Thursday, October 22, 2009

Out into the Tasman and Sleeping

Sorry I didn't get an update to you all yesterday. I was busy on deck and around the boat, then wow, another day gone! If time keeps flying at this rate I'll have to seriously consider another lap or maybe it's a little early to be thinking about that? Again it's possibly a little early to be reflecting but I can't believe how well the first week is going. I'd always expected that settling in would be one of the toughest times for me but I've been in great spirits, keeping busy and enjoying all the simple things.

Overall its been pretty quiet out here, but after a great run of 155nm yesterday, the wind dropped off again and now we (Ella's Pink Lady & I) are back to plodding along slowly. So we're well and truly out into the Tasman now, near Lord Howe Island, with Australia well behind us. Ella's Pink Lady is under full mainsail and genoa at the moment and doing a slow but steady 3knots.

The sun's still shining and the water is an even more amazing shade of blue, but I've been finding that sunset is my favorite time of the day when the whole world turns pink! This morning I had a school of dolphins pass by and the odd bird also drops in to check us out. I think keeping the cabin tidy is going to become one of those never ending battles. Is it just me or does housework
always take this long? And then washing up. There's no one else offering to take their turn, so I'm stuck with it after every meal!

I'd love to answer some more of your questions but there's just way too many! So what I thought I'd do is to talk though one aspect of the voyage or Ella's Pink Lady in more depth every time I have a quiet day. We've got a while to go, so maybe I'll have answered all the questions by the time I get home?

Starting with 'sleep'. Everyone's fascinated about what happens to Ella's Pink Lady when I'm
sleeping and it's a subject that we've put years of thorough research into. I better start from the beginning so everyone understands, sorry if I'm boring you with the basics.

Firstly I obviously can't be hand steering the whole time so Ella's Pink Lady has got three different self steering systems, two electronic autopilots and the Fleming Windvane mounted on the stern whose nicknamed 'Parker' ( can anyone guess why??). The windvane is my favourite because unlike the other two which draw a lot of power 'Parker' steers us by responding to the wind over a blade and the water over a paddle trailing off the stern. But I'll get to the
power subject some other time.

Then I've got four different ship detection systems, which all sound like loud alarms if there are any ships approaching. Ella's navigation lights and radar reflector also make us more visible to other ships at night. But even with all that I never just put my head down a get a full night sleep. If there's a bit going on I'll take a 20min power nap popping my head up to check on everything before going back to sleep. When things are quieter I'll sleep for 40min or longer at a time. It's amazing how used to the motion of Ella's Pink Lady I've already become, if the wind picks up a little the nose will wake me or if we drift off course the sails luff (flap) and wake me. It takes a little getting used to I but I find that I can get all the sleep I need like this and wake refreshed every time.

Before I go to sleep each time I set up two different wake-up alarms so that there's no chance that I'll sleep through. You should hear how loud one of them is, it still makes me jump out of my skin every time I hear it.

All the equipment probably all seems a little over the top but we're going to be out here for a while and the collision taught us that there's no such thing as being too careful!

Also we will have a basic tracking system setup on the website within the next few weeks or so to give you an idea of how we are progressing.

For those in Australia, you can tune in to ONE HDs Thursday night live show tonight at 7.30pm because I'll be talking to them via skype and they'll be playing a little video footage I've
been taking out here today. If you can't watch it tonight I'm sure it'll be up on the net soon enough.

Wow that was quite a mouthful, hope I didn't drone on a bit there!



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KP said...

You are so amazing. Very inspiring blog that I plan to read for your entire trip.
Cheers to you!
(from a Canadian living in Australia)

Gaurav Agarwal said...

Dear Jessica,
You are my true heroine. I wish you gets a chance to see big blue whales. Please take their snaps and share with us.
Even I am atheist, still I am praying for your success. All the best Jessi.

Jarad Farrow said...

hey jess
i think you are very brave doing this and i wish you the best of luck. I know some people have said your silly doing it so young but i dont think so if you have a dream no matter the age you should do it.

Jarad Farrow
Gold Coast Qld

Anonymous said...

So cool. You got a fan here in the states. good luck. keep safe.

SSN Missouri

Calpi said...

Following your journey every step of the way, think you are terrific.

Notzila said...

Hi Jess
Here to give you support ^^



Bones said...

Parker was the driver for Lady Penelope in the movie and original TV series 'Thunderbirds'

Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things pretty well. Good luck for the rest of your trip

Anonymous said...

I love that you keep us updated. I only heard about your story a few days ago when you left and I will read everyday. Best of luck.

Theresa said...

You are doing so AWESOME !!

Denver, Colorado

Anonymous said...

I know you will handle all possible situations maturely - good luck during every stage and weather condition ahead! From one person out of many millions of people wishing you all the very best from afar.

Powercruise Gup said...

How cool is that.. i was readin tuesdays blog when i thought where is wednesdays then all of a sudden up came thursdays blog.
reading your stories i almost feel like i am in the boat with you its awsome and your an inspiration to everyone
Good luck and dont forget all us aussies have your back

Vic said...

Love your updates ! Could sit and read them all day. But then I wouldn't get any housework done. BTW, your housework sounds so much more attractive than mine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "sleeping" information Jesse and I look forward to many more posts to come - and hopefully a few photos along the way.

Have fun and enjoy all the different experiences you will have.

Gods speed.

Roy Lee said...

Hi Jessie,
Great to read today's info..
Sounds as though you're settling in well.
Keep up the good work.
Roy & Jenny
Sunshine Coast

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jess,
Fantastic hearing from you. It so good you have settled in so well and I am sure you will be prepared for whatever weather is in front of you.
Your report is great and appreciated. I look forward to the next installment :-)
Look after yourself and stay safe.
Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

Ashley from Perth here!
Great explanation and incredibly some point can you give Blog on navigating by the! Just kidding!

Susan said...

Glad to hear you're off to a great start and adjusting to everything comfortably...except having to clean up after meals. If you find a way around that one, please let me know!
Susan in Oregon

Steve Peters said...

Nice post Jess - your idea on dealing with one aspect each time is a good one. Travel safely.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post Jessica! from someone who doesn't know much about sailing i am following your trip with much interest & learning things as i go.
All the best & keep safe out there!
Best wishes Vanessa from Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
thank you for the update. I must have checked 20 times since the last one! But guessed you were busy!
Housework NEVER ends! When you are finished you begin again!
But it is nice, when everything is tidy! Having read Jesse Martin's book, when things get rough, it'll be the end of a tidy cabin for a while!
The good thing is, that you are always kept busy, the boat, the ocean, the cabin, you..............
So great, to have some of the instruments explained, I know nothing about boats, but am interested in everything that makes your world at the moment!
The pink sunsets would be enchanting! The dolphin's are checking on you, that you are alright!
They call them the people of the sea. I swam with dolphins in Coffs Harbour. It was an unforgettable experience.
I started reading all of the blog entries and many move me to tears. Their sentiments all come from the heart and join with you to support you in their thoughts as I do.
It is like the 'support Jessica club' and Iwe are all definitely fans. With following and realizing your dream you touch hearts and inspire minds, because after all, we have the same spirit indwelling and we all should live fulfilling lives, to find what brings us joy.
And your parents belong here to in my accolades, because they realized your dream and set out to support you to achieve it.
Your team of course too. We all need each other!
Keep well and happy and alert at all times. The sea presents herself from her most benign side at the moment!
Good and safe sailing,
Trudy from Austria

Bradford said...

Good luck! I am really looking forward to the tracking as that is one of the best parts of the 1000 days at sea site, seeing all the movements!

Anonymous said...

I'm a US Marine stationed in Okinawa japan. I have spent months and months out to sea in the med and your words bring back so many memories. Enjoy your time, take lots of pictures and know your life will be changed greatly because of this!

I'll bet your mom sure smiles to see you write " does house work always take this long?". Yes ;)

I'll read intently until your home safe and sound!!! Fair winds young lady!


Tez said...

Sounds like you are settling in rather well and maintaining a sense of humour.

"Do what is right, not expedient and wash your mind of all compromise"


Meechree said...

Very amazing. I keep checking the blog and website to see how you are doing. I dont know if my comments are getting posted though ):
You are truly an inspiration.
Dimitri, USA

Janine said...

Hey Jessica!

It's interesting to hear about all these. Do update us more often whenever you are free!

Hope you'll get enough sleep everyday and stay cheerful as always! =)

- Janine from Singapore

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica...the first thing I did upon arriving home from work after midnight was check for your latest posting....and there it was. As most of my sailing has been on Lake Ontario, Canada I had to pull out the atlas to check on your progress "down under". Your explanation of how you handle sleep and your safety was superb....great writing. I know you are going to make it....I hope you can feel the "group hug" that you are getting from those of us on shore sharing your every move along a dotted line. Take care of yourself. Your fan, john in Canada.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jesse
You are one gutsy young lady, I wish I'd have nerve to do what you are doing, so have lots of fun on your big adventure and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA

JosamWatson said...

Hey, sailing had never been of interest to me BUT you will be surprised that i am following you with keen interest. You are motivating a lot of people and your bloggs are becoming more and more better. I really love the educational bits, please provide more of that. Good luck and God Bless!

Sally said...

Hi Jessica

Thanks for the wonderful update. I must admit I was curious about the sleeping thing too!!

Love that a school of dolphins joined you on your journey. Hope you have a camera handy to help remember these beautiful moments.

Do you play music whilst you are out there in the ocean. There owuld be noone around to complain about the volume!

You are part of our daily routine now - we check on how you are going each day. Glad to hear that you are in good spirits and that all is going well.

Hey - You have also reawakened our interest in sailing again!

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Sally in Sydney

Seth said...

This trip is quite an undertaking and I am so impressed with your courage. I will continue to follow you blog daily from here in the states and keep up with how you are doing. God bless!
North Carolina

Anonymous said...

hey jessica, good things you are taking breaks because you will get tired from all those alarms going on! sleep tight enjoy your jounery and have fun be safe.

Tayt Thompson
Gold Coast QLD

edward said...

Good luck on your adventure of a liftime.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi jess, love your boat its so cool, two things worth going on the internet for, following you and watching the americas cup teeter along

angc10 said...

Great to hear from you Jess i was doing a check every so often to see your update i knew you must have had your hands full doing more important looking after your self out there!!!
All sounds smooth sailing, thats great, hope you are having a fantastic Day!!!

Sean R said...

Hey Jesse,
Will be following you all the way blue skies and fair weather

Sean R

Anonymous said...

Jess glad you have many hi- tech safety devices on board had no idea how such advanced equipment was available . Kewl !Happy things are going well and that you've settled in to a daily routine . Thanks for a wonderfully informative up-date !

Anonymous said...

wow Jess your so brave i wouldn't do that im to scared but your brave..

Best of luck Brendan

Ali said...

Hi Jessica, I love reading all your news, very interesting! You are a truly amazing gal and i admire you so much. Find myself through out the day at times thinking of you and wondering how you are, so thanks for keeping us all informed! All the best oh and how do you go with the perishables friut and veg, bread, do you freeze??
Ali from Victor Harbor SA

Cobrarog said...

Missed you yesterday Jess. I will be watching your progress until you are safe and sound back in home port. Ship shape is as important to safety as the rest of it. Keep up the good work in that department and make your mum proud of your housekeeping skills too!
May God keep you safe in his pocket. From Cobrarog in Hervey Bay.

maryanne said...

Hi Jessica. Just wanted to let you know how impressed i am with you and how inspirational you are to your generation and mine. You are and will be in my prays each day for Gods hand of protection to be upon you. My Pastor even mentioned you last night in his sermon. So well done and take care. from Maryanne in Western australia.

graemek2 said...

Excellent blog today jessica.

Very interesting !! You're very readable & have a great eye for detail.


Amanda said...

Hi Jess,

Amanda again. Makes me laugh that you hate the chore of keeping the cabin clean too. My boat (as I said) is only 27 feet so 7 feet shorter then yours and yet still I share your whine about the cleaning of it. Mind you I claim that mine is worse because I live with a long haired cat. His colour matches the material in the boat but still... he is lucky he is cute.
I also resonate with your comment that maybe you'll have to make a second lap. There will probably be days in the future that you wonder if the world will ever stop heaving (just guessing) but you may always have the need for going places. Whether its for the journey, the adventure, the destination, the challenge... the whatever, its a bug and I have it too. Don't let anyone ever tell you, you need to be cured of it and grow up. Chasing dreams is not only for children, the most interesting adults I know regularly chase their dreams. If you can, do it your whole life, and it seems as though you are a big dreamer my girl!
Here is a quote for you, and I believe you are the one of the dreamers of the day!
"All men dream: but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity;
But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."
-T.E. Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

We'll never get bored of your posts! My Year 5/6 class in Sydney are keeping a close eye on your progress. If you keep writing such informative posts I can stop explaining how it all works! I did my time at sea, crossed the Pacific and Atlantic, but on slightly bigger yachts with a few others for company and we cheated by going thru the canal! There a lot of us doing the trip with you in spirit. You've succeeded already in our eyes. Thanks for making our school days even more interesting. You're an inspiration.
Safe sailing.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a truly remarkable young woman you are and very lucky to have such supportive parents and family. I love reading your blog and must admit I have been checking since Tuesday for the next entry.

Thankyou for keeping us all updated.

Stay Safe

Perth, WA

Rich said...

Jess, our youth group at church is keeping up with you. We are praying for you as we cheer you on! May you experience God's presence & peace as you travel around His wonderful creation.
God's blessing and protection on you!
Rich Johnson
Youth Pastor
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Suzanne said...

Hi Jessica

How will you protect yourself against pirate off the African coast, you will you be too south and east?

Anonymous said...

HI Jessica,
You truly are a surprising, courage and maturity beyond your years.
All the best with your journey.
Paul from Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Good on you jess!!!

thanks for the explanation re sleep, very interesting! You rock so hard!
Cant wait for the next update...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You live the dream of hundreds. Here in The Netherlands i try to read every blog so keep up the good work and i hope you'll be blessed with calm seas and good wind.
Greetings Jan van der Wel, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

Albert said...

It's good to know you will have a tracking system soon so we can actually see where you are and that helps us to share your journey as it did with Mike.
So sad to hear you are sailing past Lord Howe Island, it is a fabulous holiday destination.

Ben Hogan said...

Hi Jessica,

Kudos to you kid!

What a challenge, It’s simply awesome … I’m jealous.

Sailing out there alone and dealing with whatever situation comes your way to make it all the way around the world will be a fantastic test for oneself.

I wish you a safe amount of danger, excitement and adventure on this incredible journey and I look forward to following your progress once the tracker comes online!

Just remember these old adages:

1. Slow and steady wins the race;
2. Nothing worth achieving comes easily

Goodluck and Godspeed.

Ben Hogan (from Australia)

xtY said...

xtY here again :D.

How are the teddy bears doing? :)

Loving the updates and can't wait to track your progress.

- Seeya at the finish line :].


Kevin Tobin said...

Thanks Jess for an excellent blog today as it helps to understand what is happenimg aboard. Stick with it and keep enjoying. Look forward to watching HD One tonight. Kevin Tobin, Portland, Victoria

Col said...

Hi Jess,
It's so great to hear from you each day, with all the other stuff you have to do, we all love to learn about your experiences.
I know what it's like to be out on a remote adventure miles from anywhere, on land, but being out on the ocean must be a whole new story!
I'm sure you know we are all supporting you all the way.

Col from Brisbane

Geoff said...

Hi Jessica

great news about the tracking on the website

Also great that you've settled into a routine quickly

Any chances of some pics? espescially the sunsets

Keep smiling


Melbourne Orstralia

Debs said...

Hey Jess

That was some great Blogging....thanks for taking the time to keep us all in the loop and explaining the sleeping aspects of your trip to us. I guess your now seeing just how lucky you are to have a great mum, cos shes always cleaning up after others, doing housework is a never ending cycle but very rewarding when everything is nice n clean and you get a few minutes to just sit and relax ( and watch beautiful Dolphins are magical creatures and i think when they came by you, they bought good luck your way. I am a scuba diver and i once had a very special encounter with a dolphin, something ill never forget. Hey Jess through your blog i found your sisters guinea pig blog....ive sent her a nice big i hope shes still using the blog and has a chat to me...i have 16 of the furry little darlings. I think its great that you are going to be sharing your information with people of all walks of life, might even give the sailing community a boost. Anyway keep up the good spirits, stay safe and most of all have fun. Smile.

Deb and the Guinea Pigs

PS: Do you consider yourself a bit of a Penelope in your pink Boat with your Butler "Parker"?...LOL...ohhh and have you have a laugh with " Chick with attitude yet, and last but not least, give Big Ted a hug from us

Anonymous said...

wow just started reading your story!.. its amazing!!!! i set and wonder what ur doing right this sec lol i pray its beautiful weather the whole way... just when u think ur alone out there just remeber gods by ur side the whole way..remeber its ok to have bad days it totaly normal even in the middle of the sea lol.. your truly living the dream girl.. keep ur head up.. YOU CAN DO IT!!! lol all the way from texas i wishh u luck & wonderful storys!!

Gillian said...

Lord Howe Island!

1. Stop right there
2. Cancel rest of trip
3. Announce that having found a place like this why would you go any further?
4. Sign tourism deal
5. Bingo! Kachingaling,

Anonymous said...

wow just started reading your story!.. its amazing!!!! i set and wonder what ur doing right this sec lol i pray its beautiful weather the whole way... just when u think ur alone out there just remeber gods by ur side the whole way..remeber its ok to have bad days it totaly normal even in the middle of the sea lol.. your truly living the dream girl.. keep ur head up.. YOU CAN DO IT!!! lol all the way from texas i wishh u luck & wonderful storys!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog! My daughter and I are tracking your path on our giant world map and marking where you are each day. Have a great day!

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jesse !!

Many thanks for writing in so much details. Pls also tell us about your early morning and breakfast hours. Thanks Bye

Muhammad Asim

Sara said...

I follow your adventure all the way from Sweden in northen Europe.
You rock.

Love Sara

Grant Horner said...


So cool! Loved the report!

It is strange how after just a few days on a boat you get used to the movement. I once slept on board (well-- sort of slept) with another guy in my Lancer 25 in Frenchie's Cove on beautiful Anacapa Island (near Santa Barbara, California, 20 miles offshore) with 6 foot swell and powerful current. More boats blown ashore there than any moorage nearby. Pretty, but scary. We had 5-6' swell and short periods. My two sons were sick and took the tender 100 yards to shore to sleep on the rocks. We bobbed heavily all night, and I had to set three tricky anchors to keep me from being blown onto the rocks or little beach. But ... though I woke breifly every hour and checked our position ... I woke up pretty refreshed next day. Had a PERFECT sail back to Ventura.

I LOVE hearing all about your technological stuff. I will never have need for all of that myself, but it is fascinating!

Can't wait for the tracking info -- though you are already on Google Earth, in case you didn't know!

We've come a long way since the sixteenth century...

Have a great day!

Prof. Grant Horner

Bruce Dunlop said...

Hi Jess
Great are an the details and great to here we will be able to track you progress soon...
keep safe..

Bruce - Port Macquarie NSW

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, your Blog entries are just so informative to me , an old friend of your Grandparents.

I look forward to reading your blog each evening. We have you in our thoughts daily and wish you well.

Yvonne Thompson, Dunedin NZ.

Alan and Lena said...

Great writing Jess, you're keeping the world enthralled!

All the best to you.

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
My Mum and I check your blogg each afternoon. Mum is extremely impressed with how literate you are. We look forward to following you and your adventure.
Take care
Jacqui & Delma

John said...

Hi Jesse,

I am not a sailor, so the information on your daily routine is great! Our local newspaper, the San Francisco Examiner, is following your progress and yesterday they published a piece about your Fleming windvane self steering system. You have some very interesting technology onboard. I am following your posts and “The Latest News” section on your main website. I setup a world map so I can roughly plot your progress. You remain in my prayers for a safe trip.

Best wishes!

Lene-Therese said...

Please show us some pictures from your amazing life :)

Anonymous said...

hey jess,
i too am 16 and have grown up sailing evrything from sabots, to lasers, to proper yachts. Am so jealous yet i look up to you for your bravery and determination. Your a true Aussie hero!
Jack from syd
p.s. i think your the spitting image of a young miranda kerr lol:)

David said...

Loved hearing all the details and can't wait to follow you on the map. Will be watching ONEHD cause you're a legend! Tell us more, its so interesting. Blessings Jessica (say g'day to Parker for me), he always looked after Penelope.

Pablo Nacer said...

Hi Jessica!
Lots of "aussieleiros" (Brazilians living in Australia) are following and supporting you.
You´re great!
All the best!!!

~j~ said...

I think that the pink colors of the sunset would be my most coveted time of the day as well,thank you for sharing with all us land locked admirers some of the more intricate details of Ella and how it applies to your daily routine, much appreciated.
s.b. calif

Lublinn said...

Dear Jessica!
I agree with you, sunset is wonderful. Have you seen green flash? Tell us something about evenings stars.
Good Luck and God bless you!
Wojciech Lublinn Stockholm

Karin said...

Your blogs are so interesting...looks like i'll be reading this daily like a book.....having to put down between each chapter for when you next post!!! lol

I think you are going to have many people addicted to your blog! You write well and very vivid and detailed...thanks for the fascinating info...keep it coming please.
Karin from Sydney

Anonymous said...

Go Jess

Bad Influence Crew said...

Hey Jess

one hand for the tiller, one hand for yourself..and all that jazz!

You go girl!! My five year old Saskia told me this morning that she wants to sail around the world just like Jessica Watson. Hopefully she'll stick to sailing with us for a wee while LOL.

Anyway, enjoy the good weather while you have it..and stay safe!!

Hooroo for now
Trace and the crew
SY Bad Influence

SteliosCy said...

keep on focusing on your goal. the most important thing!!!
regards from cyprus! a beautiful island in Med!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,thanks for your latest(Thursday) blog, hope you are uplifted by the fact that there are people all around the world,being inspired by Jessica Watson and eagerly anticipating your daily communication." Keep on Keeping on" Jessica, maintain your focus, plan ahead, you are a 'star'
Godspeed, safe going, hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

You have a truly fantastic and inspirational spirit. We are always looking forward for every word from you. We are your big fans. Cant wait for pictures and all the documentary about it all. Wishing you fantastic unforgettable journey. Enjoy it. Your fans from Perth WA
Go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

You are an absolute inspiration, your parents must be so proud of you.
Great work on keeping us all up to date on every little aspect of sailing that most of us know nothing about, very interesting.
All the very best, our prayers are with you for a safe trip and return to the Sunny Coast.

Best wishes from Max (Sunshine Coast)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for the update. Missed your blog yesterday and ate 1/2 bag of shredded cheese worrying....geez.
good to learn about all the logistics of sailing and all the wonderous pink! love Jenny, Barb, Tigger & Gypsy in mich.

hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica, I just finished reading your Thur. blog. Simply fantastic. I like the way you answer some questions while explaining how things are going. I wonder if you realize the effect that you are having on so many people, young or old. (That's for the better.) I do believe that many people are having a different outlook on life, thanks to you. I have one concern and that is: Do you wear your "tether" faithfully???? I get myself a little worked up thinking about this. (I'm 74 and concerned).Please take good care of yourself and be safe. May God be with you and watch over and the angels keep your sails full. Goodnight for now.
Michael from Kingwood, WV

Heather said...

So in my history course today my professor asked us the question:

"Who is the one person you would most like to have dinner with, fictional or real, living or dead?"

I have heard this before and I have always answered my mothers brother(my uncle) because he passed away before I was born, but I have heard so much about him and admire him for all that he accomplished and much more.

Today though when I was thinking over what I would say, a new person popped into my head.
It came to my turn and I responded "Jessica Watson" and my professor then proceeded to ask me who was Jessica Watson. I then told everyone who you are and what you are doing. I then went on to explain that the reason for which I picked you was because I feel that you are one young ambitious individual in this world who clearly will not let anything get in the way of accomplishing something you so much desire to achieve. I feel that everyone could learn something from you. You have taken on something that many people wouldn't even try and you have taken it on at a young age.

To think, if you're doing such an adventure at such a young age what else will you possibly accomplish during your life. I wish you the best and I will be checking everyday to see what you have to say. You will have plenty of time out there on the water to think over a variety of things, I only hope that one of the things you think about is how impacting this trip of yours is not only on the young individuals in our world, but more-so every single person. You're an inspiration to many, you've given the young individuals someone to look up to and admire. You have ever right to be proud of yourself. If only this world was filled with more people like you....

-Heather (USA)

Mohamed said...


Thank you so much

All the best

Mohamed from ALGERIA

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're settling in well! Love reading about your progress, will be following your blog right til the end!

I'm not sure I could handle those sleeping patterns.. I think I like my 8+ hours too much lol.

Goodluck and Godspeed.


gustav said...

Hi there jessica,

If you got time,check out the International Space Station tonight.

There will be a visible pass of the International Space Station tonight,
Thursday the 22 october at 20:10:44.

Look south towards New Zealand and about 10˚ above the horizon.The ISS will be travelling from South of Lord Howe Island to the South/South-East for 3 minutes and get up to 14˚ above the horizon.The ISS will be quite bright, with a magnitude of -0.8 (like a bright star on the horizon) so basically the ISS will move from S along the west- coast of New Zealand 3 fingers above the Horizon and then vanish below the horizon SSE at ca. 20:13:00.

To track the ISS,you can use the NASA Human Space Flight Orbital Tracker:

or otherwise,to see the ISS ground-track put in the Lord Howe coordinates 31.5381°S,159.0733°E UTC+11 hours into the Heavens Above tracking site(prefered by most Astronomers)and choose ISS:

The International Space Station is orbiting Planet Earth at an Altitude of 348km and a Speed of 27702.96km perhour.

So if you miss this sighting,never mind,
because unlike Ella's Pink Lady,the ISS is orbiting the Earth every 1 hour and 35 minutes once.This means those poor Astronauts have the sun rising 15 times in 24 Hours,which is even more crazy than what seems to be happening on Jessicas'good ship Ella's Pink Lady.

I would not be surprised if one day you decidet to be an astronaut.You certainly got the right stuff.

I also want to thank you for your blog
entries here,like everyone I find them
very interesting down to the smallest detail.It really opens up a whole new world for us which is wonderful.

Well,keep up the good work Jess-you are a joy and a big inspiration to us all.

Gus and Tom (sports-Pilots Sydney)

Anonymous said...

I think many thousands of people of all walks of life and across this planet would appreciate the latest update and for that thanks.
It will remain interesting to read your updates and any other information and I particularly note the reference to Lord Howe Island. Whilst the wind is playing up again; how far to go before you change course to head north or north east? Like you said, you've a long way to go and at least being out on our ocean, it would be more peaceful. Hopefully, you have a fishing line on board.

Anonymous said...

Having watched and listened to your interviews and read your blogs it is clear now that you will achieve your goal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm a 40 yo working family man. 4 Kids.

Told my family we are on board with you when you left Sydney and those who were home looked at me funny. Goto love technology. They are all now fully engaged after I schooled them on your extensive experience & preparation.

Each night I come home and check your blog. Then I read some of the comments from your thousands of suppoters around the globe.....Then I hold back tears.

Tonight I couldn't stop the tears.... and then wrote my first comment.

Congratulations already and i look forward to lots more tears. You should be very proud of yourself and your wonderful parents.

All the positive vibes I can muster..

Peter from Canberra.

Rob Williams said...

This is my first attempt at Blogging. Glad to hear you are making steady and most importantly ,safe progress. Look forward to seeing you on telly tonight.
Rob Williams,Tasmania.

M said...

I plan to read your blog every morning before breakfast^^ Its just so amazing and exciting to know whats going on during your trip :) !!

Good luck from Germany :) !!
Wish you all the best Jessica!!

Anonymous said...

Parker - Would that be as in "Nosy Parker" - ie it keeps the nose of the boat pointing into the wind?
Sounds like it's going great for you Jess - hop it stays that way. We had a cruise on the Tweed River today & we kept thinking of you out to our East.
Enjoy the sea creatures & sun sets & may the wind be your friend

Bebie said...

Dear Jessica,

There's no way you could be boring us, nor be droning on. Everything is so very interesting. Thank you for the desciptions - am learning a lot. God bless and keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

Wow i love reading your blog each day Jessica

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jessica, I just want to join with everyone else and tell you how much we love your blog entries - how many people in the world are travelling alongside you via your website! Its amazing. You are a great writer and have the ability to paint a wonderful picture for us all. We are very proud of you.
Bluefin, Sunshine Coast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You'r obviously a chick on an mission!
Wishing a safe journey from Holland.
I am sure we have at least one girl here who is very jealous...
6.5 knots average in 24 hours is not bad at all!

naturalfooter said...

Hey Jessica

Thanks for your informative bloggs. I am looking forward to you getting a live tracker up on your site so we can see your position.

May the wind always be on your back.


Flash said...

Hello Jessica
You are living my dream. It´s so great to follow you. Whish you the best of luck
From Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jessica it's good to know everything is going well so far in your adventure. I look at your blog every time I log onto mine just to see how your progressing. Take care Pete. (Canberra, Australia)

Richard said...

Keeping tabs on you from South Africa, looking forward to the time when you pass us by, Go Well Richard

Laser Sailor said...

Hey Jesse,
Do you get weather-helm on a boat like yours?
Great updates! Love the idea of tackling one point of sail at a time. As a laser sailor, I have enjoyed learning about the technology you have installed. The best I can manage is a turbo vang! haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

I have had a few lovely experiences with dolphins at see as well. One time sailing along at night in light air with no moon I was surrounded by dolphins covered in bioluminenesence. Dolphins with bling!

Glad you are doing what you are doing, and not doing what the dream killers say. When I am questioned about the safety of sailing of to remote locations I have a standard response.

I am more afraid of not living than dying.


Richard Cullis said...

Well done Jess, Keeping tabs on you from South Africa, look forward to when you pass us by, Go Well. Richard

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

That was SOOOO interesting! I look forward to anything you can tell us about how everything works.

I'm sure you'll tell us this, but do you actually type your own blog directly on to the net, or do you dictate it and someone on shore does it for you?

Keep safe,

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse'
it's Gabi here just a few words I'd like to say....
You probably won't get thrown off course with all those..devices!

Can't wait to read next blog!
Gabi (a 10yr old aussie!)

P.S. Hey Jesse, you're SO cool and you're also my role model!!

Roger and Lou said...

Thanks for the update Jess, was worried having not heard from you, Roger and Lou Dwyer

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I'll be following your progress on your "lap", i have a saying for you that you may like to remember!

"Ships are safe sitting in the harbour, but thats not what they were designed for"

You prove the doubters wrong and the rest of us will be saying, i told you so.

JB (John)

Mike said...

In reading your blog I am remembering stories told to me by my father - in the 1950s he used to crew on racing sailboats...

I wish you a fair following wind and clear skies.

And To quote Mark Twain:
"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did do.
So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
you are so brave, our Mazu-the Chinese Goddess of the sea shall protect you in your whole journey.
Jack from Taiwan.

Oliver said...

Dear Jessica,
I've read about you in a newspaper and I want to wish you the very best for your trip. I will often have a look at your blog. My elder daughter (we got four of them) is 12 years of age and also named jessica. I think our girls will also be very interested in the tings you're going to do. Please excuse my english, we are from germany and I just learned in in school. Good luck for you.

Dave said...

I amso happy for you that everything is going so well. I take it you are good at navigation, just in case (however unlikely) you loose your on board systems. I have total respect for what you are doing and wish you all the best mate. Everyone here is thinking of you ad can't wait for your return. Bye for now Jessica.

Chris Akenfelds said...

Jessica, I've just read your blog "Out into the Tasman and Sleeping". Nothing you say is very boring, and you are not droning on. I sit here behind a PC in total awe reading the things you write. Please keep it up. Your regular updates are compelling reading! Keep it coming, Jessica!

Anonymous said...


Do you have a fishing rod out the back of the boat. If you do, please make sure you post any of your catches on the website.


B ruce said...

Hi Jesse

Thanks for the detail re your equipment and routine on Ella's Pink Lady. Please give us more. You won't bore us with the basics. There are some of us who know all about a little and some who know a little about all - but none of us know what YOU are doing, thinking, feeling and experiencing. And its YOU we are interested in. So as time and mood permits, please tell us as much as you can. It's the simple things you refer to in your first para that we want to relate to. What may seem mundane to you out in the Pacific is of great interest to us sitting in our offices and lounge rooms reading your blog.

It is interesting to reflect on the fact that this is one of the first great adventures where the public have a direct link to the adventurer and can have a day to day involvement in that adventure.

I'd offer to do the dishes for you tonight but unfortunately I have "an urgent appointment in the city"

Enjoy your time and your challenges.
Go Girl


Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,


We, in Western Australia, know that you will rock the oceans with your greatness.
Good luck, and we hope to see you coming back into Sydney!!

from Alastair age 13.

Lucas McCain said...

Thanks for the update Jesse. We are following your trip with great interest. Enjoy the good conditions while they last.

Adam said...

Thank you for the updates. I was following Mike Perham throughout his adventure, and my allegience has now swapped to you!
Mike had a chart on his blog to show where he was in the world. I know that this may not be possible for you and you team, but could you perhaps post your position in lat and long so all of us can plot exactly where you are daily??
Enjoy yourself and stay safe.
Adam in Bristol UK

tim79w said...

Hey Jess!!

Good to hear you have settled in so well this week!
The blogs are great! i love reading them and they certainly don't drone on! :) keep it up the more info the merrier!
hope you had a great sunset tonight!


Johhny said...

Jess, Good luck to you, I'm looking forward to reading of your journey, I plan to do the same in about a year. I'm not 16 and I am a bit of an old salt (ex U.S. Navy) so this won't appear as amazing as a young lady like your self taking the trek, but you inspired me to do what I love and that is sail on my own in the open ocean.

From the USA Good luck and keep us posted

Mrs. Rad. said...

Dear Jessica,

I can't wait to read your recent blog entries to my class tomorrow - I'm working on getting an approval to visit the blogspot from my classroom - it's currently blocked . . . anyway, my kindergarten and first grade students will learn a lot about the world and about goals and bravery via your journey. Best wishes for safe sailing - I am personally so inspired by you.

Mrs. Rad.

Andi said...

Hey Jess, I have to say that im a little bit envious ;)
I mean you are on the ocean, silence, no busy people around you, just you and the great world alone. I think i will read your blog while your on your trip. Sorry for my bad english, I am from Germany. Good Luck to you and greez andi

harry o'connell said...

hi jess
i'm with u the whole way. u can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck and keep safe,
from harry (12)

florian said...

yes, that's a nice start into daily routines... updates mostly pop up after my breakfast (Germany). work has to wait.
Next week there'll be even more hours between us since summer time ends here and you move east... when will you have LHDT (or LHST?)?

Jess, keep up supplying us with that kind of posts from time to time - only if there's some space, of course. :-)

I feel that you will stay cool in dicey situations, but now - provided with some more technical background - I'm even more convinced that your "project" may probably really be crowned with success.

But, yes, as you said, there's still a looooong way to go - reason enough to remain well-grounded.


p.s. one could really become a bit enviously... you travel along these wonderful isles, should I say "for free" ?? No, that's hard work you do. but in a very delightful area ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great blogging there, very informative, well updated.
Do you get to read any comments from your blogging or is there no time or are there too many?

Note:- I did my housework today and I swept the dust under the carpet, tossed a tea towel over the dishes, I turned the duna over to save washing it for another week, poured disinfectant in the loo while on it and flushed THREE times for extra sanity. Don't no if this will work in your space but it does work for me and leaves me with a satisfied concience(?).

Keep safe and expect the unexpected.

Ps. Love the tech talk.
Ciaran from Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,
We believe in you


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Jessica - love the technical explanations, keep 'em up! Good to hear all is hunky dory for you out there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica
I too shed a tear for your strength and courage, you are an amazing young woman!
I am a mother of two boys, one of whom tragically died last year at the tender age of 13, doing what he wanted to do with a great big smile on his face.
Always follow your dreams, without them.. we are nothing.
It is a privilege to be following your dream with you Jess, thank you for sharing it with us.
Sandra on the Gold Coast

Jav (Melbourne) said...

Good luck Jess.
You have a fan here who looks forward to watching you succeed.
You are doing something that makes all yachties proud

Bronwyn said...

Well another day has gone, tick it off. Thinking of you and enjoy reading your bloggs. I know nothing about sailing but find you inspirational. Go Jesse.

Anonymous said...

your parents must be so proud of you,I know I am and I have never met you.Your blogs could never be boring i look forward to reading them each day and watching your progress
All the best
Stay safe


Rodney said...

Great job Jesse, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

I thought of a question. I know you must have music out there, so my question is: what's on your iPod ?

May there always be wind in your sails.

Pawz from Hervey Bay

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
I have done a bit of sailing with my parents and the sleeping procedure sounds very similar although last time we did a long passage I was too young to do watch but next time I'm sure they'll make me do one.
I am really interested in hearing about your power and electricity I know you have 3x Solar panels and a wind generator but I'm still keen to hear about it.
I'm very pleased to hear you are settling into a routine.

I'll be glued to the T.V at 7:30 pm, Thanks for letting us know.
Saraya :-)

Jorden x said...

your inspiring me so much. As a 17yr old myself, i can never imagine doing what your doing. im planning on continuing reading up on your progress you whole trip. just remember how much your inspiring others out there :) take care!! Jorden.

PamG said...

Great informative and entertaining post Jessica. Keep it up gal!! You are great.
Pam from Waikato :-)

Graeme M said...

Well done Jess. Our hopes and prayers are with you.

Dani and Graeme

jake said...

keep up the good work ur amazing
and people pls dont leave massive comments i couldent be bothed reading some of them how do u think jess is gonna feel after reading like 500 + of em seriously
bye the way wait a go to who ever reads every one of these comments bfor they get put on the site. Well done to you and i just left a massive comment soo sorry!!!!

Anonymous said...

Calm seas Jess, Your doing an amazing thing !

Anonymous said...

I do a lot of single handed myself - far prefer doing it on blue water rather than coastal - less traffic. I'm sure you'll do fine, you seem to have your wits about you and your 34 looks a well set up example of what is always a very kindly vessel. One thing I would impart, if you'll permit - if you ever wake suddenly or jolt out of a cockpit doze, vaguest hint that something is not right or something has changed - act fast. There is a little part of you - you'll grow to know it very well over the first couple of months - that never sleeps and never loses guard, but it has a small and quiet voice that you need to be prepared to hear.

Clear skys to you, reef early when they are not.


Mike said...

Great blog. You are a very talented writer, a book may be a good idea in the future. The dolphins are such great companions out there and they always seem to know the right time to stop in and visit. Smooth sailing and fair winds to you.
Mike Atlanta GA

Lucy E said...

Hi my name is Lucy, I am 8 years old and I live in Melbourne. I read your blog every day after school. I think you are extremely brave and I hope you have a very safe journey. Have you seen any whales or sharks? From Lucy Emmett.

Anonymous said...

Awesome... your an inspiration to every cubicled drone (like myself) and I just love following your blog.

Dutchnomad said...

Wow, I looked at Lord Howe Island and that is a very nice place to stay. Pitty, Jess that you can't stop overthere.
That is the nice thing of your trip i lookup all the places you mention and read about them.

Regards and fair winds,

Jan, the Netherlands

Al Yer Pal (California, USA) said...

>>Wow that was quite a mouthful, hope I didn't drone on a bit there!

Feel free to drone on. That's why we're here!

Happy Friday!

Vlastr said...

Hi Jess! Following your progress... This adventure is keeping me attached. :)
I would like to suggest making some video blog on the net as well, besides the Australian TV show (not everyone is in Australia and can watch that). At least a few minutes a day... or some moments you feel like capturing (like you mentioned in your blog - the sunset, the dolphins, birds... sounds beautiful!). I hope they equipped you with a video cam. :)
Best wishes from Latvia!

Ed said...

Good stuff Jesse, really enjoying reading your blog. Might even learn a bit about sailing too by the time you're finished!
Say g`day to the dolphins for us :-)
Ed, NZ

Attitude said...

Hi Jess,
Make the most of those special moments just before sunset, before you know it they will disappear.

NAPS in NHUSA said...

Glad to see your blog back this morning. Keeppppppp safe and enjoy your journey

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It is great to read your blog each day, please keep them coming. You are an absolute inspiration to all those that dare to live their dreams.

Best Wishes to an absolute inspiration Australian

Tim & Trudie
SV Phoenix
Brisbane, Australia

TampaJoey said...

Jesse, You are my hero! Living your dream is an inspiration to all of us stuck behind a desk and in our daily rut. Enjoy your adventure and thank you for sharing it with us!

Joey - Tampa, Florida

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Please, don't think you are boring us with the basics! You are giving those of us who probably have never been sailing a wonderful insight into your world. Indeed your descriptions thus far have prompted me to research things like the Fleming wind and how it works. I never realised such an apparatus existed.
Keep the information coming. I look forward to learning more about sailing from your blog.

Best Regards

David said...

Hi Jessica, I'm a land lubber, so is great to read your updates about yourself, the boat, how things work and your amazing friends the birds, dolphins etc...
Fair winds and God speed brave lady.

New Zealand

jagsivell said...

Hi Jessica
Wishing you a safe and wonderful journey. Congratulations on getting under way.. looking forward to following your adventure.
Travel safe
Gail sivell
Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Good luck, you have captured alot of peoples interest and I really hope that your dreams come true. I think of you out there each night (I have an 18 yr old daughter) and wonder what it must be like to sleep in your little boat and feel safe with everything. I shall keep reading your blog - thanks for updating it and best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, just seen your footage from 10. You are and inspiration to us all, and I wish you all the best. The footage looks amazing, by the way. I think you might have to get used to it for the eight months!


Maurie said...

Hi Jessica

Just wanted to wish you well on your journey – like so many others, I will be following your trip with great interest. I am so impressed with you! You are an exceptional young woman and a wonderful role model for the rest of us in having the courage and the commitment to risk all for the chance to realise your dream. You have many challenges ahead of you - stay safe and stay strong, attitude is everything. Enjoy the good times and if you are having a bad day cheer yourself up with the thought that someone, somewhere, will be thinking of you at that moment, just as I am thinking of you right now. You have many supporters around the world - complete strangers, like me, who have taken you into their hearts and are willing you on to succeed. So take strength from that when you need it - if good will alone can get you home safe Jess, you are half way there already!

PS. Your blog is a winner! Feel like I’m there with you – you express yourself so well! Don’t worry about ‘droning’ on – we are lapping it up! Can’t wait for the next instalment! Take care….
Maurie - Sydney

Anonymous said...

This is very inspiring for the younger generation.

Please post your lat and lon so we can plot you on Google Maps.

(I'll create an account later)

Michael Kent said...

i own a general store and post office and each morning have been putting your blog on the front window and the walkers are starting to stop and have a read, keep the dream alive jess and stay safe

Zen Soul said...

Hey Jessica! I've been following your adventure since day one and I look forward to every day until your successful conclusion. You really are a courageous young woman and I wish you all the best!! Take care and smooth sailing. :)

Kiwiinoz said...

Hi Jessica,
Glad to hear everything is going so well for you. I have been following your blog since the beginning, I know nothing about sailing, but am loving reading about your experience, it's great to see all the comments you are getting, and that people from all over the world are following you. I will keep reading daily, with interest.
Cheers Kaye
Sunshine Coast

howard said...

Go Jessica GO! You can do it! I know you can! BTW Do you know if small boats approach you(say pirates?)I'm just worried of pirates for you!

Good luck and God Bless!
From Sabah(Borneo)

Georgie said...

Love ya updates. House work is never ending HA. Your a true blue aussie champ mate and were all behind ya. Good luck keep smiling.

Peter said...

Hi Jess
Just saw you on TV (One) and you sounded great. Keep up the good work.

Roman said...


You've been busy :) I was curious about how the Pink Lady went on her way when you took a catnap. It's kind of neat that you have more than one kind of auto-pilot system you can use. Believe it or not, at one point I even wondered if you were lashing down the tiller, silly I know, but I guess it could work if everything else failed,(God Forbid) IDK. :P

As far as dishes go, maybe one pot meals could do the trick? It'd be less dishes to do at least.

Looking forward to the vid, with any luck we can catch it on youtube stateside after the broadcast.

As to the nickname "Parker" it might also be because of Owen Parker, sailing master of the Morning Cloud...from Parker's memoirs, "Tack Now" ... "Perhaps the most famous was of when Parker instructed Heath to 'bear away' - turn the boat away from the wind. Heath luffed, turning into the wind. Parker, coolly but firmly, said: 'Bear away the other way, sir.'"

Could be it, I cant be sure, then again it could be the Thunderbirds like Bones said. Take it easy.

Roman, Phx,AZ

geoff r said...

hello, i have a good feeling now that you will make it all the way and make the record. will be easy and will be tough but you will do it. geoff r

Anonymous said...

Jesse... Love your blog. Everything you say about your adventure is so interesting. Keep on talking & I'll keep on living your dream with you. My honour, respect, blessings to you.

Michael. said...

Hay Jessica.
I didnt get bored reading
Well hope you keep having a good time!
Hang in there, im sure you will find some wind soon!

Rightio! All the best, stay safe!
Brisbane, Queensland!

Chris said...

G'day Jessica,
Thank you so much for your regular updates. I am really enjoying your easy writing style. I try to keep up with you on a regular basis because you are making the journey that I would love to do myself. I'm still hoping to make at least some of the journey myself but until I do I will settle for seeing the trip through your eyes. No detail that you record will be too boring. Keep enjoying your adventure Jessica and may most of your luck be good.

Old wannabe seadog.

George said...

Hi Jesse
Its 820pm aussie time and ive just finished work got home walked straight into the computer room to check ya updates. I was like man ive got to get home and check Jesses updates. Addicted or what? Love the blog tonight man you can write.By the way this has replaced my facebook addiction :) anyway darl take care and enjoy your dream you r a legend..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
you are doing great thing
i keep my fingers crossed
and pray for your success.

btw... could you put
your current gps position
on your blog?
we (me or somebody else ;)
will be able to present it
on google maps or elsewhere
like that.

greetings from Warsaw, Poland
good luck

barracudas said...

Very neat.. You're doing the stuff other only dare dream of, if even that. Please be careful!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Hope you'll have a fantastic trip



michel heroux said...

Hi Jessica!

Best of luck, make many photographs, self portraits too.

michel heroux,
Kelowna BC, Canada

Greybeard said...

Hay Captain Jesse. Noting your apology for not giving us an update yesterday. Please do not feel compelled to give us bloggers a daily update. You have plenty to do and you have the luxury of being in total control of any contact. Just let your Mum and Dad know you are safe as often as you can and if/when you are ready you can then send the rest of us land lovers a message or two. Kind regards, James Leahy (alias Greybeard)

Ian said...

What an inspiration you are, girl! I'm nearly 70 and often in strife with fellow "old" students at UQ who think you're crazy. You teach us all how to live! Well done. I will follow your journey with interest and admiration.


Stewart said...

Hi Jessica I think what you are doing is just great and will be following your progress all the way. I know you will do it so all the best and enjoy it.Stewart.

duane said...

Jessica you and your voyage are remarkable. Love reading your blogs. Hope all your days are filled with excitement and peace.

Tim Stackpool said...

Well, my 3 year old son saw a sail boat in one of his bedtime stories tonight and asked me "Is that Jessica's boat?"
Apparently you are quite the inspiration. Loving the blogs. Travel safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I was on one of the last 3 boats to see you out the heads from Sydney. I was the one blowing the blue trumphet on the Swansen. Good luck we will follow you all the way. From Mitch

Stewart said...

Hi Jessica I think what you are doing is just great and I will be following you all the way. i know you will do it so all the best and enjoy it. Stewart

5metreswell said...

Very interesting reading Jessica. Sounds like all is going well. We all feel we are right there with you on the boat. Looking forward very much to reading each day's action. Take Care.

Mary said...

Thank you, thank you for your latest posting, Jess. You are a fabulous writer. Full sails today for you!LOL, Mary, Maine, USA

Helen said...

I am really enjoying your updates. I look forward to reading this every night.

Grim-WA said...

Jess, you are a champ. Let you off for leaving us in the dark yesterday - lol. Great post.

Ali Gonuldas said...

You are a courageous girl Jess.

I believe you can do it.

I wish you successful journey.

Fair winds and following seas.

Good luck.

Ant said...

Hi Jess, I missed your report for Wednesday. But glad to see your last report and your safe.
Will you be having a photo album on line as well???
Buy 4 now
Anthony from AYR North Queensland

fazzwell said...

you are so cool jess ... keep going and stay safe

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I'm still with u. I'm reading your blog every day from now on an have been from the first day. I'm so sure u will make it, and I already told everyone here in Denmark that u will:-) ( so keep it up ).
If u should loose interest in sailing ( as if that could ever happen), u could always become a writer. U r doing so well on your blog. I'll tune in again tomorrow ;-)
have a Fantastic day!
Jacob, Denmark

George, Ocean Grove Vic said...

I have followed your story in the media in the last couple of days decided to jump on your website to see how it is all going. Let me tell you, you are very courageous! I have children and I know how your parents will be feeling while you are away on this adventure but good on them for supporting you and allowing you to live your dream of sailing around the world. From reading your last blog it seems all is well, keep safe and I will be following your travels! Cheers George

Wendy said...

Love reading your blogs Jess, you seem to be quite busy all the time, don't you just love the dolphins when they come to visit, enjoy them and everything else you do.

Studio said...

I love people with a sense of adventure. Just be safe, keep a log of how many seabirds you manage to identify - would love to hear what some of them are.

Although I'm not a seaman I know what it can be like at sea only too well, tough times are ahead so being ready is no doubt the key. will be thinking of you out there daily and wondering.

BTW I too will certainly be looking forward to the map so that we can keep track of you from the safety of our homes - your blog is my first task each day.

Take care

theoldhillbilly said...

The old hillbilly has issues -.- lol i will get a blog account set up if it kills me. Anyway good morning from the hills of WestVirginia I will be watching this dream unfold.

Anonymous said...

People round the world expect you to come back a changed person in terms of life experience and inner self confidence etc... but don't go changing the way YOU are and how people currently perceive you. We know you won't. You are too down-to-earth and grounded to break away from that.

You are truly a magnificent young lady! Thanks for giving us this exciting adventure to follow.

(Sydney, Australia)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update today and its great that you are also giving details which makes reading your update fantastic. Keep up the good work. All the best. I, like so many others will be following your journey and experiences.

Take care

Macca said...

hey jess,,i sure did learn something out of that blog lol. pretty cool that u get to see all o fthe dolphins that go by. Got into trouble at school today to checking all the time when your next blog is. I will comment ya nxt blog


p,s jess is still a cutie

Georgie said...


:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)GEORGIE

Dr. Gregory Bath said...

Hi jessica, Dr Greg again. thanks for the heads up on getting some sleep. make sure you do get your rest, you have a long way to go and I am sure a number of stressful events ahead.. Something that would be great, if it is okay with your people, is when you put through a post put in the gps coordinates. we could then key them into goggle map and bingo we can all sit back and see where you were.

OK all the best from Karen and myself, keep up the great spirit you have.

Us3 said...

Now, I have to be honest, sitting for that long to get an update from the BIG Little Girl out in the wide ocean was quite a torturing experience!!! Hell it felt like ages before you got word out today!

All that behind, wish I had ONE HD to see what is going on out there!

Keep safe, have fun and let us know how you are going!!

By the way, laundry, dishwashing always help to get rid of fraustration, enjoy it!

Have fun out there

Nicholas said...

Hey Jessica! Thanks for the latest post and for taking a few minutes to answer some of those questions. I really enjoyed it. I love hearing the details! Sunny skies...

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