Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Miss The Most

Ella's Pink Lady has been steadily plodding along north and east out into the Atlantic and yesterday I was treated to a day of incredible sunshine. It was so lovely that I actually drifted off to sleep, sprawled out across the cabin top (of course, with my Ella Bache sunscreen on!). The warm sun and the sound of the water against the hull had me nodding off within minutes.

Better still I was woken up by a pod of beautiful back and white dolphins swimming along next to us. As always they were a treat to watch, playing in the greeny, blue swell. Then there was the pretty pink sunset that I could actually enjoy sitting outside without feeling like my fingers and toes were about to fall off. Sorry, I feel like I'm bragging!

Seeing as I've been out here for over three months and very almost 100 days, I thought I'd put together a list of what I miss the most. Not that it's not all totally worth it out here!

Family and friends pretty obviously come first .Particularly my brother and sisters. Second is being able to sleep and relax without the constant feeling of needing to be ready for anything. Third would be sleep - long, uninterrupted sleep with no alarms and nothing to wake me! (That's how I intend on spending my first few weeks back home, so please don't make any plans for

Then there's walking. I really miss being able to stretch my legs on the beach or anywhere actually. And food. Even though I'm still not at all bored with what's on-board, I'm often having a craving for various types of fresh food, a crunchy salad, any type of fruit, even vegetables. I'd give a lot for a good cup of coffee, as you can't do much with slightly gross tank-water and powdered milk!

A long hot bath goes without saying and I can't say how much I'd appreciate someone else taking a turn at washing the dishes for a change!

Oh, and chocolate that hasn't been melted and re-set, I certainly miss that. It just doesn't taste the same!

It's another nice day in this part of the Atlantic. Ella's Pink Lady is reaching at 5knots with 13knots of wind. I'm off to put the fishing line out again. Something that I've neglected since it got cold. I'm not sure what there is to catch down this way, but no harm in trying right?



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Anonymous said...

good luck fishing Jess!

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Just caught up on the above posts & Oh my Gosh! I think the natives were getting restless waiting to hear from you.
Too funny!

On a more serious note, @Transplanted Aussie (Stephen M), read your post with sadness & just want you to know we're thinking of you all & of course we will make a donation.


The McGraths, Nowra NSW

brendano57 said...

hi, jess, have been following your journey,since it started, and am truely impressed by your guts and tenacity, great mini novels and i love how you speak and record your experience. i am sure many many more people will be tuning in to your achivements in the coming weeks and months, remember this when going gets tough the tough get going, so you go girl, cheers brendan adelaide

kerry k said...

hi Jess going great guns we're all so proud of you & your team here on sunny coast - its great to read your positive bloggs no matter what your up against. Keep smiling

REX said...

Rex Manuel ,Greenvcale .Victoria 3059. Australia said:-
Dear Jesse,
I was really worried that you had such fearful gales,that blew the mast,and rigging into the water.Glad to learn that you are well.No doubt The Lord will watch over you until you make it back to Sydney in May. Ella Pink Lady is making good progress,despite these little hassles.You and your team need to be congratulated...Love and very best regards to you,your Parents and hard working shore team. You have passed the half way mark and the Home run should be easier. Addicted to your successful travel andI read your blog daily.......Rex Manuel

Anonymous said...

Cool blog!

Harold Mallette said...

We get the sun/fog sailing off the coast of Maine. Hope the dolphins pick you up again.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you for the whole voyage now, your site is one of my home pages. You’re going well, good luck and look forward to more blogs. You’re a gutsy chick who has some big balls (hehe)

Michael Rohrs said...

Hey! I just heard about the amazing thing your trying. Good luck out and don't give up! I've tried to do this as well when i was 16 but failed due to financial issues, but dont give up! Keep on Keeping on!

Anonymous said...

let's here from you. 2/3/10 your last post. Best.

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