their is no land anywhere, just sea..........
On long intercontinental flights I have seen such stretches of ocean from the plane, but that is entirely different to what you are experiencing.
Even though I look out for your blog, the most important thing, is that you look after yourself and EPL first! The boat is your world for the next months and it's prime condition is your seccurity. It is smart, that you concentrate on the safety of your vessel and yourself!
We can wait for the next installment, albeit with baited breath!!!!!!!!!!
Keep safe, Trudy from Austria

comra said...

Amazing. Enjoy yourself!

Regards from Stockholm, Sweden,

Thomas said...

Thanks for you inspiring voyage and story! Your blog makes me inspired to seek the same adventure as your experiencing right now some day.

Good luck from Stockholm, Sweden

Mark Welton said...

Good Morning here, and good evening to you.

We are continuing to pray for your safety and success. What a glorious Sun rise. Thank you for sharing your trip with all of us.

Baker, FL

Birmo said...

Yay! Photos!

You write beautifully too.

But, you know, photos!

Birmo said...

BTW, what books did you take?

Anonymous said...


You will be sailing back past the Sydney heads in no time.
God Bless


Eyjolfur said...

This is just fantastic Jessica what you are doing. Wish you a good and save sailing!

Best regards fm Iceland,
Eyjolfur M. Eyjolfsson

Rockymntnhigh said...

Hi Jess,
congrats on your first 500! I hope that the wind picks up a bit for your next 500 miles. I've no idea if that better or worse for your sea sickness :-)
Nice pictures, keep them coming.
Happy Sailing!

Anonymous said...

wonder what to do if there's a complete lull in the wind from time to time....!?!? just floating around? Do u still have to pay attention to your direction / navigation then? or is it all well done by the autopilots then?

And in general..... subject Navigation..... uuh, maybe another technical issue for some time in future, isn't it? What can the machines do, what must be monitored by YOU or done by yourself? etc. (for those sailing dummies among us) ;-)


Annelie said...

Amazing colours, to see more pictures would be great! Oh, I miss sailing.

CaptainMurph said...

Jessica: Do you have a satellite-based internet connection aboard?

If so, and you want to email me a list of some of your favorite music, I can request it to be played - at a specific time - on

This is a local station managed by my son.

Keep up the good work.

Greg Murphy

The Bendigo Sailors said...

Congratulations on your first 500. It's no longer a dream. We'll follow you all the way. Go the Watson girl!

Anonymous said...

Fortgot to congratulate you on your first 500 NM.
And another 500, another 500, another 500 and so on until you are home again!
Good luck,
Trudy from Tirol Austria

Meechree said...

The photos are beautiful!
I've always wanted to sail around the world, I envy yo so much. I'm 18 now, I don't care about a record, I just want to do it (:
Very Proud of you

farnortherners said...

Hey Jesse, thanks for the pics our family is following you on your amazing journey, I lay awake and think about you out there on that vast ocean, my daughter is fascinated by you and gets so excited when you update your blog keep up the good work and stay safe. fair winds Jesse

Us3 said...


Now that is what we loved seeing!! Hope you have some good fishing gear packed!!

Yep, your journey has woken the beast in me!! Was always planning on building a Cat, and has made the decision yesterday to commence the first major step and ordered the plans, now it is time for my father in law and myself to do the building it, my first his third!!!

Keep us updated at your convenience!!

Love life, have fun and keep on smiling!!


Mary said...

Good morning from America, Jess. Thank you for the beautiful pics. Hope you have a restful evening tonight. All that you're doing and "reporting" back to us is absolutely on the mark. We are all enthralled and so appreciative of your spirited outlook. xox Mary, Maine, USA

~eMm~ said...

Hey, beautiful sunrise. =) Couldn't find the skype interview on ten though. Do you know anything more about that? Music blaring as loud as you want!! Glad you're enjoying yourself. It's a joy reading your updates.


Laurie said...

Hi Jess,

Steady as she goes seems to be the order of the day. Your pictures and post really brings the whole event home to us on terra firma (or should that be 'terror firma' ?).

Could it be the absence of any visitors today had anything to do with your choice of, or volume of your favourite music ?

Best wishes, keep up the good work,
Laurie P
Foxground NSW

ian said...

i'm so jelous looking at the pics wish i was there in peace and quiet instead of here in the normal busy and loud life style. look forward to your updates to see how youre going. all the best for the rest of your challenging at wonderful adventure jess

Joshua said...

Hey Jess. Doing a good job so far. Your blog is so interesting to read. I wish i did something unique when i was a bit younger.

Hope your not finding it too boring being all alone, I certainly would after a while.

Good Luck and looking forward to more blogs.


SylChang said...

Hey Jesse,

Best luck and love from International Student here in Melbourne!!! :)

You truly inspire me ! Dream big is good. To put it in action? Best!


Marcel said...

Hey Jess! Beautiful pictures! I think you know that the most beautiful thing on this planet is nature :) You get it all day and night. I have to work now ( oh no... ), so it would be nice if I could lay now on your boat in the sun :) Keep in touch and be carefull! I'm looking forward to hear from you ;) Greetings from Germany: Marcel


Hi Jesse,
Enjoy the Smooth Sailing while you can. It's giving you time to get into a solid routine, and relax and get comfortable for the Long and Wonderful Journey ahead. You have Plenty of Time yet; so don't worry about things seemingly going slow for now: Time will pass fast enough.

I love your photos on today's Blog. It must have been A Wonderful Feeling to see that Beautiful Sunrise: I bet it was A Sight For Sore Eyes.

Any idea when the Tracking System On Your Blog will be operational ? ..... The GOOGLE MAPS/GOOGLE EARTH KML TRACKING System doesn't seem to be giving your Current Location: last Night it showed you as still been just outside Sydney Heads. I don't know if it's something to do with My PC Specs or whether or not if I'm using it properly. The way I understand it is that Using GOOGLE EARTH KML, it is suppose to follow you REAL TIME.

Anyway Jesse, as I always Sign Off:


NM xx

Paula said...

Lovely photos, Jessica. I hope you are beaming many of them for safekeeping back on land. You must write a book about your adventure one day, you know. And the photos will be very important then!

Anonymous said...

I love your early morning photo especially. Thanks for including it. As they say - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Also I watched your videos. You are quite the photographer Jesse!

Peter said...

Hi Jess,
yes,yes,yes, thats real life. Do what you think is best, and thats the best in the whole world.
Living your dream is all that it is about. And you already write history and show what human is capable of. Congratulations and a safe voyage with lots of good experience and fun.
cheers from Austria

Lynne said...

Jess, nice to hear from you. You've had a great start to your voyage and you're sounding so relaxed and in control. Long may that continue. Lynne

duane said...

Thanks for the blogs and pictures Jessica. You are a big hit here in the usa. I will be praying for your well being every day. You are a true inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

You make me proud to be Australian.


fazzwell said...

yeah we are all thinking of you and quietly cheering you on are so cool

Jane said...

The photos are beautiful - keep posting them when you can - the give a better sense of what you are seeing on your journey.

The Dolphins must have made a wonderful sight and I guess you'll more of them...

Anyway, you have thousands of these messages to read and it's almost midnight Sydney time ... zzzz.

Best wishes from Jane and Scott, Mosman, Sydney

Moon River said...

Good Morning from Canada,

My dear Jess. You are our inspiration.


B. Peter Smth said...

Hi Jessica, I admire your courage and tenacity, Really think you can complete this voyage. I am saying a prayer for your welfare, daily, Am following your trip closely. Would love to receive an email in your spare time. Hope you keep in contact, amongst others, Jesse Martin. Stay happy, you'll be fine.

Peter S. Sth West Victoria

Islanders said...

Greetings from Magnetic Island! We look forward to following your amazing adventure, Derek & Lorraine

B. Peter Smth said...

Hi Jessica, I admire your courage and tenacity, Really think you can complete this voyage. I am saying a prayer for your welfare, daily, Am following your trip closely. Would love to receive an email in your spare time. Hope you keep in contact, amongst others, Jesse Martin. Stay happy, you'll be fine.

Peter S. Sth West Victoria

Sven-Arne said...

Dear Jessica, best wishes and a lot of good luck for you and your Projekt from Hannover, Germany. I read your Blog every Day! Sven-Arne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
I read your blog every day in the office on the other side of the world (Germany). I wish you the very best luck and please take care. I hope weather stays well. Keep us updated and post some pictures whenever you can, it's great to follow your journey day by day.

All the best ;-)
Chris from Germany

Anonymous said...

I have juste one thing to say: GO GIRL!! Your the best. Be careful outhere.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

Perhaps try meditating. A good meditation energizes you better than a mere short sleep they say..

All the best
A fan from Bangkok

andicap said...

"Most people are intuitively aware of it, but I had to cover miles and miles of sea to discover that courage is the key to living.For courage is the ability to through each day that God gives us, with all its little daily events & routines. Courage lies in recognizing our own unimportance & accepting this without losing heart." (Ann Davison first woman to sail across the Atlantic alone) GO Girl, fingers crossed for you, andicap57

andy said...

hi jessica. thanks for the great photos! keep you eye on the "prize" and your head in the game and you'll be fine.

best from the states,

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hi Jesse,

One milestone at a time! Thanks for the pictures, looks beautiful! Cheers to you and hope you are getting rested and full... thanks again for taking the time to blog and especially including the pix! Your in my thoughts and prayers. Mike

jake said...

I cant belive how much of an insperation you are there are about five other famuos people trying to set a world record.
includes rove and some guy tring to do the lognest comedy stand up soo keep up the good work ur amazing!! loved the pics cant wait to see more. i wonder if u brought any fishing gear u would b able to get urself a nice feed out there.
ps macca ur a loser ur 15 and she famous u got no chance buddy ur just showing the world that ur desprite.
sorry for the long comment

john said...

HI Jessica John here from London but living in Thailand now learning to be a dive master at the ripe young age of 45. I caught on to Mikes attempt after he finished it and regretted not being able to say good luck on the way round.I really admire what your doing and the opportunity you have, I'm going to keep following you around and I wish you fair winds and the best of luck, you don't need me to tell you your not alone and all of us following you hope you can feel us wishing you on ! :)

Christian said...

Be safe....Thanks for the updates...Christian in Connecticut

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jess'. Late blog today...No doubt you'll never be able to keep up with all us supporters and well wishers' comments but we'll all keep following with great interest and intense anticipation just the same young chum! It's so cool to hear you are really enjoying the first leg and send out our love and admiration to you...Your Mum and Dad sure did raise a special human being in you (and your brother)...I bet he's the most anxious out of anyone on Earth to have you back safe and sound at the finish...We're very proud of you Jess'. Love from the Harriott family in Sydney...

jake said...

by the way what captain australia is saying is very true! so i wouldent tell the world were you are
no one want to see u get kidnapped
stay safe and good luck

Wolfhound said...

Great pictures.

I think the reasons many of us are following your blog are twofold - first, we admire your gumption, and second, we're living vicariously through you ! What you're doing, although it has taken a huge amount of effort to be able to embark on this voyage, sounds so wonderful that I'm sure we're all jealous. Jealous of the fun parts, that is, and blithely unaware of all the struggles you faced to get to this point.

So have a wonderful day; we look forward to your updates so that we can feel like we're sharing in the fun.

Brian in NY

Siham said...

Peace be with you Jess,

Beautiful scenes....But even more so the feelings they evoke inside of you...
Try this music....I don't understand all the words, but it certainly is very deep.

Peace and love be with you and upon you.


Ken Sharp said...

Hi Jess,

You quest reminded me of a favourite saying of mine. not sure if you have heard it before...

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine.

Good luck and go well.



Lut said...

amazing trip. I just discovered your blog ... and I will certainly follow your terrific experience and pray you will reach your goal alive !

Matthew said...

Wow, that scene of the sun rise is amazing! you really are having an amazing opportunity to see and experience the world. its always great to hear that you are in high spirits and we will keep you in our prayers as we follow your Blog :)

Ken Sharp said...

Hi Jess,

not sure if you have ever heard this saying but your quest reminded me of it today.

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine.

good luck and go well.



mike said...

Jessica... Wow its amazing how you have pulled people from all over the world TOGEATHER.. You may be alone on Pink Lady but you have the world behind you and praying for you no matter what god people pray to.. Truly amazing.. Remember always SAFTY first onboard then keep us posted on your adventure..

Miami, Fla

Siva said...

This is amazing! Very nice pictures. Enjoy & Have Fun!

Orit Berl said...

Wonderful pictures! Have a great sailing day,
Orit, Israel

Anonymous said...

nice photo's jessica,
what kind of camera did you use for it? always remember to take your photo's as well because you will want to see them in the future! great to keep reading your blog keep up the good work! Remember stay safe and have fun


Ankro said...

Absolutely amazing. You go girl and show your critics. Hope I can catch a glimpse of you as you pass Cape Town.

Tori Terrell said...

I want to follow your adventure! I am logging onto your website each day and I am looking forward to when you have your voyage mapped out and I can visualize where you really are out in the ocean! My thoughts and prayers are with you...hope you get to see some of the beautiful wildlife out there. :-)

daiqtran said...

Dear World Traveler,

Hi Jessica. The photographs are really nice. Reminds me of when I was on a naval ship in 1996 in the Atlantic. I never realized how smooth and glass like the ocean can be, such a large body of water without any movement on the surface but teeming with life underneath. There is much to be said for enjoying nature in a quite setting and being awed by its' simple beauty. You really bring this across very well in your words.

I was reading the news on the internet today. There are many stories of ill in the world. The news about war, corrupt politicians, people committing unspeakable acts against each other, and so on. And I find it nice and a respite from all of this when I read your blog. You are a young lady following her dream. Despite the dangers and difficult days ahead (I realize sailing the world has it's hazards), you face them with a wonder that seems missing in young people today. I applaud your parents for instilling this in you, and you for being out there. A good story often gets overlooked in the news. And we who follow your blog are reading this wonderful story as it happens.

Keep up your spirits.

Semper Fi,

Washington, DC

Captain Australia said...

Jessica - I made a comment before expressing concern about you being alone on the wide wide ocean.

I'd like to apologise if that was thoughtless. I don't mean to make any kind of negative comment undermining your great Quest, only to caution you to keep your eyes wide open.

I really applaud what you're doing. To cast sails and chase your dream is a very brave (and in a way beautiful) thing.

It's an act of courage, faith and love to chase a dream, I applaud and respect you for it.

Just be careful.

Your friend,

Captain Australia

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

Wanted to let you know that I have
put you on the Prayer list at my
Church. Be safe and have lots of fun. I've been enjoying your blog.

Take care,
Craig in Denver Colorado

mimo said...

Hey Jess,
Awesome pictures. Ok, I'm officially jealous.


Chris said...

Hi Jess.
Greetings from Helsinki; Finland.
Keep up the good spirit and all the best!!!

Alessandra said...

Hi Jesse!
How much I too would like to be there!!
And how much I envy you!
Kisses :-)

Dr. Gregory Bath said...

Great photos Jess, it is all going okay. Keep on your toes and keep in touch with everyone. Any whales???? All the best, from Karen and I.

Im still here said...

Hey Jesse,

Very interested in what type of foods you are eating out there, besides the chocolate.

Great pictures and keep up the good work.

All the best, Junior

Tim said...

As a retired US Navy sailor I loved the sunrise. Most of the time I was one of the few sailors on deck to see it, so quite and calm. Keep the pictures coming.

Fair winds and following sea

Liz Bolen said...

Good Morning Jesse,
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us. I am 67 years old and your blog makes me feel like I am along for the ride of my life also. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful, safe, trip. We are all praying for you. P.S. I love the detail you are giving on the art of sailing and the photo you posted today, 23 Oct. Hugs from Corona, California. Liz Bolen

Chris said...

Hi Jessica,

the one thing I miss about my former life at sea is the incredible sunsets. As you are finding out it's something that cannot be described - only experienced..

I will be following you each day until you are home safe, and I'll look forward to watching those doubters and critics of the past few weeks jumping on the bandwagon when you sail back triumphant into Sydney.

You will no doubt be tested - more mentally than physically over the coming months. Just remember that even in your toughest times we are all with you, urging you to stay stong and push through.

Above all we all immensely proud of you.

Chris B

Tony Stott said...

Great to think of you settling into a routine, with the stupid comments of the naysayers drifting back in your wake. But I'll tell you somethin you might not have considered... when you experience some tough times, your determination to silence those negative voices will provide you with a whole extra level of strength and resolve.

Enjoy enjoy!

Rodney said...

All the best Jess, we hope and pray that you will stay safe and well on your inspirational voyage.
God bless!!
Lisa and Rodney

Anonymous said...

Great to read, amaysing. Cheers from Berne, Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse... Thanks for sharing the amazing sunrise sea of glass photos. They give me the feeling of being there with you, actually. I send blessings, honour, respect. Cielo

AngelOnTheRun said...

Hey Jess! I just stumbled upon what you're up to and I wanna say I salute you :) Enjoy dear! Hugs your way.

SunnyD said...

Hey Jesse:

You have no idea what an escape you provide for us landlocked ones here at work. I look forward to your blog everyday. Please keep posting pics. There's a lot of us taking this trip with you in thought and it's great to see your pics and read your words. Enjoy your time and keep us posted. Thinking about you every day!!

Austin, Texas

Martin said...

Hi Jesse, your trip and your courage inspires me like nothing else did during the last years (except the birth of my little son). I know I am not alone and it must be a great feeling to inspire so many people.
How brave and proud your father must be.
Martin, 42

owais said...

hey jessica,
don,t you get tired of the
seeing the silent sea and
get bored

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a "sked" ?

Do you mean scheduled ?

Can we talk in English here please.

Roos said...

Hi Jessica,

It's so great to read your blogs!
I wish you a good and save sailing!

Best regards from The Netherlands

Fredrik said...

Hi Jesse,
been following your blog, and you can really write and should someday publish your voyage in a book. All my best wishes and stay safe, cus we want you back. Hugs Fredrik

Frank said...

Amazing pics Jessica.

I enjoy following your blog every day. You are a great inspiration for all of us.

Wishing you all the very best

Vancouver Canada

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess

Love the photos... how peaceful and pretty out in the open sea.... Do keep the photos coming !

What do you do when your supplies run out? Are you allow to stop for supplies?

Almost a week out at sea now... All the best !


Hilda said...

Jennifer C said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the pictures, what an amazing sunset! Your blog is so interesting to read. Keep in touch when you can. You are a great role model for the young people.

Take care and God bless.

Jennifer, Illinois, USA

Dagmara said...

Amazing pictures! Regards from Dagmara (Norway).

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Great photos Jessica, pasted one milestone (500nm) but lots more to go.
The weather has been great so far but I don't need to tell you it will not last, but I'm sure you are prepaired for any bad weather that will come along.
Your are a hero to so many people and everyone can't wait for your next blog, so keep having fun on your big adventure and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

Who is 'we'? I thought you were doing this by yourself?

Old Man said...

Smooth sailing young lady.

Clint Jeffrey - Melbourne said...

Hey Jess!...keep a look out for a basketball with a handprint on it and the name "Wilson" print across it, the former owner lost it at sea and probably would luv to get it back!...hehehe

Good on ya Jesse, we're all behind you as we sit in the comfort of our warm lounge rooms with Laptops on our laps reading all these great comments not to mention your own journalistic dailys....what music do like to listen to by the way??

Christie said...

Hi Jessica

Sounds like your having fun.Great pics as well.Im reading your blog every day.

Buy for now

Christie vk6 xcj

Anonymous said...

hi,jess. following your progress with facination, wish for lat/long position and more of your plans for wild weather, sure to come. i will be sailing on a 125' schooner from balt, md to ft lauderdale, fl in mid nov against the gulf stream, with strong fronts expected. plan to send you a "message in a bottle" off cape hatteras. the atlantic gyre might bring it to you some day. our best wishes from texas, cole. 10/23/09

Jessica's Jokester said...

Hi Jesse. I figure, what the heck.. in the event that you are reading these posts you might like an occasional joke.. so here's one for today...

A little boy was playing with a ball and bat in his backyard. "I'm the greatest hitter in the world" the boy exclaimed as he threw the ball into the air. He swung with all his might but missed the ball and fell down himself. "Strike One" he says as he gets up. He throws it up again and swings. Again the ball falls to the ground with a thud. "Strike Two" he yells. Still undeterred, "I'm the greatest hitter in the world" he says as he swings once again hitting only air as the ball falls to the ground. Still refusing to accept defeat, he dances around the backyard as he yells "Strike Three.... I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!"

Happy Saturday! :-)

~Al Yer Pal~ (California, USA)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! Are you north or south of Lord Howe Island? Can you see it? Greetings from Norway

Manicman said...

Hey Jessica, good luck on your trip! You are a brave girl & give people inspiration to do the things they want to do, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I am keeping track of your progress :) I live in Nolensville, TN USA. You are a brave you woman and I wish you all the best on your trip. Be safe and I will keep you in my prayers as you travel around the world!
Amy in TN

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

I am so excited for you and happy that you are having a good go at it right now. Keep a positive outlook and you'll come though this with flying colors. I am curious though. Do you have old school navigation skills? My father taught us how to use a compass and sextant. Anyway may your journey be filled with wonder, calm sea's and fair winds.

Kristi, VA USA ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

so glad for you, our hearts and prayers sail with you all the way back to Australia. Go Aussie!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Great pics and enjoyed seeing them.

For others reading the blog, Jessica's (first I believe) video diary upload is on YouTube. Here is the link

Keep them coming Jessica and for goodness sake, please use sun screen. You are looking a little pink on the face!

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the first photos. It sounds so peaceful for you today. I look forward to your updates.

Cheers from Southern California!


Captain Cook said...

Hi Jess, love the blog. Any chance you can post your position in each blog so we can keep a track of you?
Keep up the great work and safe sailing.

Anonymous said...

please try to leave a picture with each blog entry. good luck and we are following you from denver, colorado.

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Thankyou for your discriptive blogs makes me feel like i am sitting right along side of you seeing through your eyes. My ten year old daughter and i love catching up with your daily blogs. Keep up the good work.
Tim and Rosie Caboolture.

Anonymous said...

Checkin in on you everyday, i'm 30 and circumnaved last 2 years assisted, well partying the whole way. But u got the "nuts" girl. May the wind be on your ass an the seas calm enough for headway.

Your an inspiration to all sailors of all ages!

poppy said...

Hi Jess

Wishing you all the best loved the pics .
You may not relise but you are touching lots of peoples hearts .

I have been reading your blog and talking daily with my dad about your trip
Dad was sailing around the world until he became unwell with parkinson's
We wish you well and enjoy enjoy

barry howard said...

great photos...enjoy the calm, i'm sure there will be days ahead when you won't have much chance to relax...thanx for sharing your daily following along...

hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
I just watched your video, which was great, but I'm sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well. I guess that’s just part of sailing sometimes. Hang tough Jessica, hopefully it will pass. I read some news that New Zealand Maritime would be monitoring you when you sail thru their area. That was comforting. Stay strong, alert and get better. May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I keep you in my prayers.
Michael from Kingwood, WV

Elysium said...

I love reading about your amazing adventure - keep it coming! :)
And more pictures! You are experiencing places of the world I will probably never be ablte to see myself, I'm jealous! And eagerly waiting for the next post. I stop by here every single day ^^

All the best from Hamburg, Germany


Richard said...

Wow! Love the video and the blog. We, as an amazing number of people do, tune in each day to monitor your progress and catch up on your adventure. Your pics are beautiful. We can never get enough info. Thank you for taking the time to include us all on your voyage. Every time you give your location we launch Google Earth to see where you are and learn a little about the area. Hat's off to you girly! You remain in our prayers.

Dale said...

First comment, thinking of you and following your progress. You are an inspiration. Wish you the best from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Actually have one of your pictures as my desktop background.

Tim09 said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for all your wonderful blogs. My 10year old daughter and i love catching up with you each day. Oh Rosie would like a photo of a dolphin next time you see them.
Have fun
Tim and Rosie from Caboolture

Tom said...

Hi Jessica,

Enjoying the blog and following your journey and the pics. Sounds quite tranquil out there although you have more than enough tasks to keep you hopping. Sail on and we will all stay tuned.

Tom in Cali

chris said...

Ahoy sailor!
nice pics!! but get used to it... u will have the glorious of nature in front of you, remember it and save it in ur are a Heroine of my favorite motoes is "NEVER GIVE UP TRUST YOUR INSTINCS"



gustav said...

Jessica,we love your 2 latest videos !

"On Board Ella’s Pink Lady" and
"Jessica Watson Video Diary – Day 5"

you are a very good documentary-maker
and the way you handle those cameras and high-tech gadgets is just awesome.

You are doing a fantastic job,Jessica.

Please take care that you get enough rest for yourself,because in between sailing Ella's pink lady,navigating the course,watching the weather,getting forecasts and then communicating by blog,video and photography,you are running a busier schedule than most top journalists in a war zone - and you are doing all this on your own.

Make sure you get enough rest and sleep for yourself Jessica,because when you turn down south after crossing the equator,the weather could get much more demanding and there might not be much chance for you then,to get a good rest or even some sleep.

Stay save and thank you again for sharing your wonderful journey with us.

sending you best wishes and fair winds from Sydney,Gus and Serena xxxx

STEVE said...

I followed Zac around the world on his adventure and looked forward to his blog each day. I was missing that until I found you. Now I look forward to following you around the world.
As Captain Australia stated I hope you are well prepared for any danger you might encounter on your journey.
I pray for your safety.
Steve from Oregon, USA

Harry said...

Hi Jesse, I thought I'll let you know that you have Canadians following your blog. I try to mark the spot on the map to see your progress.
Harry Godau, Sutton, Ontario, Canada

Bud said...

Awesome photo Jessica! said...


You are an inspiration to today's youth and to us all.

I am following every day of your trip and wishing you godspeed in your travels

You are a very courageous young lady.

Anonymous said...

Jessica we've been following your journey since you left. I look forward to your posts. We were wondering what you do for exercise? Stay safe.
Thinking of you every day

Patti Jason & Payton

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Great pics...I would love to be able to sit back with endless days to read too.
It's great that so many people around the world are following your blog - I know I look forward to hearing from you.
Take care,
Angie (Cairns)

Delta Dave said...

Hey Jess,
Greetings from Alaska,Yours is the first blog I've
bothered to look at, ( now I'm Your biggest fan! )
Thanks for posting the Pics,very cool !
Don't pay any attention to this "Captain Australia"
nut job, Pirates won't dare bother you because the
whole world is at your back.
Delta Dave

Grant said...

hello jesicca,good luck with the voyage,and if you ever get sad or lonely,visit for inspiration! cheers grant ,stunt rigger,w.t.w.t.a.

Beau said...

You are never alone. Keep the faith! We are with you...

Wayne said...

Hey Jess

Great pictures, would love to see more in time.

Say safe you are in our thoughts and prayers

God Bless


Paul said...

Enjoy the calm while you can, cus the South Atlantic is going to ..ummm.. "suck" :)

Nice pics with update, please try and add more pics as you go along.

Zuzuxpetals said...

We're with you in spirit, Jessica! Be safe and God bless! :o)

Sydney said...

Thank you for the pics. What beauty! I wonder what it feels like to be out there? You have so much courage. I salute you.

Syd from California

Tim said...

Hello Jess.....

Its almost winter here in Idaho. Your story is a bit huge here and will surly grow when all of us take shelter in our homes with tons of snow to keep us penned in. Hope you have a great experience and a safe one as well.


Robert said...


If you would sometime, describe the different sails and under what conditions do you use them?

Benjamin said...

"It probably doesn't sound all that exciting..."

oh it does sound exciting. I am checking your blog quite often everyday to see if you have new news.

(a germany fan!!)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, congrats on the first 500, soon the wind will pick up,
wish you all the best.

Peter, Miami, FL, USA

Anonymous said...

Fantastic images! Could you get even higher resolution?
That would be spectacular.
You're a great inspiration to ass all!!!

Sarah Braun

Janet said...

Praying for you. Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks from michigan for your update. We are all following your blog from Clare and send you love, blessings and fair winds!
What kind of books are you reading?
Those pics are shimmeringly beautiful. We are receptive and joyously anticipate anything and everything you write! love Tigger,Gypsy,Barb,Jenny

kent said...

9 months too go =)

I`m exhited for you !

I sailed the Norwegian coast alone once and missed new music sometimes.. Here is something too put on your Ipod =)
If you can download ..(?)

Isolee - Beau Mot Plage

Hope you`re well and are enjoying


Rob said...

I really enjoyed the pictures!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

skip hause said...

HI from Lake Sunapee New Hampshire the mountains...follwing U

stickleback45 said...

Hi Jessica,

Greetings from Houston, TX. Best wishes to you and The Pink Lady on your travels. I'll be another one of your fans keeping tabs on your journey and sending you good energy. Be sure to to let "Big Ted" some sun now and then. He'd like that I'm sure.LOL

Ted S.

Meadow said...

Hi Jess, my thoughts and best wishes are with you as you embark on this most amazing and courageous of life dreams.

I will regularly be checking your blog to track your progress as you share with us all your journey.

Continue to enjoy yourself but most importantly take care and stay safe.

Meadow from Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

Jess, be cool, enjoy the journey and savour every moment. You are too young to understand the enormity of what you will accomplish, but when you look back on it, you will be very proud of yourself. Life will be very boring for you once you arrive back in Australia, so you should start thinking of the next big thing you want (and will) accomplish. What a great job your parents did in raising you!

Ulrica said...

Wow, you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Have you ever felt lonely or incomplete out on the high seas? Do you ever imagine being held in the strong arms of a warm human who loves you? Someone to tell you everything will be OK? Someone to share the amazement? Someone to accept who you are and to lead you further into who you could be?

Ron said...

Jessica, My hopes and prayers go with you daily. Take some self portraits, everyone will enjoy them. Once again I wish you Godspeed! Visit me if you ever come too the U.S.A.

sherll said...

I love the pictures, Thanks for those ! And the description of how you sleep and keep the boat on course. Not being a sailor myself, I found it very interesting and informative. I look forward to reading your blog every chance I get. Wishing you just the right amount of wind !

Sherll, Georgia, USA

Mike Wong said...

Hello young lady, I just wanted to comment on how wonderful I think your sense of adventure, courage and determination are.

Wish you a safe and fun journey and will follow your adventure with joy.

Kim said...

awesome pictures . . . what an awesome world we live in, and we don't get to see places like that very often!

greenville, in

Anonymous said...

From John in Colorado, USA Hey Jessica. What is a radio sked? from your blog entry:
"turn the HF on for a radio sked"

zrepeels said...

Good luck from Peter in the UK and his Aussie wife Robyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I'll be following your blog, and wishing you well. just a couple of questions though, what's the food situation? you can't stop for supplies so how do you fit 250 days worth of food in there? I'm guessing a lot will be dehydrated, but are you worried about vitamin intake/balanced diet etc?
And that makes me think of water, how do you have enough? do you desalinate somehow?
Also i wondered about your power supply, is the boat generating electricity for your equipment, pc etc?
Best wishes from Oslo, Norway

The Fox Hole said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the beautiful photos.
I don't know the first thing about sailing but my family and I are following your progress with awe.
Please confirm that the youtube account " jessicawatsonvideos" is your youtube account,
Happy sailing from Thefox1968 on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Must admit I was against your quest at first thinking you just wanted to show off :)After seeing you on 60 minutes I warmed to you & changed my thoughts. I can't imagine how eerie it would be out on the big wide ocean in the dark! And now the highlight of each day is checking your blog to see what's happening. Good on you for making what you want of your life!
X Cathy K

Buddy Blanton said...

Hello Jesse,

Looks like you have found the doldrums for the moment. Oh well, you are still making great time, so just use this time to rest and fish a moment or two. I hope you are having a great day. This pictures were great, and the sunrise looked beautiful. I envy you, but at least you are sending us some pictures of the paradise you are floating through. Be safe and alert, and have a great evening. Count all those shooting stars you probably can see.

Luauna said...

Good luck from Ephesus Elementary in little Ephesus, Georgia. We're studying explorers in Social Studies and we're rooting for you ... our modern day Magellan! We are saving your new pictures daily as our background on the class SmartBoard. It's exciting to hear from you every day. BE SAFE out there ... you and Ella, Pink Lady! A lttle favor ... if you see wildlife, will you post some pics?

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