Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highlights From An Incredible Few Days!

I'm going to apologize in advance for the over-use of exclamation marks (!), but it's certainly been an amazing few days! Sorry not to have updated you all earlier on my side of events, but after running on not much more than adrenalin for a good 4 days, I've only had one thing on my mind - sleep!

So much has happened lately. So many highs. But I'm going to start at the beginning with Tuesday and 60nm between us and the Cape. Passing squalls, the waves standing up a little as we passed in to shallower water, the wind settling into a consistent 40knots by nightfall, all made life pretty interesting.

But the fast disappearing miles till the Cape and sighting land (Diego Ramirez Island) on that afternoon had me completely pumped up and totally bouncing with excitement! Seeing land after so long was incredible. I can hardly remember feeling so thrilled, which when I think about it, seems like a bit of an overreaction considering I couldn't actually see anything more
than the outline of a grey bit of rock disappearing frequently, as we dropped into the troughs between waves. Through my eyes at the time, that distant bit of rock was the most beautiful and incredible thing I'd seen. It's amazing how deprivation can make something look a million times more special! I imagine that my first long hot shower when I get back home will be much the same!

That night was a busy and sleepless one as we approached the Cape. To ensure that we didn't just go surfing by in the dark, I put a bit of effort into slowing us down and just as it was getting light, there it was - the distinctive outline of Cape Horn!

Against the grey sky and with albatrosses flying in the foreground, it was just as I'd imagined for so long. Mythical and striking pretty much sums it up! The poor visibility didn't exactly make it the best sightseeing weather, but if we'd drifted comfortably by on a nice sunny day, it wouldn't have been half as special! In between taking pictures and phone calls, it was an extremely proud moment!

Then the flyover with Mum and Dad sure turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. With pretty poor weather conditions it was only on the third attempt that the plane managed to find Ella's Pink Lady. I'm sure you can imagine what an emotional roller-coaster it was for me, not to mention Mum and Dad. First I'd hear that they'd just taken off and would be overhead within a few hours. Then would come the bad news that they had to turn back! When the plane finally did find us, the 45 minutes that they spent overhead, passed in an extremely fast blur. I got myself very dizzy and totally tangled up in my tethers watching then fly around in circles! In the end I think it was a good thing that I couldn't really make out Mum and Dad through the windows, because if I had been able to I don't think that I would have managed to keep my composure. I owe a really big thanks to everyone who made the flyover happen.

Mostly the wind has been nice to us over the last two days and we're already very close to the Falklands. But with quite a bit of shipping around and with the side effects of all that adrenalin, I hardly managed any sleep at all till yesterday. Today I was treated to full clear skies and tonight I've got stars like I haven't had in a very long time!

But I haven't been the only one not getting a lot of sleep lately. Mum, Dad, Bruce and Andrew have all been keeping very strange hours and they're only a few of a very long list of people that played a huge part in seeing Ella's Pink Lady and I safely around the Cape. Thanks a million!!

Love Jesse


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art & judie said...


Anonymous said...


It's so good to know that your finally around the Cap, and heading into clear' waters... It is a true blessing in it's self that you have made it this far. I am sure that you mum and dad' were so pleased to see you, I am sure they wished they could of came out by boat .. but the weather wasn't all that good to do that.. hope fully they could get out near you on the other side.. so you both could see each other much better..

Jess' I know your not to port any where a long you travel's- but can another boat come near you to give you any thing.. that you might be needing? since your heater died on you' maybe some one could get you something that could help you out ... just a thought'...

Well my dear it look's as if you'll be running up aways into a little warmer water's .. for a while yet.. before heading across to your next point... keep up the sleep you will need all you can get.. lov the rolling .. it rock's ya to sleep...

God is with you girl all the way.. God Speed you with your Dream'


Momma C said...

Hey Jessica! WOW...what an exciting time your having. I watched the video of your Mom and Dad's flyover. What a touching video!

Keep on sailing, girl!

(my verification word is ousher. So....ousher am proud of you!!

A couple of my blogs seem to have disappeared into cyperspace the past couple of days (imagine that:))so.....

To Michael(Hezakiah299) Belated Happy Birthday!

to Samurai: great art of Jessica rounding the Cape!

To Sally in Melbourne: more great computer art. I love that way you showed Jess and her parents waving to each other!

To PWB: On your solo circumnavigations: How Hilarious is that!!

Momma C
Potter Valley, California

~j~ said...

ooh this made me cry thinking of your mum and dad in the plane flying overhead to get a glimpse of you and Ella!! I just said goodbye to my daughter who is moving to Cape Town South Africa and my heart broke... i can't imagine your Mum seeing you but not getting a hug :(
I pray that you have achieved some sleep and are feeling rested from all the festivities.

Nadine said...

Your words make it so exciting. Just like I was there.
Your having the time of your life. Love it.

ohio usa

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Jason from Maine says it: "defining moment."

For you and for us watching and feeling it in front of computers and TV's--also a defining moment. I remember Walter Cronkite on our black and white TV showing Neil Armstrong with our space program. I remember shaking Pope John Paul II's hand. I remember Obama's night winning the presidential election.

You are part of great moments in history and I'm proud it's now. I'm proud your team let technology bring it to us. Leif Ericson and St. Brendan and all the ancients now have the newest, YOUNGEST of the historic Mariners--YOU!

We are gratefully THRILLED your newspaper was so boldly fantastic as to make the trip to South America and the fly-over possible. (I doubt our USA press would have done such a thing).

Maybe there will be a new expression for being so happy: "tangled in my tethers!" We're with Richard Lathrop's "gallons of tears." Cobrarog, yes, restoring faith--or revitalizing it anyway. Room 401--we expect great things, and from the Killer Whales in BC, too! Richie in Paris, can you let the Ella Bache' company know how much we appreciate their sponsorship?!!! The Herald Sun is my favorite paper in the world right now for believing it was worth sending Roger and Julie over to Jessica--"thank you" feels too tiny.

Now you can deal with rest, rust and savoring the experience (and chocolate) with some good hot food. You have accomplished a great feat and you continue to reveal what a true lady you are! Wow!

Your tickled PINK Adoptive Fan Family
Patricia, Richard and John from Northern Nevada, USA

P.S. Thank you, other bloggers, for some terrific links. I also recommend putting "Jessica Watson" on Google News Alerts onto your e-mails. It brings in some pretty good, albeit more obscure, stuff --up-to-the-minute--about Jessica and things people put into various publications (and you can delete what doesn't apply).

Joe L said...

Jess - that was a very moving blog entry, thank you for sharing your ride around the Cape. You should be a very proud young woman right now because not many have accomplished what you just did. Stay safe and enjoy the moments while you can . . .
- joe -

David Micallef said...

Really admire your courage and perseverance, rounding the Cape is a huge milestone. Congratulations.

Couldn't ask for a better role model for my daughters. Stay safe and look forward to hearing more from your adventure.

David Micallef
Berkeley, California

Dan said...

Dear Jessica

Right back at you with the love. It is absolutely fantastic to read stuff like you slowed down so that you could get the light right for the pictures of the Cape...and I see your Albatross friends were there in both pictures too, having fun surfing the same air currents as you. How can we thank you enough for sharing this experience with us? And thank you Ella Bach!!!

Now you start a whole new journey. It's the journey home. It is all down hill from here. If you keep moving the way you have been you will have to take an extra lap around Australia to give them time to get the party ready in Sidney.

Stay safe out there. We will be with you in spirit every minute of the day.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
You must be feeling very emotional right about now.

Hope you can get some good shut eye in the next couple of days and make up for the last 4.

Make sure you eat and drink well a highly emotional time like that could make you feel a bit off so look after yourself Pet.

I drowned a box of kleenex watching the video of you and your parents. I lived an 8 hour drive from my kids and it is always an emotional time when we get together.

You will now be able to settle down to a good book a hot chocolate and piece of toast and vegemite.

When the albatross are about do you put a line out they are good fishers so they could be telling you there are a few fish around you. I had some flat head tonight for tea caught on the silver hook (bought).

Well Pet I am so proud of you keep warm
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess,

We are all so happy that your "Cape Horn" experience worked out so well. I love it that you slowed "Ella's Pink Lady" down, to ensure that you would not pass by in the dark!

The Killer Whales and I enjoyed watching your Mom & Dad on the "Fly-by video" and seeing Ella's Pink Lady through the plane's window. At Friday's school assembly, I ended our regular slideshow with a series of photos that followed your incredible journey from "Ella's White Lady" to rounding the Cape. The music I chose to accompany your photos was actually my high school grad song: "I'm Sailing Away" by Styx. Oooops! I guess I just dated myself, but '79 was a very good year.

Jess, I must apologize for always talking so much about my class and school... I just want you to realize that you are a wonderful role model and you are letting kids know, that with a little determination & hard work... sometimes, dreams really do come true!

Keeping on sailing Jess,
(and the Killer Whales)

Cat Harbour said...

Well done, Jesse,
Very relieved and proud for you that you successfully rounded Cape Horn and are now into the more pleasant waters around the Falklands.
Good luck and best wishes the rest of the way home to Sydney. Let's hope there is no more drama like that in the days, weeks and months ahead.
Pleasant sailing,
Rex Gibbons
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I have just viewed video footage of your Mum & Dad's fly-over. Thanks to all concerned for making this available! You have wonderful caring parents!

Must say that EPL looked great in the zoomed pics considering the distance you have covered so far. No sign of any marine growth on her hull to slow her down at all.

Your latest blog was a classic and your writing skills are up there with your sailing ability. Thank you very much again for sharing your adventure with us via these communications.

Enjoy the stage to the Cape of Good Hope and hopefully you'll feel more comfortable as you progress into the warmer latitudes!

In the meantime, stay safe and congrats again on the Horn rounding!

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi Jesse
Wow just wow your Momma and Poppa must be so proud Jess as we all are.
Those pictures and videos are so so cool. Thank you very much for all that, and the best of luck to you for the rest of the trip a head of you. ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the media in the USA?

The day Jesse rounded the horn I had CNN headlines on the TV.

#1 story... Haiti... very sad.
#2 story... Leno vs Conan... yes way more news worthy than a 16yr old yachtswoman realising a dream!

Three days later:
#1 story... Haiti... getting sadder by the minute.
#2 story... Capt. Sully "in the Hudson"... another impressive hero.
#3 story... Leno vs Conan... yes way more news worthy than a 16yr old yachtswoman realising a dream!

GO FIGURE?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

To Richard Lathrop-

Beautifully said

Anonymous said...

I have been "Googling" the major news networks in the USA.

Absolutely nothing about Jesse's accomplishment.

At the top of the search results: Jessica Simpson... now there is an inspiration?... NOT!!

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,

At Cape Horn Rounding Milestone
What a great unforgettable family and international get together (at a distance) All for you representing your Homeland Australia. A proud Mum,Dad and Jesse, we are proud too. Congratulations you and Ella's Pink Lady sailed those seas real pro
Thanks to all who made this rememberable event possible.

"Jessica Watson - solo sailor"
Daily Telegraph - What an awesomazing added segment of your life for us to follow...
Jesse, we feel your emotional, loving, happy, exhausting, sleepless, aching and enduring happiness of your past few days. Rest up recuperate and get ready for the

Next chapter - can't put the book down !
Now, be on the watch for more signs of life from the Atlantic to the Indian and home shoot for May +-
Bells ringing horns blasting Jesse, you are so deserving of
the greatest homecoming Beautiful Sydney Harbour has ever seen...
I think you feel the blogger family's magnetic power holding on to you, we will stay the course with you all the way home...

The best to come, Charley

To the Shore Team: As Jesse refers to "My great shore team", we say again. Thanks for your best help on earth to dear Jesse and her dear Ella's Pink Lady. What a team, what a boat, what a girl, our Jesse

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Thank for so well and care-fully recounting your days to us. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is more than just a cliche, isn't it? Blessings to you and your family and all of your "crew" as you pursue the next milestone. By the way, what is the next milestone?
Tom, Missouri, USA

ric said...

keep on rockin!! you are doing a great job.

Vera said...

I cannot imagine doing what you do. I very much admire you and wish you a safe and happy return home.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess!!

I have a 15 year old daughter and you are inspiring her all the time. How I wish CNN will break the news about quakes, politics and war and insert your beautiful round of Cape.

Anderson Cooper please do it!!! CNN we beg you!!

from Colton,California

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, hey, one more. I watched the video after I sent the last note. The video of your Mum and Dad circling is priceless. We can certainly see them in you. Again, blessings to you all. And thanks, again, Tom, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hehe, an interesting little detail in google earth I just noticed, it actually looks like Jessica's sailing EPL backwards, the white yacht in the pink boxes is facing the wrong way. Tell me it's not true! It is full steam ahead, isn't it? We do want to see you sailing in through the Sydney heads one day soon lol

It's a little detail that don't matter so don't take any notice, I'm just pulling a halyard for the fun of it.

Bring that little ship home Jessica.

Oh yeah, don't put her on blocks asleep in a museum somewhere, on the water she's alive, let her live where she belongs, on the water

Kevmeister / Perth

Kathy Haynie said...

Amazing! Congratulations! I hope we'll see some aerial photos from the flyover!

Anonymous said...

This is from the Great Dane:
Well Done and Thank You for taking us all with you on this wonderful adventure - if only we were as brave as you are! On behalf of the armchair sailors of the world: GO GIRL GO!!!
Denmark salutes you!

Anonymous said...

Jesse me ole mate,

You must be feeling pretty chuffed right about now. I know your oldies have copped a lot of flak but I reckon you can tell all the contrary ratbags to rack off.. of course a few of them still have their knickers in a knot. I imagine you are zonked, cream crackered even. You still have a long way to go on your walkabout and the weather is going to be iffy at times. Just do not go troppo on us, keep up the hard yacker & she'll be apples!

You really are "True Blue"!

Hooroo cobber.

Joni, Vero Beach, Fl said...

For Hezakiah299
These are the round-the-worlder's I'm following:
Jessica Watson -
Dilip Donde the Faulklands for repairs)
Minoru Saito (In Punta Arenas, Chile for repairs)
Abby North Only on Twitter - I don't have it - but The Georgia Straight says: "Abby North, West Van's very own sailing sensation has had a small mishap with her 22.9 meter trimaran and repairs may take several weeks."
Abby Sunderland (Plans departure next week?)
Laura Dekker (Approved to leave but has conditions to be met)
Jeanne Socrates (in Cape Town, South Africa for repairs)
Ryan Langley (May have sponsor problems?)
Joni, Vero Beach, Fl

Queenslander said...

@ Ann (Morwell)... could not agree with you more... I doubt the pollies will do anything... YET.

Just wait until the ferries cannot get across Sydney Harbour because it is jammed with Jezzites giving "Pink Lady" a hero's welcome.

It is going to be a circus as they come out of the woodwork and try to get on the band wagon.

As a cadet in the RAN I had the good fortune to sail up from Jervis Bay to Sydney on the Chilean Tall Ship "Esmeralda". As we sailed through The Heads, cannons were fired in salute.

Jesse deserves nothing less!!!

Verification: yatish (how do they do that?)

Unknown said...

Wow, it was so nice to see the video of you in the water from the air and the joy on your parents faces as they circled overhead! We are all so proud of you. Canada says HI!!!

Bob from Seattle said...

I don't even need my morning coffee reading about your adrenaline moment! Jesse you are truly an amazing young woman. I appreciate for the nth time learning a new geographical term when I couldn't find Diego Ramirez island on the southern coast approaching Cape Horn and had to go to Wikipedia to locate it off the coast. I wish I could be a fly on the wall as you navigate with your ground crew.
Then you slowing to not miss the mythical Horn itself reminded me of a night train trip when traveling from Chihuahua to Los Mochis I missed seeing us cross 37 trestles and go through 86 tunnels. What a bummer.
So proud of your accomplishment! Sleep well.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful job Jess, have enjoyed following your adventure. Remember the ancient proverb: "The gods to not deduct from one's alloted span the hours spent in sailing."
Fair winds and God speed.

Peter in Edmonton Canada

AUS-CAN said...

Hello Jessica,

Good for you on passing Cape Horn. What a milestone in your life!!

It must feel very satisfying.

THANK YOU very much for having us along.

I spent three years in Australia years ago & I was always taken by Mr. Furphys (Furphy & Sons) saying on the end of his water tanks.


As we all know in life not everyone takes these words to heart , but I think I will have a lot of company when I say I'm sure this saying exemplifies you, Captain Jess!

....and that is not a Furphy!

Get as much rest as you can and KEEP your guard up. You know better than us how fickle Neptune can be.

As for "gooey rubbish" know you are sailing on a "sea of love" which we all send to you.

Ray in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

SaltyDog said...


You used great restraint in not over using the exclamation mark (!). Your comments should have been plastered with them. In your videos of Diego Ramirez Island and Cape Horn, it was easy to detect the !!!!!’s in your voice and rightfully so. Anyone who watched the videos and didn’t get a big rush of adrenaline must have been over medicated. It was really exciting for us. And watching the video of your Mum and Dad took a half box of Kleenex. What a special thing that was for you and them. You had a little bit of concern for your parents in those weather conditions, didn’t you? Now you understand everyone’s concern for you.

Your blog didn’t get hit, it got HAMMERED. Andrew did an incredible job of taking care of it and deserves a huge thank you from all of us. Everyone involved with your voyage deserves a huge amount of credit not only for helping you with your success and safety but for making your experiences accessible to your family and to all of us. Thank you much.

Try to get caught up on your much needed sleep, but continue to be alert while you around the increased boat traffic. You will be enjoying warmer weather soon as you make new memories

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Seattle, WA, USA

Randy said...

Hi again Jesse!

Wonderful..., telling your emotions of the last few days!
So I can vaguely percept what's going on with you.

You have all rights to be proud! You're a really fantastic girl!
I hope, that rounding the cape give you the power for the next
big ocean to cross.

Also your videos of the cape were great.
Go on, you amazing, lovely girl!

I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Bob B said...

Thanks for the great blog. I wish we had a cold, wet, windy day here so I cold go out in it and fantasize. I have seen many pictures of the Cape but these seemed more special. Already looking forward to the next cape but wouldn't want to rush things. Good winds and good sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

Anonymous said...

Jessica: It is great to see you in such good spirits. Once again,
CONGRATULATIONS on all of your success so far. Now it is on to the next milestone.
Back to the grind (as if you ever left it)...Have fun, stay safe,
and best wishes for smooth sailing.

Thanks again to your Shore Team
for such a tremendous effort.

Joe Springfield VA USA

SailSim said...

Hi Jess,

We're delighted that the flypast happened - that really myst have been something very special for you and your folks!

No apologies needed for the exclamation marks, if you haven't earned the right to use them who has?

Thanks again for the pictures of the cape. This satellite technology really is cool. Have you had any problems with it or has it all worked without a hitch? How about your heater - have you had any luck getting that going?

Fair winds

Jim @sailsim

Jerry H. Ervin said...

What a wonderful time that flyover must have been for you and your mom and dad, Jessica! I sure hope somebody got videos of it that will be posted right here!

I don't know you, but still found myself choking up over your report. What a courageous young lady you are!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
You deserve a good rest
Thanks for the news
Keep smiling
Luv U
Richard (QLD)

dutchinspace said...

Yo Mate,-sorry- Skipper, Go the Gooey stuff,and all that!!!!!
I say the jobs not done till yo sail back into Mooloolaba!!!!
And anyone who can crash a website from one of the most isolated places on the planet earns credos in my books, I must have just logged on in time!!!!!
Totally nothing to do with boats or water,but a awesomely good look(gooey stuff!!) song that I just happened to be sending to a friend-

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse, The video and the photos were great!
Yes it was too bad it was misty but nevertheless I am sure you gave all your followers goose pimples just watching you go by Cape Horn. With better weather conditions around the Falklands you can catch up on some much needed sleep. I think the anxiety felt by everyone after reading and hearing about the roaring 40's, has now changed to admiration. Glad your Mum and Dad were able to locate EPL and see you surfing along. Best wishes and as usual safe sailing towards the Cape of S. Africa.

Myriam Grech said...

Myriam from Malta :
Congratulations for all that you have achieved till now (quite a lot too).Good luck for the coming trip too.We'll be following your blog everyday as usual.Wow, cannot imagine what it is like to see your parents above you! Good luck Jess, and take care. Myriam from Mosta, Malta

jan said...

thankyou jesse for sharing this amazing adventure with has been so exciting.always looking forward to the next blog.cheers from canterbury nz.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't understand why The Courier Mail did not publish anything about the fly-over until Saturday very early am at Garden City there on the front page was Pink Lady & photos of your parents. I laughed & cried. So excited to know it all worked for you. AND YOU MADE FRONT PAGE HEADLINES. I apologise to NewsCorp for feeling you left Jesse out...
Until next time...
Blessings, Cielo

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Thanks a million to YOU for the beautiful essay on you past few days. You made your 'rounding' come alive in words! Plus having seen your amazing videos and many fly-over videos, I almost feel as though I have been there! I don't have words to express how much I appreciate you taking me (and the world) along for the ride!

All the very best to you, precious one, as you continue eastward!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
I'm pleased to read the full account of the last few days, as I knew you wouldn't miss putting it soon on here for all of us to read.
Again, all my very warm congratulations for this achievement. And to all your team back home as well.
You are now a Shellback, a Golden Dragon, and a Capehorner.

Similar "fraternities" in the navy include (but I'm sure I forget a few):
>>The Order of the Blue Nose for sailors who have crossed the Arctic Circle.
>>The Order of the Red Nose for sailors who have crossed the Antarctic Circle.
>>The Order of the Golden Dragon for sailors who have crossed the International Date Line.
>>The Order of the Ditch for sailors who have passed through the Panama Canal.
>>The Order of the Rock for sailors who have transited the Strait of Gibraltar.
>>The Safari to Suez for sailors who have passed through the Suez Canal.
>>The Golden Shellback for sailors who have crossed the point where the Equator crosses the International Date Line.
>>The Emerald Shellback or Royal Diamond Shellback for sailors who cross at 0 degrees off the coast of West Africa (where the Equator crosses the Prime Meridian)
>>The Realm of the Czars for sailors who crossed into the Black Sea.
>>The Order of Magellan for sailors who circumnavigated the earth.
>>The Order of the Lakes for sailors who have sailed on all five Great Lakes.

We'll be there for what's to come, believe me.
Just one word: Thrilling !!

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, (GMT+0)

Unknown said...

Excellent Jess! I must admit having been a bit nervous for you getting around the cape. I'm only a windsurfer but that gives me a little insight into your sailing skills and they are impressive! Congratulations and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on rounding the Cape!! From my quiet living room in the USA, I watched the TV coverage of your Mom and Dad as they circled your tiny wind tossed boat. You'll be touched to know how emotional they both were to see Ella's Pink Lady and to speak with you via VHF. Heck! I was emotional watching it on the other side of the planet!

I'm a Dad to an 11 yr old daughter and I can see the connection between you and your Dad.

May your travels be safe and know that thousands of supporters are cheering you on from every corner of the earth!

Pennsylvania, USA

Anonymous said...

:)!!!!!!! and that pretty much sums it up!!! :) Karyn, IN, USA

Staffan said...

Thanks to you Jess. You make my days.

Be careful outthere!!!


pestinfo said...


Now you know the definition of true fear. It is not traversing one of the most dangerous bits of ocean in the world with 40+ knot winds or 5+ metre high seas - but that dreaded moment when you Mum & Dad fly overhead and you Mum wants to know if your bedroom is clean and tidy ---- now that's a really frightening moment.

Phew what a week:
Seeing both human beings and land in the same week. Battling natures rough seas. Turning north east because you have passed the 'lumpy' bit. This is all one emotional overcharge in such a small time period.

You must have had a few tears when the plane actually did its last pass. Nobody can blame you for that.

You are very highly respected by both your family and by all of us who blog here. Very well done Jessica.

Now is the time to regain your composure, check your charts, set your course for the Cape of Good Hope, read the weather. You still have a few jobs ahead of you.

Now when you hit the "Cape Town Rollers", that huge swell off South Africa, you must tidy up the 'bedroom', because both you and I know that your Mum & Dad will most likely be sat on top of Table Mountain with a long distance telescope just checking on the state of that cabin !!

Sail safe - your amazing !

Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Anonymous said...

G'Day Ms. Watson congradulations on rounding the Horn we've been curious about what your food packet included for the colder climates ! And were you satified with your choices ! Was there any food you did'nt have that you might have desired and in all the exitment was food a major concern ?Cheers !

Rowie said...

It was so good to see you on the front page of the Sunday Mail yesterday Jess! Congratulations on achieving this milestone!

We have all been geared up for the Cape, what happens after the Cape now? The flattened map of your journey in the paper was good to see, I hadn't realised how far south the Cape of Good Hope was, it really must be freezing down there! (Hard to imagine when we're sitting in 30 plus degrees every day in Brissie).

Take good care Jess, you are doing fantastically. What should we focus on now that the Cape is conquered?!

best wishes, Rowie

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Sorry forgot to thank you for the great pics and video of the cape.

Never thought I would see you speechless!

Caves Beach, Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica:

Thanks for the update. I can hardly wait for the Naval ships to give you a big salute! Videos, please!!

The video was great of your Mum and Dad in the twin-engine aircraft. I saw the tip tanks (fuel) at the end of the wings, so it was a twin-engine. Nice job the pilot and his co-pilot did! Not to mention keeping their precious passengers safe and comfortable as possible. Good job, guys! Thanks for keeping it straight and level for Mum and Dad. From a lady pilot to the guy pilots - a great big thank you!

Thanks to the camera crew's shots onboard the twin, that was wonderful to get the aerial view from above Ella's Pink Lady. Sure puts it into perspective. Superb!

Congratulations to the land crew who are making everything work out as smoothly as possible! This is a well-coordinated effort on their part and it shows. So a big congratulations to your land crew.

Jessica, your narration and video of the ocean and the Cape was just incredible. I can not imagine myself being out there alone like you and Pink Lady. I would have to eat alot of chocolate to manage that! I'm a bit shy of all that water. Makes me nervous not the see the!

Amazing job, everyone! Thanks to you all.

Now, time for some chocolate cake I baked for myself this morning for my birthday. Yum. Breakfast, lunch and supper!

Gayle Ann

ali cross said...

Yeah! So glad your Mum and Dad were able to see you and you see them (sort of.) I was afraid, at the beginning of your post, that you were going to say that you weren't able to ever see them. YAY that I was wrong!

Hang in there girl. You're doing SO great, and are such an inspiration to all of us.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse,Well done Captain!
How exciting this was for you. You
really needed to let all of your emotions let go. What a thrill to
have sailed around Cape Horn.Bravo!
A monumental achievement to say the least. The flyover video was
sensational. Your Parents are wonderful and the site of EPL and you in the Southern Ocean was amazing.You are amazing! Be Safe! Stay On Task! Smile Until Your Cheeks Hurt! Godspeed!

Gillian said...

I saw your mum and dad on the news, they were teary too. So was I!

Anonymous said...

Texas 1:44pm 01.16.11
Captain Jesse the Explorer

Hi, Dear Captain.

The video of your Mum & Dad's fly-over was fantastic! Great images of you on EPL. There are somes images of you I intend to print and frame someday.

Enjoy your chance to rest up now that you have the "Horn" behind you. Smooth sailing, and may the prayers of all the Blog Family be with you. I read recently that prayers create lights to heaven to alert the angels to get to work. The prayers for you must have the angels wearing sunglasses.

Ben from Texas

Anonymous said...


It's a nice present from you, a birthday wish, from you. How cool is that! Thanks!

Gayle Ann

Anonymous said...

good one Jessica!!


Kath, Qld said...

Hi Jess,
the way you describe everything makes me almost feel like I'm right there with you!
Saw you a few times on the news yesterday, still get goosebumps when I see your Mum & Dad looking down at your tiny pink boat. Ella's Pink Lady looks great after so many miles though!
In my last post I sent some comforting words to your Mum but after watching the video of their flyover I can see that it is your Dad who I relate to more, your Mum must be the tough one eh :).
So to Dad, you had me watery eyed along with you, can only imagine your emotions when your girl comes sailing through the heads of Sydney Harbour!
You're doing Australia very proud Jess.
Stay safe X.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
way to go ! Superb you did round Cabo di Hornas and still going strong. Also the mast climb was impressive!
Nice to read your story and may all the good winds be with you !

BERNIE777 said...

Dear sweet Jessica,,,please dont forget all your day one bloggers like me...this letter says it all...and I am a hardened traveller 35 years and 62 countries under my belt..I am so proud of this moment it brought tears to my eyes...I love your wild spirit of adventure travels and happy Bernie 777..x

Anonymous said...


What is your email? Send me an email:


RICHARD said...

We all share in your joy.... Watching the videos of your rounding the Cape and the following video of your parents was emotional, touching and seems to bring tears of happiness to all who watch.

Seeing you sailing along from the air was a truly a great and welcomed sight. You and EPL on the vastness of the sea somehow was calming. It was great fun for us to actually see you moving along so easily.

Although your ship looks tiny on that endless and powerful sea, it is more than evident that you and EPL are the far more significant force. Your calmness in the face of such a challenge is amazing.

You are truly a blessing. :)

Our love to you and ALL of your team.


See Ya Sailor!

Eli said...

haha I'm really glad you continue to make the most out of the past bad weather. Good thing to always maintain your cool especially when things don't go your way; it'll only lead to more stress in the long run.

But nevertheless, keep it up Jessica! Again I say this, you rock!

danma said...

Hey Jess,

The photo on the front page of The Saturday Telegraph looked amazing yesterday. You looked fantastic & to read the story of how it didn't nearly happen makes it all the more special.
Wow, The Falklands next, soon it will be Sydney Harbour & we are planning the day already as I suppose a lot of others are.
Stay focused, hoping for great sailing weather & as always stay safe.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Sunday 17th Jan
Good morning Jess
So the Falklands are the next sighting..well I said yesterday great press both papers and TV last night. Well done to Andrew and the team. Have you sighted navy ships yet?/ Any more planes? So glad sleep is on the agenda I know I sound like a stuffed CD but sleep so important for your wonderful brain to function at its best. I really am thrilled for you Jess esspecially when I overheard two ladies in a coffee shop talking about you in glowing terms yesterday pointing at the Telegraph all the time. Thanks for your vivid account of the last few days. Keep sleeping and laughing,
Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

Mark said...

Go well, sweet Jess.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Glad you made it safely! (How's that for overusing exclamation points?) We are excited with you. Now, hope you can catch some sleep and get ready for the next bit of your adventure! We're proud of you!

Dora, Rachel and Hannah
living in the Czech Republic

Sam said...

Hi Jesse,

Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone.

I really love reading your blog, and following your amazing journey.

The bit about being tied up in your tethers made me laugh (I got a good visual on that one...having been in similar situations myself, but without the aid of a plane overhead...I can do it walking in a straight line).

When I read the article about your parents' flyover in the Daily Telegraph yesterday it almost made me cry.

Keep going strong, we are thinking of you.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Jess, Well done, just keep thinking about that first long hot shower, stay safe, Vicki your little G.A. from Caloundra

Susan in Calif. said...

You are such an inspiration!
I was wondering if your webmaster could create a FAQ section for collecting info on how you outfitted the boat, food, water, bathing, cooking, electricity, etc. since currently that is all buried in old blogs or never been really mentioned in detail. It is hard to imagine carrying a year's supplies for living AND the unexpected in such a small boat. Also wonder how it is all working for you so far. It would be helpful for other young people interested in ocean sailing.

Queenslander said...


Googling to see if your vessel was a "heave to friendly boat" and found this:

Once ran into an Australian, John Sanders, who has circumnavigated multiple times in the Roaring 40s in an S & S 34. His take on heavy weather was, "Heave to, 50 degrees off the wind, get in your bunk."

Have you tried this at all during your trip? It is a great way to smooth things out if you need to... catch some zzzzs... work on the heater...

Eli said...

You rock!

Ron said...


Ron - Alabama USA

Bruce said...

Saw the news footage of the flyover with your parents talking to you. What a special moment. Great effort to all involved.

Anonymous said...


As is everyone, we are all so very proud of you. This is all so amazing.

I must admit, and I feel I am not the only one watching your parents talk to you from their plane with my husband, I joined them with tears of joy and relief.

Until next time.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Congratulations on your achievements and courage. As we sit back in our comfortable warm houses we salute your conquest, unable to truly grasp your unrelenting discipline and skill to abide wave after wave for 9000nm. Unbelieveable.Brilliant. Tough.Graceously Charming. Congratulations. Safest return.

Goos said...

Hai Jesse,

Dont mind my poor english. Its probebly mutch better then writing in dutch for you. As you might know, your worldnews. And I will be following your blogs from now on, because you are amazing.
Keep it up!

Holland (The Netherlands)

Barny3688 said...

Well done Jessica. Australia will be in sight now that big chunk of Sth America is no longer in the way. I'll hopefully be there to watch you sail through the heads and cheer you on just like the thousands of other admirers of your great journey,
Phil (Canberra)

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Brava, Jess. Great piece of writing. How you can remember the details of the last few days is beyond me!!

It's impossible for me to write without exclamation marks.

Just saw the Herald Sun footage and photos and shed some tears. Ooo la la. Very moving.

Wishing you good rest and lots of sleep. I know you need to be cautious because you're near transatlantic shipping lanes. I trust all your crew to give you good guidance, though.

May you be safe, strong and happy.
What's in your food bags these days?

With deep admiration,
Mary, Maine, USA

Meechree said...

Very cool. Keep it up.
-Dimitri, USA

Unknown said...

Think it must be time for a promotion Jesse. Henceforth Captain Jesse is now Vice Admiral Jessica Watson.

Wish you Joy Jesse.

Tremendous work and you are now up there with the pantheon of voyagers and discoverers who made the world great.

Amanda said...

Congratulations! We saw your Mum and dad on the tele - I reckon they are the proudest parents in Australia at the moment!
Well done you :)

Sally said...

Morning Jess

Saw and heard you on the news last night! The interview with your parents was beautiful, it had me in tears. Your parents were in tears !!! Up to then I wasn't too sure if the flyover had happened and it was a relief to find out that it had... I cannot begin to imagine the gamut of emotions that you all must have been feeling with everything that was happening - so understandedly you and your family were exhausted and running on pure adrenalin!!

Thanks so much for the moment by moment of the last few days which allowed us to step into your world and see how it all panned out. It was lovely seeing images of EPL sailing along and to hear your voice on the news report.

All in all a momentus occasion - now - on to your next milestone! Well done! (The post deserves lots of exclamation marks also!)

You are already very close to the Falklands. Hope you will have time for some catch up R & R. Look forward to your next blog!

Take care Jess & stay safe

"For me, my craft is sailing on,
Through mists to-day, clear seas anon.
Whate'er the final harbor be
'T is good to sail upon the sea!"
John Kendrick Bangs

"Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit."
-Brooks Atkinson

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

What an exciting last few days! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all ... I'm now following your blog and look forward to reading more of your adventures :-) Stay safe and enjoy this incredible adventure! Go Girl!
Maria, CQ artist

Unknown said...

Hey Jess,
Wonderful to see the footage of your parents fly by, and the action shots of EPL. Certainly a time of high emotions for everyone concerned as well as all of your extended family out here.
After long periods at sea a static object like the cape do seem beautiful, almost alluring. When you see the first green pasture and trees, probably Aussie ones, the colours will be amazing after so long amongst blues & greys ... oh and a dash of pink!
You continue to amaze, inspire and humble ...
stay well


Kirby* said...





through my looking glass said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Wow, Jessica, I am so proud for you. Rounding the Cape, your parents' fly over... Words cannot express my joy for all of you. We all watch your journey from afar and yet I feel so close to you. Godspeed and continued blessings. Sending hugs and gratitude for your journey I remain in awe

Amy Phillips
Outer Banks, NC USA

through my looking glass said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Wow, Jessica, I am so proud for you. Rounding the Cape, your parents' fly over... Words cannot express my joy for all of you. We all watch your journey from afar and yet I feel so close to you. Godspeed and continued blessings. Sending hugs and gratitude for your journey I remain in awe

Amy Phillips
Outer Banks, NC USA

Debs said...

Well Jesse

What a high that must have been

Im sure your mum and dad were just as excited and probably did lose

I luv reding your blogs, you certainly have a way with words

Keep your spirits high, stay safe, continue to have fun

I gotta work :( so short one today

Deb and the guineas

Unknown said...

Greetings from Texas. I've been following your progress since you left Sydney and I am most impressed. Your videos give me a sense of what life is like on the high seas.You are an inspiration to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Well done Jess, the Everest of sailing (Cape Horn), only two capes to go, you are realy flying along, whats the best day you have had so far (Top speed and NM's) may the Atlantic be kind to you. Keep safe. Annie & Cam "H"

Anonymous said...

Great job jess, can't wait to see you sail in to sydney! you are an inspirational person and a determained young lady. good luck with the rest of the trip and remember everyone back here is supporting you. GO JESS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your progress since you first announced your intention to sail solo and non stop around the world.
Congratulations for reaching the Cape. It's a sailors dream to do what you are doing, so sail on Jessica, because we are all with you out there.

I for one am already planning to be out on Sydney Harbour to greet you when you get back.

All the best from Sydney.

Blue-Thunder said...

Hi Jesse,
it is really cool, that the flyby with your parents was possible.As being a pilot as well, I can imagine how difficult it had has to be for the pilot to find you and honor him (or her) for managing it under this "not optimal" (to say it gentle) weather conditions.

So the next night suppose to be clear sky? Then enjoy the Stars, and hopefully a little more comfortable weather conditions. After these days I think it is not the worst thing to have a little time to take a breath.

So sailer girl, wish you a nice trip to the cape of good hope, and a lot of other incredible and unforgettable moments during your journey.

And now i need some sleep to ;).

Elmar from Germany

Barry Clements said...

Hi Super Sailor, Captain Watson

I thought you might like something a little different.

This is your horoscope from today's Queensland Sunday Mail.

So have you got enough friends? Real ones and online? If not, don't panic, because as Jupiter enters your 11th house this week for a one-year stay, you're about to have more friends and contacts than you know what to do with.
A very sociable time awaits you.
This year, it's not what you know but who you know. Work those contacts.

I had to send this to you because it's amazing how much it applies to what you are doing. maybe the author "Yasmin Boland" was thinking of you when she wrote it.

Wether we believe in horoscopes or not, we all know that this year is going to be a global event for you and it won't stop when you tie up ELP in Sydney.

That will just be the beginning for you of a very busy life. the World can't get enough of you now so imagine what the reception is going to be like once you come through the Syney Harbour heads.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say it couldn't happen to a nicer person than you and your family.

Going by Passage Weather you are enjoying some very favourable winds at 20+ knots and seas of 4-5 meters.

It would be comfortable enough that you can get some well earned rest but still get up on deck to enjoy the view and do some preventative maintenance.

Keep up the good work and I hope the weather continues to help you make good ground.

Are you still ahead of your schedule ?

Bribie Island

Julie said...

Well done Jess! You are an inspiration to so many people of all ages. Its great to read your last post. I kept logging on waiting in anticipation for the news. Seeing the flyover with your Mum & Dad brought tears to my eyes. Take care & stay strong

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

congratulations on passing 10 000 nm!

Reading your description of the last few days, I am reliving the emotions along the way and again it brings tears to my eyes.
I watched the video with Mum and Dad in the plane and read the article.
Your Dad wiping tears from his eyes and your Mum grinning from ear to ear.
What great photos of you and Ella!
So close and yet so far! Technology is a marvel!
Again, I observe your 'just do it' attitude! Not to drift by Cape Horn in the night, you slowed down Ella somewhat and like the shape of an oasis on the horizon for a parched man, coming out from the mists was your long dreamed of Cape Horn!

Ah, Jessica, you make my heart sing, by being YOU!
Genuine and unaffected by all these firsts in your life!
And not just being bitten by a leech, like one of my guests here in the rainforest!!!!!!!
No, you accomplish first, one after the other, that NOONE on this panet has ever done!

Again congratulations, glad you got some sleep and you kept your focus (it is probably hard not too, being kept in the moment by a playful ocean!

A huge thank you to all that were involved in bringing us these exciting news, videos and photos.
Amazing, my hat off to you all icluding the 'Daily Telegraph', Andrew who did a tightrope with the server and all the shore team and the weatherman.

Incredible, but true! So wonderful!

Trudy, Austria/Australia

My verification is 'skies', lots of stars and sunny skies and a good wind!
Keep well, happy and above all else be safe!

Heather(sunshine coast) said...

Great to hear from you Jess. The past few days must have been amazing and as you may have guessed, most of us just cannot wait to hear from you, that way we know you are OK.
All Australians are proud of you, none more than us here on the Sunshine Coast and we look forward to your return journey to Sydney, but the Sunshine Coast is going to go off especially when you sail Ella's Pink Lady into the Mooloolah River at Mooloolaba, then you and Ella's Pink Lady really will be home.
Take care, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Jesse !
Rounding the Cape was one tremendous achievement . One little beanpole of a girl in a little tiny pink boat in that vast ocean conquering what has terrified and defeated many over the centuries .By any standards a stupendous achievement. Keep course and may the fair winds and the sea gods be kind to you and see you safely home from the sea in May

Rockyqld said...

Well done Jessica. The video of the flyover looks great and very emotional.
Can't wait until you get back in Brissie.

Anthony said...

To Roger And Julie Watson, thank you for giving Jessica the support, love and encouragement to seek out and start her dream. It shows through in Jessica,s quiet confidence, her amazing physical ability and emotional strength. Jessica has got what it takes to do it. To help others achieve their dreams is love.

dee58 said...

Jess this as been a big week for you, and the excitment of rounding Cape Horn.
Take time to rest and recharge for the next leg of your trip.

You a going well we a all so proud of you back on the Sunshine Coast

Dee58 and friends

Prof. Grant Horner said...


Brian T Brisbane said...

Jesse, thanks for you new update. It was very special to watch your parents on the flight out to see you ... and of course to see you waving up at them. We are all very proud of you !! Glad you seem to be getting some more favourable weather .. Sail on girl !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica, i follow your experiences and blog-entries enthusiastically and wish you all the best for the rest of your journey. Katharina from Austria / Europe

hezakiah299 said...

01-16-10 @17:39
Hi Shore Crew,
Thanks for the up-date, yes it has been and incredible week, and the outpouring of support by her fans was fantastic. I'm looking forward to the details of the flyover, that will be great. Thanks again for all the support and back-up by your team. I don't think there's another website as diligent and as faithful as this one.
Keep up the good work.
Michael(75)from Kingwood,WV (USA)

Elaine from U.S. said...

Jessica, Just discovered your website, blog & videos. Awesome! You're a gutsy, smart gal! Curious why you write in the plural - "We" instead of "I?" Are you referring to you and your yacht? I don't sail so is this a sailor's way of thinking/talking? Please excuse my landlubber's lack of info! Congrats and Keep up the fantastic job you're doing! Elaine from New England, U.S. (P.S. Noticed many spellings & versions of your name. Do you have a preference? Thanks!)

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

What a wonderful adventure your having so you go Nighty Nighty with your teddy with sweet dreams

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,

You said that Dad was feeling a bit of air sickness on the fly-over and there's not a bucket in sight!
I was expecting some good hurls into a bag at least, to really give us a feeling for what it must be like flying in a South American plane while it's blowing a gale outside.
I had expectations that Samurai would then be able to give us more tips on how to handle those bodily functions impressively.

Oh well, it's not my story, lol.

That was an excellent summation of the last few days, but I do hope you didn't get too homesick and avoided watching that video of your dad wiping away a tear.

☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Vince from Brisbane said...

Great effort Jess,
If you have time for a litte R&R I can recommend you listen to the song Cool Change by Little River Band. I am sure you will enjoy as I am sure it was written for you.
All Bloggers may enjoy it.
If you google; 'cool change lrb'
it should bring up the song on Youtube with a great film clip also.
Keep going Jess look forward to seeing you come in the Heads.


Glen B said...

congrats capt jess all the way with pink lady from Glen B

Christine said...

Hi Jesse, well done and thank you for showing us this amazing journey. Stay safe for the rest of your trip - Christine Tura Beach Aust

bobcat68 said...

Hi Jesse,

What an exciting few days. As many others have said you are amazing!

Congratulations - I hope you have a nice rest period before you head south again.

With you all the way from 25 mins due west of Noosa.



Pipefish said...

There are not enough exclamation points to describe what you've gone through! Just think, that mystical view of the cape is reserved only for those with the wherewithall to navigate there! A magical imprint that will go with you for the rest of your life! I get goosebumps from this image, dark skies, the solitary landmass, and white albatross razoring across looming masses of grey cloud.
Also, a big virtual hug to your team, your Mum, Dad, Bruce and Andrew! You are in good hands Cap'n!

Pipefish, California Usa

fumes said...

i got nuthin'.. but tears! ~fumes

Anonymous said...

Well Jesse you are over the hump now. I'm proud to say you are another great Aussie girl. Strong with a good sense of humour! Well done and enjoy the leg to Cape Good Hope.
Regards Roger - Cleveland Q

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya gsimmons,

What does it mean when the waves stands up a little? as described in Jesse's wonderful blog. Are they lippy pointy topped? Or a heap of swells together? Thinkin about ya George. Cheers.

Dalton said...

Awesome stuff Jess, logging on each and every day to check your progress is a must. Its very enjoyable to read your latest blog, thanks. Looking so forward to see you cruise into Queensland waters.

You're a champion Jess!!!

Leonie said...

A dream becomes a reality and weren't you blessed with the weather. It's exactly how you would hope it to be, roller coaster seas, windy, noisy, squally, cool biting fresh clean air and WET with misty Cape Horn in the distance, it's magical, it's how our great explorers viewed it so many years ago when the Earth was flat, it makes you feel alive. I imagine fine weather with smooth seas and blue skies would have been a let down and you would probably need to do it again.
Keep safe,

Aunty Chris said...

Hello Jesse
Cried, and then they kept showing your Mum and Dad in the plane circling overhead and your Mum and Dad crying so I cried again. Keep safe and be careful.
Love Aunty Chris, Country Music Tamworth, NSW, Oz

Lake Effect said...

How awesome are you? I just watched the vid of Mum & Dad circling you...they looked so proud! I'm wiping tears...we are all so proud of you! You are absolutely remarkable. All the best to you, your family, and your shore team back in Oz! We are so proud of all of you!

Anonymous said...


Hi Jesse,
Thanks for your emotional re telling to the Cape day.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After all the excitement we all need some R and R.
It was a FANTASIC experience for everyone and thankyou for sharing such an emotional reunion with us.Your mum and dad handled it brilliantly.
Sleep well and have a peaceful day.
Sally in Melbourne by the much calmer Bay.

Peter Puerto Rico said...

greeeeeeaaaaaat Jesse, no more to say girl than that you rock

Anonymous said...

Yes - realisation of what we've been missing, even when we don't realise it, is an event in itself. Just another achievement in your journey. Enjoy the stars and the sun while they're there - gee almost a life philosophy!! Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica WOW!! That blog has left me with severe goose bumps. What a wonderfully exciting journey we are sharing with you-thank you.Susie

Anonymous said...

well done

Helen and Graham said...

You are an amazing young lady, wish you all the luck in the remainder of your trip, good on you! You are an inspiration to all. Helen from Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Jess, you are amazing! (and brave!)I hope you know that and can feel the love of so many people wishing you well on your incredible journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,I have been watching you since day one and I am so proud of you! Just imaging how the world would be if they were half as brave as you.When Im feeling like I need strength in my own goals (New Years resolution-I'm still on track)I think of you when it gets tough and then I just seem to have this instant power."Thankyou" I cant wait to see you arrive back in Sydney even if it means taking a day of work. Take care our Aussie Babe. Maryanne - Wollongong NSW Australia

Unknown said...

Jess, by the time we get to see you back in Sydney after sailing around the world with you we might have some similar emotions. What could any of us say that could convey how amazed we are of all you've done to date, not to mention what you have still to do.
Blessings Jess from Dave in Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

To those in a position of power!

I can only imagine the critics and trouble makers it may attract if you were to speak as your selves on Jessica's site!

From me with an advantage over you in which I have the power to speak!

Thanks Kevin Rudd for being a father and for being a man!

Thanks to all those in a position involved who can't speak, those who are proactive in watching over Jessica Watson! (OUR SOUL TROOPER)

How proud from all over the world you must be?

Thanks Jesse! Thanks a finite!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, Jessica, the rest of the voyage will seem boring by comparison! So glad your rounding went well and your folks were nearby to share......wonderful!

Donna in Perth

Dovaman said...

Hi Jess,

Having your parent's flying above and making contact with you is an exciting part of your adventure which will stay with you forever.
You are the bravest young woman, and a credit to Australian youth.
Keep strong and enjoy the next leg of your incredible journey.
Can't wait for your next blog.


CyberspaceCowboy said...

Jesse you are the radiant spirit lighting up the world.

Anonymous said...

What a busy few days you have had.........hope you catch up on some sleep Jessie.

Its all so exciting...enjoy every minute, it is truly an adventure of a lifetime.

Yes it must have been difficult when your parents had to turn back twice but we have seen the final result. I'm sure your Dad would have done it a few more times if required (despite being a bit off colour). That's what we do for our kids!
Ros (Sydney)

She'll be coming around the Cape said...

thanks to ROOM 401 IN MINNESSOTA FOR "SHE'LL BE COMING AROUND CAPE HORN", for lyrics see the blog "Pictures of the Cape" Thursday Jan. 14th, post at 11.17am Sat. Jan 16th and thanks to SAM for the video link, this is an absolute must to watch, Room 401 singing "SHE'LL BE COMING AROUND CAPE HORN"

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Today I listened to Cool Change by the Little River Band and thought of you and how much strength you've had. Great job Girl keep going

Anonymous said...

Jessica - What am emptional high as your Mum and Dad came cruising by overhead...........we were right there with them in the Areoplane, and seeing you down there on that turmoil of sea; being a father, my emotions went with your Dad ------ Mum was so composed!!! And then seeing you DOWN there!!! Wow !!!! What a moment !! I have to now purposely THINK about breathing...... Whew!!

OK - I'm exhausted; and can appreciate your need for some rest and sleep. Hopefully you can get both on the leeward side of South America.

It's "Downhill" from here - stay with it young lady!!


maxine maroochydore said...

Congratulations Jesse, I blogged on to your mum and dads fly over , my god they are so proud, and so are all us bloggers its certainly bought a tear to my eyes, seeing you bobbing around out there on your own in that big ocean, I think I have said it before on many occasions but YOU ARE AMAZING, God speed Jess Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, you give us all a thrill just to read your words and the overall excitement of you seeing land once again...something we all take for granted! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Jules GC said...

Dear Jesse, thank you for your report, you really captured the excitement of this massive occasion. And your parents' flyover was fantastic to see on tv; as everyone else has said, there wasn't a dry eye anywhere, especially among the bloggers.
Hope you are now getting enough rest, and FOOD - we haven't heard if you've treated yourself to some special meals to mark the occasion. Maybe some chocolate cupcakes for the crew? I'm sure they are just as thrilled as you are.

Unknown said...

Way to go Jess!! You are living a dream come true! My daughters and I watch your progress every day and can't wait to see you break the record. Good Luck from Boston Mass. USA!!

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

That sounds very exciting indeed. I can see how, between keeping Ella's Pink Lady primed and on course, and all that excitement, sleep would be hard to catch!
Your are SO good at expressing the emotions of your experience through descriptions of your actions---the bit about getting tangled in your tethers--it's like watching a movie or reading a great book--I can totally get the vicarious experience!

Eddie Offermann said...

Really touching entry, Jesse - I can scarcely imagine what that must have felt like... Such a fantastic milestone and you got to share it with family even though you're solo-ing!

Anonymous said...

wow, can only imagine the emotions you and your family have experienced throughout this trip!! you will be home soon so just settle down now and enjoy the ride!!
stay safe out there!!
mel of yenda

Anonymous said...

For those who are following
other round the world sailors;
Abby Sunderland is almost set to
leave. I am sure that some of
Jessica's supporters will
encourage Abby, too.
Richard (QLD)

Unknown said...

Congratulations again on rounding Cape Horn and glad to hear that the flyover with your Mum and Dad finally happened. You're an inspiration to all of us.
Eric from Melbourne

Bearcat said...

Well Jess, you have passed a milestone in your adventure and I look at you sailing around the world and I can see a similarity to New Zealands Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay who were the first two people to climb Mt Evrerest the highest place in the world. You are a Hero and an Australian Icon. Not to get you worried but for those who read your blog of the plane flying three times over to find you I can relate to your story. I was a member of Search Air Rescue and was on the flight that found the 'Banchee' well out to sea off the Queensland coast. A search is carried out at 700feet and even at that height the only reason you see the boat is that it is something different in the sea. Even with EPIRBs and GPS assistance, flying straight to the ship/boat is still quite tenuous. There is a lot of water out there.
Thus I always say to people who are going to buy a boat, don't have a green, blue or all white interior. The sea is blue and green and waves breaking are white.

Keep sailing safely...we are watching you

Robert Harrell said...

Well done Jess that's the big one done!!Now chill out, get warm and enjoy the trip to the next cape.You are giving me hope to do the same and follow my dreams, but I plan to sail around the planet slower and without so much media attention....He he I wish.
Take care. Bob

Dave Williams said...

Hi Jesse... Congrats on your achievements..The Coach and Dad in me says "stay focused, don't lose your concentration and keep doing what you have done to get this far".....
Looking forward to reading about the rest of your adventure....

Dave Williams..Aurora, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for such a descriptive account of your journey. You make us feel we are there with you.

Glad you have been able to cath up on some sleep after all the recent excitment.

Hope Mum and Dad have enjoyed some rest and have a safe trip home.

Look forward to hearing more of your daily adventures.

Keep safe,


Tim09 said...

Hey Jess,
Thanks for the update, hope you get to catch up on your sleep soon.
It was so good seeing all the comments of congratulations from everyone. My eyes got so sore i had to ban myself from the computer yesterday. Lol
Anyway Jess have to go and catch up on some comments.
Stay safe and hooked on,
Tim and Rosie

Phil in Idaho said...

Absolutly a dream come true for you. God Bless you Jess.

JohnWin from Newcastle said...

An amazing accomplishment so far Jess.I trust that the Good Lord has blessed your journey. Following you all the way. Also looking forward to seeing you sail into beautiful Sydney harbour. Prayers go with you allthe way.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you are everything this place is missing. You are the color, the sun, you are life, you are the hero. Thanks for the biggest adventure, we never hoped to witness in our time of dying. Thanks for the joy, for seducing perfume of distance you bring regularly. Thanks for the courage and hope you spread all around. May the Universe bless your path and your dream. George from Notts.

Tom said...

you are indeed a spunky lassie!
Cape Horn is truly an old witch--
show her how it's done hun!
This fellow sailor wishes you all the best from sunny Honolulu--I will be there when you get to Sydney!
Tom Moore

Babs said...

Hi Jess,
Congratulations on rounding the Cape. I have been away for a month down the south coast holidaying, unable to have any access to a computer.....not long home and I have had a quick update, later tonight I shall catch up on all the news and read some of the blogs. Whilst out on a trip to Montague Island in the night, some of us got talking about sailing and of course your name popped up, it was unanimous, your feat is amazing. The seas were pretty rough that night and raining so we experienced a little of what can be dished up by mother nature. Great fun though! Chat soon keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

A well written blog Jesse, your description of the events leading up to your rounding of the Cape gave me a clear insight into what it was like.

Your next goal rounding the Cape of Good Hope I guess. Look forward to hearing your sailing adventures in achieving that.

Pomona Qld

From Sea to Summit said...

Jesse, from you we learn courage and what real effort is. More power to your young valor! You are teaching the world so much ...

Lincoln, Gulf Coast USA

Dukehaus said...

Howdy Jesse! You are the MOST!
We too, are just on an empirical high and one of the most exciting roller coasters...riding through the Cape with you...watching the sea, feeling the swell...the ever faith albatross as your company... you spotting a ship and sharing your first land sighting...the fun really truth- telling video of you spotting the cape...heartfelt excitement seeing the video of Mum & Dad flying over just absolutely brought brought us to tears of joy....can only imagine theirs and yours!! Not to mention you are past the half way point!! THANK YOU for sharing all of this with all of us. You and your team are the ultimate!! Hope you get some rest, catch a fish or two and continue to BE SAFE!!
Sail on! The candle is lit.
Love, Prayers and White Light,
Kim & Bill
Wyoming, USA

Legs said...

Love your cool comments - well done! I just got back from a sail Sydney to Melbourne. Was awesome - Gabo Island is the Aussie equivalent of The Horn heheh. Michael

lilshawnee said...

Jesse,Well done girl.
Now its going to be all down waters for you.
Keep up the good work Jess we are so proud of you lil hero girl.
sail safe and get some sleep.
your friends
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison
God Bless

Unknown said...

Congrats Jess, a great milestone passed! Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day! You Rock!
John & Co

Keith and Anne said...

Jess, no wonder you are on such a high, what a wonderful moment for you and your family. You will be enjoying it for days to come. You are giving so much enjoyment of us all following your journey and your cheerful attitude at all times. Stay safe and look forward to your next blog.
Keith & Anne, Hervey Bay.

Anonymous said...

I like your videos. Congrats on passing Cape Horn. Mike from WA State.

leslie said...

Hey Jess!!! No need to apologise for the overuse use of!!!!!! I love the things!!!!
Terrific pictures you took and what an amazing portfolio you will have by the time this journey is over.
As you may be aware Jess there is a memorial to all those sailors from different nations who lost their lives battling "the Horn".The memorial was inaugurated in 1992, I thought you might like to read this beautiful and moving poem which is near a huge steel sculpture of an albatross depicted in flight.

I, the albatross that awaits for you at the end of the world...

I, the forgotten soul of the sailors lost that crossed Cape Horn from all the seas of the world.

But die they did not
in the fierce waves,
for today towards eternity
in my wings they soar
in the last crevice
of the Antarctic winds

Sara Vial
Dec - 1992

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem


As misty sky lifts to heights and sea hath settled to swells
Whirring sounds drift from aloft, such noise a plane foretells

Comes through the box, a voice speaks loud
A Mother calls below
My darling daughter, I’m so proud
Pink Lady, beneath’s on show

They talk a while of simple things, a mother daughter chat
Yet really deep within both hearts, it’s much much more than that

The plane’s had time of circling bout
As pink yacht points north east
But wind and fuel is not to flout
Parents pleased, Jess beat horned beast

So while the world of cyber crew, comes down from highs and lows
Jess we know will follow through, Neptune’s child to Atlantic goes


Anonymous said...

Go Jess, a very emotional and at the same time such a happy blog report.

Very proud of you and keep up the fantastic effort.


Anonymous said...

Love the videos.
Your hair looks great, but if you brought a should use it.

Liz said... have every reason to feel proud...what an are just so wonderful. Well well done young lady...and to your non faultering friend EPL...such an awesome team.


Darryl said...

Hi Jesse, I just watched the video your mum nad dad did when they flew over whilst you passed cape Horn, I have to say that it was very emotional, and having kids about your age I cannot imagine how it must be for them.
We all know youre one capable girl, and your parents a also very brave letting their baby sail around the world alone in a little pink boat, but I am sure they are also very proud of you!. And gee youre like youre mum, you even sound like her!
Take care jesse, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Jess!

Now you begin the start of your adventure home. We're behind you!

Anonymous said...

Howdy and G'day Jess, it has been a pleasure for us to keep track of your journey. Stay safe and stick it up all the critics. Cheers Leeanne and Montana, Bendigo Victoria

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess - you have achieved so much in such a short time .... and I've no doubt that you will go on achieving. You've still got a long way to go, but having got around the Horn you know you can make your dream come true.
Such a star!
Big hugs from Fiona in Tassie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on hitting a milestone of your journey! It must have been so exciting to have your parents fly overhead (fpr them, too)! I have been following your voyage (first found out about it on AOL) and hope you have a safe journey home.
Cathy from New York, USA

trugannini said...

The alabatross' were there with you!
How beautiful is that! Your description of the lead up, then the 'event' itself were thrilling. It was a great read. Thanks for taking the time for us all out here. We are with you 100% Jess.

Sail on silver girl.......


PetElf said...

What an accomplishment, Jessica!
The videos were really great. The emotion in your dad's voice really got to me. I know they are so proud of you.

Wishing you fair winds and hope you can rest soon.

Kudos again for such an amazing achievement.

Reston, Va, USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement. You are in my thoughts over in Canada and have a safe sail home! -SD

Two To Go said...

Next mile stone Cape of Good Hope than home.
Safe traverling Jess congratulations again for a job well done also to all your crew both real (mum dad etc) and stuffed you fluffy compainions. Hope you still had a bit of chocolate to celerbrate with

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I hope that by now you will have caught up on at least some sleep, although I don't imagine that sleep will be in ready supply until you actually get home.

We're all proud of your achievement as I know you, your family and support crew are.

Start heading home young lady. As I said before, you've been out there quite long enough.

Stay safe Jesse and keep finding the kind winds to blow you home.

June and Richard Thorn

The sandgropers said...

Half way point... well done Ms Watson from all our family, we keep the rest of our family up to date with all your trip on out blog...
See you and good luck
Carl,Taina,Jacko,Sarah,Harrison,Oscar and Chase.

Anonymous said...

You can use as many exclamations as you want Jess - you own every moment of it. I can feel your joy when I see you in your latest video, grinning from ear to ear... :D I'm just as excited as you always as it can keep your woes away...have a safe onward of luck and wishing you many more exciting moments in your voyage...

~gIgGz from Singapore~

Anonymous said...

Teared up listening to you speak with your parents rounding the Cape. You are one amazing lady!
Take care. Bessen Family Mypolonga SAust.

inbetweentheday said...

congras Jessia

Thanks for all the pictures; I know it takes time to blog but I always look forward reading about your progress.

RichieRich (San Jose, Calif. USA)

RainCityBob said...

From the southern hook we’ve seen our girl
Near mist shrouded rocky protuberance
Sailing past with sails unfurled
Camera ready to share her glance
Of wind, seas and the new world

Her Everest climbed, some might say
Belies the truth of seas remaining
Jessie’s skill must show each day
The seas ahead her energy draining
Yet this august day has our fears allayed

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blogs Jess..helps us share the moment so much more with you.

Extremely proud of you.keep up the good work.your enthusiam and ability is amazing.

Hope you manage some kip soon.though it must be hard when you are sailing on a high!

Sail safe and see you in Sydney in no time!


Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica I think what you are doing is awesome!! Just watched the video of your mum and dad circling you, must have been an anmazing feeling knowing they were so close.. Can wait to see you prove all your doubters wrong!!! Good Luck, Cindy, Traralgon Vic

Anonymous said...

hallo Jessica, a bit late but also from my congratulations for rounding the cape, a big challange for you and you´ve managed it in the best way you can. Thumbs up, well done.You owe every respect from all of us.
God bless for the following miles,
many regards from Germany, yours Marcus

Anonymous said...

Dan of Portland: loved your comment: "If you keep moving the way you have been you will have to take an extra lap around Australia to give them time to get the party ready in Sydney."

So true! And what a party it's going to be! :)


Zen Soul said...

What a fantastic post!! I could feel the excitement right along with you and with as well as you wrote about it, it was like being there with you. Thank you! Take care out there. :)

zz said...

One really great wonderful sailor, congrats Jess you are a champion...fair winds and calm seas as you head on in your historic adventure...well done

Esperance WA

Unknown said...

Jesse, Congratulations girl, great going. I got the news about you and Dilip's solo sailing from an Indian daily today. Just started reading your post. What a great achievement !!!!!

Well done girl... Stay safe and enjoy your sailing...

P. V. Nair, Dubai, Middle east.

Grethe / Denmark said...

Jesse, I am so glad to hear from you again. Congratulation so far. Looking forward to follow you on the next step.

Best wishes
Grethe from Denmark

sue mclean said...

Yay Jess, what a thrill! I love the misty pic of Cape Horn. Congratulations, keep going girl, we are all so proud of you in Aussie.

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