Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perfect conditions and food

Well, perfect is about the only word for it out here today, we're doing 6.5 knots on a broad reach heading for a waypoint below Norfolk Island. The wind was just getting up above 15 knots so I pulled the first reef into the main this morning to keep the motion comfortable and to make the steering easier on Parker (the windvane).

It's such a nice day that I've just spent the morning sitting up on deck enjoying it all, watching Ella's Pink Lady sail along and listening to music. Today there's little speckles of white streaked across the water, as if they're there just to break up all that blue! Just think how great it would be if it were like this every day. On second thoughts maybe it would get a little boring!

It's taken awhile but I think the enormity of the voyage and everything that's happened over the last few months finally caught up with me today, surprisingly it didn't make me feel at all daunted, just proud of all the people who got us here and a little overwhelmed, wow this is it! And it's so much better than I ever dreamed! Still there's a lot to get through yet but I know we can do it, one leg at a time. I'm about half way between Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands now.

So rightyo, foods another big thing that I get a lot of questions about, here goes;

It was definitely a bit of a mission and Mum has done an amazing job of putting together a tasty menu that will last 8 months, plus extra just in case. Ella's Pink Lady doesn't have refrigeration (because it draws too much power) and after a lot of forced sampling, I concluded that fancy
sports foods and most freeze dried food, just wasn't going to work for me.

With a lot of help and advice from other sailors and from Gray Slater a dietitian from the University of the Sunshine Coast, I ended up with a pretty good diet that's amazingly close to normal food. My main meals are range of about 10 different meals called Easyfood which is pretty amazing, tasty stuff that only needs to be heated and lasts on the shelf for 18 months. Breakfasts are normal stuff like cereal and porridge and I'm able to bake my own bread (I think I'm going to have to try my first loaf soon because the stuff I took, is getting very stale!) and things like scones in the pressure cooker. Other than that there's tined fruit and veggies,
plenty of treats, hot drinks and etc.

I'll see if I can remember to tell you more about what I'm eating as we go, tonight, I'm planning to have Easyfood lamb chops (they are so nice!)with deb (mashed potato) and asparagus.

Ok, that was too long in front of a computer screen so I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day and maybe have a bucket bath in the cockpit.




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Anonymous said...

that's awesome, well done on everything you've done so far!

Anonymous said...

hey jess good to keep up on your blog take it safe and enjoy your trip. happy that you are safe and having fun! like your photo's you took hoping for more

gold coast

Andrew said...

Good to hear that ur still loving it out there!! the wind has picked up now thats a bit more like it!!
keep having fun
fair winds and following seas
Andy :):):):)

Tim09 said...

Thanks for the update Jess. Glad the winds are finally picking up for you, Oh Rosie says thanks for the Photo's yesterday,
Tim and Rosie

John Siljeg said...

Hi Jessica,

My adorable Year Two class have been following your progress since day one and are cheering you on. It is great when we can talk about a modern day adventurer like yourself.

The class would like to know have you seen any sharks yet? (Typical 8 year old question) I would like to know how on earth are you going to find time for homework?

Take Care and keep the updates/photos coming.

You rock!

John and of course Year Two @ Our Lady Help of Christians, Rosemeadow, NSW

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another update Jess.I'm so looking forward to following your amazing journey.Good luck !!!

duane said...

Hi Jessica we were wondering if you distill salt water or are carrying enough fresh water. Look forward to all your blogs. Also look forward to your book after you are done. duane

Anonymous said...

Jess, I am so addicted to your website, anyone would think I am your mother the way I am worrying about you. My biggest fear is you will fall overboard and not be able to swim fast enough to catch up to Ella. You worry me the way you walk about on the yacht. Jess please be careful and keep the posts coming, they are so good. Be careful and stay safe.
Wagga Wagga. NSW.

Nick said...

Your blogs are fascinating Jessica. I imagine though when things get rougher and tougher it will be a bit harder to find time to put them together. You are an amazing young lady...the scale of what you are trying to do is incredible but despite all the negative comments and publicity before you left, you seem so well prepared, calm and confident. Love how you refer to yourself and your yacht (sorry Ella) as "we". She will be your best friend for the next 6-8 months (and probably for life)! Just remember when things get rough as they will inevitably get at times, you are not alone. Everyone following this blog and your voyage will be thinking of you. Keep that thought close. Enjoy the journey of your lifetime to the fullest.

duane said...

Hi Jessica, we were wondering if you are distilling salt water or are carrying enough fresh water. We look forward to your blogs and am looking forward to your book when you are home again. duane

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jess,

Keep enjoying the good and quiet times while they last! And let us know how your first loaf of bread turns out. It is good to hear that a lot of thought has been put into your diet. But I bet you can't wait for that first drink of refrigerated water or a coke when you finish the trip!

While I am not a sailor, haveing never put foot on a boat, I do know that sooner or later, you will get some tough times. I was in the Navy so I have seen the ocean at its best and its very worst!

My thoughts will continue with you, hopefully everyone elses good thoughts will turn into good karma and keep a safe watch over you.

Keep up the good work and the blogs, informative but not too long and boring.

Take care
Caves Beach

Daz said...

Good to see your progress Jess. What are the times & frequencies for the HF skeds? Some of us would like to listen in!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging so kindly to let us share your adventure a little bit from inside. These informations on food are quite fascinating. Most of all, it is warm to read that you are well in your head as in your body. I can't help thinking of you, alone on this huge ocean... but you are a huge champion, too! Much love and many wishes from Paris for you...

Pete and Nancy in NH said...

Great job on your blog Jess I enjoy reading it every morning when I get up. Makes our day to know that everything is going well for you. We're all watching you with great interest. Be Safe

Grim-WA said...

Great info yet again Jess, you have a natural wit with your writing, quite amusing. Take care.


Russell. said...

I lived on freeze dried food on a number of occasions when hiking with friends in my younger years. Bloody great! Just add to boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Best invention known to man!

I'm glad your doing ok Jess. Keep it up mate. When you get back home, you'll wonder how the time went so fast.

Macca said...

hey jess videos and pics are amazing so are you (L). GOod luck and wil cmmnt tomma


jess is cute

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jess,
I'm getting in quick here, I'll be the third comment in if we hurry?, well I'm obsessed!...I've just finished a chicken roast dinner, a little bit of wine, and all I could think of was "I wonder what Jess is having for dinner?"....the Laptop here lives on the kitchen table and your webpage is now constantly open so all I have to is refresh the screen and all of a sudden I see a new post from Jess and...and, it was all about what you were eating...amazing grace!

Just a quick question, being a ham radio operator I'm interested in your HF comms' is it possible to find out the frequencys you are using for your "Skeds" and weather notices?...stuff like that..

Thanks - Clint

Howard said...

What a wonderful dinner you are having! Its nice reading your blog everyday and keep up to date with your progress.

Be safe out there! God bless you =)

Bluezbandit said...

I am throughly enjoying reading your blogs so keep them coming. Enjoy your journey as well.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck jessica... enjoying your daily updates


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Great to hear your safe and happy.
One question on my mind do you have
a water maker on board???

Stay postive and enjoy the good days.

Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey jess,
I am also a young sailor i have been sailing for almost 3 years and am now 12.Just want to state what your doing is very inspirational and will be remebered for many years, (but im sure you hear thaat a million times a day) . From me i would like to say good luck, keep safe , have fun and the photos are realy amazing.


SylChang said...

Hey Jess,

Another day passed by :) Glad to see you happy and safe, most importantly, a step closer to your dream come true.

Your blog gives me a good break from my very stress-ful lecture notes for the exam :)

be safe!


Anonymous said...

congrats jesse on your trip, hope all goes well, stick it right to all those that said you couldnt do it, its great to see a teenager with some vision these days

Geoff said...


Can you post some of the music you're listening to ?


Melbourne Orstralia

Richo said...

Great work, Jess, you rock!

Can I just clarify... You're going to go 8 months with only 20 minute cat-naps!?!

Thanks for the blog, it's like we're all riding along with you...

Cheers, Richo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, good to hear you are having another great day, think you are amazing to take on such a trip, I get scared driving home by myself in the dark!!!! You are a very brave girl, prove all those nasty critics wrong and come home safe...God speed
Bron & Rob NSW

Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to following your journey. Incidentally, I'm starting sailing lessons this fall, and it's great to have some inspiration in the blogsphere.

Christine said...

Jess, Thanks again for letting us into your day, most of us will never experience the amazing trip you are on but at least we can share in it through your eyes. Stay safe
Christine and Bob Tura Beach Australia

mimo said...

Hey Jess,
thanks again for the update.
Glad you're doing well ( and eating well by the sounds of it ).


Craig Anderson said...

congratulations on your awesome trip, you are an inspiration and i am addicted to keeping up with your adventures as i waste my life working 9-5..!

Anonymous said...

it is really interesting following your progress and how you are settling in to life at sea. Initially I was one of your doubters, but now you are actually on your way, I only wish you the best and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it is an enourmous endeavour Jesse - thats what makes it so amazing and such an inspiration to many people all over. Enjoy the beauty and solitude - great pics. May the meals be tasty for many months to come.
Fair winds to ya.

byron bay

Alex said...

Hi there - I am enjoying reading your blog, being just a beginner in sailing myself! Do you actually only rely on electronic navigation systems like GPS and Radar, or have you got a number of charts on the boat?

Best of luck from Germany - Alex

Anonymous said...


I only hope my 8 month old daughter Willow has the same attitude, confidence, skill and zest for life that you have. You go girl. We wish you all the very best on your trip and Ill bring her to Sydney harbour to welcome you back. The world needs more people like you. Well done on even starting the trip, doesn't even matter if you finish it.

Well done

Geoff, Miriam and Willow Freer (Bondi)

Jo said...

Hi Jessica, I love reading your blog everyday. I don't know the first thing about sailing but I'm in awe of you and what you are doing!! Stay safe and have a wonderful time.


helwhiz said...

Lucky you, a good day and a bath, what more could a girl want!

Enjoy the peace.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey around the world. Keep safe. Enjoy and hope to see when you return to Australia, we will be thinking of you. I think what you are doing is amazing and is an inspiration for young girls.

good luck
You can do it.

Bertie said...

Lucky you. A good day and a bath, what more could a girl want.

Enjoy the peace.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work jess u are a superstar. love reading ur blogs to see how u doing and what u been up to. happy sailing. marty melbourne.

Jeff Johnson said...

Thanks for putting in the info about the reef in the mainsail and your speed through the water. And I can't wait for the tracking information to go up on your web site.

Make sure you write oodles of diary notes for your book. I recently walked (solo) across oz and my notes were sketchy but I was saved by the 2500 photos I took so I was able to produce a book when the time came. I can email you a copy or you can download it from my web site for something to read as you cruise along.

I would like to listen in to your HF scheds (I am an amateur radio operator and have the necessary gear). Can you post your sched frequencies and times?

By the way, I live full time on my yacht, a Roberts 29, on the Gold Coast.


Lut said...

Thanks Jesse for your posts..... I admire your courage !!!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds great Jessie! You are a brave girl and I wish you all the best.


MananAtma said...

You should try to post pics of the sunsets out there. I was in the US Navy for 6 years and I can tell you most land locked people have no clue how beautiful they can be in the middle of the ocean. So you know, "how Jessica is doing" is a daily topic around my house. An independent and brave young woman like yourself makes a great role model for the oppressed women of the world. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to read your blog and I check it every day. Love when you post pictures!
Keep up the really good job, be safe and I wish you all the best of luck!

Excited, happy and amazed greetings from Sweden!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

Im sure the chocolate won't last anywhere near the used by date.

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself at the moment.

When you get a chance, can you tell us about your power setup on the boat.

Wishing you all the best and we have every confidence that you will acheive what you have set out to do!

Long or short we are enjoying your blogs, keep them coming.

The Aldinga Beach crew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for giving some hints of your position, so I can see on Google Earth where you are. Enjoy your life. Greeting from Germany, Heidelberg, Frank

Dagmara said...

keep going like that!!! Maybe it will be possible a post some more pictures?

Wish you good winds,
Dagmara from Norway

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, just thought I would check out how you are going and have really enjoyed reading your blogs! You are an amazing person to be sailing off around the world! I am sure all your careful planning will pay off and you will have a great time and get home safely:)

the fox hole said...

Hi Jessica,
I watched your videos on youtube last night you look great so post as many photos and videos as you can on youtube.We cant imagine that you have enough water for that long do you have bottled water or tank water.

carry on cruising from "Thefox1968" on youtube.

Col said...

Great descriptive info, keep those photos coming when opportunities arise. Safe sailing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
I think what you are doing is amazing. I can tell you are enjoying yourself. I love reading your blog. I'm even a little bit jealous.Just wondering if you have been fishing at all on the boat?
Annabelle Dodd
Age 14

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I bet the first thing you do when you sail back into Sydney is have a long hot shower, those bucket baths sound cold.

Can you tell us a bit about the different sails? Always wondered about it, have never sailed.

Anyway, just visited your site as I do evryday to see that you are OK, nice photos, how about a couple of shots of yourself at the helm?

Keep well, smooth sailing. You could always throw a trolling line out for a fish dinner, although I guess the last thing you want is a marlin to battle with. Keep well, keep safe.

Regards, Russell from Bowen.

Anonymous said...

I just realised that your blog has already become my highlight of the day! I click on your site several times daily to see if the blog has arrived. I repeat and concur with what my grandchildren say about your venture: This is so Cool!!


Alan@Shellharbour said...

Hi Jess
Hope the Easyfood lamb chops were as nice as you anticipated. How did you heat them? I'd imagine a microwave oven is out because of the power needs. Haven't had Deb for years. Was surprised to hear it's still available.

Enjoy life


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to hear mother nature has been kind so far, fingers crossed for more days like this. Once again its great to hear of your progress and it great to know you are ok.
Good luck and hear from you soon
JB (John)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the blog, leaving us dreaming every night as we go to bed, and thanks for the information re food etc, keep it up please

Gregory's - Wagga Wagga

cruisergirl said...

Hey Jesse! You go girl!!
now if you want a really really easy way to make bread, make a wet mix (all the ingredients BUT only 1/2 the flour), let it rise, then knock it down and knead it, add the rest of the flour, knead again, make into rolls, let rise again, then flatten out and cook in the fry pan like flat bread!!! cooks really quickly (saves gas), tastes yummy (especially with butter and honey on it when warm) and its tried and tested by our family of four on board!!!! also frypan with a lid is a great way to make pizza's using the same recipe but rolled out thinner - again saves on gas!!
stay safe, fair winds and bon apetite!

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Another great blog. You are fantastic giving us all so much information.

Yes, it has been an enormous effort of everyone leading up to you getting away last Sunday. Everyone involved must now be so proud of you. I am!!!!!

Sounds like you are now covering quite a few miles each day.

I look forward to hearing more tomorrow and more pictures when you can.

Stay safe and have fun, enjoy your music :-)

Ingleburn NSW

A. said...

You're such an inspirational young woman!
I did a write up on you on my blog because you're fabulous!

If you're interested in having a read, it's here:

Meechree said...

I'm so glad everything is going well (:
Keep us updated!
looking forward to some new pitures, too (:

gustav said...

Jessica wrote:

"I better go and turn the HF on for a radio sked."

This is Radio-Operator speak for making a scheduled High Frequency (HF) Radio Report back to base and also recieving vital information on weather-forecasts, track,future headings,waypoints and legs of the journey.

The High frequency Radio range is extensively used for medium and long range radio communication since the ionosphere refracts HF radio waves quite well (a phenomenon known as skywave propagation)

The ionosphere is the uppermost part of the atmosphere, distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation.

High frequency waves have the ability to "bounce"off the ionosphere,longdistance around the globe.

When all factors are at their optimum, world-wide communication is possible on High Frequency Radio.

The high frequency band is very popular with amateur radio operators, who can take advantage of direct, long-distance (often inter-continental) communications and the "thrill factor" resulting from making contacts in variable conditions.

Jessica sure is busy out there,
in between plotting her course,
baking bread and turnig the HF on for a radio sked."

good to see that the wind has picked up
and you are making a good rate of knots.

Mean Sea Level Pressure Analysis:

from gus in sydney

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,as one of a hundred descendants from a 21 yr old that wrote a journal of his coming back to his new home in Sydney with a wife from England in 1841, that is now in print and on the web, I am encouraging you to talk to the pages each day and share your thoughts so your descendants in 150 years will be inspired and in awe by their great great granny Jess. Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I looked up the definition of the word "courage" and all I could see was your name.

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others - Aristotle (384-323 BC).

Sydney, Australia

Niall Connolly said...

Hi Jessica

Good luck and go well and well done.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
So glad the wind picked up for you, sounds wonderful out there! I looked at the stars tonight & thought your view must be amazing. Stay safe & we hope you have a great day tomorrow. You have many surrogate Mums & Dads around the world wishing you the very best.
The McGraths. Nowra NSW.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I think it is great that u take time to answer peoples questions. And u have a very interesting way about you. I don't know if that's just the way Australians are, but you seem to have both feet on the ground ( or on deck:-). people are very much like that i Denmark to.
I have a question for u. Do u have a safety line on when u move around on deck?

Kind regards
Jacob, Denmark

SuznRob said...

Hi Jess,
My husband & I are watching your progress and think and talk about you often. Rob just bought his first 33m yacht, moored at Scarborough Qld. I am new to all this sailing so its nice to learn from you and learn yachting speak to keep up with him....He is truly obsessed so we can appreciate your passion. Safe travels we shall keep in touch.
Susan & Rob....Gatton SE Qld

Liat C said...

Great pictures and videos! wow! Never been out in the ocean and thanks for sharing.
Hope you get good wind.

LC Brunei Darussalam, Borneo

BROWNIE said...

Hi Jessie.

Your news is great to get every day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
I am glad you are having a wonderful time. It does sound perfect!
The weather god is kind to you, but I am sure you will get to see the wild side of the sea as well along your journey, so enjoy the moment, take care of yourself and Ella,
I am thinking of you often with supportive thoughts,
Trudy from Tirol, Austria

James said...

Hello Jessica

I’m not going to give up on you I know you will read this one day and shoot me an email. You cannot deny how beautiful God has made the world especially out there. And he is watching you right now.
Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

Please email me back and let me know at

I will not display this information anywhere and I am not from any news org... I am just giving you my email so that if you need someone to talk to about God and your eternity I am here for you. Read the verses below each day if you are not sure of where you are going when you die. IF you have any questions Please email me. I have no angle I Promise, I am just here to answer questions.

P.S. I am praying for you.

Act 16:30b,31a KJV - …what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved…
Jhn 3:15-18 KJV - That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

David Snell said...

We are retirees Jess and wish you all the best. We saw you off at Mooloolaba at the jetty and on the breakwater. If it was not for adventurers like you, I would be sending this email from England as no one would have ventured out to find the world was not flat.

You are probably going slow at the moment because you are carrying millions of well wishers with you

Pete and Nanc in NH said...

Jess, When will your GPS tracking be active and will you be publishing it or can we track your route in some other way?

JB said...

Hi Jess, just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am. Adventure is such a unique thing these days and the ocean is the greatest adventure. Look forward to welcoming back in top Sydney Heads in about 9 months.

Mary said...

Magnificent!! I'm so happy that you're able to focus on sheer pleasure for part of your day. Quiet reflective times are so important for all of us...and for you, especially. To allow the enormity of your journey leading to departure from Sydney to catch up with you is HUGE, Jess. SO well done! Blessings on you and continued fair sailing. Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Your doing great. As a retired US Navy sailor, I can tell you that time flys. Keep the blog and pictures coming. Write some of it FOR you. Belive me you will want to read it later. I did it for 6 month tours at sea and wrote weekly updates to lots friends and family. Funny things you will come up with to full the pages.

Fair wind and following sea,
Retired US Navy
Taylor, TX, USA

Dennis said...

Scones sound like great treats! After doing a couple trans Atlantic trips I can tell you how important it is to enjoy and use the good weather days for cooking. Fresh bread is the ultimate when you are hunkered down below riding out a nasty blow...Be safe,

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse thanks for keeping us updated sweetie am loving your blogs!Stay safe and remember to wear a life jacket ....cluck!

Anonymous said...

you are a incredibly brave girl , wish you best in your adventure

give a wave to norfolk island as you pass

Mitch said...

Hi, Jessica. I am very inspired by your journey. Wishing you plain sailing all the way. Good luck from Mitch.

Tan Anu said...

Hi Jessica, keep up the good work. We're following your progress with great interest.

Now, here's the thing, every time my family goes on holidays, something gets left behind. Is there anything that you wish you'd brought with you?

Best wishes

Tan Anu

Maka said...

Your photos look good Jess,enjoy .

Maurie said...

Hi Jess

Glad you are having another great day! The challenges will come soon enough so enjoy it while you can. Take the time to get your head together – the last few months have been a bit of an adrenalin rush so it’s not surprising that reality is beginning to hit home now that you are feeling more relaxed. But as you say, you are confident & rightly so. I’m sure your parents & team have prepared you well & they would never have let you go if they didn’t believe you have what it takes to do this. So stay strong – attitude is everything….

PS Look forward to your blog each day – keep up the good work! More pics would be nice! Cheers – Maurie, Sydney

RICHARD said...

Outstanding! Great Blog today! We have a few questions. (I'm sure there will be more)
1. What do you do for water? 2. How do you wash your clothes?
3. And what do you do to stay in shape?
Hope that's not too much to ask.
Love the pics and video. Can't get enough of that stuff. Thanks for letting us tag along. Be safe and many blessings.
See ya sailor!

David said...

Another great blog Jess. Love the photos. Google Earth'n your journey all the way. You were a legend yesterday, the day before, and even more as each day passes. Blessings again, man you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

What HF freq. and time do you do your HF sked? For hams who would like to tune in to listen, thanks!

~eMm~ said...

Lol, looks like you're enjoying yourself a lot! I got a question, where/how do you store all your freshwater? What if you run out?


Anonymous said...

Maintopman- You can do it! Keep those photos coming!

Nik and Tammie said...

Good on you jess, its been entertaining reading your blog each day. We wish you all the best in the next coming months, as we known that there will be many challenges ahead.

Nik and Tammie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Summersailor will be following you on this glorious adventure. As a world traveler & sailor I am plotting your progress on my world chart. As Hellen Keller once said: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure".

andy said...

hi jessica! thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. interesting about the food; i've always wondered how that was done. maybe when you get a chance, you could touch a bit on the navigation aspect; satnav, gps, can you navigate by the stars if you lose power?

you are an inspiration to more people than you can possibly imagine!

keep enjoying the gorgeous weather you've have, but know that it will get bad at some point during your journey. during those hard times, please keep your head and your wits about you. also, be sure to take care of ELLA and she will take care of you.

be safe, be well.


Richard said...

Hello Jess,

Glad to see all is well. For your technical sailor fans, I found these great Panasonic weblinks to pictures and a great video where you show off the nav station and other details. Here are the links:

Your dodger is way cool, it almost makes your boat a motorsailer! The pictures also show all the forward running rigging and safety jacklines.

You go girl !

Maryland, USA

Rhonda said...

My new routine in the morning is having coffee with you, Jesse! I have been reading your blogs since day one. Fascinating!
May God bless,keep you safe and always have the winds at your back!

Maine USA

gustav said...

Congratulations Jessica,

you just crossed your first line of longitude (165˚east) between Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.

There are 24 lines of longitude around the globe,each 15˚wide at the Equator.

24 x 15˚degrees is 360˚degrees for a full circumference.

Each 1˚degree at the equator equals 60 nautical miles distance.

1 line of longitude(15˚degrees)equals 900 nautical miles,which is the distance travelled by the sun across the sky in 1 hour.

Go Jesse,you are going great guns,
one line of longitude done already.

Piece of cake for Ella's pink lady and
her fearless skipper Jessica !

Jeff and family said...

Hi Jessica,you sound as if you are having one big holiday.How lucky you are.
We are all keeping a close eye on your travel,and we would love to see some more photos if you have time.Kind regards Jeff and the girls.

jari said...

Hi Jessica, I can not open your blog directly here in China, but I find way to read it everyday. I hope my daughter (who is studing now in Melbourne) share the same confidence as you. Be very careful in your voyage as more bad weather ahead.

Roy Crigler said...

How about including your GPS coordinates in your daily Blog so we can track you on Google Earth?

Good luck
Houston, TX

cherhager said...

My husband retired from the United States Navy and he and I are following your trip. He said that he had a lot of luck at sea during his career and he wishes you the same.

We know that you will succeed in your endeavor, and we will be following you all the way.

Cher & Joe

lilshawnee said...

Jess thats so kool, i wished you could post 2 times a day.
Well Jess want me to make your day.
my 13 year old daughter and i myself 51.Well just watching you we are going sailing going to take the course and learn all we can then off to Hawiaii we go from North Carolina we want some of that fun your having
I will keeep looking every day please take care and one day i so much want to talk to you over computer....your friend Robert from USA Boy your BRAVE

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog daily, you are a true role model, i hope the wind keeps up and the ocean is calm,

Miami, FL, USA

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
You sure are having a ball and living the dream and we are all living it with you Jessie.
I'm not sure if you have time to read all the blogs on your site, I hope you do, if so, I hope the silly one about pirates does not concern you. As you may already know that pirates are not a problem in the area you are sailing in, and for the gun on board, I hope not.
Keep your blogs coming thick and fast and you can make them as long as you like. For me and I'm sure every other person watching and living your adventure will not mind, we all love it.
On the water question I'm sure you will have a small water maker on board, but I will let you fill us in on that subject. So fair winds and smooth sailing, keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,being simple people with simple tastes your dinner sounds great!Our 15 year old daughter Sofi reckons "DEB MASH" rules!!! It must be the way we milk,butter,salt n pepper it.Write you again tomorrow.
Love the Harriott family
P.S Parker is cool!

Christie said...

Hi Jessica

Thats very interesting about the food you are eating ,it sounds like your eating better than me!!
I wonder how many cans of bake beans and spagetty you have on board?

When your on the deck i wonder if you actully sit there holding on to the tiller and are sailing the boat, instead of using the self steering gear.

Im 41 i live in Perth and have been sailing since the age of 7.My whole family is very well known at Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

Keep having fun.and stay safe.


Christie vk6xcj

hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
Glad to see the winds are getting better. When you first started out and the winds were low it gave you a chance to unwind and relax after the hectic preparations.
Just finished reading your latest blog and it sounds like you really did your homework in the food supply dept. Kudos to your Mum, that was quite a project figuring out all that was needed for eight 8 +/- months. I’ve followed you on my Google Map and that’s a lot of blue between Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island and the tip of New Zealand.
It’s funny but when I’m walking around or puttering at something I can think of a zillion things to say to you, but when I sit down at the keyboard my mind goes blank, although being 74 could be my best excuse. LOL
Keep up the good work and stay safe and alert and enjoy your bucket bath.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael from Kingwood, WV

Marcel said...

Hey Jess! Respect about your diet, because the food would be the hardest thing for me if I would do your trip. I would miss my mothers food soooo much, and of course choclate, but I think you got some sweets :) So, take care and a lots of greetings;) Marcel

Kent , Norway said...

Hi Jess.

A bucketbath ? Hehe =)
Sounds nice .. !

Here is a new tune for you =)

Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt - Morning Mood


Kent, Norway

Lindsey said...

Hi Jess!
I've been following your blog since the first day when I saw a random link about "16 year old sails around the world alone." You are absolutely amazing and inspirational. I love reading your updates! Good luck with everything!
-Kentucky, USA

Mrs. Rad. said...

Good going, Jessica - my class of kinders and first graders are cheering you on! All the best! Mrs. Rad.

Kathy Haynie said...

What do you do for water?

Stanlee said...

Know that everything is perfect alwys and you are ready to handle whatever comes you way. It sounds so beautiful and as if it if filling you up. That's awesome. I imagine every breath is more liberating than the next. You are a very empowered young lady. Create on.

chris said...

its nice to read you! reading you isway better than reading the news!! hope everthing is doing great around EPL and Parker!

its amazing that u can write u have a fly in ur boat and it is still interesting.

enjoy everything u can experience!

ur mexican fan

Orla and Eoghan said...

Great blog! We home school in the US and the kids found out about your voyage. They are very interested in following and enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Are you using a homeschool curriculum for the 8 months?

- Orla (9) and Eoghan (7)

barry howard said...

have a great day today, jessica

tassie girl said...

hi jess , It was good to hear about what you are eating, a bit surprised to hear you dont have a small fridge but now I realise the power would be a problem. Glad you have got some wind to get you moving. Good luck from Tasmania

Roger said...

Hey, Jess,
Glad to hear you got some decent wind. I'm sure you're up to speed on the latest weather, but shows good conditions along your immediate planned course. Hope it lasts for the passage to the Line Islands. What are you using for Internet connectivity? Is it satellite, or HF SSB with a modem?

Take care,
Roger- San Francisco Bay Area, CA

jake said...

Aussies dommanate all!!!!
your amazing and stunning
lookin forward to ur next blog

ps macca sucks

mike,ca said...

hey jess, i spent a few months traveling the same route for the u.s. navy. could you remind us how awsome the stars are out there. its a sight i just dont get to see anymore.

Richard said...

Hi Jess, only two things high on my agenda at the moment - watching the Hey Hey reunion shows and reading your blogg. I'm an ex Navy man and a senior officer of the Volunteer Coast Guard. People ask me my opinion about such a young person taking on such a big journey. I must admit it is a hard one to respond to but after some thought i'm now responding. 'There are so many young people zipping around on very fast jet skis (pwc) out there that when one considers the hazards that they deal with there is good reason to be concerned. Sailing around the world certainly has its risks but properly managed, can be mitigated. When you read the adventures of Mathew Flinders you can only imagine what opportunities we would have lost if he had not confronted risk. Young people will look to you as a pioneer and are already inspired by what you are achieving. I will be reading your daily accounts to my three children before they go to bed each night to help inspire them. Keep an eye open for that light closing on a steady bearing - keep safe.

theoldhillbilly said...

Wow alot of us watching this... Jess I think its gonna be one heck of a party when you toss out a mooring line out next time... The Old Hillbilly may even have to climb down outa the mountains of West Virginia for his first trip abroad since the 80s when the Navy took me just half way around the world. Keep a good watch, and look to the sea for she is watching over you today.

mike said...

Jess, my twin 4 year old girls have been tracking your blog and charting your progress. They now have decided that instead of growing up to be princesses, they will set a new world record for youngest twin girls to sail round the world. God speed and lots of beam reaches.

Mike, Makenzie and Brooke Scottsdale Arizona

Anonymous said...

...great to hear that you're really having a
blast now, jess! sail safe! looking forward to your posts everyday!

castro valley, california, usa

Madeleine said...

Jessica, It sounds great so far. I'm jealous. I have a feeling that following you everyday will be worrysome for me though on some days when you don't put out a blog.
That's the mother in me, as I worried also with Donna Lange who did around the world a few years ago by herself. And I didn't personally know her either. You do get attached to the folks you following day to day out on the ocean blue in a sailboat.
I loved the photo's the other day.

Stay safe,
Mate of sailing vessel Talisman

Jennifer C said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the update, I love the way you describe everything because I can picture it in my mind how it must be out there. BEAUTIFUL! Stay safe and enjoy.

Illinois, USA

Anonymous said...

hey jesse, wanna receive nice music?????

James said...

Staying with you each and every day with our prayers Jesse. Really loving the photos, please remember to share some of the interesting things that you will see with us :) We are extremely proud of you here in the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

keep going jess you're doing great. can you pick up radio/tv stations out there?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn non of my messages get posted?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

thank you very much for your daily updates. I really do enjoy them very much.

Keep save and good luck!

Best wishes,

Rene from

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

So great to read your blog and
thanks for the pictures and youtube videos too, looks like nice sailing at the moment. Keep us all up to date, maybe your location so we can plot where you are on our maps :-).

christopher said...

Please make a post when "Thar she blows" or "Thar she sounds" comes to mind if you see a great sperm whale. I'm reading Moby Dick and I long to sound-off a "Thar she flukes a leeward". I'll be watching your progress each day. Bless you.

nikkichick70 said...

so good to hear all is well for you. love the pic's and can't hardly wait for more!! best wishes ...nik

Dai Phuoc Vo said...

Hi , my name is Dai , from Vietnam . I heard about your venture on internet and newspaper . You amazing me because you just 17 . At that age , I'd just dreamed about travel around the world by plane ! I like young people who dare to do big things . You are quite lucky because your family totally support you and your voyage . Anyway , good luck and i wish you could accomplish your venture safety . Please to know you , brave girl !

Dai Phuoc Vo
HCM City , VN

Ernest said...

Hi Jessica, Your off to a great start! I'll be monitoring your progress. Godspeed!

New Hampshire coast USA

Cirdan said...

Extra question about the food: where is your drinking water coming from? Do you unsalt sea water in some way or did ou bring all of it with you (it seems highly inprobable to me).
And maybe another: did you take any books with you? What exactly?

All the best!
Marcin - Poland / Ireland

Gabe said...

"Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air."
~John Quincy Adams

Continued blessings from,

Anonymous said...

Keep up with the excellent photos u r posting. Very cool! Hope the wind holds out for awhile... :) Sail fast, sail safe!

BBNX in Michigan

Gonzalo VĂ©lez Jahn said...

Best of luck, Jess ~ we are following closely, fingers crossed. You're a winner, keep your morals high and everything will go well for you.

Phil in Idaho said...

Glad you got a bit of wind there girl. I imagine you have a harness system when you are on deck, eh? To prevent you sliding overboard and being seperated from your boat.

Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing us to share in your travel... I am so impressed with you!.
Sending you positive thoughts on a bit more wind!

Anonymous said...

Matthew 6:11
"Give us today our daily bread."

Hi, Jess! Loved your words about your food, stale bread, baking bread, etc. I am so glad conditions are so perfect and you are doing well. So many blog entries from your fans about bread! Am praying for you again today, Jess, for your care and God's provision for you in all ways.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't it strange - At sea no two moments are ever the same, you could shoot a million pictures and never get two that are absolutely identical. Especially when the sun goes up and comes down, those are the most special times of the day. and just lying in the cockpit or in your bunk and feeling the movements of the ship, it is so soothing, you can do it for hours and hours and hours.

Tim said...

Hi Jessi
I hope you're doing well
Does it make you really nothing that you talk to anyone unless you were on the phone?
I would feel bored if I had nobody
talk to.
Tim David;) :) ;) =)

Sea2Sea said...

Hi Jessica,

I am a 37 year old married mom of three. My daughter and I, 15yr old Emily follow you every day and we are very impressed by your spirit of adventure and bravery (so is the rest of my family). I'm sure a lot of the world is living vicariously through you. Thank you for letting us sail along with you through your descriptive blogs, videos and pictures. We are praying for your safety. Your parents and family are very brave. They have a lot of faith in you and they obviously love you a lot. I'm glad you have mainly support. There will always be naysayers, they exist everywhere. But if people listened to them, nothing great would ever get done. You are also an amazing writer by the way, very gifted in many ways. I'll be looking forward to more blogs from you as well as videos and pictures (along with the rest of the world. May God's grace be with and watch over you on your epic journey.

Debbie & Emily
Tampa, FL

Corin said...

Well done and good luck. It is great to read your blog and be inspired by what you are doing.

Janet said...

Hi Jess,

We think about you all the time and pray for you too. Sounds like it's warm right now - what will the temperatures be like over the next 8 months in the different places you'll sail through? Thanks for the info on the food - glad to hear you'll have fruits and veggies! Thanks so much for the photos! Janet, Matt, Joey & Mark in Cincinatti, Ohio

Anonymous said...

As a sailor and world traveler I really admirer your courage at such a young age. In a way your like Amelia Earhart who once said: "Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace". Wish you well + will read your blog throughout your adventure. Go Jesse Go :-D

paul said...

Hey Jessica,

Congratulations on your first week at sea!I just wanted to wish you luck on this amazing journey you have undertaken.I know from experience what it is like to set off at 16 by yourself.I spent 6 months alone when I was 16, hiking from the border of Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest trail here in the USA, about 2650 miles or about 4264 kilometers.Almost nobody thought I could do it except for me,and taking that first step was really the hardest,so good on ya, your on your way!Just remember to trust your intuition when your not sure what to do, keep believing in yourself,and take one day at a time.Remember there are lots of people out there pulling for you that believe in what your doing!


Ian Crawford said...


Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are on the ultimate adventure, imo. You seem very prepared so we won't worry too awfully much about you. We enjoy following along. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Enjoying your blog,glad the trip is going well.Most of all glad your staying happy :) Thanks for the picks can't wait to see more.

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,
G'day mate. (Actually, I guess that should be "G'day Skipper")...
Just a quick note to say hi. I hope you're enjoying the great weather down there. Here in NY it's autumn, but without the sun that makes fall such a beautiful time. Here it's a rainy day, cloudy and overcast. Reading about your voyage is a nice spot of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day. So please enjoy the day and keep those progress reports coming.
I'd like to echo the request by Clint, VK3CSJ, for info on your skeds. Or, if you'd like to keep them private, at least an indication of what bands you listen on for fun (if, indeed you do).

Best of luck,


Dario said...

Ciao Jessica, our Radio Controlled Sails Team from Italy (Milan) is following and supporting your trip.
Good luck
Dario and Team

Mark said...

Good news Jessica,
Glad the winds are cooperating:).
Did you ever mention about power supply? Is there a recharging mechanism on board?

TampaJoey said...


I have been enjoying reading your blog daily. So, what kind of music are you listening too? I know it's early... but when the end of your journey is near let me know where we can send you some victory CHOCOLATE.

Take Care,
Joey - Tampa, Florida

Judy said...

Unreal photos...Hope all goes well for you and stay are a gutsy girl.

Really enjoying following your journey and looking forward to seeing some more photos..


RadekCZ said...

Hi Jess :) beautiful photos you posted. Must be nice to have it in real. I want to ask you for your next comment, if you feel sometimes lonely? I can image myself to be alone such a long time.
Wish you good weather and no saddnes.

Czech republic (EU)

Dark said...

Hi Jessica

Thanks for the update, it sounds like you are moving along there, I see the local forecast for your area says swells of 3 meters, I wonder how that affect your ability to cook and sleep.


Dark said...

Hi Jessica

I wrote in comments every day since you posted and realized today they weren't there.

I had to sign in first or it didn't work. (I had filled the comments and then signed in). I wonder how many other people are getting caught by that.


andy said...

hi jessica, hope you're having a great day.

if you get a moment in your next post, would you comment on how far south into the southern ocean your route will take you?

thanks very much. i'm thinking of you constantly.

"keep your head in the game and your eye on the prize".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing yourself with us...I look forward to reading your blog every day and find it very interesting. I am continuing to pray for you safe journey.
Jayne from Maine

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks so much for the informative blog entries and your pics are just lovely. Can't wait till you post more. I know you have a lot to take care of during your day so a short or long blog is really appreciated.

Your blog is the first thing I turn to when I turn on my laptop. Just want to check that you are ok and all is going well.

Just remember Jess, one day at a time and each day is a step closer to achieving your dream.

Take care and stay safe.


Sydney said...

Thanks for the updates. It is so exciting following your journey. It sounds like you have a lot of delicious food. I was wondering what you do with the trash you will collect during the 8months?

4littlesailors said...

Hi Jessica, we are 4 little sailors from Sydney. Mum redas us your news every day. We think you are very brave and when we are older we want to go on an adventure too. Have you seen any big fish or mammals yet?

Anonymous said...

I look forwards to your reports every day Jess. Don't forget to brush your teeth after every meal, there are not to many dentist that do house calls out your way.



Acerbic said...

Great post, Jess!! I've been wondering about what you eat and how you spend your days. Looking forward to your next update :)

Fred Fischer said...

Your quest is our quest: Jessica, my sixth grade students will be following your blog and your blip on the global map all year as the QUEST is our theme in our English class here at The Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas. We will also be celebrating when you cross the equator, when you pass our longitude, -95.511618, and when you get home. The kiddos have been quite interested in your recent accident, your leave-taking and the info you provide on your blog. It is my observation the the girls in my classes are especially taken with your attempt. Good luck. We will be supporting you in spirit. Fred F.

Paul said...

We know you have autopilot to sail the boat, but still how do you safely sleep?

Paul & Judith

Jose said...

After seeing the interview on television we are hooked. Keep us posted. stay safe and good luck.

Sally said...

Good Morning Jessica

That's so interesting about the food, your 8 month diet plan and the research that was needed to be done. There's so much to contemplate on a journey like this, the mind boggles. I am amazed that you can bake your own bread and scones, what a treat that is! Just love the smell of freshly baked bread. Let us know how your first loaf turns out!!

Glad that the wind has picked up for you! Love your blog - we are mapping your journey here at home. Not only are you a skilled sailor, but you are quite the 'wordsmith' as well!!

Stay safe Jesse - we are all cheering for you.

'Nature is man's teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence.' ~Alfred Billings Street

Sally in Sydney

Russell said...

Hey Jesse, sounds like a perfect day, but living on the sunny coast you are used to that! It's a great day here too. I really hope that your present conditions continue for a while and you can reach your next milestone soon. Sounds like you don't need encouragement, you may not realise how much inspiritation you are giving to people, I only hope that you can sense the spirit of hope that you have created and the following that you have, you will never be alone out there as someone is thinking of you 24 hours a day with your global audience. Go girl! Be strong. I continue to pray that God will be give you wisdom in every situation.
Be safe!
Sunny Coast Qld

Anonymous said...

You can cook for me any day!!!

Matthew said...

Did you take a fishing rod?
8 months of fishing!

A second question..
will you get visitora? I mean, do you expect people in boats to pull up beside you and say hi?
Middle of the ocean pizza delivery!

John said...

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your posts. Your writing is so descriptive! I also enjoyed the video blog on your main site. I am following your progress on a daily basis and you remain in my prayers for a safe journey.

Best regards,

John - from San Francisco, California

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess - Thanks for the update about your food/diet - very interesting read! Looking forward to reading more about your life on the boat - your daily blogs are great. And like other readers, have heaps of questions! i.e. are your transporting fresh water? And also love the way you refer to yourself and EPL as "we". Stay safe!

Momento Mori said...

Good luck to you! My students and I are following your journey. Your endeavor is very inspiring to middle schoolers--best of travels and safe passing to you!

-Kirsten, Hawai'i

Hugh said...

Very interesting and descriptive. I look forward to your daily updates.

msmitty said...

Love reading your blogs Jess, following you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jessica,
It is Sunday morning here in polly town (Canberra) so at least you have survived the first week of your voyage so far. Stay focused and positive and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Jesse the Explorer.
You are doing great. Pictures are beautiful. Checking your blog site daily. My admiration, good wishes and prayers for a safe voyage I send you with all my heart. You are being followed by thousands and we are all cheering for you.
Ben from Texas

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse, it's Gabi here,

It must be so peaceful and relaxed out there on EPL. Hope you like those chops and treats, not to mention the bread!

Well chao until the next blog,


Anonymous said...

I'm curious if you wear a life jacket all the time? I think you are such a positive, strong person and love to read your blog.

Kirk said...

Hey Jessica, keep up the good work!! Great to hear you are making steady progress. BTW, what HF frequency or frequencies are you using for your skeds or other communications?? It would be great to listen in to actually "hear" how you are going. Smooth sailing!! :)

Jim said...

Jessica, You are an amazing and lovely young woman ... I'll be following your journey from the Garden State (New Jersey, USA) ... loved the photos ... my thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Jay-Sea said...

Love yesterdays photo's Jess keep them coming

Angus said...

Hi Jess.
It seems that more poeopl call you Jess now that, Jessica, hope thats ok. You seem to have a huge extendard family watching every move you make and how your going. I know every morning befor I start I ckeck your blog. I know what you mear about the glassy sea, Ive seen it like that for weeks sometimes. I'm glad things are going well for you. I find that in conversation I use you as an example of what our next generation could become. Sounds that your having some good meals, that definatally helps.Take care.
Fair winds and following seas


BavariaBlu said...

Dear Jessi,
an entire girls school from Bavaria is watching every move you take. Your latest blog entry talking about a bucket bath brought up the question if you would ever be tempted to take a swim in the ocean surrounding you. The students would anxiously like to ask you not to!
All best wishes and Godbless

dusty from Dubbo said...

Jess good morning love the blog. I am a psych and I deal with troubled teenagers. Your blog is being followed by one of my clients who is your age and uses drugs sadly. You are an inspiration to her. I plan to send u a corny joke and a saying each day not that you need a moral boost I just hope you see it as a bit of fun ..tell me to buzz off if you think I,m being silly.

ok joke where do u go if u become "one" with your computer nerdvana! Inspiration is the eye of the soul .Keep safe Dusty from Dubbo

Jim P said...

Jess, Living the Dream, go for it girl, wish you the absolute best, fair winds and blue skies.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Jess - lets do this so you can stick it to all those knockers - Great Stuff

BavariaBlu said...

Dear Jessi,
an entire girls school from Bavaria is watching every move you take. Your latest blog entry talking about a bucket bath brought up the question if you would ever be tempted to take a swim in the ocean surrounding you. The students would anxiously like to ask you not to!
All best wishes and Godbless

M said...

Hi Jess, You've even made me really hungry with that menu. How do you go about fresh water? Presumably you haven't got enough for 8 months on board. Do you have solar stills or what? Lovin' your blog 'cause I can just close my eyes and imagine I'm doing the trip. Carpe diem, Jess, carpe diem. Mark, Plymouth UK

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to wish you well and say I think that you display more guts than most people twice your age. Fingers crossed you get home again safe and in one piece. Good luck and enjoy yourself. You sure sound well prepared.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Doin' it easy so far,fair winds remain for the rest of the trip is my wish for you.
I was wondering if you could maybe post a long/lat from the boat as you go so all us landbound chickens can plot your progress.?
Anyways,positive thoughts,

Jonathan Smith said...

Parker - Chauffeur of Penelope Pitstops Pink Rolls???

Paula said...

Hey, Jessica, tell us which music you're listening to. Somebody should create a "Jessica's Around the World" playlist on iTunes!

Bambi said...

Hi Jess, My grandfather was a skipper of a trawler in the North Sea. He is quoted as saying "there's no sight far greater than what you see at sea". I can hear his words in your blog. I envy you for your courage and the journey.

Safe journey

Singleton, NSW

Explorers said...

Good onya Jessica! Enjoy your adventure. Are you keeping a personal diary? It would be great to show your grandchildren one day. Keep safe, Ron & Joan.

planedoc248 said...

You confidence shows in your emails...great job Jess...keep up the good work.
Q: What happens to all your trash you collect?

Jersey Shore,USA

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