Monday, November 30, 2009

Wind Getting Up Again

Today started off with a passing squall giving me a very wet wake-up while reefing down and trying to catch it on camera (see pic below). I'd have thought it was pretty clear that I was wide awake after the first wave but apparently not. To think that some people start their day with a quiet coffee!
As usual the squall was far more bark than bite, looking very dramatic asit approached as a great big dark cloud, but not coming to much more than 30knots of wind and some rain. Although I was a little surprised at how fast a messy chop built up on top of the swell. It's been overcast and drizzly ever since, but at least the wind settled into a steady 18knots this afternoon. Ella's Pink Lady is hard on the wind again but it's life as normal, passing the time reading, doing a little schoolwork or my all time favourite, just standing behind the dodger, wind and spray in my face watching us blast along. I can't see myself ever getting bored of that one!
I've had the charts for French Polynesia out swatting up on what's coming our way in the next while and have been thinking about a few of the jobs that need to be done before we hit the south. I've been a bit lazy with my cooking lately mostly just heating up an Easyfood meal or snacking on crackers. I probably shouldn't be admitting it (I'll ruin my reputation), but I've even resorted to eating two minute noodles when I really don't feel like cooking.

Sorry but that's it from me tonight.

Pic: My morning wake up call!


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carole QLD said...

Hey jess. Great pic ! you did well. Seems you are getting quite a few odd squalls - to be expected I guess, but as usual you handle it with that Jess 'can do' style. Never mind bout the cooking, as long as you eat as healthy as you possibly can do. Get as much sleep as you can too. You are amazing. Keep up the good work. I had a couple of contractors at my business today and the conversation got to you, these guys said they check your blog every night too - wow you are a phenomona or is it phenomomen .... Anyway you are doing great gal. Keep up the good work. Enjoy standing behind the dodger getting the occasional spray to cool you down. Have a great day tomorrow.

fair winds to fill your sails, nice seas and Jess always clipped on!

Carole (Mackay)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
WOAH !!! that's some pretty strong wind, hope EPL is not to uncomfortable down below, I remeber when we used to head into the wind on our boat we were basically living upside down.

Stay positive
Saraya :-)

Felix said...

Great to keep up with thr trip
All the best

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, after the hot day we have had here in Sth E QLD I would much rather a nice cool spray in the face that you had, then the hot stinky sweaty weather here, great to see your doing well, love reading your blogs, you are a true inspiration to young and old, take care,

Mel, Gold Coast QLD

Joy Harris said...

nice pic jessica...keep up the swatting, the better prepared you are the easier it will be..remember to eat some veges as well with your meals, have to keep your strength up..your doing so well!

Gabe said...

You are made of hearty stuff girlie.
Me, I'm just starting my day with a quiet coffee here. :)
What a great picture.
It conveys the sea spray so well.
I can almost smell the salt.
Hey, you know if you post about how you've gotten lazy about eating, you are going to get a "Mom Call" about boosting your fruits and vegetables. :)

Blessings and safe travels to you,
Maryland USA

Green Family Redlands Qld said...

Jess you are an inspiration, love reading your blogs, I can almost taste the salt water.
We were thinking of you while we crossed choppy Moreton Bay on Sunday afternoon with a storm brave you are! just you and Ella's Pink Lady....keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I would trade that wake up call anytime for a quiet coffee and WORK!!!! I really enjoy reading your blogs! Be safe girl!
Deborah in Wilmington NC USA

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
By the time I had finished my last comment, you had another post! I should write more quickly.
Great photo again and description of the days activity. At least if you get through the Easyfood, eventually you'll end up with the good stuff! Study those charts.
Sail on,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It was a wake up not many of us reading your blog have. I guess that you have got good sea legs by now. I have been on a cruise once for 10 days, and after 4 hours I had to put a plaster behind my ear.
It helped me to stay fit.
Nice to hear that you can relax reading and doing other things between all the work on the boat.
I love to read your blog. It's like a friend pops in for a visit. Despite the bad weather, enjoy it.
Sail on safe.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess

Great Photo, pity about the grey sky, looks like your making good speed.

Stay Safe, Take care

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

hezakiah299 said...

11-30-09 @05:20
Hi Jessica,
Just finished watching your Day 41 Video. That was excellent. You look very colorful (like a sailor) and relaxed. I’m glad to hear you got things worked out with your inner-self (I was wondering if you were having a moment). Lots of excitement can do that sometimes. Not to worry, you handled it well, as you have done before and you will do again. Maintaining a nice casual cruising speed, nice for just kicking back and enjoying yourself. This speed, (5-7 knots) according to qualified fishermen, should be good for fishing. Go Fish.
I heard some background noises, aside from the squeak, but they seemed to be consistent with the rise and fall of the water. Were there any other ships nearby at this time? Or is that just normal sounds of the wind whistling through EPL’s sails and rigging? You’re so used to it you probably don’t even hear it. LOL…..
I’m off to breakfast, so I’ll talk to you later. How’s the thumb??
I look forward to your next post, so until then;
Take good care of yourself and Ella, stay clipped on, safe and alert, and keep up the good work. Also make sure you enjoy yourself!!! Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Meli said...

Hi Jess

Wow! Love the photo of you 'surfing' along. Makes the 'Surfrider' at Wet n Wild look tame!

God bless & Stay Safe

Mel, Colin, Kieran, Talia & Justin

RichieParis said...

Good night Captain Jesse, and many thanks for the blog, the picture and the video too! You are spoiling us!

The progress is good news, but the way you feel a little down, though logical after hopping upon the Line again, isn't as good. You look less smiling and joking than usual on the video, and it seems you might need a good hug. You're lucky being alone and far away, or you would be hugged 200,000 times within a few hours! (another kind of challenge, hey Sailor?)

The islands dodging game is coming up soon and will sparkle new mental energy in you, I guess.

Go, wonderful girl, go! You're doing so well!
Your family, your country, your friends, the world love you and think of you all the time!!!

Alex. said...

Hey Jess.
What has the weather been like in terms of being hot or cold..?
Back in Australia (in NSW at least) it has been boiling one day and freezing and rainy the next!
Keep up the good work :) x

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

What an exciting start to the day. I'm a morning person so I would have enjoyed this excitement at the beginning of my day, although not being a sailor I would probably have been seasick by breakfast.
It's okay to get lazy every now and again when it comes to cooking. Sometimes rainy weather makes for easy food.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi jess,

Well done so far, keep it up your bravery and determination are truly inspiring.

I have a question about your refuse sounds like in your journey you are going to go through a lot of packaging, tins etc.

What do you do with it all?

Good luck,

Tim Stackpool said...

Good on ya Jess. You're a real trooper keeping the Blogs up to date. Even those of us who don't have the obligation to keep sailing non-stop everyday can't keep our own Blogs maintained! I finally uploaded the pic of you and I at the Sydney Boat Show on my site: ( and am really looking forward to talking about your trip at next year's show when you get back. Woo-hoo, talking about getting back already!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty different from the deck of EPL--compared to Google Earth. I'm doing it the easy way. Need to get someone to throw a bucket of water over me every now and then.
Have been studying the Polynesian islands wondering what your course would be.
Good going Jessica.


Anonymous said...

nice wake up drenching, i on the other hand amon the tram going home for the evening, , thanks for the update and photo, you certainly ended my day oa good note, enjoy every mibute as you will soon be back with your remote shipmates, regards Odysseus and family

pestinfo said...


I can just manage to cook 2 minute noodles; and I'm on dry land. I boiled a kettle once, now that's an accomplishment by itself!
You really do not have anything to worry about.

I seem to remember that when the salt spray dries on your skin, you get the "sea salt itches". Just a rub down with a dry towel fixes that really quickly.

Your body will tell you what to eat and when. Just give your body a chance to tell you. It always worked for me; but I must admit, some meals were quite 'unusual'.

Watch out for those French people around French Polynesia. Nice people but they speak funny and allow dogs into restaurants !! I suppose to the French, it's us that are the 'Weird Lot' !!

Sail safe

Allen, Hervey bay, Qld, AU

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to hear from you. All us cooks from time to time need to cook an "easy meal". Don't feel bad about cooking up some noodles for a quick meal. I'm sure overall you're getting a nutritionally balanced diet with all those lovely food packs your Mum helped to pack for you.

Wow, you've been racing along. 30 knots must be like being on a race track. It's just as well there aren't any speed cameras out there. LOL.

Take care, keep safe and God Bless.

Most of all HAVE FUN :-)

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Jessica I'm sure you do your own blogs! I think because you express yourself so well that people can't believe some one your age could do that. WELL you are not the average teenager, hello, look what you are doing! Have fun... Fiona, Dangar Island.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks Jesse for your latest photo and video. They're great.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jesse

OMG fantastic shot of your morning wake up call. It gets like that sometimes more important things to do than cook and clean ask my wife when I get told to take over! I don't mind when she needs the rest. How's the sleep going? Glad to see the charts are out for the hard navigation ahead. Success comes to those who prepare!

Here goes ...if James Paker and Elle McPherson married you would end up with Elle...... sigh

I'd better go

Dusty from Dubbo

Lowell said...

Hey Jessica. Just thought I'd let you know that YOU are my wake up call. I enjoy your blog and following your track with my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Jonathan said...

Hi Jess,

Greetings once again from sunny Melbourne.

I guess, on the upside, your fresh water supply is being replenished.

Going back to the Kiribati Atoll, I never even knew this little piece of paradise existed until you brought it to us. It even featured in a question on Nine's Hot Seat. The question went something like this -" Which of these islands is another name for the Gilbert Islands?" and one of the options was "Kiribati". Unfortunately, the contestant opted for "Vanuatu" - she obviously wasn't following your incredible journey ! Oh, and another piece of trivia - Kiribati is pronounced "Kiribas".

Enough said about Kiribati.....onward to the French Polynesian Islands !

As always, good luck and safe travels, young lady ! We'll be cheering you on past Cape Horn next month.


sarge said...

Noodles don't matter - just keep eating. I'd love to see you jumping around when you pull in a 80kg tuna!Ha ha
Your writing is fantastic! I think that Hachete should put out a 'best of the blog' in pocket form with your book. Put it in a little pouch on the back of the book - just a little giveaway.
Stay safe

Alessandro Machi said...


Jim said...

Hi Jessica - well you are making fantastic progress as usual, I enjoyed your latest vid, you look great in it! Looking at the background sea looks like you're really clipping along.Glad at last the tracker has been updated so we can see you are heading in a south-easterly direction. Loved the picture of the spray coming up on the deck too, but I guess nothing compared to what you may experience in Drake Passage, I googled Drakes Passage and saw a video of monster waves crashing over a sea freighter but also read that the best sailing conditions there are Jan.- March. so it could be smooth when you're there, hope you see an Albatross bird, get a pic if you can. You are certainly proving to us all your proficient sailing and navigation skills, and pleasing to read you are studying your charts for sailing through all these islands in and around the the French Polynesia group.You maybe having some interrupted sleep during this time but that's all part of sailing around the globe I guess

All the very Jessica, thanks for sharing your journey with us all, Safe Sailing!!!

Jim, Western Australia

Jeremy watson- tasmania said...

first comment,
keep it up, doing great, hard southerly in tasmania yesterday eazed off today, your doing great


p.s your fish was a stripped tuna- yellowfin have big side fins-which are yellow. stripped have stripes going along there body.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, thanks for the great photo - its fantastic to see how you are seeing it - although your blog makes you visualise your experience. Keep travelling safe and enjoy, Best wishes Erena

Anonymous said...

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end” Ursula K. LeGuin

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Noice piccy !! Looks heaps good. Especially the pink on the blue and white. If you could coax those rain clouds Queenslander way, that would be excellent.

Two minute noodles, no electricity and lots of music, is the staple diet of young people when they are not living at home !! MUmmm !! Cooking can be over rated when doing amazing things like sailing around the world !! No one will curse you for having an easy meal every now and then. Tomorrow you might catch another fishy and you can put some fish fillets with your the two minutes noodles. Yummo. Chinese. (well sort of) Protien and carb is good. Have fun, see you soon.
Ps. what is a dodger? Is that like a american football player. Must go google.

Anonymous said...

Windy Thoughts

So come what may the spray shall fly
The damp will cause a chill
The seagulls soar and screech their cry
And point down with their bill

I’m not alone as I plough south
Above those birds attest
Still those waves, the deck they douse
As Pink Lady hits each crest

The charts I’ve searched with careful eye
The future path is known
Now beneath my dodger’s shade
I’m protected from winds blowin

I think on future legs to come
Of miles that passed below
16 years is my life’s sum
Another 84 to go


Noel said...


Awesome photo. You really keep us up to date ,,,,and probably doing five things at once.

Having a slacker with your cooking is quite ok given all the master pieces that you have already accomplished.

Keep well and good winds

Noel Novice Sailor Canberra

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
it was enough to read how much you enjoy standing behind the dodger with the wind and spray in your face. I am more than happy with just that one sentence as it throws up all sorts of pictures in my mind. So what about the noodles... you can't be perfect all the time and really they are pretty tasty don't you think????

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
it was enough to read how much you enjoy standing behind the dodger with the wind and spray in your face. I am more than happy with just that one sentence as it throws up all sorts of pictures in my mind. So what about the noodles... you can't be perfect all the time and really they are pretty tasty don't you think????

hezakiah299 said...

11-30-09 @06:03
Hi Again Jessica,
I just finished a post and up jumped another one from you. Thank you.
Beautiful picture, that's definitely one to wake you up, but I'd prefer a quiet cup of coffee, or two.
If you can maintain that speed you'll be down to the Cape in no time at all. Good luck to you on that.
Glad to see you haven't forgotten about the schoolwork, it's necessary.(But a pain).
How is the maintenance coming along, you say you have a few jobs to do before you get down south, I hope they’re not major ones. But now’s the time to take care of them. I know, I know, nag, nag, nag. LOL……
I’m just like a concerned father, grandfather or even a great grandfather.
Take care of yourself little angel, you mean a lot to a lot of people from all over the world. I always enjoy going back and reading posts from your previous blogs. I have to laugh when someone gets a little out of line there’s always a number of people who will set them straight real quick. Don’t mess with our little darling.

I look forward to your next post, so until then;
Take good care of yourself and Ella, stay clipped on, safe and alert, and keep up the good work. Also make sure you enjoy yourself!!! Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Trish said...

You're doing great! My daughters are all fired up and planning their Grand Adventures now. Though they're only 9 and 11, and completely land-locked here in Canberra. One day they'll head off on their own, maybe on horseback instead of in a boat.

Trish & Family in Canberra.

Tricia's Blog said...

Hi Jessica, I've started reading your blog and I will confess I am one of the nay sayers, doubters, and thinking it was crazy for such a young person to sail around the world alone. But you've got this far, seem to be thoroughly competent and doing so well.

Good for you and Congratulations!! You are a brave and adventurous young woman, and I can only admire your strong spirit, drive and ambition.

Love your pics and your writing.
You go girl and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
Thats an awesome photo, you most certainly would have been wide awake after a few of those. It must be a very satisfying feeling standing behind the dodger watching Ella's Pink Lady flying along and surveying the seascape all around.
I wouldn't worry too much about your cooking routine, I think you have to do what you can when you can and know that's right for you at the time.
Cheers Jesse,
Enjoy those stars,
Bluefin, Buderim, Qld.

Darren said...

Hi Jessica
you need to watch what you eat if the wind is getting up


Amazedbyou said...

Besides being an American Baseball player -- a dodger is...

A dodger with a hard fiberglass top shell is disclosed for mounting to a sailboat. A mold utilizing a flexible sheet--such as a 1/4 inch plywood sheet--is warped and held interior of a surrounding frame rectilinear to match the desired profile of the hard top shell of the dodger.

Phewww. I thought Mum would have been on a huge BOY alert with a Dodger on your yacht.


jo from perth said...

hi Jesse, after reading your comments, i realised there was a new video. You're looking great. Glad to hear your 'blues' have passed. No matter who you are or where you are they can strike anytime and sometimes you just have to sit them out. Hopefully you won't be experiencing them again anytime soon.
Good Winds & Safe sailing,

Anonymous said...

I can say this morning wake up is better than coffee :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

duane said...

Sounds like another great day doing what you love. Happy sailing. duane

Quilljar said...

Hi Jessica,
I got a bit worried when there was no blog from you on Sunday. I thought maybe you had hit one of those French Islands! But it was stupid of me to worry I know. Here you are as perky as ever, and sailing along to your next big experience.
I too, would like to know what you do with the old packaging etc!

Macca said...

im craving 2 minutr noodles now


p,s jess is cute

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica! Townsville family again. We havent written for a while as we moved to a new place and had no internet for a short time ( kids nearly went mental ). Anyhow we just read up on all the blogs, and love the pictures your posting in here for us to enjoy. Our thoughts are always with you, and we try to live each and every event as you share it with us. Well done Jess, you're our champion. George and Co.

Ed Hendrix said...

Hey Jesse,

Looking at the positions on your map it seems that you are heading much faster south the north. Go girl, it's great to read the comments on your blog.

Safe sailing.

Attitude said...

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By Remez Sasson
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Attitude said...

The Power of Affirmations. By Remez Sasson

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire.

Frayedknot said...

Awesome photo, love your blog and to be able to follow your adventure, you really are number one sponge without the crew! all the best Jess, Dennis on the gold coast

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Tell me, do you ever get sea-sick? I used to. Bass Strait (or as I call it, Bash Strait) was the worst experience I've ever had in that regard. I got to the point where I'd sussed out what tasted better on the way out and 2 minute noodles were up there along with Sao crackers. About the worst I found was coffee. Forget it! Might taste ok drinking but tastes foul-as on it's way out. Sorry, I didn't mean to gross you out but it's funny how we adapt isn't it? .
Yes, standing behind the dodger with wind & spray on your face, just watching, watching, watching everything in anticipation is a great way to pass the time.
Thanks for posting a photo, it looks great. I see a fully furled headsail but can't make out a staysail. Do you have one? Or are my eyes painted on? :-))
Have you been trying to catch another fish? I'm sure you'll catch 1 or 2 as you pass over these next curly bits. Keep your eyes peeled and stay safe. You're doing great. Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

james said...

Hello Jessica

Loved the video, got the feeling of being there with the sound of seagulls and waves crashing around ELP, Great to read how you are constantly doing maintenance on ELP, after all, this is your home for around 7 or 8 months, as another blogger said you take of her and she'll take care of you. I make it day 43, what an effort!!!

Keep up the fantastic sailing!

P.S. Great Pic!!!

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Cool photo.

I am a bit of a fan of two minute noodles less the two minutes - why waste time when you can eat them straight from the packet and without the washing up. I also don't peel my Kiwi fruit, I just eat the entire fruit, fuzzy skin and all - some people think that that is very wierd.

So long as you are eating vitamins and minerals (especially C and Iron) then you could probably make it around the world on Caramello Bears. Now there's a challenge!

Catch you later


Deborah said...

I love an exciting start to a day.....makes the rest of the day a good one when you can start on a

I never start the day with a quiet day starts with lots of hugs, purrs and squeaks as i get my plethora of pets up for the day...

Hey there is nothing wrong with 2 minute noodles.....they are great for a quick and easy fav easy meal is grilled cheese on toast...Smile

Ella seems to be plodding along at a great speed for now... im telling will be back home before you know it, wanting to head off again.

If it were me out there...ide never be bored, ide be making the most of every single waking second no matter what was thrown at me....waves, itchy salt, school work, Boat would all be exciting.

Just keep enjoying what your

And stay safe....Smile

Deb and the guinea's

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, you have got to love the spray in your face, it gets a bit cool down South though, we love the shot you and EPL are realy moving now.
Have a quiet night and keep safe.
Cam & Annie "H"

carole QLD said...

Brumbyy what beautiful poetry you write - this sums up Jesses voyage to a T. Very nice work.
Great video Jess, I imagine you have much to do and at the end of each day think "oh I had best get cracking on my blog and pictures". Your blog, piccies and video are just AWESOME. We cant wait to log on and see if there is another update on "what Jess is up to". Like others have said, its ok to feel the blues now and again, it passes quickly. If you ever feel alone, dont because your fans are all sharing this wonderful journey with you. Unfortunately we cannot feel the motion, taste the salt spray or feel the sun, but our hearts are with you. When I was watching your latest video my cat came and sat beside the computer to watch it too.... there you go, you also have a 4 legged 17yr old moggie as a fan too.
Go Jess Go....

Kaye said...

Hi Jess,
Hang in there girl your doing so well, make sure you get plenty of rest when you can as it's a very long sail ahead of you.
We are all so proud of our little Aussie girl.
You go girl and there isn't a doubt in our minds you'll achieve your dream.
Stay safe and good sailing.
Until next time.
Kaye Brisbane Australia xx

Brian Riley said...

Well the people that are not out enjoying themselves sailing the ocean wide have a boring quiet cup of coffee, and you would not change your time for anything.
Your eating habits seem to be getting in the way of your adventure and the wind and spray in your face, but do not let your stamina suffer for enjoyment and vision.
The photo of the action you are experiencing is awesome and a great adrenalin rush.
Safe passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay.QLD

magpie said...

Hi Jessica, I'm loving the advice from the ever expanding blog family:
♠Astroswanny tells us to look at the 'Universe today' site..."A 16-year-old high school girl who is attempting to sail solo around the world spotted a bright bolide over the Pacific Ocean during the peak of last week's Leonid meteor shower. The International Meteor organization relies on reports just like this from observers in the field….or in this case “all at sea”... A Bolide is a fireball which is "a meteor brighter than any of the planets, magnitude -4 (camera flash) or greater." That explains that then, lol.
♠Poppa Bear Cairns Qld (pilot) Says he was in the first Aircraft to do a photo pass on Lionheart's voyage when he was inbound to Australia off WA.

People like ♠Chris have advice...When you tape a bit of cloth or small piece of light sail to the back of the vane, it will work much better, as it gets a bit more drag
Heaps of other tips like "type in "great circle" on wikipedia" ♠Salty dog found..."
" for the gr8 circle route and"

Also some like ♠Chris Akenfelds (Brisbane) need to be careful ..."Hey Jessica, I have this mental image of all your skeptics and naysayers: I picture them as fat, beer-guzzling losers who struggle with all their might to bend down and pick up the remote control for their television. They probably spend 16 hours per day watching back-to-back television and sink over $100 worth of alcohol every weekend"... That's pretty much me! Except for the skeptic and naysayer bit, lol.☻☻☻

But the best ones are those who try to correct someone else and dig an even bigger hole with their own misguided explanation (Pirates/Geography/Stars/Islands) Talk about trying to stay on course! There's plenty of lateral thinkers here, lol.
I love how you can belt along so wonderfully and take fantastic photos, I loved the 41 day video too. You look like you need a 'mum hug' to put a big smile on your face. We're all cheering for you.

Gr8 to see that a lot of the blog family are refraining from spacing SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH :-)
Catch U L8er

Charlie E said...

First thing I check is the track, and again today am impressed by the steady lengthening of the southward leg. Your photo is a beauty. As for noodles, we have them all the time, right after we get back from the beach or bushwalking or swimming, 2-minute noodles! Few chopped vegetables thrown in, nice! But it's early days, and keeping the meals interesting is an important part of maintaining good balance, no? Keep well, fit and healthy. Continue.

Anonymous said...

Why go 100nm north of Equator when passing it was the deal?

Mike said...

Great to catch up and thanks for the photo. I get to change my screen background now. Seems you are doing great and most importantly enjoying the journey.

Mike Atlanta

kina said...

Hi Jesse, hope there are no dramas navigating around French Polynesia. Look forward to seeing you and EPL safely on F/P's south-side with full steam ahead. Look out for "Bouy Racers" tho :)

Ha ha, I know the feeling. It's not easy cooking for it. Perhaps It can be justified as an energy saving excercise for the notorious southern leg/legs I'd go along with that :)

Stay safe and a full sail's a good sail.

Ben (Qld)

Anonymous said...

Bula Jess!
That's my native Fijian greeting and since you are out there in the Pacific Ocean, I think it's only appropriate! This is my first contribution but I have enjoyed reading all your posts. Even though I am here in Melbourne, I have relayed your adventure to my 14-year-old son in Fiji and he has never missed a day without checking your site. All the best Jess and thanks for being such an inspiration to young and old alike.

Stay safe and God bless.

new said...

Hi Jess,

Clip on and sail on sail on....

God be with you:)

Anonymous said...

The ocean will test and push your emotions. Extreme feelings of happiness and loneliness. Time may seem to move fast but some times seem so slow. Laughing at your self, at what your thinking, then over whelming sorrow. Just remember who you are Jess. Scream your guts and cry your eyes out, laugh until it hurts. Sing at the top of your lungs. If you ever think your losing it or going nuts you're not. You're only getting stronger. You're missing nothing you won't see clearer when nearing the return. Take care mate, be careful and try to stay your course. No matter what happens, with what you think the world expects, you're already now the worlds success.

What's wrong with noodles???

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica, greetings from Northern Minnesota in the US. I check your blog every morning and as a Mom I fretted yesterday not finding your daily post. You are doing such a great job--it is a
thrill to follow along on your trip in real time. You must be delighted to see posts from people all around the world who are caring about you. I'd like to give a special greeting to your Mom
as one Mom to another. Keep up the good sailing, Jessica. Warmest thoughts from Minnesota Mom

Paula said...

Hi, Jess. Thanks, as always, for making my morning start so nicely. I always check your site first thing as soon as I sit down with my coffee, before I even check the news sites I read every day. Just think, all over the world, people are waking up to Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady!

You've mentioned reefing a few times. I know what it is, but many probably don't. How about explaining why you do it and how? Does EPL have some easy system for a single-handed sailor to manage?

I hope you have just enough rain to fill your fresh water bins, and plenty of straight and true winds.

bernie777 said...

wow Jessica sounds like you are going really hard at it ...the simple things in life often give you the greatest pleasure..I spent 20 years travelling the world and notched up 56 countries...but the old Indian in the film Dances with wolves sums it up the cant beat a good fire...or in your case a good sail....and dont worry about the ufo its just one of those silly google map glitches like the lost city of Atlantis...I have a really great song for you Splitt Endz....6 months in a leaky boat,,,,,its on u tube...and 1977 Mother Goose ...baked case u dont feel like cooking those N.Z. songs should put some wind in your ever your pen friend in cyber space sailing..Bernie 777.

Stephen said...

Hey Jess, if you do not catch any fish do you actually have enough food for the entire trip? I am just trying to imagine how you pack that much food onto a sailboat. LOL
Keep up the good work!
Steve Z.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Great pic and video. I've set up a Google alert so whenever your name is mentioned on a blog, including yours, I get an email alert.

Well, while you were sailing south, we put up the Christmas tree this past weekend and once again I was in the attic pulling down all of my wife's Christmas Bears and Santas. I believe the count is somewhere north of 20 now. And of course the obligatory outdoor lighting. So the house and neighbors on our street are coming together again for Christmas and for the typical suburban decoration.

But that job is done and all of the storage boxes back to the attic until we take it all down after New Years.

I hope somewhere is all of your gear someone packed away a few strings of 12 volt Christmas lights so you can decorate EPL soon and that would be a must see for pics and maybe even a video.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

PS: I have reached the point in reading the comments to your blog, there seems to be a few hard core posters who visit every day and I have become very familiar with the names. Kinda like a club of JW watchers forming.

rod said...

good day young adventurer,
two minute noodles are quite good, i can recall that my kids would never add water to could always find the noodle munchers by following the broken noodle trail on the floor.
of course you would add hot water to soften them up?
anyway enjoyed your blog again and the pic of the morning call wake up.
a question from terry 8-33pm
where do you store all of your refuse, tins,plastics etc i asked the same question myself about two weeks ago, do you have a refuse storage area designated aboard?
take care and watch those swells and small islands
regards as always
blackbutt qld

mimo said...

Hey Jesse, good to hear your safe and well. Nothing wrong with 2 minute noodles, I have them for lunch everyday before I go to work.
Came home to a box of Krispy Kremes, my daughters work is doing a fundraiser and she bought some. What sort of stuff (food) are you missing at the moment?

Stay safe

Love the pics, keep them coming


gustav said...

Hello Jesse,

I just watched your latest video and me thinks you might have a bit of the old Friday Night pretty girl home alone blues.

Cheer up girl,there will be plenty more Friday nights when you can go out and paint the town red for a weekend with all your mates.You got a little of the old Friday night blues out there on the ocean,feeling a bit lonely and sad, that is only natural for a beautiful young girl like you, Jessica.

But Mum would make you come home by 10 pm anyway,so you are not really missing out by that much.

In a few month time you will enjoy the nights out with your friends even more and Mum might even be swayed into turning a blind eye to unavoidable late nights and forget about that curfew.

Besides,the weather has been very miserable here in Sydney lately and everyone is walking around looking very depressed because of the global financial crisis that left many of the fearless punters broke and with not much change left in their pockets for christmas.

Even though things have been looking a bit bleak lately at my place,it is written that Man can not live on Mackers alone and after reading your post tonight I had another careful look into my poor empty looking fridge and guess what I found hiding behind the door?


3 Packets of them it is a miracle.

So you safed my night Jesse and I want to thank you for that.

There will be a time when you just want to stay home on a Friday Night

with a steaming hot bowl of Qriental 2 Minute Noodles,99% fat free and all the phones and computers switched off with just the answering machine on,because you can't stand another crazy Friday Night Party and going out for even one more crazy night partying with your many old and new friends in town.

I know you don't believe me now,
but it will happen sooner than you think.

Thanks for the Noodle tip Jesse,
and enjoy your solitude out there, because before long you will be home again and you might look back and wish you could have just one minute or maybe 2 in peace by yourself.


Wolfhound said...

Hi Jesse,

I hope the dunking didn't dampen your spirits too much - doesn't sound like it, anyway !

I'm sure you're amazed at how the time just disappears on you. Before you know it, another day has disappeared.

While I haven't yet been lucky enough to be out alone on the high seas, I'm sure there's something very zen-like about making your way... the sound of the wind in the rigging, the hiss of the boat as she cuts through the water, the sonorous splashing of the doubt it makes you feel alone and at the same time one with nature, and God...

As every day passes, Cape Horn is inexorably pulling you south, towards the South Atlantic. We're glad to be able to accompany you on the trip, and read about the adventures and incidentals of each day. Individually they may at times appear trivial, but in the aggregate they merge together to create this formidable story of determination and will. Keep forging ahead !

I am shocked, meanwhile, to learn that you've been slacking in the galley ! No more cupcakes ? What on earth have you been doing ? Oh yes, of course; enjoying the passage. And why not !

All the best - and Happy December,

Brian in NY.

Anonymous said...

You need energy Jesse. Keep eating. Two minute noodle is good and quite easy to prepare. While boiling the noodle crack an egg. I don't know if powder egg is ok. In times of trouble you must be strong physically and mentally. Take care always. God bless.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phil in Idaho said...

That is really a cool pic. Thanks! Don't feel bad about the 2 minute noodles. A lot of us do that without having to reef the main in a squall. Your reputation is still intact.

Stanlee said...

One of the coolest things about being yourself is that you can just be yourself. Don't worry about doubters or naysayers, they have enough to worry about themselves. Of course you spell check, because if your'e anything like most teenagers today, you write in text language and hardly know the better. Don't forget your school work, put some emphasis on that because you don't want to be too far behind, although, your current education could not be bought for all the money in the world. Instinct is your absolute best guide. No one knows you better than you and you owe nothing to anyone other than yourself. Just think, you are the sole resident of your own world. Of course, everyone is, but not very many people realize their own personal power. You, however, are the embodiment of personal power. Live, laugh, love.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how refreshing that wakeup call would be rounding South America. If you ever go 2 days without a blog even a short, hi I'm still here, us worry type will probably be calling Air Sea Rescue. Just kidding would call your Mum first.
Good sailing. Bob in Tucson

~j~ said...

I love when you post pictures of Ella on the blustery days, the vastness of the ocean always takes my breath away and brings a smile of joy to my face picturing you enjoying such beauty and excitement.
Really love your blog updates, I really am appreciative!
hope your Mum is holding up well!

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse lovely to see your smiling face and lay back delivery on video once again. It's great to hear you say there's a lot of miles to cover before the Horn. The message I take from that statement Jesse is you realize the need to pace yourself and not get ahead of the immediate challenge. Yes, as you point out, there's the islands looming but then there will be a new challenge and others will unfold as time goes bye. Treat each challenge separately and on its merits. If you continue to break down the journey into daily/weekly steps you will stay in the present and you will get positives from each successful step you take. The Horn will come into sight in due course but until then it doesn't rate.

I previously commented on your self-knowledge and it is highlighted once again in the video - OK you have been down a little but gee it is important that you seem to recognize 'your' signs/signals of feeling flat The most important person to you is yourself - trust yourself to know when you need to confide in others. Never allow your feelings consume you.

Jesse when you say you havn't been cooking etc and feeling a bit flat after the equator; I suspect it's what we call coming down from a high (the adrenalin rush) and we can easily fall into the trap of trying to sustain that psychological moment but unfortunately it will lure you into an emotional trap, as you have probably discovered. I'm not preaching to you darl - just honestly concerned for a precious asset.

'til next time special one be careful, stay in the moment, set smaller goals, etc and everything will be fine. Take care, clip-on and be happy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. Being a mom myself, I can't help wonder how you keep yourself safe out there. In one of your blogs, will you please describe your safety measures and back-up plans in case of emergency? Also, others have mentioned pirates? Are they really a threat as you get farther south? Best wishes to you! I love your blogs and look forward to reading them. Thanks for posting them so often!

Gretchen in Southern Caifornia

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Good Morning (MST)Jessica,
Great blog. is definitly in your DNA!
I sailed for years along the ccoast of California and Northern Baja and just loved the feeling of the boat slicing through big swells and showering me with a salty mist. Oh you have made me homesick for the ocean again.
Be safe, God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

2 minute noodles. And...? What do you do in 2 minutes ?
Boil them ?
Mash them ?
Fry them ?
I'm confused...

Meechree said...

I love the photo. I would love to see more pictures of the storms.
Keep it up :D
-Dimitri, USA

Kerri said...

You are awesome. I feel guilty sitting here drinking my morning coffee and a lot jealous of you, with that great wind and sea spray. You seem to be covering consistant nm's now. Good!It was fun seeing your video and pic (really do appreciate you sharing this journey/adventure with the world). Keep up the excellent work, don't eat too many noodles, all that salt makes the eyes puffy.

Happy sailing from California,


Anonymous said...

Well done, Jess. When you were eating tinned mangoes,our supermarket was running out of stock, as a lot of fans wanted to relive that experience. Now you are talking about 2 minute noodles and I guess there will be a run on them.
And I am sure that the automatic carwashes will be booked out, when you sail around Cape Horn...

RICHARD said...

Great Video! Wondering, do you have a warning system for land masses or does the system you use for boat alerts warn about all objects and not boats specifically?

Although we love seeing you in your videos, the kids would like me to ask if you could slowly pan your deck, sails and the sea as you narrate on a video. Love to see what you are experiencing.

The "Voyage" page has really enlightened us all about the exploration of the planet. We were all thinking you would head for southern Chile by going west. It makes a ton more sense to head south. Clearly visible on Google Earth. I guess we have always view the earth on flat maps and our perspective was off course. :) Thanks for the geography lesson.

We have a great time together visiting your site daily... the key here is "together."

I can't fathom how proud your family must be.



See Ya Sailor!

SaltyDog said...


What a great picture. I can almost feel the salt spary in my face. I think that's a much more effective way to wake up than the morning coffee. Glad to hear that you're really flying.

And thanks for the new video. You look great, Jess. Remember that having days when you might feel a little bit down is normal. I remember before leaving that you said that you would probably worry about people back home worrying about you, which shows what a caring person you are. Don't ever feel bad about sharing those down feelings with us. After all of the joy that you have brought to so many, we should be able to send a little bit of joy back at ya when you can use it.

And the way that I cook, two minute noodles sounds like a seven course, gormet meal.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, Wa, USA

Scotty - Denver said...

Hey Jesse!

Glad to see you're hanging right in there with the occasional squall. Don't ever let up your guard on those things, you never know which is going to be the one that could knock Ella's Pink Lady down. Keep the vigilance!

You know, old sailors can see the squall line quite a ways off, it's like an invisible barrier, with weather on one side, and smooth sailing on the other. Your number one job as I see it, and I think you do too, is to protect EPL so that she can get you around the world safely. So, far, as are most folks, we are very impressed with your attitude, your skills, and your drive.

It's also quite true that some sailors are literally "in love" with the ocean, and the relationship they develop with it. It's sounding as if that may be the case for you. Be faithful and you'll make it through, one day at a time. Keep your focus and concentrate on what's right in front of you, let your team keep to the long range planning.

Above all, enjoy every minute of it (as if you needed to hear that!).

God bless you and continue to keep you safe.

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien
Denver, Colorado USA

The Griffs of WA. said...

Hey Jess

Sounds like you're getting a little initiation for the wilder weather you'll encounter.

Great description of the weather. I have been given a junior primary class for next year so I am planning to do a unit titled "Where in the world is Jessica Watson". Got my Science planning under way to cover weather, Society and Environment to cover where you are travelling etc. Thanks for the inspiration. My kids will be full bottle on you when you cross the finish line. Love to know how many other teachers are reading and incorporating your journey into their classrooms.

Keep safe and fair sailing till next blog.

The Griffs of WA.

Anonymous said...

go on Jess u can do it...u r dazzling all the world... iam from egypt...God bless u girl...

Anonymous said...

I am not so good in English but I tried to make a little poem for you just to show you how inspired I am of you. I hope you'll like it.

Lady Jesse

There is a lady whose name is Jesse.
Her dream is to travel alone by sea.
She’s not only brave but some kind o’ cute,
Her picture of courage is never a mute.

Numerous people around the world
Keep tracking her journey until it fold.
You can be with her by reading her blog
You’ll never be lonely, never be sad.

Cream, chocolate, muffins and chips
In Kiribati she caught a fish.
Onto the South she didn’t cook noodles
Maybe she’s has something hot from Googles.

From squalls of ocean so harsh and huge
Ella’s Pink Lady is her home and refuge.
I pray to God to watch her day and night
Keep her safe from nature’s might.

Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Myriam Grech (Malta) said...

Myriam Grech from Malta:
Keeping me coming back to read your blog. Fantastic and I just love it! Well, everyone has his hobby and not everyone's cooking, I guess. Well yours is so unusual, I mean a lot of people are doing cooking but only THE ONE AND ONLY is sailing solo around the world and that one I'm sure you know her.Keep on the fantastic work.See you tomorrow and take care.Lovely pic too.Thanks for everything.Myriam

jwb777 said...

You are all the world's darling! We love you! ...Enjoyed the new pic and video. Great subject, great sailing!

I ran across this little quote a couple days ago and immediately thought of you -- “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." (author unknown) That's true of you! You may be young in years but you are long on courage, determination, skill and on and on!


Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Lisa Pedersen said...


I have been reading your blog everyday, and am inspired. I've been a sailer since a small child too and am now a 37 year old mom of three small children. I have a quote for you.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~Mark Twain

All I can say is good for you! I love it when people follow their dreams.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Enjoy life
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

I imagine it would be been a great wake up call for you. Your weather sounds like ours here in Sydney, every day is different. Late last week we were having highs of 42C and clear skies and today is drizzly and a max of 21C. Go figure it makes no sense.

Love the pic. Hope to see many more, one day, after you return.

Never mind the 2 minute noodles. I think they are a stable diet for many people. My 17 year old son virtually lives on them.

Make sure you keep on top of all the maintenance work you have to get done.

Take care and keep safe,

Ingleburn NSW

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
When I first read this blog it was over my quiet morning coffee! The first thing I do each morning (after making coffee), is check to see if there is a post.
I can see that sleep management is a huge part of this whole adventure. Are you sleeping mono, bi, or polyphasically?

All the best.. Stay Safe

Richard W
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jess, is that full moon making any difference to your moods?

Things often get a bit 'tense' around here, but we look at the sky and see the full moon and can have a laugh about it.

thinking of you

Llew said...

Another fantastic blog Jess. Never a dull moment in your action packed life at sea. As has been mentioned by many before me, you have a delightful writing style, very readable and one that perfectly conveys your thoughts and the daily events on board Ella

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

We logged on for the first time in about 2've made great progress since then.

Keep up the good work,

Tom, Alice, Charlie, Jacq & Dave
in Sydney

Anonymous said...


Your voyage is amazing. Best of luck and be safe!


Anonymous said...


I am sure that you read just about every one who put's any thing here on your blog'... cause if you didn't you wouldn't fine most of your friend's that place what they want to say to you on here as well to.. Well either way. I am sure your doin the best you can at what you have to do it with. Yes'.. a Bid Wave can knot you out of bed really fast if your not ready for it to happen.An with you being the only one on Board.. how could you of known... But Glad you came out of it alright.. and your still going strong. Missed you yesterday on line, but we keep you in our prayers.. knowning God is watching over you... and that's a big plus sign... for you.

May your days be full of good Sail'n wind wind in your sail's to push you a long to full fill your dreams... God Speed..


Ross said...

Jessica, You display amazing spirit and talent kiddo. You've already joined a very small and elite club of sailors. With every nautical mile you travel, that club gets smaller. Godspeed!!I've been following since day one in Ohio, USA. Please be safe around the Horn. Watch weather and be a day ahead in your thoughts and plans. Ross

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Now that's one heck of an alarm clock....
Noodles that's a staple to my 10yr old son..... He would love to come & stay with you....Nothing wrong with a easy cooking day/week.

Stay safe & happy sailing

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
I do believe that the best for you at the moment is to let your body tell you what and when to eat (to a certain extent of course, >> within the limits of staying healthy and strong, of course)

Stay safe

emgb1 from South Wales, UK (GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

We loved watching your videos. The inside looks cool,we like your stove, and the kitchen looks small.

Do you recognize any constellations? We just finished studying stars and constellations.

Congratulations on crossing the equator -- we watched the video of you pouring the salt water on your head. Was the water cold or warm since it is near the equator?

Good luck and stay safe,
Mrs. Hardman's Class
Wood Middle School
Wilsonville, Oregon USA

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Nothing wrong with the two minute noodles.

You know, most people just have alarm clocks to wake them up. You should give it some thought.

Great photograph and great story.

Thanks for your blogs, we both enjoy them immensely.

Take care and safe sailing.

June and Richard Thorn

AMZ said...

hey Jess,

you take everything in your stride as usual with perpetual optimism.. I would scream blue murder (pun intended!) if I was woken to a big wave crashing over me!! you make everything sound like such fun :)
stay dry! (if you can!) and keep eating good food, otherwise you will start to feel yukky.
hugs x

Sueby said...

Pinch and a Punch for the 1st of the month - well here in Bris its 1 December.
Did I get you first?
Go girl,

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse...

Hey, great video clip last night!.... and your blog piccie touches the reality of your sailing for us. Wow. .. You can sure handle the weather and chop !! And that's just a taste of what's to come, eh ! You sure have got 'what it takes', Special Lady !

As for your noodle nibbling.... That's OK. Done that too..... BUT. Yesterday arvo the most delicious, coloured, ripened, large, flavoursome, dizzy-scented, mouthwatering and irresistible fruits from BananBenderLand were ( at last) at a reasonable price..... and I LOVE 'em... and I pigged out on TWO... as big as softballs. And thought of you and your recent pig-out on similar as I knocked 'em down.... Matter of fact.. I bought a _CASE_ !!!

Yeahhhh... MANGOES !

I ate the two of 'em in the front yard, of course, to prevent the 'good look of mango-eating' being on the floors and furniture. Nevertheless, I wore a significant amount of fruit particles and juice and need a splash when I'd finished. But what a way to go !!...

Just thought I'd lay this down for you--- since they're a fruit you like from your home state............ and that you've taken ( temporarily) to nibbling noodles.!!! ( which I like , too....but not 'corz you can eat 'em _inside_ the house... I still prefer mangoes !! Hehheh)

Looking at the satellite piccie of your voyage route, I see the confetti sprinkling of reefs and islands associated with the Cook's.~~ so it's good to see that you're slaving over the charts. Safe sailing, Jesse !!

Most excellent catching your 'update' before I take off down south for the day !! Thanks.

OK.... better give you some 'space' again....:))

..catchya later...

.... Ooc.

Sarah said...

As long as you are eating we arent worried :). Glad you are still making steady progress!! xo.

Rowie said...

Hi Jess,
Another great blog, thanks for the great photo too! It's all exciting and as you sail south at full speed I think that excitement is only going to build. It's interesting too, just what you learn from others that reply to your blog.

Swift sailing Jess, I don't thing we realise just how amazing this journey is, you make it look so easy!!!

Thanks again for sharing,
Phil, Rowie, Maddy and Pat

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess...

Like always, another top read and great to read you love just standing behind the dodger watching the ocean pass by. Fantastic you have some good steady breeze out there too.

Keep on powering along

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse.... 2 minute noodles, a teenager's staple food, just ask my now adult children LOL
My equivalent is baked beans on toast.
Great photo Jess just love it and your writing am almost on board there with you x

Anonymous said...

Guess u are getting allot of well wishes and I am following your adventure with great interest from here in the US,Maryland.Am a old sailor from the seventies who sailed out RMYC in Rose Bay in Sydney with my beloved father on a 37ft. ketch reg.
I have been so impressed with your maturity at your age and the knowledge you have.I can't wait to read your next blog,by nothing wrong with noodles,give you a break from the ''clean-up''.
I read daily your blog to find out what you are up to and you know that people all around the world are pulling for you not just here in the USofA.
Ounce again ''god speed and may the winds blow true''for you.
Transplanted ''Aussie''

anth said...

Sometimes two minute noodles are just need to be done.


Ian said...

What descriptive images - not even a ducking is sufficient to wake you up in the morning, and standing behind the dodger with the wind and sea in your face. I like what those images represent. Combine them with noodles for a snack and the teenage girl emerges. Lovely!

A landlubber like me would be apprehensive in a 30 knot squall - but not Jess!

Love and cheers from

Ian from Brisbane

Andrew said...

Hey Jess

You got the best view in the world, and noodles are yummy when you cant be bothered. Look after EPL so she can look after you, an when you get back we want to put her in the sailing hall of fame with Aust II.

Cheers to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
Glad to see your making heaps of progress we are all following you at home and at school, you are such a inspiration to me and my family and friends.

Good Luck with French Polynesia and Cape Horn.

Newhaven College
Year 7's going into Year 8! Katie, Findley, Zoe and Mad Maddie

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Nothing like a cold fresh wave of sea water to wake you up in the morning...
beware and take care

You're a legend

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
I'm so enjoying reading your messages and like many others, I almost feel I am along for the ride!
I notice that many people ask questions (not that you can possibly answer them all) but I wondered if maybe sometime you could do an FAQ blog. My question would be, do you ever get seasick and do you take tablets for it? Also, when do you get time to sleep and what's the longest you can nap for?
Keep up the fantastic attitude, Jess
Cheers, Julie, Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
What wonderful progress you are making and what great blogs your are posting. I am sure there are 1000's following your journey.
I have sent your web details to a Yahoo group I belong to and have received many really positive replies - you are an inspiration to us all. You will probably get replies from all over so blame me!
It also appears your journey is being reported in media world wide, so it is not just the Aussie's cheering you on!
Great stuff,
Take care,

el grande said...

with all you have to do, we really appreciate your effort to drag us along via the blog. your writing is excellent and I always enjoy a new entry! Stay dry!

Anonymous said...

Love reading/seeing your blog everyday.. I am so excited for your journey.

Stay safe

emma - nsw

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that
appear, wherever they might be."

-- Lakshmi Mittal

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess,

every time I read your blogs they always seem so personal, thats what makes you so special.

Doesn't matter what you eat just as long as you do.
stay safe

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jessica,Getting your "wakeup"call from a big "green/blue or grey one" is not a bad way to start the day!At least you soon remember where you are!Great to hear you are getting good winds, and that EPL is doing her stuff ,"hard on the wind"
You are a remarkable young lady Jesse,and you continue to inspire many people,by action and word.Pace yourself for the challenges ahead,eat well!! rest up and all that "stuff" Jesse, have a great day,you are in our thoughts and prayers,God Bless Dougal.

Richard in Maryland said...


Love the picture of your boat reefed down for conditions. For blog viewers, a trick is to double click on the picture, and then hold down the control key while hitting the plus key to quickly make the picture bigger.( in IE ). For Samurai, the hank on style jib on the inner forestay is visible under the boom. I don't know whether the mailsail is on the first or second reef. For another blogger, the reefing is controlled by lines running back through holes in the dodger to winches. On the sixty minutes video, you can see Jesse using the winches under the dodger.

What a rush bashing through the waves!

Go Jesse!
Richard W

Anonymous said...

HEY!! I just found the videos!!
Ain't technology wonderful!!!
I have some catching up to do.

Tom in the USA

sbradley33 said...

Hi Jessica,

I've been reading your blog as you travel this great earth of ours. I came across a song I hadn't heard in a long time and it made me think your trip. I'm a huge Chris Deburgh fan and while on shuffle, the song 'Sailing Away' came on and that made me think of your voyage. I hope you are well and I think you for making me be there by proxy.



RichieParis said...

inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (The Little Prince):
What makes the Ocean beautiful?

It is not the water nor the waves, neither the winds, nor the wildlife in it...

It is a very tiny pinkie boat sailing somewhere on it, captained by an incredible Aussie girl, a genuine pearl in her grey oyster!

hezakiah299 said...

11-30-09 @ 18:35
Hi Jessica,
Happy December, and many more to you. Hope you're enjoying yourself and staying in good spirits.
Nothing special, I just wanted to say hello (since I was thinking of you) and hoping your weather conditions are good. Even though I watch "Passage Weather" it doesn't cover rain squalls. It covers wind speed, wave heights and surface pressure. I'll have to find another weather website.
Finished reading all the posts from your last blog and they were/are very informative and enjoyable. Just keep up the good work and stay safe.
Make sure you enjoy yourself and stay clipped on.
Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

trentgs said...

I'm still pretty impressed with your writing, courage, and skills! Stay safe, eat well-it seems that you are- and staying on task-I think youre pretty swift! I was sharing your voyage with my neices, and some of the grandkids!They were so impressed! They enjoyed your videos too!

Gary & Jan

trentgs said...

I had you a bit further west on the world map..I sorta got lost after the crossing..I have now retrieved pins and traced it closer to the F.Polynesians. On your Day 41 Video you sounded a bit more upbeat and I'm certain your moods are shaped by everything that happens, but it sounded like you had some gulls within earshot and the wind was keeping you zipping along at a fair pace.
One of my prayers for you is that you are able to keep centered in your spirit- and remember to keep having fun -You are very bright that comes through loud and clear in your blogs. I have grandkids and neices near your age and they all agree. You are pretty special..and Brave!
I told them you're also talented and confident in your abilities, not to be a show off but to confirm to yourself that you can achieve this milestone. You're doing it for you. Not because of the record. The Record will be nice but you have wanted this since you were 10! When I read or heard that back in August or September I decided then and there to support you in prayer to complete the task you have set for yourself. That you studied, and planned all those journeys in your head. Then You went beyond the dream to getting the things in place that will hold you in good stead throughout the mission. Yeah. You deserve it because you've already earned its all dessert..'cept for an occassional tuna..or mackeral..but I believe you can do it..and I believe You believe you can do it..And then theres' all of us out here cheering you on through the blue and the blues!..
Keep your eyes on the prize and pace yourself. You've already proven a whole bunch o' folks wrong..And I think you did that when you wrestled the Pink Lady back to the Gold Coast doubt its been an emotional rollercoaster-especially when it looked for a bit like the powers that be wanted to snatch it away before you even got started..But..You're quite a lady yourself..And I brag on you every chance I get..just because I think you're pretty cool..

'nough o' my rambling but just felt like I needed to say it..

Gary & Jan

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Just what you need every morning Jesse, a large cool wave to wake you up, I'm really daring, I have a WARM SHOWER. At least you got a shower of rain to wash off the salt I hope?
By passageweather you will be expecting easterly to ESE winds over the next few days, so will keep heading in a southerly direction, that's my guess.
When you have look at the French Polynesia area, huge amount of islands and reefs, but would it be great to have 6 months to cruise around and check out all the islands. No, I think you would need 6 years to visit all the islands and reefs?
You think you are alone in having easy meals. We are sitting home here in the comfort of a stationery home, and we still have a lot of easy meals, so you do what you are comfortable with.
I just love it when you get some nice speed up and sending out lots of spray, that's real sailing, so keep knocking over the miles, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jesse,
You're going to be one busy sailor in a day or so by the look of things. Great pic too. Love the spray. I hope you're not wishing for too much excitement. Boring can be good, you know.

I always found it hard to cook with the wind on the nose. A reach is fine, once you adjust for the angle of the hull, and downwind is a breeze, so I'm not surprised at the 2 minute noodles.

Crackers, cheese and cup of soups were my standby in difficult conditions, or rice cooked in vegie or chicken stock. You can make up the stock, put it in the thermos, add the rice, and just let it cook itself. Easy.

Those islands are coming up quickly, you really have been flying. And always something to do.

Great to read your blog, and look forward to hearing about the island dodging when you have time.

Fair winds

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
I had to have a laugh with the comment from AMAZEBYOU that a Dodger my be a Americian footballer, I'm sure mum would be having kittens thinking Jesse has got a footballer on EPL with her.
He did find out that a Dodger is the hard cover over the cockpit. I think having a large Americian footballer with her on EPL would be the last thing Jesse would need, is another person to cook for.
Cheers George Simmons

cousinpete said...

aahhhh to be retired and wake up slowly to a nice hot coffee.
stay behind the dodger, and enjoy the totaly cool memories that each day makes.

Andrew said...


For a second, I felt as if I was sailing along, getting wet and eating two minute noodles. Thanks for making it so real.

Good luck,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

Anonymous said...

You GO girl!! I'm reading you every day!

Sue said...

Dear Jessica, Great to hear that you can ease off the wind and enjoy the speed a little. Enjoying the blog have a great turn of phrase. Sue D "SV Folie A Deux" RBYC

Anonymous said...

Jess, a little note from the lady who suggested adding some dried fruit and nuts to your damper for baking - makes a great thing to fill you up along the day - I always make one on our sailing trips.
You make my work day every day as I read your blog over lunch and marvel at your strength and great spirit. You have inspired me to do more and get out there and live.

God bless and safe home.

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Yike-eeze! I'm sorry, I guess I'm a huge wuss, but I wouldn't be able to do ANYthing going a steady 18 knots! Well, except pray for no rouge waves, for blue skies, and 3 knot winds. Your boat is a wee bit larger than mine (reminder, mine's an Aquarius 23) but I was tense at NINE knots! But then, that's why you are the blogger and I am the commenter!
This is fun. I think I might be learning some Australian colloquialisms, "swatting up"? I think I can catch the meaning from the context.
Be safe....blessings,

Anonymous said...

You are an inspration to all of us. Keep it going!

Eric Sonnen said...

Nice picture!

Vince1980 said...

Hi Jess,

I've been a bit slow on the uptake, but I'm all caught up now and will make an effort to stay on top of it.

Good on you for making the effort to go on this adventure. When you get home safe you will never regret it and your detractors will be eating their words; and should the worst happen, at least it will be because you were doing something you obviously love so much - and we've all gotta go someday, anyhow.

keep enjoying yourself


GlenF said...

Hey Jess,

Good to hear you're in good spirits on a reach in 30 knot winds. Keep the photos coming.

Bobby from South Carolina said...


This quote reminded me of you... and I wanted to share it with you.... your a remarkable young woman... I'm sure your parents know this and are proud of you...

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-- Mark Twain

Bobby from South Carolina

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
I just though of a idea, when you get back home and your mum can't get you out of bed in the morning, she can throw a bucket of cold sea water over you, you seem to like that way to wake up. I can just inmagine your response to that little trick, just kidding.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia.
PS Sorry about putting ideas into your mum's mind.

Jo said...

Hey Jesse, you do seem a little down in your latest video but then we all get a bit like that sometimes. Its good that you obviously have strategies to combat the times when you are maybe feeling a little lonely, after all you haven't had any physical human contact for quite some time. It's understandable. You are doing so well ... look at what you have already achieved!! Keep sailing Jesse, you are amazing!! Thanks for the video and the pic of EPL, wonderful to see as usual. Take care 'til next time.

karen lee said...

Caught up with friends who just returned from 14 day cruise on P&O Pacific Dawn - was berthed at Darling Harbour - Masssive! Jokingly asked if they saw you (no! they didn't) and they are in disbelief that you are doing what you are doing after sailing around themselves in the vast expanse of ocean on a 77,000 tonne vessel, some 245m in length, with 2,800 persons on board while you are going it solo on Ella's Pink Lady - not sure how many tonnes! but 10.23m in length! It certainly puts it into perspective what you are achieving and what a capable young lady you are!

Anonymous said...


hb72 said...

doing fantastic out there Jessica..blessings, stay safe

Anonymous said...

Lol..and what is so wrong with noodles hmmm? The main thing is keeping your strength whatever it takes I say!
Thank you for keeping the spirit of adventure dont know *how* important that is to so many people, to all of us really. ( no dont blush!)

cheers and best


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Easyfoods before. I'm in the United States.

I would like to try them. Think I'll order some.

Sounds like the perfect thing for us live aboards and cruisers.

Pamela said...

Hello Jessica,

Just checking back in with you. Our family has been enjoying reading your blog and the pictures.

We put up the Christmas tree today and we thought of you being away at Christmas. Do you plan to do anything special on Christmas?

My kids wanted to ask if you are nervous about going around Cape Horn?

You are in our prayers and we wish you well,
Pamela, Jonathan, & Courtney
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Cleo said...

Great pic Jessie I can feel the wind in my face already You go gal doing fantastic. Noodles are ok add a few veges with them We are all keeping up with your blog every day be safe

Kiwi Gal

wojo said...

Columbus Ohio enjoys reading your messages...look for them everyday. But, today I'm in Phoenix, Arizona and traveling by plane...and with a vert nasty man sitting next to me I know it is not nearly as enjoyable as by boat! I love quick and easy noodles...Raman noodles is what we call them here in the states. Not sure if you have that brand down under. The pics are great that you post..keep up the great work girl!!!

captain said...

Hi Jess,

Well meanwhile back in Sydney harbour the countdown to the last Wednesday twilight before the Sydney Hobart continues and nowhere is the competition so fierce as in Division D between Lance and Ash on "Nonchalent" and myself on the mighty "Pantomime". A titanic battle looms.!!!!
U take care out there.... i just love living this adventure of yours over the net. Many of us r right alongside u.
U truly rock.

Capt'n Kelly

Larry said...

Jesse, Let's try a little fantasy motivation to keep you going. Imagine you are the last woman left on the earth and you have to get back to Sydney to hook up with the last man on earth (the man of your dreams of course!!!) to keep the human species from becoming extinct. Now back to reailty. I've other people about your quest and some say that they would let someone your age attempt such a feat. I tell them that your parents know their daughter and know she wouldn't be happy for the rest of her life if she didn't get it a try. You are getting mentally tougher everyday and by the time you reach Sydney you are going to be one mentally tough young women. Safe sailing, Larry

spook said...

Hi Jessica,
been following you with ferocious interest. Have 4 kids of my own and would struggle with letting them go sail solo around the world. Fair Power to you and your folks. Which leads me to you have someone on another boat somewhere following you? What about Sea pirates? Do you have an escape plan should something go amiss? Are you REALLY out there all alone?
Keep dry and keep safe.

Peter H said...

Hi Jessica,
very well done so far. Going down south was really lot faster as it looks it took you only nine days to cover the same amount of seamiles as going to the equator.
May the good winds and the best inspiration with you.
Peter from Austria

Mitch said...

Great blog work Jesse, makes me feel like I am riding along. Will keep following you to the end. Love the pic's and videos. Take care and keep having fun!

Ben Sultan said...

Jessica, I'd be scared of those squals. Give you credit for being brave. I resort to easy meals too sometimes. I do cook, but once in a while it's just, well, easier.

Take care till next time!

infiniteblue said...

No headsail Jesse?
30 knots?
Is the rig balanced >?

Clip on and enjoy

Susan said...

You must have the 2 minute noodles along for just such moments, when you don't feel much like cooking or when you're pressed for time...
it's good to hear you've got fast food aboard!
I really love the photos you post. They're a great combo with your writing.
After the doldrums, you must be loving the good time you and Ella are making.
If I were the one sailing, I think my favorite thing would be watching the ocean go by and feeling and hearing nature. You can get much further away from civilized life than being out in the middle of the ocean.
So nice just thinking about it.
Thanks to Richard in Maryland for the lesson in making a photo bigger!
Susan, Oregon USA

Russell Thomson said...

Jessica, Just write what you want. All the best Russell NZ

Ray - Sydney said...


I am fifty one years your senior but you have become an inspiration to me as I follow your blogg and read your very descriptive writing. You are one extremely brave person.

I have always had a love of the sea and of Australia's beautiful coastline. One day, hopefully, I will learn to sail, not around the world but just off our coastline. That's my modest dream.

Gods speed to you Jessica, may you complete your epic voyage safely.

Ray - Sydney

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

my congratulations to the 5.000 !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,*.*.*.*

First of the month greetings.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!Decorations everywhere*.*.*.
I wonder what you have in mind for your Christmas treat and lunch?
Something to look forward to I'm sure.
Sally in Melbourne

Anonymous said...


You sound as though you are living your dream and having fun.

Look forward to the day that you haul in a big fish.

Stay safe and hope all goes well for you as you head towards the tip of South America


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Congratulations on passing the 5,000 mile mark today. I did some number crunching on your run rate:

Total (miles): 23000
Total sailing days so far: 44
Today's date: 1/12/2009
Total miles so far: 5,000
Av. miles per day: 114
Days to complete: 202
Departure date: 18/10/2009
Scheduled finish date: 8/05/2010

Sydney, Australia

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

5000nm in 44 days! Well done.

The old maths teacher in me couldn't resist crunching the numbers...and we have 113 nm per day at an average spped of 4.73 knots for the entire voyage so far. Considering the early becalmed days and the doldrums, that is absolutely fantastic.

You really are blasting along.

Good onya and God bless.


Robert said...

Hi there Jess,
Its Monday night here in NSW and cant believe the task you have taken on and alone to boot. You are one brave young lady that an inspiration to all and deserve all the praise and accolades that you get.
You have gotten so far with no problems ,so keep it going, fair sailing, stay safe and we all look forward to your return to our shores.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I have just read your Latest News entry “Jessica passés the 5,000 Mile Mark” – after 44 days at sea.

That calculates as an average of 113.64 nautical miles per day. Kay Cottee’s book quotes her average as 116.93 nm per day for the entire rounding, and her boat was a few feet longer and had a much longer waterline length, which is normally considered to be beneficial in yacht design.

So, you and EPL are doing very well and certainly deserve our congratulations. You seem to be thoroughly in synch with EPL and the sea around you, even if it does wake you up unexpectedly. Keep on writing, keep taking photos and videos, and keep on challenging the boundaries of human endeavour.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

I was away from m computer for few days and when i had a chance , 1st thing i did was reading your blogs. Well i missed you and yourdaily updates. Thanks for sending morning wake up picture. Any morning picture is always very welcome because i love morning hours. Waiting for your today blog.

hezakiah299 said...

12-01-09 @ 05:05
Hi Jessica,
Hey, How about that 5000nm CONGRATULATIONS. That’s one half of what you had tallied up before you started this adventure. That’s an average of almost 114nm per day. You’re really starting to accumulate some sea miles. I hope the rest of the journey is as smooth as this last 5000nm has been. That’s just great. I’m excited for you!!!!
I understand that next week is going to be a bit of a challenge for you, with all the islands and reefs, no problem, right? Piece o’cake.
Hope you got those few jobs caught up with, but remember when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Sail on, special girl.
I look forward to your next post, so until then;
Take good care of yourself and Ella, stay clipped on, be safe and alert, and keep up the good work. I will keep you in my prayers, so you be safe and extra alert.
Also make sure you enjoy yourself!!! Always proud of you and always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

It's 11.15pm here in New Zealand, and I thought I would check your blog to see if there was another one just before I retire for the evening.

I just had to say since it was still the 1st of December, "A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returns". :-)

Hope you get in some good sleeps my dear. Take care, keep safe and God bless you heaps.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Gillian said...

Two minute noodles are to digestion what a roadblock made of concrete is to a truck.

In fact, I think two minute noodles could stop a truck as well.

To put it delicately, two minute noodles should be followed by a can of those mangoes to even things up.


John said...

Hi Jessica
Your going well, congratulations, shame you cannot stop over at French Polynesia, pretty places. We all watch your progress. We continually sail ourselves so we know your challenges are a great achievement. Well done so far, keep the good work up.

John & nancy
Alana Rose

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

The moon is nice and big in the sky tonight, I hope it is not overcast where you are at. It looks beautiful. I'd be off to bed now, hope you are catching some zeds yourself.

To friend bloggers. gsimmons. he he ha ha, Yes I have to google lots when reading Jessica's blogs as I have feet on terra firma all the time. I'd be a girl/lady who probably writes like a boy by the looks of things, te he.

Certainly agree with you about the extra mouth to feed !! What EPL can do in my "run away imagination" is quite amazing. Shows my complete inexperience in sailing equipment. American football player may come in handy....for cleaning EPL, in uniform... or not. Sorrry Mummm. (would defeat the whole purpose of the solo part, anyway)

Sally Melbourne, I do enjoy your artwork, you are very clever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. I like to get as far away from see level as possible, at altitude in the big mountains, but I’ve been following your amazing journey with much enjoyment. Apart from a great love and appreciation for wild places I’ve discovered that we share something else in common … two minute noodles!

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest a simple, no fuss and effective method to enhance the enjoyabillity of your two minute noodles? Chuck in a packet of instant soup and suddenly you’re looking at five stars in the good food guide. Good luck and bon appétit. Andrew

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

5000 nm down, 44 days at sea... Just incredable! Wishing you more fair weather.

Be Safe, Be HAPPY!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, PA, USA
December 1, 2009 7:18 AM

RichieParis said...

Congrats, Ladies!
- Quousque tandem, Jessella, will you amaze us?
- Up to Sydney, guys!

18% of the journey done. Even if the Southern part, coming, won't be the lighter one, that's already a good piece of your world cake, Captain.

Good slaloming in the islands and reefs, fair winds, and appreciate how quiet you are. I went this morning for some shopping in a general store, it was crowded, and I thought you were definitely at the best place to enjoy life.

Luv you, Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you buckle up in that turbulence?

jowel said...

Hi Jessica,
While I definitely understand the 'why' of your apologetic on 2 minute noodles for dinner there is absolutely no need to feel guilty. My 2 sons and 1 daughter spent their Year 9 as boarders at Geelong Grammar's Timbertop campus in the Victorian high country. A great part of their year was spent hiking the glorious countryside in summer, autumn and spring and in winter it was a cross country ski hike! Times ranged from 2 days to 6 days. And...guess what their all time favourite meal was? Mi-Goreng noodles (another version of 2 minute) They are now 18 and 20 and these noodles still remain on our weekly shopping list.

Its not like you can have take-away when you don't feel like cooking so this is the next best thing for an easy night.

Keep sailing safe and know there are heaps of people 'with' you every step of every day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Hey, we can't all cook all the time, sometimes we just have to have 2m noodles! Glad to hear that all is well and that you are safe. Thinking about you often and always sending best wishes. You are such an inspiration of courage and determination. I'm with you all the way!
~Deidre NC, USA

Wade Tarzia said...

Jessica, you are cooking like an old bachelor, be careful! :-) Carry on!

Wade Tarzia
Connecticut, USA

Anonymous said...

A daily blog must be hard. When I was in the Navy on my 6 months cruises. I was writing a weekly email to my friends and family. It was hard to fill the page with something different. Your blog is fun to read, keep it coming.

Tim Fuller
Taylor, TX

Jose Hernandez, FL USA said...

Hey, I eat noddles all the time :)
fried, barbequed, boiled, teriyaki, you name it.
That pic of ELLA cruising along in that sea sure does look awesome.
One way to go..... Straight Ahead !

Chery said...

Just a nobody landlubber from afar following your journey keenly and wishing you the greatest of successes, Jesse - godspeed to you.

Rob said...

Hi Jessica,

Every day I visit your website. It's one of the first things I do in the evening. "where is Jessica, How is she going" It's wonderful to read your adventures. I hope you'll publishe it one day. Have a save journey.

With great respect of what you're doing.

The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Have a good day.
Richard (QLD)

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