Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Day

Mostly just the usual out here today, still flying along really nicely, any tips on avoiding speed cameras?! A few squalls have kept me busy reefing in and out and I spent a lot of my down time today catching up on a little sleep after being kept awake last night with a passing boat and a few little squalls.

You've probably noticed on the tracker that we've been passing the odd island but nothing compared to what's coming up next week as we reach French Polynesia, I'm enjoying the sea room while it lasts!

I'm not sure how best to put this but a lot of people have been wondering and asking so here goes; yes, it's definitely me writing these blogs! Having someone blog under my name is a big no go for me. Can you imagine letting your Mum or anyone else describe your feelings to the world under your name? Ouch! Well maybe it's just a teenage thing! But I do have to confess, my updates have to be spell checked before being published. My spelling is, can we just say a little notorious!

While I'm on a roll with these confessions, I've got another one for you too. Sorry everyone, but I don't just blog to satisfy your curiosity, but also because I love writing them!

Oh and yes I did open that can of mangoes and quite a few cans after that! I've been justifying my total mango pig out by telling myself that as a tropical fruit the mangoes need to be eaten while still in the tropics. There's plenty of other treats stashed away for the cooler legs.

Everyone back home is out having fun at the local Christmas lights parade tonight (I'm a little jealous but right here on Ella's Pink Lady is still my first preference). So, not to be outdone, I think I'll have another movie night with plenty of popcorn and chocolate. Anyway the stars out here would easily get first prize in any competition!



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Anonymous said...

Still checking up on you. I think of you every day and wondering what your seeing and doing. Enjoy the quiet moments.

I may be a stranger but I just wanted to say, if you were my daughter I would of done exactly what your parents did! Good on them.

I am off to Thailand in a few weeks, so probally wont get to read your updates till next year. Be safe and take care of you!!

Lol about the mangoes. Ha.

Canadian tams from North brisbane.
: )

Vijay T. said...

Hi Jess
Thanks for the update - it is refreshing to note that a young person like you can be so descriptive in your blog. I am a mum and will really be proud to call you my daughter. Thus far I have been keeping up with reading your blog daily and just wish you safe travelling. Glad you enjoyed the mangoes. Keep safe & enjoy your week end.
lots of love

Vijay T from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica
Happened to be checking your blogs again when your latest was posted. We are really enjoying following your progress.
Got speed camera'd myself the other day (mike) so be carefull, there everywhere. Sounds like you are really flying along at the moment. I suppose it a case of make "spray" while the sun shines hey.

Take care, be safe and fair winds.

Mike and Donna (Brisbane)

Vijay T. said...

not sure if my comment went through Jess - happy sailing & have a great week-end. Stay safe

Tim09 said...

Hey Jess,
Thanks for the update and yes you are going to be busy dodging the odd island or two next week. We love reading your blogs and have been following you from the start, so keep them coming while you can.
Take care
Tim and Rosie

Ronnie said...

At least you're using your spell checker! It's more than many bloggers can say! :-)

Everett, WA, USA

G'day Jesse how's it going said...

All the best sailing through/around French Polynesia. One thing I notices on the vids you post is all the writting in your cabin. (the only blue bit on the EPL)It's just really nice your family and friend did that and I bet you dont get sick of reading it either. Keep up the great work Jesse :D

All the best

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for prompting me....probably about time I made the effort to put up my Christmas lights!

What movies have you taken with you on the voyage?

Best Wishes

John F

Anonymous said...

Great keep it up..

Anonymous said...

Don't normally post comments, but the challenge you have taken on is inspiring and your blogs are very interesting. Leaves us feeling as though we are part of the journey. Thanks from the Adelaide Hills.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know you are doing your own blogging, but I guess I always just assumed that was the case. I kind of look at your blog as a trip diary that you're allowing the world to read. It's nice for us but especially for you it will be something you can read again and again and relive your experiences on this amazing journey whenever you'd like.

Craig (US)

glen said...

well i for one am glad you do enjoy blogging less sea room with the islands but more chance of a fish and if you have to pull watch then i hope a pleasent suprise on the end of your line clear sailing all the way round glen p.s. whats a spell ckecker

Staffan said...

Hi, im impressed. Keep your harness on!!!

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Never thought you were not writing them. I can tell by the way you write you enjoy writing and providing details of your journey.

Can imagine a little nervous time for you as you pass through the islands around French Polynesia. Once through it will be open water again and look out Cape Horn.

Hope you did not make your self ill by eating too many mangoes.. lol.

Enjoy your movie night - what are you watching?

BTW what distance have you travelled now? Must be close to 4000Nm i would think.

Take care and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

I truely doubt that anyone thought you weren't writing all the blogs Jessica. They are just too real for you not to be doing it. Great stuff.


ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

How you been the ET just loves your blogs so keep up the good work & i hope you dont get sea sick cause not hey

pestinfo said...


I seem to recollect that all the ancient mariners around French Polynesia used the sun and the stars as their only guidance system.
No GPS 2,000 years ago. So I am sure you are / will be fine.

Something else I found out a few years ago is that a lot of sailors who cruise the Great Barrier Reef use charts that were originally drawn up by some bloke or other called Captain James Cook. Apparently they are still the most accurate in most places along the reef, especially on the Cairns to Thursday Island zone. I think the RAN is fixing that up right now.

So, use the stars and the sun, keep an eye and an ear out for breaking waves and check your charts often.

Glad you enjoyed the mangoes. Today your toilet system will be well and truly tested !!

Sail safe

Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jessica,

Sorry I could not respond to your blog yesterday, had a hard day of 10+ hours of golf practice in about 36 degree heat, and was too exhausted to even find the energy to turn the computer on.

Pretty much the same today, 3 hours practice followed by 18 holes comp in 38 degrees pretty much buggered me up today as well but thought I better log on and say hi - so HI!

It's good to see that you are pigging out on the mangoes that you found - and yes you are right, mangoes should be eaten in the tropics. I can just imagine you, cheeky but excited smile on your face as you pig out on them - but at the same time thinking of how to justify why you ate so many straight away!

Besides, when you get down south, you will probably want a majority of hot meals and the mangoes would not be so tempting.

I am glad that you enjoy writing the blogs, you should never feel forced to do them as the most important thing is getting you and EPL through the journey safely.

So have you found chocolate that hasn't melted yet? Have fun at the movies tonight, what are you watching. I will think of you tonight sitting back relaxing and popcorn eating and movie-ing while I work until after midnight.

Yep, the trade off for practicing golf so hard is that I have to run my business at nights! My son loves it as he gets the choice of the Foxtel tonight!

Anyway, will end up now, I always look forward to reading your latest blog and am happy to see that you are happy, content and making good progress.

Keep it going gorgeous girl!

Caves Beach, Newcastle

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Your spell checker's are doing a gr8 job but grammar??? "we're"
Ummm it should be at least we've, lol.
I love how the blogmeister allowed a bit of politics last blog also.
Those Polynesian islands are like a minefield on the map, lol. I hope you don't have too much interrupted sleep while you're passing through.
Again I stress, stay away from Pitcairn, they seem to be too friendly for my liking. Just going on the last court case in New Zealand in reference to the Kingdom thing on Pitcairn.
Keep shooting the breeze and riding that northerly swell. They had to stop a few surfing events in Hawaii the last 2 days because the surf was so big. Eddie would go.

bernie777 said...

Jessica you are totally amazing ...I was looking at your map of your progress I think I my have discovered a UFO. directly south of your position its very conical in shape,,,I will check the co ordinates and later when you get there you can check it out...see you soon ...Bernie 777.

Jos and Jo said...

Hi Jesse

How will you be celebrating Christmas on Ella's Pink Lady? I think all of your followers would like to know!


Anonymous said...

Well, If we are in the confession corner.
here is one from me:
I reed every night, let's say about0:30(Dutch time)your blog.
but i'm not responding one them!!

And I don't have anyone to check my spelling.

Have fun and stay save,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It's morning and it was nice to find you in my computer so early.
I decorated my windows with the electrical candle lights and the Advent star in an other window yesterday. It will make the dark time here more cosy. You have the natural Christmas decorations with all the stars above you. In many places the decoratation is too much I think.

It's you Jessica who are the one experience everything out there and let us be part of it. It's great reading.
I go through my spelling before I send it, but I'm sure not everything is correct.
How do you feel when you meet another boat out? Can you talk and wave to them?
Sail on, sail safe and enjoy it.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

hezakiah299 said...

11-28-09 @03:25
Hi Jessica,
Don't you have a radar detector on board???? LOL.... Best way to beat them.
I take it that you anticipate some boat traffic around the French Polynesia area. Yes??
Ah, Hah The truth is out, so what is there to feel guilty about? I for one have always accepted them as coming from you, and you have mentioned this yourself a number of times. Spellcheck and construction doesn't matter as long as they are from you, and if you love writing them that's makes them all the more enjoyable that you would share them with us to read, we are your fans and supporters. Whatsa, whatsa?????
Your right about the mangoes, you should eat them while your still in the tropics. And you'll find other surprises I'm sure.
When you return to Sydney, I'll bet the lights and sounds of the celebration will be heard all the way up to West Virginia and then some.
So set up your sail-in movie house and enjoy yourself. Popcorn and chocolate, not a bad combination. Don’t get a chocolate hang-over, LOL…..
Yesterday I had a case of the blues and then I read your blogs and it lifted me right out of them. As I've said before, you've been a big help to me. Thank you.
Well Jessica, it’s three fifteen in the AM and I’m going watch a movie before I go to bed.
Take good care of yourself and Ella and don’t forget Ted and the Chick.
Keep up the good work, enjoy yourself and stay safe.
Always thinking of you. Looking forward to your next post.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

dovesbayltd said...

Hi Jesse. Good to hear that you're enjoying the mangoes. Really enjoying reading about your journey. Maybe my two little girls will follow in your footsteps one day. Hope you get some lovely clear nights with your very own 'Christmas lights' over the coming days. All the best, Jacquie

RICHARD said...

Confessions are good for the soul. However, if you watch your videos and listen at all to your manner of speach, it is clear that you write the blogs. You are well spoken and frankly, it has never been a question by any one we know.

Might want to keep the mango pig out under wraps...

we are wondering if your view of the stars is like the view of the stars in the desert. I guess the only way to know for sure would be to sail to the middle of the ocean and take a look... unless you have seen both and can describe the difference.

Have a safe day.

See Ya Sailor!

Rowie said...

Hi Jess!

You're heading south full speed! Wow - surprised that some people think someone else is blogging for you, it never crossed my mind. Just want to thank you again for letting us all be part of your amazing journey! Look forward to the next update. The website is great, I go straight to the blog first, then check news and videos and google map to get my daily update!!

Take care, our bestest wishes to you Jess from
Phil, Rowie, Maddy and Pat

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jesse, eating those mangoes, anyway mangoes provide a natural high so a good excuse. Next time take dried mangoes, less storage space!!!!and they are yummy!! Take care around all those islands, bet you will be pleased to get out into some open water. You are not really missing out on much, there will be Xmas lights again next year, your light show sounds much better and you don't have to dodge the mad rush!! Good to hear that you enjoy sharing your trip

Bron C/west NSW

Ian said...

Did I say last night that Brisbane was lovely at the moment with a lovely cool breeze blowing? Cancel that! today has been hot and humid - 34 degrees Celsius no less. UGh! Sweaty! A cool mango would be very nice, thank you very much.

We heard today that Tiger Woods crashed his car and has facial lacerations. What went on and how serious his condition is will no doubt be made known to us. The Gold Coast Schoolies scandal has wound to its drunken close. Sorry if someone has any sympathy for this loutish behaviour.

Any way, Jess, we've got used to French Polynesia being where it is all this time - please don't tow it away with you.

Cheers, you little champion!

Ian from Brisbane

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Never doubted you were the author, no one could get it as right without being there.
As for speed cameras, there is a lot of us that would like the answer to that question.
Glad your enjoying the mangoes, and your right about eating them in the tropics. Well that what we would like to believe.
You should put a small light up for Xmas, something that doesn't draw too muck power.
take care , watch out for those french Polynesians.
Fair winds and following seas,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
I enjoy your reports.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
The cops are after you but called off the chase as you are going too fast! Ha:)
You are a wonderful writer. Always concise, informative and upbeat.
Kinds regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Many of us whether we sail or not live the thrill of the day in your posts. While we are pulling for you we are also praying for you. Thanks for including us on your journey.

rod said...

good day little mango munching adventurer,
you probably wont see too many speed cameras out at the moment,they are all being put around brisbane suburbs. however , you could always change your number plates to avoid any fines if caught.
by the way,are you on your learners, if so where is your licensed driver.
anyway it doesn't matter, you can set your own laws on the open seas.
enjoy your blogs and your writing is clear and distinguishable .
keep up the good work young adventurer.
take care and hope you catch another fish.
blackbutt qld

Lea said...

Hi Jesse,

Hmmmm....mangoes, chocolate and movies under a tropical roof. Can it get any better for you?!

Glad all is peachy keen (ahem!) and that you're having an awesome time.

I can smell the salt from here.

Travel safe,

Helmut said...

Wow, I get the chance to comment when there are 0 comments?
1. Never mind speed cameras, just avoid the reefs.
2. It seems your alarm system is working to keep you awake when boats are passing.
3. Enjoy the sea room while you can, Polynesia will be like a game of dodgem.
4. I don’t remember anyone suggesting that you aren’t writing these notes yourself, and I read all your notes and most of the comments. Such a suggestion is ludicrous. Your blogs are the captain’s logbook and you would keep logs whether anyone is reading them or not. Being offended by the suggestion is not “a teenage thing”.
5. Your spelling is heart-warming and endearing. Don’t change a thing. Unfortunately, when your bestseller is published, the proofreaders will remove all those lovely misspellings.
6. That you love writing is clear from the way you write – interesting, descriptive, entertaining, educational, humorous, humble, inspiring, strong and vulnerable.
Your bloggers love you, Helmut

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you ate more Mangoes!

I hadn't noticed anyone thinking it wasn't you writing, but I'm glad you enjoy it; some of us can't get enough posts/pics/vids, but I figure we're here for you, not vice-versa, and I feel lucky to be 'along for the ride'. Maybe Mum or the other shore team people could chime in once in a while when you are 'just busy enjoying the sailing'.
I do spell check also, and, btw when I was a kid we said "soy source" too! I think it sounds right somehow...
As far as speeding, on land I have always found that cops appreciate a good high speed chase, kinda breaks up their boring day, so yeah! just go faster!
In case you run short of advice (haha) here's mine:
When something comes up, or you're not sure what your readers might think, or whatever, just "Ask The Captain"!
I think she has great judgment, a sharp mind and quite a wit. I'd trust her decisions anytime.

Tis the season to be sailing
Fa la la la la Fa la la la!

Thanks Jesse!

P.S. you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Go Jess,
I think those skeptics are eating their words now.....
I have done a lot of sailing myself and really admire your determination, get plenty of rest while you can, remembering that passing reefs and lots of islands you are up for some stressful situations. Wish I didnt have to go to work monday morning, bit thats my stress Keep up the miles !!! , thinking of you, cheers Tanya :)

Bert said...

Dear Jess,
How could anyone even suggest that you were not writing the Blogs yourself.
How would anyone know how you feel, what you feel How you fill your days and what you have to do at any time anything could happen etc.etc.
You go girl and please keep your blogs coming.
By the way, have you given any thoughts to posting your Longitude and Latitude GPS settings at the end of each Blog?
Would love to see them regularly

Bert Springwood QLD

Anonymous said...

Just had a look at the French Polynesia region, certainly seems to be a lot of reef there. Last think you want to hit, but I imagine you should catch some nice fish if you pass near them. I always imagined your journey to be through endless deep ocean, but looks like it isnt as monotonous as that. After all those mangoes, I doubt you will have to deal with constipation, have you gone troppo yet?

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jesse,

Lol. Yea, it's hard to imagine what it really feels like for you out there but glad that you wouldn't trade it for anything else! Any chance of more pics? Even things you find mundane is interesting to us, or me at least! =D The view, popcorn, choc n movie...mmm, perfect combo!


Brian Riley said...

You must be on a Mango high nothing wrong with good protein.
It is strange that there are skeptics that have to ask if you are writing these wonderful feelings of your adventure. Like the American that could not understand why you were going so far north when your destination to him should have been Cape Horn, the reasons he gave for you doing this made me laugh to myself, god bless him.
You are really enjoying your adventure as this comes across in these blogs, including your sleep mode and work mode great stuff.
French Polynesian islands are dotted every where in front of you, just don't start your slide of your curve to early and you will be right.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay QLD.

Poppa Bear Cairns Qld said...

G'Day there young lady!
Have been following your progress with interest, and enjoying your Blogs. ( What a rediculous term!Stands for Web Logs I believe. Such is the modern age on language.)
I am an old, but not bold Professional Pilot of over 40 odd years; the last 14 in Long Range Maritime Surveillance Aircraft over all the oceans and seas around Australia. Out as far as Christmas and Cocos Islands to the West, and Lord Howe and Norfolk to the East.
In that time I have carried out many hundreds of phot'(Photographic) passes on Yachts at the obligatory height of 200 feet for still and video identifacation records, all in living colour.
My perspective on what you are seeing and experiencing was from 2500' to 200'above the sea in all its moods from sea state zero to a seven plus.Sea life you have to see to believe as you will no doubt witness.
I have a few questions from a personal interest as to -
a. what you carry in your grab bag?
(We as a crew all had a personal EPIRB on our belt, night and day heliograph, space blankets in pockets of flight suits, waterproof torch with spare batteries and a host of other goodies that would come in handy if we had to ditch.
b. do you clip on every time when on deck? you rotate your satphones to keep batteries at max?
d. I noticed a lot of Yachts trailed a knotted rope as extra safety measure, do you do the same?

This is a rather long Blog but these queries may be of interest to others.Have many more but will dole them out over time.

Get your Mum to say "Hi" to Jess Martin as we were the first Aircraft to do a phot' pass on him when inbound to Australia off WA many years ago.

Sail safe, and add some alfoil to your grab bag - shows up a treat on Aircraft search radar.Not that you will ever need it.
Chat again soon.
Poppa Bear.

Anonymous said...

hi Jess,sounds like u are in high sprits and glad u caught up on some sleep.
We would rather be out there with u too to look at all those stars than be here doing the same old thing.
Well to the two lady"s take care and our prayers are with u two keep smiling and talk to u soon.
from mick and family

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse....

Usually I just let a free 'rave' splash over you....

But this last blog of yours is really 'out there' !!

So _Excellent_ !

May I just bask in the delight of your words.

Along with many others to whom your expressions of your feelings on your journey is a daily necessity, I thank you !

In so many ways you are _such_ an exceptional person. It is such a privilege to be among your 'serried rankers' :))) and taste small crumbs of your outstanding experience.

~ again, thank you.

& ... best wishes... --- "may the force be with you"... :)))


dimensionmfg said...

As I'm sitting here listening to the pounding ocean I am amazed at the courage and strength it must take to battle the unknown. Be safe and be strong. You are truly an inspiration to all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, fantastic progress, but the tracker seems to have come to a standstill for the last 3 days or so.

Anonymous said...

Jess! I've been following your blogs and at first I must admit, I thought you may have had help. Didn't take long to know that it's not in you to mislead people. You don't need to!

Your righting is awesome, easy to understand and what you write inspire me to right and read at 41. Thanks for that! You're teaching me a bit about yachting too. Stay true Jess. So many grow out of it.

Imagine how many others your age and younger your doing the same for. Even with spell spell check I have heaps of problems finding the words and where I'm suppose to put the commas and full stops.

Wish I had someone like you behind me and supporting my cause. I have a lot of writing to finish but it's hard when it comes across wrong and working full time.

Can relate to where you are a bit as I've spent a few years working on the prawn trawlers, out at sea for 3 months at a time at the top end. Also used to dive for Tree Pang. (Sea slugs/Cucumber) That was scary, around the crocs and a few close calls but look back and I'm so glad I did it.

Take care Jess. Your awesome and such an inspiration for all.

Ps. Maybe when you get back home we could get a few of us and Kite Surf to Tasi. lol Do ya reckon we'd make it? Is it even possible?

Well, Buy and say hi to the dolphins for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Food for thought - “Don't expect mangoes when you plant papayas.”

Re Speed cameras: - They say there's no such thing as safe speeding, but let me tell you, it's the sudden stop thats unsafe and does all the damage.

Safe sailing
You're a legend

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jess have been following your adventure and I think you just amazing. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Being as dark as it is out there, I bet your view of the stars are better than anything back home. And wouldn't the stars be the original christmas lights anyway?

May I suggest dunking the mangos in something chocolate, or a bite of each before chewing. Yummmm!

I also had spelling issues. My father used candy corn for right answers during study time and my grades shot right up. I bet you can burn off the extra calories with a little help from EPL.

Take care and enjoy to the fullest.
L.G., Seattle, USA

Attitude said...

Hi Jess, I meant to ask you, how do you discard your rubbish?

Anonymous said...

JESSICA' once someone told me they never needed any thing in the world of lights that are seen, as long as they could be able to look up into the open night sky and see all those pretty lights high up above... what a greater gift could anyone ever have but to be able to enjoy in God great's gift of lights from heaven's above.....

yes I am sure you are the one who write's this bolg.. every night we look to see if you might of been able to put something new on... if I were out there, I to would more then likly being doin the same thing just to keep my mind busy...for it's always good to know that some one else thinks about in what you are doing... it would be harder if you could not write to any one... this way its almost like being at home... to ya'..

your in our prayers ever time we say them.. and i am sure so many others are pray'n for you as well to..

God be with you and watch over you to.. with good wind for your sail's and fair sea's...

bless you my dear'....



Eric said...


I fully support the mangoes decision! Enjoy every last little bit. Sounds like you're doing great out there - keep up the good work, we're all still pulling for you!
Sail fast,

(Los Angeles, CA / Sydney, NSW)

quilljar said...

Dear Jessica,
I never even considered that you weren't writing your own blogs. Your great personality shines through in your mature style. I have told many of my sailing friends about your superb blogs and suggested they might learn a lot from reading them. I am a long retired teacher and I congratulate you. We all need a spell checker most days,( I use my wife!) You are on your own so keep up the technical knowhow and good luck1
Your Pommy fan!

Attitude said...

"Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe something inside them was superior to circumstances."
–Bruce Barton

Leanne said...

You are such an inspiration, we are thoroughly enjoying following your journey. All the best from New Zealand.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Johan said...

G'day Jess and good on ya for raiding the mangoes. I know I would have. ;) I miss being able to see the stars like that, so definitely enjoy them while you can.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your updates, it is so obvious what a passion this is for you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your movie night Jess.........all the right people know that you write the blogs.
Ros (Sydney)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I having hotdogs for dinner wine and dine sessions for me at present.

I went to the hairdresser last Thursday to have my haircut which is probably the first one I had cut for a couple of years as I normally cut my own with clippers.

I asked the female is there a product men can use to take out the grey colour as I have grey around the side and normal brown hair along the top. She said yes there is and pointed out a hair dye product that you can do yourself at home just by mixing the contents and applying it to your hair and leave for about half an hour then shampoo your hair to remove the chemical treatment dye.

I did that as I brought the product just to see how it works and left it in for about fifty minuets to ensure the grey hairs will have extra time to get coloured. I had a bit of a fright when I looked in the mirror and thought for a moment I must have joined “Godfrey, Frazer, and Jones of Dad’s Army” when they dyed their hair to look younger as mine went almost black and not the light brown I had expected. I have figured out that the longer you leave it on, the darker it can go, so next time I shall wash it out within half an hour.

Have fun and keep safe!

Pete (Canberra)

Pete said...

You're an inspiration to people of all ages Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica !
Hope you enjoy thoes Mangos as much as I enjoy your writing and who cares about a few spelling misstakes.Take care among those islands, atolls and reefs enjoy the speed and the searoom and some sleep..
Cheers for now !

RichieParis said...

Oh Jesse,
I never doubted you were writing your blogs yourself, they are too lively, fresh and spontaneous, for their mood as for their content, not to be genuine, and they match your smiling (or growning) face too well! But I understand your top spelling better, as it would be exceptional to master, so young, at the same time such degrees in saiing AND spelling!
Thank you for your honesty, and most of all, for your blogs that are, every time, delightful! You make my day, as for many thousands of hooked followers!
"Another day", though you have few actual news to tell about, is just brilliant and sparkles joy and enthusiasm. I can't wait for my kids coming back from school so they can read it, they will love it for sure!

Welcome to France, ot to these tiny spots of France. Sorry nobody did the cleaning up in time for your arrival in the zone, and let so many little rocky spots here and there, instead gathering them into one solid island. I am conscious this is going to be a pebble in Ella's Pink Lady's shoe and feel sorry for it. I am sure you will manage to avoid all of them, but it will cost you attention and sleep.

Have a good movie party... and tell us which film you will have watched!

Even though so many of your enlarged cyber friends circle (another Great Circle, btw) keep writing, I think you just can't imagine how important you already became for so many people, how much they are hanging to your news and your words, and how many loving and well-wishing thoughts you are raising throughout the planet. It is extraordinary.

One point saddens me, only from a quite personal view, fortunately, it is that I shall certainly not be able to travel from Paris to Sydney to watch and greet your arrival. Oh girl, I hope it will be on TV live, even here in Europe. I imagine tens of thousands of people around, all in pink clothes, waving at you and Ella's Pink Lady. If I were living in Australia, you can be sure nothing would impeach me being there.

Take care of your pink mare, fly along well and enjoy your adventure. You're truly wonderful.

Mark said...

Of course you are writing the blogs.
They are too bloody good for anybody else to be doing them !

Go Girl GO


Trudy G said...

Hi Jess,
I have really enjoyed reading your blogs every day. You said in the previous blog that you'll be rounding Cape Horn about the first week of January. Unfortunately I'll be away for a week after Christmas, so I might miss it as I won't have access to a computer. Hopefully I'll be back in time to follow you. Keep up the good work.
Smooth sailing

Trudy G said...

Hi Jess,
I have enjoyed reading your blogs every day. You said in a previous blog that you'll be rounding Cape Horn in the first week of January. Unfortunately for me I'll be away for a week after Christmas with no access to a computer. Hopefully I'll be home in time to follow your progress. Keep up the good work.
Smooth sailing,

Bob, Murdunna, Tas said...

You are going beautifully Jess.
I'm a retired teacher and a sailor and you are doing very well on both counts, sailing and writing.

Look forward to your comments each day.
Here in Tassie we are full of admiration for your courage and determination.
Good luck

Kaye said...

Hi Jessica,
Your doing fine girl just keep on keeping on.
Avoiding the speed cameras,well the best way I say is don't speed. lol.
I love reading your blogs they are very artistic well done Jess keep em coming.
Don't get sick from too many mangos.
May god watch over you always and keep you safe.
So until next time take care.
Cheers Kaye Brisbane xx

Keith and Anne said...

Jessica, you have plenty more years of Christmas lights to enjoy. You have so many lights to look at every night. We just love your blogs and so look forward to reading them, becomes part of the day. We all need spellcheck at times don't worry. Just be safe out in that big ocean, you sure are one brave young lady. Take care and look forward to your blog when you do the next one, good night and hope you get some as well. Keith & Anne Hervey Bay

danma said...

Hey Jess,

We love your posts keep them coming I check all the time to see if you have a new one.
I am no where near your age & I love that spell check on the computer, can not live without it.
Hopefully the mangoes will last a bit longer enjoy them while you can.

Stay safe, happy sailing.....

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Do you try to communicate with passing boats? In which direction was it headed?
I remember getting the biggest fright one night while on watch sailing up the Red Sea when I spotted a ship in the distance through my binoculars. I knew which way it was headed by the configuration of its lights. What I didn't realise was how fast these ships can travel. I went down below for a quick peak at the radar and jot an entry in the log. By the time I got back up on deck, only about 10 minutes later, I could see the lights shining through the portholes at the stern of the ship. I thought, (and said a naughty word) wow! that was quick! You immediately get this gut-wrenching feeling at the thought of how close you came....another lesson well learnt. Perhaps I should have turned the radio on in case they tried to communicate with me but I was being considerate to the rest of the crew as they slept. I was on a 78ft sloop at the time but that's such an insignificant size compared to some of those bulk carriers that pass up and down the Red Sea. I was probably just a pin prick on their radar.
Anyway, I'm glad to read that you're still flying along really nicely. Enjoy your space before reaching French Polynesia 'cause they'll no doubt keep you pretty busy.
I agree with you...mangos are a tropical fruit and since you are still in the tropics, go for it...enjoy! I'm sure you'll have lots of xmas goodies to enjoy when you get down to the horn.
Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

Bernard-99 said...

Who are these folk who think you don't write your own blog - I suppose they think that someone else takes the photos as well !!

Ralf from Germany said...

hi--you are going well jessie--good luck ---at the Polynaisien islands---see you---have a nice day---all the best from Germany-

Anonymous said...

well done,what an adventure, Im really enjoying your blog, a terrific read and its all real, just wonderful. my thoughts and best wish's are with you, Regards Ainsley

Ellis said...

Hi Jess
Enjoying your comments etc.
Live in Tasmania so will wave as you pass South of us in a few months time.
Well done so far ....and safe journey


Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica, I'm so glad you got stuck into those mangoes, I agree, they need to be eaten whilst in the tropics! I suppose when you get down to those cold areas you will be telling us you are eating sticky date pudding and custard!

You have totally outclassed us with the movie, popcorn, chocolate and all those stars. I can only imagine how beautiful that would be.

Glad to hear you are still flying along and with French Polynesia coming up just to keep you on the ball.

Have fun,
Bluefin, Buderim, Qld.

Bert said...

Dear Jess,
Why would any think that you would not write your own blogs??
How would anyone but you know how you feel, what you are required to do at anyone time, whta you see out in the open sea?
You certainly expalined it to those doubters and all I can say: Good Onya Girl!!!"
Continue your blogs and please give us your GPS Longitude & Latitude readings as you sign off yor blogs.

Thank Jess & Luvya
Bert from Springwood

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
I'm with you - tinned mangoes are just great. I missed reading a few blogs but have caught up and it's always a great read. Keep it up and keep enjoying yourself.
Glad you caught a fish!
Joy (Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Its good to hear that all is fine and well. Hope you are still on time or ahead of time on your trip. I'd like to say that for me, I can't talk for other people, I don't log on to have a go for your spelling mistakes. Just log on as I guess we all are interested in your progress of the trip\. Freddo

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, you go girl. Movie night and some junk food, sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night. I have never thought it was anyone but you writing, in that knowledgeable mature way you have with words and every now and then your youth steps in to remind us that you are after all a 16 year old girl. I look forward to checking in with you every night as so many do from all around the world not just here in Australia. Oh btw, I'm off to the shops tomorrow..might buy a few mangoes... a real sign summer is upon us. Take care 'til next time.

Helmut said...

After I read about Mike Perham’s problems with his autopilot, I want to give Parker a medal. But the medal really belongs to the team that organised this journey. It seems there is no contingency that hasn’t been addressed and for which provision has not been made. And Jessica has the emotional stability and intellectual capacity to deal with any contingency. Medals all round.
As for Jessica “pigging out” on mangoes or popcorn or chocolates, I am not worried. Quoting from TimeOnLine, “During the voyage Mike had to eat almost constantly in order to take in the 5,000 calories a day required for the physical demands of sailing. He cooked up large quantities of pasta and rice in the yacht’s small galley. Two-thirds of his calories came from specially made freeze-dried food, and the rest from tinned food.”

Gabe said...

Ah, lucky for you, speed cameras do not exist at sea.
So let 'er rip girlie.
I can't believe there are people that think you are not the one writing your blogs.
Your writing is so sincere and makes a person feel like they are right there on Ella's Pink Lady with you.
And hey, you have Christmas lights.
They're up in the sky, every night.
May the Angels guide you through another safe day,
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Never doubted you for a minute, I too use spell checker.

I am still plotting you on my google earth, keep the updates coming.

God Speed

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
great that you and EPL are 'flying'. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts!
One thing is for sure, NOOOO speed cameras out there!
What freedom!
Good that you had the time to catch up on sleep.

French Polynesia will be another welcome challenge for you! :-)

I didn't think anything else, but you writing the blogs. You are authentic, Jessica in every way!
I am glad for the spellchecker too! Aren't computers great!

If you only wrote the blogs, because of your fan club, they wouldn't be so interesting and alive!!!!
Wouldn't take long and we would 'smell the rat' too!!!!
Good for you, YOU ARE NR. ONE, you must please Jessica! The only right thing to do!
Anything we do, that is a duty and our heart is not in it, in the end becomes stale and is noticeable, so don't even think about it, do the satisfying thing for yourself!
Your argument about eating the mangos while in the tropics makes sense to me!!!! :-)))))
Enjoy your 'outing' at the movies and don't be home late!!!!!!!

I have booked my 5 day sailing experience. I will be doing 'competent crew' and guess what, the name of the principal of the company is Steve Watson!!!!!!
Whitsunday Sailing School!
I told him, that you inspired me!
I also found an Ella Baché at Caneland Shopping Centre in Mackay.
Will pay them a visit and try some of their products and tell them how successful their advertising Dollars are working with Jessica and Ellas Pink Lady!

Hope the Australian government will give you an award also for boosting the economy!
My hats and windcheater have also arrived and I'll be wearing those sailing!

Keep well and happy and above all else safe,

Trudy, Austria now in Mackay

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Treat yourself Jesse, you certainly deserve it. Just make sure though you don't have too many mangoes all in one go!!!!!
:-( maybe a sore tummy.

You mentioned your family going to a Christmas lights parade, that sounds lovely. I am taking my daughter and her friend tomorrow to the Auckland Santa Parade in the city which has been running every year for 76 years. It's during the day though so there won't be any pretty lights.

How the weeks are flying by and you have shared your adventures in such a way that all your faithful readers of your blogs look forward to next entry. I do appreciate all the blogs you have sent, but don't feel the pressure to blog if you're got other priorities to attend to on EPL.

Enjoy your movie and popcorn Jesse :-) Keep safe.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Birmo said...

You have movie nights? How cool is that!

infiniteblue said...

Go Jess, keep the seas and clip on.
I guess GPS makes navigating the Tuamotos a little less dangerous.
Have you done any sextant practise yet?

elizabeth said...

Hi Jess,
The Christmas light parade was beautiful. Christmas is nearly here!
Enjoy the movie, the chocolate and your very own star light parade.
Happy Days

Mike said...

Hi there Jessica

Glad to hear all is going ok.

Really enjoy reading your blogs. It would be great to see more pictures if possible as a picture tells a thousand words.

Take care


Glenella girl said...

Oh Jess Jess Jess, how we all love to hear from you, be it just another "ordinary" day or whatever, it's all good to us.This is my first comment,so hope it goes to air. I always told my sons, the best place to eat a mango was in the bathtub! Jess, you are in the middle of the worlds biggest bathtub so enjoy, Iam sure EPL wont mind being christened in good old mango juice.
Congrats on everything so far, we are all so very proud of you.
Safe travels, Jess

Rosemary said...

Well, Jesse, here you are again already! So glad you are making good progress.And you know what? I'll never eat another mango without being reminded of your courage and sheer delight in what you are doing.Sail on and sail well. Rosemary, Kingaroy

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

Another day of great sailing and going south.
I had no doubt it was you writing the blogs you are too honest not to have been, and I agree, you are the only one who can describe your feelings. I'm amazed how you are keeping up with them every day or second day. Enjoy the mangoes. And I would give anything to see those stars.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Well here in Georgia, we had bright clear blue skies for our Thanksgiving holiday and I hope you have had a break in your cloudy weather.

As for anyone who might think you have a ghost writer of your blogs that just speaks to the skepticism that abounds in the world today that "some" people will view anything through a tilted prism. So someone spell checks and maybe corrects some formatting here and there and perhaps, GASP, some punctuation I say big fat hairy deal. Those kind of people are not worth the time to even comment on them.

Let me tell you that when you round the Sydney Heads and sail back into the harbor next year, there will still be naysayers who will be saying "she is still too young to attempt this".

So just keep being the Jessica we have come to know and love and keep sailing on to your dream. I dare say 99%+ of those commenting here are 100% behind you and support you.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

go you champion.........regards anthony

John said...

Hi Jesse...
John in the US Virgin Islands writing to say hello. Glad you're having a mango feast. Not being a huge mango fan, you can have my share as well!

Just wondering something - do you talk to the various boats you see or is it better to be silent if there's no danger to you and your boat? Take care and enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Good job, I'm glad to hear you like writting the blogs and you don't just feel you have to do it for your viewers.

Saraya :-)

Sarah, Adelaide, Australia said...

Hi Jessica,

I have been following your blog have to be amazed that people would accuse you of not writing your own blog...excuse me, but if you have the smarts to be off sailing around the world...ALONE...then I am guessing you would probably be the smartest 16 yo on the planet - and the best blogger.

It takes maturity beyond your years to do what you are doing, and so well - congratulations on fulfilling your dreams so young, I'm 33 and I am looking up to your example to 'just do it' (thanks Nike). I am sooo pleased you are doing so well, keeping safe and proving all your critics wrong. Ha, this girl can do it, 110%!!

Sounds like the mangos were awesome, here's hoping you find some more treats like that stashed away in some nook to spoil you, you deserve it!!

Safe sailing, enjoy your movie tonight :-)


Kevin Tobin said...

Hi Jessie, Your blogs when they appear are excellent to read so keep up the good work. The world is following you Jess and I'm sure your parents and back up team are proud of you. Stay positive and keep writing as you do. Take care now, Kevin Tobin, Portland, Victoria

Bryan said...

Hello again "Jessicaptain"

It's been a few days since my last comment to your bloggs, I sit here still in awe of your RTW attempt - which from all aspects so far has been relatively smooth sailing - with the odd bounce.
You have certainly captured thousands of admirers worldwide as was brought to our attention by your Mum and your base team (168 Countries) as well as another follower of yours - where they listed the countries & areas of the world where your messages have come from.

Sensational !!!

Jessica - I have done many offshore yacht races including Sydney/Hobarts - Americas Cup trials and knowing full well how the seas can test you - your assimilation to being inside a washing machine is very apt.

Whilst I have no envy of your dream - I cannot but be so inspired by your bravery & I will continue to follow your journey daily as it unfolds whilst I humm this tune :-

Blow Blow Blow your boat (EPL)
Gently down the waves
Merily Merily Merily
Living your precious dream.

May you keep your sails full and Gods speed - be safe.

Perth. Western Australia

Helmut said...

Wow, I get the chance to comment when there are 0 comments?
1. Never mind speed cameras, just avoid the reefs.
2. It seems your alarm system is working to keep you awake when boats are passing.
3. Enjoy the sea room while you can, Polynesia will be like a game of dodgem.
4. I don’t remember anyone suggesting that you aren’t writing these notes yourself, and I read all your notes and most of the comments. Such a suggestion is ludicrous. Your blogs are the captain’s logbook and you would keep logs whether anyone is reading them or not. Being offended by the suggestion is not “a teenage thing”.
5. Your spelling is heart-warming and endearing. Don’t change a thing. Unfortunately, when your bestseller is published, the proofreaders will remove all those lovely misspellings.
6. That you love writing is clear from the way you write – interesting, descriptive, entertaining, educational, humorous, humble, inspiring, strong and vulnerable.
Your bloggers love you, Helmut

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, well let me be the first to say that I totally believe you are writing your own blogs! I have spent most of today (when I should have been cleaning my house:)), reading every blog from day 1 back in 2008. I have read all about the buying & preparation of your boat, all about the amazing people who helped you along the way. (I can only imagine how they are all feeling now that you are on your way!). I clicked on all the links, I read about Zac Sunderland, his sister Abby, Mike Perham......etc etc.
Don't give a second thought to your doubters! They're just jealous! Just keep doing what you are doing girl!
When I first heard about you & your dream, I thought the same as many, "how could her parents let her do this?"..........after reading everything on your site (which took hours hehe) I have changed my mind.
You are very capable of doing this.
.......& you will.
Kath, Qld.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, see that set of rollers coming at ya... there's a speed cop waiting right behind them - and the tiny cop sign is of course right behind the ones after that. But don't look for that sign, just the flying fish flashing coming at you ;)

I've been under no illusion it's you writing the blogs, if you're sailing around the world on your tod then of course you can manage a blog on your own. Anyway, who wants to be overwritten by an adult - especially when you're a teenager huh.

The stars have to be the best show for you, it is a dream of mine to have a bedroom with a large skylight - ideally dome - open to the stars. Enjoy these moments, they are making memories that make you who you are.


Anonymous said...

Hi jessica, the pride of everyone Down Under.

All the best passing Cape Horn.

Just curious, because your trip is unasisted, does it means you cannot receive some advise on the radio, lets say from the chilean navy in Cape Horn?

Good luck

poppa bear said...

Hi! Jess,
Enjoy reading your elequent comments and remarks about daily life on your beloved Pink Lady.
This is also a test transmission on my part as first blog has not appeared.
Will chat more if this arrives.
Meantime fair winds and sail safe.
Poppa Bear
Cairns Qld

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the update. And of course we know that it's you writing the blog. Although, now that we're on the subject, let me just say that I don't believe you're on Ella's Pink Lady at all. I think that NASA have stashed you away somewhere, and that the photos you've been posting are a hoax, just like the moon landings. I can just imagine that, in the future, the TV program 'Mythbusters' will investigate whether or not a 16 year old girl ever sailed alone around the world, and indeed whether or not there ever was a Jessica Watson !

And lest some of the other blog readers out there start hyper-ventilating, let me add that of course I'm kidding !

Meanwhile, I hope you've got some decent movies to watch on the voyage. What's on the playlist for this week ?

All the best,

Brian in NY.

Anonymous said...


Hi Jesse
Just hung a Christmas stocking up for you! So you'd better watch out
you'd better not shout etc. "Cause
you know who is coming to town.We all know you are DEFINITELY on Santas list this year!!!Though he may have a bit of trouble finding you!Not to mention a chimney...
It's Silly Season again!!!!!!!
Sally in Melbourne

mimo said...

Another great update yet again. I had no doubt you were writing your own blogs. i just had a thought though, when you sail near other islands or countries, are you required to get permission from their governments when entering their waters? probably a dumb question but just wondering.

Anyway, stay safe


jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
I'm pleased you opened more mangoes, they are just sooooo delicious. I think the movie night sounds wonderful especially if you team it with popcorn and chocolate.
As it is only 8pm I wasn't expecting a post from you so soon. As you know i love reading your blog so my dinner will be just that bit sweeter for having heard from you. And guess what??? My dessert tonight will be mangoes.
In one of your earlier blogs you explained about how you needed 'Moping' time. I hope you are taking time to 'mope'. I just have to say too that it never even entered my mind that someone has been blogging on your behalf. Just cos you are so good at sailing doesn't mean you won't be a brilliant writer as well.
Jesse I wish you Good Winds and Safe Sailing and i am happy your still have other treats stashed on board.

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi Jesse, we are eating fresh Mango's of our tree here at Rocky, while you are eating tined ones, god we are cruel to you, I will have the next one for you OK?, you are going so well Sweetheat just be careful when you get to the cluttered area ahaed of you, thinking of you and we are with you 24/7 Jesse, Love you, Roger and Lou Dwyer

Anonymous said...

Goodonya Jesse, keep it up! We keep checking how you are doing, and you are doing great. You go girl!!

The Sandgropers said...

Not far from Starbuck Island now.... reckon you will have that cuppa love
Carl,Tania,Jacko,Sarah,Harrison,Oscar and Chase...
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
Glad you enjoy the writing 'cause we enjoy the reading! Thanks for the updates! Every day is an adventure for you and for your followers!

Jill (Newcastle)

duane said...

Never doubted you are writing the blogs but not surprised some questioned it. For one you write very well for you age. I wouldn't be surprised if there are those who wonder if you have another person on board. The other reason is human nature will always produce those who question the integrity of everyone else. Who doesn't use spell check?
love reading your blogs and know your book will be great. Am reading Naomi James' book Alone Around the World. Quite good, I know you read it. It sounds like you were much more prepared for your voyage than she was.
Thanks for sharing your love of writing with us. Best wishes always. duane

Dawn Moloney said...

Hi Jess, I really look forward to your blog and finding out where you are at the moment. There is so much out there we do not know about and it is only people so brave like you to let the world know what it is like. I bet the stars are absolutely wonderful. Hope you have more luck in catching a fish or two. What a thrill. You are a very positive lady and I know you can do all the things you are out to achieve. All the best. Look forward to your stories. Cheers Dawn from Brisbane

Alex. said...

I wish I was out there sailing with you!

andrewVA said...


here's a website with a video series that chronicles Ellen MacArthur's record-breaking round-the-world journey in 2001.

the 4th video has some amazing footage of Southern Ocean sailing.

Sailing Through Heaven and Hell


Greybeard said...

Hey Captain Jesse. Sorry I have not blogged (or is that blogged) you for more than a week. When I speed read (or is that reed) the latest blogs it is obviously that a few negative bloggers may have suggested you have a “stand in” to do your writing.

As for needing to use the spell checker…… well really why not. I type (or is that tipe) all my blogs in the word processer (or is that prossessor) and then spell check them before cutting and pasting them into your blog. When I was at school I yoosed too (is that used to) come either first, (should that be a , or a ;) second or third in the class spelling exams. I can assure you no one retains these abilities forever, even if they manage to gain them through there early education. Not to use a spell check would probably demonstrate a lack of intellect.

Turning these negative comments about you not being the author (or is that orther) into a positive…… the very fact that some persons have raised this issue should be quite flattering, when you think about it. It further confirms your ability to be able to write (or is that rite, no maybe right) in a way that far exceeds your young age. The depth in your writing can only be achieved by the experiences you are actually writing about.

Finally and as stated by so many persons in answer to your various blogs, your writings have an incredible “feel” to them. As soon as we commence reading your blogs we become one with you. It’s like we are right there (or is it their) on the boat with you. No other person but Jessica Watson could be writing these.

Congratulation on crossing the line, catching a fish and the other thousand joys you have given us in this first stage of your journey. Go Jesse

Kind regards, James and family.

Charlie E said...

When you bring out the numbers, Cape Horn suddenly seems, really, so far. I am reassured by your projected date of arrival; putting a date to it brings it back into perspective for me. So pleased to hear you are travelling well. Continue.

Richard Lathrop said...

When God made the oceans he left out the speed cameras. But he didn't forget the speed bumps.

It's difficult for me to imagine how anyone could question the authenticity of your blogs. The writing is real real real.

Occasionally a spelling mistake does get past spell checker. There are rare misuses of the apostrophe. These small variations are priceless reminders of who you are and of your oh-so-worthy struggle toward your stated goal. Please don't become any more perfect. You are fine fine fine.

I still don't think that you have to explain every technical aspect of the voyage. Yes, do it when you're so inclined, but I would not object to your passing the baton to Mum or Bruce or Bob or Dad once in a while if the blog writing ever weighs on you. They would claim authorship, of course, as with the weather blog Mum wrote earlier. You would hear no complaints from me in these cases.

The Mango Madness reminds me of the day you consumed your last orange. Never had an orange tasted so good, and because of who you are and your superb writing, many of the rest of us enjoyed oranges a little more that day because we could identify with you.

This is your gift, sweetheart, combining your remarkably developed traits like courage and drive and intelligence with the common human traits that we all navigate every day. This allows us to share in the adventure you are bringing to us so successfully.

Thank you.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Rob said...

I'm so pleased you are making such great progress! I'm actually not that surprised that people doubt the validity. The one guarantee with comments on the internet is that some will be negative. I do have to admit that you are a very entertaining writer. I look forward to them everyday. Now don't take that as I expect them everyday, I know you might be far too busy at times for that!
I'm really happy you are enjoying the stars!!! I find it very calming to look up at the night sky. When you look up it kind of makes you realize how big everything is and how small personal problems are in the grand scheme of things.
Have you seen any wildlife lately? Now that I think about it I should probably try and ask my questions at the beginning of my comments. I doubt you have time to read this far down! Also, I am just a little pleased spelling isn't your thing, I'm horrible at it too. Thank god for spell checker.
Be Well,
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

Always knew you were the author of your writings, the captain and your yacht and the master of your destiny. I read the blogs and everyone has such admiration, care and fondness for you.

You have everything you need on a safety/food level. My only ONE concern is the amount of sleep you get.

Sleep is the one thing that can be stolen from you. (Like last night) It is your most precious commodity. So if ever by chance you don't want to write to your blog or your web family and you want to trade it for some shut eye. You do that. I, for one, (and many others) certainly do not want to be the additional mechanism that may cause sleep deprivation to happen to you.

I will be here all the time !! So don't worry about when you write. Have fun, thanks for everything, and speed like the yacht is stolen. The camera's can't catch ya !! Cheers.

jimmy said...

Hello Jessica,

I just wanted to sound in and let you know that I eagerly await all your posts. Hoping to catch on to any details that describe your journey so that I might better understand your adventure and live it vicariously! (Perhaps somewhat selfish of me?)

Your doing a great job with your blog! And as much as I enjoy the blog, obviuosly Ella's Pink Lady is your first priority.

It is a privelege to track your record breaking progress!

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Helena said...

I carnt spell eether and I'm a teecha!
Keep sailing and writing your great blogs Jess Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica-
Just want to say you are doing a fine job out there; have fun and be safe.

Mary & Roy Lewis
USA- Va.

Anonymous said...

Hey jess, just wanted to pop by and say I'm still loving your blogs when they come. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, it is obviously an inspiration for so many!
Love Lauren, Sydney xxx

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Only you, Jessica, could describe the squid on deck, pink toenails, lures bitten with bait left on that used to be the fish and being surprised about enjoying tidy-up chores! Ghost writers would never get that authenticity right!

Spellcheck obviously is missing or ignored by most of us bloggers and, since your fans are so international, too, English is a second language and some really struggle. Some of us Americans are discounted as not even speaking English anyway. But despite all of us wishing you well the best we know how, your bravery and organization of your dream to reality chokes up even the toughest of us as we struggle for the words to say how inspired we feel combined with how fragile a tiny pink sailboat seems to us looking at your google earth voyage tracker, with a young, idealistic, chocolate- and mango-loving girl at the helm out there in a giant ocean surrounded by stars, deep canyons, shallow shoals and possibly a few evildoers, in the same places vicious sea battles, world wars and atomic bombs have wreaked havoc. We HAVE to be silly, poetic, encyclopedic, full of tales or daily dribble, wax emotional--because you touch us to the core by pushing the envelope so much farther than most of us usually even imagine in a day.

My dear dad, may God rest his soul, spent two years at sea on a schooner from the 1800's. He used to say, "Eat your tomatoes or you'll get scurvy!" I wish we'd had mangoes; he wouldn't have needed to tell us about scurvy!

I was digging up my beets (with my boy's new puppy assisting) and snipping some Swiss chard and thyme to have with potatoes we dug out of my garden as the snowflakes began falling today here at 39.5 lat in the northern hem! My dream is to have a tiny farm on a fertile bit of land on a coast someday! You exemplify living dreams, Jess!

Have you been able to spot the international space station or the shuttle among those stars?

Bon voyage from your fan family in Northern Nevada, USA

Dieter said...

Hi Jesse,
though your spelling might have been notorious I still can learn some very practical English from your blogs (besides the fun to read them).
Dieter (Kiel, North Germany)

claudia said...

Thank you for satisfying our curiousity! Glad to hear things are still going well. You do have the best christmas lights out there. You can see them so much better than most of us around all the lights on land!
MMM, you are making me hungry for mangoes!
I have found where I can hook up to the there a secret?

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

OMG!...who would possibly think that Jess isn't writing her Blogs...come on!

Give the Girl the benefit of the doubt...honestly, Jessica is an exceptionally capable young girl and her writing technique is quite unique and belongs to her and that's with or without spell checking!

Everytime I read Jessica words I imagine hearing her sweet little voice with that funny crackley tone she has ringing through which is so unique to her as is her written word.

Go Jess!

Clint - Dandenong town

mike said...

Hi Jessica, sounds like you are having a blast on your trip. I have been following from the start of your trip and look forward to all your blogs. A fishing tip for you fish near the islands that you pass, the small fish stay close to the reefs and the only one out in the middle of the ocean are the big ones that you don't want to mess with. Stay safe eat well. Michael from Seattle USA

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to hear your just clipping along nicely, keep up the good job handling Pink Lady.
Yes, you do have a the best Christmas Lights of all the world, the star light cool is that.
Mangoes all gone...hmmmmmm! No wonder you slept so good. Yes mangoes in the tropic, what a good taste you have.
Where else but on the water could you have a movie, popcorn and chocolate...yummmmmmm!

Have Fun as you are, and keep some pictures coming.

Thanks for keeping us updted also, your doing an awesome job out there.

Marion from Oklahoma City (USA)

Lut said...

Hi Jesse
Blogging for yourself first is making the blog the most interesting. Otherwise it would become superficial, without emotions. I already wrote you ... you should think about making a book when you will be back ... I am pretty sure this will have a big success and help paying the cost for your next challenge as I imagine this one will not be the last one :)
Take care .. I am surely enjoying reading your blog.

marc said...

You are truly an inspiration to men, women, boys,and girls, from all over the world!. How did you become such an educator at such a young age?. I'm looking forward to sailing around the world with You, and Ella's Pink Lady! through your blogg.
Best of luck
Marc D. Florida

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse from the USA. I saw a story about you on the American news and thought I would check out your web site. Your writing is brilliant. I have some friends that sailed all around the Pacific but there were five of them. This time it's just you. Pretty amzing for someone so young. When you get back, you need to publish a book about the adventure compelte with more photos. Best of luck from America!

Noel said...

Hi Jess,
Just a bit intrested in how many movies did you take to watch on the trip for your movie nights?

Noel G
Perth WA

HAWKEYE said...


Jesse people can't have anything to do with their lives but construct conspiracy theories. It's a crazy assumption that you have a ghost writer - god what else will they come up with next? There are unfortunately people out there who are threatened by the very idea that you are sailing solo, you have the courage to do so and making a darn good fist of it. Well darl you can't win them all! That's life!! As I said above: what will they come up with next? Maybe Captain Cook is on board with you or or you're sailing around in a great water tank somewhere in the Great Sandy Desert. Remember: they didn't go to the Moon conspiracy? So watch out!

The way I see it is that this is your adventure and I consider it a privilege that you let me tag along. The thing uppermost in my mind is your safety.

I was hoping you would keep a few tins of mangoes for a rainy day. What else is stashed away we should know about?? Hope you enjoyed the movie and the popcorn - way to go.

Looking at the map I can see what you are saying about the islands coming up next week. Well darl the trick is to stay in the moment and follow the strategies you put in place.

OK special one safety first, stay clipped on, keep the head in the present particularly with those islands looming; no more apologizing, please and be happy.


Cheryl In San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
Georgia Guy stated it perfectly!! (thank you GG)
Enjoy your chocolate, popcorn and movie...gosh that sounds good.
Thank you for taking me along for the ride. I am simply loving it!
God Bless you,
Cheryl in San Diego, CA

Bob B said...

I learned to love mangos years ago when I was in the Phillippines. I believe I would have done the same as you did with the mangos you had!Enjoy the good sailing, be especially careful of those French next week. Bob in Tucson

Péter said...

Hi Jessica,

There has been no change in the tracking system on your webpage since the "washing machine"-post. According to my own approximation you must have reached 4600 nm by now, 20% of the entire journey. Congratulations for this achievement.

The weather is turning winter cold here in Hungary, so it would be nice to have a little bit of French Polynesian 26 C degrees here. The summer break is going to begin soon in Australian schools, however you have to work harder every day as you progress on your voyage. Relax as much as you can and gather your strength.

If the Team agrees, could you write the exact longitude value of your Equator-crossing?

It would be nice to send you some Hungarian chocolates but I Can't.

Take care.
Péter from Szeged, Hungary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Sailing along on the open sea and then coming upon French Polynesia must feel something like cruising along on the highway and coming upon heavy traffic in a big city.

Anyhow, check those charts and watch those reefs.

Good Sailing

JIm from the USA

SaltyDog said...


I certainly haven't doubted that you were writing your own blogs. The first time that I saw one of your videos, I was very impressed with your communications and social skills. You definitely have the gift of gab and I sincerely mean that as a compliment. There are a lot of TV talk show hosts who should take a lesson from you. Your speaking and writing comes across as very natural, intelligent and unpretentious. It really is a pleasure to hear you talk and to read your blog. Please keep it up.

Enjoy the wide open ocean before you get to French Polynesia and get caught up on sleep while you can. Glad to hear that you're having some nice sailing conditions, even if you are getting a bit of a work out reefing. That's what you get when the only grinders on your crew are you.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Any plans for a tracker providing date, time and distance? Difficult to get a handle on your progress without the particulars.

Scott said...

I'll bet the stars are beautiful without any city lights around. Have you broken out the sextant to make sure your GPS is accurate? : )

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

Cream, chocolates, mangoes. So tempting and you are able to maintain your nice body figure. I think manuevering ship like Ellas Pink Lady helps prevent obesity.
Anyway, I think you enjoy what you're doing as much as I do reading your blog. I feel like I'm traveling with you. I encourage you to write more blogs because the way do touches the hearts of many. Take care and God bless.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sydney said...

Hi Jessica,

I look forward to reading your blog every morning. One reason is your writing is so beautiful and honest. The other reason is because of your blog I feel like I know you now. You are an inspiration to me to keep following my dreams and I am sure to many others. I tell everyone I know about your journey. You are very brave and beyond your years.

Enjoy your mangos. They sound yummy.

from USA in California

sibo said...

Best Wishes from Austria!!!
Your blog and homepage are great.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Wonderful blog as usual. Mental game for you. If Tom and Nicole were together still and called their daughter Sunday you would end up with Sunday Cruise which is what you are doing today.
Whoppi Goldberg and Peter Cushing got married you would have Mr and Mrs ...... Has that got you going to think of more.
Too many mangos can have a dire effect in time!
Go go go in the clear passage you have for the next few days...plenty of planets up at the moment..Jupiter is huge a big Christmas light

Dusty from Dubbo

Sally said...

Morning Jess

Thanks for the update 'YOUR' blogs are always interesting and fun to read! This Blog is the best way to remember the details of your journey. I am sure you will treasure all that is written in this blog, when you remember back to this journey, in years to come!!

Enjoy your peace & Space Jess while it lasts - I imagine that you will be busy, busy, busy when you pass those French Polynesian islands... A gorgeous area, another one to put on the list to actually see one day.

Mangos + Tropics = Perfect Match. Go girl... I would eat them too!

Survived the first Christmas Concert and it all went well. 2 weeks 'till the next one. I'm to the Gold Coast to see my family for a week today for a bit of R & R.... Hope all the schoolies have gone home!!!

Stay safe Jess and have a great day.

'It is important that you recognize your progress and take pride in your accomplishments. Share your achievements with others. Brag a little. The recognition and support of those around you is nurturing.”
Rosemarie Rossetti quotes

Sally In Sydney

Summersailor said...

Jess, I just can't imagine people asking u if your writing these blogs. Like u said no one can describe your feelings and what your are experiencing. Don't worry about your spelling, it's the feelings you portray through your writings that count. You got a great writing style and don't change it. Many adults today and most kids your age can't write nearly as well as you, including myself.
I did ask about u having enough mangoes in my last blog, suggesting to save a few to celebrate completing the trip around the horn. Seeing that u have plenty, enjoy them. :oD


Benjamin Arie said...

I've heard if you go fast enough, speed cameras can't catch you ;)

Llew said...

Rest assured Jess that the genuine, fresh and entertaining nature of your well written daily blogs are an inspiration to thousands around the world. I suspect your rapidly growing fanbase may well run into the hundreds of thousands before your epic journey is over. Thank you for being such a beacon of light for all young people today.

Heather (Sunshine Coast) said...

HI Jess,
Christmas boat parade on the Mooloola River was as usual, awesome. Everyone was thinking of you...Maybe next year Ella's Pink Lady will make an appearance...
Keep up the great work..

Paula said...

I second what Vijay T. said: I'd be proud to have you for a daughter, even though I've got a pretty amazing one already. She's almost twice your age but has also done some impressive things in her life so far. You are young enough to be "post-feminist," in the sense that your mom's generation and ones before hers (and mine) did the heavy lifting for women's rights. But you, my dear, are continuing in a fine tradition, proving yet again that gender doesn't define our abilities or our dreams.

Can you tell us more about your emergency gear? How about medical stuff? I'll bet you've got a great first aid kit, some anti-biotics, pain meds, right? When you told us about catching the fish, I was thinking "I hope she doesn't snag her finger on the hook and get an infection!"

Speaking of nitty-gritty stuff, how do you get rid of waste?

Chimli said...

Good on you Jesse! Spelling, blah, forget it. No one can spell these days :) Much change in the star patterns when you went northern and come back southern hemispheres? Would love to see what you're seeing!
Thanks at least for the glimpses :)


Jessica -
Regarding Speed Camera Tickets:

By law, you have to be "served" a speeding ticket - a camera ticket does not qualify. And sending it to you through the mail does not qualify as "service". When it arrives through the mail, just put it somewhere so you can forget it. Make them have a process server come out to actually serve you.
An actual person has to serve the ticket (summons) to you. If you accept the speeding ticket through the mail and pay it, you have waived your right to service of the ticket. Why would you want to waive your right to service for something that is going to cost you money? If you get a ticket or summons through the mail, ignore it. A process server HAS to serve it to you. In Arizona, they have about 90 days to have a process server serve you with the summons. Otherwise the courts have to dismiss the ticket for lack of service, which they do.

So, Jessica, even if you get a speed camera ticket, I highly doubt if a process server can effectively serve the summons to you. So you go girl!

Anonymous said...

Passing boats...?
M U M !!!!!!!
B O Y S A L E R T !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been "watching" you all the way, great going.
Question: why Drakes Passage & not Straits of Magellan?
Keep up the great sailing.
Oceanside, California

Anonymous said...

Be safe, take care, have fun....Goldy, Croatia

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour jessica,

When you get to French Polynesia will you write a few words of French in your blog? Ella being from Paris and all. Some sort of 'clin d'oeil'.
Are you planning a French gastronomy meal?

Recipe to make anything French:
take something simple and make it very, very complicated or as they do say themselves:
Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué!?

Bon vent,grosses bises!

You're the best.

lilshawnee said...

Well Jess thanks for the update.
Was happy to hear from you.
Thanks for telling us all the way it is because it hard to beleve you are doing so so good out there in the deep waters all by yourself.
I know i would be lost.
The world is so so big and you make it feel ilke driving a car.
What the heck for you to sail 5,000 nm is like us driving 500 miles.
Tell me one thing is it hard to sail so far and for so long,,dont you ever get are so brave.
God Bless You and we all love you lil one.
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,

I bet the stars would win first prize anytime, yeah.

Enjoy. Stay safe.

emgb1 from South Wales, UK, (GMT+0)

kellie said...

hi jess
keep the updates coming dont know how anyone else could do them but you
wish i was there to help with the mangoes
where do i find the tracker


Peter H said...

Hi Jesse, I love your blogs and think you finally should put them all together and publish them as a book. Your writing is excellent and very authentic!!!
Congrtulations and good winds and sailing.
Kind Regards
Peter from Austria

jenna said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for all your blog writings these last few days.
I'm still feeling stuffed with turkey and dressing 2 days later and trying to walk it off by hiking thru some local michigander
trails. Also,thanks for explaining the plan around capehorn....
....something we are all trying to wrap are brains and emotions around....the wind, the waves, the stra-tegy ( I had to look up that word to our left!) Cheers to you on having such an awsome attitude, a love of writing, courage to catch that fishy, and a steady vestibular system to handle the rocking and rolling of those waves!
Love and Steady Winds from Michigan,
Jenny, Tigger, Barb, and Gypsy

Anonymous said...

Nobody can blog our thoughts, feelings and emotions like ourselves.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

It's a little bit too late to concider this problem. Until you are entering French Polynesian Territory, side-on or level cameras will not be existing. Even then you will only have to worry about a fine, if EPL is registered in France or Luxembourg as these countries share a registration base. Any other offender will be noted and those datas will be used against you, if caught on later dates. Don't take this lightly, as the French are having territories in the Southern Indian Ocean as well. It is up to your legal team to prove, that there is more than one PINK Boat on the World's Oceans, accidently just in the area, where you have been detected speeding. But why all the excitement ? What is the legal speed limit in French Polynesia ?You're not cruising too close to land, so something like 5 - 10 knots would be out of the question. Given smooth land speed limits of 60kmh, that would transfer to 32 knots ? O.K. If you exceed this by 20kmh (11 knots ?), then the ticketbook is appearing and you will have to fork out 68 Euros (~110 Au$) and 1 point will be noted against your license. DON'T LAUGH, the French are capable of anything...
Detection from Space:
Your team should have giving EPL a special camouflage scheme, e.g. PINK from the side,SEAGREY from the top (Roofs, Decks, etc.). A photo with exact time is taken on point [A].The same procedure will happen at a fixed time at point [B].The calculation of time and distance will reveal the speed - and you might be done as well. In territorial waters the relevant nation can cash in on you, international areas are the jurisdiction of the UN.
And as we are on the subject of Space Detection. Around this time of the year Google Earth is updating their photos. A challenge to all those readers, especially the ones with plenty of time on hand: Thoroughly trace EPL's track on the Google Earth photos of 2009. Well, Team EPL, any prize in mind to the one, who will present the first evidence of such "Happy Snappy from Space"? I spotted my car in a parking lot, so EPL should show up !!
Last hint for French Polynesia: When talking to anybody there on the UHF radio, avoid the word "we". They'll take it as "oui", meaning "YES" in their lingo and worst of all it could end up in a boatload of BOYS heading your way (in Uniform or not...).

hezakiah299 said...

11-27-09 @17:33
Hi Jessica,
I was just checking up on you, and wanted to offer a little moral support. I have watched your interviews and am really impressed as to how you conduct yourself . Never flustered, and handled all questions in a relaxed, straightforward manner. When you’re dealing with the media it’s not always an easy thing to do. Numerous people firing all different kinds of questions at you, and you took it all in stride, addressed this question, addressed the next question and so on and on. And all the time you stood there with your thumbs tucked into your pockets. So cool and relaxed. I really enjoyed that.
I don’t know what made you comment on the blogs, but I (and numerous other bloggers) have never doubted you. There’s always the naysayer’s and I just think that’s pure jealousy. Don’t let it get you down.
I’ve never had a mangoe, but I intend to try one.
Continue doing what you do so well, and have a good time. You are doing a fantastic job. Chin up!!!!!
Yeah, I've been looking at the map and the French Polynesia area does look nasty. Just stay alert and you'll be okay. Yes???
Take good care of Ella and yourself and wear your harness, stay safe and alert. Always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

You're kidding us ? Who can give a doubt to your writing ? It's as unique as you are. Because you write as you think and enjoy doing so. Hope this will be accepted by any future book publisher, otherwise we will end up will a pile of bound paper not worth even having on the ////// bathroom [corrected for our US readers].
But, as we are on confessionals today, a challenge to the background mob: Are all these comments genuine or are you stuffing some made-up ones among them for interesting reading ?
Hey, Jess, keep feeding yourself mangoes. They're good for the vitamin balance, full of M and Y as in "yummy"...
Don't worry for the speedcameras, you can pay the fines when you are back in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Watch your speed through the SCHOOL zones he he corny eh

Anonymous said...

Continuing to enjoy your blog and pray for you daily from Indiana, USA.

Alecia said...

Anyone who didn't think you were writing your own blogs has underestimated you. My husband and I are enjoying following your progress. We hope to be as brave as you some day!

Cheers to loving to write and mangoes!

Alecia from Idaho, USA

captain said...

Hi ya,

Your a legend Jess....u really r.

Just been to Bondi to find my car which I left there after a big night. Now im off to the yacht club to bravely sail my boat from Rushcutters Bay to Manly for a sandwich before tackling the 5 odd nm trek home again.

i remain in awe of what u r doing....

Keep up the blogging...its addictive for us back home.

Capt'n Kelly

Jim said...

Hello Jessica,
We were talking at the Aero Club about your endeavour and we are all very impressed with what you are achieving and we were also talking about fish and speculated on how you would have cooked the yellow fin tuna. How did you cook it?

Forbes Flying Club members

yeppcurlz said...

heh jesse, i hope some of these peoples comments are getting you down....or they better watch out! I'm mad mum who will sort out these glum downers with a swift kick up backside. Positive thoughts and good manners are a must. At all there.!
Anyway we all enjoy YOUR blogs, and funny little taleS. Stay safe and sail well....cheers
Yeppoon gang

GrandmaSue said...

Thanks for your updates Jess - always so informative and entertaining. You give so many people, all over the world, a lot of pleasure via your blogs :)
Appreciate the time and effort you put into each one and your joy in writing certainly shows.
p.s. thankyou as well to Sally from Melbourne for more clever pics.

JH said...

Hi Jesse

I read your blog daily and look forward to your day/night events.
You have a great outlook and also a great sense of humor. I admire you for what you are doing and can only wish you happy, healthy and safe sailing. Take care and try to save some of those mangoes.

Judy Maryborough Qld

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm
terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient
reason for remaining ashore."

-- Vincent Van Gogh

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jesse,
Yes, it sounds like you'd better be careful about the speed cameras - they turn up where you least expect them! And it's probably a good idea for you to eat the fruit before it ferments, otherwise if the police pull you over for speeding they may breathalyse you as well, and if you've been eating fermented fruit you could be in trouble! They might take the keys off you and make you get a taxi home. :-)

I can't imagine anyone thinking you weren't writing the blogs, though I am amused at the people who ask you if you keep EPL going at night! I do remember someone asking me many years ago, totally seriously, where did we pull into at night? They really were serious.

It's great that you're so comfortable with the solitude. It's what I enjoyed most about sailing. You've still got contact, but you've got your own space. Whether it's because you enjoy blogging, or we enjoy reading, it's a mutually satisfactory experience. We probably have a range of motives for taking an interest, but perhaps some of us at least want to do what we can to help make sure you achieve your goal, and as we don't know you personally we don't know what your inner strengths are, so we are volunteering our support and presence just in case you need it sometime.

You are getting close to playing island dodgems aren't you? Keep flying and you'll be there in no time!

Fair winds

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Does your radar and auto pilot thingy give you false alarms?

jill pettijohn said...

Really Proud of you Jess
Read some of your blog and love the fact you are doing this alone.
I am here in New York but I am a kiwi actually and loved to sail. Haven't in a while though! Was about your age I learned how to sail come to think of it.
Many blessings to you and wishing you safe travels and knowing Neptune is taking good care of you as you traverse this planet.
Best Wishes Jill Pettijohn, New York

phil said...

Hi Jess. Mangoes sound great. Not surprising to hear you love writing blogs - I guessed as much because you have such a great way with words. You tell us your thoughts and feelings. We love to hear about them. You're a wonderful girl. All the best. Phil, Perth, W.A.

Chris Akenfelds said...

Hey Jessica, I have this mental image of all your skeptics and naysayers: I picture them as fat, beer-guzzling losers who struggle with all their might to bend down and pick up the remote control for their television. They probably spent 16 hours per day watching back-to-back television and sink over $100 worth of alcohol every weekend. These are the people who thing "being into sports in a big way" means watching heaps of it on television. These are people who have never seen the world around themselves from the top of a mountain; they have never strolled along a beach in a foreign land; they have never woken up in the middle of forest with dew on their face; they have never ventured beyond their restricted, limited suburban lifestyles. Of course, their going to be jealous of you, because you are out their living your dream, and making your life happen and you have supporters around the globe. For every degree of longitude you cross, somewhere in the world there is somebody living on that degree of longitude who is right behind you 100% of the way.

So, to all your detractors, cynics, skeptics, naysayers, killjoys and arm-chair critics, I say: tell 'em all to go and jump.

You are going to make Australia proud when you arrive through Sydney Heads, and the detractors will have nothing left to do but to apologise to you... if they have the integrity and courage to admit their error.

Go Jess! And keep those blogs coming!!!


Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane QLD
akenfelds @ lycos . com

Emile Maravale Home Skooling said...

Hi Miss Jess, You write very well. Your English teachers and Primary School teachers must be so proud of you. As a Teacher, I am also. Especially since you are such a competent sailor as well But do you get to read our blogs? My Home Skoolers don't write them for the sake of writing for themselves. They are expressing their feelings for you Miss Jessica. Anyway If only your dear Mum gets to read them they are still very happy. But Hey! Fewer blogs please and more sailing OK? Enjoy dodging the French

stirnaman_007 said...

Hey Jessica,
I love reading your blogs. You have a great way of looking at things. I'm in California. I am a mail carrier, but everyday I try to read what's new with you. I'm enjoying the adventure. I'm glad you're back under the stars. Here's something I found that may be inspiring.1 Corinthians 15:41 says:"There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differeth from another star in glory." Kind of like snowflakes, each one is special unto itself! God Bless, Melanie.

anger, no management required said...

how much water do you use daily?

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
For what it's worth, I just wanted to say that you musn't take any notice of any negative cynicism about your writing or anything else for that matter. Don't let them get to you enough to feel you have to make any apologies or justify yourself in any way. When all is said and done, there is more said than done! Just remember, you are the one out there doing it. Good/bad, happy/sad, up/down, win/ can we appreciate one without the other and learn the power of positive thinking?
I hope you and EPL stay safe as you negotiate your way through all the curly bits you're about to encounter. You'll be in open sea again before too long but right now it's important to stay alert in the moment and enjoy putting all the theory to practice, so to speak. Take care and bye for now...Sam

stirnaman_007 said...

Hey Jessica,
I love reading your blogs! You give me something to look forward to. I'm glad you're back under the stars. I feel like I'm taking the adventure with you. Here's something for inspiration. 1 Corinthians 15:41 says,"There is one glory of the sun,and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differeth from another star in glory." They are like snowflakes, each one is special unto itself! God Bless. Melanie.

Debs said...

Hey Jesse

Its all down hill to the to avoid speed camera's.....if you see one, pop the brakes

You have nothing to be jealous can go do the christmas lights thing any year....but how many people can say " i sailed solo around the world at the age of 16"....thats something sooooo special im sure everyone is jealous of

I agree with the whole eating mangoes in the tropics.....but save some of that chocolate for down south.....

Enjoy your the way....what are you watching???

Back to work for me...i have a busy day caring for my sick Guinea in my meal breaks...waiting and waiting for the vet to open tomorrow....

Stay safe....have fun

Deb and the guinea's

Nadine said...

Hi Jess,

I can't wait till you get farther south to cape horn. Should be so fun. cya.

gustav said...

Dear Jessica,

It is impossible for anyone to follow your journey and your detailed beautiful writing without falling completely in love with you and the Ella's Pink Lady sailing around the globe.

This is as much a voyage of self- discovery as it is an amazing feat and accomplishment in all physical, technical,geographical and navigational terms.

This voyage is as much spiritual as it is physical.This is also reflected in the many blogs from people posting here from around the globe.

Closely linked to nature,a dark gloomy sky reflects your mood,strong wind makes
you want to take on a bigger challenge of the higher seas in the southern ocean.

A colourful sunset in pink and blue makes you dream the gentle exotic dreams of a tropical paradise and a clear starry night makes you want to sleep outside deck under a full moon.

You have become at one with nature,in tune with the universal sound of the four elements of water,air,fire and sometimes earth.

Flying along the great circle you have become the alchemist sailor.From the four basic natural elements water air fire and a little earth you are slowly creating gold both spiritually and also in a physical way right here.

This Journey will reflect the complete spectrum and wide range of human spirit.
Just like Nature has a wide spectrum and range of moods and expressions,this wide spectrum will also be reflected in time and in tune through the wide range of feelings and moods within our human mind and spirit.

And so the Alchemist will gaze into the mirror ball and discover the secrets that all humans share.

The only way to make the alchemist dream become a reality is to be at one with nature and the four elements and through time we can then achieve anything, even create gold from wind water,fire and a little earth,the dream of every alchemist since time began.

sail on Jessica,you are doing a wonderful job on the Ella's Pink Lady.

) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ))))))))) …… … … ∆ ˚

the great circle:

gustav haffner

Anonymous said...

Heya Jess, Thank you for all your blogging you have done so far. Its good to hear that all is fine and well. I am amazed the the distance you have travel so far. May I ask if you could please take some photos squalls you keep mentioning about in your blogs?

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

You know what. It never ever ever crossed my mind that it was anybody but you writing your blogs. Just watching your content in your videos and then reading your content makes it VERY obvious that you are the author.

It is really quite uncomfortable in Brisbane today. You are lucky to be where you are; 'the coast' would be more comfortable. I am sitting in front of a fan studying for my exams while the kids are playing in the pool. The humidity is outrageous. I am so hoping for an evening storm to cool us all down. It must be great sailing along not having to worry about school assessments - what I would give ...

Enjoy your aqua plaining and star gazing. Sorry, my spelling is rubbish.



johnnyt46 said...

I'm totally into this trip so keep us informed as much as you can. I pray and think about how you are doing a lot. You are a very special young lady.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
You are a champ Jesse, who would even think it wasn't you writing these blogs. As you said, having someone else blog for you just wouldn't work.
I'm sure your mum would agree totally, it would be impossible to convey what you are seeing and feeling out there, only you can do that.
And for spell check, I wouldn't be blogging at all, if it wasn't for spell check, it's great.
It's good you have caught up on some sleep, when you get further south, sleeping will be a little tuffer.
You must still be on good beam-reach and if the weather stays kind for a while you will knocking over these miles.
As for the mangoes, enjoy them while you can. We picked our first mango ever from our own tree yesterday, it was fantastic. But I still would prefer to be eating your mangoes out on the ocean doing what you are doing, so keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia
PS There may time when some bloggers don't like want others have said, we don't want to be arguing between ourselves. If the blog master has put the blog through, that's ok with me. Sometimes when you put pen to paper, it may not come out the you thought in should.

Beverley said...

Hey Jess, I reckon those people who think u r not writing your blogs think you have a stowaway on board to keep u company and take the pics. lol Do You LOL LOL Just a little laugh for u Jess Good Luck and Smooth Sailing Cheers Beverley Jimboomba Qld

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Another enjoyable blog. Who else could possibly write these blogs for you. Keep up the speed and dodge the islands. Hope you enjoyed your movie night.
Keep Safe.
P.S. Bought a Mango this morning.

Cleo said...

You go gal we are keeping up with you. We have been reading up with your blog daily and am with you all the way keep safe

Kiwi Gal

Eddie Offermann said...

"I'm enjoying the sea room while it lasts!"

Yes! Embrace it while it's there - sleep can be a stranger once the sea ahead is dotted with islands and the associated ships and hazards.

Weather here off Southern California has been a strange reverse of normal - calm windless days and breezy nights and mornings. Hope yours is more consistent!

May the wind keep pushing you productively along!

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