Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Miss The Most

Ella's Pink Lady has been steadily plodding along north and east out into the Atlantic and yesterday I was treated to a day of incredible sunshine. It was so lovely that I actually drifted off to sleep, sprawled out across the cabin top (of course, with my Ella Bache sunscreen on!). The warm sun and the sound of the water against the hull had me nodding off within minutes.

Better still I was woken up by a pod of beautiful back and white dolphins swimming along next to us. As always they were a treat to watch, playing in the greeny, blue swell. Then there was the pretty pink sunset that I could actually enjoy sitting outside without feeling like my fingers and toes were about to fall off. Sorry, I feel like I'm bragging!

Seeing as I've been out here for over three months and very almost 100 days, I thought I'd put together a list of what I miss the most. Not that it's not all totally worth it out here!

Family and friends pretty obviously come first .Particularly my brother and sisters. Second is being able to sleep and relax without the constant feeling of needing to be ready for anything. Third would be sleep - long, uninterrupted sleep with no alarms and nothing to wake me! (That's how I intend on spending my first few weeks back home, so please don't make any plans for

Then there's walking. I really miss being able to stretch my legs on the beach or anywhere actually. And food. Even though I'm still not at all bored with what's on-board, I'm often having a craving for various types of fresh food, a crunchy salad, any type of fruit, even vegetables. I'd give a lot for a good cup of coffee, as you can't do much with slightly gross tank-water and powdered milk!

A long hot bath goes without saying and I can't say how much I'd appreciate someone else taking a turn at washing the dishes for a change!

Oh, and chocolate that hasn't been melted and re-set, I certainly miss that. It just doesn't taste the same!

It's another nice day in this part of the Atlantic. Ella's Pink Lady is reaching at 5knots with 13knots of wind. I'm off to put the fishing line out again. Something that I've neglected since it got cold. I'm not sure what there is to catch down this way, but no harm in trying right?



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Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse,The dolphins you
are having fun watching are
commerson's dolphins. They are
beautiful animals. I like the most
wanted list too.. It tells us that your at the halfway point in your journey and are heading home. Three
months at sea and you still seem to be ejoying yourself."Success is a Journey,not a Destination." Be safe!Be Happy! Crank Up The Volume!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are. I have dreams of sailing singlehanded one day, and owning my own boat, but I've been scared that I might be too old before I get the chance. Now I know that even when I'm 55, I'll be able to do it. Thank you, and good luck out there.

Lisa Brisbane, Aust

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Great blog as always and so glad your enjoying the calm seas.


What a beautiful tribute my friend so well put together I love it and I even shared it with a lot of world famous managers and worldwide entertainers on my Face book page.
I am sure jess will love it as well. Thank you.

Well Jess keep clipped on girl do not slack off on that one because you are kicked back relaxing lol.

Until next time stay safe smooth sailing.

Kaye Brisbane Aus. xx

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about how many people read you blog and follow your site daily and never comment (like me)? We're having almost as much fun as you just following your journey. After you get home and sleep it off write a book, we would love to hear more. Best Wishes for Your Success!!

Anonymous said...

Great job jessica. greetings fron the Netherlands. B

Paula said...

Excellent news about the sunny day, and it's even good to hear about the things you miss. That tells us you haven't become some kind of non-human super-hero. Not yet, anyway!

I hope you'll have many more of those sunny, warmish days the rest of your journey. I'm glad the sunscreen is working for you. I don't think that's a brand we can get in the US, is it?

Carl said...

Always enjoy your writing. It's always interesting and makes me think. In this case to be thankful for many of the things I take for granted.
Carl, Wisconsin, USA

rob said...

Hi Jessie firstly please let me say that I wish you all the very best of luck with your endevours. This is my first and probably only post to you and it is hopefully an insignificant one But! during the last thirty years the british navy and the SAS during the life of admiral mountbatten (eventually blown up by an IRA bomber)have used pink as a colour for some warships and the SAS for their desert assault vehicles (Land rovers) it was called "Mountbatten Red" I think! their reason was to absorb light and thus restrict the visibility of their vehicles and craft. Admiral Mountbatten was convinced that this colour did exactly that. May be worth concidering when you are in busy shipping areas. kindest Rob

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Miss Jessica Watson...thought I'd be formal tonight, I've been watching a series on ABC1 titled:-
"Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage" a Venetian architect and historian Francesco da Mosto sets out from Venice to cross the Mediterranean sea following in the wake of his ancestor, the explorer Alvise da Mosto to discover the cities and islands where Western civilization was born. Sailing in a late nineteenth-century schooner, "The Black Swan" his journey starts in Venice and finishes in Istanbul, over 9 episodes he takes you on a wonderful Journey through the Mediterranean, each time I see this beautiful Sailing Ship I think about you, I think wouldn't it be just great to be on board that boat and let the world go by....

I figured long ago that the one thing you'd be missing is a good shower, and I know exactly what you mean about the Chocolate!
And the coffee...yeap that too! everybody has been saying really really good, pity about the Video Quality on You Tube, is was somewhat hard to read the text on the screen, but musically brilliant and Lyrics just right and the harmonies well done blending with the film footage, Jess has just gotta feel privileged.

Magpie makes a point about the being Clipped On statement..hmmmm

P.J Day...that must be a funny thing...only in America huh...oops Canada...I gave up wearing PJ's long ago....that's probably to much information...;)

To Mike D...I know what you mean!

To PWB re "Sail Rage" interesting picture that creates but I reckon everybody that day will be making sure a cleared path exists in front of EPL....

To "M" being one interested in Astronomy I went straight to APOD to have a look, I agree...pretty amazing stuff our Universe and where we fit in!....see this link,

To HackheathKrenon, the "Knight in Shinning Armour" is a wonderful image...very nice.

Hezakiah299 and SaltyDog stole my thunder...on Abby's blog she acknowledges Jesse's rounding Cape Horn not to mention making reference to Laura Dekker been given a green light it seems...

Anyway Jesse...its just gone 1:28am here in good ole Melbourne Town and if I don't put this blasted Laptop down I'll be falling a sleep at the Keyboard.....

Nodding off for a few minutes across the Cabin roof while soaking up the Sun just sounded blissfully wonderful, with all the strife in the world going on there's you all by yourself, maybe the odd Dolphin, in the South Atlantic Ocean...the South Atlantic amazing stuff....


Clint - Melbourne 1:48am!

Anonymous said...


Great discription of whats going on aboard EPL. The lighter winds give you an oportunity to recharge the batteries so to speak. A little leasure time never hurt anyone.

As far as fishing, try keeping the lure no further astern than the end of the turbulance created by EPL. If that doesn't work, open a can of tuna. That works everytime.

Keep up the good work


chris coles-morales said...

Hey there,
It must of been so nice to just doze off. You needed that respite from all that you have been through. :)

Wow,dolphins! Don't you love the way they leap and then go under... all the time keeping up with the boat with just a flick their fins.Amazing creatures!They are one of my favorite marine mammals.. next to penguins. Too bad when you were near Chile you could of swung by them to say hi.
Are you glad you got that list now of all the things you are going to do when you are on dry land. The thing that will be interesting to see is how short of a time it will get used to your surroundings that don't rock back and forth!
Just think, soon you will be home and saying this to all! :)
Be safe,be warm,be going in the right direction and above all, have fun!!!
chris in calif

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Welcome to the South Atlantic! Have enjoyed and have looked forward to your blogs since the start of your trip. The mid point of your voyage has arrived, and a great job has been done by you and your team. I try to keep somewhat informed of the weather you are in from the net, but there are some holes. Could you perhaps update on temps. you have encountered? Fair winds and smooth seas, or as they say in US Navy, Haze Gray and Underway.

C Weldon White

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I am impressed by your courage!
It's very interesting to follow your trip watching videos and reading your diary.
The whole world is with you!

Be strong and stay safe!
Good luck! =)

Moscow, Russia

Rich said...

It must be truly wonderful to have dolphins as traveling companinons occasionally. In the book Moby Dick, the author Melville calls them "the lads before the wind". I hope these lads stay with you constantly till you find yourself saftely back home.

It is great to hear though how balanced you are in seeing the joys of your journey as well as those things that are missed. How sweet those things will be when you return!

May God bless you all along the way!

SaltyDog said...

To William Watson,

Thanks for the run down on all of the Aussie goodies. And you’re right, we do have meat pies and lots of “mystery meats” in the US. I guess yours just sound better. You need to have a few XXXX’s before you dare eat one of ours. I’ll be honest, I’m just wishing that I could find a way to make to Sydney in May to sample these things and to meet you nice people. I would love to be there to greet our hero when she sails into Sydney Harbour. Thanks again for the info, Billy. I’m off to find some Tim Tams. If I hang out on Jessica’s blog much longer, I might even start writing with that great Aussie accent.

G’day mate…..

From Seattle, WA, USA

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great hearing from you. Love the detail you have put into this update. In actual fact it will not be too long before you will be enjoying all these things you have metioned. The time, at least to me, is flying by. Since you left Sydney in October it really seems not that long ago.

Hey, no mention of school work or I am sure they will be there for you!!!!

Just keep doing what you are doing and continue to enjoy the journey.

Take care and keep safe.

Ingleburn NSW (Still in Perth)

Anonymous said...

I see you are thinking of taking a break after you return.

But as you know, this is a fast moving world and as soon as you are adjusted to walking on land again, there are things to do.

So…. I have taken the liberty to get your May list started:

Jesse’s To Do List – May 2010

•Arrive Sydney – Tie off EPL to dock

•Quick Shower

•Long bubble bath while sipping Hot Coffee

•Celebration with family & support team

•Attend Welcome Home Party

•Turn in homework at school

•Return for Birthday Party

•Fly to Paris – Ella Bache Presentation

•Fly to UK – Technical discussions with Musto on “Watson” line of ocean gear.

•Gather photos for the 2011JW EPL Ocean Adventure Calendar.

•Work on book – 1st draft due in 6 weeks

•Attend High School Graduation (Solo trip + Homework = 2 years credit)

•Start College

•Contact NASA about my 2011 solo circumnavigation

Great Lakes Guy – Michigan - USA

Slamdunk said...

I bet you would want a comfortable sleep after the experience.

Keep up the good posts.

Anonymous said...


Hi Jesse,
Sorry you are missing home comforts .Good luck with the fishing.Hope you don't catch the BIG one!!!
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Frank said...

Hello Jess, I have been busy lately working and skiing with my family, in the meantime you have been sailing eastward and I was not keeping up with your progress. Congrats on rounding the Cape, it sounds exciting, Bravo! You are having the great adventure. Best wishes from Nova Scotia.

tassie devil one said...

hi jessica , really enjoyed your latest message, how about adding to your list of things you are missing , like standing in the queue at the supermarket, going to the dentist , running out of pocket money , being nagged to clean up your room, running late for an appointment etc. only joking , even though I cant imagine you ever running late for anything . All these things will be waiting for you when you arrive home , so dont wish them on yourself for a few months yet.
Its really good to hear that you have some sun and I so hope you can manage to catch some fish, I am surprised that you have only managed to catch one in all this time , unless I missed something.
Cheers for now from Tassie

Anonymous said...

smilin at ya, you're just a normal kid ^v^

kevmeister / Perth

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, good to hear that you have de-frosted now and enjoy pleasant conditions, make the most of them while they last as you no doubt will encounter some rough patches yet. Your descriptions of the world from your perspective is excellent and your longing for so much that we on land take for granted is a reminder for everyone to count their blessings. I have endulged in ripe mangoes lately and that is just one of life`s blessings where I live 40 min from Noosa, if I could I would send you some. By the way we haven`t heard if you got that Diesel heater going. Hope you catch a nice fish for dinner, and do take care.
Regards from Niels

PWB said...

Dear Jessica,

I know that you are very busy at the moment, but I am in need of a little bit of advice. After reading your blog today, I have been thinking a lot about when you come back into Sydney Harbour. Unfortunately, I would not be able to come to Sydney as I am a compulsive reclusive and therefore my disposition precludes me from attending the welcome back parade.

I have been racking my mind to think of what I may be able to send you as a gesture of recognition of your unbelievable accomplishment.

(1) If I sent Chocolate from my outback granite outcrop, it would be melted by the time that it gets to Sydney.

(2) I do not think that flowers are suitable for such a swashbuckling sailor such as you.

(3) I considered a Singing Groper Gram (Deep Sea), but I thought that you might get offended. You might take it personally against your fishing skills.

(4) I thought of getting Fats Domino CD, singing Red Sails In The Sunset, but it’s the wrong color, the sails I mean.

(5) I could dig up a mallee root from the bush and shape it into a sailing boat, but that wood is so hard I would be whittling till the cows came home. And then it’s too heavy to post anyway.

Then as I was getting desperate for an idea, I got a desperate idea: Dress up in Pink and go into town on my motorcycle to commemorate you return and success.

The motorcycle is very big V4 (370 kg) and all white. I am very skinny and all white also, while only weighing 65kg. So the odds are 5.7 to 1, against me, which has nothing to do with this story. Fate has favored this option because I do possess a very pink polo shirt, so I will only need to purchase a pair of very pink jeans.

So, this is the bottom line: Pink Jeans, Pink Shirt, White Boots, White Jacket and White gloves. I would get pink tattoos on all 8 fingers reading, Right Hand; E.L.L.A., Left Hand; P.I.N.K. and tattooed on my chest is a beautiful LADY BOAT. My chest would be the perfect blank (and flat) canvas for such a project. The only problem is, my wife complains that it is bony to a fault, and quite painful when pressed upon. So it may hurt the tattooist more that it will hurt me. Even so, I would be willing to overlook some pain for this very clear and present worthy cause.

Picture the National Newspaper Headlines:

LONE PINK RUNT LIKE RIDER BARELY ESCAPES MOB LYNCHING in small Western Australia outback town.

CRIME: Exceeding the Pink Limit.

Therefore Dear Jessica,
I would be happy to leave my state of recluse and suffer the possible near death lynching, if thereby it should bring about the promotion of your world wide watery deed and the future prosperity of your sailing self.

Should you be agreeable to this my suggestion, please throw a yellow buoy off the aft of Ella Pink Lady or an email will do.

Yours Reclused and Rejoicing

Peter Bush

Blue_Thunder said...

Hi Jess,
so relaxing, enjoying such good weather as you describe and laying in the incredible sunshine sleeping isn't bragging ;). It is hard-earned after all these stormy and cold weather before. And getting some sleep is right what you need if I understood you correctly, so enjoy.

OK making 5 knots doesn't sound very much to me, but better than 40 knots.

So now waiting for your next post ;).
Hopefully you got a very huge fish.

Elmar from Germany.

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for the wonderful blog. It would be great if when you return home you would just keep on blogging for us....just kidding.

@Grant, through teary eyes THANK YOU that was wonderful!

@Molly, your making me hungry!

@Iswinter, Leon...very interesting thank you.

@Mrs Mcgrath re: sailing club, GO FOR IT!

@Fumes, you had me quite literally laughing out loud about Jessica having great skin when she arrives home..too funny!

May God's peace, love and grace be with you always Jessica.


Tricia said...

I'm sitting here in Michigan (USA) eating a Pink Lady apple, a variety that came out of Western Australia apparently. Does that mean your boat is sponsored by apple growers? That would be interesting (but surprising). I should go track down the name origin on your main site.

And while we're on the subject of food, I wanted to tell the Tim Tam lovers that they're now available in the US. I got some at Target recently. I think they're being distributed by Pepperidge Farm. The wrapper says "Australia's favorite chocolate biscuit" (or something along those lines).

Queenslander said...

@ William...

My missus (yank) gave me two packets of Tim Tams for chrissy.

Closer inspection revealed them to be fakes... small print (always read the small print) said they were "Australia's favourite cookie" (What the hell is a cookie?!?! :) Apparently she found them in a local (Maine) supermarket.

Anyway, I closed my eyes and pretended they were biscuits... tasted bloody good!

I would give my right arm for a maggot bag right now! It is one of the first things I wrap my laughing gear around when I get back to Oz.

P.S. You forgot to tell them about Chiko Rolls

Jose, Clearwater, FL USA said...

Well, I must sounds like somebody is having lots of fun. Jet fighters, dolphins, sun, sea, lotion...hmmm....I am happy for you. Keep it up....
Stay safe and Straight Ahead !!

Anonymous said...

Well done you kiddo, it's heartening to observe your progress.

RICHARD said...


You help us all appreciate the finer things in life. Truly the best things in life are free. :) Your list is well received and we are all doing our best to enjoy, with full measure, your list of treasures that it seems we all to easily take for granted.

Stay well and enjoy the Atlantic. It may be a time before you get to pass that way again.


See Ya Sailor!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
you are right to savour them frolicking dolfens. Who knows when the bad weather hits again.
You make it sound all easy and straight forward while basking in the sun and stuff.
Yes, maybe I should get myself a boat and see what is going on on them big oceans with all them albertos and dolfens.
Anyways, as always, keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Adam Young said...

I think the hardest part of your trip is done .You are the bravest girl.Good luck and be safe you have a long life ahead of you ......adam young

Bob from Seattle said...

I picked this up from the World Sailing Speed Record Council and it explains why Jesse went around Kiritimati Island.

The trip will follow the rules for a solo nonstop circumnavigation as stated by the World Sailing Speed Record Council:

To sail around the world, a vessel must start from, and return to the same point, must cross all meridians of longitude, and must cross the equator. It may cross some, but not all, meridians more than once. The track of the vessel must be at least 21,600 nautical miles in length. In calculating this distance, it is assumed that the vessel will sail around Antarctica in the latitude 64 degrees south. A vessel starting in the southern hemisphere has to round an island, or other fixed point in the Northern hemisphere that will satisfy the minimum distance requirement.

‘Single-handed’ means there is only one person on board. If a single handed skipper accepts any kind of outside assistance than the voyage is no longer ‘single-handed.’

‘Without assistance’ means that a vessel may not receive any kind of outside assistance whatever, nor take on any supplies, materials, or equipment, during a record attempt. A craft may be anchored or beached during the record attempt, but any repairs must be made by the crew without any outside resources or materials. It is never permitted to take on stores or equipment or get any other kind of help from another vessel whilst under way.

Dora said...

Dolphins are one of my favorite animals. That sounds really cool to have them swimming right by you!

We are rooting for you as you continue sailing!

Rachel and Dora
Czech Republic

BavariaBlu said...

Hi Jessica,
it is so interesting to read about what you are missing after three months now.
After all: Isn't your trip also a sort of field study in terms of 'If you were all alone on a remote island...' - sort of thing. Your blog actually gives hints for the odd question in this direction.
Just the other day I was wondering about the opposite thing. That was when you told us about being glad that all this 'traffic' around Falkland was over now.
I was thinking of how hard it will be for you to get back on land again. Walking, talking, people, sounds and noises everywhere... how long will it take until you're homesick for your own, isolated nutshell on EPL?
Of course it's still quite some time and I'm sure your team has also considered these sentiments by long and short.
Well, another reason to relish every minute of your strange 'sentimental' journey.

Thanks for sharing all that with us!
Take care

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be long now Jessica and you will be back home!! 100 days (almost) and counting! D.J. in Iowa, U.S.A.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica!
I have read your blog every day and it has been very interesting. You are really a good writer. When I first started to read your texts, I thought that there would not be much to write about, as you do almost the same day and night, but that was a mistake. You are really good at telling your feelings and telling about what you see and it is a bit like reading an adventure story.

I live in Sweden. The flat we, I my wife and my son live in i high up in a block of flats. We can look a head of buildings green areas and also the sea. I and my son have been radio amateurs for a long time, and I wonder if you know anything about that hobby? We are able to contact radio amateurs all over the world inluding Australia.
This is all for today. Wish you good luck and might write to you later on again.
Best wishes from Bo

chris said...

Hey again,
I just wanted to add that I am a big fan of yours and always talk about what you are doing daily to friends,family and my husband. Not always in that order but you get the idea. It is funny how someone you have never met,who goes and does something so amazing that you feel a bond with them.
When I was 18 I was horribly sick and had to have surgery,almost dying on the table due to heart stoppage. Long story short, after that experience, I decided to go and do what I thought at the time was something so courageous, live in a ski resort and ski for a year.Picking Alta ski resort in Utah was the biggest leap for me. It does not even compare to what you are doing but still it feels similiar in the fact that a person took a step out of their comfort zone.
You are amazing and you always deepen that respect each time you write in your blog. Your words and deeds are awe inspiring and should be an example to all women and men out there.
Enough of the warm cuddly stuff....
Have a wonderful trip and know that even so many strangers across the planet are rooting for you
Stay safe and tethered in and all the other pieces of advice you get from all of us bloggers!! Hugs J
chris in calif

AMZ said...

Hi Jess,

that sounds like a very humble list.. and I think one that we can all learn from. Family are the most important thing.. and all of us on land probably take that for granted from time to time (!!)
keep up the good spirits girl you are doing great :) I am so jealous you got to see dolphins again!!
hugsz xox

ps Grant that song is really sweet ;)

hezakiah299 said...

01-21-10 @ 15:14
Hi Jessica,
Due to a slight error this post was a little delayed.
So glad to hear from you, I knew you were safe butttttt........
Hope everything is going well for you, and also I assume EPL is ship-shape. Yes???...Good.
That is one sound boat, I believe I read that somewhere before you pulled out of Sydney. Very highly spoken of.
I was really tickled when I saw that the RAF Typhoon Jetfighter did a couple of flyovers. That was great, you sure have been getting a lot of entertainment lately. Good for you!!! I can just imagine the smile, ear to ear. LOL....
The picture your Mum took of you from the plane shows just how clean EPL is. The picture shows EPL sailing level on the water. Nice, neat and clean, no excess gear laying about. I imagine you had the scallywags do a clean sweep down fore and aft before Mum and Dad arrived.
I've used that one as a background on my computer. Looks great, of course, you don't look so bad either. LOL.....
I remember in a photo that you took on the EPL how the water beaded on the bow, like a fresh wax job on a car, and you had been sailing for a while, maybe about a month.

I must say young lady, you are being very selfish with YOUR sea. I kid you not, I had one hell-uv-a seagoing sailors laugh when I read that. That was fantastic, I could just imagine you, standing up on the bow of EPL and hollering at the big ships “HEY, GET OFF MY WATER”. LOL……
Ohhh, that was to much, I’ve got to go to bed now, I wore myself out on that one.
Take good care of yourself and them scallywags and don’t be to hard on them big ships, learn to share. LOL......
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

P.S. Forgot to mention that one of our fellow bloggers may be going down to Haiti soon. The “Transplanted Aussie” (Stephen M.) from Maryland, USA. It’s bad enough they had an earthquake but some of the people aren’t acting very responsible. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

In Valencia, Spain, very rich and famous "sailors" prepare for the Americas Cup. In fact, they only fight a legal case concenring the rules of the race.
Compared to you, THEY don't know about sailing.

Much luck for the rest of your trip and a safe return home!

Sven from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Yep, on your next voyage make sure to put an exercise bike into the cabin or at least a stepper. And have an extra fridge for the chocolate that will hold a constant 18°C. ( doesn't use too much power at this level ) The dish washer is out of the question I'm afraid but a can of Pineapple will definitely be on order.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous Paul...

ETA Sydney?

You may as well ask her "How long is a piece of string?"

She is not driving a Grey Dog.


Anonymous said...

This is what I've been waiting to hear - you're getting back into warmer temperatures, never to return to the frigid temps you experienced getting round the Cape. Undertaking a journey like yours, with all the deprivations you mention in your wish-list, one would at least hope not to have to be freezing. Thank goodness that is behind you. You're a tough young lady, but that can't have been fun. Enjoy the sun!

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse
Friday in Aus. Australia Day on anything planned? Some years ago I celebrated Aus Day in was freezing, outside your breath froze when you a quick Waltzing Matilda and flag wave and back inside. Great to see you sleeping outside in the sun, fantastic. My weather forecasts for the region when I looked the other day were way off the mark..I thought you were in for another rough trot. Ok travelling over the next few days talk to you from Perth Yass and hopefully Woolongong

See ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Rowie said...

Hi Jess,

Can't believe how quickly it seems to be going! Glad you're up in warmer temperatures. I really enjoyed the song that Grant wrote for you (Thanks Grant!).

This trip has to be life changing for you, sounds like you'll see everything with more clarity and feel with more intensity when you get back.

I so hope that a movie is made and a book written!

Safe sailing, best regards Aroha

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh about the wish to have someone else do the dishes! I think around the whole world you could count on one hand the number of 16 year olds who would have done the dishes, alone, for almost 100 days straight! It must be a record, surely? Heck, I'd claim it if I were you!

I had a thought the other day. Now, the only problem I've ever had with motion sickness (well, apart from the one time which involved cold chicken fat - but best not go there!) is 'land legs' - you know, where a couple of hours off the boat you're head's trying to tell you that you're back on it. I don't know how it affects you, but after a couple hundred days I suspect you'll be riding the rollers for a while on shore. Actually - I don't mind it so much at all - it's like I've kept some sort of connection.

Thanks for the wonderful images you create in your blog. It's almost like being there (well, apart from the lack of good showers, clean water, lack of sleep, ice cream, unmelted chocolate ... Boy, does my morning coffee taste good now! Mmm-mm!). LOL! Take care. Keep washin' dryin n stackin'!!

Anonymous said...


I love you, will you marry me?


Anonymous said...


I love you,
will you marry me?


Tracie Lynne Hall said...

How great that you are building a strong list of things you love when you are home. I guess it's inevidable that there will be days after you return that you will miss this adventure in the same way as you miss home...."Oh how I miss shinying up that mast to check the sheets in the wee small hours" hee-heee!
I can tell you realize what a privelidge it is to have the opportunity to do this by the fact that you generally prefix any mention of yearnings with your conviction that the temporary sacrafices are worth it, and by your reluctance to "brag" too long--but feel free.
And how great that you've got some sun! Here in "sunny" California we're busy still trying to break that rain record of 1995-but like Australia--from what I've heard anyway, we've needed a good wet season (pretending for a minute that flash floods and landslides aren't part and parcel).
Say hi to the porpoises for me!

trentgs said...

You sound like your chipper self again.. I think turning the corner did a lot for you. I know I wasn't gonna say it but I was a tad worried about you in those Cape Horn waters. They have such a reputation. Glad to hear you're dreaming again..thats a great sign that you're in a Great state of might even say the pink...:O)

Gary & Jan

Wayfarer said...


Your comments on how you planned to sleep at the end of your epic trip brought a smile to my face, It brought back memories of thinking the same things when I've done long passages in the past.

You will find that keeping a watch on EPL is now part of your sub-conscious thought process, even while asleep you are listening for anything out of place, feeling any unusual movement and feel constantly ready to respond from your deepest slumber.

The first nights back on dry land are one the strangest experiences...the silence and lack of motion will be so totally out of place, so totally 'wrong' - you will feel disconnected, unplugged from EPL. It's a very disconcerting sensation, not what you expect at all.

I took a boat, not dissimilar from EPL, from NZ to Europe many years ago. My first landfall after leaving Auckland was the Falkland islands. I spent the week before approaching the islands craving a solid night's sleep, however once I arrived reality of it was so disconcerting that I found myself putting back to sea in the middle of night so I was able to relax into the familiarity of the ocean.

Such is the plight of the solo passage sailor...

God Speed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Id just like to extend a warm invitation for you to visit us at the conclusion of your imaginative and visionary journey
(a privilige for the special few,I
must say and one well earned by you)There will be a Gold Ticket waiting for you at the gate.

Best Wishes
See you at your convenience
Willy Wonka

Randy said...

Hello Jesse!

I've thought a lot, how life must be on a little boot for so long time. Today you give me a feeling of this...

And, what you have said in another blog, you have to think over every little step you make on the boot, take care and protect yourself.

Must be very hard for so long time!

But in your words I also read, you are in a good mood.
So I am sure, you came around the world and sail save back to your
lovely family and friends - that is it, what i wish you so much!

I'm interested, how long (hours) you can sleep?
Because I'm sure, also when you are sleeping, there must be a rest of disturbance in you!?

I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Thomas said...

Hi Jessica

All these people, from all over the world, who wants you the very best is outstanding. I`v been following most of your adventure, and I can understand your emotion, reading there blogs. But non the less, you are outstanding yourselves.

Maybe its because I don't write English that often, is the reason why I don't drop a line now and then. But as so many others, I do look forward to the news of your journey.

And thanks to all the people behind, and your family, to make your dream come true. Many of us have the same dream, and we are living it thou you, almost real-time. I am planning, but my girl friend got spooked when wee was sailing in bad weather last year. Maybe she needs to learn how to swim first, being afraid of water, and sailing around, maybe is-sent that good a cocktail.

Well, reading your dream is keeping the dream alive. And Thanks for that input :-).

Dido Thanks to all the bloggers, making this blog more interesting to go back to. Many of you are just cracking me up. And that is not bad, readig Jessicas blog on the job.

The first half is done, is-sent there supposed to be a half time before the next half?

Have fun, and stay safe.

Thomas, Denmark.

Faye and Max said...

Hi again Jesse
You talk about things you miss – well how about this !!
We have Meaghan and Vanessa, two of our Grand-daughters staying with us for the school holidays. Now Faye (Gran) has gone shopping, so it is ICECREAM for breakfast. Even better it has chocolate topping with Milo. We would love to share some with you one morning. (and no.. we never spoil our Grandkids)
As usual, stay safe and Go-Girl-Go

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

StuntTrader said...

@ Peter Bush PWB
I can see the headline now..
Highly Hued Hog High Hyden Hoon Hails Jessica Watson's Happy Homecoming

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jesse,

Don't worry. We've been sharing in your journey as much as we can, and in that spirit I've decided to keep sharing. So as a result, I'm going to make a nice cup of coffee, dig into some Cadbury's chocolate (the European variety, not the yucky stuff they sell here in the US), and then soak in the hot tub with a good book. After all that, I think I won't bother to set the alarm, and instead will sleep in in the morning !

If there's anything else I can do in the spirit of sharing, just let me know - I'm always happy to oblige !

All the best,

Brian in NY (enjoying his freshly ground coffee !)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I have been checking your progress daily since you left. You are an inspiration! One of my favourite sayings is "To discover new horizons you must lose sight of the shore". You certainly have done that.
Happy sailing!
Karen from Darwin

Anonymous said...

To Grant
January 21 2010 10:29
Sailing Home song

Sally in Melbourne singing by the Bay

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

Hey Jess,

Glad that things have warmed up again and that there are some pleasant things happening to for you at the moment.

What are we going to miss?
Sharing in the life of Jessica Watson! I know that your quest must end when you complete your round the world journey, but what then? Better start thinking about your next riveting excursion!
What are we going to read and just hang out for each day when there is no more Jess's blog??

We are certainly privileged to be able to share your life and your writing is just refreshing, your everyday accounts seem such an adventure to us (in fact they are an adventure).

Keep sailing, keep safe and God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

Anonymous said...

And as soon as you get home, the first thing you will miss is not being off at sea!!!! well after you sleep for a week!

You are doing awesome and an amazing adventurer and person! SO happy for you, keep at it!

Cheers! Tim B. SF, CA USA!

Richard in Maryland said...


You seem at your most “Lady Penelope-like” right now as you languish in the sun, having earned some well deserved R & R.

You have shown the world that you are fearless and daring, and done it with style and humility. You have also maintained a certain aura of mystery, which is very important for a woman to do.

Just remember, however, the other Thunderbirds cannot help you on this mission, or it would not remain unassisted.!

Yours Truly,
Richard W

Terese said...

The Atlantic crossing is the one part of the globe I haven't flown across. Following your journey by sea is inspiring. Godspeed and safe sailing.

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness,
and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not
balanced by sadness."

-- Carl Jung


Anonymous said...

Colossians 1:11-12
11...being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and joyfully 12 giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light.

Good evening, Jesse. Visiting your blog a little late today. Great comments about what you're missing most -- your patience and endurance are well beyond your years. Great to dream and long for things, and even better to enjoy the thoughts and push on without. You have sure shown us all that.

Today I have prayed for your rest, deep sleep even though probably in intervals. I am praying that you will be and remain well and strong. And I am remembering your family and shore crew in prayer today. I know your brother and sisters miss you terribly, too, and of course are even worried about you. Great that you put them at the top of your list.

I hope to hear about a nice, fresh edible Atlantic fish on your line soon!

Anonymous said...

Salty Dog

Re Tim Tams (and some Australian bad habits )

Nibble off the top then nibble of
the bottom (you will end up with a passable straw )

Dip it in your coffee and inhale
lol a little awkward i admit but when you get it right its heaven on a stick lol

Good Luck in your mission Salty
Steve P

Thomas said...

Well i`m back again.

Here in Denmark, ther is this lad. He had sawed some bock, for a new bed on the bank account. Around 1500 dollars. Then he thinks twice, I already have a bed and send the money to Haiti.

I know i`ts low. But i think it would be nice to Jessica, if the 1000 people that wrothe to her rounding The Horn. Wrote to her, that they had sent x kind of dollers on her behave. I know she is thinking of the poople in Thaiti, because she is that kind of person, and just is in the wrong place at the monent.

In my super-maced, you can give a tribute when you pay. Well, Jessica cant do that right now. So do it for here. I think that wood be some kind of boost in the mid of here adventure.

Feel free to clip the text to the new blog, or pas it otherwise.

You rock, and remember to stay safe.

Thomas, Denmark

Queenslander said...

@ Richard Lathrop,

The shortest distance back to Tassie is a great circle, like a line of longitude and looks curved when drawn on a Mercator chart.

Will give you an idea... "googling" will give you a lot more.

I have not plotted the GC on a chart but it might take her too far south into ICE & STORMS.

Jesse's wx guru explains other reasons in this video:

Anonymous said...

Jesse,hope this finds you fit,well,and'rarin to go'It has been said more than once,that the most successful practitioners in the art and skills of self-discipline,frequently present themselves with "What I miss The Most" type lists to reinforce their committment to their cause.Sir Francis Chichester a noted round the world yachtsman, of "Gypsy Rose" fame talked about using his "list" to motivate himself to greater heights, and visualised his food packs as "takeaways" from the famous Dorchester Hotel in London.Jesse through your courage and committment,you have not only inspired many people, but elevated yourself into the ranks of some wonderful achievers who have gone before you.Take care,stay focused, you are in our thoughts and prayers, Godbless,Godspeed, Dougal

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
There are lots of fish species in the south Atlantic. I hope you run across the odd one and have a nice fish feed. Try this url for some fish information.

Tight lines. Best wishes. Russ/ Calgary

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hello from Room 401,
Jessica - What a difference a week makes! Oh…The places you’ve been!

I was hooked and transported through the computer at: The warm sun and the sound of the water against the hull…I am missing that sound!

That sound is a few months away for me. Minnesota is “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”, (there are actually more than that) but they are all frozen over at the moment. When I look out my window the lake is frozen. There are ice-fishing houses scattered across the ice. Some of the houses are complete with flat screen televisions in them. The determined “fisherpeople” have plowed roads through the snow (out on the frozen lake) so they have easy access to their "home-away-from-home". However, the roads are multi-purpose…they are also used by the local pizza delivery shops to make their deliveries to the houses.

Grant – We played your song on the Smartboard in our room. I felt like I was at a concert because the kids in Room 401 were waving their arms in the air swaying to the music. When it was over they said, “Play it again. Encore! Encore!”

GlobeMasterOne – That was speedy coffee service for Jessica. Thanks for the kind words!

Salty Dog and William – The mention of Meat Pies made me miss things from Australia. I only wish that when I was visiting - I would have known about the meat pies sooner. However, once I found out about them…I had my share! As far as I know we don’t have anything like them here in MN. A meat pot pie in the US doesn’t even come close. If anyone knows a good recipe for Australian meat pies --- I would love it if you send it my way. The only place that I have seen an Australian meat pie in the US is from Vail and Avon, Colorado. Salty Dog, if you can get a meat pie – go for it!

Trudy – Thanks from 401!

Jessica - Reading your list made me think of a trip I was on. Talk turned from “What we missed” to “What is the one thing you wish you would have brought along?” Is there anything you wish you would have brought along? I’m sure your list of things to bring was well thought out. Maybe there is a list of things you wish you left at home… If your homework is on that list… I won’t tell. When I was in Australia, I was able to participate in a distance education setting while in Sapphire. A few days later I went to Emerald to see where the teachers were. The distance education set up is pretty amazing!

Evie and Larry and Michael – I understand about making mistakes. I’m giving up sending messages from my phone…it guesses what word I want (I wanted were it guessed we’re...there were other mistakes too)and after I have sent my message and reread it, I realize it isn’t such a “smartphone”. O.K...operator error. My solution -I print out the blog entry (don't worry -only my mistakes) and the kids in Room 401 search for my errors. They are good at finding them.

Jessica- Check the end of that line. Hope your fishing is going well.
Best Wishes or Fishes!
Room 401- Minnesota

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hi from Room 401,
I just went and read The Latest News. Pull in that fishing line, stay alert and safe! We're glad you are well rested.

Best Wishes,
Room 401 - Minnesota

Mary, Maine, USA said...

(...what follows is an incomplete list....)

Magpie's You Tube sharing of the British Lass and her torn slippery!
Sally's Art and her God Bless My Computer
Carol Florida's Letter on Inspiration
Caroline Johnson's info on Cape Town's tankers and a coffee recipe
Attitude's postings
244 Indian Master Mariners
Peter Bush giving me the best belly laugh I've had in weeks with his descriptive hair buzz!
Bengt's numbers. Wow!
William's description of Aussie treats
Grant's songs
Sam's creativity
The loving words and sentiments from all of Jess's followers, dropping prayers in her path like sweet crumbs on a trail. We are touched by an Explorer Warrior Angel.
Last on my list for now, of what I love most:
Captain Jessica Watson and her courageous voyage around MotherShip Earth.

May you sail safely and with joy!
Mary, Maine, USA

Unknown said...


I am so glad you had a nice sunshiney day out there! You deserved it for sure. Just like you will more than deserve all those things you have missed after you have completed your trip!

Virginia USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Well haven't got the blog yet to say whether you caught a fish or not. Sure hope you were able to get a fair size one to put in the pan.
You are sailing along wonderfully and sometimes I so envy you. Just don't think I'd be as game as you though. Mind you I'd have to be a couple of years younger. Well good luck with the rest of the sailing and we're all behind you.
kall Maureen

Anonymous said...

Great blog Jessica...thanks for the update...Keeping up with your entries is like reading a book...Keep up the good work..
You sound relaxed and you deserve a break. Stay alert...stay focused...and most of all stay safe.

Joe Springfield VA USA

Queenslander said...

@ Evie from Bendigo... for me it was sucking sweetened condensed milk out of a tube (like toothpaste). I too am a bit surprised she only has powdered milk. Space/weight may have been a issue but a few cartons (the small size) of "Long Life"/"UHT"/other names? irradiated milk that lasts for months and only needs refigeration once opened could have been included in the provisions. As far as "gross water" there are purification products that can be added to the tank. Failing that I do like Russ Qld's "bush distiller" idea if Jesse can rig it.

@ Grant... what Landlocked Mike D said!

Jesse... what Landlocked Mike D said!

Fair winds & calm seas.

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

A big hello to you Jessica from Airlie Beach (Whitsundays).

It was interesting reading about what you miss the most ... you can have plenty of all that when you get home, but for now you are taking the world on a journey with EPL - we love your writing, your descriptions - your sense of humour - I guess you must feel the deck getting crowded with us all chatting about you !!

I do hope the storm front approaching isnt too bad and doesnt last long - you can handle it captain jessica !! As always look after EPL and yourself, clip on and rest when you can.

I bet you are enjoying the slightly warmer temps and your description of a snooze in the warm calm conditions sounded bliss.

Yes EPL looks fantastic from the aerial shots, those that worked behind the scenes with antifouling, sails and equipment must also be proud - after over 9000 nm she still looks as good as new.

Wow Lat and Long 49 - thats another milestone for you - CONGRATULATIONS....

Keep on keeping on Captain Jessica you are on your way home....

Fair winds
Carole (Mackay) QLD

Anonymous said...

No worries Saltydog!

I don't think I'll be able to make it to Sydney either, although if I had a few people to take from Melbourne I'd probably make a road trip of it.

She'd defiantly notice me as I'd be the duffa swimming out to her. Just kidding! Wouldn't do that to you Jess! You'd probably run me over anyway!lol

Would love too get to the States one day too to meet you guys Saltydog! (Your all great people on Jess's site)

I'm sure I'll see Jesse come in to Sydney Harbor on the telly and I'm also sure that she understands and has plenty of room in her big fat heart for all of us who can't make it as we have her in our hearts!

Besides with Jesse's reputation I think I feel safer watching her come in from Melbourne! lol

You watch everyone take a big step back when she and Ella's Pink lady finally dock!lol

Take care!

Extra care for you and be extra safe Jess!


Anonymous said...

Dear Queenslander!

Didn't they make way too many chicko rolls years ago and they have been in storage for about ten years?
That's what I heard anyway! They're still delicious!

Dear Jesse!
I'm sorry about talking of all these foods, but you did start it!

Dear Tim Tam!
You guys owe me big time!!!


Mike said...

hey ya just passed our time zone! yep, two hours ahead you are....and several more to go. glad things are warming up. the very best to ya. Mike

PWB said...

To the Blog Brothers
and Sisters,

There have been two firsts in my life over the last six months.

Number (1) is becoming an apprentice Blogger to the

Number (2) is reading the Sunday Times Comic section for the past two weeks.

On Sunday 17th January I read with great amusement the following CATS WITH HAND EYE COORDINATION comic, created by Joe Martin.

The script was prefaced by this comment by the creator: MORE PROOF OF THE CATS UNCANNY GRASP OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGY.

The Scene:
Two cats laying together and looking out the window observing the human race.

Older cat speaking to younger cat:

“Mark my words …all the TEXTING, TWEETING, TWITTERING” ……


Comment by PWB
Maybe, that’s why cats have nine lives, because they have a heck of a lot of down to earth common sense.

@ To Clint Jeffrey, My Reply to “A cleared path”
Be it a cleared path or not, is not the issue, even the cats can teach us that Human Nature is what it is. There will always be the one in the crowd that will have the potential to surface and rain on our respective parades. Even in this blogging community each one has a choice to encourage or to criticise and nit pick, it depends from what wellspring you draw your motive and inspiration.

Beloved Blog Brothers, Sisters....peace to you.

And to all my adoring fans (both of you), the silent one and the computer literate one I say the following: You are both guaranteed an eternal place in this outback oasis, AKA: THE HALFWAY HOUSE FOR HALF BAKED AND BURNT OUT ELVIS IMPERSONATORS, IN NEED OF REHABILITATION.

Peter Bush

Stanlee said...

Out of all the amazing things about you and your journey, I think the one that amazes me the most is your sincerity and honest joy of life. You seem very wise for such a young girl. I can feel your appreciation for your great fortune and your gratitude for life is so apparent. It's good to reflect on the things you miss most, they'll be all the sweeter once you return. Plod along dear Jessica. Namaste


Queenslander said...

@ Richard Lathrop,

I found a globe and guess what?... if Jesse headed "straight home" she would most definitely have a problem with ice! A large chunk of ice called Antarctica!

As someone else posted here she is pretty much on a line of longitude that runs through the South Pole and up to Tasmania.

So her team will be juggling safety, weather and speed. And I guess there is also a minimum distance requirement for the record.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the ATLANTIC -- the sea I grew up on and learned to sail in. I grew up in Annapolis -- sailing capital of the universe --right across from the US Naval Academy. Now I live on the Pacific coast, and sail that ocean. I CANNOT IMAGINE going from one sea to the other alone, in a pink boat, even using the P-Canal!!!!!! You are AWESOME.

kay said...

congrats on making nearly 100 days
not only should your parents, grandparents , family and friends be proud of you but by gosh jess you should be so proud of yourself
Bendigo Victoria

Bruce de Mich said...

Capt. Donde is back with a nice set of photos for anyone who has been following his adventures as well. All seems to be well with him. The German sailor mentioned earlier on the list is also about to round 'The Horn' over the next few days. He has really been making time and NMs!

Looks like you might be getting a pretty good head start on both Jessica! Hope your are all ready for the pending storm and that you, Ella's Pink Lady and the rest of the crew weather it as well as the past ones.

Good luck, fair winds and following seas...

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Well done on your determined goal.

God bless you to complete your journey with success and the utmost proud.

I have no idea about sailing at all, but you as a young girl doing this journey with all your courage is definitely a good thing to admire.

Enjoy, take care!.

Rick said...

Hey Jess

When you get home all the things that you said you missed you'll never take for granted again. Like the song says "you don't know what you've got till its gone".
You haven't mentioned the temp lately. Warmer...Yes?
Is there any way that you can catch rain water and heat it up and take a bucket shower? Not as good as a real shower, but better than salt water.
As far as fishing goes, do you have any lures that stay on the surface? If your doing 5 knots thats probably too fast for a baitfish type lure. Just be ready tho, because off the coast of florida thats how they catch sailfish.

Stay safe (and clipped)


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome Jesse.

Don't ever wonder why you have chosen to do this because I am sitting at my boring job looking out the window wondering what it is like out there, feeling absolutely jealous.

And the strange thing is, I am not even that interested in sailing!! Go figure.

I find your blogs as interesting, informative,fascinating and as entertaining as any book I've ever read, and I have read many.

Take care,

Cairns (Qld)

Kirsten said...

Hi Jessica

Just thought I would have a read of your blog and say hi. All sounds good with you with is fantastic. Life cruises along here in Wellington, the weather is a bit warmer - for a change. Apparently there have been dolphins in the harbour today - sounds great for a sea swim tomorrow! Keep safe and keep smiling. And enjoy those snoozez on the deck - they are so good for you!

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica
This month is flying by, and I hope you and Ella’s Pink Lady are now flying along too, towards warmer conditions as you sail northwards, and away from the cold of the furious fifties you have bravely endured.

Without your permission I would like to clarify a few things for Richard Lathrop and a few others who have questioned your course.

Firstly, Jessica has already sailed across the Equator so sailing to the Equator in the Atlantic is not necessary. She is now required to ‘round’ Cape Agulhas and Cape Leeuwin, but this in reality means she sails past these Capes. Those sailors, such as Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin did their Equator crossing in the Atlantic so they then ‘rounded’ Cape Agulhas, the southernmost Cape in South Africa and then sailed past Cape Leeuwin on there way eastwards. It would be possible to do the Equator crossing in the Indian Ocean by rounding the Maldives Islands, and in that case a sailor would sail round both Cape Agulhas and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia (and is not actually the most southern Cape in WA).

Secondly,although I cannot predict where Jessica will sail, my guess (in true armchair sailing style) is that she will probably sail well south of both Cape Agulhas and Cape Leeuwin on her way eastwards. Why? Well, both Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin sailed at least 300nm further south before turning east and sailing past Cape Agulhas. They chose that course because the Continental Shelf south of the African Continent causes the waters close to Cape Agulhas to be shallow, which in turn influences the currents around the Cape and causes the wave pattern close inshore to become short, steep and confused, and hazardous to small craft. Jessica described sailing in these conditions as like sailing in a washing machine sometime back in the now dim past of her pacific crossing.

Jesse Martin described his sail around Cape Agulhas in the following manner: “ … the water here (Agulhas Shelf) was quite shallow, at about 770 metres compared to 5-6 kilometres depth in the open ocean, and could prove too be a major pain in the arse when the weather got bad. Down the east side of Africa flows a current of up to 5 knots. When this hits a strong wind coming from the opposite direction in the shallow water of the Agulhas Plateau, all hell could break loose. It could produce high and steep waves, rather than the big, long waves of deep water”.

To put all this into another perspective, a look at an Atlas shows that Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cape Agulhas (South Africa) and Albany (Western Australia) all lie along Latitude 35°S, and Maatsuyker Island, (Tasmania) lies at 43°S. Jessica must round Tasmania on her return to Sydney so I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to guess the course she may sail.

I hope that all sounds OK to you, Jessica, and I hope you don’t fall into a washing machine on your way home. Enjoy the company of the Dolphins and Albatrosses and don’t worry if you never catch another fish - they’re far too beautiful to be mercilessly caught. And Keep Ella and yourself prepared for everything.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

p and j @bundy said...

hi sea princess,good luck with the fishing hope u catch a good one to grant says keep on sailing girl c u @the end of it all....may god keep u safe.
till the next blog

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

No more lying in the sun on the deck, a storm with 60 knot gusts is quite something, I hope it doesn't go on for too long. You and Ella's Pink Lady are certainly up to it, I'm glad you got that rest in the sun beforehand.

Will be thinking of you and waiting to hear all about it.

With you in spirit,

Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

hezakiah299 said...

01-22-10 @ 00:44
Hi Jessica,
I’m glad to see that you miss your brother and sisters, that’s a sign of a close family, I enjoyed that. It really brings a person back to reality when you read something like your list. A lot of these items are things that the average person takes for granted, you don’t miss them until, for one reason or another, you don’t have them anymore.

Congrats Room 401, great song and video!
Faye and Max: Always enjoy a good limerick…lol
For 71 year old granny:
I’m a 75 year old Great grandpa, I was getting my hopes up and then you went and said that you already had a gentleman, broke my heart. Sigh ….Oh well,…lol….
I have to do a blanket coverage on the rest of the posts, they are all great. I really enjoy reading all of them, but can’t comment as it would take up to much time and space.

I really enjoyed your post Jessica, as I do all of them, but this one had a more personal feeling to it. A little more in depth of what our little angel is about.
I love to see them little pink scooting across the ‘Voyage’ map, and they are moving. I hope you have many more casual days so you can relax and enjoy the ‘great big blue’.
Take good care of yourself and crew, be safe and cautious, and come home.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
I've noticed a few people lately giving some fantastic answers to the queries about EPL's quest.

I'm no expert but I am an expert at being brief.

The course Jessica has chosen is generally in line with the currents (The present one is taking her to the Cape of Good Hope).

When you're on the water it is the current quite often that gets you further forward than the wind.

Also if your going with the current the waves generally are too.

She's getting plenty of those at the moment according to
Hoo Roo.

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

I’ve just read The Latest News posted 11.30am AEDT 22 January stating that you are/were heading into a storm with winds predicted to gust to “over 60 knots”.

I’m sure you and Ella’s Pink Lady will be/were ready for this and I don’t doubt you will cope with it very skillfully.

I wish you well and look forward to your description of it when you are through and can write to us again.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Old Iron said...

49 degrees South and 49 degrees West.
Approaching Storm

Always say a prayer to two for Jesse.

Thanks for the updates.

Two To Go said...

Hay Jess don't think to much about the stuff that you miss the most, I can only try to imagine how much you would love to go for a walk along a nice sandy beach...and chocolate unmelted yes the taste but instead of missing these treats to much just think of them as the next challange the next port of call.
Keep up the good work and keep the smile on your face .Safe sailing fair winds and homeward bound. C U in Sydney

Anonymous said...

So pleased everything has gone so well .. I'm a very chicken hearted old lady . Prefer paddling to swimming .. Admire what a very brave young lass you are ..This time will be something you will remember for the rest of your life

. Good luck and keep safe..big hugs

David & Wendy said...

I don,t know what kind of fish they have in the Atlantic,Maybe Atlantic salmon,but you shouldn,t have any problems catching fish out there.
The Dolphins sound like good company, have you given them names yet.
Keep up the sailing as we'll be following your steady progress all the way to Sydney, good speed Jessica.
David & Wendy in Adelaide South Australia

SaltyDog said...

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but you won my heart long ago, Jess. However, thanks to some of the bloggers, I’m getting a bit of an education on Aussie goodies. I’ve done a little homework, and found some sources close to my home to stock up on some good stuff. A couple years ago, there was a family from Sydney who had a little shop here in my little home town. They moved back to Sydney, but the bakery that supplied their meat pies and sausage rolls is only about 30 miles away. I’ll be visiting soon. There’s also a company about 50 miles away that sells over the internet anything from Vegemite and Tim Tams to didgeridoo’s and Rossi boots. And yes, Weetbix. Thanks Billy, Queenslander and everyone who gave me a food education. Steve P, I thought at first that you were telling me to nibble the ends off of my Tim Tam to snort my coffee through it. LOL. Just kiddin. Actually, using it like a straw to drink my coffee sounds great, I’ll try it.

Now on the serious side. It sounds like quite a storm to go through. PLEASE be safe, Jess. I know you don’t need to hear that from us, but I think it helps us to say it.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Rob said...

Hey Jess,
Happy to hear you are past half way! we have been keeping a keen eye on your progress, and are looking forward to seeing you again at the NEW workshop. Always in our thoughts, safe trip home.

Rob, David, Frenchy, and Ory
David Lambourne Yacht Rigging

Peter Gold Coast said...

Hello Captain Jessica

Great to read you are getting a bit of R and R. because from what I read the next half is anything but a pushover.Having said that we all know you are more than capable.

To Salty Dog. You are getting there mate, your accent needs a bit of a polish but yoy'll soon be true blue.
There is a fun book published some years ago called "Let Stalk Strine" by Alfabeck Lauder. It is a list of sayings, expressions etc. and their translation. The whole thing is tongue in cheek. He wrote it after hearing a women a store say "Emma Chessit" He thought she was saying her name but she was actually asking the price of some object. See if you can translate it and the name of the book.

On a more serious note, your and many other's support of Jesse is just wonderful. I have never met her and never likely to but at least I am Australian. Thank you and all your international supporters on behalf of everyone down under.

Jesse, sorry about the diversion. I turn 78 on 20th May so please give me a birthday present by romping in through the heads before then.

Stay safe little one,

Godspeed Peter, Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

To Maree (Qld)
I think its the Australia Day spirit kicking in Maree
You have Clancy of The Overflow syndrome;Jesse is the new age Clancy (and the Sea hath friends that meet her and their kindly voices greet her.....)Its sure beats the round eternal of the cashbook and the journal...I doubt she'd suit the office Jessica of Ellas Pink Lady Steve p

Anonymous said...

To Maree (Qld)
I think its the Australia Day spirit kicking in Maree
You have Clancy of The Overflow syndrome;Jesse is the new age Clancy (and the Sea hath friends that meet her and their kindly voices greet her.....)Its sure beats the round eternal of the cashbook and the journal...I doubt she'd suit the office Jessica of Ellas Pink Lady Steve p

Anonymous said...

To Tricia Michigan.
Tim Tams are made by Arnots in Aus. but were bought out by Campbell Soup Co. hence the Pepperidge Farm label. If you want to learn how to make any of the other "goodies" Jesse misses, Google. Australian Womens Weekly recipes and go from there

Good luck, Peter, Gold Coast.

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Still thinking of you.

June and Richard Thorn

Peter Gold Coast said...

Hello Captain Jessica

Great to read you are getting a bit of R and R. because from what I read the next half is anything but a pushover.Having said that we all know you are more than capable.

To Salty Dog. You are getting there mate, your accent needs a bit of a polish but yoy'll soon be true blue.
There is a fun book published some years ago called "Let Stalk Strine" by Alfabeck Lauder. It is a list of sayings, expressions etc. and their translation. The whole thing is tongue in cheek. He wrote it after hearing a women a store say "Emma Chessit" He thought she was saying her name but she was actually asking the price of some object. See if you can translate it and the name of the book.

On a more serious note, your and many other's support of Jesse is just wonderful. I have never met her and never likely to but at least I am Australian. Thank you and all your international supporters on behalf of everyone down under.

Jesse, sorry about the diversion. I turn 78 on 20th May so please give me a birthday present by romping in through the heads before then.

Stay safe little one,

Godspeed Peter, Gold Coast

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
we all love you!
How are them frolicking dolfens?
I guess them albertos are only for colder areas.
I like them 71 year old granny!
The world loves you all!
Jony the Pony

workerbev said...

Oh Jessica! (Beverly here in Tassie) I could feel myself laying on the boat, swaying on the waves with the warmth of the sunshine beating down on me, warming me through to the bones. What a super, wonderful way to spend some time out on the ocean. And to be woken up by your friends, how lovely.

After you listed your list of what you miss the most; of course, I had to think of what I miss the most also. I'm an American living here in Tassie and there are definitely lots of things I miss.
Of course, first and foremost is my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and grandson. I have never seen or met my grandson as he was born after I moved down here and health problems have kept me from flying back. BUT...and unfortunately, I received some money from my Mother after she passed away in July last year, and I feel like she would have wanted me to use it for a ticket back to visit family, so that is what I'm going to do. Probably in September as I love Autumn. Second on my list is my 5 sisters. THEN...comes the food!!! Taco Bell comes first, I miss good tacos; bacon (real American bacon, not middle round and only half smoked) I'll probably eat a pound of it in one setting or more, just bacon on bread with mayo, makes my mouth water just now. And mayo, yeah, that too. I love Miracle Whip "Salad Dressing" not real mayonaisse which is all I can find here. and..Taco Bell, did I mention I love Taco Bell??? LOL And a few other fast food chains that we don't have down here.

AND, speaking of down here, I was wasn't I? Oh well, this morning, 21 Jan 2010, my husband booked our places on the Spirit of Tasmania to come over to see you come into Sydney. I'm SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it. Of course, that is only 3 mos and since I've been bed-ridden for a year, I have a LOT of work to do. I do start physio this coming Monday so I would request everyone's prayers that I make the most of the therapy, do extra to get more stamina, and ask for God's energy and will-power to get it all done in 3 months which is all I have to get better.

I'm so excited. The only time and place I've been on the mainland is at the two airports when I flew over here. Can't say much for the site-seeing at an airport. But...I've already started doing my research and I have my Camps 5 book here on the bed and I'm studying where we can camp each night. We'll do the day we get off the ferry in Melbourne. Selfish reason, there is a USA Shop there that sells nothing but American food etc. The prices are pretty high, but when you are craving stuff you miss, price is nothing.

I wish All the blog family regulars could come over for that special day. Jessica I think you are so marvelous I just don't have the words to tell you. I could but this blog would be so long I'd get tired of reading it myself. I admire you to the utmost, you are a very special person. When God created you, He definitely broke the mould. Which is too bad because we could use a whole bunch of Jessica's in the world.

Well, better get back to reading more blogs. That is a great high light of my day. Like many of the Jessaholics have said, what are we going to do when you get home? We will definitely have withdrawals. I hope to meet as many Jessaholics in Sydney as I can so maybe we can continue emailing amongst ourselves until your next adventure!

God Bless You and keep you, God make His face shine upon you, and give you Peace. Remember He is right there beside you and when you are going through this next bit of weather, just ask Him to calm the seas if they get too rough. That is His speciality! And may His Legions of Angels surround you and EPL guiding you on your way and bringing you out on the other side of the weather front safely. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

bulletproof said...

hey jess good to seeya need some excersize bye a pushy ride around oz for your next adventure.anywhoooose cant tell if youll be sailing past perth yet or droping into fuel up but just in case you do mac donalds (mackers)is gone from freo so its just fish and chips now and plenty of ice cream yeah!!my fishin job looks fine the new GOV REG arnt soooo bad after all igot it wrong gezz wish i could join you for dinner out their i'm havin pasta tonite its easy icant cook sourse come in a jar bang dinner on the'll be good to see a photo of you holding the assie flagg on the site or on the front page of the papper on Australia day please excuse my being short on spelling.anywhoose i'm going for a ride tonite on me pushy when and if the wind drops blowin a gail in perth good luck fishin...hope to see you pass perth..soon L8TR

Faye and Max said...

To SaltyDog
Steve P suggests sucking up coffee with his Tim Tams, well sucking up Port is even better.
Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Watson; I wrote about 3 months ago that "everyone knows girls can't fish". Before the ink was dry on my e-mail, you were dangling a tuna in my face. Here is another challenge. I say girls faint when they have to CLEAN fish. Fare Well Jessica. Alfred
Vancouver, Canada

Susan said...

So happy for you that you had a chance to lay in the sun and drift off (no pun intended!)... with warm fingers and toes :)

The things you miss most are the things I would miss most too.
The part about missing sleep
"long, uninterrupted sleep with no alarms and nothing to wake me"....
reminded me of what it felt like after having babies! You'll need years of rest before you want to take that on!!!

You are so programmed now to sleep with an ear open, and wake often to check on everything! What will be SO fun about being back home again, even if you do startle awake thinking you've got to check on Ella, is the gradual remembering that No! you don't! and you can go right back to sleep again!! What a luxury!

A few comments to my fellow bloggers (and fellow-ette's... no sexism here!)

Grant: What a beautiful song and melody.

PWB: hilarious, but... after reading about twisting your aging torso to reach the enemy, your hair!... all I could think was that most men with aging torsos wouldn't consider hair on their heads an enemy!

Dolphins or Orcas: Orcas are HUGE!

SaltyDog: Loved your letter to Parker

Tricia: Pink Lady's are my favorite, and I never made the connection before!

Tony: Yes! Someone else who shares my sentiments about fishing...thanks (on behalf of the fish as well!)

APOD ... it's unfathomable, really. I hadn't seen this before, but I've seen the planet/galaxies/etc. comparisons and often lay in bed looking up at the Milky Way, or even while walking or driving down the road, see myself on this planet with that perspective in mind... much to muse on.

Samurai: Sounds like a new blessing... "May your bottom be shiny"

Also, love the poems, verses, limericks, and the wonderful heartfelt sentiments.

Too many exclamation points!!

Smooth sailing to all whether on land or sea,

Susan in Oregon

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
Just read that you are facing the worst storm you have so far encountered. My prayers and thoughts are with you Pet.
God bless you.
Keep strapped in.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Queenslander said...

@ Bluefin,

Where do you get 60 knots from?

The most I am seeing is a procession of 30-40kt blows.

Brian Riley said...

Hi Jessica! Apart from being a good sailor, you are human also, knowing what you miss when confined to a small area for a long time, with an electronic world and nature directing your life style.
In a very big world you are but a spot,you have been able to bring this big world to you with your strength and dexterity by achieving your dream and doing what most
others would shy away from.
After you are home, around what you miss the most (personal and material) you will also miss what you have now,a large extended family who loves talking with you in the vast open spaces and elements that you are seeing called nature, and learning this is a beautiful way of life.
Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay, QLD.

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Great to see ya, sorry I'm late. Excellent that you are 'thawing out' and sleepin in the sun.

Thought it was so cute that you miss your brother and sisters and you had 'washing up' in the same blog. I am sure the home wash up roster is all out of whack without you there.. te he ha ha.

We often talk about your Mum and Dad, Billie and Tom I forgot for a moment that I have "adopted" siblings. Hi guys, I cannot imagine you will be letting Jesse sleep too much when she gets home, and if you do, you will probably snuggle up with her anyway. Won’t be long now and the family will be back together. 100 days into sailing and Jesse has done some major mileage.

No doubt Jesse, it will take some time to get back into a rhythm of 'normal people' sleep when you get back home to your bed.

You will wake every 40 minutes or so and do silly things, like adjust your curtains thinking they are EPL's sails. (speaking from experience of sleep deprivation) That will pass though.

The chocolate is an absolute catastrophe !! Being a chocy holic I would be devo’d. As far as powered milk goes, I have had it and thought the box it came in could possibly be tastier. You poor thing, my heart goes out to you. Try not to think about all the wonderful fresh chocolate I am eating. (he he ha ha)

How nice are the dophy's, they must have thought you had enough shut eye !! I didn’t know there were black and white ones. Have fun Jesse, turn the music up. Cheers and Coffees, Paula.

Richard Lathrop said...

Thanks Tony L and Queenslander for responding to my question about jessica's route home.

She's now at latitude 49 South. The southern cape on Tasmania is close to 45 South.

What would be the point of a route that travels north of 45 South?

Any blogger or team member is welcomed to enlighten me on this question.


Richard Lathrop

Steffen (Germany) said...

Hi Jessica,

just read the news about the upcoming storm, hope you stay calmer as I do !!!

... wish you all the best and a safe way through

... looking forward to read some good news from you

all the best

IanM said...

@Tony L: according to Jessie's meteorologist Bob McDavitt (, Jessie will cross the Atlantic mostly at about 45 S. Also, it sounds like she doesn't have to go around Tasmania.

The McGraths said...


Just read in the latest news that you are bracing yourself for a big storm. We'll be thinking of you kiddo! Take care always.

"Cheryl in San Diego" thankyou for your encouragement.

"Trudy Austria/Mackay" ditto & hope your still having a great time in Oz! When do you fly home?

"Salty Dog" No kidding about the Tim Tams, many a fight over the last one!
Better than...well let's just say they are the best!

Cheers everyone,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

The McGraths said...

You can tell Jesse is busy.....

@ "Salty Dog"
That's exactly what we want you to do with the Tim Tam, everyone has to be initiated with them this way. Snort your tea/coffee thru it just like a straw.

@"Faye & Max"
Port yes! but surely not with a Tim Tam? Ha Ha


The McGraths, Nowra NSW

rod said...

good day jesse,
good to know that all is well,with both of you.
some things in life are well worth missing, however, providing that you replace them with things that you will cherish forever, its all worth while.
you will catch up with almost everything that you have missed on your return to queensland.
imagine , all those new friends and well wishes from all over the world that have adopted you as their own.
we are all glad and priviliged that you have taken us on your journey, i cant think of any other person to allow us to travel with them.
anyway i thank you again and look forward to the rest of our trip and your safe return.
as always take care young adventurer.
regards and best wishes.

blackbutt qld

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

To did you find that video clip?....I'm constantly amazed what one can find on You Tube! with a bit of perseverance...

Thanks Andrew for the update, 60 Knot winds is the highest Jessica had to date...hope EPL is coping...

As far as I know Jesse is going south of Tasmania.


Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Wishing for your safety and no equipment malfunction as you navigate this next tempest.

Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

@ Trudy from Austria/Australia
@ Clint – Melbourne
@ Queenslander
Thanks for the honorable mention,
you are to kind.

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess,
Thinking of you and wishing you all strength and continued clarity as you sail on in the Atlantic.

With oceans of respect and love,
Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I just read the news about the storm, hope everything is ok for you and EPL.

Best wishes.


Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
I have had withdrawal symptoms for the last two days as my computer was away getting repaired. but it's back, i'm back and a new posting as well.
Just finished watching Grants'song on youtube amazing and well done. Glad you have had a chance to relax with nice company as well. Anyway must go got a bit of reading to catch up on.
Tim and Rosie

Unknown said...

Dear Jesse,
I have been following your progress ever since you departed Sydney. May God ,Take Good Care of You and Ella Pink Lady,grant your requests for favourible weather conditions and bring you back safe and sound back to Our Lovely Shores (I migrated to Australia 41 years ago from India ).
You are such an inspiration to all young Ladies, that when you have a dream,You must follow it,and make this dream a reality.
Your Parents must be ever so Proud of your progress,as all the members of your shore Team.
Now that you have passed 49S and 49W your shore team would have advised you about the stormy weather ahead. Batten down the hatches,stay warm,and from the lines you are trawling,may you get some fish to supplement your diet.I saw the picture of the fish you got earlier.
You did mention that you were having trouble with the Heater??I hope that problemhas been sorted out.
Our very Best Wishes and warmest Regards go out to you. God grant you his choicest Blessings,Great Weather.May You and all those who are near and oh!so very dear to you be Blessed. Shall be watching this site till you sail into Sydney and make that dream of being the youngest to sail around the world a reality.....God Bless,keep on sailing dear girl.the world is watching......
Rex Manuel,Greenvale.vic 3059

bengt said...

@Richard Lathrop
@Tony L
According to the rules for circumnavigation the distance has be at least equal to circumference of the earth, which is 21600 nautical miles.

If Jessica goes too far south the route will be shorter and not be long enough.
Most people doing circumnavigations start well north of the equator and goes a long distance north/south and don't have a problem with this rule. Someone starting in the southern hemisphere will get a too short route if rounding Antarctica in a tight way. If Jessica goes near Africa, near West Australia and around Tasmania, it will be long enough.

Ben Larsson, Sweden

PWB said...

Hi from Hyden,


I am married to Susan in Oregon and it happens to be Susan's birthday, so we decide to do what we always do on such a special occasion: we go to our favourite restaurant. This restaurant is the same one where we originally met and fell in love, twenty years ago, and happens to be a 20 km drive away. Due to our blossoming love and bank accounts over the years, we have upgraded our house twice and moved away from the town where cupid called our cards.

I have arranged a Pink Cadillac to call and collect us at 7pm, as a surprise for Susan.

Susan is very excited at the prospect of going to her favourite restaurant as she has not been there for since her 50th birthday celebration, five years ago. Susan has the day off so as to go to the hair dressers, nail artist and comes home with plenty of time to spend in a pre-birthday bubble bath with Oil of Olay as bathing companion. Susan is very pleased with her progress in the beautification stakes and cant wait for Me to get home so that we can set out on our evening of love. I have arranged to buy a new set of clothes for the occasion and to shower and dress at work so that I could surprise Susan, and be ready on time for once.

The time draws near, it is 5.45 and I arrive at home knowing that the Cadillac is due at 6pm. I walk in the door and Susan runs to meet me, full of life and excitement, as if it was High School Prom Night.

She stops in the middle of the marble foyer and spins around like a twenty year old, and says:

"Well how do you think I look"

I SAY: "Beautiful, BUT .... most women of your age don't wear their hair in such a fashion and with your ageing torso do you think you should be wearing high heels. And darling are you sure we will be able to get into the restaurant with you wearing that short dress, and darling I really think you should consider a perfume that is not so ... well out there... other planet-ish. Now you know darling I am not your enemy, I am only trying to help you, so that we can have an enjoyable night together. Thats a girl, just a few changes and I think we will be both happy.!

Now back to Reality:

If I said such a thing (as above) the death look alone would kill me, long before the bullet.

Dear Susan in Oregon:
RE: Posting, January 22, 2010 7:39 PM

If you are going blog a putdown to somebody, do it honestly...... do not preface it with:

An underhanded compliment.

Also known as a left-handed compliment = damming with faint praise.

A back-handed compliment = an insult wrapped in pleasantries

Underhanded: artful, cunning, deceitful, designing,

Be one or the other, praise or poison.

To all the blogs I've loved before,
Yes you and you there on the floor
I love you now more than before
So hang in there, wait,.... there is more!

Real LIfe Rural Regards

Anonymous said...

Adelaide Saturday 23rd January 0054
Cooeee Jessica! Just read the "Latest News" and see you have a storm to contend with. Thoughts and prayers for your safety as you navigate your way through this challenge.

Do what you know to do and do so well, Jesse.

Thinking of you!

God speed daughter of Australia.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

One thing I hope you will do, when your voyage is concluded, is this.

During the course of your voyage, Parker has taken on almost human like qualities; developing a character trait of his own instead of just being just another inanimate piece of equipment on board EPL.

I hope that upon returning to Sydney, you will immediately remove Parker from EPL and mount him in a lighted display box in your home. You could have it engraved commemorating the voyage with the start and finish dates of this accomplishment and other appropriate information.

It would be a fitting tribute to his contribution during the journey. I would be willing to bet the Fleming Windvane folks would spring for the cost.

Just a thought for you to consider. Would hate to think someone would steal him when you return.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Kissyfrott said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Hi fellow bloggers,
Several nice posts abd much to say, but I am on the roads for three days, I shall be more talkative on Sunday.

The route is supposed to round Cape Leeuwin, so EPL has to pass "under" Tasmania. See the rules.
The atlantic route is a little bit northern for it should be shorter (curved route, good winds) and more comfortable (warmer and... less storms!).

Guard up, Captain! 60 knots is real blowing, we shall all be thinking of you, Ella's Pink Lady and your fluffy crew. Everybody clipped on! I hope you have enough satellite phones for each stuffed sailor. The dolphins should arrive to escort you.
For Passageweather, it shouldn't last very long, but a storm is too long by nature. Try to post "OK" when you'll be out of it!
We love and admire you.
When you will have finished lapping around, back in Sydney, I hope your government will appoint you Admiral of the Pink Fleet. I am not sure the salary will be high, but the title sounds good.

Sail on and beware bumps, Sailor!

Anonymous said...

@ Amazedbyou!

Jesse at home waking up and adjusting the curtains thinking they're EPL's sails. hahaha

What about this!

Jesse... Mum can I help you with dinner???

Juily... No, I'm ok love! Thanks Jess!

Jesse... That's ok Mum! Pink Lady Standing by! lol


Just read your news up date!

Please take care, be safe and Go Jesse Go!

ben said...

Hello Andrew,

somewhat goin against the grain but thanks for the update. Hope she manages to avoid it, or the worst of it anyway. Recipe for a real bad hair day I reckon.

Hey Jesse, you're making good progress so it wouldn't hurt to nip around this one lol

Stay focused, be on guard, and let them currents drive ya home safely.

Ben (Qld)

Val X said...

Jessica, you inspire me every moment of each day. All of those I admired in the past pale in comparrison to you.

Thank you,

Best wishes and continued successes on the water..


Valentino X. Massimo

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica!

I've been following your journey since you left Australia. It's been very fascinating and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us. I wish you good luck, and God bless!

Queenslander said...

@ Richard Lathrop,

What IanM said... WATCH THE VIDEO!

Currents & wx!!!!

Blogmeister Andrew... An FAQ page would help answer questions like this! Especially for the late comers trying to play catch up!

Molly said...

Sending extra blessings sweetie.
That sounds like a monster storm headed your way.
Keep safe and ride 'er out.

Maryland USA

Queenslander said...

@ Bluefin,

Found the News Update about Bob's forecast.

For some reason I cannot figure out (will have to have a look at my browser settings) but I must have "refreshed", closed & opened my browser to the website countless times after reading your post, but did not see the 49/49 news until just now.

If it is not my browser I wonder if the "links" on the site do not get updated at the same time?...


BroncoDave said...

Godspeed through the storm !

Gig Harbor, WA

Anonymous said...

Jess, its always great to read your blog and find out how you're going.
I can't believe its nearly 100 days already.
It won't be long 'til you get heaps of all those things you miss.
You will probably miss all that peace and quiet that you are having at the moment !!
Safe sailing
The Batey family, Wollongong

hezakiah299 said...

01-22-10 @ 14:56
Hi Jessica,
Just read about your upcoming storm, I’ve got faith in you, and EPL, and your ability to handle it.
Your support team said that they will notify us when you’re clear of the storm. I hope all goes well for you.
This is where we come into action with our prayers. So just do what you do so well Jessica, and we’ll keep you covered with prayers. Now, that’s teamwork. Yes???…lol.
Take good care of yourself and all them scallywags.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

OK Saturday in AUS and another stinking hot day for most of us...being in the tablelands at Yass it won't be quite so bad but the fire danger is high. My mum sends her greetings to you..she is 85 and wonders how you get the time to write your blogs. She has absolutely no idea about the "net" computers etc. She still struggles with turning on the TV and Video. Anyway, Yass is where she lives and she thinks you are very brave and gorgeous looking and amazed at your have another fan. Like all mums she is a great cook and her butterscotch pudding is something to behold!!!!
Stay clipped and rested...hope the sleep is going well
Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Dear Jessica and shore team;
It's my second day here in ''Haiti'',about to start my third 12 hour shift among the destruction.
I hope you will allow me to share with you and your ''world family'' what I am seeing and feeling.
I know your ''site'' is one of support,love and caring,which has been from day one since I started following your journey.
I hope[Andrew,blog master] will post my story,it maybe the last one for awhile.
Arrived by chopper onto the Palace grounds and joined fellow team member's at base camp.Settled in awaiting location.The destruction is everywhere,but the ''world'' has arrived in numbers,but it remains a dire task at hand.One of our search dog's has to wear booties on his paws they hurt so bad from just climbing over one rubble pile after another.
We are all working together,right now we pray still in rescue mode,but we all know ''recovery'' very soon.So many languages,but we all have one task at hand,TREAT and SAVE.
What has struck me most so far is the willingness to live,I had a young girl who followed me each day back to base camp,I turned to her,where is your family,she said she has none now,so I have taken her in at nights,she sleeps on my cot and I sleep on the floor on a foam roll out mat,she eats with us and goes with us to our locations of searching and returns.Have contacted an orphanage to assist,but for now she's with me.
So many more stories and sights it is too much to describe.
What I would like the ''world family'' to do,if you haven't already,OPEN UP YOUR WALLET OR CHECKBOOK AND GIVE LIKE HAVE NEVER GIVEN BEFORE,[I know times are tough] PLEASE,I PLEAD GIVE TO YOUR CHARITY.
To the US member's I hope you called on the national telethon.
''Haiti is broken'',but God willing it will be healed.
To the regular's,Richie Paris,Salty Dog,Richard,William,Molly,McGraths,Amazebyou,
Evie and others please give when you can.
''Samuri'',miss you already,wish you where here to help,God willing more lives will be saved.
In closing Jessica one more story for you and the family..I was helping a young boy the other day,though he doesn't speak English very well,he was squeezing my harm and smiling has I helped him,so as you can see it's being done,but allot more support,supplies are needed and I know the ''world'' will continue to open up it's heart and hand.
Jessica,you keep doing your best,stay strong and enjoy every minute of the day,I AM SO PROUD OF YOU WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SO FAR,YOU ARE IN MY THOUGHTS DAILY DURING THIS TRYING TIME.
One last thing,I know you ''AUSSIE'S'' are a giving people too,maybe one less ''SCHOONER'' at the local and the extra can be given.
Thank you to all for allowing me to share,it maybe awhile before I post again,God willing with my ''skills'' at hand I shall return in the near future.
With pain in my heart for these people I say bye for now.
GOD speed,stay safe and may your journey continue to bring you wonder's young lady.
Love and continued support,
Transplanted ''Aussie''.
Maryland,USA,[now in Haiti]

Grant Fjermedal said...


Many readers of Jessica's blog will be interested to follow another young woman who is heading off on a planned solo, non-stop, circumnavigation.

The California-based 16-year-old Abby Sunderland is scheduled to leave port this Saturday, Jan. 23 at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

The departure note on her blog begins:

"After years of dreaming and months of hard work, prayer and perseverance Abby's weather router has given the go ahead for Abby to depart on her round the world sail this Saturday."

The departure note also speaks of the determination that young people like Jessica and Abby require when leaving on a trip like this:

"As many of you know Abby grew up sailing, traveling and having the freedom to pursue her dreams. She has explored many passions in her 16 years but keeps coming back to sailing. She gave up her horse, her position on the Mock Trial Team, her college classes and even her long hair and has thrown herself into learning every wire and button on her newly refit Open 40 sail boat Wild Eyes."

Many of Jessica's followers regularly post encouragements to Abby, and many of Abby's followers do the same for Jessica.

When will we again have two such daring young women out on the ocean alone?

You might come over to her Web site/blog Saturday:

and wish her well as she begins her journey.

Should be just as fascinating a story to watch day-by-day as Jessica's continues to be.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

nutralady2001 said...

IanM I think Jesse does go "around" Tasmania.....from the rules

"South East Cape is Tasmania’s most southern landmark. From here I head north to the mainland and on to Sydney Harbour. "

nutralady2001 said...

@Queenslander...from "Latest News"

"Jessica and her yacht Ella’s Pink Lady continue to make good progress, but they are currently bracing for a storm with gusts of over 60 knots predicted today"

Thinking of you Jesse! <3 <3 <3

Bluefin said...


The 60 knots came from the latest News Post of this site.

Cheers Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

jo from perth said...

Jesse just read you are heading into strong winds and a bit of weather. I am sure you will be fine as you always are but just wanted to send some extra love your way for it.

trugannini said...

What a lovely sunshiney sleep that must have been....paradisical :)

We are right with you Jessica, surrounding you with our love


p and j bundy said...

safe sailing jess, will look for updates when the storm passes.
p and j
bundy qld

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough. Not
only have I found that when I talk to the little flower or to
the little peanut they will give up their secrets, but I have
found that when I silently commune with people they give up
their secrets also -- if you love them enough."

-- George Washington

Queenslander said...

@ Bengt (Ben Larsson, Sweden)

Do not forget the bit about terra firma in the northern hemisphere.

So, Yeah got it, thanks...

SaltyDog said...

To Stephen M.
Transplanted “Aussie”

It’s fantastic to hear from you. You are absolutely a HERO to all of, as Jessica is. I totally agree that if all of us make even the smallest of donations, it will help immensely. As you said, one less round at the pub, or one less movie this weekend. I cancelled my plans to go to a concert this weekend and instead sent that money a couple of days ago to help with the Haiti relief effort. The following is the note that I attached to my donation. I apologize for reposting the note, but it’s just an indication of how strong I feel about how Jessica has inspired all of us. Stephen, you have inspired us as well and I will acknowledge you with my future donations.

“Please accept my donation to the Haiti relief effort. I am making my donation in honor of Jessica Watson, the 16 year old Australian solo circumnavigator who is currently sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and nearing the half way point of her incredible goal. In a small sailboat, the young lady with the big heart has inspired so many around the world with her courage and her never ending optimism. I’m confident that much of the optimism that Jessica has so generously shared with the world will make its way to the citizens of Haiti.”

Stephen, you will be in our thoughts along with Jessica everyday. We are extremely proud of you.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Sven said...

Hey Jesse,

just a short note to let you know that I was thinking of you while you either enjoy the sun or fight with the elements.

Assume that the storm has gone thru and hope you're safe and resting.

Take care!

Sven, Hamburg.

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse!

We have been away for a week with no email so loved catching up on every the latest.

We are so excited for you and look forward to every snippet of info. We realise One has the rights to your story but we are disappointed that there is not more coverage on TV on your unique courageous journey.

Stay safe


Dave and Una

PWB said...


To Mr Sails,

I Love Your Work.

Medicine for the ailing & sailing soul.

Peter Bush


Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse and Jessebloggaholics,

Caught up on some required reading, have had many giggles along the way. Biggest belly laugh and special mention to 'antidote for sea sickness' from

@Caroline Johnson you said: "When I was proan to seasick on my bunk, I would dream of curries and cold coke"

Glad that worked for you Caroline. The thought of curries and coke mixed together, made me want to "five finger fountain" all over the place, on land. Sooo funny.

@Peter Bush, still think fondly of your Elle Mcphersonish posing snake, then you explain your circumnav' of your hair cutting event. Too funny. Say gidday to your wife for me.

@Bengt, nothing like getting between 2 excel spreadsheets. Excellent job.

@Grant, song is excellent.

This blog has everything,
@Granny, 71 Anon. RichieParis and Michael are a bit delish aren't they. Mojo and x-factor never ages...!! Look out boys !! Our responsible Elders of this blog, are gettin' down and jiggy wit it. (feeble attempt of some USA cool talk, I tried) Cheers Paula.

Faye and Max said...

To Steve P
Sorry Steve, didn’t mean to upstage you, what we should have said in regards to your Tim Tam straw was “Sipping Port was also good”
Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Amazedbyou said...

oh and forgot,

@Faye and Max, you guys are out of control, excellent !! You do PORT through a TIM TAM !! Must go try. Cheers.

Queenslander said...

@Stephen,M. [now in Haiti],

Hang in there mate!

Anonymous said...

Cape leeuwin is off the sw cnr of western australia, now put your bib back on.

Bob is already working over 12hours a day. thats what were here for. not too many asking quetions anyway i'm sure we can handle it.

Ailsa said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for telling us about the dolphins playing beside you and the pretty pink sunset. Please continue to brag about your special moments. It brings a smile to our faces.

Missing things: I know when I return from camping I too love again the fresh fruit and vegies .. and showers. I love also being able to turn on the lights with a flick of a switch and opening the fridge to find ... yum. The camping expeditions make me appreciate so much things that we just take for granted. All those things that you now miss you will appreciate just so much more later on and for the rest of your life.

Take care and stay safe.

from Melbourne

PWB said...

@ Dear Amazed-- by--you,



















MUST GO AS DELILAH IS GETTING SUSPICIOUS, will blog later, please provide code name.



hezakiah299 said...

01-22-10 @ 20:00
Hi Jessica,
Just had to say hello and wish you the best in this oncoming blow. I still feel very confident in your ability to ride it out. Strap yourself in, and make sure all them little scallywags have their belts on also.
When it’s over, have yourself a nice hot bowl of soup…..Yeah,….
I don’t have any idea when you expect to hit this storm, but like I said before, your shore crew will keep us informed when you clear it.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Queenslander said...

@ Anonymous...

"Bob is already working over 12hours a day."

I don't doubt it!

Why are you telling ME?

Anonymous said...


Grant's video and song got me all puddled up! (Thank you, Grant). Jesse, In the sidebar I saw that your videos get tens of thousands of views.

This CyberPod of Pink Fans is so warm and talented!

Gotta go find Kleenex,


Anonymous said...

@ Dear Stephen M!

OMG Mate! It won't be much but I'll donate what I can!

Hope we can pull together as best as we all can!

Take care of them Steve!

Inspired through Jess!

Stay focused sweet heart and hammer this storm out! You will!!!


cuddles koala said...

grant go to thi site for aussie meat pies,dont worry if you cant get vegemite it will still taste great.

Anonymous said...

Jessica what i'm wondering is if you had it to do over again would you make the same decision on undertaking a solo circumnavigation ? Cheers !

cuddles koala said...

to Grant
aussie meat pie recipe.dont worry if you cant get vegemite,will still taste good.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, Almost half way now & sailing beautifully! I find myself addicted to your journey as if living it through you,I truly enjoy the way you blog. Safe sails and sunshine to lighten your journey, be in very moment as soon it will be but a chapter in yor life that you will always read as one of your best!
Cheers from Seattle- USA!

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Thanks to your incredible shore team, I've just read your latest news.

Brace yourself alright, but I have every confidence in you and have a feeling you're going to enjoy this next challenge and reflect on it later with much appreciation for having experienced it and passed with flying colours.

This is what you and EPL have prepared for so go for it and take care. You can do this and you're doing an incredible job of it. I hope huey plays fair. Stay focused and safe and catchya on the flip side.

I'll be thinking of you so good luck and bye for now...(Aunty) Sam XX

Kissyfrott said...

Thinking of EPL and her brave captain, in the stormy weather... The storm should be almost gone by now... I hope. Can't wait for the good news in a few hours from now.
How are you, Jesse? Could you manage to stay warm and may be not too wet?

@Stephen M., Transplanted Aussie in Maryland, Tranplanted Marylander in Haiti... Hang on, we are all with you by thoughts. Everyone seems to be quite supportive for this poor doomed country, but the hardest work is yours; it looks awfully easy to send money, we feel we did our duty, but the hearts remain full of horror and sympathy.
The details you tell us are sharp and touching.
Be brave. I wish you had a them scallywags crew too, to help you with the Haitian children.

Earth is not always (as we would like to believe) a merry-go-round with frolicking yachts circumnavigating, and has sometimes the dreadful looks of a sorry-go-square, with tsunamis and earthquakes.
Jesse is involved in a hard and long challenge, and the fact she is doing so well should not make us forget that the task she is facing is BIG.

By the way, the route is supposed to be Equator crossing + the 3 big Capes (Horn-Good Hope & Agulhas, Leeuwin for America, Africa, Australia, and the cherry on the cake is the South-East Cape for Tasmania. No shortcuts for our Ladies!

@Faye and Max, Susan in Oregon... great posts again!
@Peter Gold Coast... Emma Chessit! OMG!!!! Unbelievable, and so funny! Reminds me of an Irish bus driver who talked to me in english, and I got my first few words after 20 minutes!!! From then on, I had understood the accent and I started followin what he said. Accents are the pepper of a language, there are so many of them, it's like a game, and to play, you have to pay an entrance fee.
@Great Lakes Guy... Loved your schedule... Don't you think that it might make Jessica skip stopping in Sydney and keep sailing to a paradisiac Pacific island to preserve the peaceful life she has now? lol
@Romagirl... Your observations are sharp. Wide spaces and skies, and being in the middle of nature are points shared for inland and at sea. Thank you.
@Jony the Pony. You are welcome. I was astonished, that guy's entries being actually different from yours. We are so many followers now that a few weird ones might have sneaked in? Anonymacy is so easy... or any nickname... and why not stealing one, after all?
@71 year young Granny... Thank you for your so sweet words. I am just like you, I met a Mrs Right... Maybe she is married to your Mr Right? ;-)
@the McGraths. That sailing school sounds good. At least while the little paws are not with you!
@Trudy from Austritralia... A big hello and thank you for that unbelievable Moko story. What a story...

Anonymous said...

because you said on January 23, 2010 2:52 AM,
Blogmeister Andrew... An FAQ page would help answer questions like this! Especially for the late comers trying to play catch up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kay from Bendigo!

It's a long shot, but you haven't got a skinny brother that lives in Eagle Hawk have you???

Des said...

HI Jess
Don’t you miss green? You have a pink boat with blue interior (with graffiti all over the walls and ceiling) don’t you miss green lawns, plants and trees?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous!

You said...

Anonymous said...

Cape leeuwin is off the sw cnr of western australia, now put your bib back on.

Bob is already working over 12hours a day. thats what were here for. not too many asking quetions anyway i'm sure we can handle it.

January 23, 2010 10:13 AM

I think your comments that sneak through are brilliant! As it confuses the young people who read them as they ask why someone would go out of their way to put others down, it gives me the opportunity to explain to them that that is what some people are like and you might come across them in your life. It gives me the chance to explain that this is not what you want to become as you will always be that bitter person and know one will ever want to be around you unless they are the same.

I must say that at least you have something in common with Jesse!

She is the solo trooper taking on an awesome challenge whilst you're running solo as well! You are the only clown in your own pathetic circus!

Your Bozo the idiot!

Sorry Jess!

magpie said...

Hi Jessica and Bloggers,

♣Grant Fjermedal, Seattle... your words about Abby Sunderland (she who can't be named, lol) were nice.
She seems to be getting her fair share of negative press just like Jessica (but more to do with wealth it seems).
This of course is in direct contrast to the positive press her brother got during his 'laid back' solo sojourn around the world a couple of years earlier (through the tropics via cities such as Darwin of all places, lol) It's far easier to be male.

It's going to be a tough attempt for Abby with a modern style yacht (looks fast)
It's a HUGE ask for her to do it without any gear problems but good luck to her anyway.

I'm loving the end bits of this post...
♣Anon..."now put your bib back on."( ru forgetting that bit abt toad drool?)
♣Amazed by you ..."5 finger fountain" , that's easily 2 x lol's.
All in good spirit of course =D

♣ Rich (Yes, there's two) wrote...[In the book Moby Dick, the author Melville calls them (Dolphins) "the lads before the wind" ]. Nostradamus or just a good reader, lol.
Hoo Roo.

Amazedbyou said...

Ba ha ha ha ha ha
@Samson Aka Peter.
You where the one that talked about the ‘Elle McPhersonish posing snake’?

I have just had an outer body experience, overloaded with embarrassment. Cause if it was not you, that post of mine and your response makes for an interesting read.

I normally have a glass of water around to wash my foot down. What snake do you think I was fondly thinking about?? The snake I was referring is definitely the slippery kind. (let me explain that a bit better) The ones that have two eyes and hiss. It was you, I am sure it was you (Please god let it be you) Dehlia would be asking questions…..

Pssst. Seriously re-think picnic spot…they aren’t rocks, they’re are drop bears..!!

Ba ha ha ha
@Faye and Max, January 22, 2010 7:28 PM so you don’t bite the corners of the Tim Tams and suck Port through…I was going to do that…!! How funny. I’m having a great day.

@William, ha ha ha, I reckon that would be about right…!! Cheers, Paula

Anonymous said...

Faye@Max Lol
I am grateful for your addition to my recipe book lol Im with Amazedbyou on this ....
(Back shortly ...

So Happy
Steve P

Richard Lathrop said...

@ben larsson, thanks for the link and the response to my question. I understand that if she sails home on parallel number 45 South she won't have travelled far enough to qualify as a round the world voyage. (although Bob suggests that this will be her route)
We will see how it unfolds.
@queenslander, rough measurement on my globe suggests that the distance of one degree of longitude at latitude 45 south is 45 nautical miles. She has about 180 degrees of longitude yet to cross, but it would only amount to something less than 9,000 nautical miles. She has to sail further than that to qualify, right?

Hi Jesse,

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

what's an adventure without challenges! great show in handling those storms.

sail safe

mahati & sundar

Anonymous said...

To Transplanted Aussie--


Touching story

Hearing things like that just rip your heart out. They seem unreal.

God bless you and all the teams that are in Haiti trying to help.

JJ said...

To Transplanted Aussie,

Thank you for sharing your stories - I wish you and your team strength to face each new challenge. From afar we can only try to imagine the depth of despair and sadness that must envelope Haiti at this time.

You are in our thoughts, all the best,


Caroline & Anton said...

Sorry to hear about your knockdown. s'pose something like that has to happen if you are really to follow in the wake (albeit backwards) of Joshua Slocum, messing around in the roaring 40s and howling 50s in a pink boat! I am glad you survived. I had a nasty feeling somehting was going on cos of the silence. Waht happened on deck that you had to clean up and what damage did you sustain?Cheers again from the ex Capetonian living in Adelaide

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Everyone is with you all the way! Just keep thinking of coming home to Queensland and you'll be ok.We are looking forward to that day as I'm sure you are! God speed!

Kissyfrott said...

@Ella's Pink Lady: Good job, Milady! Thank you for having well protected our favourite Captain!

@Blue Ted: Hey you scallywag, the storm is no excuse for Jessica finding you near the chocolate box! The skiper had told you to stay clipped on!

@William: Thank you, pal! You said it all with talent.
As we say in french slang about people like that: RAB. (So I shall not shock any innocent english reading eyes).
@Magpie: Thank you too... The same people seem to be at the same time experts in cowardice and Alzheimer.

Captain Jesse: How is your crew? No casualties, I hope? You see, maybe it would have been wise to give Neptune some more chocolate, even reset, when you rounded the Horn. The Old Man may have tried to capsize EPL to put his hand on it!

Queenslander said...

@ Anonymous...

"Bob is already working over 12hours a day."

FAQ request was directed to ANDREW!!!

BOB is the weather guru!!!

Please try and keep up!

Anonymous said...

magpie, 21.Jan., 10:55AM
"Hoo Boo"
That was NOT lol. This blog considers the adventures of a fine young lass named Jess.
Promote your Winter Olympics Porn Show somewhere else, please.
Y E L L O W C A R D !!!

The Carrier Wave said...

Dears Jessica,

I guess you must of had some roller coaster of a ride...I'm happy to hear you and Ella's Pink L.ady made it through unharmed!

I can't help but remember the lyrics to a song I wrote/recorded. Their meaning is many but it could be applied hear because the implied imagery was of the sea.

Stay safe.



Listen (Rock Me Home)

Listen to the conversation.
Listen to the swell and fall of inspiration -
Going with the world's rotation.
The wind blowing in measure.
Listen to the gentle roar -

Rock me safely forward.
Don't rock me overboard.
Rock me to a safe harbour.
Rock me home.

Listen to the low lit tune -
In the floating chatter filling the room.
The hint the future is coming soon.
Listen to the giant's roar.

Rock me safely forward.
Don't rock me overboard.
Rock me to a safe harbour.
Rock me home.
Rock me home.

CDN Drifter said...

I am planning on a trip to Australia/New Zealand next year, with sailing school in New Zealand. You keep me inspired, pressing on courageously through unpredictable weather. Perhaps I'll bring you some Tim Horton's coffee from Canada!

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"The man who doesn't relax and hoot a few hoots voluntarily,
now and then, is in great danger of hooting hoots and standing
on his head for the edification of the pathologist and trained
nurse, a little later on."

-- Elbert Hubbard

Ken Thompson said...

You are amazing and inspiring to all of us. You show us that anything is achievable with determination.

Kind regards

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