Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highlights From An Incredible Few Days!

I'm going to apologize in advance for the over-use of exclamation marks (!), but it's certainly been an amazing few days! Sorry not to have updated you all earlier on my side of events, but after running on not much more than adrenalin for a good 4 days, I've only had one thing on my mind - sleep!

So much has happened lately. So many highs. But I'm going to start at the beginning with Tuesday and 60nm between us and the Cape. Passing squalls, the waves standing up a little as we passed in to shallower water, the wind settling into a consistent 40knots by nightfall, all made life pretty interesting.

But the fast disappearing miles till the Cape and sighting land (Diego Ramirez Island) on that afternoon had me completely pumped up and totally bouncing with excitement! Seeing land after so long was incredible. I can hardly remember feeling so thrilled, which when I think about it, seems like a bit of an overreaction considering I couldn't actually see anything more
than the outline of a grey bit of rock disappearing frequently, as we dropped into the troughs between waves. Through my eyes at the time, that distant bit of rock was the most beautiful and incredible thing I'd seen. It's amazing how deprivation can make something look a million times more special! I imagine that my first long hot shower when I get back home will be much the same!

That night was a busy and sleepless one as we approached the Cape. To ensure that we didn't just go surfing by in the dark, I put a bit of effort into slowing us down and just as it was getting light, there it was - the distinctive outline of Cape Horn!

Against the grey sky and with albatrosses flying in the foreground, it was just as I'd imagined for so long. Mythical and striking pretty much sums it up! The poor visibility didn't exactly make it the best sightseeing weather, but if we'd drifted comfortably by on a nice sunny day, it wouldn't have been half as special! In between taking pictures and phone calls, it was an extremely proud moment!

Then the flyover with Mum and Dad sure turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. With pretty poor weather conditions it was only on the third attempt that the plane managed to find Ella's Pink Lady. I'm sure you can imagine what an emotional roller-coaster it was for me, not to mention Mum and Dad. First I'd hear that they'd just taken off and would be overhead within a few hours. Then would come the bad news that they had to turn back! When the plane finally did find us, the 45 minutes that they spent overhead, passed in an extremely fast blur. I got myself very dizzy and totally tangled up in my tethers watching then fly around in circles! In the end I think it was a good thing that I couldn't really make out Mum and Dad through the windows, because if I had been able to I don't think that I would have managed to keep my composure. I owe a really big thanks to everyone who made the flyover happen.

Mostly the wind has been nice to us over the last two days and we're already very close to the Falklands. But with quite a bit of shipping around and with the side effects of all that adrenalin, I hardly managed any sleep at all till yesterday. Today I was treated to full clear skies and tonight I've got stars like I haven't had in a very long time!

But I haven't been the only one not getting a lot of sleep lately. Mum, Dad, Bruce and Andrew have all been keeping very strange hours and they're only a few of a very long list of people that played a huge part in seeing Ella's Pink Lady and I safely around the Cape. Thanks a million!!

Love Jesse


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Anonymous said...

Jesse, you go girl!! Well done, keep going kiddo - looking forward to watching you sailing back into Sydney Harbour again in the not too distant future!! Carolyn from Melbourne

Unknown said...

well done Jess. It must have been so exciting to achieve one to the major landmarks of your journey. Stay safe and enjoy your journey to the Cape of Good Hope


The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA. said...

Hey Jessie

Thanks for dropping us all a line. Sounds fantastic...all of it. Don't to tell us about the navy when you get a sec. Glad your mum and dad got to see you going round the Cape. Unbelieve how you are now powering off towards the falklands. Time flies when your having fun.

Take care dear girl and grab sleep when you can. Remember to watch for those ships.

love and best wishes as always.

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million to you Jessica for taking us on the ride around THAT cape!

Steve form Adelaide

Anonymous said...

I think your doing a wonderful job. Well Done ,Australia is so very proud of you. I think the atomosphere will be electric on your final arrival back home.
You are an inspiration to so many people and your journey is truly a breath of fresh air at a time when then news is often doom and gloom. Well done

Unknown said...

Well done Jess, the flyover is in the news and it sent shivers down my spine. You're a legend, I can't wait to see you sail into Sydney Harbour, take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess - Thanks for sharing so much with us the last few days. Sailors like me just dream of what it must be like to sail past the Cape and see it with your own eyes.

Thank you.

John (The Drummer Man)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant explanation of your whirlwind few days! I hope you can catch up on come sleep now!
Keep going this great and we'll see you back in Sydney very soon!!!
Thanks for the updates, Jesse and good luck for the rest of your trip.
Kay from Sydney

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work, I love reading about your amazing journey!!!

Anonymous said...

cant wait to read your book on this. Michael Palin watch out Anthony from Gold Coast

Slater James said...

Extraordinary achievement. Many congratulations!
Take great care on rest of trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
It is such an amazing achievement to have come so far and to have safely rounded this historically treacherous landmark "Cape Horn", we share your joy and excitement. Having your parents nearby to share this moment with you must have been just fantastic.
Good luck Jesse for the next part of your journey.

Adam Reeve said...

Gee Jess! You sure know how to make a man cry! I'm a big tough fellow but you sure bought tears to my eyes girl! Seeing your Mum and Dad fly over bought a huge lump into my throat... You're a little gem to them you know, and I could feel it as though you were my own daughter!!! I was surprised I'd feel like that having followed your adventure for so long. But I was wiping my eyes when listening to your cheeky voice. Bon voyage my dear! And enjoy yourself. Australia and NZ is downright proud of you and doesn't want anything to go wrong for you. I am all tied in knots from crossing everything... fingers, toes, legs, arms!

Love Adam and family

Anonymous said...

Jess, thanks for sharing this moment with us, and once again for your wonderful descriptive ways that make it really come to life.


Bluefin said...

Bravo Jesse!!

What an incredible few days! (also many exclamation marks) We bloggers have also had a great time watching the whole rounding unfold. Excitement, tears, anxiety and joy all thrown in together! You did it in style Jesse, just as we knew you would.

I can't imagine how great it must have felt seeing land for the first time and seeing Cape Horn rising up out of the grey ocean. Then to top it off having your parents fly over. Just an incredible time.

I hope you can get some well earned rest now Jesse, the starry nights must be beautiful.

With you in spirit,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

Just read your latest blog.

Y'friggin' awesome, Jess !!!

...Oh... and your Mum and Dad's 'flyover' was on the TV tonight along 151E ( and elswhere) and showed Ella's P.L. , too.

Gees.... along with all the Serried Rankers.... we've sailed every day to this point, too... Hehheh.

OK.... warmer days ahead, Jesse..... soak up the 'goodness'.... and the _very_ best to you.

.... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,
Great to hear you're ok and well, the mountain is behind you. You've inspired one song from me and today I wrote another. I'll record it soon and put some footage to accompany the song and post it on you tube like the other one. I love following your adventure, stay safe. If you haven't seen the first song go to:

Go girl!

Anonymous said...

cant wait to read your book, Michael Palin watch out. Well done Anthony / Gold Coast

Sarah Cooper (Sydney) said...

Jess you are doing great girl! Well done! And you are not over reacting for anything! It's a huge thing you are doing and i loved the excitment and joy you showed in your video's! It was almost like i was there with you! Great job Jess! Keep going, so many here are behind you!!!

lilea said...

Wooo hooo!!! I have just watched the fly over of your Mum and Dad.
how amazing.......

captain said...

Hey Jess.

Its amazing watching you grow as the trip unfolds. Your post today was the most interesting yet in my opinion..
I figured you get to the Falklands pretty quick..... your on your way home!
Im heading to the Hawksbery tomorrow for a summer break but my thoughts will be withnu whilst im sailing.
stay safe.... Capt'n Kelly

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jessica,
You are an Amazing girl thank you heaps for your latest update, The Herald Sun today had a main feature on you on page 3 and then in the Editorial on page 30,

To all the bloggers I hope this following link works as it takes you to the Newspapers Article but also a Video taken on board the plane, PLUS!...there is a link from the same site to 63 pictures of Jesse, many I haven't seen to date, but the Video is very touching stuff:-

I hope it works...

Jesse you are truly Amazing...

Love ya heaps

Clint - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

My first post, although I have been with you the whole way. There has been areal change in you since as you rounded the Cape ... I can see it in your eyes and face and just the way you held yourself in the videos. I know you were riding a high, but I believe you will find that this whole experience is a defining moment for you. Few people get to test themselves like you are doing, so never know their true potential. There are other, deeper, more internal tests going on I am sure, and I think I can see that you have laid to rest a few of these in the past week. I know this sounds corny as all heck (not the word I would really choose) but there is a point where people become adults, for me .. it happened late... for you... it happened last week.

With much thought for clear path and kind winds.


ps come to Maine(USA) for Lobster!

Mother said...

On behalf of all the mums out there who have adopted you as their daughter and follow you avidly,

Anonymous said...

So love your descriptive writing, you are really inspiring. I fell so selfish checking in every day (sometimes twice or three !) to read more, when I know you're busy, or need to catch up on some zzzzz's. Look forward to your blogs and wish you god speed, and some warmer temperatures.

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

If you could collect all the tears shed seeing your Mum and Dad above and you below, there would be a new ocean to conquer. WOW, what an amazing experience. I am blessed to have witnessed it.

Take care and get some rest.

You are a STAR!

... GO GIRL!

Fay from the Gold Coast

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

OMG!! I have just viewed the video of your mum and dad in the plane talking with you, trying to find Ella's Pink Lady and I must tell you ... I have goose bumps! (And yes, choking back tears as well!). I can only imagine the emotional turmoil you and your family just went through, but I'm sure it was a great feeling for you.
Enjoy the moment, get some sleep when you can and ...
Sail on,

Unknown said...

Hi Jess
I was away in the mountains trekking, all that blue Sky above me, thinking of you and wishing all goes well. (And why shouldn't it!!)
Well, I am home again and checked on you and "The feast boat".
Congrats on the Hoorn! Welcome to the Atlantic.
Happy sailing.
Best wishes
Angelika NZ

Love the pics thanks for sending so much through.

Lilea said...

All I can say is WOW!!Your whole journey is an unbelievable adventure. I can't wait for the book and the Doco movie!!!

Jim L said...

Thanks for the very descriptive update. You created a very exciting picture in my mind. The conditions were perfect for conquoring this milestone. You now have another life long memory of your adventure. Safe sailing.

Jim L from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse! You deserve to feel proud, as we all are. Keep up the great work. Focus on the next major milestone now. You'll have to let us all know what the next major countdown is - so we can count it down with you.
Our thoughts and prayers are winging you home.
Stay safe.
Love Mel & family

PolarisLux said...

Hi Jessica,
It must be amazing your encounter with your parents in spite of see them in the plain. I imagine your happiness. I can feel your emotions.
You inspire us for your courage and determination.
Now Atlantic ocean waiting you!
Go! You are winner!

kiwiolly said...

Well done Jess. Keep up the good work. Must have been so exciting passing the cape. Love seeing your photos and reading your blog.Thanks for sharing with us. Olive

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I'm so excited that you have made it round the cape! I've bee teaching my little girl of three years to sail today in the Pumiscestone Passage in a tiny little sailing boat - she loved for the most part and then jumped overboard, I think she was bored of the 10knt wind, and swam to shore (with a lifejacket on of course). She's not scared of anything..I think she could be another little Jess watson! Good on you fearless sailor!
Lisa - Kawana Forest.
Sunshine Coast

KC said...

I am in absolute awe following your epic journey.

From a small island of an island South of Borneo (Kalimantan Indonesia).

God Bless You and safe journey onwards Jesse.

Anonymous said...

if we could bottle your energy,enthusiasim and courage,inject it into our politicians veins the world would be so much better off.Fortune favours the brave .Go Girl

Anonymous said...

We are all so proud of you Jesse! And every bit as exited as you must have been.

Go well, safe sailing, and I look forward to hearing from you in Sydney very soon!

Jenny P

Anonymous said...

Jess - well done!!!!! so impressed at your skill and amazing achievement. Read your blog and look for Pink Lady every evening to see how your going since you left- but first time to post something. Keep going, keep going, keep going as well as you have been.

Karin from Perth said...

..You are sailing, you are sailing, home again, across the seas..... you are sailing, stormy waters.....

stay well and stay safe

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
Good to have you back, and to read about the exciting days you have experienced the last days. What an emotional happening. You are such an excellent writer and I look forward to read more.
Rest when you can, keep dry and eat your meals. Glad to hear that the stars are with you. Sail on safe brave girl.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

BavariaBlu said...

Hi Jessica,
people like to use the terms of 'last real adventure' whenever someone is doing something beside the everyday things. Your journey really deserves the title. What you're doing, and especially the way you are doing it makes your voyage a very special time for so many folks around the world.
Rounding the Cape must be a 'once in a lifetime' even for you. The fact that we are allowed to witness your experience and even some of your emotions makes it the much more precious. Thank you so much, Jessica.
Oh I nearly forgot: Your Cape Horn story actually made it into the 'All World' part of our local Bavarian paper. What an achievement ;-)

Geoffrey Hilliard said...

I have watched the video of your parents flying above you as you rounded Cape Horn. Today's Herald Sun contains an editorial praising your spirit of adventure. Now you can head further north and enjoy warmer weather.
Your next sight of land will be when you pass the Cape of Good Hope.
Sail on Jessica. Enjoy watching the stars, the birds and the marine life.
Send us more beautiful photographs.

Geoff, 54 (Melbourne)

Anonymous said...'re a legend!!!
Love reading your thoughts.
Have a blast!!! xxxx

Janet said...

God bless you im so very proud of you, you will be home before you know it,stay safe till next time.
Nana Janet.

lyn said...

Jesse, I feel so proud of you, how strange it must the thoughts and hearts of so many people who have never actually met you, and probably never will,and you two, all alone with the ocean. Bloody amazing. Good Job !

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
WOW!!! what an amazing couple of days.
You have done it! You have achieved the Everest of sailing!
We are extremely proud of you and the EPL team.
Now back to routine, good luck with the rest of trip.
I watch the video of the fly over it was amazing.
Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessice, You are an incredible young woman and we are thrilled with your progress and your achievements. We keep track of your progress and congratulate you on your successful rounding of thr Cape. You are a legend. Kindest regards, Ken & Delma, Golden Beach.

Anonymous said...

Fly over video was great, very touching, all involved must feel fantastic, keep a level head and go go go

Bruce Watt said...

Great description Jess. So having achieved this great milestone, and as your adrelanin levels return to normal you must now concentrate and sail on. Go Jess.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Unknown said...

Go Jess! Good luck with everything, you rock.

Anonymous said...


I loved reading your latest post. What a great sailor you are and what a high you must be on with so much happening in the past few days! Hope you gets lots more sleep and can rest up a little after the adrenalin packed events of this week. So pleased you were able to talk with your parents with them being so close.

Safe sailing, Vicki
NSW > Newcastle

Tony From Bris said...

We remember the turn at the Equator heading to Cape Horn. And the thought of the journey it would take to get there. We all knew the task ahead wasn't going to be easy yet we pushed on and followed your progress on each report. The picture is always so clear when you discribe what you see. That's why we all prayed for your safety in getting to where you are now. Christmas seem a non event compared to rounding the Cape, that grey rock at the end of the Americas. Well don't Sailor Jess. Well done in deed.
I could feel the emotion of your visit by your parents. And proud is what they would have felt for you. With 45 mins to drop in, well I'm sure that out does any Christmas present any time.
Stay safe. All down hill from there. Take Care
Tony From Bris

DaveH said...

Congratulations Jess, you're a fair dinkum Cape Horner!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to know you are safely through the Cape and her mountainous seas - well done indeed.

Take care and God bless you and keep you in safety your entire journey! Cheers Jesse

PWB said...

Hi Jessica,


(1) The Truth

(2) Tasmania via road.

(3) My 300 million year old Granite Rock, in my backyard (2.5km circumference)

(4) A Brahma Bull after riding him for 2 seconds, falling off, and I running in circles to stay in the human race. (age 18)

(5) The TV Remote Control Panel - until my wife threatened to Hang Draw and Quarter me.

(6) The Kitchen Island Bench - Every morning while cooking Hyden Bacon, Hyden Eggs, Tomatoes and spring onions.

(7) My Wife for 3 days, .After a Debate/Argument,

(8) Pumpkin, As a child, when pumpkin was the last thing on the plate, I would pretend that my fork was a magic wand and perform a disappearing spell over the pumpkin in the hope that it would skiddadle. Unfortunately it did not work, and I had to sneak it to the dog, who was under the table.

(9) The Car Park at the Royal Antler Hotel (at Frenchs Forrest, NSW, at age 18) - riding my BMW with sidecar in the air, with an unknown drunken passenger in the sidecar who was trying to claw himself out.



Kind Regards

Peter Bush

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Its you we should be saying thanks a million to for sharing your adventure and voyage of self discovery with us. we were so pleased when we discovered early this morning that your folks had finally seen you. Their joy brought tears to ours eyes too. What a splendid meeting of kindrid spirits at the passing of the horn.
The Lovells, Nelson NZ.

Kev said...

I'm just so impressed Jesse! My bride, of over 50 years, and I were so pleased to see you on our local TV news.

We're so glad that tour Mum & Dad were able to see and talk to you too - great to watch.

You are coping so well and writing as well as any reporters who knows where you will go inthe future?

Go Jesse Go!

Kev, & Bev, Sydney, Oz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Seeing the footage of your mum and dad in the plane waving to you brought tears to my eyes, just knowing how excited they were to see you and how proud they are. You are very much like your mum in the way you look and talk. As I was watching her speak about you I could see you in her.
Well, you're half way now so keep up the good work.
Safe sailing,
Adelaide SA

Anonymous said...

You never have to be sorry to me!

Thanks a million Jesse!

That would have been so awesome for you and your mum and dad!

Haha (Dizzy)! Where's the plane? I can't see you mum! lol

Steffen said...

Hi Jessica,

" keep my composure " -- how can you manage that?? by reading your latest update I really can´t !!!

Thinking of a girl in the middle of nowhere - parents circling overhead - that´s soooo emotional [my kids are at the same age - as apology :-)] - and not to mention the dangerous situation you are in rounding the cap ...... Puhhhh

Thank you so much for telling us all these critical and "bouncing" situations in such a humerous and easy way ... so we all must not worry tooo much :-))

good luck and get some sleep !!


Bebie - Caloundra said...

Jesse, you have absolutely nothing to apologise for. We're in this with you as far as we can be and are just thrilled to read your wonderful description. It's been said before, you sure know how to paint a picture with words.

Mum and dad, Bruce and Andrew, your pics, your videos, your words ... all absolutely marvelous. What a journey you've taken us on!

Thank you!

Continue to take care little sweetheart.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
How are you going after the high of rounding the Horn, time to take a few deep breaths, and have a rest near the Falkland Islands. You will need to get your mind back to the task ahead, I know you will have all this under control.
It is amazing to read all the blogs, you are a world wide sensation, we all need more of this in the world today, so keep up with the great adventure, keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia

Margaret said...

Yet another beautiful and inspirational blog, you really are an amazing young lady. Being able to handle such a huge range of physical challenges not to mention the immense emotional roller coaster that you have just experienced is nothing short of a marvel for anybody let alone at your age!!Hopefully you will get some much deserved rest/sleep over the next few days.

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse,
What more can we say. we are all extremely proud (and I don't even know you). Have been following this since you left Sydney, and right now I feel like a proud parent.

Anyway, congrats again and YOU GO GIRL.

Stay Safe


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Jesse! Bravo, Roger and Julie! And thanks to those who facilitated this experience for the Watsons!

A great video of you, Jesse, and of Ella's Pink Lady, en route around the world. Your mum is so right. You do look so very little against the vastness of the ocean. Little, yes, but not lost. You are purposefully on course to complete your goal.

Sail on Jesse! Sail on, brave navigator and captain!
Todd @BCL

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that there's an award for you on my site. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
I must apologise for not commenting more often but i have been reading your updates and keeping an eye on your progress each and everyday.
I knew you could do this and have been waiting for the day when you tick off sailings holy grail. Congratulations to you, and your support team, but mostly you. You make us proud and you should be proud of yourself.
Now you have gotten this point done, its almost plain sailing up to the 30's and then along the 40's. I lived at 40deg south for 35 years, so can you guess where that was?
Congrats again, you go girl and we'll be seeing you in a few months. Take care
John (Macedon, Vic)

Unknown said...

Well done sweetheart!!!!!
Wow! Halfway! I look forward to "sailing" with you all the way back to Sydney!
Sending you a big bear hug!

rod said...

hello beautiful young captain,
signing on for the next leg of your incredible feat.
what will be our next goal after your well earned rest near the falklands.
your" highlights from an incredible few days" was brilliant.
keep up the great work.
regards and safe sailing

blackbutt qld

carole (mackay) QLD said...

Hi Jessica
It was great to read the events of the past few days and with all that adrenaline I imagine you had a good sleep yesterday to try and catch up. I had tears streaming down my face watching the video, it was so well done and EPL looked stunning from the aircraft, and you waving on deck. Its wonderful with the support and love of your parents and shore team, it would have been such a buzz to see that tiny plane circling you.

Hoping you can have some rest time to regain your strength..

Great going Jesse... instead of feeling emotional, just think of the big celebrations that will be greeting you in Sydney.... half way mark almost.

I would also like to say 'thankyou' for taking us along with you on your journey. We are here with you till Sydney.

Fair winds Jess

Carole (mackay) QLD

Lori said...

Hi Jesse!

Phew, I am exhausted and I haven't done anything, except trying to keep up with everything that is happening in your world - thank you so much for the update, pics and videos, the video with your M&D was SO emotional, for everyone being there and even just watching it, very teary time.

I just cannot read all the blogs anymore, great to see them and welcome to all the new bloggers, but hey, have only been able to read a few of the regulars. Your fan base has gone troppo sugar, and deservedly so.

I hope you enjoy a quiet time for awhile to regroup and get ready for your next adventure on the high seas.

You will continue to be in our hearts and in our prays, keep up your fantastic work out there.....x

Happy birthday to Gayle PhoenixaUSA today AND to Dean-Mooloolaba for tomorrow - I hope you enjoy(ed) your days.

Hi to all fellow bloggers, I hope you are, I should change that to I KNOW YOU ARE enjoying the ride with Jesse as much as I am.

-Lori, Brisbane

Fran said...

you're so brave! I got stuck on the canoe in sydney harbour today for all of 1 minute and it was freaky.We can only imagine what the sea is like where you are right now but it's obvious that you are made for sailing.
Congratulations and we're thinking of you

Cheryl and Steve said...

Jess thanks for such a good write up re your trip around the cape and the visit from your MUm and Dad. What a girl you are. You are such an inspiration to us all.
I am looking forward to the day you come home to our beautiful sydney harbour.
Keep safe and smooth sailing to the cape of good hope.
Our love
Cheryl and Steve

Anonymous said...

Well, ist's going to be a few days still but after that hot shower you'll have an uninterrupted night in a real bed and that'll feel mightily strange. But first things first, you got thus far and did it safely, thanks to a mature head on young shoulders and good advice, obviously. So there's no doubt all that the rest of the voyage will go just as smoothly and we'll all follow your progress until you finally fasten your lines again.

Anonymous said...

I was away from the internet for a few days and really missed your blog. What a relief to find out that you rounded the Cape and you are OK and everything is still going well! Keep up the fine seamanship - you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that there's an award for you on my site. : )

Sue (this n that) said...

Wonderful to read your description of the past couple of days. Thanks Jesse.
It was also beaut to share in your parents' moments of their flyover too - such an emotional time for all of you.
Onwards you go with our warmest of wishes.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse! You’ve really got some miles behind you now. All that excitement will have refreshed you for the next leg, woohoo! bring it on chick with attitude. Tony (Shipshape) Bristol UK.

Nasdaq 3X said...

it's so great to read your post, so excited and so full of emotions!

congratulations Jesse and enjoy the beautiful emotions you had in these last four days!

cheers from Italy,


Anonymous said...

Jessie you're my hero. I know what single mindedness and courage it takes to achieve what you have to date. Go girl.

Mike T, Algies Bay, NZ.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jess, we've been so excited over the past week. Keep up the good work and remember your closer to home with each passing moment. Stay safe and take care.

Kylee, Townsville, QLD.

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

thanks to you - for your extended report, but most of all for the chance you give to all of us: To share and follow something utterly positive in a world full of bad and horrific news!

I just read that Daily Telegraph article about your mom and dad circling Ella Pink Lady at Cape Horn and about your mother stating that you look so small: To me, in a certain way, you look very big simply because you're actually following through with your dream instead of just dreaming about it like so many people do.

With all this in your mind, there's only one tantalizing question: How will your life be after the voyage? It certainly mustn't be answered now, but it either shouldn't be taken to lightly.

For now I wish you some calm and restful days on your way to the Falkland islands and more good wind to move you well into the second half of your journey!

Oh, there's one thing I almost forgot:
Welcome to "our" ocean! :D

Frankfurt, Germany

Julie said...

wow.... i have been waiting for this post. Was thrilled to see the video of the your mum and dad and the plane circling... sitting her onthe couch crying my eyes out !!! well done Jess.... not long till we see you back home... I'm flying over from NZ to see you sail up the harbour....can't wait...xxxx

Organisedvicar said...

Oh Jesse, I can hear your excitement of the past few days in every word you say. I was going to say that the mind may dim a little in time so your pics and words will keep this moment fresh for years and years. I honestly do not think your mind will ever ever forget this experience as it will live with you always.

I can see you peering up at the sky trying to catch a glimpse of mum and dad. I'll bet just knowing they were there was enough for now.

Godspeed Jesse! Enjoy those sparkling starry skies and the know that fair weather is made just for you. The rough stuff is just to keep you on your toes!

Jo-Anne, Geelong.

saundra said...

I'm so excited for you! I've been following your blogs daily (when we have internet), which lately has been pretty regular since we are in the Keppels. I'm sure it was exciting for your mum and dad too. I still get teary eyed when I think back to when we were all on the dock together in Scarborough and they were seeing you off on your voyage to NZ. All the best on the rest of the journey! Much LOVE Saundra

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

Thanks for your “Highlights from an Incredible Few Days”. You have written a marvellous summary. In a way, for me, it concludes the enormous excitement and emotion of the week from the time you wrote that you were becalmed and posted the photo of the four chattering Albatrosses on Friday 8 January until the present. What a Week.

That now seems so long ago!

I guess that’s because so much has happened for you, and for us too, following your progress toward the Cape, around it and seeing your excitement via your video at finally seeing what must have been one of your sailing dreams come true, and then waiting in anticipation for your Parents fly-over, and finally being able to see their emotion at seeing you ‘looking so small on that huge ocean’ as your Mum said with teary pride in your accomplishment. It has been a huge sequence of events.

We know there will be more milestones to come – your halfway mark somewhere in the Atlantic, and then passing south of the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, and then (close to home) the Maatsuyker Island lighthouse off the south coast of Tassie. We will also celebrate your 15,000nm and 20,000nm marks too, wherever they may be. There is still much excitement ahead and much for you to enjoy.

Till next time, rest up when you can, and enjoy every moment ahead.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Unknown said...

Captain Jessica
Well done, you are inspiration, wonderful to know you have had interaction with your family.
Thank you for keeping us all informed about your progress.
Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your journey.
Go girl
David from Albany WA

nutralady2001 said...

Wow Jesse what an eventful few days you've all had. I'm so thrilled for you rounding the Cape, a big milestone ticked off!

So pleased to you got to talk to your Mum and Dad and over 1,000 comments on your blog I'm sure you won't have time to read them all. Take care sweetie, you're halfway there !......Meleese x

Anonymous said...


Been watching your progress since the beginning from Oregon, USA. Now, spending a long weekend at the coast and watching the high surf beat down on the rocky coastline I feel it's time to break my silence to send you good thoughts. Keep safe, keep the dirty side down, and keep enjoying the journey.

Regards, L.G. Louis

lswinter said...

Sat, Jan 16,'10, USA eastcoast

Good morning Jessica,

You’re a bit east of our long so already you're seeing the glorious orb lift its head above the sea line ahead. This lovely picture is just like what lies ahead for you, now that you're approaching the half way point in your epic round the world journey.

Several times we've come back to your blog to view the pictures of the the cape passage. There's no question that this is a mountain top for mankind. But we're given a treat in that a young woman--yourself--had been "mankind" for the rest of us who vicariously observe with joy your accomplishment. Such glory! All of us must not lose sight of another, more glorious fact--we are loved by the Creator of the earth we tavel, or circumnavigate, in your case.

The Lord has said in Isaiah 48:10, "See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of [challenge.]" He gets the ultimate glory, but He’s given you the honor to bask in His light. You are blessed. Feel the fresh warmth from the bright orb rising ahead of you. Here’s a poem I like for it reminds me how to view myself:
May everything we do
By word or deed or story
Be done to please the Lord;
To Him be all the glory. —Roworth

Sail on to a delightful future that will surely become yours. Sail on in the joy felt by us privileged to be “traveling” in your wake. Sail on assured of the prayers of those among us who call the Creator, our personal Lord and Savior. [Ephesians 2:8-10]

With our prayer for your safety this day and every day,
Leon & Sally
Waxhaw, North Carolina

Macca said...

jessie keep doing what u are doing its great and uve got the best bit of the trip left enjoi it girl..


p.s jess is cute

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for giving us such a great update. I know what the lack of sleep can do to a person. I am sure now that you will settle back into a normal routine and hopefully some more regular sleep patterns.

I congratulate everyone who organised the fly over of your Mum and Dad. Also thanks for the great work done by Bruce, Andrew and all the shore team. The work they are doing is truly amazing.

Well Jesse, it is hard to believe that you are alomst half way through your journey. You must have so many great memories and I am sure there are more to come.

You are a true inspiration to so many.

Take care our special girl.

Keep safe and stay warm.

Ingleburn, NSW (now in Perth for sons U19 mens softball National Championships)

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jessica,

I saw you and Ella's Pink Lady on Fox News tonight - of course, your parents were very emotional! And so they should be! They must be extremely proud of you and your achievements so far.

I know that I certainly am proud of you, and yet I have never even met you in person... yet!

You have me a little mystified with your reaction to seeing land again though.

I am sure that it wasn't so long ago that you were telling us how claustrophobic you felt with all the islands around you and you were looking forward to the wide open expanses of the Southern Ocean. How things change! LOL

Oh yeah! Sorry! Forgot you were female and it is your right to change your mind.... often! LOL

Good to hear that you are still making good progress.

But the best news has been to hear the excitement in your blog, and how high your spirits have risen now that you have passed the cape.

You can tell through your blog that you were bursting at the seams with excitement - I can just picture you, doing everything at a thousand miles per hour as the excitement built.

So did you celebrate with another block of chocolate?

Anyway, must keep going. I am very excited for you and will give my usual updates to the guys at the golf club.

Take care gorgeous girl!

Lotsa luv

Caves Beach, Newcastle

XXX (on the cheek only - don't get too excited!) LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the moment with us Jesse and congrats again - what an achievement.

Hope you manage to catch up on sleep over the next few days.

Take care out there..


Unknown said...

There is just so much excitement in your writing voice, Jessie, that it captures so vividly your sense of well-being. These moments shared with you and your family are very precious to all of us listening in.

I want to add my thanks to yours to the webmaster and the rest of the shore crew together with your sponsors who made it all happen.

What a heart-turning experience for over a thousand people to see you conquer the tough conditions that make Cape Horn so treacherous.

Congratulations and much admiration from

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

I´m very impressed! Go on ! Good luck, and keep your bravour. Joseph Parisian living in Madrid.

David said...

Hi, Jess, I like "mythical" because that's how you described the Cape and that's just how it looked in your picture. I am happy for you that Everest was all you thought it would be and probably more. Continue to take care.

Best, David Indiana

hezakiah299 said...

01-16-10 @ 06:33
Hi Jessica,
Once again, congratulations to you for doing such a wonderful job. You have accomplished something that many, many people just dream about, and(for one reason or another) can't make them come true. We're so proud of you, one and all, what an inspirational young lady you are.
A most remarkable description of the last 60nm's, and yes it was pretty interesting. LOL.....
I was amazed that you were so much in control to be able to slow your boat down to get a better view of the cape in the daylight.

For gsimmons: A brave attempt, but I’m sorry to hear about your mis-fortune, hope you heal quickly.

Have to go for now, guaranteed I will be back.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Molly said...

It made my heart sing to hear how exciting this all was for you.
I have a feeling that your appreciation for certain things will be deepened once you get back home.
Funny how doing without does that to a person.
It is such a pleasure and an honor to be sharing all this with you.
Congratulations to you, and everyone on your wonderful support team.
This was indeed, a group effort.
Can't wait for "Halfway Day".
Love and blessings,
Maryland USA

SUBIR said...

Hi Jessica,

1. Congratulations on your Cape crossing. Sorry couldn’t wish you earlier as I was travelling from 13 - 15 Jan 10 (I generally don't stay connected while travelling). You sure must have had a swell time during the flyover. It is very comforting to have your near and dear ones around - even if in the air and not in sight !! I guess knowing that they all care is enough to make one happy and reassured.

2. Keep the good going and soon another Cape will appear. In the meanwhile try and catch some sleep whenever possible.

3. Not just Australia, the whole world is proud of you.


Brian Riley said...

The adrenaline in your writing lets us all know some of what you are feeling. Glad to hear you have caught up on some sleep, recharging the batteries ready for the next Cape. You are climbing from the lower latitudes quickly, I gave you a course more like bisecting the Fauklands and the Sandwich Islands you must really want the warmer weather or are aware of weather patterns in front of you. I have seen the video footage of your time talking with your mother and father it is very good.

Copy and paste this into your address bar and watch Jessica at sea.

Safe Passage. Will Talk Later.
Brian Riley
Hervey Bay, QLD.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica,I pray you keep safe for the rest of your journey.
So exciting for you and your family

Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling us in on the last few days Jesse. Are you still 'pitching tent' around Faulklands for a few days ?

Terry, Sydney

Latitood said...

Hi Jesse

Congratulations (again). As others have said, you are literally rewriting history; and as we watch your amazing story unfold, the groundswell of support seems to be growing daily; and the past few days, exponentially!
And it seems (to me) something amazing is happening; in a world increasingly dominated by individualism, greed, cynicism, fear & distrust of just about everyone and thing, you are galvanising people in a rare, positive way; bringing folk from all corners of the globe together, irrespective of borders and language.

Of course the catalyst for this phenomenon is not only the adventure but the adventurer; your skill, courage, determination and humility, combined with a refreshing groundedness (yes it is a word!) is I think what is captivating so many people.

I know this is from your perspective entirely unintentional; you're just being you! So no pressure Jesse and perhaps it's best not to dwell on all of this too much now - after all, you've still got oceans to conquer! Plenty of time to reflect once the job is done!

Just keep being "you", keep doing what you're doing; the rest will look after itself.

Fair winds

Cobrarog said...

I thought I was doing OK until your dad wiped the tears of pride from his eyes. It was then that I realized that I had some of my own to wipe!
Jessica Watson, you have restored my faith in your generation. I only hope that the rest of them are watching, learning and being inspired by your adventure. You are truly a teenage heroine for others around the world to look up to, admire and respect.
I am hopeful that the worst is over for you and that conditions will be kinder for the rest of your journey.
Kindest Regards from Hervey BAy,
PS Get a load of all of the comments that are coming in these days!

Unknown said...

What an amazing effort Jessica. You continue to inspire us back home with your achievements! All the best for the "return leg" to Oz. Paul, Fiona, Brooke and Keira Wilson :-)

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hello from Room 401,
Not only do we give you an A+ for rounding Cape Horn, but "Highlights From An Incredible Few Days" also gets an A+ ! The videos from around the Cape: A+! The clip from your parents an A+. Sharing with the world: A+. Boat upkeep: A+. Positive attitude: A+.

The blogging family also gets an A+, for your dedication to Jesse. In addtion, there is another A+ for all the support and love sent her way.

The shore team, Jessica's parents and family - definately an A+ for you!

Best wishes and smooth sailing.
Love, Room 401

Ally said...

I saw the fly over on the news and mum and dad in the plane. I teared up again just sharing your excitement jess.
They showed you waving from the boat although you looked very small the camera did a great job of zooming in.
was just fantastic.
Congratulations chick
and keep on keeping on
Ally (south Aust)

Head in the clouds said...

Captain Jessica, You are an incredible lady, and never need to apologise. Certainly we waited, but I'm certain we all understood why.
We will always be your supporters.
Even more so - we offer our support to Roger and Julie - your trip is as hard for them as for you, of course.
Amazingly, it'll be all done in just another three or four months.
Incredible - all of you!
Not forgetting the essential Bob!
Luv from Alan and Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

Toni McLean said...

Oh Jesse,
You're such a delight. You write very expressively. Your support team have done a good job of keeping us updated and thank you so, so much for the pictures and the video. I'm gobsmacked that you could be bothered to take photos and do a video all while dealing with the conditions you had.

I said in a previous comment of mine that I imagined you would definitely not have preferred to have calm conditions when rounding the cape, so I'm not surprised that you have said as much here. How sweet of you to slow EPL down a bit so you could pass the cape by daylight. Just a rock in one way, but a very special bit of rock for you.

And a little bit of drama with mum and dad. It is really great that they were able to see you, and at least you could see the plane and know they were there.

And just what is it about you and albatrosses? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Maybe you've grown some feathers?

Don't forget, that your support team wouldn't have anything to support if you weren't at the centre of this adventure, so without you there is no adventure!

I'm going into counsellor mode now (I can because I am one), too much sleep deprivation can sometimes cause a psychotic episode. So do make sure you get enough sleep. And, even more important, you don't want to look old and haggard do you? :-)

Thank you again for such a lovely long blog and for sharing your experience with us. I imagine you didn't reckon on having so many people following you with such interest.

Take it really easy now. You must get plenty of 'rest' after the hard work and the high that you've just experienced. Pamper yourself with some of those lovely Ella Bache products, and some chocolate of course!

Big hugs

jo from perth said...

Well done Jesse, i don't think you could use enough exclamation marks to be honest. I can only imagine what it must have been like to see land again. And as for seeing your Mum and Dad i totally understand how hard it would be if you had actually got a good look at their faces.
Well Jesse another wonderful milestone for you and more to come. So as i sign off saying Good Winds and Safe Sailing i will add GET SOME SLEEP!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jess for sharing that experience with us all . Rest up when you can and may God bless you and take care of you. Terry and Patricia Melb Aus

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Your Mum and Dad were just great!!! Sooooo excited to see you. You could tell they were just so so pround of your achievements. Your Mums seems like a great fun lady.

Keep up the great sailing and posts, I love reading a bit about what it's like for you out there.

Take care mate - you're on the home side of the Cape now.


Kissyfrott said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CAPTAIN JESSEfor telling us how you lived these hectic and emotional days!
How much emotion, several highlights... WOW

The video with your parents circling over is so emotional. It must have been very high for the three of you. Once again, we blogging spectators are privileged to be allowed to share and do the kleenex job too. And how tiny Ella's Pink Lady looks from "upsatairs", on that immense field of water!

Oh, and your post is as beautifully written as ever... the right words, the balanced sentences, always natural but expressing it all, it is purr-fect, Kitty!

Kitty, because you are going back to a catnaps diet with all these big ships in the area, and maybe because you look a little like a cat...

The sweetest face, long limbs, always gracefully moving, bright eyes, but a strong will and independent spirits, an ability to go on for long journeys and to climb trees or masts, appreciating good food and treats... Wow again. I think you also have sharp claws, and that is good for you, because you will meet in your life some mean, jealous, naysaying people and you will have to defend yourself. But a proper sailor, and a horner, can do it, I don't worry! The gracious pussycat can turn into a tigress. Isn't that true, Mr Horn?

Well, it might be helpful on these unfamiliar grounds for you, the "Catlantic" ocean, to be "catty" for the catnaps and the cat's nighsight.

Have a good Falklands rounding or dodging, try to rest but keeping your guard up. Your supporters growing population is living your dream with you, and loves you.

+@gsimmons... Sorry to read you have one of the last nests of negativists in Exmouth, George. Those look really stubborn. But in any factory, there is a percentage of defective products; it must be the same for human beings?

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I have been folowing your blog with anticipation and facination. Round the Horn, ansolutly amazing, and yes an incredible few days for you.
(Rayn, Sunshine Coast)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

You continue to amaze me with your courage and determination. I await your blogs with eager anticipation each day!

blogger Clint thank you so much for your suggestion to see the Herald Sun coverage it is excellent.

Travel safe
Aussie Aussie Aussie

Anonymous said...

Well done!
We have been following your progress since day one! Thank you for the blog. Its the first thing we check every morning.

Richard Lathrop said...

Captain Watson,
Gracious Lady,
Darling (adopted)granddaughter,

How shall we address you?

Welcome to The Atlantic Ocean. May she treat you kindly.

As usual, your writing is superb. You have retraced the highlights and provided a continuity for your Drake's Passage trimph; helping us see things as you saw them-- seasoned with the emotional elements of the ride. Your writing sings with authentic feeling and that statement about seeing the stars told me that everything would be alright.

As for your apology for not blogging? You have reached straight into the hearts of thousands, world wide. Gallons of tears, joyful tears, have been shed on your account. (did you notice that the water's a little deeper now?) You have shown us that we are still very much alive, and capable. You have allowed us to love you. So get your sleep. Take care of yourself. No apology needed. Ever. You share your heart with us. And that's everything.

{Not to mention the fact that your excellent team, the media, Roger, Julie and the blog family kept everyone high on Jessica as you slept.}

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Molly said...

Okay, I just watched the video of your parents and their fly-over.
That was so touching.
Jessica, the only two people braver than you are your parents, who had enough trust and faith to let you go after your dream.
Big love to Roger and Julie.
I can't wait for the homecoming video.

Maryland USA

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

A wonderful blog from you Jessica. I'm so glad it was so special for you, and you write from the heart I feel. Well done and happy sailing. Erica (from Brisbane)

Geoff said...

Hey J Dawg

Without a doubt after the highs of the last few days you will hit a low, that's to be expected moreso after having mum & dad buzzing you overhead.

Hot shower aside, the best thing when you get home will be your favourite pizza and a sleep in YOUR bed

Home's getting closer

another buoy and you'll be lining up the best country in the world



Melbourne Orstralia

Darren Achim said...

Hey Jess,

just watched the video of your parents in the plane pretty awesome experience I bet, hope you're all untangled from your tether! You really are an amazing writer, especially this post! keep up the great work!!!

STAY SAFE next stop Cape of Good Hope!!!!

Darren Achim
skipper "Quest"
Toronto Canada

Anonymous said...

hi Jessica

Your face says it all .. and this is the happiest, most excited and positive you've sounded in your videos! Very big CONGRATULATIONS!! Now on the home stretch .. yaaay.

Take care,
Cazz (Sydney)

Unknown said...

I'm sure you are getting use to many "what an amazing girl" but its true! Thank you again for the wonderful narration you keep giving us. I really look forward to your book. Very proud of you. Thanks again. duane

Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Hi Jessica
Well now that the excitment is over with rounding the Cape and seeing Mum and Dad, and after a well deserved sleep its time to knuckle down and head for home. Concentration will be a big thing in getting there safely
Safe Sailing

Anonymous said...

We're following your adventure and success every day, Jessica. Keep the faith.

Phillip, Katy, Sean and Caroline.

workerbev said...

Dear, dear Jessica, (Beverly here in Tassie). I'm so incredibly proud of you. What you have accomplished in a few months, most people will never do in their life-time. I have been watching the video of you, and Mom & Dad, and looking at a zillion picture galleries of you, before, during, and now.

My name is Beverly, and I'm a Jessaholic! And I wanna stay one, I don't wanna change. LOL So there!

Gotta keep this short Jessica because I have about 1240 comments to read, I just cannot keep up on them. I have been staying up all night reading for the last 4 nights. Of course, being almost bed-ridden doesn't hurt. I start reading when my husband goes to bed about midnight and read til about 6-7am. Then I try to sleep.

But like this morning, I went to sleep about 5am, my husband comes barging in my room at 9:30am with a full-spread newpaper page of you and wanted me to open my eyes and read it. I groaned about sleeping so he left me alone. Then about noon, he comes barging in with his laptop and wanted me to watch the video of you and your parents. Well, I did wake up for that. Then I read the newspaper article. What fun you have had. I hope there isn't much of a let-down after all of this. Do you still have the RAF fly-over to go, can you get within 100nm of the Falklands?

Well, better start reading...God Bless You Jessica, and remember He is right there beside you and His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL guiding you safely to your next destination. Hopefully, that will be some warmer climate and still oceans so you can rest and relax.

{{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

The McGraths said...

Well done Jesse,

Unbelievable how many posts on the last blog. That shows the impact you have had on everyone.

Loved hearing you describe "The Cape" and Mum and Dads fly over.

Sleep well tonight Jess and we look forward to your next blog.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

I have come to the conclusion that some things in life are truly destiny. This event, this journey, your character and determination at such a young age, this wonderful group of blog followers were all destined to meet at this confluence in time.

In the past I have made a number of comments regarding your writing and your unique talent for perfectly describing your inner feelings and all that surrounds you at the moment. You did it again when you reviewed the highlights of rounding Cape Horn.

Sometimes, less said is better said and I will leave it at that.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
I love you!
Keep them pictures and videos coming!
Please don't let the media take control of your adventure because they will screw it!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the POny

Kev said...

Well done Jesse!! That's a major milestone to tick off in the book of things to do. Keep up the good work!!

Kev and Joy
Port Hedland

Trish said...

g'day Jesse! I can see how excited you (as well as us Jessaholics) were to get round Cape Horn with pure confidence, determination and true grit! You have matured so much since the time you were here in Cairns - no longer a shy young girl, but now a confident young woman! Your look of total contentment in your videos is contagious and I never doubted this epic journey would faze you at all! So very happy to see that your parents were able to get to "visit" to celebrate with you,and I can imagine it would have been very emotional, but heck.. the way you are going a blink.. and then there you are halfway ... blink... and you are 3/4 .. blink... back safely at home!!
Thank you again for being you - so honest and open - we love you!
Stay safely clipped on, eat well, hydrate... ya know all that sorta stuff us bloggers say to ya lol
Love Trish (CYC) Cairns

p.s. thank you Andrew and the rest of the shore team for keeping us in the loop - really appreciate :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess for filling us in so well! Your blog family are all here enjoying your momentous achievements! All the best for the next leg!! Take care and enjoy!

Jill (Newcastle)

Poppa Bear said...

G'Day Jesse,
Now that the hype has toned down a bit, congratulations on your achievement on rounding the Horn and your Nav'in slowing down for the sighting.

The aircrew did a good job in finding you even with a GPS position.
I had state of the art Radar with very competent operators giving me Headings to steer - even then finding a Yacht in middle of no where was not easy, especially to get it 'visual'
The aerial phots where great and on front page of Courier Mail. All in colour.
Continue to enjoy it all,
your writing puts a lot of us to shame. Extremely articulate, and full of feeling; your book will be well worth waiting for.

Sail safe,
Sleep when you can,
enjoy the stars if you can't.

Poppa Bear

Anonymous said...

what a sailor, what a writer, what a fantastic thing learning to sail is, what a cool cool focused mind 'yeah I'll come out and blow kisses and all that gooey stuff', what a family, what a team - and what technology we few have the privilege to enjoy.

sail on shiny diamond of the southern seas - graham (a late bloomer on the winds), adelaide

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, I said that your next blog was going to be a doozie and you didn't disappoint me in the lest!!! Your blog could have been 5000 words long and no one would have stop reading it until they where finished. It's a good thing that you are so young so you can handle the lack of sleep and all the other physical hardships that this quest is throwing at you. You couldn't see your Dad and Mum through the windows and the weather but knowing in your heart that they were there was all you needed to give your spirits an incredible lift. Now for a little R&R in the middle of the ocean and it's back to the task at hand. By the way welcome to the ocean in our part of the world!!! A long, long hot shower!!! Man, that is going to be unbelievable!! You mentioned shipping traffic. I hope you can get a little rest before you head due east again. Again Congrats Jessica Watson, sail safe and we will talk again after your next blog. Your (hopefully adopted) long distant friend Larry (

Anonymous said...

Jesse, congratulations girl on the latest achievement in your awe-inspiring journey. This is my first post on your blog, but like the thousands of others I've been following you from the comfort of my home in Holland since your departure from Sydney. I eagerly await each update you post, and like to rank myself among the proud, sometimes worrisome, adoptive parents that have commanded a little virtual corner on EPL, to share your adventure.
Watching the video of the flyover, I had tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat, seeing your parents reactions (I figured if your dad was allowed a few tears, it'd be ok for me too). It's not the first time in these past 3 months that I've felt overwhelmed by emotions as I read your wonderfully descriptive accounts, and many of the heartfelt comments from your extended family.
Many are now referring to your return to Sydney in a few months, but obviously you are clearly aware that each day in your journey is but a small step toward that ultimate goal. You are living each moment to the fullest, and teaching us all so much about the importance of the small things in life.
You are truly inspirational and show a wisdom far beyond your years.
To Mum and Dad, and all the onshore team, congratulations for your mammoth efforts in supporting "our" sweet Jessica.
To all the bloggers here, a special thanks too for all the positive energy you send to Jesse.
Take care Jessica, stay safe and enjoy the next part of your journey.

Love from Kees,
Doetinchem, The Netherlands

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

I would say it's a pretty normal reaction considering the length of time you've been out there on the water. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and over the last few days you've had good reason to be high on adrenalin.

Watching the videos were absolutely amazing with raw, pure, unadulterated emotion..and I
reckon you guys were happy too (:

You never fail to amaze me with your maturity so evident throughout your videos. So proud to be aboard this vehicle of absolute inspiration.

Congratulations Capt, now the Atlantic beckons. Rest well in the bosom of South America and prepare for new challenges on this ocean of unpredictability.

Sail safe young Capt and good luck on this, the third leg of this monumental undertaking.

Ben (Qld)

Bruce de Mich said...

All I can say is, WOW! Took a look at your Mum and Dad in the flyover yesterday, Jessica and as others have mentioned felt the dampness of tears as well! You managed to kick off a bit of adrenalin in many of us too!

I am filled with the joy of following your knowledge, skills, courage and composure, and ability to convey all of that, throughout your journey and will continue the vicarious ride you provide all the way to Sidney!

Thank you, your Mum and Dad and all the shore crew and sponsors for sharing these moments of excitement with us.

I leave the following URL to other bloggers. In case you are not aware there is a free U-Tube down loader program at this address. With it you can save movie files from U-tube to your own HD. I have been doing it for many of the tributes offered to Jessica along the way. It will make a nice collection to recapture the spirit of youth pursuing and accomplishing dreams with grace.

Fair winds and following seas, Jessica. Enjoy the rest of the ride!

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

forgot to ask, if, when sailing becomes just a tad more routine for a wee moment Jesse, if you could revisit that space about the 'nuts and bolts' of how you are powering on, all the checking of blocks and lines and so forth, the careful navigation work, catching fish or missing them, again? - do you have a daily routine or log of checkups? etc. fair winds, graham, adelaide

John said...

G'day Jesse,

Thank-you for share such a special time with all us strangers, I love reading about what has ben going on but to get some footage from the plane of you and EP'L sailing along made a huge difference understanding just what your trip is about. Such a little boat is a huge ocean but sailing along so well. Then the film clips taken on deck as you saild past the cape were even better. To you all the rigging and the motion would be just a normal day, but to me it was so interesting. It helps me understand just what it means to sail in those big oceans.
And you look so well and happy and excited. That made for a big smile this end as well.
So once again thank-you for making the time to share it all with us.

I hope you have time to enjoy the rest of the adventure, it will pass by ever so quickly and before you know it you will be battling through the crowds on Sydney Harbour ready for big hugs from family and that well deserved long hot shower.

For now it is back to the routine of sailing along and doing all those careful things that got you this far so successfully.

Keep well, look after yourself.

All the Best

jeffrhen said...

Great accomplishment Jess in saling around Cape Horn! You are truly amazing and nearly halfway home. Watch out for ships and, when you can, get some sleep girl!

Jeff Lang
Dallas, TX

Barry Clements said...

To all Bloggers and Jess-a-holics

Part 1 of 2
I'm having to send this in two parts because there are too many characters.

Below is a link to today's full front page feature of the very touching reunion of daughter and parents between plane and boat at Cape Horn. the story is in Jessica's home State newspaper the "Courier Mail" and an emotional bit of reading. there are also links to videos, photos and a place to leave online feedback.,23739,26593186-3102,00.html

Also the link below this paragraph is for a very SPECIAL SECTION in the same newspaper that is dedicated to Jessica titled "Jessica Watson Takes on the World". it has links to stories, articals, photos, videos, her mission, ELP, the Cape Horn event with Mum & Dad, exclusive interviews etc. there's enough reading with the links to take you right back to the beginning and then follow the journey up to where she is with newspaper articals that were published. there are also masses of photos that you wouldn't have seen. it would have to be the biggest profile I've ever seen on a person in any newspaper.,,5019132,00.html

This is a link to the newspaper that covers Buderim, Jessica's home town and the surrounding Sunshine Coast area of Queensland. check the site daily for more detailed stories of their local hero.

Below are links to other Australian National newspapers that have written about the reunion. they also contain links to videos, photos and feedback space.

63 digital photograph gallery of the fly over, the plane, Jessica's parents, group photos, the depature and many more. when page opens click on "start gallery"

23 digital photograph gallery.

Herald Sun Melbourne Victoria 16/01/2010

Barry Clements said...

Part 2 of 2

To all bloggers and Jess-a-holics

Herald Sun Melbourne Victoria 16/01/2010

The Mercury Tasmania 16/01/2010

Daily Telegraph Sydney New South Wales 15/01/2010.,1,26592933-5006301,00.html

Daily Telegraph Sydney New South Wales 15/01/2010

ABC News Online 14/01/2010

30 Jessica related articals from Google

I hope you all enjoy the extra reading about this super sailor and new digital photographs you won't have seen.

If anyone want's to buy the newspapers for the articals or the newspaper with the special feature in, go to the news artical homepage of the newspaper and then to their contact link. use the same method if you want to buy photographs.

If you have any problems contact me at the email address below and I'll try to help you out.

Cheers to all of you and keep up the posting of comments so Jessica knows the impression she's making on all your lives and she has some positive stuff to read should her spririts get down on any day.

I don't think she'll have much problem with spirits though because she's proven to us all she's something special and is a damn fine yachtswomen and has already travelled where many brave men wouldn't tread.

Barry Clements

Bribie Island

Bribie Island is very close to Buderim where Jessica comes from and the talk around our towns is everything Jessia Watson and the impression she's making on the World.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, really enjoy your posts, check on you every day. With all
the world following you on your quest it is obvious you are attaining rock star status. You are in the middle of an adventure that people are only able to dream about. For a young lady like your self to posses the skill, knowledge, and courage to even start such an adventure is truly amazing. We all think of you everday. Thanks for taking us along.

Ol salt

el grande said...

Great entry. Your writing paints such a clear picture of events, sights, and the seas - it is incredibly good writing for such a young woman.

Your adventure has been an inspiration to thousands around the world. We are all so happy for you as you achieve each (nautical) milestone!! Keep on and look forward to some warmer weather, too!

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

Watched the video of your parents fly-over. Couldn't hold back some's sooo emotional! It's just like your mum said - this endless blue sea and this tiny little "toy" and the even more tiny little captain on it make a deeply impressive combination!

Wonder how you keep goin' without sleep and nutrition for 4 days...what an incredible power you have. Hope you find some rest now.

No matter what the future will bring, you're ready to take it!! Sending you a big hug, fair winds and godspeed from Germany!

You'll finish the task successfully, I'm sure.

Greets, Stefan

Lynne said...

Jess, sounds like it was a fantastic time for you. Good on you for keeping it all together and to your family also for putting in the effort. Don't let the anticlimax get you too down - regroup, refocus and carry on. All the best.

Grandma June QLD Gold Coast said...

Hi Jessica

We've been away a few weeks over Christmas period without internet access and when we booked into our motel on the way home the first thing I did was log on to check your progress. How excited were we to discover that you were in the process of rounding Cape Horn.

Well done Jessica. As all have said, Australia is so proud of you and the world is also watching as you well know.

All the best and safe sailing home.
Grandma June
QLD Gold Coast

AB from KG said...

Awesome!!!!! Lots of tears and cheers for your achievment!
AB from KG

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

How great was the last few days !! I have been on such a high for you, I could bring snow down.

Have had a hoot just being here watching, reading and listening, sharing all of this with you. What great memories you have captured and many more to come.

Thanks so much for your summary of the last couple of days. Had a laugh about you thinking it was a bit of an over-reaction to be so glad to see a grey bit of rock disappearing frequently, te he ha ha, was well described and understood.

I watched one of your videos and found myself trying to elevate and peer over the top of the waves to see the land you were talking that was gonna work. Te he he. How good is your shore crew and support network, just excellent.

I thought I would read the edit and watch Mum and Dad fly over footage again, as I thought I would be much composed then the blubbering blogger I was before. I was sure to take it all in the second time would think...

Didn't work, straight back to glad they made it out to you, did not realise that it was the third attempt. Wow.

You all deserve a well earned rest, take care, have fun Jesse.
(The albatross have definitely been your ambassadors along the way, and I was so glad you captured them silhouetted in the foreground of Cape Horn, priceless.) Cheers, Paula

George Katz said...

Top Effort Jesse! Pretty Amazing stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessica, I follow your blog with interest, you are one amazing girl. Keep safe out there.

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
If you want to loose your composure then you go right ahead, I think you've earned the right.
I'm glad you enjoyed your Mum and dad fly over, I saw them on the Daily Telegraph, and they enjoyed it as much as you.
You can sit back and have a bit of a rest now, a well deserved one.

The photos you posted were great and said it all. I dought you have been able to read all the messages there were so many of them, and all saying the same thing.
Take care Jess and have a bit of a break.

Fair winds and following seas.

Cowboychincs said...

Fantastic! So happy for you and for your mum and dad....

In cowboy terms.... yippie kay yay!

Stay tough and vigilant Jessica... but be sure to take care of yourself... you still have a ways to go!

Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

Ron still bus'n said...

What a woman!

bengt said...

I must say that Ellas Pink Lady looked absolutely stunning on the video. To see the video and the photo with you well visible really made me happy. You did a great job in choosing colour and decoration for the boat and the sail, because Pink Lady is probably the best looking boat that has passed Cape Horn ever.

Bengt "Ben" Larsson, Sweden

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

You're right; what a few days..we're all pumped with you. Jess, I envy you. As an old sailor I've had dreams of doing what you are doing, but the difference is that you are actually doing it. Full credit to you.

Todays papers had you covering the front page. EPL looks fantastic... not a bit of weed or growth on her must be using very good quality antifoul.

Anyway, the whole country is behind you; the critics are strangely quiet. I guess you have made them look foolish.

Keep proving them wrong Champ.

Good Onya and God blessya

Anonymous said...

May the Dear Lord and all of His Angels in heaven keep you safe and protect you each and every moment of your journey.

We pray for you each and every day, and especially pray for you at night too.

Keep safe Sweet Girl and we Love You!

Hang Ten from the California Girls =)

Richard in Maryland said...

Fantastic Job Jesse!
(Can't help overusing ! marks as well!) Excellent sum up of recent events. You had to alter course and timing to actually see it with your own two eyes! Others would have just blown by south of the continental shelf so the waves wouldn't be kicking up as much.
Watching the video of your folks flying over was very special. As my sailing friend Aldo put it "Not a dry eye in the house".

Here is a link to my favorite picture so far. I hope the photographer has one with greater detail. You look like your riding a bucking bronco!

Jesse Waves to Mum and Dad

Get some rest, you deserve it.
(Turn up the alarm volume full)

Richard W

PS For fellow bloggers, lets keep "Transplanted Aussie in Maryland" in our thoughts. He mentioned in his comments that he will probably be deployed in Haiti as part of a Search and Rescue team.

Cowboychincs said...

Hey Clint Jeffrey... THANK YOU LOTS! The link worked perfectly and what a thrill... if they have not posted this on Jessica's site yet, the should... wonderful... I am pasting it again here for folks who may have missed it...

Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

Anonymous said...

Cooeeee Jesse!

Wonderful to see the media coverage today here in Adelaide.
So pleased you are being, rightfully, acknowledged by those who bring the news to the wider population.

Get some rest when you can and keep on doing what you do so well!

Continuing to wish you fair winds and smooth seas.

Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great tale you told in your last blog – fantastic!!
Thank you
Kind regards

Citizen said...

Omg wow seeing your parents (or at least, the plane they were in) must have been amazing!!! You're my agee right? (16) and i can't BELIEVE what you are doing. Nearly a year on the same boat without any family or friends? I know you love sailing but wow what a braveeee endeavour :) Good luck for your travels the other side of the cape, and congratulations on the milestone!

Mary Milne said...

You are a true inspiration. You've accomplished so much already. Best wishes for a safe trip home.

hezakiah299 said...

01-16-10 @ 08:20
Hi Jessica,
Congrats on the 10,000nm’s, do it again!!!!
Well that is a very beautiful and descriptive post, I was there, I was there, thanks to you Jessica!!!!!!
After reading all the posts, it’s difficult to come up with praise for you without sounding repetitious, but too much praise is not enough for you. You deserve it all, and then some.
A special thanks to Mum and dad, your family, Bruce and Andrew, (who did a hell-uva-job handling the posts, he‘s definitely a BlogMaster) and all the rest of your support team.

What a fantastic week you have had, progress, the Cape and your Mum and Dad. You’re so high on life right now I’ll bet you could reach out and touch the Moon. LOL….
I love to listen to the excitement in your voice and the little giggle in the background when you’re talking (oh yes, it’s there lol). Yes, I watched the video of your parents fly-over, again.

Now, you have to get back to work and make sure you eat, drink, get as much sleep as you can and RELAX.

Toni McLean said it well in her “counseling” evaluation of you. If I may say so Toni, I thought that was nicely done, .
You still have a lot to keep you busy so you’ll not get into a ‘bluesy’ (like that?) mood.

For WorkerBev:
Thank you very much for the B’day cards. They were great and so true,
you've got a BIG heart.
I don’t see where you’re overreacting, you’re telling it like it is, and that’s what we like to hear. That’s what makes us be there with you.
Keep up the great work and watch them scallywags, they need a hug once in a while to, but don’t spoil them. LOL……
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Jessica my Dear,
Just how cool was that? The fly-over
footage was better than any Hollywood movie!..Thanks to everyone involved for making it happen. We could see you waving as you surfed along.

Keep up the good work and get home for that hot shower.


Kathie said...

i am as proud of you as if you were my own!!! I can only imagine the exhaustion and exhilaration you must have felt.
OXOX Kathie( NYC)

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hello again from Room 401,

You are reaching, teaching and inspiring so many people around the world. There are many children looking up to you. They can see the skys (or oceans) the limit when you follow your dreams. There are many adults wanting their children to see what is possible if you set your mind to it. There are also many adults watching you and setting new goals for themselves. If Jessica Watson can sail around the world by herself at 16, then I can certainly (everyone fills in their own "can do").

Thanks for being that inspiration!

Samauri A+ to you also.Thanks for including the youtube link to "She'll Be Coming 'Round Cape Horn" on you last message. We hope it will keep Jessica smiling all the way home.

Jesse - We're proud of you!

Love, Room 401

andrewVA said...

hi jess!!

so 1 stormy cape down, 2 more to go huh?

you're doing amazingly well and making great time.

may god continue to keep you and watch over you.

be safe. be well. have fun. stay warm. and stay clear of the shipping lanes!!!

all the best.

richmond, va

Barry Clements said...

Hello again Jesse

I first posted this on Thursday 14th but the website crashed for a while with so many well wishes reading your news and leaving comments. when I finally got to post it I was way down the comment list so you may have missed it.

I was watching the Ch9 Today Show on Thursday and your mentor Don McIntyre was on and was showering you with praise of what you have achieved so far and has no doubt you will finish this voyage. he's also impressed with your ability saying that Jessica Watson is what you call a "Real Sailor" and how you have managed to silence all of the critics you had in the early days.

He was also saying how impressed he is of how you are keeping on top of your boats maintenance, that you are taking such good care of yourself (not losing weight) and that you are about 10% ahead of your planned schedule.

He also said how good of a job you are doing of keeping us all informed about your voyage on the blog and the clever mix of words, photos and videos you use that makes the reader feel like they're with you for the ride.

You have obviously impressed this man and made him very proud of what you're doing and the way you are going about it.

You have done the same with everyone who visits your website and all the loyal bloggers. that shows when the website get's too busy and crashes and you get blogs with over 1,000 comments.

If there ever comes a time when you need inspiration to finish this voyage you only need to read some of the bloggers comments or get on the phone to Don.

You go Jessica because you've made the World sit up and take notice of what can be achieved by someone your age with the rare mix of confidence, knowledge and ability.

I live on Bribie Island (near Buderim where Jessica lives for those that don't know) and the area is buzzing with talk about your great achievements. every time I meet someone in the street we end up talking about where you are and about your future.

I am so impressed with what your doing and that you're doing it better than men who've sailed all their life.

I wish you a speedy crossing of the Atlantic and Idian Oceans, good seas that keep you busy and it's time to get that muffin tin working again.

Isn't it great that all the preperation you all did getting ELP ready for this voyage has paid off so Pink Lady is doing the job with little fault.

All my best till next post
Bribie Island

bengt said...

               / | \
              /  |  \
             /   |    \
            /    |     \      o/
    ____/___| ___\__/\_

Jo Lawson said...

Jesse - I got tears in my eyes reading your latest blogs - proud, happy tears! I admire you SO much. Godspeed, and keep enjoying the literally UNREAL experience, girl! Jo Lawson, Slacks Creek, QLD.!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Jesse
The word Congratulations is just so inadequate for this situation. I salute you for your achievement. Your easy manner of expression has us all entranced and unable to really appreciate the difficulty of sailing in those seas we see in the videos. I hope you can rest and recuperate in the Falkies as you prepare yourself for the next challenge of the Southern Ocean and the long journey back to Sydney. Have you seen whales or any icebergs out there yet? They are the hazards that I would be keen to avoid. Safe sailing and have a good sleep now!!!
Launceston, Tasmania

NorthCountryGal said...

Sending best wishes to you and your family and your little crew on board!!

I have forwarded your blog to lots of my friends here in the states and a friend in New Zealand. We all are so excited for your journey and that the scary and famous Cape Horn has been crossed off the list of "summits."

Godspeed and fair winds to you, courageous woman, I have no doubt you will overcome all the rest of the challenges until you are back on land!!! Hooray for you! Judy

Anonymous said...

Jessica!!! Congrats again and your parents are absolutely adorable!! :) I had tears when your parents got a little choked up.
You stay strong, safe and happy...

~Two in Tx

Jo said...

Well done Jesse, a wonderful achievement to have rounded the Horn! I can still sense your excitement as I read your last post. So much has happened in the last few days I hope you are able to relax a little ahead of the next part of the journey. Congratulations again Jesse. Take care 'til next time.

fullyfavorable said...

Reading your blog every day is a highlight. You sometimes make me get fuzzy. Keep up the good work and I will keep following you. glad the fly over went well.

Kaye Stapleton said...

Hi Jesse,
Congratulations girl your one in a million and we are all so proud of you.
I think I am on my 3rd box of tissues since I've been following your journey.
Australia and the world are so proud of you our little Aussie Queensland girl.
Please stay safe and rest as much as you can and stay clipped on always.
We all love you Jessie you go girl the record is in your hands.
I can't wait for you to sail back into Sydney harbour what a day that will be.
Thank you for the wonderful blog and until next time take care and try to rest up.
Kaye Brisbane Queensland Australia xxoo

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

As usual your blog is perfect, full of great descriptions of your world.

We can image it so easily, You have done your parents and your self proud, now its time to rest

Sorry cant help being a Dad

God Speed

Peter and Sally

Anonymous said...


It's not like you to reach for the stars!

It's more like, I think I'll go straight through them! lol

Thanks a billion Jess!

Watch where your going!


Grampy said...

We're all very happy....


Anonymous said...

Jesse, you are already part of maritime history now. Congratulations to you, your family, and your very capable team!

-- Bill in Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog every day and I am amazed with your adventure! Beat wishes !

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Good morning, Jessica!

Just want you to know that your faithful "global" family are also losing much sleep, staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. trying to catch up on all the incoming blogs from your previous posting! Incredibly, over 1,030 blogs a little after midnight . . . and, since you've left a new blog this morning I'm just responding to it first, so I didn't check the current number. I've only gotten up to the 800 to 1,000 group, and still looking for my last post which was sent, I thought, early on (before the crash) . . . so, perhaps it's gotten lost in the shuffle, or maybe my bleary eyes have missed it. I don't think I can possible go over all those first 800 again. But, I really don't want to miss any of them. Every loyal fan of your deserves a listening to. Many I'm copying and pasting into a document because they stand out because they include great quotes, poems, or very special (memorable-to me) expressions being sent to you! And, of course, all of Samurai's artistic creations.

Just as a hint to all those pouring over each and every blog that is posted. I've finally realized that if you enlarge the page (Zoom In, or whatever), making the font very large, it is much easier on my old tired eyes. Hope this will help others who may not have thought of changing the font size. I'm sure a larger group of you have already been doing that and just assume that everybody's doing that. At any rate, it's a huge help, and I wish I had thought of it from the beginning!

Jessica, by now you must realize how very special you've become to us. We love you and are with you all the way . . . so, even if you're feeling let down after your momentous 'rounding of Cape Horn, and the thrill of seeing your Mum and Dad's plane so near . . . and land, relatively close, please know that we are not in the slightest through with our continued support and well wishes! WE'RE IN IT FOR THE DURATION, JUST AS YOU ARE, AND WE'LL BE CONTINUING THE PRAYERS, HUGS, SQUEEZES, AND CONSTANT THOUGHTS OF YOU, DAY AND NIGHT, SO, HOPEFULLY, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO REALLY HAVE A SENSE OF THE ENORMITY OF THE IMPACT THAT YOU HAVE MADE ON ALL OF US!!!! AND, SINCE YOUR 'GLOBAL FAMILY' IS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD, THOSE THOUGHTS AND WISHES WILL BE BEING SENT TO YOU AROUND THE CLOCK. WHEN IT'S NIGHT IN ONE PART OF THE WORLD, DON'T FORGET THAT IT'S THEN DAYTIME ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOB, SO GOOD VIBES WILL BE WINGING THEIR WAY TO YOU 24/7!!!!!!!

Well, I'll give someone else a turn, but, please know, Jessica, that you have been incredibly brave and resolute in your amazing adventure, and mere words seem, somehow, inadequate for your awesome accomplishment!!!!!!!! (And I'm NOT going to apologize for the extra exclamation marks, you deserve them, and more.)

Carol Florida U.S.A.

P.S. I'm also keeping track of each new country we're (you're) hearing from!!! I don't have a running total, but I plan to put them in alphabetical order to make sure that I'm not getting them down twice! (My verification word is: "boatil" - appropriate! eh?)

Rick said...

Hey Jess

Excellent update! You sound very well rested and very upbeat, and you write VERY well.
Judging by the amount of people telling you to rest, I think that we were all a little worried that you were running yourself down too much.

Room 401, YOU ROCK!!!! That video is so cool!

Well Jess, your last blog had over 1100 comments, so I'll keep this short. Take care of yourself and STAY SAFE!!

Luv ya girl


ps- What about the RAF flyby?

trentgs said...

No apologies needed. It was a full few days! Speaking of deprivation. While I was in Egypt working it was special but I heard very little English being spoken .duh..after all I was in Egypt..but when I arrived in Atlanta after nearly a year of Arabic..suddenly English sounded like music..It was incredible to hear and understand everyone within a symphony..the texture was incredible and one I will never your seeing land and feeling excited is perfectly understandable. I'm quite happy for you that everything has been great. Even the weather wasn't as stormy even if it was foggy and grey..and hey! Enjoy those diamonds on velvet..I always do. Star studded skies just thrill my soul..

Be blessed as you cruise Miss Jess...Later..Congrats on the Cape!

Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

How incredibly exciting.
Arnie in Canada

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Just Carol, again, wanting to apologize all of you for a couple of typo's (or letters left off . . . "you" for Your and "Glob", instead of Globe, and there were probably others ) . . . I guess I was in too much of a hurry to bother looking at a preview of it before I sent it, and in rushing I didn't realize that I'd neglected to make sure the whole words were there. My grammar and punctuation (and probably spelling) has suffered as well. I hope that you will all accept my sincere apology, and know that I meant no disrespect by my negligence!!!

It certainly makes me give Jessica all the more credit as I've not found any errors in her posts. I know she has spell check, and so do I, but she's been much more careful about sending her best!!!!!!! And, what else would we expect, when she's been so detail oriented about her seamanship skills!!!!!

We love ya' Jesse!!!!! Go with God! (He'll be right in your cockpit when you need Him, all you have to do is call on Him)

Carol Florida U.S.A.

janel said...

So much wisdom comes from your heart....oh my! I am memorizing this
" It's amazing how deprivation can make something look a million times more special!"
Be safe and know thatmany have you in their hearts...enjoy your journey! Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Jessica! I cried along with Mum as I watched the video of your reunion over EPL. How wonderful for you all to experience your achievements "together" !! What will we bloggers do with ourselves when all of a sudden you're back home in Australia? Wait for your book, hopefully. Keep going, sweetheart...the world's on your side.

Little old lady in Florida

Llew said...

Another fantastic, informative and very emotional report Jess. Just how we like them. The planet is certainly lucky to have someone with your pluck and courage. What an inspiration!
Llew from Christchurch, NZ

Cape Breton said...

First of all, I'm one of Jessica's older fans from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
I'm overjoyed by her successful rounding of Cape Horn and her performance to date, especially reading about her emotional account of the flyover by her parents.

Secondly, I have an idea to run by the support team and if it cannot be arranged then I'll understand.

The whole world knows about the conditions in Haiti since the earthquake. We should all try to do something to help the people of Haiti.

I wondered how Jessica and the home team would feel about somehow lending her name to assist in raising donations for,
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.
(MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971.

MSF operates independently of any political, military, or religious agendas.

Although many of my fellow Bloggers
would support their preferred charity, I feel that MSF deserve our support for the work they do.
I know I will donate.

I would appreciate only Support Team comment either way to,
Thanks for listening,
aka Ozca.
from the Great Bras d'Or Lake.

Helen said...

Wow - thank you so much for the update, you are so inspirational!

I'm sure there was plenty of emotions on the plane during the flyover whilst you kept EPL surfing along.

Hope the swells calm a little and you can get some much earned rest soon!

Take care
- Helen (UK)

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration Jesse.
A truly brave girl. my husband and I follow you story on a daily basis and wish you a safe passage for the rest of your wonderful trip.
Best wishes from us both.
Monica and Ken in the Orkney isles in Scotland

Anonymous said...

Your an inspiration. All the best. I must also compliment you on your blog.

503332900 said...

Good on you Jess,
You have valued your mum and dad's encouragement and the wisdom and understanding of everyone who has trained you enough to apply it and suceed. You are more than half way in an epic journey that no-one of your age and very few people of any age have ever made.
Keep on inspiring the rest of us to take opportunities to succeed as you have - It has been great reading your blog.
May you have safe sailing, God's Blessing and God's speed!
Murray - Kuttabul, Queensland, Australia

Old Iron said...

Great update!!

Philip said...

Very Good Jess. It was nice to hear that you were pumped up when going around the Cape. And I am glad that your parents got to see you as well.
Anyways, get some sleep more often now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your "Rounds Cape Horn" video is truly amazing. You're right, had you gone coasting past in 15kts and clear skies it would be pretty but it wouldn't seem quite right!

Here's hoping the 2nd half of your voyage is as good as the 1st!

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