Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rest, Relaxing and Reading

After some pretty interrupted sleep lately, this morning my head felt a lot like it was full of cotton wool. So I've pretty much spent most of the day in my bunk reading and dozing, popping my head out the companionway to keep a look out and to tweak the sails. All the R&R today has left me feeling a lot better, so I'm full of energy again this evening, playing music and sitting up on deck watching all the shades of grey turn to pink and orange.
No sunshine at all today so we're a bit down on power but progress has been reasonable. We've had a pretty consistent of south easterly so Ella's Pink Lady has been slipping along nicely under full sail. A few people have been commenting on how it must be nice to have other yachts around every once and a while but I can't say I really feel like that. Sure it was nice to chat to them over the radio, to find out where they'd come from and where they are heading to, but I can only really be comfortable when Ella's Pink Lady and I have the ocean completely to ourselves. Every time a bit of land pops up on the chart it weighs on my mind and almost feels a little claustrophobic!
The forecast is for more of the same weather for the next few days. Then as we keep heading north we should start seeing some tropical squalls. I'm starting to see more and more flying fish jump out of the water and am really starting to tick off the miles till reaching the equator.
That's it for today because my tummy is telling me that it's time to go cook up something up for dinner. I'm thinking tacos (or maybe I should call them nachos, as they are a bit crushed up!) with freeze dried mince, tinned tomato and tinned capsicum.



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Jeff49 said...

Hi Jess,
Glad you are keeping up with the most important 3 R's! And of course also really pleased that you are making good comfortable progress. Being something of a solitary soul myself (while I am working anyway) I can fully appreciate your desire to have the entire ocean to yourself. It is great to be truly alone and is something very few people actually get to do.

One thing I have been wondering about: when you start heading into the deep South, do you have any means of keeping the cabin warm? I imagine you will have a heap of thermal clothing to keep your body warm, but I was wondering about having a warm space as well? When you get a chance you might be able to answer.

In the meantime, continue with your remarkable solo experience and continue to look after yourself. Sounds like you have learned to do that very well in your first couple of weeks.

Smooth sailing, sailor!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica.
I like the wide open spaces,too.
I can imagine the peace and quiet, with just the wind in the sails and the water splashing against the boat.
Enjoy it,
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Another great Blog.

As usual I have been regularly checking tonight to see if a new one pops up, and it did. lol Fantastic reading, as usual. Your words paint a real picture.

A day of R&R is good for you. As you say you now feel better.

Enjoy the sunset and the night and your dinner. I am sure you are seeing many different sunsets.

You make sure you look after yourself although it does sound like you are.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn,

Ingleburn, NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess !

good on ya. Interesting to read about the food issue. Have better idea now about it, .. just can't imagine how did it all fit - packages of food for 8 months ahead...
Have smooth sail up to the equator. By the way - how long till you reach this landmark?
Best wishes Tatiana

Anonymous said...

Great strides Jessica, what an adventure, and your blogs are just so neat to get each day. Your're continually in our thoughts and prayers. An adventurous young lady, with a ship to go with you.
Y & N. Thompson.

dougie said...

Hi Jess
Great to hear all is well, you go girl! Our family is following your blog daily. Enjoy the good weather and have fun.
Regards Doug Hall(charter boat skipper scarborough qld) just down the track.

infiniteblue said...

Funny about other yachts at sea on a long (long long) voyage isnt it?
Keep the Seas and keep safe,Jesse. Clip on.

Kevin Tobin said...

Hi Jessica, Thanks once again for your report. Keep up the good work - just love getting your reports and following your progress. Sleep well. Take care, Kevin Tobin, Portland, Victoria

RichieParis said...

Thank you for having taken some time to write us this blog, Jesse. We are much interested to know how you feel than and later, how you manage your time and your tasks.
Of course an empty sea means for you peace of mind. It should have been obvious, but for us, the landstucked bipedes, it had to be explained.
Full sail is good; the line will come sooner. We are all waiting for your bow to turn to the right, towards Cape Horn. It is so unexpected and incredible, the way so many people all over the world can be bound to you by invisible mental wires. We feel like having in our heads some nano-scaled ocean with a tiny pink spot progressing...
What are your favorite musics that you are listenig to, these days? I wonder which ones fit the best with water, wind, and solitude.
Fair winds, many milles and good appetite!
Your french friends

Gillian said...

That dinner sounds pretty good! I don't think many people your age can look after themselves as well as you do. My two would eat the taco shells and sling the capsicums and tomatoes overboard. Scurvy be damned.

You see flying fish! They are magical beautiful creatures aren't they? Who ever would have thought they could have so many colours in them. I hope they are better at missing your boat than the squidlets were.

All the best for the evening!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess,
I always look forward to reading your blog each day. I'm 33 & you are an inspiration to me. I wish I had your strive, courage, determination & will. Keep being you & enjoy every second.

Kind Regards,

Lea said...

Hi Jess,

I just love your blogs. I can't imagine what it's like to enjoy so much peace and quiet, let alone the gorgeous sunsets!

Hope the reading was leisure and not the dreaded schoolwork :-)

Stay safe,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Glad to hear you managed to get some rest. I have a young baby so know how exhausting broken sleep can be.

Did anyone give you any good tips on how to celebrate the Melbourne Cup at sea? Hope so!

The flying fish must be an amazing sight! Are they nice to eat?

Hope the tacos (nachos) were yummy :) Take care...

Go! Go! Go! :)


pelel said...

Hi Jess,

Do you know you are now at a once-in-life-time opportunity to document this unique trip in your life.

If you think the thing will be over when you are back to Sydney afterwards, think twice. If publishing a book or creating something special for sharing your experience and memory with other is what you have in mind (it should), I suggest you make full use of your time taking more photos. I am pretty sure you have already been doing it. If so, do even more.

I have to admit that your blog is interesting and that's why everyone at home is following it - myself included. While words are good at detailed information delivery but photos (and video) have the power of showing the scenes that words can't do. Perhaps because I am a photographer I am very "sensitive" to photos.

Capture the full moon light, sunset, sunrise, fascinating clouds, scary waves, yourself etc. Basically anything - use your imagination. This photo opportunity is unique and extremely valuable - can't stress for this anymore. So make good use of every second. No wind, it doesn't matter. No photos, it does matter.

Pele Leung
A photographer

Ocean Girl said...

Hello Jessica, looking forward to follow you on your journey through your young mind and dare I say, girlish adventure.

May the wind be with you.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jesse,

First of all, haven't had a quiet moment to think of what you can do for celebrations, give me a night to think about it.

Good to hear that all is well and you are now well-rested again. Not sure how long that will last though, by the sound of it, you are going to party on tonight, with loud music, tacos, pretty sunsets, what more do you need! LOL

I must thank your support staff for putting up the tracking map, much appreciated, although I have also been following you on Google Earth.

Have ordered a black shirt and pink cap, not sure how many other males will order the pink cap but I'm not shy on wearing loud colours anyway. I will have to get a pic and see if I can add it to my blog!

I don't understand how you can feel claustrophobic when you see land on your charts. Have you been a bit of a loner all your life, liking your own company? I understand as I am much the same way, probably the reason I run my own business and don't work for a boss.

Anyway, enjoy your night, rock to your music, and don't eat too many tacos!

Stay safe and smooth sailing

Caves Beach, Australia

Ian said...

Lovely to find a new blog entry when I least expected one. They are always interesting and informative. I can imagine in just a small way what those sunsets must be like; I've seen a couple off Hamilton Island and again when I taught school in the Outback - days now long past me.

You seem to have a full understanding of what you can do at sea and what you should not. You're clearly an experienced sailor. I'll leave off my worrying until you hit the latitudes 50 - brr! how cold can that get.

Best wishes, Jesse. Happy sailing!

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
I love reading your blog. I've already learned heaps about what it would be like to sail around the world through your blog.

Just wondering, do you know or does anyone else know if it's possible to subscribe to email notifications for your blog?

This is such an awesome adventure. I wonder whereabouts in the world will you be on Christmas and New Years Day?!!


Graham Clark said...

Hi Jess
I must say I was skeptical of your journey at first, but now I'm hooked and look forward to reading your words each day. You bring us all into your world with such honest and down to earth descriptions of your adventure. But can I ask, are you at all nervous of what's to come when you go south?

You inspire people of all ages and experiences. You've pushed me to think beyond my comfort levels. I hope your blog one day becomes a travel story many others in future can read.

Best wishes for continued enjoyment and any bits of luck that fall your way.
Graham and family
Adelaide, SA

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Hello Jess
It's so good to hear you have had some good sleep.I understand the solitary bit because you can plan and think without interference an essential survival skill as long as you are well rested. Gosh I go on about sleep sorry. My mouth is watering, home late tonight and still haven't had a feed. Your tucker sounds great.
Stay safe
Dusty from Dubbo

Andre from Adelaide said...

Hi Jesse, Really really interesting following your blog (I am subscribed and enjoy every new update!)

I especially found your section on your power generation interesting - I work in a Battery store and sell those things all the time!

What I would like to know is how you are getting drinking water? I cant imagine carrying a years worth of water, so you must be filtering it somehow! I Would love to hear how.

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse,

Enjoy your nachos/tacos!

In my mind you are my most AUSOMEST human!! (That's not actually in my family)

Cya Jesse,

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

I,m glad to hear that you have had time to rest. The broken sleep would be difficult to adjust to. (well for me anyway!)

Taco's/Nachos for dinner sounds good so enjoy!

Hope any tropical weather you encounter doesn't get too uncomfortable for you.

Best Regards,
John F

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Hello Jess
I am so glad you have had some good sleep. I can understand the solitary bit because you have the time to plan and concentrate on your mission without outside interference, a great survival skill as long as you are well rested. Gosh, I go on about sleep but it is so important.
My mouth is watering, home late tonight from work and I haven't had a feed yet . Your tucker sounds delicious.

Stay safe and keep being strong
Dusty from Dubbo

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

How's it goin Jess,
My head fills like cotton wool all the time!...probably because I'm a bit of a night owl...

Interesting to read about having the ocean all to yourself too, I think I understand more ways than one.

I use to be a Marathon Runner, 16 years ago for about 10 years straight I trained practically everyday to be able to run non-stop but maybe not unassisted (drink stops) 42.195 Kilometers!

I have ran 18 Marathons 10 of which were the Melbourne Marathon between Frankston City and Melbourne City, and you know Jess the thing I enjoyed most was being alone by myself out amongst the Forests and the Park Lands around Melbourne, I would spend anything upto 2 to 2.5 hours out on Sunday morning longs runs and the midweek long run feeling fit and strong like I could go on forever....I still run but not as often as I'd like these fact I've just bought some new NIKE running shoes this weekend gone, why, because of the inspiration coming from a little sailor as sea fulfilling a dream...go Jess go!

Clint - Melbourne

P.S The Post by Garnett on the last blog was very interesting and worth while too.

Sally said...

Hi Jess

Glad that you feel rested after some R & R. It does your head in if you do not catch enough sleep, as you say it makes your head foggy! It's good that you can take these opportunities for some down time, as I am sure you will need your energy and adrenalin for more the challenging moments to come...

My other half is off twilight racing in Sydney harbour at the moment. He came home pumped last week as they came 2nd in their race. A real adrenalin rush apparently. He's paid for a course, which runs in a few weeks, so that he can skipper a yacht and also get his motor boat license - my turn early next year.

I can understand your comment about Claustrophobia when you have other yachts around you. This is 'your time' together with Ella's Pink Lady on this amazing journey and to focus on becoming the youngest person to sail solo, nonstop & unassisted around the world. It's only natural that you would feel more comfortable in clear waters. All that time alone out in ocean sounds divine to me!

Take Jess - may the wind be with you.

2 quotes tonight - couldn't make up my mind - liked them both!!!

"Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first, the lesson afterwards" Anon

"All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible" Orison Swett Marden

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Not good here either for sun so don't feel left out. Windy and cold here in Melbourne, but they say the weather is on the improve so hopefully its the same forecast for you. I can't believe you can fit 8 months of food in Ella, we have trouble fitting a weeks worth in our fridge!!!
Take care
John (Macedon, Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, watching your epic journey.. awesome.. am curious as to how much fresh water you keep onboard.. do you have any desalination facility's.

Good Luck

Dave.. Burpengary, QLD

Anonymous said...

Take care Jess. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I admire your strenght, determination and courage. You are truly amazing.

rn042 said...

You go girl, Love your post, look forward to them every day. You are so brave. I see a Great future for you. I plot your course on google earth.



Mississippi USA.

Gary said...

Hi Jess lovey to hear that you are still having a good time.

I am trecking you every day and trying to keep track of your distance from Sydney through Google Earth. If you think about it could you mention from time to time how far you have come?

How are you going with your fishing? At least if you have a fishing line you will never run out of food.

I have to ask this silly question. How do you keep clean? I am imagining you connecting to a safety line attached to your ship and diving into the sea with a washer in one hand and a bar of soap in the other.

Till next time

Gary of Carrum Downs (Melbourne)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Like a lot of your other fans, we really enjoy reading your blogs. Keep 'em coming.

Best wishes,
Dave & Jacq in Sydney

John Vromans said...

Hi Jess.
This is John and Robyn from Wollongong. We've been away for a few days and it was great to get home and catch up on your blogs. You have an easy to read writing style and we are interested in whatever you have to say. How about a photo say every other day..just point your camera at anything above or below deck, we are interested in everything. Best wishes J&R

bobcat68 said...

Hi Jess,

Great to hear you are going along so well. Don't worry too much about other boats - they will be thin on the ground (erm. water) when you get down south. I'm off south for 12 days myself - by air - to visit family for 12 days. They all have computers and I'll still be with you.
I wish you continued fair winds and fine weather from 25 mins due west of Noosa.

fnqgirl said...

Thanks for the great mental pics Jesse. You make me want to try sailing! You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Great to read your blog again tonight, can understand your feelings of solitude, I once drove to darwin alone, my family thought I was crazy, but just loved being out on the open road with the music blaring, no-one to interrupt your thoughts etc etc. Always hated coming back into civilisation. How much more adventurous you are and can only begin to imagine how beautiful it must be out on the ocean, completely alone with the moon and stars! You make my heart sing!!!

Bron NSW

Brian Riley said...

It is great to hear that you can put your head down and get the R&R's required for this type of passage. nice that you are moving along so niceley that you can sail under full sail perfect conditions. there is a tropical cloud form just above the equator near Line Island, so you may need to sail further east than required to see which way it is going, I am sure your shore team will be watching this, have a good meal don't forget to wash the dishes ( wink wink).
Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay Qld

Bernard said...

I am also constantly "clicking" to see if the latest blog is out yet....

I think we should set up a server that can e-mail us regulars the latest blog the instant it comes out - we could even subscribe and become co-sponsors of this historic event!

You could possibly make us a "JeBS Sticker" (Jess'Blog Supporter" and pin it up in the cabin.

Chook ... said...

Hi Jess! It must be so nice being out on water, having it all to yourself..the water glistening under the moonlight, beauuuuutiful!
I'm tring to think if I've ever seen a flying fish.. Would be pretty fun to watch though! Have you had any dolphins playing beside you and Ella?
Good job on your mum stocking the pantry too! Sounds like she certainly did her homework, lol :)
Enjoy your night, Jess.. and thanks for the tracking page, that's fantastic!
Ps I bought a pink hat of yours and it arrived today, I'm stoked! It's gorge! Hopefully they'll get more pink shirts made up so can grab one of those too, apparently they've sold like hotcakes!!
Happy sailing Jess!
Trace :)

Attitude said...

I admire your positive attitude Jess.

“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst… a spark that creates extraordinary results.”

Steve said...

Thanks for the tracking map. It is a wonderful addition to your website. I have been following your approximate position on Google Maps using your descriptions as a guide, but now I have a more accurate picture to see where you are up to.

I can understand your preference to have the ocean to yourself. I love bush walking and much prefer going on my own. I love being the only person for miles around so I know how you must feel. Yet sometimes I think it must be lonely on such a wide ocean, but I am not a sailor so I probably don't appreciate the water as you do. :)

Keep up the good work!

Georgie said...

Gday Champ
Gr8 to hear from you again. Your blog is really good and i love readin it daily. Your really cruisin along now Jess its gr8 to see a young AUSSIE chasing her dream. Keep up the good work and remember to rest and eat when you can as this is whatll keep ya going.
Have a gr8 night darl and Cheers for now OUR TRUE BLUE AUSSIE CHICK.

Georgie QLD

Anonymous said...

hi jessica

was wondering if you are looking forward to the tropical squalls as a challenge.

donna in perth

Peter Vickerson said...

Hi Jess,
Great progress and the web tracking is great.
Just curious; Is your main strategy to get as far east as you can before crossing the equator given trhe prevailing south easterlies, or do you want to get north and cross the equator as quickly as possible.
I'd love to hear what you're routing strategy is.

Good Onya Champ


Hannah.l said...

You must feel so free! I would to have all that headspace :) what will happen though if u run out of food ?? In very curious how much u can fit on that little sail boat!! Must be nice to be following your dreams and doing what you love everyday :) I know the feeling of having a big dream when people tell u your 2 young.. Those people have never had a passion for something so how on earth would they know!! Thanks for being the inspiration that you are & best wishes on your journey!!
Hannah xx

gt said...

hey jess, grant from the gold coast here....just curious: in this age of technology, many solo adventurists having been seeking wisdom, solace and entertainment through audio books and podcasts.People such as Roz Savage swear by them. Do you have any with you and if so which ones? Keep up the 'smooth sailing'. Wishing you only the very best. CHARGE!
Best wishes, Grant T.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! So many comments each blog!! How do u read them all ?

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess ! I knew for sure that you will get a HEADACHE after opening that School Work Bag. Better focus on the journey. It is a great responsibility to complete the journey successfully and above all SAFELY.

Gabe said...

Only a true sailor could feel claustrophobic when land or other boats are around.
I truly enjoy a piece of writing that makes me look up definitions. You have sent me to the dictionary twice. Once for "sextant" (what an amazing instrument) and another for "capiscum" (We call them red peppers here in the US of A).

"Our truest life, is when we are in dreams, awake."
~Henry David Thoreau

Godspeed Jessica,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
Am loving reading your blogs. You have answered my questions about your power - that was fascinating - and also how you keep in touch with the rest of the world.
Keep at it, and keep well and safe.
How many days till you hit the equator?

Anonymous said...

Lovely to catch your update again. Any chance of some pics of the flying fish? Or any of the other wildlife? I guess you must be seeing a variety out there.

Jill (Newcastle)

Macca said...

hey jess hows it goin

i had nachos 4 dinner 2

hope yours was as good as mine

how much homework do u have 2 do


jess is still cute

Ant said...

Hi Jess,
keep up the good work.
Do you find you get enough exersise on board or do you have a set program to fellow?????????????

Take care
Anthony from Townsville
North QLD.

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

G'day Jess,

Guess you can only go on broken sleep until it catches up with you, great to hear you were able to get a rest in today.

Hey don't become a hermit out there, when you get home there will be a sea (pardon the pun) of people all wanting to be with you and hear more about your inspirational journey.

Weather here today was in the mid 30's, cool breeze now though.

Have a great day tomorrow, I hope you really enjoy it and make great progress and the equator comes quickly.
Praying for you, God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

Bobby said...


Enjoyed your post. Praying for you. I feel like you are one of my daughters. I'm almost as concerned about you as I am for them. I'm an over protective parent.

Anyway, I was thinking of an encouraging Bible verse that had something to do with sailing. I've always thought the story in Matthew 8:23-27 was funny. Jesus and the disciples are all in a boat when a storm comes up and the disciples freak out. Meanwhile Jesus sleeps through it without any fear. Of course, he wakes up and calms the storm. Here is the climax:

Matthew 8:27

The men were amazed and asked, "What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!"

Praying that the one the winds and waves obey would protect you.

- Bobby

Anonymous said...

Hey ho Jess!
Noticed on your previous blog that your time spent surfing (should that be sailing?!) the internet is precious, so let us know the things that matter to you and we can delve through the crap and get the important stuff to you via your blog. Whatever it 30; Home and Away updates; aussie dollar exchange know, regular stuff that we take for granted. We're here to help!! Stay safe, sailor girl!
Sharon from Sydney (via the Atlantic on the west coast of Ireland)

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

It has been many days that you have been taking dinners just by your self. May I join you on dinner at your boat tonite.

duane said...

Interesting that the other yachts you encounter and land masses make you feel uneasy. I can understand it from a collision point of view, what fascinates me is your mental fortitude. After two weeks without seeing people I would think others would be a welcome sight. It reinforces my view that you are in extraordinary person.
Recently read a little more of your sailing experiences online and would trust you to be my captain anywhere. I cant get over a 16 year old with your abilities and determination. You know you could be a great motivational speaker at schools when you get back.
What type of music do you listen to? Have you heard of the group Elbow? They have a great song called One Day Like This. Quite uplifting and am sure it is popular with the young crowd.
Anyway sure happy to wake up and read your blogs first thing. What an inspiration you are. May God keep his watching eye on you always. duane

mike said...

Hey Jesse
The Melbourne Cup captivated a nation for just over 200 seconds. With your regular blogs and fantastic journey you are captivating people from all around the world for over 200 days. Sail on silver girl!
Mike (from Canberra)

Cynthia said...

Hi Jessica,
Good to read your blog and know how you are doing at sea..fantastic journals... great story about "cheese", that's what "Mums" are for.. no matter how trivia things may be, as "Mum" knows best and "Mum" knows it all..!! smooth sailing

Cynthia - Brisbane

Tan Anu said...

Another great blog Jess, keep up the good work.

I remember reading Joshua Slocum's book (first solo circumnavigation, although hes topped along the way) - he dined regularly on flying fish which landed on the deck of his boat Spray. Fast food?

Tan Anu

Richard Lathrop said...

You really do read these comments! Or at least a capsule of the persistent questions. I wouldn't blame you at all if you left much of that to your shore team--and I hope you do when conditions become dicey.
But it's nice to hear of your attitude toward other boats and land and such. They are only seen as potential impediments to your major goal, not really welcomed distractions. To this I can only say "bravo".
I have a question about your position with respect to the noonday sun. You must have reached the place where it is directly overhead at this time of year, possibly it will be slightly to the south, as it will be when you reach the Equator.

Does the sun's position matter in any way? For instance, do you have to look twice at the compass to be sure you're still going north? Does it make any difference in the output of your solar panels? And I've heard that the experience of sunrise and sunset is less prolonged in the tropics than it is at my latitude (41 North).

Would welcome hearing what you have to say about this and I'd also welcome comments from any other bloggers on the subject.

Thank you again for your beautifully descriptive writing and for the remarkable courage to take on this challenge at all.

Richard Lathrop

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jesse

By the way , hows your appetite doing. I am 37 and remember that at 16 , it was never a problem. Just asking , do you take any exercise on board to keep fit. Better keep parcticing Street Soccer skills.

Anonymous said...

I can empathise your uneasiness when other boats appear, especially ships. When there;s no one around, less chance of collisions. Especially if the weather turns wild and everyone is moving along unable to eachother easily.

Maybe you are also experiencing a similar sense of solitude one feels in the middle of the outback. Marvellous feeling to realise that you are probably the only person within a hundred kms all around you.

Wayne said...

I love reading your blog every morning Jess...keep up the excellect progress and keep the faith. You sound wonderful.

Summersailor said...

Summersailor said: Jesse, you have the right mind set,as a solo sailor, on your comments about seeing other boats in the area. When one is soloing you want it, as the name applies, to be alone and to have the whole ocean to yourself. Your so mature beyond your years as a sailor and your writings since you have left land are starting to show that growth that you are experiencing. Enjoy! :-D

Aus said...

I'm glad things are going smoothly for you. Now having only a recreational boat licence I can't begin to imagine everything you have had to do but I do wonder one thing....I see on your track map (been waiting for this just kinda helps 'see' where you are) that you are heading north to the equator. So I'm curious as to why you have to go where it seems almost 'out of the way' as you have to head back south to get round the bottom of Sth America. Is this something to do with the currents, or the winds or what?
Hopefully you can explain this sometime.
Good luck for the rest of your journey.

Wendy said...

Dinner sounds good Jess! Your R&R day sounds great, I would love to do some of that. Aren't the flying fish facinating, we saw them from our P&O cruise ship when we were out there somewhere near where you are now. Happy cruising. Take care.

John Bullock said...

Hi! Jess. I wish you all the very best. Go girl.
John Bull

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
just got home from posting letters and shopping and what a delight, another post from captain Jessica.

The only way to go, to listen to your body. When rest is needed, nothing else will do!

I can picture Ella under full sails 'galloping' over the waves (not rough though) :-)

I would feel the same as you, give me the ocean and I would want to jealously guard my space! Shoo, shoo, go elsewhere!

The info on Minerva reef, that one of your fans posted was really interesting.

I appreciate you all commenting and sharing a little bit of yourselves, it almost feels like a family and yet we don't know each other, but because we are all fervently backing and following and supporting Jessica, we have something in common!

Club Jessica!

Human beings love clubs, we all want to belong to someone or to something, but we all belong to the human race!

I love the tracker, expanding my mind also every which way!

Enjoy your meal, have a good night,
keep well, keep safe and happy,

Trudy,Tirol, Austria

Mike said...

Though it is easy to follow the crowd in life.
The reward for doing the thing that few will attempt,
is to experience life to a level that few will even glimpse.

Always in our thoughts and prayers.

Mike Atlanta

lilshawnee said...

Good morning lil Jess.
Good to see you had some good rest.
Good to see you are eating good.
You know Jess i have two young girls too and i dont think they would do as good as you do on the food.I noticed that no mater what you are going to eat you are all ways are allways so happy what your mum fixed for you.your parents are so so cool and nice too.Say thanks to Andrew for us for doing such a good job on your Blog.
Well Jess please let us know whats on your mind about the heat in your cabin for when it gets cold.
Oh by the was Jess thank you so so so much for the lil smily face on my skype the girls wont let me get rid of it.The whole family loves it because it came from you again ty.
Well lil one safe sailing and enjoy all you can.Take care we all love you Jess.
Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

gustav said...

Ahoi there Jessica,

Good to hear that your taking well care of yourself and Ella's Pink Lady.

You are making great prgress and there's no need to rush.Things will be a little more laid back at the equator,so rest yourself while you can.

As you wrote a little while back,things will speed up soon enough once you are turning back down from the equator and due south.

To be honest,I am really really impressed with how you are handling all these different challenges and routines like the quite dangerous Minerva Reef, checking the charts in those unknown waters while at the same time keeping yourself on top of things with proper food and sleep while Ella's Pink Lady
has made good great progress averaging 120kts every day.

That is just absolutely amazing sailing.

I think know exactly how you feel with other boats and the value of a wide open ocean. Except with me as a pilot it is the open skies I value.

Even though there is miles of open ocean and sky, when someone then suddenly appears in the distance,it feels like they are intruding on your very own private ocean.The natural reaction is
to give them a wide berth. (berth is a spot to "park" a boat or airplane)

Great going,Jessica.
have fun and look after yourself
and Ella's Pink Lady.

zshhhhhh))))))))))))))))) ∆ ˚

gustav haffner

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
It seems like you're in the doldrums without being anywhere near Africa, lol.
The new photos on the intro page are sensational, I think your mum must've picked those.
The tracker makes you appreciate how solitary Ocean racing can be. Especially with all that Blue sea with the odd island every 2000 kms particularly when the Horizon is only about 15-20 km away.

Gaffjaw said...

Jessica have just been reading "The Cruise of the Cachalot" "The Log of a Sea-Waif" by Frank T Bullen a 19th Century whaling captain who said " is the deepest comfort to know that, storm or calm, fair or foul, the current of time, unhasting, unresting, bears us on to the goal that we shall surely reach-the haven of unbroken rest."
Remember,patience and persistence and enjoy. I can't stop logging on Regards, Paul

Mary said...

Cheers, Jess!

Good for you, vegging and dozing while you can. Perfect!

I'm loving your posts. I completely agree with you that seeing land and other yachts would put a crimp in my style, too.

Freedom, safety, and following winds to you, my dear.

Mary, Maine, USA

Peter W said...

Hi Jessica, great to hear things are still going well. Enjoying reading your blog and tracking your voyage. If you get stuck with homework just ask for help and I'm sure the combined resources of the thousands around the world following your journey will be able to come up with some answers.

Keep safe, PW, Sydney

Brian said...

Love reading your blogs. I know you have been told many times already but you are true inspiration to all young Aussies. I only wish that there were many others with the same drive and determination that you have shown so far. Happy sailing and be safe.

Brian of Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, just checked out your blog. Thanks for keeping us informed it's great that you're sharing it with us! Sending you lots of white light.. good vibes. You go girl!

mimo said...

Hey Jesse,
Loving your updates and full of envy (although I wouldn't have the guts to do what you're doing). Keep the updates coming and stay safe.


Rodney said...

Hey Jess,
What kind of music do you have on your iPod? Did you take any books or stuff to read? I can only imagine that you'd need some pretty hefty books to get through, or plenty of music to listen to, otherwise you'd go a little crazy, right? Keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I understand your apprehension when there is land in your chart. Do you have a depth finder on board to avoid shallow waters?
Thank you for all you updates.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
I know what you mean, when you have all this open space and then something pops up in front of you or another boat comes into your space. But I know one piece of land you will not mind passing through in 7 months, Sydney heads, I'm sure your mum and dad will happy.
I'm getting a little ahead myself at the moment, you got a lot of ocean ahead of you yet.
You have got a good weather forecast ahead and you may even get another rain squall which will freshen you and EPL up nicely.
With my reckoning you have about the same distance to the equator which you have already travelled so far.
So keep an eye out for more yachts, reefs and islands and keep having fun and keep safe.
George and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Bobby from South Carolina said...


Enjoy your r&r and those "nachos"... and remember your not alone on the "pink lady", you've got a "crew" of hundreds who are there with you, encouraging you with every mile you pass... your posts always cause my mind to drift to the ocean, and to the "pink lady" - feels almost as if I'm right there... have a wonderful evening... your always in my prayers...

Safe Sails my friend... safe sails

Bobby from South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Can you post more pictures

SaltyDog said...


Another great update. I imagine that you'll be out of the heavy trafffic soon and have wide open ocean in front of you. You'll be crossing the international date line soon and be able to not only turn the clock back but the calendar back to the previous day. How cool is that.

Have fun, be safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA


Gregson said...

Your Blogs are interesting.
I'M Not a Young Person but not all older People run down the younger Generation.
Cheerio Lass
Gregson C Meston

sarge said...

Your blog is so enjoyable - so well written!
Look after yourself - keep it going young thing.

Ian Crawford said...

Canada sends best wishes and is sailing right along with you thanks to you BLOG. Good work. Keep the faith. you're doing a great job!!

Gregson said...

Jess .
Your Bogs are Worth While Reading showng your progess.
Gregson C Meston

Beth (Qld) said...

Hi Jess,
You have begun a wonderfully exciting journey around the world. I admire and congratulate you on your courage and strength of character, and wish you safe and successful sailing. You are a great example to the youth of the world, when so many are ruining their lives with drink and drugs these days.

My father loved sailing and even though he could not swim, sailed with his crew in several Sydney to Hobart races in the 1950's and in many others including the Trans Pacific Yacht race. He was an 'adventurer' like you are. I will be following your progress with great interest and praying that you are happy and safe.

john b. said...

hi jess,

you belong to that rare breed of person that is a true explorer.

i remain in awe of you and what you are attempting to accomplish.

continued best wishes for a safe journey around the globe.

john b.
"sloop john b."

Anonymous said...

A bit of R&R sounds like just the ticket. I can completely understand the wanting to be alone, I hope you have good weather/winds and happy days ahead.
- Helen UK

Anonymous said...

Agree with you the open ocean is much better sailing than close to land reefs and other vessels ! Enjoy your solitude and your homework study makes you increase your knowledge and understanding and is a life long pursuit ! Your tucker sounded yummy! Always look foward to your fantastic blog Thsnks Jessica have a G'Day

Mike D said...

Ahoy there Jess,

The whole of your voyage is a celebration!

Capturing a dream very few people in the whole of the world are intrepid enough to embark upon. Where every day is a new discovery in self. Commemorating self-determination with every nautical mile attained; every complication overcome. Memorializing every occasion with each photograph captured, every blog posted.

Oh, to see the magic of moonlight dancing on the whole of the ocean; waves rise up by authority of the wind; fish flying atop the sea. To delight in the evolution of approaching circumstances. The realization of countless lives being touched so optimistically merely as a result of embarking on an ambitious “solo” journey. To relish in the immense pride of parents, siblings, friends, associates and yes, even unfamiliar people.

Picking the winner of the Melbourne Cup is mere fodder for your support team; in anticipation of their own successes in supporting your achievements. And charitably enough, you saw fit to bring us all along for the ride. Thank You.

So sit back, relax, and smile to yourself on this auspicious occasion. Celebratory tacos perhaps? Yeah, I think tacos will do just fine :-)

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, PA, USA

rustyrudder said...

Ahoy, following your progress has become one of the best parts of my day and i say a little prayer for ya... What are you gonna do if you catch a big fish? Do ya know how to clean & cook it? It should be a fun story, look forward to reading about it!!!! Godspeed Skipper...
Charlotte, NC USA

Ron said...

Jesse, I read your blog daily, follow your track and wish I could be doing what you're doing. I love solo sailing and adventure. I understand having the ocean to yourself. I'm jealous of your parents. I'd love a daughter like you but since I don't have one, I'll just keep up with you. I've thought about challenging Sir Francis Chichester's around the world record since I'm older than when he sailed but in reality, it'll never happen. I'll just keep following and praying for you.

ToSeeTheSea said...

Yes Jess

I know that feeling of being safer away from land and other hard lumpy bits. Thats where I feel my best. Cities are over rated. Nice places to visit though.

It sounds like you are settling in well. I hope you took that purple book with you.

Here's another quote a like:

The true peace of God begins at any spot a thousand miles from the nearest land. ~Joseph Conrad

hezakiah299 said...

11-04-09 @10:05

Hi Jessica,
Glad to read that you are getting some well deserved REST. You can run for so long on catnaps and bits n' pieces of sleep, but eventually the body says "enough". You don't have to actually shut yourself down, even just lying in your bunk and relaxing is charging the body up again. Good that you are rested up now and doing a little "jamming" and "sight seeing" (of the various colors).
I had a good chuckle at your description of meeting other yachts and land popping up on your charts and how it almost makes you feel claustrophobic. I laughed because I could visualize you standing up on Ella's bow and hollering "GET OFF MY WATER". I know that's a little exaggerated but it was worth a laugh and laughter is the best medicine.
I know you are getting a little antsy to move on, but it's nice to have a few days to rest up and prepare for the next leg of the journey. And while you are resting that would be a good time to dive into those taco/nachos you have mentioned. They sound delicious, please save me one. Looking forward to some more pictures and a video when you get a chance. Think I'm going to get a couple of sailing books (Kay Cotee and Jesse Martin) and look forward to reading your book (????).
In regards to the flying that an indicator that you are getting closer to the Equator? Take good care of yourself and Ella, stay safe and alert. You have been a big help to me and I want you to know it's greatly appreciated. It's like having a daughter, or grand-daughter or even a great grand-daughter. God bless you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 17:1
Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife.

Hi, Jessica! Your comments about peace, quiet, rest, and recovery brought to mind this sometimes funny Proverb. You are really comfortable when you have the ocean to yourself, enjoying the peace and quiet. And sounds like you'll have some feasting to boot! Amazing. Well I am still praying today for your health, your safety, your family, and your sailboat and equipment. Count on it, I will continue to do so throughout, daily.

Mitshu said...

Hi Jessica;

Many thanks for the great blogs and videos of your epic journey eastward. Question: will your upcoming crossing of the Equator be your first? If so, what are you planning to do to commemorate the moment when King Neptune comes aboard?
Good luck and fair winds.


Rob said...

I think I would have to agree with you on the other boats. You never know what they are up to and you have to be prepared for the worst with them. You never know if they are going to fall asleep at the wheel so to speak and you have to quickly act to aviod them. It is a big ocean but as you know it is small enough to have problems.
You mentioned power. Could you explain the power setup? I know it will depend on how much gear you have running. Do you have to be really power frugal?
Tell the flying fish I said hello!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

nikkichick70 said...

jess you are doing so well ...keep enjoying the experience, i'm really enjoying your updates
best wishes

Rockymntnhigh said...

Hi Jess!
Great that the tracking is up on the website. Saves me from switching to google earth to widen my geograpic knowledge!I am enjoying your daily updates. Hope the wind picks up a bit again so you two move a bit faster. I like your detailed description of what's on the menu each day - food is important (so how much candy did you pack for 8 months? :-)). Not eating all that at once and postponing your homework untill you almost reached Australia again must take a lot of self discipline!
Keep going!

Phil in Idaho said...

Love the map Jesse Thanks to your team. Glad you are doing school work and trying to keep a normal life. You are an amazing person and Happy to be along.


chris coles-morales said...

Hello from Calif.

Send me your homework!! lol

Happy sailing...

Chris in Calif.

RICHARD said...

It almost seems crazy that you would even come close to seeing another yacht in the middle of the Pacific!

However, that being said, I have been deep in the rain forest, 7 or 8 days in, exploring what should be the most remote place on earth. A place where you begin to feel completely free and boundless. As if it's just you and the great universe in existence. When out of nowhere pops a hiker! IMPOSSIBLE! Even in the vastness of the wilderness, where you could be the only two people for hundreds of miles around, it feels like they are invading YOUR space and serenity. Surprisingly, one does suddenly feel claustrophobic! Crowded! Violated! Even though you are friendly and cordial it feels like they are intruding. Even if they come bearing chocolate! You just can't wait until you can put some distance between you and the unwelcome intruder :) I understand completely.

Then again.... I have been caught in the sort of intimidating storm that is filled with terrifying wind, lightening striking all around, heavy rain with wind swept debris and falling massive branches landing perilously close to my feet. In those frightening times I wonder if anyone is out there!

The good news is... I'm still here! The sun will eventually return and fair weather sailing will restore my sanity and sense of sublime independence. As long as I can avoid those hostile to my cause, (bears, wolves and the like) and natural disasters (landslides, falling rocks etc.) I shall emerge to plan yet another journey.


See ya sailor!

Jessica's Jokester said...

Hiya Jesse..

Sorry to hear you had an awkward sleep clycle going on. My friend, Shakey, had a crazy sleep problem for a while and ended up going to a psychiatrist for advice.

"Doc," he said, "I've got trouble. Every time I get into bed, I think there's somebody under it. So I get under the bed, and then I think there's somebody on top of it. First I am on top, then under, then top, then under. You gotta help me, I'm going crazy!"

"Just put yourself in my hands for two years," said the shrink. "Come to me three times a week, and I'll cure your fears."

"How much do you charge?” asked Shakey?"

"A hundred dollars per visit."

"Well, I'll have to think about it," said Shakey.

Six months later the doctor met Shakey on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me again?" asked the psychiatrist.

"For a hundred buck's a visit?? That’s too much… especially since my friend the bartender cured me for only ten dollars."

"Really? How?"

"He told me to just cut the legs off the bed."


Good for Shakey, I am happy for him. And it's lucky for you that you know for certain that no one else is onboard to hide under YOUR bed.. or.. is there??

Sorry.. just a little post-Halloween "boo!" for ya! :-)

Happy Thursday!

~Al yer pal~

Meechree said...

Loving the updates. Still wondering what you did about school. Hopefully you'll write more about that!
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess!
You are an amazing inspiration to so many people! Thank you!

I am enjoying checking in with your blog each day to find out exactly how you are doing and what the conditions are.

I absolutely love the video segments you do also, and look forward to more in the future!

Wonderful to hear that you are enjoying yourself and adjusting well to your alone time. I'm sure that is an adjustment over the course of each day.

Best wishes for continued success on your journey!

Stanlee said...

Solitude. How wonderful that you are so comfortable jut being with yourself. God, Mother Universe Source right at your fingertips guiding your way. It is so invigorating to relese ourselves to what is and not waste our thought on what was or what will be. You have the wind, the sun, moon and stars as your companions. Feel the presence of the divine all round you. Now is the moment. How blessedly beautiful. You are perfect in this place.

el grande said...

You are doing a great job painting a picture with your writing! I look forward to each new entry and you always write an informative and interesting bit. Keep up the great work.

You'll have sleep deprivation soon enough so grab all the sleep you can while you can!

We're following you here in the USA - keep pushing along.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. I look forward to hearing more! Your bravery and sense of adventure is an inspiration to me in facing my little 10 hour trip down Florida coastline! Our prayers are with you and your family.

Tugs and fishes,
Dyan and Gil

Old Man said...

I really like the GPS tracking map - Great job!

Barbara said...

So glad to hear you caught up on your rest. Nachos sound delicious. If you catch any fish, do you know how to clean and fry them up? Everyday, the first thing I check on my computer is your blog. Everyday you post I thank goodness you are safe and sound. Keep up the good work. Barbara from Elk Grove, California

Anonymous said...

O.K., all you lookenpeepers and onwatcher. Stop das mittengrabben, stand back and watch das blinken light.
In translation: It is great to have somebody so couragious among us, but once Jess makes it safely around Cape Horn and through the Roaring Forties she will have to face the toughest part of the whole trip: Entering Sydney as a celebrity. Jess is a girl ahead of her generation, one with her dream. All she wants to be is the youngest sailor around the world. She is out there to test her limits. Other kids of her age could be fooling around with risky substances or behavioural problems ending up being labelled a lout or hoon.
There is nothing wrong with her behaviour but she will need this inner focus to complete her great feat.
Sir Hubert Oppermann, Australia's greatest long distance bikerider, once mentioned,that after crossing the then relatively empty Nullabor Desert from Perth, his arrival in Adelaide nearly deafened him, as the great silence had numbed all his senses.
Like a diver coming up from the pressures of the deep, Jess will require respect and privacy to soften the impact of her great achievement to avoid something like the bends.
The trip will be a great success for all sides if we keep this in mind


Anonymous said...

You totally rock young lady!!!! Keep up the great work and stay safe...


Irish said...


You should totally get a webcam for this and record video logs. I love reading about your awesome trip but it'd be even better to be able to see it as you're seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jess,
reading your blog makes me laugh inside, as it reminds me of a skid we had years ago here on German TV by one of our funniest comedian, Loriot.
A man sits in a restaurant, eating a steak. EVERYBODY passing his table automatically asks in an inbred fashion: "Schmeckt's ?",which can be translated as "Is it tasty ? Do you enjoy your meal ?" On being polite and pleasing everybody, this poor chap is answering everyone with a restrained:"Ja, es schmeckt." Yes, it is delicious...
Until he is realizing, that his increasing effort to answer everyone's inquiry is keeping him off from consuming this yummy steak. So he finally blows his top and yells out for the manager, complaining, that everyone is gobbling into his meal. The manager,very apologetic, orders a fresh meal, rearranges the crowds surrounding his table 3 deep ordering them to be dead silent while gawking how this guy is eating a steak. And while this eerie scene takes place,the final credits are rolling on.
Is that how you feel at times following the comments of your blog? Never mind there is always the "off"-Button on your computer.
Werner from Kiel, Germany

Gary said...

Good morning Jess,

I am off to work so thought I would ad to my message last night. I wonder if the other yhattys you come close to know who you are. I wonder if they know they are getting close to "Royality". I guess they would be quite a way off. But you would be so visible to anyone who could see you and how many pink yhats would there be in the world?

I am very interested in your radio communications. Especially your HF transmissions. I am a ham but without a decent rig at the moment. What frequency are you transmitting on? I quess it is a marine frequency. I am thinking of getting a radio from my brother in law and looking out for you on the bands. Maybe I will get lucky and hear you.

So keep up the good work and enjoy the ride. All of Australia send their love.

Stay safe till next time.

Gary from Carrum Downs VK3FGAZ

Jennie said...

Hi Jesse
I love reading your blog everyday!! It's soo exciting to read about your adventure and I will follow you all the way around the world!! You are soo brave.. just the thought about being all alone on the ocean gives me the creeps lol..
Cheers from a cold Sweden /Jennie

Anonymous said...

hey macca,

quit trying to hit on jess...yes she's cute, but she's trying to sail around the world!!

she has too many other things on her mind...

Anonymous said...


Love your blog, and the adventure! Stay safe, and have fun. I would have a hard time sailing past all the islands, etc without stopping to check them out.

Seattle, WA

Hayley G said...

I am totally enjoying watching your progress! I'm still amazed every time I read one of your posts. What a fabulous adventure. I know that I don't know you personally - but I'm so proud of you. You are an amazing role model, not just for young women - but all women! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy your calm seas.

- Hayley G.

Bruce said...

Hi. Glad to see you are moving along well and catching up with rest. It is good to have company from time to time, not in your pocket but nearby. Just to know others are around can be reassuring. Keep your spirits up and keep busy. You'll be over the Equator and heading south in no time.

Sandi D said...

I find your story inspiring and it instills a hope for the future. I work with teens who have drug addictions and seem to have lost themselves. I look forward to reading your blog everyday as I start my day. Your blogs make me think of the singer Kenny Chesney's song "Boats".Where he sings... "Vessels of freedom". My daughters (age 11) class is reading your blogs as you help the Geography class teaching of hemispheres. Stay positive and know people are pulling for you. Even all the way in Virginia USA.

Richard in Maryland said...

Taco night on the Pink Lady! Some day when you travel the globe, (by land), you must try some New Mexican food, it is the best. I lived in New Mexico for twenty years and started sailing there.
I enjoy your blogs, they are a treat. Thanks for inviting us into your world. I can see how it must be nice to be able to let your guard down a bit when you have adequate searoom. Well, soon enough at the rate your are going, you will get some.

Best wishes as always, you are doing a great job!

Richard in Maryland

Franklin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anders said...

Hi Jess,
Your blog make my nighshifts go a little bit easier:-)
I realize you cant answer every question you get but it would be interesting to know what you are reading and what music you are listening to.
Hope you get my english...
Take care and stay safe
Anders from Sweden

Alberto said...

I'm writing from Italy: i'dd like to suggest to you:
a) to look at (you will find my cousin cecilia carreri, first italian woman to racing atlantic ocean, and now preparing racing (2012) around the world -solo, unassited-);
b)please write in your post your position every day, for have evidence of your route;
c) after equator, consider a visit at: S18° 50' 45" W159° 45' 25" ....
alberto rb

Noel said...

Jess What a blog. Interesting stuff re your communications. I was wondering if you were up with the Melbourne cup, but you might have to wait on your return to do any celebrating. Thanks for the updated web site and the positioning. Hope the fishing goes well. Are you any sort of a cook. Fresh fish sounds good though.
A bit of R7R is always good for everybody so good for you. Hope the Nachos were great,,,they are always pretty good at our place too.

I bet you are looking forward to crossing that equator,,,something I have never achieved so good for you.

Stay well and safe

Noel Novice sailor Canberra

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You and the sea and your Boat sound like you are all at peace with one another....Hope it stays sooth sailing!

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jessie,

At least the freeze dried mince sounds better than the powdered eggs.

What celebrations have you got planned for the impending and important crossing of the equator?

Another fine hot day in Brisbane; however, they have predicted one of our famous thunder storms this afternoon.

Take care of yourself and keep finding those kind winds.

June and Richard Thorn

Mary said...

Good morning to you, Jess, on your Thursday.

It's super to hear from you twice recently. Thank you so much for keeping in touch.

Looking forward to more pics, a vid and maybe some info on your fresh water storage/production.

Believing in you all the way and sending hugs,
Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

hi Jesse you have an amazing talent to make us feel like we are all there with you all the way...we are only land lovers...but we all are commonly bound by a little thing called humanitiy....and you are definately showing us the way...keep up the bravado and let us all know if you read anything interesting////I would recomend nobel lit winner Knut Hamsen from Norway...u could get it by internet,,,its a very powerful novel,,,gripping in fact like your journey,,,,

Dick said...

Hi Jess,

You really bring back memories.
My wife and I circumnavigated 1992-97. The best years.

Please, could you note down the actual Lat and Long every day?

And don't forget to make use of the Jack Stays.
Take Care
Dick & Ulla

Anonymous said...

In addition to the afore mentioned sticker.. Maybe it is an idea to make a "I support Jessica" bitmap icon that people can put on their website.. I would put it on!

Allison said...

I have to admit when I heard you were 16 and sailing around the world, I couldn't believe your parents were okay with you doing this - but then I started reading your blog and realized that you are so advanced for your age and know what you are doing. Every single morning I check your blog.
I do have one question - Are you worried about pirates? With all the encounters and kidnapping making headlines, are you scared at all?

Col said...


Just you and the ocean, its an awesome feeling. Consistent sleep is so important for your journey, so get those nods when you can. Enjoy the trip north. Your doing just great. Glad your enjoying those meals !!


Dieter said...

Dear Jessica, would really like to know why you go up to the equator to sail around and not head directly for the Horn.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero Jess. You make me want to do more with my life and get out there and take some risks too. You are a great girl. God bless

Tracie L. Hall said...

Wow, look how many comments you are still getting! I browse them once in awhile, but don't have time to read them all, and you've already explained how you are handling that, but I'm curious if you've noticed if your commenters these days are returning fans or if you're continuing to get a lot of new ones.
Don't feel you need to answer that...when I have time I'll take a better look.
We've had some morning fog here the past couple of days. I know your weather there isn't what I'm getting here in California, but I'm sure you get your share of fog (or will, by the time you're done). I don't think I'd like sailing in the fog. Even though you're more dependent on gadgets to know where you are, and I do recall you've even got some that alert you when boats are near, I think I'd still be nervous about not being able to see.
Are you seeing any whales, or is that not likely, either due to where you are or the season?
Lunch time is almost over--gotta run.
Take care and blessings,


skye, liam, jay,emily josh MHS 5 said...

Hi Miss Jess, Use those flying fish for bait. WE haope that you have alovely day and enjoy your rest periods From Skye, Liam, Jay, Emily, and Josh the MAravale HOme Skoolers 5

nutralady2001 said...

Great to hear from you again so soon Jesse.

You know I've been thing about all your critics of both you and your parents for allowing you to do this (especially after the collision.)

I have a 23 year old daughter.She is feisty, gorgeous and bright.If she was determined to do what you are doing was well prepared and had a great support team with all contingencies in place as you seem to have to, then wild horses wouldn't have stopped her.

All I could have done was love and support her.

If people like you hadn't set out hundreds of years ago to explore the world (Magellan, Cook to name just two) we wouldn't be here in Australia.

You have become my unofficial "adopted daughter". The Mum in me is checking on you every day and wondering about you and what you are doing.

May you have good winds and calm seas.......... much love sweetie xxx

Orjan said...

Hi Jess!

I´m reading your blog every day and I think You´re a brave girl from down under by doing this world-round-tour by boat.

Are the HF rig only for calling for your safety or can radio amateurs all over the world get in touch with You?

Keep on sailing!!!

SM3XXJ in Sweden...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
You are well and truly out into the deep blue now. Would be nice to tell us sometime about the shades of blue/green/gray the ocean is. I guess it changes colour depending on the time of day and if skys are cloudy or clear. Also, do you see much pollution?
Chris and family in Brisbane

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Those miles are really slipping by. About to tick Tonga off as a milestone I see! It is really enjoyable to hear about your days on the yacht.

I absolutely know what you mean about other boats. I used to see other boats as intruders if they were on my bit of ocean!. And as for approaching land ... usually with very mixed feelings. Especially when you're used to being in such deep water that the depth sounder no longer works. I'd start to panic coming in from deep water when the bottom came up to about 20 m or so, and I would have to remind myself that this was okay and we weren't about to run aground! :-) Nothing more embarrassing for a sailor than to run aground I think!
Enjoy the reading time ... school work? or pleasure?
Wishing you all the wind you want and a fast reach.

skipper said...

I am 56 years of age and enjoying reading these blogs. Your daily blog is just so enjoyable to read and I must say satisfies some of my adventurous spirit by coming along for the ride.

More pictures and as much of a description in your blog as possible please. Not only for me but also for the record. Once it is all over reading back on the blogs will be interesting.

I am glad you are blogging as this makes us feel a connection with you. Please feed our adventuresome spirits.

Thanks for your blogs so far. Looking to see more of what you are doing.


Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for another great blog. Rosie and i look forward to reading them each day, i'm not even allowed to read them when there posted late and Rosie is tucked away in to bed.
Thanks for putting up the chart of your progress, i had you going between Fiji and Tonga on my estament, so i was close.
Ok take care and we will catch you tomorrow.
Tim and Rosie

Aging Hippy said...

Hi Jess

I had to chuckel when you mentioned your "emergency" call home to Mum on the Sat Phone to find out where she had stored the cheese.

On a recent cruise of the Kimberly Coast, my wife and I rented an Iridian Sat Phone for emergencies. Our kids could send a brief sms via the Iridian website for us to call them "in an emergency". One day, we got an sms from our daughter Jessica telling us that it was an "emergency" and for us to call. We quickly connected, only to find that she was going out that night and couldn't find her pink bra, and did Mum know where it was!

I guess we all have our own measure of the word "emergency". Had to laugh though (LoL?) at the similarities (Jessica, Sat phone and pink).

Am enjoying my read thru "Lionheart". Have you given any thought to the name of your book?

Tight sheets and smooth seas.

Aging Hippy

Bryan said...

hi Jess
every day my thoughts are with you wondering how you are going and if the weather is fair for you - my prayers are with you trim those sails and go for it lOVE bRYAN

Dani and Graeme said...

You ARE an inspiration. We wish you fair seas and just enough reaching breeze that you dont have consider taking a slab out of the main.

Dani and Graeme

Franklin said...

Hello Jessica:

I have a dream like yours but my solo trip is not non-stop as I can break any records but I can have a blast visiting ever port I can. I hope to spend 5-7 years on my trip.

I've been working hard to get to the point where I can go and I'm getting closer and closer each month, so I know what you had to go through. It's great to hear of those who finally made it out on their dream trip. I'm sure you'll have tough times but I'm also sure you'll have a lot more pleasant times and memories that you will never forget.

So what are you going to do after this is over? Going to college after HS? Going to get into racing professionally? You have a good head start to make a career of sailing. If only I was that smart when I was 16 :)

Rob said...

I had to google what a capsicum is. "Pepper" for the Americans following. (still not sure what "mince" is though).

Vijay T. said...

Hi Jesse
Love reading your blog daily. that is the first thing - I do at work each morning. All teenagers cannot be Jessica Watson, but you are an encouragement and inspiration to all young people and us older ones as well.
Take care & a safe and enjoyable journey. from Vijay, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Space is freedom -

"I want to be all that I am capable of becoming"

Take Care
Youra legend

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for involving us in your journey.

Monkei said...

So what does a young girl do with the rest of her life after this accomplishment. When you get back home you will have already done something with your life that very few people will ever be able do, almost like walking on the moon at age 17. So what's next?

Peter Vervoorn said...

Great job with the tracking map and Google Earth plugin. It adds a new dimension to following your adventure.

alex said...

Hey Jess, hows the bombardment of questions?! And I have another. Do you ever go for a dip? In the deep blue? I would imagine no but thought I'd ask. Or you must have noticed the water becoming warmer??
Keep having fun and keep up the good work.


Peter Flynn said...

hi Jess,

Its really interesting reading your daily blog about all the details, like food, comms etc. Thank you for that, I'm hooked. I've even looked up what a S&S-34 is and how much they cost. Little pricey, but hey, what a life! Anyway I would love to ask you: What about water? Have you really got 8 months of water supply on board, what is that 500 or more litres stashed somewhere?
Thanks again.

Peter Flynn

Anonymous said...

ha jess hope your having a fantastic time out there your deafenatly living the dream you have my full support should listen to some josh pike pretty cruisy and relaxing sought of stuff. leigh.m

Anonymous said...

ha jess hope your having a fantastic time out there your deafenatly living the dream you have my full support should listen to some josh pike pretty cruisy and relaxing sought of stuff. leigh.m

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
This not for Jesse, but a few bloggers have been asking why you are going up to the equator, instead of going straigth to the Horn of South America. It's the rules of doing a solo around the world. You must cross the equator at least once to qualify for the round the world status.Check her home page for all the route and rule details.
Cheers George
Exmouth WA

leigh said...

ha jessica sounds like your having a great time have been reading alot of your blog what an adventure.listening to some josh pike very realaxing.hope you prove all your critics wrong live the draem girl because theres not many of us like you out there.GO JESS.leigh.m

Richard said...

Hi Jessica,
I've been praying for your safety and success since you started your journey. May the Lord bless you with fair winds and following seas.


GlenF said...

G'day from Brisbane Jessica,

Thanks for the daily inspiration - make my day at work.

You're great with the communication.

Jennifer C said...

Hi Jessica!

Sounds like you had a really good day. Thanks for the update. Now try to get some sleep.

God Bless,
Illinois, USA

sbradley33 said...

One more thing Jessica. I know you have extensive mileage under your belt. Will you let us know when you've surpassed all the nautical miles previous to this trip?

leigh said...

hope your enjoy your self on that great big open ocean what sought of music do you listen to live the dream and never give up. your already a legend. you go girl all the best leigh.m

Mary said...

G'day, Jess!

Onward, Captain, with all the sea and wind that you can sail!

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
~ Edith Wharton

Clearly, you are a mirror spreading impeccable light for us all to reflect, and we are all better for it.

Much love and safe sailing for you always!

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I've been reading your blog daily, and your adventure has certainly got my imagination working overtime! I wish i could live my dream like you are! Stay safe. Oh, i'd be dropping a nice big lure out the back and waiting for the ZZZZzzzz of the reel....i bet there are some big fish out there! Hope you catch one. Hehe.
Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica

Hi I am Justin Verbakel and I have a brother and a sister plus a dad my mum died 4 and half years ago. My sister’s name is Sophie and my brother’s name is Steven. I heard about your voyage on the news now we are learning about famous sailers in class. We are writing these letters as a class task, its really fun writing to you.

Most people don’t agree with what your doing such as the water police, my dad, my brother and my sister, thy are saying on the news that you might need a rescue or even die but they are all stupid. I believe in you you can do it.

So get out their and prove them all wrong you can do It.!!!!!!!

Yours truly Justin Verbakel

Anonymous said...


Hello my name is Garry de graaf I am 15 years old I first heard about your dream in English at school I know that you are only 16 and are attempting to sail around the world to break a record. I know that you are only 4 weeks in, I am behind you while you’re racing “I have your support “.

My opinion of you doing this journey is I think it has its ups and downs like your up is that you’re following your dream and a down is that you could die on your journey. I have dreams to my biggest dream is to play AFL football professionally I have been playing footy for 9 years.

I have a few questions to ask you like firstly have you always been into sailing. Secondly have you ever been into something besides sailing?

Your lat expression was “offer a final goodbye “I think it means something like you should always say goodbye before you leave anywhere so just in case something happens to you and you didn’t get to say goodbye. I think that it is very good that you are following your dream.

By Garry de Graaf

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
Great progress, what a adventure, and your blogs are so awesome.
With those flying fish who needs a fishing line HA! HA!
Take care and sleep well, and most of all stay safe.

Marion from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

...hey there, jess! wow! you finally pooped out! i'm glad you got some rest! you deserve it! thanks for taking the time to write about your adventures! all of us here appreciate it! until tomorrow, sail safe!

castro valley, ca, usa

Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...

It's good to hear that you finally got a chance to get some good rest. You need to be well rested to keep your head about you. Especially in the trials you have coming ahead of you in that great planet sized venturi tube called "The Horn."

I understand about enjoying being the only vessel out there. It is at the same time good to be alone and comforting to know that there isn't anyone to run into.

Some years ago I got up the wild hair to sail in the new year so I took my MacGreggor 26 out into Galveston Bay single-handed. It was a chilly overcast night. There was no moon or stars, just me and the sea. There is nothing more peaceful than being out in the middle of the Bay; the only living soul this side of the shoreline. I hadn't brought a watch but it didn't matter... at midnight, the sky lit up with fireworks all around the shoreline. Vessels all out of sight were hailing each other "Happy New Year" on the radio. I raised my can of Ginger Ale, offered a toast to the world, then turned my bow toward home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie,
watch those flying fish, especially at night, they can easily take out an eye. We used to wear safety glasses at night whe they got bad in the Indian Ocean.
Sail fairweather Jess
Volker, WA

Debs said...

Hey Jess

Glad to hear your getting plenty of rest and relaxation time...Smile. Ive been doing a bit of reading myself in the last couple of days. I Read a 2 page spread in the womans day about a young lady who was sailing solo around the world. Her name was Jessica Watson.....have you heard of her???
Yummmmmm.......Nacho's are soooo much nicer than tacos.....i have an excellent recipe for the best nacho's in the world....I might be persuaded to share...Smile

We are in for some settled and warm weather in the next few days...and your getting ready for squally weather...i hope its enough to get Ella moving along and not to squally to be uncomfortable.
I have that boring HW ( House Work) to do now :(. So ill Luv ya and leave ya...Smile

Deb and the Guinea's

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I always wanted to get lost in the wild for a long time with total freedom. I am trying to experience vicariously what the experience will be like. It's total freedom and independence to the limit. I read your posting everyday. All our family are very interested about your adventure and your journey become to our dinner table topic everyday. Our family really admire you for your calm and independent spirit and give us lots of inspiration.

Happy sailing and remember you are not alone. Many people are behind you and closely watching you on a daily basis.

Happy sailing!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada, you are an inspiration to all. Thinking of you every day and wondering how you are doing. Nice to have your blogs to read daily. Thanks.

Andrew said...


Love the map. The little pink boat icons are great.

What do you do if you need to talk to someone regarding your homework? Do you have a periodic tutorial scheduled?

Good Luck,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

Anonymous said...

Just found out about your adventure and your blog from friends. You go girl! Rooting for you from the USA!

MNDave said...

I am anxious every day to read your comments. I feel good with each post to know that you are safe and are doing well.
How do get your mind geared to homework? Your senses must be near saturation with the responsibilities of what you are doing and seeing.

As I read your posts, I wish that my Dad had left a journal when he sailed in the early 1900's. He sailed out of Sweden, made it to the Marshall islands and many ports in Europe and Africa. One big difference though, he wasn't alone.

For now, sleep well, stay safe and God Bless you.

Dave from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
It must be amazing out there just you and 'ellas pink lady' sailing in the vast Pacific Ocean.
Just a quick Question 'so far, do you mind been away from land, with no T.V, fresh food, showers, refrigration (and ice-cream)???

Saraya :-)

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Being a nurse and a medical student, I was wondering what you do for first-aid on your long trip. People who live in remote areas of Australia often have a box of all sorts of medicines that they can take after consultation over the radio/satellite phone with the Royal Flying Doctor Service or remote area doctor/nurse. I was just wondering if you have set yourself up in a similar way?

A completely unrelated question. I saw you and your team being interviewed at the Sanctuary Cove boat show. Your Project Manager Bruce (a great name that) said that he planned to significantly strengthen Ella’s hull. If it isn’t a family/trade secret, I would love to know what he has done to Ella’s hull, keel and rigging to strengthen her. Is the strengthening done to protect Ella from buffeting from strong seas, or is it also for collision with undersea objects such as semi-submerged containers or large wildlife. If you see a container floating on the surface with Mars Bars, Flakes and Turkish Delights written on the side, are you going to stop, board the container and eat your way through your salvage rights before continuing on your sugared-out way?

Anyway, I hope that you get to read all of our posts. Your communication costs must be higher than the communication satellites that relay them to you. Stay safe and rested.

Go Jess Go!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is going o.k. Jess, hope you enjoyed your tacos last night, love seeing your blogs every day, keep safe, talk to you soon. Good sailing Maxine

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Congratulations on achieving 10% of your journey today. Double figures!!

"If Columbus had turned back, no one would have blamed him. Of course, no one would have remembered him either". Source Unknown


Sydney, Australia

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse glad you had a day of rest a bit of reading, fishing, music etc is good for the body and the soul. Although progress is steady not being overly busy with sailing duties is probably a good thing at this stage despite your apparent enthusiasm to for a bit more wind. My thinking is that it gives you an opportunity to get used to the boat and how it handles, etc. I'm no sailor but logic tells me that having time to settle in is a bonus and helps build on your existing knowledge and confidence.

You sound in a good frame of mind and I am glad that you reaped the benefit of taking some time out
to do some different but rewarding activities.

'til next time Jesse take care and be happy!!

PS Stay buckled up.


Anonymous said...

Wow, people are making up their own story now "Jessica Watson today passed the 2,000 nautical mile mark of her 23,000 mile journey"

Warm regards

Texas Flyer said...

Hello Jessica,
What an adventure you are on! I am glad that you can share it with the rest of us and wish you well on your journey. I wish I could do something like that myself! Do you have any special celebration ritual planned for crossing the equator? I did that once on a Navy ship. It was the most disgusting day of my life! LOL

I wish you well. Be safe out there!

MaryP said...

Hi Jess, What kind of music are you listening to?

Mary P

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

WOW, where has the last 2 1/2 weeks gone. This Sunday you would have been on your adventure of a life time for 3 weeks.

It's great to hear you are resting when you feel tired and getting good food in your tummy to keep your enery levels up.

We're all so proud of you Jesse. God bless. Jan (New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Mince and capsicum, Mmmmmm.

I had to look those up and I'm still not sure. Capsicum seems to be called pepper in the US, mince might be minced meat.

I'm getting quite an education reading your posts.

Good luck from the US

Julian Davis said...

Hi Jessica,
I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. Have a great day !

Bernard said...

When I read Jesse Martin's Book, he complained that he lost all his caps before the trip was over.

I then saw a sailor on TV with a string tied from the back of his cap to his shoulder lapel - do you use this method or will you just order new caps online from the Merchandise website if you need them :-)

Tahlee said...

Hey Jess,
I love reading your blogs everyday, hearing what you've been up to, And whats happning on the Pink Lady.

You are a true inspiration to us all.

I will be following you all the way on this very special dream of yours to see you reach the end.

Wishing you all the very best Jesse and may God be with you always!!

Keep Safe xoxo
Bundaberg QLD Aus

Sarah said...

Yaay for the good rest and glad to hear that you are feeling a better after the R&R. Sounds like a lovely peaceful day - enjoy it!!

Thanks for taking the time to update us we really appreciate it and your blogs make us feel as though we were right there with you - youve got talent!!

All the best.xo.

Anonymous said...

Het Jess!
I was just wondering- do you have to wear a life jacket all the time?? If you do, do you find it annoying?...i live in country NSW, near Albury, we always go to the weir and i hate the Life Jacktets, but i suppose the ocean is much risky compared to the weir!
Thanks & Goodluck!
Albury, NSW

Anonymous said...

hi jess,
i know its not a very nice subject but what happens to all your garbage? like you should surely have loads after 8 months with the tinned a pakaged food. hope your having a good time, ill be telling my daughter about your trip when she's older, its insperational.


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