Saturday, December 5, 2009

Doesn't Get Much Better!

We've had that messy sea and squally conditions for the last few days but the clouds and squalls have well and truly cleared out today, leaving Ella's Pink Lady to fly along in picture perfect trade wind conditions. The trade winds are the name given to the band of steady south easterly winds in this part of the world but what the books don't say is how lovely the sunshine is, how nice it is to have a steady breeze and how amazingly blue the water looks speckled with whitecaps. Maybe it's just that I'm just in a particularly good mood and seeing everything through happy glasses but I don't think it gets much better than this!

On the down side the south easterly trade winds are also a bit of a pain, because south east is exactly where I'd like to be going! We've been able to make some great progress south but we're not getting anywhere when it comes to making ground to the east. Still nothing to worry about because as we go further south the wind will drop off and probably come from a bit of everywhere (this areas known as the variables or subtropics) before settling in from the west when we get down south to the roaring 40's. Bob's latest forecast gives us around another week on this course with similar conditions before we're able to turn on to a more direct line to Cape Horn.

We're now well clear of French Polynesia, actually with the wind we ended up getting, it turned out that we avoided most of the islands and reefs anyway. Other than a few little islands that we are set to pass tomorrow it's just open water between us and Cape Horn, 4380nm of it!

Oh and one thing that I'm sure everyone is quietly wondering, no I'm not at all sick of the pink yet! Ella's Pink Lady's slightly 'out there' color scheme still gives me endless smiles and turned out to be a pretty good colour for the tropics, keeping the cabin cool and making a nice change to the blues and grays which is just about all I see out here! Still I've got quite a while out here yet so I'll keep you posted on just how I feel about pink as time goes on!

Well I'm off to heat up my current favorite Easyfood meal, beef stroganoff for an early dinner and after yesterdays success with some scones I think I might have a go at making some more, maybe with cheese this time.

I'd apologize to all my worried adopted parents for the lack of updates over the last few days but from what I've seen of the latest comments I'd probably get a telling off for that too so I'm just going to keep my trap shut!



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Anonymous said...

Wow Jess, sounds awesome out there today!!! U keep your spirits up and enjoy living your dream.

Safe travels,
Langley Family, Eton, Qld.

Anonymous said...

My goodness girl, you are SO wonderful! I just laughed hard reading the end of your blog! So you do keep up with the occasional squabbles going on with your adopted parents! Well, I did not say anything but I was worried sick and praying hard!! Go Jesse go, you terrific young lady!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from ya again, Jess :)
Someone commented to me yesterday that they never (or hardly ever) hear about you in the news, which I thought was fantastic as ... we all know... the news vultures only look for anything that smells rotten LOL
We know where the real delicacies are hidden... right here!
You are a gem amongst the rubble, mate :)
Tia (Moonambel, Vic)

Kev said...

Good one Jesse!

Just keep going and enjoying.

Cheers, Kev, Sydney, Oz

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Glad to hear your back online and happy.
Thanks for the update.

Saraya :-)

GrandmaSue said...

Onya Jesse, you're making good time - chewing through those nautical miles. From your lovely descriptions, can almost feel the fresh sea breeze on my face.

Toni McLean said...

hi Jesse,
Another one of your adopted mums - but I'll try not to be too parental. I bet if you'd thought about getting so many more parents before you started out, you might have decided to stay home instead. What a price to pay for following your dream! But at least when you get back and you're going away for the weekend and your parents tell you to be careful, well .......

It reminds me of the story of the mother telling her little boy to put his jumper on because it's cold. He keeps saying he's not cold, but his mother keeps insisting. Finally, dad steps in and says, "Son, you're mother's cold, put your jumper on!". :-)

Can't believe you're through all those islands. You must be flying. And how lovely that you've got that beautiful Pacific trade wind weather that has been a part of so many stories, songs and films. Just think how much easier it will be when you don't have to worry about bumping into the hard stuff on the planet. You'll be able to catch up on your beauty sleep. And spending more time producing culinary masterpieces in the galley. Scones ... I'm impressed.

Hope you're not feeling too told off by all of us nervous, land-bound parents. If and when you get around to having kids, you will understand.

Hoping for a little more southing in that wind for you.


Lily said...

Hi there Jessica,
I've been following your blog every day since you left, and I love reading each and every one of them.
Don't let yourself feel bad about all those people 'demanding' updates on your blog.
Obviously they haven't read all of your site, and been aware that you are in daily contact with your parents via the satellite phone etc.
To all the bloggers, there are so many questions that are asked which are answered on Jessica's site, as well as in past blogs. It makes for great reading, and certainly gives me a great insight into what backup Jessica has, how the food has been organised etc etc.
Wishing you all the very best of luck for your journey, and smooth sailing as much as possible.
I will continue checking in each day for sure, till the day you sail back through Sydney Heads again.
Take care.
Lily in Hervey Bay Queensland.

Bruce de Mich said...

Right on, Jesse. I sure am relieved to hear from you but well understand that you just have to test us once in a while too! I am sure we all will be surprised at what sounds like a period of leisure enjoyment of the seas right now. You're the best! Fair winds and good seas.

Bruce, Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Great to hear from you :-). Don't worry, I wasn't worried about you, I knew that you were busy tending to EPL and all those other little duties. Sounds like you have been sailing along nicely. I know what you mean when you have had a few days of bad weather one certainly appreciates blue sky and lovely weather when we are blessed with it. In Auckland we have had a whole week of rotten weather. Yesterday being the worst with lots of accidents on the roads and bottlenecks happening all over the place. It's one think you don't have to worry about out there is it? :-)

About that little fledgling I mentioned that my daughter and I found the other day nearly dead and a piece of nylon attached to it's tongue (how the nylon got there I'll never know). IT'S STILL ALIVE. Great news eh! We visited the bird rescue lady today and she is amazing. She has looked after all sorts of birds for the last 25 years from Tui's, penguins and ducks to abandoned guinea pigs and some geese. She said that "CUTIE" should be okay which is great.

Well I had better sign off here and let one of your other parents that have adopted you sign in. Take care my dear and keep safe when you are on EPL's deck and enjoy!!

Thinking of you, and enjoy your cheese scones.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Jesse, I'm so glad you are enjoying beautiful weather and still making great progress. I don't think you will ever get sick of the colour of Ella's Pink Lady, its such a happy colour and a beautiful contrast to the blues and greys. Sounds like you are back to cooking, as a lot of us said "just go with the flow Jesse" and you will be fine - love the sound of the scones, what a treat.
I will go back to the gardening now, its a beautiful day here on the Sunshine Coast and think of the picture perfect scene of you and EPL sailing across the Pacific.
Have fun,
Bluefin, Buderim, Qld.

KP said...

Happy sailing Jessica... happy sailing!
Paul Brisbane

captain said...

Im sailing tomorrow to under the Zoo near Mosman here in sydney town and will definately toast your continuing amazing trip with my fellow pirates. Good onya Jess.

Capt'n Kelly

The McGraths said...

Hey Jesse,
Great to hear from you. My husband & I have just returned from Hawaii & on the way home I was constantly looking out the window thinking of you in that large expanse of ocean. You just amaze us how brave you are.
We also took the laptop so I could keep up to date with you but unfortunately there was too much swimming & shopping to be done so I only got to read one post. However now we're home I have a lot of reading to catch up on. We're both so pleased to hear your happy & nothing untoward has happened to you.
As always, take care we're thinking of you always.
The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to hear all is going well out there. Would love to see more pictures of what you are seeing :).
Stay safe.
Kathy, Qld

Anonymous said...

Do you realize you now have citizenship in at least 150 countries since you have adopted parents in each of those countries! I hope everyone does not expect you to learn all those languages! Jesse, we, the world, just love and care about you so much. Thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good "Skipper" work, relax and get ready for the next big one... Roaring Fourties and rounding Cape Horn..
God Bless

Anne, Hervey Bay said...

I am so pleased you ok, yes guess I am one of your adopted mums having a granddaughter 17. Just love to see your blog and know you are safe. You are just so happy and that is wonderful. Pink is a nice colour so I am sure you will not get sick of it. The weather in Hervey Bay is very hot but perfect. Keep enjoying every minute of your journey as you head to the Cape. Be safe and take care and will keep watching every day for the next blog, but I know you have lots to do.
Anne Hervey Bay xx

janel said...

Happy glasses..that's GREAT. Keep em on, and remember, if they get a little spotted, just give them a little cleaning and keep your face to the sunshine. Happy days to you!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Soooooo good to hear from you Jesse, we all start to imagine "things" when we don't hear from you, but as you have rightly told us navigating EPL and attending to yourself first is all the most important, so thats okay...hmmm umm, keep wearing those happy glasses too, but it does sound so very nice at the moment out there, we all know you love the Sunshine...and there's nothing wrong with's a lovely colour!...

Cheers for now

Clint - Dandenong

Sally said...

Hi Jess

You are a funny gal! I love that last comment, giving us all a bit of stick from out way there in the ocean. Cheeky minx. What a great spirit you have!!! Yes - we do worry about you. After all, we are on this journey with you also!!

Thanks for the lovely description of the ocean and what you see from where you are standing. You have a long slog ahead of you, as you make your way towards Cape Horn, and I am certain that there will be many adventures and trying times that will come with that journey. Take each moment in your stride Jess, as you are already doing.

Hope the Beef Strognaoff was good - I am just about to raid my cupboard also. Just taught my last dancing lesson for the year, next week our last Christmas concert and then my weekends are free!! Time to start Christmas Shopping.

Do you have Christmas presents from your family stowed away on EPL somewhere? Is there an appropriate food bag for the Christmas period?

Take care Jess & stay safe.

Trade Winds
by John Masefield

IN the harbor, in the island, in the Spanish Seas,
Are the tiny white houses and the orange trees,
And day-long, night-long, the cool and pleasant breeze
Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.

There is the red wine, the nutty Spanish ale,
The shuffle of the dancers, the old salt's tale,
The squeaking fiddle, and the soughing in the sail
Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.

And o' nights there's fire-flies and the yellow moon,
And in the ghostly palm-trees the sleepy tune
Of the quiet voice calling me, the long low croon
Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.

Sally In Sydney

Anonymous said...

Well done girl, great to hear from you again, you are going to love the roaring 40's, lots of Westerly wind, by the way cheese scones wow!, where do you find the time. Have you tried the fishing lately, you are in the right area for some more Stripy or Yellowfin Tuna.
You are an inspiration to all; you are living proof that if you set your mind to something, everything is possible.
I will say this every time remember to clip on when top side.
Annie & Cam “H”

~j~ said...

I LOVED the last paragraph of your blog,I found myself checking my computer more often than normal and then of course started thinking about your own Mum and so I now know I was not alone in being a teeny concerned at your two day blog absence :) as if you dont' have enough to do sailing around the world for heavens sake, good to hear from you dear girl. Soo proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jess - I am one of your adoptive Nan's and have been checking daily since your last blog. It is the grandmother's heart that is thinking of and concerned for you even tho it knows you are in touch with your home base regularly. Being concerned for you gives me a great feeling of participation.... I can wait on blogs then rejoice when you send one ...and I love the pink - gives EPL a fantastic character and shows off a precious part of you.
You are doing a wonderful job young lady - my family and I are with you all the way - I keep checking on them making sure they are keeping up with you and your blogs!!!

Must go now - a grand daughter ballet concert this evening

Nan Mim

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess, and adoptive grandparent here - you are doing well - good to hear you got past the islands and reefs so well - great sailing eh!!! I love your pink EPL - shows something of you and gives EPL great character!!
My family and I are with you all the way - I am always checking up on them to make sure they are checking up on you!!

Nan Mim

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
We sure have a few dreamy mystical folk in the blog family.
I'm loving all the Buddhist dictum along with the OCCASIONAL (I stress, lol) bible quotation.
♦Muhammad Asim. "You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth." I agree with ♦Toni, that's a ripper.

When you get a bit of REM sleep (Often mistaken for deep sleep), your brain is bathed in 80% of your body's glucose (♦samurai) No wonder they tell you to eat Jellybeans during exams, lol.

It would be fascinating if you did indeed have a bit of time (lol) to do Marine/Oceanograhy experiments on your journey (♦Sue from Santa Cruz), you're on the same lattitude as the famous Galapagos Islands now, lol.

I also notice some haven't quite grasped the NON-STOP notion of your venture just yet.
Where's our blog answermen ♦Richard in Maryland & ♦gsimmons?
Oh well I'll have a go...
I think the only anchor you're allowed to use is a sea anchor (think parachute in water) and I wouldn't wish that on anyone after reading about Kay Cottee having to use 2 on her lap.

I recall reading 'Lionheart's' book where he said, that he waited for a bit to get a weather window before rounding the Horn, but he still didn't stop in one place.
I hope the same thing happens for you Jesse so you can get a decent rest up. Poor Kay and that pioneer book seller, Sir Francis Chichester, didn't have those 'hunky dory' weather reports in their quests.
Everyone's quest is sooo different and a true reflection of the resilience of you yachette folk.

I wish your team would hop on the blog when you can't. People like Blogmeister Andrew could answer FAQ's and the latest dunny query, lol. I hope that nasty 'precious' remark directed at your mum's visit to the blog didn't scare her off.

STOP PRESS: The females are taking over parliament here in NSW. We now have a lady deputy and a lady premier today. They're calling her (Kristina Keneally) a puppet Premier!!! There's that SEXISM thing again. If it had been a bloke it wouldn't be an issue.
Time to shoot through.

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
lovely to hear from you, especially that you are making good progress. Glad you still have some favourites left in the food bag...cheese scones sound pretty good too. Have a great weekend on the water, where i wish you Good winds and safe sailing.

calvi said...

You are making good progress and thanks for all the information along the way. I know you don't have fridge, so I had some icecream for you today!

Joost van Oss said...

hi jesse, i would like to see some more pix, possible? take care, yost

SaltyDog said...


I just closed a couple of weather web sites where I was trying to get an update on your conditions, and here was your update. It's much better getting the weather report direct from you than trying to decipher those weather charts. I'm best to leave that up to the experts like Bob.

That's fantastic that you have your happy glasses on. I work with the most increadible lady whom I'm always asking where she buys her glasses because I tell her that she always sees everything through rose colored glasses. I wish everyone had a pair of your happy glasses or her rose colored glasses. What a great way to see the world.

When I was a young kid, my mom used to say that as long as she could hear my brothers and me (even if we were being rowdy) she didn't worry about us. It's when we got quiet that she would start to worry. That's why we get concerned when we don't hear from you. But don't feel bad if you take a couple days off from your blog. You deserve a break.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

carole (mackay) said...

Hi Jess
You are the greatest young girl. Love your sense of humour too. I was checking for blogs but just knew you would have your hands full with the reefs, sea conditions, cooking etc etc. You must be relieved you are past most of the islands, a straight passage south for a while you will make good progress - Good on you !!!! You are an amazingly clever, focussed girl (you prob get sick of hearing that LOL LOL) but everyone is adopting you - you bring so much joy to people young and old. You are a hero kiddo. Keep up the great work. Pleased to hear your spirits are high and you are eating home made scones ! - wow. Enjoy! keep clipped on, keep smilin as we are all smiling back at you and have our arms in the air cheering you on. Carole (Mackay)

Anonymous said...

Captain Jesse the Explorer

So pleased to see you are well & happy Captain Jesse. From your last few logs I can see your smiling face as the wind blows your hair and EPL flies along. Stay safe and in God's embrace, young, brave lass.

Ben from Texas

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

It's terrific you're having better weather after a few squalls. Pink is my favourite colour. You and EPL must look especially beautiful out there on those beautiful seas. Happy glasses are meant to be worn, so glad you have yours on.
Mm, I've always wondered how difficult it must be to sail in the direction the wind is coming from, but I guess you sailors know how to do this. This gives me much to ponder and visualize you doing this.
Enjoy your beef strog and scones on this great day.

Grant Fjermedal said...

Who updates your map position on "The Voyage" part of your site?

Would be nice if your position could be updated at leasst daily -- even if you don't post a blog. It is fun to watch your progress.

As of today it seems as if your position on the chart hasn't been updated for about 3 days.

Other than that, I like the format you have for showing your day-by-day positioning. And like the way you can zoom in and out.

So . . . No Troblerone for the keeper of your Web site until your boat's position on the chart has been updated at least once a day. ;-)

Wishing you all the Best. Enjoying your lovely take on the ocean and the joys of sailing.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

Its a great inspiration for other girls your age (like me) to see you following your dream. No matter what it is.
All the best Jess

Anonymous said...

Variables... Subtropics... "Horse latitudes" is my favorite name for them! They say that the Spaniards named them that way, because when they got stuck & becalmed they often had to start eating horses :( I hope you'll pass them quickly.

Anyways don't worry about your adopted parents getting antsy, people are just vicariously enjoying your adventure and need a break to remember they (we?) have lives, too :) The way I see it if you're not writing you're probably too busy or having too much fun, the way I would in your shoes. Now when the tough test comes, the Horn crossing, I think everyone will be sending some serious good luck vibes your way!

Thanks for the update, and smooth sailing!

Anonymous said...

This is one momma who was my experience with my own five children, when my kids get too quiet or pull a 'disappearing act' they are up to no good! lol. Glad all is well aboard EPL, and that you are tickled pink about the current wind and weather conditions! Karyn IN, USA

Anonymous said...

Good to see you having a good time Jessica.Scones are great with strawberry jam--yum.
Did a search to find "Tahiti time" and came up with a complete rundown on the weather. Looked pretty good.


anth said...

Beef strog sounds good, easy to make easy to eat.
Weather sounds good at last after the last few days. We've had big swells the last few days on the northen bches of sydney but has just abated today. Hope the east winds drop for you.


Alya said...

Hi Jesse,
I am a primary school student living in PNG.
I love reading your daily reports on weather and adventure.
I would love you to visit PNG one day as I am a member of the RPYC in Port Moresby.
Good sailing and keep the reports coming.

Alya said...

Hi Jesse,
I am a primary school student living in PNG.
I love reading your daily reports on weather and adventure.
I would love you to visit PNG one day as I am a member of the RPYC in Port Moresby.
Good sailing and keep the reports coming.

Bob B said...

Udates or not we all still love you. I'm one of the adoptive grandparents. Keep up with the great discriptive writting. Always looking forward to your next blog. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

WhoTheHeck said...

keep it up Jessica, loving your adventure. More photos please!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

We all know that you must have some really busy days out there....great to catch up though today.
When are your Chrissy decorations coming out?

Ros (Sydney)

Anonymous said...

hey jess!
I love reading your blogs..and haven;t missed one since you left!! Your such an inspiration to all those young people out there who aspire to do big things with your life..because you have already shown them that it is a reality.
Keep up the good work and sailing..
Best wishes
Mollie x

Anonymous said...

Good call Jessica! You can now add "diplomat" to your list of many talents, well done. V & L (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
You are doing well
Cheese scones sounds yummy.
Enjoy yourself
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hello again Jess,
I have only written once before but I am following your every move with great interest. Last night I sent your site to my son as he was also keen to keep up with your trip. I am 64 and live in Picton. We do have a launch and most of our experience these days is in Queen Charlotte Sounds. Beautiful here, but I do so admire your skills and nerve etc to accomplish all that you are on this voyage.

Keep writing to us, and take care out there.

Pink - a great choice!

Lynne (Picton)

Maurie said...

G'Day Jessie!

Nice to hear from you at last! I for one wasn't worried - my fellow bloggers obviously don't know that 'pink people' are a protected species! On the subject of 'pink' I can well understand the attraction. I built myself a kayak many moons ago & guess what? It's hot pink like EPL with black stripes & a pink panther painted on the deck behind the seat! My nickname was 'Pinkie' - no kidding! (my cover's blown for sure now!) If you & EPL make it round the world in one piece I might consider dusting it off & paddling out to meet you on the harbour as long as you promise not to run me down - your track record's a bit dodgy here ha ha!
Enjoy the scones.... Stay safe, Maurie - Sydney, Down Under

Scones - amazing! Will expect a demonstration of your culinary skills when you return to Sydney

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Good to hear that all is well & it's always good to have a new post from you.
Scones sound fab & then to attempt them with cheese you are a star, I have never had much luck with scones always turn out like rock cakes.

Stay safe & happy sailing......

Sueby said...

Go champ.

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jesse,

Was getting a little worried there with the late update but it's good to hear you're doing fine. phew. lol. Keep enjoying yourself! The colour pink was a wonderful choice IMO, not any of those boring old colours!!


Acid_Annie said...

Jesse what a wonderful gift you are giving us! The cure for boredom is curiosity and there is no cure for curiosity! Your vivid accounts stimulate the imagination of thousands of people, probably millions as word spreads of your remarkable journey and we are all watching you with enormous admiration.

Some people say there are six components to being successful, you are demonstrating all six....sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and charity!! Keep up the good work and revel in your achievment so far.

Your blog and website are free and it's the best entertainment available! So thank you once again for sharing with us!

Be safe Jesse ;-)

Acid_Annie said...

Jesse what a wonderful gift you are giving us! The cure for boredom is curiosity and there is no cure for curiosity! Your vivid accounts stimulate the imagination of thousands of people, probably millions as word spreads of your remarkable journey and we are all watching you with enormous admiration.

Some people say there are six components to being successful, you are demonstrating all six....sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and charity!! Keep up the good work and revel in your achievment so far.

Your blog and website are free and it's the best entertainment available! So thank you once again for sharing with us!

Be safe Jesse ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

Great to hear that you've had a 'happy' day. Whenever there is a delay in the transmission (i.e. you're too busy too blog) I always assume that you are achieving great things and breathing in the wonderful sites, and of course look forward to you filling the rest of us in on your adventure when you can!

Happy sailing.

cheers, Vicki

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jess, Just back from a couple of days at Rainbow Beach, it was windy there too. Anyway the first thing I did when we got home was check on you, and was glad to see, still Wednesdays blog up, I thought you beauty havent missed out on anything, did some unpacking for a few hours and tried again and hit the jackpot there you are again. You give the most wonderful description of your journey, I bet when you get back someone wants you to write a book. Glad your enjoying your new food bags. Did you say you are making scones again.URAMAZING, I think I have told you that before. God speed Jess, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Acid_Annie said...

Jesse what a wonderful gift you are giving us! The cure for boredom is curiosity and there is no cure for curiosity! Your vivid accounts stimulate the imagination of thousands of people, probably millions as word spreads of your remarkable journey and we are all watching you with enormous admiration.

Some people say there are six components to being successful, you are demonstrating all six....sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and charity!! Keep up the good work and revel in your achievment so far.

Your blog and website are free and it's the best entertainment available! So thank you once again for sharing with us!

Be safe Jesse ;-)

min min cat said...

Sounds like you're in a beautiful part of the world. Enjoy every moment.


Carol - USA said...

I look forward to your posts every day! You're blog is the first thing I check each time I get on the computer. I was concerned that you hadn't written in a few days, but figured you were busy. I know you can certainly handle any situation you come across. Looking forward to making the entire voyage with you. Best of everything!!!

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to see you are making good progress south. Don't worry about the updates we know you are busy doing what you do. It also makes for a nice surprise when you do give us an update. Well Rosie is finished school almost,she studies with distance Ed in Brisbane and had her Christmas breakup yesterday. But she still has a few Units to complete over the holidays. Rosie would like to know if you are studying with Distance Ed as well?
Have Fun,
Keep safe,
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Good travel news. Yes, we were all wondering what was going on, but we presumed the best of conditions and loads of fun.

A suggestion about the daily posts. Please ask someone of your team (you're too busy) to search for a blog plug-in to automatically post each 24 hrs if no other posts were made during the period. I use this and it's great. You store up posts about the boat, cooking scones or how you plot courses etc. -all authored by you- and they can be posted if you are too busy (roaring 40's). Someone on your team can do this manually too. Just a thought.

Take care Jess. Wish I were there but that would spoil the solo thing, so I'll hold out for trip two when you stop at a few ports. ;)

L.G., Seattle, USA

GlenF said...

Hey Jess,

what time do you call this? Don't you realist that I haven't got a life and if you don't blog every day I have to resort to desperate measures like cutting my toenails, examining my navel fluff and I have even considered Facebook.

We had some squally storms at Rainbow Beach last weekend - camping. The most we had to worry about was the tarp blowing away.

You're going well - a Girl's Own adventure. I'll have to get Alby Mangel out to pass you on the high seas. There are very few people who have sailed around Cape Horn let alone solo and unassisted. You are so cheerful. Jesse Martin will be getting worried - but cheering you on too.

Go well, go safe, go Aussie. I read about you in The Weekend Mail today - they're way behind, rehahing your blog.

Sixteen and Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sweet... Love that perfect weather.

Sail on silver girl... (one of S & G song.)

Sail on Pink Lady,

Jon@Va Beach

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
You do not need to apologize for lack of communication pet, you mentioned squally conditions, one would expect you to have your hands full with keeping the boat trim and sailing safely.
I think we knew you would drop a hello when you could safely do so which we all appreciate. We just check in regularly to see if you have left a little message.Your safety is our priority.
On another note cheese scones are divine have you tried making muffins you can add an assortment of things to your muffins and they are just as easy to make as scones. You do know pet you are going to create a world of budding young chefs using old recipes which never go out of fashion. Can you give us a list of your pantry supplies like flour sugar butter or alternative that you are using sultanas, banana chips, currants, cranberries such like so we could maybe submit some recipes for you to try.
What about making yourself a pizza if you have sun dried tomatoes or tomato sauce cheese and freeze dried bacon bits and dried herbs, it wouldnt be a fancy pizza but using scone dough it would not be too bad.
By the way how is the fishing the cod season opened here in the riverland district of Victoria South Australia and New South Wales.
Take care pet thoughts are with you always
love and hugs
Evie fromBendigo

Anonymous said...

You go girl. You post your blogs when you can Jess. You dont have to answer to us blog readers. You have a once in a lifetime experience in front of you and you already fill us in when you can. Those of us who truly support you will accept this and read your blogs as they arise. You have an adventure to come first. It is great that you explain as much to us as you can so that we may understand more fully what you are experiencing. You are doing this for Jessica with our support. Not for us with your support. Keep the blogs honest to yourself and we will enjoy them as they are. Thanks for everything Jess.

Keep up the fantastic experience.

nutralady2001 said...

LO Jesse not to worry about not blogging I figured you were "island dodging" but in the back of my mind was a nagging "Hope Jesse or Mum checks in". As I said please don't worry about blogging if you are busy, just a "Jesse is OK" is fine if we haven't heard from you for a few days I know you and the shore crew will get very busy in the weeks winds x

Anonymous said...

You have a great attitude that really comes across in your posts.

Fair winds & following seas!

Jim, Orange County, Calif.

Julie said...

Hi there Jess

Yes!!! I found myself checking on the computor all the time as well..!!! I am so in awe of you..your courage and bravery is amazing.. I have been living with cancer for a wee while now , and everytime i feel a bit low I think of you out there battling the seas and wining and I know I can do that too.... You go girl... thanks for the inspiration... Julie xxx

Anonymous said...

Good on ya girl. You sound like you are having a wonderful time and don't listen to anyone whinging about not hearing from you everyday. A girl needs some down time, when you blog and some busy time, negotiating what mother nature and the sea has to offer. We all have so much confidence in your ability and are so proud of your journey so far. Keep on kicking butt and enjoy every minute of it.
The Potters Eatons Hill Qld

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
I have been busy myself, end of year concert at the Entertainment Center for the dance school my 11 year old granddaughter attends
It was spectacular as always. A 4 hour nonstop extravaganza with enthusiastic students, ages ranging from 3 to 19 years of age.
The little ones are sooo cute!
The offerings in ballet, tap and jazz are always memorable and of course I ordered a DVD and do some granny bragging with it!!!!
I bet your grandmother beams, when she tells all and sundry about her extraordinary granddaughter!

Tomorrow it's the boys turn, they are part of the Mackay gym scene!
I have been picking up common mangos (no, not to throw them at someone else!!!!!!!) but to dehydrate them and then to make raw jam with them!
Sounds a bit weird, to dehydrate them and then soak them in a little water for 20 min and puree them to a creamy consistency, but that is were the flavor and texture comes from.
Delicious!!!!! No sugar, no boiling, yummy! I intend to take one jar with me, when I do my competent crew certificate from Dec. 12th to Dec. 16th.

I already thought, I would miss out on a post, but you have been and are busy yourself!
Your descriptive picture puts me there also in the amazing blue water!
I don't think you will get tired of ELP's colour!
Pink is a feel good, lift the spirit hue, besides it must be your favorite colour!
It is my granddaughters favorite color since the age of 2 and she has never wavered. she is nearly 11 years of age.
Almost everything has to be pink!

How fortunate, to have such a knowledgeable gentleman like Bob guiding you with his experience and expertise in matters of weather.
I can imagine, that that gives you a feeling of security.

Wow, already past F.P.. It looked on the map as if the sea floor was very 'pimply'! And it looks so narrow on the globe, of course it is not, there is plenty of deep sea in between!

4300 + nm, one mile at a time!
How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time!!!!

Enjoy the stroganoff!

I must be one of the few. I don't worry about you Jessica.
You would not have embarked on a mammoth journey like that on a whim or unprepared!
Everything that can be done to keep you well and safe and returning triumphant in one piece smiling from ear to ear has been done and is being done, by you and your incredible team of experts including your parents.

You have all the support, that you want and need and when you don't write, you must be busy safeguarding your vessel and yourself!
That is the most important!
I feel, along with the other 'blog watchers' and Jessica fan club, rather privileged that you are kind enough to let me tag along and the daily wonder never ceases, in what you write about!

Keep well, have fun and above all keep safe,

Trudy, Austria, now in Mackay

Evie from Bendigo said...

I was thinking Jesse are you doing a creative writing course at high school, spelling aside we all have issues with that. You skill with describing what you see and what is happening around you is impressive pet. Thankyou

Anonymous said...


yes tho we worry about when your not on line to us, we should also know that it's because your busy with more important things then writting a few lines out to us. Mostly were just worried so we tend to pray for God to keep a watch full eye on you for us.. I my self watch and read what ever you put down, and know of the hard ship of just keep'n your mind on track... more then likly most of us would never think of doing what you are doing now...
An at the same time you have it almost made.. for you are able to keep in touch with every one and the the weather, your followed not only by way of radio's, but sad-o-light's and more then likly the SPACE STATION high above us all.. is keepin track...





Captain Jessica -

Way to go!

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I thought I'd share what I read on a 'live-on-board' sailing website;


I'm glad you've done well with the busy week navigating through French Polynesia. The world loves to see the 'happy/bubbly' Jessica, but life is not always happy and bubbly, so don't feel that you have to only show that side of yourself. We understand if one day you tell us that you've been 'tired and grumpy with not much sleep' due to heavy weather or navigational challenges. That's life - that's part of sailing - and you're human like everybody else; ignore that people that say otherwise. But having said that... I think I could probably speak for LOTS of people out there buy saying, that we're all glad to see that you're in such high spirits today!

Know that we really love and appreciate your blog updates, photos and videos. (Photos of yourself waving at the camera are alway good if you're too tired to write, haha)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Good to hear you are making good progress southwards. If I remember correctly a Norwegian ‘explorer’ named Thor Heyerdahl sailed a raft made of balsa logs (tree trunk size) westwards from Callao in Peru on the west coast of South America to the Polynesian Islands to prove that those islands could have been populated by people from South America.

A key factor in his voyage was that he expected to get favourable westward assistance from the movement of the Humbolt Current. I guess that when you attempt to travel eastwards – tacking south and then east to gain ground in a south-easterly direction against the south-east wind – you are handicapped by this westward moving current. You might have to live with that till you get to about 40° South and out of the current. Anyway, happy glasses or not, you sound as though you are enjoying life and completely at ease with what you are doing.

You are probably in a ‘no win’ situation with your anxious adopted parents, but you have explained yourself well by referring to the messy, squally conditions, and the presence of those rocky reefs and islands that have recently littered your course. Good to hear you “avoided most of them”! Your sense of humour again? Those conditions would have required supreme concentration until you were through the area. Some of your followers may have to learn to appreciate that.

Hope you can continue to fly along and best wishes for a speedy passage through the variable winds of the subtrops.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

Good to hear you are doing well, sorry to be some of those anxious parents but its nice to know you are OK

We can almost smell the sea air and scones mixed together.

Keep the blogs coming as it makes us all feel safe knowing you are OK

Take care God Speed

Peter and Sally

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

Its great to hear from you so i dont have to worry anymore so sail on & have a nice time

ET Gurl

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Adopted Dad number one here! I wasn't too worried when you hadn't posted yet because I figured just what you have stated - that you were experiencing bouncy and squally conditions and had your hands full sailing.

It sounds like you are still making good progress which is good to hear, and as you say, the south-easterlies have probably done you a favour by avoiding all those nasty little bits of the planet us landlubbers love - land!

It's probably obvious but once you get down to the Roaring 40's, that is when we might start worrying a bit if we don't hear from you, because conditions down there will be more hazardous than the smooth sailing (in comparison) that you are experiencing now.


At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you look after the sailing and don't worry about us, there is absolutely no pressure to post each day, well from me anyway.

I hope you enjoy your dinner tonight, in comparison, I am only having a heated frozen meal myself tonight due to how busy I am with work.

I have spent most of the day today practicing and playing golf, had a 73 today so the improvement after my wrist surgery lay-off is starting to come through at last! Hopefully, it won't be long before I start breaking par regularly, and then onto the 4-rounder tournaments!

Anyway, once again, I send my best karma wishes to you via psyche mail, as I do every time I am on the 10th green and 11th tee at Belmont, and look out over the ocean towards your direction.

Take care and have a great night, my thoughts are with you.

Seeya gorgeous girl
Caves Beach, Newcastle

bernie777 said...

Snow worries love you bin out there sailing...and I am sure Captain Cook missed a few logs here and there when the wind picked up...the beef strog sounds yummy and the scones too...some pensioners capsized a yatch 6 meters in southern NSW yesterday tragic news God only knows how they managed to do that...4 dead...but on the brighter side Socceroos play Germany Serbia and group D...want some more cool songs the whale song..from NZ,and I touch myself by the Dyvinals a cool aussie band..chin up love you are really going to get through out for whales and keep fishing,,,cheers Bernie777

Anonymous said...

Go Jess,give it heaps,Kia Kaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!
Are you sure you missed the speedtraps? The Argentine Navy is out looking for you! lol
Apparently you are in their area, and they will be there to help, you know, like if you can't find your cheese or something.
So say 'Hola' and 'Gracias' to them, they probably will enjoy being out there for you.

Keep sailing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jesse!

Anonymous said...

To all those people out there who have adopted Jesse,

Just to put all your minds at ease, remember that if we don't hear from Jesse her team back home certainly will have. She has great support and is in good hands, and is in contact with them frequently.

To all of Jesse's supporters back home, thanks for keeping our little lass out their safe and well informed.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

rod said...

good day captain jess,
good to see that all is well.
the adopted parents have probably been a little concerned, however i am sure the real ones would keep the adopted ones well informed of any misadventures.
your blog was great, keep up the good work young adventurer and keep safe.
regards, one of the adopted ones.
blackbutt qld

Bebie said...

Hi Jess,

It's so good to hear from you. I like that ... your adopted parents. Hmm I think I'm one of your adopted grandparents. We should know by now that when we don't hear from you it means you're busy.
Don't think you'll get sick of pink. I have a g/daughter (almost 5) who just HAS to wear pink or something with pink in it ALL the time.
Prayers are with you and for you.
Take care little sweetheart.

Brian Riley said...

Good to hear you are clear of the French Polynesian Islands saftely heading southward with the prevailing winds getting you South befor East, I like you thoughts on this when the winds turn more in your favour, maybe a spiniker run to the Cape in Jessica's 30's rather than the roaring forties,(wink wink).
Jesse now the conditions are better maybe some shut eye catch up after your scones.

Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

jwb777 said...

Precious one, courageous one -- You have the eyes of the world on you and we are SO proud for you! ....Savor every moments of every single day. You are storing up memories for a lifetime and, through your wonderful posts you are filling our imaginations with memories for our lifetimes too.

Hugs and prayers,
Janell, from Oklahoma, USA

Kent, Norway =) said...

Hi Jesse =)

Havent left you a comment in here for some time now, but are following you and
*Ellas Pink Lady* uppdates regulary.

It`s hard for an sailor not to follow your journey!

I`m thinking about a videoblog. Like
if you are keeping/making kind of a video-diary out there ?

Today most people can understand the
limitations of trensfering big data-files over mobile devices.

Expesially if one are
bumping against rough sea in liturally the middle of the Pacific! While trying to tackle and eat beef stroganoff at the same time ! hehe =)

Mmm.. Scusi my bad English (and humor)

There`s this Norwegian guy, who had some crazy idea. Just like you.
We like crazy ideas by the way ! =)

He jumped on his boat one day, at age 17 or 18 i think, and went of to Cape Horn. From Norway. Alone, like you.

( Greetings too all you other single-sailors out there ! )

Now some years later he gathered a small pirate crew , and wanted to be the first to sail the North west passage sine the Norwegian Polar wessel " FRAM "

During their journey they made kind of
a video-diary, or reality pic, if you want. The norwegians ( i`m norwegian ) went totally crazy about this Pic.

I think we/they went crazy because
this was kind of an "new" historical event, and the fact that norwegians are all old seamen. One way or another. Something touched our hearts.

As i`m sure your "new" historical expedition is reaching into the Australian peoples hearts.

A later video diary / reality pic,
would not just reach their hearts but
probably melt them ! And my. hehe =)

So I`m wondering.. Do you have any thoughts or plans around "publishing"
some visual pic when you get back home again ?

Because, as you probaly understand , i`m really keen on pushing the play button if so.

With that said, I wish you " shit fishing" ( as we say in Norway ) .


By the way if you Jesse , and all you others who read this are keen on some new reading material. There is an online Log , or Blogg if you want, in english.

From the norwegian " Wild Viking" north west passage expedition, with
pics and some video.

Under this link :

And if some of you have a chance of cross-border video streaming.
You can watch all 6 episodes of the
" Wild Viking " expedition , broadcasted from norwegian television .

Here :

Allright. Hoping for a reply, Jesse.
Maybe an E-mail, if you want,

Until next time. Enjoy =)

From Kent, Norway

Ps. New tunes for you .

Sunny weather : )

Just a bit windy : ))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Think PINK
Pink is the colour of soooo many
delicious things!!!!!
Girls never get tired of PINK.

PINK fluffy fairy floss
PINK strawberry ice cream
PINK coconut-ice sweets
PINK soft and sweet musk sticks
PINK and yellow peaches


Sound like you are in the PINK Jesse.Good for you!!
Happy sailing Pink Lady
Sally in Melbourne

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Good on you Jesse, another great read. Wonderful hearing from you. You really do sound on top of the world.

You are a wonderful person and please keep doing what you are doing. Enjoy the sea conditions and keep smiling. We are all smiling after reading your blog :-) especially the last paragraph.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW (we are in Canberra this weekend for son's skins softball carnival)

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse,

What an excellent splash of words from you. Thank you.

In my last I wrote about 'Perfect Speed' and "Being"...... Your last blog confirms the fact that you're touching on this. So very, very exceptional .... and great !!! Just like much of the other facets of your persona.

And very pleased that you're almost through the spattering of reefs and islands. Bit of a worry , that !!

So, keep on riding high with your fabulous quest, Jesse. Untold 'serried rankers' are right there ( in spirit) with you.

.... as always,... best wishes...

... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Wonderful to find your new report this morning, and hear that everything out there is o.k. despite the 40's. I had a look in my atlas again to see where you are. Again your description of what you see is so vivid so I can see the colours. What I can see in my atlas, is the island Ilots de Bass the last one, then open sea all the way to Cape Horn.

Fun to read that Beef Stroganoff is your favorite. It became my favorite too, when I learnt how to make it in the cooking lessons at school in the middle of the fifties!!!

Happy to hear that your mood is on top. Make the cheese scones and keep up the spirit and sail along
safe. Keep smiling.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to hear from you again and it seems you are enjoying some fantastic sailing!

Like a lot of other "adoptive parents" I must admit I was starting to get a bit concerned about the lack of news. Clearly, it's too much to ask you to submit a blog every day, but as you are in touch with your support crew on a daily basis via radio, I'm wondering if they could put a short notice in "The Latest News Section" of your website to let us know that all is well. This could include stuff like the sort of conditions you're sailing in, your approximate position and brief items of general interest.

You are becoming a celebrity sweet girl and we care very much about you. Please stay safe and keep living your dream....

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

RichieParis said...

Hi Captain Jesse,
Thank you for the update and the fairly good news... Even without worrying, we miss you and hearing from you is a feast. And what a nice and funny blog once again! You make us smile, as we say in french, "you give us the banana" (smile from ear to ear).
Beautiful sun and sea, milles ticking away, and a good-mooded skipper, I think Ella's Pink Lady is a happy yacht, and all the family likes that!
The westerly winds will come soon. It is certainly a wise idea to have rounded the french Polynesia by their western side: easier navigation, and at sea, the game is mostlly making the best use of the winds Neptune is sending you. If they come from South-East, it means clearly that he prefers you to go further South for a while. We all know he is your friend, since the melted chocolate's episode, so you are right to follow his advise.
Paris is cold this morning, with a light grey sky, the Seine is grey-green, and would just need some pretty Pink Lady on it to make a wonderful picture. Just waitin' for you, in some next lap!
Fair winds and enjoy your magnificent journey, Miss Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great stories we read this every night before my children will go to bed.....My girls were wondering if you haved a little Christmas tree on board ? Keep safe and keep happy.....glad to hear you are not sick of te pink and enjoying the tinned mangos.

All the best travelling south east,
Tess Emily and Tim Adler
from Sydney

Geoff said...

Hey J dawg

I've been away on holidays down at The Prom (Wilson's Promontory)

It's a National Park, happens to be the best place on earth also has the southernmost point on mainland Orstralia (for some strange reason it's named South Point)

An abalone diver once told me that the sea gods live down there, so I worded them up on your little jaunt around the globe and I can report they have given you the thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stay safe & keep smiling :)


Melbourne Orstralia

yarnek said...

Re your last paragraph; no apology necessary for not apologizing! This worried but confident adopted parent reckons legends deserve as much "me" time as is possible to squeeze in.
Great update, by the way. I can see that sea just as I could the scrunched up tin-foil the other night.
Sail on, young lady.

The Old Bloke

Georgie said...





Anonymous said...

Caves Beach Andrew, aren't you lucky we leave in a country that allows freedom of speech ? You in turn had us worried about the progress of your Golf skills...

Gabe said...

Ah, sunshine and lovely sea.
Your view through the happy glasses sounds wonderful.
You have no "duty" to post in your blog.
It is our "privilege" to hear from you, when you get the chance.
With all of the responsibilities you have, to keep you and your Pink Lady safely on course, I'm surprised you have time to blog at all.
Your progress so far is amazing. I did a little math and realized that you are just about 1/4 of the way through your voyage.
Time for more cupcakes.
Good thoughts and blessings to you,
Maryland USA

Fran said...

ok, was slightly worried. Great to hear all is well!I check on you once a day and love hearing all about your trip. Good luck with those scones!

sarge said...

Hi Jessica
Please don’t keep your trap shut – give us all a good kicking for being such worry warts! Keep flying along.

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

thanks for your lively update! :D

And don't mind those who try to tell you what and when and how to write - after all, this is YOUR blog!

Reading about your route projection I wonder whether you'll pass or come close to that somehow interesting point called "Point Nemo" which is one of earth's socalled "Poles of inaccessibility".

As a sailor from Australia you may have heard about it, but for those who didn't: It's the point on earth most distant from any shoreline (there is a landlocked pole of inaccessibility too, somewhere in northern China). About Point Nemo, Wikipedia says "The oceanic pole of inaccessibility: 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W / 48.8767°S 123.3933°W / -48.8767; -123.3933. It lies in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,688 km (1,670 mi or 1,451 NM) from the nearest lands: Ducie Island (part of the Pitcairn Islands) in the north, Motu Nui (part of the Easter Islands) in the north-east, and Maher Island (near the larger Siple Island, off the coast of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica) in the south. Chatham Island lies farther west, and Southern Chile in the east."

So, if you should come to or even near that point, you could even add another milestone on your list!

Good luck and good winds!


glyn said...

Hope youre not forgetting your schoolwork and dont forget to clean your teeth

Anonymous said...

Listen, Young Lady, you are not 18 yet and as long as you spread your blog into our loungeroom, you have to abide by the laws of your "adopted parents". Rule No. 1...(blah, blah, blah)... Rule No. 5028 concludes the reading of the rules. Is that understood ? Did you listen (ah, read this...)? Now finally, get you compass out, measure the direction towards mainland Australia and yell out loud: "I WILL WRITE MORE OFTEN..."

Peter said...


Without my daily dose of "Jesse's Blog", I sort of get withdrawal symptoms. I'm glad all is well with you and that you continue in good spirits too.

Peter (Mornington Peninsula- Vic)

rabreezway said...

hi jess,we knew you was in bad weather and keep the good effort up Ron

rabreezway said...

hi Jess,Keep up the good effort Ron xx

EmmaCooper said...

hey jess! missed you at Sail Brissy this year :( we had really REALLY windy conditions but it was a heap of fun. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself though. Everyone here on the coast says hi - it is sooo funny when john talks about you! he gets this little proud look going!
Anyway keep smiling :)
Emma cooper

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Good to hear your cruisin'
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” _ Mark Twain

Keep the Dream Alive
You're a Legend

Peter H said...

Hi Jesse, you are wonderful and everything right as it is, especially that you chose pink for Ella´s Pink Lady. Pink ist the best color to keep you in good mood and your spirits high. For example the army used pink to paint their Land Rover Defender pink when they use it in the desert, as with pink you turn invisible at sunsets and with a lot of sun shining. and another example:In one of the maximum security prisons in the US they chose this color to keep their inhabitants more calm. And it works perfectly well.
So enjoy your pink and your journey!
Peter from Austria

bec said...

HI there Jess, just found out about your blog today... brings a smile to my face thinking of you out there chasing your dream. You go girl. You are in my prayers & I can't wait to cheer you over the line... whenever that is - I've got some blog entries to catch up on :)

Mike said...

Great to see your blog. I didnt want to be one of those people worrying about you but found myself checking your sight often to see that you were doing ok. I understand you are busy when the weather is a bit crazy, but am glad to here you are doing well. I am glad you are getting the weather, it will help in your handling of any future challenges. You are my fourth daughter, so take care of yourself.

Mike Atlanta

Peter H said...

Hi Jesse,
forgot to tell you the
most important about PINK: pink is the color of the chakra of the heart!!!

so pink is perfect for you!

Peter from Austria

Vijay T said...

HI Jess
Well I must admit that I do miss you when there is no update on your blog. whilst saying that, i am sure you have pleanty of other stuff to do. A little update from Brisbane - weather is good - not extremely hot but just right. Shoppers are going crazy buying, buying, buying. With the mortgage rates going up three times in a row,one should be a little more careful, but I guess that everyone is in the Christmas spirit. As i speak - there's Carol singing in the city, and I am sure that will go off quite nicely. We are having a quite Saturday - with the Christmas tree up - the house is looking very nice.That's my update for you Jess. Take care & safe sailing.

Vijay T [Yep another of your adopted mums] Brisbane

eric said...

Checking in on your postings is the first thing I do in the morning, and the last thing I do before bed.

I feel better about life on earth knowing that you are out there doing what you are doing.

You're an inspiring antidote to an otherwise sad and troubled planet.

Thanks much,

Eric Wiemann
Silver Spring, Maryland USA

Wayne said...


Just found you blog by accident.
Good for you, living my dream many years ago as I followed Robin in National Geographic (and later his book) when I was 15.

Been a fellow (land locked) sailor since. Would love to hear more about how 'Parker' handles and your rig. Designed and built my own vane from scratch, freedom, right?

Our prayers will always be with you. My granddaugter is 10 and I'll tell her of you in morn.

Don't get lazy. Test, test, test your sextant and skills while you have the frills. gain wisdom by expecting the unexpected.

Wayne in Oklahoma, USA

Peter Hansen said...

Still waiting for some level of detail about where you are - the map is okay, but regular latitude and longitude would be much better!

Grandma June said...

Hi Jessica
Good to hear from you again. Been watching and waiting for another update from you. I'm not one of the worried adopted parents, I'm one of the adopted grandparents you also seem to have accumulated! I figure you must have been having a busy time out there when we don't hear from you. Sounds like you might also be having such a great time that you don't want to spend too much time in front of the computer, and I can understand that.

The ocean sounds absolutely beautiful at the moment as you have described it. Hope you soon get those important south easterlies that you need. I have been checking out your location and surrounds on google earth and didn't realise that, not only are there so many tiny islands in the area, but they are inhabited! What an interesting part of the world.

By the way, we don't know what your favourite colour is? Mine just happens to be Pink! I could never get sick of pink.

I wish you continued safe sailing Jessica.
June, Gold Coast QLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

as always, happy sailing and god bless!

Cheers from Bavaria,

Jan said...

Hi Jess, just to send an enouraging note...driving home the other night (Melbourne) I kept looking at the full moon and thinking of your beautiful description of the moon on the water... I shall never forget it!
Go girl!
Jan - Melbourne,Aust.

doves bay said...

Hi Jess,
Nice to see you giving a little cheek to "the worriers". Sometimes when people are as interested in someone's experience as people are in your journey they forget that it's YOUR journey and you get to set the terms for how and when you want to share it.
We're getting our girls (3 and nearly 2) lifejackets for Christmas. They're very excited at the thought of going on Daddy's boat (a 38-foot yacht). Maybe it'll be the start of a lifetime love affair for them.

All the best,

Jacquie (Bay of Islands, New Zealand)

Roddy222 said...

Good blog Jess, love the final comment. Make me laugh. You keep ya chin up and keep strong.Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'm a newcomer to your blog, having heard about your travels from a daily astronomy newsletter

That bolide must've been a beautiful sight out there in the middle of the Pacific.

Did you see Polaris popping up over the horizon when you were in the Nothern Hemisphere, and Orion standing proudly on his feet? I'm envious of your dark skies, far from light-polluted cities.

I'm honoured to be able to tag along on your adventure via your blog.

Vancouver, CANADA

Annie said...

Hi Jess - thanks for sharing your day with us. Makes my day feel so mundane. I hope you've got a "easy meal" turkey, Christmas pud and a bon bon with a funny (ha ha) joke in it. Safe sailing and we are all with you, so that makes the boat a bit crowded doesn't it.
Thanks again and happy sailing...
Annie, Evandale, Tasmania

David said...

Jess, good to hear from you again. I thought that you hadn't written over the past couple of days because you were busy tacking around islands and reefs in French Polynesia. Good also to hear that you are still in fine spirits and looking forward to the Cape. Keep safe.

David, an adopted parent in Indiana

duane said...

Great descriptions of the sea. You truly are a talented writer. Thanks for sharing with us and don't feel bad when you can't find the time or don't feel like it. Take care of yourself first and foremost, when you do write you make up for it.
Are you on track to brake any speed records? I don't think that is one of your goals just wondering how you are fairing in that regard.
Ok Jessica sail safe and enjoy the ride. God bless. duane

Annie Pannie said...

Hi Jess - I love reading your blog and what happens during your day. Makes mine feel so mundane. I hope you've got an "easy meal" stuffed turkey with Christmas pud to follow. Look out for the corny jokes in the bon bon crackers.
Thanks again Jess and safe sailing.
Annie Pannie, Evandale, Tasmania

Deborah said...

Well done on giving all those Land Bound Adopted parents a taste of what its like not to get a blog from you for a couple of days.... Smile

Im sure before you get home you will have a busy patch where your too busy tacking, sailing, navigating high seas to blog.....but not to worry....we all know how capable and mature enough you are to cope with whatever is thrown your way...

We know you will get round to blogging when you get the time....i just hope these blogs are being keep as a record for when you write your book... :)

I have to get back to my mummy Guinea who had the stroke...shes getting a little better day by day....but still takes a fair amount of

so will catch you next blog

stay safe but have fun

Deb and the Guinea's

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess,
Great to hear from you again
I knew you were ok, it's just hard to go on line and not see your blogs :( but happy :) once more.

I NVU as your so free and living your dream.

Stay Safe

Minnesota Mom said...

Dear Jessica, There must be at least a million people following you and Ella's Pink Lady on your trip. All sending best wishes, warmest thoughts and highest hopes. We are all addicted now to
getting your updates. I admit to checking your blog many times over the last 2 days to see a new post from you. You have caught our imaginations and you and your boat are fixed in our mind's eye as you sail. With all these new adopted parents and grandparents that's going to be lots of Christmas cards to send out! From a log cabin on the shores of a frozen lake--Minnesota Mom

mike said...

Hello young Jesse. I think it is great that so many 'adopted parents' and concerned bloggers are having a say on your blog. We have seen you are mature in so many ways Jesse and no doubt you have learned from your bloggers (if you didn't already know this) that while you can please many of the people most of the time it is almost impossible to please all of the people all of the time. At the end of the day you will realise that it is not worth worrying too much about the people you can't seem to please. Maybe just spend a little time thinking about how you might try something a bit different with those people the next time. But you are likely to get more rewards from spending time with those who are more comfortable accepting you for the unique person that you are.

If you think of your adopted parents as being your 'bridge over troubled waters' over the next few months then you will know that we are smiling when we sing 'sail on silver girl'.

Mike (from Canberra)

Jules said...

HI there Jessica,
Onya girl, for doing what you are doing and living such a great adventure. Too much comfort-zone hunting these days.... I used to be an outdoor recreation instructor, so I'm all for teens doing adventurous stuff. It's good to have a blog, but don't feel guilty to take days off to just appreciate the solitude and isolation...
Say hi to the dolphins and the stars.

Take care,
Jules (ex Noosa Qld, now in the Australian Infantry, soon to be posted to Sydney. )

Anonymous said...

Christmas not far around the corner, going to be a unique and memorable one for you, I dont think you will be short of xmas dinner invites for the rest of your life after this journey ends.

I was just thinking of the man who provided you with EPL. What a wonderfully generous man.

Enjoy the trip to the Horn, keep safe, all the best, glad to hear all is well.



graeme (Dodd) said...

you are such a bad girl Jesse, wagging school for 8 months, not keeping up with your homework, giving us all a lot of worry whether you have survived another night.
I seem to waste countless hours every week reading all these bloggers gushing comments about you.
You'll be away for Christmas, probably your birthday.
Your poor Mum has had to pack all those lunches which you probably throw overboard and get out another hidden bar of toblerone.
You should be rioting on the Gold Coast like every other teenager!!

BavariaBlu said...

..."worried adopted parents" is a good one - I guess you'll have them by the hundreds in the meantime, all around the globe. You probably do what any teen does, smile and think waht you will.
Over 4000 miles of open sea just sounds like a dream, Jessica. Enjoy every minute of it - and don't forget to strap on all the time, put on warm socks when it gets cold and don't forget your evening prayers, will you?

trentgs said...

No longer blue from not breathin' or holding our breaths! Its GREAT to hear from you!!
Good Morning Sunshine!!

Gary & Jan

Richard Lathrop said...

There you are, crossing the Pacific with boatloads of adopted parents--all blogging you from every corner.[then using your blog to correct each other's blogging!] That sould be reason enough to shut down for a couple of days!

Now that we see you are safe and soundly speeding south we ask, "What was all the fuss about?"

We have to read between the lines to learn that you've finally had some real rest. This has got to be the case given the steady breeze, quiet sea and scarcity of obstacles; not to mention your upbeat mood. But if you could just write, "I am getting good sleep." it would ease our adopting hearts. [we all know there are some things better left unsaid, but this is not one of them]

It a releif to hear that you held on to port tack past French Polynesia. Haven't seen a chart, but on Google Earth it looks like a challenge to navigate.

Thanks for the lesson on tradewinds, variables and subtropics.

I gather the climate is more pleasant as well.

Sail on, champion.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

pestinfo said...


I am so pleased you got away from FP. Its just chock a block full of islets and reefs.

Excellent navigation. Suppose you think your pretty smart eh ??

Well I do for one.

Adoptive parent Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

PS. Actually you are pretty smart. Well done Jesse.

Anonymous said...

Hola Jessica!!!

We support you from Argentina. You can do it!
Good winds! Vamos Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to hear that the weather Gods are moving you along nicely now even if it is not quite the right direction - plenty of room out there adjustment later!
Stay safe,
Tom, Tasmania

trentgs said...

Well..after reading all the blogs I wasn't alone in my 'Whats up with Jess." Not a criticism..just my internal clock looking out the portal (my PC) and looking for a bit of pink.. Truly GREAT to know you're ok. An' yeah even us Adoptives' keep you uppermost in our prayers..only because we care...Thats' gotta make you feel pretty good..

Gary & Jan

Larry said...

Jesse, It's a good sign for the human race when so many people are concerned for someone they have never met before. Your previous blog before this one mention some serious sleep deprivation and everyone know how much teenagers love their blissful sleep. The kicker was the fact that the tracker site was not showing any movement past the French Polyensian area. One or two days is a long time to be holding ones breath. In a previous comment I said the word "if" is not in our vocabulary but the word "when" is. Well when it comes to the games of chance I have to us the word if. If I win the lottery before you reach Sydney Myself, my wiwfe, and any othe member of my family who can make it will be on the tier when you make your triumphant return to Sydney. I play the lottery regularly so you never know. Any way Jesse, I can breath again and I'm glad you're safe, in good spirits and have Sydney in your sights. Your long distant friend Larry (

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, ok I'll say it if no one else will... I was getting a bit concerned that we hadn't heard from you in a while. I check your blogs everyday and think... come on Jesse just a little something to keep us going on with!!! Not that I was worried because we all know how capable you are, it's just we need our Jesse and EPL fix!! So keep up the good progress (sorry I don't know any sailing terms) oh btw you never did tell us what was in your Nanna's pressie... Take care 'til next time.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Alright! Captain Jesse, Glad to hear that you sailed through the
Polynesians unscathed. Excellant
work! Take care and be safe.

Macca said...

well yo k now what they say,,,,,,,, think pink


p.s jess is ahottie

Summersailor said...

Jess: Lots of your adopted parents you have, as I am one of them, but was not worried about the updates. As as sailor I am well aware of the up keep and the maintenance that is needed for the Ella's Pink Lady. Just write when u can, because we all enjoy them. U mentioned about all the pink around u, but make sure u are not turning pink as well, keep putting on the sunscreen. :oD Enjoy!!


Sherry said...

Where have you posted your gps route? Am I missing a link? Good luck with the sail.
Sherry (Florida, USA)

Summersailor said...

Jess: Lots of your adopted parents you have, as I am one of them, but was not worried about the updates. As as sailor I am well aware of the up keep and the maintenance that is needed for the Ella's Pink Lady. Just write when u can, because we all enjoy them. U mentioned about all the pink around u, but make sure u are not turning pink as well, keep putting on the sunscreen. :oD Enjoy!!

RichieParis said...

Hello to the shore support team...

Would you eventually provide, for all of us, fellow bloggers and adopted parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends, a postal address (maybe a postal box?), where we could all send a greetings card for Xmas and the New Year to Captain Jesse?

I think it would be a great thing for her to find some day, once back, thousands of cards from so many places in the world, and really "touch" how she caught us?

Russ/Calgary said...

Your message was most welcome and some of your admirers do worry when your messages are not seen for a day or two. Keeping EPL going is the most important issue, besides your health, and it is understandable that you have been very busy with the wind conditions. The scones sound delicious. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.. Russ.

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi there Jesse
Sounds like you are having a very good day. Wow you are past the Polynesia already, you are just a movin ☺. You sure are making good time.

Ah yes beef stroganoff, I ate lots of that to when I was young. So how's the fishing going.
Take care be safe.

Jane said...

Happy to see your post and that you're doing so well!
Jane (Michigan, USA)

Meechree said...

good luck getting to the east!
-Dimitri, USA

Mary said...

Greetings from Maine, Jess.

My heart SINGS for you!!

I, and so many around the world, continue to give you a warm group hug.

May the light of Grandmother Moon continue to guide you through your journey and the warmth of Grandfather Sun feed your body and soul as you fulfill each day's quest.

Welcome to all the new bloggers. Remember to take the time to read the archived blogs written by Jessica during her preparatory year. They are full of outstanding information and pictures, helping to answer many questions currently asked by bloggers.

With love and blessings to you, Jess, from your adoptive Big Sister! You're in my thoughts and prayers always.

Mary, Maine, USA

capt193 said...

Great to finally hear from you...forgive me but I was a little worried. I look forward to hearing from you each and every day and the lull was a little bit unnerving...I'm also a parent and that's what parents do...even with other kids. Keep up the good work and I'm glad to hear that you are still enjoying yourself so. All the best to you!!! Wayne B (Milford, Connecticut)

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Sounds like you having a ball out there Jesse. It's great to hear you sounding happy.
Now I think all bloggers would agree, that you only need to post any updates when time permits and when you feel like it. You are not under any pressure to do so, this is your adventure, not ours, we are only along for the ride.
Passageweather has south easterlys over the next 4 or 5 days, but hopefully may get some west to nor-westerlys, that would be good I think.
How could you get sick of pink, it's every girls favourite colour.
You have knocked over a lot of sea miles over the last week which is great.
So enjoy your easymeal, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love From Exmouth WA Australia
PS Went out fishing today, 2 girls from work came along and they caught some nice Nor-West Snapper, see girls can catch fish.

Phil in Idaho said...

Glad to see the update. Yes I think us land parents get nervous when you don't post for awhile. Guess we should have faith and just know you are busy. Wait till the southern Ocean. You will have 300,000 people on land with a stomach ace worring about you.


kathie said... have created monsters of us, wanting more and more of you!!! now your in trouble when you don't blog!! Keep your mind on your mission and all of your followers on land, in all parts of the world, will just have to wait!!
Keep sailing..
Kathie (NYC)

Anonymous said...


Phillipa said...

Hi Jess,

Haven't written in a while but read your blogs daily. Great news that you are doing so well. When we went cruising, there was none of this keeping in touch daily, weekly, or even monthly - that was some 20 years ago and we didn't have the electronics you have. Even after 11 years of being on the water, we still loved the fact that we were out of touch. Pretty much the reason for going in the first place.
So when I don't see a comment from you, I assume you are busy dealing with what is necessary - and that is keeping your boat moving safely. So long as your Ella is safe, you are safe. As you move further south, the more time will be spent staying on top of the boat and not so much in letting us know where you are. I am sure your parents and close support will know how things are going, but I would rather know you were busy sailing, than keeping in touch. And when I see you come up with a comment, the pleasure will be great.
So keep on keeping on. Enjoy the lovely conditions, the food, the pleasure of being out there. You and your "pink" lady, will become the best of friends as she takes you on your voyage through the best and the worst of days.
Blessings to you both, Pippa

Paula said...

My name is Paula and I'm a Jessica addict.

There, I said it!

Like everybody else, I've bee obsessively checking for a new posting, sometimes every hour. I'm at the computer all day anyway (I publish a newspaper), but this is crazy! I think we're all living through you, and worrying about you, in equal measure. You make us smile at least as much as you make us worry, Jess, so keep doing what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I had hoped that your longer period of "silence" meant that you were catching up on some sleep in between sail and course adjustments. You do sound happy and better rested! You have fans all over the world who are totally rooting for you. You go, girl.

Boston, USA

Ken said...

OK so I'm too old to be an adoptive parent, but just about old enough to be an adoptive grandparent, so I reckon that counts too! I love reading your blogs Jesse and I check every day to see if you've had time to let us all know how you are going out there. (I'd love to see more pics). Just keep safe, keep enjoying this fantastic adventure, and keep going!
Ken (Brisbane)

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

It is truly an interesting group psychology that seems to have developed in and among the regular ones who comment on your blog. Wednesday then Saturday is a case in point.

You post on Wednesday and all of the initial comments are the usual words of encouragement from everyone and that is a good thing. Then time goes on and nothing new posted from you so a few have taken to micro dissecting the intent and meaning of what others have written; I presume to have something they can write. It's not done in a harmful or vicious way but I find it, at times, amusing.

Many have professed that "I was not worried about not hearing from you" but I bet these are the very ones (admittedly including me) who pull up your blog eight and ten times a day to reassure themselves that they are not worried about not hearing from you.

I believe bog readers in general would be hard pressed to find another blog where this same group psychology exists.

I guess that's what makes what you are doing and the group following that you have attracted so special and unique in the blogosphere.

Perhaps the same passion and interest exists somewhere else but finding a comparable group psyche would be difficult at best if not impossible.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

RICHARD said...

Great to hear you are well and looking at the world once again through happy glasses! We were wondering just what you might be going through. Some thought that perhaps the weather was taking every minute of your day with a challenging sea that was occupying your every minute. I thought that perhaps you were too busy shooting a new video and taking pics to give us all an Oscar winning video. Still others had a notion that you were sick. One of our more unique thinkers was speculating that you were busy trying to escape the pirates that were trying to catch up too EPL to rob you of your food bags! LOL

Whatever the case, it is truly a great relief to read that you and EPL are doing well and it doesn't get much better out there for you and EPL. Enjoy!
Mama said there'd be days like this.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

i like your last paragraph. you really are just a teenager!
bob evans
atlanta georgia

trentgs said...

"..Maybe it's just that I'm just in a particularly good mood and seeing everything through happy glasses but I don't think it gets much better than this!.."
Glad to hear about your 'Happy Glassses'!
Don't fret about us..we're just happy to hear all the details..and laugh along with you. I know I've been wearing a smile and a grin since I opened the blog this am!
So thanks for passing out the Happy Gram!!

Gary & Jan

Patrick said...

Hey just wanted to say hi ! Found your story out because i am thinking of sailing away for a couple of years, after having successfully obtained my goals in my carrier i came to a point saying "well what do i do now ?? What's next ??" And leaving everything behind and sealing away is number one on my list ! I have to admit being caught in the events after reading your story in the past week, ahahaha to my surprise i was worried too when no news from you came out after 2 days :) That being said nevermind all the media bs, all those people that are negative etc... They probably just wish there lives wouldn't be so boring coz they don't have the balls to do anything about it, so they try and live trough you.... What you are doing is really an inspiration to me ! Enjoy it has much has you can, when it get's hard and it will, my trick is to think of things that I've found really hard but succeeded doing them, i use that energy to crank myslef up ! Hope it helps ! Best of luck ! Go and prove all those cowards wrong !! You can do it !!

Patrick, Quebec, Canada

Ps sorry for my poor grammar english is not my natural language yikes (!)

Anonymous said...

I have been following you with interest for some time from Nova Scotia Jessica and wish you well on your great adventure. I have a daughter a little younger that I think will challenge herself in a similar way but her adventure will likely be ski racing. God speed and enjoy yourself.

trentgs said...

You keep me going back to read my copy of 'The Anapolis Book Of Sailing' Which is a good thing I suppose. I bought it back in 1990 while reading Tania Aebis' book 'Maiden Voyage' and realising she was using terms I was unfamiliar with. Not Marine Terms, nautical and sailing you're giving me a refresher..(I keep a photo of Tanias Contessa 26 on my're in My Pics so I can share with folks your story..) and then I grab the World Atlas and occassionally the Encyclopedia! So I'm learning so much new stuff about this wonderful Blue planet we live on. Its' incredible huh? Just thinking about you on the blue part going around a spinning ball..that is itself careening through space around a medium sized a run of the mill galaxy...humph...makes you feel kinda small huh?..then think everyone of us is on God's mind -much as you are on ours..that makes us pretty special too..

Hey ..Thanks.. Wonder Girl..keep on turning up the volume..we like listening to your music..

Gary & Jan

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

i'm thinking of you every day. keep up the good work...the hard stuff is yet to come.

you've got a great attitude and you'll be just fine.

be well. be safe. have fun.

richmond, va

Quilljar said...

I am not an adopted parent but an adopted Grandpa if anything! Even we oldies get excited about a youngster on such an adventure as yours.
Yes I did get anxious when you didn't blog for a couple of days. However, I know you must prioritise and run your boat properly before communicating with your fans out here.
I think it is nice of you to think of us as a kind of extended family. I am sure we feel the same way.
Get some sleep now, that is something you cannot do without. goodight and sweet dreams.

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Jesse, I totally agree about the color being uplifting and making you smile. This is my deck here in NH. It puts a smile on my face when I come home and it's 15
degrees and snowing.

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
Thank you so much for the vivid update. I believe I may speak for many of us in that you have a wonderful talent of figuratively bringing us on board with you. Your wit and perspective are so refreshing.
Please don't be upset with us when we worry about you, you see we really do care.
I know that there must be days when you are busy and or just do not feel like writing. Gosh that's OK. Perhaps someone on your team could just blog....All OK. Then we would all know that your fine. Just a thought, please do not feel obligated in any way however. Even two weeks of All OK blogs would be better than not hearing from you for several days.
You just amaze me more each day by the way!
God Bless you Jessica.

kina said...

Hey Jesse,
now we can all breath a sigh of relief since you've safely navigated around French Polynesia and all of her hidden dangers. Just a few more Islands to go and "bob's your uncle".. as they say.
Sooo pleased to know you're getting some sun and a nice steady breeze, maybe now you can get some decent rest and build up the reserves in readiness for the notorious Cape Horn. I bet
'parker's' itching to give you a break too :)
Like so many others, I marvel at your ability to convey with such poetic clarity, your observations of the various moods of 'mother
nature'. Thankyou so much for allowing us aboard.
Also, for us 'nautical illiterates', we appreciate the
explanations to terms known primarily by seafarers as, 'great circle route', 'trade winds', 'the variables'...etc..thankyou!
Finally a message to the intrepid 'Pink Lady' make haste south-east with due care please!

Ben (Qld)

Anonymous said...

This blog is for Macca:
Hey young man, I hope you realize our girl Jesse not only has real parents that need to approve of you before you could ever see our girl, but also now has hundreds of thousands of adopted parents and grandparents that must approve also! Not to mention Jesse herself, who is a very mature young lady, and from looking at your profile you are only 15. Our girl would probably be interested in an older man than you, maybe 17 years old! But I guess Jesse herself in her video blogs tells everyone to have a dream and go for it!! So good luck and I guess go for your dream!

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jesse,

Glad to hear that you're 'in the pink' !

It's good to see that you've safely navigated the reefs of Polynesia. Reading John Sowden's book I was interested to learn how he tried to time his passage through areas like that to coincide with quarter moons, so that there would be less current. As a landlubber I have a lot to learn before I can become a shellback !

By the way, you're far more patient that I would be with some of your commentators. I know that they mean well, but it would do my head in if I had to keep reading questions about whether or not I had my safety harness on, why I wasn't posting daily updates, etc. etc. It seems to me that many people have taken a proprietorial interest in you, which is somewhat misplaced. We can all be interested in your welfare, but you are your own person, and answerable to no-one but yourself, and perhaps your parents. So ignore the worrywarts, concentrate on your sailing, and having fun, and only keep us apprised of your progress and routine as a secondary consideration. (Magellan didn't have back seat drivers with him !)

All the best,

Brian in NY.

Wolfhound said...

By the way, Jesse, I just noticed that one of my friends posted this on Facebook today, and I immediately thought of you and EPL...

"I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."

-- Audrey Hepburn.

I guess that about sums it up !

All the best,

Brian in NY

HAWKEYE said...


Well Jesse you appear in good spirits and possibly you have been able to get a bit of shut-eye which is a great energy booster. Pleased you didn't have to work too hard getting past the islands although there appear a few more coming up before what looks like a clear passage.

We do worry about you Darl; we care and have come to love you for the beautiful person you are. We get to see you on video and the pics you provide but it's the message reflected in your blogs that exposes a true inner beauty - your strength, your fragility, the light and shade of your thoughts and feelings - for me, it's these elements that highlight the real Jesse. Collectively, it paints a lovely picture.

Reading this sort of stuff it must cross your mind that it's the bloggers who are desperately in need of help. Along those lines I have identified an apparent emerging condition among many of your devotees. I have taken the liberty to call the affliction JESS-STRESS - to learn whether this new strain of anxiety is life threatening, just follow these pages.

Well Jesse it's always good to know what you are up to (tonight's meal sounds yummy) and that you and EPL are in good nick.

'til next time special one remember safety first, stay clipped-on, keep the goals simple and achievable, the head in the moment and most of all enjoy it and be happy!!!


Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
For Jesse and Ella's Pink Lady its au revoir Polynesian Islands People and Birds and
Hello World. It will be a momentous day when you soon change course east and head to "rounding the cape". Sail ahead to all good things, Charley

hezakiah299 said...

12-05-09 @13:03
Hi Jessica,
So glad to hear from you, I figure you had your hands full coming around F.P. or you were just busy enjoying yourself, which is good.
I know you’re very capable of sailing and taking care of yourself out on the great big ocean, but it’s just my nature to worry, can’t help it. But it does make me think of you more and pray more so some good does come of it.
I could just picture you flying along in picture perfect trade winds, looking off into the distance with your hair trailing behind you and happy glasses on. LOL.....
Glad to hear that you've cleared French Polynesia. Now it's on to the Cape, just open water and 4380nm. Wow, you make it sound so simple. That's the sign of a positive thinking young lady. Keep at it Jessica, you will succeed.
For you the color pink is beautiful, and I hope you will enjoy it for the entire trip. Not much chance of stopping somewhere for a new paint job.LOL...
I hope you enjoyed your stroganoff and scones with a little cheese, it sounds good.
Remember, you come first!!!
Take good care of yourself and Ella, stay clipped on, safe and alert. Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Jess, You'll be an expert in Parents pretty soon! It's really YOU who have adopted us by a public blog--my condolences to you that we are such a difficult lot!

Our son's school had a Book Fair at Barnes & Noble Booksore last night. I spent an hour in front of the sailing section. I'm pathetic, I know.

One book said that classically sailors navigate east to west across the South Pacific in circumnav trips. Why did you choose west to east?

Merchandisers: We expect a line of healthy chocolate soon, please, with pink wrappers from Ella Bache--good for the skin, of course AND little pink sailboat collector ornaments for the Christmas trees, please!

Pink Parent Club, Northern Nevada, USA

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Oh hurray for sunshine! I suspect you are getting a good feel for how much weather effects mood. I think we land folk ("landlubbers"? It feels weird using that strange word) get so engrossed in our many activities and relations that we seldom attribute our moods to weather, but I think Seattle folks (they get a LOT of rain) will be the first to agree that sun-less days can really press on a person.
So! How's the fishing? Did you try at all when the weather was harsh?
Must run now.
Take care and blessings,

Oliver said...

Haha, Luv you Jess... Think Pink...

lilshawnee said...

Hi Jesse
Glad your back.sorry we all missed some of your post but its ok.Take care of you and Pink Lady.We come last even though we worry too.
Im so happy for you and im so happy when you made your dreams come true.
Relax and have fun sailing,when you come to Cape Horn,please be safe and think first ok,,,,,
your a tough lil sailer girl and you can do it,,,,
take care lil Jesse,your friends from USA
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

bernie777 said...

I was totally blown away to learn that blondie is 64 years old...mind you she looks totally hot as a 64 year old so add to your music list Heart of Blondie aka Deborah Harry to while away the listening hours and dont forget Science Fiction by Dyvinals these songs are for cool sailing...I see that david Bowie is a huge fan of yours me too...tell David to drop me a line last time I saw him was at the Serious Moonlight concert in Sydney well Jessica honey u do have honey I hope I love it ...its the only food that never goes bad....yum yum.....we are sailing big hi to Rod David and Deb..get on board the Pink sailing boat Bernie 777.....

Carl said...

I have a 16 yo niece that I can't imaging being on her own, for a week, in her own home. So it's really hard to grasp the things you know about sailing, the boat, navigation, first aid, cooking, fishing, mechanics...
You do a first rate job of writing that is also beyond your years. Writing about normal or mundane stuff to you is somehow interesting to us. You also have a great sense of humor. Keep up more of the same.
I'm most impressed, however, by your attitude. Your sense of optimism. It is this attribute above all others that is the key to your success.
Carl, Wisconsin, USA

Rick said...

Hi Jessica, You have no idea how many adopted parents you have around the world (especially us Aussies). But we will never growl,worry yes but never growl!
And when you do "blog", you do it with such wonderful description, we feel we are with you more than just in spirit.
Go girl your wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
From the flat lands of mid-America, and no water within miles, I was thinking you may have had a couple of rough days. Good to know all is going well.
Keep on keeping on !!

el grande said...

pay no attention to anyone who has anything but good news for you - your adventure is a vicarious thrill for us all! anyone who would give you grief for not updating YOUR blog... well...

Chris said...

I love reading your blog and tell people here in San Francisco California about your adventures all the time. Not many people here know about your trip!?!? Why arent you on American TV? I bet Oprah or Ellen would love to have you on via Skype, and then live in studio when you get back.
What do you plan on doing when you get back?

I'm at work now and have to go sell biodiesel..... and then later golf.

Talk to ya later.
Rock on!

Joseph said...

jesse, haven't miss any off your blogs...enjoying traveling along with U, please take care of yourself, I have 3 daughters of my own....happy sailing....Joseph from Arizona usa

tom paine said...

Glad to hear you back again Jess. Your read is a daily ritual at this computer and we sort of envy you out there gliding along.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse, it is great to feel the smile in your prose! Happy glasses are a wonderful thing. Blue skies, blue seas and a good breeze, it probably doesn't get much better! Wishing you more of the same! Godspeed, Mike

Anonymous said...

While in the Navy I was expected to write a letter home each and every day to me girlfriend. Sounds simple enough. But after a while it became quite a chore, either I wasn't in the mood, had nothing interesting to write about,or just didn't feel creative. ( it wasn't laziness )Sometimes it's necessary to take a break from the routine and skip a day or two of corresponding.

Remember --Captain Jessica, your first order is to Sail the Ship.

May God Bless and keep you.

Attitude said...

"The important thing is to dare to dream big, then take action to make it come true." Joe Girard

Deidre said...

Hi Jesse,
So glad to hear you're having such a beautiful day! I enjoy tracking your progress on the voyage link; you are really moving!

I am more impressed by you and your courage every day!
Stay safe and have fun,
~Deidre NC, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Your doing great,don't worry about the color Pink,it's a happy color,so when you feel down,think of your Pink Lady keeping you safe.
Make you feel cool,here I am on a snowy north easterly storm in Maryland and it's getting colder,but you the snow pretty when it sits on trees and covers the grass services,our first of the season and it's early.So I send you cool thoughts on your travels towards Cape Horn and I plan on making a ''Snow Angel'' in your honor when it lets up,I'll call''Angel Jessica'' and send along my best wishes as I do.
Can you let your ''blogger squad'' know what kind my music you listen too?
Take care young lady and may the winds keep you steady as you go.
Keep up your updates,I know your U.S. blogger's keep responding.
Stephen M.
The transplanted ''Aussie''.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

I imagined things might have been a bit tough over the past few days hence no blogs. It is easy for us to sit at home and write to you without having to sail cook navigate and generally put up with crook weather!!!!! Garage sale here yesterday was great never knew so many people would buy what I regard as absolute junk! I think we picked the right time just before Christmas when people want to spend. Have you had a go at my mind game yet? AUS got a rotten draw in the World Cup soccer we play Germany first...possibly the best team in the world so a bit of Aussie Aussie Aussie spirit will be needed for that game.....spirit something you have plenty of keep on keeping on

I am off to take the left overs from the sale to the Salvos

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

jennifer said...

when i first saw back in october that your yacht is pink i thought how it goes perfect with the sea. how it's the same pink found in so many creatures in that beautiful world: anenomes,sea stars, scallops, snails and their shells, nudibranchs, so many share ella's pink lady's lovely shade oxox

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