Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slowly But Surely getting to the Equator!

Not much in the way of wind today, so I spent the morning hand steering and tacking to make the most of the few little puffs of wind we did get. All covered up from the sun in a big dorky straw hat, sunscreen (Ella Bache of course!), sunnys and a sarong, sitting at the tiller was the nicest place to be with a light breeze keeping me cool.
The Fleming Windvane 'Parker' does an amazing job steering, much better than me most of the time, but when the wind drops out to under 5knots, even poor old Parker calls it quits. This afternoon the wind dropped right off to the point where I've just aborted the tiller, as there isn't much point in steering a boat that isn't going anywhere!

It's overcast again now with rain squalls (see pic below) sweeping across the ocean and marching along the horizon. I think I'd be finding the lack of progress pretty frustrating if it wasn't for all the moody greys and blues looking so amazing on the glassed out water.

Despite this afternoon's poor progress, we've still only got 950nm until the equator (that is to the actual point where I'm hoping to cross the equator) and I can't wait for that!


Pic: Calm and interrupted by towering rain squalls, it's been a pretty typical day for ITCZ (Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone or 'doldrums'). Lucky for me the ITCZ is pretty weak at the moment, so it shouldn't be too long until we pick up a bit more a breeze to take us to the equator.


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Maria Stuart said...

Hi Jessica,
Glad to hear that you are being sun smart. Hope you get that wind behind you for the dash to the equator! Its good to have the little milestones that are not too far away. Will check back in a couple of days!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! Wonderful progress! You will be crossing the equator in no time.

Angelique, Darwin NT Australia

Jos and Jo said...

Hi Jess

Your blog is really an inspiration and I look forward to reading it every day.

I wish my 16 year old had as much determination and dedication as you do.

I hope you catch a fish soon!

Ringwood, Victoria

Anonymous said...

...lol @ 'dorky'...I can just picture you. You sound so relaxed Jesse.

Keep on keeping on! hugs

Anonymous said...

stay safe. Are the stars just so cool out there with no lights? Seen the space station (ISS)yet?

SSN Missouri, USA

Unknown said...

I wondered whether you would cross the 'doldrums' and how you would cope with the lot of 'nothing' going on. Congratulations, champ. Another milestone reached. You appear to have everything, including the weather, at your fingertips.

Nice pic.

Ian from Brisbane

JimLour said...

Enjoy your posts, nice photo. Be safe


LHall said...

I just read your post Jessica. You must have just put it up. It all sounds so great. I was happy about your rain storms. May the wind return soon. Maybe this is the calm before the storm but hopefully not too big of one. It's almost midnight here in the US. Have a good day.

infiniteblue said...

Peaceful after the 25/30 knots? Time to think?

Stay safe, keep the seas and clip on.
Enjoy riding the pulse of the universe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to read your blog and note your progress. Keep up the good work we are with you all the way.
Best of luck.

Style Seduction said...

Thats a gorgeous photo. I love the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
You are going great guns. Thank you for the info about your water, I had suspected that you would have a decent amount stored on Ella and some method of making fresh water. Glad to hear you are getting some nice storms and rain - we need that here!!!
Oh the teeth marks in your lures!! Best not to think about those too much but I suspect they would be from Barracouta as they have a decent set of teeth. Its when your lure disappears completely with a twang!!!!
Thanks again for the updates, you do write your experience so well. Take care and good winds
John (Macedon, Vic)

tony said...

Hi Jessica,,,great shot of the squal line,,you write ,,you take great photo's and you can sail,oops, i forgot ,you cook great cup cakes, our 6 year old is hanging out for some,.
The equator is so close,please do not miss it on the GPS,,i guess you will see it twice,!!
Happy sailing in the 'doldrum's'
'different drum.

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to read the progress report. Delighted that you're not stuck in the doldrums !

Incidentally, did you let is know where the Parker reference came from ? If it's what I think it is, it's FAB !

Amazing to think you might be crossing the equator in another 9 or 10 days; I'll keep my fingers crossed that the favourable conditions continue.

So what books are you reading now ? Did you pack a big stash for the 8 months, or are you much of a reader ?

Thanks for the updates,

Brian in NY.

Chris Akenfelds said...

Hi Jessica, great to hear you don't have to much farther to go before you cross the Equator. I'm expecting that should be another big moment for you, especially in the media back here in Australia. Once you have crossed the Equator, how far north do you plan to go before you turn around and head back into the Southern Hemisphere?

Keep up the regular blogs. As always, your efforts never cease to fascinate and appeal to a lot of people.


Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane, QLD
akenfelds @ lycos . com

Sparkie said...

G'day Jesse,
Just love how you are taking one day at a time!
Keep on keeping on!

glen said...

keep up the good job your blog is great reading drawing us along with you on your journey hope the wind picks up soon fair weather glen

Rosemary said...

Hi Jesse What a lovely surprise! I didn't expect an update yet.I suppose at least on a calm going nowhere day you get a bit of down time to relax and as you say enjoy the ocean and sky colours.Lovely pic.Rosemary

Unknown said...

Keep goin Jesse, we're all thinking of ya :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

You are in the Doldrums and i am in the doldrums because i am at work if that makes sense. Loving your blog, i keep on sneaking onto the computor to check for up dates on your travels if i get caught i will be in the doldrums lol.

Stay safe


xtY said...

you're amazing Jess. Sorry i haven't commented in a while, been busy.

All the best.

Seeya at the finishline.

- xtY

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Love reading what you are up to each day. Keep up the good work and happy sailing to the finish. You are doing really well.Your parents must be very proud of you.Bethel. W.A.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you are having the time of your life.
We enjoy every update.
Good Luck
Courtney 11 & James 8
Sydney Australia

Anonymous said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that you'll soon get wind in their sails again. You may take the opportunity to fish now.
Read your blog every day.
Mia from Sweden

Maravale HS 5 said...

Hi Jess Nice Tropical cloud pic. U will c many more of these. THe doldrums sounds great So does tiller time. Stay good your adoring followers the Maravale Home Skoolers 5 We missed hearing from you an we were woried

Ayin said...

Nice Photo!

Good luck and best wishes! :)

Can't wait till you pass the equator!

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

Good After Noon ( Ella's Pink Lady time ).

I was away for 2 days and read your blogs of y'day and b4 1st thing. The wonderful thing is that you express your feelings whether or not it is pleasant. Sailing for such long time is an enormous test. So there will be times when you will miss shopping , window shopping , walking on the malls and chats with family and friends ( face to face) , so keep sharing.

Pls dont use that XL creme serving in the break fast , we will wish to see and over-weight Jessica at the end of your voyage.

RICHARD said...

Great Pic. Although you describe the scenes so well, the pics give us even better insight to your experiences.

Sorry about the lack of wind, but there is a good side to drifting... I am sure you will find it.:)

You have been making such great time that perhaps the wind was in need of a rest.

Or maybe you could utilize the lull to make another video!

We all love the videos!

Keep up the good work. We are really excited for you. Kudos to your team as well. They are really doing a great job.


See YA Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Jesse... Been away for a few days. Good to catch up with your newsy blogs. So pleased you have lots of yummy cream.
That's what I've begun wearing the past few days here in Brisbane--a singlet and a sarong. The summer is upon us.
Back to you later.
Happy sails... Cielo

Colin Davidson said...

Hi Jesse,
This is the first look at your web site but I was wondering this morning how you were or where on the ocean you might be. Thanks to reading your blog I now know. Hey better luck next time with the fishing !-). Bon Voyage from Colin and Janice.

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
I believe you haven't told us yet why your windvane is called Parker.
Apart from that, I hope it doesn't get too frustrating for too long.

emgb1 in South Wales (UK, GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for new message, Jessica.
Nice picture.
I hope you can keep cool.
Steady sailing. Luv u
Richard (QLD)

brett240 said...

Love Reading your blog Jess and great pics. Keep 'em coming. Stay safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,
Love the blog and reading what you have been doing from here in Abu dhabi. Make the most of the Pacific while you can, I have sailed on all of the oceans and the pacific is by far the most beautiful. (I know others will disagree) I have never seen a body of water so BLUE as it is where you are now.

Fair wind and following seas.

An Aussie a long way from home

Glen T. Hale said...

Sounds like you are doing real well. I think you have crossed a time zone (the date line)? Doesn't that mean that you have to repeat a day? I live in Hawaii so I'm expecting, soon, that you'll be in our time zone.

Good luck in your travels.

June and Richard Thorn said...


What wonderful images you have as a reminder of your adventure.

Sorry to hear about the lack of winds; however, at least it gives you time to get some rest.

The storms might be the remnants of the weather pattern we have just experienced here in Brisbane.

Wonderful that nature can move so quickly where we mere mortals are so slow.

Stay safe and keep finding those kind winds.

Look forward to your next entry.

June and Richard Thorn

Danielle said...

Keep on truckin' chicky, you make me proud to be an aussie :)

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
You are spoiling us, another blogg.
Even with the wind not doing much, it's good to have a little rest from that bouncy choppy stuff.
The photo looks great, hope it's not to hot, here in Exmouth at the moment it's about 42c and it will get hotter as the summer rolls in.
So I would love to be out there on the ocean doing the same.
So keep having fun and keep safe.
Exmouth WA

Unknown said...

Hey Jess,

Been reading your blog since you first set sail. That's a pretty impressive cloud in today's picture. I live in Yeppoon QLD, up near Rockhampton, and it's been raining here all day. It's lovely and cool, though raining just hard enough that I've decided not to go for my usual run tonight.
I've noticed that the number of comments posted in response to your blogs has dropped off considerably in the last week. Maybe it's just the slow internet in posting them on the web. Anyway, I check your blog pretty much every morning to see what sort of progress you've made and little adventures you've experienced. I'm happy to keep you company via the blog, as I'm sure in times to come, you will really look forward to any and all emails / comments.
Congrats at achieving 300+nm today despite lack of wind!
Keep up the fantastic effort.. I love that you are proving so many people wrong!!!!!!!

Polly Etienne said...

I'm soooooooo amazed about your courage! I live in melbourne and I'm originaly from brazil, I guess you won't be sailing in brazilian waters but I'm still excited to see you getting to south america:) cheers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't be impatient Jesse ;)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Jen said...

Glad you are keeping yourself busy. What a pleasure to be enjoying God's creation like you are, and it warms my heart how you appreciate it. Thanks for so faithfully keeping us informed as to your progress. We are interested and we care. Love Jen in South Africa

Anonymous said...

awesome pics

Ruma said...


I have been following your Pasific adventures. It has been great. Keep the blog entries coming. For me your updates comes right at the morning. I guess I am not the only one in Finland to follow you. Hope I got to be the first comment today. I just found sailing last summer and now you are great inspiration to me!

Wish you have good winds and you get enough sleep!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Jess.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Another great update. You are certainly encountering all sorts of weather. It must make life very interesting and enjoyable for you.

You must be almost in the single digits of latitude now. As you say not too long now before you reach the equator and you turn south east.

You are one inspirational young lady.

Love the picture. I hope you are taking many more pictures for your own memories.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn

Ingleburn NSW

samurai said...

Hey Jess, hope you're well. I can so relate to how cleansing (for lack of a better word) it must have felt for you to get enough rain to wash and freshen everything up and fill up the tanks as well. As for the marks on your lure...be prepared...be very prepared...as I mentioned in a previous post, that's where the big ones hang out. Keep up the exercises, particularly build upper body strength for, if nothing else, hauling in the big one. Hopefully, or should I say preferably, a tuna. Do you like sushi? It's very good for you. You'll need a very sharp knife but please be very careful using it.
Don't forget to toast King Neptune when you cross the equator and take a photo of your GPS. 0.00'00" Oh what a feeling, you'll see. Take care and catchya later...Sam

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great stories and pics! What will you do if you hook a decent fish? it might tow you way off course :) I can't imagine that there are any tiddlers out there.

Andrew said...

slow day arnt 2 bad gives u time 4 some R&R!! have any luck fishing 2day
looks like i will be in china very soon so i have to get heaps of posts up be4 i leave!
Life’s simple, you make choices and you don’t look back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

Even in the north of Sweden we are following your sail trip :).

Go for it girl and be careful!


Karin Hedmark, UmeƄ Sweden

Jo Woodward said...

We are really enjoying reading all your daily updates Jess. You are an inspiration to young and old. You write so well and help us to picture a little of what it is like out there for you. I love the ocean, lived on board a ship (bigger than Ella) for 3 years. Make sure you have a party when you cross the equator - such a memorable experience!!!

Sally said...

A great photo Jess!!

The colours are so strong - beautiful greys, deep lilac and blues.... The ocean certainly looks calm. Glad to hear that you are wearing the sunscreen even under that 'dorky' hat!

I will send some prayers out to the universe to send you some perfect wind to sail you onwards to that equator. Not long now!!

Its quite warm in Sydney today and we are just about to go for an evening walk along through some bushland along the Georges River. It's a bit of a secret local track, so it's very peaceful along the way - a great walk to stretch the legs after work. We will think of you as we are tramping along.

Take care Jess - stay safe


'Catching full rapture
of breeze on mainsail
I inhale ... a freedom akin
Magic of waves
gently rock me awry
as I bend from the sail
against wind
Releasing my cares
I then think to dare
close my eyes
and venture out to sea
To let life begin
as I’m sailing the wind
absolved of custody from worries - - I’m free!
Salty waves make wake a cool misty spray
The creaky old mast, bends and moans
Sedated in peace
under my breath I release
Catching full rapture
of breeze on mainsail
I inhale ... a freedom akin
Magic of waves
gently rock me awry
as I bend from the sail
against wind
Releasing my cares
I then think to dare
close my eyes
and venture out to sea
To let life begin
as I’m sailing the wind
absolved of custody from worries - - I’m free!
Salty waves make wake a cool misty spray
The creaky old mast, bends and moans
Sedated in peace
under my breath I release
hushed lilts
from old mariner’s songs
Not picture nor narration depict how I feel
as I awaken
from my wishful dreams of old
This sailor within me
keeps hold yearnings to be free
So - - I won’t quit sailing dreams...till life lets go!

hushed lilts
from old mariner’s songs
Not picture nor narration depict how I feel
as I awaken
from my wishful dreams of old
This sailor within me
keeps hold yearnings to be free
So - - I won’t quit sailing dreams...till life lets go!'
Charlotte Mair

Sally In Sydney

Brissyfan said...

I would love to see a photo of you in your'dorky straw hat, sunnies and sarong'!! Loving your blog... have signed up for the RSS feed to keep me updated

Benjamin Arie said...

You know you're in for a looong trip when 950 nautical miles is *close!*

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Thanks for all the great updates Jesse, we're cheering for ya.

Alex. said...

Keep going Jess! You're amazing, x

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica, I can just imagine the thrill of fresh water that has come from the skies, wow sounds like you are really getting into the tropics. I am in NZ and we are experiencing a small polar blast, hope you are out of range.
Happy sailing.
Jill NZ

jennygil said...

Hi Jesse

Your upbeat mannerisms are an inspiration to many millions, yound and old. Well done for living your dream - a lesson to many of us. Thanks for all the updates.
Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey jess,
Nice work so far -- steady as she goes me hearty! (who talks like that - seriously)

So will givent he major crossing ahead will you doa little dance or a jig when you cross...???

Enjoy the serenity!


Gohu said...

nice and don't give up, lucky you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
I love to see how it is out there. You give us, who never has sailed, a lot of new information. I had to Google on doldrums. Very interesting to read. I learn a lot by reading your blog. You have a talent for writing too. The sea looks calm (perfect for me), a person who easy gets seasick. Enjoy it and sail safe.
Ingrid Tyreso, Sweden

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jess
That's a great shot of that distant storm cloud, you'll have to try and get a shot of EPL being drenched in one of those localized squalls.

It's interesting to see the course Kay Cottee took, doing a U turn at the Sao Paulo Rocks just north of the Equator on the 27/2/88, I don't know but I think your chosen course looks a lot better one.

Oh by the way I found another link to the 60 minutes report on Jess:-


I asked 60 min to see if a copy of the segment was available but unfortunatly not so, the internet qaulity is pretty ordinary!

Kay took 189 days, is there any reason why you couldn't do similair? I know you are saying around 230 days for yourself, I suppose it just depends on how many days you can get good sailing in where the wind is in your favor for most of the time....

Anyway...back to Kay's book, I'm now waiting for "LionHeart" to arrive next....

Be wise be safe...

Clint - Dandenong

Debs said...

Great Pic Jess

There is nothing better than Pics of weird cloud formations and rain Showers.

It may get boring when your not moving much....but keep these times in the back of your mind when you get in those high/ winds/ high seas days....cos then you will be wishing it wasnt soooo rough. I think its great to get a variety of Sea's and weather....makes life less boring than if you have the same day in day out.

Make the most of the quieter days by cooking cupcakes/ doing home work and anything that is better with less rocking n rolling.

Its still hot here....not going to let up much this week...But we are coping with the Air con on and my new babies are settling in nicely.

You will be at the equator before you know it....smile

Stay safe, but have fun

Deb and the Guineas

A said...

Awesome Jess - you're doing great, and writing so well! Your photos are beautiful too - it's amazing how much beauty you can find in the simplest thing as an expanse of open water and some sunshine hey?

Ali, NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!

Hope the wind has picked up again for you. And great pic - looks beautiful out there.

Keep applying that sun screen!


maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, What a surprise I got to log on and there you are again, 2 blogs in one day for me, Im so pleased to hear you are wearing a dorky hat it doesnt matter as long as it keeps thart sun off you, Im trying to9 imaginer you standing up there all dressed up in your sarong, glasses etc. The picture looks really peaceful, hope you are enjoying the serenity of it all its just amazing how you describe it to us you are so descriptive, you never cease to amaze us. Have a good night hope you have a good tea, and get a little sleep God speed Jesse Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Unknown said...

Excellent work Jessica and only 95nm to go to the hot line! Well done, seems to be coming up quickly enough. Lovely sea shot!

brg said...

Looks like a nice weather to have on land.

nutralady2001 said...

Hello Jesse, wow you've got the blogs coming thick and fast. Wondering how hot it will be as you get to the Equator? We're having a heat wave here in SA.

Amazing that Ella's PL will carry the water you need for 8 months topped up with whatever water you can "catch"

Take care xx

Darren Coomera said...

Hi Jess,
what a magnificent job you are doing, I truly am mistified at the courage and determination that you possess. I wish more young people of your age shone in the same way, a truly wonderful upbringing. I look forward to reading your blogs daily and hope you enjoy writing them as I do reading them - anyway take care and I'll hear from you tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Great going Jesse. We've just pointed all our east coast fans in your direction and turned them on to give you a boost.
Take care.

Jeff and family said...

Hi Jessica,
I`ve got a great suggestion when your in the doldrums (no wind) If you have got a big fan, aim it at the sails switch on and hang on. If only this could be possible.You sound like a hilly billy sailor with a straw hat, mixed with a Tahitian island girl. Of cause I am only giving you something to have a laugh about. Not far to go to the belly of our earth were it`s at it`s fattest point. We would all love to see more photos of you as well as the scenery you have put on your blog, there great of cause.
Kind regards Jeff and Family
From Hervey Bay QLD

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

Good to see you today. Sorry about the wind dropping out, although I am sure the rest is good for you also. (even though a little boring) Now is the time for baking cupcakes...!! Pic is amazingly beautiful. 950nm !! Not far now !!

Completely hooked to your blog, have no idea of what a "tiller" is, thank god for Google.

By the time you finish sailing around the block, I will know enough about sailing boats to take a ride in one at least. I will have to leave the steering to someone else, as I get lost in public toilets.

Have fun and dance like noone is watching !! Thanks again for taking us with you on your voyage. See ya tomorrow.

Kissyfrott said...

Up in the morning, a cup of coffee and a new blog from you, Jesse, that may be called a good start for a new day.
You must be cute in your equatorial clothings, the straw hat and the sunnies. Think of a pic, maybe?
It is like holidays for the three of you (the lady, Parker and yourself) and it might be good for all to enjoy them before going south east to meet more tough zones. Refill your personal energy batteries and take some rest while your supporters from everywhere are blowing to send you some wind. Good Ol' Neptune will be sitting on his hot line to meet you soon and celebrate.
There's no wind at all on Paris, but a bright sunny light with pretty cold air (5°C). Better for a walk than for sailing. We hope that in one of your future maps, you wil sail up the river and bring Pink Lady in front of the Eiffel Tower; that would be fun and a popular celebration!
Take care, beware of Mr Sun and thank you (we shall never thank you enough) for your bravery and generosity in sharing so much of your voyage.

Dawn said...

Hello Jessica,
Love to see how you are going.
Hope your spirits are still up and not feeling too lonesome. Great pics. Keep thanking God for His wonderful creation.
Dawn from Queensland

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
The going might be a bit slow at the moment but your still chipping away at those nm's. It wont be long before your entering Sydney harbour again. Great pics, looks pretty calm. By the way your putting away all that cream for desert, if your not careful you'll out weigh EPL before you get home.
Line is sure getting closer, take care.
Fair winds and following seas.

Bryan said...

Hi "Jessicaptain"

You certainly have the "World in your hands" with so many comments coming in daily from us out here following your daily progress.

How about we have some "Fun" and predict your DATE & TIME of your crossing the Equator - Whilst we dont know of your exact position (& that should be kept to yourself & Team) we could still get your fans even more involved by a Worldwide prediction - Here is mine - Sunday 15th November at 12.00 noon - your local time.
That makes it 4 weeks since your left Sydney

Keep going you inspiration & keep your sails full and Gods speed

Regards Bryan - Perth WA

Alessandro Machi said...

If you think your camera supplies will last, some time-lapse photography of those clouds might look pretty cool.

Since your craft probably tacks left to right between shots, do a super wide shot that grabs the distant horizon. If you think you can do such a setup make sure the camera is not left in the sun as it could fry.

Then take one image every minute.

The time lapse effect might give you some cool looking sequences. Just remember, don't do anything extra that distracts you from what is essential in your day to day adventure or that could expose your camera to unwanted water or sun.

hezakiah299 said...

11-10-09 @ 03:50
Good Morning Jessica,
Now that is a sight I would love to see: You in a big dorky straw hat, sunnys and a sarong, Please send us a picture. LOL (Not laughing at you, but with you). It's to bad that you lost your wind but this is a chance to rest and replenish your body even if you don't realize that it needs it.
That is a beautiful picture, the rain squall and the sun peaking around the side of it and then laying across EPL’ bow. I like the way the water is beaded up on the bow, is that from the composition of the boats material or is that just a good wax job?
All in all I’d say you are making good time and doing a great job. Keep it up and continue to enjoy yourself. Take care and stay alert, I’m off to bed.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Rodney said...

WOW!!! Awesome photo!!! Stay safe Jess!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Hope you are enjoying your amazing adventure to the fullest!
It's mind-boggling to think that in a few months time your name will be up there with other famous single handed circumnavigators like Chichester, Rose, Sanders, Dicks, Cottee and Martin! You're incredible! Stay safe and may the winds be favourable ones!

Best Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

Anonymous said...

Australia believes that you can do it so don't give up too easily or be scared. Make us Australians proud!

Unknown said...


Great pics, makes me think I'm right there. Slowly, but surely you're gettingtere. Take advantage of the easy sailing whenever you can. You're doing Greatand Ella's Pink Lady looks ship shape. Good luck!!!

Gerry from NY

Anonymous said...

Hello jess,hope u dont mind we call you that my name's jamie,im from new zealand. nice to meet u.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Mum, I can't help wondering how your mum is coping with your big adventure - makes me feel that I'm a bit overprotective of my chicks! Well done, sweetheart - you're doing brilliantly, and I really admire you for keeping us all up to date with the blog. Happy sailing.

Jeff49 said...

Hi Jess,

Sounds pretty amazing to me, just sitting back and watching towering thunder squalls move around you. Glad they are dropping a little fresh water upon you - must be nice to have a wash in real water and not have a salty crust on you afterwards!

Just love your turn of phrase, makes your blogs just that much more interesting to read.

I guess it is getting a tad more exciting knowing you are approaching one of the big milestones of your odyssey. I also guess you will have a snese of excitement when you finally get to head South, too. Hold on to the memories of these warm and wonderful days, cos I bet you will need those memories when you get really South.

Sail on, sailor.


SailSim said...

Hi Jesse,

Superb picture. One for the book when you get back :)

The Doldrums sounds so much more poetic than the ITCZ!

Hope the wind pics up soon!

Jim @sailsim

Anonymous said...

loving the blog!!! first one i've ever subscribed too. keep enjoying it!

Ian said...

Hi Jessica,

Great pix. Thanks for keeping us all so well-informed. It's fantastic to have some real-time insight into sailing solo!!

Are you keeping up with the Jacques Vabre?

Anonymous said...

you've gone further now than most of the rest of us. Good luck and good sailing
Simon T
Caves Beach NSW Oz

Anonymous said...

have you tried blowing on the sails--not saying it will work--but have a try anyway :)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jess, keep it going. You'll be there before you know it! The picture looks awesome, very envious.
Take care,
The McGraths Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, Thanks for the beaut picture of the rain squalls, & your informative blog again. Keep up the good work, and your skills are so amazing.
Take care & keep up the stretching exercises even if they cannot really replace the runs on the Beach etc.
Y & N Thompson.

Tony said...

Hi Jesse! I think this will be your first time crossing the line. Wondered what your celebration plans were, guess you’ll get on webcam with people back home, but whatever, it has to be better than my first which was in an aeroplane, north to south, just before landing in Kenya, the bar was closed, and the best I could muster was a toast with a plastic cup of cold coffee. Yep I'm sure you will do much better. Tony (Shipshape and Bristol fashion) Bristol UK.

Sally McLean said...

Wow! It sounds beautiful out there Jess! I/ve only crossed the equator once by sea and it was about 40 years ago but I still remenber the doldrums and thousnads of flying fish!

Brian Riley said...

beach conditions in the cockpit of a yacht sun hat and all, now that would have made a great photo.
Doldrums can be frustrating with no forward motion is the current in your favour? hope one of the rain squals come your way and youcan pick up the wind from it.
Wow 950nm to the equator,your a gem Jessica.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay. Qld

Mel said...

Hey Jess, sounds like you're doing great. Hopefully the wind will pick up for you soon! We are loving your blog - we have 6 kids and they're all enjoying following your journey. Stay safe.

Rob said...

Just awesome, Jessica. I love reading your progress reports. Keep up the great work. You'll catch that fish, and when you do I want to see a photo!

OutdoorGaz said...

Great to see photos of what it is like out there. Still no luck with the fishing?

Dan said...

good luck with getting to the equator hope the wing picks up :)).

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, I love seeing all the pics you post, please keep them coming. I also love watching your videos especially the two where you are nearing Lord Howe Island. I watch them every time I come to your site. It reminds me of where you are.. out there in the ocean. You are such a brave young lady and I can't wait to read all about your adventures in the book you will write on your return. But for now, please keep us up to speed on your daily routine, I love reading how you spend your time. Oh and keep the pics coming too. Take care, 'til next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, me again
I've been in the doldrums so I can feel for you. Those rain squalls come out of nowhere and if they happen at night they can be pretty awesome. So shorten sail before it gets dark even though there isn't much breeze.
Stay safe and keep up the blogs.
Volker, WA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess. You really do write well! Your interesting descriptions and pic together with your positive attitude inspired this poem:

Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone

Moody greys, moody blues
On a glassed-out sea
Doldrums may be all around
But they won’t get me!

Straw hat, sunscreen,
Sunnies and sarong
Doldrum sun may be all around
But it won’t burn me!

Sweeping squalls, marching squalls,
And sqaulls that tower up
Doldrum squalls may be all around
But they won’t dampen me!

Light breeze, no breeze
Tiny little puffs
Doldrum calms may be all around
But they won’t stop me!

Jill (Newcastle)

Hall Family said...

I don't know if I would be sitting on my one and only tiller.
They are not built for downward pressure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

must be hard not to use the engine to get out of the calm. But I think the rules dont allow this, right? How is it controlled that you use your engine just to idle, something like a sealing at the gearshift? However, I'm sure the good winds will return soon. All the best, Kai

Anonymous said...

Great work jess,
great to see that you have almost made it to the equator, keep up the good work

captain said...

Onya Jess! ive just spent the day sailing by myself around Sydney Harbour and Im absolutely knackered. I thought of you while I was doing my "solo voyage" . Mine went for eight hours......yours eight months. Im in awe of what you are attempting. I promise you the "Pantomime " will be at the Heads when you sail in in just over seven months and you will hear me cheering. You rock Jess.....

GlenF said...

Go Jesse,

Is 'no wind' a good time for fishing?

'Parker'was the guy from Thunderbirds who did all the steering (driving) for the Pink Lady (Lady Penelope) - doo doo do doo do do doo do do doot do dooo. (You don't have to be stuck in the doldrums to be off your rocker.)

950nm to the equator. Nice photo.


Anonymous said...

A♠ !! Hey Jesse,

Great words, yet again.... and your piccie is striking. It _is_ so good to look through the windows to your world.

And your written expression is outstanding. No doubt about it... your _first book will be a blast. ~You have a 'sentence release' and freshness of expression and ability to 'paint the scene' that the best and most readable authors have.---- Gees, and we knew her when she was just 'sailing a little boat around the world' !... Hahhah.

Sitting at the tiller in the balmy doldrums must be idyllic.... but you _ARE_ *always* 'clipped on', aren't you!! No complacency , _ever_ !

So , around 900nm to go for the short weave over the equator and then the Big Stretch down south again..... _Really_ looking forward to your words.

Hey...There was a bit of rain up near your home border, eh !! I sure hope you don't get such a deluge, though it'd fill the ol' tanks, I reckon.

...better get out of a busy sailor's way, again... Go for it, Jesse !

... best wishes 'til next time....


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, what a wonderful insperation you are, Im tracking your progress and blog every day with my boys, 9 & 7, an adventure true to life and equal to the famous five that Ive been reading to the boys, keep up the good work and keep that wonderful adventure flowing via the blog, our thoughts are with you Regards from Periclie & Odysseus

evie said...

hi jesse!!
i have been reading your blog every day and i have to say that you are the bravest person i have ever known. me and all of Australia wih you luck and hope for the best!!

Attitude said...

You are on your way to acheiving your goal Jess and I beleive that there are three types of people on this earth, those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who think, "what just happened?" You are an acheiver Jess!

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for the update - while you have not been getting any breeze, the last 2 days at Caves Beach, we have had around 30 knots north-easterly blowing in during the arvo. But that's pretty typical of around here during this time of year.

Your photo is great, combining the storm cloud but still managing to get the sun sneaking around the side.

But where is the pic of the dorky looking sailor!

Keep enjoying yourself, keep yourself covered up, with fair skin like yours, without protection, it wouldn't take too long before we might be mistaken that it was a large tomato sailing Ella, and not a human being.

I am going to really have to look up a boat plan so I know what all the different parts of Ella are that you keep referring to.

Maybe we can make a deal, when you get back and you have finished all your media commitments, maybe you can teach my son and me to sail, and I will give you golf lessons!

Have a good 'un 2nite and take care.

Caves Beach, Australia

Anonymous said...

Love your diary & photos Jessica. It sure is a beautiful world out there. Keep up the great work.


Scottforster said...

Nice going Jess.

o0oooooo0o said...


Since your are having such a slow and uneventful spell right now, I don't want to spoil it for you.. so I will render to you this slow and uneventful dab and get the heck outa here.

Q: Why did the chewing gum cross the road?

A: Because it was stuck on the foot of the chicken!


Oh please.. I'm laughing so hard I can barely type.

Happy Tuesday!

~Al yer pal~

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're going great Jessica! You will hook a fish before long but I bet it is when you've got your hands full doing something else. Have you got a pilot fish mascot yet? They make good friends if you get desperate, I remember also regarding overhead passenger jets as company. Keep it up and keep one hand for you, one for the yacht. Andy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
We have been following your progress and religiously reading your blog each day. Please keep them coming, it is great to hear about your adventure and the antics of life aboard Ella's Pink Lady.
It sounds like you have settled in life at sea quite well and although we do not know you personally we are so proud of you and pleased to know that all is going well. Trudie and I have no doubt you will succeed in your endeavour to be the youngest Australian to circumnavigate.
Congratulations on your journey and achievements so far. Please keep the blogs coming, it is great to hear about your adventure each day.
Wishing you Fair Winds and a continuing Safe Journey,
Best Wishes
Tim & Trudie
SV Phoenix
Brisbane Australia

A.R said...

Allmost at the equator!! Way to go!! Its so amazing what you are doing! My brother are following your blog everyday, we sail small herons. My brother wants to do what you are doing now!!

My qoute for the day . . .
There's no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue, there's no joy in merely doing things which any one can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you reach a destination that you never thought you'd make.

It made me think of you on your voyage! I think your amazing for taking this on! Its a huge voyage and you are so insipring and make me want to aim for what i want to be later in life.


you know who said...

Hey Jess, It doesn't matter how dorky that straw hat looks - ain't no one gonna see you out there (except maybe dolphins and they don't mind straw hats) and it keeps that harsh tropical sun off your face - for which you will be thankful for later in life. On to the equator.

geegee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephan said...

Hi, from Germany. Maybe I have an advise to increase the effect of your Windvane 'Parker'. You can attach a plastic grocery bag on the paddel, which blows up in the wind. So it can be used up to 3kn wind speed. Here you can find a pic:

So if you have any questions about it, you can ask me in your blog, i will answer.

Best wishes


AB said...

Hey Jesse

I'll send you some of the southerlies we've been having in Melbourne - they'll help push you along! Been watching the two baby magpies learning to fly and exploring the place - too cute!

Bye for now - a thousand good wishes to you. AB from KG (Kangaroo Ground) xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, Sitting back here in Sydney thinking about our trip of 11 years and 32,000nm. We used our Fleming in our worst storm of 56 knots - off east coast of South Africa - and it was a life saver. Too tiring to hand steer in a storm that lasted over 2 days. It's an amazing piece of equipment.
Enjoy the tropics - and those downpours. Nothing nicer than washing your hair in free fresh water.

All the best, young lady. My 83 year old mother in SAfrica loves reading your blog so thanks.
Best wishes, Phillipa

Ashleigh :) said...

WOW!!.. that photo is amazing..
You are an inspiration to everyone!!!
Good Luck on your journey of a life time!!!
Hope you are having heaps and heaps of fun :)

David said...

Jess, for me, your morning blog and the tracking continue to make my day every day. Keep plugging away and stay safe.

David Indiana

Sharon said...

Hey Jesse, enjoying hearing your journey. It's my husbands dream to do some sailing so your blogs are quite interesting. God bless and catch that wind!

Dusty from Dubbo said...

hey Jess

Tuesday night in Dubbo hot but dry I wish we could get a bit of rain here. What a fantastic weather photo and glass sea.... yes frustrating with little progress but no "doldrums" from you please. As I said the other day your blogs are motivating a young person to better life. Something I imagine you never thought your writing would do.
Keep going, your spirit and love of life on the sea is sensational.

Dusty from Dubbo

Andrew Klein said...

Hey Jessica,

Something just stumbled upon my mind on this early and cold New York morning. How did you adjust to a completely new lifestyle? I know it would be difficult for me because I have a bagel every morning and run through Riverside park if it isn't raining, this actually brightens my day up a lot and so does reading your blog on a dull day.

Have a good day,
Andrew in NYC.

Anonymous said...


these are the times to rest and take it easy , for there will be times when you may not be able to. Just keep your mind on the plan and think up things to tell us all of what you see around you.. pic's are great to see.. we all love them.

Our prayer's are always with you..

God Speed you on your way and watch over you always...


Jayne Mercer said...

Hi Jessica,

I've been following your posts each day and enjoying reading about what you've been up to. There's an ad on TV at the moment which has the tag line, "Do what you love, love what you do." I think this perfectly describes where you're at in life right now.

Keep living your dream.

Best wishes,


Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi said...

Well I have to say Jesse that it still amazes me that when I see photos of the ocean and it’s calm water, I guess I’ve always thought big waves and I’m sure there are times that happens but yeah it's just cool to actually see. Cheers for the updates and I hope you get the wind you need to reach the equator. :D

And with a double dose of cream and tined mango on top lol (No wonder you miss walking)

Ali :P

Teresa Herrmann said...

Hey Jess, you're amazing, have been reading your blog faithfully since you departed Sydney. You sure do have guts - I get a little freaked out in the swell just crossing Sydney Heads, and you're sailing across the entire world! Simply amazing! All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your current updates and all your photos. I particularly like the sunset photo you took from the side your the yatch. I would like to congratulate you on all your recent milestones. Freddo

Anonymous said...

i look to see where christmas inland is at.. but it keep's on tellin me it's in the indian ocean... is that right?

Unknown said...

Hi jessica
Dont worry things will start to pick up very shortly, I hope you are really enjoying this great trip.
Cheers! from craigiebear

Molly said...

I think it's amazing how The Universe gives us just what we need.
In your case, some days of bouncy, adventurous sea and some days of calm sea.
Too much of either wouldn't work. As for your straw hat, no worries. Part of the beauty of being where you are is that you don't have to be concerned about how you look. Savor that while you can.
The picture is amazing.
I am always awestruck by the beauty of nature.
And you are in one of it's most beautiful places.
Thanks for sharing your view with us.
Blessings and good wishes for a safe journey,

Mal's Blog said...

Love that pic Jess, and like you say....."when Parker chucks it in"........... well, it's a sign to just kick back a bit while you can and enjoy the space and look foward to that big moment that is looming oh so close now.

Enjoy and take it all in, along with some good piccys.

Cheers and all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hope that the wind will pick up for you soon. At least for the time been, with next to no wind, you have some time to relax a little bit. Hope it will pick up a bit soon though. Wishing you all the best for your milestone of passing the equator. Freddo

Legs said...

Great pic Jesse. Your blog is great - much better than the news feed! Can just imagine you dorked out in your straw hat. Michael

Anonymous said...


Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

I thought sure as I scrolled down to read your blog report, and saw a picture was sent, we would see another pic of Captain Jesse in a "big dorky straw hat".

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

DUZZ said...

Hay Jess

Ur doing a great job out there in the big blue, Keep the great effort up and its always nice to get some nice weather out there even though u don't sail as far.

And as far with the fishing try setting the lures a bit farther back or closer up to the boat, u'll eventually get something.

N great work with the daily bloggs, gives me something to read in class

well gud luck


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
It must be a bit frustrating when the wind dies out, hang in there girl, you have got amazing determination and courage.

Fair Winds
Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad all is going well for you. I check your Blog everyday and I am truly impressed by your maturity and how you have handled everything. What an adventure. I was wondering if you are 'hooked' to the boat when on deck? Good to see you have your lifejacket on. Take care and be well. Mabel

Unknown said...

Good to hear you are still making progress albeit at a slow pace. I suppose when you get down into the roaring twenties you will be wishing for a day or two of calm. Enjoy it all one day at a time. Best wishes always, duane

Darren Achim said...

Hey Jessica,

Bring on the equator! Hey I don't think you ever quite explained where "Parker" got his name, there were a bunch of guesses but no definitive answers. Still curious :) I'm not much into fishing I've tried it once, we were out for six hours and caught two little fish which we released but mostly I caught a good tan. But I think my mind would wonder about the teeth marks as well! Nice pics and really descriptive last couple of blogs. Not much further till the equator!

Stay safe and Godspeed!

Darren Achim
Toronto Canada

yarnek said...

Jesse, I remain in awe of your talents; not the least of which is your descriptive writing. It's like watching an epic sea adventure at IMAX. Hope you shake off the doldrums quickly and start eating away at those miles.
The Old Bloke

Tim said...

Hey Jess,
Sounds like you are having the time of your life out there.
Take care.
Tim, Sydney

Richard Lathrop said...

You observe, "there isn't much point in steering a boat that isn't going anywhere!"

I can also add that it's sort of impossible.

On the other hand, when I read about your efforts to tack along in less than 5 knots of wind, I realized that you are really my kind of sailor! The distance you covered during those tacks may not amount to much in the long run--but I imagine they will add up over the course of your journey.

Psychologically they are important because they help keep you focussed on your goal. Tack away, Jessica, in your big hat and sunshielding outfit.

I love it.

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

Hey Jess,

Great to get your latest update and photo. Hey, you can dress how you like, no one to see you. Is it really dorky if no one sees it?? Hmm... you could spend a couple of days contemplating that! And then the men in white suits come and take you to the funny farm up in the hills!!
I guess out there you have to laugh at yourself because there's no one else to laugh at you.
Wow, that's deep!!

I hope the wind picks up for you and you get that milestone behind you, we will all celebrate with you as you cross the equator. You will have to let us know when you are about to cross it and everyone who are regular commentors on your blog can throw a worldwide party and rejoice with you. How about that, the instigator of a worldwide party.

How about it bloggers, can we do that with Jess?

Gee's, I'm really full of it tonight, but let's see what we can do.

Hey Jess, be safe and God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Great photo ... but what about one of you in your dorky hat? :-)

Under 1,000 nm to the Equator - practically swimming distance now!
What a fantastic achievement!

I suspect you're being very modest about your steering skills ... it would be true of me however.

May the winds pick up just enough soon!

Ally said...


Your blogs just keep getting better.

Still thinking of ya everyday.

Ally (Sth Oz)

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain Jessica Watson,

Like so many I have been following your daily progress since you left Sydney, I make it your 24th day at sea, I also loved reading all your blogs from February and all the hard work and preparation and pics that's gone into the trip and so much support from others. I could see your absolute determination to make your dream come true, absolutely amazing, including checking with x-ray technology the bolts of the yacht, nothing seems to have been left out, you are so well prepared for the Southern Ocean. I like Bryan's idea of a competition to predict the time you cross the equator, only I suggest a prize for the nearest prediction with the winner receiving, you guessed it, a plate of your decorated cup cakes. My prediction and I am a optimist- Friday 20th November, 6.02pm your local time.

Your journey reminds of the film THE DOVE and this beautiful song:


Perth WA

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

It must have felt unusual to actually spend a bit of time on the helm, despite the lack of wind. but that's a great picture you paint of your time. thank you!
Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW [waves hello].

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Have kept up to date with your blog and so enjoy "hearing" what you have to say..your account is so descriptive..I can see you and EPL with all your goings-on in my minds eye so easily.

You are doing so well, and I just wanted to say you are an inspiring young lady....guess what...this not so old lady is taking up sailing lessons..haha...how about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good on you Jess...living life to its fullest..way to go.

Liz x :-)

The Griffs of WA said...

Hey Jessica,

Loved the pics today. You're moving closer to the first big milestone. Make the most of the calm days as I think the rest of us are going to turn into grey haired worried parents when you head to the wilder waters down near South America. Really great discriptive writing.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I too have come to look forward to your notes each morning (here). You've captured our attention and our prayers. You are, simply, an amazing young woman.

When do you cross the international dateline. The tracker looks like you may be there, but I've seen no other mention of it. If you're there, welcome to today!

We're in Missouri, USA, so we've added "central standard time, USA" as a milestone.

We're praying, too for fair winds and following seas. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog jess. well done so far. Well doen to your backup crew too.


Molly said...

Shouting out a thank you to Clint Jeffrey for the great Sixty Minutes link.
Jess, your parents are just awesome.


Anonymous said...

Psalm 107:29-31
29 He stilled the storm to a whisper;
the waves of the sea were hushed. 30 They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven. 31 Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men.

Hi, Jessica! Love your spirit on a day of floating. It sounds to me like you're able to give thanks or be positive in spite of the calm God has brought you out there. Great reminder and lesson for me on this day. Thank you! Your posts are obviously gifts to many each day, and I wanted to chime in on that, too! Anyway, today I will again be praying for your continued good spirits, some progress toward the equator, good health for you, and of course for your family back at home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
When you are moving along slowly like today, it's a good opportunity to try and catch some fish. Just keep on sailing, you'll reach the equator sooner than you will know it:)

Best of luck

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
What a beautiful picture. Like the horizon with the clouds, your doing a great job taking pictures just keep them coming, we just love them.
Awesome, the equator will be there and passed you in no time, your making good progress.
Keep thinking positive, smiling and all that will make you a Happy person as you are.
Sail on...

Marion from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Martin said...

Something that might have escaped you - you are already just two weeks sailing from the United States, and closer to that country than Australia!

Assuming your map projection is accurate, Hawaii would be about 10 days sailing from the equator.

ToSeeTheSea said...

A good thing the convergence zone is weak. It can be a very busy place, putting in reefs, trimming and changing sails.

Thanks for your dedication to the blog. you are doing really well it seems.

Macca said...

thats nice jess not far 2 the equator

i dont get burnt so its all good


jess is ahottie

Hakuna Matata said...

Hey Jessica,
Following your progress with lots of interest and happy thoughts. Full water tanks like money in the bank! Stay safe. Stay happy!
Hakuna Matata

Mrs. Wood's science class said...

Hi Jessica,
We are following your trip from the USA. We are so excited to read everyday about your adventures. We think you are pretty cool sailing all by yourself. We will keep in touch. Mrs. Wood's science class.

Kim said...

Read about you today in the Washington Post. You are an amazing young woman, and I'm here in the mid-Atlantic area of the US cheering (and praying) for you. What an adventure you're having. Fair winds, following seas and Godspeed.

Unknown said...

Glad that you are ok little girl.
Hang in there = as the judge said to Ned Kelly - remembrancce day tomomorrow for a few reasons.
Try and stay cool. It is bloody hot here in Vic at the moment.

john b. said...

hi jess,

great blog this morning...thanks for the update.

you're doing just great! even in the doldrums, remember to stay harnessed (just in case).

be safe,

john b.
"sloop john b."

The Sandgropers said...

G'day Jessie
Can I just say that you are just inspirational to everyone mate, and I can't even think how hard this trip is for you. Me and my kids Jacko,Sarah,Harrison,Oscar and Chase have a gander at your blog everyday. What your doing is great love, and I hope everything goes great for you.... GOODLUCK Mate.

Old Iron said...


no photos of the big dorky straw hat

Unknown said...

You are AMAZING! I follow everyday from South Carolina USA.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse,
sounds like just some needed down time that you will probably be wishing for at some point during this adventure. Great pic. Thanks for the update and stay cool. Godspeed. Mike

capt c00k said...

Good Morning Jessica,

I say that as you are many timezones infront of mine. I am happy to hear of your great progress during your journey. I hope that the winds of the area pick up to keep you ahead of your timeline.
I have been following your progress with the wonderful and excellent Nav communications that you have on board.
I have confidence in the success of your journey mostly because of the undying support that you have from your parents. However, mostly you have the most up to date technology that anyone can have in 2009, and that is great to hear that you have on Elle.
I bet that John Sanders, would be watching your progress and following you closely, just wishing that he actually had some of the same gear that you have on board.
The reason that I mention John, is that I used to be a fledgling sailor in the Endeavour 24 Association of WA. You will recognize the signifigance of that when I sign off.
Also I have sailed with John many times during that period and I gleaned as much info as I could from him about his trip. He helped me to win a racing trophy in the Nationals.
Some parting advice of which I am sure that you know yourself, if some iffy weather appears on the radar, get outside and look at it yourself. Just make sure that you make a decision early to adjust sails before you hit the squall. Reef main or drop all together and just have a small jib up, the decision is up to you but please make it early. That is one of the things that I learned from my sailing with Mr Sanders.
I have been following your progress and I apologize for not posting on your blog before this, I shall continue.
It is great to see that you have followers from USA. I am sure that the more countries and Islands that you pass your fan support will increase big time.
Be safe on your journey and you have my support.
Best Wishes,

Ex Captain Sail James Cook of the Endeavour 24 Association Of WA, Based at Royal Perth Yacht Club, Western Australia,

el grande said...

Great writing - you're providing a great vicarious trip for the rest of us! Enjoy the calm - you'll be busy enough soon enough!

ben said...

Hi Jesse,
luv that comment,"big dorky hat" For the unfamilliar it alludes to looking "nerdy" or "geeky" lol. Don't despair Jesse we're all praying for more wind in them there sails. C'mon people, face east-ward and blow )<3
Safe sailing nautical traveller :)

Unemployed said...

Love your blog, you and Sir Robin Knox- Johnston are my heros. Please be safe and cautious. I hope that you catch fish soon and please keep us all posted.

Anonymous said...

I check your blog everyday. You are an amazing young lady. I am living vicariously through your blog. Enjoy your journey.

Phil in Idaho said...

Wow Lot's of things happening the last few days. Great you were able to spiff up the boat and you. Everything fresh and clean. Watch for mold!! Especially in things you have packed away like your sleeping bag!! That would be the pitts when you need it again!

Max said...

You are doing great, all of Australia is behind you with our wishes and good luck and keep that sun screen & dorky hat on,

Max said...

Good luck & make sure you keep that sun screen & dorky hat on.

whitetr6 said...

Hi Jesse, I've been sharing your trip highlights with my 2 year old grandson. He likes to hear about flying fish - thinks that's funny.

We're going to put a line on the floor for his toy sailboat to cross over once you've hit the equator. I know he doesn't quite understand it all, but what a great education you're providing for all the kids that are following your travel.

Godspeed Jesse

Mark in Ohio, USA

~j~ said...

So exciting to daily track how close you are getting to another milestone on your journey! Always enjoy the pictures of the beauty you get to take in every day. Ella is performing magnificently and so are you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica just checking in with you and your glorious trip. Happy to view what reads to me your spirit is up and excitement to reach the equator must be self gratifying, relish that moment gurl take some deep breath relax and repeat to yourself I'm doing it congrats. I hope the mission continues with smooth sailing goodbye peace and love nice bloggin wit cha captin go hard something I need to do! From Hartford, Ct to the equator baby 1

RadekCZ said...

Hi Jesssica :) . Hope you're not boring so often. Do you have somethink to do there, instead of working on the ship's fastest progress?
Nice to hear, that you are ok.

Czech rep.

Stanlee said...

For me, the times when the journey seems stuck, or when boredom seeps in, that is the time when I need to pay the most attention. When I am not paying close attention due to lack of wind, energy or loss of focus, the best lessons appear out of nowhere. How close you are to the equator. It's funny how an imaginary line has been so instrumental in history, geography, sociology, etc. The peoples whose civilizations evolved closer to the equator had such different expereinces than those who were further away. It's something to think about a you cross. Joy, peace and love.

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse you wrote: I think I'd be finding the lack of progress very frustrating if it wasn't for "all the moody greys and blues looking so amazing on the glassed out water". WOW! What a delightful image you paint - your narrative is simply magical!! I would challenge the claim that anyone with such a gift for working emotion into imagery as you frequently do could ever be in the 'doldrums'. You are a truly beautiful girl with a beautiful mind.

You are now closing in on the Equator and that must be exciting. It will be a wonderful achievement and a milestone, I believe, not having crossed that line before. But take it steady and safely - there's no real hurry and no risks please.

The humidity doesn't sound at all pleasant but it never is in my experience, but, what can you do other than dress cool, pop on a hat, put on the sunscreen and drink plenty of fluid.

Stay positive and continue to relate your unique experiences through the language and the beauty of your imagination. I am immensely proud of you and while surfing this AM I sent you plenty of safety first messages. Unfortunately, the surf was disappointing - I too was in the doldrums - today was a wave famine.

Take good care of yourself my dear you are very special. Buckle-up and be happy.


Anonymous said...

For Stephan :

Cool trick with the plastic bag on the self-steering wine vane!

Steve in California

Rob said...

It looks so beautiful out there! I hope the wind picks up for you a bit. Maybe if all of us that comment would just blow to the east you'd pick up some more wind ;)
Enjoy the day and keep that hat on in the sun! it would be miserable to get burned out there.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Richard in Maryland said...

Thanks for the geography lesson about the doldrums. Last Sunday I took my boat out with a fellow sailor on the Bay and experienced the same type of wind conditions. Light air sailing requires a bit more skill, and patience, but can be rewarding. At least you don't have to have the problem of power boat wakes killing your way!
While doodling around we talked about your cruise , and discussed the whole "take time out of your life to take the big cruise idea" We agreed that there is no ideal time, earlier in life is probably better for many reasons. You just have to do it at some point. I am impressed that you have been able to focus on your dream and start to live it in spite of a host of factors that would have stopped the ordinary mortal.

On to the equator!
Richard in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you. Be safe... Alan - Maryland, USA

Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your post. Keep it coming. I envy your freedom out there.

Our welcome awaits you to the northern hemisphere.

Take care...fr@ncis

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica. Your pics are just amazing whether they are of 'boat-made' cup cakes or the beautiful scenery. Now its a squall.Well its truly amazing on a picture, just imagine as you are experiencing it! must be great! What an experience!
I only wish that at your age I could have done what you are doing today,(that's more than 30 years ago :)) but obviously there can be no two the same and I lack your courage.I'll keep a watch out to see you crossing that equator, soon enough now. Good luck.
Myriam Grech (Island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea)

Kissyfrott said...

Hey again Jesse,
We are so passionate about your challenge that we come regularly several times in the day, even only to read the new comments of all your friends.
The Bryan's suggestion about betting on your line crossing time is funny. I shall choose the 19th of November, 15:10 (my daughter's precise birthday and time).
Happy sailing and enjoy the warmth of the area. A big hug to EPL, and one for you of course!

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
My first post. I was a Zac packer during Zac's trip and later I followed Mike Perham. You can count on me to be pryaing for you throughout your trip as well.
I love you posts, it is sure nice to have a female at the helm. I mean come on, Zac and Mike making cupcakes!!
Your picture and description were beautiful.
THank you for taking me/us on your amazing journey!
God Bless you!
PS What is a sunny?

DSD said...

Hi Jesse,
We'll be folowing along on your wonderful adventure!
May the wind always be at your back...

gustav said...

Salute to Jessica,

I can Imagine
that those doldrums in the
Intertropical Convergence Zone(ITCZ)
would test anyones patience,

especially the patience of a wonderwoman baking cupcakes and finishing next years school asignment while Ella's Pink Lady is plotting briskly along at over one hundred knots per day since she left Sydney behind on that Sunday 18th of october 2009,just about 3 weeks ago.

It is just absolutely amazing.

One of the hardest things to understand for many people is this: How can a girl of 16 be on her own,day after day,night after night-and for 8 long month face up to the enormous challenge of a global non-stop solo circumnavigation on a small boat?

This is the secret all great People share:the ability to perform and function well in ones own company,to be able to live,work,create and achieve well in isolation,seclusion and solitude over a long period of time as well as being totally self sufficient.

All the greatest achievments of this world were created that way.

When Michaelangelo painted the 12000 square feet (1100m2) of the Sistine chapel ceiling between 1508 and 1512 or carved the Statue of David from marble, the work was done in solitude and seclusion and total dedication to the work that nedded to be done.

Amadeus Mozart wrote all of his great compositions in total seclusion.

Great books are written over years in solitude and many of these artists were and are doing all these amazing things on minimum resources and on their own.

Great things are achieved by those who are not afraid to face the world on their own.

When Galileo Galilei looked at the stars in the year 1600,he was all alone.

When he told the world the truth,of what he saw,they would not believe him.

Great People all have this one thing in common: they are not afraid to face the truth of this world out there on their own and by themselves.This is how all great ventures are created and achieved.

It seems to me that Jessica with this Journey on the Ella's Pink Lady is further preparing herself for bigger and even more amazing things to come.

gustav haffner

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

As your journey progresses your writings and photos get better and better. I wonder what music you've taken with you. Please share. Hey, next time you decide to sail around the world.... can I come too :)


michel said...

Thanks Jessica!
You are a symbol for a generation of people who want to realize their dreams in life!
Yes you can!
Take care in ITCZ,Goodluck you are the best!

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