Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Robbed of Dinner!

Exciting news to report today. I pulled the fishing line in to discover that I finally caught a fish! I'd love to tell you what it was, how big it was and how yummy it tasted, only someone (with rather big teeth!) got to it before me. Apart from a few bits of flesh left hanging on the lure, my beautiful fish had been gobbled up by something bigger. I can only keep trying!

Not much sleep last night because I was keeping an eye on a few nasty looking squalls, nothing much came of them though and we spent the first part of the night drifting backward a little, ouch! There were a few jokes about that when I called in this morning.

Steady progress today though, I've been catching up on a little sleep and enjoying the nice sailing. The Southern Ocean certainly isn't going to be like this.

For all those having a guess at when we cross the line, the latest weather forecast from Bob gives us an eta (estimated time of arrival) at the equator of the 18th, in about 7 days time!


Pic: Me and what was left of dinner! Can you make out the teeth marks on the lure?


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nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse I'm sorry your dinner got away:( Not much sleep hey? you do look a little tired. Hope you can "catch up" somewhere along the line soon and catch a fish to make up for the one that got away!! xx

Schwah said...

That sucks, sorry to hear about the fish, but just keeep trying. As an avid fisher myself i know how frustrating it can be... The pic is hard to make out the teeth marks. Keep your head up, you will get a fish sooooon enough!!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog religiously every day and I am constantly amazed at your maturity and intelligence. You are such an inspiration to me.
Sending you love and good vibes always.

Vanessa xx


Anonymous said...

Awww, better luck next time - could be worse, you could have fished up a really big fishy, that would have been scary!

I hope you get some rest between squalls, not long till the equator! Keep smiling :-)

- Helen UK

DUZZ said...

Damn that's no fun specially that u've been wanting a fish for so long. Gud thing is that u now know that there's something out there n hopefully u catch one. By the tooth marks could of been a Barracuda???

Well gud luck and hope to see a blog with a fish and one when u cross the equator.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
That's so funny - pulling in half a fish. Maybe next time you might get a complete one!! You do look tired, maybe just a bad picture, so keep up the power naps and keep avoiding the storms. Fingers are crossed here for your next weeks goal of crossing the line. Have you been over it before?
Take care
John (Macedon, Vic)

mike said...

Hey Jesse

Maybe there is a big fish swimming under EPL waiting to gobble any smaller fish you catch. If that is the case I hope you catch that big succer soon and enjoy eating it.

Take care,

Dusty from Dubbo said...

hey Jess
well bad luck with the fishing. Have you tried WD40 on the lure yet? Just in case you missed my earlier blog you are in for a treat at the weekend a meteor shower! Shooting stars in the sky early morning AEST. Don't worry you won't cop a rock just a spectactular display with no lights to spoil it. Glad you are sleeping a bit. Don't let the show on Sat and Sun night keep you up! Really glad you are conditioning yourself mentally for the southern ocean already. You are such a strong person Happy slow progress!!!
Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica ! Have been following your progress on your blogg and are vondering about the ruels when it comes to using the motor when you are becalmed. Can you do that ?
How much fuel do you carry ?
The other thing I was wondering about is .What is your best days run (nm)24hours ? some one wrote that you had done 300+ but that cant bee right ? Ok now that you only got a few days to the "Line" have you got a fun ritual pland for your first time crossing ?
Im sitting here i Stockholm Sweden and the first snow for the winter has started falling and Its going to be a long coold dark winter and your blogg is going to brighten up my day ! Wish I could be there with you in the tropics. Keep it up Jessica you are my hero(ine)..
Love 2 Live : Live 2 Love= Magic
With you hart and soul.
"singelhanded" on youtube

Wayne B. said...

Bummer on the one that got away...well it didn't actually get away but you get my drift (if you'll pardon the pun). Better luck next time Jess:-) Wayne B.

Max said...

Next time you might be lucky enough to have enough left to cook up for a meal. Don't give up, keep that line out. Fair winds & all the luck in the world to you.
Max & Annette

Rowie said...

Hey Jess, fascinating reading, you're doing really well to keep us all up date! It's always with excitement and curiosity logging onto your website. Thanks for all the updates and technical information you provide. Do you see any other ocean going vessels around you at the moment? I wonder if you'll get the odd seagull fly by and rest up on Pink Ella somewhere along the journey?!
Safe travels Jess! and well done for achieving all that you have so far.
Kind regards
Aroha, Phil, Maddy and Pat

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Bad luck about the fish, can I call it that? Perhaps I should re-phrase and say bad luck about the little bit of fish!

Look at the bright side, now you can gorge yourself on one of the goodies that you mum has packed into your food bags. Or are you getting tired of them already?

You can always get more cream out and add it to something different. Do you have any chocolate left on Ella?

Does each food bag contain exactly the same mixture of products, or has your mum made a whole variety of bags up? Can you please let us know, when you get the chance that is.

I have to agree with the first comment made by nutralady - while your photo is great, you do look a little tired. So I do hope that you manage to catch up on some sleep soon.

Drifting backwards? Maybe whatever ate your fish and bit the lure pulled you backwards? Or is that something you don't want to think about?

I had my own experience with a red-bellied black snake today while picking up my practice balls right at the practice. I saw the snake about 20cm from my foot but luckily it was only a small one, about 5 feet long, and it slithered away as quickly as I saw it.

You said yesterday that the weather would be calm for a few days so hopefully you will get the chance to get a few good naps in during that time.

You need to be fresh and ready for the challenge of the south Pacific Ocean when the time comes.

Keep up the good work and take care.

Seeya gorgeous girl!

Caves Beach, Australia

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

What happened is that you were trailing the lure (your bait) and another fish hooked on and became the bait; live bait that time.

What a bummer but soon you will catch one and get it landed before the process repeats itself again. Back here is Georgia we would call that a "Likely Fish Story" but you, I totally believe you.

Where there was one fish, there will be more.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Rosemary,Kingaroy said...

Hi Jess Welcome to the hazards of fishing - especially in the tropics. I played something LARGE at night in the tropics once for 5 hours and the lure gave way right up next to our boat.Never saw the fish but a bit later there was a huge splash next to the boat in the dark,scared the daylights out of us. So either my fish "came to" and took off ,or something even BIGGER found a midnight snack.Hope you catch something just the right size and edible next time.Love your blog.Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

mmmmmm....... something's had a go, sure you will reel in some fish soon, you're making amazing progress,I now have crosses all over my atlas page, plotting your position each day, earlier today I had you at about 10 degrees south, 170 degrees west and heading for the tiny Christmas Island above the equator, not to be confused with its namesake off the WA coast. I guess with all your hi-tech navigation set up you know exactly where you are and you certainly know what you're doing,

Very important not to develop a negative mindset about the southern ocean and conditions down there, make safety your first priority of course,keep the focus on sailing into Sydney Harbour and it is obvious what a positively minded and lovely young lady your are.

Thanks for sharing your journey, Jessica and being such an inspiration.


Gerard O'Donnell from Rescue Tape Australia said...

Reel them in quicker Jess! I hope you are well and eating enough
(just not fish, LOL). The teeth marks in the lure, out that deep probably caused by a tuna. My favorite halco looks similar due to tuna and Wahoo. Keep throwing a line in, you'll get one. Go Girl!!!

Macca said...

thats no good it looked good 2


p.s jess is ahottie

Gabe said...

I put in a word to the fishing Goddess, Jess.
Next time for sure.
I bet fresh fish for dinner would be a nice treat.
18 must be your lucky number.
You left on the 18th and it looks like you will be crossing the Equator on the 18th.
Hope you can get a few power naps today.
Continued blessings and safe travels to you,

Mal Stewart said...

Steady progress is all you need at this time Jess....and that's all good,(eye on the ball) ....keep moving forward, but a step back when it happens is fine.

Estimated time of arrival, 7 days to Austin Powers once said "Yeah baby"....keep this thing rockin.
Your looking good and the fish will come in good time.

With you all the way, Stay safe and enjoy.

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Dear Jess

Missed it, by that much! I kind of thought that would happen if you didn't get your fish in quick enough. My money is on a Barracuda or a Wahu being the guilty party and happy winner of your dinner. Keep trying!

Bobbing backwards - I think many of us who have sailed can relate to that. Do you play different types of music to match how Ella is moving (or not) through the water? Maybe when she goes backwards you could play a Waltz because much of that dance is done backwards. Although, hang onto your surfing music for the Southern Ocean.

Take care


Adrian said...

Hi Jesse,bad luck with the fish yes im also sure you will catch one soon! thats fishing !!!! keep going it will happen. loads of people i have spoken to in Emu Park Queensland are following your trip. We`re all wishing you good winds and great sailing.

Cameron B said...

Well although dinner got away from you this time, there are where that *one* came from, haha.
Im not a big fisher, but its great to see people giving it a go!
Not far til the northern hemisphere now, good luck!
Cameron B

Mike said...

Maybe you will catch the bigger fish next time. Your attitude and handling of this sailing challenge is awesome. Hope you get to catch up on your sleep.

Have a great evening

Mike Atlanta

capt c00k said...

Hey Jesse.
That will be one of many that get away all be it not in the best way for the fish.
Look, dont worry there will be many more catch's, you do have a long journey.
I know that you have alot to do while in the middle of your journey, however just when you decide to fish, keep with somthing to do that is close to the rod or line that you use. Better chance of a hit and then you will be able to get dinner in to the boat before something else decides and get its own dinner.
Look it is bound to happen that you will have fish for dinner. just keep your chin up and keep on trying.
Have a good night and keep safe.

Capt James Cook

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Great to read about all your adventures so far. You write very well! Well at least you didn't have to gut the fish for tea I reckon - yuk! Though I am sure when the time comes you will handle it with ease:)
Happy sailing

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse, I continue to read each day and look forward to all of your daily adventures. Loved the cupcakes!! Dang, too bad about the fish. May sunshine shine on you today. Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Mary said...

OUCH, Jess!

Losing the fish and slipping backwards....

Hope today you get some rest and a good hot meal.

Loving all the news you give us.
Sail on, Champ!
xoxo Mary, Maine, USA

StevShadow K4CPX said...

EQUATOR ESTIMATE: How 'bout a guesstimate of 19 Nov. 0300 Z ??
Good sailing Jessica from a fellow Circumnavigator!
Stephen Crow on my Cal 46 S/V Carina. K4CPX

mimo said...

Shame about the fish, keep at it and you'll be rewarded.
We love reading your updates so keep 'em coming, and the pics aswell.
I'm actually learning a bit at the moment. I had never heard of the Tongan Trench until reading one of your blogs, so I had to look it up so I knew what you were talking about, very interesting (and scary).
Anyway, take care and stay safe.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

G'day Jess,
I'm sorry too about your little fish, is there anything there to cook up...hmmm, use it for bait, that might bring in a juicy fish!

Well I was pretty much off my estimation of you crossing the line, I thought next Monday around 9:30am Melbourne time....can I take another stab at it?

I liked the comment from "Worldviewer" too, your words paint a very nice picture indeed.

You are looking pretty good Jess despite the lack of sleep!

Clint - Melbourne Town

rod said...

good day jesse,
you do look a bit tired,i am also sorry that you missed you fish dinner.
enjoyed the photo and blog for the tenth.
i feel that you have two goals going at the moment, 1) catch a fish
2) cross the equator, never fear, a young adventurer like you will score both.
i wish that there were more young people who would set positive goals for their future.
anyway, try to catch up on your sleep,take care and good sailing young adventurer.
best wishes
blackbutt qld

hezakiah299 said...

11-11-09 @ 08:
Hi Jessica,
Hey yeah, I heard that one before "you should have seen the one that got away" Ha, Ha, just teasing you Jessica. But at least you know that there is possibilities of catching something. Really though, I'm sorry you lost a dinner. Boy, that’s a pretty big lure, you were really after a meal or two.
Keep the faith, it will come and then you’ll have the last laugh. Good luck on your next fishing attempt, hope you pull in more than just the lure.
You do look a little tired, (but still as beautiful as ever) staying up watching those squalls doesn’t help. I’m glad they passed, but keep a sharp eye for any more.
I’ve been looking for a model of your sailboat (S&S 34 I like to build models) but so far I haven’t had any luck.
Well, it looks like you have everything under control, as usual, so keep up the good work, be safe and stay alert.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Wolfhound said...

It seems like every fisherman has a story about 'the one that got away'; now you do, too !

With the lack of progress today, perhaps it's a good time to catch up on some sleep. Of course, I bet it's frustrating going backwards. But if mother nature (or Neptune) is really determined to have you do that today then I have the perfect solution for you. Just turn the boat around 180 degrees and if you're still going backwards then you'll be heading in the right direction !

Just kidding. I'm sure condx will pick up soon.

Meanwhile, on Veteran's Day, spare a thought for those brave ANZAC and other troops who fought in wars gone by.

'And the band payed Waltzin' Matilda,
As the ship pulled away from the quay.
And amid all the cheers, flag waving and tears,
We sailed off for Gallipoli'
-- Eric Bogle.

All the best,

Brian in NY

Anonymous said...

Hey! Awesome job your doing. Makes me want to take out my 21'er... well , maybe not. SOmetimes it's better to leave the scary fish in the water. Still wishing you the best. Sail on!

RICHARD said...

Look at the bright side, Nemo was doomed to be eaten. Either by you or the burglar. Perhaps you served up an easy dinner for a needy ichthys (fish). Who knows, the robber may have been down on his luck and needed a helping hand. Weakened and exhausted from swimming from coral to coral looking for work, the tired creature was no longer able to catch the smaller and more agile prey. Weary, and just about to give up, the fortunate thief happened upon your catch and his (or her) luck changed. Who knows, because of you he (or she) may go on to do something great for his (or her) fellow residents of the sea. Like, maybe even start a new SCHOOL or something! :)

Stay positive and get some rest and don't forget to exercise. Stay fit.


See Ya Sailor!

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Well that is encouraging that something took the bait! very exciting news only one week away from the equator! Love the pic and looking forward to the next video post. Starting to feel like fall here in Indiana, windy and cold. So it is a nice distraction to vicariously be with you in the tropics!! although any extreme can be uncomfortable hope you stay cool! Good luck fishing and sailing. Wishing you good wind and Godspeed. Mike

Charley said...

Hi Jess
Fishing is a lot of work - some folks call it fun. It has its surprises and rewards with
' fish tales ' forever told...
You make it happen, Charley

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Congratulations on your first, errr aaa, fish? I've seen that kind before too. I think it’s called a fillet of fish! Still a nice morsel left too. Just right for an appetizer ;-)

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Di said...

You are amazing Jessica - not only do you have so many of us glued to your blog, but you also have us totally engrossed in your fishing saga. hehe nice work! :) (better luck next time on the fish!)

Keep smiling kiddo!
Di, UK

trentgs said...

Be thankful anything that can take away your dinner could have been on the line..ooh..I've cut my share of '..what in the heck was that?..' -off of my line..Oh yeah and as you traverse the "IMZ" keep up your spirits no need to get the 'doldrums'-leave em to the dinner napper- listen to something light hearted and up're making great progress! One step back and ten forward..right?

john and janet said...

Still following the blog every day and wishing you Godspeed. You look tired. Try to get some sleep.

John and Janet
Older sailors, Ontario Canada

duane said...

Great fish story! Maybe next time you will get the big fish. Great picture. Happy sailing. duane

trentgs said...

Trying to get your bearings so I can move the pin on my world map..hard to tell ..are you closer to 'Starbuck' or "Arugula-Paranna"?
Once you catch that elusive fish-that sea is supposed to be so full of-Are you a Sushi fan or will you roll it in flour and salt?

Sparkie said...

Bugger! how disappointing for you but knowing you it will only make you more determined to snag something and I am sure you eventually will!

Take good care of yourself Jesse.

Keep on keeping on!


claudia said...

You bring up great memories of when I fished commercially. I remember catching what would have been beautiful salmon, only to find that the seals had their lunch before they would let me have mine!
Smooth sailing to you!

Richard Lathrop said...

We could make it even more interesting if we guessed the longitude at which you will cross as well.

Do you think there would be any problem disclosing that number after the fact?

Fair winds, ms.hero, thank you for making our dull lives exciting.

Richard Lathrop

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hey Jesse,

Its a fish eat fish world!

Using the lure as a toothpick no doubt!

Thank you for your posts and pics.

Hope the wind is back!

US Virgin Islands

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Well good morning Jessica! Your post for today made me think of this text right away. Not much sleep, drifting backwards overnight, theft o' dinner, and yet, such cheerfulness! From the apparent size of the bit of gill left remaining (hanging) on your lure, the first fish you actually caught did have some size to it. So, yes, the predator was apparently rather large, too. Such excitement and mystery to spur you on to keep trying. Today you can count on my prayers for you, as I will ask for your continued health and progress, your safety, good rest, and of course more cheerfulness as you continue on your own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

October 30 I have sent you the beautiful poem by Marc Twain «Twenty years from now..». I wanted to send you another, in a certain sense complementary text:

A small boy heard the ocean roar,
There are secrets on my distant shore,
But beware my child, the ships bell’s wail,
Wait not to long to start to sail.

So quickly come and go the years,
And a young adult stands abeach with fears,
Com on, Come on the ocean cussed,
Time passes on. Oh sail you must.

Now its business in mid-aged prime,
And maybe tomorrow there will be time,
Now is too soon, its raining today,
Gone all gone-years are eaten away.

An old man looks, still feeling the lure,
Yet he’ll suffer the pain, than go for the cure,
The hair is white, the steps with care,
The tide has turned, he is aware.

So all too soon the secrets are buried,
Along with him and all regrets he carried,
And it’s not for the loss of secrets he cried,
But rather because he’d never tried.

Fair winds and all the best,
Koenraad Blansaer (Belgium)

RichieParis said...

Good evening, Jesse,
And thanks for your fishing story and the pic. Too bad... Though there is no surprise that some big teethed animals are following EPL, now that they could smell the chocolate cupcakes the other day! For sure, they hope that you will "bake" some more and put pieces as lures on your lines, lol.
Drifting backward isn't much fun, but it didn't last for long I see. The 18th seems to be a likely date and I think wa can trust Bob, though weather forecasts, one week ahead, look fragile. I am ready to accept losing my bet on the 19th if you can cross the line earlier. Later wouldn't be as pleasant.
I see you are already having some thoughts about the Southern Ocean, and you are darn right; by then it will be another game, and I am sure we shall all be scotched to our screens with our minds bouncing at Pink Lady's rhythm.
Sail fine and enjoy the Blue Pacific, Cap Jesse!

Tony said...

I love checking your blogs. Considering your random sleeping pattern I reckon your looking pretty damn good. As for the frustrating fishing,yep I’ve been there. I was shore fishing in India once with all the right gear and caught nothing,but some 10 year old kids standing almost next to me were pulling them in one after another using an old battery for a ledger (sinker) and their line wrapped around a sunscreen bottle for a reel. Heehe yep it just don’t add up. Tony (Shipshape and Bristol fashion) Bristol UK.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Jessica it want be much longer before your status of being a lowly polliwog will change by old king neptune decree you'll become a trusty shellback and member of the ancient order of the deep with all rights and priviliges! Congradulations on this notable and worthy acheivement! Be sure to note the longtitude and latitude position where u crossed the equator ! Some day when you catch that fish its going to taste so good all cooked up that you'll want to keep on fishing !

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse Reading your daily blogs is like a good book unfolding every day and you can't put it down because you just have to read that next chapter!!!!I'm fascinated to read your daily adventures and can't wait to hear and see what each next day brings. Thank you so much for sharing in real time, your amazing adventures with the rest of the world. You are incredible :)Best wishes and keep up the great work!!!!

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse, you're still a better fisher than me I couldn't even get that! Thanks for your blog I wait for it each day. Reading it and tracking your progress is something i really look forward to. Hope tomorrow brings a WHOLE fish and good winds. Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

i too would say barracuda even though it is not possible to see the teeth marks in the picture.
your hooks are too small for big and so the hook grabbed part of the gills and ripped that section of the gills out under the heavy weight/pressure. try changing to bigger single shank hooks, but you are also going to need heavy breaking strength line and long lengths of line to land big fish.

or just leave the lure/hooks as it is and hope for something smaller, and hope that you can notice that something small is on the line before the big boys see that a small fish is caught on the line and then gobble the smaller already hooked fish. if you rig up some sort of shock release rig that will undo and show there is something on the line, else you have to hold the line in your hand to feel the hits or notice the increased/changed angle of line with respect to the water surface.
if you see diving gulls over broken splashing water there are fish below and aim the boat so the lines drag through the disturbed area of water. be sure that it is not a reef that is breaking the water though:0
morning very early, and sundown are the best times to be aware and watch the lines closely for fish.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I have just read your blog and seen what has remained of that tasty dinner.What a pity! I am sure you would have loved a change of diet! What do you think had your fish? Well good luck for next time. Love reading your block everyday. I am completely hooked by your adventures, excellent narration and pics.Thanks.Hope I'll be reading about a catch soon.Regards Myriam Grech from Malta

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess: Well, you'll catch a fish yet, but you have to learn when you get bite to pull the line in quicker. :) Hope you have lots more lures, on board. Great picture of you, but you need a little more sunscreen on your nose, or you won't be able to sell people on the suncream you are using is the best. Enjoy!! :oD

ted and donna said...

Hi - Something you might try to help the fishing is to clip a clothes pin onto the line, so that the pin pulls the line a bit to the side. Then when a fish takes the lure, you'll hear the line snap out of the clothes pin, and you can pull in your fish (hopefully before something bigger gets it).

I love your blog; you've got me reliving our cruising adventures! Keep up the good work!

science4u said...

Hello Jesse, Too bad about the fish- Just consider that you're fattening up the one your destined to catch. Perhaps you can fashion a bell from an empty tin to alert you when somethings on the line. You're making such good progress, certainly you were due a slow day, still you seem to be well ahead of schedule. Well, best of luck and Godspeed to you, stay safe, You are an inspiration, dare I say heroine, to myself and many others.
Your cleverness and determination will see you through to your goals. Best Regards, Tim

Anonymous said...

A fresh fish dinner will come your way soon enough I'm sure. Love your blog Jesse and read you every day. You're on a voyage of discovery in more ways than one and your are an inspiration. Fly girl


Kellygirlnyc said...

Hi Jess!

Bummer about the fish, but where there's one, there are bound to be more. The drifting backwards part: boooo! Here's to you, more fish, good wind and safe sailing!!


Jeff said...

Sorry to hear about your lost fish, the bigger ones are much faster! ha ha ha...

I have a question for you..

I was wondering if you could post a better diagram of your boat? I would like to see how you got everything you need for eight months. The diagram on the website is just a drawing. Would love to see something more detailed and how you packed stuff in for the long journey.

Keep going Jess, you'll make it.

It appears you are studying for your high school classes also right? How is that going? Do you upload your home work or send emails to your teachers? Or do you have to keep it all until you get back on land and pray the wind doesn't get it first?

HAWKEYE said...


Jesse, you have a thief in your midst. Fancy some critter knocking off the fish - you just can't trust anyone these days. Your building up a very impressive record out there - a previous lure with huge teeth marks, a couple of previous attempts without luck, today's burgler and lets not forget the blessed squid. Thank god Mum packed the Easyfood. Joking aside as long as you are eating well and getting the right nutritional balance you'll be fine. Nevertheless, keep up the fishing - just call it recreation. Haven't heard the school work word for a few days. Are you still doing a bit?

Good swell my way today - caught a few waves and a couple of dolphins danced by. As you would know they are fascinating to watch. It's shaping up to be a great summer in Perth. I've spent some time surfing on the Gold Coast and Noosa just recently and you can always count on getting a wave somewhere in those areas.

Gee darl you look a little tired in the snap. Hope you can catch up on a bit of shut eye when the conditions are right. That's so important and you must learn to pace yourself over the day. Please look after yourself, you are doing so well and, believe me, there are oceans of Aussies supporting you. Take care Jesse, keep the fluids up, stay buckled up, and be happy! You're very special.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I have been checking your blog every day and I really enjoy reading it, thanks for sharing your daily activities and feelings with us.
I have told some friends in Japan about you and they are also following your blog every day too.
Keep safe and take care,

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Possible Barracuda -------

Anyone know if they are that far North?

Gary o

Epsilon said...

Hi Jessica, I am following your blog with interest and glad to see that you are in good spirits. I own a Cavalier 395 but am currently working in Afghanistan so reading your daily blog puts me back out there on the ocean. I wish you fair winds and kind seas and hope to meet you out on the water one day, perhaps on your final leg to Sydney.
Kind regards, Annie (SV Epsilon)

Mark said...

Jesse, its a good thing you don't have someplace to be in 7 days ): No prior commitments? Just teasing :)

Trond said...

Hi,I´m siting in my mountain hut i Norway. 1000m above sea level with more than 5 cm snow and -10 degree celsius below. I´ts great to read that you live out your dream. My boat is on shore for the winter, but I´m still dreaming of future adventures at sea.Take care and good luck. Trond

Mark said...

What would be funny is that you actually caught about 5 fish, each one bigger than the other until the last one came and just chompped away the evidence!

Jessica's Jokester said...

Hi Jessi..

Sorry to hear about your fish. Go thing you have a stocked food supply!

How's school going?? At least with online study, you are never late for class! Like there was this one guy...

"You're not going to have time to finish this," the professor stated intently as he handed the test booklet to a student who was arriving late for class.

"Yes I will," replied the student. He then took a seat among the other 250 students in the large room and began writing. After two hours, the professor called for the exams, and the students filed up and handed them in. All except the late student, who continued writing. Twenty minutes afterward, the late student came up to the professor's desk and attempted to put his exam on the stack of exam booklets already there.

"No you don't, I'm not going to accept that. It's late", said the professor.

The student looked incredulous and angry. "You have to take it", he demanded, "Don't you know who I am?"

"No, as a matter of fact I don't, and, frankly, I do not care." replied the professor with an air of arrogant superiority in his voice.

"Good!" replied the student, who quickly lifted the stack of 250completed exams and randomly stuffed his into the middle of it, turned around and walked out of the room.

Hope your day is going swell.. but not TOO swell! ("swell".. get it?? har har)

Happy Wednesday!
~Al yer pal~

Jay newhouse said...

Hello for m Michigan!! I have been reading your Bolg and following your progress and can not help but prase you for your courage. I can only hope that other young girls find out what you are up to and see you for the role model that you are. I wish you God's speed and a safe trip.

God Bless

From Michigan USA

Old Iron said...


Keep fishing!

Looking for the big day you cross the equator; “18th" only 7 days!

Photos and video when you can.

Slamdunk said...

That is a one that got away fish story. I hope your fishing luck changes. Enjoy reading about your adventure--keep up the good writing.

Chicago Jim said...

Jess, maybe it's a good thing that fish got away. With a lure that big you might catch a fish bigger than your little pink boat. Then, that big fish might catch you !!

Be Careful !!

Many prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the shark was pullin ya backwards! Good luck with the lure next time...and may you never tack through your garbage again!

Jose Hernandez FL USA said...

Wow !!, sorry about your meal. Hey everything looks rather awesome !! The pics are great and it keeps us all better informed.
Keep on sailing Jessi !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
You had the best line on "the big one that got away" that I have read/heard thus far.

Portland, Oregon, USA

peter swennsen said...

i recommend to all jess' fans on this blog to get a copy of "Godforsaken Sea" by Derek Lundy. The non-fiction book gives an account of the 1997 - 98 Vendee Globe; a solo 'round the world race held every 4 yrs out of france.

it will give you a good idea of what jess is attempting to accomplish and the hardships and dangers she will encounter later in her trip.

this was recommended in an earlier post by john b. of virginia.

this race is done in 18 meter yachts (60 feet); and the book well-describes the extreme challenges of circumnavigation.

thanks, john b. for this suggestion.

peter swennsen

john b. said...

hi jess,

just want to say hi and let you know i'm still with you and i read your blog every day. (actually, most days i read it 7 or 8 times.)

anyway, as others have said, you look a bit tired. please take care of yourself and be sure you're getting enough rest when you can.

i can't wait for the excitement when you reach the equator!

be safe, keep your harness on, and keep EPL happy!

john b.
"sloop john b"

Robbie said...

Hi Jess nice to see all is going well bad luck about the one that got away PS DON'T DANGLE YOUR TOES OVER THE SIDE

Mr. Canadian said...

By the size of that lure, you might be glad that this one got away.☺

Wrap a bit of tinfoil around that sucker and you will catch something.


Brian Riley said...

Well, that is a real fisherman story about the one that got away, how big was it, this big Ha Ha !! Sorry to hear no fresh fish on the menu. Good to hear you can get some catch up sleep with the good sailing conditions,and with an eta set for the 18th to cross the equator, don't forget to get dressed for the occasion if this is your first crossing, have to keep up with Neptune tradition.
Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay Qld

Mike Wong said...

Getting closer! Maybe if you were able to check your line more than once a day? Of course you may be too busy to do so.

Make sure your hooks are sharp and be patient! Did you read the book about the Kon Tiki? They had an interesting way of catching fish.

Be safe young lady, the world is pulling for you.

Mike Wong

Anonymous said...

Jesse... As I read the words I am in awe of your courage to sail the open ocean. When I lived in the bush on my own in an open shed with all the critters the locals told me they wouldn't do it alone. Now I watch your progress with understanding and great admiration. Whatever made those big teeth marks on the lure is playing the same game you are. Taking the sensible & calculated chance that the next fish will be your dinner. Enjoy your catch.
Blessings. Cielo

Marcus Schormann,Germany said...

HeyJessica, so sad about your fishing experiences. But don´t bother, the next time the ´fishing-luck´ will be back, i´m sure.
Anyway, even your speed will encrease soon, don´t be impatient, you´ve all the time you can get.Enjoy every day under the pacific sun, and be aware of the assistants of NEPTUN ; the will check you around the day before you reach the northern hemisphere -
are you both preparedto pass the line ???? :-)
Go, Jessica Go , many regards from Germany - Marcus

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Darn that time it'll have enough courtesy to at least leave you half a portion!!!
Hope you can catch upon some sleep as your eyes look a bit tired and make sure you eat some nourishing food. Good news on reaching the equator in 7 days and circling one of the Christmas Islands.
Love and Steady Winds!
Jenny Tigger Gypsy Barb~ Mich.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously not fishing correctly! :-)

Once you've caught the fish you are supposed to reel it in. Not leave it there where it becomes bait for something even bigger.

Attach a bell or make some sort of something that will alert when you get a bite so that you can actual do some fishing and reel it in real-time. If you're trolling the lure, catching something at sometime, leaving it, it becomes the lure for something even bigger.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great reading as usual. Shame about the fish. Maybe next time you will get a whole one.

Around 7 days to the equator... wow!! Time is flying by. Well into your 4th week now. The current food bag will be getting a little light now. Oh well, a few more days and you can open a new one and more goodies.

It 5.15am here in Sydney and I have just arrived in my office. Looking east it is going to be a beautiful sunrise. I can only imagine how fantastic the sunrises and sunsets are for you.

You are one fantastic young lady.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Phil in Idaho said...

That's the way of the Sea! Dummer! Who have been nice to have some fresh fish!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
You look very tired in the photo.
I hope you get some good sleep.
Good sailing.
Luv u.

Tracie L. Hall said...

Wooo-hoo! The 18th?! What a perfect way that would be to celebrate your anniversary of a month at sea!
Well, that's something that never occurred to me---'probably comes from not being a fisherman myself, that you can't leave a catch in the sea too long or he'll get gobbled! And, do we think that was a rather clever fish who didn't swallow your first catch like bait, but removed him from the hook?
Never the less, you still deserve congratulations on your first catch!

Red said...

Hey Jess,

You take the one that got away fishing story to a whole new level. Yeah i am sixteen and i am traveling around the world trying to be the yougest person to do it, solo and unassisted, any way up near the equator, i caught a fish but it got away. lol it will prabably end up an Aussie folk lore. Well done, dont give up on fishing. If they are that big have you put any thought into what you are going to do with it once you get it on deck?

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Really enjoying your blogs and thankful you are sharing your journey with all us landbound dreamers. Hang in there and enjoy!

Carlee said...

Keep tryin' girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I have read that comment from Caves Beach Andrew and it reminded me of one good thing where you are: NO SNAKES ! Or do you have trouble with sea snakes ?

Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say ? Back to tin food. Have you tried DYNAMITE FISHING in totally calm water ? You can take your pick afterwards.Your big snapper might be among the load.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Awesome teeth!!! Catch a big and complete fish next time. Have a good fish dinner and CATCH a nice sleep. I love your blog. It's funny.
Mchael B.C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

That's nice, dear...You've got a pet out there following you. Just don't get the fancy to pat it...

Anonymous said...

Stuff the fishing. Stick to Monty Python's Flying Circus' Advice:

Sarah said...

Getting closer to catching that time it'll be a whole one hopefully!! :)
Hope you can catch up on some of that lost sleep soon..and im glad you're going forward again..haha.xo.

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
So you telling us its the one that got away, I've been using that excuse for 55 years, at least you have a bit of evedence.
I was guessing you'd cross the line on the 18th Aust date, the 17th your time. I'll stick to that. it will get you there earlier.
I'glad your aware its not going to be as calm when you get down south. The last time I was there it was like a mill pond, just hoping you can be as lucky. I't not always as some might say.
So long for now.
Fair winds and following seas.

Marcus (Germany) said...

Hey Jesse,

I guess it was no monster shark that nibbled on your dinner, otherwise the lure might have been gone completely. I'm sure you'll catch your yellowfin tuna in no time...just thinking about fresh tuna sashimi makes my mouth watery...been reading your blog every day, it's always the first thing I do when turning on my PC after getting home from work. You are truly inspirational! Hope the squalls stay away and you get some rest tonight. Hang in there!

Marcus from freezy Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

When I showed my class the 'remains' of your first catch, they offered this piece of advice.

Just let the (shark) have the fish, and don't try and be brave and punch it in the nose.

You have got to love em!

Take care
Mr W

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Harlan Rowe Junior High in Athens, Pennsylvania. I teach Algebra here and I have been having my homeroom students follow your progress as we read your blog together daily. Take care of yourself and know that we are all thinking of you.

Jason Rogers

Wanton said...

Hi Jessica,

You are looking great in the picture and we hope you can post some more soon.

It is so exciting to read your blog every day. We really cannot stop talking about you. You are always are first point of conversation in our family and with our sailing friends.

Too bad about the fish (:(). I have been trying to catch a fish with a rod for most of my life and I can count the numbers of time I cought a fish with a rod on just one hand, I don't think I can get to 5 though. The only way I catch a fish is doing what you have been doing, trawling a lure behind our TS. Are you using a Vang? Whenever we hook a fish the Vang floats to the surface and than we trip over one another to get to the line to pull it in. It is really funny. Usually one of our two granddaughter gets the line first though.

We where wondering, if it is not a security issue, would you be able to post your GPS bearings in your posts? That way we can see where you are on Google Earth.

You are making your dreams come through and you will remember these weeks and month forever.

Lots of love from the Flynn family.

The Flynn's
Sunbury, Vic., Australia
Wanton C22/110

Noel said...

Hey Jess

Your blogs continue to be most interesting and every day I look forward to your next one.

Never mind about the one that got away,,,,,,,,there is always next time.

Take it easy whilst you can and remember that all of your blog readers are supporting you 100% of the way

Keep safe and well

Noel Novice Sailor Canberra

Rob said...

I'm thinking you will get across the equator just a bit ahead of schedule. How were you planning on preparing your fish? Better luck next time.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
The one that got away, hehe. How many times have I heard that one!Don't worry, you'll catch a fish soon.
Sail on (not backwards),

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning Jesse, just come back from my lovely walk around Maroochydore with my to dogs Dolly and Abbey, we are all very happy here, after Peter Garretts decision to scrape the Travestone dam Yippee common sense prevailed. Now about the fishing cant really see the teeth marks, but must say didnt really want to, for your sake. Never mind Im sure your mum has some tasty treats in the bags, but my recollection is, you must be getting to the end of the l4days and you have eaten all your favourits.You do look alittle tired in the pic, hope you get to rest up, some timer today, love your blogs its, the best part of my day, I find myself contantly checking on you, like the many other hundreds of admirers, we think you are just 1 in a million,and so courages, I even dedicated part of the walk this morning to you as I know you are missing that. God speed Jesse, till tomorrow good sailing rest up keep those blogs coming. Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

bernie777 said...

hey Jesse at least the excitement can take your mind of mundane boring chores like homework an cleaning the boat washing will keep you sane soon you will have a fish in the pan then in your Borzoi caught a hare so I skinned it gutted it and roasted it with vegies and garlic ginger and spices,,,it would cost a thousand a plate in a top notch rest, in N.y. but the best part was it was free and my three dogs loved it too...we have 7 puppies as well ...check it out on u tube its so funny and cute too,,,u r my wife did not even taste the hare...she was scared to try it,,,but food you catch yourself will taste the sweetest...u will find that out as soon as you land that fish....cheers Bernie..777 expat. Aussie in Poland

Mark said...

My guess is a fast fish like Spanish Mackrel, it was NOT a shark, or it would have taken the whole thing.

Richard said...

Jess ... shame about that fish ... that's what happens when you're trolling with live bait!!!

Interested in how you are coping with exercise ... do you have an exercise bike bolted to the the boat ... I guess not ... but how are you keeping fit ... apart from all those boat activities.

Looking forward to your excitement as you approach the Line Islands!

Sally said...

Good Morning Jess

Good Grief! Tell that thing with the big teeth that they are not invited for dinner next time! Especially when it's potentially YOUR dinner. Better luck next time Jess! A great photo, love the expression of 'what happened ??!!' on your face, it says it all!

Good luck with the winds today, hope there is no more drifting backwards. What's that old saying "two steps forward and one step backwards" or something like that. Well you don't want that to happen. We're all willing you along so that you can reach that milestone of crossing the equator!

Sydney town is going to be really warm today - I think we are heading to the mid 30's in temp. So we will be basking in the tropics with you also Jess. Except I will be admiring the day through the window of my office rather than out there sailing onwards to the equator!

Have a great day Jess - stay safe!

'Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another' Walter Elliott

'Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”. Mary Anne Radmache

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

What a pity about your dinner. Better luck next catch, which I assume will come soon. Is it easier to catch something in the area you are in? This evening me and my grand son has followed your trip so far on my Globe, and we are both so impressed in you.
Sail safe and keep smiling.
Ingrid and Alex

Ready Jet Go said...

Hi jessica ive been following your progress since the start. the world needs more adventurers your doing so well love reading the bloggs thanks. I love the freedom of the ocean.I live for fishing/boating its where all my spare time goes.sounds like your having fun out there keep up the routines lookforward to the next blogg. every day on the water brings a new adventure.cheers Dean from Brisbane

Edje said...

Hello Jesse,
remember those teeth when you go for a swim:)
Great blog!

Greetings from Holland

Shiny said...

at least you know that theres definitely more fish in the sea!
good luck with fishing.
Alex xx

Aging Hippy said...

Hi Jess

Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself and the tropical Pacific. Will be thinking of you as you approach the Equator - a great milestone to be looking forward to. After that, it should be a cruise: all down hill from there as Jesse Martin once said.

Stay safe

Aging Hippy

jimmy said...

Hey Jesse
Better luck next time!
Pull thst fish in reel quick, don,t give him time to be a bigger lure for the bigger ones.

All the best

bundy013 said...

Hi jessica shame about dinner but theres plenty more fish in the ocean you will get another soon.ITs great to read your adventure daily.It really makes you proud to be an aussie when you see young people like yourself doing things like this.May the winds and seas be in your favour.
Glenn xoxo

danny said...

Hi Jess,
sorry to hear you lost
your fish.
Good thing come to those
who wait.
better luck next time

keep up the good work and stay safe

Dan victoria

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
It's a jungle out there.
Keep looking up.
Kind regards.

The Nicholson Family said...

Hi Jessica. Great fish story! We are just glad that it was your fish that stolen and not your cupcakes!

It sounds like you had one hooked the other day that managed to free itself before you took in the line.

Do you have any way to monitor the line so you know when you get a strike and can check right away? If you are using a reel you can sometimes set the drag (tension) so that it sqeals when you get a hit.

As with anything, luck will come with time, and it seems that you have no shortage of either.

Take care, cheers, and Godspeed,

The Nicholson Family
Sterling, Virginia, USA

Don Rocin said...

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore.”

-Yevgeny Zamyatin.

Attitude said...

Hi Jess, I guess you can be glad you are nice and safe in the boat, goodness knows what it was that took your fish!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, well you could say something "Fishy" is going on then lol :)

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Pity about the fish ... pity about going backwards too. Ah well, ten steps forward, one step back. And better to be sure than sorry with the squalls ... hope you do get to catch up on the sleep. At least you don't have a teacher to tell you to stay awake in class!

Seven days to the Equator ... what a milestone! As so many others have said, you are such an inspiration.

Enjoy the good sailing.


Bad Influence Crew said...

Hey Jess

put that winch handle away LOL!!!

The meteor show for Sat night sounds a treat. You're living Jess....just think about all of us back here in our Doldrums hee, hee.

Hooroo for now
Trace and the Crew of Bad Influence

Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...

Hey, at least the bigger fish got something yummy.

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse...

Hahhah---Sailing backwards to Christmas.. :))) .. the Goons had a song like that ! :)))

But you _caught_ a fish !!!! , albeit a pre-munched one. ~~Plenty of water ahead for more. Have you decided how you're going to cook it ( when you do catch a 'whole' one ?)... you _must_ send some pics of that !!!

And your pic was delightful..... shows you sparkling as always in your adventure, though the lure shows a bit of 'wear', eh !!.

BTW..... the 'absence of others' allows you to really 'know' your 'presence of Self' ~~~ few make this opportunity. Maybe this is part of your secret to your astounding personal commitment. So awesomely admirable.... as many other correspondents have also commented. You are so very special to so many people for so many reasons.

I've got your 'date with the equator' marked on my calendar. Looking forward to your words on this milestone of your voyage.... and a piccie , of course.... maybe King Neptune will send a quality greeting sign ( like a beaut fish or a desirable breeze.... Hahhahhah.

OK...I'm outa ya way, again.... As always, your notes and pics set up my day ! Thank you. :)

.. best wishes...


Marcel said...

Hey Jess.

Oh I'm sorry to hear this about your fish, but it's also a little bit funny. Yeah I think out there it's much harder, just to go to the supermarket and buy a fish :) by the way my lunch today was a nice baked fish (I know that's a BIG foul from me :)

So keep your head up. You know, the good thing about this is: You don't get swine flu out there. Here in Germany, people freaks out of this s**t.

Take care jesse!

Greetings Marcel

melinda said...

Bad luck Jess, nothing like fresh fish....maybe next time. Have you had any luck with the fishing before this? I never seem to be able to catch anything on my lure. Mel and B

yarnek said...

Hey Jesse, I know who pinched your fish. It was Bruce from Finding Nemo! I'd recognize his shifty tactics anywhere...wait for somebody else to do the hard work then sneak in and claim the prize.
Sorry to hear about the back-pedalling; must have been frustrating but I'm sure you'll make it up with a few days of following breeze.
Sail on Ladies!
Best wishes from the Old Bloke, Melbourne

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

Hey Jess,

You'll make a great fisherman, always having a 'one that got away' story!! On the other hand, at least you got something, much better than most of my fishing excursions!

Well, six day till we celebrate the crossing with you, I hope everyone is getting in party mode to help celebrate. Think we need to have cup cakes, we know that you can provide that at your end.
I have just put it on my calendar.

Keep powering on Jess, knowing that there are a multitude of people thinking of you and praying for you.
Keep safe and God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

dave said...

Keep trying Jesse,you will catch one soon.This has happened to me as well. xx

Anonymous said...

well done jesse you are the youngest salor

Jay-Sea said...

Hi Jess
Sorry about the fish, but maybe next time you will land it. Love following your blog and admire you greatly for being gutsy enough to get out there and live your dream. Enjoy the meteor shower that Dusty was talking about nothing like admiring the night sky while out at sea. Safe travel's and look forward to you next post ..... only 7 days till the equator ye ha

Anonymous said...

hey jesse you are the best GO GIRL

Alessandro Machi said...

If I understand correctly, from the time the fish hits your line to the time you reel up the fish, something else comes along and takes a swipe at it.

Pardon my nil nautical experience, do you have a bell thingy that tells you when you've gotten a bite? Or, could that be dangerous if it means you are trying to harvest fish in the dead of night when you can't see because of darkness?

Be safe.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jess

My 17 yr old client, your admirer wants me to send you a message to say sorry about the here goes.."sorry about the fish"..... keep going and knock that equator off! LOLoud

Dusty from Dubbo plus 1

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jesse
Sorry about your lack of fresh fish it certainly would have been a pleasant treat if you succeeded to get a whole fish.
Have you thought of using different bait instead of a lure or change to a smaller lure?
Good luck fish hunting it will taste all the better once you haul it in.

Richard in Maryland said...

What kind of fishing gear do you have aboard? I am not a fisherman, because where I live, no one fishes off of a sailboat.
I did, however, find an good website about fishing off of a sailboat in the Pacific. It is It has a lot of good tips including how to kill a fish by pouring tequila on it's gills! (I'm sure you have a bottle on board LOL )
After reading all the info, however, I realized that your trick is going to be catching a manageable size fish, not a giant tuna! You must be careful not to get any little cuts as well, as you can't afford to risk infection, even though I'm sure you have the proper first aid supplies on board. All in all an interesting problem. Good Luck!


Jesse Watson goes fishing!
Richard in Maryland

gustav said...

Ahoi there Jess,
are they biting yet?

No! Not the the mozzies! The shark,or I mean-those fish you were gonna show to us.Where are they? The fish?

Come on Jesse,there must be some fish out there somewhere.what,not even a little one ?

You don't look too impressed with those teeth marks on that lure and robbed of your dinner by some tricky submarinal culprit sneaking up from behind down below Ella's Pink Lady bottom to eat your meal while you were not looking.

No doubt that sneaky cheat was left with and a few lose teeth and a nagging Jaws- ache. (little Shark with big tooth- ache)

For a moment I thought that silver thing you were holding up there in the picture was the fish you caught.

After all this talk about fishing and this is all you come up with? Then I realized that this must be the empty lure you are holding up in that funny picture of yours.

Why are you showing us and empty Lure?
I think you made that story up with those teethmarks as an excuse why you haven't caught any fish yet, apart from those smelly squids.

Your picture tells the story of the one that got away.What's so funny is that stunned look on your face.And that empty lure you are showing us.Why are you showing us and empty lure,Jessica?

What are we supposed to do about the fact that you are a great Sailor,but your fishing skill look a lot like marinated sardines out of a tin can
for the next 8 month in that picture.

You are a funny girl Jess.(lol)

On other astronomical news:
there will be a Lionids Meteor shower!
look for mars and you should see 300 an hour.(I hope it turns out better than waiting for Jessica's fish to bite)
I will write more about it later.

Keep the wind in your sails and leave those poor shark alone,Jesse.

gustav haffner

BavariaBlu said...

Hi Jessica,
wow, what a lovely, brand new blog entry with only a few comments yet. Lucky me to have had another look before going to bed :-)
HALF a fish???
The wise man says:
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach him to fish, and he will sit in the boat and drink beer all day."
In accordance to that you could now say: Teach a woman to fish and she'll share half of it with the wildlife.
A little bit more sel-FISH-ness, please, Jessica!

Keep on rockin', girl!!

chris coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Are you sure it was not you nibbling? hehe j/k!
I totally understand your frustration at not catching. Myself, I take great pride in feeding them and not catching them! Keep at it, you never know... or you can sit up on deck with the paddle and whack them over the head.
Have fun!!
Chris in Calif.

Dan said...

Jesse you have to fish the line, don't just leave it out there!
Dan ;)

Anonymous said...

Jess mat I suggest that you cut your hair it's prpably the only time where no one will make silly comments but most of all think of the benefits how often do u see yourself bald, not needing to wash your hair, support cancer victims strenghten your hair all the best J

Naya said...

Hi jesse
My name is Anais and i am 11
i go to Spencer Park Primary in Albany and our class tracks your every move each wednesday.
im sorry to hear about that fish- anything could of eaten it(i hope it wasnt a shark because other wise it might hang around. But keep trying because im sure you will reach your goal.
keep up the good work jesse...

...Anais xoxoxox

Dave Russell said...

Will you have Chips with the fish when you land one........and what about the salt and vinegar?? Well i guess salt you can just boil a pan of sea water and make your own but the vinegar thats another story....

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Keep Tryin'

Remember "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days"

And "Caution is a most valuable asset in FISHING, especially if you are the fish"

Your a legend

Bernard-99 said...

Bite marks on the lure and the boat going backwards.....

It's obvious the bigger fish was pulling EPL backwards - Duh :-))


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I am sorry to say this, but I thought that to be able to say you ‘caught a fish’ required actually landing the fish on board the boat! Ah well ….. better luck next time. I remember fishing off the rocks a long time ago with a rod and reel, turning round to talk to some friends who were also fishing, hearing the sound of the line being pulled off the reel, and turning round to see the whole rig – hook, line, sinker, rod and reel disappearing never to be seen again. I lost everything including the thieving fish!

On another tack, I see a red winch handle on the winch in the left side of your photo. I hope that handle is locked on. It is not desirable to lose those things – you can’t go up the road to Whitworths or Short marine for a replacement.

Wishing you good and safe progress toward the Equator. We all look forward to hearing about that. Let us know when you are 100 miles from your crossing point.
Tony L (Mt Martha)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I think you're great and really brave to be sailing all on your own.

Sorry to hear that your fish got eaten.

Keep on trying!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

CHOMP! Good gawd!

Sending you reassuring encouragement from Bathurst NSW [waves hello]
Mal :)

Alejandro said...

Nice done Jesse, if you catch one, you can catch more, by your logs, I feel you get what you wish, soon or later you will get a big one!.
Alex from mexico

Thomas said...

Hello Jessica.
I look in to your block, on a regular basic.
You have just startet your journie, and there are plenty of fish in the sea.
I will follow your adventyre, like so many others.
Have fun, and take care.
Regards Thomas Denmark

Richard said...

Hi Jessica,
Lesson 5 John 7 verse 38-39
Here we discover that if we believe on Him (according to the Word), we will receive the ___. We find that scriptural belief is more that just a change in the way we think. It also results in a scriptural experience.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
That's fishing, not sure how often you pull the line in to check for any fish. If it is only a small fish as one other blogger said, that will become your bait. So you should pull the lure in about every 1/2 to 1 hour to check for fish, you only need to pull it in until you can see the lure, no fish, let it go.
I think you are doing great, so a little missed sleep is only part of this adventure.
So what was the jokes about you going backwards, (backward Jess), it's something you will have to get use to, as you know you can't use the engine to make up the lost miles (against the rules), a few bloggers have asked this question,you may touch on this later. On the rules I'm fairly sure you can't even anchor behind an island for a rest,
as this is a non-stop circumnavation, is this case? you can only hove-too.
I will put my money on midday(1200)
On the 18th, don't party to hard!
So catch up on some sleep, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George and lots of love from Exmouth WA

john b. said...

hi everyone.

there's been a lot of mention on the blog about the "southern ocean". what is it? where is it? what's the fascination with it?

here's a link to a great video of the volvo ocean race and the yacht "telefonica blue" as she plows through the furious fifties.

i think after watching this, it will answer a lot of questions about the southern ocean! there's a great deal of other video on the site as well.


jess, please be safe. i think of you often and wish you great sailing. you are in for the time of your life!! this journey is something you will remember always.

it's quite obvious that your home country is behind you 100%, but don't forget about the rest of the world!!

we're ALL behind you 100%!

all the best to you.

john b.
"sloop john b."

john b. said...

and of course i forgot to put in the video link in my previous post!

sorry. here it is:,,12573~1593677,00.html

john b.
"sloop john b."

Anonymous said...

It will get tougher as you go.
Check yourself for ENERGY LEVEL all the time.
You are already successful - just being where you are shows amazing strength and determination.
All the best

Anonymous said...

We read every day here in the U.S. and love to follow your posts!

pandj said...

sorry jess, they mustabeen hungrier for the fish than u, mayb your turn next time. keep trying, yes the equator is getting closer. will be good to see u pass it and then ready for the next hurdle .rest while u can . safe travels and god speed..

Anonymous said...

...dang, jess! too bad about dinner! i'll skip dinner tonight in deference to you. get some rest and sail safe, beautiful mariner!

castro valley, ca, usa

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess,

I can't wait to hear about the Leonid Meteor Showers after, I hope, you see them (this weekend?).
I saw them here in Maine a number of years ago and they were awesome.

You're sailing in magic right now. Strengthen and hydrate in preparation for the mental and physical challenge of heading south soon!

We are with you all the way.
May you be protected at all times by All Grace.
Mary, Maine, USA

MOBKM said...

Hi jessica,
We are students at a school in Sydney and we read your blog every day. We think you are amazing and we hope you stay safe on your long journey. The bite marks sound terrifying and we are sure glad that you didn't see what it was that made them. We think it was a shark. At school we are learning about you and are interested in meeting you when you return.
Stay safe and we will hear from you tomorrow.
Love M.O.B.K.M

Anonymous said...

Only once have I reeled in an already consumed fish with the offending consumer on the hook (all the other times all that came up was the head of the would-be dinner) and it was, of course, a small shark. Have your gaff and your knife ready, but don't get your hands involved in a tussle with a shark, nomatter how small it might be. Keep save, brave lass. I, for one, do not care for the title of youngest circumnavigator and think any distance you finish with safely is already a remarkable feat. Safety first is the only real definition of seamanship.

M H Skoolers 5 said...

Hi Miss Jess, Well there is always tinfish.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, If you will try this…. Reach out and take the line that you are trolling with and pull it back toward the bottom of your rod and tie it off with a rubber band next to the reel. Now if you get a strike from a fish it will break the rubber band. That way you will notice you have a fish on the line sooner because you will immediately hear the rubber band snap. Then when you pull in the HUGE fish take a picture to post on the board and enjoy your dinner. Happy Sailing and don’t forget to wear you PFD while fishing! A large fish can pull you in the drink but I’m sure you already know this.
Good luck,
Mark Passmore
Atlanta Georgia, USA

Anonymous said...

Captain Jesse -

Being that you're a sailor as well as an Aussie, you've probably heard of ciguatera.

Might want to check it out before eating the fish there...

It'd make you mighty ill. Don't need that!

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
This not for you Jesse, but for Gustav. He asked the question why were you showing a empty lure, but it was not empty. If you look closer you will see some gills of a fish left on the bottom hook, proof that you at least had a fish on, so you got close.
Cheers George
Exmouth Wa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, it's always great to read your blogs; thanks for that. We can't figure out where you are w/r/t the international dateline. That must be a milestone too? Any word on that? Fair winds, . . .

Russ said...

Jesse, Predator fish usually have large teeth and of course your smaller fish becomes a nice meal for the larger fish. Just be careful you do not get cut from the line if the fish runs. the line will cut your fingers if you are not ready for the friction caused. Yellowtail Tuna, Marlin are quite active around your area. Good luck with your endeavours..Russ, Calgary

Kevin in Las Vegas, USA said...

A question on your route...and how you validate that you actually crossed the equator..

Is someone there to witness it? Are you going to circle north of Christmas Island where someone can see you go by?

Just thinking there has to be some kid of official validation. I'm sure you have it figured out...just curious if you could share that with us.

My 16-year old daughter and I watch your every move...keep up the good work!

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jessica,
Sorry to hear your fish got away, so maybe fish for dinner another day soon. At least you know you can catch one. :)
Have a restful day after keeping an eye on those squalls last night.

Looking forward to your next post.

GrandmaSue said...

At least you have evidence you caught something! Better luck next time. Good picture too, thank you.

Enjoyed reading about your water supplies the other day as well. How lovely to wash all that salt water away.

Everything has been so well thought out for your trip - I learn something new nearly every day via your blogs.

You're in the middle of a great adventure and it's wonderful to be able to share it in this way.

Debs said...

OHHHHHH How dare that Big Fish Pinch your dinner......But you know....he was probably saying the same dare she catch my dinner.

Lucky you have heaps of food bags to keep you going. Im sure eventually you will catch a nice tasty fish.
I hope you managed to get some decent rest today.

Only 7 days till you reach the equator...have you thought of how your going to celebrate yet???

Speaking of celebrating.....are you planning anything special for christmas day.....did you get chrissy pressies before you left to open on christmas day??

Keep on keeping on.....enjoy these nice seas before you have to turn south...

Stay safe and have fun

Deb and the guinea's

Anonymous said...

"The farther you look into your past, the further you'll see into your future".....Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I think your doing a great job. I have a question which maybe stupid. How will you handle the cold ehen you go south do you have heating of some sort. Peter.

Anna said...

Hi Jesse,

Have been reading some of your blog and i am just hooked!
I'll be honest, im not really into sailing, been out once and didnt like it, but you really are amazing.
You have a really beautiful way with words, your descriptions make me feel like i want to sail!
You truely are an inspiration and I hope someday i can have as much passion and drive to do something extraordinary.
I wish you all the best with your journey, i will continue to catch up on your blogs.
Thank you for sharing this special part of your life with us.

Anna (Auckland, NZ)

Julian Davis said...

I am reading your blog daily Jessica. I am really inspired with your courage and boldness .

Have a great day Jessica !

Gillian said...

It looks like the one you sort of caught has big fangs too. Gah! Bitey nippy little monsters. You need a big fat gummy fish with no teeth at all.

Don't be kissing them and throwing them back. Bite your whole face off some of those fangy things.

Save the fishing for the desert island?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess~
Sorry your dinner got away. Guessing a shark decided to get a meal b4 u?!

Embellish in God's beauty. He created this world! You get to experience/see it first hand. God gave us water and fish. When Peter was out in a boat he fell asleep with other aboard. A storm came and he awoke. He yelled "PEACE" and God gave him calm. So if you hit any storms during your voyage remember to pray to God for the storms to calm. He is with you every step of the way and will keep you safe!

I also pray you don't hit any bad squalls. Hurricane season is almost to an end here in States.

Hang in there. Praying for your safety. Take care and get some rest when possible! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

2500 miles in 25 days, averging 100miles per day.

Precision sailing.

Well planned.

Well executed.

On Time and On Schedule.

Sydney, Australia

Helmut said...

Hi Jessica, for your next video blog would it be possible to set up the cam so we can watch you at work? What you are doing is 24/7 and we are concerned at the dangers ahead. Hopefully, you won't have to face waves so big that they swamp an aircraft carrier, as in this video:

digital technics said...

Hi Jessi,

First of all I appreciate your will & courage.
Very much like to have your experiences.
Pl. tell me how you feel in that loneliness.
Wish you good luck

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Wish u all the best on ur journey!
U inspire me 2 do wat makes me happy,keep up the blogs they're awesome! sorry 2 here bout dinner u'll catch another one

hezakiah299 said...

11-12-09 @01:15
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to say Hi, and wish you well and let you know I'm still thinking about you. Not much happening up here, kind of a crummy day, overcast but no rain. Don't give up on the fishing, your time will come. Take care, be safe and stay alert. Equator here you come!!!! I'm off to bed.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

Better luck next time. It was nice to see your pic after some days. When writing daily blog , not necessary to limit your self to Ella's Pink Lady , Ocean , waves , wind and clouds. You sure have very good sense of humor and descriptive words. So you can write any thing that comes in your mind, it may be childhood memories , politics , from world peace to Global warming. Writing is great pleasure especially when you are young , intelligent and sailing around the world alone.

Dear Julie ( Mum ) , can you pls write a blog of your own , so that we can know that whats happening with the ground team and at home after Jess is constantly in waters for next 7-8 months. We will appreciate your sharing of how such a champion was made. And any other news from home. Thanks to all involved.

gustav said...

The PINK WHALE and the UFO

Jessica,just put yourself into a FISH's shoes.
what do you mean makeup and fishnet stockings.

JESSICA , just " PRETEND " you are the FISH.

You swim along in the the ocean,
when along comes a PINK WHALE,
chasing a tiny little silver fish.

You swim closer to take a look
and the PINK WHALE gets real scared
and starts swimming backwards.

The tiny little silver fish is close,
so you take a tiny little bite.

Suddenly a UFO appears (Unknown Floating Object)


You get a terrible FRIGHT,
biting down real hard on that tiny little silver fish.

Then you quickly run home and tell your mum
all about the PINK WHALE and the UFO

and how you lost 3 front teeth

JESSICA stop scaring the FISH !


AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Our family here in the U.S. follows your blog and the comments with awe at your undaunted spirit! The Line Islands look treacherous on this site we found: so we hope you are not too tightly wedged near any of them especially at night. Some government notes on this site say that the charts may not show exact locations of features and currents and that radar may have problems due to low land. Yikes! Be wise and vigilant with your navigating team, charts, and binoculars. Keep your music low so you can hear breakers over shoals there since you won't have much of a moon. The best of sailor's luck to you, and our prayers for a lovely breeze, and perhaps a reasonably sized fresh fish would not be too much to ask as well!

Nico said...

Hi out there again!

Reading about the marks of some big teeth a second time now, it occurs to me that you've found just another fan much closer to you than rest of all of us! Maybe you simply should give him or her a name and welcome it as some unexpected company ... ;)

Good luck and good wind to you!


BarnacleBilly said...

Re Fishing
You should get any one of a number of pelagic fish out wher you are -
barracuda,tuna,mackeral,shark,wahoo,sailfish,marlin etc.
Catching half or part of a fish is common with opportunist larger ones homing in on the vibrations of anything hooked.
Keep gloves and something heavy to stun them with handy and you should be sucessful soon.
Good luck !!

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Been robbed of your dinner. Damn, even on your own in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are little thieves around. Well, you cannot really trust anyone nowadays, lol.
All the same, I wouldn't worry too much about the size of the teeth if I was you.
The world is behind you in your course to the Equator.

emgb1 in South Wales (GMT+0)

Ian said...

It looks like everyone on the blog is out to give you a hard time about that fish. I don't want you to feel hungry but I'm certain it was a coral trout that got away. LOL.

What's happened to the dorky hat? I was looking forward to seeing you in that. Maybe when you get back to Mooloolaba.

You're probably sick of being told that you're looking a little tired, so I won't tell you that you're looking a little tired. I guess the Equator does that to people who approach it.

All the very best in the "good wishes" department, Jess. We all love your spirit, even those of us who haven't had the pleasure of meeting you in person.

Back to school, now, ... and the topic today is 'logarithms'!

Ian from Brisbane

Alan said...

Hey, bad luck with the fish Jess, but it's a good reminder of how busy the ocean is below the surface. I was always amazed at how much life there is around when becalmed in the middle of an ocean. Talking of being becalmed, I was once becalmed for eight straight days in the southern ocean at 54 south, so be prepared for anything down there including calms! It also provides some of the most exciting sailing you will ever do - enjoy it all.
Keep up the great work, you're making Australia proud


Anonymous said...

hey Jessica. Am enjoying reading yoru blog and following the journey. . Keep up the good work and safe voyage.

Anonymous said...

You should rig the fishing line up so that next time you leave your tooth marks on it first. Just loop in some shock cord and arrange it so that if something pulls harder (than just the lure) you will know about it as soon as it happens. You could lead a bit of line right into the cabin and attach it to something heavy so that if it gets dragged it will move and you know you've had a bite.
Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the fishing :)

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