Friday, November 6, 2009

A Picture Blog!

Pic: Me and Ella's Pink Lady on another overcast day

Pic: Looking out into the cockpit at sunset

Pic: Ella's Pink Lady getting along nicely with the sun setting and the moon rising


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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.


Lene-Therese said...

Love to see your pictures :)

GL from sweden :)

ToSeeTheSea said...

Nice Photos Jess.

Not sure why but my reply to your last post wasn't published.

You continue to inspire in so many ways. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Maybe overcast, but it looks like lovely sailing weather!

M. Eric Carr said...

It might not be the roomiest office in the world, but the views are amazing! Thanks for sharing, Jessica.

Danae said...

Love the photos! You are doing Australia proud!

Anonymous said...

Young lady you astound us every time you present your blog

Lovely Photos, well done

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse I've been clicking your blog link all evening for an update - and here it is!Yes, we constantly look for updates, your blog is so excellent.Thanks so much for sharing your voyage with the world. Rosemary

Joslin said...

Beautiful! I enjoy seeing the pictures/videos you post and following you on your amazing trip.

Gabe said...

Gorgeous pictures.
You must be amazed at your view every day.

"The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails."
~Joshua Slocum

I imagine Slocum's spirit is out there riding the waves with you.


Wayne B. said...

Beautiful picture's Jessica...I look forward to hearing from you each and every day. I even have my kids checking in on you daily as well...they love it and are amazed at your courage. Keep at it!! God be with you!! Wayne B. from Milford, Connecticut USA

rod said...

hope you are feeling well after all those cupcakes.
pictures are lovely ,appears to be plenty of water around you.
hope all those leaks are fixed.
look forward to tomorrows blog.
take care young adventurer.
regards and best wishes for a safe journey
blackbutt qld

Anonymous said...

Amazing. How many 16 year olds could captivate a global audience like Jessica Watson?

mimo said...

Hey Jesse,
Once again excellent photo's. You are one tough cookie. As much as I admire you I just wouldn't have the guts to do what you're doing (if that makes sense). So I get to live the adventure through your eyes. Thanks again.

Stay safe.


Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for taking us with you !! The photos and chats are excellent. (Let's us escape our deary lives, in comparison to yours) You go girl. Take care.

The Griffs of WA said...

thanks Jess. Hey there are about 20 new ducklings at our local pond. See life is still happening while you are out at sea.

take care.

Love The Griffs of WA

Tony Plunkett said...

Thanx for the pics Jess .... love your updates and the tracker..... sitting here in the lounge looking forward to a trip to Vanuatu next week for a weeks getaway ...
Although a lot older I dream of doing an ocean crossing one day soon in my own sailing vessel...
though early still keep your dream alive and focused
will be following the blogs ... best of luck Jess

Georgia Guy said...

Great pics Jessica and thanks for sharing.

Being an amateur writer, I know there are some days it's just hard to think of something and not fall prey to just writing and repeating, or saying in another way, the same thing you said before.

Picture blogs are great and keep it up anytime you have writer's block.

Pictures are always fresh, new and need little if any explanation.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

RICHARD said...

Great pics! We love to see pics! They really are worth a thousand words. You look healthy. EPL seems fit and the weather you blogged about has eased. (I think the cupcakes did the trick.) Looks to us as though you will be crossing the dateline soon which means you will get to relive a day. There have been a few for which I would gladly take a "do over". :)
Anyway, looks like you will be able to get some R&R and catch up on chores.
Have a great day Jesse.
You are certainly making a buzz here in the states. I don't know of a soul who isn't visiting you blog daily.
Keep up the good work!
See ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

WOW, great pics... after being on starboard tack so long is it strange when you finally go to port? Any luck with the fishies yet? You may be going a little fast... Good on ya...
Dan, Charlotte, NC USA

Anonymous said...

Deuteronomy 33:13-14
13 ...May the LORD bless his land with the precious dew from heaven above and with the deep waters that lie below; 14 with the best the sun brings forth and the finest the moon can yield

On another overcast day you likely stayed busy and stayed diligent. Many thanks for thinking of us with more pics. We all love those every time you can do it. It appears from those pics that you have a breeze and fairly calm seas, so I am thinking you had another day of progress. Today I will remember those images as I pray for your rest, safety, continued good progress toward your goal, your family, and that you will be comforted and encouraged out there -- by the Lord's finest that surrounds you. Thank you again.

SaltyDog said...


Outstanding pics. You and Ella's Pink Lady both looking great. And congrats on hitting 2000 miles. That's a huge milestone.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Peter_DL said...

Thanks for the photos!

Take care, you know: safety first!

Peter from Germany

Mary said...

Thank you, Jessica!!

Wishing you fair winds this evening and sun tomorrow.

May you continue to know that your friends are everywhere and that warm hearts are praying for you daily.

Sweet dreams.
Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures and most enjoyable narration of your voyage. I have been hooked! Reading your block and following you from the other side of the world. Myriam from Malta

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, as they say, they are worth a thousand words. Jess, was curious about your auto-pilot configuration. If you get around to a technical post sometime, would love to hear how that is working for you.
Fair winds.
Jim, USA

sailsim said...

Keep the pictures coming, it's great to see the detail as well as read about it. Your cupcakes were amazing - baking on a small yacht is a very neat trick!

On on to the equator!!

Fair winds!

All at SailSim

Tony said...

Thanks Jess for the pix...

U go girl as you continue to move forward on your journey...keep your chin up and enjoy the ride.

Cheers M8 :)


Kevin and Krista said...

Great pictures! Looks gorgeous. Now how were those cupcakes? :)

Krista in NC, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

stunning photos! So beautiful! Thank you Jessica!

I am beginning to think, one can't feel lonely out there. There is always something new to see, different colours to appreciate, different sounds, movements.
Your tasks to keep Ella ship shape, yourself fed and dry. Dozens of little things to attend to. The communication to your loved ones and team.

Checking and checking again.

The wind carrying you along and having to be continuously aware and in the present moment!
You must be so attuned to Ella, that you would notice the slightest divergence of what you have come to know as normal.

Keep well, keep happy and safe,

Trudy, Tirol, Austria

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are amazing and brave. I hope you are having FUN although I know it's lonely sometimes. Chin up, you can do it! I can't wait for your posts everyday!

Leslie Smukler
Birmingham, AL

Nadine said...

Hi Jesse,

Just wanted to say hi and I love to read your comments and see your pictures on here.

Wish you all the best


duane said...

Great shots Jessica. Hope you have a great day sailing. duane

Anonymous said...

Jessica you are amazing! We can't wait for your blog everyday. Keep going--you'll get there before you know it and you'll have your whole lifetime to bask in it!

Leslie Smukler
Birmingham, AL

CHHK said...

nice trip...
Good luck...
I am look at you...everyday...
And pray for you...

Jonathan B. said...

Ms. Watson

In dire need of a pastry chef - pls send curriculum vitae.

Seriously, your blog is the first thing I read before I arise in the morning. As a retired person, I am envious of your determination, drive, energy and courage and only wish that at some point in my life I had attempted something only 10% as ambitious !

Good luck,stay tethered.

Cheers from Manchester, Mass, USA

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. You, Ella's Pink Lady and the empty ocean and a dream ahead...
Thanks for making us a part of your journey. I'm waiting for more pics.

Sofia - Bulgaria

Darren Achim said...

Hey Jessica

Nice pics! Looks like you are moving right along
keep on keeping on

Stay safe and godspeed

Darren Achim
Toronto Canada

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

Your dream is so much better than what I can imagine it to be!

Grosses bises xoxo

Jessica said...

Jess, My professor at the University of Illinois in the US is an avid sailing fan, and announced your blog at the beginning of class. I personally know nothing about sailing, but I have traveled about the world (I used to work for a circus!) so I have a sense of your adventure!

My younger sister is 16 years old, and I can't even imagine her undertaking the responsibility that you are handling at sea. You are a rare and wonderful young lady. Keep up the good work, and know that you have another reader in me!

I bet it is wonderful to get so many comments, especially if you start to feel homesick! You are an inspiration to many people, especially young woman.

Be safe and be happy! Every day is a gift!


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Great pictures Jess, you've got that 'serious' look on your face again, I'd probably have a serious look as well knowing that I was following in the footsteps of 38 other people, I think it is, who have risked everything to do what you are doing right now in the name of adventure, curiosity and following a dream a desire, you may not feel like an Athlete right now but considering all the various disciplines you have to focus on and keep focused are an Athlete Jess and by the end of this journey I hope someone has a Gold Medal for you because you'll deserve it!

Clint - Melbourne Town

Bob - said...

Love the pics, keep them coming!

Happy Sailing!!

hezakiah299 said...

11-06-09 @ 09:40
Hi Jessica,
My most humble apologies, I just sent you a blog and mentioned that there was no news, and Bingo you come back with those beautiful pictures, yourself included. Thank you. I like the second one where you are looking over the back of the boat and at the sunset with all that water around. You can also see a fair amount of rigging. And everything looks so neat, orderly and uncluttered. Nice job.
Keep up the good work, how are the leaks coming?
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Rob said...

Love the pictures!! The weather looks terrific at the moment. Say, how is the dancing rooster doing?
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

great pic's, congratulation for the 2000 nm mark,

I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I am adventurous in dreams only, so to see such a young person living this is great! I can't imagine how you can be so mature at such a young age to do something like this. I love sailing along with you!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you've put on weight??
must be the cupcakes -:)

trinpablo said...

Jessica, your cup cakes looks delicious, unlike yourself bouncing around on the Ella's Pink Lady; making them, you did a great job. Well, it's Nov 06, 2009 09:48 here on the East coast, New York City. Great pictures and stay dry.


Mike said...

An explorer, writer and photographer. Pretty good resume for later in life. Be safe.

Mike Atlanta

HAWKEYE said...


Hey Jesse those snaps make it look oh so easy and lay back out there. Well, it ain't easy and we are so proud that our little Aussie Jesse is showing the way. It is also great to see snaps of yourself and even better when I see you "buckled up". Now what about those leaks? Please give an update and I do hope you have something more durable than the leftover icing to seal them with. Incidentally, how did the taste test go?

Jesse it was lovely to hear from you in pictures and it's great to see you looking well. 'til next time take care, eat and rest and don't forget the fluids. Stay safe and be happy!!


Hummer Man said...

Great Pictures! I showed them to my class today and we discussed oceanic navigation and one student wanted to see how close your track would take you to Pitcairn.

Anonymous said...

good to hear from you jess, nice photos and is it really hot there in the equator? do u have enough water????

Mike D said...

Fantastic photographs!
Looks like a great evening out there. Set the perimeter alarms and get some much needed rest. Your doing great (you don’t need me telling you that). Looks like Parker is doing a fine job as well. Everything looks ship shape! I love the little pink turret (dodger) atop the hatch on EPL (placidly pink but ready to thwart the southern seas).

Sleep tight (with lee cloth) and don’t let the squidlits bite!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Anonymous said...

Jessica, we are so enjoying your Blog. We are in the Med. on our boat Silver Beat and wish you every success in your endeavour to become the youngest to circumnavigate the world.We appreciate all the hard work which has gone into this voyage and we are following your progress with interest.We feel as though we are there with you. Keep safe and may you continue to have fair winds and safe seas.
Alison & Roger Brown ( Brisbane)

Rachel in USA said...

All I can say is "Wow!" Very impressed with your journey to date and look forward to reading the daily updates! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

hi jess. next tue i will be aboard a 125 ft schooner out of baltimore bound for ft lauderdale fl, about 1300 ktm. looking forward to joining you on the sea and dropping a 'message in a bottle' into the gulf stream with a note wishing you well. cheers from san antonio, tx, cole

Anonymous said...

hi jess. next tue i will be aboard a 125 ft schooner out of baltimore bound for ft lauderdale fl, about 1300 ktm. looking forward to joining you on the sea and dropping a 'message in a bottle' into the gulf stream with a note wishing you well. cheers from san antonio, tx, cole

Anonymous said...

Hiya girl!!!!
You are doing an amazing thing and should be soooo proud of yourself. I have traveled lots and love the unpredictability of it all.
My Chinese pal Mei put me onto your website so I watch with interest as you meet your goals...
all the best...Davey


Hi Jesse,

Fantastic Photos !!! ... Great One of You. Don't forget to Get Some as you Cross The Equator . . . . . One Facing Each Direction of The Compass ... and One Facing The Direction you are heading at the time (and State on that photo, which direction it is that you are heading).

Bye For Now,

Have A Safe and Happy Journey ... but Most of All, Have fun !!!"

"You CAN And WILL Do It Jessica Watson !!!"

NM xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's Jessica. How nice to share the sun set out there with you.
Sail on and stay safe.
Ingrid Sweden

Sergio (Venezuela) said...

Thanks to the Internet magic and your pics, we are (almost)there with you. 1000 words!
I pray to Mother Earth to always send you the best of her winds, while keeping the Ocean spirits in a quiet mood!

Regards from Sergio (Venezuela)

Anonymous said...


mike,california said...

brrrrr all that overcast weather makes the ocean look cold. keep up the blog I read it every morning. stay warm.

Phil in Idaho said...

Stunning Pics Jesse. Thanks a Zillion. Keep your spirits up! You are one special young lady!

Anonymous said...


Is it true about the saying - ‘Red sky in the morning, sailors give warning, red sky at night, sailors delight’?

I highly recommend that everyone take the time and read your past blogs in the Blog Archive. Starting on 8/5/2008 in New Zealand up to the present. Well written and descriptive as usual including some great full size photos as well. Really gives us a sense of what it took to get you where you are today.


Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

chris coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Just checking up and find some lovely shots... you read my mind. I had wondered what it looked like around you... and you go and post :)
Hope you are doing well...
Chris in Calif.

Reelorn said...

Awesome blog, I'm just starting in on it but your posts really help me through the day. I'm working as a "desk jockey" in Iowa in the US. Your blog and Alex Dorseys over at project blue sphere really help me get through the day. Keep being awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am now trying to talk my wife into getting a boat and sailing around the world. You are so lucky. We are still following you at Centerville High School. The students look forward to it every day. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Deckard

Anonymous said...

I guess you need to spend more time on your school work - it should be "pink lady and I", not "me and pink lady".

Richard Helton said...

awesome pics, I love sailing and being inland am getting a lot of enjoyment following your grand adventure! Best wishes for awesome success! Dang I miss my boat LOL. Have you caught any fish to eat yet or are you throwing them back?

Richard IN California

gustav said...

Hey Jessica,

thanks so much for posting those great new pictures.

I really get the feel of being there with you on the ocean,just by looking at these pictures.

far away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.With nothing but the wind,sky and the ocean and maybe a good book to read while Ella's Pink Lady keeps on patiently plodding along.

I have stopped watching the daily news
on television,it just always seems to be the same.

Your world is so different to all that and in contast seems almost like a piece of paradise.

I got the map of the world out and follow the course of Ella's Pink Lady, learning a great deal along the way.

thanks for sharing those little windows into your beautiful world.

keep taking lots of Pictures for your book and write down your feelings, thoughts and ideas about all the things you want to remember.It will be of great help to you later on as material for the book.

gustav haffner

Brenda said...

I just want to say that I check out your blog every day as I think you are an amazing young lady .What a dream come true for you.Be safe in your travels.
from Grande Prairie,Alberta,Canada

Bob Osborn said...

Jessica: I believe that your stove is a two burner without an oven. If that's the case, how did you "bake"?

Your blog has a nice personality to it. Well done.

Travel safe.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos..the views of the ocean are awesome! Stay Safe! :)

Anonymous said...

Please do remember to secure yourself when you're on deck. It goes so quickly to loose balance on a boat when you're busy taking photos.
German saying goes: The devil is a squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! It looks coooold! Is it?


Jay said...

Inpiring Jess. Makes me wonder what'll happen when you hit 18 and really decide to take on some adventure :) Joking! joking!

Quick question(s).

When did you decide to sail around the world?
And was it just the book you read that kicked it off or had you always been itching for adventure?

Good on ya and I'll keep an eye on the blog. Make the most of the heat and send some our way.

Jay, Auckland, NZ

EJ - US Virgin Islands said...

Hi Jesse,

Congrats on passing the 2,000 mile "seamark"!

I continuously marvel at the beauty of the weather and skyscape from my high perch on the rocky cliff where our home is here in the US Virgin Islands.

But there is nothing quite like the "being part of it" feel/experience sailing in it provides us whenever we get out. for a sail

We who get the chance to experience that are truly fortunate.

Thank you for your pics. and your posts Jesse!

US Virgin Islands

P.S. Cupcakes? Did you bring a treadmill?

Anonymous said...

jess, my 16 y.o. daughter can even find her hairbrush in the morning!

you are an amazing young lady!

SDSpike said...

WHEW!! lotta salt water for me 1500 miles from any ocean. Those waves look like they'd make me sick. Been there, done that, no fun. I like dirt. :) At least it's warm there. 41F last night here in SD. and that was a warm night. cya

Dwight said...

Jess, I have been reading your blog everyday and really appreciate you keeping us up to date and I also enjoy a lot of the readers’ blog comments. The latest pics were excellent. I have a suggestion for you…. So many of your fans (including me) talk about how they have ordered Jesse Martin’s book or video or both. Well, I can only imagine the sales have gone through the roof in the last few months and I bet Jesse gets a royalty percentage off of each sale. The idea… email Jesse and tell him he should give you a 25% cut off of his profits since you are in effect marketing his book for him as a result of world-wide interest in your voyage!!! Also, I think I have figured out a way to make money off of the interaction between you two! In the video before you left he had to struggle to beat you arm wrestling. You told him that will change when you get back. Well, I want to bet on you in the rematch because I have no doubt you can take him when you finish this trip!!! Jess rocks!!!!!!

Meechree said...

Loving the photos! Looking forward to more!
-Dimitri, USA

Neil O'Donnell said...

Hi Jess,

Great photos and views!

Best regards from Buffalo, NY


bernie777 said...

these photos speak volumes lets hope you get some sunny skies ahead...go jessica

Anonymous said...

Jessica :Excellent photos ! you are so incrediablly forunate to witness such magnificent granduer daily ! These pictures of you and Pink Lady illustrates your marvelous ocean voyage! Thanks for sharing ! Happy Sailing !

Anonymous said...

love the picture of the sunset.
I so enjoy reading about your voyage.
Thanks for sharing.


krethmel said...


I'm a married mom of two boys who lives in Statesboro, GA, USA. I don't know how I happened upon your name/site....probably yahoo news or cnn etc. I am just so intrigued and inspired by your spirit of adventure! You have captivated your entire country of Australia and I'm sure, many others across the world! Good luck! Be safe! I check your blog and progress everyday and will continue to do so until you've made it all the way home!!! Karen

krethmel said...


I'm a married mom of two boys who lives in Statesboro, GA, USA. I don't know how I happened upon your name/site....probably yahoo news or cnn etc. I am just so intrigued and inspired by your spirit of adventure! You have captivated your entire country of Australia and I'm sure, many others across the world! Good luck! Be safe! I check your blog and progress everyday and will continue to do so until you've made it all the way home!!! Karen

Anonymous said...

Jesse, do you realize how cute you are!!!! Even cuter than Ella's Pink Lady!!

RichieParis said...

Hi Jesse!
Beautiful pictures, thank youuuu!
Glad to see that the sea conditions have eased somehow.
More and more people in France are aware of your journey and talk about you. It is really so nice to hear of you like this!
All this water around you reminds me of a comic strip by Goscinny (creator of Asterix the Gaul).
The two characters won a yacht in a lottery, but as no one can sail, they decide to sell the boat. But before, as they are romantic, they want to spend one night on board, in the harbour.
One of them (the smarter one) aks the second to pass him some rope because he needs some for a reason I forgot. The second one, who is a little dumb, unties the yacht from the dock.
During the night, with the tide and currents, the yacht leaves the harbour and when they wake up, they are just in the middle of the sea, no land in sight. They are abashed...
And then the dumber says: "Wow! How lucky we are to have slept on board! There were huge floods during the night, and the whole town is under water!"
May the winds be with you and Ella's Pink Lady!

moffa said...

Nice pics and looking good!
Dressed for success.
Fair wind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your life and experiences Jessica. Always looking forward to your next update!

Portland, Oregon USA

Schwah said...

Simply breathetaking!! Lovely pictures. Im very jealous, tho I have never been sailing before! GOOD LUCK!!! And keep up the post's. Very interesting to read.

Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Jesse,

Thanks for taking the pics . You seem in a contemplative mood. It must be an odd sensation to pose for a picture with no one around, and realize all the people that will be looking at it. You are all alone, but then your not!

The hard dodger makes Pink Lady look a little like a Star Wars fighter! Just think of that when you battle heavy weather.

All the best
Richard in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. I shared your story with my third grade class. You rock!

William - USA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse....

'Windows' on your world.... so excellent ! Thank you.


Nancy and Pete in NH USA said...

Hi Jess.. How nice to come home for lunch and find a "Photo Blog" today of yours and Ellas Pink Lady waiting. Awesome views that most of us would never have seen if not for you. Thank for sharing with us.

You're our Chauffuer of the Seas.. Please take us to the Equator !

Smooth Sailing !!!

Anonymous said...

What great memories you're capturing Jesse. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Take care keep safe. Jan (New Zealand)

Brian Riley said...

Wow and a photographer as well,do your talents ever cease? Great photos, feels as if we are there with you. Good looking sea conditions with the moon rising in the sunset.
Safe passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay, QLD

Wendell NH USA said...

great pictures, read your blog every day! Safe Sailing

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos.
All the best, Jessica.
Luv u.
Richard (QLD)

Alessandro Machi said...

Those pictures could also be helpful down the road if you need to compare and contrast your boats condition over time.

Just please don't put yourself in a dangerous situation just to get a shot.

Anonymous said...

"It's the journey, not the destination."

Really enjoying your blog. Stay safe and keep up the excellent work.

Rob Hardie said...

HI Jesse,

It is great to hear from you. Like so many others I have been waiting for an update. :-)

Great pictures.....and more words are not needed.

Hope you enjoyed those yummy cup cakes!!!

You are one special person. Just keep doing what you are doing. You are always in my thoughts.

Keep safe,

Ingleburn NSW

Glen & Sarah Hale said...

I told some friends about your endeavor and we wondered how automated your yacht is? How do you change a sail, for example. How much fresh water do you have? Can you predict and avoid rough weather? How do you sleep? Do you have some sort of tether system?

And, the biggest question is why Cape Horn verses going through the Panama Canal?


Stanlee said...

What an album you'll create! A picture is worth a thousand words. The ocean is so mighty. When I look out at the Atlantic Ocean I see such strength that is only found in nature. The ocean knows exactly what it is supposed to be. It goes in and out, up and down without a care or thought. It is the manifestation of GOD's dream. It never doubts, worries or fears. It knows that it just has to be. Right now, you are just being exactly who you are, too. There are no pressures or people or things, no codes of conduct or laws. You are your own country, beholden to no one or no thing except yourself. Be strong President Watson of Ella's Pink Lady, just be.

Anonymous said...

The photos are great! Must be so peaceful out there. Keep up the great work and may the wind be with you!
Michael & Denise (Newport, Rhode Island)

Wendell NH USA said...

Can you post a Picture of what its like at Night,....Safe Sailing

Anonymous said...

Jess: I have a question. You route is supposed to take you close to the artic circle below Argentina. But the map on the website shows you traveling northeast. You seem to be headed the wrong direction. Is there a reason for this?
Joe from Downingtown, Pa, USA

Sally said...

Good Morning Jess

Great photos again! What an amazing classroom and work space you have! A much better view than my desk!!! Seeing photos like these allow us to almost step into your world for a moment and visualise what it's like to be where you are. Like that old saying "A picture says a 1000 words". Which is so true!!! Keep them coming!

James was off sailing night races on Sydney harbour again last night - he was crewing on "Holy Cow" - a 52' Beneteau 523. They only had 4 crew!! He came home exhausted, saturated and completely addicted. Muttering words of 'what a night, fantastic' and full of funny stories about the evening. It was a class 3 race and they rounded the harbour circuit 3 times. His arms are a tired this morning as the was working the 2 winches on the Jib by himself... My turn next year!! At the moment my whole focus is pulling together our dancing school's Christmas Concert - only 5 more Saturdays to go and then it's done.

Hope you are catching some good ZZZZ's - the water looks reasonably calm in the piccy's.

Have a great day Jess - stay safe.

'Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another' Walter Elliott

'Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.' William James

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, and I find that I look forward to checking your blog each day to see what progress you have made. I see from the track that you are about to cross the international date line! You get a "do over" day!
Hope your seas are calm and you keep a steady wind!

Kings Mountain, North Carolina, USA

Maaike said...

Lovely pictures, great blog! Thanks for sharing.

All the best from the Netherlands

Sarah said...

Thanks Jess!! The pictures really help us understand more of what its like out there and its good to see you!! You go girl - oh yeah and the trackers great too :). xo.

Brian said...

Thanks for the pics Jessica. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood....
Keep them coming if you get a chance.
Stay Safe.

Lakeland Florida USA

Anonymous said...




el grande said...

love the pictures - it's great to ride along with you!

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jess
Thanks for the holiday snaps!Great to see you looking so well. There is something peaceful about a wonderful sunset. A time to reflect even for just a few moments.
I admire you so much seeing you grow as a stronger girl each day.

fair weather and fair sailing today

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

WOW :) great pic's. Your life must be like a dream ;)

greetings from Austria(not Australia^^) Eva

Greyscale Territory said...

The sea is an awesome lady! Love how your photos celebrate her beautiful personalities!

Happy sailing!

Sweet breezes from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria!

Pogo said...


Your blogs are great, your video is terrific and your adventure is absolutely one for the ages.

Many of us are following you as if we were in the boat with you. Wishing you the very best of luck.
- Pogo

Buddy Blanton said...

Hello Jessica,

Great pictures! You be safe walking around the deck. How was the cupcakes? It great to the pictures of you home and the ocean. I sure wish I was there instead of here. Keep up the great work, be safe, and keep smiling that beautiful smile.....

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
You look amazing after so long drifting along.
In Le Tour de France Lance Armstrong needed to have a good team to survive the race. Bart Cummings needs a good team to win the cups. Greg Norman...Well I better not go there I might Jinx him.
The positive comments are so refreshing to see on a blog.
You have indeed got a champion team.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Daaling... Juust gorgeous. I mean that lovely pink sail draped in the beck. Matches nicely to your gorgeous orange outfit. But, Daaling, the Hair... oh, my gosh, what happened to your lovely hairdryer ? Always remember, you are alone on the ocean, but on camera the mob is watching.You owe it to your sponsor to look splendid,so keep your HAIR in mind. And get more sleep, Daaling,or just smile (Flight attendents have been fired seconds before a serious crash, because they didn't smile enough...)

Mike D said...

Lady Penelope F.A.B.-2 Parker

I'm a little slow but I think I got it now! Google the words above and you'll get it too!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, PA, USA

P.S. I don't take credit for it. Another post nailed it long ago but I just didn't get it.

pierre haselgrove said...

Hello Jessica, hello Ella's Pink Lady.
I'm not sure but I think you are crossing the international date line. I was not at this place before but I'm sure nothing dangerous happens when crossing this line. Maybe the day will have 48 hours and therefore you are sailing 2*100 miles this day?

lilshawnee said...

Well hello again lil Jess,
wow the pics are so cool. Thankyou so much Jess.
looks like you arew having a lot of fun. Sure wished we could be out there.
By the way Jess when you hit the deep south how are you going to keep warm.i know its on a lot of our minds so please talk on that when you get a chance please.( how the cabin stays warm and the clothing you will be wearing )

Well Jess thanks for all your doing and sharing it with us all.
your in our minds all the time.
your friend Robert Lalonde

Jay-Sea said...

Hi Jess my comments don't seem to make it on to your blog but I am follow you along the ocean and enjoying your trip I am a live aboard cruiser and am looking forward to my first overseas trip next year to Indonesia Thailand Malaysia. Keep the photos coming Jess and stay safe

Julie SV "Jay- Sea"

Benjamin said...

Truly *awesome* picks, Jessica.

You're inspiring a lot of people. Keep it up!

-Benjamin, North Carolina, USA

"And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by...
And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking...
And a grey mist on the sea's face, and a grey dawn breaking."

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and a very interesting blog. Reading it helps me get up and doing things rather than lazing around all the time.
Keep happy and safe.

JJ said...

Go girl, you're proving to the world that you can live your dreams, you are truly a Aussie.

Attitude said...

Love seeing the photos Jess, please upload more.

Ian said...

Just love these pictures. They're something that most of us will never see.

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics Jessica, EPL looks so small out there in that big ocean, lucky she's got a fantastic captain!! Loved the cupcakes:) Windy and cold out here in the central west today after a scorcher earlier in the week, maybe lucky with some rain.

Bron NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, loving following your progress, great pics today... I was wondering if you could take a photo of one of those squids you keep finding on deck. Love your cupcakes too... how did they taste I wonder.. a bit salty!

Anonymous said...

hi jess lovely pictures. I read your blog everyday do u get sea sickness much bounceing around out there how do you cope? do you have motion sickness pill?

bray park qld

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess:

Great Pictures.... Housekeeping question for you. What do you do
with your garbage??

Safe Travels...

Bob and Family in Denver CO USA

Marcel said...

Hi Jess. Yeah I want to try one of your cake, they're looking so good. ( and because I love choclate!) Great pics, it looks like you're still having fun, and that's good :) I'm ill at the moment and I hate it! Take care, keep in touch. Greetings Marcel

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica
We are really enjoying your blog and look forward to your updates.
After growing up in the country I have come to sailing in mid life and always look forward to stepping onto our yacht each weekend, getting the sails up and the breeze on your face and heading out through Sydney heads to check out the migrating whales, playful seals, or the myriad of seabirds that smoothly glide around us, like the mutton birds.
We are looking forward to Xmas / New Year holidays when we can go for a long sail of a week or two - either up the coast north of Sydney to Port Stephens or down the coast to the beautiful Jervis Bay area...will just depend on the winds of course!
So your trip helps me to get into the headspace of our trips!!

I just love how people from all over the world have been so captivated by your trip and by you ... I think when times are tough it is so important to be buoyed by a positive and inspiring story like yours ... that helps in difficult political and financial times like now.

ciao bella!!

Gabrielle, Sydney, Aust

Jim said...

Thanks for posting the pics, Jess! Gives us another perspective on The Pink Lady!


Freddo said...

Nice photos. Good to hear you are progressing well into your trip. Wishing you all the best. You are one courageous person.

Richard Lathrop said...

Thank you for the excellent pictures. EPL seems to be moving nicely in a moderate breeze. Hope you have many days like the ones in the pictures.

I most enjoyed the picture of you looking down into the companionway. You look absolutely relaxed and healthy, and I can see that your hair has grown a little longer.

I'm looking forward to the updated tracking map with your new position posted. Are you still ticking off 150nm on a good day?

Fair winds, sailor.

I'll visit you again tomorrow.

Daniela V. said...

Hey Jessica,

how cold is it at night out there? And what about daytime?

Since I never sailed around the world I'd love to have those information :-)

Take care,

Freddo said...

I would like to congratulaste you on passing by the 2000 mile mark of your journey too.

Vic said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing them !

Toni McLean said...

The photos are great Jessica. Thanks for allowing all of us to vicariously be a part of your adventure. I'm thinking the reality of your journey must keep sinking in anew at different levels and your understanding of it will probably undergo a number of transformations over the coming months. It will be interesting for you and those who know you well to see how that manifests in you and your life.
Safe sailing

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jessica--Pink Lady looks good.


duane said...

Love the photos Jessica. I have heard you can see stars out in the ocean ya just can't see anywhere else. What a great adventure you are on. Be safe and happy! duane

RYLEIGH said...

love yore photos
from Ryleigh

trentgs said...

The Thing About The Do Over Day is at the end you have to give it back. Sort of like Jumanji. I shared with another coworker (an avid model boat builder) about your venture and he he said he could hardly wait to check out your site-he was oblivious-hadn't heard anything about you. And I went to my college Alumni web page and updated the page there so everyone will know about your 2,000 and the cup cakes!! :O)

Your pictures say it all today..Thanks so much..We know you are very busy keeping up with maintenance and staying on course-keep on taking time out for yourself-especially.


Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

remember your dreams
are your only schemes

wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

all the best


Steve said...

Hi Jessica I am enjoying reading your blogs and love the pictures.
I wish I had your courage you are a real inspiration for us all.
Hope you have enough sun block for when you reach the warmer weather.


Debs said...

Morning Jess

Great Pics....everyone loves a sunset.

It must be so serene out there at times...

Looks like the sea is treating you well...lets hope it continues to do

How were the cupcakes, did they taste good...You should make a cake to celebrate reaching the equator and decorate it with equator reached and the date....take a

Anyway we are in for some warm weather for the next week.....time to get the pool ready for some serious swimming

Stay cheerful, stay safe

Deb and the Guineas

Richard said...

Hi Jessica,
I,ve been praying for you since you started your journey and would like to share with you a Bible study I teach. Here is the first lesson. In the beginning, the ___ was God and became flesh. John 1 verse 1-5&14.

emgb1 said...

thank for sharing those lovely pictures with us all.
emgb1 in South Wales (UK)

Noel said...

Hey Jess

Great photos,,,I love seeing your Ella's Pink Lady in action.

Keep the blogs happening,,,we all look forward to your next installment of this courageous voyage of your. Each milestone is surely a great achievement in it's self.

Keep safe and good winds

Noel Novice Sailor Canberra

Christine said...

Great pics Jesses, check on you ecery day along with thouands of others from all over the world. It is amazing to read the comments and see how far you are reaching people and inspiring all. Take care
Christine - Tura Beach

Kay said...

This is my first comment on this site Jessica, even though I log in every day to make sure all is OK. Have enjoyed about your astounding adventure.

Lovely to hear all the highs and lows and see the wonderful photos.

Stay safe!

Kay from Brisbane

Jodie said...

Great to see your photos Jess! We look forward to your blog every day, you're one amazing inspiration. God bless. Jodie xxx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Jessica, You and your team are very generous, its such a privilege to be able to sail along with you in spirit.

Smooth sailing
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Middyeasy said...

Really nifty pictures.. Wishing you all the best on your awesome undertaking.

San Antonio, Texas

Andrew Spice said...

Still keeping you in my thoughts, Jesse. Hope everything is well and that your spirits are high!

Ohio, USA

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the pictures. Seeing them helps us imagine how things are going... It's good to see that you're taking time to enjoy the journey, and not just the destination.

Looking forward to the next update !

All the best from NY,


nutralady2001 said...

Great photos Jesse went to bed last hoping you'd have a blog up by the time I woke up.

As a friend alway used to say to me "The joy is in the journey, not the joourney's end" enjoy the journey! xx

Georgia Guy said...

Wish the website gurus could set up a Jessica Watkins Chat Room and then Jessica could possibly drop in, from time to time, and chat online with all of the people around the world following her journey.

If anyone got out of line, you could simply block the IP address from coming back ever again.

Registration and confirming email address would need to be required.

User or screen name a login and password required.

Peter Vickerson said...

Hi Jess,

Nice Pics. It looks you have two headsails up. Is that correct? I didn't realise that Pink Lady was cutter rigged. She looks great.

You're doing great champ!

Good onya


Kiwinzl said...

Hi Jess, my first posting. Just heard on ABC you are near Tonga..and doing schoolwork. 24 years ago I sailed on an Arends 33 fron NZ Tonga..not solo though. Loved the sunsets and sunrises as in your pics.
Safe sailing
Maroochydore QLD

Global English Outreach Summer 2009 said...

Dear Jessica! It is young people like you that makes the world go round! We HAVE a future! Keep going! Look at the three young people from South Africa and what they did! Fantastic!!

Prof. Grant Horner said...

Please keep the photos coming!
Reading the blog makes my day -- seeing pictures of the adventure makes it even better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, The weather looks fantastic! Can you tell us a little about the ruling of assistance. Are you allowed to have any boats follow you outside a certain distance or do you have to be totally alone in order to make the record official?
The whole world is watching, you are amazing!
FA, England..

Konstantin said...

so wide, so pretty!

Greets from Germany, Kon

seriouscoin said...

Doing a great job Jessica.
From Chloe and Jacob.

Joseph said...

When I was sixteen, umpty-ump years ago, these sorts of opportunities -- to sail the world, to communicate with the world -- just didn't exist. I am so envious....but simultaneously so fascinated.

Janelle said...

Jessica love your updates and photos. I am an amateur photographer of the ocean but mine all centre around Coolangatta Qld (my fav place to visit) You make me even more proud to be an Aussie - Janelle Redbank Plains, Qld.

Sailing in my genes said...

Glad to see the pics of of Ella and the cupcakes.
sounds like a 70's singing group.

Sailing in my genes said...

It was nice to see all pics of Ella and the cupcakes. That sounds like a 70's singing group. Smooth sailing.

Mia said...

Keep up the good work.

/ Mia from Sweden

ET Gurl said...

Hi jess

hows it been going still cant start my spacecar its diesel

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jesse

I'm too late again but i slept in so sail on 7 have a nice day

ETgurl Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous from 1:52 am,

"Me" is gramatically correct. You would not say "I on another overcast day."

Go Jesse!!!

Gabe said...

When you are out there at sea, braving the elements, and voyaging through new territory...
no one gets to tell you that you look like you've put on weight or that your hair needs help.
I think you look like the cutest little pixie on the ocean right now.
And all the naiads and sea sprites agree with me.
May the Goddess Of The Sea see you through another safe day,

Anonymous said...

Awww, those are wonderful pics of you, Ellas' pink lady and the sea Jess' love the cupcakes u made the other day...CLASSIC!
Pete H.

fun in the sun said...

Best of luck 2 u, enjoying ur pic's & blogs, looks like ur having the time of ur life, stay healthy & safe, not 2 many cup cakes thou :)

Darrell said...

We are excited for you and look forward to reading your well-written blog and seeing your photos.

Our thoughts and prayers go with you.

You Go, Girl! :)

- Darrell and Sue -

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi Jesse,you look well and happy, good to see, got an email back from Andrew, dont know where he gets the time to do it all, thanks Andrew and all the crew for letting us share your wonderful girls dream with us, every day has a new meaning since you left our shores Jesse and we are all travelling your dream with you, Love you Jessica and please stay safe, Roger and Lou Dwyer

Anonymous said...

To Jessica,I am watching with admiration of your achievement and the inspiration that you portray is absolute dedication to your quest!! I thought I had some big paddocks to run around in out here but you are the winner in this, Keep the wind in your sails and the tell tails level. God speed. From the Cunnamulla Fella,(Kevin)

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Great photo blog!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the posts and thanks for sharing. Mike

jeff gehlmann said...




rabreezway said...

HI jess ,Great photos and goood luck Ron.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you making good progress.

Love the pics and the google map showing your location and progress is awesome! Thanks so much for adding that.

Wishing you another week of good sailing ahead and looking forward to next pics, video and blog posts.

CJ, Perth, Western Australia

Somerled_1 said...

All the Best Jessica! Your incredible journey is absolutely inspiring! Keep safe!
Kindest Regards,
Bryan and Tash (Tassie!)

Malcolm Mitchell said...

Hey Jessica.
You are one gutsy girl and I have the utmost admiration for you.Stay strong and Stay focused matey.
We are watching you from Invercargill in the deep south in of NZ.

Malcolm Mitchell said...

Hey Jessica.
You are one gusty girl and you have my utmost admiration.Stay focused and Stay strong matey.Watching your progress daily from Invercargill in the deep south of NZ.

adam said...

ur doing great enjoy these days thing will get harder dont b scared 2 ask 4 help most of all respect the sea....

Gary said...

Hi Jess great pictures,

I can see you also had a crach course on photography before setting sale.

Do you miss your pets at home od do you get by with your battery powered pets?

What is the temp like where you are? I am thinking you are about 2 hours ahead in time, that about right.

All the best Jess.

Gary in Carrum Downs (Melbourne)

Mary said...

Good morning to you, Jess!!

I hope you have a wonderful day, with time to marvel at the colors in the sea and sky, time to do some leak-sealing, cooking, eating, washing, reading, blog posting, picture-taking, dreaming and dozing. Heaven on earth!

Take care of yourself. We are with you all the way!

"My soul is in the sky."
~ William Shakespeare

Mary, Maine,USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Greetings from Papua New Guinea and Congratulations! I have been following your progress and reading your daily postings since you started out on your challening journey around the world. I take my hat off for you and I wish you all the very best. I will follow you until you get back home.

God bless you!

Dr Blaise Tonar
Papua New Guinea

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica -

You are doing so very well, if that's not an understatement I don't know what is. You must be making so many people including your parents and Don McIntyre so very proud. I am following your journey too, love the pics. I just read on Abby Sunderland's blog how you sent her a lovely, encouraging email regarding her attempt to sail around the world which shows what a lovely humble person you are.

Happy and Safe sailing!


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Fantastic photos, nice sailing conditions, I think you would like a little bit more sunshine, that would be nice.
But I don't think you can complain about the weather so far. So keep knocking over the miles, keep having fun and keep safe.

Cheers George and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I love reading your blogs and thanks very much for the pics here. It's great being able to be a part of your journey!

As I busily prepare for life at Christmas and run around after my family :), I like to escape and read your blog, albeit for just a few minutes.

Congratulations for getting out there and achieving so much already and thanks for sharing it too!

Lisa - Sunshine Coast

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