Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Miss The Most

Ella's Pink Lady has been steadily plodding along north and east out into the Atlantic and yesterday I was treated to a day of incredible sunshine. It was so lovely that I actually drifted off to sleep, sprawled out across the cabin top (of course, with my Ella Bache sunscreen on!). The warm sun and the sound of the water against the hull had me nodding off within minutes.

Better still I was woken up by a pod of beautiful back and white dolphins swimming along next to us. As always they were a treat to watch, playing in the greeny, blue swell. Then there was the pretty pink sunset that I could actually enjoy sitting outside without feeling like my fingers and toes were about to fall off. Sorry, I feel like I'm bragging!

Seeing as I've been out here for over three months and very almost 100 days, I thought I'd put together a list of what I miss the most. Not that it's not all totally worth it out here!

Family and friends pretty obviously come first .Particularly my brother and sisters. Second is being able to sleep and relax without the constant feeling of needing to be ready for anything. Third would be sleep - long, uninterrupted sleep with no alarms and nothing to wake me! (That's how I intend on spending my first few weeks back home, so please don't make any plans for

Then there's walking. I really miss being able to stretch my legs on the beach or anywhere actually. And food. Even though I'm still not at all bored with what's on-board, I'm often having a craving for various types of fresh food, a crunchy salad, any type of fruit, even vegetables. I'd give a lot for a good cup of coffee, as you can't do much with slightly gross tank-water and powdered milk!

A long hot bath goes without saying and I can't say how much I'd appreciate someone else taking a turn at washing the dishes for a change!

Oh, and chocolate that hasn't been melted and re-set, I certainly miss that. It just doesn't taste the same!

It's another nice day in this part of the Atlantic. Ella's Pink Lady is reaching at 5knots with 13knots of wind. I'm off to put the fishing line out again. Something that I've neglected since it got cold. I'm not sure what there is to catch down this way, but no harm in trying right?



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Grant said...

Dear Jess,
My second song inspired by your amazing effort is up on you tube :

Sailing Home

Ella, Pink Lady
Carry her home
She'll guide you by night
You'll sail on alone
'Neath the stars and the heavens
You don't realise
That the world is watching
We see through her eyes

And she's sailing
'Neath the Horn and the Cape
She's sailing
Destiny waits
And she's sailing
Sailing home

Keep on sailing girl!

Pete and Nancy in Keene, NH. USA said...

Good evening Jess,

Great to hear from you once again. We're glad that you've gotten to get a little sleep and relax a bit. You've earned it. Hopefully you got to take a few pics of the dolphins. Not to worry, soon you'll get to walk, sleep, stretch out and eat green salads with fresh fruit. By the way, I don't believe that you mentioned ice cream !!!

Keep on keepin on and stay safe. The world is watching you.

Bruce S said...


Thanks for the update.
Good luck with the fishing and WE KNOW YOU WERE CLIPPED ON WHILE SUN BAKING!
wishing you more Sunshine and Dolphins for EPL

Brugs from Sydney
... addicted to your successful journey

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help smiling as I read your blog...sounds like a picture perfect day aboard 'Pink'. If I could ship you some chocolate, a good cup of coffee, a maid, some gorgeous looking crew to tend to Pink and a luxurious bubble bath...I would do it in a minute! :) -Karyn, IN, USA

Old Iron said...

Really enjoyed this update.

Almost 100 days!!

Glad you had some sunshine.

siotruocllib said...

I have been checking your site several time each day since before your started - and send many others your way. I love to use your example to show my wonderful daughters what kind of slackers they are! (just kidding. My daughters are great.)

Great Job.

Bill from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Astroglide_Australia said...

Hi Jessica

when do you plan to take a straight line to South African cape?

Unknown said...

It sounds so beautiful out there Jesse! We're jealous, but only of the good things. So many things that I take for granted daily are on your list of things you miss. I imagine your first few weeks back will be spent enjoying each of them even more than you can imagine right now.

I'm glad you get to see dolphins during your voyage. One of my dreams is to someday get a chance to swim with dolphins, although that'll probably never happen. They seem like such gentle and kind creatures. God was definitely in a good mood when He created them.

Take care and we'll pray for continued good weather.

Paul Weber, Fort Worth, Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, what a sleep that 1st sleep in your own bed is going to be!!! With the progress you're making, I reckon you'll be home in no time ... absolute treat would be to see you sail into Sydney on May 18!!! Actually, I'm flying out to Cape Town in 8wks, reckon my first stop will have to be top of the Cape Point Nature Reserve ... hopefully something PINK will come sailing past - promise I'll give you a "wave" as you pass by.

Anonymous said...


You Rock!!!!!! Keep it up!!

Gabe from Ohio

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

That sounds like paradise but I appreciate your list of "things you miss". What a beautiful picture you painted, waking up and finding a pod of dolphins had been taking care of you while you slept in the sunshine. Thanks so much for that, I will carry that image with me all day, thats nice.

In a few of the recent photos printed in the media, Ella's Pink Lady looks like she is just frolicking in the sea, she is loving every minute of it. What a beautiful sight.

Enjoy the sunshine Jesse,
Bluefin, (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Leask Family said...

Hi Jesse

Great to hear you are enjoying some sun once again ... hope it continues. You can forget having a lot of time when you arrive home .. there will be a lot of people wanting to see and hear from you about the adventure. We will be back in Noosa June and July and hope you are home by then. Good sailing.

The Leask family, Forbes Australia.

Charles Dodgson said...

the funny thing is Jesse that once you get everything you miss, when you are home, then you will get itchy feet again to go out for another adventure. I can not help thinking about what you will do next. Any ideas?

cousinpete said...

hi jess.
no harm in trying fishing, at all.
gotta love the dolphins, they are like good friends, they show up when you need them, and make you smile when they are around. even they have a permanent smile. have you ever seen an unhappy dolphin?
enjoy the suntan. and sunshine, and may it shine on you.

robyn said...

Still as proud of you on 100 days on as the day you left our shores. I often thought you must get "cabin fever" and felt you probably wished you could walk on water at times lol. So glad that both you and Ella are both in fine form. Best wishes for a continued safe journey

Claudio Silva said...

I'm certain you throughly missed by many people too, Skipper! An enterprise like yours has its price tags, but I'm glad you learned to take things quite stoically for someone so young, and to enjoy things like sun and warmth and rest that many of ud take for granted. We all hope you can find solace in the fulfillment of your dream and sail into better seas every day. We're with you in any case... And we promise we'll let you sleep five weeks in a row when you get home before we throw a huge noisy party to celebrate! Good catch and take a pic of those dolphins when you can, they must be pretty amazing! Big hug from the brazilian coast (we look at the same ocean now!)

Scotty - Denver said...

Hey Jesse!

We were very excited (and relieved) to see you make it "round the horn." That's quite an accomplishment young lady. Now that you're nearing the 1/2 way point of your voyage, please don't relax (too much) or get too complacent. Stuff happens in the Atlantic too, and then on into the Indian of course.

Do catch up on your sleep, and try to rest well. You deserve that! When you're on duty, concentrate on keeping EPL in the _best_ shape! She's a grand old lady, and you and she are doing marvelously.

We're proud of you too, if us Americans can say that. You're still setting a high bar for future generations to follow!

Our prayers are with you.

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien
Denver, Colorado USA

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
I thought the black and white ones were killer whales. keep an eye on those footsies they might like a nibble, lol.

The winter olympics start next month in Vancouver and a british lass named Cooke is helping promote bobsleigh. Her spandex ripped on the warm up push, lol

Hoo Roo.

Meredith said...

Hey Jess
Awesome blog, I just discovered it the other day and spent an hour reading all your entries! I'm glad you got some time in the sun, kind of goes some way to make up for a few of the things you miss. Thanks for writing!
Happy sailing,
Meredith (New Zealand)

IanM said...

Lovely post Jess. If its any consolation, imagine how Jon Sanders must have felt at the end of his triple solo circumnavigation between '86 and '88. He was alone at sea for 657 days!!.

Anonymous said...

Loved your "miss it" list, Jessica, but can't figure why you can't order one of the crew to do the dishes!

Nice to hear about your sunshine naps and dolphin mates.......... lovely.

We're all gearing up here in WA for our usual Australia Day fireworks extravaganza - will think of you in the south Atlantic!

Donna in Perth

Molly said...

Sailor Girlie,
I was wondering when your list of
"missed things" would come up.
But I know that once you are safely back home, you will have...
hugs from your loved ones,
a good long sleep,
then the world's longest hot shower...
followed by a good long walk...
then heaps of chocolate that is fresh and lovely,
more hugs from your loved ones...
another nice long sleep,
another long hot shower...
then perhaps a run,
followed by more fresh and delicious chocolate (Lindt)...
Hang in there Jessica.
All that you are missing,
will be yours once again.
God bless, our Jess,
Maryland USA

Unknown said...

You will appreciate these things you mentioned the rest of your life. I will miss your blogs when you get home. How far are you from half way? Nice you can catch a nap on deck. Enjoy all that you can. Best wishes. duane

Chook ... said...

Ooooh hope you catch a great big tasty fish! Keep on cruisin' Jess! Maybe you keep put a little reggae on while you have nicer weather :)
Trace, Oz

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Good to hear that you are getting some much needed rays from the sun. What a awesome sight black & white dolphins some pics would be good next time please.

Hope that your fishing is successful then maybe some chips with your catch.
You are doing so well 100 days all goes so quick.

As always happy sailing & stay safe.

Poppa Bear said...

G'Day Jesse,
The miles are slipping bye with a nice clear sky. As I have mentioned before, you are exoeriencing tnings that I would say most, if not all bloggers that write here will never in their lifetime have the oportunity to do so.
Cherise, and embrace every minute of it!, as you are living what most only dream of doing.

Having seen thousands of yachts from the air, I am now experiencing through you what it is like on the water.Zipping past on a 200 ft phot' pass at around 180 kts and having a quick chat on Ch16 and a working Ch doesn't tell you much about what it is like being on something small that floats on a huge expanse of water.Thank you for your great, and well written blogs.

Keep the latter coming as I like many others check quite a few times a day to see if you have updated.Keep the video and phots coming too. A picture speaks a thousand words. Better to shoot off to many than not enough.

As always,
sail safe.
and Enjoy!!

Poppa Bear,


Muy buena pesca saludo a los delfines
Quito Ecuador

Unknown said...

jess, you got a great sense of humour, funny.. I can only dream of what your doing, but now hearing you have to drink coffee with milk powder it's not so appealing now, lol. Awesome work job jess, i don't no you, yet i feel so proud of you..take care and happy sailing. Pete, Cairns Q.L.D

Alessandro Machi said...


Wow, I am impressed.

I noticed on your list that numbers two and three were about sleep, and four was about walking. Let's keep those separate please.

cackleberry said...

Ahhhh, no ice cream on the list. You have no idea how many people are with you in spirit Jes. Tight lines, from your kiwi cheer squad.!

Aus said...

You know??.......I'd trade what you were doing any day!! Don't worry about the things you miss.
You know they are there waiting when you get home.
But then you'll be missing the things you've got now!!
Enjoy it while it lasts.

And you know......I'm soooo going to miss your blogs when you get back home. Sure you don't want to just stock up the 'Pink Lady' and do it all again?? Just for a bit of variety go the opposite way???? lol

Safe sailing and keep that clip and the sun screen on!!!


Charlie said...

If I were a fish I'd jump on that line. Best wishes & keep it up ladies.

Anonymous said...

Awww poor Jess, Your list of things that you are missing is what a lot of us take for granted each day. When you get home just make sure you indulge yourself.

Pleased the weather is warming and you had a nice rest yesterday. Keep up the great effort and good luck with the fishing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Generally your writing is crystal clear, but I did not understand your comment about bragging. There is no evident bragging that I could read. Now if you had slipped in a sentence like, "Right now I am the best sailor in the Atlantic ocean." that might come across to some people as bragging.

Robert Bernecky
Mystic CT USA

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica,

Surprisingly you didn't mention school in your list. :-)

No 'dorky hat' while sunbathing?

Stay cool, keep safe

Babs said...

Hi Jessica,

What no dishwasher! Sounds like a comment my daughter would make! Good to read up on what you are missing....when you are back on land you can enjoy everything tenfold. I cannot imagine how your legs will feel when they do hit terra firma, remember to do your exercises. Glad to hear you are also enjoying some warmer weather. Good luck with the fishing, hope to see a picture of a successful catch, there must be fish out there. Just tie a small piece of cloth on the line and troll, you might get a surprise!!
Another stifling hot day here in Sydney, very humid. Tennis is the order of the day/night here at the moment. Anyway good to read your blog and you sound on top of the world (only at the bottom)stay cheerful and safe. Happy days

Bob from Seattle said...

Grant,-----compliments to your song and video.

Jeese,------Thanks for the mention of sunscreen for now I finally know who Ella is after all these months. I should have glanced your merchandise link. Oh well, better late than never to get with it on general knowledge.

Like that Sun huh? Nice warm rays soaking deep into your skin. I'm sorry for your deprivation of various types of food. Life's tough sometimes to those who wish to break records!(Ha) The month of May will come sweet girl and what a birthday present it will be for you to arrive where you started.

Hope EPL continues to give you trouble free service as other ocean sailors have reported problems. EPL must be one tough lady. You must be very proud of her.

Unknown said...

This is the real reason why you took on this voyage - to sleep in the sunshine attended by your worshippers, the pod of dolphins. I never volunteer to do the washing up but I would do it for you if I could have some of that lazy somnolence.

Best wishes as ever, pinup girl!

Ian from Brisbane

lilshawnee said...

Awwww Jesse your doing so so so good keep up the good work and enjoy your sitting out and enjoying the sun.
Your doing so so good.
I saw your vidio your mom took and wow you looked to tiny out there Pink Lady looks like a lil toy,,,lol
Well girl sail safe and keep up the good work lil hero.
Your friends Robert,Ellen Autumn and Alison By the way it was nice to see your mom and day on vidio,,,,your so so so COOL

Anonymous said...

I’ve been following your voyage for the last couple of month, as a weekend sailor, and as the father of a teenage girl, a dinghy sailor herself. Sometimes, when more than a day passed without updates in your blog, I felt like when my daughter comes late at night and I can’t reach her cell phone. My congratulations to you and to your parents, I’m glad I’m not in their shoes.

By the way, I live in Buenos Aires, so you may be now as close to my hometown as you will be in your journey


Anonymous said...

Oh no, not the CHOCOLATE!!!

You'll be home in no time little buddy!

I reckon you'll spoil your self for a few weeks and then wish you were back out there again! Be cool if you could just do a trip with your proud brother and sisters!

You know Jess we're (Your adopted family) all in the same boat as you! If for some stupid reason you can't finish and we have to come and get you, (like you run out of chocolate or something, lol) we'll get the blame for filling your head with too much confidence. Then if you bring it home with flying colors we'll get the blame for assisting you! We don't care because we know you are doing it on your own and you are one in a million who knows that you can't let what we say in praise allow you to lower your guard! We trust you!

Like you we see through the negative comments that sometimes sneak through by weak pathetic half men or women! I laugh at those who have something negative to say on your site and hide their names! hahaha! Funny little people!

It's a shame that there is so much more shipping traffic and piracy out there now where you need to compensate for it with a bit of technology, where as many years ago it wasn't as busy!

Your doing an awesome job Jess in so many ways!

So proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jesse, if I could send some chocolate for you
Oh Jesse, a fresh cup of brew and some bubble bath too
Oh Jesse, a basket of fruit would be carried to you
Via dolphin express, over oceans so blue, for you.....

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your delightful report on what life on the ocean waves is like as you and Ella’s Pink Lady ‘plod’ along. What a dreamy description. It reads like an advertisement for Sunsail Charter yachts or some such company. “Sail into the sunshine, drift off to sleep, sunbake, see dolphins at play, revel in the beauty of magical sunsets – come sail with us!” Your descriptive ability is, as usual, superb.

All I can say about your list of what you miss most is that we, your blog-mates, will miss your reports when you return, unless you continue to acquaint us with your future life on land and sea … but that’s getting way ahead into the future. You’ve still got many more wonderful days of sailing to enjoy.

Try not to reminisce or crave too much – it will all be worth it in the long run. I hope you successfully catch a fish “this big”! The verification for this is "fecoutwa" so maybe you can catch a barracouta, although they are full of bones an not much good to eat.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
"That's how I intend spending my First Few Weeks Back Home"
Strict orders, make sure it happens - Cell phone off...
Sunshine Coast will be a little piece of your heaven, it's your hearts dream.
You had a nice day cathing z's the best place you could find.
Your enjoyment today is what we all needed, thanks for having a good feel good day.....
We'll be watching your fishing and wishing good luck...
So long for awhile, Charley

Becky said...

Captain Jessica,

I can't wait for you to be enjoying a nice hot shower, a crunchy salad, a giant fruit bowl, and a good nights (or weeks!) sleep also; because that would mean you are home safe and sound! Oh, and not to forget the fresh, creamy, sweet chocolate....with hot coffee. Do they have Starbucks in Australia? I'll have to 'google' that one. The dolphins are you're little good luck angels! Nice!
Congratulation on rounding the Cape! Whew....glad that milestone is over, no matter how awesome it must have been, seeing land and the flyover with your parents on board.
And...when you are stretched out in the sun on top of the cabin, dozing off, you are 'tethered' right? Right?! You of all people know, never underestimate 'Mother Nature!'

Prayers for you always~~

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Great to hear you're enjoying some vitamin D out there and with dolphins all round to watch over you...MAGIC! I'll trade places with you anytime as I'm missing what you're enjoying right now as I sit here wiping frozen yoghurt off my chin. Your list certainly gave me a blast from the past when, after having been at sea for an extended period of time, I would always make a b-line for the nearest fruit 'n veg shop and totally pig-out on anything fresh. It's like your body knows what it needs and sends a message to your brain to direct you accordingly. Don't worry Jess, you'll be home again in no time and quess what you'll be missing even more, I dare say. Yep, you got it in one...the wide open sea...wall to wall blue, right? I pronounce you normal! :-))
Oops, gotta go...have an appointment at the day spa. Sorry just teasing you. :-)) Off to work is where I'm going so who's teasing who now, huh? Enjoy the sunshine and good luck with the fishing. Take good care, stay safe and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
If you have ever heard of the musical the "Sound of Music" I found myself humming the tune "My Favourite Things" while reading your list.

God speed!


Jim L from Chicago said...

Thanks for the update. You paint a beautiful picture, it makes me miss being on the water. Enjoy the Sun and the breathtaking views, they will recharge your batteries. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
Jim L

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse,
Good luck with the fishing. Hope you catch a nice feed. Any chance of an ETA Sydney?

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hello Captain Jesse,

Here's that coffee you ordered to go. Ummmmmm.....good. No jet fighters to spill it today.

You and EPL are really putting on the miles with a dolphin escort no less.

As I have not commented since your rounding of the cape I just wanted to shout out to our friends at Room 401 .....your video and song were outstanding. Oh... and...YES... it's PJ DAY in Canada too all day I am sure it will be in the south atlantic...hehe.

Finally Jesse regards "what I miss the most" I recall seeing a photograph of the interior of EPL showing all the messages that family and friends left for you. One stood out for me..."Don't forget your brother". Looks like the "missing" is mutual.

Stay safe,
Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

samurai said...

Thankyou "Queenslander" for your kind words. I'm pleased you liked my picture.

For anyone interested in seeing the whole collection so far please go to my Voyage Art at

Sorry, hyperlinking doesn't work for me so just cut and paste above link into the address bar and hit Go.

Have a great day everyone...Sam

Mike of Brissy said...

Black and white dolphins???

Aren't black-and-white dolphins, uhhhm, really killer whales.....??

Similar to the white teddy-bears you can see at the North Pole..

Bruce de Mich said...

Geeze! I thought the "Pacific" Ocean was named for such days as you have just described, Jessica! I somehow think you have landed on a beach or something, you sound so relaxed and creatively attentive to your surroundings. Obviously, this is a welcome and thoughtfully constructed blog you have provided us. Thanks and best wishes for a continued pleasant journey. Forecasts look a bit ominous to your Northeast, however, so don't doze off so long that you can't pay attention... until you get back for those uninterrupted and restful days of which you now dream!

Bruce de Mich

Richard Lathrop said...

'tis good to hear you're relaxing a little on the South Atlantic. Your description of dolphins and sunbathing sounds ideal.

Thanks for your list. Taking a long walk on the beach resonated with my situation. I'll now appreciate those opportunities more, because of you.

We've got to work on that coffee. Good coffee should be possible, anywhere on Earth. Do you have any canned milk aboard? That might be an improvement over the powered variety. Have you tried making it with bottled water or rainwater?

Question: Can't you head straight for home from where you are? Africa's cape is mentioned quite a lot, but wouldn't it be shorter to just head for Tasmania? I would welcome a response from other bloggers who might understand this better than I. But it looks as if you would have to go further North if you have to "round" the Cape of Good Hope and the southern tip of Africa.

Thanks again, Jesse, for sharing your marvelous voyage with us.

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, I was just reading your what I miss most blog and I just got that feeling you get when you put on an old comfortable pair of shoes or an old kick around pair of jeans and a ratty t-shirt. It was very unsual but that's how that blog felt to me. You seemed to have kicked back for a little after the excitement of the Cape and just going with the ebb and flow of the journey and life in general. The snooze on the top of the cabin kind of got me started and it was even keel from there. The next time I'm shoveling snow I'll picture you sprawled out across the cabin top with your Ella Bache sunscreen on and snoring almost loud enough to scare the dolphins away!! You will have a life time of memories to relive in your mind from this little journey. I have become a regular coffee drinker (Dunkin Donuts especially) and the sound of gross tank water and powdered milk made me shudder!! You have been elevated to near god status for being able to drink that. I'm hoping that the estimate of an eight month journey was a bad guess and it will be considerably shorter. Of course I haven't won the lottery to be able to be in Sydney when you sail in but I still have hope. In my mind that is going to be one glorious day for you, your family and friends, your support group and your supporters world wide. Please excuse any spelling errors and errors in grammer. Sometimes when I reread my comments after they get published I think to myself that Jessica must think I'm a blooming idiot. I'd like to be able to use that excuse sometimes but fortunately it's not the case. Well Jessica that's enough BS from me today. Sail very safe young lady and know that the name of Jessica Watson is being sent to heaven nonstop to the one who can make it all happen. Your long distant friend Larry (

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

@ Grant-
January 21, 2010 10:29 AM

You’re killin' me man... Ya gotta stop! I thought I was all cried out after the Horn and now this? Kleenex? (pleadingly)... Anyone? Please?
Seriously... It is fantastic, just great! What a tribute! What a talent!

Jess, here I was, happily reading your Blog, all ready to pen another post, and some thoughtless guy named Grant completely derailed me, lol.

Jess, ya got the world on a string. I don't know when, but one day that's going to hit you like a ton-a-bricks and you’re going to be blown away! Then...
Mum and Dad are going to wonder where their little (sorry, completely normal sized :-) girl went, and who this amazing stranger is (who looks just like her) who sailed EPL back into Sidney.

Now, I'm off to ponder what talent I could possibly possess, seeing how you people continually leave me feeling completely worthless and common... Sheesh!

Wishing you all that you miss. Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

sunfish550 said...

hi jess,
Looks like some smooth sailing ahead. Relax. Throw out a line and see what you can catch. Please get some sleep ok? You need to get recharged. Do you intend to make a bee-line to South Africa?

When we were in Vietnam, we craved McDonalds burgers, so when a few guys rotated back to California, we asked them to send burgers our way, NEVER expecting them of course. Well Jess, we got'em. They were certainly NOT fresh,LOL but God Jess, it was like holding GOLD in your hands.

It was HOME,
It was the States,
It was McDonalds Burgers.

I know what you're feeling girl!

Please be careful ok?
Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

It was HOME,
It was the States,
It was McDonalds Burgers.

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse,
I bet once you've been back for a few weeks you'll wish you were back out at sea. It probably will be weird when you get back just hearing all the different sounds and noises. Anyway, gotta go to work so you just sit back and relax on deck (can you sense the jealousy).

Stay safe


PWB said...

Hi Jessica,

The three things that I love about a 45 degC plus, day at Hyden:

The intolerable flies leave me alone. They have no energy to fly and annoy the hell out of me. They just lay on the pavers outside the back door, (under the pergola) and segregate. I enjoy laughing at them as I walk past the pathetic little creatures, wing-strung on the ground.

There are no drivers on the road to town. So I have the road to myself. When i get to town I can then purchase and perspire, ...... all by myself.

The snakes could not be bothered to come out and visit.

I think you would not have any of the above, but what about SailRage. When you get back you are going to have a lot of sailing traffic around EPL, you better be careful, as SailRage may be on the distant horizon.

Peace and Strength to you.

Peter Bush
Hyden, WA, Australia

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

Lovely to hear from you again.

The way you described stretching out in the balmy sun and just enjoying yourself – how amazing after all the cold. Good on you!

I am sure your brother and sisters are missing you just as much but also enjoying the journey with you … how exciting for them. And what wonderful memories your lovely parents will take home with them. That was just the BEST!

Holding thumbs for that fish – do hope you get a chance to make that Fish Jerky – you can hang the strips over the stanchion wires!

Enjoy … and …

Fay from the Gold Coast

Unknown said...

Howdy Jessica,
Pleasant song Grant just sent out for us all.
We move the dot on the golden globe each time we hear from you Jess. Guessing your new location is abit of fun.

We are having another SNOW STORM here in central MAINE.("Mary from Maine" can vouch for us)Six inches of that heavy white stuff.

Mo invented a wooden plough for his old 1988 Toyota 4 wheel drive wagon and he's out there cleaning our large dooryard with it. I'm making up a hot beef stew for when he comes in from the cold.

Wonderful having those dolphins come along side giving your spirit a boost. We had 18 wild turkeys traveling through our back yard a few days ago.
Thanks for your insights of life on the water verses life on land.
If you google APOD, go to archives at base of page,
then click on Jan 20th there is a 6 minute video that is worth watching. Blew our minds as to where this little old earth is situated!
Look to the stars Jess!
Jude & Mo
from the State of Maine

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I so enjoy hearing about your day to day things. I'm certainly jealous of the sun bath you took today! And dolphins too! I took a long walk in your honor...

Seattle, WA

Jules GC said...

When you have endured gale-force winds, mountainous seas and ice-cold temperatures, the beautiful sunny days and happy dolphins are to be treasured.
I would add "a bed that stays still!" to a list of things I'd miss while at sea. What do you do to ease the cramps, do you have an exercise DVD?
Glad the food is still keeping your interest. I remember Jesse Martin ran out of all his favourite stuff while he was still weeks from home!
Happy sailing, Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Just like everyone else, I really look forward to each new blog... but this one really had me smiling! Personally, I really miss summer (Northern hemisphere) and look forward to a lazy day sun tanning out on the boat.

Anyway, the Killer Whales thought it was great that you had a close encounter with a Typhoon jet fighter. We even managed to fold some paper airplanes and tried flying them... hopefully the RAF Typhoon pilot was a little more successful! Perhaps we'll try a different design tomorrow.

Enjoy the sun & the dolphins (black & white... those have got to be our cousins!),
(and the Killer Whales)

Lynette and Gordon Bundaberg said...

Hello Jesse
We like Grants song it is so appropriate even tho you still have a way to go. We have been following you throughout your voyage and sent you an email through Andrew when you conquered Cape Horn, but we have now learned how to use the blog. We have really enjoyed your blogs and videos and they have brought tears of admiration to our eyes on many occasions.We have Grandchldren your age and wish that your example to them instils in them a sense of responsibility, determination and courage all of which you seem to possess in great quantities. God Bless and a safe journey home

Anonymous said...


Next warm day, plug the scuppers and get some warm water in the cockpit. Just stay clipped, it gets slippery.

Love you girl, you are an inspiration for people you will never know.

Stay safe as you make for the Cape.


Capt Dale
New England USA

Roger (Florida, USA) said...

I'm sure you and your parents already know this but I'll say it anyway.
Not only are you conquering the "Everest" of Ocean sailing, you're doing it with the highest level of bravery, seamanship and even entertainment.
My family and I have been tuned into your website since the start. Needless-to-say, we are so impressed at your abilities and toughness.

Don't be surprised if your first week back on Dry Land will instead be one continuous TV interview. Not sure if you've met Matt Lauer or Larry King yet but either way ... you will.

With all the power that words can say, we wish you great sailing ahead.

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hello Captain Jesse, your writings are like a fairy tale Sweetheart and you make me feel like I want to be there with you, I have been there and done that and have seen the dolphins and the sunsets and all the things you write about but they have never been as beautiful to me as the way you describe them to us, Oh you are such a wonderful Girl Jesse, Kisses and cuddles from us and sail on Sweetheart, Roger and Lou Dwyer

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

I'm sure your could write an even longer list of things you miss but your list of achievements and experiences in just that short 100 days will be by far so much bigger.

It is the simple things however in life (obviously apart from your siblings - we can't go calling them simple) that are the best - the walks, hot showers and comfortable beds.

Dolphins close by = fish close by ??

Take care


SaltyDog said...


You deserve every day of warm, sunny weather and calm seas that you get, Jess, so don’t feel guilty about telling us. In fact, it’s fantastic to hear you enjoying some good conditions. I imagine that you will have a lot more weather like that in the next few weeks. I know that you miss so much, but to have such a huge part of your trip behind you has to feel great. You’ll be home before you know it, trying to get your land legs back.

There was an article in one of our local newspapers today about several stores in our area that sell Aussie foods. Since I’ll be thinking of you on Australia Day, I’ll have to stop by one to stock up on some goodies to celebrate. The trouble is I don’t know what any of them are. They mentioned Anzac biscuits, Lamingtons, palova, Milo, meat pies, sausage rolls, Tim Tams and lots of other things that I didn’t recognize. I’d like to try almost everything, but vegemite might be pushing it a bit. I do know what a XXXX and Powers is, so I’ll be O.K. I’m looking forward to hearing about some good Australia Day celebrations from some of the bloggers. Enjoy that nice weather, Jess.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Scott said...

You're doing great, Jessica. I remember wondering back in October how hard it would be to keep your spirits up, and you're doing than I could. Your perseverance and continued positive attitude are inspiring. Keep it up.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...


I published two young adult novels with Harcourt Brace back in the 90s (one of which even got a plug down your way, on the website of the University of Melbourne :-), and I have to say, your writing is simply wonderful. Sailing, in other words, is not your only talent!


Bill in Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

Great update Jess, so pleased to hear that you’ve got some good weather and warmer days. It’s a real treat to be able to monitor your progress and experiences via the blog. Were all really proud of you! Looking forward to more photos, hopefully of your catch and a nice fresh feed. Enjoy these days and stay clipped on!

Paul & family in Brisie

Kath, Qld. said...

Hi Jess,

I often think about how you must be missing being able to have a nice long bath or shower. Even when I just walk along the beach I can't wait to get home & have a shower to get the salt off! :).
Good luck with the fishing, my hubby & sons have gone deep sea fishing today so I'm hoping for a nice feed of fish for dinner tonight, fingers crossed :).
Glad you are having the occasional 'Nanny nap'.
Stay safe. X.

Toni McLean said...

Oh Jesse, your blog is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you yet again for the post. I just dropped in but didn't really expect to see a new blog.

Glad that it's warming up a bit for you. And how lovely to have the dolphins come and play for a while. I used to wonder what they thought boats were and why the boats weren't playful in return!

I remember that even after a couple of weeks I'd kill for fresh food and a really good cup of coffee. And it is nice not having to always be on alert - even when you're 'sleeping'. It's worse than being the parent of a newborn. I think that is the nearest comparison for people who have never done any long distance sailing.

As for the dishes, I suppose you've only got 3 months or so to go. But then, when you get back, your siblings might tell you that you haven't taken your turn for 6 months and they've been covering for you!! Methinks you might throw an anchor at them if they try that one on! :-)

I suppose all those things you're missing will be a great motivator to ensure that you keep tweaking the steering to get back as soon as possible.

Enjoy the sunshine and good luck with the fishing. The reach sounds lovely. Any cooking surprises coming up?

Wishing you more fair winds

samurai said...

@ Grant-
January 21, 2010 10:29 AM

I LOVE it!!!

Great stuff...Sam XX

Anonymous said...


You are obviously an amazing sailor, but you're also the best writer! Love your blogs x


Anonymous said...

Jesse, you are sounding pretty relaxed and that's good!There is bound to be "fish"around you, the challenge for you Jesse is to catch some.!!!Have a great day"s sailing take care, God Bless, Dougal

lswinter said...

10 PM, US east coast, Jan 20, 2010

Hi Jessie,

Your thoughts on what you miss about home certainly brought me back to my US Navy years. I served on two submarines. The first was a diesel powered boat, the USS Pomfret, SS391. My time on her was all in the Pacific. Later, I served on the nuclear powered USS GW Carver, SSBN656, sometimes called a boomer. My time on the Carver was all in the Atlantic, mostly above the Arctic Circle, but with crew changes in Rota Spain (we had two crews, the Blue and the Gold.)

The normal patrol length on the boomer was three months then we did a crew change in Rota. That’s about the same as the time you’ve been out since leaving Sidney. Like you, I remember yearning for certain things. Now we had great food storage on the nuke boat, but all the fresh stuff was depleted by the time two weeks had passed. So we had lots of powered stuff like, powdered eggs, powdered milk, etc. You mentioned tank water. I wonder if you are carrying all the water for the trip or if you have some sort of desalination system. On the nuke boat, we had steam from the reactor which powered things like the main shaft turbine, of course, but also we had two water stills that made 8,000 gal a day.

You mentioned missing family. Yes that was the hardest part of sailing. My wife and child were back in Groton, CT, our home port. But unlike you, we were on a military mission that required a total block on any electronic transmission leaving the boat, as it would give our position away to any enemy surveillance vessels. Thank fully you’re able to have marvelous communication back to your folks and your team. On the Carver, we received a constant stream of data from the command center—that’s how they would have told us to launce the missiles we carried (thank God we never did that.) The one communication perk was messages from home. Our families were allowed to send us a message twice a month with an extra for the birth of a child. My second child was born while I was at sea so I learned that mom and baby were just fine. More loneliness, of course!

I think my message is getting a bit long today. It’s just that you caused an old man to remember, bless you. As always, we are praying for your safe passage the rest of the way. Hope you have lots more sunshine to enjoy. God be with you,

Leon and for Sally
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse
Sounds like a beautiful day out there! enjoy!

Kelvin from brissy

Lori said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for the update.

So glad you can now feel some warmth, it would almost make being SO cold worth it, bask in it and thaw out your bones.

When you get back, if I were you, I would be booking into a SPA and be pampered for a few days, away from all the media attention etc, just to regroup.

Good luck with the next part of your challenge, I am sure you will master it as you have done up to now.

Very proud of you and your achievements, you have the world at your finger tips, it's great to be part of your family of faithful bloggers, thank you for making all this happen for us.

As always, you are in our hearts and prayers......x

-Lori, Brisbane
PS: Hey my word verification is 'ossies' yah!

Anonymous said...

@ Richard Lathrop
January 21, 2010 11:59 AM

"There are a few key targets I must achieve to qualify for around the world status. The approximate distance is 23,000 nautical miles or 42,596 kilometres. I must depart and arrive from the same port, cross all lines of longitude, cross the equator entering into the Northern Hemisphere at least once and round the southern landmarks of South America and South Africa."

Have a look on Jessica's homepage under "Yacht, Route + Rules".

Kathie said...

You are such a unique I get to know you, thru your "blog", you are wise beyond your years and quite resilient...I love tunning in!
Kathie (NYC)

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
The sheer bliss of sleeping in the warm sun on the deck comes across real well. What a delight the dolphins must have been. Best of all what a glorious day you had after such intense cold. Pure relaxation your body would have reaped the benefits of the sleep and the vitamin D.

Your list of most missed is only natural I take it some one is not an avid vegie fan but loves her fruit.

Here is part of a poem by Henry Lawson "The Roaring Days"

"When stately ships came sailing
from every harbours mouth
and sought the land of promise
that beckoned in the south
then southward streamed their streamers
and swelled their canvas full
to speed the wildest dreamers
e'er borne in vessels hull."

Hope you have more lovely sunshine to laze and work in.

Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Faye and Max said...

Could we please resubmit our limerick after fixing up some of the words – thank you.
(with apologies to Mrs Watson)

There was a young sailor called Jesse
Whose parents flew out in a Cesse (that’s a Cessna)
And her Mothers first word
As I’m sure you all heard
Was “I hope that your bedroom’s not messy”

With Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

The McGraths said...


Before you know it you'll be home enjoying all those things you've mentioned, however as Sam (Samurai) said you'll be missing that wall of blue all too soon.

You know you make us envious when you say your sitting up on the cabin enjoying the sunshine & there's dolphins about!
In fact I'm just reading Kay Cottee's book "First Lady" & she mentioned the black & white dolphins. False killer whales! Hah.

I find it incredible to think I knew nothing about sailing & now I'm hooked on these type of books.
First Jesse Martin's Lionheart then by mistake I picked up Kay Cottee's (which was actually 10 years on) not her first one, but still a good read, then Crossing the Ditch which was enjoyable too.
Now 1/2 way through Kay's first book. So you see you have inspired people, even if I am an armchair sailor.
My husband wants me to contact a sailing club to see if I'll like it but I feel a bit silly at 52years telling them I just want to go around a quiet bay.

Do take care Jesse, we can't wait for you to come home.

For "Amazed by you"
I got your message in a previous post. Yes, sadly family gone home & now just cleaning little paw prints from all the doors. I've still been enjoying the blogs though.

For "Transplanted Aussie (Stephen)"
If you're not in Haiti yet, we wish you all the best in what will be a terrible task. We feel so helpless over here so our thoughts are with you all.


The McGraths Nowra NSW

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

After nearly 100 days following your adventure it slowly but surely comes to my mind how deprivated a human being on a small vessel really is.

Such simple things as walking around, eat an apple, drink some coffee, sleep whole night (and day) - for us landlubbers very normally, unreachable for you.

Everyone who stands this deprivation for a higher goal must be a very, very determined and strong person. Not that we didn't know this before, Jessica!

I feel happy for you that you got some recharge and uplift for your mind and soul by the dolphins and the sunlight. You should drop some lines into a diary for a very much appreciated book edition of your experiences. Later!

Thanks for keeping us up to date with your voyage and may the weather and the oceans be kind to you!

Greetz from Germany to you, EPL and to the worldwide "Jessica-Community"

@Grant: (first comment) nice little song and vid you've produced, thanks! Keep it up!


Philip said...

Hate it when you write a lot of stuff and it disappears when you try to post it.

Anyways, glad to hear that you are having some good, smooth sailing weather.
I think the dolphins are keeping an eye on you.

This is what I think you should do when you get home:
1. Make yourself a good huge cup of coffee.
2. Make an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce.
3. Enjoy both.
4. Enjoy a nice, long hot shower.
5. Sleep for 2 days straight.
6. With another huge cup of good coffee, take a long walk on a beach with your family and friends.
7. Then do your interviews and talk shows that you will have to do for awhile.

It's just an idea I have.

By the way, To Grant, nice song. I loved it when I saw it.

Philip from the USA East Coast

Cameron B said...

WOW grant, that is amazing, I hope it means alot to you Jessica.

Fishing is always a gamble, you never know what you are going to get. I have been getting into the fishing lately just out at Morten Island and Stradbroke, i woild love to know what its like in the mid atlantic :)
Sail safe

Cameron B

Cleo said...

at least you are having a bit of a rest Just keep up the gud work and stay safe Little traveller

Kiwi Gal

sailorsedge said...

You are one cool sailor Jessica Watson...I so enjoy reading your online b(oat)log. Good luck fishing the Atlantic!
Sails Up,,,_/),,,

fumes said...

if you talk nice to the dolphins they might bring you a fish.. ya think? say.. i went to the Ella Baché website and they have this interesting questionaire there:
Do you want to become a beauty therapist?
Do you want to own your own salon?
Do you want to work for Ella Baché?
Do you live in New Zealand?
Do you want to sail alone and unaided around the world?
you went for that tough one at the bottom eh?
just kidding! but really.. while your hair and clothes and ship may be tossed and torn when you sail into sidney next.. your skin had best be perfect lol..
c'ya.. your friend fumes

Pipefish said...

Jesse, great post! I wondered these things, but didn't want to mention them just in case you didn't want to talk of what you missed. You are right, choco is never the same after a melt down, and a hot mug of fresh brewed coffee cannot be beat. I think I would miss a big juicy cheeseburger If I were out there, but, I'm American and we are weaned on those lol. Your sun bath sounds delightful, as we are having dreadful weather here in good ol 'sunny' California. Don't slide off the poopdeck in your warm and snoozy naptimes in the sun! Stay teathered Cap'n! :-)
Pipefish, California Usa

Anonymous said...

Loved your post! So glad for some sunshine and some relaxation.
There will be time enough for all the things you miss...hang in there. :)

~Two in TX

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very enlightening update. If I had to guess what you missed most I would of picked walking on steady ground. I am sure it will take some adjustment to that.
Safe sailing,
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Cheryl and Steve said...

Good luck with the fishing. You will catch a "beauty" this time!!!
Jess you have become so much part of our daily lives that when you do reach australia we will miss you terribly.
Our love and smooth sailing
Cheryl and Steve

Anonymous said...


Haven't read your blog before, but having read through months of your blogs only today, I am addicted. Great read! Congratulations on the Cape! - I shall now check daily, and think of you often.

- :D Jes, Aus.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, glad you got to see the black and white dolphins as they are found almost exclusively off the southern coast of South America and the Desolation Island group in the southern Indian Ocean. It sounds like you are having fun and by my calculation should be able to make it back to Sydney before you are 17. What a feat! You know in between your long sleeps when you get home you are going to have to blog to us when you get up to eat just so all of us Jessaholics can still function, or we will need to go into a Jesseholic 12 step program shortly after you get back. Take care captain and have fun the next few months.
Chuck, Western North Carolina

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jess, good to hear from you are getting abit of rest, which you thoroughly deserve, there comes a time when you just cant stay awake. I understand you must be missing everyone, but we are all thinking of you, and when I walk I think of you everyday, so I hope that helps. Oh by the way YOU ARE AMAZING, I love telling you that because you are, it never ceases to amaze me you out there all on your own, except for your crew of course, and EPL, what a wonderful boat she is God speed Jess Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, lovely to hear from you again. It was nice reading what you miss the most, especially your brother and sisters as I'm sure they miss you just as much and can't wait to spend time with you when you get back home... after the DO NOT DISTURB sign comes off your door of course LOL You will be doing all those things soon enough as the time is going so quickly. I hope you catch a fish or two for dinner. How wonderful to be eating freshly caught fish on deck in the lovely sunshine. Take care 'til next time.

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to here your having a great relaxing day. You really need to recharge after all the excitment. The sun is a wonderful thing.

The "Around the America Voyage" has just posted some amazing pictures of the sea around Tierra del Fuego, as they have just reached the Beagle Channel. I thought of you rounding the Horn when I looked at the giant waves.I have a link to their website and blog at
in the miscellaneous links section. When you have more Internet bandwidth , check out the Ben Carlin video. Ben Carlin was another amazing Australian adventurer like you. He actually motored his wife across the Atlantic in an amphibious Jeep, from Newfoundland to Africa on their honeymoon!
Are the porpoises you see the strange ones with no dorsal fins?

Keep on Crusin Special One !
Richard W

PS It is good that you are relying on GPS for your navigation. If you had been just using your compass, your magnetic personality would have rendered it useless by now!

The McGraths said...


For "Grant"

Your song is beautiful! I could imagine Jesse sitting in the sunshine on top of the cabin, dolphins swimming nearby and your song playing in the background.

Thankyou for the arrangement


The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

awww sweetie, I can tell ur alittle homesick as all rights you have to be. You know the other day as I watched your momma on the video, I thought about when I use to sail alot, and imagined myself sitting right where ur momma was putting my daughter where u are, I then realised how awesome your mother and father really are. I am 57 yrs old, 1 married daughter, 3 wonderful grandsons and thought wow, your parents love you so much and trust and respect your desire to do this incrediable journey, its amazing the strength they have to allow you to do this alone. They are truley awesome people and I can see where you get your wonderful attitude of life, GUTS lol so to speak. You keep it up sweetie, and all of us all around the world will keep prayin for you and your safe journey and for your wonderful parents!!! May God continue to grant you the many beautiful blessings of life ! rubygirl

Sally said...

Good Afternoon Jesse

What a great list - all the important things in life and stuff that you can look forward to upon your victorious home coming!! It's often the simple things that we miss. I would miss crunchy fruit and veges too. I had a mango today and it was delicious. Your turn will come again soon enough and you will be able to devour all your favourite things, go for long walks and then hopefully have some long uninterrupted sleeps in your own bed!

How lucky you are to spend some time with the dolphins. Watching them frolick in the water along side EPL. They are gorgeous creatures.

Good luck with the fishing - let us know the outcome.

I would imagine that one of the things that you couldn't do without whilst you are on your journey is your computer! It's part of your crew - found this funny little poem today about computers.

God Bless my computer
Every evening
As I'm laying here in bed
This tiny little prayer
Keeps running through my head

God bless my mom and dad
And bless my little pup
And look out for my brother
When things aren't looking up

And God, there's one more thing
I wish that you could do
Hope you don't mind me asking
But please bless my computer too?

Now I know that's not normal
To bless a mother board
But just listen a second
While I explain to you 'My Lord'

You see, that little metal box
Holds more to me than odds and ends
Inside those small compartments
Rest a hundred of my 'BEST FRIENDS'

Some it's true I've never seen
And most I've never met
We've never exchanged hugs
Or shared a meal as yet....

I know for sure they like me
By the kindness that they give
And this little scrap of metal
Is how I travel to where they live

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you
I share in what life brings them
From that our friendship grew

"PLEASE" Take an extra minute
From your duties up above
To bless this scrap of metal
That's filled with so much love!
Author Unknown

Take care Jesse & stay safe

Sally In Sydney

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
You deserve to relax, sleep, watch
the dolphins and enjoy yourself.
What more can I say?
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
Well all noted about what you are missing. Wont be long now and you will get your wishes.I am sure you do some exercises to keep yourself in shape. When you have that lure out keep your eye on it if you have time and hope you can catch another nice fish dinner.
We cannot buy vegemite over here. Not sure what happened but a friend got me some from England. Anyhow Jesse, when this voyage is over you will be able to catch up on the salads and other food that you like. It is good that your Mum was able to pack all those meals, even if they are freeze dried etc. I is nice to have the dolphins as company. There must be fish around as they are usually on the hunt.
Good fishing and safe sailing to Africa.It was a very nice gesture of the RAF to send one of their Typhoons over from Mt. Pleasant, in the East Falklands.You know you are being watched by thousands, including the military. Best wishes...Russ/Calgary

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hiya, Jess!!

Lovely post from you, soaking up the rays and dropping into some zzzz's.

I remember during your first few weeks at sea in October, how much you seemed to enjoy cream on all your food. I hope you still do! You'll have to do alot of creative visualizing to taste the fresh fruit on top and to crunch that delicious green lettuce.

I'm with you on your "miss list". We'll all be sleeping extra for you just as we used to take long walks in your honor. Oh, and extra long hot baths as well.

Hooray for Grant's song and video! Truly well done, Grant.
As usual, there's an interesting mix of commentary and lots of us are giddy with relief that you've made it safely around the Cape.

You're remarkable and sailing on in true style, Jess.
May you continue to feel your strength, confidence and joy while sailing.

All chocolate to you along with a group hug!

Mary, Maine, USA
yeah, we got allota snow!! Hi, Jude and Mo!

Rockyqld said...

Thanks for the update and I am glad that you are thawing out a bit (I hate the cold).
Great that you nodded off for a spell, you deserve it.
Stay safe and have fun.
Bill (Brisbane)

Anonymous said...

I have watched and listened to Grants song, brilliant!

Thrilled that you have had company since you passed Cape Horn and you have managed to get some well needed sleep.

I continue to log on numerous times during the day looking forward to your updated blog - keep smiling you wonderful Australian lady - in Grants words -

She's sailing
Destiny waits
And she's sailing
Sailing home

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

The things we take for granted you long for, the things you have,we long for, what a funny world. I am loving every second of reading of your adveture,good luck with the fishing.

Stay safe

Berlin Red

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I had to laugh about the reset chocolate, you are right, it does not taste the same...LOL!
Glad you are in warmer air. The cold is not much fun at all.
Nice that you had a relaxing snooze and woken gently by the guardians of the seas to inform you of their presence! They are the coolest!! I love dophins.

Keep safe,


MIKE OF BRISSY: Actually,"killer whales" are actually black and white dophins! They are not whales but are the largest species of the dophin family.
Cool, huh?

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

January 20th Midnight

Hi, Jessica!

So far, you’ve been the one doing all the work, and having to “do without” and we’ve just been enthralled “spectators” . . . full of expressions of what an inspiration you are. . . which, of course, is an understatement! Not only have you been an inspiration, you have motivated so many to respond, and reach out to you in amazingly creative ways. Some of us, however, may not have been able to have the satisfaction of sharing something memorable with you, and still want to do something “in your honor”.

The word “inspiration” means “to mentally or emotionally influence, or impel to creative thought or action”. So, if we are truly inspired, I’m suggesting that we let Jesse be the catalyst that makes that “happen”. Anyone who might be interested in setting a personal goal to do something special, or important to them, during these next 3 or 4 months. Let those of us who want to, use this time to take action to make some improvement in our own lives, and that we can say “happened” BECAUSE of Jesse!!!

For each of us it would be something different . . . perhaps setting a goal that would coincide with Jesse’s arrival in Sydney; that being the deadline to accomplish our goal, or have it progressing well on it’s way.

It may be doing something we’ve been procrastinating about. So, while Jesse’s making headway in her goal to successfully return to her starting point, let us make some headway in, finally, doing that one thing we’ve been putting off. Maybe contacting loved ones and letting them know we love them. We don’t seem to have any trouble letting Jesse know that we love her!

For many of us it is making a contribution to the relief effort in Haiti, and/or to our favorite charity; and, in addition, it could be taking care of our health; curbing a bad habit; writing that book; contacting someone from out of your past that made an impact on how you’ve turned out; painting a picture; writing a poem; writing a song; visiting the sick; starting a scrapbook for grandchildren; start learning to play an instrument; losing some weight; starting to exercise, etc. Whatever it is that you’ve been “going to do” (someday), now is the time, for those of us who want to, and have been motivated, to “get to it”, to use an American expression “Get ‘er done!!!”

This would also be a perfect time for teachers to help their students set a goal (either a personal goal, or a class goal). I would guess that this is already being done by some teachers!!

Doing even some small thing, that we feel is worthwhile, during these next 3 or more months could be so rewarding for us, by letting Jesse’s courage and daring; her dream, and her “living that dream” motivate us; yes, INSPIRE US, to accomplish something good and worthwhile, too!

We’ve been happily immersed in Jesse’s dream and giving her the accolades that she’s due, and the encouragement she’s thrived on has been very worthwhile and meaningful to each of us. I hope, and pray, that all will continue to send her daily blogs letting her know how much we admire her courage and competency, and offer our continued support and encouragement; love and prayers, until she arrives home safe and sound!!!

(continued on my next blog) . . . more . . .

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Continued . . .

So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we, too, could have something positive, in a personal way, at the end of this momentous circumnavigation! And, to give Jesse all the credit for inspiring us to ACT! “ So, when we celebrate her triumph, we can also be celebrating our own triumph. . . and each other’s!!! And, in the future when we are looking back at this little snippet of time, we can say “That’s when Jessica Watson made a real difference in my life, as well as her life!” . . . and all the memories will come flooding back of this amazing event, and all you amazing people!

No one has to agree, or disagree, with me, or respond to this blog, I only hope that some will join me in taking a step forward in doing something important and meaningful for your own sense of accomplishment!

The new friendships we’ve gained, and ideas shared, through Jesse’s trip cannot be minimized, it has made an enormous impact, and it’s wonderful all by itself to have met so many new “friends” and “family”.

To those who don’t have any personal goals that they’ve been putting off . . . that’s great! It’s perfectly okay, really, to just, thoroughly enjoy what is taking place!!! It means that you are already accomplishing your goals, and that you are far more “squared away” than I am, and I salute each of you!!!

So, while Jesse’s traveling the next 11,000 or 12,000 nm’s, I’m hoping to make some headway . . . some forward progress, too!

Thank you, Jessica! Thank you for your inspiration, and for moving me to ACT, so I, too, can feel the wonderful sense of accomplishment by the time you sail back into Sydney Harbour!!!!
When I think of all the comforts you’ve been missing, the least I can do is put forth a little effort, discipline, and “doing without” myself!!

Please stay “clipped on”, Jesse, and remember to think twice when going about your chores, making absolutely certain that you stay safe every minute!!!!

Love, Prayers, Hugs and Squeezes!!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Pip from Tassie said...

Hi Jesse,

WOW!!!! Absolutely awesome!! You have done a great job so far and I'm so impressed by your passage around Cape Horn - the Everest of sailing!! Still reading every blog and checking in daily to see what progress you've made.

You take care of yourself and hope you get the chance to relax a little more now that you're making some headway north into warmer and smoother seas - at least for now...

Keep up the good work - you write so well it feels like we're there with you and you still seem to be having (quite literally) the time of your life!!

ericinoz said...

I'm glad that you have the Horn behind you and can relax a little more. Like the list of things that you miss but I bet when you try walking it will seem strange, the ground won't be rocking and rolling. Keep going Jessica, I'm addicted to your blog and look forward to your returning safely back home.

jo from perth said...

HI Jesse,
what a lovely post from you. Waking up to dolphins in the sunshine sounds so beautiful. I often think of you when i eat fruit. I remember the day you were savouring your last orange! I really don't know how you get by on the sleeping patterns you keep. I spent a couple of hours on my brother's boat in Darwin yesterday and i'm still tired from all the water actions! We did get to see 4 big salt water crocs though. Not quite as friendly as the dolphins perhaps but exciting none the less.
I imagine it must be so hard missing your family and friends particularly at your age. I forgot to tell you the other day how wonderful you looked in the close up of you and EPL. It was such a lovely photo. Also i was wondering why i was so sore and misshapen, I had forgotten to uncross everything i crossed for you for the fly over with your Mum and Dad.
Jesse I wish you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.
ps i read a few comments from names i recognise from way back when, but it seems as if some people are able to read them all. I wish i had the time to. I hope Jesse is able to and see how much she means to all of us.

Bruce S said...


just had a look and it is beautifully done and hope Jessica gets to enjoy it soon!

Brugs Sydney

PHD said...

Hello again Jess.
It is so exciting to share in your excitement of "rounding the Horn". The pictures are great and we are all almost as excited as you are.
Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all.
PS. I love the way you snuck in a little plug for one of your sponsers. lol

DeWitt USA

Dave said...

Enjoy my ocean as you head east, and don't take too many fish out of it. Fair Winds.
Dave Canada 210524Z

Heather(sunshine coast) said...

I just love reading your blogs, it's like settling down with a good book, and you know once you get started on a good book you cannot put it down.
Reading about falling asleep, the dolphins and a beautiful sunset is not hard to imagine, and you make us feel like we are actually on the 'Lady' with you.
But then back to reality, because if we were with you, you would prob have us down in the galley, cooking up a storm and doing the dishes!!!!!....we would'nt mind, honestly.
Keep up the good work Jess, sending you lots of good fishing vibes, here's hoping you catch something soon..

Caroline Johnson said...

Hi Jessica!
love your blog and vieos!! More please!
My dad is a very experienced Cape Town yachtee and says you will have to stick 200 nm south of the Cape ( of Storms) in order to miss all the nasty vast tankers rounding the Cape.

When we sailed the Indian and Atlantic oceans as teens with my parents we would mix up a mean coffee inspite of ingredients available. OK: instant coffee granules and your amount of powdered milk and sugar to taste. Wizz around with 2cm water with a teaspoon till dissolved and then gradually add boiling water on your gimballed stove stirring like crazy while you do it. You will hear the coffee getting yummier the more you stir!Snuggle into the lee cockpit seat facing aft resting against cabin and enjoy!

Another thing: How on earth did you dry anything wet when your cabin is 4 degrees C? Are you getting any clothes washed and dry? Do you also wash them is sea water like we did? Did Pink Lady stay reasonably dry inside?

The thing we most missed was real BREAD.On reaching port, a bakery was first stop after clearing customs and the first loaf was wolfed down b4 we left the shop!
When I was proan seasick on my bunk I used to dream of curries and ice cold coke!
It seems you got your main sheet fixed. Well done.
I would love to hear what you do on your typical day. People used to ask us what we did all the time on long passages and all I remember is that the days were full with things that needed doing.I was never bored.

Do you have a sextant and the knowledge to navigate if your electricity fails?
cheers, Caroline, ex Capetonian
PS Keep well clear of the Cape of Storms and visit that exquisite place by land some day!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
nice to be able to drift along and enjoy the animals jumping around your boat.
Looks like them albertos have been replaced by them dolfens!
Any pictures or videos to share?
Jess, you keep going my girl, we all love you!
Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

@RichieParis - I've got nothing to do with this Bart blogger. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

SaltyDog said...

For those who haven’t been following Abby’s blog, Team Abby announced her departure date. Here is the information that they posted on her blog earlier this evening:

“If you would like to come and see her off, here are the particulars:

WHERE: Del Rey Yacht Club
13900 Palawan Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6294

WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 2010
9:30 Press Conference and Q & A
11:30 Departure

With feelings words can't express,

Laurence and Marianne Sunderland”

From Seattle, WA, USA

Unknown said...

Quite right Jesse. There's everything from Atlantic Bumper fish to Sheepshead Porgy lol. (Both look the same and a bit like snapper from the web site I looked at. Glad you're having a remember time and that's probably the hardest part now on in; but the last 100days seemed to go damn quick so the next lot will too. Glad yr catching up on some r&r.

Kathy said...

Dear Jessica,
Enjoyed reading this posting today! You do so well sharing your thoughts but I'm sure it isn't always easy out there. I cried watching the video of your parents seeing you & EPL, and I'm sure you have shed tears for them as well. We are thinking of you and cheering you on towards home!!!
Last night my son was studying for his science test and he was having a hard time remembering a certain part. I was able to link it to your adventure and he said it helped him remember the answer on the test. We have learned alot from following you.
Speaking of learning, I googled black and white dolphins and found something you may enjoy reading if you don't know about them. We are from Florida and have seen dolphins, but didn't know anything about black/white ones.

You are in our thoughts and prayers--Happy Sailing!

Anonymous said...

Soul shine is better than sunshine, and will shine 'til the break of day. You, miss lady Jessica, have the greatest soul shine I've ever felt.

Kathy from Port Crane, NY

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

It all sounds wonderful....wish we could be sailing with you in the warm sunshine in a light breeze, feeling the gentle rise and fall of the boat.....'twould be paradise.

Here in Vancouver, it's mostly grey & chance of getting a tan....we Wet Coasters rust LOL.

Vancouver is gearing up for the 2010 Winter Olympics in 23 days. There'll be crowds and heavy security....a good time to be cruisin' with you.

Maintain course & speed,
Brian & Phill
(aka kiwi_canuck)
Vancouver, Canada

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again Jess.
Sounds like you are having a lazy day, you deserve it. All that hard work you have put in.
I'm sure your family are missing you too. How often do you get to talk to them.
Keep up the excelent work you have been doing so far...... and catch a few fresh fish and enjoy

Unknown said...

Something to cheer you up...

If you draw a line from Syndey, through the south pole, and continue north, you have a 1/2 way point ... and that happens to be about 2 days from where you are in the south Atlantic. You have almost traveled 180 degrees of longitude!!! (For those out there following her on Google Earth, get the 3D plugin, and tilt the earth until the south pole is pointed right to you and you'll see Jess has almost 1/2 way around)

Considering that you do not need to run North to cross the equator, you are MORE than half way home for total distance...and every single day brings you closer.

Don't despair, keep your chin up, and the day when you see Australia over the horizon is getting closer each sunrise!!

Caroline & Anton said...

Hi Jessica
You cannot sail past this most beautiful of places without a little peak at some of these photos of Cape Town: Here is the link: I hope you have a moment.Perhaps while enjoying your coffee Atlantique.
Bon voyage!

Unknown said...

Hello Jess,

Nice to hear from you again.

Your blog and your journey is progressing well.....

We are glad that you could able to relax a bit and to get a little sleep. Don't worry jess, soon you will be back home and will get to walk, sleep, wake up without alarm, drink coffee and eat whatever you want.

keep going


P. V. Nair - Dubai

Phil in Idaho said...

I hope you are enjoying your rest an relaxation for a while. It's a tough job to sail all those months but luckily it's you, a strong confident woman. Hey, a few pics of the dolphins would be cool. BTW, You are superwoman to me so it should be a snap. Seriously, enjoy the rest. Keep mentaly strong. And do your school work so you don't end up a pitiful speller like me.

StuntTrader said...

@ Jessica
You've got a craving for vegetables?
I never heard a teenager say that before!

@ Grant Tilbrook
Enjoyed the song, very professional.

@ Peter Bush aka PWB
I don't normally have time to read the long comments, but I look out for yours.


fnqgirl said...

Brag away Jess, you deserve it!!!
And good luck with the fishing.
Thank you so much for yet another wonderfully descriptive blog:)

hezakiah299 said...

01-21-10 @ 01:15
Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the post, so good to hear from you and that things are going well for you....about time, you've had your share of rough for a while.
I loved the way you described how you were casually lounging on the upper deck in the warm sun with the sound of the water slapping against the hull, and your friends playing alongside in the greeny, blue swell. Then realizing that you could enjoy sitting outside without your fingers and toes freezing.(I know, I embellished that a little bit, but what the hey...LOL.....) Hey Jessica, you are alive. Yes, and that's not bragging, that's just telling it like it is. It's just more for us to enjoy also. That's you and your descriptive way of writing that puts us right there with you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I’ll make a suggestion in regards to your walking:
Anything you can do to keep your leg muscles, and tendons limber, such as bending at the waist and touching your toes, or throw your leg up on a chair and again bend at the waist and bring your chest down to your leg. You’ll feel these exercises in the back of your legs. Don’t do to much at first or you’ll be hobbling around while you do your spider dance. LOL….
You don’t have to set up a routine on this, just try to do them when you think of it or when you have time. I would strongly suggest doing these a few days before you reach Sydney so you’ll be able to walk when you get off EPL or you'll look like a drunken sailor. LOL…….
I also think that you’ll really appreciate everything and everyone, that much more when you get back home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yes?!?!?

Jessica, when you return, your time will not be your own!!!!!
Think about it.

For SaltyDog: Well done, I thought that was a very kind, unselfish and thoughtful gesture on your part. I’m proud of you my ‘Fellow Jessaholic‘.
Thanks for the kind words, but It kinda embarrassed me, stuff happens!!!! My heart belongs to Jessica!?!?!?!?!? What a group. LOL…..

For Stephen M., Transplanted ''Aussie'', Maryland, USA:
Proud to have known you, and also for what you are doing, that’s not a walk in the park down there. It’s bad enough with the collapsed buildings, and the total chaos but there’s a lot of violence as well, so be careful and watch your back. You’re in my prayers.

Well Jessica, once again, thanks for the post, and keep making them pink flags move across the “Voyage” map. You’re doing a fantastic job, and it really doesn’t feel like you’ve been out there for three (3) months. But then, I’m sitting in an armchair. Bummer.

Keep your head in the wind, and your Chin up!!!!!!
Stay hooked up and smiling.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Verifixation word dinke

Sharkman said...

Hey Jess,
We have had a break in the cold on the east coast of the U.S. I can actually stand outside without a coat on and loving wearing my Pearl Jam hoodie!!!!

Bluefin said...

For Grant (Jan21 10.29am)

Thank you so much for that beautiful song. What can I say? I'm a little lost for words, outstanding!

Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

JH said...

Hi Jess

Great to read your latest update,
you are well deserved of a rest and to take in the Sun and relax for some part of the day.
I find it hard to imagine how your routine with sleping and eating would be, not knowing from day to day what situation you will be in.
Keep sailing safe, I will be waiting for the next update just like all your followers world wide will be. Take care

Maryborough Queensland

Trudy said...

To all Jessicaholics!

I just received these two videos. Certainly food for thought!

I do hope, that these poor people in Haiti get help NOW and that the generosity of the people flows to the population and not in pockets it doesn't belong in.

I am only mentioning this, because Jessica herself made a comment about the people in this beleaguered nation of Haiti.

Trudy from Austria/Australia

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse. Snoozing in the sun, dolphins cruising alongside - how picture-perfect that all sounds. Loved your list. We do take things for granted until we don't have them, don't we? You'll sure appreciate them all the more when you get back.
Happy sailing. Looking forward to the next post
Neil (Casino)

SUBIR said...

Hi Jessica,

1. Good to know that you got some sunshine finally. While at home, we rarely notice the small and routine things. However, when away we miss them the most. That's the way it is - a tooth's worth is known only after losing it.

2. The good news - While you can't get the tooth back, on reaching home your family, friends, food etc, will all be waiting, puffed with pride, to receive you. Then after the initial period, you can go back to not noticing them until the next adventure - though I suspect that after this adventure you will see these people / things in a different light.

Take Care,

Sandra La Knitalian said...

Jesse, You are aMAYzing! We want a book when you run out of things to do, places to go and people to see~ the WORLD awaits your safe return!
Sandra, Elkhorn, WI, USA

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

I just wrote a comment to your great post and I didn't pay attention, that the word was not verified and I wiped it all!
Grumble, grumble!

Now a shorter version! Probably good!!!!! lol

I feel with you, missing all those things that to landlubbers are automatic.
Imagine when you get home, how much you will appreciate walking and running on the beach!!!!
Hugging and talking with your siblings and your parents and friends, while you are sipping the finest cup of coffee.
I am not so sure about an unbroken sleep. You are so used to sleep with one eye open so to speak, I think it won't be that easy having had to be so aware for months on end.
You probably will wake up, because Ellas heartbeat and the caress and sometimes too stormy embrace of the ocean is missing!

I am glad you put the order in early, that you do not want to be disturbed for the first few weeks when you get home!
But you know, it's sometimes like that with putting in the holiday order at work........................whether you get it or not............that is another question!
You will be a much sought after person!

If I went on a journey like yours, I would have to take sprout jars like Kay Cottee. I depend totally on life foods, especially greens, so I can understand your craving, your body wants it!

Make sure, when you have your first bath, you also have candles and a lovely bath oil etc.
You'll probably be in the bath until your skin is wrinkled!

I am reading ' a voyage for madmen' by Peter Nichols. A fascinating book that gives more understanding as to why a very few people do extraordinary things!

When Chichester returned to Plymouth Harbour after his circumnavigation in Gypsy Moth IV there were 250 000 people gathered to welcome him!
How many will it be, when our Captain Jessica Watson, woman extraordinary, returns to Sydney?
Thousands in any case!

Keep well, cheer up, be happy and above all else be safe,

Trudy from Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Jessie: Get back to fishing as you mentioned today. When you get home you will wonder why you did not do more fishing. It is the one thing that you have for both entertainment and fresh food. Just do not catch anything that pulls you in. I feel like I am living this adventure with you like many of your fan club is also. You write so well on your blog, it is hard not to feel like we are along for the ride. Take care.
A big fan in Oregon, USA

Anonymous said...

@ Mike of Brissy
There are around 32 types of dolphins and quite a few of them are black and white. So not necessarily killer whales, although killer whales are also dolphins (not whales). :)
Cazz of Sydney

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

You are an amazing 16 year old Jesse. At the end of the day you are still a 16 year old and I know from having teenagers of my own, you will, after of course you have caught up on some much needed sleep, want to catch up with your friends and family. I bet they are really hanging out to catch up with you also.

Before you know it you will be back on dry land and have so much attention you will want to have quiet moments away from all the hype and attention when you first get back. I just hope that people are understanding and respectful in giving you the space to settle back into normality again with your lovely family and friends.

Not that your life will ever quite be the same again after your wonderful achievement. Just look at how much your (blogging) family has grown and how many new family members you will have to catch up with when you get back LOL :-) (only joking).

Those dolphins love you don't they! It would be nice if they would herd a small school of fish to your boat and get them to jump on board, like all those squid

Well my dear I must stop rambling on here and let one of your other faithful family of bloggers sent you a few words.

Take care, keep safe and lots of hugs. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess
Of course their are things like friends and family that you are going to miss. How I wish that i could drop unto the deck of EPL a big box of chocolate.That's the very least you deserve. Now having said that the best of you wishes are within reach. Keep your eye on the job, keep the wind in your sails, sail carefully, and please take care. Then your wishes will be realised and perhaps more. Sail on Jess, Sail on!

Barry Clements said...


FISHING - give this a crack.

Have a baited hook on a line with trace and swivel just trailing behind ELP (no sinker) because you would be very likely to pick up a surface fish.

If the yacht is getting along a bit quick you may have to put a little bit of lead on so you don't end up catching birds that will spot the bait from above and dive at it.

You don't need to tend the line if you have on deck work to do. If using a rod secure it or a line can just be tied off on the stern somewhere.

If you catch fish and have lemons, limes or vinegar you can marinade strips of fish to cook it. no heat required. for added flavour through in some onion or chilli etc.

Some of those ingredients store well so you may have put some on board.

Good hunting pioneer Jessica.

Bribie Island

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having an awful time out there, with those noisy dolphins, and relaxing sunsets. Had a thought about your tank water and its taste. Maybe you can configure up a bush distiller. All we need is some bright person out here to draw up a simple design for you, I was thinking of a small billy can with a hose attached to the lid for the steam to go through, into another recepticle for pure water, then add coffee.....I find it best to let powdered milk dissolve in water for an hour to get rid of the powdery texture.

Maybe you'll pick up an Atlantic Salmon!!!!

Keep safe, enjoy the pleasant break.

Russ Qld

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

Great blog....I feel as if 'I'm there' with dolphins siding along in the warm peace of the sea you're sailing. You write _so_ well !!!

As for your 'want list' ~~~ Hahhahhah.... I reckon you'll be able to name just about _any_ "want" and it'll be yours, after you return.

You've really settled into the "Being" , again, with the calmer environment, eh. that is so good.

~ hang in there, Jesse,---Sydney will be all around you at almost 'blink speed'... and your experience will be a wonderful 'dream'....... one that you've shared with untold 'serried rankers'... hehheh.

.... best wishes....

.... Ooc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

If you and your family of bloggers haven't already you have to watch the song on You Tube by blogger Grant "Sailing Home". You have a great singing voice Grant and it is a wonderful tribute to you Jesse and all you have achieved.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for this update. I was starting to wonder if you were going through a patch of bad weather.
I completely understand that there are things you miss. I am glad to see that you are able to make a methodical list out of them and you admit that you will be able to do without them for the time being. It proves your determination and your resilience.
Well done you for that work on yourself.
Indeed, it would be nice for you to crown the events of those past 2 weeks with a fresh fish of some sort. That would definitely provide you with a fresh intake of proteins, vitamins and oligo-elements and calm down some of your food cravings for a while.

Stay safe and enjoy.

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Sounds like you are having a ball out there at the moment Jesse, good weather, dolphins and warm sunshine. What more does a girl need.
Now that's a big list, but I can't believe you havn't got shopping down on your list, most girls can't go without there daily shopping fix. But you don't come across as the big shopping type, prefer to be outdoors, as we all can see. I can relate to the nice long hot showers and the late sleep ins, though. I'm sure if you put out a post asking for some crew to help with the dishes and running of EPL you would be flooded with offers, but you can only dream.
I'm sure you would not trade places with anyone at the moment.
So hope you have better luck with the fishing, I can jump on and help you out with this one.
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia

Attitude said...

Let others lead small lives,
but not you.
Let others argue over small things,
but not you.
Let others cry over small hurts,
but not you.
Let others leave their future
in someone else's hands,
but not you.
Jim Rohn

Brian T Brisbane said...

So good to hear of your 'relaxing day' & your wishes for what you will be keen to do on 'terra firma' !! I hope the fishing line provides you with something you can saute with chocolate (lol) .. Here's hoping the temp will continue to please you !! Sail on Princess (& keep up the Ella Bache Protection !!)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that everything is going so well for you, sounds like there is not much traffic out there, good luck with the fishing & keep up the good work.
All the best from
Cam & Annie "H"

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse

I decided to look up the dolphins you were describing it sounds like the spotted Atlantic dolphin which has a colouration of grey/black to white.

I would assume you have a down load limit with the internet and a very strict budget to adhere too so downloading photos will be few and far between because of budget restraints.

I would love to be in Sydney when you sail in through the heads but disability and lack of winning the lotto will deprive me of seeing you and your wonderful pink lady arrive home but you will know my thoughts will be with you.

I noticed when I read back on one of my posts that my spelling was abysmal, sorry about that.

If you have a tin of carnation milk it makes a great coffee especially if you whisk the milk as you heat it. Pity mum didnt think to give you a tube of condensed milk and coffee as a treat. I use to love condensed milk as a kid eating it out of tin on a spoon or my finger. Yum. Then heating it to make caramel even more yummmmmm.

Well pet hope you have a successful fishing trip.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Capt. Lalit Attri said...

Dear Jess

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth that is really welcome after that bone chilling cold of south.

On behalf of 244 Indian Master mariners of 1980-81 batch,

Wishing you best of luck, fair weather and favourable winds.

We are following your voyage keenly.
You are very brave girl.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Relaxing in the sunshine with your friends for company how nice.
Your list of what you miss made me smile.
I think I might go and eat a cold mango just because I can, wish I could share it with you.
Robyn, Sippy Downs

Tanya said...

Hey Jess,

Your reflection post reminds us of how many things we take for granted.

I have access to chocolate, great coffee and a warm shower, but the trade off is as a scientist, I work indoors :(... but i have access to chocolate!!!

Enjoy the sunshine and fishing.


bernie777 said...

hi are you going to sleep when everyone will want a piece of your action....the best thing to do would be to sneak off to some tropical island park the boat pull out a hammock and start sleeping..the media frenzy will be all over you like a rash....u had better get some tips from David Bowie since hes one of your blogging fans....I would miss the chance to stop the boat in Sydney...and join the hype.....remember your health is your wealth...happy Bernie777...

blackheathkrenon said...

What amazes me in that blog is that you seem so ordinary; you like the things others like. To me you're like a knight in shining armour going forth to slay a dragon, with the odds definitely against you, yet we all feel sure that when you win you'll be home eating chocolate and drinking real coffee.

Romagirl said...

Reply to RichieParis:
The 'Roma' of my birthplace is an inland town in Western Queensland, Australia. For several years I lived on a small island in the Torres Strait (northern tip of Queensland). This experience developed my respect for seafarers and for the sea and her creatures.

Living in a small inland town can feel like being on an island. I've met a few 'old salts' out this way (hundreds of kilometres from the ocean) and conclude that they are drawn to the wide horizons and big skies - just like being at sea. Here they are close to nature and her seasons and cycles. The sort of life they have chosen seems to be one of self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Late last week I was journeying on a night train through this country and giving thought to what makes Jesse's journey and blog so compelling to so many. Your recent post (January 19, 2010 8.54PM)was a nice co-incidence and set down in words what so many people must recognize intuitively.

And to you, Jesse - your lovely gift (as many have said before) is your ability to remain true to yourself while generously sharing the details of your journey of a lifetime with so many all around the world.

Anonymous said...

Brag away Jess, You have earnt that right!!

Keep sailing on....

pestinfo said...


Maybe a few days in a five star hotel with a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the door.

A big spa, a soft bed, clean sheets, some fresh chocolate (so fresh it hasn't been made yet)and five big burly security guards so only family can get past the door. Some fresh mangoes and bananas whilst a 'you beaut' dishwasher is being installed into your residence.

Yep!! I think all that is possible. With all these people reading this blog and all their connections, I am sure it will all happen.

Your job is to come home safely.

Sail safe

Best regards
Allen H/Bay, Qld, AU

PWB said...

Dear Jessica,

I have just completed my very first Solo and Unassisted CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF MY HEAD, using Wahl Precision Electric Hair Clippers with a #5 guide comb.

During this much quarreled about quest, I was under much temptation to accept assistance from my Wife in the wings. However, I remained faithful to the cutting cause and sailed onwards and upwards past my ear lobes, turned left and combed and cut my way into hair-raising history.

I was also under severe physical constraints in what at times seemed like a game of Twister (with blades) being played out on my head. Even so, I continued twisting my aged torso and upper body to position myself for a clean cut at the enemy….. hair.

At one stage while I had my head lowered to near between the legs, my wife could not take any more and ran from the room! Without explanation!
I clipped on in a hair feeding frenzy while assuming any body position that would give me the added advantage to cut the mustard, and complete the mission.

Like you Jessica, I had prepared well in advance should any unforeseen problem come up: I had a vacuum cleaner to my left and a size 62, brown paper bag to my right. Then all of a sudden a gust of Esperence wind came billowing through the door and scattered the hair carcass all over the family room floor. In one breath I swallowed the fear of being found red haired, and spat out my left hand to flick the vacuum cleaner on and clean most of the scattered hair up.

As I sailed back into the curly locks of vacuum exhaust swept hair, I felt like I was facing my own Cape Horned and Hairy Demons at last. Under great odds (my age and bone density) and much opposition (my wife came back) I kept my cutting comb to the cognitive case, that is my head.
Twenty minutes had passed and the intense heat that was spilling from the electric clippers was burning into my fingers, nevertheless, I forced the pair of clippers to become my servant until I clipped every last upstanding and rebellious hair on the bloodless battlefield, my head.

As I sat and watched the last of my lifeless hair fall to the tiled floor, I became acutely aware that this was a special event, that I was privileged to be a part of a life-changing event.

And change my life it did, when I next went to town nobody recognised me!!

Hair today, Gone tomorrow.

Dear Jessica,
When you get back to Sydney and you are in need of a haircut, I would be only to happy to be in the cut. Unfortunatly, I am only qualified to do the #5 crew cut.

Love and Swell Wishes

Peter Bush

Anonymous said...

Jess....What a lovely blog, not that we wish you to miss anything but it gives us a real insight into how you are feeling.
Ros (Sydney)

bengt said...

I would like to publish my forecast for passage times for the rest of the journey.
The values are: forecasted day, lat/long, theoretical minimum length per leg and total forecasted sailed distance
So far:
18-oct Sydney 33°51S 151°12E 0 nm
02-dec Tahiti 17°40S 149°30W
22-nov Kiritimati 1°52N 157°24W 3950 nm
24-dec Point Nemo 48°53S 123°24W 7800 nm
13-jan Cape Horn 55°58S 67°16W 9900 nm
17-jan Falklands 51°40S 57°50W 10300 nm
09-feb Longitude zero 40°S 0° 2450/13100 nm
18-feb CapeGoodHope 34°21S 18°28E 945/14200 nm
22-mar Longitude ninety 40°S 90°E 3350/17700 nm
03-apr Cape Leeuwin 34°22S 115°08E 1250/19100 nm
18-apr Hobart 42°54S 147°18E 1590/20900 nm
24-apr Sydney 33°51S 151°12E 580/21600 nm
Note that the total length has to be 21600 nm or more, the circumference of the earth, to be valid as a circumnavigation.

I made some small errors in the excel sheet calculating the previous forecast made in December. Also I adjusted the speed from 110 to 105 nm covered theoretical distance per day (which adds four days). The average speed based on theoretical distance has so far been 105 nm per day.

So now it is Sydney on 24 April instead of 13 April, six months and a week after departure.

One error was calculating too high distance per day to Cape Horn. It appears to be hard to have so high speed in the gale, and it was also been mixed with calm. And also I cut off several hours at every waypoint by mistake (cutting off the time of the day), which gave 3 days too little in total.

Your birthday Jessica, is 18 May which I am sure will be celebrated on land in Australia. You have to look forward to that. Come on, you are doing simply great. As with a beautiful soccer goal, which looks simple and easy, it has sounded so easy and flawless for you, which has contributed to your star quality.

Ben Larsson, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

You're cruizin' now... make the most of your rest time.

throw your line out on the other side....
"She is such a good friend that she would throw all her acquaintances into the water for the pleasure of FISHING them out again".


Anonymous said...

Your blog family grows larger every day. How does it feel to have so many friends watching and wishing you well? You are a real dinkydie aussie hero(ine). I guess you will never know just how many people regularly read your blog and, are inspired by you, but never write themselves.- How much the 'ripples in your pond' spread out in every widening circles to touch untold lives. You have become an unofficial australian ambassador, your posting -- the world! A future job perhaps?

Enough of that sloppy gooeystuff!
Don't want to embarrass you. However I will now endeavour to embarrass someone else!!.........

A quick word to Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV and RichieParis, you two very special gentlemen! How much you reveal of yourselves in your regular postings to Jess and the world!!! What true and loyal friends you would be to anyone fortunate enough to be counted as such. How much your blogs are enjoyed and savoured! Be very very careful; else Jess may not be the only one to receive a proposal of marriage on this blog site!! Lucky I am already happily married to 'Mr Right' otherwise I just might be tempted, a woman can be swept off of her feet by such kindness and wit you know! Always supposing of course that either or both of you are available??? :-))

Back to more serious stuff Jess, or seeing this is important, should I address you by your full title of Captain Jessica Watson?
Are you certain that was an escort of Dolphins whilst you snoozed? I am inclined to wonder whether it was a 'wolf pack' of black and white Orcas or Killer wales that were observing you as you slumbered. It made me shiver to think of it, so please, please be careful my very precious one! Don't want to alarm you but they can be very quick and unpredictable. Stay away from the edge and always stay tethered. SORRY to be a worry wart! Can't help it I'm am old Granny! Dang! now I've given the game away, too old by far for romance?? just as well I have my own gentleman.

Praying The Good Lord's protection and blessings for you and your whole family. 71 year old granny

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

How nice to read that you have had a nice sunny day and that you dozed off for a while. Sounds great with the dolphins come visiting you.
I have often thought about how you exercise. When I am out walking you will be with me, and I'm walking every day.
Good luck with the fishing.I'm sure you will catch some edible soon.
Enjoy it out there. Take care and sail on safe.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Trudy said...

To Pweb21, Paul Weber,
swimming with dolphins is definitely an unforgettable experience. I even put my hand in a dolphins mouth, that came to me and 'stood' in the water in front of me.

But it seems, not all of them are friendly!
See article!
There is also controlled swimming with dolphins in N.Z. if you google it.

Great song Grant.

You are not the only one wondering about talents, Mike D landlocked in Philly PA.

transplanted Aussie keep safe.

Salty Dog, love your accolade to Parker.

Richie Paris as spot on as ever, thank you, How about an update on your adventure you told us about!

Barry from Bribie Island, great and true comment.

George Simmons, a speedy recovery, the outcome of the search is sad.

Congrats Room 401, great song!

There are so many dear people commenting on Jessica's website consider yourselves mentioned!

Till next time,
Trudy from Austria/Australia

Ann said...

Great to read your blogs Jessica and so pleased that all is going well for you and Ella's Pink Lay. the family can't wait to see you.....what an exciting journey you are having and reading your blogs it is almost like travelling with you...everything is so are homeward bound now Jessica and the worst of the journey is over...take time to enjoy the peace of the seas because when you get home it will be'll probably be hounded by the take time while you can to relax....hope all your dreams and wishes come are such an inspiring young lady
safe journey...many blessings
Ann (Morwell)

Ron said...

Gday Jess,

If you were in shallow water. Are you allowed to put a anchor down and go for a swim or does that break the rules?

Ron still bus'n

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

More fans come to catch up with you? Surely there can't be too many more in the dolphin world that haven't heard of your amazing feats and caught up with you.

I wish that I was a party to the stories those dolphins told about the day that they caught up with Jessica Watson.

To tell you the truth I am the main washer upper in this household and it can get a bit of a strain. I understand absolutely when you say that you are over it.

Stay strong little lady. Not much longer now. You are already getting into warmer climates and that means that home is just around the corner.

Be somewhat careful though at wishing you were back in our waters. Two cyclones are now hovering around the top end of Australia.

Take care and sail home as quickly as you can.

June and Richard Thorn

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse I haven't forgotten you have been very busy with a church conference the last few days.

I often wonder how you'll manage on your "land legs" the first few days back. Your list of things you'd miss is very close to what mine would be especially the coffee and chocolate LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your powerful thoughts put into words...
With you every step of the way...
With much honour... deepest respect... many blessings.

PWB said...

To Roma Girl,

Roma was one of the inland towns that was on our possibilities list, Before we moved from Sydney to outback WA.

You are 477 km from Brisbane, we are 390 from Perth. We get similar hot high 40's temps this time of year as what you get. We do not get humidity and we get nice breeze about 5-6pm each night (90% of the year).

I agree with your comments about the inland, in that it can be a likened to a vast sea. With much beauty.

Best Jess-a-like Regards

Peter Bush
Hyden WA, Australia

Organisedvicar said...

Hi Jesse,

That is a very unsurprising list of things you miss - and I love the way you wrote about them. I think I would have rated them in exactly the same order. The food one would drive me nuts! I really wish one of my kids would rate their brothers/sisters at the very top but alas they have never really been 'without'. It is amazing the simple things one misses but I also imagine that in no time at all, when you are home, there will be things you will miss (and not)about this trip.

Hang in there, keep enjoying the sunshine when you can, the wildlife when you can - aren't they gorgeous?, and I think I remember someone saying that the Atlantic Salmon is superb in that part of the world! Good luck with the fishing and keep sailing safe.

Jo-Anne, Geelong, Vic, Aus.

Trudy said...

To the Mc Grath family,

NO, don't feel silly at age 52!

I am 62 and inspired by Jessica, to do something that I have never done in my life, I went sailing in December 09.
After sailing in the Whitsundays for 5 days, I now am the proud and happy owner of the competent crew certificate.
It was the experience of a life time!
We did a night sail and I got to steer the boat by the stars. I only ever read about this before. It was marvelous!
Next is the day skipper certificate!!!!!!

If I can do it, so can you!

Kind Regards,

Trudy from Austria/Australia

nanna said...

Hey Jess,100 days the time seems to have flown by.
We are all sooo very proud of you.
Hope you manage to catch a fish,put the photo up if you do.Love reading your post,

You go girl,stay safe
Nanna Cairns Qld

Kissyfrott said...

Hello Captain Jesse,
Nice post! Many thanks, we didn't expect one so quickly!

It looks like holidays, doesn't it? Baking in the sun, dolphins playing around... And your mind frolicking about what's waiting for you back home, Mum's good cooking and treats for instance.
Brother and sisters must be missing you too. You are skipping your turn for washing the dishes at home, and tidying your bedroom, aren't you? Meanwhile, you're on a cruise with the scallywag servants doing all the cleaning on EPL!
Being allowed to put your guard down will be a relief, as sleeping "no limits"... It won't be easy in the beginnings, you will probably wake up all of a sudden at he smallest noise!
Walking is obvious. I was guessing that all the "Jessica walks" we are making on your behalf wouldn't be enough. You will have to do that between 2 and 4 am if you don't want to have hundreds of fans walking at your sides!
Several baths will be necessary to remove all the salt you must have everywhere anyway. Just hope Mum won't put you in the washing machine!

Thank you for never mentioning you felt the cold so hard (as for your fingers and toes). All of we, adopted parents, would have been madly worried!

Fair winds and good progress to HBC (Hot Bath City = Sydney), EPL & Skipper!

@theMcGraths... the little paw prints... so cute!
@Bengt, doesn't that sounds optimistic? Jus because it is much shorter than the 8 months that had been announced. 7 months look more likely, don't they?
@Grant - nice song! Congrats!
@Peter Bush - what a trip! You daredevil! lol
@Romagirl: Thank you... Well observed about wide sea and wide land areas, never thought of that. I'll come back later.

Anonymous said...

Jess, bath, sleep and coffee... in that order???

hang in there, won't be long

Anonymous said...

Dear Saltydog!

OMG! Don't you guys have meat pies? We have them hot usually with tomato sauce. Meat in pastry!

Anzac biscuits are just a dry biscuit that tastes good. They are an Australian day tradition I guess! ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps)

(Lamingtons) A square bit of spunge cake about the size of half a brick with jam in it then dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. Yum!

(Pavalova) Not to sure about them! Lots of whipped egg whites and sugar with fruit and made as a cake I think.

(Milo) Mmmmmm Milo! AARGGGG!!! Really yummy chocolate powder that if you haven't got Milo in the states it's worth moving over here just for that!

(Sausage rolls) It's usually a mystery meat wrapped in pastry and we have tomato sauce on them too. Nothing beats mums home made sausage rolls!

(Tim Tams) Well! That's a secret! Could tell you but, well you know!

Just between you and me! The Tim Tam is without a doubt the greatest chocolate biscuit in the world! If I could I'd send you a try of everything, but there has never been a Tim Tam leave my front door. There are lots of domestics, break up's and fights over the last Tim Tam from the Tim Tam packet in Australia! lol

As for Vegemite! I've always wondered why most people who try it from other countries don't like it much! I think it's because most Australians have grown up with it and the secret is not to have too much at once I think. Vegemite is a spread that goes on our toast!
I used to split a Weet Bix down the guts and put butter and vegemite on the pieces. Yum!

Weet Bix is like a breakfast cereal we have with milk. They are shaped like lots of little bricks about the size of a deck of cards all stacked up in a box.

Have you even got peanut Butter?

(XXXX) Is a beer and so is Powers.

So there you go mate! I think I'm pretty close with all that.

C ya!

Gotta get some Tim Tams now!


Go Jess Go!

Macca said...

mmmmmm chocolate...


p.s jess is hawt

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
So glad you could enjoy some sunshine for a change.
Who know fish may be on the menu soon!
I guess we take simple things like hot baths and fresh fruit and vegies for granted, it is not until we haven't got any we appreciate them. Never mind the wait will be worth it.
I hope when you arrive home you will be able to catch up on some well deserved sleep.
It must be great to have the Dolphins playing around EPL.
Keep Safe,

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jesse

Has it really been over three months!?!? Carpe Diem all right, because if you don't seize the day it just disappears on you. Snoozing in the warm sun and then being woken up by dolphins. Just fabulous. The lack of a warm bath, bad coffee and dodgy chocolate is worth it.

Good luck with the fishing. I am heading up to Mooloolaba from the Gold Coast tomorrow after uni. My wife, kids and in-laws are still up there enjoying the school holidays. Hopefully, we can pull some reasonable fish (excluding Bull Sharks) out of the canals. I have given up on the Mooloolaba Groyne as we keep hooking up to people in kayaks and surf skis and have been having real trouble landing them. But they do put up a good fight. An entertaining spot though. It is always interesting to see how individuals interpret channel markers and speed limits – Channel markers, what channel markers!!

Sail safe, sail fast.
Best wishes

hezakiah299 said...

01-21-10 @ 05:41
Hi Jessica,
Just thought I’d pass some good news along, Abby has set Saturday, January 23,2010 as her Sailing Day.

WHERE: Del Rey Yacht Club
13900 Palawan Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6294

WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 2010
9:30 Press Conference and Q & A
11:30 Departure

I thought this was very nice of Abby, complementing Jessica, so I copied it from her Blog:
Abby said…
“Congratulations to Jessica Watson on rounding Cape Horn! She's done an amazing job and I hope the rest of her trip goes as well as it has so far.”

For Grant : Love that song, enjoyed the lyrics, and you have a good voice.
Carol from Fla. A very nice message and very strong.

Well Jessica, hope you can make it, but if you can't I'm sure she'll understand. Ha, ha, ha.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Howdy Jessica
Here are we all waiting on baited breath for each blog that you and EPL are both AOK and there you are worried about the people of Haiti hoping that they are ok.
Good for you Jess.
If you realy want some one to wash the dishes or even take a turn at the wheel Id be on the next plane over, but I think somehow that would destroy your record attempt at ding it solo. So I better stay at home and just keep reading your blogs and hoping you will soon be back in Sydney.
How close do you come to the mainland of West Australia by the way. Theres plenty of good fishing here
Safe sailing

Bruce S said...

wot a day Jessica
I've been to Grant's YOU TUBE great SONG for you, and
to SAM's web site, and now to
Ben Larsson, Sweden
ETA for you!

almost in the realms of too much;o))

so he says 24th April will herald your safe
return to

but a great life time
If you are very lucky
there are many more to come!
clip on / stay very safe
we are with you and
wanting you to complete THIS
and many more adventures

Brugs / Sydney

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

sooo pleased to know you took some time out neath the ole blue n yellow. A deserved respite for tasks completed and the trip ahead so brag away, build up the reserves and warm up those digits lol

What a nice way to be woken. Dolphins and a pink sunset to boot. Such a pleasant day and hope ya get more of between fast sailing of course.

Just think Jesse, in but a few months all of these wishes will be answered. Hope these feelings are spurring you on to the finish line, tho that would seem a foregone conclusion.

Good luck with the fishing! :)

Anchors aweigh Captain!

Ben (Qld)

Anonymous said...

hee hee I'm sure it will look and feel amusing to try out the sea legs on terra firma when you step back onto it . . . Just sipping a delicious flat white as I write ;)
. . .
Onya Jess

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - sounds as though you are on R&R. Why not?? If what you listed is all you are missing with the exception of family and friends and walking you have obviously have adjusted very well to the tranquil state of 'aloneness'. Good on ya darl and the time will fly because you don't appear to be suffering from psychological deprivation of any kind.

I am happy because you seem very happy but as I said last time it's no doubt business as usual now with the excitement of the milestone behind you and the focus now back on the immediate future.

'til next time precious Jess safety first and get that goal sheet out and let us know about your immediate to medium term objectives. Please stay clipped on and keep the mind in the present. Take care, God bless and sleep tight darl.


Anonymous said...

Cooeee sunshine!... G'day Jesse!:)

See, I said sunshine suits you! :) Glad you've been able to enjoy some and also to relax awhile.

Great as always reading your blog, Jesse.

Continued good wishes for safe sailing, fair winds and smooth seas!

cheers from South Australia!

Cat Harbour said...

Great blog entry, Jesse. You're having fun. Hope you catch a fish and can have another "fresh" meal.
What's your estimate now of how many days it will take you to sail to the Cape of Good Hope, across that little pond called the South Atlantic. This must seem like a hop, skip and no jump compared to the trip across the Pacific.
Rex Gibbons
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Miss Cinders said...

*passes the choc to Jess* Unmelted Caramel Cadbury... nice and cold from the freezer. Can't help with passing a bubble bath to you though, the tanks are a little too low LOL

Hubby has been following your progress since you left, and he's one jealous soul!

You're doing great, you're a braver woman than I!

Good luck!

ozbeachman said...

Jessie you are a great girl and a credit to Australia and specially Queensland. You rounded the cape and now can wear the gold ring in the right ear lobe with pride as did the old seaman to tell everyone that they had survived the cape and it cold and stormy weather passage Take care Jessie and we are all waiting for your safe and sound wonderful home coming...ozbeachman Bargara Queensland

shan said...

What a courageous girl you are. I always wanted to do exactly what you are doing. I am in my early 30s now. may be its too late for me now. Keep going girl. you rock.

Revkjb said...

Hi Jessica,
we've been following your voyage from St Mawes, Cornwall. Absolutely inspiring - you deserve all those very modest wishes to come true, and more when you eventually sail home. We love Grant's song too.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

First, for Grant. Great job on the song. Nicely constructed and sung. Enjoyed it immensely.

For Jessica:

I am so wishing that this will not be a one fish voyage. A fresh Atlantic Salmon would be great for a diet change. Here's hoping you catch something, salmon or not.

It was interesting reading your comments on things that you miss most. That's the way it always is. Under other circumstances, we take these things for granted. I know there are time I have said "oh, gee, another salad"? So I completely understand your feelings when you don't have these things.

When I think about it, were I in your place, after 100 + - days, I believe it would be human contact and your comments about missing parents and siblings seems to place that at the top of your list.

So glad you can sail north to warmer latitudes and change your weather and enjoy a little warm sunshine.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

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