Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fish, First Aid, 'Parker' and Bread

My resolve to catch a fish was strengthened again yesterday when I called in to have a nice long chat to all the family as they were having Friday night fish and chips. I've got it all worked out now. First there will be sashimi with soy sauce, then steaks lightly fried, maybe with a light batter and lemon juice (not fresh of course) and possibly some kind of fish curry. All depending on the size and type of fish. Sadly it seems to take more than resolve to catch a fish, still nothing!

With all this talk of food I've noticed that a few people have been commenting about having to watch my figure. Not to worry I do! I'm actually proud to report that after years of struggling, in the last few weeks, I've actually put on just a little weight. You must be thinking that really is the strangest thing for a 16 year old girl to be saying but I've spent years being told by all the old salts that I need to bulk up a little and have a little in reserve, as it could be helpful as Ella's Pink Lady heads south and around Cape Horn.

No squalls at all today so I've been able to get plenty of uninterrupted catnaps. Really has been lovely sailing, 'Parker' the windvane has been doing his job amazingly and nothing much has needed attention. (Sorry I don't think I ever properly explained Parkers name for those people who weren't able to guess. Parker is the name of a character out of the TV series Thunderbirds. He drives a transforming pink Rolls Royce for a Lady Penelope!). So a few of you guessed it right.

Last night was something special with so many stars that I could swear that the air felt thicker for them. Also there's been a bit of phosphoresce in the water lately so the wash around Ella's Pink Lady is speckled with glowing lights. I got my first minor injury for the trip today, nothing at all serious just a little burn from the stove on my thumb. Treatment involved sitting out in the cockpit with my hand in a cup of water enjoying the sunset then a little cream and of course, the all helpful Band-Aid! Not exactly anything to write home about and believe me I'm about to regret it because as soon as this blog gets published, the phone's going to start ringing and I'm going to be subjected to several full medical interrogations. Talk about being wrapped in cotton wool! Well actually while today's little mishap really wasn't anything serious, the chance of me giving myself a real injury out here is quite serious. Thanks to Mum, a local Pharmacist and sailor Susie, Mark White and the St John Cadets from Dromona Secondary College and my doctor, Margaret Williams (who sailed solo round Australia a few years back) Pink Lady has a first aid kit to rival any hospital. I've also completed my marine medical course, know the kit inside out and as I mentioned, have plenty of advice ready at hand.

I just baked some lovely fresh bread (see pic below) so I'm off to go nibble at the crusty bits before they cool down. Of course covered with jam and cream, then bread and soup for dinner.

Just one more thing, with all this talk of me being mature, I have to say I had a bit of a giggle as I looked down at my bright pink toe nails!

Now just over 500 nm till the equator!


Pic: Covered in flour, kneading bread in my open air galley at sunset.


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elizabeth.peoples said...

I have taken the liberty of calling your guardian angel the same name as the boat. I'm sure she'll very much appreciate it. 
Tell us, are you taking or intend to take sea sick pills?

elizabeth.peoples said...

I have taken the liberty of calling your guardian angel the same name as the boat. I'm sure she'll very much appreciate it. 
Tell us, are you taking or intend to take sea sick pills?

Vic said...

Hey I guessed right about "Parker" ! Love the pink toenails. Might have to paint mine to match.

Casey said...

sounds so good Jessica, what an experience of a life time, I am not that brave to face the open seas myself, but I love travelling my road

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, It is always with great relief and pleasure to hear from you! Awesome picture, such descriptive writing!

Angelique, Darwin NT Australia

ET Gurl said...

Hi jesse
Hope i haven't missed out again so sail on yippee

ET Gurl

Anonymous said...

This bread has a very strange shape. At first moment I thought this is a sponge and you were just in the middle of cleaning Ella's Pink Lady :)))

Sofia - Bulgaria

Paul said...

wow, theres something surreal about seeing you baking bread in the middle of the ocean. As a Brit living in the US, I miss meat pies (American's don't seem to understand). Whats the food item your missing the most so far?

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse its 5.30 here in Maroochydore, and thought I might just check on you again today and bingo here you are on your blog. You really have been busy making bread, my god do you have one of those bread makers on board, never used one but they tell me they really work well. Your mouth must have been watering talking to your family (eating fish and chips), never mind when you finally catch one yours will really be fresh compared to theirs. Apparantely somewhere further North they had big stroms, with hai stones damaging all their crops, so up goes the prices of stone fruit, tomatoes and zucchins, at least you dont have to worry about that, have a good night God speed Love Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Paul said...

Sorry, second question. Do you intend to cut your own hair over the next nine months or just leave it to grow?

Mr. Canadian said...

Good day Jesse

I was looking back at some of your early posts and picture.
The people look like a very fun loving bunch, some more then others. Like the one taken Tuesday, June 16, 2009 (Bruce and Rod on the right very happy about a delivery of FGI materials!)

Very cool to look back at some of your older posts, 0 comments then 1 or 2 comments, then 10. Now there are up over 300.

Way to go Jessica

Mark said...

Hi Jess,
You are doing very nicely.
It all seems calm and controlled.
You have the voyage in front of you, however the world is behind you. Look after that burn, its the little things that make the difference - I'm sure you're aware.


samurai said...

Hey Jess. After reading your last post, sounds like you and Parker had a perfect day and I'm so happy for you. Being a nurse working in a hospital I was very impressed to hear what you've accomplished and what you have on board in relation to medical stuff. I promise never to add to any of those impending interrogations and cotton wool wrappings. You are very capable and have all the support you need. I was equally impressed with your bread making sure are giving me a lot of blasts from the past about my sailing adventures. I used to bake 2 loaves every second day. One to be devoured immediately it comes out of the oven and the other for sandwiches and soup dunkings etc. You are definitely living my dream as I said to you in my very first post. Furthermore, I now find myself re-living my past through your posts. This is very exciting for me and for that I thank you. I find you very addictive. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Take good care of yourself and by for now...Sam

Anonymous said...


Greatings from the northern most island of the Philippines, Batanes Island..
You continue to amaze me with your knowledge.

Stay safe and be watchful of any dangers out there.


Alessandro Machi said...

Nice update, thanks!

mortonian said...

nice photo and blog Jess!! commencing
equator countdown "oh what a feeling" take care

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse.....

Your riding high !! ~~~Your blog sparkles.... and the bread looks great !.... And the sky full of stars... --I can see them !!...Can it get any better, eh !!! :)

Roll on the next 500.... There's a heap of 'would-be' :)) sailors right there on your deck with your every splash and hanging for your every 'report'..

(& hope the thumb feels good real soon. Gees, take care will ya !!)

... catchya tomorrow.


KEITH said...

Hi Jessica, you are doing so well.
I watch your blog every day. Do you have a rope trailing out the back of the boat in case you fell overboard. I know you should be hooked onto a safety line on the boat, but you might be tempted to take it off to do something trivial on deck and get knocked overboard. How far past the Equator do you have to go before you can head south.
You write so well, you are a very good advertisement for your school, looking forward to reading your book when you get back, shouldn't take long, just put all the blog pages together.
Keep up the good work and keep smiling.
All the best from the Gold Coast.

Brendon Andersen said...

Hey Jess,
Well with 500nm till the equator, you must starting to think of what you going to gift the ruler of the deep as King Neptune and his royal party board you to grant your right of passage thru his domain as you cross the line. So have you thought of anything to gift him?
Enjoy the magical feat of crossing the line, i have done it 4 times now, and every time is just as much fun, although i know u will be alone, i am sure you will enjoy crossing into the northern hemisphere and then turning and heading SE and down to the next milestone of Cape Horn and the Southern Ocean. Keep it up jess, your going soooo great, and yes your blog is being read by everyone, was even getting read on Nova by the breakfast crew each morning here in Perth.
keep it up. I am emensely proud of you. You remind me of another Young female sailor, Ellen McArthur, i am sure you have read about her.

Take Care out there, and keep Ella Pink Lady knocking over those miles.

Brendon Andersen

Christo said...

I expect to hear about the outbreak of Thumbosis shortly. I trust you will eventually catch a fish! The world must seem a very large place stuck out there in the middle of it. I have to agree about having an engaging writing style. It just makes the blog compelling reading. Definitely on top of the 'favourites' bookmarks. Steel your resolve for the Cape. Should be before Christmas!
Regards from Western Australia.

Ian said...

Wow! Now watch the blog grow. I checked the comments and I think I'm the first to tell you that you look incredibly beautiful, talented, and fully in command. I loved the flour all over you. The young fellas are going to go mad. How many marriage proposals will you get, I wonder. Just kidding!

Thanks for your comprehensive posts. It is great to continue to hear from you. Have you counted up the number of countries represented by your fellow bloggers? I haven't but there must be many.

Go, precious girl, go. The whole world is behind you.

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica!
Not just Australians are reading your blog. I´m reading it every day from the other side of the world, Sweden.
Stay safe!
/ Emma

Bebie said...

Hi Jess,

You certainly are a busy young lady. Your pics are wonderful and you're looking strong and healthy and yes, we're interested in details because it makes it so real for us too. Baking bread by torch-light - now that's something different but doesn't take away from the taste.

You really are doing great from where I sit with that equator getting closer every day.

Keep well little sweetheart and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

“Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread. Without it, it's flat.”

& “If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.”

enjoy the stars (and the bread)

Your a legend

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
The Cicadas are screaming in Sydney and I'm just waiting on the first bat to arrive shortly from Gordon, summer is here.
I agree with samurai when she( I hope) says that: "I find you very addictive." Keep on racing and worrying about the rig more than your weight, lol.
I liked how you didn't bung on about the Phosphorescence, I just watched Appollo 13 again, where Tom Hanks reminisces about how it showed him the way home, lol.
See Ya later when your legs are straighter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
You are looking well and healthy.
Sunset behind you looks good, too.
Enjoyed report from mum, Bob and Bruce.
You are in safe hands.
Don't lose the little girl in you.
Enjoy yourself.
Luv u.
Richard (QLD)

infiniteblue said...

fresh baked bread...very cool.
Clip on, keep the seas and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Jess, you are so dam sexy! Gorgeous girl who loves sailing, how could there be a better combination!

RichieParis said...

Hi Captain Jesse!
Thanks for this new nice blog and for the lovely pic!

Your medical organization looks ggod and well planned. Sorry for this first wound; unexpected burn, I was rather fearing some cut! But so, it has been done, and I hope this weird injury will bring you luck by chasing al the usual ones away.

I spent some (pleasant) time reading all the comments on your blog, and I have been stricken by the wide range of supporters you have.
Many countries, of course, but also people of all ages, from kindergarten's to old retired grandmas and grandpas, and among the crowd of your addict followers, there are as well confirmed sailors as people who never put a toe aboard a ship.
It seems that you are federating people across all kinds of lines, and you can be sure it is not only your sailing challenge that makes it. It is the way to do it, your attitude and your personality, the way you live and the way you write, the way you think and the way you share. It is obviously exceptional from a 16 year old person, but we just ahve to accept it as a matter of fact.
The way so many (and so much) different people are sharing the same emotions, confessing their addiction to your blog, their constant thoughts about you and Ella's Pink Lady, is as amazing as your sailing journey. It is just heart touching. All the emotion that is pouring out of the comments makes our eyes wet.

I just thought that this extraordinary emotional feeling that is running through the world, thanks to you, might be at least at east kind of named or made more real; we, your supporters, friends, admirers, would-glad-be-parents, and more, could be named "the Jessicans"... Plus, the joke with your name, reminding "yes I can" that is a good illustration of your challenge.
Maybe some Aussie chap (I think your countrymates are the best placed to make it) could found a Jessican Club?
Just an idea, anyway it won't change much in the strength of your support now. But it could gather people with the same spirits and values, and be roots for some international, interage, interprofessional friendship network. A first leg of some later adventure?
Let's see what all your supporters think of it.

Happy equatorial sailing, Captain! We are just waiting for the noise that the line will make when EPL's bow will break it!
Take care of your thumbs as of the rest of your crew. We need you in good shape for a few dozens of weeks ahead!

Jessica's Jokester said...


Pink toenails.. singing with music blaring full volume at all hours.. beauty care products scattered about.. cupcakes with cute little decos... and so on and so on.. it's becoming hard to tell you aprat from any given university sorority house! Hey, no matter if you have to stay rough and tough to face the roaring seas ahead, I forsee no fear in us losing the sweet, young girly girl in you. You SO rock!!

And.. speaking of being a young, attractive woman...

The Psychic Friends Hotline has recently launched hotlines for frogs. Here is the story of one frog and his discussion with his telephone psychic:

A frog telephones the Psychic Hotline and is told, "You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you."

The frog says, "This is great! Will I meet her at a party, or what?"

"No," says the psychic. "Next semester in her biology class."


Gee.. just think of all the fun you are missing back home in the school lab!! But, no problem. You will gain that experience just as soon as you catch a dinner fish!

D'oh! Now I'm just getting gross.. so I shall shut up and behave myself (maybe).

Happy Saturday!

~Al yer pal~

Trish said...

awesome reading all about the trip Jesse!!! I bet the soup with freshly baked bread was yummy ... enjoy and keep that safety harness on!!
Trish (Cairns)

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Pleeeease stop the food torture! Fresh bread, cup cakes, fish recipes. What next?.......I can't take much more!

You'll have to write a cook book upon your return!

Best Wishes,
John F

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse!

Mmmmmmmm, fresh bread! You lucky girl.
When you are crossing the equator, I will go out in my yard and drink a toast to you with a big glass of chocolate ice cream; melted, of course, since you don't have refrigeration. Also, I'll do the same when you pass 87W in a month or so. I'm near Chicago (landlocked! and no timtams!) so you will be due south of me then.
If you don't feel like posting some days, why not just say: ZZZZZZZZZZ (you're napping) or maybe "MAJOR GIANT OCTOPUS ATTACK, TOO BUSY TO TYPE! But will report tomorow.
My deepest wish for you is that you experience your inner voyage as much as the sailing, and as much as all of us are hooked on your blog, this is your time, we're just lucky to see the movie in our minds from all your great writing! (Hemingway was good with 'sense information', kinda takes you there).
And yes, you are amazing and inspirational!

Thanks Jesse!

dee said...

You are doing so well out there in the middle of the ocean.My class and I are following your adventures. We have learnt about nautical miles and so much more. Can't wait until you cross the equator. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I checked on Google Earth, for Line
Islands. They are exactly on the
Equator, Zero degrees. All the best for when you round them an come south east.
Luv u.
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Your blogs are fantastic! They give me an escape from exam study!

You're a true inspiration to young people around the globe.

Oh and there is nothing better than fresh baked bread that is still warm!


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jesse,
As I write there are Fireworks going off at the Dandenong Show, I wonder if you can see them?

Pink toes and Bread powder
a burnt finger and Sashimi, is that the right spelling?...anyway,
I think its all the cream you are having that's contributing to your extra weight, I wouldn't worry about it Jess, really, if anything you have to work on those arms, don't forget that arm wrestle you have to beat...hmmm

Love the picture too, and now we learn that you also have a Marine Medical accreditation...honestly girl what more are you an expert at, you are truly amazing young lass...I loved your term "old salts"...cheeky

And your description of the Stars was really out there, once you turn South the Southern Cross should be in view low on the horizon and pointing due south, it should actually be more to your right due to your course being a South Easterly heading for Cape Horn, but it should be a reminder you of where your home is....

More soon....

No more burnt fingers okay


Clint - Melbourne

Susan said...

Little by little, I'm learning more about sailing. I think the traditional offering to King Neptune is wine or champagne ... yes? But it's hard to imagine that he wouldn't love a chocolate chip cookie, or a fresh slice of bread, or a cupcake!

I'm amazed by what good time you're making out there with only 400nm to go... sounds like you could cross as soon as Tuesday, or maybe even Monday if the wind and weather are favorable.
Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your recent blogs, Its so nice to hear from you. I must say you are one tough fit and couragous young lady. Congrats on passing your cureent and pass milestones. Mind if I ask for some more sunset or sun rise photos as you approach the equator please. Thanks freddo

duane said...

Jessica, once again you write a great blog. Some fish will come along and make a great meal for you. You must have spent many hours in your Mother's kitchen. Sounds like you can bake and cook about anything. That in itself is quite an accomplishment for a sixteen year old.
You are mature for your age, but it is great you still enjoy age appropriate things; painted toe nails, loud music and such. Hope you are in steady contact with your close friends.
I envy you with all the great sunsets, stars, and gorgeous seas. You are setting up impressions that will last your life time.
What a great story you are writing! Thanks for sharing it with us all. duane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Love reading your blog and hearing what you do each day. Might be boring to you but we all find it interesting.
I like hearing about what you are eating and cooking. must be nearly time to open a new food parcel.
Also, how;s the schoolwork going? I hope your blogging goes towards your english asignments.
Keep sake and clipped in.

Anonymous said...

Just hearing you talk of the starry nights makes me so envious. We have experienced similar out in the bush & think that is magical so we can only guess how much more it would be out in the middle of the ocean. Great blog tonight. 6 more sleeps for us then we will be in Hawaii, so will look out for you as we fly over.
Hugs & kisses.
The McGraths Nowra, NSW.

Anonymous said...

Yay! glad its all going well! I was on my dads boat today (1938 gaft rigged ketch or something like that)and was thinking of you, and how great it must be just out there on the open water. Hope you are enjoying it, and I hope it all goes well for you! I am so impressed by your maturity and handeling of various situations! Fair winds!

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Another great blog. You have covered a lot of things today and by the sounds of it everything is going to plan. Perhaps apart from the burn to your thumb. I am sure it will be fine in a couple of days.

Your writing, as usual, is fantastic as is such a pleasure to read.

Love the picture. The sunset look wonderful as does the bread dough.

Hope the next few days are as pleasurable for you as you head to the equator. I look forward to more of your daily blogs.

As with so many other people reading your blog is part of my daily routine and honestly it is one of the best parts of my day.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

The bread looks great and I love the special effect of your being dusted with flour.

I am also amazed that with this many days into the journey, all you have had is the minor incident with a burn on your thumb. If I were in your place, I am sure I would have been bruised and battered from all of the rocking about. It's an age difference thing I am sure. At 16, I know you are as nimble as a cat when on EPL.

Looked like the tail end of a beautiful sunset over your left shoulder.

Can't wait till you cross the line and I know you have something special planned. You don't do that the first time and just say "hummm - - - - that was the equator".

I hope that will be the occasion for a massive picture blog posting. Be sure to include one with your "dorky" straw hat.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,
As your adventure deepens so do the blog comments. You do look stunning covered in flour and i am sure there will be boys after you when you return as a famous beautiful sailor. Congrats again on getting within 500nm of the line, it seems as time is flying by for you and you tell it so well.
Take care as always
John (Macedon, Vic)

Dark said...

Hi Jessica

Burnt fingers or thumbs can hurt so be carefull with that stove (from what was said before its a sprit stove and they are something to be extra careful around, like Sophi from Bulgaria I thought the picture was you having a sponge down in the lee of the doger till i read the words.

Keep safe and watch the miles slip away.



Gabe said...

"Wrapped in cotton wool". As a Mother, I am glad to hear that. It's good to hear that you have a great safety net around you, making sure every little thing is attended to. Also glad to hear you are well trained regarding your well stocked medical kit.
Pink toenails and baking bread! You are truly putting the "feminine stamp" on circumnavigation.
While you are a lovely subject for any photograph, that sky behind you is giving you a little competition.
How beautiful.
Your days and nights must be full of breath taking sights like that.
Fair winds, blessings and safe travels to you,
Maryland USA

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jesse,

The fish menu sounds yummy! Looking tired from the pic but keep it up!!


Anonymous said...

500 nm to the equator = owesome !!! Go for it Jess, this is a fantastic milestone. We are watching you from over here and cheering for you all the time !!! You are the legend Jess !!!!!! Tatiana :-)))

Mike said...


You are beginning to crack one of the great puzzles in life. The balance between being "adult" prepared but never loosing the ability to view life through child eyes. Personally I do pretty well at those adult things but I never want to grow up to much. Life is too short and there are too many awesome things to experience.

I am very impressed with all the preparation you seemed to have done for this trip. You a special 16 year old.

Be thankful for who you are and the parents you have.

Mike Atlanta

Brian Rlley said...

Pink toe nails or not, we can hear your little giggles of humor, as well as the skills you have been showing, hope the burn is not too bad and the fresh bread and jam helped with the pain. 500nm to the equator, you are almost ready to give a right hand turn signal with your arm, and start heading down south, keep up with the catnaps while you can.
Safe passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

gustav said...

The 2009 Leonid Meteor Shower

November 10, 2009: This year's Leonid meteor shower peaks on Tuesday, Nov. 17th. If forecasters are correct, the shower should produce a mild but pretty sprinkling of meteors over North America followed by a more intense outburst over Asia. The phase of the Moon will be new, setting the stage for what could be one of the best Leonid showers in years.

"We're predicting 20 to 30 meteors per hour over the Americas,and as many as 200 to 300 per hour over Asia,"says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office."Our forecast is in good accord with independent theoretical work by other astronomers."

Leonids are bits of debris from Comet Tempel-Tuttle. Every 33 years the comet visits the inner solar system and leaves a stream of dusty debris in its wake. Many of these streams have drifted across the November portion of Earth's orbit. Whenever we hit one, meteors come flying out of the constellation Leo.

"We can predict when Earth will cross a debris stream with pretty good accuracy ,"says Cooke.

The first stream crossing on Nov. 17th comes around 0900 UT (4 a.m. EST, 1 a.m. PST). The debris is a diffuse mix of particles from several old streams that should produce a gentle display of two to three dozen meteors per hour over North America. Dark skies are recommended for full effect.

"A remarkable feature of this year's shower is that Leonids will appear to be shooting almost directly out of the planet Mars," notes Cooke.

It's just a coincidence. This year, Mars happens to be passing by the Leonid radiant at the time of the shower. The Red Planet is almost twice as bright as a first magnitude star, so it makes an eye-catching companion for the Leonids: sky map.

The next stream crossing straddles the hour 2100-2200 UT, shortly before dawn in Indonesia and China. At that time, Earth will pass through a pair of streams laid down by Comet Tempel-Tuttle in 1466 and 1533 AD. The double crossing could yield as many as 300 Leonids per hour.

NASA story on the Leonids: is the fafourite website for astronomers,but to use it properly, it is best to register in order to be able to save and configure observation sites for example:Kiritimati
,Kiribati (Christmas Island), 2.0718°N, 157.7197°W (put in coordinates to check sky above Ella's Pink Lady anywhere and anytime in universal coordinated time (UTC)

track meteorites above your sky:

positioned just north of the equator is
Kiritimati or Christmas Island (UTC+14)
research on wikipedia:

This is really all the info we need.

Now ,let's look up at Mars and I am sure we will see some shooting stars this time.

So there you go Jessica,

Leonids from Mars just in time to celebrate your Equator crossing on the Ella's Pink Lady with fireworks.

It does not get much better than that.

gustav haffner

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jess

You sound in fine spirits and the circles under your eyes have gone. Glad to hear you are bulking up, hypothermia in females can be more serious than blokes..sorry anyway u probably know that. The bread looks good a few carbs, a few extra kilos all good conditioning for the southern trip. The equator is just up ahead keep smiling and cooking bread and not bits of your anatomy

C ya Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
It's good to be a blend of mature and young, you've "nailed" both. OK, no more puns.

You mentioned in an earlier blog about writing about all the little details of your day. Have you considered doing some unpublished journaling for yourself? We all sort of need to have private thoughts. This is your special experience.

Happy sailing,
L.G., Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

St*A* calm young Jess even though you're *B*calmed in the*C*,'Cause slow and stea*D**E* wins the race,*F*or fish may come and fish may *G*o.*H*ow to catch one *I* don't know.*J*ust stick to coo*K*ing,it's what you do wei*L*
*M*m m m
*N**O* *P*oint *Questioning
*R* the fish biting tonight??
.*S*omehow *T* will get made.
*U* *V* lots in your sto*W* than*X* to *Y*our mum co*Z* a girl can't get by without her mum.
It's great that the family are involved and learning about our amazing world and its weather along on your journey as well.
Happy sailing

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I think you should make video clips, cooking on board EPL. -:)

Just leave the camera running and start cooking. Surely a channel like discovery will cover the data upload costs...

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Once again, it's good to hear from ya! And the pic is very nice - not only do you have a great figure, but you also look much more refreshed that the other day.

Then again, maybe it's the flour - does putting flour on your skin make you look better?

Now you have to start thinking about what to give to King Neptune when you cross the line (to the lesser of the 2 hemispheres). I think you need to bake him some goodies, that bread you made looks good, I am sure you could spare a slice with some jam and cream (OOPS NOT THE CREAM! NOT THE CREAM!) LOL. And with a nicely decorate cup cake and a cookie.

So tell me, when you are getting close to the equator, will you be able to let us know roughly what time of which day, even a small update a couple of hours before you are due. Then we can all tune in and celebrate and send you good wishes together!

In regards to Parker, I actually didn't even think about Thunderbirds, I thought you were too young to know about the Thunderbirds. I used to watch that show religiously before school every day.

I just figured that you got the name Parker from some random place in your mind!

So what did I get up to today, well 3 hours golf praccy and then played comp - 5 over par today, nothing flash! But I did think of you on the 11th tee (highest part of the course and next to the ocean) as I looked towards the north west across the ocean! I must have got some karma back because I bombed my drive around 300 metres on that hole!

Anyway, keep up the great work, keep happy and remember the following little saying of mine (another one from my sport psychology notes).


Take care gorgeous girl!

Caves Beach

Mary said...


What a beautiful picture ~ of you, of the sunset, the bread.....the whole composition is fantastic.

I am SO happy for you, Jess.

Good work on all counts!
From reading all the blog comments, I'm now looking to see if you're "clipped in"! Hmmm, did you unclip just for the picture?

Blessings to you and Pink Lady, of fair winds, phosphorescence, shooting stars, all things twinkly and bright, including your beautiful mind.

Mary, Maine, USA

Jo said...

Hi Jesse. How wonderful EPL must look at night all sparkly like it's wearing a halo!! Oh and you burnt your finger on the stove. I have to share, I did the same thing last week, I mowed the lawn and instead of waiting for it to cool down to clean it silly me.... Ouch!! I hope yours heals quickly. Yum home made bread , good for you. I made bread pudding today with sultanas and stuff.. kinda like a christmas cake. Ooh speaking of Christmas I wonder where you will be this Christmas Day. How exciting, Christmas at sea!!! Take care 'til next time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, Only just started reading your blog, but I'm glad I did..soo interesting, you write soo well :) i hope you write a book when you're finished. Strange to think you're writing from the middle of the ocean. I really admire your courage and determination, something we should all strive for. You're a true inspiration. You go girl :) Looking forward to your next update...

Richard Lathrop said...

Great pic! The bread looks delicious; and you top of it!

Interesting to hear how you're trying to bulk up for your meeting with the Southern Ocean. Wish I had that problem.

Your report about your first minor injury was couched very well--even though it's distressing that you've had to endure it. Your fans have been very good so far at holding back all the layers of advice. You are very clever at forestalling it.

I do have another two cents to add about fishing. Give it up. Added to concerns I've voiced earlier is the post on the side effects possible from eating fish caught in your present location. I have no way of verifying the info in that comment, but I'm sure someone on your team can, and if there's any risk at all it isn't worth it.

To me, fishing can become an obsession, an obsession you don't really need. nuff said.

Fair winds, sailor.
Richard Lathrop

Debs said...

Hey Jess

Another fresh loaf of bread.....with my favorite jam and cream too....yummmm. Have you tried catching a fish with bread and vegiemite sound weird...but i did it once...only thing is the bread gets soggy real i popped the bread in a used tea bag....tell you what...the fish really liked it.

I luv a night sky filled with stars.....did you hear they found water on the moon?.....i bet the moon is real clear out there.

Its just after midnight here...much cooler at night...Victoria is gearing up for a high fire danger season....we have had high temps for a week now...and not much relief in i should get some sleep while its

You stay safe, enjoy your fresh bread and have fun

Deb and the guineas.

leslie said...

hey Jess!! you are doing a heroic job and so close to the equator!! It will be tough going when heading towards and eventually rounding Cape Horn but what another amazing achievement that will be!!
To endeavour for what you want in life.You have in such a short time achieved what most of us are too fearful of to do, to venture into the unknown and take a risk!!
Sam Davies as you know completed the Vendee Globe earlier this year and after an incredible race came fourth. You both seem to have an amazing attitude about life.Here is what Sam had to say after her journeys end.
“What I have done feels normal to me,” she said.
“I just went sailing on my boat. It didn’t seem like an incredible thing until I came in today and saw all those people when I thought oh my god, I have sailed round the world. I have actually done it"
what an understated achievement!!
sail well and keep safe Jess!!

Anonymous said...

I'm tickled "pink" that you can bake bread on your yacht. May the Force be with you as you near the Equator. :)

P.S. Went on my very first sailing trip in the Arabian Gulf today (just off the coast of Kuwait). It was AMAZING! So much to learn though...

Franklin said...

"I need to bulk up a little and have a little in reserve, as it could be helpful as Ella's Pink Lady heads south and around Cape Horn."

yeah, it is good to have a little extra weight as it may become difficult to eat and you will not be cooking if you get the normal Cape weather. However, if you don't get enough protien, then your body will eat up your muscle to supply the body with protien. A great bad weather food is boiled eggs.

Eggs are small snacks which can last a very very long time and come in their own wrapping that is bio-degradable (will not add to the plastic floating countries out there). These eggs are also high in protien and if you put salt on them, it will help your body to retain water and calm sea-sickness a little.

If you don't have any eggs, well, I guess it's too late now...but remember it for your next trip :)

Franklin said...

oh yeah, forgot to say, the body can't store protein so you have to continually eat it when you are active. Try to take in some kind of protein every 3 hours on days when you have to be at the helm a lot. I know you have parker but many who have gone around the Cape said the windvane couldn't handle the waves, so plan ahead as it really sucks to be stuck at the helm and you need something that isn't in arm's length.

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Sounds like you're eating better than I am again today. No fresh bread for me.

Hope your thumb feels better soon. I'm sure you're thinking "Jeez, if I see one more comment about being careful I'll scream".

And great photo. While EPL's color is perhaps a little OTT, the color makes a great backdrop in today's picture.

Your comment about the roaring 40's was interesting; I hadn't thought about how hard it will be to prepare food. Maybe some soups heated up and saved in a thermos, or at least hot water to make some instant food. Oh well, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, and all that...

And by the way, as I mentioned before, let us know if you discover Tracy Island.

All the best,

Brian in NY

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 31:10, 27
10 A [woman] of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 27 She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Great post, Jessica. Love the description of the night air thick with stars and the phosphorescence. Enjoy that fresh bread! As I go about Saturday duties I will be praying for your health and quick healing, continued good progress, and your family at home looking out for you well as described in your post and the companion one by your mom.

Carl Petersen said...

So what is this cream thing you keep talking about. I got the feeling we are out on something here in the States.

Ellen said...

Hi Jessica - Greetings from London. I just wanted to say that today's entry is a brilliant blog. I felt like I was with you on Ella's Pink Lady - breathing the salty air, thick with stars, the delicious scent of bread baking in the oven, but I couldn't help but chuckle over those elusive fish - slippery little blighters! You'll get one yet! Take care Jess and enjoy your journey of a lifetime.

claudia said...

I am just so happy for you that things are going well. (except the burn on your thumb!) When I was fishing I never thought to make my own bread. Of course our boat wasn't as well equipped as your Ell's Pink Lady.
What a great and fun adventure for you!
Keep up the great voyage!

Nadine said...

Hi Jesse,
I think your blog is facinating to read every day. Your little stories are so good I feel like i'm riding along with you.

Great pic cant wait for the equator!
Nadine, Ohio USA

Four Indiana Girls said...

I have to say you that baking bread on a boat in the middle of the ocean sounds simply amazing! Totally would not have expected that at all! Hehe... Very cool pix and the girls were excited to get an update on you again.

OH! And guess what we found just the other day at a local store... Tim Tams! I was so excited I about knocked the shopping cart over! HAHAHA My husband needed a bit of an explanation to understand my excitment and reasoning for paying so much for cookies. :) We've all tried them now and find them delicious. We prefer the chocolate ones over the carmel, but there's only two choices here anyway. I'd love to try mint someday!

Thanks for sharing on your blog. I know that we really appreciate all the great details and look forward to reading it all the time.

Take care and be careful!!

Sally said...

Hi Jess

Home made bread! To die for - yumm! There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked crusty, home made bread. And now you are talking about sashimi and lighly fried fish steaks... You are putting us to shame Jessica! Great photo by the way. Although I must admit I thought it was a Jellyfish or something strange in your hands before I read the text on your blog.

Well we have just returned from a seafood restaurant in Cronulla and I had a lovely linguini marinara for dinner. I deserve this having danced for over 6 hours today whilst trying to pull together a Christmas Concert.

Love the name 'Parker' very appropriate.
Hope the burn heals well, glad that you have all that medical support and are 'wrapped up in cotton wool' so to speak!

Take care Jess - stay safe.

Raise your sail one foot, and you get ten feet of wind.
-- Chinese Proverb

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.
--Bertha Calloway

Darren Achim said...

Hey Jessica,

Nice pic! you look in great spirits, thanks for clarifying the "Parker" naming. Hope your thumb heals quickly and your back to 100%. It really is remarkable how much you've accomplished at 16 even if you are wearing pink nail polish!!

Stay safe and Godspeed

Darren Achim
Toronto Canada

Anonymous said... your picture!!!!! so glad you're still having fun out there! and, boy, are you moving, too!!! it always amazes me as to the distance your have been covering! sail safe!

castro valley, ca, usa

Anonymous said...


Don't worry Jess .Fish can also be enjoyed just by watching and being amazed at their skills in the sea.After all it is their home!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog and pic today, Jesse. I was just thinking last night that you must have a large first aid kit to cover you. Sorry you had to use it :o(
How are you dealing with garbage? Did you have to plan space in your boat for the non-organic items?
I think of you often and my thoughts are with you along the way. I'm excited for you to cross the equator :o)
Stay safe and keep up the great work! D, Lenoir NC, USA

Anonymous said...

I (as we all) continue in amazement of you. I have an 18yr daughter, she actually looks very similar to you, almost sister type. I can't see her in your position though. I feel sorry for a husband in your future. As strong willed and determined you must be. Your parents must be overwhelmed with pride. Wishing you the best from Texas! Sail on!


Clair said...

You've talked about Parker and I wonder what emergency provisions have been made for if you accidentally fell overboard. Unless Parker knew you had gone over, he would keep sailing much faster than you could swim. Ideally, Parker would stall Ella's Pink Lady so you could get back aboard. Do you wear a small line around your waist or do you wear a life jacket with a homing beacon attached when you're tramping along your decks? Or are you just REAL careful?! Clair

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica ---

I've been following you along and your voyage has piqued my interest in the islands and reef's around you. I zoom in on Google and have discovered some amazing things just looking at them. e.g., You are near Starbucks Island to the East. There is a strange pattern of Palm trees on the Northwest (West) shore - strange debris - and a peculiar landscape that looks like fault-lines running through the island. Geologically I'd be deviating all over the place wating to discover what all these things are - I'd NEVER get a round the world trip finished (HAR). What a project could be developed in a classroom over such motivation and Google Maps (the PRO version) to zoon in and explore these out of the way little curiosity's.

Looks to me you'll cross the eauator very near to "Christmas Island"

Gary O

Russ said...

Jesse, Absolutely great stories each day. Look forward to reading them very much. With this modern communication it is like watching TV, Great job! Now, when you can, keep your eyes on the lure, if you get a strike get it in fast, before the larger fish has it for lunch. Best wishes... Russ Byron Bay/now Calgary

Anonymous said...

Ship o'hoy.See that you is enjoing the stars,wonder if you are able to see the Northern Star now,that one who stays in the same position all the time,it should be pretty low in the horisont then.The first they show me was the Soutern Cross,but you grow up with that one.Keep on fishing and be extra on guard at sunset and sunrise and if any thing crappy is going to happen(G-d forbid)is around 2o'clock in the morning.Keep on sailing brave little one,fair winds. From Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse, for my benefit it would be helpful if you softened your resolve to catch a fish, at least, before reaching the Equator. My illegal bookie ring among my surfing mates has yielded a kitty of 75 bucks at 2 to 1. So if you hang off until you cross the Equator I'm in for a small killing, otherwise, if I have to pay up, I may have to sleep on the beach for a week. (Pay out strictly on photo proof). We're just having a bit of fun at your expense - hope you don't

Gorgeous pic as always and the bread well as I said yesterday you could open a floating restaurant - a BYO FISH restaurant that offers free bread and cup cakes. When you catch a fish post-Equator, well; you can then offer fish of the day.

It's great to see Mum checking up on what lay ahead - she sounds a great Mum and no doubt a proud one as well.

Loved your description of the 'luminance' around the EPL it sounds as though you have the Xmas lights up already.

Where would we be without the humble Band Aid?? I sincerely hope that's the worst of it and you remain injury free from now on. That's my wish!!

You seem in good spirits, Jess, so I suspect the catnaps are helping to keep the mind fresh and sharp. Stay safe, special one, and remember to buckle up, keep up the fluids and be happy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You are doing so well. You are such an inspiration.

Im planning to live on a boat in the future and your blogs motivate me to be all I can be.

Smooth Sailing !!!

hezakiah299 said...

11-14-09 @ 11:30
Hi Jessica,
Good to hear from you again, and with lots of info.
I take it you still haven't had any luck with the fishing. No matter, it will come. There's no doubt as to what you are going to do with it when you catch it. And you will. You look good with your flour decoration and the bread looks good to.(and you don't look tired LOL)
Sorry to hear about your burn, I know you said it wasn't serious, but for some reason I think it's a little more then your saying. I hope I'm wrong, but regardless, stay on it, little things can grow.....May I suggest you keep it wrapped up good lest it interfere with your handling of the lines. But it all sounds like you are well prepared, in knowledge, training and material.
Hey, there’s nothing wrong with you having little pink toenails, good to see your still taking an interest in yourself even though there’s nobody within hundreds of miles. That says a lot about your attitude.
Take good care of yourself, Ella and your crew. The next 500 will be a piece o’ cake. I’ll be thinking of you every day.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Stanlee said...

We are our own best friends and how cool it is that you are really experiencing the fullness of that. Even down to the burn on your finger, you have to be feeling so real and so alive. Your fish will come and all the more pleasurable in the patience of waiting. Your energy is so evident in your writing and in your manner. Stay on course.

SaltyDog said...


You're right. You probably will get overwhelmed with concern regarding your minor injury. But afterall, you now have an "adoptive" family around the world who care about your well being. That's not a bad thing, though. Hope the weather conditions stay favorable for the run to the equator.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailiing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess. Greetings from Boston, MA USA. I enjoy your posts very much and read it everyday. As a fisherman I really want you to catch that fish. I’m not sure what kind of tackle and gear you have. Perhaps you can lighten up your presentation with lighter leader and smaller lure. There should be mahi mahi where you are so maybe you can try a smaller profile 5 inch squid or feather lure if you have it. Good luck!


Phil in Idaho said...

You are very mature Jess. But you are still a GIRL! Go Pink Toes!!

RICHARD said...

This is a great "relief" blog. Weather is great. Cooking is fun. Speed is a good pace. Weatherman happy! Stars and a glowing sea.... Putting on a few pounds. (Which makes me think a voyage around the world for me is now pretty mush out of the question) (My wife would most likely approve of my being gone for 8 months... but putting on the weigh... already a big negitive!)

Love the pics!
Have a great day!


Tracie L. Hall said...

Ohhh, this may be your best posting really *do* have a flare for description. When you write that book do not, I repeat do *not* leave out this sentence: "Last night was something special with so many stars that I could swear that the air felt thicker for them." and I hope part of what you are bulking up is that arm muscle so you can provide autographed copies, for which I get first dibs...I'll pay extra! (wink) Also, don't leave out the phosphorescence--I've been hoping you'd get to see that but wasn't sure you would if there were no breaking waves--I am totally envious!
Sounds like you've got the cooking mishap under control and that the bread was worth the pain.
Good luck with the fishing--Yes, I'm signing off---Its time for me to get some more reading in from "The New Complete Sailing Manual" so it doesn't take me another 6 months to finish it! (I'm up to "Variation and Deviation"--where it's telling me about the three different "Norths" to keep in mind.)
Take care and blessings,

thefoxhole said...

Hi, Jessica.
I see the bread isn't the only Hot thing on that boat,
you're doing a great job so take care, you get a good workout with your arms but you can't walk very far so keep your legs moving and don't sit in one spot for to long, you should have bolted an exercise bike to the deck, don't forget to lookout for the Leonid's Meteor shower on the 17 nov. cheers.

Chicago Jim said...

No worries about you, Jess, you're eating better then I do in my two bedroom condo. Still, many prayers as I catch up with your blog, daily.


Steven Hays said...

Jesse: When you were embarking from Australia, I was travelling with a mission team from Texas to Southern Sudan in Africa. Our sailing buddies have been following your progress and offering up prayers to God for your safety. My dad was born in Towoomba. Go Aussie

Jim Lewis said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure.



carol said...

Jesse, I am so proud of you and we don't know each other...well, I know you from your web site and blog. I'm a sailor also, not the ocean kind, but the lake kind. I live in New Mexico USA and we have a few decent lakes to sail around in. My husband and I have a 16ft Hobie Cat, and a 26ft McGregor. When you talk terminology, I know what you're talking about.
I followed Zac S. and Mike P. on their voyage around the world and now I'm following yours. I'm really impressed with how well prepared you are. You really know what your doing.
Good luck with the rest of your voyage.
May your sailing winds be strong yet gentle.

Meechree said...

Haha, you're so cute. You pained your toes to match the boat :D
I was going to ask about Parker's name, and that makes sense :p
Glad you're having fun (:
-Dimitri, USA

Oline said...

I love your blog and wish you all the best !
greetings from sweden

mike,ca,usa said...

sorry to hear about your thumb but at least you have bread. i want to place a bet that you will hit the equator on monday california time. good luck

Anonymous said...

Jessica fresh baked bread with cream yummy! no need to diet out there actually agree putting on a few pounds is healthy given what you are attempting sailing into the Southern Ocean. Enjoy your tucker ! Fair Winds Following Seas !

Anonymous said...

Apollo 13... My goodness, they certainly had all the back-up and still the jitters, as following the laws of physics, they were nothing better than a ballistic projectile at the mercy of gravitational forces. Couldn't just pull the handbrake, do a U-turn and come back - No, they still had to pass the dark side of the moon (without radio contact) and encounter the right reentry angle into the atmosphere. So, maybe a question to the "Team": How reliable are Search & Rescue Operations of those nations Jess is passing along ? At least somebody had the good thought of fitting a 180 deg. stove to enable you cooking while waiting for somebody to knock on the hull.
Positive thinking, your extensive planning has turned the trip into an enjoyable event so far. We could have even been bored by reading "...opened another box of squeezable chocolate paste, a favourite treat for the Apollo astronauts, while I fancy the tubes with Swedish fishpaste (saves me from throwing a line to catch the real stuff...), followed by cream paste with strawberry mash from those burgundy tubes. But, Mum, you accidently packed the toothpaste with the entrees. Can't say, that I enjoyed that encounter... Well it saved some time cleaning the teeth. And who shoved the vegemite tubes in the toolbox ? Took me ages to find them there.
On a brighter note, I think I should send some of the tube rubbish through the shredder to create some precious space in this small cabin. By the way, Mum, what did the tube with the sunscreen look like ...?"
Heard some rumours, that the Molvanian 4 Men Bobsleigh Team is planning to tackle the "Round the World in a Bobsleigh" Task. Currently they are desperate to find a suitable route in mostly downhill sloping landscapes...
Say no more...
Keep tracking, Jess

Anonymous said...

just as well you are not a thumb sucker, Jesse :)

Thank you again for sharing your journey with us,
Tia (Wayyy out in the bush)

Rowie said...

Hey Jess,
Thanks for a great start to the day! Love reading your blog first up. And today, an extra one from your Mum! How great to have this technology on Ella Pink Lady and be able to communicate with the whole world.
Happy Sailing and Safe Travels!
Rowie, Phil, Maddy and Pat

Chris Akenfelds said...

500nm until the Equator... Jessica, were are all cheering for you. Just keep up the good fight!

Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane QLD
akenfelds @ lycos . com

Earth Waratah said...

Looking good there, Jess!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Looks like you got to practice your First Aid after all, im glad its only minor and i wont lecture you on how to look after it THIS TIME. LOL

The Cadets have been enjoying your blogs and send best wishes.

Dromana, St John Ambulance Cadets.

Russ. said...

Hello Jesse,
The recipe for the fish sounds great! Now you have to make sure you get a nice one to eat. Unfortunately, when trolling in the ocean you have to keep a sharp look out for a strike on your lure. Then you have to quickly get the smaller fish in to the boat. Otherwise, it is ideal food for a larger predator fish. You don't need a 150 lb marlin or you would have some problems. Anyhow, when you have idle time you know what to do with the line and lure. The bread looks good. Some honey would go good with that. Tight lines and safe sailing..Russ Byron Bay/Calgary

Helmut said...

Dear Jessica,
The planning that has gone into this adventure, and the organisation supporting you, would do NASA proud. In your beautifully written blogs, don't ever think that something is too trivial to mention. We hang onto the smallest details and are craving for more. Just look at the some of questions:
how many sails have you on board, and what type are they?
do have a bread making machine or bake it in the oven?
is your harness always hooked up when you are on deck?
do you have a line trailing in case you fall overboard?
what's in your first-aid kit?
etc. etc.
If you could set up a webcam, even if you send a picture only every few seconds, yours would be the ultimate reality show. Have a look at what others are doing at
Wishing you a safe and speedy journey, Helmut

Bernard-99 said...

2 blogs in one day - I can almost forgive you for missing out on Thursday.
(Its also nice to get a bit of inside info on the backup team.)

If you think that 8 months is a long wait till you get home, spare a thought for us blog-addicts who will have to wait even LONGER for your book to come out!!

Look after your thumb as you will have a lot of book signing to do when you get back.

I already have Robin Graham's "The Dove" and Jesse Martin's "Lionheart" - any ideas on what you will call your book?

CMyers said...

Our family cruised for five years, and I captained a boat with an all teen crew across the Pacific. That ocean's fish were VERY large - one hit our towable water generator - and we ended up using steel leader. Wondering what bait you are using? We had good luck with making multi-colored squid skirts and trolling them about 2-3 boat lengths behind, but you know all that. You can look forward to mahi-mahi as you near the Line islands. You probably already know the trick (nearer land) about diverting through any area where you spot birds? Good fishing and fair winds. Christine, USA

cousinpete said...

hi jess, glad things are going well for you. i hope the burn is healing nicely.
i know the bread tastes good. nothing like waarm fresh baked bread. nibble and savor the moment.

Emile MHS said...

Hi Miss Jesse, Well the home schoolers are amazed by your many talents, sailing, photography, COOKING,fishing, meteorology, astronomy and in the past dingy sailing. Wow. Yes, please put on weight for the cold and ruff weather that may come your way. Have a really nice day Miss Jessica

Dusty from Dubbo said...

'morning Jess

Apologies... for predicting a great meteor shower at the weekend... a real bummer last night. Got up 3am and saw one meteor albeit a good one in half an hour. How did u go? It appears to be on again tonight so let's hope for a better display.

Have a safe day and a bit of sleep

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, greetings from Germany! I am reading your blog every day and am still amazed at your courage and persistence! I am a wimp when it comes to boating and open water hehe, which makes me admire you even more! I've been thinking that it will probably be so weird when you first return to civilization after being on your own surrounded by nature and tranquility for so long. Anyway, you'll make it, you're a tough cookie. Best wishes, Sylvia

Attitude said...

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect it’s successful outcome.” –William James

CMyers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter said...

Hi Jess

Sounds incredible! Keep going and keep the blogg going. You are doing so well.

I am tipping you willcross the equator on the 19/11/2209 and 12.43 pm ESDT. Lets start a guessing competition.


Anonymous said...

Sailing my boat solo in Sydney Harbour in 20 knots winds gave me just more respect of your solo trip! I was talking to myself all the time and telling myself to be not such a woosh when I got scared and wonder if you are doing the same?

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Wow hard for us Non Sailors to even fathom baking bread at sea!
You really seem to be so gorunded and really methodical and calm.
Enjoy each moment...You are making dreams come true for more than just you sweet girl!

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Fresh bread! mmmmmm! Hope the burn heals quickly. And glad to hear that you got some good sleep. I sense the excitement with the Equator nearing!! Here's to continued progress and good fortune! Good luck with the fish also. Watching, hoping, waiting and wishing you the best! Godspeed, Mike

Anonymous said...

hi jesse,good toh a resul see u doing so well,youre looking great and sounds like your keeping a good head on your shoulders.not sure about youre fishing prowess often do u pull up youre line to check,you may want to alter this,you might be surprised with a result.happy sailing from kaitangata newzealand,KAI RULZ, you go girl

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Just another good description of a good busy day at sea.
Thanks for that
Take care
emgb1 from South Wales, UK (GMT+0)

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess
Thanks for another fabulous post. And thanks for letting us know about your first aid training and kit. As a nurse and med student, I had been thinking about your preparations for maintaining your health and looking after yourself if the untoward happens. I never cease to be amazed at your detailed and comprehensive preparation for this trip. No doubt, you are well sorted with vitamins and mineral supplementation – keep at the fishing as maintaining your iron intake will be so important for your energy levels.

Hey Jess, if you haven’t already started so I am going to give you some additional homework. Yes, more homework! Before things get busy down south and back on land, you know that now is the time to start your book. When you return from your adventure as a heroine, you will be an adventurer and role model who everyone will want to meet. You may find that the first year after your return will be very very busy – as somebody else said, you need to prepare your head for that. So the time to start the book is now. It seems to me that it would be great to talk about your preparation and inspiration. Just the preparation chapters will take you ages because what you have said on your blog has just given us a minor glimpse into the time and hard work you have put into everything. An as a first step, copy your blogs in a word processing program and start building on and around them. You write so beautifully that you may enjoy doing it. Still, you are SO organised that you have probably done all of this already.

I should be studying for uni exams but I like to turn on the computer and see how you are doing. Almost at the equator – you go girl! It’s just another sunny day in Brisbane with the temp set to rise into the 30s. It’s kids music concerts and swimming in the pool for me today. Although, the lawn needs mowing. Just another typical layback QLD Sunday.

Keep up the great work. I am really happy for you that all is going brilliantly.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

HI Jessica,
Any chance of a video from 'on deck'? so we can get an idea of the view and the motion etc.
Luv ya & all the best
Ken S.

Rebecca said...

Hi Jesse,

Just wanted to say that we're cheering for you in California. :) Glad to see you're taking good care of yourself. Keep the posts coming... we love sharing along with your adventure!

GrandmaSue said...

You're looking after yourself real good Jessica. Bet that bread tastes beaut too!

nutralady2001 said...

Loved your blog Jesse. Sorry you burned your finger thank goodness it was only minor.
Knew you'd have a top notch first aid kit aboard congrats on nearly completing your marine medical course you don't need the piece of paper to know what to do !

Take care .xx

Karelin said...

Aloha Jesse! I've been watching your blog for a few weeks and am very excited for you. Sounds like you are very comfortable and enjoying the adventure. Too bad you can't come all the way up here to see us in Hawaii. Maybe next time around! ;) I've been sailing for just over a year now. Would loved to have taken a trip like yours. I'm daily praying for your safety and experience.
Karelin - Kaneohe, Hawaii

Ron Munro of 5108 said...

jam and cream, ?????? What no Vegimite? You Go Girl. Cold water, cream and a bandaid, missing one ingrediant!; hope you also got the ever curing (Cyber) kiss on the digit from Mum!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Me and my two children, Jenny 7 & Matt 5 are following your journey. We think you are incredible.

Craig in Texas, USA.

Marcel said...

Hey Jess,

first: Thank you! :) I told some friends from you, and now they're satisfied from you, too. :) Now we have a daily discussion about sailing.

You are Wonderfull, Jess!
I'm looking forward to your next update :)

Be carefull :) Greetings Marcel

PS: Nice bread :) Now I got hungry...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I must admit, at the beginning, when I first heard about your solo trip I was one of the (I assume) many people who thought you're crazy and that you're parents must be crazy to let you do it - this coming from someone that's never sailed in her life but does partake in the motorised version. But after reading your blogs and seeing how you take it all in your stride, my way of thinking has changed a lot. I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing how you are coping each day. I do worry about when you run into rough seas for an extended time and hope that your spirit stays strong. You now have my full support and best wishes for for-filling your sailing dream. I think you will find that a lot of people have changed their minds since the earlier days. Make sure, no matter what is happening to stay strong, enjoy the experience, even when it's tough as we are all only on this earth for a very short time and we all should grab our dreams and make the most of them. Safe sailing. I hope the weather gods are kind to you :-)
Jenny - FNQ

Sydney said...

I love following your adventure daily. I have to say it is the first thing I read in the morning. Your writing is fun to read because of the way you write and your positive thinking. It is great to read the different words of expression you use. You are such an amazing and brave girl. I can't even image doing what you are doing so it is nice reading about your adventure and dream. I agree with someone else that the idea of baking bread out in the ocean is sereal. I don't even bake bread on land let alone out there. :)

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

That bread looked yummy. I'm sure it went down really well. There is no end to your talents and your attitude to being prepared for anything that comes your way. It's refreshing to see such a positive attitude in one so young.

Great to see your have some time for a little TLC too with those pink toe nails. The phospherence must have been a treat to see. Thanks for sharing all that you do with us interested folk all over the world.

God speed you to the Equator.

ribeiroantonio said...

Hi Jess, when you time tell us a bit about your waste management plans. It would be interesting to know what you do with you minimal waste (can, plastic, etc).
You are a very brave girl and I wish you very good luck. Be happy!!!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I love the concept of "Parker" - and enjoy baking your own bread. Glorious stuff.
Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW.
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
I have been following your trip with much interest, you are an inspiration to young people.
Your bread looks yummy and to nibble on warm crust is superb.
Take care and enjoy the high seas. Looking forward to your next blog.

Toni McLean said...

hi Jessica,
I missed a day in checking your blogs because I was very busy and 3 get posted! You really are so remarkable in so many ways and obviously just quite normal in others. Pink toenails! - but even that requires much skill on a boat that just won't stay still for you! Even worse than trying to put lipstick on while the car is going. That reminds me of my first "long" boat trip of a week non stop and then coming ashore and getting into a car. 60 k/hr and I was panicking! I wanted the driver to slow down. Imagine after 8 months!

Those squalls can be a pain, sometimes you go to a lot of trouble for nothing, but it doesn't pay to ignore them, does it?

Your plans for the fish bring back memories too. If you get a nice tuna that would be fantastic - really great sashime and steaks - and then of course the curry for when it is getting a bit older. I'm sure you have some great fish recipes.

And by now you can practically see the Equator - dont' get the rudder caught up in the line as you cross. :-).

Wishing you fair winds

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
About those fish ... reckon you should paint huge picture of fish kissing "Rex Hunt" and attach it to the line ... be prepared for a major haul - lotsaluv, Melbourne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
About those fish ... reckon you should paint a huge picture of fish kissing "Rex Hunt" and attach it to the line ... be prepared for a major haul - lotsaluv, Melbourne xx

Caves Beach Andrew said...

G'day Jess,

Another great update. Good to see that you are looking after yourself properly, cooking anything that you need, and still making good progress.

I wouldn't worry about anyone who has a go at you about your figure, it's fine. Some of those old salties probably have not heard about power-to-weight ratio. Just because a person is petite, it doesn't mean that they lack strength or fitness.

Besides, I would have though that this voyage would be more of a mental challenge than a physical one, and you seem to have that area covered pretty well.

I didn't even think of the name Parker coming from the Thunderbirds, I would have thought that the Thunderbirds was a bit before your time. I used to watch it religiously at 6am every morning before school.

The bread looks good - it's all you need, you don't need the perfectly square loaves of bread when at sea. At least with your little loaf of bread, you can hollow it out and fill it with jam and cream - why bother to cut it?

Today for me, just the usual, 3 hours of golf praccy followed by an average round of golf - 77. But I did bomb a drive down the 11th tee around 300 metres. That was straight after I looked over the ocean towards the north west and sent you some good karma via psychic mail (the 11th tee is the highest point on the golf course and is next to the ocean). Perhaps I received some good karma in return, judging by that drive!

Anyway, keep up the good work, stay smiling and keep having fun.

Take care gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs Jess - stay safe.

Langley Family, Eton, Qld

Georgie said...

Gday Jess

Wow only 500nm to go to the equator. YOU GO GIRL :) Mate ya blog is gr8 and love reading it everyday it was good to see the blog from ya mum. (Good on ya Julie) I hope ya enjoyed ya bread it looked nice and as for the pink toe nails GOOD ONE.
Well darl take care and enjoy, your doing AUST PROUD.
Till next time Jess our true blue aussie KEEP SMILING and bye for now

Anonymous said...

Maybe try setting up a berley trail. Mix some sardines with bread crumbs and stick the goo in a stocking or old sock and let it dngle in the water off the back. Hopefully it will attract fish to your lure. Check it regularly to see if you have dinner.

Take care, watch out for the bities now, hot things I mean.

Anonymous said...

Huba huba huba. Boy oh boy, Sports Illustrated is going to want to have you on the cover of their magazine when your voyage is over. Beauty, brains and brawn.

Have a fantastic trip.

Kevin in Sydney.

hezakiah299 said...

11-14-09 @00:00
Hi Jessica,
Well young lady, how’s the thumb doing? Did you put it in a sling? LOL
Just teasing you a little bit. I hope you enjoyed the bread. The bread in the picture reminded me of bread my mother used to bake. It was Irish Soda Bread, and it was delicious. It’s been fifty (50) some odd years since I had any of that. I could almost smell it when I was remembering it, some imagination, yes.
Hey Jessica, if you get a chance could you let us know about your personal safety features, I know you have a belt and tether but do you have any other lights, lines, bells or whistles or SOS signals, anything that would help you if you fell overboard. I noticed that someone else had asked a similar question.
As far as watching your figure, you’ll have to do that when you get back to Sydney and start catching up on all your favorite meals that you had missed out on for the past 7-8 months. LOL But I’ll bet you’ll handle that.

Just finished dropping a line to your Mum, she had sent a letter explaining her visit to Bob McDavvit which was very interesting and I was encouraging her to send more mail explaining the background workings.
You and your Mum have similar writing techniques, you make it sound like you are right there talking. I like the lines you wrote about the stars and the phosphoresce:
“Last night was something special with so many stars that I could swear that the air felt thicker for them. Also there's been a bit of phosphoresce in the water lately so the wash around Ella's Pink Lady is speckled with glowing lights”.

Well, you’ve only got less than 500 miles to go now. My uneducated guess will be…..Tue. @ Noon Your time
So good luck, take care, be safe and you’ll be there before you know it.

May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Helmut said...

Hi Jessica

It looks like you are on perfect course to pass west of Christmas Island about 100 nm after you cross the equator. Once past, keep sailing east for a while before you turn south.

The height of the land averages 10 feet or less, but there are a few lines of sand hills which reach a height of 20 to 40 feet. The highest of these are along the southern shore of the Bay of Wrecks. A strong current sweeps into this bay from the east and has caused many sailing ships and even a steamer or two to pile up on the jagged reef, which averages 100 to 300 feet wide.

You want to avoid this.

Best wishes, Helmut

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

Good to see you. You look great !! I have seen the phosphorece at night once in my life and I was completely amazed. Wonder why it does that?
Fishy will come one day, soon, sometime....

I have two tips for you about fishing (did not make it in another blog, I think I must have deleted here goes again)

1. They are very hard to catch
2. Do not bring any fish into the boat that has a mouth big enough that you can fit your head into it.

That's all I know about fishing.

Ps. If having bright pink toe nails makes you immature with the determination and savvy you have, I want some of that. Yes, my toe nails are now pink in support.
Have fun and lets talk again soon.

Steve K4CPX said...

After the Equator,
Jess goes next far South to Cape Horn. For anyone out there that doesn't know what a difficult challenge that will should read this....

My thoughts and prayers are with you Jessica...

Stephen Crow,K4CPX, Circumnavigator on my 46ft. sloop Carina

Anonymous said...

Great pic of you covered in flour and what lookds like wholemeal bread dough. A bit worried about the winch handle in the background though. Of course you'd have spares, what am I thinking? Stay safe gutsy lady.

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Jess

Your fishing efforts reminded me of a wise saying a woman told me a couple of years ago.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day....
Teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend!"

You're doing great young lady. I'm absolutely envious. I sold my boat a few years ago (Top Hat 26) and really miss being out on the water.

I asked my wife if she knew of any shelters for the boatless but to no avail.

God Blessya

Peter Vickerson

Anonymous said...

hi jess, love the smell of fresh baked u have an oven on ellas pink lady.? sorry u burnt yourself . i just did a meat loaf in my dreampot. u just put it into big pot and and simmer for 20 mins then into the thermes and leave. dinner will be ready aroung 6pm. its for when we go bush ect but i like to use it at home also.u sound like u have it all mapped out for u.u enjoy your baked bread and i will enjoy my meatloaf.till next blog u take care on those high seas. safe sailing.
p is for paul and j is for judith incase u were wonderin.

VancouverIslandgal said...

Hi Jessica
Wishing you all the best! Even us Canadians on Vancouver Island,British Columbia are watching your journey!Have you enjoy every moment!CHeers!

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm impressed that you know about the Thunderbirds. I thought that it was only old people like us who remembered that series.

Of course Parker was Lady Penelope's chauffeur. I seem to recall that Lady Penelope was, like you, quite a strong and unflappable girl.

The bread looks good enough to eat.

Good fishing and I hope that whatever you catch doesn't put up too much of a fight.

Stay strong. Look out for hot cook tops and keep finding those kind winds.

June and Richard Thorn.

P.S. You haven't told us how you're going to celebrate crossing the equator.

John said...

So you are in a pink craft driven by Parker. Does this mean we should call you Lady Penelope from now on?

Anonymous said...

I am so envious, your journey is a once in a lifetime opportunity that most of us can only dream of. I have to laugh at the men that I work with who say that you are too young and immature - how wrong they are - most of them couldn't even write as good as you let alone handle the journey so far as you have done, and will never have the maturity that you show us everyday. You will be able to sing the song 'Fame' remember my name .. I can just see you singing it and danging around the boat.
You go girl

Anonymous said...

go girl

Anonymous said...

some really bad jokes

Why do sopranos makes such good sailors?

Because they love to hit the high C's!

Why did Jessica take to the ocean?

Well, the media said she might be a good role model, so she's practicing rolling this way, then rolling that way, bouncing a bit, then rolling the other way....

OK Jesse, just so you don't forget, most of what's on dry land is a joke, but where you're at is what's real.

Brian said...

G'day Jess, you have tons of guts kid, my thoughts are with you daily.Keep at it, how was the bread?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
I am amazed by some of the comments about you putting on weight and getting thrombosis from sitting around good grief I suspect these people have never been on a boat and that you are not sitting on your tiny little bottom 24/7. In your photos you look about a size 6 or 8 not very big at all I am impressed by your muscular phisque. I am glad you are a good cook that in itself is a challenge for a lot of young people. Enjoy the beauty of the moon and the stars.Love and hugs.

Andy said...

Hi Jesse,

had some smiles when you talked about getting some pounds, that is strange for a 16 yo. had the same problems years away when I was struggling to get some pounds to fit my body! :-)

I think you sailing in a nice and confortable way, with fresh winds and great sunsets!.

Milan right now is entering into winter time, the sky is always grey and not so much fun, anyway is few weeks I will go skiing!

cheers from Italy,


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Don't fret about catching a fish, it will happen, if you don't catch one on this trip, came over to Exmouth and I will show you how to catch a fish ha ha!. I bet your mum was telling you how tasty there fish was.
I think all this talk about your weight, this is your business, I'm sure you will be looking after yourself.
Mothers will be mothers, so she will be a little worried with any injury, so be carefull.
The comment about you being rapped in cotton wool I thought a bit funny, you would have about the least amount of cotton wool of any teenager in the world. Look at what you are doing.
How did the bread taste, warm bread with jam and cream sound yummy.
So keep knocking over those miles, keep having fun and keep safe.
George and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Chris said...

G'day Jessica,
I'm still living the dream through you. Keep up your excellent record of the adventure, we are all enjoying your writings. Keep well,
your friend in adventure,
the old wannabe seadog.

Mike and Kris D said...

Hey Jess,
Looks and sounds like you’re in your own little paradise! Good job with the bread, you go girl. I'm happy to read that your little galley mishap was just that... little. Hope the pain subsides quickly as even minor burns can really hurt :-( Sometimes I think they hurt the worst. I'm glad you explained your first aid training and supplies to your fans that haven't taken the time to read back through your blog history. Hopefully it will save you some future questions about your capabilities.

Speaking about blog history, you people who haven't taken the time to read through Jesse's complete blog history are really missing out on a lot of great information about the trips preparation and all of the training and effort that went into it, who was involved, plus a lot of really great pictures. Or maybe you’re just waiting for the book?

Keep at it Jess and thanks for the lovely picture. If you need a little break out there, I'll be happy to trade places with you for the evening so I can check out the pacific sunset and the gad-zillion stars too! We don't have to let on about me sailing the Pink Lady. I'll be leaving all the driving to Parker so I’ll just be cargo for a bit. NO? Well it was just a thought (one I'm sure many other people are entertaining.)

Enjoy the fair weather. Sail on.

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Kris D says Hi! (My lovely wife!)

Anonymous said...

every post inspires me more and more, there are a lot of people around the globe inspired also... take care and keep us updated.
this blog thing is so weird, i've never followed one before but i am hooked on it and have to log on every day to check your post..
good luck with the fishing,
melanie of yenda

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your night of stars and phosphorescence was a little like this, seem so calm...

Guiding Lights

Swirling Phosphorescence
Vault of silent stars
I am at one with the night
I am at peace.

Jill (Newcastle)

mimo said...

Hi Jesse,
I only just realised this was posted last night. I thought the only post yesterday was the one from your Mum. Anyway, I look forward to reading them everyday and looking at the occasional posted picture.
stay safe


Anonymous said...

You look great, the sunset looks great, the bread looks great - who kneads more ? - way2go


lilshawnee said...

Hi lil Jess,
Wow baking bread,wow how do you bake it.
Do you have an oven on board.
Im so happy for you
I start my sailing class April 16 but its only 4 days long then i go to open water class and thats 4 days long then we are going to get a 25 to 27 foot sail boat, and head out to Hawaii from the usa maybe we will go to Aust.and see you and pink lady..
But i could do all my work and be a sailer but i could never be as good as you.You are a real sailer.thanks for the picture and keep up the post i am learnng a lot about sailing just from you lol.
Well jess my girls and i are looking every day on your post so keep them up and sail safe.dont forget to be good too,,lol
best wishes from Ellen,Autumn,Alison and of corse me Robert

Anonymous said...

All looks good with you Jesse. Love bread myself and I think you did a fine job:) The sunset behind you looks as lovely as you. You are such an inspiration and you should be very proud of all your brave work aboard the Pink Lady. Safe sailing. Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Tom said...

Note from a biological oceanographer...
The glow you are seeing in the water is not "phosphoresce" but bioluminescence. Phosphorescence is what my watch face does: energy from light striking the face is stored and later re-emitted as light at a longer wavelength. Bioluminescence, meaning "living light," is energy emitted from certain chemical reactions in some living organisms.

Anonymous said...

Something for a giggle. In our local shopping centre a cleaner was pushing a machine that had "Parker" written in a fancy font on it.

Anonymous said...

Equator on the 18th ? Looks like the chief is favourite with you as he is sending those meteorites on Tuesday (UTC) as a celebratory firework in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Pink toenails ... ? That's enough ! Any more pink on you and you will be camouflaged against the backdrop of Ella's Pink Lady.

Charley said...

Hi Jess
That person in your mirror ( the one who takes your picture ) is very photogenic also very pretty. So nice to see and witness the future unfold every day, thank you for that. Happy days, Charley

BavariaBlu said...

Hello Jessica,
it IS good to learn successively about the huge amount of safety precautions you and your parents have taken. Also your team seem to know exactly what they are doing. Seen from this angle your task, though still at a high risk - more and more looks like a well-calculated one.
When you cross the equator I guess there will be innumerable folk around the world quietly raising a glass of bubbly to you in front of their pc screens.
Me too.

By the way: I'm certain they all would like to see and hear you talking about your trip one day in the future. So what about planning a second tour of the world to see all your fans and supporters after you're back home?

So here's an invitation from Bavaria!
You take care, Jessica

chris coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Do'nt worry about the comments about watching your weight! I noticed that they were from guys... mmmm? lol
you are beautiful no matter what size one is!
Anyway, back to nautical stuff... looks like you are sailing right along as I have been noting your location via your website... it's exciting to see how far you have gone.
Keep on trying to catch a fish.... one day you will :)
Chris in Calif.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

good morning Jess

Well another dismal night regarding a meteor shower. Absolutely nothing!My astronomical predictions are obviously hopeless. I am glad u have a professional in Bob doing the weather predictions for u. If it were me I would probably have u finding every storm and squall possible.
Hey Jess u know u can be mature and still have fun. Pink toenails what a hoot.

Have a great day, one month down the equator getting closer, closer and closer.
Monday morning off to work..I like my work so no worries really
C ya
Dusty from Dubbo

Clay said...

Ahoy Jesse,

New Jersey USA ...
I admire your guts girl...
Stay safe, sail on.

AMZ said...

Jess.. it is a little scary thinking you are the most read blog in Australia! I am an Aussie living in NZ and i look forward to your blog everyday to enjoy with my morning coffee!! you are such a champion.. go girl!

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
you sure have things in hand. I was talking to some of my staff and mentioned your pink toe nails.; I sure got some strange looks, rembering i own a construction company. Anyway good on ya.
Glad your burn wasnt too bad, generally I've found the less the burn the more it hurts. I can understand your Mum's concern, having four kids of my own.
I had a crew at Budrim over the weekend, I told the crew to look for a sign saying Jessica Watson, but they couldnt find one. One day maby (Jessica Watson Way) has a ring to it.
Not too far now to the line, just watch for the bump when you pass over it.
The stars are really something again. Its the one thing I always remember about being at sea.
Take care Jesse.
Fair winds and following seas.

Pete and Nancy in Keene NH, USA said...

Another great blog Jess. Keep it up, we love it. Sorry to hear about your mishap with the stove. But if thats the worst thing so far, then thats not too bad. You continue to amaze people around the world with your skill and daring. We have no doubt of your ability to complete your voyage. Once you pass the equator, its all downhill (south) from there. Love checking your messages every morning when we get up. (I think we're about 15 hours behind you). Stay safe and clipped in. We're watching you every day...

Gimli said...

Funny how everyone jumps to conclusion about what's good for you and what's not - and giving advice left right and center, duh. Well, you're looking pretty trim and ship shape to me!

Donna said...

I volunteer with a group of girl scouts who sail. Several of them are following you, my own daughter included. She has dreams of having her own boat and sailing around the world with one of her good friends. Keep up the good work.

Donna, Texas, USA

Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Jesse,
You are cute and tough, and now we have to add another adjective "glamorous"!

Methinks if Captain Jesse Watson had been in command of the Bounty, there would have been no talk of mutiny!

Best wishes as always,
Richard in Maryland

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess,

Usually my posts come up but there's one that hasn't yet so here it is again, simplified:

EAT, EAT, EAT, all you want, lots of cream and calories as well as protein. You're exposed to the elements 24/7 and you need all the nourishment you can get.

You're wonderful as you are wonderful as you are wonderful.....

Mary, Maine, USA

hezakiah299 said...

11-15-09 @19:50
Hi Jessica,
Just checking in to see how you are doing. I figure you have about 350 to 400 miles to go. Just getting closer by the day. Keep up the good work and stay safe. I have just re-read your latest blog and there are so many different
Personalities, it’s really interesting. Any fish lately, I can’t wait, I’m going to fix my meatloaf now. LOL Good luck to ya, it will come.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Chanda said...

You aren't ever scared being out there at night all by yourself? I'd be totally frightened!

hezakiah299 said...

this is just a test
michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Dave said...

A PFD when on deck would make me (and your Mum, I bet) happier, Jess!

Keep up the great effort!


rob said...

If you do catch a fish are you up for the gutting and all that stuff. If you are you are better than me. I always leave that for the people selling me the fish at the market.

I am glad you are able to make your own bread. I guess the flour just blows everywhere out there on the ocean hence you are covered in the stuff. I am sure you weren't having a food fight with someone.

torn blazer said...

Hey Jessica Pacifica,

how many days before you'll be across the equator?

Anonymous said...

I had a bit of a giggle too Jesse when I looked down at my toenails too as they're also pink ... and Im 48 years old!

Go girl, you're inspiring us all. You can do it, just take one day at a time.


Helen said...

Hi Jesse,

Looking forward to your next update. It must be getting more and more exciting as you sail nearer to the equator. May the weather continue to be great for sailing. Something I received in my email which might give you something to do while waiting for the fish to bite.


1. While sitting down, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

And there's nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again, if you've not already done so.

You will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but, you can't. It is pre-programmed in your brain!


Helen T

ske00106 said...

Jess ! I've been reading your blog everyday .... GO GIRL ... Wish you all the best...
Sharon-gayle Kelly

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

Sorry for your thumb. You look so cute in the floury picture. Seems your next destination will be Hollywood. Thanks for describing the starry nite. Did you try to write a poem while watching the stars.In Japan , people get together on full moons , just to sit all night looking at the moon and write poems occasionaly.

Also , pls tell us what is your most longed activity on land while you are in the oceans now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
I'm so glad to hear you are happy and well (apart from the burn).
I remeber when we were sailing I used to love watching the Phosphoresce go by, it is really an amzing sight!
Thanks for the update. Have Fun.
Saraya :-)

samurai said...

Hey Jess, hope you're well as always. Tom the Biological Oceanographer explained the difference between phosphorescence and bioluminescence and it's a fact. But on a lighter note, the little glowy bits you may sometimes see in your toilet bowl as you flush it is bioloominescence :-)) I don't mean to be gross but it's realy cool, have you noticed? Of course it only works with a saltwater flushed toilet, as I had. By the way I liked your bread dough in the cockpit pic but nudge, nudge, wink, wink...should that winch handle be there? Not long to go now till it's time to chuck a yoowee. You're doing great. Take good care of you and your beautiful lady...Sam

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