Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slow Day, Communication and Website

It's been a quieter day today, a bit too quiet actually. For most of the day the wind has been a bit non-existent. Any progress we did make could probably be put down to drift more than anything! But there's a nice breeze again now so off we go again. Rolling about not going anywhere started to get a little frustrating today, so I kept busy doing some school work and I finally put the fishing line out. No luck catching anything but there's always tomorrow. I also didn't have much luck with school work. After completing the first English assignment I sent it off to discover that I'd opened the wrong bag and have been working on next year's assignments, oops!
To cheer myself up I had scrambled eggs for lunch, made with powdered eggs and cream, really yummy! So I'll have to have them more often. Powdered eggs aren't exactly an off the shelf item, but all the effort Mum put into tracking them down was well worth it! Last night I brought my sleeping bag out in the cockpit and managed to get a bit of sleep under the full moon. It was a pretty cool sight with the moonlight making the waves sparkle and lighting up the sails. I have to keep reminding myself to make the most of nights like this as things are certainly going to change when we head back south and into the Southern Ocean.
For everyone who's been curious about how I keep in touch with the rest of the world I thought I'd explain the communications equipment on board Ella's Pink Lady. First off, I'd like to say a huge thanks to Satcom Global, the amazing guys who have provided all the satellite gear for me. To start with, I've got two handheld satellite phones (one lives in the grab bag ready for me to take with me if I ever had to abandon ship). Most days the satellite phone is a completely clear line and it's as if you're right next door to the person you're talking to rather than out in the middle of the ocean! Then I've got internet connection through a small satellite dome on the stern called the sailor 250. This is what enables me to send video clips, pictures, blogs and emails but it can become pretty costly so I can't exactly just browse the internet all the time. Ella's Pink Lady's also got a HF radio which I use for skeds and listening in to see what other yachts are in the area. Other than that there's a tracker which sends back a constant signal to the appropriate people and all my different EPIRBs (emergency position indicating radio beacons - a signaling device in other words), but they come under the rather extensive subject of safety equipment, so I won't got there tonight!
Talking of communication, the other day I was having a major cheese craving and couldn't find the cheese anywhere, so I called Mum to ask whether she knew where it might have been packed. Mum was actually in Melbourne having lunch with Jesse Martin and his Mum Louise at the time. My quick casual call about something as unimportant as cheese really highlighted the difference between my voyage and Jesse's. Back when he sailed around the world satellite phone calls were so costly that they were saved for pretty much only emergencies and Jesse certainly didn't have luxuries like cheese! Anyway they all had a good laugh at my expense and it sounded like they were having a good time.
I hope everyone in Australia had a win on the Melbourne Cup today. I hear some of my shore team picked the winner Shocking, so that was good news. I'm not really sure what I can do to celebrate it out here, any ideas?
Finally, I hope you all like the updated website which now has a tracking map so you can all keep an eye on me.
It's going to be long night out here tacking around another reef but all part of the fun!



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Lou said...

Great update Jessica. All the best from NZ.

LIAM said...



Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Jess!
Ebony & Mark xx

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Very interesting post about the secret equipments and your life onboard the Pink Lady.
As you're approaching the 0 date line, I've got a chance to get your updates before going to work rather that when I come back home.
I believe that the 0 date line is going to be your next milestone, isn't it?
And by the way, how is it going to count in your overall time to complete the RWT trip ? Because, of course, you'll see yesterday again hehe. Or rather, you'll get back to my day.
All the best, Missy. Have a good, errr... well, evening I suppose.

emgb1 in South Wales (UK, GMT)

Largeyev said...

Hi, Jessica,

I admire your spirit of entertainment and I'll follow your progress around the world, that's fascinating.

I took your blog in my blogroll.

All the best wishes for you, take care.

Largeyev/ Rainer, Lauf a.d.Peg., Germany

Anonymous said...

Excellent Jess! All sounds so cool! How good that your Mum was having lunch with Jesse Martin & his Mum. I have just finished reading Jesse's book & loved it. In fact I read it in one day. Strangely enough my husband who previously had no interest is now also hooked on it & can't put it down. I'm sure that would please Jesse Martin. We just have to wait for yours to get published now! We're finding the posts from people all over the world so good to read, some are particular favourites. We love Gustav Haffner amongst others & always think his comments are interesting... Anyway, I should sign off as I am becoming long winded! Must have been the Bourbon & cokes I had after a fairly big win on the Melbourne Cup today.
Cheers little one!
The McGraths Nowra NSW

Dusty from Dubbo said...

hey Jess
Sad news from Dubbo. A "shocking" day of punting..sorry about the bad pun...basically our VIEWED bet lost. This loss reminds me every year about betting on horses nice animals love watching them run but that's it. Hot in Dubbo 38 today. Glad you are enjoying the moon at night beautiful here too. Great to have a tracker up albeit approximate positions and I understand why. Glad to see you have advanced a grade all by your self in English, keep teaching us all with your wonderful well written blogs stay safe and sleep well
Dusty from Dubbo

The Ryder Family said...

It was really good to read your two latest blogs today! Its like receiving mail that I have been so looking forward to getting! I was reading up on Jesse Martin the other night on his website, it was fantastic. I especially enjoyed reading about his journey in the hobiecat with his Dad and brother. What an incredibly understanding Mum he must have - a bit like your Mum really! Ha Ha!

Glad to hear that all is well today. Yes it must be just beautiful being out there with that full moon.

Keep on enjoying yourself. Our prayers are with you and your family and of course your lovely Ella's Pink Lady! Take care!

The Ryders xx

Japevasi said...

Hi Jessica,

Verry nice to see the tracking device on your website. This realy show's the distances you travel and gives a good insight.

All the best,

Jan van der Wel, The Netherlands.

Gary said...

Fantastic blog Jess, I can see you are out there having a ball.

Looking forward to more information as time goes on.

Hope the fish are biting, what are you using for bate.

Gary in Melbourne.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

What an awesome blog.... I am totally blown away with your writing. Truly unbelievable!! Again you make us feel that we are all travelling with you.

So many people could learn so much from you.

Excellent information on your communication gear. It answers a lot of questions I was continually asking myself.

You are one special girl You must make your parents, colleagues and friends so very proud. I am so proud to be able to send these blogs to you. :-)

Keep enjoying yourself and be mindful of the weather.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn

Ingleburn NSW

Barking Gecko said...

GDay Jessica

Great to see things are going well and we can now track the pink little icons on your google map as you track your way around the world.

I'm looking forward to see you cross the equator and the date line.

When you cross the date line will you be making 2 posts in 1 day?

Cheers an all the best from the shores of Lake Burley Griffin - Canberra :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,

Keep up the good work, its an absolute pleasure reading your blog, we wait in anticipation each day,we have started our own tracking map on Google Earth, even got your "U' turn pegged already at approx. Christmas Island

take care, will look in tomorrow
Peter ans Sally on the Gold Coast.

Brian Riley said...

After such good sailing in recent day's the almost becalmed conditions would have been frustrating for a go person like you.
Like the way you came out into the open in good conditions to sleep under the stars truly amazing feel and easy to sleep at night while you can.
Good the wind has come back in.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

infiniteblue said...

Fantastic info Jesse, you're answering all my questions bit by bit, and reassuring this oldish sea dog as well.
"The wind keeps blowing somewhere every day"

Cedric said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for all these great updates. Not a day goes by when we don't talk about you around the dinner table. The tracking map is great.
All the best.
Cedric From Brisbane AUS.

Hilda said...

Doing well Jessica!! Good on you.I love the tracking map... gr8 to see your progress. Love reading your blogs too. Keep smiling young lady.

Austen Reptiles said...

Hey Girlie :)

Sounds as though you've been kept pretty busy out there. I can only imagine having not ever sailed before (I become green real easy so not a sport for me).. I didn't fair well in the Melbourne Cup today. I was in two sweeps and had Daffodil and some other horse (cant remember it's name).. Never mind though, you can still celebrate by wearing your most funkiest hat with various touch ups here and there- maybe a pirate theme.. Arrrr me hardies.. :) How about you, sailing way out there and still being able to keep up with all that's going on. Technology is amazing isn't it?.. We're all thinking of you, everyday, always.. Soldier on and have fun.

Michael form the Gold Coast

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jesse

its onlt the ET again have a nice sail

Captain Chris Monger said...

Hi Jessica,
Had a QSO with Karl ZK2DL in the Niue Island on 14.195mhz today!
Have passed that island yet?
Cheers Chris VK5CM Goolwa Beach SA

John Julie Dan said...

Hi Jess
I can always remember the serious look on your face as you skippered our little red 'Roberts' from Elanda to Boreen Point when you were around 9 or 10 years old. I think I said to your father then 'it wouldn't surprise me to see you sail around the world one day'. Still got the bus?. All the best and safe sailing.

The Kyle family

Anonymous said...

Your position tracker is great ... you're so close to Tonga already! When my friends and I did a bareboat charter years ago in the Vava'u group, we met people who had sailed there all the way from NZ and Aus - at the time I couldn't believe they could manage such a big journey 2-handed ... and there you are already all on your own!

I thought you might like to do your own fashion parade around Pink Lady's decks to celebrate your team's cup win - nice fashion accessory your inflatable lifevest and epirb would make no doubt!

Cathy, Melbourne

Anonymous said...

hope you are enjoying your time :)
sounds like such an awesome experience, im enjoing reading the blogs everyday, im extremely jealous, as you sound like your having a great time!!! take it all in!

sarah xx

Andrew said...

Now u have got to be the most watched teen in the world!!! lol
i forgot the cup was on! it was all action here as my boat was going on the truck, yes it finally got there lol sound awesome out sleeping with the moon and about time u went 4 a fish!!

Rodney said...

Finally we have the JessTracker up!! Sweet!! You have gone a long way already!!! Keep the good sailing going, it's great to read about. ALl the best!!!
PS: my horse didn't come in...:(

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

great update, but what else could we expect from captain Jessica Watson!
You proved your writing and school class skills already by doing next years assignment by mistake. And you didn't even notice it was a grade higher!
I have a suggestion for you. Since you are now one year ahead you can skip this one!
Good idea???? :-)

I am sure you will encounter more slow days and the rough to very rough is yet to come. You will get through both!

The info on your communication devices is interesting! You are connected to the world and what's more important, to the people that count, your support team, in times you need to communicate with them.
It's comforting to know you have them at the touch of a button especially to find out from mum where the cheese is!!!!!!

I bet mum is relieved to get phone calls like that, because everything is as normal as it can be on Ella, out in the middle of the ocean!

I can imagine, that Jesse, his mum and your mum had a good laugh about that one!

The moon was also bright into my window last night and I thought of you!
Sleeping outside under the moon, just perfect, the moon sparkling on the sea like silver ribbons.

I am adjusting my attitude to packing my suitcase and organizing the trip to leave for Australia next week and am pretending it is almost as exciting as Jessica on Ella!!!! NO!

Keep well, happy and safe and thanks for the great updates,

Trudy, Tirol, Austria

Anonymous said...

Your blogs just keep getting better, your words place many pictures in my mind of everything you are experiencing out there sailing. I work in an office all day and cannot wait to arrive home to log onto your website to see what you have been up to with your day. Good luck with your fishing, mackeral or tuna steaks would be lovely to cook and put some protein in your diet. I like your new tracking map, gives us an idea how far you have travelled and your current position. Again, you are such an inspiration to us all, take care.
Sue, Queensland.

A. said...

Keep up the fab work, Jessica :)

Anonymous said...

Hi jess

I am inspired by you. Don't listen to the media i think you are so brave and i think you have a lot of courage. i have been sailing since i was 7. I love it and really enjoy being out at see but i could never do what your doing. You are me role model. In class we are doin a debate with another school and it is for Should jessica watson be allowed to set sail solo around the world AND I AM TOTALLY FOR YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO

BYE keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine

Oztronomer said...

Hi Jess, you r an inspiration to us all. Love reading of your daily adventure. More power to you. LambIsland Qld

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Sounds ideal lazing out there and sleeping under the full moon. Do mermaids come out in full moons? When I was in the Navy, we always celebrated King Neptune when we crossed the Equator... any celebrations on the yacht?
It has been a real hot one here at school, and would love the sea breeze... and so would the kids!! I keep the Year 5 and 6 up to date with your adventures.

take care. We are all thinking of you
Mr W

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Enjoy the Tropics, before you head down under, again.
Richard (QLD)

fnqgirl said...

You could always rope a couple of sea horses Jesse. Happy Melbourne Cups Day. Always thinking of you. The Stanleys. FNQ Australia

Alessandro Machi said...

I wanted to refresh my memory about vitamin C and being on the ocean without fresh citrus so I looked up Scurvy on Wikipedia. I am assuming you have been provided with back up Vitamin C sources since your oranges are all used up.

Can you tell us about how you compensate for Vitamin C when you have the time?

Not An Elf said...

Hi Jess,
Awesome. Just awesome.
You're an inspiration to all of our business here in tassie (choc full of yachties).

Jealous as hell.
Ian Alston

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

G'day Jess,

Just another day in paradise, eh!
Been a warm day here on the sunny coast too, guess the muggy summer weather will start in soon.

How amazing is modern technology? But also how great it is to be able to call on people and ask for advice, even if it is something like 'where did you put the cheese?' Hey, let's get our priorities right here, just because you are in the middle of the ocean doesn't mean you have to do without the cheese, Jesse Martin eat ya heart out!!
It's also assuring for us that you have the ability to get other advice if things get difficult.

It's amazing how people have taken, not just an interest in what you are doing, but a real concern for your safety and well being, wanting to see you complete this incredible journey and safely back home. You really have touched our hearts. I know it's not just me by the way people write on your blog.
Be assured that our thoughts and our prayers are truly with you.

Be strong, seize the day and God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

Grant Fjermedal said...

Great tracking feature. Like the way each day is signified by your pink boat icon, providing immediate visual guidance to how far you are traveling each day.

Would be interesting to hear more about your Sparkman & Stephens 34, as this is a sistership to the S&S34s that Jesse Martin, David Dicks, and Jon Sanders each used on their solo circumnavigations. Did Jesse provide any tips on the boat?

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jess,
The revamped website looks cool, nice to see the tracker really fantastic stuff....like others I've been discovering things about sailing and the topography of where you are, in fact I've pretty much done nothing this whole long weekend other than reading the blog and studying the oceans - particularly "Drakes Passage" and putting up one or two HF Antennas!....having said that, it's really interesting to hear about your comms systems, Radio Communications has been a part of my life since I was 14 and of course it is the industry of which I work in so I'm fascinated in what you are using. What a moment it must of been for all when you called your Mum about the cheese, isn't technology grand, I hope you found the cheese after all?...I love cheese too specially with a little bit of hot salami and some crackers....yum

Also I have just purchased Kay's Book "First Lady" and Jesse's Book "Lionheart" through Amazon.com, and I didn't realize that Jesse had produced a 70min DVD until someone mentioned it here so I've purchased a copy as well, there's some good reading coming up and I'm looking forward to see Jesse Martins filming efforts I've read that its pretty gripping, and then I think of you and how its going to be as you head south....oh boy!...or should that be "oh girl"!....you can do this Jess....it all before you....

I looked up at the same full Moon last night and wondered if you were doing the same thing....your description of the Moon light reflecting of the sea and the sails was simply romantic....

We've sticky taped a picture of you and Ella's Pink Lady on the wall below the Ships Clock...

Take Care out there....

Clint - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!

We've been following your progress at school and at home. Your going so well and your very brave.
All the best, we know you can do it!!
Katie, Findley, Kelly and Zoe
Newhaven College
Year 7's

Sally said...

Hi Jess

You can have some of the wind that we have in Sydney right now - it's been a scorcher of a day and now it's blowing a gale outside. Mother nature's way of cooling down the earth! The dogs next door are going nuts barking at the wind!

Thanks for the update on your communication system - once again incredibly interesting. I have learnt so much from you. The Sat phones are amazing and it's so great that you can call your mum to ask her where the cheese is!! That's funny that lunch goers had a good hearted chuckle at your expense! Your experience so far sounds very different to that of Jesse Martin, especially where the technology is concerned

Hey - Bad luck about the assignment - at least you know that you've completed it! It won't go to waste I am sure.

Enjoy those moonlit evenings whilst you can Jess!

We won on the Melbourne Cup today - got 1st place in our Office sweepstakes. Not enough to buy a yacht, but it was great fun anyway.

Take care Jess - this is a funny little poem that I found.

"What do we plant when we plant the tree?
We plant the ship that will cross the sea,
We plant the mast to carry the sails,
We plant the planks to withstand the gales-
The keel, the keelson, and beam and knee-
We plant the ship when we plant the tree."

Abbey, Henry; 1842-1911

Attitude said...

You're an inspiration to us all Jess, Peter Russell-Clark, would have loved that comment about "Where's the cheese?" You may be a bit young to remember that, but i am sure your mum will know.

For the fishing, try casting a lure when you are moving along at a reasonable speed, fish seem to like rougher weather and you will achieve a better result if your lure is hoping across the surface of the water, but have a knife ready to cut off anything that is too big to handle.

nutralady2001 said...

Thanks Jesse...love the tracker! Especially the comments on it so we know approximately where you were when you blogged...also general enough not to give away your exact position. I can really imagine myself sailing along with you.

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
You make us laugh with your little stories, which to us seem a little silly but to you they are a handy break. Good news that the wind has been kind and you are making continual progress across our mighty globe. I will check out your tracker and see if you are about where I think you are.
Be careful with the school work as if you keep this up you'll be a year in front when you get back. Love hearing about Ella.

John (Macedon, Vic)

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

Great update and yes, the tracking map is great.

Good sailing,


Linda Björk said...

hey Jess :)
I read your blog every day.
Keep up the great work.
I believe in you.
Best wishes from Iceland

Susy said...

Hi Jessica, I've been following progress daily, which, in a hectic, landlocked life, is a minor feat, but hadn't worked out how to comment til now. You are clearly a brave and intelligent woman with a great sense of humour (a real asset for your undertaking). Your adventure will mean a lot more given your affinity with nature - the changing colours in the late afternoon, the many shades of grey, your non-human visitors, and the company of the waves at night whether or not the stars reveal their brilliance. When I think of the ever changing, vast, beautiful landscape your inhabit, I am enthralled. I am thinking of you and praying for you and offer this advice - keep mentally rehearsing for tough times so your body will switch to auto pilot as needed. And stay harnessed when you can (freak waves and all that). To me and my family, you have already succeeded no matter whether you break any records.
Susy, Brisbane

Greg Evans said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to be able to follow your adventure on your website, and I look forward to the technical info about your day to day living, and also am very keen on the various systems you have on board. Over the next few blogs could you give us some more info on this like water supply, daily food intake, power systems, nav systems, steering systems, and i am especialy keen to know what sort of fishing gear you are using..cant beat fresh fish for supplementing the diet.

Fair winds and smooth seas.
Greg from Scarborough, Qld

Karen said...

Great blog Jess, very interesting. Don't worry i'm 38 and still call mum to ask where something is in my own house after she's been here and has washed up and put away the dishes...always in the wrong spots!! Mum are there for those things no matter how old you are!

I am not a sailor at all and neither are my friends or family...but am interested in your journey and have converted my family who were against it! No they are hooked and are your supporters!

Keep on keeping on!
Like someone else said yes i am the same...it's like waiting for exciting mail every day!!! lol

RichieParis said...

Excellent blog once more, you're definitely gifted, Jessica, and committed: HUGE thanks.
All the description of your communication equipment is really interesting, and the cheese call very funny. You don't tel us... did your Mum tell you where the cheese was? Did you finally get it???? We can't wait the answers!!!
The tracking map is just perfect, thanks to your team. It is precise enough to follow you and know where you are, and it remains vague enough to protect you against the paparazzi and any other risks.
Reading comments about the Somali pirates would make me laugh as you will be so far from their action range, but there might be other evil people anywhere.. but with EPL riding in the middle of oceans, meeting a whale seems much more likely than a pirate!
I like the way you enjoy your meals, eggs or any. Yes, you are (also) having good time inside your adventure, and you deserve it while it is possible.
In the southern ocean, you will have less fun and more action.
The whole family is holding breath, waiting for your next blog...
A big kiss to EPL for all of us, and for you, much love from Paris.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting update. I am intrigued by the powdered eggs. I've never seen them on supermarket shelves, so well done to your mum for tracking them down. Stay safe.


Greybeard said...

Hey Captain Jesse,

Great to get your latest blogs. You will no doubt have been through a fairly steep learning curve with all of the technology on board. Is it my understanding you have a transponder on board similar to larger ships, which allows certain organizations the ability to track your location? No need to answer that question, now that I think about it.

I was involved in a debate today about the amount of physical strength required to do certain activities in sailing, especially single handed sailing. I could not convince others that physical strength does not simply come from muscle alone, but comes from ones inner self. It is as much a mind thing as a muscle thing. This is demonstrated time and again by a friend of ours Lauryn Eagle world champion water skier, model and now media personality (Fox). Lauryn recently skied from Sydney to Newcastle and back, setting a new record (first time I think a person has skied up and back in one day).

You and I both know you have already proven your physical and mental strength and I for one, do not believe this will ever be an issue on this voyage.

Mark Twain once said - "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Stay safe and well young strong lady, we will continue to follow your progress for the entire voyage.

Kind regards, James and family.

lucyeau said...

Hey Jesse, thanks again for another great update! Great to hear you are able to keep in regular contact and keep up to date with everything that is happening here in Aus, such as the Melbourne cup hehe. That communication equipment sounds so complicated haha, it's so interesting, I'm learning so much :). I'm really interested to know if you ever get sea sick? Like when sleeping, feeling the constant rocking of Ella's Pink Lady, does it make you feel nauseous? Or you are so use to it now that it doesn't phase you? Must be such a weird feeling...at first anyway. Looking forward to the next update, take care, Lucy

MaryA said...

Hi Jesse,

It's so great following your blogs - I find myself logging on every day and heading straight to your website to check on you.

Lives should be filled with adventures - I've had some, and I hope more than anything that my son also gets to have many adventures and make great memories. How lucky are you - I cna't believe your courage and determination - good on you.

Enjoy the tropics - you are in a beautiful part of the world. I hope the seas are kind to you and the fish start biting soon.

Take care.


Jannette said...

Good luck! I love your updates and check in all the time.

GuyV said...

Hi Jesse.

Missed your post the last couple of days. Been busy with tafe assignments and went sky diving for charity on Saturday. Was an amazing experience. As for the Melbourne Cup I had a feeling it was going to be a tight one so i didn't bother putting in a bet. Lucky coz none of the favourites come close.... It was a SHOCKING race. lol...

I guess you could have crackers with vegemite on the deck behind the dodger with your music blearing nice and loud... Looking forward to your next blog. You are luck heading toward the northern hemisphere you aren't experiencing this disgusting heat...

Have fun sunshine
Guy Sydney

Jacqueline said...

Hi Jess,
Great website. I look forward to reading more of your onboard adventures.
Best wishes for the trip ahead,
Dave & Jacq in Sydney

Janet said...

Hi, Jess,
Don't know if you are getting this message twice...you may have great equipment out there but I am still muddling along with my ark here!
We think this is awesome, communicating with you while you are out there in the ocean somewher takking around reefs! Our 3 children (6,5 & 3) think you are awesome and we will follow your progress and pray for you. You may even have prayer requests and we would be honoured to pray for you. So take care and next time you are looking up at that awesome sky remember that there is a God who created that who is even more awesome and He is taking care of you

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to see the updates on your website. The tracking map is a great idea and it will be interesting to see it grow as your trip progresses.

Sorry to hear about your mix up with the school work. If you are really lucky you may get extra marks for handing it in early! Having said that,you may need to work a little harder on the assignment you should have handed in so that it arrives on time.

The information on your communication equipment is interesting to learn about and it must be reassuring to know that you have these systems to call upon when the going gets a little tougher. I cannot begin to think how isolated you would feel without being able to hear a familiar voice from time to time.

I can imagine that it must be really frustrating when you are becalmed, as you have been during the course of the day. If it was me out there I would be tempted to fire up the engine and motor along for a while. Here's hoping the wind picks up a little for you tomorrow.

Best Wishes,
John F

Bebie said...

Hi Jesse,
It's great hearing about the technology you've got there.
Your web site is beaut and it's great to have the map tracking your voyage.
Keep well and stay safe.

~eMm~ said...

Some cheese maybe? Lol. Great update!


John said...

Hi Jess

Nice update. You write really well. Great sailing too! Best of luck and enjoy. C'mon Jess!



Lola said...

Hi Jess,
Wishing you all the best!! I was just wondering if you could answer a question: what happens if you get sick on board? Im assuming you have all the necessary equipment, but what happens if you get a big gash or something a bit more serious? Would you need to call someone in or would that disqualify you?

Wishing you luck from Sydney!!

john said...

I saw the moon shining in the way you described when I did my first night dive a couple of nights ago. The ocean is truly mesmerizing in the way everything else is magnified, really enjoying the blogs and glad your still safe and enjoying the experience :)

Macca said...

i rekon that sleep under the stars in the middle of the ocean is pretty cool

i had master orielly

since your doing homework did u wanna do mine 4 me and approximately where r u


p.s jess is cute

RICHARD said...

Yet another great post Jess. As usual your narrative breeds a list of questions mostly a good challenge for us to answer or at least attempt figure out through a little research. We still haven't settled on good reasoning regarding your water source. We've wagered knowing one of your post will address your water supply. (My money is on a small RO generator.)
It's so great to read that you are in such good spirits. You are an inspiration to us all.
The moonlit sea must be incredible.

See ya sailor!

Thomas said...

Greetings from Dresden, Germany.
I'm reading your blog every day (as many others ;-)
Hope you did find your cheese. Wish you all the best.

Gute Reise.

Anonymous said...

Great update on where you are...
Appreciate being able to stay intouch with you..
Sailing Fans in Forster NSW

bernie777 said...

go Jesse you are amazing...try to read a book in your spare time this could help you to while away the hours...good luck Bernie...

duane said...

thanks for the tracking map. You are giving us a nice geography lesson. Yes its funny how technology has made the world seem small. Being old enough to remember the one phone in the house hooked to the wall by a cord really knocks my socks off with all the latest communication devises. Glad to hear your team has constant tracking capabilities.
Good to hear you are enjoying the food. Hope you have luck with the fishing. Take care and happy sailing. duane

Richard Lathrop said...

Thanks for the blog, Jesse, and for the tracking map.

'tis good to know that you're able to spend your time in the cockpit now, even though drifting in a light breeze isn't exactly what you would have wished for--certainly that will all change to the other extreme before very long.

btw, your English seems pretty well advanced to me, girl, maybe you ought to just figure out next year's work now and ditch all of this year's assignments.

on the other hand, schoolwork could become something that keeps you "grounded" in a way and helps your mental health.

Joshua Slocomb had hallucinations at sea in the form of ghostly visitors aboard his boat at times. He actually found them helpful, as I recall, but I wouldn't want this same cast of characters to visit you. Satcom searches for hidden cheese and homework assignments might usurp such visits.

Fair winds,
Richard Lathrop [Connecticut, USA]

Debs said...

Hey Jess

Isnt it amazing how your trip has inspired people all over the world, not only to watch your voyage, but to retake an interest in jesse and kays trips as well...smile

Cheese, ohhhh yellow cheese, how ide luv some cheese...i have to steer clear of it for a while till my stomach gets better....so many foods off the menu...but i love hearing about what your eating...smile. And cant you just rub it in that Jesse couldnt have it while he was away....things do change...but be careful...cos the next person to do the trip...may just have oranges all the way thru their trip...lol.

Now i did just have to mention this....in your blog today instead of typing "which"...you typed " witch"...lol....is that a pun for Halloween week....did you trick and treat yourself?

As for celebrating...thats easy....you turn up the music, dance on deck, sing to the tops of your lungs ( no one can hear you anyway, and the fish wont mind, but dont try fishing for a while after). Grab a special something out of your food bag and just enjoy the moment.

I love the new addition to your web site...its good to be able to picture exactly where you are. Are there lots of reefs to negotiate at the moment?

Anyway...enough from me, give some one else a go....smile.

Keep on keeping on, stay safe and have fun

Deb and the Guinea's

Charlie said...

The fact that you managed to do any school work, whether it be the right school work or not, while out at sea is a massive achievement as far as I'm concerned. I struggled to do the right school work safe and sound at home in my house.

And you should celebrate Shocking's win by doing star jumps. Five star jumps.

How good is this blog?


Anonymous said...

I think its great you are providing an insight into your equipment and day to day habits during your journey.

Its very interesting reading & I must say I keep coming back to read more. Also the cutting edge technology you are using and the great design of your website, your marketing, journey tracking and so forth really is phenomenal for someone of your age.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to continuing to read about your progress and experiences.

Max said...

Incredible Jessica, Follow your dream and you will succeed.
Max & Annette

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

I have been reading your blogs over the last two weeks and have begun to realise that only a very disciplined person could do what your are doing. Your preparation before your journey and your daily routine remind me of the Apollo Astronaunts in the late 1960's. Even your support back home remind me of Houston.

You have a gift Jesse and you are using it to great advantage.

When you study, study hard.

When you work on the boat, work hard.

When you eat, enjoy your food.

When you play, play hard.

You are happy because you are able to accomplish these things on your boat. Also, we are living the simpest things in life which happen to be the best: fresh air, blue ocean, solitude, no traffic, no arrogant people, just you and your boat. Sounds like paradise to me.

Sydney, Australia

Paul said...

Hi Jessica,
Have followed your blogs since you started, and love them.
"Be joyous, all of the time" is certainly what you are doing.
I paddled out with you - orange kayaker.
Kind regards,


Ant said...

Hi Jess,
love reading your blogs.
No fish, with all that water?
Ha Ha, I seem to catch the same amount of fish a lot closer to shore.
Take care out there.
Enjoy the journey
Anthony from Townsville North Queensland

Walter / Hamburg /GER said...

Hi Jesse,

did you pass already the smiley reef? On google there is no name for it but it looks like. A few people are living there with an aircraft runway. It is direct in the middle on the line between Fiji and Tonga.

Awful all these reefs will disappaer in some decades. I guess even the environmental conference in Copenhagen won't change it.

All the best to you and Ella

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the chance to relaxing.

Safe sailing.

Lissy said...

Hi Jesse

Here I am sitting here eating pizza and have the hiccups! Yowch! Too much champagne perhaps??

My Melbourne Cup betting was Shocking! (pardon the pun, he he)...two years in a row, I just can't get it right!

Hope all is well and take care of yourself.


Ron Munro of 5108 said...

Powdered Eggs, gee that takes me back to the very early 1970's in the days of the Citizens Military Forces the pre Army Reserve we have in Australia today. Not only are you taking me along with you on your mega sail but taking memories out of my braincell(s) to remember and relive. You Go Girl. This Aussie loves your blogs and now especially you have a map. Speaks millions to see your possie plotted to see each day. Love to Dear Mum and the Cheese I bet she knew exactly where it was.

Ulla said...

Thinking about you often. Have a strength Jessica and Blessings.
Love Ulla,
Caloundra, Sunny Coast

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,
Sorry to hear the wind was taken out of your sails. But in a good sense, of course ! I think it's good to have days like that, though - it helps us appreciate those days when everything goes well all the more.

That's funny about you completing the wrong assignment; maybe you should just keep going on next year's assignments. If you get them done, perhaps no-one will worry about this year's...

It's interesting to learn about your comms, and your observation about how it helps to keep in touch. Nevertheless, you still have to sail those miles, so it's still all down to you.

Good luck with the fishing. Reminds me of the cynical version of the old cliche about teaching a man to fish:
"Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day.
Set him on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life!"

All the best from NY,


Mary said...

Greetings, Jessica!

Here's a Super WorldWide Hug for you. Am loving your updates, the new website pics and, of course, the tracking map. Sweet...and it looks just like the pencil marks on my atlas next to my computer! I did pretty well considering I just used the lat/long lines in the book to estimate your route!

Celebrate your milestones any way you want, Captain. At sixteen, I'd certainly dance to my favorite music and whoop it up, laughing out loud and having a sweet, of course.

Thanks for the info on your communications gear. All very interesting. Your remarks about working on next year's assignment leave me amazed. See? Just applying your mental power is important, not which assignment. Hope it wasn't too confusing for you, given that it's "out of sequence".

My friend's been recommending a small book to me called, "Who Moved the Cheese?" I haven't read it yet and don't even know if I got the title right, but supposedly it's all about how we wake up in life and realize how our lives have changed and we have to adapt.

Would it be okay for you to go through your food bags and organize them according to your needs on board now, so you don't have to call your mum to find things?(as cool as that is, lucky you)

Keep safe, spirits up and may you have moonlit, full sails this evening.

xoxo Mary, Maine, USA

Alastair said...

Watching your progress with interest and hope that we can talk one evening on HF. Keep up the great work, I know it can be very busy and your information flow in appreciated. It would be great if you could add to your daily post your current latitude and longitude and the 24 distance travelled. I am sure people would be interested.

Summersailor said...

Summersailor said:
Jesse you are a very funny girl (young woman) with your writings. Today you were both a girl calling your mother, asking where she put your cheese sandwich and then a young, experienced, woman sailor explaining about more of your communications. You have got a great team behind and you know for the most part, what lies ahead, when you head south. Keep it up and hope for continual favorable winds. :-D

ToSeeTheSea said...

Thanks again for a great report of the days events. It is amazing how fast technoledgy is changing and how much smaller it is making the world.

Here's another quote I like;

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. ~Richard P. Feynman

Michael L. said...

Hi Jessica,

I want to thank you for taking all of us with you on your voyage. I followed Zac all the way around too. Now I am watching his sister Abby getting ready for her adventure. I very much appreciate clicking on your blog and there is an update, you don't make us wait. You have a way with words that seems so natural it's a joy to listen to you. I am here in So.Cal but I'm think of you, keep safe.

Mike said...

I know its slow but at least you get a little chill time. As you said there will be days when you will wish you had four hands. You have a great support team. Keep safe and enjoy the moments. We are all keeping you in prayers and thoughts daily so know you really aren't alone out there.

Mike Atlanta

Dieter said...

Dear Jessica,
at first I thought that you would go around the southern hemisphere in the roaring forties. Now I see that you first go north to the equator before coming down to the southern ocean again.
But! It means you are entering an area during cyclon season because it is summer now in the southern hemisphere. So by going towards the equator now you could probably encounter a cyclon.(May be that is why it is so calm today) You should stay below 30 degrees south!
Dieter (from Kiel, North Germany)

jake said...

aussie rule :)
yay u answerd my question ur brought fishing gear :) just useing a lure i am geussing.
good luck with that catch soming good and u can have the best feed wile ur out there
and a good way to celebrate well if i was you chilling on a boat with a few beers is and fishing thats as good as any keep up the good work if ur ever bord send us and email it would make my day surfing_life_247@hotmail.com i under stand if u dont soo no presure ey

lilshawnee said...

Well good morning lil Jess.
Thankyou so much for the real nice update.im glad it was a lil bit lnoger because i love reading you post.
Boy its getting closer to the Holidays, wont you be sad your not with your family for Christmas.
Things sound so so cool out there for you i cant wait till my 13 year old girl and i start to sail.
Im not rich so we are going to look at a 27 foot sail boat this weekend.im going to sail to Hawaii and Australia with my lil girl so i hope one day to see pink lady on the waters.
you know its starting to get cold outside.Do you have the means for heat in your Cabin.i hope you dont get cold.Let us know some day how you plan to keep warm.
Thank you so much for keeping the world know how you are doing ,you know we all worry so much about a 16 year old girl going around the world that is so so cool.
Well a lot of post are up so i guess you wont get this far in reading.
Well take care lil Jess and sail safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I am loving following you journey like so many others around the world, Many of us have things we would love to do, goals we set ourselves, but our fears and limited thinking prevents us from achieving our deepest and fondest desires, your trip around the world and adventurous spirit is showing me how we mustn’t let our fears stop us, my goals don’t include sailing around the world but thinking of your fearless attitude in tackling some of the most treacherous oceans way down south is helping me to let go and cast aside my fears for going after what I want and general day to day things where I realise fear is preventing me from being all I could be. I read your blog from February (suggest others to the same) and your zest life and the love of the ocean come through in your writing and great pics and enjoyed reading all the preparation and planning that has gone into this trip, It comes across you are someone who knows want you want, you have direction in your life, you set a course and you go for it! You don’t let a fall (collision with tanker) deter you, When that collision with the sea tanker occurred it was great confirmation for your detractors that you shouldn’t be undertaking this sailing quest, but did you let that deter you? – an emphatic NO! you got straight back up on your bike (or should I say yacht) and carried on realising having falls is all of the learning process and makes you a better person for it. Reading your proposed route it is written in a manner that you KNOW you will do this and succeed, I loved it when you wrote that nothing will prepare you for the feeling of sailing home up Sydney harbour as if you’re acknowledging in your mind it has already happened which is the way to go. No doubt you have been personally motivated by people like Jesse Martin and Kay Cottee. Of course there is your wonderful parents who have the courage to let you to live your dream, many could learn from them, and your wonderful support crew back in Australia. You are so inspirational to my life and my goals Jesse by what you are doing. I have never had interest in reading or writing on blogs before but this is something special.

Thankyou Jesse for allowing us to share this journey with you, probably no other round the world solo sailing attempt has been so interactive with its followers. Take Care Jesse. Keep safe, keep focusing on and visualising sailing into Sydney harbour with the magnificent backdrop of the opera house and harbour bridge. What a day that is going to be!!!!

Jim – Perth WA

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
I thought you didn't like fish? There goes that blogger's theory.

A Blog where no one sledges each other! A great job by Andrew methinks.
Keep up the great work.

Now Jessica, if you could just speed up a bit, get over that Date-line and go back to this morning and get a bet on number 21 in the Melbourne Cup for me, lol. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Jess. Very informative and educational. Always think of your safety especially when you're out. All the best.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

Loved your Jessie Martin/cheese story! And thanks for the tracker map.

Jill (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

Great to follow you on the tracking map ... but where's Street View? LOL

Video clip was great!!

Are you able to go up on deck to shoot a minute or two for us?

Great progress. You must be loving every minute of it!!

Brisbane QLD

Gabe said...

Thank God you found the cheese! :) There are some things a girl just shouldn't have to do without.

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand,
as in what direction we are moving:
To reach the port of heaven,
we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but
we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."
~Olive Wendall Holmes, Jr.

Continued blessings,

elkevino said...

Great tracking app on the website! From the blog about Lord Howe and Norfolk islands I knew about where you were, but this makes it much easier. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you doing well.... Jessi.. Pretty neat your doing some fishing when you can...
Not sure what equipment you have but hope you catch something on the troll...

All the Best to you from this Small Little State of Delaware USA to you in that Big Blue Ocean....

One day at a time Jessi!!!!One Day at a time....

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jessica!
That seems to be the norm, on a bluebird day when its easy to fish the fish don't cooperate! No they will be feeding on a day when the wind is up and you will have your hands full with Ella's Pink Lady!! But hopefully you will be able to cast a line and catch some fresh fish!! Thank you for the insight to the comm equip and all the technology, very interesting and amazing. Thanks to the team for the tracker. Read online about the N and S Minerva reefs after you mentioned them it is good that you didn't get too close! Enjoy the good weather and hope you found the cheese! Godspeed to you and you are in my prayers. Mike

Anonymous said...

Psalm 23:2-3
2 ...he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Good morning, Jessica. Quiet -- too quiet -- and then off again! And all the while I know you did what you are supposed to do, staying on your personal course. Amazing how you were blessed with those days of "extra" progress to balance out the inevitable days of drifting. What a story you are writing. Today, in addition to praying for your health, your strength, your sleep, your family, and your safety, I will pray for your thorough preparation for the Southern Ocean as you enjoy these calm times and beautiful nights. All the best.

mimo said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to hear you're well and not too bored yet. I imagine the nights under moonlight would be awesome, especially with no mozzies, and no flies during the day, even better. Anyway, thanks for the updates and keep 'em comin'.

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

what a great update, it's fine to read that all is going well! In the moment i read a book from Tania Aebi from her sailing around the world. I hope you write a book.

I wish you all the best an have fun!

Vinh said...

Hi Jesse,
Wow! sleeping under the full moon. Wish you took a photo of you two and the ocean under the full moon.
I've never been on a yacht before and no experience on the sea but reading your blog makes me feel like being out there on the ocean. It's exciting reading your writings. Thank you and please continue to write.

Jessica's Jokester said...


You never did say if you found the cheese, so good luck on that one. And, if you did find it, maybe you could make a cheese omelet with the powdered eggs.

That is, unless you happend to run into this guy and his wife...

A man runs to the doctor and says, "Doctor, you've got to help me. My wife thinks she's a chicken!"

The doctor asks, "How long has she had this condition?"

"Two years," says the man.

"Then why did it take you so long to come and see me?" asked the doctor.

The man shrugs his shoulders and replies, "We needed the eggs."

Bad joke, I know.. but hey, you started it by talking about eggs! What else was I supposed to do?

So, until next time.. glad to hear you are up and happy. I am sending my best thoughts that it shall remain that way!

~Your Devoted Jokester~

Dark said...

Hi Jessica

Wow Powdered eggs! My mum used to have a cookbook that had recipies for powdered egg dishes, Sadly I don't know where it is but if I find it i might post some of the easy recipies up on the blog.

Glad to read you got a relaxing night in.

Question (I only ask because you say the other sat phone lives in the grab bag). You do rotate the phones don't you? I ask that as that way you get them both charged and know they are both working.

Andrew said...


How about a description of how you are managing your water requirements (e.g. your use, collection, storage, filtration, etc.).

Good luck,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

MikeG said...

Hi Jessica. I have been following your journey since the day you left. I can't remember how I got here, but I'm so excited to see what updates are waiting for me in the morning. I see you are getting close to the international date line so I guess that means you'll have to repeat the whole day again. Ha! Safe journeys.

Mike in Austin, Texas, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, long night for me too. I'm working at a hospital in Rockhampton. You could celebrate by catching a fish and posting a photo for us! Keep the updates coming! Adam.

The Griffs Perth WA. said...

Hey Jess,
How do you wash your clothes on the boat? Do you have one of those round things that you turn by hand. My sister had a strange contraption that she used on her boat. Using salt water would make your clothing itchy, so can you give us a blog on washing your smalls (so to speak) The moon was awesome last night, I let the cat out at 4am and it glowing over the ocean near where we live.

Take care.
The Griffs of Perth WA.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Great update and love the route tracking feature. When I compared it to the plot I have been guestimating and keeping on Google Earth, I had the total miles traveled fairly close but I had your track more northward toward Fiji than what the tracker map showed.

I will tell you a short story from last night. We were fixing mac and cheese with dinner (dare I say cheese to you ?) and discovered we were out of elbow macaroni so it was off to the grocery. Since we're now off of daylight saving time, it's darker earlier and as I was driving to the store, a gorgeous full moon was rising in a cloudless sky here in Georgia.

I thought to myself "I hope JW's weather is equally clear and she can go out on deck and enjoy this full moon when it's her nighttime". Lo and behold you did as per the blog. Good on you.

I didn't consider the expense factor of accessing and surfing the internet via satellite so I don't imagine you have the luxury of reading each and every comment to your blog. I know it takes me hours to get through all of them which I have done.

However, I and I know hundreds of other JW watchers hope Mum will cut and paste a few of the comments into emails she sends to you to get a flavor of your avid readers of your blogs.

Safe sailing and Godspeed Jessica.

Georgia Guy

brian said...

Love reading your blog. You are a true inspiration to us all and I am sure you have that true aussie spirit that will bring you home safe and well. Take care and happy sailing.

Brian of Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jesse... Sounds like you are celebrating Melbourne Cup Day in the most unusual way... very different from all us landlubbers... on the ocean eating scrambled eggs thanks to a persistent Mum. I ate Greek lunch with an Italian dessert. I've sent your details and photo to friends so they can track you, too.
Your admirer... Cielo

Dave Russell said...

Great to see the tracking map Jesse. It reall brings home the task that you have set yourself.
I have just read this quopte from Tim Cahill "Exotic Places made me do it"........A lot of us first aspired to far-ranging travel and exotic adventure early in our teens, these ambitions are, in fact adolescent in nature,which i find an inspiring idea.....thus when we allow ourselves to imagine as we once did, we know with clarity, that if we don't go right now, we're never going to do it. And we'll be haunted by our unrealized dreams and know that we have sinned against ourselves gravely.

Well done Jessica you grabbed your chance and got out there and did it !!!!

EJ said...

Great Progress Jesse!

Love the addition of the tracker to the main website.

Thank you for the updates!

US Virgin Islands

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - I don't usually leave comments on blogs but I've been following yours since you started your trip and I feel like I know you in some small way, so thank you for the very real and interesting updates. I try to imagine what it must be like out there all on your own - it must awesome and yet mind blowing. So congratulations on all you have achieved so far, of course much more lies ahead, but the positive energy channelled your way by all those who support you will push you along as much as the winds will carry you. Take care, you're a bright star. Dana & Family, UK

Anonymous said...

In one of the blog entries, you mention four (4) clocks aboard. I am sure one is set to UTC, what time zones are the othe three (3) keeping.

Remain safe, "a neat and clean ship is a safe and happy ship" may you always be on the favored tack.
Jim Fisher
Palatine, IL USA

Ernest said...

Hi Jesse, Thanks for the equipment
update. So far, what is the average temperature during the day and at night? Also, are you clipped on 24/7? Have a great Day!

Alan said...

Hi Jesse,
Great to see you doing so well and in fine spirit.
The light conditions can certainly be frustrating but a good time to catch up on boat/school work. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the nights at sea, they are so special.

all the best

Al GC Hinterland

Marcia said...

You are one of the most picturesque writers! I can see your activities so clearly!

I love the tracker! Thanks to your team for getting it ready!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update:) Glad you could find your cheese!
I'm going now to see if you posted a video.

Did you happen to get any full moon photos? Sleeping on deck sounds magical.


Anonymous said...

Jess - how did your yacht receive her name, Ella's Pink Lady?

Bobby from South Carolina said...

We are all living vicariously through your adventure - really enjoy reading your blog updates.... praying for you everyday... safe sails!!

Bobby from South Carolina

goldendog said...

Jesse, I am writing from Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been reading this since day 1 of your dream. I am so proud and look forward to reading this blog each day. Thanks for the wonderful writing you do and keep the dream alive. FYI we have already had snow here in UT and the ski slopes opened for Halloween. Brrrrr

Roger said...

Hey Jess!

Would you answer a question from a dumb Yank! (Apologies if it's common knowledge for everyone else. :-) )

Who is, or was, Ella?

I am totally enjoying your blog updates, and am rooting for you every nm of the way.

Roger Spaulding, Colorado, USA

Navigatre said...

Hi Jessica

Since I spent so many years flying and navigating the Pacific and Atlantic, I would love to follow your adventure on a reliable tracking program. I have tried the aprs.fi and it still shows you in Sydney. Perhaps someone else could give me an update if available?

Good sailing,


chris coles said...

Hi there,
Glad to see that all is going smoothly. The full moon is amazing out on an ocean,makes you feel as if magic is in the air! Here in Northern Calif. the moon was so big that it looked as if you could reach out and touch it. It was so bright that Mount Diablo was glowing slightly. Okay, enough of that ...... Have you seen any whales,dolphins or other sea creatures? Have the squid visited again?
Smiles for you,
Chris in Calif.

Scotty - Denver said...


Nice job team on the tracking map - it's wonderful! Way to go Jess. Enjoy the slow days, there's plenty of "fast" days ahead. =)

God Bless you all,

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien
Denver, Colorado, USA

SoLow said...

I was wondering if you were going to fish... Great luck to you with that! If you catch something will you post a picture of it??? :)

Keep up the great work.

SoLow in Oregon

Gary said...

Hi Jessica

Got the tracker under your "The Voyage" page - glad to see it up.


Richard said...

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Prayers being said in the US for you!

Are you planning to go through the Panama Canal?

Oh, great map btw!

Meechree said...

I love learning new stuff through your updates. It's great (:
-Dimitri, USA

Richard Helton said...

Jessie good on you! May GD be with you. You think the southern ocean is a challenge well missy don't count out rounding the cape south of south america, its a very dangerous passage if there is any weather at all and the Antarctic circulation will more or less push you right through it. Any weather and 60 foot waves are fairly common! So be ware of weather and time your go carefully! Also waves during weather come from multiple directions at once due to the underwater mountains in the cape. So here is my best wishes for you! for a safe passage and a quick one too!

Richard Helton California

Martin said...

Hey Jess, seems like you are going to make my sailingless winter of the.
Each and every morning your blog is the only thing I need to make my day.
If you ever need help on chemistry, physics or maths just call your sailing chemistry doctor on skype (geogandalf).
Wish you all the best every minute,
Martin (Northern Germany)

Susan said...

Where's the cheese?! good thing you've got that phone for such emergencies! made me laugh! and you couldn't have had better timing for that call! When I first left home, and even years later, I used to call my mom for recipes!

Glad to hear that Jesse Martin and both your mom's are getting together... not many people to share such an adventure with.

After reading Jesse Martin's book and Kay Cottee's book, I'm reading a book about the Vendee Globe races.. it's simple amazing.
I hope you've read about others experiences sailing solo around the world... no comparison to actually doing it!...but as you think about their experiences and what they did in difficult situations, it's like digesting it so that if you ever need to make a quick decision, all that you've read, and imagined will be right there for you. Does your school work include ultra-advanced lessons for sailing?!

When I was oh so much younger many many years ago I went trekking through the mountains of Nepal, and journeyed in the northern parts of Afghanistan, and people thought I was so brave... no, not really, I just wanted to travel and see these places... but those things seem like nothing compared to what you're doing. (no, I never read books first!)

One full moon down... is that 7 to go then?
Always wishing the best for you,
Susan in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Right, I guess being past the Dateline you are back on Tuesday and the Melbourne Cup can be celebrated out there by watching the Seahorses...
(Wow, what a flat joke)

Anonymous said...

Love the new tracking on the website. Also love the new pic of you on the Read My Blog icon. How cute are you!

Anonymous said...

Dehydrated eggs ? No problem.Way back in the 70s of last Millenium the German Army already was able to supply a dehydrated, but pre-cooked Rice Meal, that can be 1)warmed up, 2)eaten as is out of the vacuum sealed package and as a gag on top of all 3)despite the tight seal the package had enough bouyancy to float on water.
So thanks to the Internet NOTHING is impossible to be supplied anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for your update as always great to hear from you and keeping all of us close to your daily life on Ellas Pink Lady!
I was wondering...I watched a program last night on the 7 most challenging seas in the world to sail and of course they mentioned drake passage as 310 million tons of ocean pass a second around the polar current of antartica with possible 60 foot waves! So, how do plan for such a turn around south america at cape horn? Love and Steady Winds, Jenny and Tigger

Ken said...

Hey Jess,

Great update. Thanks! I'm sure doing the frequent blog posts can be a bit of a hassle but I sure do enjoy them!! Your information today about communication was very interesting. The technology is pretty amazing. By the way, thanks to your web people for putting the map up. Being able to see where you are will make all this even more fun and interesting.

Take good care of yourself!

Ken, San Diego, California

Anonymous said...

Jess, trash the English schoolwork. You'll be entering the "Spanish" zone soon (until you hit the Falklands)(Malvinas...)(FALKLANDS, keep out of this blog...).Rather turn your mind to your next assignment. At 16 you should be able to witness Space Trips to Mars and given that you will be able to handle 240 days in confined space, could even be a prime candidate of taking part. Now, over there the circumference is roughly 21343km. Given that you had the experience of dirtbiking in NZ, we are inviting you to consider to become a "Mars-Rounder". At ~80kmh, travelling leisurely 600km in 8 hours (including rests) you should finish that tour in sloppy 36 days.Would that fancy your adventure taste ?

Anonymous said...

Sleeping under the stars and full moon...
Top stuff. But careful, unless Ella Bache has supplied you with Moonscreen Factor 50+ you could end up with a blue tan...
And don't get too complacent. You're cruising on "Pothole Alley". With the amount of Big earthquakes going off everywhere around you, a Tsunami wave is not out of the question.

Anonymous said...

Coming anywhere near Easter Island ?
Forget it, Christmas is next...

Anonymous said...

Would Like To See More Video Updates As To see The Well Being Of This Fearless Lady She Is Awsome
For trying Such a task As This one

Daniel said...

Hoy Jessica,

So, you started next years course. Would be now problem because you're alone in your class.

Fine to follow ou on G Earth


Anonymous said...

What happened to W********s as sponsor and supplier of choccies ?Don't tell us you left without THE antidepressant stuff ?
The other producer, Dunedin, NZ

Anonymous said...

You have chosen the Southern Route.
If able to sail without touching the lockwalls in the Panama and Suez Canals, would one be allowed to cruise that track around the world ?
And has anybody fitted with a supersturdy boat contemplated to include the North-west Passage in Arctic Waters for the trip, thanks to global warming not totally out of the question ?

John said...

Hi Jesse,

I love the new tracking map on your main website! You remain in our prayers for a safe journey.

John - from San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Today I was reading in the papers again, what I heard before, that the ocean is full of plastic.

Can you enlighten us, how does it look at your place? Can you see any "plastic soup""?

Fair winds wished from the netherlands.


Anonymous said...

Werter Herr Gustav Haffner, would you have the honour suppling us with a rough estimate of the approximate time for a circumnavigation in a boat of the S&S34 type travelling the Southern Route in westerly direction ?
Could the controlling Sailors association consider my proposal of a vessel driven by electric engines powered by windgenerators for such a counterdirectional journey ?
Yours sincerely

Hieronymus von Waldlauf, Deutsche Marine, Steinhude

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jess, 4 hmwk, u hav 2 wear skoolunfrm ? cya :P

Patricia said...

Jessica, if I were your mom I would be a basket case, lol. I am so proud of you and you are a brave young lady, this will be a HUGH Journey in your life. I will keep you in my prayers and I will be hoping and watching for your safe journey. I am from Texas and my name is Patricia if you get board go read my website at www.NowWellness4life.com I help many people around the world. Blessings to you and Good Luck, Patricia

Old Iron said...

Noticed the updates to the website first things, looks great.

Always enjoy your blog updates, videos and photos.

Would like to take the time too personal thank Jessica Watson’s sponsors.

Tracie L. Hall said...

Awesome! That *is* a cool little tracker thing! Now I can learn my geography...another subject you are WAY ahead of me on that I think your educators should be giving you credit for!
How cool that your Mom (most of us Americans say "Mom". I love that you say "Mum", but it sounds weird for *me* to say it--like I'd be using your pet name for her) was with Jesse Martin and his Mom! That must be quite a bond the Moms are forming, sharng the anxieties of having a child alone at sea!
Yes, looking at how bright and large the moon was last night had me imagining how it must have looked on the ocean. I'm so glad it was a clear night with calm water---the only way to enjoy a good moon!
I think if I were you (but having the courage you do to do this isn't likely to be happening), the constant anxiety of being in a hurry would be annoying. I'd want to hang out with the school of dolphins headed the other way. I'm not one to be interested in harnessing the wind--I like those lazy 3 knot days when my boat isn't threatening to throw me in the drink and I can just enjoy the sights, sounds, and breeze. So far, for me sailing is about photography...getting from one cool sea critter to the next, with lots of lazyness inbetween.
Keep having fun!

Rob said...

First, thanks for getting the tracking map up! That really helps.
I bet it is frustrating when there isn't any wind! I'll just say from my running experience sometimes walking is ok, just use that time to get your wits about you so you can recharge for the hill ahead. I hope you can translate that into sailing advice because I'm not sure how!
I find it amazing you are in such close contact with the outside world. I think your blog will really shine more light on around the world sailing.
Be well and take care.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Angus said...

Hi Jesse,
Sounds like you've really got your head screwed on. Sure make the best of the warm weather, I used to love sleeping on deck, except when it would suddenly rain and I'd get caught out in it. You are sure right about the communications of today. When I was a young kid my dad had to ring London. He had to book the call 3 days ahead and the day he put the call through, all the neighbours came around to watch him talking to someone in London. It was like a public holiday. Today you can just call your mum to see where the cheese is. Sort of makes you wonder.
Your so lucky to have so many helpers and yet, you still have to do it all by yourself.
A little useless info. Many years ago when Ships were made of wood and men (and some young ladies) were made of steel, the charts would be marked (circulus Equinoctinlis) instead of Equator.
Anyway it sounds like things are going great guns.
Its good to be able to see just where you are, Tracker.
I was wondering, after you get back home and you catch up on your school work (trying not to be negative, school work)what could you ever do to top this. Take care. Fair winds and following seas.

midasnews said...

Hey Jess,

Loving the blog. i just checked out the tracking map it is great.
Stay safe.


Anonymous said...


Jessica you're looking very good out there. The tracker is great.

Tonga, Fiji, fishing, sleeping outdoors under a full moon....cheese from MOM.....what a lifestyle.

Please be vigilant and stay "clipped- on" (that's a father speaking).

Thinking of you always from the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada.

Big hug....your fan, john

Anonymous said...

Be brave, stay brave. Never give up. Be safe and careful. Watch out for pirates. It must stink to have to do school work, while you're sailing. Enjoy the weather while you can. We're cheering for you from a middle school class in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA.

Icemartin said...

Dear Jessica,

good to hear you're well connected - it must get lonely out there.

Sorry to hear about the passing of your last orange!
I read the rules, but I'm wondering are you not allowed to pick up any fresh food items along your route?

It does sound though as if you have a ready supply of first-rate seafood. Did you regret disposing of the squids the other day? ;-)

Take good care of yourself!

Best Martin, Iceland

Dusty from Dubbo said...

good morning Jess
I hope you had a reasonable night taking and there was some time for rest.I am very pleased you are already conditioning yourself for when you turn south. You really have your act together.Has your cheese fetish has abated yet? Stay strong.
Dusty from Dubbo

Naked Mariner said...

I'm watching you every day. I love your videos, your pics and the tracking map. You must visit me in the U.S. one day in the future. Godspeed to you Jesse. Each day shows the depth of your courage and your character. I'd die for a daughter like you. Have a wonderful voyage.

Steb said...

Hi, Jessica. How are you?

Some times it seems that you are a little bit tired. Are'nt you? I hope that you'r not. But if youo feel tired, you have to know taht everyone who writes here gives you a bit of their strong to go on.

Friendly from Spain.

verosassi said...

Brava piccola! Ti seguo dall'Italia ... Coraggio ... !!!

ashleigh said...

Good luck Jessica :-) Hope you found your cheese :-)

Pip said...

Loving the blog still. I'll be following your journey until you sail into Sydney Harbour. Great to hear about all the preparation that has obviously gone into your trip. You write really well and I'm sure I'm not the only one living your journey vicariously with you.
Fancy ringing your mum while she is having lunch with Jesse Martin! I just finished his book and loved it. It helped me to understand what goes into your trip and that it is possible! I'm a believer now so you go girl!

Lucy said...

Greetings from British Columbia, Canada!!

Hi Jesse, it's so great to read your posts and hear of all the things you are doing - for yourself and the boat! I also like the tracking and I follow you with my globe right on my desk here. You are doing very well!!! I would be crying for my mommy!! but then I don't have the training or experience that you do, not to mention the guts! Are you suprised at the amount of comments you are getting? some days there are hundreds! and from all over the world! I am having fun reading what everyone has to say and learning where people are from, although I don't have time to read them all!!

Thanks for posting something almost every day!!! I wish you safety and good luck!

Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

I am glad that there are adventurous people like you. Never give up. Follow your dream till the end.

Atanas, Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are on a collision course with Tonga island. Youre new route-map looks faboulous.
Just been back from 1 week hollidays visiting 2 Greek islands, Naxos and Santorini. Somewere i adore islands, hope you do the same. Stange in a way, me writing beeing back from hollidays, while you are never on hollidays, or always on hollidays, depending on the vision angle to look at it. Whats youre angle on this one?

Till later, enjoy the stars.

Pollik said...

Absolutely amazing and I am so jealous of you!! Well, not the powdered egg, obviously!

Good luck and sail safe!!

Polly (UK)

Lut said...

Of course we are happy to follow your posts and know how you are doing. Thanks for the explanation about how you can keep connected ... hope the bill will not be too high :)
Take care and enjoy .. you should write a book !!!

Calpi said...

Love the tracka and at being out there by yourself at least you would have won your onboard Melbourne Cup Sweep!!

Peter said...

Hi Jess
I am at Sydney international airport about o board a plane for New Zealand and thought I would see how you are going (as I do every day). The Melbourne Cup is over rated and all the news channels are running the last 100 M over and over again so you are missing nothing. Stay safe and know that the there are 1000's of people checking on you continually and looking out for you in their own little way.
All the best and be safe.

BoB said...

Dear Jessica, since you leaved Australia I'm following your trip.At the moment I cant sail because an accident. You let me dream. Roberto from Venice Italy

Anonymous said...

Jessica.. keep up the good work.. enjoying your blogs. Would love to know more about your position and where are you heading now.. once you get to the equator, where from there ?? I've heard a lot about the pirates off South Africa lately - I hope your team steers you well clear of any of that activity - I will worry less about you and Ella if they do that. I hope you continue to have air winds and calm seas.. Mel (Sydney)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Keep up the great writing.It's getting better and better. I like the way u take up topics, about the Pink Lady and her gear. And the descriptions of all the fantastic moments u have out there. The food and things u do around the boat.
I'll be checking in on u every day.
Have fun and travel safe.
Best Regards
Jacob, Denmark

Anonymous said...

hi Jesse i am from tassie my class and i have been following your blog for ages. Its great to know your following your dream, hope your well and getting on with the SCOOHL WORK! :)we're here if you need help even though we are in year 5 and thats not technically cheating.:)All the best wishes Ruby and 5 Eley!!!!!!Scotch Oakburn

Anonymous said...

Jess - everytime I read your blog I am so impressed by what a wonderful human being you are! You seem so modest, and warm and just a great person. All credit to your family, and to you, for being who you are.
All the very best - already you've inspired so many - and I know it is a cliche, but you really are an amazing role model to young people everywhere.
Keep enjoying your incredible experience.
From Jody in Sydney (mother of two, who I hope turn out as amazing as you!)

Rexie said...

Chapter 4

People are funny. JW, like any good princess, has always been surrounded by people who love her and believe in her. However there are other people who think they love JW the princess, when in fact they only love the idea of an independent princess. So when the Silver Yang took its bite out of JW's pink castle, all these 'love the idea of an independent princess' people came out of the woodwork.

“JW is too young to drive her own castle” “her rents are irresponsible” “JW should be in school chasing boys, not out on the moat chasing dreams”

These are the sort of people who watch lots of TV but don't actually do lots of things. The sort of people who complain about something they have never actually seen, or whine about someone they have never actually met.

And they can make a lot of noise.

Thankfully, the people who actually know JW, stood behind her and with their support and her willpower and the support of all those people who aren't botherers – JW fixed up the tallest turret on the smallest pink castle on the biggest moat in the world and headed back out.......

Brian said...

Thanks to your team for getting the Tracker up on your site. You are making great progress and you make it look so easy. Thanks for the great update and letting us share your adventure. Question: Do you enjoy seeing other ships around or do you prefer the open waters and the solitude? I do remember the ocean on a full moon night when I was in the Navy and it is surprising how light it is out. It is an amazing view.
Stay safe and enjoy the experience.

Lakeland Florida USA

Anonymous said...

Great to see the traching up and where you are now Jess....looks like you are just about to go backwards a day, you're not far from crossing the date line.

Enjoing reading yours blogs and following the journey, better luck with the fishing next time, they do say that there is plenty of fish in the ocean:))

Sail onwards

j\John said...

Hi Jessica

Met u at the Spit and wished u well

Paddle a ski and 4 days before u left as the sun was rising I gave the Pink Lady a pat on the stern and asked that she look after u.

A large bird had left a feather on the stern so I took " your feather" and placed it with a photo of my kids on the boat they sailed

The ocean has always been good to us and I trust a connection by this small gesture will extend the same good luck to you.

I will return " your feather " which I notice each day once your epic voyage is complete.

U are a remarkable person. B Safe.

Kim said...

i love the tracking map!!! now i don't have to go to google maps to see where you are! godspeed!

greenville, in

Pete and Nancy in NH USA said...

You young lady are an inspiration to a complete generation. Here in the US you are comparable to Amelia Earhart or Neil Armstrong. You have done and are doing things that most people only have dreamed of. As you say down under " Good On Ya ". We wait here every day to check in on "Our Jess" and see what progress you've made. Know that you have captivated the hearts, minds and imaginations of Millions of people around the world and we all look forward to your safe return to Sydney. We will all be cheering for you when you round Sydney Head. Be safe, rest, eat when you need to, and stay tethered. The enbtire world is watching you

hiensch said...

Where's the cheese? Hahaha, too funny!
Wonderful website and blog. Please keep it up and keep on enjoying yourself.
Stay safe and all the best from Henk on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Toni McLean said...

Hello Jessica,
What an entertaining and informative blog. Those rolling seas are a real pain, but then sleeping under the stars on the deck is magic! Don't know how you managed to do any assignments with the boat rolling. I think your teachers should accept anything you manage to submit.

My step-son asked me if you would have to do school work out there and I thought that you would be getting a much more useful education in life doing what you're doing rather than sitting in a classroom, though there's a place for academic learning too. I'm very academically inclined, but I know how much it helped my own son to mature doing the amount of sailing he did, which was nothing like what you're doing!

It is absolutely fantastic to be able to follow your journey across the ocean now. We've all been hanging out for that one. So thanks to whoever made it happen!

And better to reef in and be sure, than not to reef in, even though you might not feel like it. An old sailing friend of mine was fond of saying that the most expensive sandwich he ever had was the time he decided to finish his sandwich before getting up to reef in the main - you can guess the ending - the main blew out before he finished eating! If we look after our boat she will look after us! Am I sounding like a parent?!

Happy winds

Anonymous said...

great blog Jessica. They say the hardest part of your trip is the first two weeks. So now the two weeks are out of the way it gets even better. Go you good thing!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure I want to see the chicken that lays powdered eggs... -:)

Anonymous said...

Totally admire what you are doing! Will be following your progress and hope that all goes perfectly for you.
What an amazing young girl you are!!
Love and support your way,
Kazz Blewer.

Garnett said...

To a young skipper from an older skipper. Congratulations on the journey thus far. It is interesting to see words of worldly awareness (a.k.a. maturity) creeping into your blogs. As an older skipper who went to the aid of a capsized yacht yesterday and saw another one limping back with a broken mast, I would encourage you spend a little time each day reviewing what you will do when various things go pear shape.

I was talking to some AMSA people the other day about commercial licensing and we each commented that a failing in the system is that often people get through, tying knots for example, by doing it once in front of an examiner, not at 2am on a windy night with low cloud, no moon and seeing sunrise depending on the person getting the knot or bend right… One bowline I had to tie last year was while hanging over the side of one vessel connecting a 45 tonne tow vessel onto a 50 tonne paddle wheeler that had been stuck on a mud bar. All this while the wind was blowing two of us sideways closer and closer to the mud bar…

Another quick thought, keep an eye, and some appropriate grease, on your + battery contacts. They corrode quickly and don’t like salt water. Main reason fort this is I don’t want to see you lose any power. I am enjoying reading your blogs too much…

Enjoy the adventure



Wayne said...

Hey jessica,Im in awe of what you are doing and read your blogs with interest. I have a couple of freinds in Tonga give em a wave as you cruise by. Couldnt help thinking of how nice that fresh squid would have been to fry up.Its blowing southerly in victoria at the moment its gone from really warm to a bit cool. have a good day young adventure

MHS 5 said...

Hi Miss Jess, U c the same ful moon as us. Your communications would rival a spy plane. Don't roll off the deck at night please. NOw we are going to look up yr traka. Good going for the equator. WE can help with your skoolwork but not cheese. bye, MHS 5

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi, Its great logging on each day to see your progress. The photos are great (especially the large swell you had last week), you sound so very much at home out there. I admire your spirit of adventure - you are chasing your dreams and have many supporters, I overheard 2 guys at the supermarket talking about your quest and how they wished they chased their dreams when they were young. Keep up the good work. Fair winds and lots more happy times. Cheers. Carole

Ian said...

"Where's the cheese, Mum? Oh yeah, the sailing's just fine." I'm envious. Best wishes!

Ian from Brisbane

TLC said...

Great thinking Jess. It is a really good idea to clock in some sleep and good rest before heading south. You are so sensible. LC Borneo

Tony said...

Jessica, Fellow Aussie Nick Jaffe on 22 ft Contessa Constellation enroute UK Brisbane hoping to cross paths with you. His pos 3 Nov -21.16 / 176.16
Bon voyage to both of you. Tony

medical writer said...

Melbourne Cup came and gone. It was "Shocking" victory. But your quest is far more interesting to watch. All the best.

Prof. Grant Horner said...

Great update, Jessica!
I love all the info, especially about your communication technology. Things have certainly changed since Joshua Slocum!

ToSeeTheSea said...

Just Had a look at the weather forcast chart in your area. A little unsettled looking to the north.

If others would like to see....
here is the link;

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