Friday, January 8, 2010


Just a quick update. Becalmed today, but the Albatrosses have joined us again (see pic below).

Only 450nm to Cape Horn and I'm even more excited now as Mum and Dad flew out of Australia today to watch Ella's Pink Lady rounding the Cape!


Pic: Becalmed in the Southern Ocean with Albatrosses sitting in the water off Ella's Pink Lady's bow


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SUBIR said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to see your post. Good the gales didn't trouble you and Dilip too much. We all share your excitement of rounding the Horn. Regards to the brave girl and her parents.
Take Care,

Jan said...

I love the fact that birds and other creatures seem to want to accompany and encourage you on your journey. You're going SO well!
Jan - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

cogratulation for the huge part which u passed

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

That such good news Jesse, I'm really happy and exited for you...

That's an extra thing to look forward to...

Wonderful birds those Albatross, it seems they love you to!


Clint - Melbourne

odelia said...

Hi Jess,
Sharing your excitement about you rounding The Cape.
I am enjoying following you so much and send you much love n light

Bluefin said...

Hi Jesse,

What lovely weather you're having, great for catching up on some sleep and doing repairs before the next system comes in.

I love that your parents are flying over you and Ella's Pink Lady as I mentioned in my last blog entry, wow that will be exciting.

Stay warm and dry,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Fuji said...

Keep up the good work missy, I wish I could be doing what you are doing right now.. don't forget that there are so many people that are stuck in boring jobs/ society that will, unfortunety never, see what you are seeing now.
You will look back on this time as the best thing you have done in your life, enjoy it while you can because nothing else will compare.

Molly said...

Aw! Mom and Dad are going to be bursting with pride, watching their girl 'round The Cape.
I have decided that since South American cuisine does not appeal to me, I will just crack another Foster's and toast my Australian friend.
Thanks for the picture of your albatross company.
"Becalmed" must feel nice for a change.
Continued blessings,
Maryland USA

Trish said...

How exciting for you!! My , my, what an accomplishment!! Anddddddd to top it all off Mum and Dad will be kinda sorta there with you!! Still hanging on to every exciting episode .. keep it up Jesse dear!! So darned proud of ya!
Love Trish (CYC) Cairns

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Now you really sound excited. Great news that your Mum and Dad are traveling to The Cape. That will make it an extra special day for both you and for them. This was mentioned in the Melbourne Sun-Herald this morning but I was not sure whether it was believable – the newspapers make a habit of getting dramatic and getting the story wrong. Now I believe it! I guess they will meet with John Bankart, and then meet with you at some pre-arranged place along your course.

Those Albatrosses look like they’re having a party. I wonder what they are saying about you and your pink boat?

Now you do need to do a wind dance for Huey – you can’t keep your Mum and dad waiting! I hope the conditions improve.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

carole (Mackay) QLd said...

Excellent news Jesse. You have albatros for company, your mum and dad will see you round the cape! the excitement is sure starting to build.... we intend having a 'Jesse round the cape party'.

Go Jess.
No doubt while becalmed you have had a chance for a breather and rest - like a marathon runner, you get up stronger than before and 'go for it'.

Keep positive, keep smiling.
Hugs and best wishes
Carole (Mackay)

Anonymous said...

hi jess,

What more can a parent want? - a truly proud moment.

Have a close look at any human being you can sight, your next chance to see anyone will be only at Sydney.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Great news only 450nm to go.
You Mum and Dad must be so proud of you as is all your adopted family.
How exciting your Mum and Dad coming to see you around the Cape.
Good to see you have some friends again for company.

Keep safe,

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse, the weather certainly does offer some dramatic variations. Oh well.. make the most of this as almost certainly the wind will again pick up.

It is great news about your Mum and Dad coming out and hopefully see you rounding the Horn.

At least you have the albatrosses to keep you company for the time being.

It was great getting this update from you.

Keep safe and stay warm,

Ingleburn NSW

Julie said...

thanks for the update... how exciting for your parents to be there to see you rounding the horn... oh my goodness their hearts will be jumping out of there chests with wow wow...this is so exciting... we love hearing from you... even the one liners..!!! i can go to sleep now knowing you are safe.....xxxxxx

Susie (QLD) said...

A lovely picture thank you. Enjoy the rest while you can.

Susie (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Yayza.... great going, Jess :)

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess
Great news I bet all the other parents you have inherited will be standing right beside your Mum and Dad in spirit,

We know we will be

God Speed

Peter and Sally

Charles Dodgson said...

what is the problem with your heater? Maybe if you described it someone here could have the solution.

RichieParis said...

Thank you for the update and the pic, Captain Jesse! Always much appreciated!
So calm? Are you sure you are really near the Cape Horn? No mistake? This landscape (seascape?) looks more like some holidays area, lol.

Exciting news with your parents coming, we are delighted for you. There must be much work on the south american air field now, as I am sure they will only overfly EPL in a pink plane. Painters must be at it night and day.

Enjoy some rest, open this heater's belly, have a good meal... and keep your guard up. Weather moves quickly. GO, GORGEOUS GIRL, GO!

@Grant Fjermedal: Yes, yes, the Falklands... After noticing how the atalantic side of the cape has monstruous gales too, I started watching there, trying to guess the best route towards Africa. I had taken the Falklands for a natural shield, but... they seem quite agitated, on a meterologic sight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
That is great news about your Mum and Dad - how excited they must be too. Cape Horn - WOW! You are one gutsy girl.
Stay warm, stay safe, and blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

it's really becalming to read such good news. Less than 450nm to the rounding. Always love to see pics from the boat, the sea, the sky. That gives the feeling to be guest on the trip.
Happy sailing and god bless,
Rainer from Bavaria

Anonymous said...

Hello again Jessica.

Becalmed huh, You'll soon be moving again no doubt.

Good news about your folks coming to the Cape. Thinking you will be looking forward to at least seeing them and land even if you don't get to hug them, nor set foot on land.

Currently sides writing into your blog I'm watching my pesty galah drop coins and other stuff of my dresser, fascinated by gravity that bird, she's cute.

Kevmeister from Perth

Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess
Yes I read in the Melbourne Herald Sun that they were flying to Chile to see you round the Horn. Not sure how they are getting from Santiago to the Cape.Either way it will be a thrill for you and richly deserved for the enormous job you have done to date.

Anonymous said...

Have been checking in daily to see how your doin. Great effort. Stay safe. Thanks for the Dolphin story during the storm. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Jess I have read your regular blogs with great interest and enthusiasm and I have now decided its about time I dropped you a line and say just how proud I am of you and your enormous challenging journey. I hope that you will be a role model to young Australian's to seek out their dreams. I am thrilled to read your parents are on their way to see you go by Cape Horn, I can feel the goose bumps of their pride already, travel safe and keep up the brilliant work. Aussie Aussie Aussie

Tim09 said...

Thanks Jess,
Glad the seas have calmed down a bit for you. But i am sure you would rather be on the move down there.
Thanks for the Pics,
Rosie and I love pictures,
Take care and maythe winds pick up just a little to push EPL around The Horn.
Tim and Rosie

tassie devil one said...

oops my message went before I checked it for spelling and typing mistakes..oh well those beautiful Albatross cant read .love again from hobart

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

great to read your blog, and lovely to know that the conditions are better and glad that you have the albatross to keep you company again. It's a great photo that you posted for us to see.

How wonderful that your Parents will watch you round the cape. How exciting for you all !!

keep safe and well,

God Bless.

Armidale NSW

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, oh wow how exciting you are nearly at the cape and have Mum and Dad witness this wonderful achievement, they must be bursting with pride right about now!! Thanks so much for the picture of your albatross friends, it's always such a pleasure to see all the pictures you post! I hope you are so excited right now that you forget about the cold!! Stay safe and warm dear one, Til next time.

Susan said...

How exciting Jesse!
Will they be at the lookput point, or on a boat able to sail beside you for a ways? :)

Two huge events at once! (You might feel homesick or let down afterwards. It would be quite natural)

Without knowing the plans, I'm picturing a calm ocean... for once a becalmed ocean would be so welcome! ...and they are on a boat also and you are able to spend hours shouting back and forth.

Pictures! Videos! you with Cape Horn in the background, and of your parents!

Smiles. I am so happy for you.

Susan in Oregon

Teri said...

Oh Jess, what a magical journey you're on. I am hooked, better than any gripping TV series. Everytime I go online now I can't help but check what's happening with you.

You are the real deal young lady and I support you 100%.

You are obviously treasuring each day, and all your posts demonstrate that it is not just about reaching the destination.

What you are doing is truly brilliant, and I, like so many, am in awe! AND I thought I was up for facing life head on...haha... you shame me. Now I am going to have to ask more of myself.

Thinking of you.

Kev said...

G'day Jess,
Great to know that your Mum & Dad will be over there for you.
Best wishes and safe sailing!
Kev, Sydney, Oz.

Fuji said...

Remember Moitessier, he wanted to keep going..
The waves play on the mind.
Say Hi to Herschel for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Just got home from work, delighted to find a post from you. Fantastic that your parents will be able to see you rounding the Cape, they must be so proud of you and your achievement so far. Bet you never imagined being becalmed in the Southern Ocean. As always, keep safe, keep smiling, keep warm.

Bron Central West NSW

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

Hey Jessica, grat view over your starboard bow. It seems to be a bit quiet this time. But i believe there is a bit of strong winds for you on the spare hand of south pacific. Hopefully some thoughts of all your friends worldwide came warm you up a bit.
Many regards from the northern hemishere, yours Marcus from Germany

Poppa Bear said...

G'Day Jess

duane said...

Jessica, that is great to have your folks come out to see you accomplish a great mile stone. I suppose the calm is a little frustrating with that anticipation.
Really cool picture of the Albatrosses. Hope the wind picks up and gets you to your folks real soon. Best wishes, duane

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

What fantastic news Jessica. That your Mum and Dad are going to see you rounding the Horn. Brilliant for you all. Wonderful to see the albatrosses alongside again too. I'm getting excited as well, and can feel the swells of the ocean moving you along. Happy sailing for now. Cheers, Erica

Poppa Bear said...

G'Day Jess,
Just a short update to pass on weather URL's

wind etc at CH

Synoptic charts

Sat images CH at bottom three.
Read instructions to op'

Use animation for loop.

Enjoy Mum and Dad's fly over

Poopa Bear

Geoff said...

Hey J Dawg

Must be a great feeling knowing that Mum & Dad are gonna buzz past EPL

Hope they post pics and some video

Adelaide is having another heat wave and Melbourne is meant to be getting 41 on Monday

Hope that warms you up a tad !!

stay safe & keep smiling


Melbourne Orstralia


TBO no 3? is closing in

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Wow! No wonder you are excited! So tell us, how is your mum and dad going to see you round the Horn? By plane, or are they chartering a boat to meet you there.

Am I right in saying that they will not be able to even touch EPL or give you a hug, just visual and radio communications only?

Please let us know.

It must be great to see 4 albratrosses in one place, I have only ever seen 2 in the one area.

I hope you are rewarding your albatross friends with some food scraps - that is if you can spare some!

Maybe the albatrosses have heard about the chocolate cakes that you cook! If only I had wings... I would follow you as well, waiting for a piece of chocolate cake!

The usual for me the past couple of days, playing golf (had a 72 yesterday) and a slower day of practice today (needed the rest).

Anyway, have another good rest while you can and keep in touch.

Seeya gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

windsong said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to hear the latest. Not far to 'The Horn' and to have Mum And Dad there above you watching the great event - we are all so proud of you here in Tassie.
The word verification that is used when you submit a blog is almost always appropriate to your posting - this one has the word 'mist' in it!
Stay warm, stay safe, have fun,
Infinite blessings,

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

What a great treat for you! A moment of calm to make sure everything on EPL is ready for the rounding. A few albatross close by to supervise and observe any work you need to do, and your mum and dad, I presume standing on a big rock somewhere, cheering you on. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Well, maybe it could get better if you could get your heater working.

I am sure there are hundreds commenting on your bog wishing they could have the opportunity to stand beside your mum and dad as you make the rounding. What a moment that will be.

Presently, here in Georgia, we had snow yesterday and our roads are pretty much frozen over. So, we'll stay put today. Fortunately, my heat is working.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

bengt said...

New voyage tracker marks have been published now. I have transferred them to Excel and made my calculations. Jessica, you have made great progress! You have gained one day to the schedule! The ETA at Cape Horn seems to be a day earlier than I thought! On Monday and Tuesday you went 191+188 nm, 8 knots average! It was windy and cold, but you did certainly not coward out!

These are the latest markers:
01-jan 54°51S 102°10W − 111 nm that day
02-jan 55°11S 100°27W − 62 nm that day
03-jan 55°00S 97°49W − 91 nm that day
04-jan 54°52S 92°18W − 191 nm that day
05-jan 55°59S 87°04W − 188 nm that day
06-jan 55°51S 83°36W − 117 nm that day
07-jan 55°48S 81°25W − 73 nm that day

And Dilip Donde has not gained much at all. It seems he will not to catch you at all before Cape Horn. On New Year he wrote that the distance was 350 nm, and until Jan 6th he has gone 161, 109, 125, 162, 129 and 119 nm per day. And Jessica you did 111, 62, 91, 191, 188 and 117 nm per day those day. So the distance on Wednesday 6th should still be 300 nm! The marker for Jessica on Wednesday is at 83°35W and Dilip has a marker that day at 93°55W. It is not easy to catch a pink boat. 

Glenda said...

Wow, great pic and becalmed looks good to me. Weather and sea seems very unpredictable though so in the excitement I know you will, of course, stay watchful! What a fantastic achievement - enjoy the moment that you have so thoroughly earned. Your parents must be so proud and how wonderful they may see you round the Cape. Everyone is cheering you on from here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, great news about your parents coming out to see you round the Horn! So, I take it they'll be able to see you from the mainland??

And what's your plan of attack for getting around the Horn? Will you be doing anything differently? Any idea what the weather is going to be like yet?

Take care out there!


bernie777 said...

Fantastic news Jessica you are great... and not to be bogged down by blogs...rounding the Horne post as many photos as you can lol bernie777....

Bluefin said...

Hello again Jesse,
I was so thrilled about your parents that I forget to mention those beautiful Albatross!

I just did some research on them and found that they can live for 50 years and have been recorded travelling 550 miles a day and flying up to 50 mph. In a single foraging flight an Albatross can cover an incredible 1800 to 9300miles. A distance greater than the diameter of earth! I think that means all that time without touching down on land in the Southern Ocean. You are in very good company down there and they obviously think the same about you. :-)
Research came from:

All the very best
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

John said...

First time caller, Long time listener.
I am an expat Ozy diving instructor in Alicante Spain. Just wanted to let you know your blog is the first thing I look forward to every day. It makes me incredibly proud to be an OZy and bridges the gap with home for me. My goal is to live the life of a cruising sailor and waiting for a crewing passage at the moment. I read a while back about you not having much luck fishing here is a good resource of information:
Expat OZy John

Anonymous said...

It must be a great feeling knowing that your mum and dad will be so close as you round Cape Horn. They will be so proud of you. I'm following your progress and check in everynight. I hope your heater starts working soon. I'm hopeless when it comes to cold weather, but I'm much older than you and believe me it makes a difference. I live in Adelaide and we are having temps of 41-43c over this weekend. So if you get cold, just think of those hot Aussie days and hopefully that'll warm you up.
Take care,

Auckland NZ - Judy said...

Hi Jessica

My grandson Caleb (7) is back home after a holiday "on the farm" with his other grandparents. He loves their dog...border collie named Wag...

Today he was with me while his mum (my daughter..Anita) and his dad went to work.

We checked out your little pink yacht icons and how close they are now to Cape Horn.

I told him your neat story of the dolphin who stayed with you for 6 hours. He loved that story as he loves dolphins.

NZ has a famous dolphin named Pelorus Jack who escorted/guided ships through a stretch of water in Cook Strait (between Nth & Sth Islands) between 1888 and 1912.

A sailor on the SS Penguin attempted to shoot Pelorus Jack but his attempt failed fortunately and Pelorus Jack continued to escort/guide the ships between Wellington & Nelson in waters near D'Urville Island - except the SS Penguin which was later shipwrecked.

To this day Pelorus Jack is used as a symbol for the interisland ferries and the symbol is seen on the funnels of all the ferries.


Judy & Caleb
Auckland NZ

Scott said...

That'll be great to wave at your parents as you pass by. As if rounding the Cape wasn't exciting enough.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

That's so cool Jess! (Your Mum and Dad) (They ROCK!!!)


Anonymous said...

PS: Regarding your photo - How big are those birds?!? Didn't realise the Albatross was so big...

Nice to see a calm sea too - bet you're enjoying the break.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,FANTASTIC NEWS.Everyone is So Proud of your achievements..None more so than your Mum and Dad I'm sure.I'm thrilled for you all and so pleased your family can share in the sight of your rounding the Horn!!!!WOW!!!!
Sally from Melbourne (wishing I could be there too)

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
I am so glad to hear from you Pet, I was a little concerned about the rough weather you were experiencing but in my heart of hearts knew you could handle it no problems just a bit bumpy.

What a wonderful treat your mum and dad are giving you, flying out to be with you as you cross from one ocean to the next.

Glad you were able to get the block fixed but disappointed the heater has failed you.

I guess you are trying to check all the things that popped up during the blow and plugging any leaks ready for the next storm.

Again Pet glad to hear from you and love the photo. Miss your lovely smiling face though.
Take care
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

PS Can you tell me the brand of the heater so I can look up some dimensions in an old life I was a lady plumber.

David said...

Hi Jessica, I was the Navigating Officer on board HMS Endurance when Chay Blyth in British Steel went round Cape Horn the wrong way - East to West in 1971. The sea was nice and calm then and I hope you have similar weather for your trip to the Atlantic past the cape. Be safe.
David - Tasmania

Anonymous said...

That will surely be a bittersweet moment, seeing your parents and waving goodbye at the same time.
Enjoy a good cry and push on .
Be brave. We're all still pulling for you.
Arnie in Canada

David and Una said...

Hi Jess,

Glad to hear you weren't being knocked about and to see that there is less than 450nm to the exciting for you, your crew, your team and the millions of deck hands reading every blog.

It is marvellous reading the blogs of the international crew and to see the times they are posted.

Stay safe.

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
How exciting for you that your parents are on their way for a fly-over above you as you enter into history. I bet you can't wait to get a glimpse of them. Then of course there's your friend Dilip, who must be very close behind you now. I'm so thrilled for you, especially considering you haven't seen another person since 18th October.
I saw on passage Weather that you'd probably be becalmed today and on through tomorrow. I hope you manage to catch up on some quality sleep, not to mention a good feed (fish would be delish) and of course lots of fluids. It's great too that you'll get a chance to have a good look around the deck so as to get on top of any tell tale signs needing attention.
Well hun, you take good care of yourself, enjoy the excitement of the next couple of days and bye for now...Sam XX

To Adrian...YES, the man is (was) a light house keeper. :-)) Too easy!

Here's another...What falls but doesn't break and what breaks but doesn't fall?

Cheers...Sam :-))

Mike said...

Wow. Nice Job handling the southern ocean and getting through the mechanical issues!
What a wonderful thing to have mum and dad fly over as you 'round the Horn! Wave and say hello for me! I hope they can get a picture and post it on the web, and you of them?! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Stay alert, warm and healthy.
Welcome to our longitude! Pleasure to have you sailing by!
Liftiing you and your team up in prayer daily!
Grace Fellowship Church.
North Stonington, Ct. USA

tom said...

I don't really know the first thing about sailing, but massive respect to you for doing it, I'm sure its a good test. best of luck and take care!!!!!

Tom, UK

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
yes great birds them albertos, liked the albertos story too!
Keep them pictures coming and videos too, please!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Exciting times ahead! Can't wait to hear of the encounter! What a fabulous plan. Hope we get to see some video footage shot from the plane and Ella's Pink Lady.
Stay safe
Gillian, France

Bruce Watt said...

Hi all Jessica's fans. Is their a computer expert among you. I cant get the voyage map to open. It first comes up as a grey screen then fades into black and cant see a thing. Why ? Have fiddled with the security settings but to no avail. So have been using Dilip's map for a rough position on Jess. Help?

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
I suppose you would be just a bit frustrated at being becalmed at this stage of your journey but it is a good time to catch up,eat, sleep, rest and do your check list around EPL, chat with the stuffy crew and such...
And how great Mum and Dad to cheer you around the Cape. Be sure to say G'day to them from all of us and I guess there will be lots of waving and tears. (Will you be able to actually see them somehow?)
Hope the wind picks up for you Jesse - not too much though - eat some chocolate and try to rest in all your excitment.
Love Aunty Chris, Tamworth, NSW, Oz.

samurai said...

To blogger Bengt
January 8, 2010 9:58 PM

You read my mind. Thanks for that interesting input. You saved me the trouble.


Karel said...

OMG, I have butterflies in my tummy. I can only imagine how you must feel. Best of luck around the cape...Hopefully will be heading there myself in a few years...

Jay-Sea said...

Hi Jess will you pass close enough to the Cape that you might get a climpse of Mum and Dad Sorry you couldn't get that heater working I feel for you as I hate the cold
Keep warm and stay safe

Bruce Watt said...

Hey Jess
It would be great if your parents could bring a spare heater with them in the bottom of their luggage as you rounded the Cape. They coud have it airdropped to ELP. Guess due to extreme cold you wont want to be to far south of land as you round the bottom. but their again im am not a nagigational expert; you are awesome. :)
Go Jess go.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic) Oz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Great pictures thanks a lot! I am so glad that your parents are doing this trip, It is fantastic!

I hope the weather conditions continue to be good for you and Cdr Donde.

To Bruce,

To see the map you need a plugin that you can download in
And probably you need to enable the use of plugins in the security options of the browser. Hope this helps you.

Best wishes to you all.


Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Anytime you are
becalmed, especially in the Southern Ocean and closing in on Cape Horn must be like having a
weekend off. Except for you it's
time to get your ship in order.
Great,that you have plenty of wildlife for company and especially
wonderful is that your parents are
going to meet up with you. It will be so awesome to see them. I hope they bring you some mail, goodies,
and a whole lot of love and ecouragement. Be Safe! Be Happy!
Blow Kisses! Godspeed!

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks for another great pic. Those albatrosses really are huge! How exciting that Mum and Dad will be there soon! We are all very happy for you. I hope that while you are becalmed that you get a chance to work on that pesky heater (optional equipment? I think not!). Getting that thing going would definitely be worth celebrating!

To the Horn!

Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

gustav said...

Hi Jesse,

Looked out of my Sydney window tonight on this friday eve 21:00 pm and there was a clear sky with the constellation of Orion right above my window.

My favourite star in Orion is Betelgeuse the red supergiant a 1000 times bigger than our sun with 20 times the mass of the sun. Who can ever imagine the awesome power and beauty of our universe?

Betelgeuse shines down peacefully orange golden from the left shoulder of Orion who is seen upside down in my southern sky.

Those stars have been there with us forever and it is good to know that some things in this world will never change.

Like those Albatross resting on the water near the Ella's Pink Lady as you slowly and safely are sailing onwarts to Cape Horn.

I thought of you and how great it would be to stand at the Cape Horn and watch
Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady sail past and through Drakes passage.What an amazing experience that would be.

Some time later as I switched on my computer I read Jessica's latest post:

"Becalmed today, but the Albatrosses have joined us again.Only 450nm to Cape Horn and I'm even more excited now as Mum and Dad flew out of Australia today to watch Ella's Pink Lady rounding the Cape!"-Jesse-

It can't possibly get much more exciting than this! Mum and Dad at the Cape Horn!

Now theres a good News story if ever I saw one so I hope that the news media will be there to record the moment in time when Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady will sail around Cape Horn and through Drakes passage.

What News in this world could be more exciting newsworthy or important right now ?

gustav haffner

Momma C said...

Hey Jessica;

Thank you for the picture of the albatross. What great company for you! Nice to see that the sea is calm for you (rest and any maintenance)

I hope the weather around the horn will allow your parents to watch you sail on by!

Keep up the great work!

Momma C
Potter Valley, California

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
What a thrill it is to hear that your Mum and Dad will be there to see you when round the cape.
Take care.
Robin , Stephanie & Caitlin Dunton
Penrith N.S.W

Jonathan@Tooradin said...

Mum and Dad coming out to see you round the Cape - thats great news Jess ! I'm assuming they will remain landside.

I had a chuckle looking at the oh so nonchalant Albie's or should we call them 'Trosses or better yet we'll name them.....
Curly (for Carlisle)
Jo (for Josephine) ....and....
Moe (for Murgatroyd) !

I'm already thinking about your next leg through Drake's passage and then on to the next Cape ! Sail on Silver Girl, Sail on by !

Good Luck


To Bruce Watt : Try downloading the google earth plugin to view the track on a 3D looking globe rather than a flat map - gives you a much better perspective. There should be a link to this plugin on the same page as the track map. If not then I suggest you go to your internet options and delete all your internet history and then reboot your computer and restart your browser and go back to Jess' home page. Being semi-literate with computers, thats the best I can offer.

mimo said...

Hey J,
Good to hear that you are well and I'm just as excited for you that you hopefully catch a glimpse of your parents round Cape Horn,

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

wow Jesse, you are living and experiencing nature in all its diverse beauty! from big waves and speed to peace and calm.. what a fantastic adventure..
with you all the way,
mel of yenda

Aus said...

Oh I'm getting as excited as you are I think..........How fabulous that your parents will hopefully see you. But the heartaches at not being able to hug you. As a parent I'd be happy but gutted at the same time!!

Glad you got the mainsail sorted but if the heaters not going to work just pile on more clothes. You'll prob feel like the Michelin man ....and we want a pic of that!! lol.
Hope you have good weather for your rounding and it all goes without a hitch. They had film of you on the Ch 7 local news up here (covers the Sunshine coast to Bundabery) and are giving nightly updates on you now.

Heading up to Australia Day and I reckon you and your parents will be the proudest Aussies around with this big even under your belt!!

Gooooo rock!!

Philip of Brisbane said...

You're going wonderfully well, Jessica. Keep it up and stay well and warm, little Aussie champ!

Paul from Brisbane said...

Hi Jes, are you able to give an estimate of the day you will round the horn? I would guess Monday or Tuesday. Stay Safe, Paul from Brisbane.

samurai said...

Hey Jess, me again.
I just had another look at your latest pic and noticed the two albatrosses sitting on the water are making out, how cute is that :-))
I must add that once again, a great shot and beautifully composed with the boat bits included. Thanks for sharing.

To blogger Carol Florida U.S.A.
January 7, 2010 11:11 PM
Your Dolphin story was so enchanting and would make a wonderful, illustrated childrens story book. I can almost visualise it. You should do it yourself. Why not? You can do it, I'm sure.

To Sally from Melbourne, dear Sally...that's is so cute! You're so good at creative spontaneity.

To Hezakiah299, dear Michael...hope you like my new pic although a bit hard to see what Albert Ross is saying.

Love to all and take care...Sam

Mary said...

Wooot wooooot wooooot!!!!!

Heya, Jess!

Thrilling news to hear from you and to hear your excitement. Your parents are SO cool!

The love and excitement from your fanclub is so palpable.....we'll all be swallowing the lumps in our throats and shedding tears of joy and release for you as you travel the coast of the Horn, waving at Mum and Dad.

May you have warmth, good health and good food as well as GREAT sailing over the next few days.

With deep oceanic love to you,
Mary, Maine, USA

Deborah said...

Wow Jesse

Thats fantastic that your mum n dad can get over to Argentina to see you round the horn.

What an absolutely fantastic moment.

And yes you should be mega excited about

Im loving reading some of the stories the other bloggers are writing too...Smile

I recon some of that excitement should be able to keep you a little

Stay safe....bed time now

Deb and the Guinea's

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jesse, So good to see you again, I am loving it. How big are those Alba's, they are huge !! That photo really does shows their size...definitely A380 like.

Great news about Mum and Dad going to see you round the Cape. As much as they love EPL for the fine job she is doing, I am sure their eyes will be on you !! You will be able to see them easily, they will be glowing and just the proudest parents in the world. Enjoy Jesse, have fun you deserve the very best. Cheers.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
It's nice to have some calm weather, but I think it's the last thing you really wont, I'm sure you would like to get and around the Horn as soon as possible, but the weather can be a fickle thing.
What a nice surprise that would have been, hearing that your parents will be watching your round the Horn, or did you know this may happen?
I think getting to a place like Cape Horn by air would be a marathon in it self, so that's fantastic effort. Watching you going past the Horn will be something they will never forget.
So get a move on, or they will beat you there.
So hope the weather is kind to you over the next 3 or 4 days, good luck.
Keep having fun and keep SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

ToSeeTheSea said...

Hello Jesse

I'm sitting in the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club. Guts (The Vice Comodore) has lent me his laptop to see how you are getting on. He says a big hi from all here. Your close now it won't be long before your heading to warmer latitudes. Keep up the good work, your routines will get you through. Remember we humans are unique inthat we can control what we think, keep it mostly positive.

Bob said...

Go! Go! Go! Almost there. Me and my whole fmaily are here in Philadelphia cheering you onward! You're our hero!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Great as usual to read your news, and todays news that your parents will be able to see you round Cape Horn, gave me goose bumps. And to see that several albatrosses are visiting you again, feels good.
I can see your nice smile.
I do hope that you have fixed the heater. With -11C this morning I have had the log fire going all day. Take care, and sail on safe.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Stephen said...

Hello Jessica,
That is awesome that your parents are going to watch you sail around the Horn. It is truly an incredible experience that you and your family are sharing with us. I know your parents have to be very proud of you!
Keep up the good work...
Steve Z

Anonymous said...

Go Girl round the horn and on to Good Hope!! Here's to good water and wind and fair sailing.

Bestest Wishes

Garry Surfinaus

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, It is exciting that your Mum and Dad are going to be watching you sail around the Cape but I can see it being very tough on all of you emotionally. All of you will be so close but still so far. It will no doubt give you a stronger resolve to complete this quest for yourself and everyone else. After you pass the Cape and the tears of joy and some sadness subside it will be back to the task at hand and onward to Sydney!!! As you round the Cape give your parents a big wave for all of us. I know that as they watch you and Ella's Pink Lady sail by the pride they feel in their hearts will feel like it's going to jump out of them. They will feel like they are walking on air for many days after that momentous event!! As you round the Cape stand tall in Ella's Pink Lady and feel proud yourself of the feat that you have accomplished so far on your quest. Sail safe young lady, be well and dream big!!! Your long distant friend Larry (

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see that the southern seas are not so wild, according to the pic. I hope it stays that way for you.


Shane said...

Love the idea that Dolphins are keeping an eye on you. They really are the dogs of the sea. Man (or womans) best friend out there for sure.

I get sea sick in the bath, and I can't imagine what its like in the rough seas, but I'm very excited for you approaching the cape.

Look after yourself, and keep up the great blogs.

RICHARD said...

It is amazing how much the conditions change daily on the open sea. One wonders how a girl so young has become a fearless Captain with such grace and patients. Your attitude is astonishing and we all find it admirable.

Where do you suppose the birds go when the stormy weather hits? Shelter is really not an option.

I am sure, with this break in the weather, you are catching up on much needed and deserved, rest. Cudos!

Will your parents actually be able to see EPL? Will you be able to see them?

Good sailing.


See Ya Sailor!

Kara in the U.S. said...

Love that your parents will be able to see you! Best of luck - you're amazing.

lswinter said...

Jan 8th on 34°52'24"N x 80°44'53"W

Hello Jessica,

Near as I can figure it, our location in North Carolina must be about on the same Long, as you. Current time at this writing is: 7:30 AM EST (UTC -5) at the JAARS-Townsend Airport.

The beginning of each day finds us looking at your blog and the news page on your website. We are hungry for the latest in your epic journey. There are many exciting things ahead as you complete each of the many days till you’re back in Sidney with your family and fans. But you have such a majorly big one coming up as you pass under South America. Knowing the history of this part of the globe, we are praying for your successful passage into the Atlantic.

We are very interested in how your Mom and Dad will manage to observe your passage under SA. We're sure you'll be giving the details soon.

May God meet your every need and keep you keenly aware of all that goes on around you in and above the sea.

Leon and for Sally

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24, NIV)

Andy said...

Hi Jesse,

great to read your posts again, I was a little worried for you in these last days, but I see everything is fine with you again.

Great that your parents flewn to Horn Cape to see you while you are circling: you are reaching a great milestone!

Give an hug to albatross by my side! :-)

Keep on, cheers from Italy


Jim said...

Hi Jessica

Not surprised your becalmed, I had a look at the satellite picture of the area you’re in and looks so clear, sending you some positive vibes and stronger but safe winds, Jessica did you see your ‘cold’ post had 650 plus comments, you are not alone!!!! is this a record for the blog so far? You and chick and co are doing one fantastic job on EPL.

To WOLFHOUND, aka brian in NY - A while back you posted a fantastic piece on this blog about how society and governments etc. do everything in their power to block our sense of adventure and people following their dreams, If possible I would love it to be posted again as it is so applicable to this amazing adventure Jessica is on – thanks if you can.

To TONY L (Mt Martha VIC) jan.8th 3.17pm – You are spot on about the wonderful part the shore team are playing, here! here!

but most importantly JESSICA – hope you read Carol’s beautiful dolphin story, No.1 comment on blog 7th January, sure you have, how wonderful your parents are heading down to Cape Horn, I am so very happy for you and immensely proud of you. What a special, beautiful young lady you are!!!! :-)Never mind about a heater to keep you warm, literally thousands sending you love and support will provide with all the warmth you require. Glad you enjoy us bloggers commenting to each other.
Sail on Sailor girl.
Perth, Western Australia

Paula said...

Great news! I expect some calm water isn't totally unwelcome after the "bouncy" conditions you've had lately. Looks like the albatrosses are enjoying a gentle sit-down too.

I'm so glad your parents are on their way to see you round the Cape. Will they be able to see you from land, or will they be in another boat and be able to get close? My heart swells with the pride they must be feeling right now.

I am seriously considering a trip to Australia to welcome you home. I've always wanted to visit your homeland anyway, and this would make a wonderful excuse! I'm sure it'll be a cast of thousands down at the dock.

Brian Riley said...

Hi, Jessica, an amazing photo of the albatross, there is a nesting colony of gray headed Albatross at approx.
W68.45' S56.30' it does appear they glide on the wind for hundreds of miles, and to pick you out what a blessing for you to experience on this epic venture. The moment your parents fly over will be something you will always treasure in the future, you are an inspiration to us all, sailors or not, young and the old, congratulations on achieving this monumental moment.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. Qld.

z said...

Hi Jessica, love the photos. Like all your extended "family" we are looking forward to you rounding the Horn. Your Mum and Dad must be so proud.


Summersailor said...

Hi Jess:

Now, I guess is another good time to check everything on deck to make sure all is working properly, while in this calm period.
U sound so excited to hear your parents have flown off to be near u when u round the Horn. This is fantastic + must be very up lifting. Maybe they can fly out to the Falkland Is. to wave to u as u tuck up near that area for a rest.:-D
Looks like those Albatross like your company. :-))

Enjoy + wish u well.


janel said...

Oh that gives me huge goose bumps knowing your folks will be there watching you and waving arms and sending smiles to see their girl round the horn. ENJOY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 17:6
Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.

Good morning, Jesse! Becalmed in the Southern Ocean. What a picture.

You are 16 and all alone down there, supported every inch of the way by your parents, and now they fly all the way to the tip of that continent just to catch a glimpse of you and allow you to be energized and encouraged by a brief, far-away glimpse of them. And then, that will carry you on toward Africa. Amazing. They are indeed the pride of their child, enabling and allowing you to make this journey and dream, and loving you like no others. Yep, that relationship can be a great thing. You are fortunate.

Today I will be praying about that last few hundred miles to the Cape and the miles beyond, for your good progress with safety, good rest, and warmth. Also, for safe passage for your parents, and that they will indeed get to see you.

What a story. Remember, God loves his children unconditionally, sacrificially, without limits. Enjoy!

sarge said...

Hi Jessica
I am glad that your parents will see You & EPL round the cape.
All the best girl

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica, You are so loved..I am sure your parents will be so thrilled to see you rounding the cape as I am sure we all are!
Have a great day.
Safe sailing,
Jersey Shore Mom

Anonymous said...

Good luck rounding the Cape. My third grade class is cheering for you. We're also really cold here too buried in about 9 inches of snow and ice. You rock!!!

David said...

Hi, Jess, what fun for you to have your parents wave at you and the Pink Lady and witness your passing the Everest point in ocean sailing. Your blogs have been a joy for me to read, all 9,500 nm's of them. Continue to be careful.

Your adopted parent, David Indiana

Lady Elaine said...

You are an AMAZING woman, and one that will leave her mark on the world. To be able to see, do and exoerience wqhat you are doing is remarkable to say the least, I envy you on so many levels. To not take risks, is not my girl, are LIVING!!! I am SO very proud of are a glowing example of what the human spirit can do.

May God guard thee from the dangers of the sea.


Alessandro Machi said...

So what do the birds think of your craft?

Anonymous said...

I'm super excited about your folks being able to see you round the horn. I imagine there will be tears of pride.

Lori (Western Wa)

sp. said...

Jesse, the pics are wonderful. As you near land, I would be most interested if you catch some of that on camera too.

Wishing you all the best and loving every minute of your web diary, videos and google 3-D imaging as you near Cape Horn.


West Country, UK.

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
we are all basking in your glory of conquering the high seas!
Say hail to them albertos!
Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

What a great photo of the albatross' and the calm sea. I am sure this will change as soon as you get closer to the Cape. It is going to be a big thrill for your Mum & Dad, and of course your family of friends to see you rounding the cape. What am accomplishment !
Safe sailing, to you and EPL, also your feathered friends accompanying you on your epic journey. Best wishes as always...Russ/Calgary

el grande said...

Becalmed isn't always a bad thing, eh? Enjoy the rest, catch up on some sleep, and I'm betting your Mom & Dad will be bursting with pride when they see you!! Good job!

Ken said...

Congratulations Jessica on getting through those rough storms. I know I know - people say it on this site all the time but you really are amazing!! It brought tears to my eyes that your parents will see you round the Cape. They must be so incredibly proud of you!!

Cheers, Ken in San Diego, California

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
I was very touched to read that you read our comments to your blogs and enjoyed them. After the early hard go you had before the start of your trip, I pledged as a fellow sailor to support you and lend my support throughout your entire voyage.
Ever since I started following your trip I have been thinking about the challenges you are facing now as you round the Horn, and traverse the Southern Ocean back to Australia. When I look at youtubes of the waters off of Cape Horn, I get either goosebumps, or else a lump in my throat thinking about you in your tiny craft among the huge swells.
You are not a "perfectly normal, average sized sixteen year old" as you said in the Sixty Minutes video, but a giant!

Won't be Long Now!
Richard W

PS Great that your folks will buzz you in a jet! Keep an eye out for freighters and the occasional "funny" wave..

hezakiah299 said...

01-08-10 @ 10:41
Hi Jessica,
Boy oh boy, I fell behind on the “Cold” blog and I’m having one hell-uv-a time trying to catch up. Things are happening fast, so many posts to read, you’re so near the Cape. I’m glad to see that the folks are flying out to see you at the Cape, that is fantastic. What a monumental time for your family, They must be so proud. I’ll bet they go thru some film. LOL….

For Mary from Maine: Good advice for new bloggers.
For Tony L:. Excellent suggestion for newcomers. Lots of very important information is in the beginning blogs, making it easier to understand Jessica’s position today. Good one Tony.
For Worker Bev: All your blogs are special…not to worry..

Looks like the Albatross are going to lead the way to the Cape for you, I’d take that as a good sign.
I’ll be back, I’m trying to get myself organized and I’m not doing a very good job of it.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

SaltyDog said...


Becalmed in the Furious 50’s, 450 nm from Cape Horn. Kind of like being stopped in the middle of the freeway with no traffic around. But what a fantastic photo of the Albatross. Kind of nice to have the company while you have a slow spell I suppose. Now who do you think will be more excited when you round the Cape, you or Mum and Dad? I can tell you that you will probably hear a group cheer coming from around the world also. I’m looking forward to it, Jess.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Becky said...

Hey Jessica!

Nice picture. What is your cabin temp? I hope you get a little warmth to get your body back to normal. I also hope you are getting some good rest so you will be ready for the next hard days!

Take care of you...

SaltyDog said...

To Hezakiah299,

You are a gem. I read one of your comments on Abby’s blog where you not only expressed your sincere dedication and support to the young sailors like Jessica, Abby, and Laura, but you defended all of us “mature” individuals who are supporting them. Not only are your comments always entertaining but obviously come from the heart. Michael, you can lead my army of “old farts” into battle any day. I applaud your loyalty to all of the young adventures.

And where are them scallywags when you need them…..

From Seattle, WA, USA

Sol-Britt said...

Great girl great parents : D

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

All our hearts and prayers are with you, Jess! Even though your mom and dad will be near, and that would be a huge emotional boost and a bust-with-pride moment for all of you, STAY FOCUSED. When I was 18 and so proud driving on the Los Angeles freeway for the first time with my parents behind me in another car, I was so excited and distracted I nearly sideswiped another car hanging lanes because I was looking in the rear view mirror at my parents instead of the other cars!

I had nightmares after watching the You Tubes suggeted by others, including 1000 ft tankers going through 50 foot waves around Cape Horn--nasty. Now we're terrified for you and praying all the more. What else can we do?

To: Poppa Bear CAIRNS QLD Thank you for the links. I'm such a weather freak!

To: Bruce Watt: My computer at work does the same thing due to filters preventing this and that. Borrow another computer or see if some geeky tech can change it. It's possibly the server if you are connected to one.

Gosh, all you fellow blog friends/family are so super. What a world community for you, Jess, and our hearts are also with your family and shore crew who can't fly out to see you.

In that pic behind the albatross group, is that land there at the horizon???

Love, honor, respect and thanks to you, Jess,
Your Pink Fan Family in Northern Nevada, USA
(also becalmed and misty on the high desert today)
Patricia, Richard and John

Rob said...

I can't believe your mom and dad get to watch you round the cape! That is so cool! I'm sure you will tell us about it but will they be sailing out in a boat to say hello, or flying over head? It looks gorgeous out there! Cheers
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

fantastic effort! be safe.

Phil in Idaho said...

Wow! Becalmed in the Southern Ocean!Who would have thought. It's very cool your folks can watch you rounding the cape!! Glad you are having the time of your life!

Fox Maho said...

What a fortune to have family who loves and supports you... You're so lucky, Jesse! Your Mum and Dad are incredible. If I only had such parents probably I wouldn't search the whole world for love as I do now. Someday I'm gonna have my family too. Someday maybe...
Fox. Moscow, Russia.

jwb777 said...

What a beautiful gift --to wave a hearty "HELLO --see I really am OK" to your parents. It will be an enormous emotional lift for everyone of you. And what a celebration your rounding the Cape is going to be --you, Mum & Dad flying over (?), dolphins, albatross', and your huge 'cyberpod' (as Richard W says --love that one!) glued to our computer screens, perhaps even your former boss and Dilip!!! 'Think it is safe to say that no one has ever rounded Cape Horn with so many cheers and good wishes as you!!!!

Am eagerly awaiting the celebration. BUT, even at celebrations, ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST!
It's almost time for these cheers to begin!


Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Ron said...

You're becalmed but you deserve a day of rest. Enjoy the birds and the smooth seas. I envy your parents being able to watch you round the horn. If they'd give you to me then I'd come watch. :)
Ron (your wanna be dad)- Alabama USA

Staffan said...

Im happy for you that your parents will be hiking at the cliffs of Cape Horn. Hope for good visibility.

Be careful out there.


Bob B said...

The excitment rises with each nautical mile left behind. I don't think there would be time to get down there but I would to do what your parents are going to be doing.You will just have to do it again so I can make plans.:)Good sailing and we are ALL anxiously looking forward to the rounding.GrandpaBob in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie, my big brother suggests could your parents motorboat out to see you for an hour or so without disqualifying your trip?

John, Colorado, USA (Big Brother Jimmy in Kentucky, USA)

Anonymous said...

Skip,Ohoy Captain Jessica.Nice photo of those Albatrosses(Sailors)yes you have good company out there and its varming my heart to see that your parents will salute you when you passing the Cape.It will be a lot trafick so watch out for those ships,keep your distance,a svinging sailboatmast need it,space hehe.G-dspeed.Happy Sailing.From:Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

Anonymous said...

Whew, glad to hear things have calmed a bit. Hope you see your Mum and Dad. I can hardly bare the excitement - rounding the Cape! You go Woman!

Outer Banks, NC USA

Robert said...

Hello Jess:

How is the heater doing??

Stay Safe and kind of warm.....

You are providing more inspiration than you will ever know...

Bob and Family from Denver CO...

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica!

The Grade 2 Killer Whales and I are at school and just read your latest blog. Great picture of the albatrosses!
We all hope that you are staying warm and dry. We can't wait to move "Ella's Pink Lady" around the cape on our wall chart.

Good-bye from: Jordan, Tristan, Jake, Ethan, Cyan, Jason, Zoe, Phoenix, Chris, Isabel, Salena, Keith, Ethan, Julia, Adam, Riley, Matthew, Abby, Kai, Taylor, Graham, Raleigh and Paul.

I have just been told to include:
"Orca" (our class mascot)
and "Jamie" (our class lizard)

Neil said...

Great going Jess.

Janet said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for taking your fingers out of your warm gloves and taking the time to post. Love the albatross pics and that they are keeping you company! I think of you all the time and give my three boys and husband updates during dinner. We are in continued awe of your adventure and bravery - especially when you went up the mast to change the sails. Keep up the great work. Many prayers go out to you from Ohio my friend.

Janet in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

GO GO GO Jessica !!!

Glad to hear your Mum and Dad are on their way out ---- what a neat experience.

Getting closer to land you'll no doubt be seeing an increase in the bird activity.


trugannini said...

Well, I'll be blowed. Becalmed in the Southern Ocean! Those birds are having a meeting about your adventure, and how best to keep you safe.
May the breezes soon blow Jesse.

Thinking of you dear girl, sail on.

Forster NSW

Anonymous said...

Myriam from Malta :
Great Jessica. Good Luck on rounding the Horn. You are so lucky to have your parents fly over to watch such an event! Great support.Go on girl! You are doing great. Keep your lovely pics coming and I look forward to reading your blog. I'm addicted and supporting you from here. Take care. Myriam

Chris Coles-Morales said...

Hi there,
Oh wow!! Wishing I could fly out to the Cape to watch you rounding it,will have to just live vicariously through your blog,:D
Nice that you get a break from the weather. How's the equipment holding up?
I was wondering if anybody would mind putting up that network url for Google Earth so I can track Jess on mine with the weather? ty ahead if possible.
You go girl!!!! I am cheering you on in spirit as you make it to the second goal...
If it is not too impertinent,
a big hug!!
chris in calif

Jan said...

hi gorgeous girl, its getting really exciting now. cheers canterbury nz.

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

Whoo Whoo - glad your parents will be there to see you go round - hope they take pictures and share them with us. ~ Susan

Bob from Seattle said...

Well Miss Captain brave soul,

You are surely bursting with excitement and I can't blame you. Always the curious type I am trying to picture how your parents will be able to see you. Here's my guess. They'll charter a small plane from Ushuaia, also known as "the most active gateway to Antarctica". If they do, we should expect to see a pic of EPL from above with you waving with both arms. Gives me goose bumps just to think of it. Or they could take off from Punta Arenas where Saito-San had his 56 footer repaired not long ago after an attempt of The Horn from East to West. I hope your Mum and Dad have a chance to explore Tierra de Fuego while there. It looks very beautiful with all the wind swept trees.

Glad you were becalmed for awhile which can't last forever.

Stay focused girl and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sharing in your excitement to round the cape! You are such a brave girl! What an accomplishment.....your life is going to be full of many of've got the spirit! Brought tears to my eyes to read that your parents are going to watch you round the cape! I'm sure they will be teary too! Good luck Jessica & thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us! You have become a huge part of our everyday, & occupy our thoughts often!

katsola said...

Cool. That's so neat that your parents will be able to view you rounding the Cape. So exciting, you are such a great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that your parents will be there to share in your moment! Just think .. once you round the Cape, Australia will be almost dead ahead! Just a few continents to sail under and you'll be back home before you know it! LOL

Stay safe, and congratulations on this upcoming milestone. So excited for you and your team !!

Sherry Price
Crofton, Maryland USA

Dukehaus said...

Howdy Jesse! How exciting to hear from you and know that for now, you have some calm conditions so you can accomplish any little jobs that need tending to before rounding the Cape! It is such a joy to know that Mum and Dad may get a glimpse of you!
If it were possible I know we'd all send an airplane with a big banner reading 'GO JESSE, WE LOVE YOU!!' to fly overhead. Actually I think God took care of that for us by sending the albatross to check in on you.
Many thanks to BENGT for posting your progress and positions, you are really putting the miles behind you! We are all sending our prayers, white light and love for your safety and continued amazing determination! Sail on!
Kim and Bill
Cheyenne, WY, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Nice photo
Enjoy the rest
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Dear Jess,

While you inspire many of your journey followers/blog readers (including me!), I thought about someone who’s story might inspire you when I learned the other night about Amy Johnson on the UK’s Antique Roadshow television program (a somewhat embarrassing admission).

According to the Antique Roadshow host she flew from South London, Britain to Darwin, Australia in 1930 solo! 11,000 miles! Wow!

Truly inspirational: you, Amy and the human potential. We are capable of such great dreams.

Sail on!

US Virgin Islands

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

I, too, am checking your blog first thing every morning. I agree that it is a wonderful gift from your parents to see you round Cape Horn.

Like Peter and Sally from the Gold Coast said, all of us as parents will be with you in spirit....and I concur with Billy that your parents rock!!

What a triumphant moment we all will be able to share with you.


Newport Beach, California

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

Very inspiring to follow your journey, to watch your strong and free mind. I wish you all the luck in the world!

Anne, from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Live your dream Jess, we are all
with you, just think safe all the time.
nelso far south coast nsw. OZ

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Great pic of the albatross, as someone else said they look like they are having a little party there.

Wow Mum & Dad coming to see you go round, that is fantastic....

Keep up the great work...

Stay safe & as always happy sailing...

Llew said...

Rounding the Cape is a significant physical and emotional milestone Jess. You've done outstandingly well thus far and you will be victorious in your quest to complete this epic, adventurous journey. The world is watching and waiting, fully supportive and very excited for you. Your regular blogs are truly worthwhile reads. I love them.
Llew, Christchurch, NZ

Mike From DE said...

Hey J,

Glad to hear all is well...
Hope there is a way to catch sight of your parents as you run past the Cape, I'm sure you both need that will be tough once you press on, but fight the fight and remember, One day at a time!

Just think a when you look at a map of Chile, How the heck did they get all that ocean front property????

Take good care Jesse, Be strong!
Big wishes from the little Wonder of Delaware....otherwise known as DELAWHERE :-)

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Great to read your post, as always.
Not much to go before you are officially crowned a 'CapeHorner'.
I had half guessed that you Mum and Dad would be coming over. Not surprised in the least. I'm ever so glad for you.
So, just the last bout of straight road for you. Go on, girl, go on.
Crowds of awe-stuck fans are behind you.
Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Hey... a _Great_ blog !!! You're 'right "there" ', no doubts.

Alby pics _excellent_. Thanks for these. :))

If Mum and Dad can take some pics of you 'rounding the tip' on the Big Lefty, it'd be terrific. Maybe you can get a couple of 'horizon' shots, too, if your hands aren't too full with this 'sailing' stuff.... Hahhahhah.

Fine weather and keep safe and well, Jesse.

... Ooc.

maxine maroochydore said...

hi Jess, Amazing the Albatrosses are back to watch over you, with your mum and dad. God Speed Jess, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Carlee said...

Follow you everyday just wanted to tell you how excited I am haha!

Anonymous said...

How awesome, we've been wondering whether, when you get close to land, whether flotillas or just folks make their way out to see you. We're thrilled for you and your Mum & Dad that they're getting to make that trip and to see you. I hope they put up pics of you and Ella as you go by.

Until then, we pray your passage is safe and your parents' travel is as well.

Tom, Missouri, USA

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess
Great to hear from you! It must mean that the weather is a bit calmer, you have had some good rest, and your are on top of the homework situation. School goes back in a few weeks!!!

Jess, I understand that you will be rounding ‘The Horn’ and heading north into calmer waters. I think this is a great idea to rest you and EPL. No use beating up the rigging and yourself if you don’t have to. But, will EPL get sufficient constant good winds to be able to maintain her top boat speed in the more northerly latitudes? 42knots of wind and a 5metre swell is a bit keen but a constant 25knots and 3metre swell would be good. The reason I ask this is that we are all aware that there is some competition preparing to set sail. I am sure that your support team has run the logistics on what the competition is trying to achieve in terms of timing including her course, potential boat speed and age. Your mum and dietician/nutritionist were more than extremely generous in giving her information to help her on her way.

You made it quite clear from the start that it was competitive-game-on with your adventure when you told Jesse that you were going to beat him at arm wrestling. And then there was the little matter of you “smashing” his record – just an aside! I must admit that I SO understand that ensuring that you and EPL get past “The Heads” and even the Sow & Pigs (some boats don’t!) safe and reasonably sound is the absolute priority. But the sailing racer in me does not want to see you get pipped (or is it piped) at the post when a slightly more southerly course would ensure that you maintain excellent boat speed and keep any competition at bay. But I do understand that you crossing the line is about balancing and protecting your three Bs (Boat, Body and Brain [mind]). Personally I think EPL is in a very good ‘Covering’ position; well at least more than the centimeters and seconds that many of us have had between hulls during races.
I am probably being a very bad bad Blogger in bringing the competitive issue up but, up until I became a full-time student again, I had been racing boats for many years and find it hard not to see the competitive side in all of this. Especially as you are about to round your second Buoy (Cape Horn). I can feel myself micro-trimming your sails to achieve the best angles, tension and trim to make EPL slide smoothly through the water at maximum attainable speed – although I understand this is very hard to do 24-7 x 8 months when you need to sleep, cook and eat. Go Parker Go! Although, I understand that racing is the last thing on your mind when you are just trying to get through the day. I clearly need to go sailing! Although it’s fishing this evening with the kids at Wynnum – all too close to the Squadron!

On another point. When you’re sailing through the waters of the passage, best use your SatNav to determine whose waters you are in – it gets tricky at times. And then of course there are the official and unofficial territorial waters. From my past experience, 20 years ago, the two jurisdictions in question got a bit emotional about which flag of hospitality you were flying. Maybe it has all calmed down a bit in the last 20 years. That said, you could always fly a Smiley Flag – do they make them? Maybe even pop one of your stuffed friends half way up the mast to give everyone a big hello.

Anyway Jess, it is getting really exciting with you about the round your second mark. You are doing a brilliant job with protecting and maintaining your three Bs. We are all so proud of you!!!! I really hope that I get to meet you one day so that I can shake your hand and congratulate you for such an amazing effort. By the way, how’s the fishing going – sorry just teasing! Or have you totally given up? Let’s face it, why create drag with a lure when you may as well take iron and omega3 tablets and sail faster!
Sail safe, sail fast.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jess
IT`s a great idea from your mum and dad to be at the Cape when your are passing by!! That will be an unforgettable moment, for both parts. Sounds like a modern fairy-tail!
I try to imagine, your parents are standing on a rock at the end of the world, mum is waving her
handkerchief and so on.....!
Ok, I know that`s nonsense, but as I think , good for the whole family.It will give you the power for the next big step.
I wish you a calm Ocean for that special moment!!


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

How exciting knowing Mum and Dad will be watching you around the cape. Will things be the same as Jesse M parents coming out in a boat etc or will it be too rough or not in the rules? Anyway exciting times . Didn't catch a fish you on many days, tried but no luck. A calm day for you with little wind, great... good bird watching weather and good sleeping....really pleased Mum and Dad will be nearby soon.
Stay strong
Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo but today at lennox head

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jesse(again)
Saturday in AUS....forgot to ask..any contact with Dilip or John B who are looking out for you? I know John is trying to make a visual with you as you near the Cape....great stuff.
Dusty from Dubbo

Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...

Looks like you picked a good time for a Cape Horn rounding. shows fairly light winds at least close to Tierra Del Fuego. The only problem is it looks like they are going the wrong way, which will mean you might have to beat your way through the passage.

Good Luck Jessica, we are all very proud of you.

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

You are a STAR!

What a beautiful photo of your birdie company – the magnificent albatrosses! Thank you.

Hope you are having a good rest and some sleep while waiting for the next storm. Enjoy the respite.

WOW, how exciting for you to see Mom and Dad --- maybe hovering up above you? Will they fly out to see you? But just the fact that they will be in your part of the world will really comfort you.

YAY, we might get some amazing pics! Can’t wait!

WOOHOO, we are all so happy for you – Well done.

Stay safe, and …


Fay from the Gold Coast

MyMagicBoard said...

Hi Jess
Let's have a name the Albatross competition...
My names are Al, Ba, T, and Ross (looks to be about 4 there)
With you in thoughts as you go around the Cape. Not far to go now. Imagine the excitement when your mum and dad spot you and you spot them, it will be amazing.
Sail on Jess
Carolyn - Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I am about your Mum's age so I know she must be incredibly excited and proud of you! Keep going!
Sue, Flinders Ranges

Kath, Qld said...

Thanks for the picture Jess. How wonderful that your Mum & Dad are going to watch you round the cape, I have goosebumps just imagining the emotions they will feel! Hope they can post some pictures of it for us all.
I went for a walk along Burleigh Heads beach this morning & gave you a wave Jess, the ocean was so beautiful & calm & I sent out a little prayer that the ocean where you are would be the same :).
Stay safe. X.

John Highman said...

Well done Jessica, I am so pleased for you and your progress. Each morning I get up at 4am to write my book (I am an author), but I like to check out how you are going before I do anything else. Great job, you are a CHAMPION!

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Great update with the Albatross escort into the Cape and finding out your Mum and Dad are going to be their,what a day you are having.
Take a breather young lady,these are the quiet times to regroup both you and Pink Lady[she can use a rest too].
I can only admire what you have accomplished so far and you still have more to go,I want to be one to read your best seller when you write it.
I hope you get your video going when you round the Cape,DON'T FORGET TO USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL...
Look forward ,as do your entire adoptive world family your next update.
Gods creatures work in many way's and I truly believe these sea worthy members have been sent to accompany you along the way.
God speed young lady,may the winds blew true for you.
Hugs to you and your ''stuffy'' crew,stay warm,be safe,we all love and continue to support you.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
Maryland,USA,[awoke to a light dusting of snow today,cold....].

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse.
I dont know what is better, slight seas or 40 knot winds.
Its nice to hear your Mum and Dad are going to fly out to watch you rounding the horn.
Ask them if they can get some photos, that would be great to see.
There great photos of the albatross. You have achieved so much already, only a few more days and you join some of the greats.
Will catch you later.
Fair winds and following seas.

Old Iron said...

Great photo and News.

Thanks for sharing your excitement.

Mom and Dad watching their girl and Ella's Pink Lady rounding The Cape.


wishing you and your parents the best.

photos and videos?!?!

Christy said...

Congratulations Jessica for reaching Cape Horn!
I love to read your blog and so do my friends. I admire that you are going after your dreams and I wish you the best of luck on your journey!
I so happy that your parents will be there to watch you round the Cape!
Be safe and have the time of your life!,
Indiana, USA

Sally said...

Hi Jess

How lovely - that's great news that your parents will be able to watch you rounding the cape. That will make this special achievement even more special. I have no doubt that the 'rounding the cape' moment will be very emotional for you and your parents, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it! This is quite a milestone and a momentus occasion. Glad that your parents could 'physically' enjoy this time with you. Hope you've got binoculars so that you can get to see them clearly and a hankie as well!

Like the piccy of your feathered friends. They are beautiful birds and they certainly look like they are having a right stickybeak at you. Makes you wonder what they are talking about!

The water looks very calm in the photo, so you must be enjoying a break from the strong winds and high seas. Give you a bit of a breather. Make sure you have time to eat. Yes I know - nag, nag, nag....

It's a gorgeous sunny morning in Sydney town Jess. We are in for a really warm day so James & I are out in the garden area doing our thing. Making it look pretty. We have just built a stunning pergola with a BBQ facilities and also a large drop down movie screen so that we can watch movie's or TV outside at night. James is working on the electrical for the lighting and speaker system. Very hand having a sparky for your other half! But somehow I don't think that our theatre under the stars will be anywhere as stunning as the view that you enjoy Jess whilst you are watching your DVD's out there in that vast expanse of ocean! Or as peaceful.

Okay better get out there again. I can hear James waffling on about something !!! Shhhhh I didn't say that!

Have a great day Jess & stay safe!

'A LIFE on the ocean wave,
A home on the rolling deep,
Where the scattered waters rave,
And the winds their revels keep!

Like an eagle caged, I pine
On this dull, unchanging shore:
Oh! give me the flashing brine,
The spray and the tempest's roar!

Once more on the deck I stand
Of my own swift-gliding craft:
Set sail! farewell to the land!
The gale follows fair abaft.

We shoot through the sparkling foam
Like an ocean-bird set free; --
Like the ocean-bird, our home
We'll find far out on the sea.

The land is no longer in view,
The clouds have begun to frown;
But with a stout vessel and crew,
We'll say, Let the storm come down!

And the song of our hearts shall be,
While the winds and the waters rave,
A home on the rolling sea!
A life on the ocean wave!'
Epes Sargent

Sally In Sydney

Anonymous said...

Awesome job you're doing! Keep it up! YEAH that your mom and dad will be there to see you round the Cape!!!!!!!!! We love hearing from you...

~two in tx

Sebastiano said...

Great Jessica, I am following your adventure and I have in my blog. Id love me if you post my blog ( sebastianomazzarino)in your blog. Up tell my facebook friends about your trip. congratulation an sorry for my english.

Anonymous said...

Amazing job Jess!

A very exciting time on your voyage for everyone involved including your family, crew, yourself and all of us sharing your every day here!

Thank your for the amazing experience you are giving us all with this site.


Ross said...

Fantastic Jessica your parents will get the biggest thrill of their life watching you rounding Cape Horn I can just image how proud they will feel.

Ali said...

How exciting!! Wow, that really must be something to look forward to - I'm getting goosebumps now just thinking about them watching you sail by on another milestone of your journey. Not long now! Keep up the amazing work honey

x Alison
Wellington NZ

Kath, Qld said...


Night & day :).

Liz said...

Hi Jess,
Wow...not long to go and you will be able to say..."and that was it???????" haha....
I now have to go buy a new modem as I am moving to a place with no internet connection,...would just hate to miss out on any of your blogs...esp the ones now...things are getting pretty exciting....even if you are becalmed at the moment. Am sure all the regular Jess-addicts feel they are sitting in EPL with you...know I do....So stay focused, rest up as you can and know we are with you every N.M. of the way.

Fantastic to hear of your parents trip to watch you....I could have carried their bags you know..oh well..not to worry.

Take care gorgeous we know you do


lilshawnee said...

Hi Lil Jesse
Good to hear your so happy and doing so good.
Well since your trip we are getting ready to learn the sailing thing. And we been looking online at you and what your going to go through,Hummmmmm you be safe lil one,take care and get your rest.
I think you have the WORLD worried for you doing the Cape Horn thing.
I saw vidios and wow you are so brave.
You can do it,i think we are more worried than you are.
Glad to see your mum and dad is going to see you though it.
Take care and we still keeping a eye on you.
we all love you our lil hero, your friends
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your second big milestone. Hope your folks have a safe flight and no big delays. You are doing a super job wish you luck and safe sailing.


hezakiah299 said...

01-08-10 @ 17:33
Hi Jessica,
How are you doing, things staying pretty smooth for you? I hope you’re taking advantage of this reprieve and getting in some well needed rest. Maybe a little maintenance, do a little baking, have a little ‘home schooling’ with your fuzzy students. Them scallywags need all the help they can get. LOL…... I figure you’ve got everything under control, so you can just kick back, and do some moping. Yes??/Yes!!

Sally from Melbourne: I love what you can do with dots and dashes.
Atta girl Samuria…..Go! LOL…… Great. I like that calligraphy also. (Is that right???).

I’m looking forward to your Mum and Dad coming down to do a fly over. I read about their trip, and it apparently had them hopping. I hope they’ll tell us what there feelings were about seeing you from the air.
Get plenty of rest while you can, and eat and drink bunches, but just remember about natures call. LOL…..

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Georgia Guy said...

To The Blog Followers - Video Find

I was searching around for Jessica things on Google Australia and found a 15 minute video on Jessica produced by 9 MSN 60 minutes program.

Maybe many of you down under have seen this but those who have not might enjoy it as much as I did. Really good insight into Jessica, Roger and Julie and the adventure.

Here is the link. Click to enlarge the screen once it's running. Cut and paste into your browser.


Georgia Guy

fnqgirl said...

How exciting jess! Your mum and dad watching as you go around the cape......I think my heart is going to burst with joy! Go Jess...Go!

AMZ said...

hi jess! sounds like you are finally getting a few big waves down there, even though it is calm right now :) I have been away on holidays but haven't stopped thinking of you and happy to catch up on your blog today and see you are doing fine! that sux about your heater.. so stay warm with hot chocolate and LOTS of layers!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica:
Becalmed! What a great time to tear into the S#*3X-T#kZZng heater! Lots of HF or sat radio traffic betwixt you, Bruce, and the heater company service rep, right? Bet you are making the airwaves crackle! Good luck! Hope it isn't a broken/non-functional bit that you don't have a spare for.

One dismal prospect is contaminated fuel. Have you tried firing up the Yanmar? I am assuming you have separate fuel tanks for the heater and the boat's engine. Seems I recollect you also have jerries of reserve fuel. When your book comes out we'll be able to read the details of your fix-it travails.

I shared your experience to a certain degree. Came home from a pleasant Christmas Day dinner, to find my basement flooded. Shoes and socks off, pants rolled up, wade through knee-deep ice water to kick the sump pump float switch. Took four or five hours to pump it out. 'Course being a Christmas weekend had to wait a few days to get an ignitor and electronic control module for the furnace. The little electric heaters spotted around the house kept it from freezing up, but it was close to your 7 degree cabin temp.

I am toying with scraps of a limerick, "...a girl sailor named Jessica...a Queenslander not a Greenlander...icicles and goosebumps...etc." When I get more time, maybe I'll finish it.

BTW, blue eyed Frankie was a BIG help the whole time! What would I have done without him snoozing in the gentle warmth atop of the monitor? The lazy furball! Your crew was different I am sure: making encouraging comments, holding the service manual open, suggesting possible solutions, ("Bake some more cupcakes!")...etc.

So John Bankart, and your mum and dad, are sailing out of Santiago with a good chance of getting within waving and hailing distance? Tsk, a girl can't go for a little sail by herself, but what her parents have to check up on what she is doing! =)

Sail on, brave girl!
Todd, cold by the big lake

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse we are excited to see you rounding the Cape too!
Fancy being becalmed after the days we spent chewing our fingernails as you encountered "bouncy" seas LOL x

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you Jess nearly there. u go girl.

Broken Hill

Anonymous said...

~Deidre NC, USA

Grandma Sue said...

Yay for you Jesse, how lovely your parents will be there to watch you round the Cape! (How lovely for them too).
Thanks for the pics you take and share with us.

Sally from Melbourne, your pic says it all, thank you too.

Ron said...

Gday Jess,

Thats great how your parents will be there to see you. Make sure your Dad does not get to excited to see you and climb on the yacht. Remind him off the rules.

Ron still bus'n

oganiksurfy said...

Kiakaha jess! Trully awesome you are. I follow u everyday, you are such an inspiration. Whenever I experience a difficulty or a challenge I draw strength from what u r doing out there on your own mate. U inspire me everyday, u go gal! wanga from fiji.

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