Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictures of the Cape!

Pic 1: Surfing along in 40 knot winds approaching the Cape

Pic 2: The Cape - how exciting!

Pic 3: The Cape again looking almost mythical!

Pic 4: Despite the conditions, rounding Cape Horn was amazing, the highlight of the trip to date!


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Bluefin said...

Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse,

What an incredible experience having Mum and & Dad fly over. The video is amazing and as usual I was brought to tears. It was wonderful seeing you out there on the big ocean looking so great.

I can imagine you would be exhausted by now after a very hectic and exciting time rounding Cape Horn. I hope you can get some good rest now.

Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for the incredible story and footage.

Accomplished in style Jesse,

Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Manfred said...

Hi Jessica,
I`m a German, so my english is not very good. But today I must write to you. Congratulation rounding the Cape. I am exiting for looking your progress every week. Good luck and a safe trip
Manfred / Germany / Berlin

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica the parents and the team,

Great to read that you were able to circle over Pink Lady, and that you Jessica and your parents could see each other. I'm sure it meant a lot to you.
Now Jessica you have got new strength to sail on in the Atlantic Ocean for a while.
Look forward to hear your news.
Keep warm and sail on safe.

Best regards
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

mike said...

Come on guys. Let's make Jessica's achievement of sailing around the horn really special by reaching 1000 blog comments before her next update.

The 1000th entry can be rewarded with the 'order of the albatross' for the rest of Jesse's journey.

Let's go for it!

Mike (Canberra)

Haughey kids said...


Rick said...

Hey Jess

I just watched the video of your parents flying out to see you.
I know if I was your dad and I was in that plane watching my baby girl down there in that tiny boat, I would have been sobbing. The amount of faith that your parents must have in you has got to be unbelieveable.
Looking forward to hearing in more detail about rounding the cape


PS Get some rest

Heather(sunshine coast) said...

Just watched the Daily Telegraph video, and I could'nt help but get caught up in the emotion of the reunion...tears welled up, she did look so small down there, just amazing....Many thanks to the Daily Telegraph for all their efforts.

Old Iron said...

Thanks again to Julie and Roger parents of Jessica, you were the first to support her.

Thanks for letting us sail with Jesse with the use of the internet, website, blog, Youtube and more.

10,000 nautical mile mark; WOW!!!

half way point(WOW!!), on her way home. WOW!!!

We have enjoy magic moments.

Stay Safe.


Barb said...

well guess what i said to my 16yr old daughter who asked me to make her breakfast this morning (and every morming)!!!!!

love your video - "Wow" the look on your face.... priceless!

but i really had to get some kleenex tissues for watching your mom & dad in the helicopter during there amazing flight over you & Ella's Pink Lady!!! again, "wow"

You are doing a great job!

with admiration from Vancouver BC

Possibility said...

Inspirational Jess and a safe return to Oz.

Anonymous said...

Go Jess Baby!!!!!
I am an Aussie in USA and am very proud of your efforts. Keep up the focus girl. Amazing stuff.

AnotherMother said...

"Wow" indeed and huge spread about you in the paper today, plus the front page! Wow Wow Wow. Congratulations Jessica.

Organisedvicar said...

Hi Jesse,

Can't wait to hear how you are sailing now with Cape Horn well and truly behind you. I just read that your parents finally got to do the flyover, I'll bet that was a special moment for all of you and one that would be difficult to put into words.

Hope the wind is moving you along nicely and that do now have a chance to 'rest' a while after all the excitement.

To Blogmaster Andrew:
I'm not sure if it is just me but the link to the website at the top right hand corner of the blog keeps telling me the site is down for maintenance. This has appeared for 2 days now. I wondered why people were talking about viewing the videos when I couldn't get past the home page. I eventually used the link you put into the post the other day after Jesse rounded the horn and Oula! I got into the site through there. I can't see where anyone else has mentioned this difficulty so I apologise for taking up space and time if the problem is my end.

Thank you Andrew for keeping us updated and for doing an amazing job. We appreciate it immensely!


colwil58 said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica!! AWESOME
Keep it up! Best of luck from the Crouses- Hanover,Pennsylvania

linnie said...

WEll Done Jessica,You are one brave and courageous Girl.Keep Smiling.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jessica. My prayers are with you. Regards David.

linnie said...

Congratulations. You are going so well. You are a very brave and courageous girl. Keep smiling.

Staffordshire Recruitment said...

Congrats on a fantastic job. You are doing so well! I love reading your blog. I can't believe you're already as far through the trip as you has gone so quickly. Love the photos, keep safe.

gracie said...

completely awe-inspiring achievement girl. cheering for you!!!

Michelle from Canberra said...

You inspire mankind to achieve their dreams and every moment you spend at sea now will live forever in yours. I enjoy your pictures and videos and have become an avid reader. Keep up the spirit.

David said...

I look forward eagerly every day to your update...

The latest was the best!



David (Vancouver, Canada)

Anonymous said...

Cooeeee Jess! From not so sunny South Australia today!

Just watched the video of the fly over with your Mum and Dad. As a Mum myself, your Mum's pride and emotions were tangible. I could totally relate to her feelings. Dad's too! :) Seeing them shed tears made me drop a few too! :)

How wonderful for you all that the fly over was able to happen.

Kudos to the Daily Telegraph and thanks for bringing it to the rest of us who are right here behind this gutsy daughter of Australia.

In a world full of darkness Jessica is a beacon of light for all that is good. Her endeavour with this amazing journey is giving so much joy and pride to so many.

To her Mum and Dad and the rest of the family and support crews ....
Bless you and thank you for allowing the rest of us the privilige of being part of - vicariously - this historical and momentous event.

Cheers from the proud mother of a serving Australian soldier.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations kiddo. Well done. Those photos will be hanging on your wall for the rest of your life.

Best wishes, Noela, Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

You simply amaze me Jessica. I love checking your site and keeping up with your progress. A truly special person, with amazing support. Enjoy every moment. Congratulations on your big week, cape horn and 10,000nm! take care out there, xoxo Suz (Melbourne)

Old Iron said...

Thanks to Abby Sunderland's blog for posting a few Jessica Waton's News media Links,23739,26593186-3102.html

Anonymous said...


Loved seeing the pictures of your mum and dad with their fly-over.

Sitting her with tears of happiness for you all.

Take care and enjoy the sail home!


Anonymous said...

Jess, du bist super, Gratulation und alles alles Gute weiterhin!!!!

Servus from Austria,


Kiwis in Aussie said...

Go Jess!! We log on all the time to see how you are going. I got all teary today watching the video on Courier Mail of your Mum and Dad talking to you from the plane.
Cannot wait for your successful arrival in Sydney - we are thinking of you here in Brisbane.

Sail on :)

Maddi and Dan

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

It was a thrill to see you on the deck of EPL waving to your Mum and Dad!!! Moments like that are treasures that can never be totally replicated, yet you have them in your memory bank to remember always.

You, your family, and your shore team are remarkable people! Thanks to all for sharing with the world snippets of your respective journey's. It does my heart good to see such a loving and generous family and team (some of whom work tirelessly without recognition) dedicated to seeing that you have every opportunity to achieve this incredible dream of yours.

Jessica, you are greatly blessed with such a terrific family and support team, as well as the amazing bloggers in your new 'world-wide family'. We are with you all the way!!

I pray God's richest blessing on you throughout the remainder of your voyage. You are absolutely wonderful! WE LOVE YOU!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

For those of you who haven't seen the video of Mum and Dad's fly over, go to:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, You are the bravest and most remarkable young woman.

You have proven your incredible sailing skills, and you are a credit to your family and all of Australia.

God bless you on the next leg of your journey.


Anonymous said...

You look very tied in the photo.. I hope you will get a few calm days to recover before the long haul in front of you. Well done and stay safe.

Kath, Qld said...

To Transplanted Aussie,
wishing you a safe journey if you are deployed to Haiti.
The images coming out of there are absolutely heartbreaking, seems as if things are going to get much worse before they get better.
I have donated some money, wish I could do more.
take care. X.

tassie said...

Well Done Jessica, you are making Australia PROUD of you every day you keep going.

From a Tasmanian that has been following your journey from day 1 and a marine radio station monitoring operator, Best of luck for the rest of the journey, and GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR JOURNEY. And BREAK that record. YOU GO GIRL.

Neil from tasmania

The Thinker said...

I could never do what you have done. A truely gutsy effort. Stay safe.

bill tassie said...

just so wonderful JESS,you are a legend
bill tassiearicitas

eagle_1eagle said...

Go for it girl.....awesome. Congratulations and god speed to you and the Pink Lady.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica. The world is your oyster, so to speak.
Downhill sailing now that the psychological barrier or the Horn has been passed.
Sydney next stop.

Jim said...



Western Australia

Bruce Watt said...

Jess I saw TV footage of your parents flying over you with your mum in tears.they must be bursting with pride at your efforts as we all are. Go Jess.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible! You're halfway home! Keep the faith, and know that we are so amazed and impressed by your determination. You are truly an inspiration, you should be so proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

You've conquered the Everest of sailing, now go on to conquer the world!
Well done and happy sailing!

HB Brisbane

Brian T Brisbane said...

Congrats Jesse .. You are an inspiration to many !!! Stay safe Captain :-)

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jesse,

I have just viewed your fly over re-union with your Mum and Dad, as they "buzzed" EPL in excellent weather. Looked so good !!
Not a dry eye in the house here.

Took me three goes just to read the editorial, let alone watch the video without being a blubbering landlubber. So, what I saw in-between my blubbering was exactly as Mum described. You looked so tiny in the vastness of the ocean. Even more obvious, Mum and Dad’s love for you is more vast then that ocean could ever dream.

Now, back to the issue of what’s next and sailing home. Need more info on those two boat loads of buoys please…Did you see the Navy? Did you get a couple of phone numbers? I wonder if that is considered ‘assistance’? Have fun Jesse, drink, eat and rest and then speed home. Go Jesse Go.!! Thanks Roger and Julie for letting us in and sharing, I can only imagine of how proud you and your family are!! Cheers, it's a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica I sent u a message the other day but I think it did not get through I just want to congratulate u for rounding Cape Horn now good luck for u next stage God Bless u all the best for now from Barry ( from Watsonia. Vic.Australia)

Cazzie!!! said...

Yayyy Jessica! My four children and I are following your journey. We are amazed at your spirit and are so proud of you! Positive thoughts and all the spirit we can send you coming your way from Melbourne :)

Bob from Seattle said...

1030 comments so far. You must be overwhelmed !!!

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hello From Room 401,

We have tried to send a few posts through to you. We promised that we had a surprise for you. It's a tribute to Jessica Watson for passing Cape Horn and making history on January 13, 2009.

We tried to send a link to the blog and youtube, but it hasn't gone through.

We changed the words to the song "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain". It is now called "She'll Be Coming 'Round Cape Horn".

Here are the words:
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn when she sails.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn when she sails.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn when she sails.

Toot, Toot

She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady ‘round the world.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady ‘round the world.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady ‘round the world .

Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

We all want to greet her as she sails.
We all want to greet her as she sails.
We all want to greet her.
We all want to greet her.
We all want to greet her as she sails.

Hi Jess, Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

She’ll be wearing her big smile when she sails.
She’ll be wearing her big smile when she sails.
She’ll be wearing her big smile.
She’ll be wearing her big smile.
She’ll be wearing her big smile when she sails.

(Head nod), Hi Jess, Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

She’ll be making history as she sails.
She’ll be making history as she sails.
She’ll be making history.
She’ll be making history.
She’ll be making history as she sails.

You Rock!, (Head nod), Hi Jess, Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

We hope you can find it and sing it at the top of your lungs.

Best Wishes-
Room 401-Minnesota

Mike said...

Hey Jess ... Mike here from Canadas snowy capital .. i just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome feat ... i've been following your trip from day one, and seeing you round the cape was as exciting for me as i know it wa for you, altho my excitement was a tad warmer hehehhee

Keep up the awesome work, smooth sailing and know theres someone snow-bound thats following you and wishing every nm is smooth and sees you that much closer to home !!!!


Unknown said...

Thank God you made it. You go girl!

Unknown said...

I have followed your progress closely & congratulate you on progress. I did originally have some doubts about your ability but I am thrilled that you have proven me wrong. Any chance someone could post a regular brief weather forecast or conditions somewhere on your site (especially during the times when you cant update your blog if you are too busy)

Michael said...

Hi jesse

I am completely blown away and reduced to tears after watching the amazing video provided by News Ltd. in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Brisbane courier mail etc. Thankyou News Ltd. I read you provided the plane and organised the flyover. WOW!!!! is all I can say, the words "AMAZING" and "SURREAL" don't even do this feat justice. What you have done Jessica has defeated big burly sailors with years of experience. You are AMAZING!!! Jessica beyond all description. many have put in the video link so won't repeat but here are the latest gallery photos of your parents in Argentina, courtesy of the Daily Telegraph website:

Mike-Christchurch New Zealand

Generod said...

Thank God you made it. You go girl!

Kerri said...

I'm a bit late to the party as my computer crashed and has been down for the last week. But as I have been following you regularly I have to add my congratulations. Fantastic! Around the Cape and past the half way mark. You go girl!!!!
What fun I just had, now that my computer is back up --- mucho's videos and pictures and up-dates. What a journey you are having and thanks for sharing it with the world. Now, sending rays of sunshine to you and warmer ocean waters.

Happy sailing from California,


ray said...


Kissyfrott said...


Coming up soon: JESSICA 2 !

second round of the Infamous Capes saga


a 5OCEANMEDIAS production


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess,
May the rest of the journey be a smoother ride home.


The McGraths said...


So moving watching the re-union clip via Oh my goodness I had tears in my eyes.
Very very special for you and us.

Take care little one,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Danielle and I am turning 10
years old in 3 days.
You rock! Keep up the good work!!!
Danielle Fort Lee New Jersey USA

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess! You make us aussies proud! Keep up the hard work.


Unknown said...

One hell of an experience you have had.Great photos
All the best for the down hill leg

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I have been following your big adventure with great interest.You are truly an amazing young lady. Up until now I have had no interest in sailing but you seem to be having so much fun out there. You are a winner already. I know you are having fun but we all know that what you are doing has risk so we are praying for your safe return.

take care Ian Orange NSW

prairiewolf said...

YEE HAAAAA - - Way to go girl !!!!
You make me smile !!!!

Vancouver Nick said...

Well done Jessica - been checking on your progress since you started out. Was worried about the horn - but you did it. Enjoy your description of conditions - if you are able to provide more details of wind speeds, direction, point of sailing chosen, direction and wave height - would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Jessica I check your blog every day. You are living so many of our dreams out there on the ocean. Congratulations on rounding the Cape


Anonymous said...

God speed for a fantastic effort so far and a safe trip for the rest of the journey home to Australia.

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
After so much excitement I breath a big sigh, not as much in relief as in overwhelming admiration, at what you've recently achieved and in the way you've carried yourself throughout the entire experience. You are the female equivalent of "an officer and a gentleman".
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video of your parents' flyover and particularly loved the view from above of you waving and also of Ella's Pink Lady's nice clean bottom. Great footage!
I'm thrilled the weather cleared up well enough for filming and for you to get a moments glance at a figure in the window of the plane. I was deeply touched by your parent's emotions, especially your dad's. Bless his cotton socks! Your mother's very eloquent use of the radio was very impressive too. I bet she's done that many time before.
Well, so long Pacific, hello Atlantic. I wish you the best of everything you wish for yourself on your journey across to the south of Africa. I will be with you in spirit all the way and am looking forward to sharing the journey with you and with all my fellow bloggers. Speaking of which, check this out guys, it's so cool!

Take good care of yourself Jess. I hope you've managed to catch up on some zzz's. Keep well up on the D+F's, stay safe and bye for now.
Love...(Aunty) Sam XX

PS to my fellow bloggers. You'll see this and other images I create for Jessica on my blog, "Voyage Art".

ossiejs said...

Hearty congratulations. A truly inspirational effort, making me (a mere male) proud to be an Aussie too. My initial reservations at you attempting such an adventure pale into the mist as you approach the halfway mark and head to warmer and safer waters.
Hoping to travel (from Qld) to Sydney - along with thousands I expect - to welcome you back.
Keep going, girl.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess, what an amazing achievment, well do done. Life will seem rather dull when you get back home after this.

Anonymous said...

Hello Again Jesse,

A little bit late but had to say congrats on rounding the second significant mark. You are doing well and have had great weather.
Hope your next long leg to Aus. is as pleasant and safe as your journey so far.
Stay focused and enjoy.
Best Wishes,
Sunshine State.

nita said...

Jesse just amazing the 1030 comments from all around the world and your successful completion sailing round Cape Horn! So many boats over hundreds of years have made that voyage. You are in such historical company. We are all pleased with your success. Keep it up! :)

Nita, California

Cindy said...

Congratulations Jesse!

You're such an amazing young woman and it's been thrilling following your journey so far. You have my thoughts and prayers for your continued success and safety.

Best regards,

San Francisco, CA

Anonymous said...

Congats to you Jessica, you are the future - go for it!!!!! God Bless you and keep you safe.

Sheidow Park, SA

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic, well done Jess.
What amazing pictures and I watched the video of your Mum and Dad in the plane - I must admit I had tears in my eyes also. WOW.

Thinking of you.

Sail safe
Jodie, Perth WA

Anonymous said...

We hope you continue to be careful and get home safely.
From Francis
Tennessee USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Just watched the Daily Telegraph video. How special was that moment. Tears were flowing here also.
Hope you have a chance to rest and refocus for the next leg.
Thank you Daily Telegraph for a fantastic story and video.
Hi to Mum Dad and your wonderful team.
Stay safe,

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica, after half way you are no longer going away from home but coming to it!!
Safe sailing and fair winds.
Dave Ulladulla.

BillaBong said...

Your Christmas video has garnered 72K+ views. Lots of folks cheering for you. Congratulations on your milestone but do not let your guard down.

Anonymous said...

********____ ...........**************U********
****** \...........(O)......\**********|...\******
Sally in Melbourne by the (I love nature) Bay

Mick said...

Miss Watson.... "Taurean Superstar" you are a pleasure to be with and you look like the old man (Lass) of the sea.Keep powering on big sister.

Kissyfrott said...

@ Angus
Hi Pal! I read your comment, saying that on her video, Jessica looked like the cat having swallowed he canary.. I liked it, as I precisely thought that (translation from french): "she looked that the fox coming out of the henhouse, with feathers on his lips".
Different images, but we caught exactly the same feeling!

Anonymous said...

Nice job rounding Cape Horn congrats.


Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
I sent the video link of your Mom and Dad's flyover to my sailing friend Aldo in Pennsylvania so that he could look at it on his lunch hour today.
Aldo's response:
"Not a dry eye in the house"

Sail on Special One!
Richard W

Somebody could have made out like a bandit with Kleenex futures if they knew when your video was coming out!

Anonymous said...

hi jess,
thanks to bluefin's note - managed to go the daily telegraph's site and catch the interview and video of the reunion. you look so much like your mom.

extremely touching and better than any bollywood movie.


patz said...

Well done Jess! A truly amazing achievement on a truly amazing journey. Best wishes, Pat

Anonymous said...

For all I know most of you already know this, but the Daily Telegraph web site in AU has an excellent photo gallery of Jessica and her trip.
The web site

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

We've been watching the video of your Mum & Dad in that little plane as they flew above you, and talked on the VHF...what a wonderful family reunion!!

We & everyone else is so proud of your accomplishment in rounding the Horn. Love your pix of the big day.

Clear skies,
Brian & Phillippa
(aka kiwi_canuck)
Vancouver, Canada

Lesley said...

All of Australia are watching & sending you good wishes for your journey. We are with you all the way. God speed precious girl.
Lesley Patrick

Holly said...

We love all the footage, Jess. The sights and sounds really give us a unique view of it all. Best wishes and keep safe. Holly.

sponge21 said...

Well done Jesse what a total ledgend,loved the fly by video!
All the best Mark Perth WA

Rob said...

Helen Keller is quoted as saying, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing," and "Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful. "

How many 16 year olds can say they caught sight of Cape Horn from their sailboat while on a solo journey across the world? You are amazing!

Thanks for sharing your exciting videos and photos Captain Jesse! Congratulations to you on your Cape Horn milestone and may your daring adventure continue to delight your senses all the way back to Sydney.

Alabama, USA

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
WOW!!! this word fits you and your achievement perfectly Jesse, fantastic effort.
Unforturely I have still got lots of negative people around here in Exmouth, even after what you have achieved so far, I even have been receiving some flak for following your adventure.
Not feeling to good at the moment, was involved in a marine rescue over this week. I found his up turned boat on the first day, took numerous goes to tow it back to shore, cut my foot badly in the process, but after a big search effort were unable to find the missing person, very sad all round.
This goes to show you must keep safety at sea at the top of your list.
Loved watching your videos, did you get one of the plane flying around you and EPL. The weather looked alot better from the air.
So another big thank you from you and your whole team, well done.
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Ausralia

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
just read your site crashed from everyone trying to post to you. So glad you got to see your Mum And Dad circling above you. But as the news says it is back to business as usual for you so Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

Lilea said...

Woooooo hooo!!! i have just watched Mum and Dads fly over. Amazing footage.....

Go girl

Trixine said...

Hey Jess, We celebrated at school this week as you rounded the Cape. What an accomplishment! My students are all hoping you'll write a chapter book about adventure when you get home. All our best wishes as you continue your journey. We'll be watching every nautical mile of the way.

Red Bluff CA

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

Congrats Jessica :-D Stay safe! God Bless,

Unknown said...

Well you are now on the home straight ,At last you have passed the 1/2 way mark soon be home !!!!!!
enjoying following your progress - go girl!!!!

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I guess that some of your adrenalin would have washed out of you by now.

I hope that your spirits are still high because they should be. You have managed to do what only a handful of others have done before you. You are now a part of history.

Don't forget that we are all still riding along with you out there.

Stay safe brave girl and keep playing that music loud so your friends the dolphins can find you.

June and Richard Thorn

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica
The Herald Sun this morning devoted ¾ of a page 3 to you, including photos of you, your Mum and Dad in the aircraft looking down at you, and Ella’s Pink Lady bounding along. The words told the story and they also wrote an Editorial headed “Inspiration to a Nation”.

The editorial stated:
“Mothers and daughters have a relationship that not even the raging seas off Cape Horn could break this week.

Round-the-world teenage yachtswoman, Jessica Watson looked up to an aircraft carrying the parents she had not seen for three months.

She could not see them behind the windows of the circling aircraft.

But they could see Jessica waving and Julie Watson asked the question every mother asks her daughter at home.

Above the seas off Cape Horn it was: “Is your cabin tidy?”

It was like asking if her teenage daughter had put things away in her bedroom back in Australia.

They were simple words that disguised the emotion parents and daughter were feeling about a voyage that has caused controversy.

Should Julie Watson and husband Roger have allowed their daughter to risk her life to sail solo around the world?

What convinced them was their unshakeable confidence in their daughter’s ability and steely determination.

Cape Horn, the barren tip of South America where so many ships have been lost in stormy seas, may have been Jessica’s greatest test.

But, as reported in today’s herald Sun, there are more oceans to cross before she sails back into Sydney.

Jessica’s voyage in the tine Ella’s Pink Lady is an inspiration to all Australians.

She is doing it because she can. Fulfilling our potential must be this young girl’s message to us all."

That’s a great compliment to you Jessica. And we did remind you to tidy your cabin. Your Aunty Sam (Samurai) told you to get rid of the buoys, and I think along with some others I too suggested you tidy the deck. You almost got sprung! The video from News Limited shows you being tossed around by the lumpy sea very well. And I found your comment that you had to “sail into the wind too” very amusing. I think I’m on your side for that one!

Thanks for being an inspirational great young Aussie kid.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Chris said...

Congrats! It's great to see you travel so far, it makes my little cross-country drive from east to west coast in the USA seem pathetic.

Unknown said...

What you are doing, and what you are accomplishing, is so inspiring. I've been following you from the very beginning and, to a certain extent, you have inspired me to follow my dreams! I've applied to law school... something I thought I'd never do, but I'm going for it! I really respect what you're doing and admire your courage. I think you're an amazing person to take on such a challenge and you'll cross the finish line with an enormous feeling of accomplishment! I hope you get a movie deal out of this and land some deals to be an inspirational speaker - to help others realize their dreams; you're are doing something that most would feel is impossible and I applaud you for that. Andrea in Hawaii:)

Anonymous said...

Jesse, way to go! Thanks for giving Americans some good news to watch. You're the only thing I look forward to on my news page. I can't imagine being in a small boat in 4m seas, though I've seen 9-10m in the north Pacific from the bridge of a 400ft naval vessel. Praying for your safe passage, fair wind and following seas, but somewhat milder! I have daughters about your age, so I can imagine how proud your Dad is of what you've accomplished.


Sarah Cooper (Sydney) said...

Great pics Jess! You look so happy and at peace in the last pic! It's great to see! Congrats on leg 2 and getting halfway!

Enjoy the next few months because i'm sure they will fly by so fast!

Your doing Australia proud!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Jessica. In 2001 I had a view of the Cape from the bridge of a Russian ship with 50 passengers returning to Ushuia at the end of a 19 day cruise.The seas were huge and we were rolling 45 degrees! with waves crashing over the bow so I am full of admiration for your feat with EPL.

Slater James said...

Quite extraordinary! Many congratulations and good luck with rest of the voyage. You really deserve much more worldwide publicity

Anonymous said...

I sit here with goose pimples. What a great bit of video! Go Jess. Keep your respect for the sea and I am sure you will be safely in Sydney before you know it.
Take care

Bruce Watt said...

My last comment has not been posted as yet Jess. I saw the heart wrenching video of your parents flying overhead. Awesome! The Herald Sun wrote an editorial on your courage and inspirational efforts. Jess their is a groundswell of support for you throughout Australia and the world. The original doubting Thomasa's are now getting behind you with overwhelming support.You have won them with your courageous and efforts and sheer guts and ability. But their is a long way to go yet, don't rest on your laurels; sail on Jess sail on.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Ann said...

Hi Jessica saw your mum and dad on tv tonight flying over EPL and saw you waving from the deck....your mum was very teary (as was I) jessica I emailed our Prime Minister Mr.Rudd asking why he had not sent congratulations to you or your parents or support team......I also suggested some recognition by the Govt. when you get suggestion was the keys to the city of Canberra, bu I doubt that will happen so the other is 'young Australian of the year'....I think that this country should recognise what you will have achieved....
praying that the rest of your voyage will be good as the first half.....keep safe....keep warm and God speed.....sending lots of hugzzzzzzzzzzz

Blonde Panther said...

You're amazing Jess... So glad you're able to live your dream... My God... there's no roads or signs out there... and even then, I'd get lost... All the very best Jess, will be keeping track of you, and waiting anxiously to see you arrive home... xxx

Anonymous said...

hey jess

youre amazing! cant wait till you dock back in OZ

Take care and keep smiling

Margaret said...

You are one amazing determined inspirational little dynamo,hearty congratulations on your fantastic achievement. Just loved the article and photos in this mornings Courier Mail, it must have been an amazing almost surreal occassion for both you and your parents. Best wishes for many more happy sailing days.

Deb said...

Congratulations Jess, you're awesome! What an achievement. We're with you all the way...and waiting to celebrate your return here in Sydney.

Unknown said...

Congrats Jess. You really are making Queensland proud.

Smooth sailing back to home from eh

John Brisbane

Eduard said...

Keep happy Jessica and stay safe.
Eduard, Barcelona

Greg D from Newcastle said...

Not many people get to see the Cape from that angle Jess...great work!

leslie said...

Absolutely Fantastic Jess!!
What a thrill to have your mum and dad buzzing overhead!!
And as I write, you have had more than 1030 posts on your blog,brilliant!
stay well and be safe Jess!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are a true inspiration. Safe sailing from Scarborough, Qld our thoughts are with you.
Juliet Ireland

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess! I shed some tears watching the video of you talking to your parents, what a brave girl you are!
Best wishes for the rest of your trip.
Robyn, Sippy Downs, Queensland

Peter S said...

Congratulations Jessica, You are amazing. I salute you. Please dont regard yourself as being spoiled with all the attention and encouragement you are receiving. Really you are being loved, respected, and held in awe and admiration by so very very many. My prayers have been with you frequently. You are on your way home, you brave young woman.
Warm regards,
Peter S, South West Victoria

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse and Mum and Dad,
just saw your video of you circling ELP. Here come the tears again!
Thanks for sharing such a special moment.

Anonymous said...

I check your blog daily and love it when you have updated!!
God bless

Carpe Diem said...

Well done girl. Hughie was a little unkind to you for the rounding, but it sure beats no wind at all. Fast passage is a good passage etc. All the best for the next half. You are a wonderful inspiration.And never forget, when you have no alternative, you have no problem.

Anonymous said...


You're a little beauty and you're Australian too! Cool!

Your rockin the world and your smile touches everything!

Stay real Jesse!

I guess if I'm a part of your extended family then you owe me big time!

You owe me to just do your best and to bring your crew and the Pink Lady home safely!

Take care!

I personally think that it's better to just have a few great friends! Less birthday bonkers that way! lol

Sure hate to be you with your arm when you turn 17! lol

With you all the way Jess!


Anonymous said...

Are you for real? Amazing stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

u have the world at your finger tips. b safe and smooth sailing.
u bring tears to my eyes when i think how marvoulas u have done and where this will lead u .god bless u and your mum and dad for giving the world such a brave and wonderfull young lady.
paul and judy

nanna said...

Congratulations Jess,what an accomplishment,look forward to following you home,stay safe ...
Nanna Cairns Qld

Noel R said...

Congratulations! Jessica, keep up the good work, it is so nice keeping up with where you are, hope you enjoyed your mum and dad flying overhead. Safe sailing Lefty SA

Helmut said...

Hi Jessica,
warmest congratulations for making it around the Cape! Truely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Following your voyage I often spent time with Google Earth and Wikipedia articles etc on the Cape and islands around (down to Antarctica ..., brr, cold!) ;-) but reading your blog and seeing your pictures brings full life and excitement to these readings. Thanks for everything and all the best for the Atlantic cross-over!
Take care, Helmut/Vienna, Austria

Bob C. (Mackay Nth Qld.) said...

Jessica, you make us all so proud, keep focussed and clipped up, come home safe.
You sure have eitched your mark on Neptunes heart.
Bob C. Mackay Nth Qld.

Bobby C. said...

"bbbeeaaauuttyyy mate"
I read with excitement your every day accounts, thank you for this experience, and thanks to your parents for having the backbone and vission to help make this dream possible,
keep up the good work team.
Bobby C (Mackay Nth Qld.)

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jessica! Thanks for the pictures! We're still routing for you here in Maine!
Nancy, Maine, USA

Meechree said...

Very Nice!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic, half way, congratulations and Good Luck, keep sailing and keep smiling!
Joop from The Netherlands

sails said...

Thanks so much for letting us all be part of your huge acheivement rounding the Horn!!!

Now we can all settle down and in our small ways help to bring you home safely. The half way mark came so quickly.

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore,
they had better aim at something high."

-- Henry David Thoreau

Daily in our thoughts,


bill slattery TASMANIA said...

just terrific jess.its been a priviledge following your progress

judy said...

Hi jess, I am the daughter that lives in Colorado and looks to the stars when I miss my mom in Maine. I'm sure your mum and dad look to the stars when they miss you too. You are past your 1/2 way mark and I want you to remember to concentrate on how far you have come not how far you have to go. That hot shower will always be waiting for you, I promise. Take care, judy

Anonymous said...


I’m a retired U.S. Naval Officer and I’ve sailed around the world on a ship, uh, a bit bigger than yours and with a lot larger crew. You go, girl! You’re in our thoughts and prayers every night. You make those of us that have sailed the seven seas proud. God speed!


Anonymous said...

Go Jessica GO!!!!! your half way there

JONO JACK - roadblog said...

Well Done! You beat me to it.

Bloke from OZ said...

All been said bfore,,,
But be safe ,,enjoy your journey ,you are the creator of this already world record sailing voyage,,You looked faboulous with all sails up(No Reefs in the main) Ella Bache very prominent,,in the video of your Mum & Dad in the plane,,apart from a few well earnt tears,,we all were doing that,,,,,let us not forget the great people that are helping a young person achieve her dream
Thank you Jesse,,,Thank you everyone else...

Anonymous said...

God bless you and watch over you. 'Underneath are the everlasting arms...'

Anonymous said...

Love the video of your Mum & Dad (Especially your Dad) in the plane (I am a Dad ,,we are sometimes put in the background) So touching ,,,LOVE IT

Tillie said...

Awesome!, Congratulations!

Emma said...


Bruce de Mich said...

For anyone concerned about Dilip Donde here is a report confirming his safe arrival at Port Stanley, yesterday.

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

Go GIRL GO !!!!!!

Folks this is NO MEAN FEAT !!!
I sailed a 21 foot bilge keeler from Raglan harbour, NZ to Gosford 50 years ago as a 21 year old.

CONGRATULATIONS a 1000 times over !!

Stewart_in_Oz said...

Enjoy your well deserved sleep when you get a chance.
Stewart. Alex Hills.

Pat at Jindalee said...

Excellent, we are all glued to
your everday news posting wishing
you all the best. May you have a
speedie safe return.
best wishes
Pat, Therese, Katherine and Justine
Jindalee Queensland

Anonymous said...

Jess you are our fairy tale princess.
You look so confident, strong, alert, determined and sweet.
We admired your skills in navigation, seamanship, communication, strength and endurance.
Your lovely Blogs speak for itself.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
You are not small down there!!!.
Not any more

We are very proud of you.
Have a good rest and move on to your next Cape.

Greensborough Victoria

Attitude said...

"He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king." John Milton

Attitude said...

"You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to have, be anything you wish to be." Robert Collier

colwil58 said...


Unknown said...

Go Jess. See you at the 'Heads' on your return.

Neil Sanderson
Oatlands, Sydney, Australia

Paul Carroll said...

You are a legend!
I am consumed with admiration and I wish you all the best and come home safe. Paul from Melbourne

Reviresco said...

Congratulations on your successful passage of this cape. As eloquent as your writing is, I am sure it does not do justice in describing the emotion and feeling of accomplishment that you felt over the last few days.

Being somewhat sceptical and knowing the challenges you would face, I questioned early on your decision to do this. I am now most confident that if anyone can do it you can, and you will.

Some compare what you are doing with climbing Everest. I say doing it unassisted is like climbing Everest without Sherpa's.

Ann said...

you truly are an amazing person happy for you and your family that your voyage to date has been relatively smooth, and no major hiccups......what a thrill to have mum and dad so near....
keeping you in my prayers and thoughts for the homeward journey.......
God speed
Ann (Morwell)

Unknown said...

Gig Harbor Washington, standing by with prayers for smooth seas and safe travels ! Congrats on passing the cape !

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jessica and the team for sharing this journey with us. I, (like many others I am sure) have a widened knowledge of this planet that we are all on by following Jessica's route and experiences. This is an amazing achievement by one person (Jessica) but it is also much bigger in its affects on people around the world. Congratulations on rounding the cape Jessica, you are now on the way home. Safe sailing.
Gary, Brisbane.

Anonymous said...


I was rooting for you all the way. Watching the video on youtube was awesome. I felt so there with you and it was very touching to hear the radio chat with your parents. It brought a tear to my eyes. Congrats on passing the half way point. 10,000 NM is awesome and in a sailboat. If you don't know it yet, you are a famous person. If I can scrape up the money for an airfare, I am making the trip to Sydney to welcome you home. What a celebration that will be! You are such an inspiration to people everywhere to reach for their dreams. You have certainly inspired me to go forward with mine. Safe journeys, catch up on your sleep as you probably need it. Thanks so much to you and your team for making this journey accessible to people the world over. It is an incredibly positive and heart warming use of technology. Beats half the crap on TV and radio today. Stay alert out there and enjoy every minute of it.

John In Ashland Oregon, USA

Unknown said...

Hey Jess,
Congratulations,we sail too and have so enjoyed sharing this journey with you and know the courage it takes to face all mother nature can throw at you. We love reading your blogs and your natural zest for life, humility, joy and fun loving spirit come through every post you make. Safe sailing and all the best for the run home. Chris & Mark, Port Douglas

Green Class said...

Well done Jessica. I've been following your progress throughout the trip and I'm just so impressed by your positive attitude. You go girl.
Take care, Mark

michelle said...

Absolutely fabulous!!! I have to say you are wonderful and an inspiration to all us lady sailors and 'marinesses' of the world! Well done Jessica!

Yasir Saleem said...

Good luck Jess! Be strong!

Dave said...

Wow!!! Awesome pics Jesse! Congratulations on a very successful journey so far. I'll be thinking of you and praying for your safe journey home. You're truly an inspiration to us all!

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Colin R said...

You are a truly remarkable young woman. Keeping your cool while nature unleached its fury! Been watching your progress since mid-December and talked about on talkback radio. Go well for the rest of the journey! Colin Robertson, Otaki Beach, New Zealand.

The Author said...

Marry me!

- Keith

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jessica.
Learned about your trip when Abby Sunderland embarked on her round the world voyage and your name came up as already well under way. Have been catching up on your trek all during the last weeks, plotting your route and projecting your conclusion. Loved the gloomy and forboding pictures of the Cape...they just growl, "stay away...stay far away".
Abby had a bit of a glitch, and needs to put in to Baja California for some repairs, so you have the whole show to yourself fro the next week!.
Have a daughter a couple years older than you with the same large ambitions (theater, in her case) as you. Makes for some interesting living for we middle-aged parent types. Anyway, G-d speed to you on your future passage and will keep up with you every day.
B.C. Hofeld, Riverside, Ca.

Anonymous said...

Hell of an adventure!

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