Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today was definitely a better day for progress with 13knots of wind from the north east pushing us along nicely. But if anything, it's been pretty quiet day out here again, just a lot of sparkling blue water and blue sky.

I was kept busy last night avoiding a bit of shipping and adjusting the Fleming windvane when the wind dropped right out. It was so quiet and flat for while that I brought my pillow out into the cockpit and grabbed a few cat naps of sleep under the stars.

It already feels like I'm settling right into a routine, grabbing a bit of sleep through the night and into the morning when I can, logging and plotting my position, digging through the food bags for meals and calling in for phone skeds twice a day. There's always something to do or check.

I've been hard at work eating my way through all the last minute presents and sweets that were shoved aboard just before we left. Every time I think I've eaten them all I seem to discover another packet stashed away somewhere!

Thanks for all the comments.



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Macca said...

keep on going jess i am behind ya all the way and will cmmnt u everydayy

keep us up 2 date pz


p.s jess is a cutie!!

Mel said...

Keep up the good work Jess.

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jessica,

I find myself checking the blog regularly for updates on your progress. Just reading about you experiences so far is exciting!

I'm just wondering, will you be keeping a video log?

Again, godspeed and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Safe sailing Jess, people in the UK are watching your progress with awe! Take time for yourself where possible and enjoy the experience!

ALJESH said...

hufff pufff pufff hufff puffff Just a bit of a puff to help you on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start Jessica. Good luck to you.

Cheryl and Steve said...

Jessica you are a great girl. I am loving reading your blogs. I am a grandmother of 5 girls and I know they are following you as I am. Keep safe sweetie. You make me proud to be an aussie.
Our love and prayers
Cheryl and Steve - Anna Bay NSW

Anonymous said...

Warm greetings from Poland. Asia

Angie said...

Hey Jess,
You go girl! Hope your day has gone well and you have made great progress. I am the mum of an 11 year old girl and 8 year old boy. Our prayers are with you for a safe adventure.

Col said...

Those peaceful clear nights are moments you'll always look back on. Col

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica.

I wish you the best of luck on your trip. I wonder something, how do you do when you're sleeping? How many hours can you sleep in a row, and are you worried something will happen to the boat while you're sleeping?

Wayne said...

Hi from NZ Jessica, good on you doing it, all the best and steady winds.

Anonymous said...

All the best Jess, we here at Flight Centre in Perth WA are watching your blog all the way!

Gia said...

Hi Jessica,
I hope you have fun on your trip. I am reading your blog every day. If you get bored you can check out my web site:
You see what music and movies there are.
Have an awesome adventure, I hope you break the record
Gia (12 years old)

helen said...

good sailing Jessica I admire you

Scott said...

Great to see you're getting the sails filled. Don't chow down on all those sweets at once.

Stay safe
Scott King

Gabriella said...

Go girl! Remember that day and night there are a lot of us inspired by your spirit keeping you in our thoughts and hearts and sending you our love and best wishes. You are so right to enjoy the moment as you settle into the rhythm of the seas.

Fernando said...

You´re doing great. Keep on sailing and telling us about your day´s run. You don´t sail alone.

Brendon Andersen said...

Sounds like you have settled in really well, and finally those winds in the Tasman are filling in for you. I am in the Navy and recently home from 6mths away, enjoy the beautiful flat seas and gorgeous weather while you can cos we all know it wont be like that all the time. Keep safe, and may the wind continue to fill your sails.
Take care and regards
Brendon Andersen

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jess! Granny & Grandad W here. Its so good to be able to log on and see what you're up to!
Your blogs are great. Jessie Martin ate all his sweeties the first four days out too!
Glad everything has come together in such an amazing way. We watched you from NZ as you sailed out of Sydney and are sooooo proud of you!
Lots of love from Waikanae XX00

Blair Lawson, Brisvegas QLD said...

Congratulations on a really gutsy effort... What an adventure you have ahead! You're already inspiring people.

Go Jess!

Blundoon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Tarbuck from Canberra said...

go girl....

jarrad said...

Wow that would be pretty cool just sleeping on the deck. Don't really think you are missing much on the coast. its hot and a little windy but otherwise boring. goodluck with everything.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Keep smiling,stay strong and never give up.You can make it. I hope you achieve what you set out to do Love reading your blogs each day.
from a fan in Toowoomba Qld.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Wishing you a safe journey, thinking of you always.
Shirley from Perth

jessihiggins said...

wow, it sounds absolutely amazing out there :)

Attitude said...

Well done so far Jess, Sounds like you have the right attitude!

roger and lou said...

glad to hear you have a breeze in your sails at last, enjoy the sweets and things while you can Jess and save some for later, happy and safe sailing, thinking of you, Roger and Lou Dwyer

Campbell Peel said...

Hi Jessica,Congratulations on your trip so far,i consider you to be a role model to young people all over the world, to show if you follow your dreams that they can come true, best of luck for tomorrow. and you can do it champ, Go Jessica xoxo

Campbell Peel Port Macquarie NSW

L.T.V (Initials) said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you achieve your dream of sailing-round-the-world-non-stop!!!You are the bravest, awesomest, coolest 16 year oldEVER!!!!

Good luck again,
Love from Lara!!

cody from indiana, usa said...

i admire your bravery!!!! hope all goes as planned jess.

Richard said...

Hi there!

Good luck with your journey and take care! GMY!

Greetings from Sweden, EU

Flower Child said...

Hey, I just read about you in the paper today and wanted to wish you luck and say that I'm envious of your ambition and drive. You will definitely go far in life.

Just a little luck from an american Soldier land locked in Korea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
We are a family from the Sunshine Coast and wish you all the best.
Keep blogging, we enjoy reading your blogs.
Safe travels
Christine Baldry
Christine Steele

xtY said...

Love reading the updates jess keep them coming!

Seeya at the finishline.

- xtY

Flower Child said...

hey, I just read about you in the paper today and wanted to say how envious I am of your ambition and drive. You will definitely go far in life.

Just a little luck from an American Soldier, land-locked in Korea.

Mitchell Dyer said...

Wow jessica my name is Mitchell Dyer and i am 13 years old i live in victoria and you are my hero, because you are living your dream and following your heart and thaths what i want to bee like

Go Jess you are an insperation to me

Love Mitchell Dyer

mackey said...


I would be interested in knowing some technical stuff as you go. If you can, please post GPS position, wind speed and direction and boat speed.


Bill from USA

Nicholas said...

Hi Jess,

I noticed you have swapped the wheel for a tiller! Was I imagining or didn't the Pink Lady have a wheel when you left QLD to head down to Syd? ...

God speed ... Nix

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what your doing, your an inspiration for myself and people all over the world. It's great that you've got this blog up so we can all follow you in your journey.

Maybe you could post your location along with the blog posts so we can see where you are as you write?

Anonymous said...

Hope you will have a great journey!
Will follow it all the way.
Take care and GMY!

Greetings from Richard, Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Port Macquarie High school 7R Geog students. We wish u well & we r going to follow your journey.We dont think u need to do school work as u r learning enough as u go!Have fun & stay safe.

Song Riter said...


Thanks for sharing your journey with all us bloggers and land lubbers. Is there any way you can download pics to your blog site? that would be awesome! sounds like an easy day for you. Glad to hear you caught some wind today.

Safe Journey,

John In USA

Fisherman said...

Hey Jessica,
greetings from Germany. I wish you good luck and always a good wind on your fascinating journey. Can't wait to read your newest blog entries. You will succeed! Have fun!

Robert said...

Hi Jessica, just a quick note to say I'm thinking about you all time. Also you are not alone out there because Ella's Pink Lady is chocca block full with Australians who are there with you in spirit to help you get home safely. Good luck Jessica. My thoughts are with you.
Robert Tranter

mikisdad said...

Congratulations on a good start, Jessica. You truly are an inspiration. I look forward to reading more about your experience as your journey progresses. Every success to you.


Anonymous said...

What an adventure! Best of luck. There are a lot of people thinking about you so don't ever feel lonely out there, even if you think you are. Keep us all posted!
Sharon from Sydney

Anonymous said...

I am following you voyage with great interest.

It would be more interesting if you add your position cordinates at the beginning of each post, so we can copy it and past in google maps.

wish you safty and success,


Chris Akenfelds said...

Great to hear you finally have some decent wind, Jessica. Hopefully now you will be able to plough across the Tasman at a respectible rate of knots. Hey, we're all dying to see some photographs of the sights you have been seeing! Will you be loading them up soon?

Laurel Bryant said...

You are a very brave young woman and we wish you all the best.
We know you can do it
Geoff & Laurel Bryant

Casino NSW

Sally said...

Hi Jessica

Sounds like you had a lovely night - eating sweets and catching a few zzzz's under the stars.

May the weather be with you!!!

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." ~Vincent Van Gogh


Sally In Sydney

Andreas said...

Its amazing to follow this Journey... your awsome...

Cheers from Sweden...


An Aussie in Norway said...

Good on ya Jessica! What i'd do to be stuck out at sea for 8 months! You'll see and experience things that 99.99% of people in this world never will!

taylah_ said...

haha, don't eat them all too quickly, youll miss them at the end! lol :p

aaron quirk said...

Good Luck Jessica, i bet reading blog comments in the quieter times will be something to pass the time and for you to know you have loads of people thinking of you on this journey.

You are an inspiration to ALL especially people of your age group.

Keep safe and strong


Kevin Tobin said...

Hi Jessica, It's great to read your daily comments. Keep up the excellent work and enjoy. Take care along the way. Kevin Tobin, Portland

Ben said...

good work jess!
glad to read that everything is taking place nicely.
look forward to tomorrow's blog
good luck tonight

Robert said...

Hi Jessica. Just a quick note to let you know you are in my thoughts always. Also, you are not alone out there, Ella's Pink Lady is chocca block full of Australian's that are there with you to help you get home safely. I cry thinking of you alone out there being lonely. Anyway all the best and safe journey. Cheers. Robert.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Thanks for the updates. Please keep them coming. Don't worry about posting stuff you think is unimportant or trivial. I think most people would be more interested in things like how you are feeling, whether you've been scared or bored, what you are eating, how you managed a reef or made some repair etc, than whether you are making good progress or are going to break the record. At least that's why I keep checking your blog.
Good sailing.

Gillian said...

AM I the first comment? I am I am! Only about 400 more to go. At least you have something to read.

Sorry to be dumb, what is a phone sked?

Andrew said...

good to heir that the wind came!!! and that all is well out there
Fair winds nand following seas

O'Connell Family said...

Hi Jess
Don't eat all the sweets at once!!! We are really excited for you and absolutely with you all the way! We'll be folloing your blog as you make your journey and we really really want you to achieve this!
Have a great night
Love All the O'Connell Family in Mosman, NSW

Marco said...

Wish all the best for your wonderful adventure ! I am from Italy and following, with higher interest, your wonderful worldwide sailing ! Be strong, cheers Marco

benjcturner said...

Who approves all these comments? Theres so many! Just goes to show how many people you are inspiring on this journey of yours and from places all over the world! would love to see some photos of those sunsets you spoke of if you get the chance!
Ben Turner - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
My family were on a dinghy following you out of Middle Harbour on Saturday. As a mother I felt nervous for you, but having an adventurous spirit myself, I admired your great courage. We wish you good luck and Godspeed. We will be there to meet you on your return.

Sally, Sinclair, Joe and Cassius Clinton

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica on getting under way.
Enjoy the gentle introduction to your voyage. You've already come through just about the worst nightmare of a single hander, and this has strengthened you for the challenges that are undoubtedly in front of you.
I've done a bit of sailing, often singlehanded, and I'm with you all the way on your venture.
From Simon and Garfunkel:
"Sail on silver girl,
Sail on by
Your time has come to fly,
All your dreams are on their way,
See how they shine"
best wishes,
Kathy Veel,
SV Quintet
ps, any chance you could post your position on the blog?

Anonymous said...

Keep some of the sweets for later. You won't believe how excited everyone here is, even in far away America. We don't go to bed or get up without checking your progress first and even at work sometimes sneak onto the internet to see if anything new is posted. We all admire you and we are with you in our thoughts.

Simon said...

You are fully courageous, I love following your blogs and your journey inspires me. I run a small business with about 11 employees. Sailing solo around the world is incredibly the bravest thing someone can do. I wish you all the best and look forward to following you on your journey.

michelleturner said...

God speed Jessica, I love reading your daily blogs. My family will be at the pier when you return triumphant. My son did his first Hobart race last year, and I was with him (in spirit) all the way. Likewise, I feel a rapport with you and will follow you closely.Go girl !!

Michael said...


Watching your progress with great interest. All the best I look forward to reading tomorrows blog entry.

Heather said...

I bet the stars look amazing out on the water away from all lights. Enjoy your adventure, its something many of us will never get the chance to do.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration Jess, have a great time and we will check in regularly to hear of your adventures love Lisa Tasmania

aakesdotter said...

Good luck!

I'm looking forward to follow your adventure :-)

Åsa, Sweden

Fredric Jacobsen said...

Good luck on your trip around the globe! I will be following your blog everyday!
Love / Fredric from Sweden

5metreswell said...

Hi Jessica, glad you have a bit more wind in your sails today. I was curious, do you have fishing gear on board?

Have a great night.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, well your off! on your way into the unknown on your journey, sounds like a great thing to do at your age just all our past pioneers good on you hope it all goes well, I will keep track and cheer you on.

tony souter said...

hi chick

tony here from new zealand

just read ur brog sound like ur doing well all that carm sea u havin wld drive me mad coz im a roff and good stendy wind guy ay i like the speed i understand everything ur saying and were ur cuming from well ill keep reading ur brogs oxo

Tony said...


It is nice for you that is has been a quiet start, but you are "at sea" and she has all sorts of ways.

Sail & Fare Well.


Johan Ekström said...

Hi Jessica! Found your blog when you left Sydney. It+s really fun to read about your adventure, you are living out my and many others dream. I hav one question about if its possibale to follow you in another way, not just the blog, like you GPS kord, on a map. Would be nice.

Bring you the horisont...
Johan From Sweden

Anonymous said...

barWe heard about your story on the news. We have been reading your blog online. Please add more pictures, We love the ones of the ocean calm seas and beautiful sunsets are always welcome.
Keep your chin up and keep doing what you are doing. You make the hard things in life look easy. That is a great gift to give to everyone. My husband has been in alot of pain. In your story he finds peace, a place where he can think about your sailboat, a full stary sky and just the sound of the water. It's just enough to help him focus on other things beside pain.

Thank you for being so brave, you are helping people even if you don't know it. Stay Safe God is with you.
Nashville Tennessee

Ray said...

Hi Jess,
Ray from Sydney.
Today in Sydney, the year 12's are having their first day doing their HSC (High School Certificate for the readers outside OZ). I used you as an example to my 18 year old son to calm his nerves before the exam. I'll lend you my guardian angel while you are on your journey. Her name is Monnie. She will accompany you and protect you from danger. Keep the updates coming. We will follow your incredible journey !! God bless you.

Graham said...

There's no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue, there's no joy in merely doing things which any one can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you reach a destination people believed you'd never make

EmmaCooper said...

go jess we are watching you and whenever you come up at school i take so much pride in saying "she taught me to sail!!!" so good to see that dream in action :)

nice that you had clam days to sat off!

Gary said...

Hi Jess its me again,
I am following your course like a bloodhown after its prey.
I am glad your speed has increased. How far out from Sydney are you. I have estimated about 160 Nm. Are you able to put that information in your next lot of information.
Hope all is well and stay safe.
Gary Thompson
Carrum Downs Vic.

karen said...

May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.
good luck from karen

Emma said...

Hi Jesse,
At school we read your blog for our shared reading, we all enjoy reading your blog! It is heaps better than what we used to read!!!
Your blogs are so interesting though.
I better let you go.
Lots of Love Emma xxxxx

Orit Berl said...

Watching the stars over the open sea without light pollution must be an amazing experience.
Good sailing to you,
Orit, Israel

Friends from Sydney said...

Hi Jess,
Good luck on your big adventure. My children and I watched you leave and have already enjoyed your blogs.
They hope you see some more dolphins and whales.

Friends from Sydney

Alessandro Machi said...

I apologize for making a suggestion since you and your help have probably thought of everything. Do you have any kind of a wind chime or something that would wake you were you to fall asleep at night but need to be quickly warned if a sudden gust of wind came up?

Of course the wind chime would probably have to be set up so that it doesn't make a sound for every small gust of wind...

Ted said...

Jessica, sounds like the sweets are keeping you busy. Good to hear. Look forward to following your blog. I envy your commitment to making your dream come true. My prayers are with you. Godspeed.

Ted (Wisconsin)

Anonymous said...

go girl!
may God be with you...
we will be checking on your progress


Karen said...

Hi Jess,

My friend and I were chatting about you today and wondered if you could tell us in a blog post how on earth you fit all your food and water onboard for allllll the months your away! It's got us totally baffled as we can't possibly imagine where you fit it all!
Glad you had some progress with the winds today!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget a hat, sunnies and blockout, Jess. Otherwise, the lenses in your eyes and your skin will be a lot older than you when you return.

Travel Safe

Dr Frank

Emma said...

Hi Jesse,
I love going to school each day and reading your blog it is so good... AND interesting!!!
I better let you go...

Lots of Love Emma

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess sounds wonderful out there
love reading your updates,
It is such a great journey you are on Cheers Michele Qld

Anne said...

Dear Jessica,

Keen to check your blog to keep up with your adventurous travels. Well done. Many are amazed and supportive of your dreams and goals. Take care and God Speed.

Malcolm said...

So proud of you! Go girl.

Jessika said...

Thats awesome Jessica keep up the good wind speed :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I am Laura (29) from Germany. I will follow you on your great adventure by reading your blog daily. I wish you a beautiful journey!
All the best from Germany, Laura

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog entries! Great to be able to follow your progress. Do you have photos from along the way that you will be able to put up on here too? All the best, Good luck :)

James said...

Great to hear that you're settling in. I'll be following your blog just like hundreds of others.

Take care.

MorpheousXO said...

Glad to hear that things started moving a bit today! Best of luck!

yarnek said...

Hi Jessica, Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us interested old-timers aware of your activities and the conditions you are experiencing. Though I know zip about sailing I was a fisherman and diver for a few years off the east coast out of Eden and have taken an interest in your quest from the minute I learned of your quest. I, and a few hundred thousand others wish you a fair wind and smooth sailing. We're with you all the way.
You show 'em Girl!

Anonymous said...

when you left syndey harbour you didn't have a life vest on or tethered to boat. Hope your not doing that out there. not setting a good example

tripper said...

Any time for fishing?

Rosemary said...

Hey, Jess - keep a few of those treats for days when you may just need a little boost! Good to hear you are sailing along and that you had a bit of a breeze.
Talk to you tomorrow.

OLIVIA W said...

Hi Jessica. I love your boat. Who thought of the name ELLA'S PINK LADY? You are very brave. Are you sad? My name is Olivia and I am 7. Good luck with your adventure!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope you're exercising the junk food off!

Jaap said...


Hope you'll have great weather for your entire sailing journey. Will check regularly to see how it's going! (Many people envy you..!)

Regards from Holland,

save said...

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!! Could you give us an overview of your food supplies? what kind of food did you take with you? I guess that you don't have a specific menu per day, do you?

Go girl! ;)

Bruno (Melbourne)

Robert said...

Go Jess.. I am really stoked 4 you. !6 years old and doing something like this. You beauty mate. I reckon it's top's doin what your doin.. don't ever worry about the negative stuff from the media. If your feeling safe in yourself and strong and hopeful then give it a good crack.. Wish I had that much courage when I was your age.. Love ya work, from Rob, 34, sitting on my arse in Casino Nsw...x

Anonymous said...

Jessica, We are so proud of you and you only just started your voyage. This the George Koulakis the Airforce family in Townsville, we have written before in support of your wonderful adventure and as far as we are concern YOU CANT LOOSE! Simply taking part in such a unique journey makes you a champion Australian. As a family we will read your daily blogs and try and imagine everything you describe, so make sure you paint a really good picture with words so the rest of us living in boring’ville get to imagine ourselves on this journey. Safe Sailing, and may the winds carry you home to us soon.
GK and family.

Emma said...

Hi Jesse,
I love going to school and reading your blog! It is very interesting and enjoyable!!!!!!1
I better let you get back to sailing!

Lots of Love Emma

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
So the wind came for you thats great so watch out for those ships. Go for it girl all are looking out for.
Best wishes and stay safe.


Ron Nordberg said...

Go for it kiddo, would love to something si,ilar in the 12 footer I just built lol. Seriously, take care love and get home safe.

Tony Bryant said...

No Hurry, Jessica. Slowly, Slowly catchy monkey.

Good Luck for your trip.

Harry Kooros said...

HI Jessica Good Luck With it all!!!

I met you when i was doing a sailing course


John. said...

Hey Jess, dont eat all the lollies just yet. You will be craving for them later...lol cheers and good luck.John

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, great work keep going. Do you think you can include your location co-ordinates in your blogs so we can track where you are??


Tony Bryant said...

No hurry Jessica. Slowly, Slowly, catchy monkey.

Good Luck for your journey.

Anonymous said...

Good going Jessica, have just discovered your blog and I will be watching and hoping all goes well! Emma, NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi jess,
good too see your settling in.
all the best pete..............

Anonymous said...

You are just doing great. You are a true inspiration. Keep up the awesome spirit. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I am loving reading your blogs. I find myself checking several times a day to see if you have written something yet. It all sounds so amazing. You are so lucky. All the best.

John (UK) said...

Do you ever feel worried, and what do you do (or will you do) to get round any anxieties?

Mark Welton said...

I sit here about to spend some time with my Bible and talking to my Lord, and I envy you. LOL What a joy it must be to sleep under His stars, and hear the ripple of the water against the side of Ella as you glide through the sea. Use this time, to reflect, and contemplate the four questions that all humans eventually ask of themselves, where did I come from, where am I going, what is my purpose, and How will I choose to live? Be careful. I will pray for you this morning, that the Lord Jesus Christ would be there when you are afraid, calm the seas when you are at risk, and allow you to see the glory of His creation.

Peter and Kerri said...

Yay! Glad to see you are moving again Jesse. Peter and Kerri, Canberra

Alan and Lena said...

Hi Jess, Make sure you keep loving every moment because you're 1% through your journey already ...

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast Oz

michael. said...

Hi Jess!!!! Michael here a journalist.

Jess.. you are a little inspiration. Never say never. keep going!!! Australia is with you!!)

Benjamin Wright said...

What's it like to lay under the stars in the middle of the ocean? I bet you could see every single one without light pollution there :)

Andrea said...

Hi Jess,
Add me to your fan club. You are an inspiration. I look forward to following your blog. Getting this far is already a massive achievement. All the best!
Andrea (VIC)

Antonio said...

hello Jesse a solitary sailor ..... hello from italy for today ....

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jess,
Great update.....dont eat too much...lol
Just keep enjoying the trip and be careful. I am fascinated about you having to avoid shipping!!!

Tom said...

Good luck Jessica. You are an inspiration. I look foward to ckecking your site daily and tracking your progress.


Antonio said...

hello Jesse a solitary sailor ..... hello from italy for today ....

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess glad to hear you are doing o.k. take care and enjoy yourself
Gail and Lex Queensland

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Australia should be proud that a girl has the courage and determination for such a fantastic but challenging adventure. lm enjoying the blogs and really looking forward to the tracking coming on line.
Enjoy the journey and enjoy watch each days bring.

Take care and be safe.


jake said...

yay first comment!!!! i hope

Hahaha dont go eating all the choclate and sweets to early wont have any for later keep up the good work!!!

Mark said...

Hi there Jess. Just wanted to wish you all the best in your adventure around the world and say for such a young person you are amazingly well spoken and your blogs are just as well written. I know you can do this and cannot wait for you to show all the nay sayers where to shove it! Watch them all lining up to kiss ur ass when you get back. Hugs, kisses and Gods speed. MC

lillee said...

Glad to read that all is going well for you on your journey - stay safe and I look forward to reading your news each day.

Go Aussie Go

Christine said...

Good luck Jessica, travel safe. I look forward to reading your blog each day, and hearing about your daily adventures!

Enjoy your lollies, hope you don't run out too soon,


Smurf said...

Go girl, you've captured our imagination!

Jeffery said...

Are you allowed to use your engine in an emergency e.g. to avoid shipping when you are in a flat calm?
Great to hear those first couple of days are safely behind you and that you must be settled into a good shipboard routine by now.
Thanks for the great blogs.

Robin Peters said...

So nice to see you are on your way Jessica but for all the thousands of us following, could you just give a latitude and longitude from your log, with each blog please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Sounds like you're having a great time out there. I've never done an off-shore passage myself but really looking forward to the experience. I guess sleep is a huge issue so glad you are getting some rest.


Charter-Checker Team said...

we are curiously following your blog and all the reports of your georgeous adventure. Even as passionate sailors we can only imagine what you are experiencing. Enjoy the good times and we wish you enough strenght when it gets rough out there. We're sure you'll handle it!
All the best and good luck!
The Charter-Checker.com team.

Roman said...

Hey Jess,

Glad to hear the wind's cooperating today, as for quiet, that's what the radio's for, blast it. :P I bet it'll be nice once you're out past the shipping lanes, you'll be able to get more sleep maybe. Yup, definitely eat anything that might get fuzzy or walk away on its own, LOL, if you don't,your nose will find it for you later :) Take it easy.

Roman in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
Save some of those sweets!! Enjoy your trip and we will keep reading your blog daily!

From the Stuart family in Brissie!

Anonymous said...

Hello and congratulations on your epic voyage, you truly are an inspiration to all young girls of your age, lonlyness will be your biggest threat, but you seem a very level headed young lady, and so stay safe and don't take any un-neccasary risks.

James Boland.

Baz said...

Hi jessica,
What an adventure, just like the pioneers of a bygone era. Have fun and make sure you get your sleep. Godspeed.
Baz, Elyse and Elkie. (syd)

Anonymous said...


I follow your blog and your are a true inspiration for all of us ORDINARY people!

Wish you all the best and be carefoul iut there!
/Susanne from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

save some of the yummy stuff for the journey Jess....good you are on the move albeit slowly....enjoy the magnificent nature that surrounds you and know you are not alone...you have thousands of people willing your safe passage. As I walked on the beach at Alex Heads today I thought of you as I looked at the horizon and asked the sea gods to be gentle for you!!
Sue (Buderim)

Tony S said...

I hope you find all those treats... they'll get smelly if you dont!!!

Hopefully the dolphins dont scare away the fish... are you trolling?

Good Luck

Tony S

Gabi said...

GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to be reading your blog daily.


Anonymous said...

Love hearing about your trip.. Just enjoy this calm weather and know everyone back home is cheering you on.
Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the winds are being kind today. Have a good sleep and smooth sail on the 'morrow.

Paul - Sydney

Anonymous said...

hi jessica! :)
we follow you and support you from Milan, Italy.


Philippa said...

Hello Jessica, I am happy that you are going o.k, my Mum is going to help me follow your progress. My name is Jessica too but I am only 6yrs old. I hope you have a good sleep. Love Jessica


Hi Jessica,
Our family love reading your blog each day. Your an inspiration to our children. Our thoughts are with you each day - enjoy every minute of this life changing journey.
Best Wishes from the Sunshine Coast,
Andrew,Cindy, Jack, Ben & Grace

JoshD said...


I'm still following you,

Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, just been reading your latest blog, we are 7 years old and we wanted to know if you have seen any whales?

We think you are amazing

Cara & Isabelle

Gillian said...

Hi Jesse,
Here's hoping u have a magic trip.What an adventure! wow...
Here's my all time favourite saying, which suits you well...Enjoy!
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

james said...

Love reading your blog, will definitely follow your entire trip.
Like your writing style and interesting information about your daily activities. Have a safe trip.

Jason said...

Hey Jess
It sounds pretty nice out there, spare us a thought tomorrow while im at school. Look forward to reading more about the trip.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

Good luck and safe travels, really glad you didnt let anyone stop you having a go!

Will you be trolling any lures behind pink lady to catch a fresh dinner?

Luv M&B

Anonymous said...

good going jess, keep sailing safely to your first destination

Daniel said...

Amazing Jessica! Trying to follow your progress from Sweden. I´ve just heard of this project and follow your blog. Hopeing you can post some pictures and maybe video on this blog aswell? Maybe I have missed it but it would be nice if someone in this project would "make" a webpage where we can follow Ella´s Pink Lady route in pictutes, like google earth or something. Best regards from Sweden!! Daniel, Gothenburg Sweden.

Kingpaco2 said...

Good luck! I KNOW you can do it. I will be hoping and praying for you. Also sending reams of good vibes and wishes!!!

daisy loves pink said...

hi jess
love pink,love alla
your Awesome,
we are reading your ur blog in history class every day, i know youll make history,wish you the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Dont eat all your chocolate in the first week !

Save some for next May !!!

Courtney & james

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

You are an incredible inspiration, I wish you continued wind and blue skies! Good luck and Godspeed. Mike

Anonymous said...

Congrats that you have finally left our shores and with a lot of opinion being bantered every where.
I am a mother of a 15 almost 16 year old and to watch your mum's reaction to you setting sail on Sunday conveyed just how certain she is that you can do it.One can only admire the support you have from your family and friends and sponsors.I will keep watching your website to see where your at.
Best wishes for a safe journey and I hope your dreams become realities
Michelle Woodhall

triple said...

could we have more info on jessicas blog about which sails she has up and any sail changes made

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess

Glad to read that you had a great day, keep sailing, take care and good night!

Kavya Anand, Singapore

Anonymous said...

With you as you go Jessica!!!

I cannot ever hope to do what you are doing but I so enjoyed to hear your description yesterday of the clear, glassy and still ocean!! Do you remember the poem "The Ancient Mariner" - "as still as a painted ship upon a painted ocean".

Your experiences whet the appetite for what shall follow as you go. Please keep up the stories of the ocean around you, your feelings and gut instincts as well as the little moments of pleasure you experience.

Become part of your environment - try to merge with it - and not be just an external observer. Use all your senses and pay attention to your instincts as an early warning system. This will help get you by (along with your training and common sense of course).

Please continue to describe what you see and feel (where appropriate) and be the "eyes" and "ears" and "nose" for all of us who are following you!!

Will keep in touch from time to time.

West End Brisbane

Pace Family said...

Dear Jessica, Our family admire your courage to pursue your dreams. Our children Sarah (17), Darren (14) and Monique (11), are all following your journey. We are behind you 100% Jess. Our prayers are with you every step of the way on your adventure of a lifetime. Dave, Jan, Sarah, Darren and Monique, Auckland, New Zealand

Richard said...

Seems like there should be a way for you to send and receive messages more often. LOL Waiting 24 hours to know your progress and that you are safe and what's going on around you is taxing for all of us who care. So we live. Today was an exciting day in sports for us sports fans in the USA. Great playoff baseball. Angeles and Phillies came through with last minute victories. The rest of the world remains childish. Have a belssed day.

Rahul Mohanty said...

Hello there Jessica,

I've never been a fan of reading blogs or for that matter anything to be honest. Quite surprising for a 19 year old University student.

But, Your journey and your goal has inspired me for the first time to read someone's blog. I have just started reading your blog for the journey.

Keep safe. And I'll make sure I send a message to you through the blog 'once in a while.'

Best wishes from an Indian in Auckland. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Great - GOOD LUCK and wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Black Joe here, really interesting reading some of these blogs and hearing how strong and focused you are, the local sentiment regarding your departure and passage has swung very much in your favour in my opinion. Hope you haven't had to use the knife yet, don't forget it's a loaner.
Go you good thing.

Jane said...

Hi Jessica
It's good to know you're ok and on course.... keep finding those sweets.

Sydney was bathed in summer today 27 degrees and 31 tomorrow. Hope the weather stays good for you.
Will touch base again with you.
Jane and Scott, Mosman, Sydney.

Anonymous said...

With you as you go Jessica!!!

I cannot ever hope to do what you are doing but I so enjoyed to hear your description yesterday of the clear, glassy and still ocean!! Do you remember the poem "The Ancient Mariner" - "as still as a painted ship upon a painted ocean".

Your experiences whet the appetite for what shall follow as you go. Please keep up the stories of the ocean around you, your feelings and gut instincts as well as the little moments of pleasure you experience.

Become part of your environment - try to merge with it - and not be just an external observer. Use all your senses and pay attention to your instincts as an early warning system. This will help get you by (along with your training and common sense of course).

Please continue to describe what you see and feel (when appropriate) and be the "eyes" and "ears" and "nose" for all of us who are following you!!

Will keep in touch from time to time.

West End Brisbane

northwind62 said...

Looking forward to hearing more on your trip. Fairwinds from Florida!

aye said...

Hey just wanted to say that I think that I like the way you are going for this goal. I hope that more people can follow their dreams and..though I hate to use the phrase as it's been captured by a corporate..just do it (and not talk about it!)

Gustav L said...

I love this blogg! And I cant believe Im the first one to comment on this Post..

Keep up the good work. Give me a call if you feel like detouring to Sweden..

//Gustav L

Nev said...

Hi Jess

Being an avid sailor I have watched your progress with interest and must admit prior to you departing Mooloolaba I was a sceptic. After your run in with a couple of ships (and the mostly negitive publicity that followed) I was impressed with your response to the incident both as a accomplished sailor and as a mature young woman and have become a believer.

It is obvious as I sit here reading all the messages wishing success and support that you have become an inspiration to not only a nation but to the world.

Enjoy your journey, continue to learn and enhance your already considerable sailing knowledge and have fun

Cheers for now

Nev (Brisbane)

Anonymous said...

Its very exciting to follow your journey. Fairwinds from Saint augustine, Florida

Anonymous said...


You are an inspiration.

Without people like yourself, driven by the sense of adventure that originally led to the discovery of Australia and other far away lands, the world would be a lifeless rock covered in mud skippers and mushrooms.

Be safe. I hope you have wind at your back and the sun on your face all the way.

Kyle (NZ + Canada)

Steve said...

Whats the craic Jess?? Just want to wish you all the best on your travels, and i that i think your so brave in what your doing. I'm 23 and I've sailed all my life and i know i wouldn't be able for it!! I'll follow your progress on the blog,

Good look, good wind... and good times!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - its great to read your blogs, keep them up.

Can you talk about your communications back home, what kind of systems do you run, how do you get weather forecasts etc, and what kind of system do you use for internet, and how well does it work. Can you use things like skype/yahoo and talk to your friends. I'm hoping as the days pass that you dont get lonely. Can you get live radio or tv from any where.

Christine (from Melbourne)

nutralady2001 said...

Good luck Jess! Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Glad to here you are getting some knots, remember to eat your brain food!

Matthew said...

Sounds like your doing great, nice work. Im just wondering about how far you have travelled in you first few days. It would be great if you could keep us updated with that. Hope all things go to plan and you continue to have a safe enjoyable journey.


Hilda said...

It must be so wonderful to sleep under the stars and not have to worry about mozzies, snakes and all those other land critters. And the stary sky must be absolutely awesome!! What an experience you are living! Go Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

you go girl!!

Worldviewer said...

Brave, beautiful young lady...

You have embarked on a journey that few in this world will ever make. As evidenced by the many kind remarks shared by strangers from all over the world, your vessel carries on wind and sail, the countless wishes and dreams of those who can not be there. As you move forth, allow the positive energy of so many caring souls to bring a smile to your heart in times of ease and comfort to your mind in times of stress.

May your journey be safe and may all that YOU dream, become reality.


tony plunkett said...

Hi Jess
Good luck on your adventure and don't worry about the skeptics .... at least your not hitting a bar somewhere or those other nasties that young people get tangled up in... ... just keep your eye out for those dreaded reefs in the mid of nowhere above NZ ... I love your courage and would hope I could follow one day though not for a record at my age...
Fair winds and safe travels matee .... I take my hat off to you
You can make a record attempt if you wait "till your old enough"
forever forward girl and the best of luck
I will be following through this site

Anonymous said...

G`day Jess, nice to hear your having a nice smooth trip, and your enjoying your munchies, i hope you manage to get plenty of sleep. Safe trip, mate.
Regards from Ben

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