Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cooler Weather, Rubbish and New Food Bag

Still good progress south but the big news for today is that I actually turned one of my little Hella cabin fans off this morning for the first time in weeks! Two little fans probably don't sound like anything to write home about but believe me they've been a total lifeline, running constantly and doing a great job of helping me keep cool. Maybe it's too soon to start hoping, but it finally feels like it's started getting cooler over the last few days. You can be sure that it will be no time at all and I'll be complaining about the cold!

It’s still been very squally out here, with the squalls leaving behind a messy chop on the swell and making a mockery of anything I'd like to call sleeping patterns. I've been cat napping all afternoon to try and make up for lost sleep. Ella's Pink Lady's still making good ground south at the moment. Then sometime tomorrow morning we'll be tacking over to make some ground to the east to hopefully pick up a more easterly wind. We passed back over the date-line today putting the local time zone at GMT-10, not that that means all that much to me. If anything I'm still running on Queensland time!

One of today's little jobs included my weekly attempt to compact and package up my rubbish for storage in the bow. Obviously anything that's degradable goes over the side and anything that's left, which is pretty much only plastic packaging, gets washed out if needed and carefully packaged up till I get home.

With nothing left in the last food bag but a tin of baked beans and a packet of banana chips (dinner wasn't looking very exciting!) today marked the start of a new food bag (see pic below), lots of exciting new treats, and there's even a present from Grandma in this one!


Pic: Getting into the new food bag!


Dan said...

mmm baked beans on toast, the best ever.
This weekend is going to be hot hot hot Jesse, enjoy this cooler weather while you can!


Russ/Calgary said...

Hello Jesse, You are answering a lot of questions about rubbish etc. Yes you will be starting to get some cooler weather soon. We are experiencing it already. A big snowfall, high winds, causing a whiteout, visibility about a 100 feet. Much better where you are! About time for a little more fishing if you have the inclination. Just get that lure in fast before a big brother or sister takes the smaller fish. Baked beans and banana chips sound ok to me. Smooth sailing. Best wishes. Russ.

allison said...

Here in Michigan it is chilly with temps at 40 degrees fahrenheit. Enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi Jesse, Glad it is cooling off a bit for you, you are really going so well Sweetheart keep it up your record will never get broken, are you ahead of your estimated position at this time and if so by how many days? Love you Jesse, Roger and Lou Dwyer

Peter said...

Keep up the good work Jessica. We are all still with you and it is part of my morning now to check where you are and how things are going..

Peter H

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Glad you are getting a reprieve from the humid conditions of the tropics.
Bake beans are not so bad as long as you dont live on them for a week and live on your own. You will have your own personal wind machine. Lol.
I love banana chips enjoy them now you have got me craving some.Getting cat food will be an excuse to get some. cheers.
Take care pet
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Jessica
Thanks for answering the many questions about what happens to the rubbish. I suppose your stores are designed not to leave TOO much rubbish but no doubt the bow will be a bit heavier when you arrive home.
So, what was the present from Grandma?
Cheers, Julie, Gold Coast

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
It's always Great to hear from you. Yes, enjoy the heat while it lasts...Oh I hate the cold also.
Nice to hear you are making some good progress. I'm sure the squalls makes it hard to sleep, just keep cat napping, and enjoying what you like best...Sailing!
WOW...that was interesting, never thought about the rubbish that you will accumulate.
New food bag...Yummy, and let us know what the present was if you can.

Safe Sailing young Lady

Marion from Oklahoma City(USA)

J said...

Jessica, I have been enjoying your daily blogs and photos. I admire your perseverance and bravery a great deal. You are so lucky to have people to support you in pursuing your dream. I live on the central coast of California and wish you the very best of luck for the remainder of your voyage. Nita

David said...

Jess, you bring light to my every day. I haven't calculated what GMT - 10 is but the longer you sail east now, the closer you come to my time. Be careful and enjoy the journey, for you and for me.

David Indiana

Paula said...

Thanks for explaining the rubbish situation a bit. Makes sense that you're keeping the non-degradable stuff aboard, since you had room for it in the first place! I figured you wouldn't be just dumping plastics overboard! Good for you.

Your food bags seem like a nice diversion as well as being nutritious. A surprise to look forward to! I'm glad you also get to do some real cooking, not just heating things up. Can you talk about your stove a bit? Fuel, swivel?

I'm glad you're having some cooler weather. We are having cold and damp conditions now, just outside New York City. Jessica, if you ever get to New York, or Martha's Vineyard, I would be so pleased to have you stay with us! I have a little Herreshoff 15' sailboat on Martha's Vineyard, and I would be so honored to have you helm her. She would also feel honored. She is called Sea Mist.

duane said...

Sounds like you will be digging out the long johns before long. Will you be using any type of heat when it gets real cold? Great reading your blog. What have you been reading? Happy sailing. duane

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning Jesse, Just happen to get hold of our computer as hubby has gone out for a while and thought I just might have another look to see if there was any news, and bingo, there you were, glad that it is a little cooler for you, it has been alittle cooler here in Maroochydore, but the weather forcast is for it to get hot again. Colin and I hope to get up to Rainbow Beach for a couple of days in our van, just for a bit of a change. It was lovely walking around Maroochydore the morning with the cool breeze blowing, and you are always on my mind, thinking of how amazing you are out there on your own. Hope your food bag has some surprises in it, and Grandmas present keep it till 25th.Hope this finds you well, God speed Jesse talk soon Maxine and Colin Maaroochydore

mimo said...

Hey Jesse, hope you enjoyed you dinner (yuk). I must admit I hate the heat too so the cooler weather would be a blessing, don't know about the rough conditions that go with it though. Enjoy your new food bag and the gift from nanna.

Stay safe


ropisfwb said...

Are the bags dated for opening. Is there a temptation to look through the other bags for a favorite?

Safe trip.


Meechree said...

Let us know when you get to GMT-5
I'll sail out and say hello :p
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Great job Jessica!

Call me boring, but I'd love to hear about your rigging, reefing, wear inspections, spare sails, etc.

Camarillo California

Brian Riley said...

We know your just after another few tins of mango's.
Welcome to the open sea where the conditions rule you, and you can only do your best trying to continue a normal "GOOD MORNING WORLD" lifestyle.
Listening to your latest video update you sound so relaxed and within yourself sleep or not, this is having your sights on the goals that you have thought about for a long time and they are now being kicked into the net one at a time, great work.
If you are going to turn East tomorrow you certainly have been making good SOG. Good bye French Polynesia hello Cape Horn, 4 weeks sounds a fair sail.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay QLD.

Marc from Nebraska, USA said...

Wow Jessica, as a proud father of my own 15 year old daughter, I'm amazed at what your doing! I also have enjoyed your journal postings!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I haven't left a comment yet so I thought since it says "0" comments I'd leave you a little note. I work for a Construction company out of Boise, Idaho, (USA), and have been tracking and reading your blog since the very first day......oh how your parents must be very very proud of you, as is my ENTIRE CONSTRUCTION CREW!!!! What a wonderfully brave and exciting undertaking your on. All my crew and I are pulling BIG TIME for you....sounds a little rough out there, but your positivity absolutely astounds all of my men on my crew! We can't wait every day or so for you to write your new blog, and we love to read what's happening, so keep up the great effort girl.....you have a ton of people pulling for you. I have two daughters and I can't believe what your doing at 16, so hang in there and we'll be reading daily, (or whenever you get a chance to blog). You are absolutley amazing Jessica!!!GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!

Yanke Energy Inc.
Rick Tolar--(field superintendant).

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi Jesse
I'm glad someone has turned down the heat for you. The heat is way down for us here -20c tonight and snow.☺

So how many food bags do you have left to go. Grandmas always give good present.

Hey jess do you know what happened to some of the post in your last post. looks like there is a lot missing.

Have a good night.☺ ☺

Anonymous said...


Well done Jesse for thinking about
this really important issue.
We all need to take better care of our beautiful planet.
Sally in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

How many food bags have you got ? Do you have a strict plan when you can open bags and whats inside them. How are you doing for water. How much can you store?


jwb777 said...

Leave it Grandmas to put in something special---gotta love 'em!!! Bet there are more surprises waiting for you to open along the way too. Safe sailing!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell, in Oklahoma USA

el grande said...

new gastronmic adventures await! congratulations on getting 5000 nm under you! you are doing such a great job! so many of us envy you!

stay dry

Anonymous said...

you amaze me more and more every day. it is crazy and exciting your realy going to pull this off congrats!

Courtney said...

you amaze me more and more every day. it is crazy and exciting your realy going to pull this off congrats!

Anonymous said...

Grandmas are so clever...they know when to include a gift!
Sail on Ella's Pink Lady...the world is waiting....


Steve of Caringbah NSW Australia said...

Hey Jessica,

I religiously follow your blogs every day but ask if you could include some details for us fellow yachties like distance covered since last report, average speed, wind speed & direction, distance to go to the Horn etc

Dave said...

I was wondering why the map showed you heading straight south.. understand time to be made with prevailing winds..

Great information. Keep up the great work.

Linda said...

Hey Jessica! Love tracking your trail & tales - Am reproducing journal extracts from an iron clipper sailing GB to Australia in 1878 on my blog - If you fancy a little light reading LOL http://journeyjottings.com/blog/

Charles Dodgson said...

All sounds good Jessica. Maybe you can use the baked beans and banana chips to cook up a French-Polynesian delicacy. BTW, I greatly appreciated your explanation of direct lines and how the curvature of the earth brings distances closer. Thank you.

Steve from Sunshine Coast said...

Well done Jessica. You are making us Aussies proud. Keep going strong.

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse thanks for the rubbish explanation.
New food bag.....woohoo! What surprise did your Grandma put in or don't you know yet?
Sounds a bit like my pantry before pension day I don't have to go sailing to end up with baked beans at the end of a fortnight LOL xx

Anonymous said...

be great to know what miles you are covering daily if you new those figures ...... ??

good luck and fair winds


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Captain Jesse,

Great news on your progress. I had a "cool" experience today too. I woke up to our first snowfall but it disappeared as the day went on. The question of the day....what is the prezzi from Grandma ? She must be so proud of you....(just as we all are).
Good luck tacking easterly. I hope you catch up on your sleep.

Take care and stay safe.
Bay of Quinte,Lake Ontario,Canada

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with how you handle all this! Every day I check to see your latest comments and where you are. I bet you love it when there is a new food bag. Eat up and enjoy! Are you going north of French Polynesia?

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Good news that the weather is cooling for you.

Baked beans & Banana chips now that's a combination, can't say that it would make it to the Masterchef kitchens......

It's always interesting to hear about the housekeeping side of things, you are doing the same as us but just in a much smaller space & with a lot of water around you (making you chores a lot more difficult than mine.)

Stay safe & happy sailing.......

ingrid said...

Plenty cool up here in Canada Jess. a couple of cm of snow and clear blue with a 10 kt northerly. Keep it up and enjoy your last week or two of civilized weather. We land locked sailors in Alberta are following your trip with pleasure, hope and excitement.

Nick and Ingrid in Drumheller

Daniela V. said...

Hey Jessica,

still excited to hear from you. It has become my before-I-go-to-bed-routine (it's 2 a.m. in Germany right now)

What did you get from your Grandma?


Sally said...

Hi Jess

Glas to see that you are back on our time again. I amholidaying with my family on the Gold Coast and ejoying some QLD time also.

Enjoy your new food back - I can't believe 14 days have passed since you opened the last one!! It's another good way for us to mark your progress along this journey, by your food bags!! You answered a question I had on my mind with regards to your rubbish and how you store it. I was also wondering if any of your food stuffs were packed in Biodegradable packing so that you did not acumulate too much rubbish to store in Ella's Pink Lady.

Hope the wind is with you today, it's a bit cooler on the Gold Coast today and quite windy, so I can understand you turning your fan off. It might be time soon to swap the sarong for a spray jacket and something warmer!!

Have a great day Jess and stay safe.

'Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather' ~John Ruskin

'The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it' ~Patrick Young

Sally In Sydney
(On holidays on the Gold Coast)

Gabe said...

Ah, a present from Grandma.
What could be better than that?
Every time I think you are the most amazing girlie there is,
I know why.
You come from a most amazing clan.
It's nice to know,
as you forage towards your dream,
that you have a lovely circle of love and protection around you.
From your clan,
and from all of us here,
who travel with you in spirit.
God bless and sending safe travel prayers your way,
Maryland USA

Rowie said...

Hello Jess,

always a delight to read what's happening in your world! Those little pink flags on Google Earth are getting further apart, shows just how fast you're travelling.

A present from Grandma, how cool! Your Mum has obviously put much thought into what to pack in the food bags for you. Hopefully, there will be more fresh fish as well as you near the islands and atolls.

All the best Jess, stay safe.

Aroha, Phil, Maddy and Pat

Alison said...

A present from Grandma always lifts the sprits. I'm glad the weather is getting a bit more comfortable for you. Enjoying your posts =D

Ali Qld

Anonymous said...

You're doing great Jessica! We visit the site everyday and track your progress on our world map at home.

Enjoy you're new food bag!

Mike said...


Sorry about the lousy sleep. I'll say a little prayer that you get some relief. Enjoy the new food. Lots of us pulling for you, hang in there.

Mike Atlanta

Anonymous said...

I hope for your sake it's not the Grandma presents I used to get . Hankies, knitted bed socks or $5.
A packet of Froot Loops would be awesome I think.
Happy sailing.
Jo from Perth, Australia

Glen said...

Hope the winds improve for you Capt Jessica and enjoy your new food bag also someone who knows Jessica's Nanna go give her a hug from all the Jessicians for putting a smile on our girls face sorry to you and family if too personal but i think you may have to accept that at least virtualy a lot of people around the world are in the process of taking you into their hearts and i think one of the reasons is that you show us all what we can be and do as a species and individuals if we but try i salute you Glen

AMZ said...

yah i have been waiting all day to read your blog! so glad you managed to find the time to get it up for us all :)

Anonymous said...

Have been following your blog since you departed Sydney, and find it most interesting, but this is the first time I have come aboard with a comment.

Thanks for the information regarding what you do with your rubbish.

Glad it's getting cooler for you.

angela said...

Your doing so well, and sounding very happy too. I envy you your solitary life at the moment. I would give anything to be on my own with the wind in my hair.
We are all so proud of you.
Go girl!

Jo said...

Great to see you are still tropping on, I am sure you will catch on your sleep along the way. How nice to have a gift from your Gran even on the high seas. Keep up the greta sailing. JO :)

Anonymous said...

So what was Grandma's present or do you need to wait till Christmas?
Garland, TX

jo from perth said...

Morning Jesse,
Cooler weather when it comes is such a relief so i hope you can enjoy it before it turns too cold. I know how you look forward to a new food bag so hope it's a good one and the treat from your Grandma makes even better than usual. It sounds like it's been getting pretty rough out there on the sea and weather wise, so, keep your music blasting and your spirits up. I put extra thought into wishing you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

Brett W. said...

Best wishes from the middle of the US. Sounds like you're having a great time. I can only imagine. I built my own boat and taught myself how to sail... but what you are doing is off the charts. Enjoying the blog a lot. Be careful out there.

Brett W.
South Dakota, USA

jo from perth said...

Anonymous jo from perth said...

Morning Jesse,
Cooler weather when it comes is such a relief so i hope you can enjoy it before it turns too cold. I know how you look forward to a new food bag so hope it's a good one and the treat from your Grandma makes even better than usual. It sounds like it's been getting pretty rough out there on the sea and weather wise, so, keep your music blasting and your spirits up. I put extra thought into wishing you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

December 2, 2009 11:35 AM

Anonymous said...

Jessica,you are a great young lady,I admire you and...envy you,mainly because I will never have the courage to do what you so skillfully and naturally do ! I like your simple and natural way of describing your extraordinary adventure!Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

“What is my loftiest ambition? I've always wanted to throw an egg at an electric fan.”

Hang in there
Take Care
You're a legend

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great reading your latest entry. You are certainly making good progress. You are now into another new food bag!!! The last 2 weeks have flown by!!!

It is good hearing about your 'little' jobs. They answer our questions as they have come up over time.

With 5000nm covered you are well into the trip now. To be honest it does not seem that long since you left Sydney and I first started reading your blogs.

I look forward to reading more updates as you post them.

Enjoy the next few days of sailing. It sounds lke they will be a little more challenging than previous days.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Pete and Nancy in NH USA said...


Glad to hear that you've started to head into some cooler weather. Hope you've got plenty of warm clothes on board for the Cape. How do you plan on navigating the French Poylnesian Islands. Will you skirt around them or do you plan to run through them?

Andrew said...

Hey Jess, new food bag again, how time flies. Wont be long till ur looking at those fans wishing there was enough warmth so you could turn them back on. happy to know you passed the 5000nm mark. It seems so quick, guess time flies when you havin fun, an watching your progress is fun!!

Dig in to Granmas goodies an enjoy.
Stay safe Captain

Cameron B said...

Well, you may have to wait until the food bag is finished before you open that present...its not christmas yet.
Hope you are all well and good,
Cameron B

Anke said...

we visited Sydney when you left the harbor back in October. Meanwhile we are back in Florida reading regularly your postings. We are amazed by your spirit and wish you a safe trip back home while accomplishing your dream.
Happy sailing,
Anke & Jack

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to here it is cooling down for you, but as you said soon you will be complaining about it. Just wondering when you round Africa will you be heading north for any part of the Journey back to Aus, or will you stay South for the quickest route.
Thanks for keeping us up to date and enjoy the new food bag.
Tim and Rosie

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Some insight into how you deal with the trash. Thanks. Inquiring minds wanted to know.

Edible over the side to feed the sea creatures (et al) and plastic and tins in the bag after being thoroughly washed. A very environmental and responsible handing of this aspect.

Safe sailing an Godspeed

Georgia Guy

carole (Mackay) said...

Hi Jess
It is so refreshing to read your blog, you manage to fit so much information into such a small space. Glad to hear it is cooling down a little - will make for easier sleeping. The squalls and messy seas seem to be taking your time and energy - thats great, rest when you can, lots of catnaps will keep your energy up. thats exciting about a new foodbag - and a present !! WOWEE how nice of grandma. It must be fun the start of a new foodbag - you have a large menu to choose from - like a lucky dip !! dont save all the baked beans tho LOL or your last week will be just 'baked beans'. They are awesome protein and very very low fat. Good energy food. You will be excited to start heading east soon.Is there much in the way of sea life out there? dolphins/birds? Your photos are great it really shows us at home the great expanse of ocean you are experiencing. Love your writing style, Love your determination and courage. Good on you Jess, we are all talking about how great you are? Remember to check your lines for wear, ALWAYS keep clipped on and greet each and every day with a big smile as you head out into the cockpit. Fair winds. Carole (Mackay)ps thats great about the rubbish you are not only a great sailor but an environmentally friendly one too ! :)

carole (Mackay) said...

Oh Jess I forgot to mention... I will give you a free weekend in a spa suite at my resort (Mackay, QLD) so when you are keen to do a sail from Mooloolaba to Mackay lets know and I will book it for you, and may be able to organise a marina berth too. email: lasolana@mackay.net.au
Have an awesome day out there today :)

Chook ... said...

Glad all is going well Jess! New food bag has to be a good thing! If you had any deb potato left, they would have gone will with baked beans! Take care and let us know what your grandma left you! hahaaa what a great surprise!!!
Trace, Bris

Richard Lathrop said...

Good luck finding those easterlies tomorrow--and getting back to the right day (whichever it happens to be).

Hope the weather continues to cool off and that you can gradually aclimate yourself to the cold.

Goodby Hella, hello food bag and thank you Grandma for the treat.

Richard Lathrop

Helmut said...

Jessica, thank you for your regular and entertaining updates. There are so many questions your bloggers have. Today you answered the one about how you dispose of the garbage. I am curious whether you have fixed cameras on board that capture footage of you and the sea for a documentary of your epic journey? As always, keep taking care, we pray for you, Helmut

Old Iron said...

a present from Grandma! A package today video?

Anonymous said...

Where is that great smile in your pic lol.. Best wishes

San Diego CA USA

Larry said...

Jesse, WHEN you finish this journey you will be a member of a very select group (dog sled mushers of the Iditarod, climbers of Mount Everest, and other single handed non-stop circumnavigationg sailors. Except you will be the youngest to accomplish this feat. People who have endured all the hardships that go into fulling the quest and no matter what happens to you in later life they can NEVER take that away from you. The rest of us can only sit in front of our PCs or Laptops and imagine in our minds the highs and lows you experience. The sights and sounds that can literally take your breath away. Beatifully sunrises and sunsets. Being close to animals in their natural habitats. The lists could go on and on and you Jesse have the best seat in the house. May Godspeed you Jesse. Larry (guamgranite@myfairpoint.net)

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Oh how sweet! This is the first I've heard of Grandma! Nice intrigue...her gift is a mystery...other than the hint that it was in the food bag. :-)
So, there's the fact these squalls make it hard to sleep, and there's the less than cheerful gray skies and diminished visibility, but on the pro side, there's the winds that keep you moving, so would you say you kind of like the excitement of this weather, or is it hard to say until you are out of them and have ascertained that all equipment is still in good shape?
Cheer's to your continued progress and success!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it just amazes me... 16 yrs old and out on the high seas all by yourself. You are doing it, one day at a time! What an inspiration to all young women around the world! You go!
Jeff from Indiana, USA

Kaye said...

Hi Jess,
Enjoy your new food and treat bag I hope there are more tinned mangos in there for you.
Keep going as you are your doing well and rest when you can you never know what tomorrow brings.
Take care and smooth sailing until next time.
Kaye Brisbane Australia xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

congratulations on your 5000 nm already sailed. What an achievement!
That is nearly a quarter of the whole journey!
I am sure you appreciate it a little cooler, but not too cold yet, it'll be long enough, when it does happen!
It is definitely easier to get doused by a squall when the weather is hot, then when it is icy cold!
As you said, you will be complaining of the cold!!!!!

Catnaps it will have to be at the moment!
Whatever is going is good! It will change again, when you can sleep a little more peacefully.

At least those empty packages are lighter, then they were when loaded!
And a surprise from Grandma, how sweet! I hope you find many more, it is a delight and their forethought to bring you cheer is so caring.

Ah well, enjoy your 'vast' choice of dinner out of the new food bag!!!!!!

I am gorging on mangos, there are just thousands on the big trees and I am also dehydrating many for later use. Below 40 degrees C, so the nutrients are not destroyed by high heat!

Take care, have fun, be happy and above all else stay safe!

Trudy, Austria, now in Mackay

hezakiah299 said...

12-01-09 @ 21:25
Hi Jessica,
Looks like your doing very well for yourself, making good time and staying in high spirits. And why not, your out there doing what you love the most, playing in the squally weather, watching beautiful sunsets, plotting your course and making all your own decisions. Mangoes, chocolate, night time sail-in movies, what's not to like? May your happiness sail on forever, Jessica.
Just finished reading your latest post and it was a funny one.
I enjoyed your open-mindedness (wow, spell checker gonna eat that one up, it did) in regards to wishing for the cool weather, and knowing that when it comes you'll be complaining about the cold. (Been there, done that).
As I have said before, I know you know what you’re doing, but it still amazes me that you can be out there in the middle of nowhere and you know when to make your directional corrections. I know you have your charts and such, but being able to read and understand them is still mind boggling to me. That’s one education I missed out on.
Now the Million dollar question has been answered, what is done with the trash? I couldn’t imagine that anyone would think, after getting to know you, that you would throw trash overboard, degradable items, yes, plastic, paper, tins and such, no. Every time I read that question I felt like there was someone that was just waiting to pounce on you. I have faith in your honesty and I always figured you were storing it.
I trust that you improvised on your dinner, baked beans and banana chips ain’t gonna make it. LOL……..
Now remember, with your new bag try to practice a little self control and don’t pig-out on all the goodies.
I’m being nosy, do we get to find out what special present Grandma left you????? PLEASE.
Well Jessica, my inexperienced eye tells me that you should have some pretty decent sailing weather for the next few days. After F.P. the weather still seems good but it looks like the current is against you. Regardless, you’ll handle it.
I just got up, aaahhhh the life of the retired man, so now I have to fix my dinner, that dang maid didn’t show up again, LOL…….

Take good care of yourself and Ella, stay clipped on, safe and alert, and keep up the good work. I will keep you in my prayers. Also make sure you enjoy yourself!!! Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

duane said...

Love the photos and videos. Can't wait to see some shots of the big waves down south. Just hope you are not to busy sailing to shoot a few shots. Of course your safety is first concern. Best wishes always. duane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, enjoy the treats in your new foodbag, see you clutching the toblerone chocolate, bet that has long since disappeared. Checking on the map, looks like lots of islands and reefs to go around, no wonder you're not getting much sleep. A bit cooler out here in the central west as well after the heat wave last week, going camping on the Murray this weekend. Safe sailing,

Bron Central West NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Some nice evening, can you break out the sextant, and take a round of star sights? If you do, please post your observations (Ho, GMT, index error on,off the arc, and eye height.)
Robert Bernecky
Mystic CT

HAWKEYE said...


Now Jesse what would you do without Grandma - good old Granny knows exactly what will cheer up her precious little girl. I suspect it was a real treat!! Yes, Jesse the cooler weather will make a big difference to your physical comfort and that will have mental benefits as well.

Even those weekly chores you refer to are tasks that need to be done and they to serve an important purpose. I'm sorry darl you're not getting more sleep but the cat naps are better than nothing but far from ideal. I hope its only the conditions that make sleeping difficult and not something else that may be getting the better of you. You are a very self-aware person and I trust you pick up the inner vibe that alerts you to the need to address matters of concern. There have been a few things recently that prompt me to mention this: coming down after the adrenalin rush of the equator, not cooking for yourself, commenting on feeling flat, and now the lack of sleep. Jesse, please be careful and monitor yourself and ensure you give urgency to any repetitive negative thoughts that clog the mind. I'm sure you have regular discussions with a person(s) you trust and confide in; and that serves an important purpose provided you are raising the right questions.

You are making good progress so that's not a worry and you have a strategy for the islands and once you get beyond the islands you will have another set of goals. One step at a time and one day at a time. You still have the bigger picture in mind but it's like putting a jig-saw together - one piece at a time and suddenly one day you will be putting the last piece in place and you look and look again, pinch yourself but your not dreaming - it's the Harbour Bridge.

'til next time precious one take care, give yourself a few elephant stamps, clip-on and be happy!!!


AlbacoreLiaFail said...

At Atoll Hao's Otepa weather station there's a 15 knot ESE breeze and 87 degrees F. Your in a spot with really shifting winds and squalls according to Wunderground Weather and your tracker, but you're in it and telling us first hand! Steady as she goes! Happier times east.

We love how you enjoy the good things--no if sleep could only be one of them!

Family of Fans in Northern Nevada, USA

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jessica. I sure enjoy reading about your progress and the mundane chores aboard your boat. I know it may seem boring to you, but it allows us landlubbers to live vicariously through you. You're doing great and I know your parents are very proud of you. Heck, I'm proud of you. Your trip will be over before you know it and you'll be itching to plan your next challenge. Good luck and keep up your cheerful spirits.

Helmut said...

Jessica, your comment about squalls making a mockery of your sleeping patterns shows that you are a prudent sailor. I quote Mark Matthews from http://www.sailnet.com/ “prudent sailors recognize the tell tale signs that indicate a reef might be necessary well in advance and they respond accordingly”. You’re doing great, Helmut

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
I agree with you Jesse, it's nice to have a little cooler weather, but when it gets very cold down south, which it will, I'm sure there will be some complaining about the cold. The way you have been handling all the ups and downs of this adventure, this will be just another part of this journey you will handle with ease.
The sleeping part of a trip like this would I think be the hardest thing to overcome. I'm a poor sleeper at the best of times, so for you to get enough sleep and do all the other jobs that need to be done, all by yourself (no one following your boat)and keep alert is amazing, I take my hat off to you.
The question a lot of people have been asking, what have you been doing with all your rubbish, has been answered. What you take with you, you bring home, no rubbish collection out on the ocean.
So Jesse enjoy your new food bag, this was a great idea having all your food in different bags that last 2 weeks. Stops you eating all the good stuff in the first 3 or 4 months. Have you been tempted to open a food bag early?
What was the present from Grandma? so keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

~j~ said...

that just sounds like plain fun, opening up a new food bag!! AND a gift from your Grandmother, so thoughtful, it must have made you smile :)

Ken said...

Hi Jessica, I'm in California. I wondering you have plenty of food for non-stop travel round the world??
Take care!


hezakiah299 said...

12-01-09 @21:55
Hi Jessica,
This is for:
A couple of oldies in New Zealand
November 30, 2009 5:39 PM:
That was very nice, I enjoyed your post very much, well said. I too also enjoy reading all of Jessica’s posts and the posts of all the readers. They are very interesting and, as you said, they share their thoughts and some of their lives with the rest of us. I’m still amazed with the following that Jessica has managed. She is truly a very special person, and she has touched the hearts and minds of many, many people of all ages.
The teachers even use her as an example in school and the children love it.
From an “Oldie” in West Virginia,
Michael(74)from Kingwood, WV

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Yay Grandma!!!

I'm glad you're not in the Gulf, the Iranians have arrested a sailing crew for venturing ONLY 500 metres into their waters. Now that is tough if the wind is up. Politics and sport are like oil and water.

I also notice that the blog tips are getting weirder as you head out of those dulldrums(sic)bound for the cooler climes...
♥Samurai sounds like a rager, she even gives tips on throwing up, lol."I got to the point where I'd sussed out what tasted better on the way out and 2 minute noodles were up there along with Sao crackers."
♣Bruce from Brisvegas is still telling us to eat Kiwi Fruit,lol.
♣Richard in Marylands' tip on "holding down the ctrl key while hitting the plus key to enlarge a piccy" was a beauty.

This final tip would've solved the query by many of what the present from Grandma was, lol. Mountains of swiss(ish) chocolate methinks.

5000nm already! You are flying along, not much sitting around for you.
I see that December 17 is the estimate for the roaring fortie. I betcha can't wait, catchya L8er.

louella said...

I've been enjoying reading your blog and following your progress since you set off. I think you're amazing!
Keep it up and stay safe :)
from a mum in Brisbane

Scott said...

All right, one fan down. Our temperatures are a bit cooler here - supposed to snow tonight. Were you going to start heading more E for Cape Horn or are you just moving E for better wind? Enjoy the full moon on all that water.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

mike said...

Glad to see you have your priorities right Jesse - with a firm grip on those chocolates so they don't get washed away.

You go girl!

Mike (from Canberra)

Anonymous said...

I guesss the next week sailing through the reefs and islands of French Polynesia will be demanding until you reach open waters again.
But what a wonderful experience this is for you.
I've been zeroing in on all the reefs and islands on Google Earth. Looks like a beautiful area. Enjoy!
Regards from Roger - Cleveland Q

Anonymous said...

hey jess! did 'ya eat that entire bar of Toblerone? i hope you saved some for the cold days coming up! as always, sweetie, sail safe!!! :-)

castro valley, ca, usa

bernie777 said...

hi Jesse I saw your video..and believe me I am a believer...now and no longer a Pist acre...it seems like your are fighting alot more than Neptunes demons out there...its funny about that Baked beanz song I sent you...Mother Goose...1977...its a comedy....but its really good it was back then and it is still today...do you have any Vegemite with you...its really hard to get in Poland...Alot of people are wishing you to be strong...remember you are what you eat....you should really go for those fish asap...keep your strength up...keep sending more photos...you may need a few online cooking tips...it could help to make the meals more fun...do you have any curry powder or chilli pepper I usually throw it into my rice to spice it up a bit...it makes it really yummy...so Ive been around the Horn in a big boat...just wait till you see the snow capped mountains of Tierra del Fuego..its going to be smooth saling from then on..and so worth it...you are up against it,,,but you are doing it...and we the people are behind you 100 %...no guts no glory....and you have if you will pardon my pun Plenty of guts....enjoy the food ...dont get hungry..catch a fish and sail...if you see any coconuts floating past grab them too...smooth sailing send another video,,,the last one blew me away....dont worry be happy.....Bernie777

Anonymous said...

Great! Now I gotta go and get at Toblarone! Thanks alot Jessi! lol

Al said...

Waaaaa great looking food bags, better than my own cooking here in Beijing!!

Your looking great Ms Jessica and like you say, the cold will be upon you soon enough so enjoy the warm feet and toasty fingers!!

Take care,
Al P

mark said...

Hi Jess - that food doesn't look half bad, bet the Toblerone doesn't last long! I'm interested to know how close you get to Tahiti - it would be sorely tempting to pull in and relax at one of their resorts (although perhaps not one of the 'over-water' bungalows). I've just finished reading Jesse Martin's book again - I'm amazed how much his preparation and voyage seemed a 'fly by the seat of your pants' exercise. You seem much more organised by comparison!

RICHARD said...

Must be like Christmas every time you open a food bag. Isn't it amazing what we consider a blessing when we find ourselves feeling fortunate to have the things we have. Life on every level is filled with blessings... it's just difficult sometimes to appreciate the stuff we come to expect.

It would seem that the constant churning of the sea would slowly drive me crazy. We all admire the passion and respect you have for the sea and EPL.

Great to hear you are doing well. Enjoy the food bag.


See Ya Sailor!

unwin41 said...

Hi Jessica! The family is really enjoying following you on your trip. The fish you caught the other day looked fantastic! Goodluck to you.
Unwin family Wagga

SaltyDog said...


Baked beans and banana chips sounds like fine dining to me. But opening a new food bag is kind of like Christmas a little early. And it sounds like Grandma likes to spoil you a little bit. Well, you deserve it.

I was curious if you will see a few more commercial fishing boats as you get closer to French Polynesia. Longliners or possibly tuna purse seiners. I imagine you will see a little more traffic and have to keep a closer watch.

Well, enjoy the moderate temperatures while you can. You'll get the cold weather before you know.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
You are obviously an extremely talented young sailor!
If I may say, I know how easy it is to make mistakes when one is feeling drowsy, so getting enough sleep is quite important...
I'm sure you and your support team would already know from your charts, about the many hidden reefs that extend out from those islands.
I really enjoy your daily posting about whats happening in your world out there in the beautiful blue Pacific...Could you tell us about your little Yanmar engine, is it a diesel or gas...petrol?
Looking forward to your next post,
Bras d'Or Lakes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
6 weeks gone already.
Enjoy your treats.
Smooth sailing
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Great to read you latest post, and see your picture.(You went right for the chocolate!)

Hard to believe that you have traveled 5000 nm miles. It seems like yesterday that I sat for two hours on a Saturday afternoon at my computer to see the little flotilla of boats pass by Sydney Heads as viewed by the Watson's Bay webcam on South Head. I couldn't help but feel what an awesome challenge you were taking on when I looked out via the webcam into the vast Pacific that day. You have been doing a fantastic job. I can only imagine all that you have gone through, as we only get glimpses of your voyage through your posts..(I'm sure there's a great book here).

I hope you can get some relatively decent sleep or at least catchup before the upcoming French Polynesia navigation piece. You must get enough REM sleep.
Is it possible to set your radar alarms, heave to, and get a long sleep? I have read that a person living in a sleep deprived reality can gain great benefits from an occasional long sleep. I know that you have a weather window to make at Cape Horn, but you must not let yourself get exhausted.

All the Best, Stay Safe
Richard W
Maryland USA

Andrew said...


Thanks for the update.

Sydney weather has been all-over-the-place. One day hot, next day windy, next day rainy. Difficult to dry the laundry! What day is laundry day on Ella? Where do you hang up the wet clothes?

Best regards,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

Helmut said...

Jessica, I just watched your Day 41 video again, this time with a sound filter to isolate the background noises. You are probably so used to them that you don’t hear them. The foundation is the sound of the waves, accompanied with the irregular thump of an out-of-sync one. Superimposed is a weird yeee sound like the call of a whale, which I think is EPL telling you how much she loves the journey. Little details make all the difference, Helmut

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
I like what your holding "toblerone", good stuff, enjoy the cool weather.

Saraya :-)

Rob said...

fantastic! a new food bag. I would be very excited when that time came around. I would imagine it helps in giving you something else besides the chart to mark your progress by.
Getting out of the squalls will be nice, get some real sleep headed your way. Also, if it was me the cooler air would help too. I always sleep better when it is cool. I think you could use a bit more regular sleep, you seem to be getting a bit frustrated maybe. But I could be reading way to much into it. I hope you had a fantastic dinner and you can get some extended sleep. Maybe even a solid 3 hours or more! A friend of mine tells people when we are at triathlons, you have plenty of time to hurt tomorrow so don't do it now. I'll change that for you, you have plenty of time to sleep after the voyage so don't worry about a lack of it now. be well my friend
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Living your dream, relishing the wide open space and enjoying some beautiful starry nights...WOW! You write very eloquently...continue to sail safe and sound...peace be the journey!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
just now saw the photo!
I used to love Toblerone!!!
Enjoy the food and the treats!
Trudy, Austria, now in Mackay

Lauren said...

Hey Jesse you are doing so well. Congratulations on such a great effort. Glad to hear it's cooling down a bit for you. We can do with those fans here in Queensland. Have fun and happy sailing. Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
It must feel like Christmas every time you open a new food bag. So glad the weather is cooling off a bit for you. Great day here in Victoria today.
Everytime my family visits they are asking "what is Jesse up too?" You have thousands of people following your progress.
All the best,

grant said...

May the force be with you.

Ian said...

Today has grown cold in sympathy with you. My wife has just told me that she's not going for her swim as it's too cold today. I also heard that my brother-in-law in Denver Colorado has been following your blog but not contributing. They're receiving heavy snow in Colorado.

Baked beans and banana chips for your final meal surely means that you're husbanding your supplies very well ... but the Toblerone is a real extravagance!

All my love and best wishes!

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog...this is my first comment... I admire you, greatly. A grandma from Middle America, USA

Mary said...


Safe sailing, Jess. I'm thinking of you. May your journey continue to be filled with certainty and your remarkable courage.

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! I think you are a truly inspirational girl, and I can't believe what you have achieved already! I can imagine that many people have had your dream before, but it takes real bravery to actually make it happen. What you have done already is the most amazing achievement, and i have no doubt that you will prove all those who didn't think you could do it wrong when you arrive back in Sydney! How do you feel with all this fame and all the people watching your progress? The best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Congrats on a splendid effort so far and keep a weather eye open for all those islands, atolls and reefs in French Polynesia! Looking forward to see how you handle the Southern Ocean swells! Stay Safe!

Kind Regards, Martin, Canning Vale,W.A.

Old Iron said...

I am reading a number of questions about the food bags.

How many, how long each bag last and how you ration them as not to have just banana chips and mangoes on the last day


Bruce said...

food pack looks yumm...love following your bloggs and videos Jesse..so impressed with your attitude and determination..great work..smooth sailin young one..

Bruce Port Macquarie

Ben Sultan said...

Keep kicking butt out there.
Thanks for the speedy updates.

I'm about to catch up on sleep myself

till next time!


Sara said...


Just wanted to chime in, what an inspiration you are. Not only the youngest but what a role model to the many young women out there. I too, like many have mentioned, keep up with you on a daily basis and my thoughts are with you through varying times in the day, to say I am not worried for you would be a lie, but that is just the worrier in me. You are proving to be a wonderful sailor and I wish you all the best luck, happiness and safe sailing! Goodluck, keep up the wonderful work and though I am worlds away will be looking forward to the day you pull into home safe, sound and a record setter!

Sara (Northern California)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the present from Grandma was the Toblerone. You are hanging on to it tightly and I'm also guessing there's not much of it left by now!

:-) Julie, Gold Coast

terryc said...

"Thats my chocolate bar" she said as her body swayed with the motion of the yacht, "no seagull's are going to take it away from me this time"

Lol, enjoy Jess, you deserve it mate

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are moving at a much faster rate coming down south !

Thanks for mentioning about your sleep; for I was most curious about how you sleep.

Sleep affect a lot about our mood and physical well being.

If your auto pilot is trust worthy, I think minimum of 90 min of sleep straight will do a lot of good... (90 min. is about one sleep cycle)

I believe you are trained to survive with cat naps... but somehow if you can squeez 90 min. or 3 hour sleep once in a while, it will really refresh your body and soul...

Jon @ Va Beach

Wojciech said...

Hi Jess
We are reading your blogg reguraly, sounds like your doing well. Just wondering if next to the date stamp your ground crew could insert the number of days at sea and estimated days left eg (25/200)as this is a marathon event not a sprint, soon it will be hard to remember how long you have been at sea.

The tribe of six said...

How cool- new and exciting food! 3 of our kids love baked beans, and 1 hates them! I thought of your voyage again today when I got out of my car at a windswept beach and smelt the salt. You must be used to that by now, and will be able to smell land when you get close! Cheers, and keep it up,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Nice photo of you with the Toblerone in your hand. Both a bar of chocolate and banana chips sounds jummy.
Interesting to hear how you handle the rubbish. It's difficult to understand how you can store everything in the boat.
Little colder you say. This morning was it -6 C. here. A nice day with sun is coming up, and warm winter clothes on. I can live without a fan.
Take the cat naps when ever you get a chance. You look a bit tired brave girl.
Safe sailing.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Attitude said...

"The horizon is out there somewhere, and you just keep chasing it, looking for it, and working for it." Bob Dole

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm not a big fan of the baked beans myself.

I think that the chocolate you have in your hand might be a little bit easier to swallow.

Get your winter woollies ready, you're likely to be heading into some cooler weather sooner than you think.

If you do, spare a thought for the heat and storms here in Brisbane.

Take care of yourself. Stay strong and keep finding those kind winds to push you home.

June and Richard Thorn

Attitude said...

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another." Walter Elliott

SailingSchool said...

Hi Jeese wish all the best from the balmoral sailing school team we have been waching you for some time and we teach lots of kids how to sail and we are very proud of what you are doing and we making shore every one is clear on how brave you are keep your chip up me gile.

jono a and the balmoral sailing school team

Attitude said...

"It is not enough to begin; continuance is necessary. Mere enrollment will not make one a scholar; the pupil must continue in the school through the long course, until he masters every branch. Success depends upon staying power. The reason for failure in most cases is lack of perseverance." Miller

yarnek said...

Wow! Just caught up with last 4 blogs. Lots of water under the hull since I was last able to get online. I see you are well past the 5000nm mark and it's nearly time to play "dodge the island" so I hope you pick up the easterlies today, (our time). Take care and don't eat that Toblerone all at once!

Cheers, from the Old Bloke

Suzanne said...

Shane Warne lived on baked beans in India for 2 months around 10 years ago

Cleo said...

Hi Jessie Im glad to hear that your on your nxt food bag lots of new goodies for you and a pressie from Gran Wonder what it is???? Keep up with it girl You have lots of support Safe sailing

Kiwi Gal

Chris said...

what did Grandma give you, some money? -:)
good sailing

Chef Courtney said...

Hi Jessica,
Is the gift from your Grandma the Tolberone chocolate you have in your hand, yummy.. Tolberone is my favourite chocolate.
Courtney 11 years
Sydney Australia

Michael J Cawley said...

Hi Jess,

Great to see you are still on course and making great progess.

Get some sleep when you can.

Sail on Jess you are a legend.

Michael in Melbourne

Shane said...

love keeping up to date with your incredible journey, jess including really interesting insights into little things such as what you do with your rubbish which was on my mind. you look at such ease and peace out on the ocean and really hope the next few weeks bring you a lot of joy, good weather, and miles! love the videos and photos - allows us land dwellers to have a bit of insight into you time at sea. take care and continue the fascinating, insightful and entertaining blog. great stuff. shane. WA

Barking Gecko said...

Glad to hear all is going well.

I see you have a Toblerone Bar inn your blog photo.

Nothing much has been happening on the land portion of the planet :)

Speed well and keep safe

Cheers from GMT +11 (Daylight saving adjusted)

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse....

New food bag, eh. Some good stuff, maybe! Give us a rundown. ..... I'm well into the box of mangoes I bought ... ~ Thought I'd just tell you that !... and out in the yard y'can see where I've been eating 'em!.. Hehhehheh.

If you're -10GMT now ( over the IDL), and here in east coast Oz we're of course +10 , you're now 20 hours _behind_ BananaBender time!!! The 4 minutes of time for each degree rotation has to be tied in somewhere and GMT and the IDL are the longitudes where it's 'done'. So, welcome to yesterday ... Hahhah.

Y'll be able to pack the little fans away when you get down south, I reckon. Gees, you might even see a wandering iceburg !!! :) I can imagine the humidity and heat of now will be long forgotten then.

Your local squalls you mention I hope aren't too much of a worry in amongst the spattering of reefs where you are. Your charts and eyes are your best frinds there, eh. No point in saying 'take care'..... But, 'take care ' won't you ! :)))

Well, I glance at the clock and it's now 8.03 Oz EST.... so you've just moved into the start of our 'today', as we move on to tomorrow in a few hours. Go for it , Jesse ! You're such a delightful inspiration to follow at _any_ time.... even if we're digging back into yesterday to find you .. Hehhehheh.

OK.... getting out of your way, yet again.

As always, Jesse---Good sailing and best wishes to you....

.... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

by the colour of your skin, it looks more like you've just been to the south pole in submarine not to the equator in a yacht. extra heavy duty sun block?

Anonymous said...

Yum......I'm coming to your place for some Tobelerone.
Ros (Sydney)

Maravale Home Schooling said...

Hello Miss Jess, Get those winter woolies aired. Keep up with the chocs. U r going good Miss Special. Look out for teh French they are wicked. Nice pic. Wish we were there. Emile

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

Squally seas and messy chop sounds like a good reason I will stay landlocked. I hope you managed to get some good cat napping done to make up for your lost sleep. Thanks for sharing what you do with your rubbish. Cooler weather sounds a little more comfortable for you too. Enjoy your new food pack.

Jógvan Horn said...

Go Jesse!

You know what they say: "The more chocolate you eat, the sweeter you become!" :)

Best wishes for your voyage!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I thought of you while I was at work this evening. I was outside and my daughter, who was with me noticed a little fledgling hardly moving in a puddle. I thought of "Silly" as I picked him up.

He has a few feathers. He is a baby sparrow and he was freezing cold and I held him in my hand for over an hour, with my daughter helping me with my jobs. We have him in a box at home and if he survives the night we will take him to the local vet as they are good at looking after wild birds. Monique named him "Cutie". Will let you know how he is.

Glad that you are on to a new food bag. Some yummy food again to look forward to. Was the present from Grandma a Toberone? Could see one in your photo. Grandmas are special people.

I was wondering what you did with your rubbish. Here we would say that you are a "tidy kiwi". I know you are an Australian Jesse but I hope you don't mind if I call you a "tidy kiwi" as your grandparents and parents are kiwis. Well done looking after al your rubbish responsibly.

Keep up the great work Jesse, you're doing so well. Keep safe and God bless :-) Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

RichieParis said...

Good night, Captain Jesse!
Well done, thank you for this new entry and the fresh news from you, everyone is so happy reading them!

Cute pic, too!
This new foodbag looks so small! Your Mom did a real good job finding and packing enough food for several weeks in such a short space!

Ha Ha your Grandma's surprise is exciting many people's curiosity, as you can see... I would bet for some home baked cookies, some personal recipe?

You made a good point with the trash.
Having some less hot weather must be relieving after the tropical heath. Sailing for some time with mild temperatures should be smooth. Though I am afraid that you will soon have to put pareos and light clothes in cupboards and take out sweaters and coats. There will be less fun -or a different one- near the Antarctic.

With this fantastic journey of yours, you are making some almost irreal achievement: you are winning thousands of hearts all around, and creating a wide circle of friends, and a (much!) enlarged family. Many people who, day by day, learn to know you, and adopt you as a model, a pal, a child, a grandchild... though you don't know them. Now, we are amazed by you. Later in your life, it will be your turn to be amazed, discovering the fruits of your adventure's tree: brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, granduncles and grandaunties everywhere! About any place you will get to, there will be somebody to welcome you as his own relative, because of the wonderful shared experience you give to all. Quite astouding, isn't it?
I don't believe it happened many times (or even once?) before.

Beware islands and reefs... French Polynesia is a kind of maze.
Fair sailing, Jesse-our-hero.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, my Matthew has been tracking your progress. He has bought a toy boat to refurbish with a pink sail in honour of your journey. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Still enjoying your blog and daily progress with the little things.

I enjoy the rough weather, it keeps you on your toes esp the roring 40's

Keep up the good work Jess

Sueby said...

hi, new leader of Liberal party - made me wonder ... mmm ... if there is an election while Jess is on her journey - will she have to vote ... THEN ... the light turned on in my head .... you are going to be the yongest person to sail around the world ... and you are way under 18 (voting age) ... LOL ... go girl

Anonymous said...

Forget to say congratulations on reaching your 5000 nm mark!!

Another fantastic accomplishment Jesse. We're all so proud of you.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

It's gearing up for Christmas here Jesse, it's nice that you're out of all that commercialism and can have your own special celebration with the elements. There may be the odd moment you feel the isolation, but there's a wonderful aura around you that will keep you warm. I'm sure Santa will find a moment while you're cat-napping to pop a bunch of goodies through the hatch.

Ever safe sailing


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie , my name is Jordan, I am 5 yes old
and I live on the Gold Coast. Me and my Mum read
your blogs before I go to bed. I pray for you to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the progress, the slightly cooler temps, and the new food bag surprises! Thanks again for your updates.

Jill (Newcastle)

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

So glad that you stopped by for a chat. There is no turning off your "fans" back home, or around the world!!! Glad you are cool now, but we always knew that.

Nana gave you the choccy? Whatever pressie she left I am sure it elevated your spritis and gave you warm thoughts of home. With the NM ticking away and time as well, you will be back home before you know it !! What a party that is going to be. Your tracking seems to be tracking along nicely and those French Pol islands must look very close up now. Glad to hear you have been catching up on some sleeps. Thanks for the informative blog, excellent as usual.
See you tomorrow. Have fun. Cheers. Hervey Bay Qld.

te he ha ha..George Simmons. I am the female of the species. Legged locked land lover. Answered you yesterday. Now, what is a sextant?

Anonymous said...

hi jess great to see that your going so well keep up the good work were all cheering for you

Alex. said...

Mm, Is that a Toblerone I see in that photo! x

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jess,
I can see the first thing out of the bag was the chocolate...*chuckles quietly to myself*...you just can't help yourself!....well I understand, I can go through a packet of Tim Tams in 30 minutes while watching an episode of Star Trek, that was a while ago but not unheard off!!

yes those were the days!

I just wonder how cold it could become after all the Summer has officially started, keep us informed of the temp Jess, it would be interesting follow...

Well I can see you just posted another blog..."Briefly" just love your titles!

Clint - Dandenong

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
I was just wondering you will have to cut your hair during the journey. Have you done something like that before ??


Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...

I was laughing hysterically reading post after post asking what Grandma's surprise was when it was obvious to me at first glance that you were holding a very distinctive triangular box in your hand. Finally a few people figured it out.

While you are sweating to the tropics, we are expecting a rare glimpse of snow here on the Texas Gulf Coast. Enjoy the warmth while you can. You'll be dodging iceburgs before you know it.

Stay safe and enjoy the new food bag. We are all proud of you.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse, thanks for answering about the trash. Have you been fishing lately? Haven't heard anything about that and seems you should be in some good waters for it. Hope you can get some rest. Congratulations on 5000nm! One fifth of the way already. Good to hear of your good progress, and wishing you continued success. Godspeed. Mike

backachers said...

Moon shining down on the messy sea (Sweet)

Dark said...

Whoo Jessica I see Toblerone in your hand, great packing on the food bag, I wonder if was all melted though.

Yesterdays picture with spray flying and the clound down as the water did look menacing,


Kevin said...

Hi Jesse,

Please help me understand your, "We passed back over the date-line today putting the local time zone at GMT-10," comment. From your tracking map, it shows that you are well east of the date-line.

Also, if you were at the date-line, wouldn't you be at GMT-12?

What am I not understanding?

GrandmaSue said...

You're doing well - lovely pics, thanks.
Yay for Grandma too Jesse, can imagine the little smile on her face as she slipped that treat into your foodbag!

Mark said...

Hi Jesse...
I am in absolute awe of your amazing courage, confidence and abilities. I read your blog daily and love to keep track of your progress. You are doing great!
Stay safe...

Mark Leto- New Orleans

Anonymous said...

Great to hear of your new food bag,what you get from your grandma?
I just put up my little ''Charlie Brown'' Xmas tree on my dinette table,made a copy of your picture and placed it on my tree like an ornament so when I turn on my tree you will be in my thoughts.
Be thankful of the cool weather coming your way and not a wintry mix which we expecting here in the north east part of the U.S. this weekend.
I continue to be amazed and pleased by all the blogger s you have mustered and some are repeats,remember you are not alone,we are with you all the way.
Hope you got my last message the other day,if not you remain in my thoughts daily.
Take care young lady and just like my cat,''cat naps'' are great.
Again God speed and may stars shine down upon you nightly.
Stephen M.
The ''transplanted Aussie'',

Anonymous said...

I figured the nonbio stuff was being stowed, you run too tight of a ship for any other explanation!

Stay clipped in and enjoy that Toblerone! As a matter of fact I think I am going to have some too.

Many of us in the States are enjoying every blog, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

The writing on the wall behind you in your picture seems to say "bunk" with an arrow pointing down. As fellow sailors we know the importance of everything being labeled, but isn't that taking it a little far? HaHa.

Hang in there girl. You'll be seeing your home port before you know it.

Jim & Beckty

Anonymous said...

SuHello Captain Jessica,
I am 77 years old and my ocean sailing days are long gone.I have been reading your blogs for day one but haven't been successful in getting one through to you. Here's hoping.
I really love anything to do with the sea and reading your blogs I can feel the wind in my hair again, the spray on my face and the movement of the deck under my feet. I can also once again experience the effort needed to change a sail in the dark hours of morning, your prose brings it all back.
Keep up the good work little one, even if I don't get another comment through,just believe that you are giving an old man a reason to keep living

Bengt I Larsson said...

Info to those who asked about the date line. Nowadays it goes east around Kiribati, because in 1995 this country decided that all of it shall have the same date. Several maps have not been updated however.

Info to Jessica. It is great to follow you. I hope it is not too tough for you, and that the empty open sea that comes will allow you to have more sleep. You will handle this!

/Bengt I Larsson, Sweden

Jessica said...

heey jesse..
i was glad to here about ur great time crossing the eqauter! me and my family have been checking where u r and how ur r goin everyday!! xx
Jess (L)

Anonymous said...

Jessie I didnt want to see you go out there on your own but as I follow you across the great Pacific I can only wish you a safe and successful journey. You already are a legend. Go girl.


Anonymous said...

Ahoy Jesse
A picture of what Jess might see in FRENCH POLYNESIA. Taha

Good luck from


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie!

I am enjoying reading about your progress!!! Good Luck from New England!!!

From Andrew

Springfield, MA!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Watson Looks like youre being propelled around the entire planet and i dont see a Coal fired or nuclear power station any where it Demonstrates that the natural energy of the Earth can be used successfully to achieve our objectives....Great to see youre being environmentally thoughtful with your plastic waste's..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
one of the really nice things about you doing your trip...that no-one probably anticipated is that you are bringing together a virtual community of all the people following your story, writing comments on your blog and holding good, positive thoughts for you. ("goodwill toward man"....and i am not a religious type of person, per se)

I agree with SO many who have said they admire your writing style....not to mention your guts, determination, maturity and seawomanship. Keep eating up the miles day by day. Fair winds Jesse
keeping an eye on you and you often in mind..
Gai :-)

Martin said...

Have you passes your longest distance ever mark by now?

gustav said...

Hello Jessica,

Make sure you keep warm as you head down south into cooler climates.You don't want to catch a cold in the wet and cold down there.

I see you opened up a new food bag and went straight for the Toblerone Swiss chocolate.That is my favorite Swiss chocolate as well and mw parents used to drive down to switzerland twice a year
just to stock up on Toblerone for the year.Well now I have to get myself some to get through the day,hmm chocolate...

Here is a little history for all chocaholics:

In 1867,Jean Tobler,a Swiss chocolatier, opened his first store in Bern, Switzerland.Followed in 1899 by his own chocolate factory,Mr. Tobler, became a master at quality recipes and unique tasting treats.In 1908 with the help of his son and cousin,the Toblerone was born.With a special recipe, triangular shape and packaging logo,the Toblerone chocolate bar became the Swiss representation of excellence that has held it’s own to this day.

The recipe for Toblerone includes the finest quality cocoa beans,milk and sugar, but adds honey and almonds.The powdered milk comes mainly from Switzerland – another unique and special feature. This unusual recipe helped develop the bar’s name. Toblerone is a combination of the name Tobler,for the inventors,and the word “Torrane,”which is an Italian nougat specialty of almonds and honey.

The Toblerone triangular shape, a reminder of the peaks of the Swiss MatterHorn,placed this chocolate ahead of all others. Standing taller than chocolate bars of the time and packaged in thin, triangular tubes,this chocolate gets noticed quickly.In fact, the Tobler Company, Tobler AG,applied for a patent for the Toblerone manufacturing process in 1906; two years before the bar hit the market. This made Toblerone the first patented milk chocolate with almonds and honey. The number of peaks varies on each size bar from three to seventeen, but the triangular shape is a give-away that you’re enjoying the Toblerone quality.


Keep dry and warm Jessica,
as you are heading down south into cooler climates -

hmm chocolate nougat almonds and honey..
Life does not get much better than this

gustav haffner
( pilot/navigator )

The McGraths said...

Hey Jess,

Good to see grandma is looking after you. Just what I like to do for our grandchildren too. Grandkids are very special after all but I'm sure your Grandma is just amazed by you.

Take care little one,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW (currently in Hawaii)

Oklahoma City OK Heating said...

I love those kind of chocolates too i am a chocolate lover but im also aware of my healthy being addicted to chocolates. Oklahoma City OK Heating

R in Guam said...

Your journey is amazing. You are an amazing girl, and an inspiration to all.I really enjoy seeing your pictures and tracking your voyage. Stay safe and rock on girl! Yeah!


Ross said...

Hello Jessica,
I check your site daily and can't get over yout grit, kiddo. You're an amazing young woman. Your real test is ahead shortly at the horn. Dream and hallucinate all of your training while you sleep to prepare and you'll even amaze yourself. You are not the girl who left port 2 months ago, by a long shot. Godspeed.
Jibe the lifts and
Tack the headers

Anais said...

exactly, its going to be sooooooooooo hot i cant believe the temp. anyway keep trying you will sure reach your dream destination!

Property Network X said...

Hi Jessica, I was one of those ill informed sceptics that thought you couldn't do it, but you go girl, you will romp it in. I wish I had as much much courage as you....See you at the finish line....... Matt. Mawson Lakes

anger, no management required said...

how is your internet connection performing?what are some sites that you go to ?do you keep up with news ? happy sailing,thomas

mm said...

amazing, Jess, i saw the news of your world voyage on the paper. I talk about you in my blog (about women of the world and equality). I´ll try to follow you.
mer from Spain