Monday, October 26, 2009

One Week Down and the Shore Crew

Well we've been out here a full week now and into day 8 today! I've just been doing the maths and we covered 740nm in week 1 which is as much as I'd ever hoped for and pretty good considering some of the windless days we've had. If anything, the first week's run puts us very slightly ahead of schedule, but I hate to say that so early on!

We're near Norfolk Island which sounds like a pretty interesting place so I'll have to add it to the list of places to stop off at next time. Not long now till the Tasman is ticked off and then it's on to the equator.

Something I maybe should have done long ago is to introduce you all to my amazing shore team. If you ask me, they're the true heroes handling all the tricky stuff back home while I have fun out here! Here's just a few of the people I rely on and talk to every day, the complete support network is made up of even more amazing people with all sorts of different skills. And that's not to mention all the people who worked on Ella's Pink Lady and all our sponsors, it's more like a huge big extended family than anything. So along with all you guys thinking of me and Ella's Pink Lady I'm not really alone out here.

Firstly there's Bruce the Project Manager. Bruce and his wife Suzanne have worked on the voyage full time for most of the year, were hugely supportive before then and a big inspiration to me. I love Bruce's calm 'can do' approach and I talk through boat performance, conditions, any potential shipping etc with Bruce.

I talk to Dad (Roger) on the sat-phone twice a day for the official skeds (slang for a scheduled talk normally by radio). Dad's great for talking through any little problems with me and is kept busy chasing up all sorts of bits and pieces. It's nice to talk to Dad and hear all the ins and outs of what's going on at home.

Then there's Scott and Andrew who handle a lot more than just my management and media. Scott's always there to patiently help me work through the camera systems and the some of the sat communication gear. Andrew looks after the blog, sponsors and other news updates.

Bob McDavitt (the ambassador for New Zealand's met servos) is providing all the weather forecasting and routing us around the worst of the bad weather. It gives me a lot of confidence to have such a good idea of what's coming.

And lastly Mum (Julie) keeps me up to date with the outside world, forwarding on emails, sending me any news that I might find interesting. She's also the one who packed all the food so when I can't find something she's the one I ring!

More soon.



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Kelly Green said...

I love your blog and look forward to following your trip!

Jan, NZ said...

Thanks for the update, Jessica. I hope all continues to go well. I knew nothing about sailing until I caught wind of your departure last weekend. I still know next to nothing, even though I've learned a lot over the past week! I will continue to follow your progress with great interest, and I wish you all the best!

sailorchik said...

you go girl. you are such an inspiration to young girls apiring to reach their dreams. I'm even doing my english assignment about you. you are a true inspiration. sea u around hehehe

Russ said...

Loving the updates Jess!! Well done so far and good luck for the rest of the trip! You CAN do it!

Dale H said...

Hi Jesse,
Congrats on making it through the first week unscaved. I hope and pray that the rest of the trip goes as well for you.

Geelong Vic

Gerry said...

Hi, this is my first post, I'm Gerry from New York. I was beginning to worry, I'm glad you are still going strong and through you, I'm living my dream. I enjoy what you write and love the pictures. Stay safe and before you realize it, the finish line will be right in front of you.

Anonymous said...

Hope the remainder of the trip goes as well, or gets even better.
Happy sailing


Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

I can not wait for every report you write here. Its amazing to follow your journey and imagining it through your words. I wish you the very best and looking forward already for tommorow (or later - whenever you get to it) to read more from you. Also I absolutely admire you and believe in you. Have a very beautiful day. Till next time - Tatiana

Mary said...

Hi, Jess!

It's wonderful to hear about your team at home. Thanks for filling in some gaps in our collective knowledge. I'm happy to report that today I read through all your blog archives from the year leading up to departure.

EXCELLENT information! Hello, everyone! If you haven't done so, make sure you take some time to read Jess's archived blogs, dating back to 2008. There's loads of helpful and fascinating information that really paints a detailed picture of Jess's Time on Task regarding preparations for her sail.
We also see many pics and references to her amazing team of family, friends, sponsors and production crew who worked so tirelessly throughout the year.

I think the info is especially interesting for the many middle and high schoolers out there who are making reports on Jess's story. I, for one, am amazed at how much I'm learning about the geography of the Tasman and South Pacific waters as I check my maps to see Jess's general location.

Jess, I'm deeply inspired and touched by your brave journey. Here's wishing you a wonderful and productive week ahead. Congratulations on all your accomplishments thus far.

Mary, Maine, USA

duane said...

Its great to know you have such a professional staff looking out for you. Your safety is the most important aspect of the trip. Sure sounds like you all have planned in great detail. Best wishes, duane

Mike Weston said...


Can you include your lat / long and zulu time with your posts, or might this be a security issue? I am a middle school teacher and we are tracking your progress in class. Approximate position would be great.

Mike Weston
Tampa, FL USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse - I'm a golfer not a boatie but I am finding your blog very interesting and have passed on your website to friends and family and in particular a couple of friends that are layed up sick in bed so they too can follow your progress with interest. You certainly know what you're about and I understand why so many people have faith in you. Good Luck and may the good winds and weather be with you all the way.

Attitude said...

Hi Jess, Great to hear that you are doing so well. all of these blogs will be an ideal foundation for a great book, make sure you make plenty of personal notes in relation to all the experiences and feelings you encounter along the way as well.

Allan Mitchell said...

Well done! I will continue to follow your journey with great admiration. You are an inspiration to many. Good luck. Allan Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Jess....Your doing great! The places you mention make it real for us unfamiliar with your part of the world. Will your website post a map to show your progress?

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

My name is Brian 65yrs young and sailed in my younger days.Wow Jessica, you are really doing some good sog,cosidering the light wind you talk of, the photo says it all, with a comfortable angle on Ella's Pink Lady, and your relaxed appearance. I have been plotting your course on a satelite map with grid (Google), is it possible for you to put your Long/lat into the blog say a couple of times a week, for those not out there with you to feel a little closer. Your Shore Crew are looking after you well, but to me it all comes back to your attitude as well as the good skills you are showing.
Safe passage, will talk later, Brian.

Rexie said...

Chapter One

JW was not your normal, everyday princess. She was a cute princess in a small puppy kind of way, sort of like a newly hatched chicken or maybe a baby frog. She never did princessy things, JW never wore a tiara, or loads of jewellery or danced at masquerade balls. In fact JW was the most un-princess princess that has ever been. Most people would assume that princesses don't have to work a day in their princessy lives, or buy their own clothes, or cook their own meals or do anything they didn't want to for that matter. JW, though, was not your normal, everyday princess. She owned her own castle, which had the biggest moat of any castle ever made ever. She cooked all her own meals everyday, and the biggest of all the princessy surprises was that JW cleaned her whole castle up herself - EVERYDAY!!!!

So when JW announced that she was going to drive her castle to the other side of the biggest moat of any castle ever made ever, no-one that knew her well was shocked. In fact everyone that knew her said "This is exactly what JW should be doing - driving her castle around - showing other princesses what they are capable of!!!"

However, not everyone was happy that JW was such an independent princess............


Ron said...

I'm the 72 yr old American sailor that adores you. I'll read your blog each day. I say prayers for you and I'll continue to say that if you ever visit the USA, you'll have to visit me. I'm so glad you've had good sailing. I wish it to continue. You're a great adventurer.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really admire what you're doing. Very inspirational journey you've set out on. You have one very proud, fellow-teenager fan here in the states (Massachusetts). Some more pictures added to your blog would be great. I just have a few basic questions that you may be able to elaborate on in one of your next blogs...

What is the water temperature? What is the depth? Just some little things that I'm curious about! Anyway, as I said, some more pictures would be awesome.

Thanks, and I hope you're having a great time. You're an inspiration.


danielle said...

hey Jess, what you are doing is so freaken amazing! and you are an amazing girl!! evreyone i know is so exited for you i read all your blogs and fill them in, well i hope the wind keeps blowing and the sea stays calm for ya, and suck it all up dude! coz your really doen it your walken the talk and liven the dream its unreal.
best of luck ella capiton.....
danielle & seth....
Anna Bay nsw

Buddy Blanton said...

Hey Jesse,

Sounds like things are going great! You have a wonderful team of people that support you, and you have a lot of people following you on your blog. I think it is fantastic that we can read about you daily acheivements. Keep up the great work, stay safe, and most of all, have a great time. Enjoy all the beautiful moments....

Anonymous said...

We're cheering for you here in Canada!
Keep it up, you're an inspiration to us all!

Maurie said...

Hi there Jessica!

Good to hear from you at last! Was wondering where you were & hoping you hadn’t run into bad weather. I’m sure a few of your other supporters like me will be relieved to see this post at last & know that all is well in Jessica’s world..… Cold & wet in Sydney today. Sipping Milo & thinking of you… The tin says 3 teaspoons per cup but I always chuck in about 10! I like it extra ‘chocolatey’ – how about you? Got any ‘Milo’ on board? What about Vegemite? Not a real Aussie if you haven’t got a jar or 2 stashed away somewhere! Not that we are likely to disown you if you don’t – you are such an awe-inspiring & gutsy young woman, what country wouldn’t be proud to claim you as their own?

Thanks for introducing the team. Glad to know you have so much ongoing support. Like the rest of us sharing this journey with you, I’m sure they too consider it an honour & a privilege to support you on this quest!

Still hard to get my head around the idea of you being ‘out there’ somewhere on Ella though, especially at 16! All a bit surreal, for you no doubt as well. Your videos & blog are great. More pics would be good - sunrise, sunsets, the ocean in all weathers, you working on your tan ( best not nude though – remember the ‘littlies’!), Ella ploughing through the waves, doing your charts, cooking a meal, ‘vegging out’ on deck, any wildlife you see - dead or alive, anything in the ocean at all including passing ships & rubbish (seriously!), taking a ‘bucket bath’ (in your bikini of course!), your ‘tidy’/untidy cabin, last night’s lamb chops, your first loaf of bread, ‘cockies’ under the kitchen sink …. Get the picture? We want to see it all Jess so put those cameras to work! Nothing is too boring for us. As your Mexican fan Chris said – a fly could land on your boat & we’d find it interesting!!

We are all obsessed with these minor details Jess because most of us have never been to sea & it’s difficult for us to imagine your life on board. It’s unfamiliar territory - a bit scary too (I’m thinking ‘A Perfect Storm’ here!) but exciting & intriguing all the same. We are all trying to get a handle on this experience so that we can share it with you – so that we can understand where you are coming from when you talk about your life or daily routine; so that we can better picture it all in our mind’s eye. So don’t hold back Jess – tell it like it is, warts & all & please give us as many pics as you can to flesh out the story. Ta…

‘Richard of Maryland’ managed to track down this link - if you are keen to see where Jess is living for the next 8 months or so check out the second video clip for a ‘guided tour’ below decks! (thanks Richard)

Stay safe – stay strong Jess.
Maurie - Sydney

Karen said...

You go girl !!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo Jessica and congrats on having such a successful first week! Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful team. I would like to congratulate your parents on providing you with a solid foundation early on in your life that has now allowed you to live your dreams. They obviously loved,respected,encouraged and supported you as an intelligent and capable individual. As a parent myself, I also have great respect for the sacrifice they may be making for their piece of mind for the next eight months - but then again they are very well aware of your superb abilities and would be feeling very, very proud. Bring on the equator Jessica!
Bluefin, Buderim Qld.

Jessica's Jokester (Al Yer Pal - California, USA) said...

Hi Jessica. Here's today's funny for ya:::

One day a boy saw a farmer selling a donkey for $100.00. The boy told the farmer he would pay the money if the farmer could deliver it to his house. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day but when he arrived at the boy's house there was no donkey. He told the boy that the donkey died during the night. Saddened, the boy asked for his money back.
"I'm afraid I have already spent the money." the farmer said.
"Well, then just give me the donkey." said the boy.
"What are you going to do with a dead donkey?" asked the farmer.
The boy told the farmer he would think of something, so the farmer delivered the donkey the next day.

The next month the farmer saw the boy and asked him what he ever did with the donkey.
"I made $895.00 off of that thing." the boy said.
" How could you make that much money off of a dead donkey?" the farmer wanted to know.
The boy said, "I didn't tell anyone he was dead at first. I just put up signs around town that said I was going to raffle off a beautiful donkey for raffle tickets that cost $5.00 and I sold 200 tickets."
"Wait a minute", said the farmer, "you said you made $895.00 but if you sold 200 tickets at $5.00 each that's $1,000.00. After you subtract the $100.00 you paid me you should have made $900.00".
"You're right", said the boy, "But when the winner found out the donkey was dead he was a little upset so I gave him his money back."

pweb21 said...

Your daily updates are great, thank you. Paul - Fort Worth, Texas

Brian, Hervey Bay said...

For the bog team, My name is Brian left a message earlier, then explorer shut me out just as I hit Publish your comment. can you let me know if you received it, Thank you Brian

Michael T said...

You're doin' great so far Jessica, good work, good team too.

Darius said...

I am glad to know that you have great going so far. Pink Lady and you is a good team.

Mark and Jude Thomas said...

Hi Jess
Just wondering what your contingency plans are regarding major storm damage etc if a sail rips, can you fix it onboard, if a stay breaks etc. What happens to your overall attempt if you drop into a harbour somewhere and someone helps you swap over something? Are there varying record attempts that would still be current if you broke some rule or other, and who monitors things like that?
Mark, Adelaide, South Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, pleased to hear you are well and safe and that the trip is going as planned. Your support team are doing a great job too. Thoughts and prayers with you. Keep safe,

Bron NSW

Anonymous said...


I look forward to your Blogs every night. keep up the writing. as they say, there is no "I" in team. Glad to hear about all the support you have. safe journeys,
Mike J. Toronto canada

infiniteblue said...

Life jackets are great but I just cant make out whether you're clipped on....please :)

Mel&Karla said...

Hi Jessica

Continued best wishes on your voyage. You are very courageous to follow your dreams.

Be safe and keep letting us know about your journey. We follow your blog every day.

Mel & Karla Oregon, USA

Bob said...

Jessica, Your courage, professionalism and can do spirit is an inspiration, even to a land-loving 40-something in the USA. Best of luck and thanks for the update and insight into your incredible support team and family. God Bless.

Bob, Indianapolis, USA

Ian said...

I thoroughly endorse Mary of Maine's comments. I, too, have read all of Jess's blogs since she began. You're an amazing girl, Jess, not least for your remembering all those who continue to make the journey do-able. I never miss your blog entries and videos.


ResuWRECKEDed 711 said...

Well done Jesse, we are all following you with great pride. I have just returned from 10 days in the outback raising funds for cystic fibrosis and can only imaginf the excitment you are having undertaking your great adventure. Check out our blog if you get time.

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Congratulations on a successful first week at sea. It seems to have been been about as good as you would dare to hope for. As I read about the contributions of your shore crew, it also made me realise that you have been on a steep learning curve yourself around all of those subjects as well. Well done.

I hope as your journey progresses, you will also be able to share with us any difficult times, so people don't have an unbalanced or "rose-tinted" view of life at sea. I remember when people used to say to my (ex)husband and myself, how lucky we were to visit deserted islands far away, I would say that it wasn't easy and we worked hard to make that happen, both beforehand and in the sailing to get there. So, even though it's been relatively "easy" in the last week, you've also been working hard.

Keep taking care of yourself.
Best wishes

Robert said...

Hey Jess. Good on you Mate. Wish I was doing something like your doing when I was your age. Never let life pass you by. Hey do you reckon you can Hassle your Website Bloke to Put up a little map of where you have been and where you are going. That would be great if that was possible.. anyway, take care and have fun..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, glad you've touched base, was beginning to worry even though we know you said you will be busy with EPL! You must really be having an impact on everyone, last night I was dreaming of you on the ocean which made my husband laugh this morning. He thinks I'm now obsessed with your odyssey. Take care little one! The McGraths Nowra NSW

Hatori Duong said...

Thanks for update daily,i look forward to waiting theme,ur diary,images ....about the sea.
Duong Tai - Viet Nam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I find myself checking your webpage blog 5 - 10 times a day looking for an update.

As always, anything from you is interesting. Keep it up because it means so much to 1,000's of us that read it and hang on every word.

Loved the self portrait and send more.

Watching and waiting your every report.

Georgia Guy,

jennifer said...

i love how you told us in your last entry about listening to music, i love doing that out at sea on a sailboat. the way sound carries on water i bet some curious creatures are diggin it too. i’m an explorer as well, left home at 17 to roam europe for a year and spent 4 months in the bering sea on a fishing vessel when i was 23, all for the pure adventure of it and i went by myself, tho onboard there was a crew of about 50 so nowhere near as hardcore as you. as lifelong sailor errol flynn once said, the only genius i have is a genius for living. you sure have that. wish i could see the blues of that ocean and the endless star filled night sky. p.s…did anyone guess correctly yet, the reason your wind vane is named parker. a little saying i learned in the caribbean…blessings all the while ~jennifer southern orange county, california.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo, Jessica. Good sailing

Jackie-sydney AUS said...

Go Jess. You are an amazing young woman and an inspiration to all who know of you and are following your journey. We know you will prove the doubters wrong.Safe waters and good winds. Love the photos.

Kara in the U.S. said...

You have me really wanting to be near the water - so I've started planning a trip to the beach. I don't think I have seen the ocean in 6 or 7 years. That is far too long. Keep up the good work!

phil said...

Hi Jess.
Great pic. of you on Ella's Pink Lady (I noticed someone suggesting that on your site). You sure do have a great team. I think also that the comments on this site must be truly inspiring for you. Making great progess. Phil, Western Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, great to get your daily reports. I was the last person thought to be interested in your blog, yet here I am with the blog as my home page!

Love the reports!

Donna in Perth.

Tony said...

I'd feel better if you were clipped on, even on calm days. I know it's a hassle but...
Tony - Scottsdale

Warren said...

There are so many people, just like me, who check your blog first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We're all there with you.

Stay safe.



Prof. Grant Horner said...

Congratulations of the first week!!!!


Sally said...

Hi Jesse

That's a great photo of you out there in that vast ocean!! Thanks for the intro into your support team, its' so good that you have constant communication with your extended family. Everyone pitching in making this amazing journey happen and your parents can actually speak to you during this journey and know that you are OK !!! Fantastic!

Go girl! Well done on your frst week, may they all go as smoothly as this one!

“All the strength you need to achieve anything is within you”…Sara Henderson

Sally In Sydney

Tim09 said...

Go Team Jessica,
Thanks for the update hope all is going well. Missed your blog yesterday, Rosie and i look forward to seeing what you have been up too.
Tim and Rosie Caboolture

Marco said...

Ciao Jessica,
You are living a great experience!
I am so jealous! :)
Enjoy it!

Meechree said...

Pretty picture! So glad everything is going so well! I look forward to reading your blog every day (:
-Dimitri, USA

Adlitam said...

GO JESSICA! You are a very awesome young lady and America and Australia wish you the very best and a huge successful voyage. You are an inspiration to thousands and we look forward to following your voyage via your fantastic blog. What an adventure!!! God's Speed!

joolzmac said...

Hi Jess

I'd love to see pics of a meal that you prepare for yourself. Can't imagine Easyfood Lamb chops that last 18 months! And I was surprised that you don't have a fridge. I guess you could hang bottles or cans over the side to cool in the water sometimes?
Anyhoo, you amaze me, girl! Keep that wind in your sails,

Cheers - Joolz (South Australia)

Elias said...

I enjoy in knowing that you're making the most out of your trip thus far. I'm glad to be able to follow you through this blog. And the same thought came to me awhile back about mentioning your prime time supporters. Glad to know you haven't forgotten about them.

Hope you continue to enjoy your trip. And God bless you always Jesse!

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great hearing from you. You are such an inspiration to so many people. I am so very impressed by your attitude to this whole adventure. It has been said before but worth repeating, so many people young and old can learn a lot from you.

It is good to know about your support back on land....they are also doing a fantastic job.

1 week down and a good distance covered. I am sure every day brings something different into your trip. Great memories for the future.

I read all your blogs back from early 2008 over the weekend. Truely amazing the amount of sailing you have done. You certainly put the work in leading up to this trip.

I wont write more but I am looking forward to reading more from you.

Stay safe, watch the sunburn and enjoy the continuing journey.

Ingleburn NSW

KR said...

Jess, I now find myself checking everyday to see what the latest is from the other side of the world in which you are cruising along. I lived in New Zealand a few years back and it rekindled my love of sailing and the Southern oceans.
look forward to hearing how the journey goes in the months ahead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the welcoming update! I was wondering what skeds meant and some of these sailing terms.It's nice to hear about all these awsome folks and endearing family who are skilled in handling key logistics of a journey of this magnitude. I look at the earth globe everytime I'm ready to read your blog as I am being educated on geographics. Hey,nice pic!!
Love, Blessing and Fair Winds
Gypsy, Barb, Jenny, Tigger ~ Mich.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
Sounds like you are having fun out there. I hope everything works out and you have good weather most of the time, but I'm sure there will be some hard times to come. But, I hope you can acheive your goal unscathed. Greg.

Anonymous said...

...hi, jess! that is a great picture of you! it looks like you're moving along a a good clip. AND, you have that famous smile on! being out there with the solitude of that great ocean and seeing you smile brings comfort to me and, i am sure, for a lot of your supporters, and makes all the problems of everyday life that much more "bearable." you are truly an inspiration! sail safe!

castro valley, ca, usa

Anonymous said...

Jessica, to you and your entire team, *well done*!

Brian said...

You are looking great Jessica. One week down and many more to go. You have an amazing team behind you that makes everything look so easy. Hats off to your support team for taking such good care of you. Enjoying the blog and the pictures. Thanks for sharing your dream and adventure with us. It truly is very inspiring for us land lovers.........
Just remember that you are never alone. We are behind you all of the way.

Lakeland Florida USA

GuyV said...

Hi Jesse,
Really loving your blogs. Have not been much of a blog fan but yours sure has caught my full attention. I really envy your passion, courage and your perseverance to see this out. Especially with all the pressure from media and critics. To have a dream is one thing but to step up and strive to achieve a dream like yours takes a certain kind of determination and will power, not to mention the self belief. I'm right behind you all the way. In fact you have inspired me to take my interest in sailing to the next level and actually try it. The pictures you have taken and upload are epic, looking forward to anymore you post up over the next 8 months. Im kinda jealous to be truthful, me having to go to work everyday and you out there seeing the gorgeous world around us. But we all know that there is a lot more to it than just that. Well I wish you all the best, would love to keep in touch so this is my email address - I hope you drop me a line sometime.

Cheers Guy

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi again Jess,

Thanks for the update and the photo, you look very relaxed and it is good to hear that you now realise the enormity of the challenge ahead - just don't let it daunt you - keep thinking positive and stay in good spirits and it will help you through the harder times.

You are lucky to have such supportive parents, not only with the help that they have provided you, but in having the courage to let you chase your dreams.

I must admit to being slightly concerned yesterday when a new blog was not posted yesterday, but I can understand that your priorities are to the voyage, and you must have been fairly busy.

Still waiting for the tracking updates to be added to the website, in the meantime, would it be possible to start each blog with your position, then we could simply look it up on the maps and see exactly where you are.

Anyway, keep up the good work and stay positive! I will tune in each day and continue to support you with a comment or two right through to the end of your voyage.

May I congratulate you on your courage and conviction in letting Jessica follow her dreams and undertake this voyage. There are many parents who could learn a thing or two from yourselves.

Caves Beach, Australia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jess. We didn't hear from you for 24 hrs, but can understand. Cute picture of you. Keep up the great wk. When you started, I sent an email to the NYT,about you, as I am sure a lot of other ppl did. Have a life preserver,like yours when I solo as well- keep it on. :-D

Suzanne said...

Cant wait until they get the GPS map up on your website

Jennifer C said...

Hi Jessica,

Great picture of you! You look so happy and totally at peace.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. It really helps us learn about what you are going through.

Sounds like you have a great team helping you. Take care and be safe.

Illinois, USA

Paal said...

Hi Jess. You are doing an amazing job out there.
It is amazing how in the midst of everything you still find the time to update us.
One thing though, in these pirate times, what are you going to do if you encounter any of them?
Paal ( Norwegian living in Mooloolaba)

Debs said...

Hey Jess....

Wow, one week gone already. Doesnt time fly when your having Im back from my hiking trek weekend and the second thing i did was check to see how you were doing ( this first thing was check on all my
Glad to hear things are still running smoothly...and hopefully will for a while yet....the weather doesnt look too bad out there this week.
And its great that you acknowledge this team behind the people have been really worried about a young girl out there on her own, but your not REALLY alone. You have people on the end of phones, keyboards etc...not to mention Big Ted and Chick with

Anyway....ill be watching out for your next blog entry with anticipation smile.

Deb and the guinea Pigs

Jayne NSW said...

Hi Jessica, It's great to hear how you're going each day. For us non sailers there seems to be an amazing amount of behind the scenes back up & organisation. I'm looking forward to more news. All the best.

Paal said...

Hi Jess. You are doing an amazing job out there.
It is amazing how in the midst of everything you still find the time to update us.
One thing though, in these pirate times, what are you going to do if you encounter any of them?
Paal ( Norwegian living in Mooloolaba)

Rheanna said...

Hi Jessica
Just got home from a weekend without internet access and the first thing I did was come and check your blog.. Thanks for all the updates and the best of luck to you. We will be following you here in the states.
Rheanna Wadlow
St Louis MO USA

anil chugh said...

keep it up jessica, everyone around the world is withyou with their goodwishes and goodluck.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess:

What do you do with the garbage from your food etc??

Wishing you all the best.

Bob and Family from Denver Co USA

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating journey and wishing you well. Curious, though, why the crew (or website) doesn't provide a map of your current position. It would provide some good context. (Or did I miss it on the website?)

Cameron B said...

Its Great to hear your loving it all. But i can assure you the best is yet to come. By the looks of things you don't need to take it easy, but at least take care.
Watching and listening with keen interest,
Cameron B

riveter said...

To the kids support team....great work all..we read this blog every day.and know it is because of your dedication to this trek that we can all share in "J,s" experiences....thanks for all your great work and commitment
Sidney BC

Anonymous said...

Magpie Here,
Hi Jessica, now you've done it.
Now all us bloggers know the master bloggers' name.
It's very wise of you to go North of NZ, I notice the water Temperature on the 50 degree is half of what you're in now.

Anonymous said...

I've built a frame for a map of the world and will start tracking your position.

Can you give your lat/long (leaving off a few decimal points). We dont need the exact position.

Also you shold consider making a Facebook page.

Gretchen said...

Hi Jessica

I'm a fan from Southern California. I saw an article about you in the NY Times and have been following your blog since you left. My girls and I (they are 8 and 12) are cheering for you too. Best wishes on your voyage. You are a true inspiration!

NapoleonsLunch said...

awesome blog!
where abouts were you when the pic was taken?

nutralady2001 said...

Thanks for the updaste Jesse.

I'm pleased to see you wearing a life jacket and looks like you are tethered as well. I'm not your mother but I still worry LOL
Take care sweetie xx

Rhiana said...

wow you muSt be reaLly lonely, no gUys around To talk to.......

Laurie said...

Three cheers for you and all your support team Jess - you clearly have many well-wishers, but a lot of this should be directed to the whole TEAM. You have indirectly pointed out, 'there is no "I" in team.
Keep up the good work all,
Laurie P (Foxground NSW)

Chris D said...

go girl GO, fisrt week down and all is well.can't wait to follow your map indicating where you are past route.

all the best.

Chris D

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi you inspiring girl, well all sounds good with you Jess and it was great to read you acknowleding your shore crew,you are lucky to have them and as they are to have you, you are wonderful you dont forget a thing, sounds like Mum did a good job with the food for you, enjoy,well Rocky is hot and we have had bushfires here but all is well now, Jessica you take care and we look forward to reading each day from you, please keep your tether on when on deck wont you Jess, take care little one, Roger and Lou Dwyer.

Seabird said...

Jess I love following your journey. You have been a total inspiration to me and helped me to overcome some of my fears and just do it like Jessica would, as I said to myself at the time.
Blessings and love for a wonderful journey.

glakesdivr said...

Jessica, Wow! You are truly amazing for your age. I wish you all the luck in the world. That world you are going around.
I'm a powerboater on Lake Superior and live in Wisconsin USA. I know how daunting Superior can be. It's hard to imagine for me what a single handed ocean voyage is like. I'll be reading your blog with great interest.
Stay safe! Patrick

Jade said...

I'm following your journey with great interest...
I would love to have been given your opportunity.
(( So Go Girl ))
From another Qlder

Anonymous said...

Words just can't describe the inspriation you and your parents give me to let my children explore all opportunities that they desire. You already have triumphed in your quest, the rest is just icing on the cake. I love your posts.

yarnek said...

Hi Jessica,

8 days in and I am totally obsessed with your adventure. Thanks for the insight into your support team and proud parents. Ella's Pink Lady graces my desktop and will remain there until you return. Please try to tie up at around 7.15pm to coincide with my "Welcome Home Jessica" BBQ at my place, and bring your own Deb! (hehe).
Love from Melbourne, Oz.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jelous!!!!!
reading your blogs every evening.
8 months is nothing! you can do it!

Lillee said...

Have a fantastic time Jess and really love reading your blog, enjoy each day and tick each one off your calendar

Stay safe and

Go Aussie Go


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this blog..I hope that Jess can share more pic to us..Keeo up-to-date..Gdluck!!And,God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Very please to read of your progress so far, pray you will continue to enjoy good health and great weather. Keep safe and I will continue to pray for your safety. Sydney, NSW

Rob Williams said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to see you looking so relaxed in the cockpit.
My wife & I sailed our 34' yacht to N.Z. once and after seven days @ sea we experienced what I called auditory hallucinations. One day I told her I could hear music even when the stereo was off. She said "Me too!. I asked her "What are you listening to?" She said it was like a marching band playing with a lot of symbols crashing.I said "Thats exactly what I am listening to!" It didnt bother us as we believe it was our under stimulated minds re interpreting the sound the sea made as our steel hull pushed through the waves.
Hope you continue to enjoy your music.
Best wishes from Rob Williams and family,Tasmania.

TheCarterFamily said...

Great picture. It looks like you are on a leisure vacation in the Caribbean posing for a life vest add. People sure do worry about you alot don't they? I guess I was lucky because my parents always encouraged me to push the envelope. It sounds like you have great parents also and a strong team on shore.
Thanks for explaining what a sked is. I knew it had to do with a schedule of some sort, but I didn't know the particulars.
By the way that joke about the boy and the donkey made me laugh so hard I woke up my wife in the other room. I cut and pasted it in a word doc. and I'm going to send it to my sons.
I bet you didn't know you would make that kind of contribution while sailing around the world.

Well best of winds to ya fair maiden. Catch you tomorrow.

Paul said...

Congratulations on your first full week at sea. As I tell my 18 year old daughter, gets lots of sleep and rest while you can for the challenging times ahead.
Best wishes for another great week.

David and Una said...

Two retirees who saw you off at Mooloolaba jetty and then cheered you off at the Mooloolaba breakwater will be watching you and wishing you well every day. I wish you were on Google earth so we could see where you are each day.
The nation is behind you....stay safe.

Chris said...

Congratulations Jesse!
What HF are you on is it on 27megs?
I have Advanced Ham Licence VK5CM and love 20 meters the best World band.
Best time to catch you is around 0050 gmt or after at your now position.
If you give me Freq. and time I'll give you a shout!!
Cheers Chris

Steve Peters said...

Nice report again Jess - your team are certainly fine to support you - & the photo is a nice one of you looking calm on the deck. Keep up the great work.

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jesse

Thanks for introduction with "Team" it was really what i was about to request to you. Next ... tell us about your friends / class mates .. who is the lucky guy you miss the MOST!

Debbie said...

Hi Jesse, have been following you daily, and checking your page several times a day. I have been nervous for you, but i feel you are going to be fine. It jsut looks fantastic out there, and so inspiring. but I agree with a couple of the other comments - please use the clip, see it a s a seat belt!

Gary said...

Hi Jess

I am anxiously awaiting the information on your web site so I can track you with ease. At the moment I am using Google Earth and your comments to track you.

How soon before you will be on line with your tracker?

I love getting your updates and check your site twice a day, sometimes more.

Hope all is going well and the winds are being kind to you. I guess you are able to collect fresh water when it is raining etc. Maybe you could strip down to just your life jacket and soap up then let the rain rince you off, great shower hey?

Anyway hope all it going to plan and you are getting enough sleep.

Gary, Carrum Downs Vic

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica - you're amazing! I'm so enjoying following your journey - it's the highlight of my day. Go Jesse & Ella's Pink Lady (and all your wonderful team)!!!
PJB, Sydney

elise said...

Hi Jessica. Thanks for your blogs. They are so interesting. I look forward each day to reading them. Take care and keep having fun.

larry650110 said...

Go, go, go for making your dream come true!!
I believe you will make it!!

Anonymous said...


Nice photo, one thing for sure: The Lady is cute, both of them.

Fair winds, (looks like you have them)

Steve from California

Anonymous said...

Go, go, go for making your dream come true!!
I believe you will make it!!
Larry from Taiwan

~j~ said...

just watched your day five video entry and I can't tell you how much I appreciated the look out into the ocean you gave, AMAZING! It's so much fun being on this cyber adventure with you! Please give your Mom my best, I think of her when I think of you on this journey, after all you are still her little girl ;)

Anonymous said...

Go, go, go for making your dream come true!!
I believe you will make it!
Larry from Taiwan

Bruce Lindley said...

Goos on ya Jess! You have proved the sceptics wrong. I enjoy reading your blod every day. Thank you so much for all your details. God bless you. Bruce - Gold Coast

Bree said...

Sounds like your support team are great! And I'm sure they will really pull through when the going gets a little more tough.

Love reading your blog Jesse!

Danno said...

i love you Jessica, you are so hot.

Louise said...

Hey Jessica,
Your updates are fascinating and I look forward to following your blog for the rest of your trip! All the best.

lone_jafa said...

All the best! There was too much negativity when you started out but this journey is about YOU and not the media commentator. Support from the Kiwis in Parra

Anonymous said...

Good running Miss Jess. Fair winds! Also nice pic, how do you do it. I hpe that your clip is at hand even in fair weather. Our 5 home schoolers are plotting your track. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

It's so interesting reading your (almost) daily blog! As a dad to a 16 year old boy & an 11 year old daughter your story and courage are an inspiration to us all! We will be following your trip every day and wish you total success in fulfilling your dream...if you're doing this at 16 what will you be doing at 26?? I am sure you will always be out there pushing the extremeties & getting the best out of life! Enjoy every moment, best wishes!

Margaret River WA Certified Green Loans Assessor Registered (number H050***07) said...

Hi Jess,
Good to learn you have such help. Wonderful to read you value that help. Even better to be able to teach other young people the importance of finding a mentor and then taking the time to sincerely thank them. (A mentor is any sensible person that you can talk things over with before you make a silly mistake by acting without thinking of the consequences.)
Jess, may you sail with the wind always in the right quarter.

Anonymous said...


I better your happy! one whloe week down already! And you are probably looking forwards to having the tasman behind you with Australia well beind you, sounds like your having a great time.

Its reay cool hearing about your team back home, I am a young saior and me and my dad go on sea voyages quite a bit ( nothing as big as yours i assure you) but it realy does mak eyou appreicate all th ehard work that other people ut in to make it happen , we share that experience.

I realy love what your doing and it is realy inspiraring, i am folowing you day to day on your blog and website and a enjoying it!

Well i hope your havin fun, stay safe and keep going dont give up (not that i think your going to).

thnkx for the awesome pics and blog


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you having fun reading all your blogs and enjoy rest of your trip'

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jessica,

I hope that all is still calm with supportive winds. As I said yesterday, please give our lobe to the beautiful Norfolk Island as you pass her.

It is now around 04:00 pm 26 Oct 09and Brisbane looks as though it is finally going to get some much needed rain. Just so long as the storms don't travel as far across as where you are.

God's speed. Stay safe and keep the blogs coming.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Miss Jess We have checked the swell map for Norfolk Is. North and we think that you have an Easterly wind and a BP of 1006 HPa and are runing into a overcast. We think that you are on a broad reach. Maravale Home Schoolers

John said...

Hi Jesse,

Life is a team sport and that is a good lesson to learn early. I am impressed not only by your sailing, but all of your determination and preparation that brought you to the point of making this trip a reality. By the way, I love your writing and can I be the first to preorder you first book? ;-) You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

John – From San Francisco

Sharryn said...

Well done Jessica, keep up the great work. Hope the first week has gone really fast for you? Take Care, stay safe! Sharryn & Keesha Adelaide

Campbell Peel said...

Hey Jess glad 2 hear your going so well continue on the good work.
Go Champ Go Jess
Campbell NSW

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on Jesse. You sound so relaxed and confident out there at sea. All your info is sooo interesting. You are on my mind everyday as I look forward to your posts. Sounds like you have a great ground crew, with everyone doing their job to make your trip a success. So I guess you are headed for the Line Islands so as to cross the equator and drop south again. Godspeed as you continue on.

Joanne from Corona, California

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Love reading your blogs you have posted so far. It's so exciting. what an inspiration you are. Can't wait to read you tomorrow. Have the best time ever Jess.


Tara from Brissy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Great work. I was wondering what radios you have and what frequencies you are using as there are plenty of ham operators out here that would love to listen in on you trip. Have fun, stay safe.

tassieparadise said...

Thanks for the wonderful updates Jessica, you make Australia proud


Chris said...

G'day Jess! things are going realwell for you. I love reading your blog, and I'm very impressed with how many people from all over the world are writing to you, and following your blog.
Cheers Chris

Newcatle NSW

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica

By the looks of the picture your heeling over a bit which means there's wind!!! YAY

Keep having fun
Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were making good steady progress and well done on your first week. I will be following your entire trip through your blog and then also your tracker.
Best of luck for your next week, as all too soon you will be back home.

Steady winds

Chequers said...

Hi Jessica. I read your blog first thing every morning and I am enjoying following your adventure.
Here's an idea. If it doesn't compromise security can you note your position when you blog (lat/long)so that we can plot you on google earth.
Be safe and good luck.
Wellington New Zealand

Kevin Tobin said...

Hi Jess, Nice to hear from you. Photo's and updates that you have been sending through are excellent and gives us all a feel for what you may be thinking and going through on your journey. Take care now, Kevin Tobin, Portland, Victoria

Ron Munro said...

26Oct today, my dear wifes 55th birthday. We are having Pizza tonight with our 3 daughters and their families. I am sure you can't get Pizza delivered to the Pink Lady, so I will dedicate my first slice to you; a fair dunkum adventurous aussie Woman!! You Go Go Girl!!

Twinny said...

G'day Jess,
We think of you many times a day and love seeing your photo posted today. You look like a little mermaid lost at sea.We are looking forward to your safe return and calling you our AUSSIE QUEEN OF THE OCEAN! Best wishes to the days ahead.
Twinny, Hervey Bay, QLD

Ray said...

Hi Jess,
Ray from Syd; when my kids get afraid of something, I tell them to read your blog so they can put their fear in perspective; always works. I won't be suprised after this journey, you'll end up in Oprah's show. Ain't that cool!

Phil said...

Thanks for the update, Jessica. I'm looking forward to following you around the world. May you have fair winds and following seas.

Georgie said...

Hay Jesse

One week down good on ya champ. Still loving ya blog.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!Your blog is the first one I check out every morning - before my kids and other immportant blogs! It's very exciting to follow you.
Wish you another happy, calm and nice day :-)

Susanne from

pauly said...

Will be reading your notes everyday and sharing your experience with my family as we eat dinner each night.
Good luck Jessica,
From the Scheibel family in Sydney.

Pedro said...

Hi Jess....I am off to head off work now but read your blog first....well... I will take your blog as inspiration for me to fulfil my dreams. I do not think there will be a round the world sailing but there are other things that I have said I will do but never done. Time to take first step for me then, you inspire me.

Use tons of sunblock Jess....Have an awesome sailing
Pedrito from Peurto Rico

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
thanks for the update, congratulations on your first week, may all of them be as successful as the first.
I admire you all, you, your parents and your support team, but the drive, the focus, the juice so to speak comes from you, because if you had not been so clear on what is right for you to experience, the rest could not have fallen behind to support you.
You are one of Jessica, not even one in a Million and reading the comments, you have inspired and are inspiring people all over the globe.
You have inspired me to search out more dreams and go for them, and I am 62! And that is the gift you gave me, to follow my own dreams as clear and precise as you follow your own.
I have never been on a boat before (one time on a ferry) on an ocean, but I might just engage the experience, when I come to Australia in November.
As long as I am on this planet, there is no telling what I might do yet!
The photo is great, you look relaxed and very comfortable with your journey. Like a model too, as someone else said.
I enjoy reading your accounts and I also laugh and cry at the comments!
I have never followed a blog before, but then I am sure there were none as inspiring as yours.
Think of this Jessica, by being yourself all the way, you have expanded consciousness beyond belief!
I think, following ones own dreams, is what we all aspire to, but often we let circumstances stop us.
The only limitation we have is the one created in our minds!
Thank you for keeping to your dream, thank you to your parents and your team for supporting you in it.
Stay safe,
Trudy, Tirol, Austria

Bindo said...

Hi Jesse and support team
I have been following you from the start and now obsessed with your blog.
I know you can't give your exact chords,your are in a very crowded part of the ocean you could end up with a lot of boats changing course to intercept you just for a look.
Has your team decided on left or right of Fiji...I'd go left
(not as set a waypoint for 16° 6'2.86"S 174°49'3.14"E After Norfolk sail for 9 days
watch out for Matthew and Hunter islands then on to Kiribati.
Your team should be able to turn on your tracking by then and
the ocean shouldn't be as crowded.
Have a great time Jesse you have single handedly fixed the global economy..every one is racing out and buying a yacht.

Daniel said...

I´ve just find out for my self that I have started a new morning-routine.
1, Check Jessica Watson blog.
2, Check Jessica Watson Youtube-channel.
3, Check Jessica Watson homepage.
You are doing great, I´m so impressed!!
Daniel, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse
All what I want to say has aready been posted today... Thanks for the pic (so pretty!) and the information, how we check several times a day if there is some new blog or news, all the thoughts, admiration, care and love that are flying to you from all over the world.
Thank you for sharing your exciting (and frightening though) adventure with us. Your support team i doing a wonderful job. I guess you can consider all your blog's commentators as part of your team, the huge troop of your permanent well-wisjing and loving friends.
Richie from Paris

stuart said...

hi Jesse, wow youve done well &00 plus Nm is good , tell you what you are not missing the weather here in sydney town is mcold and wet , i reckon you have the best weather. thought about yopu this afternoon as i9 had lunch , um i thought what is jessica eating for lunch out in the blue yonder , tuna sandwich may be , thoase little tins of tuna are a god send , so easy and ytummy. take care , Gods speed . Stuart

sim said...

give us a wave! :)

Vin said...

Tell me Wonderwoman, what DOES scare you - mice, spiders, boys, dim-sims?

Anonymous said...

Great work Jess - keep it up and you'll be home long before your birthday. Am loving your blog updates and really look forward to checking up on your progress when I get home from work each day. The photos are an added bonus! Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi Jessica. I have a question.How long do you sleep at anytime. I mean do you sleep for 2 or 4 hrs at a time? if you could add my answer in one of your daily comment please. I look forward to watching your progress Thu out your trip good lucky and happy sailing I wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica
My name is Emily. How are you?
I am six years old.I think that you
are very brave!

Gina said...

oh how i am loving all the updates, and think its great that you are going out there and chasing your dreams, ppl wil seriously look up to you in the long run :D
i check your blog everday and wish that i could experince something that amazing.
good luck and all the best for what lies ahead.

A. said...

Keep up the fab work, Jess :)

Dave Russell said...

I start my day by reading your blog,Jessica. You must be an inspiration to all those kids out there. I just hope that all parents have pointed their kids in your direction to encourage them to do something with their lives instead of " being bored" all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! i read this everyday cant wait till you get back i luv that you are soo determined. I am 12 my name is Daisy and i am you biggest fan. God Luck

jodieedwards21 said...

Hi Jess
I what to thank you for encouraging my children to read, you are there favorite night time story, keep enjoying the travel.
love Jodie,Gary,Taylor and Hannah xx

Hossein said...


Bebie said...

I so enjoy following your journey. What wonderful parents and team you've got Jesse. Love the photo. I've never been a boat person in my 65 years. Your spirit of adventure inspires me and I'm learning a lot.

Anonymous said...

hey Jess,
best of luck for the weeks ahead, hope nothing too bad goes wrong. Crossing the equator should be an amazing moment.

p.s. cute pic

Blowers said...

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet. There are so many comments to get through!! But, are you planning on having an interactive map to show your current location and path travelled so far? Good luck for the rest of the voyage!

Shane said...

thanks Jesse for the specifics such as distance covered - the beauty of google is that we can see where you are - must be an incredibly different world out there and just so happy for you that your first week has gone extremely well... cya, shane (western australia)

Jen said...

Thanks for the update, Jessica. I am following your progress with great interest having just taken up sailing myself last year. God be with you.

Macca said...

thats a lot of people behind the scenes. must be preety good to have all this support now dont let us down and keep it oing


ps jess is cute

Ben said...

Hi Jessica, we're from Lismore in Northern NSW. After hearing about your blog, I thought I'd show it to my young daughter and explain what you were doing (she is four) - her message to you is "I love you Jessica and thank you for going on a boat trip and thank you for going all around the world because I haven't seen it - I am going to give you some toys and a card. Bethany"

indiantechie said...

Hey Jess, Loving the updates!! Well done so far and good luck for the rest of the trip! You CAN do it! and do upload photos so we can see you as well.

Jo said...

Hi Jess,

Not sure if the first blog published.

So here it is again.
Well done on setting off I am look forward to following you on your trip. The longest I have being at sea is 9 days, Fiji to NZ. It great was great I would love to sail around to world, one day. Jo :)

hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
Congratulations on a fine week. I really enjoyed the introduction to the Shore Crew. Knowing what is taking place behind you make's it all the more interesting. It sounds like you have a good crew behind you and they all work well together. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael from Kingwood, WV

ccgeorge said...

Hi Jesse, I know you have a way of not falling overboard. Could you tell us how it works please? George N.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
I just knew you would have a great team behind you, as you know behind every person is great mum and dad. They must be so proud of you at what you have achieved so far.
The conditions still look fantastic for sailing at the moment and as you said if you are doing 740 nm weeks with little wind, when it's good constant winds you may be looking 1000nm weeks, that would great.
I bet your mum has hidden some of your things, so you will need to give her a call.
So keep up the good work and look after yourself and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 11:24-25
24 One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. 25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Hi, Jessica! I am glad to read your good and positive post. I see from the comments that many were anxiously awaiting it. So gracious of you to mention and describe your support team. It rounds out the picture for us. I am certain that for all of them it is a labor of love and they are gaining as much from doing this for you as you are from them. I am praying daily for you, your safety and strength, and for your equipment to serve you well. I very much look forward to reports of your progress.

lilshawnee said...

Hi,Jess. So lad to hear from you again. We were worrid my little Ailison looks at your post evey day and if you miss she is sad.We are so happy you going all the way to the end This story your doing is so so big she has talked me into sailing so we will in 2 years sail to your country i have a lot of learning thou, you have so many post so i dought you will get to read mine but if you do i hope one day you will be able to e-mail or computer chat you are our HERO thats for sharining this with us all,we started with you from your start point and 8 months is a long time but your starting fo be like family with my girls i have a 13 and an 17 and the 13 was born on May 18 too she was so happy.
Hope to be able to talk to you one day take care lil Jess and be safe you on our minds and in our prayers and Harts
From the Lalondes Alison,Autumn,Ellen,and me Robert

Julian Davis said...

Well done Jessica. Keep up the good work. I love reading your blog .

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jesse,
This latest post was so interesting to read, you've helped to answer a few questions being asked, its fairly clear that most if not all your communications is via's also pretty cool to have the Meteorologist in New Zealand keeping you informed of the weather and trying to keep you in calm waters...I looking forward to seeing your Tracker finally working...I've been looking at Google Earth to work out where you are but it's a little tricky....

I love the self portrait of a sailor at sea, its a nice picture Jess....

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Goodluck!! i am also 16 and i can't even fathom the amount of courage that it would have taken to do this. i really hope that you make it, you prove to us all that if we really want something then we should go for it!!

JustJim said...


Please tell me that's a safety harness I spy.

Always, always, always wear one when you are out of the cockpit. I would hate to get up one morning to find that we had lost you overboard.

hunter66 said...

you go girl im so proud of you ! cant wait to read each post get home safely soon prayers and hugs to you x x x

hunter66 said...

you go girl love reading your posts stay safe and come home soon !!

Lou and Laura said...

Congrats on closing out week 1 with great progress. Our hearts and well wishes continue to sail with you. Thanks for sharing!

Ron said...

I'm now thinking of making an effort to break Francis Chichester's record as the oldest man to sail around the world. I know I could do it but it'll never develop beyond the dream stage. I'll just sail with you each day to fulfill my dream and take my usual six week cruise in the summer.

sherll said...

This picture would make a fantastic painting !

trentgs said...

By my watch you are into Tuesday- 5 am - will you keep changing time zones- or just have a sea date- with home time on a separate clock? Just noticed you're getting close to the International Dateline..atleast it will put us in the same days with you eventually... Time freaks huh?..Ship lag? ..not sure what to call it.
Another of my coworkers took your blog site info for his 13 year old daughter to as he said 'get into it'..No way to have squid stew I reckon...:O)

Gary & Jan

Gabi said...

G'day Jesse

All your land crew must be super helpful and nice.

See you 'round Jesse,

Fiona Perham said...

Hey Jessica, Mike's sister here.

Just want to wish you the best of luck :)
I know what it's like doing a trip like yours, as I've been through it all with my bro!
Will be following you all the way, and I look forward to the adventures you're gonna have.

All the best.

xtY said...

inspiring stuff :].

seeya at the finish line!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

You keep it up we where there to see you leave and will be there to see you come back in my son and i are behind you all the way !! We look up your progress every day and love reading about your days.
Go get them young lady.

Dylan & Dad

markgc said...

We love you Jess keep pushing on !!!

Anonymous said...

hi Jessica,
I am so interested in your journey and even though I am not into boats or don't live near the beach I still think what your doing is a great idea. What is it like to sail through the sea with so many things to think about? well anyway I hope you make it though and enjoy it while you go.

philmarion said...

Hey there,

Best of luck to you, am so envious of you. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Safe sailing. cheers.

Toby Ashton said...

Jessica I am loving the blog; following your journey is getting so addictive!!! Do you think you could speak to the crew back on dry land to see if it would be possible to get some kind of GPS postioning on a map so we can follow your progress via the website? It would be fascinating to be able to bring this up...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I am in Sydney and a great supporter of your fantastic enterprise... So pleased all is well for you over the first week..keep strong and look forward to your ongoing reports Kind regards Bruce Cameron

Anonymous said...

hey jess,

great that you have the pics up ;)
the water seem calm and both of u
look fabs. it must be quiet out there
only u the ocean, fish, skies and the stars.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update,Jessica. You are a very brave and smart girl. YOU CAN DO IT!!

Jo_v_Al said...

Alan, my husband, is avidly watching your progress but is not very techno savy - so I'm passing on his comments "Go for it girl!"
But we both want to know if you ate the squid? We are keen fisher-people (well he's the keen fisherman & I'm the keen nature loving follower) & we travel all the way to S. Aus. from Qld. to catch them - don't know what your missing if you didn't :)
Thinking of you & watching daily
Jo & Al (jo_v_al)

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