Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jessica Rounds Cape Horn!

Pic below: Diego Ramirez Islands in the background, taken by Jessica earlier today, approx 60nm before reaching Cape Horn. This is significant in that it was the first land Jessica has seen since departing Sydney on 18 October.

Blogmaster Andrew


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AndyWhiteInTexas said...

I'm in tears! What a wonderful milestone in the voyage! Congratulations to you.and your team and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff jess, keep up the ocean butt kicking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse! Craig from Brisbane here. I've only commented once or twice, but am avidly reading away in the background. Do you know what I respect most about you and your team? That you had the inner strength to ignore the critics, and to follow your own compass. I don't believe for one moment that this will be your greatest achievement in life, but you are lighting a lamp here that (obviously) is shining a bit of light into many people's hearts. Congratulations, Jesse. May you continue to travel in wonder.

Anonymous said...

Godd for you girl! Way to go! I love the relentless enthusiasm and rock solid belief in yourself and abilities. You are such a fantastic role model for other young women not just in Australia but around the world!

Take Care and Safe Travels ahead!

The Madin Family,
Pyrmont, NSW

Brian said...

Captain Watson, your voyage is one of the most exciting and inspirational events I've ever witnessed. Your boldness and willingness to do the hard things will lead to amazing paths to walk in the future.

You are truly an amazing young woman, Jessica. All the best to you!

Rolf Zullig said...

I think, thanks are well and truly (over)due to the excellent Webmaster, Andrew! - Thanks for filling in the gaps, and making sure this site is always UP! Good on ya mate, and cheers.... thanks for doing a fantastic job. (I bet you got your hands full with work....)
Rolf Zullig
Broken Hill, (outback NSW)
(no sailing in these parts...)

Anonymous said...

Well Done.
You deserve much more than this for your focused and determined goal!

God bless you for the safe sailing.

Words Have Wings said...

An incredible achievement Ms Watson. Cheering you on and hoping for ideal sailing conditions to blow you all the way home.

Kristie Rae said...

Congratulations you clever girl!
The Cavs
Mudgee Oz

Rick Edmonds said...

Congratulations Jesse. Rounding the Horn is a major milestone, and one that ensures you have the unbridled respect of the blue water sailing community around the world. Hope you get a big thrill out of your Mom and Dad's flyover. Sail safe.


SASPeter said...

Jessica, this is fantastic news! What an achievement! I'm so glad you are around safely.

Please don't let your guard down though as I gather most accidents in mountaineering are on the way DOWN and you've just conquered the Everest of the maritime world.

I'm looking forward to you making it all the way home and doing something great for yourself and Australia. You've done the preparation and you've got the right gear so nothing's stopping you.

Peter (an Aussie but living in Washington DC)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! God speed and fair weather for your sail home.
Wayne - Brisbane

Unknown said...

Very impressive daughter and I are both following your progress. what a future you have ahead of you!

DJSAM Sydney said...

Well done Jess. I have been watching your progress from the start of your trip. You are a very brave young lady.

Eric Sonnen said...

You go Jessica! Congratulations!!!

Georgia, USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica for reaching your half way mark. We are so proud of you back here in Australia and are looking forward to following your return journey.

You go girl!

Joanne Blair, Australia

axis7477 said...

How wonderful you GREAT Little Aussie....Well done, makes me so proud to be Australian. I also am near tears when reading that you are around the Cape....Hopefully you can head for some nicer weather conditions soon.Love from Michelle & family. xx

Susan said...

After being gone all day, I was so excited to read more about your most amazing day! But you must be resting first before posting more... so good for you, or I should say good on ya to be taking care of yourselve
We can be patient... we have a great role model!

Susan in Oregon

Samurai... great card!

My word verification is grastyin..sounds like congratulations!

Bruce said...

Well done Jesse

We were all holding our breaths waiting for this news - We know you still have a lot to do but we all feel better knowing this milestone is achieved and you are on the way to the next - the half way mark we assume.

Hope you kept a block of chocolate or similar to celebrate.

Go Girl


Michael in CA said...

The relief you must feel !!!!!
Congratulations from California.

Amanda said...

Well done Jesse, so so proud of you.

Can't wait to read all about it and how you felt seeing your Mum & Dad, (hope you got the chance).

You truly are an INSPIRATION to ALL young women ;-)

Take care gorgeous...Love and positive energies coming from Nelson Bay NSW.

Amanda x

Neale said...

You Go Girl!!!! from Little downtown Gatton Qld

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. Congratulations on getting tis far and passing by the cape. Congratulations. You are so brave and Hope you get back to Sydney safely. What strange things have you seen or heard of? Seen any Sharks or Whales?

Carolyn said...

Hip Hip Horrah Jess......
Now head for home, there won't be standing space watching you arrive in Sydney - flags waving in all directions - lots of pink ones. Should take our picinic rug and start camping there now so we get a good spot.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! We're all so proud of you..that's my husband,3-year-old daughter and I!

Lisa, Kawana Forest - Sunshine Coast.

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal, amazing, incredibly brave and impressive. Huge congratulations. You have sailed into history.

Safe sailing the rest of the way.

New Brunswick, Canada

Student Driver said...

Yee-haw! Congrats from Texas, Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess, what a milestone, you are such an inspiration and I am loving following your journey. Good Luck on your trip home wave to us as you pass bass strait. We are waiting for you to come sailing past on your last leg home. Good Luck....

theoldhillbilly said...

I will try to post more often, Just know that along with the rest of the places, this old West Virginia Hillbilly in the US has a prayer for you each night. Fair skys and seas to you young lady, Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am so impressed by your courage and strength! You GO girl! Well done. I have worked in the sailing industry for quite some time with all those super professionals from the Volvo or the AC... but you can easily wrap all of those blokes around your finger!
Very proud of you...
Cheers from Australia/Melbourne

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Jessica.
One down, two to go and Good Hope and Leeuwin should be a piece of cake after this one!
Get a bit of rest and warm up again in lower latitudes over the next few weeks.
Stay safe.
Tony, Brisbane.

Rodney said...

COngrats on making the Cape, Jess. Well done, we're all proud of you!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Jessica. You little ripper :-)

Bruce said...

WELL DONE Congratulations Jessica Stay Safe
Bruce & Dawne Mooloolaba

BillaBong said...


Next Backpackers Hervey Bay said...

Well done Jess, from Hervey Bay

Anonymous said...

Wooohoooo way to go Jessica.
Brilliant news on your passing around Cape Horn. Safe smooth sailing for the months to come which we will be watching with intense interest.

Congrats again Jessica.

lswinter said...

From Leon, wx6i, Waxhaw, NC, USA

Jesse, we love it when we see prayers answered. God is good and has given you a marvelous milestone. May you go from here with much joy. Remember every experience you've had, for the Bible reminds us to "Remember your Creator in the days of your youth" Ecclesiastes 12:1a. God tells us that when old age comes--as is my case--you will want to look back at what you accomplished when you had strength. You have it and you've done well, but don't forget Who gave it to you. Give Him the glory.

With all our many prayers for your safety and great success,

Leon & Sally

6101 Stonebridge Lane
Waxhaw, North Carolina, 28173

Carolyn, Sydney said...

Onya Jessica! I don't know you but I am very proud of you. What a fantastic achievement and in less than ideal conditons. Congratulations!!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

Bula, brave girl...Fijian granddad here….praying for you….may the omnipresence of the Almighty God cover you and accompany you home !!

Anonymous said...

Top Sailing there Capt'n Jesse!

Your expertise and talent is certainly amazing to us.

Sailing in foul weather with a faulty heater (little Miss Brat, Carol from Florida ended up naming it Heather) that would not play nice. Kept the Captain in various layers to keep warm and made it somewhat difficult to perform the daily tasks within the chilly environment of her cabin. Not to mention those outside chilly conditions and gale winds would not stop this one Tough, Top Sailor from Sydney achieving Part 2. The rounding of Cape Horn!
What a great feeling that must be to see land,boats and planes after 88days and 9800 nmiles at sea.

Hope the weather (played nice)allowed a flyover/flyby with mom and pops taking lots of photos.

Keep up the good work!
Think Safety First.
Take care, Bob and Charlene, Florida

Krenon said...

Wordsworth wrote
"Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty"

Who could read the news and see the pictures and fail to feel a lifting of the heart. Terrible things are going on in the world, not the least being the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. We need to read something grand, something uplifting, something to raise our spirits and here we have it!

Jessica, you are doing Wonderful Things! Keep it up! We all love you.

Anonymous said...


Cape Horn Today.....Sydney Soon!!!

Look forward to your safe return. well Done


Adam Cavanagh said...

A big congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I am so excited for you. I check you blog everyday. - bill

Igor, USA said...

Great done Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! That is one super acheivement.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

...WOO-HOO!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, JESSICA!!!!! my, you are such an inspiration! continue to sail safe!!!! <3

castro valley, ca, usa

Anonymous said...

go get em.

keep it up.

brett, torquay, australia

Bharti N said...

Way to go gurl... simply brilliant feat!!!

Waiting to hear more of the story and more wishes for rest of the adventure!!!


Anonymous said...


Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem


Tis but longitude, as marked at a time
Our Lady Jessica, her Everest now climbed
Yes special folk, will come all her way
Supporting emotions, yet alas cannot stay

One only so young, so vibrant and cool
Wields such a power, as to bind global pool
Enchanted we are, by dedication true
Cyberly now, we’re vicarious crew

So as we all wish, our young tar well
Whilst she conquers, that frightening knell
No longer a mind, can doubt her intention
Sailing’s her skill, no room for pretension

She looks to the Cape, a distant far spot
I’ve come this far, look back where I’ve got
Navy & aeroplanes, bloggers and team
I’m coming downhill, to finish my dream



Sharron from Blackheath said...

Oh wow Jesse, congratulations! I've been waiting with baited breath for this moment. I was crying when I read the post saying you've rounded, and everyone in my office is just thrilled for you. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

love your work, always knew you could prove the skeptics wrong, not far left now! happy sailing girl :-)

David and bernadette Flannery, Canberra said...

Well done Jessica for rounding the Horn. Great job! Australians are proud of what you are doing. It's all downhill now on the run back to Sydney via the Southern Ocean!! Go well!

jo from perth said...

um.... um CONGRATULATIONS JESSE... um... um I can get my words out! So CONGRATULATIONS JESSE!

Thanks Sam(urai) I'll let your beautiful picture speak for me.

Did Jesse see her Mum&Dad does anyone know?
Oh dear that watery eye thing is happening to me again Jesse, so i will Wish you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

Anonymous said...

Way to go - Congratulations!
You are a fantastic beacon of determination! Keep the naysayers quiet ....

Unknown said...


WoooHoo! Very Exciting! Congratulations - you must feel amazing!

Virginia USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica!! Enjoy this very proud moment. All the best for the next leg! Jaclyn

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess you said when you left you were the most tracked teenager in the world.
GO GIRL Thanks for showing the world our fighting spirit

Julie said...

...I am crying also.... how wonderful and what an achievment...words just don't do it..!!! congratulations !!!
..i'm also dying to know if you were able to see the plane overhead... i do hope so.... Sam..thnks for the update...

Catherine said...

Congratulations Jess!

Have been keeping track of your progress through media reports.

You are doing an amazing job - go Aussie go!!



Andrew Jennings said...

You go girl - we are really happy for you

PetElf said...

Such an accomplishment! I'm really proud of you, Jessica. You're living a dream for many of us.

Samurai, great poster you created!

Nat said...

Brilliant Stuff !!!!

You are a legend in the making...

Looking fwd to following the rest of trip.

Best regards and safe travels.

Nat Hervey Bay

Anonymous said...

I keep watching you and I am constantly amazed at your strength of spirit and determination. You a wonderful role model for my young boys. Keep it up and do your best.
Danielle, Murrami

Anonymous said...



Only By His Grace said...

Congratulations Jesse!
what an awesome feat My husband and I have been following you all the way and had a tear in our eyes for you. He is 70 today so we will remember this day with a double celebration.
Keep on keeping on. we are praying for your safe return.
Marion and Doug

Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Once again well done Jessica and her team. I was among the first people to congratulate you on you giagantic acheivement of rounding the Horn. Way to go
You now deserve a break so travel Lightly around the Falklands. A lot of energy and preparation went into getting passed the Horn. And Im sure you are aware there is still a lot of sailing to be done before knuckling down for the next Cape of South Africa. I and every other Aussie want to see you make it home just as safely as you are now.
You are doing yourself and your family proud.Happy Sailing and Fair Winds

RK said...

Congratulations with this poem by Sara Vial which is written in stone at the Cape Horn Memorial.

Fair Winds

I am the albatross that awaits you
At the end of the world.
I am the forgotten souls of dead mariners
Who passed Cape Horn
From all the oceans of the world.
But they did not die
In the furious waves.
Today they sail on my wings
Toward eternity,
In the last crack
Of the Antarctic winds.

Unknown said...


Well done young lady!!

A couple of years ago I was on the Prinsendam (700+ passengers) and we had to return to Ushuaia due to problems rounding the was that uncomfortable some passengers even got off the ship!!

You have done it on your own....fantastic!

Take care, let no complacency come aboard....if you sail close to Cape Leeuwin..I'll sail out and wish you well (from a distance).

Congratulations once again.
David Tweddle
Busselton, W.A.

Gil Cullen said...

Congratulations Jesse I have been following your progress from day 1 and what an achievment this has been to pass through the most dangerous passage in the world. Cheers and best of luck for the rest of the journey

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am SO glad to hear to hear that you are around Cape Horn. Brilliant! You are amazing and you make us all so incredibly proud. Wishing you a few calm, clear and sunny days so that you can see Mum & Dad in the plane, see all the hunky navy fella's and, perhaps most importantly, get some really good rest before the next big crossing. Fiona, Tassie.

Unknown said...

You go girl , here in the netherlands we are very proud for you in our eyes that young that our girl Laura Dekker who wants this so bad , will get no authorisation. I guess that our government has an other opinion.

So let them see their wrong!!
Be very carefull and give all dolphins a kiss by me.

Monique van Esch

Anonymous said...

We are from Camden NSW and Newcastle. My neice (who is 8) and I think you are great and brave! Good luck on the the rest of your trip.
Michelle and Chelsea

Anonymous said...

Conquer one Cape under sail and you can put one elbow one the dinner table without being chastised. Conquer both Capes and you can put both elbows on the table and not be considered rude. Well done Jesse, don't lose focus, stay safe.
Gerry, Congewai, NSW

Joe Downingtown Pa USA said...

Awesome Jesse! Way to go!

A man with a dream... said...

Just came across your journey on the internet.

What an amazing person you are. I can't even imagine challenging myself to that degree. You are truly inspirational.

Congratulations for reaching the half way mark and I will be bookmarking your blog to read your updates.

Brendan from London

J├│gvan Horn, Faroe Islands said...

Well done! I'm a teacher at a maritime academy keep telling my students of your progress!

Best wishes for the remaining voyage!

Anonymous said...

Again I am really proud of you!

God Bless!

pbsoda said...

Amazing young girl!

Really brave!

Unknown said...

Great achievement!!! Maybe you could describe your achievement to young people in a session at the Brisbane Planetarium. We can circle the planet on the dome looking at your course. Perhaps inspire others to strive to make their dreams come true!

Mark Rigby, Curator, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Anonymous said...


Jill (Newcastle)

Rooboy said...

Hi Jess, this is my first post but have been following your journey of the past months. Not being a sailor myself can on stand in awe at your achievements so far on your amazing odyssey. You are truly an inspiration!!

Congratulations and best wishes for the rest of your journey.

Unknown said...

Well done Jess - you are amazing !!
You've just made an Australian living in France so proud to be Australian !!
Safe sailing and good luck for the rest of the trip.

Graeme, Forcalquier France

Mike D said...

Hey Jess/ Blogger Family,

Wahooooo! Dat’s whut I'm talk'n bout! WAHOOOOOO!!!

Did you catch that post from,
Mike Perham
January 13, 2010 10:56 PM

Yeah, he's soooooooooo jealous! Yippee-ki-yay dude!
Come to think of it... So Am I :-\

You rock (the Horn) girl!!!
I'd do a back flip if I didn't think it'd kill me, lol.

♫ WAHOOOOOO! Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo... Waaaaaaaaahooo!♪♫♪

Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

♪♫♪ Waaaaaaaaahooo! Waaaaaaaaahooo! ♪♫♪

Unknown said...

That's what I call SOUTH!

Ed - Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this record milestone on your epic journey. We are with you in spirit and watch your every move with eager anticipation.
The Harmon Family.
Portland Oregon.

Fiona Perham said...


Bearcat said...

What an incredible achievemnt! Go girl, you are nearly there
Keep sailing safely

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Oh, my goodness, Jesse!!! It's SOoooooo exciting seeing the new videos . . . two of them . . . how lucky are we !!! "WOW" (to quote you) Unbelievable!!! Thank you, Jesse for sharing these wonderful video's of your experience, and your excitement really and truly comes through in the video you took out on deck!!! Don't you lose that camera overboard, or the other cameras either! Hope you were able to get some sighting of your Mum and Dad, even though the day was so overcast!! Let us know more about that when you write your next blog!

Love, Hugs, Prayers, Squeezes, and still more prayers!!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Unknown said...

Felicitation. Him really happy for this fantastic step.Him with you.
et ne lache pas (don't stop)...

Eli said...

YES! Success!! Congratulation Jessica!! This is such good news!! :D

Hans-Heinrich Plegge said...

Hi, Jessica,
Congratulations from Germany to Cape Horn. At 59 years, I admire your athletic and mental performance.
I envy you.
Old Henry

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

My ''Aussie'' flag flew in your honor from my balcony yesterday for you.
Great pictures and videos young lady and ''Sam'' great work,I bet your bedside manner is just as good too,keep it coming.
It sounds like the weather wasn't what you wanted for the day,but history say's it could have been worse.I hope you had your ''TURN SIGNAL'' on.
SO here you go,your next leg of your adventure,I know your ''world family can't wait for your next installments.
It makes us all count our blessings that we are safe and healthy.I am awaiting possible being deployed their in the next 24 hour's as part of a elite ''Search and Rescue Team''over here.I can only hope my skills can be put to precious use,should I go,stay tuned and God welling some lives can be spared.
I am so so proud of you young lady on this magical journey you are taking us all on,I await with baited breath of more great things and experiences to come.
God speed,stay safe,keep warm and by all means keep that beautiful smile going,I am so proud to be part of this passage of yours.
We all continue to love and support you.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',

scott said...

hi jessica a true australian hero all australians should stand and cheer cheer ,maybe other kids should take note people can do what ever they strive to do,rather than sitting back feelling sorry for them selves all take a leaf out of this girls book remarkable all is achevable.go girl go from kurri kurri nsw

Kissyfrott said...



My currents and my winds and the gales I blew on you coudn't stop your pink yacht and her brilliant captain. Well done, Lady.
From now on, you are allowed to call me just "Horn" and I shall call you "Young Salt".


- I have been defeated, but I am still the Mighty King of Capes. All other navigators, beware!
- My cousins, Senhor Agulhas and Heer Leeuwin, are still contenders in the Youngestround Solo Challenge. And they are terrific wrestlers too!

Fair winds until your next battle, Young Salt!

G.C.H. (Grumpy Cape Horn)

Unknown said...

At a time when we see so much bad publicity about our you people it is good to read about and see some good news for a change. Your rounding of Cape Horn is a monumental achievement, particularly for one so you and I might add, single handed. As a 59 Y.O. father of two I am very proud of what a great number of our younger generation are achieving and in particular you, Jesse. I cannot wait for the day when you sail back into Sydney Harbour and prove all the critics wrong.

God bless and keep safe.

Harry from Newcastle NSW

Anonymous said...

Congratulations amazing accomplishment!!!

Fiona said...

Well done Jess, you are a true inspiration for all Australians, esp young people. It just goes to show if you have a goal/dream bottled with loads of courage, you can do anything you set your mind to! Fantastic stuff Jess! I am a sailor also & have some understanding of how difficult & challenging your journey has been but also can only imagine the wonderful feeling of self satisfaction & elation at rounding the cape - inspiring stuff. You make your parents & the whole of Australia very proud Jesse. We are all following your progress with excitement & anticipation. The media is buzzing with excitement at your awsome feat! Enjoy the moment. Travel onward sailor - safely.

Anonymous said...

I have just left Melbourne for my trip and found just here in Internet Caffe on Easter Island, of all places, about you succesful rounding the Horn.
I haven´t got time yest to read other bloggers comments but a number of responses to this entry is HUGE.

Go, Captain go!!!

Fair Winds,

Andrew from Melbourne

Sean Donahue said...

Amazing ...... We saw your story on the Today Show America......Your journey is an inspiration to people worldwide. My wife and I are cheering you on from the Bahamas . May the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face...God bless..

Sean & Laura ...Bahamas

Peter Wiltshire said...

Congratulations Jessica, an amazing achievement, travel well and travel with tat great adventurous spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jessica,
It's good to see you have made progress around Cape Horn and are safe as well.

My parents in Newcastle wished you the best as well. I would imagine there are more people wishing you sucess who don't post on here as well. The last few days in Canberra have been hot so enjoy the ocean weather which maybe cooler then what we have on land.

Take Care
Pete (Canberra).

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just
watch what they do."

-- Andrew Carnegie

Sandy said...

CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA ! from Ardrossan, South Australia. What a great achievement,If I wasn't a fan before, I certainly am now. Well done

Anonymous said...

What an amazing girl you are Jess..... You have shown the world what is possible when you really want something in life. Also Congratulations to your parents for nurturing and raising such an inspirational, lovely daughter. God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

thats "simply marvellous" ... sorry been watching too much cricket. Ritchie B

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jesse!!! Keep it up!!! See you in Sydney soon.
Will keep praying for you.

Michelle in St. Pete, Florida said...

We are often on the edge of our seats as we watch your video blog and read your updates. How exciting and how wonderful it is making it past Cape Horn! I believe for many that Cape Horn is the Mount Everest for many a sailor! Love the photos they were amazing. Congrats again on your major accomplishment!

“No one is fit to judge a book until he has rounded Cape Horn in a sailing vessel, until he has bumped into two or three icebergs, until he has been lost in the sands of the desert, until he has spent a few years in the House of the Dead.”- Anonymous

AliCat said...

You are one of the most inspirational and amazing young ladies I have ever known. A fellow sailer sends her salute! Keep it going Pink Lady.

The Author said...

Jessica and Ella’s Pink Lady
Are fond of each other because it’s shady
As they cross 42 latitude keeping things thrifty
As they approach longitude 29/50.

Way back then across the Start Line
Good breakfast, last hot shower in time
To drag away from the coast
Looking forward to her first host…

Out into Tasman
And Lord Howe Island
Norfolk Island, Suva and Nuku
Alofi and Pago Pago.

The Equator and The Northern Hemisphere
Looping Kiribati and into the sheer
Catching a fish and filleting
Some kind of dish…!

South, South toward The Horn
Spaghetti Bolognese fit to adorn
The upcoming Island of Starbuck
Which we’ll past with skill and not luck

Bora Bora,
And a quiet Sunday

The South Pacific with
Sunsets and wind
Like being at Sydney again.

The 40s and 50s and Christmas Day
The first gale and a
Dolphin who’s stay
At our side to lead the way.

The storm and the cold
And if all be told
Ella and I have become quiet bold
Looking forward twofold.

The Horn! The Horn!
And so quiet the swells
Belying the waters
Which await with their spells.

But Ella and I viewed the splendor
Of The Horn’s enshrouded thumb…
So majestic I slowly combed my hair
To meet Dad and Mum!

We flew by the Falklands
Into the Argentine Basin
South again, eastward too,
To Good Hope we both must hasten…

(Hey - Who'll portray you in the movie...?)


Anonymous said...

Great job, keep it up. I check back daily to follow your progress. I'm really envious of your adventure. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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