Friday, November 13, 2009

Squally Sailing

Sorry it's been a little while without an update.

I was told that this has become the most watched blog in Australia and stage fright has left me a bit speechless! No just kidding it's all good. Well actually it's pretty amazing and more than a little hard for me to comprehend out here all alone. Well, physically alone. It really is amazing to be able to share the voyage with so many wonderful people. To me, it is just sharing my journey with you, in what is sometimes a not very exciting life. Plodding along out here, taking whatever is thrown at us, just feels completely normal. I know I'm going to get a million cries of disagreement. But think about it. How strange would it feel to you to be describing to the world all the ins and outs of your everyday life? It is all a bit surreal. That said, thank you all for your support!

And talking of those little ins and outs, Ella's Pink Lady and I have been making good progress for the last few days. The latitude read out now puts us in the single digits - wow!

Conditions have mostly been lovely (steady breeze form the east or south east, sunshine and very gentle sea) but have also been frequently interrupted by squalls. Still nothing too severe but just enough to keep me working hard pulling a sail in and out and constantly keeping a lookout for any partially nasty black clouds. Last night a squall with a lot of lightning passed pretty close. Sitting there waiting for it to pass with all the electrics turned off got a little boring, so I made chocolate cookies in the torch light to pass the time. I suppose I should have been a little scared about all the lightning, but after doing everything I could, I figured there wasn't much point in worrying.

I'm finding it hard to believe how the days are flying. In between getting enough sleep, keeping up with the day to day maintenance and chores, checking that fishing line, feeding myself and keeping in touch with everyone back home, time just flies and I'm constantly wondering what happened to the day.

Even though Ella's Pink Lady is built and set up for strength, endurance and easy handling when the weather is nice, I've really been enjoying playing around, tweaking the sails for a little extra speed. Of course as soon the weather is up it's all about being totally conservative!

Lastly, I've only just heard the news from back home about the proposed Traveston Dam project being aborted. I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone on the Sunshine Coast who worked so hard to prevent the Mary Valley from being flooded. It is a good result for my local community.

600nm till the equator!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Yes, we are sailing with you
and look forward to your reports.
Getting close to equator.
Keep smiling.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Well what can we say

You simply are amazing, the blogs you write explain everything in perfect detail, we feel like we are there with you, keep up the good work god speed, and yes Anna Bligh is nervous too. LOL

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

Ron said...

Gday Jess,

If your ever short of wind you can always come to the bus drivers lunch room always plenty of wind there.


Anonymous said...

It looks like your in the perfect state of mind! To see how you handle lighting around the boat, doing the preperation and not panicking is quite mature!

I've been there in the English Channel, also surrounded by lighting, it looks ten times worse from the water that's for sure!

Go Jess!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica..I was starting to worry. Read your post every day with much interest. When I was a young fella, my favourite book was "Sailing Alone Around The
World" by Joshua Slocum. Keeping track of you is amazing and just as inspiring given your age and experience compared to his. Have you read his book? Kind regards, David Frost, Campbelltown, NSW

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

As usual it is great to read your new update. You are making great progess and the equator is not far away now. You are doing a wonderful job.

I am not surprised at how popular your blog is. Your writing and detail you provide is so vivid I think any one that reds it feels like they are travelling with you. I know I do!!!

Enjoy those well deserved cookies.

Always thinking of you and what you are up.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn

Ingleburn NSW

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hello number one girl in Australia(the world that should read) sorry to read about the fish
you look tired
you are wonderful
you are an inspiration
you keep safe
we love you Jesse
Roger and Lou Dwyer

Trish said...

Keep up the great work Jess, you provide us with some very interesting reading.

Take care.

Trish (Brisbane)

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
what a relief to finally get your post... i mean no pressure on you, you've got heaps to do compared to me. Glad the wind has picked up a little but still no fish for dinner!!!! as always i wish you good winds and safe sailing.
ps judging from what you are undertaking i didn't think you would know the meaning of stage fright.

Rex said...

I was teaching a computer class in vic today and over the coffee break we had your blog on the big screen (3m x 2m)for everyone to read. Most are saying go girl go give it your best shot...

Deidre said...

Great to hear things are going well Jessica! I'm excited for you that you are getting close to the Equator, what a milestone that will be! Keep up the great work and stay safe :o)
Lenoir, NC, USA

Anonymous said...

hi Jesse!! hope you are not too traumatized by that robber!!! You are awesome!!! keep trying.

jaustin said...

Wow! It is soooo good to get your report since it's been awhile. I was just leaving the copmuter when I checked one more time for your update. We do want to know you are safe first and then all the events that are happening to you. As you would say mundane, I would say exciting to know.

Love your writings and keep up the good work. This is surely a lifetime memory your are creating.

Grandfather USA -Alabama

Anonymous said...

So enjoying your updates...good luck with the fishing. Felipe

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I actually look forward to reading what you've been up to each day. I will be concerned though and won't be alone if we don't hear from you for a few days. Touch wood that won't be happening. All the best and smooth sailing.
Andrew Peters,
Cronulla, SYDNEY

rod said...

good day jesse,
was very concerned about the delay in your blog, however now that you have made contact with your crew of bloggers all around the world feel much more at ease.
good to hear you have kept yourself busy with all that cooking and that all is well with you.
like i mentioned before keep up the exercises, or all that lovely food will take over your measurements.
wish you a happy day tomorrow (saturday)
keep smiling ,will continue monitoring your progress, until next time,
regards and best wishes young adventurer.

blackbutt qld

RichieParis said...

650 nm, Captain, that's quite good!
Thank you for all the kind words for your supporters. I am sure we are all more than happy to know you are aware of the phenomenon you created by your challenge and your so special personality.
Your daily life may look plain to your own eyes, for tasks and routine in the nice weather, but it is so amazing for us to see how you cope, all by yourself, in the loneliness of the middle of the Pacific, among squalls, thunder, big fishes, not to say one word yet of the future oceans.
As ever, your blog is bubbly and incredibly sane, light spirited, with witty notes here and there. Every update is a feast.
Seeing the adventurer, our true heroin, making chocolate cookies or approving a Dam's abortion, while she is in such a gigantic journey challenge, is much, much inspirating and you are teaching all of us a big lesson of life, with honesty and simplicity. Just saying the things as they are, and smiling.
You are great, Jesse.
Don't look further to understand why your blog is so successful: It's all your fault! Gee, what a girl!!!
A sailor and a writer, and more than that, a genuine priceless person. Your parents can be proud of you, your country can be proud of you, and I would even add that mankind can be proud of you.
Our well-wishes follow EPL and her skipper.

JimLour said...

Good to hear from you. I was worried after not finding a post yesterday. When you are at a loss for words, pictures will suffice. Stay focused on your safety. Enjoy your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Checking your updates has become my daily "dating"! It is wonderful to be able to share your voyage and your daily activities! Strength and endurance are essential when facing vicissitudes.

Safe Sailing
Angelique - Darwin, NT Australia

don said...

Well said young lady,,, well said,, cheers Don

Debs said...

Hey Jess

Isnt it great to have the most watched Blog.....well done....thats an acheivement in itself.

Lucky you dont have 24/7 camera's set up like a reality TV show and have people watching your every move . That would be too

I luv a good lightening storm....from the safety of my the cat hides under the Kudos to you for not allowing yourself to get scared....besides....making chocolate biscuits is a much better way to spend your energy than getting scared.

Hey 650NM now....that last 300nm went soooo fast....your

It continues to be hot here. We are preparing for fire season...its gotten so dry in the last week.....We all need to protect our local community' thats great that they are not going to flood your local Valley....sometimes politicians dont think before acting and its us people who have to fight for our rights.....just like you had to fight to get people on your side with your trip.

I hope you realise when you get will be coming home a had better prepare yourself for that as have 6 or 7 months for that.

Anyway....bed time for me

Stay safe, have fun...dont eat all the biscuits at once

Deb and the guinea's

Leanne & Co said...

Thanks for the update Jessica. My family and are are one of the many Aussies following your adventure. You make us proud to be Aussies with your strength and courage. Keep up the high spirits. i'm off to Sydney this weekend for a girls shopping trip. Will be trying to get my christmas shopping done-you don't have to worry about the mad christmas rush this year! Think of us all fighting the crowds to get a bargain and enjoy the serenity on the seas! Keep the high spirits.
Leanne and Co. Macarthur A.C.T

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

We are some little fans from Kindy in Muswellbrook NSW and have been talking about your journey at school. We think it is really cool what you are doing so Mum helped us look you up on the web. Good luck with the rest of your voyage! Love Isabelle, Ashley, Jessica and Matilda

Anonymous said...

Wow nearly at the equator, you are doing well so well!
I look forward to reading your blog daily and gunning for your successful journey!

Georgia Guy said...

Good show Jessica !

I read and then re-read your last posting and I am totally amazed at the maturity you demonstrate in your writing at the young age of 16.

It is so far beyond what I see in similarly age teens here in the states, the contrast is almost mind boggling.

And thanks for not using what I constantly hear from teens . . . . . the interjection of the word "LIKE" every six or seven words. Example.

"I mean like it was like totally awesome like wow like I have never seen that like before."

If not in your home country, I am sure those readers here in the states can relate to that.

Your blog is much followed in Australia but you are also accumulating a large following here in the states.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Pete and Nancy in NH USA said...

Stage Fright ?? I don't think so. With everything that you're doing, we think it'd take a heck of lot more than this to scare you. If you look at where the messages to your blog come from, I think it would be safe to say that your blog is probably one of the most watched in the world. You have captivated the hearts, minds and imaginations of millions young lady. We are all with you on your voyage. Stay safe and clipped in. Can't wait till you cross the equator

Anonymous said...

Now there is a picture....chocolate cookie-baking in torchlight with the lightning flashing all around!

All the best, Jess, enjoy the adventure every day!

Jill (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Well I've just got home from my first pole dancing class! :) Just thought I'd drop by and check your blog. Great read as usual. I am so amazed at your maturity and attitude out there!

Stay safe and keep enjoying yourself! Your videos are great too, had a look at them yesterday.

I'm off to Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast for the weekend aah relaxation!

Gold Coast

Ernest said...

Hi Jesse, Your almost at 0 degrees.That's great!I have followed your voyage since Sydney.
It's amazing how far you've traveled. Be safe and have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope you see the equator by tomorrow,:)

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,
Great to hear everything is AOK and your progress is just fantastic. I’ve enjoyed learning about the weather patterns that you’re experiencing in that latitude; with the constant march of thunderstorms moving past. It’s also great reading about all of the islands that you pass too. Please be extra careful near all of those reefs for I’ve read that some of them are as much as a kilometer or more from their charted positions.

You DO have a lot of support out hear. And it is kind of amazing how intrigued everyone from Australia and around the world has become in your GRAND (not little) adventure. I guess it’s like a lot of people have said on your blog before; that you are a bit of good news in a mostly bad news kind of world. Sorry it seems to have of fallen on your shoulders like that, but please don’t feel any pressure to try and keep us poor saps entertained (no worries mate). Keeping up with your blog followers (like me!) should be last on your priority list (sorry blog followers). It’s just good of you to bring us all along for the ride! And please don’t cave in to anyone telling you that you should do it any differently than you have been (except maybe Mum & Dad; your biggest fans).
It’s all good!

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well. Sounds like you're in some very ideal cruising conditions out there at the moment, albeit with a squall or two thrown in the process to make things interesting. It's fun looking around the boat, always in anticipation and tweeking here and there, isn't it? It doesn't appear as though my last blog got through about the bells and whistles I suggested you rig up to your fishing line to alert you of any activity and also to feel the line occasionally to make sure the lure is actually swimming well through the water and not fouled. Good luck. It's Friday the 13th today and 'though it's unlucky for some, I hope not you. Wow! you are trucking along really well...single digits! Don't forget to take a pic of the 0.0'00" as you cross the equator and toast to King Neptune. Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

Melanie said...

Hey Jessica, sounds like you're doing great! I guess it must feel surreal to have so many people wanting to know the nitty gritty details about your day...still it's all so exciting to us landlubbers! Great to hear you're making good speed now. All the best for fair sailing.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Jess !
So nice to read about your progress
and Im shure I would rather be changing sails than changing from summer tires to winter tires on my car :-)
Reading your blogg every day is a bit like reliving my own trip around the pasific islands some years ago,
Thanks for shearing your once in a liftime adventure with us that are stuck on land.
cheers stay safe and happy sailing

Lola said...

Those bloody squalls...

Haha, keep on sailing!!

Anonymous said...

Love reading the update each day,
Stay safe


Anonymous said...

.......... o .................
but softly
and Jess along with Ellas Pink Lady will surely get there in
""""""""" the end.""""""""""""""

duane said...

Jessica your ordinary day is anything but to us. Your blogs are always interesting, what you consider regular boring stuff is quite fascinating. Not surprised with the number of people following your progress. Keep safe and happy sailing. best wishes, duane

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well. Sounds like you're in some very ideal cruising conditions out there at the moment, albeit with a squall or two thrown in the process to make things interesting. It's fun looking around, always in anticipation and tweeking here and there, isn't it? It doesn't appear as though my last blog got through about the bells and whistles I suggested you rig up to your fishing line to alert you of any activity and also to feel the line occasionally to make sure the lure is actually swimming well through the water and not fouled. Good luck. It's Friday the 13th today and 'though it's unlucky for some, I hope not you. Wow! you are trucking along really well...single digits! Don't forget to take a pic of the 0.0'00" as you cross the equator and toast to King Neptune. Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

Camilla said...

Hi Jessica.
I have to agree with everyone else:
You are amazing! I read your blog every single day, it is so exciting to follow you on your trip! Keep up the good work!

Camilla (Norway)

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes for fantastic reading and has us all waiting in anticipation for your next installment. An inspiring journey from an ever so inspiring young Australian. You are entaining many land lubbers and sailors alike with your daily thoughts, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

You know Jess, I wouldn't be surprised if you do have the most watched blog. Can't speak for everyone else, but I know I check it everyday!

You have captured all of our imaginations with your adventure. It's understandable that it'd be hard to find time to write every single day. I have a blog and it's hard enough updating once or twice a week! So you're doing really well, squalls and all!

We were supposed to have a storm here near the Gold Coast, but it passed us by. Unfortunately it's still muggy and warm even though it's quite late!

Love the updates, and love following your journey. I once travelled alone through a non-English speaking country and know that 'aloneness' feeling all too well. Take heart though, we're all under the same stars! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica.
Just thought i would check your blog before i went to bed,glad to see you are doing so well,we areall so proud off you here on the Sunshine Coast,take care.
Janet Kawana Island.

Yeoman said...

Good onya Jessica. Your writing skills are really great, you make me feel as if I was really there seeing and experiencing your adventure. I'm already looking forward to the book.
David @ Sippy Downs

sisyphusandhisrock said...

Hi there Jessica, it's not just the Aussies who are following you and cheering you on the English are here too, your amazing,whatever happens you have already won the admiration of thousands of people accross the globe, keep making those cookies.. :-)

Bluey Reid said...

Hi Jesse
I Had the nasty squalls myself last night. Had been out at Lake Varley about 400 k's east of perth. Left to come back home to perth just after dark and there was a good old load of lightning out to the north and west. I thought Maybe some rain on the way home but no big deal. I've got a small truck kinda like an oversized ute set up as a mechanical field service unit which usually gets along at about 100 kmh no trouble. Couldn't get the bloody thing going more than 60 into the wind at the guts of the storm. 360 degree lightning and pissing rain like I don't reckon I've ever seen in the 20 odd years I've been kicking around the bush. Covered about 150 k's before I drove through it. Flatened a lot of crops and tipped a hell of a lot of old trees over but at least the rain stopped the lightning strike fires. So there you go on land or sea the old mother nature is always ready to have a crack at you. Keep it neat mate. Cheers blue

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

You are doing great. I read your blog daily but comment every four or five days.
Some of us old sailors are pretty interested in your sail wardrobe. For example do you have any light wind sails, drifters etc. What about storm jibs, furlers etc. When you get some time a technical piece on your rig and different sail configurations would be much appreciated.

Jess you are an extraordinary young lady.

Who knows what you will go on to accomplish after this.
God bless you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

It's good to hear about your daily life from you journey. So just keep on reporting!!
Hope to hear soon that you have caught a fish.
Soon we can welcome you on "our side of earth".
:-) Glen, Denmark

Bill Ruhsam said...

Good job, Jessica. We're watching you from Atlanta, USA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
It was nice to find you report when I got home. I have been a bit worried for you. Interesting to read about the thunder and lightning out there. This is something I have wondered about. When I was a child my Dad had a boat and we used to be out for weeks in the Baltic Sea. I experienced scary thunder storms there.
To be able to follow you over the seas via your blog, is fantastic for all of us around the world.
I have been in Australia several times and I congratulate all who has struggled for Mary Valley too.
This morning was the puddles covered with ice. Enjoy the chocolate cookies.
Keep smiling and safe sailing.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Grim WA said...

Great update Jess, you certainly have a big audience and each and everyone of us are there with you in awe.I must admit I get a bit anxious waiting for your post at times - you have caught our hearts, not just in Oz - but all around the world.

Gabe said...

While your daily doings may seem ordinary to you, they are far from ordinary to most of us. You have a very loyal following of well wishers and we love reading about your adventure.
Making chocolate cookies in an electrical storm.
I'm glad to hear you still have your priorities straight. :)
As always, wishing you blessings and safe travels.
I can't wait for the Equator crossing.
I'll buy my can of Foster's tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

For you sometimes it may be not so exciting life out there but reading about your journey makes my life more colorful. Makes me part of your adventure. It is like reading those adventure books from my childhood. :)
Soon there will be equator party. Are all people invited? ;)
Be safe!

Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

.......but sweetly................
and Jess along with Ella's Pink
Lady will surely get there
>>>>>>>>>in the>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Love reading your blog I agree with everyone else they are very descriptive love em
Good luck with the fishing

Equator here you come

Clifford Family

samurai said...

Hey, you know what I think would be awesome? Mind you, only in doldrums while nice a safe and still clipped a speaker up the first spreader and blast Van Morrison, "There'll be days like this". Just a thoughtie mental picture. Thanks for sharing Jess. I'm there with you in spirit. Look forward to your posts always...Sam

jowel said...

Hi Jesse
Your blog has become the very first thing I look at when I hop on my computer each evening. You write so well I'm not surprised it is the most popular blog at the moment. You have so many supporters wishing you well. I think we're all sailing along with you - just so you don't get lonely!

Geelong, Vic

kathie said...

As soon as I wake, coffee in hand, I run to my computer and read your blog....before checking my mail!!! I can't get enough,you write beautifully, telling of your journey. You are remarkable young lady. Your parents should be soooo proud!!! Keep sailing,we are all behind you.
Kathie from NYC

bernie777 said...

Jesse u r a phenemenon...people must have been missing your blog....everyone needs to get a fix on your progress...for your true fans...keep it happening ...we are all behind you 100 %My wife told me somebody from Aus. has already looked at her website Martinville pl. to look at our puppies so you trully are a global sensation..I think 200 thousand people will line the Harbour to greet on that great day when you arrive back on Tierra Firma....all the best Bernie 777 Poland

Mary said...

Great to hear from you, Jess,

Yeah, we'll all be needing to tether our expectations while waiting for your blog posts, especially after you turn Pink Lady south toward the Cape.

I'm guilty of waiting, worrying and hoping, as the hours went by with no news from you. I do always trust, though, that you're in commmunication with your team. That's all I need.

As so many have said, we are better for knowing you and your journey. You don't have a responsibility to us, only to yourself and your goal. The rest of us, no matter the size of the blog following, are part of the "unintended consequences". The magic and mystery of life is that we don't know what we don't know. Who could have known what an impact you alone would make by choosing your path to sail the ocean and preparing for your journey for YEARS?! It IS what your life is about, Jess.

I honor you. Keep going, you're great. Please don't let our need to hear from you distract you from your SAFETY FIRST responsibilities.

We will hear from you when we hear from you and we will understand.

Godspeed to you as you head for the zero line. Wow!

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Well done on the sailing efforts and huge thanks for blog. I am addicted to your reports and have been following it everyday here in Amsterdam. You will be the kind of person that parents will be telling their kids about. I know I will be telling my two little boys about your great adventure. Mick

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

i've been following your blog every day from the beginning. sometimes i check 9 or 10 times a day.

i was going to wait for some of the hype to wear off before i posted, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen, so i figured i'd jump in now.

not only have you captivated australia with your adventure, you have captivated the world. i'll add to what others here have said and let you know that we find what you are doing to be nothing short of amazing.

your blog is better than any book; your writing and descriptions are just incredible.

keep up the good work, the excellent attitude, and you'll be just fine.

i join the rest of the world in wishing you nothing but the best.

fair winds and happy sailing.

be safe!

richmond, va, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jessica -

Thanks for yet another oh so wonderful update, and you are getting so close to the equator, King Neptune awaits to salute you. A squall with plenty of lightning passes through, reckon I would have been hanging on for dear life, but what do you do, turn off the lights and electrics (very sensible!!!!), and make cookies by torch light!!! had to laugh:-D

Keep up the fantastic sailing you are doing,no you're not alone! You have literally thousands supporting you, always remember that.


Will said...

Hi Jess,
I'm pretty much stuck at N34 degrees and haven't a clue what the Southern sky looks like. It must be fascinating to see new constellations appear and familiar one drop below the horizon. Have you, or will you, lose the Southern Cross? I think you ought to be under Orion when you get to the equator. What about the North Star?
Hang in there.
----Will Thomas (South Carolina, USA)

Anonymous said...

You inspire me Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mimo said...

Hey Jesse,
Thanks for the interesting read, really missed it last night. I panic without my daily fix, LOL. Glad to hear you're having a good run with the weather. Here in Adelaide, we've just had another day around 40 with a couple more to come before the change on Monday. Anyway, have a good weekend, going anywhere? haha.

Stay safe


grant said...

Iam a 75 year old retired man from the state of Virginia in the USA. I have been following your trip and blog from the first day.Your website is the first place I go each day when I turn my computer on. Well at the ripe old age of 16 you have followed your dream to make this trip.What's next?
Take care and have a great and safe day. GRANT

Ms Smack said...

Stay hydrated, rest when you can.

Me and my teen girl are watching and reading too.

Be safe! Slip, slop, slap!

News for you!
Southern states in Australia have been undergoing a horrible heatwave!

Rove got slimed winning the best entertainer, etc, for Nickelodean kids choice.

Adelaide has it's Christmas Pageant tomorrow and the twins from Good Charlotte are in Australia too.

Be safe!
Cath and Carissa

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for writing today. Wow!! Lightning out at sea, how scary but how exciting as well!! As usual a great blog and yes I certainly feel like I am out there with you. That's pretty good for someone like me who's never even set foot on a yacht let alone know the first thing about them. But you have peaked my interest in sailing and if you talk about something that I'm not sure about, I look it up, so I'm learning as well. Keep up the good work Jesse. Take care 'til next time.
Jo Sydney

Anonymous said...

Young lady, you are a marvel! There is something special about what you are doing. Thanks for sharing it with us on your blog. I love reading about what is happening.
I have read all your blogs now and I must say the nay-sayers have it wrong. Anyone who doesn't support you and what you are doing doesn't understand the whole picture and doesn't know what they are talking about.
My guess is that for every person that is anti your adventure there are 4 0r 5 who are pro.
You certainly are not getting the doldrums in the doldrums. In fact you seem to be getting a bloody good run.

Thanks for the enjoyment and motivation you give me.
Keep at it and all the best.

hezakiah299 said...

11-13-09 @08:25
Hi Jessica,
Glad to hear from you again, I (plus many more) have missed you and it was only two (2) days, yet it seemed like an eternity. It’s good that everything is going well, and I think that it’s going to remain that way for awhile.
I got choked up (honestly) after reading the first part of your blog. Some people would get a swelled head from all the praise and adoration being heaped upon them, but you are appreciative of it and take it in stride. You definitely deserve all the praise and adoration for taking on this quest. How many school teachers have brought your trip into their classrooms. That’s not someone pulling your leg or blowing smoke, and the little ones are eating it up, and the not so little ones. You’ve got people doing the “Jessica Walk” in honor of you since you don’t have enough room to take a stroll.
This is what makes you so unique. And I say THANK YOU. To be able to accept this and remain your sweet, humble and loveable self. God Bless you, Jessica.
(Did I mention beautiful as well???)
To read your accounts of your daily duties plus spur of the moment duties, doesn’t make it appear like it’s boring. But I think it will get a little more exciting further on down the line.
Do we get a picture of the cookies? I’m thinking of making a batch of peanut butter cookies, and maybe top ‘em off with some chocolate chips.
Hey, I’ve got to cut this off for now and get me some breakfast. I’ll be back on later.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Lowell said...

Hey Jessica. Great update! You're amazing. At such a young age, you are so adept at writing and sailing. Are you familiar with the tradition of becoming a Shelback when you cross the equator? I went across on a US navy ship and I'll remember my initiation as long as I live. Your crossing will be even more memorable because the whole world is going with you!! All the best!!

Rowie said...

counting down the miles Jess! What a fantastic start to the trip. You must be still ahead of schedule no? It will be over before you know it and you'll probably think I'll go around again!
Look forward to the next posting.

Kind regards
Aroha, Phil, Maddy and Pat

Tim Moore said...

Hi Jessica,
I really have to take my hat off to you, out there on the oceans, go for it and make your dreams reality.
These days we seem to keep young people wrapped up in cotton wool, and stifle their ambitions if they might seem different to the norms.

I log in daily to your site and keep an eye out on your progress, and read your blog daily to see where you are and what you're doing.
Your blogs are amazing, and very articulate. Keep it up.

I know you will break all the records, I think all your readers have great faith in your abilities, and I certainly respect you for your courage to stand up for what you believe.

Keep it up!!

Tim, Brisbane.

Rob said...

reading your blog each day is inspiring and is often the high point of my day. i'm surprised you're suprised so many are reading your blog. if you pull this off you will be up there in the pantheon of greatest.people.ever. i'd wish you lots of luck but i don't think you really need it. you're clearly brilliant and doing a brilliant job. just keep doing what you're doing. luck is not a factor. you have the skill.
-Rob, Apex, North Carolina, USA

Anonymous said...


just want to say, as everybody has that you are inspiring and mature in your blogs. I too get concerned about any delays in your blogging being that you are in the middle of the ocean. Does crossing into different time zones change the way you sail and sleeping habits? Please keep up the good work capt' and know that you are being followed here in the u.s.a as well!!! God bless ya girl!!

susan :>

Richard Lathrop said...

thanks for the update. it's 0800 where I am and my day will go better having looked into yours.

I read all the comments currently posted and I want to add an emphatic YES, especially to what RichieParis said. I can't improve on that. Except to add that you bring out the best in RichieParis and in each of us. When you do well we do well.

All this is not to heap greater responsibility on your shoulders. Please just be yourself.

Diogenes [the Greek with the lantern] is said to have made a futile search, which we've all heard about, for an honest man. Today, we seek the authentic person.

Perhaps we've found her, in the Pacific, 600 nautical miles, or so, from her rendezvous with the equator.

While you conduct an awsome test of yourself, immersed in the natural world, you've trotted your bag of social and cultural talents along to help preserve your sanity.

Furthermore, thanks to technology, you've brought the rest of the world aboard to enjoy the ride.

I'm enjoying it, Jesse, and from the looks of your comments, so are the rest of us.

Just be yourself.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

RICHARD said...

GREAT BLOG! You may well be the most read blogger worldwide! We all wonder what it would be like to explore the world, or to do something out of the ordinary. Your daily accounts make us feel as though we are traveling with you and living history not merely reading about the past. There is a great deal of mystery involved in taking part in an unfolding journey. We can't skip ahead to the end. We can't add up the details to philosophize or see the great lessons from the big picture because the book is incomplete. Our caring for you and curiosity about your next experience is met through your blog.

I guess in that regard, your blogs are like chapters in a book that has us all sitting on the edge of our seats captivated by what will happen next.

We are blessed with not only your spirit of adventure but with your writing skills as well. You are a painter of a canvas that none of us can wait to see what new addition you have added.

Love the personal insight as well. You are a lovely girl keeping it real.

See Ya Sailor!

Mrs. Rad said...

Continued good luck to you - I've been reporting to my class of kinders and first graders due to our blog filter, but I am happy to say that we just were given the passcode to allow your blog. My better readers can now read your blog first hand! On to the equator, brave girl. Mrs. Rad., Sunol, California

Anthony said...

Hi Jessica
try to make time for a little yoga if you can.
Lay flat, hands under the shoulders, palms flat on the floor,inhaling lift your chest up till the arms are straight keeping the elbows next to the ribs, don't let them come out, them exhaling lower down with control trying to keep the chest from touching the floor. do 3 sets of 10.
Work towards doing it with straight legs ,knees not touching the floor.
Now come onto the forearms and with the toes only on the floor lift the body up so its parallel to the floor and hold it for as long as you can , rest and repeat.
Have fun

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jesse,

It is great to hear from you, I was a little worried when nothing was heard from you yesterday.

If you have nothing to write about, but time to do something, even a nice "I'm alright mate" message will be fine.

As I said in one of my earlier posts about a week or 2 ago, I am feeling for you the same way as my daughter. You have touched my heart in a family sort of way and I am always thinking of you, especially when I look out across the ocean.

At Belmont golf course, there are a number of holes that run along the ocean and whenever I am on one of those tees waiting to hit, I find myself looking out over the ocean in a rough direction towards where I imagine you are, and think of you and send you some good wishes through "psychic mail".

Thanks for showing your appreciation once again towards all your supporters, we do all feel for you and show concern for you, I think you hold a special place in many people's hearts now.

I agree with you that it is good to hear that the dam project got canned. And of course, the very same QLD premier who was stupid enough to think that she could stop you from sailing, disagrees with the decision - I guess you can't help bad judgement (on her part that is).

Although you seem to keep pretty busy with all the little tasks at hand, it is also good to hear that, not only are you are enjoying the experience so far, you can have fun along the way as well.

Between making chocolate cupcakes in the bouncy conditions, to making chocolate cookies in torchlight, to calling your mum when you were desperate for some cheese, I am really starting to wait with anticipation as to your next funny little sidelight!

These little things really bring home the point that, you are not just a brave solo sailor attempting a huge task, but beneath it all, you are also just a fun-loving teenage girl. You must promise to never let the child in you from having fun!

I am unsure if it was a typo or not, but I was trying to work out what a "partially nasty black cloud" looked like, or was it a typo meaning "particularly". Sorry about being picky, but I'm just trying to work out what you mean.

There is nothing wrong about writing about your "mundane life" on Ella - you must understand that many of us have not attempted anything similar, and any details are always good, not only to read, but to learn from.

They say that now that Tiger Woods is in Australia playing the Australian Masters, that golf will get a real boost from it.

Well, I think the same will happen from your adventure with many more people becoming interested in sailing, whereas, without your trip, they would not have even thought twice about it. You can put me in that boat (pardon the pun), I even said to my son the other day, maybe I should give sailing a go to see what it is like. And I really have never shown that much of an interest in it before.

My past 2 days have been the usual, 12 hours of work on the business and about 6 hours of golf practice each day, and then I also have to be at the beck and call of my 14yo son.

I start playing tournaments again in January and I will have to keep you updated as to how I go. Remember, if you teach me a little bit about how to sail, I will show you how to swing a golf club in return! If you are up for it!

Anyway, it's nearly 1:00am now, we have just got back from watching 2012 - a pretty good movie!

Take care for the rest of the night and I look forward to hearing from you again tomorrow.

Cya gorgeous girl!

Caves Beach, Australia

Ernest said...

Main article: Line-crossing ceremony
The English-speaking seafaring tradition maintains that all sailors who cross the equator during a nautical voyage must undergo rites of passage and elaborate rituals initiating them into The Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep. Those who have never "crossed the line" are derisively referred to as "pollywogs" or simply "slimy wogs". Upon entering the domain of His Royal Majesty, Neptunus Rex, all wogs are subject to various initiation rituals performed by those members of the crew who have made the journey before. Upon completion of the initiation ceremony, the wogs are then known as "trusty Shellbacks". If the crossing of the equator is done at the 180th meridian, the title of "Golden Shellback" is conferred, recognizing the simultaneous entry into the realm of the Golden Dragon. If the crossing occurs at the Greenwich or Prime Meridian, the sailor is considered to be an "Emerald Shellback".[1]

Mama Freemans' cafe' said...

Not just Aussies are watching. I live in nebraska USA and I am a huge fan. I get up everymorning to a cup of coffee and your latest post. My 85 yr old dad is even a fan. You Rock.Keep up the good work.

Darren Achim said...

Hey Jessica,

You're touching thousands of lives from the middle of the ocean :) kinda ironic but true!!! My other passion besides sailing is music, and you inspired me to write a song about your journey. It is called "Ellas Pink Lady Part 1 DEMO VERSION by Darren Achim" and you can search for it on YouTube. I hope you can somehow give it a listen. we sailed through a thunderstorm (double reefed main only) in 40-50 knots of wind and lightning striking the water at least 200m away from the boat. I can't say that I was quite as calm as you :) needless to say there wasn't much beer left in the coolers once we hit the dock! Re: getting to the equator here's the third verse from my (well your) song.

I can see the equator for the very first time
I'll be a shellback once I cross that line
but I want you to cross it with me
come see my latitude countdown to zero degrees.

Happy Sailing!

Stay safe and Godspeed!

Darren Achim
Toronto Canada

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica for your daily blog. I consider reading it one of the highlights of my day! Never forget that we are always with you in spirit.

Paul from Boston, USA

Stu said...

Don't forget to pay homage to old King Neptune when you cross the Equator for the first time.

Thanks for the posts and I wish you fair seas and skies.

The Original Whyalla Jack said...

G'day shipmate,
I'll be 70 next march. Always allowed something to prevent my own world circumnavigation. I hope you don't mind an old(ish) stowaway coming with you.
I wish you both fair winds. I'd be happy to stand the night watches with you. If only....

Whyalla Jack (Esk).efei

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Great to hear from you and all is going well. Stage fright and speechless! I don't think so, you leave us all here speechless with your amazing adventure.
Just sit back enjoy the ride you are doing a fantastic job, and we love to be a part of it.
People I talk to say it would be boring on a boat out there by yourself with nothing to do, how wrong are they, when time flies it can't be boring.
I just love sitting around watching lightning on the beach when I'm camping on the islands near Exmouth, but it would be a little more scary on a yacht.
How did the cookies taste? have you baked some bread yet?
So keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear all is well. When you hit those huge oceans I imagine you will be happier to be in boring conditions!!!!!!!!!

Safe sailing, look forward to future updates, and hope you keeping yourself religiously tied to your harness, even when it looks calm.

Russ from Qld

SaltyDog said...


You know, your positive attitude is really contagious. I think it rubs off on everyone. It will definitely help you through any adverse conditions ahead of you. I hope that positive energy makes a full circle and that you feel the support and love of everyone reading your blog. We're with you all the way.

Author J.D. Salinger said:
"I'm kind of a paranoid in reverse.
I suspect people are plotting to make me happy."

Keep smiling, Jess, and may the happiness that you bring to others return to you twofold.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

SailSim said...

Hi Jess,

Good to hear from you. I was getting a little worried that whatever bit your lure the other day came back to take a bite out of Ella's Pink Lady! Very good to hear you're all OK and progressing well.

I love the idea of battening down the hatches and making cookies!

Fair winds and few squalls to you!!

Jim @sailsim

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess, when I first heard you were doing this I thought I could never let my girls do what you are doing, but now, I am not so sure, you are an inspiration, way to go. Happy sailing, will keep reading your blogs with interest.
Debbie in Brisbane

Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the updates Jessica,
I always enjoy the latest installment! Just wanted you to know that you have followers in the US too! Blessings!

RedSkiesAtNight said...

Hello, Jessica! I just want you to know that your blog is also being watched closedly by many here in the U.S. I am landlocked here in North Dakota near the geographical center of North America. However, we have a very large reseviour nearby where we sail a 30 foot sailboat. I LOVE checking your blog every day and am disappointed when a day is missed. But you are a busy young lady and I admire you! I am amazed by your eloquent writing style. We have a 19yo daughter and 17yo son who also love sailing but I can't imagine them managing by themselves on the ocean and then blogging about it to boot.

Keep on keeping on!

Dwight said...

Ok, Miss Watson, you have finally proved to us that you are not 16, and must be at least 26 years old. You obviously just look young for your age! In addition to sailing solo non-stop around the world, you now actually care about whether a dam is built in your home territory! Teenage girls here in the USA, and I would guess the world also, are generally a lot like my own smart, sweet, just turned 17 year old daughter. She cares about what she will be buying this afternoon on her shopping trip to the mall, or whose house the party will be at this weekend! We need to see your birth certificate young lady!! You are awesome as usual!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica, you are wise beyond your years. It's a little hard for me to imagine that EVERYONE isn't caring about you and your journey. Maybe, if they don't hear the Song of the Sirens, they can't appreciate it. Their loss, ay? (is that Australian?).
I'm a lawyer in Missouri, USA, so my day will consist of proof reading a reply to a Motion for Summary Judgment in a case involving a fight over money, a meeting with a lady having to face the dissolution of her marriage, helping a family with the process of putting a loved one in an assisted living facility, and then going to listen to my kids' music.
To borrow a phras, 'I'd rather be sailing.'
Mercies, Tom

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I'm reposting this blog from the other day to make sure that you got it. I think it will help you catch that fish.

Hi Jess, If you will try this…. Reach out and take the line that you are trolling with and pull it back toward the bottom of your rod and tie it off with a rubber band next to the reel. Now if you get a strike from a fish it will break the rubber band. That way you will notice you have a fish on the line sooner because you will immediately hear the rubber band snap. Then when you pull in the HUGE fish take a picture to post on the board and enjoy your dinner. Happy Sailing and don’t forget to wear you PFD while fishing! A large fish can pull you in the drink but I’m sure you already know this.
You are doing great!

Good luck,
Mark Passmore
Atlanta Georgia, USA

claudia said...

Now you've gone and made my mouth water for chocolate cookies!
You are really making some headway! Great for you! Every chance I get I tell people that I am following your journey. There are quite a few people who are interested and didn't know they could see what you are up to on this blog...I have told them where to find it! The world is all so interested in your travels!
Good job Jessica!

becca said...

I'm in the US (Little Rock, Arkansas) and follow your blog. I have 5 kids and cannot imagine any of them going around the world at 16. I think I'd go insane with worry. But I enjoy reading your updates. Can't understand all the sailing talk... only been sailing a couple of times and I certainly didn't do any of the work, just enjoyed the ride :)

wolfdog820 said...

I've been following and enjoying your posts for a while now. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying yourself on this great jouney!
Good Luck!
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work and post when you can. My wife and I talk about your progress every day during dinner, as we're both checking the blog and also watching your pink flags marching toward the equator on the map. I'll admit that I was a little worried when I didn't see your daily post. I like the previous poster's suggestion to a least post a picture if you don't have time to right. People around the world are watching - we need our daily nibbles...:-)

Keep up the amazing run, stay healthy, and most of all, enjoy your incredible adventure.

Bob from Phoenix, AZ

Anonymous said...

Reading every day from Chicago! Look forward to the updates every morning- I can't wait to see you catch your first fish!

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jesse,

Wow! Congratulations on all that support! But it is really interesting to read about your adventure. However surreal you might think, IMO for most of us, it's as close to actually sailing around the world!! So thank you for sharing, good luck, and godspeed! Can't wait for the next update! =)


HAWKEYE said...


Jesse, you deserve the support and the accolades. You may find what is going on with the blog a little hard to fathom but speaking for myself you are sincerely loved, constantly thought of and I must admit I'm a worrier and until you report in I'm a bit niggly I've been told.

You have made some excellent progress and I can imagine the excitement is starting to build inside with the Equator in your sights; and why wouldn't you be excited being so close to a very important personal milestone.

It sound as though you had a good day and I do hope you were able to get in some 'shut eye'. You are turning into a very handy little cook and why not with your own 'floating restaurant' on an ever-changing piece of Real (Water) Estate. You could call the place: Simply Jessica's BYO FISH.

OK Jesse keep the fishing stories coming and if you don't mind I'm starting my own TAB amongst board riders - the bet is this: how long will it take Jesse to catch her first fish?? I'm hoping to make a killing so do the right thing and string it out at least to the Cape of Good Hope.

'til tomorrow get as much rest as possible, take no risks please, don't mess with the lighting or do too much tweaking. Stay safe darl and be happy.


Anonymous said...

How many of those who read this blog do actually leave a comment? There's a lot of people you know about and quite a lot more you don't know about. Let's say that you are well thought upon.

Bryan said...

Hello Again "Jessicaptain"

Like your thousands of fans all over the world - you continue to keep us emthralled in your progress and adventure.
Thank you for keeping this old salty transfixed.
I made a suggestion and some have joined in to predict your Date & Time of crossing the equator - please allow me to change my prediction - from your last Blogg lodgement at 9.33 pm on Friday 13th Nov & with 650 NM to go @ an average of 100 nm per 24 hours - I predict that you should see "King Neptune" at 9.33am on Friday 20th Nov. How about a few more predictions from your adoring fans - a little bit of fun to help this amazing lady get to the line. To your ever attentative team - how about a "Pin the tail on the donkey" to see where your thousands of comments are coming from ie Country & name - if they set up the country - we add our names & location. Your adventure has got worldwide attention.
Keep your sails full and Godsspeed


Bryan - Perth WA

Anonymous said...

From Southern California, we are also watching your movements closely, and pray for you to have "smooth sailing" as you proceed on your journey. You are one tough girl, and hope you the best....

Mark & Cathy Walters

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica I know you are busy lol ! But when you're not, how about gettin' the video out a bit more ? Think doco footage, get it all no matter how boring it seems...Keep doin what you do mate,! Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration!
My Family and I have been reading your blog everyday and thank you for including everyone on your wonderful journey!

Stay Safe and keep Blogging! We love it!

:) Kelly & Family
Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having the most wonderful time out there! Your comments about your everyday life on the water keeps us all on the edge of our seats as we are living the trip through your blogs and most definatly look forward to your thaughts and updates.
Keep em coming!
Greg Black

cusinpete said...

what a coincidence, i mixed some chocolate cookies up, and while baking, i come to read your blog. cool ha.
luv to hear from jess and the pink lady, daily or when ever you have time.
how far above the equator, or how long do you have to stay above before the turn south?

Anonymous said...

Morning Jess,

Enjoying your blog with my morning coffee. Wish I had one of those cookies to go along! Glad to hear your making good progress. Don't change a thing with your blogs, you are a much better writer than some novelists' I've read lately. It really feels like I'm sitting there with you enjoying the sea, helping trim sails in the squalls and enjoying some of those tasty treats! When it's all said and done, you'll have a great memoir to read back over and remind you of the little stuff that made each day a little special. Good luck and God Speed to you! We'll all be celebrating your equator crossing with you, you may even hear us all cheer!

Kris D-Phila, PA USA

Myriam Grech said...

Hi, it's me again - Myriam from Malta.
I would have loved to see a picture of the chocolate cookies!

Keep on the good work.

Galen said...

You are truly an amazing person Jessica! I find myself checking on your progress everyday. Your blogs bring us on deck with you. We fill the spray from the ocean, and can smell your cupcakes. You have provided a window out of the office, much like a good book. Wish you God Speed Jessica, and we will all be sailing with you, excited, and worried at times I'm sure, but your Journey,is a Journey for us as well.
I am curious, what is your Amateur callsign? if you are allowed to answer that of course.

From Illinois - USA
Galen and Lori

Mr. Canadian said...

Hi there Jesse;

Chocolate cookies now!☺ You are a regular Betty Crocker.

Can you tell us if you have seen any Aircraft flying over head.
Maybe some search and rescue planes checking up on you.

Have you passed Motu Koe and Nassau Island yet???

Have a good day

Torry said...

Hello Jessica - I´m from Denmark and is reading your mails as well :-)

Anonymous said...

hi Jesse,
Dito to Richie Paris comments....your doing awsome..thanks for every little detail on your journey! your a true explorer with courage and big zen spirit!!
Love and Steady Winds
Jenny, Gypsy,Tigger,Barb ~Michigan

Scott said...

Jesse -

Indeed you are making this journey for all of us, and we are all out there with you in spirit. You have a gift, and that makes you very special for all of us. The fact that you're willing to do this in front of the world just helps us to all know you're the one who's going to make it!

God's Blessings and encouragement young lady!

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien
Denver, Colorado USA

Anonymous said...

Hello and good luck from the "Windy City" Chicago!

Justin said...

I follow your blog daily with my boys aged 5 and 3. They like the videos, the map and the great learning and stories. I'm totally impressed with you and the way you are living on purpose.

One question, if you ever get a chance to answer, can you explain the temperaments of the various seas? You often refer to the "southern ocean" like its a difficult place. Some of us land lubbers from the western hemisphere don't understand the differences in conditions of the south pacific, northern pacific southern Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Thanks for the great daily read, fair winds and following seas to you!

Justin (Boston 5, Jackson 3) in CA, USA

Anonymous said...

Jessica - I love your blog and look at it every day. You are amazing. Continued prayers for a safe journey!

Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Jess,your support crew around the control center amazes me. First they come up with a 12V Hairdryer and given the Video chat with Jesse Martin the supply of "Chick with attitude" is showing that you are protected from the "Klabautermann". Up there for thinking !
Werner from Kiel, Germany

Jessica's Jokester said...


I wouldn't imagine that you have time to fully read even a small percent of these comments on a daily basis.. and I can only hope that I get to squeak into that slot once in a while and give you a grin on the day. Though, overall, just a random sampling would show that you and your adventure are VERY popular, not only in your homeland but worldwide.. quite UNlike Mary.

Mary was having a tough day and had stretched herself out on the couch to do a bit of what she thought to be well-deserved complaining and self-pity.

She moaned to her brother, "Nobody loves me ... the whole world hates me!"

Her brother, busily occupied playing a game, hardly looked up at her and passed on this encouraging word: "That's not completely true, Mary. Some people haven’t even met you yet."


Oh, poor Mary. Sounds like she could use an S&S 34 and some time to think things over on a rough and tumble sea!

And consider this.. if you factor the number of worldwide hits on this website, that's a good prospect indicator of how many copies of your book have already sold! I know I'll buy one! :-)

Happy Friday!

~Al yer pal~

Richard in Maryland said...

Thanks for the update, Jesse
I have been reading a lot about the doldrums, and the squalls that can occur there. Great idea keeping the master power switch off, you probably are disconnecting your antennas as well. It would be a real drag to fry your electronics with a bolt from the blue.

Congratulations on the success of your blog. I am addicted to it. For me it is the perfect vicarious adventure experience. ( I singlehand my sailboat, dream of offshore adventures, like the Internet,and my favorite reading genre has always been heroic adventures at sea, from when I was a boy reading about "Tinkerbelle" by Manry)

What is unusual is that your story is unfolding in real time, with vicarious voyagers offering tips and encouragement. Your story has already had many plot turns that if they were not real, would be deemed improbable. When all is done at some point, you will re enter the "real world", and write a book, which I will of course read. Please save some of your best stories for the book!

Best wishes as always,
Richard in Maryland

PS When I was a teenager , I liked chocolate chip cookies better than fish as well!

Anonymous said...

So you think your Blog is top of the charts ? Wait 'til you come back...
Some of my mates who've got mates up in Canberra gave me a whisper over a tinny, that one of the suburbs in Canberra will be called "Watson" in honour of you. How's that ? Sick, aye...
And the "Mexicans" (no, only the ones south of the Murray-Border)are thinking of calling one of their Melbourne subs "Watsonia". What next...?

Mr. Canadian said...

Jesse I forgot to say thank you for all the fantastic pictures.

The ones of the open sea breathtaking.

The ones in the cabin very Cool.

The Ladies sign hanging in the Biffy// priceless.☺ ☺

Anonymous said...

You have lots of friends in America along for the ride,,,,
Best of luck!!

Stanlee said...

I'll bet the squalls are a nice respite from the norm. If smoothe sailing were all its cracked up to be, the world would be near perfect. Most people are going to take the tougher way to navigate themselves through life. It seems that even if we know the smoothe way to sail, we choose the storms and the squalls to trudge through. I guess it makes life more exciting but I'm finding that if you just "let it be", life isn't as tough as when we work so hard to make it perfect. How much easier it is to just "be".

Maurene J. Hinds said...

Yay! I was thrilled to wake up to a new post this morning, after not seeing one last night. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress; it's not boring to your readers. (And we like to know everything is going okay!)

You're amazing!

Aldinga Beach Crew said...

Hey Jesse,

It's interesting to read what you think about people following your blog.

There is one aspect that you dont see which makes your blog interesting, it's you.

There's just something about Jesse!

Your adventurous spirit extends past sailing around the world and shows with the way you look at the situations you encounter. The way you describe what is happenning is fun and entertaining.

I like how you could be being tossed around a bit by waves, yet still have time to bake cupcakes.

Following your blog is a real reality, unlike so called reality tv shows of people placed into "unreal" sitiations.

Thank you for letting us come along on your journey, you have given us something to look forward to each day.

C Ya


Lucy said...

wow! you're doing sooo well - just checked on your map!! you are a very good writer!! I'm really enjoying reading your blog - so thank you for keeping it up, it's so fascinating to hear all about what you are doing and seeing.

Richie from Paris had a beautifully written note to you I hope your mom can read it out to you as I'm sure you're not able to read all these comments to you.

please be safe, and I have a question... do you put all your hand held electronics in a safe place (microwave if you have one) during lighting storms??? I read Zac Sunderland did that a few times - not sure it helps but I wondered if you did that??

Thinking of you from Vancouver BC Canada, Lucy.

Phil in Idaho said...

Anything you have to say is not dull and boring. This is your time to shine and you are a shining beacon to us all!! If you want dull come sit in front of my computer all day working on Data! Ha, I'd rather be sailing toward the equator.

Enjoy and keep posting.

Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica
I am so enjoying reading your blogs, it almost feels like we are all out there with you! I am full of admiration for you; I have two teenage boys and am not quite sure what they would make of a solo trip like yours! Keep up the amazing work and hang onto that wonderful sense of perspective you have, it will take you a long way! Very best wishes Henry & Robert's Mum, UK

Meechree said...

Loving the updates. Maybe you should try and get a photo of one of the squalls! That would be neat (:
Everything is still going great for you, and that is just wonderful!
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

hey jess - not only biggest read blog in australia - suspect its pretty much catching on here in little UK - we follow your progress everyday - keep with it - we are all with you in spirit if not physically there!

steve and abbie in plymouth UK

Anonymous said...

I'm just sitting here in my little controlroom, that is computer and TV on, 03:45 (16:45 UTC) and wondering what a bunta mob we are.20000 (TwentyTHOUSAND !) spectators are gathering on some overcut and overwatered grassed land, gawking how some specially trained men are moving plastic balls driven by specially formed metal sticks across the course, focussing on one who knows how to play this game most efficiently: Tiger Woods. Mention his name and most people in the world will know him.
You have left Sydney as that controversial 16 year old schoolgirl thinking she can handle the task. Like an avalanche, everyday you are gathering momentum with every little bit of proof,that you are the upcoming Aussie champ of Oceanic Decathlon (Cupcake Baking, Fishing, Navigation, Sailing, Writing, Hermiting, Managing,...)and once you take the turn around Tassie, it will be time to REALLY consider what stage fright is. When Jesse Martin will have to hand you the crown. And you will armwrestle him up to you on top of the dais, to stand shoulder to shoulder as equal.
Isn't it great to daydream ? I guess that pedestal will have to be a huge platform for your support team as you would probably have them included as well.
As Adam was matched with Eve we are meant to work in greater numbers, even when the title "Solo" is attached to the adventure.
Considering my little control area of Computer and TV, SBS1 is currently showing their weather chart and they have included the ocean currents as well. So far, you are drifting with the stream, but when you turn towards the South American Westcoast, the current will be rolling towards you. So how does that work, travelling against the flow ? Or is there going to be a seasonal change in a few days time.Those squalls you were mentioning are marked in a clearly visible blue. Wish we had them here after a week in the 30Cs.
Take care, don't worry about long blogs rather try to catch as much sleep as possible.The way is still long and a few hazards are waiting.
Go, Jess, go...
Mel Bourne, Vic

Gio said...

Not just in Australia. I am following your journey here in Croatia, Europe.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

I too have read Joshua Slocum and find your quest most amazing. My wife and I check out your progress most every day.
You are in our prayers and God's speed.
Ted & Joyce Boatsman
Keizer Oregon

ET Gurl said...

Ello am i too late for my bloggy hey

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

My 90 year old Dad and I look forward to your posts each day here in Northern California. After reading all your posts it seems to me that you have the right temperment for solo sailing. I am also a solo sailor but have spoiled it by making it a profession. In my 40's I went back to school and graduated from the California Maritime Academy, now
I cross oceans with an unlimited tonnage license. I can tell you first hand, even with a passive radar reflector, your size vesssel is invisible to large ship's radar at the common settings we on the bridge use.
I hope after the sucessful compliation of this voyage you will sail again in normal "cruising" mode, i.e. 15% passage making and 85% enjoying the people and cultures along the way. You mentioned your HF radio but did not say if it a marine ship to shore or HAM radio. If HAM, I'm WL7GS (phonic used "Gone Sailing").

Have fun,

Bob Lemke

Sorry for the double post but I wanted to mention that your track from the equator to the cape of South America might bring you near Easter Island which is a lone island 3000+ of the coast of Chile. This island is the one that has the large stone statues that islanders have carved and erected all over the island. Past generations of these islanders have completly denuded the island of trees to use to roll these statues in to place. Another feature of Easter Island is that NASA has built a huge paved runway from one side to the other as an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle. It has never been used but looks out of place. I have delivered break bulk shipments to the Islanders.


Brian Rlley said...

It is great to be part of your adventure and sail with you, your outstanding ability to be able to convey to us your feelings and physical being on Ella's Pink Lady is a tribute to your maturity.
With the equator drawing closer and the storm season approaching your timing for this historic first time crossing must be exhilarating for you.
Safe passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

Anonymous said...


I have never read anyone’s blog more than once until now.

To me your blog is an adventure story. Like most good stories, I have read the back cover (the press coverage), Chapter 1 (blog history) and every day I look forward to a new page. One of the best parts is this story will last for a long time, it’s unpredictable and there’s no skipping ahead!

It’s no wonder it is the most read blog in Australia, it “should” be the same here in the states and the rest of the world.

Please don’t change your style. This is such a welcome relief from the over hyped reality shows that are forced to create something within their hour time slot. You could write ZZZZZZZZZZ as an entry and we would understand you are just catching up on some sleep.

Your fellow Australians, sailors and especially teachers should be proud. I now find myself looking up info on your country, sailing, weather and the sponsors that helped make this all happen.

Great Lakes Guy in Michigan

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

The Sea is your stage and you are the Star.
When you reach the Equator the Sea will turn to pink, Ella's Pink Lady to gold and we'll all be trying to match YOUR SMILE!


David Crosby said...


We are following your blog in middle America as well.

Today's technology is awesome. My daughter and I sailed across the Atlantic during June/July 2009 and our family and friends were able to follow our day to day progress through a blog as well. I was absolutely amazed at the following we had and we are nobody. What was more amazing is that we had better ability to update the blog on board a small boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean than we did in campgrounds throughout the UK.

Keep up the blogging - we'll be with you all the way around the world.

David, St. Louis, MO USA

Ruma said...

Jessica said: "I was told that this has become the most watched blog in Australia "

Well - I am wondering what is the ranking of this blog among blogs in world. I bet it is also quite high! Do you have reading on that? Even the rank in blogger?

Anonymous said...

I think it is he most watched blog in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, your the most watched blog in this household. Were having a blast following your trek...thanks for the entertainment! Sidney BC Canada


Captain Jessica (aka The World's Sweetheart) -

Actually I would say this is most likely the most watched blog in the world, not just Autralia. You are now The World's Sweetheart, and we all love you!

You do have great writing skills with your description of everyday things, but that's what I like, to read how you keep occupied in small quarters while setting a world record!

The lightening would scare me to no end! I run for cover at the first hint of lightening, and I'm not sitting out in the middle of the ocean!

Keep those chocolate cakes and cookies coming! And you may have to whip up a pizza while you're waiting for the next storm to pass!
I don't think Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John's will be opening shop anytime soon in your area, so I guess no 30 minute delivery this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
can you say your sponsors to make a german translation of your blogg?
Because I´m not so good in englisch (I came from germany).

good luck
Michael F.

FDA, Los Angeles said...


At first I was not 100% supportive on your adventure. I hope you inderstan why?
But as the days past and reading all your blogs. You sure know what you are doing. I am amazed by your skills at your age. Wow!! I give you 110% support all the way to the finish line.

Be safe and vigilant to potential dangers out there.


maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning, thank goodness you are safe, kept blogging on every couple of hours for updates over the last few days hopeing that you were just to busy to think of anything else but sailing, so here you are again fighting fit, and enjoying the ride, yes it is good news for us here on the Sunny Coast, as I said the other day common sense has finally prevailed. I cant believe you made cookies by touch light, what next ???????, I read your blogs everyday to my 86 year old mother in Melbourne, who then tells all her friends up at the nursing home she goes to and plays the piano for, yes even though she is blind in one eye and has little vision in the other, off she goes because she says the (oldies love it). She really is amazing like you Jesse. God speed Love Maxine and Colin from Maroochydore

Sally said...

Good Morning Jess

What a great blog! Really informative, once again!

You are so centred and well balanced during the journey and seem so calm and matter of fact about all that you are experiencing. Even to the point of making chocolate cookies by torchlight during an electrical storm, all by yourself, out there in the middle of the ocean. Now that's good and also what dazzles us Jess!

And, you have to admit, chocolate cookies are one of the important things in life!! Yumm..

Good news about the wind Jess, glad that you are moving along and eating away those nm's to that equator. Journey's like this are a series of milestones that keep you motivated, so what's your next major goal after the equator?

Good news about the Traveston Dam too and the saving of all that beautiful farmland and people's livelihoods!!!

Well I am off to my 2nd job today Jess to teach dancing. 5 more weeks until the Christmas concert and it's coming along alright. It's always stressful up until that big day - but they always turn out really well and the concerts are a success with the dancers and the families. It's going to be warm in Sydney today somehwere in the 30's I believe. Love it!!!

Take care and stay safe Jess.

'Trade Winds
IN the harbor, in the island, in the Spanish Seas,
Are the tiny white houses and the orange trees,
And day-long, night-long, the cool and pleasant breeze
Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.
There is the red wine, the nutty Spanish ale,
The shuffle of the dancers, the old salt's tale,
The squeaking fiddle, and the soughing in the sail
Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.
And o' nights there's fire-flies and the yellow moon,
And in the ghostly palm-trees the sleepy tune
Of the quiet voice calling me, the long low croon
Of the steady Trade Winds blowing.'

Sally In Sydney
John Masefield

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Yes, your blog is amazing.
The writing is amazing.
The adventure is amazing.

I told you a few days ago that you'd go down in history and become legend.

Tens of thousands of people living the adventure through you.

You go on, girl.
Dream your life...
Live your dreams...
... and we will live the dream too.

emgb1 from South Wales, UK (GMT+0)

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good Morning Jess

Really thrilled to hear that you are getting along so well and getting close to your next major goal.
Your blogs have the world enthralled. What is mundane to you is exciting for us in AUS and the rest of the world for that matter.You write so well we can picture you moving along calmly and efficiently determined to reach that ultimate goal. Enjoy the shooting stars tonight hopefully.
Dusty from Dubbo

aj-pandabear said...

Hi Jess,
thanks for the praise,Keep up the good work, Equator not far now, what a positive moment it will be. keep going. Dont give up on the fishing, that beautiful tasting fish will soon come.
Yes it is good news about the traverston dam. lots of peoples lives have been majorly disrupted, now they can live in peace and happyness.
till tomorrow, stay safe and dry

John said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm your US Virgin Islands friend and want to check in with you today. Thank you so much for your blogs - I really look forward to each and every one of them. Our house is right on the ocean facing North to St. Thomas, 40 miles away. Daily, we see sailboats coming and going and they always remind me of how you must look out there somewhere. Take care and enjoy yourself!

Capt Kathy said...

Hey Jessica,
Capt. kathy from Daytona Beach, Florida, enjoying your blog. You are living the dream gal! I sail vicariously with you. Keep up the great work and spirit!
Capt. kathy

Robert said...

Brave one,

I want to thank you for inspiring me to research these many island groups I knew very little about having never had the fortune of traveling so far from home. Island groups like Society, Marquesas, Gilbert, Phoenix and Line. It's so interesting and the photos on google earth are great. The grass hotel huts on Bora Bora look like paradise.

Someone mentioned using a clothes pin or some type of clip on your fishing line to set the hook when you get a bite. That makes total sense and you should try it if you have a something to use. Fresh fish with garlic pepper, mmmmmm.........too bad another boat couldn't toss you a lemon but that would be "assisted" and I'm guessing against the rules.

How are you going to celebrate when you cross the equator?

Here's to your success and a steady breeze.

Bob from Seattle

Anonymous said...

Jessica, We've been getting into checking up on you everyday. Be safe and know you being watched from Virginia.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day again Jess

Really pleased about the dam and the valley. I may live miles away in good old hot Dubbo but I have an interest in the area ( friends and financial) Hope to move there to retire one everyone else it seems shifting to QLD. and why not? A great part of the world that should be kept as best as possible for all to enjoy.

Ta ra for now

Dusty from Dubbo

Summersailor said...

Hey Jess, you just keep sailing and don't pay any attention to the nay Sayers. You have thousands in the world that are following you and are wishing you well. You have inspired many people of all ages including me. I am going to sign up for the Clipper round the world race 11-12 that is sailed in 68 ft sailing boats. There are 10 boats with a crew of 18 men and women that take 8 months with 8 port of calls. Been sailing all my life and want to a chance to experience the deep water long distance sailing and your the inspiration. Thanks. :-D

Lut said...

Not only in Australia ! I am reading it in Luxembourg .. small country of Europe and I was worried not having any news ... happy to read you are OK !
Take care

Roger Werner said...

I usually read your blog every few days just to keep track of what you're doing and where you are. I can imagine you're attracted quite a crowd. You were commenting about being alone and to tell the truth, that's one aspect of your trip that appeals to me. I'd probably feel better if I brought a dog along but that's not very practical on a small boat such as Ella. When I work I am often alone down in a trench reading stratigraphy. It's peaceful and I enjoy being able to focus without interruption. I don't think I'd mind the aloneness of such a trip as you are making since I really can't say I ever get lonely. Oh, by the way, if you happen to see anything 'odd' in the sea or sky, I would love to hear about it. I'm sure you;re read enough accounts of the modern mariners reports of odd things such as lights or objects in the sky and even in the water. Please report anything like this as it would be of interest. Keep on trucking along and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ship O'hoy.Reading your blog every day and enjoying it.When you cross that equator line for the first time I guess are you going to have a sermony like meeting Neptun and his assistent,oh well you can at least do it in your mind.My first time was on a tanker in the south Atlantic on the way to Brazil.All firsttimers was hunted down skrubbed with soapscum and got a bucket with saltwater splased over their heads big funny show.Neptun and all his assistents did a good job. Fair winds and Happy Sailing. From Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

California said...

Hi Jessica,
Well, you're being followed by many more than just Aussies. Speaking here from California, you're getting now just the beginning of fame. Just wait until you FINISH!! Well, that can wait. Just want you to know that I really appreciate your narratives and enjoy following your adventures and yes, even the slow days. You are so expressive and lovely in your writing, you make us all proud to "know" you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

Many of us in Canada are following (and greatly enjoying) your blog, too! Sending you positive vibes for a successful trip,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse...

So excellent to read your words today. Your freshness of expression sure peaks with your exhilarating days... such as the good weather and proximity to 'The Line'. Such a pleasure to read your lines and have a small share of your experience.,,,, and also be reassured that all is well for you. :))

'Jessica's Equatorial Zone Cookies' !!! Hehhehheh... you must lay down your recipe. They could become a 'named' treat, like quite a few other treats in Oz have been after significant people and events.

As I read your blog I'm constantly reminded of Hemingway's novel, 'Old Man and the Sea' and the level of description that made it so 'real' that I could almost taste the salt and feel the sky .
Your words are like this, so it isn't any surprise that Untold people, a kaleidoscope of 'spirits' across the world are hanging on your every word. What an awesome thought as you 'pen' your thoughts !

... Yet again, I'll get out of a busy lady's way.... May fair winds, good weather and, hey, maybe, a delectable fish :))) be ahead.

... best wishes,


Noela, Gold Coast said...

HI Jessica,
Your story is inspiring for me. Some part of it might be boring for you, but I know nothing about sailing, so you are educating me about life at sea. Thank you!
Hope you reach the Equator in the next day or so. What a celebration! Looking forward to that post.

chris coles-morales said...

Hi Jess,
I am not surprised that you are getting so much interest. People are willing to support you in your attainment of your dream,and that is why you are being watched by so many.
You are doing what others cant or wont do.... you are living your dream.
I will admit myself to being in awe of you.... and also admitting to the fact that your blog is posted on my facebook and twitter pages... every bit does count!
so dont be shocked or amazed by the numbers... we are sharing your dream for many reasons.:)
Anyways... keep on sailing, you are almost to the line... have some sort of treat when you get there!
Chris in Calif.

Helmut said...

To make the equator by the 18th you need to do 650 nm in four days. You are in a race! Is it possible to set up a webcam so we can watch you tweaking sails, making cookies, and hauling in your next fish?

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse,
Been keeping up with you all the way. Checking some of the messages you've received, seems the whole world is too! Your doing great! Keep it up. It'll be great to see you reach the equator & head south.
Paul (Sydney).

Jon@Va Beach said...

Hi Jess,

I was bit worried when I saw your last picture... You looked a bit tired.

But your writing is still up beat, that is good !

We had a big storm over here in Virginia... lost power all night.
We were forced to eat our 5 galon ice cream this morning, ha ha.

I realized how much we depends on electricity.. we couldn't do anything with out it !

Please get enough rest !

Jon@Va Beach

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess,
Yes, you are doing fantastic. It is really great to hear how you're coping so far. Everyone loves getting an update from you & any tidbit of info is good.
I was so excited yesterday to receive my "JW sailing cap". I plan on wearing it a lot. In fact we are going on a family picnic today with about 40 family members & a will be at a beach in the Wollongong area. I'm sure a lot of the conversation will be about you & how courageous you are.

Take care little one!
The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Only 4/5 days or so the the line, another milestone. Glad to hear things are going so well, just watch that sun. But you don't have to be told that.
Writing your blogs, I thing you could wright about anything and we would be interested, I also think you would be hard placed to find many critics now, maybe a few trying to get political mileage, but they don't count anyway. So disagreeing , I don't think so.
I find that when I'm talking to my clients now your name comes up. Everybody knows you.
I never in my wildest dreams would ZI have thought I'd be interested in a 16 year old making chocolate cookies. Just goes to show.
Take care, keep twinking those sails and keep a weather eye about.
Fair winds and following seas.

Tony R said...

Hiya Jess,

Reckon you will be crossing 180 deg E/W - the date line in the next day or so - and get to live the same day twice! Enjoy it doubly!

Not sure about your own generation but I can promise you the 'oldies' of Oz are right there with you - we care that you are OK and proud of what you are doing.

Old Pilot, Canberra

Anonymous said...

Well done Jesse, you certainly are the 'talk of the town', guess it does feel a bit weird knowing so many people are checking in on you. Better than all the other 'news' stories around, though as you say great news about the Traveston dam, used to live on the sunshine coast so appreciate the significance of their victory.
Thank you for sharing your journey, like so many others the 1st thing I do each morning is to check out your site. Stay safe,continue to enjoy your solitude. My dad had a saying, "if worrying would do any good I'd get down and worry the dog" instead you make chocolate cookies, well done!!

Bron NSW

Pete and Nancy in NH USA said...

We in the states are following your every move as well as the rest of the world. We've been following your adventure since the day you left Sydney. Look forward to checking the blog every morning when we get up. Scares us a little when we don't see a new blog but we all understand you can't stay up on it all the time. Just know everyone who follows your journey the world over is as proud of you as your fellow Aussies. Stay safe and clipped in, and remember we all love ya. Smooth sailings

Anonymous said...

Jess, I can't believe you made chocolate cookies by torch light during an electrical storm! Really shows your courage and strength of character. I'm sure most of us readers would have been frozen with fright!

Regarding your blog.... the difference between my every day life and yours is that what you're doing is completely amazing!

Sydneysider :)

Rod McEvoy said...

I love reading your daily posts Keep it up along with your spirits. Your to be admired for what you are doing and win lose or draw you should be an inspiration for all young girls to follow their dreams.
Sail on Rod

Birmo said...

Yes, I must admit it, I am addicted to this blog.

Jesus Morales said...

Heelo from Florida,USA!!! I have never sailed before, but since reading your blog, I have looked very much into it. With that in mind, tomorrow I'm going out on a very small day sailer for the first time. I got a little concerned not seeing a Thursday blog...keep fishing and god speed.

Morales Family(Florida, USA)

Bob said...

Hey Jess...

I guess there is one of those life lessons in the fish being eaten before you got to it... something like "There's Always A Bigger Fish!".

Rooting for you here in the USA...
Bob in OKC (Oklahoma City)

pestinfo said...

Hi Jesse

Can't wait for your blog when you cross and recross the equator.

Something like this --" 0730 hours, entered the North Pacific --- 1645 hours, re entered the South Pacific"

We should run a lottery on the day and the hour you cross the line. Don't need all that GPS stuff, just watch which way the water goes down the plug hole.

Traveston is dead and gone --- hooray. The Mary river will flow on --

Sail safe

Best regards
Hervey bay

Susan said...

To quote a line from Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players"

Whatever your day consists of, it's so different than most of ours. The picture that baking cookies by torchlight out in the middle of the ocean conjures up is really nice. I can smell them cooking, and I can even taste them. It makes me want to go bake some too!

Ever since I heard about your goal, I've been captivated and in awe.. so few people have done it, and it is quite incredible. We so appreciate hearing any little thing about your day, otherwise, we would be wondering how you're doing for the next 8 months.

Is writing is a natural talent of yours...???

"Plodding along out here, taking whatever is thrown at us"
Well that sums up much of life!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

I beleive you are very popular, not so much because of the massive feat your are attempting but to the way you reach out and inspire normal people to have hope.

Sydney, Australia

billyboy5642 said...

Not just Australia, The whole world is following your blog lass.
Great stuff! keep up the good work.
Fair winds and smooth seas.

Billyboy. Philippines

Dave Russell said...

I love reading of your aventure just before i go to bed here in England. Its like having a bedtime story reading your blog and seeing how you've progresed during the day.
I think that your blog is pretty popular here in the UK too. Us Poms are keeping up to date with you too Jess.
Don't forget to look out for Poseidon when you reach the equator!!!!! Its tradition to splash water everywhere to keep the Gods don't forget.

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

How good is it about Traveston Dam being knocked on the head !!Yippee, Excellent !!

I, like everyone else, check your progress daily.

I know that you are physically alone, but if 21 Million Aussies could fit on Ella, in support, we would.

Would defeat the whole purpose of the solo thing, I know.
Imagine the food bags!! Just know we are with ya.

Enjoy your fame Jessica, you are a great ambassador to Australia!! I can't imagine how proud your parents, family and support crew must be...!!

See you tomorrow. Have fun and bring on that latitude line, you can leap that in a single bound, cause you wear your undies on the outside.

lilshawnee said...

Well Jess,Good work.
Ya i read all your blogs but you still have a lot of fans all over the place.
im so glad you are all most ready to go south.
Please let us know whats on your mind about the COLD what you are going to do to stay warm.
I been looking at the cold and i hope you will be warm enough.
You know Jess you have my self my wife and both my girls into sailing.
We want to sail to your country in a few years but we must learn first.
if a 16 year old can do it we can,,LOL
Well lil Jess safe sailng and be a good girl and take care. your friends from the USA

Anonymous said...

I check for your comments everyday and enjoy reading them. I find them exciting on what's going on.

Rich (San Jose, California,USA)

dave said...

I long for the solitude
of a sunset at sea,
and the chill of the breeze
coming in with the eve.
For the motion of my boat,
as she swings on her rode,
and the beauty of the stars,
in the evenings last glow.
RC Gibbons

You get everyday what we long for..
Godspeed and smooth sailing

P_Stevenson said...

Hello Jessica,

Glad you and Ella’s Pink Lady are travelling well. I just recently looked at your website and read about the yaucht your sailing on which seems to be a good choice for your trip. It would be nice to sail around the Sydney harbour on as in February this year I went for a harbour cruise taking in the various sights.

The weather in Australia is getting warmer now with temperatures of about 33deg C expected in Canberra today.

Well Id best run for now...stay safe. Pete.

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse good to hear from you, know you aren't obligated to blog every day but am relived to hear from you.I checked "latest" news and saw you'd reported in to "base camp" so that set my mind at ease somewhat. Stay safe xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I was reading Abby Sunderland's blog and she mentioned receiving "an incredibly friendly and encouraging email" from you.
Abby has her boat and expects to start her journey in early December, then we will have a competition and the world loves a competition. Both of you will have a huge following.

Captain Jack said...

Hi Jesse Following your dream good on you mate ...remember Jesse Martin said "I'm not getting further away from home and loved ones I'm getting closer" go girl..fair blows the wind to ya, Captain Jack

Jen said...

Hey Jesse
I love to read your blog & follow your journey. It's like my little "fantasy" between going to work, feeding the dog & hanging the washing out! I was very impressed with your cupcakes. I can hardly make any in a normal kitchen, let alone at a 45 degree angle! I am thinking of you and wishing you beautiful weather every day. You write so well - I love to read your stories! Cheerio from Brisbane.

Tracie L. Hall said...

So, excuse my ignorance, but is that a safety measure; in a lightning storm you turn off your electrical stuff? Does it attract the lightning (or is turning off electricity an aesthetic thing to better see the pretty lightning)? What about that mast? Is that not like a lightning rod without grounding?
I'm not surprised you are so popular. I've never been a fan of reality tv, but only because I dissaprove of putting people at risk, or in conflict with eachother for the watching pleasure of others...but there is a healthy element of the reality tv concept---the "curiosity about unglamorized, uncontrived, day to day activities of others ... especially in unique places or situations" aspect in being able to follow your activities, that is captivating.
I'm also not surprised that you are congratulating the homeland for their victory in saving thier valley--adding one more dimension to the great Jessica Watson that we didn't have before! Do they grow all 16-year-olds this mature in Australia? Probably not.
Take care and blessings,

Captain Jack said...

Good Luck Jessica...Captain Jack

Noel said...

you never cease to amaze everyone with your tenacity and courage.

Yes, you support from those interested is tremendous, but is only a reflection of the pride you generate in all of us when you take on each day with such vigor.

Hope the chocolate cookies were delicious.

Keep your spirits up - not far to the equator, and I will still be interested to see if there is a big black line that goes across the sea.

Good sailing and keep safe

Noel Novice sailor Canberra

Anonymous said...

We are a family of four from Nebraska, USA and we check in daily to see how you are doing. My kids love looking at our globe to see where you are each time you give a location. They see me checking the computer and say, 'Where is Jessica now?'
How exciting this is for you!

Praying for your safety and smooth sailing as you enjoy your adventure. Thank you for letting us, in a way, "be there" with you!

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