Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally a Fish!

Yes I'm more than a little pleased and very relieved to report that I finally got a fish! (see pic below). That was starting to get a bit silly. My best guess is that it's a yellow fin tuna, its not huge but I'm sure that there will be plenty for everyone! I can't say that there would be many fisherman who would be proud of the mess I made filleting it. I'm just glad there was no one here to witnesses the whole thing, but practice makes perfect right?!

Turns out that wasn't my last tack last night. The wind and current weren't going to make things easy for us, so it was a particularly sleepless night as we tacked and inched along ever so slowly.

Every time I thought that we'd finally cleared the Island, the wind would change slightly and we'd have to put another tack in. It's all a bit frustrating but as always it's hard not to feel cheerful when the stars are shining and the music's turned up.

I spent a lot of the day on deck enjoying the shade from the sails and trying (without much success!) to give the stainless a polish up. Also I've been noticing quite a bit chafe on the windvane lines (not to worry I've got plenty of spares) so have been playing around trying to stop some of the chafe. It's a good reminder of the way Parker is constantly working. There's always something to keep me busy, whether it's wiping the salt crystals off the solar panels, replying to an email or trying to keep up with the house work (boatwork?!) side of things.

There's been a lot of birds around again and I've really been enjoying listening to them call out to each other as they swoop low around Ella's Pink Lady. It made me think about all the other land noise that I haven't heard for so long and that made me a little home sick. But I know as soon as I do get back to land, that I'll miss the constant noise of the water along the hull and all the little creaks and groans as Ella's Pink Lady sails along.

When I checked my emails this morning I found a very serious email from my clearly worried Mum, telling me to watch out for all those 'boys' - I think they could have seen me rolling my eyes from space!

I'd love to write more but it's time for some fun in the galley and the long awaited fish and chips!


Pic: Finally, I caught one!


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Chimli said...

Haha! Well done, another first. That is one seriously good fish Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, good to see you finally caught a fish!! Bet it'll be good to finally have something different!! I can't believe how fast the time has flown since you started, sounds like it's going fast for you too. Love reading your blogs, you write soooo well. Great to hear you love listening to your music, I envy that you can listen to it as loud as you like!! Anyways, keep up the good work, you're doing a great job :) Jenny, Mount Mellum

carole (Mackay, QLD) said...

CONGRATULATIONS - thats a mighty fine specimen for dinner - hope you enjoyed it and felt proud of yourself. It cant get much fresher than that. I laughed about your mums email - LOL LOL. Sounds like you were up all night tacking to get around the island - I bet it is beautiful at night out in the cockpit, stars everywhere - are you still seeing phosperessense? (sorry spelling shocking!). I guess its understandable the chafing you have found - a good time to fix those bits eh. Thats lovely you have some more birds to pop in and say hi as they continue their travels too. Trust me I would rather hear sea lapping the hull and birds than traffic and screaming kids ! You have the best seat on the stage. What are the :)seas like - is it still swell, or a bit of wave on top? Enjoy your fish and chips (the kiwis call it Shark and Tatey!). Hope u get some sleep tonight too. Keep smiling. PS you look a little sunburnt - keep using your sunblock ! :)

Anonymous said...

hurray!!--at last--there is a pink yatch east of kiribati!! well done.

Take care Jesse


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess

Nice work on catching a fish.

I suppose things will be a little more relaxed now as you head SE and have lots of sea room for most of the trip to the horn.

Got myself another Tristan Jones book and loving it. Its called One hand for the boat and one for yourself". Its a bit of a bible for the single hander.

Of all the sailing books I have read these past few years - yours is he one I am looking forward to most!!!

Go girl.

John (The Drumming Man)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your fish and chips
Keep up the good work Jess

Anonymous said...


You are a HERO.

Anonymous said...

Tuna...very healthy ,tasty and filling, great grilled and bbq'd- have a good feed and here's hoping you get more!

Stephen said...

Hey Jesse, you landed one!
I told you those cup cakes were good bait!

Ron said...

Sweet baby, you finally get to eat some well deserved fresh fish. I'm so glad your you. Few people know of the constant work at sea. There is always enough to do and it's never boring. The difference is that I enjoy the quiet and you blast the music. It's because I'm 72 and you're 16. Jesse, you gotta come see me next year. Pretty please.
Ron - Alabama USA

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say, "Girls can't fish!" Hah! You showed them to be very wrong! Did you try any of it as sashimi, or did it go straight in the pan for F&C?
Bon appetit!
at the Big Cold lake

Tagen said...

nice catch! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hey jess well done on catching your first fish, it is a nice size. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your journey. keep safe!!!

Anonymous said...

37 days and a fish at last good going jess.are you sure the fish didn`t run into the pink lady as you were rounding the island.keep your chin up your on your way home.
ian from mannering park

Anonymous said...

Well done, Jessica.
I hope it cooked up nicely for you.
Nice photo, too. Luv u.
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

perhaps bonito, definitely not yellowfin. tuna are hard to pin down because there are so many types of them.
should be too small for ciguaterra. and there is a lot of ciguaterra about in kiribati or so i've read. sorry to put an edge on it.

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Congratulations on your first fish.

It looks better than any I have ever caught.

Now we eagerly await your fish recipe!

Best Wishes,
John F.

Anonymous said...

Perfect size for one. Keep a bit for bait.

Maybe the wind and current is trying to keep you there for a

Bebie said...

At last! What a beauty but I don't envy you ... you know... cleaning it.

Hope you get some better sleep. Stay safe Jesse.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Good Job, hope it's tasty.
Love reading your blog everynight when I come home from swimming I check it.
Thanks so much for posting.
What kind of music do you listen to???
Saraya :-)

Bruce said...


You Beauty! Nothing like fresh fish. I hope it tastes great. Looks like a big eye tuna.

I can imaging the mess on the deck. They bleed a little don't they.


Alex. said...

wooo! congrats on catching the fish, yaaay! xx

pandj bundy qld said...

hi jess,
great going,good to hear u have got yourself a bit of a feed with the fish. hope u catch plenty more,just the right size for a meal or 2.look forward to reading your blogs and whats happening out there in the big deep blue seas.
safe sailing.

Bruce Watt said...

I guess Jess when you feel a little homesik you have to keep the mind occuppied, with heaps of music, cd's, dvd's, ipods, and everything you have. It was a nice looking fish you caught, well done.

Mike Whitaker said...

Hi Jess,

Well you did mention that Kiritimati Island is a good place to fish. lol
What are you using for bait?

Mike -- Indiana USA

Dragonfly said...

Wow - great catch ;-) Enjoy your meal!

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

at last Jesse we hope you enjoyed your dinner, south bound at last, enjoy it Jesse and make the most of it as you will be in the heavy stuff soon, we know you will handle it like you have since you left Sydney, with confidence and knowledge and happiness, you are such an inspiration Sweetheart and we look forward to your daily messages with antisipation, you have us hooked(excuse the pun hahaha) Love you Captain Jessica Watson. Roger and Lou Dwyer

Sally said...

About time Jess!!!

What a fine specimen that you have caught there and I certainly hope you enjoyed your catch. There's nothing better than a meal of fresh fish & chips! Never mind the disaster with filleting it - at least you caught a fish! We've been patiently waiting for you to finally catch one. Let's hope this is the first of many, after all you are in the perfect setting for it.

Hope you've had time to catch some sleep after what sounded like a sleepless night. Although you daytime has also sounded busy with all the polishing and housework.

Glad that the wildlife is keeping you company and yes I can imagine that you would start to miss 'land noises' also. They remind you of familiar situations and people, so it would make you homesick... Smells do that also, bring back memories... I can hear rain at the moment dripping off the leaves on a large fern outside my window and splashing onto the path down the side of my house. Which is quite delightful to hear as it was so hot yesterday. At least the plant life has been given a reprieve from the heat and a long needed drink.

Take care & stay safe Jess.

Fish ‘n Chips - Food of Life

Oh how I crave for fish ‘n chips:
Our fine cuisine of world renown.
I dined on such a subtle dish
When QEII received her crown.

Oh how I need some fish ‘n chips;
I’ll queue in pouring rain or snow!
What better way to warm my hands,
As soggy chips make fingers glow.

We Brits are famed for culinary finesse,
Like steak ‘n kidney pud no less;
Wondrous tripe; cottage pie;
Bangers and egg in lard to fry!

But fish ‘n chips - the crowning glory -
A dish to trounce the great kebab!
You think I care for chicken masala?
It’s cod and chips that grow my flab.

Oh how I yearn for fish ‘n chips,
All poshly wrapped in the Daily Star,
Then caked and drowned in salt ‘n vinegar -
And stinking out my brand new car!
Mark R Slaughter 2009

Sally In Sydney

jo from perth said...

Jesse i would be proud of that fish i f i were you...just another wonderful milestone on your journey.
I'll leave you to enjoy your dinner.
Good winds and Safe sailing Jesse,

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Wow... a nice fish... ideal for feeding the entire crew :-)

Great to see you blog. You seem in great spirits even after a rather long night.

You seem to have things all under control and it is very interesting to here about some of the little maintenance things you need to do to maintain the smooth running of ELP.

Thanks for your continued excellent writing. I feel like I am really part of your journey.

Hope you enoy 'your' fish and chips.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW (flying to Singapore for work tomorrow)

ColinD said...

Well done! I think you might have caught a Striped or Skipjack Tuna. Must have been fun to land, they are lively.

Karin said...

The show 7pm Project put up your pic and said you've finally caught one! lol

Congrats to you but POOR fishy :(
I could not do that - gut a fish :(

Di said...

What a beautiful looking fish! (in the eating sense!)

Enjoy every bit.

Di - UK

Brian Riley said...

Congratulations on your major seafood catch, don't worry the filleting will not change the good taste.
Well hopefully you have rounded the Island and are now on a southward tack, You are going to have to be on your alert from here till you have cleared Pitcairn Island. I have set a way point W122.0 s24.0 dead reckoning to see if this will be your course which will keep you on a SE course for Cape Horn.
Mums will be Mums, here's a wink from me.
Safe Passage, Will talk later.

Anonymous said...

G'day jesse...

Woo Hooo!!!!!!!

The Marine Culinary Extravaganza is 'On the Menu' and the Cook is in the galley.... Way to go !

And a nice looking fish, too. Just right for some Great fillets. Maybe a light dusting with salt and flour and then cook 'em up in a smear of oil....maybe some chippies ? too. MmmMmm.... taste 'em from here!

Go for it jess....

Better get out the cook's way .... Hehheh.

Y'goin' Great, Jesse.

... Ooc.

jwb777 said...

You landed a beauty! Wouldn't worry about the filleting of it...It's the taste that counts, right? Besides, you are bound to have plenty of practice on your journey and will be an expert when you get back home!

All the best for another great day and night at sea!


Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Toni McLean said...

Hello Jessica,
Congratulations. That IS a fish! I think you can call yourself a fisherman. It's a good size, but I think you're going to have to do the loaves and fishes routine from the bible if you're going to feed all of us with it. Maybe just a small slice of sashimi each :-)

I think we'll all look forward to hearing what the chef does with it. I thought that maybe being closer to land you might be in luck. We never caught fish out in the ocean.

And your mother is quite right to be concerned. After all how are you going to get a taxi home if one of those 'boys' misbehaves. You'd be waiting longer than if you were at the Gold Coast on New Year's Eve.

I hope we get a piccie of you eating your catch!

Keep clear of the land - much better to be away from it when you're in a boat.

Hope the winds and the currents are being a bit kinder to you.


Captain Jack said...

Fresh fish?!?!? You lucky girl! Sure beats frozen hu? Even better it's something you caught. Somehow that makes it taste a bit better. Hey, save me a bite will you?

Happy sailing!

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess,Congratulations,way to go first fish, I hope it was worth the wait.
Keep trying I sure you will get more.
Also Mum would not have to worry about the Boys out there. :-) I try to send a blog every few days and always read your blogs.
They are very interesting and I learn some thing each time.
Stay safe

pestinfo said...

Dear Jesse

Cut out the red meat from the fillet and eat the white meat. The red meat does not have a really good flavour and will tarnish all the rest of the fish. White meat is beautiful.

When filleting, use the knife blade and start at the tail, hold the tail and keep the blade in contact with the backbone of the fish as you move forward.

The head and the red meat is your next bait. You can dry it so you can use it when you want.

So now I suppose you want me to get "Silly" to drop off some chips along with that cold ice cream that I promised !!

Well done

Sail safe (clipped on even in those balmy tropical waters).

Best Regards
Allen, Hervey bay, Qld, AU

Anonymous said...




CD said...

WOAW, Jesse!

How we waited. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

great work with the fishing, jessica - as usual persistence pays off!

cheers from donna in perth

Anonymous said...

ciguatera in kiribati:

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
I saw your fish on the 7.30 report as news just in, what a crack-up lol.
With apologies to Jessica's Jokester... That reminds me of the time I saw some tuna cans in the supermarket. The cans usually proclaimed that they were Dolphin Safe! But someone had made some stickers up and put 'em on the cans. The sticker said..."What about the F!#@*3n Tuna!"
Happy Days.

Anonymous said...

wooooow what a big fish :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Gary Patton said...

Jess does it again...ticking the achievements off one by one. "how do you eat an elephant? Enjoy your dinner Jess, have fun, stay safe. Gary & Kerryn, Traralgon VIC

Meli said...

Awesome Jess! Make sure you keep a bit as sashimi - yum !! Looks like a terrific tuna - you must be so proud of yourself!

Mel, Colin, Kieran, Talia & Justin

Rebecca said...

Well done, Jessica! Perseverance always pays off in the end. Hope you enjoyed your meal and are getting some rest now after a long night. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca (California)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Well done with the fishing line. I do hope that the dinner was a treat. I'm sure you will catch more fish, with all the birds around you, and you will become an expert filleting them.
Sleep tight tonight brave girl.
Safe sailing.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Blue Chair Blog said...

Hi Jess!

Great that you caught a fish, and are about to head south!

Looking forward to you rounding S. America...I think you will enjoy the scenery down there!


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

So happy to see you with a whopper of a fish there Jess, nice and fat looking too, I can imagine how messy filleting it was too, after you've done your fifth one it'll be second nature to you...

It fascinates me your attention to detail with Ella's Pink Lady, as I'm sure you removed any evidence of slaughtering of the fish too!...the splattering of blood here and there, did you use a chainsaw to remove the head while wildly laughing in a crazed voice??...sorry...sorry, my imagination running way with itself...

Anyway...was it Lindenpark "What I've done" playing in the background while you were dunking yourself??....

Ummm....what else, oh....I took mum down to the local Hair Dresser here in good ole Dandenong and very quickly we were all talking about you.....your getting around my dear!

Ok...that's it for me tonight too...

Cya Jess

Clint - Dandenong Town

Anonymous said...

I noticed your hair is looking good, despite the sun and salt water. Must Be the Ella Bache
Enjoy yourself.
Richard (QLD)

hezakiah299 said...

11-23-09 @ 05:17
Hi Jessica,
Way to go Jessica, who said, "girls can't fish" LOL.......
Looks like a fair size catch to me. Was it enough for a good meal? Don't worry about the filleting of it, your right practice makes perfect, so, Go Fish. I'll bet Ole King Neptune did like the chocolate.
Looks like you had a pretty busy night, but you made it and then dove into the maintenance of Ella. There sure ain't any grass growing under your feet.
It's funny how you get used to things, I've known country people who couldn't sleep in the city and city people who couldn't sleep in the country. Different sounds, sometimes no sounds, people who could sleep through fire trucks and ambulances wailing but couldn't stand the sounds of crickets.
Enough for now, and though you have been told before, don't worry if you don't post everyday, we'll still love ya and think about you.
You come first Jessica!!!!!
Take care, be safe and stay alert. Always thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

ash said...

Yay for catching a fish :-) good luck Jessica

Anonymous said...

Myriam Grech from Malta
Hi Jessica, Congratulations! A nice delicious fresh fish to eat!Hope you have enjoyed it and I am sure you are going to benefit from something so good for you.I just love fresh tuna.A really nice photo too.
I really look forward to reading your blog on a daily basis.Keep up the information. Happy sailing.Myriam.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess, well done on catching your first fish. Hope it tasted just delicious, nothing like freshly caught fish!!! No such luck out here in the dry dusty west. We had a barbeque and salad tonight and I wondered what you were having. Had to have a laugh about your Mum and her warning on 'boys', sure she meant the nautical type!!! Have just finished rereading Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin's books, thanks to the interest you have generated, think you are terrific!! Keep safe and fair sailing.

Bron & Rob Central West NSW

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Well done. You can get a few fish meals out of that. Can you model chips out of Deb?; maybe you could be the first on the planet to try.

Don't worry Jess. As the bouys pass you by, just remember that if there appearance or behaviour does not come up to scratch, there are plenty more in the sea! Just keep fending off the ones that aren't welcome.

Bon appetite!


Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed the fish!! have an awesome day!

Gabe said...

What a catch!
See what happens when you toss some chocolate Neptune's way. :)
Mom's only doing her job, Jess.
You burn your thumb, she's going to be concerned.
You post about a "scary scraping noise", she's going to be REAL concerned.
It's all part of the "Mom Gig".
Sending a Mom-to-Mom prayer Julie's way.
And, as always,
prayers for you, Trusty.
May you be safe and happy and sail well.
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Am so glad you caught it. We are all coming round for dinner! HA
Kind regards

MITCH said...

Hi Jesse,
I have been following your trip since before you left Mooloolaba. Congratulatulations on rounding the first real mark and now heading South on the second leg. You have had a beautiful run so far and we all know that things will get tougher as you head South to the 'Horn'. Keep up the good work including your daily maintenance. You are on track to achieve your goal. Look after the 'Pink Lady' and she will look after you.

Great you have a fish to enjoy.
Best of luck.
(Sunshine State)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse a fish worth waiting for, hopefully the first of many. Glad you have had some company with the birds dropping in for a chat. Keep smiling and heading south. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Macca said...

keep going jess


p,s jessis cute

new said...


God is with you..go girl.

Godspeed and smooth sails.

Alice, Kenya

Anonymous said...

Great Work - this first fish is the hardest. Looks like a striped tuna...make sure you bleed all your fish as soon as you get them - messy but worth it. Keep kickin it and tight lines. Cam - Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the fish is that smaller size - anything much bigger and you'd want to be cutting it loose rather than risk an injury.

I guess you'd then run short on lures .. try improvised ones with just a hook and maybe some aluminium foil. Most fish that are attracted to lures will strike at anything shiny.

Take care of yourself, and get back safe.

Walt (Brisbane)

nutralady2001 said...

Wow Jesse it's a beauty...enjoy ! x

Nathan - Brissy said...

Hey Jesse! Big congrats on crossing the equator and your first fish!! Been avidly following your progress/blog and think what your doing is pretty amazing. Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

She's a little beauty Jesse...hope you enjoyed your f & c's. :0)

Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Congratulations to u fish. I hope it will taste real good. I just woundering about the food. How will u manage to have foood for the hole trip. Good Luck until next time.
:) Micke

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Fish - - - Good on You !

A quick trip visit to Wikipedia does make me think it is of the Bonito family of tuna but whether it is Bonito or Yellow Fin or whatever, that's not what's important.

What is important is that out in the middle of the Pacific, you hooked it, landed it, cleaned it, cooked it and ate it all by yourself.

I would imagine, judging from the picture, you had plenty for you with some left over but then again, you have no refrigeration so with almost 90 degree heat, I'll stop there.

Well, now perhaps they are biting and you'll catch more.

Congratulations and hope we get a post dining report.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Concratulations for u first fish. Hope it will taste ral good. By the way how do u manage to have food for the hole trip. Good luck for the next fish and to the travell.
:) Micke from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Nice fish Jesse,
Something from the Scombridae family of fishes, you know, Tunas and Mackerels, always nice eating.

Loaded with Omega3 those ones so you should be feeling especially sharp for the next couple of days, or so it is said.

Mum's on shotgun aye? I would be too in her position, AND with a reeaaaal itchy-trigger-finger to go with it, there's no doubt about that, no-siree . . .

Fair Winds to You Jesse
Keith & Crew Auckland NZ

Bernard-99 said...

OK, so you managed to catch a fish in the Northern Hemisphere - lets see if you can do the same in the Southern Hemisphere :-)

I like tuna fried in a pan with salt, pepper, lemon & butter till it gets "overdone" (a bit dry) - really yummy - even the next day on a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, Great work on the fish....I just read your goal tonight and gotta tell first I thought you were mad...but now...since reading your blog every day....I am so so proud of what you are are an amazing young woman....and I know you will reach that are doing an awesome job!! Sarah, Wilton NSW

Bec Hem said...

That's a fish and a half!!!!!!
Go Jess!
Bec (Brisbane)

Pete and Nancy in NH USA said...

Congrats Jess,

Looks like just about enough for a fish fry for one. Not really sure if it's a Yellowfin or not but it really doesn't matter now. Hope it was great for dinner, you definetly deserve it. Stay safe and clipped in.

samurai said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't get over how happy I was to see that photo of your fish. I formed a fist with my hand and just yelled out...YES!!!
You could not have asked for a more perfect sized fish. A tuna it definitely is although on your photo I see more blue than yellow markings on it. Who cares...I'm just so thrilled and excited for you, well done!!! I hope you enjoy it. Aside from anything else, it's very good for you. I wouldn't even be surprised if you catch more fish as long as all those birds are hanging around as you mentioned. If you do, don't worry about having too much because you can always cut strips of them and salt-dry them in the sun. Ok, I'm getting carried away again so I'm not here :-)) Take care and bye for now...Sam

Deborah said...


I was waiting for you to blog to congratulate you.....Saw the fish pic on the 7pm report tonight.

I bet its the best tasting fish too...i always found fish tasted better if i caught it myself....Smile

Cant wait to see your 5 star review of your fishy meal....LOL

Keep up the good work....stay safe and have fun

Deb and the guinea's ( named Jessica, Hannah and Ella...Smile)

Deborah said...


I was waiting for you to blog to congratulate you.....Saw the fish pic on the 7pm report tonight.

I bet its the best tasting fish too...i always found fish tasted better if i caught it myself....Smile

Cant wait to see your 5 star review of your fishy meal....LOL

Keep up the good work....stay safe and have fun

Deb and the guinea's ( named Jessica, Hannah and Ella...Smile)

Hilda, Perth said...

You Little Ripper!!! ... enjoy the fish and chips!!!

Funride said...

Hey Jessica, nice catch! I bet it tasted like nothing you have been eating lately. Hope you catch much more from now on ;)

Take care,
Ricardo from Portugal

Rockymntnhigh said...

Hi Jesse,
congrats on your first fish. Considering my knowledge of tuna is limited, I checked the internet and read that they can reach almost 3 meters and weigh up to 200 kg.
I think the size of your dinner is perfect, you could have had to eat tuna for weeks if you would have been unlucky and would have caught his/her big brother.
I am sure you enjoyed it.

Attitude said...

Job well done Jess, Perseverance pays off!

"Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel." Napoleon Hill

Caroline said...

WELL DONE!!! Hubby says it looks like a striped or skipjack tuna... he is also very jealous - last year he went on a fly fishing safari in kirabati but they've stopped all commercial flights there so unless you own a private jet its near impossible to get there. Dont worry about ciguatera - its only found in fish that feed on reefs. Enjoy the fish and chips!

Summersailor said...

Jess, so happy for you to finally see u caught dinner. How about some sushi, very good u know. Probably most of these emails will be about u and your fish, but as long as are happy and staying well that's what most of us are concerned about. Your next blog, hopefully u will have rounded the island to start your southerly trip south. Fair winds.


Mary said...

Fantastic photo, Jess!

The fish is a beauty and she gave her life to you. Lucky her for being with you for the whole Jessican world to appreciate, too.
The blogger who quoted that "everyone knows that girls can't fish", ha ha, just caste the magic charm for you to land a lovely one. Good going!!

We start our Thanksgiving week today. I'll be away from my computer for about a week but will try to find you through my extended family's computers over the next several days.

With thanks and gratitude to you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with the world.

May you continue to be blessed each day and night. Lovely winds and good progress to you, my dear.

Happy Thanksgiving!
With love,
Mary, Maine, USA

duane said...

Great catch Jessica! Must have been kind of nice adding a little fresh meat to your diet. Hope "the boys" don't distract you too much... duane

Jennifer C said...

Hello Jessica,

Good for you! It's a beauty! I can't imagine you killing it to eat it. You are a real sailor. We are all very proud of you so keep up the good work.

Take care,

RichieParis said...

Great catch, Captain Jesse!
Another achievement! They will be countless before the end of your cruise.
Let's hope Mr Fish will be as tasty as it looks beautiful.
Silly might visit you again to claim its share, the lazy birdo!
I like the way you take care of your pink pal. You are matching well, and we all count on her to take care of you when you will sail in harder seas.
I guess the island must be cleared by now. The australian government could lodge some complaint against the kiribatian one about those unwelcoming currents they have around Kiritimati. They won't attract tourists if they repell people like that!
You look great on the pic, more like a teenager after a one-month holiday than like a lonesome sailor after one month on the ocean, and that is really a good sign for what is coming next.
Go, Jesse, Go and enjoy your adventure as we are hundreds of thousands to enjoy your blog, your wit, your courage and your smiling face!

graeme said...

is that a reak fish JW?
it looks a plastic replica, oh well it will all be in the tasting...

graeme and belle

Jan from Wellington, NZ said...

Hi there Jess. Well that looks a mighty fine fish - just enough to give you a couple of meals I suspect so no worries about storing it to keep it edible. Fish & chips - my favourite meal (and I'm 52).

I remember when i was about your age on a family holiday on our 40ft steel ketch sailing from Wellington NZ to the Bay of Islands. We caught a broad bill swordfish somewhere along the way and had to eat it for breakfast lunch & dinner for days on end because we didn't have a freezer and only a tiny fridge. Lucky there were 6 of us or we could have been still eating it!

Travel safe Jess, keep enjoying yourself and keep the blogs coming.

If I could I'd give you a great big hug right now.

Jan, NZ

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Good catch at last and I'm glad you'll be having fresh healthy dinner after all that time.
I do trust that those ready meals you are stocked up with are as good quality and well balanced as it is possible to find on the market these days, for sure.(I have actually checked their website). However, you just can't beat a fresh catch.
Please don't forget that the head, tail and possibly the remains of skin are the baits of your next dinner.

I've had a laugh about your mum's alarm. Your writing makes that blog soooooo enjoyable to read.
MUMS ARE MUMS, Jessica, what do you think.
I'm 40 and my mum 70+.
I would have thought that at my age I can tie my shoes and pretty much handle my life ok. Well, supposedly not in the eyes of the dear old lady, hahaha.

Have a good time. Stay safe.
emgb1 from South Wales, UK (GMT+0)

GlenF said...

Go Jess

Amazedbyou said...

Yummo Jess, what a nice fish !! Hope he was delicious. He looked it.

Still amazed as to the amount of "boat work" you do, a women's work is never done, even at sea.

Make sure you rest some after your restless night. (well, as much as you can) Thanks for another great update. Take care and see you tomorrow. Cheers.

Ps Yeah, watch out for all of those boys, you have many admirers and you can sail and fish...!! That makes you just about perfect.

The Griffs of WA. said...

Hey Jess.
Can't believe your fishing catch has made TV. Now that must mean we have all gone totally insane. Great photo and impressive fish. Hope it tasted good.

Take care

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

kina said...

News flash!...three big fishing boats seen throwing fish at pink yacht. Nah, just kidding:) Enjoy the fish with your french fries Jesse. Well done!

Hope the wind picks now!
Take care and happy sailing.

Ben (Qld)

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Hey Jesse

A fish, happy fish and chips for tucker...hope you kept a little for bait...really pleased the birds are happy to be nearby...homesickness comes and goes but I think I know how u feel when I was away from my family in England for 13 months....some days miserable but most of the time like u I just got on with it like you work chores and being busy. stay strong and watch out for those boys

...keep up the sleep where you can.

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

RichieParis said...

Well seen, Bernard-99!
We, from the northern half-globe, have the most well-behaved fishes, letting themselves be caught by southern fisherwomen visiting our waters.. :-))
But we have to confess that you, from the southern haf-globe, have the most ravishing and skilful fisherwomen! :-((
Both together make a yummy picture.
Well done, Jesse!

The Sandgropers said...

Well done mate
Your very first fish, we (me and the kiddies) were watching the 7pm project show on TEN. tonight and right at the end of the show they showed your photo with your fish, and said "yes Jessica caught her very first fish" which made the crowd laught.... so you are forging a big audience, well done mate
From Carl,Tania,Jacko,Sarah,Harrison,Oscar,Chase.

Helen said...

Fantastic! Mmm Fish and Chips - well I think you've earnt it - I have no idea how to fillet a fish of any kind so well done!

Soon to be heading South again...

- Helen UK

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You deffinitely need some meat after sailing for so long! I am glad for you plus it is not easy to catch a fish, so you rocked :)

Ann and Steve said...

Way to go Jess, finally a fish for you!!! Following your trip and wishing you the very best from Louisiana, USA

Rosemary, KingaroyQLD said...

Hi Jesse Well,I never knew there are TWO Christmas Islands, "yours" in the Pacific Ocean and "ours" in the Indian Ocean.
BTW,how are the leaks going? Were you able to fix them?
Are you always "clipped on" or only when you go on deck?Probably a silly question to you but I have never even set foot on a yacht.
Stay safe. Rosemary, Kingaroy QLD

Peter W said...

Well done on the fish Jessica! Now if you can only remeber exactly what you did to catch it...On a completely different tack, you may be aware the dreaded 'schoolies' week is upon us. Makes a very interesting contrast - you doing amazing things and inspiring people around the globe, while others about your age are drinking themselves into a stupor and doing silly things. I know what I think is more dangerous. Really highlights how unfair those critics of your voyage were.

Keep safe,
Peter in Sydney

Richard in Maryland said...

Excellent job! What a beauty!

Tuna is the best!

Take care,


mimo said...

Way to go Jesse, nice catch. I reckon it would be strange for you when you get back to land and hear all the noises. If anything it will probably annoy you. I don't think your mums got anything to worry about with boys. You seem to have your head screwed on properly. Lets face it, if you're mature enough to sail around the world on your own, you're mature enough to make the right decision re guys.
Just to let you know, I'm a 47 year old man who is is very happily married and has been for 28 years. My kids are older than you.
Anyway, enjoy your fish and chips and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Jessica - white feathers with a steel head on a line about 100m from the boat will catch you fish. Been doing it from a sailboat at sea for 30 years - never misses

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Congrats! I'm no fisherman, but that looks like one to be happy about, first or five-hundreth (?)! I'm with Mum, by the way, but offer 2 thoughts of consolation: Although men are more difficult than sailing around the world, once you've figured out the latter, the former should be possible, and, second, you can tell him to try it solo, unassisted! Fair winds and following seas. You're in our prayers.Tom,Missouri,USA

claudia said...

Beautiful catch Jessica!

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Dear Jesse,

Great news on the progress and the fish & chips!

You mention missing the "land noises". Its funny how we can get used to something, miss it when its not with us, and then wonder why we ever did when we're back in it. For me its snow. I haven't seen snow yet this year and in the north where I grew-up there was plenty of it by this time. Space, time and climate don't change much here and I love it, but once in a while I may have to go stomp through the deep snow and get cold again.

I guess you can always just go for another sail later.

Really enjoying your posts.

US Virgin Islands

Old Iron said...

Congratulations on your fish!

Anonymous said...

Fisherman - Congratulations on your accomplishments so far! Looks like a young Pacific Bonito to me. Did it flop around a lot after you caught it and was the meed pinkish - if so, it was a Pacific Bonito. Caught in the wild, some fish such as mahi-mahi, salmon, tuna, bonito and skipjack can cause scombroid poisoning, evidenced as a burning sensation around the mouth, followed by nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness and rash, however, that's pretty rare! Fair winds and smooth seas to you!

sunaqua said...

Whi is the "WE" you keep mentioning?? Do you have someone else with you????

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the fish! We read your blog each day and look forward to each entry.

Lisa and Brian

Alan said...

Hey Jess,
Good to see that you clearing Kiribati, and on the long run south. It must feel really good to reach such a waypoint and be in such great shape. Even better when you can celebrate it with some fresh fish....

Keep up the good work, the great writing and the fishing.

stay cool


Anonymous said...

hi Jess,
I have appointed myself as the head of Jessica Fan club in India.
My day starts reading your blog.
Keep up the good work dear.

Rob said...

Fantastic job!!! I don't exactly know my sea fish but that looks like a tuna to me! I knew you'd catch one soon. How did you prepare it??
I am envious of the sky you are able to see at night. It must be amazing when the moon is dark and the sky is perfectly clear. I bet it almost looks like there is more stars than actual black sky. And i bet someone did see you roll your eyes from space, the astronauts on the International Space Station and Atlantis! Be well today and look forward to tomorrows report!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Stu Timm said...

Hi Jessica;
Congrats on the little tuna - that is some good protein and a tasty dinner there. Be patient with tacking and running against the currents. I read of square riggers trying to make the east to west turn around the tip of South America long ago taking up to a month to make the turn. I'm sure Ella's Pink Lady points better than a 200 ton square rigger does.
Enjoy the journey as I enjoy reading your updates every day - thank you! And please stay safe!

Charlie E said...

Just another congratulation to add to the heap you got already, and I hope you really enjoyed the meal. I wonder if the buoys weren't in fact FADs (Fish Aggregation Devices). A FAD can be a very efficient means of bringing schooling fish together and there have been quite a number of FAD deployment programmes across the Pacific and Indian Oceans to assist the development of local fishing industries to target pelagic species. We have quite a few here, around the coasts of Papua New Guinea. Keep well and keep fishing.
Charlie E

Lindsey B said...

Awesome fish! That is definitely a BIG one!!! Keep it up!

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jesse,

Congrats! C'mon, that's a pretty good size! Lol, and yes, please be careful with those 'boys'!


Talan said...

Congratulations on the fish and not giving up.Hope you saved the filleting "mess" for your new bird visitors before you washed down EPL!

Eddie Offermann said...


Congratulations on adding some self-sufficient variety to your diet! It's a satisfying meal when you catch it yourself.

Mike said...

Congrats on the fish. Lots of people can catch fish, not as many can clean fish, another great character trait. It is a great think how good little things in life will happen to offset the strains we encounter.

Keep up the good work.

Mike Atlanta

Anonymous said...


At long last...the much awaited catch and what a shiny one!
Sally in Melbourne

HAWKEYE said...


Hey Jesse you thought you caught a fish - I've got one exactly the same at home - it's plastic. Alright I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Anyway bless you Jesse you held off until post-equator which meant I collected 75 bucks from my surf mates who had the fish money on you pulling one in before the equator.

Gee darl you look a little tired but you did say it was a sleepless night and perhaps by now you are around the island and can get some 'shut eye'. Remember look after Jesse and I'm pleased to see you in the safety gear and clipped on.

No doubt it will be better once you are clear of the islands and get into open sea again. Also as you work your way further South the weather conditions should become a little more pleasant out there. Hopefully, you get some time each day to relax. It will stand you in good stead for the Horn.

Anyway Jesse I'm with you all the way and as long as I can see that you are happy, eating well, getting enough rest and using your support team as you need to I will be happy you are doing everything to stay on top of things.

'til next time special one be careful, stay buckled up and be happy!!


RICHARD said...

Yeah, yeah, good stuff! (as JW might say)

Being raised in Gig Harbor I have fish quite a lot. I can tell you through first hand experience that fishing is not learning the art of catching, there are countless ways to catch fish.... (none of which works every time BTW) rather, fishing a lesson in patients. You, sailor, have earned an "A" in the course.

Like life, sailing around the world is a lesson in perseverance. Some days the conditions are perfect and the sailing is smooth. Other days are fill with the challenges of tacking against the current, with no wind and heavy sea where all of the waves are up hill and the difficulties are seemingly endless and insurmountable.

We all are taken by your determination, perseverance and patients. Jesse, I think you represent the best in all of us. Well done mate!

Have a good day. Let us know how the catch tastes.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Genesis 9:2
God's Covenant With Noah
The fear and dread of you will fall upon all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon every creature that moves along the ground, and upon all the fish of the sea; they are given into your hands.

Exciting post and pic, Jessica! Congratulations on your catch! Bonita, tuna, whatever -- it was given into your hands. Enjoy it! I know you will (have already?). Thanks for sharing about your homesickness, as I know we who are following you have all been wondering about that. And what a gift your Mum gives you letting you know she is still thinking about and worried about your future with the cyber-space boys even while you are all alone out there! Roll your eyes and endure! I will pray for you today as you carry on, asking for continued good health and safety, for that equipment on EPL you are caring so well for, and of course your family at home.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse, nice looking fish and no matter how you fillet it I'm sure you will enjoy it.I knew you would catch one soon. Enjoy !

Monika said...

Hi Jesse,

I wish you sucess, I watch you every day and I have to thank you that it is possible to do.
Have a great journey- Hugs from Monika from Germany
Be strong and brave!
Be carfull!

Anonymous said...

FOOD!! Way to go!

Tom in the USA.

riveter said...

Jess, how did you cook the yellowfin...I'd be inclined to have some sushi

US Navy Retired said...

Good catch Jess, your weather seems a bit better than ours here in Colorado (snow). KBO Jess KBO.

Anonymous said...

Nice fish! Hope it was delicious.

Very curious to understand why you're going out of your way to go around Kiritimati, as beautiful as I imagine it is based on the satellite view. Is this a requirement for the rules for your trip?

Watching your progress everyday and enjoying your adventure vicariously.

Bob from Phoenix, Arizona

Scott said...

Yay! A fish. Good job.

Julie, I imagine you're the one previewing the comments before they all get posted - you're right about boys - gotta watch 'em.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

It´s a very big fish! XD It looks like Plastic (I hope its the right word for the german word Plastik :)
I hope it taste good. Good Luck!
Michael F.

Mr. Canadian said...

Jesse I can Tuna guitar but I cant Tuna fish ☺☺☺.

Nice going see you can do it....


AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Is there a special greeting to one who has just caught a first real fish? Congratulations and Good Eating!

Does the fish cleaning count toward dissection for your biology curriculum? Did you take a photo to send to your science teacher? Ha ha!

Here in the States in most places, high schoolers need to take "home economics" which you are mastering quite well, too!

So delighted by your ship's log--I mean Blog! Thank you!

Mom Julie, hang in there! I'm sure you're not sleeping much, but we hope you can catch a wink here and there. You have amazing fortitude that comes from being supportive of Jessica's dreams. You are both cut from the same cloth obviously. Independent children who seem to be "old souls" keep us young and age us faster at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Well hotdiggity dog, that'll eat up nice!!! Mite wanna try making steaks instead of fillets, less waste and easier... p.s. be sure to thank the fish for feeding you and remind him he will live on through you... i'm native american, its something we always do
dan, charlotte, nc usa

ropisfwb said...

Looks like a fish to me!

Soooooooo.... it can't be, "just another fish story!"


Kerri said...

Bravo, Jess! Looks like a lovely meal. Hope you're done with Kitmi. for now and rolling along on open seas. You are right about the land sounds now and how you will miss the sound of the ocean ------- but it is all good and looks like you are having a wonderful adventure. Here in the States, it will be Thanksgiving this Thursday, most will be eating turkey but your fish looks lovely and I can only imagin how yummy, fresh from the ocean.

happy sailing from California,


Anonymous said...

Hooooraaaaay !

Finally... Nice catch !

I would have eaten fresh as sushi adn sashimi.

Hope that catch will keep your spirit strng...

Jon @ Va Beach

SaltyDog said...


As we say when we catch the first fish of the trip, "the skunk is off of the deck." Don't worry, that's a good thing. "Skunk" is slang for "zero" or "nil." That really is great and the pressure's off to get that first fish, now. Seeing the commercial fishing boats was probably a good sign that there are fish in the area. Now you know that your fishing gear is working just fine.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Here is a video of a guy filleting a salt water fish. This may help but don't cut yourself.There are other ways but this one is pretty good.

Tight lines.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Here is a video of a guy filleting a salt water fish. This may help but don't cut yourself.There are other ways but this one is pretty good.

Tight lines.

Meechree said...

you caught a fish! :D
Congratulations (:
Keep up the good work and be safe.
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Yeah, allright !!!
A fish. Fish and Chips.....

I like it.

Keep on sailing. Straight ahead !!!

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Congratulations!! Fish On!! Many more to follow I'm sure. My wife and I were in Florida bass fishing last week on vacation and she caught her first bass and loved eating it. We share in your delight. Hope the winds shift for you and you are able to get some good rest. Wishing you continued success and Godspeed. Mike

chirs coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Yay and grats for finally catching a fish! You got it right, it is a tuna... yummmmy! How did the fish taste?
Too bad about the tacking.. I was wondering what reach you were on going around the island. Hope you get to do some broad reaching soon.
I am with your Mum on the "boys"
Having a daughter who is away at school(and she shares the same name as u) is the scariest thing ever! So just be glad that she cares so much for you, you are so lucky to have such a nice mom.
Back to sailing.... I love seeing the pictures, are you taking lots to document this journey? I hope so :)
Now go and catch some more fish!!
chris from calif.

Robbie said...

Hi Jess great news u caught a fish looks like it would be yummy enjoy ur fish and chips, mums are suppose to worry about there boys aren't they but i am sue u have won a lot of hearts out there good sailing Robbie Tassie

Barbara said...

Well Done!!! You caught a fish! I read your blog daily. Yes, I am obsessed. I am mother and I worry about you and pray daily for you. You are an amazing young women! Enjoy your fish! Go, Jessie, Go, Go, Goooooooo!!!!!!!

From Sunny Southern California!

Anonymous said...

Lost the bet. Doesn't look like you've got "Hairstyling for Dummies" in your PC. Wasn't there somebody by the name of "Yolanda" giving you tips, how to look after your appearance ? Come on, give Jess a lecture, the 'boys' are expecting it !

Anonymous said...

Told you. Dynamite fishing does work, even in the open sea...

Jan said...

WELL DONE Jesse. Nice looking fish. Must let us know how it tastes. That was a good "Jesse" sized fish that you caught. Thanks for sending us the great photo.

I hope that you are not having to tack anymore and the currents are a little kinder so that you can catch up on a bit of sleep.

Have a great day, take care Jesse and keep safe.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Chicago Jim said...

That's a Beautiful Fish !

I'm proud of you, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Well done. A nice looking fish for your first one. I'm so proud of you.

When you're home sick a phone call home might help or emailing one of your friends. Sometimes just being able to share with someone how you are feeling helps a lot. You are doing so well and have such a happy disposition. It's okay to feel not 100% happy all of the time.

I hope you can catch up on a little sleep.

Take care and keep safe.

Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Julie (Mum)...Deep breath... RELAX !
Those boys are only virtually out there, via email. It's getting critical, when Jess is reporting the sight of dinghies on the horizon. But you're right: It's time to get quotes for barbed wire,to secure the landing zone in Sydney...

Anonymous said...

Nice Fish Jess! Looks like a Skipjack Tuna to me. Commonly known as Bonito. You still haven't told us what music you've taken with you. I'm picking "Its a Long Way There" Little River Band; "A Land Down Under" Men At Work; "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" Split Enz; :p)

Sail on silver girl
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine

~~SC from NZ

Anonymous said...

Ah, Jess, you amaze us... Did Mum stuff this plastic fish into the food bag or has it been hidden somewhere else in EPL. We 'boys' love every photo opportunity to see your lovely face...(Doc, quick, Mum's bloodpressure is on the rise !)

Anonymous said...

That's quite the fish! Hope it tasted good!
Nancy, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

O.K. Mum, a lecture in Australian Youth Law (and to those 'boys' out there...): Anyone drooling without a "Working with Children Card" - BLOG OFF !

Anonymous said...

...and on the next video we will see Jessica triumphantly holding a rubber chook toy by the neck, shouting in a Monty Python's Flying Circus fashion: "...ALBATROSS ! COME AND GET YOUR A L B A T R O S S !"

k878 said...

Yay!! Finally caught one!! Was it yum? Being the first one it would've tasted perfect!! Keep all these firsts rolling in Jess, you are doing a really good job!!

Alex said...

Hi Jesse,
Great blog looking forward to following your progress.
Nice fish too, that would go lovely with a few chips but guess your not going to get those where you are !
Be safe and good luck.

Nottingham, England

Marcus (Germany) said...

Hi Jesse,

told you you would catch your first fish in no time. Just hope besides frying it up you had some Sashimi as well. Doesn't get any fresher than that.
Congrats on crossing the line, been reading your blog religiously. Must have been a very emotional moment. You are so amazing. Don't complain about the changing wind, we here in Germany are suffering from very heavy storms these days. I envy you for the warmth and the sun!
Keep cruizin and say hi to the dolphins from me next time they visit!

Marcus (Germany)

John said...

I knew you would catch a fish. Good on you !
i hope it was yummy.
John, Sydney.

Sol said...

Well done Jess.... What on earth is your mum on about? Have you got a secret stash of young men in the cupboard?

Also, best stay clear of Christmas Island for the time being - it's a bit dangerous at the moment according to Aljazeera - lots of asylum seekers trying to escape to sail to oz... different worlds eh?

Anonymous said...

Morning Jess!
(Well I dint know that Kiritimati Island was Christams Island still being fairly new to Oz, so Ive learnt something new today).

That fish looks fantastic! Did you have any sweet chilli sauce to have with it? Ive never managed to catch a fish yet... Tried here in Redcliffe, Fraser, Double Island Point... but so far jsut seaweed and a plastic bag. My moutyh was watering when I saw the size of that fish! Hmmm, might be wirth going to Scarborough market later.
What do you mean by having to "tack" the yacht? (And how do you manange to keep your hair looking so good? :-) hee hee)

Hope you have a fab day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Congrats on catching your first fish, it looks like a skipjack tuna, also called bonito, they get up to 1 meter but most are about the size you caught or a bit larger. Next one you catch try drying fillets in the sun for 2-4 days if you can keep the birds, spray and rain off of it and bring it in at night...very good broiled or maybe baked shortly...experiment with the drying.

Steve from California

Amz said...

jess wow you caught a fish AND filleted it yourself :) you are such an amazing woman!! I hope the fish and chips were worth it!! it was a long wait!

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse,

What an awesome fish you caught!
Hope it tasted really, really nice!

Cya Jesse,

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
I guess you'd be southbound by now and glad of it.
Congrats on the fish, looks like a beauty. One photo tells a million words.
I know how your parents get concerned and worried about boy not buoys. Generally its a thing reserved for dad's When your 50 they will still worry. Its a genetic thing.
Nice your enjoying the birds, they will be gone soon, you've got some big patches of wide open coming up. I know you can handle it. Take care and watch the sun.
Fair winds and following seas.

Eli said...

I was somewhat worried that you wouldn't catch a fish at all during the course of you journey, but I'm glad now to see you finally caught one. Congratulations!!

As for your mom worrying, you already know that would be a natural response, so yeah, let it slide smoothly :D

Anyhow, I'm still praying for your well being and that you will be able to finish through your amazing journey. May God bless you always with his amazing grace. Amen!

Brother E

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

yeahhh, she caugt one! Congrats! I am happy for you (I don't eat fish) but that is great and it is a beautiful one too, the size just right!

Good observation Jessica! When you are at sea, you might miss some of the 'normal' sounds of living on terra firma, but equally so, when you are back home, you will also miss the sounds of the water, the boat and the sea!

A very nice passage from Joshua Slocums book, that might ring true for you too.

He was 72 days at sea without seeing a human being. near Samoa.

He said:

I was not distressed in any way during that time.
There was no end of companionship; the very coral reefs kept me company, or gave me no time to feel lonely, which is the same thing.........

This issue of missing is a funny one. I live half a year here in Australia calling it my home and half a year in Austria.
When I leave one place or the other, I always think, I will miss this or I will miss that, but I really don't.
I get right into living wherever I am and almost never think of the 'other' place with longing!

Watch out for the 'boys'!

Take care, keep well, have fun and above all keep safe,

Trudy, Austria, now in Mackay

Anonymous said...

Gongrats! Did fisk tasted good? Happy and safe sailing!
Nina from Finland

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

Glad to see you caught a fish at last. Hopefully it tasted as good as it looked.

Sail on,

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Recovering here from the flu, and feeling jealous of you gloating serenely out there in the tropical sun !
Congratulations on the fish - now you can take comfort in the fact that you won't go hungry, even if you go through all your food bags !

We'll be getting ready for Thanksgiving here in the US over the next few days, so we'll make sure to toast you on Thursday when we dig in.

All the best,

Brian in NY

danma said...

Hey Jess, we were so excited for you for catching your dinner. More of that to come.
Hopefully you will catch up on some sleep & have a few naps to fill up the sleep bank.

Stay safe, enjoy every second of your amazing journey.

LarryB said...

Alright Jessica! Not just the Captain of your own ship but provider of fresh food too! :-) Are you using lures and a rod or live bait and a hand line Jess? A three inch long, plain silver spoon, with a treble hook on the end, should just slay the fish where you are. :-) Bon Voage for the balance of your amazing trip! You are an amazing girl!

Safe sailing...

Anonymous said...

Was that fish lost!
Best of luck

Noel said...


Good for you that you finally got a fish. I hope the fish and chips were yummy.

Thanks for the info on your "chores" they are very interesting to us land lubbers.

Great to see you made the U turn and are now heading south

Keep up your spirits

Safe sailing and good winds

Noel Novice sailor Canberra

trentgs said...

Awesome.Looks just the perfect size for you! Frying it up in flour or cornmeal? were you using the lure or natural bait? I bet that was frustrating having to tack over and over.
Are the reefs a problem? I hope not.
Hope the meal was everything you wanted it to be! Fresh and Tasty! Well you can notch off that achievement. You can't say you aren't a 'fisherman' many more!!

What time zone are you in now?

Anonymous said...

yahooooooo well done jessica...

Brian said...

G'day Jess
Well at last you've got some bait now you can go after the big fella's (just kidding) Did it eat well? Glad to hear you are keeping a close eye on the rigging make sure it's ready for Cape Horn.
Must be time to start surfing down the hill, GO Jess.
Regards Brian.

Languid said...

I've been looking through 'Grants' to try to identify your fish for you. It's hard to tell (because of the flash of light on it's belly, but if it had four or so stripes longitudinally along it's undersides, it is probably a "Skipjack" Tuna. Highly prized, and an important fish of the Industry in California.
If it only had scales near the pectoral fin, it was probably a "Dogtooth" Tuna.

Following your progress via John Stokes on ABC Coast FM, proud of you and your spirit.


Jay-Sea said...

Congratulations on the fish Jess looks a good size for one person to enjoy a meal or two. Hope you get a chance to catch up on some sleep today. Fair winds and safe sailing

Suzanne said...

A nice eating fish as well, raw or cooked.

well done

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

i was beginning to think there weren't any fish left out there! i mean 35 days and this is the first one you caught?!?

nice job; that should keep the crew happy for awhile, huh?

be safe, be well, be happy!

richmond, VA

p.s. the word verification for the blog is "shipin"! hmmmm.....

Vijay T. said...

Hi Jess
Hope you enjoyed your fish & chips last night - Yay! nothing like some good fresh fish.
Stay safe girl and keep up the good work.


Vijay - Brisbane Australia

Cedric said...

Dear Jessica,

My compliments with your catch! Nice fish and pic! Hope you will have a nice dinner!Is it correct of me you go south again? I think you do it very well. Sail save.

Gr, cedric (holland)

Tim said...

Great to see all is going well. Hopefully all the doubters are hanging their heads. Take care out there & fair winds. Tim

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess! I'm a fellow fisherwoman as well! Nice job on the catch!

I'm a 21-year-old going to college in Alabama (in the U.S.) and I happened to hear about your voyage and actually had the opportunity to write about it in our school paper! It got me so interested that I began keeping up with your blog. I must say I very much admire you - especially your cooking skills! It sounds like you've got everything under control out there and I have to admit I get a bit jealous when I read about you jamming to your music in the vast, blue ocean. Which reminds me, what kind of music do you listen to? Anything I would be familiar with?

Keep up the good work! :)
Myra from the States

danny said...

hey jess,

great job catching your first fish
looks like its going to be great eating. would be nice to go get a line wet.

thanks for keeping us all up to date with your trip
it makes for good reading very day

stay safe
danny victoria

P_Stevenson said...

Hi! Jessica,
It hs been a few days since my last post to you due to shifting. I am glad that your trip is progressing along smoothly without any major problems. I have read up on your posts to catch up which you have experienced a few interesting moments. Keep safe and stay focused.

Pete. (Canberra)

Ian said...

I thought to look at your Latest News segment of your page, fully expecting to see the headline emblazoned across the page "JESS CAUGHT A FISH ... AT LAST" but fame has passed you by yet again. LOL

I was interested to hear you tell us about your tacking back and forth to make your boat go where you wanted it to and to read of all the little jobs that just have to be done to keep Ella clean and seaworthy.

However, the highlight is not just Mum's concern and the eyerolling visible from space, but the fish. If Hemingway can write a short book about his old man battling a fish, I reckon you can too. It will be very publishable.


Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

hi Jess,
that looks like a Bonito!
best thing to do now is to get the line right back out there.

Anonymous said...

Jess, I've been following your progress from my office computer in New York. For the rest of your life, you'll always remember what you're doing now, so enjoy it and stay safe. (And do I envy you!!)


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Had a feed of fish yet? Fresh fish great tucker....what do u use for bait a lure or now bits of fish left overs?

I see you have turned a little to the Sth...very exciting and challenging in the weeks ahead. Your clear mind is working well for u. I had a saying to bore u with but it is so boring I have deleted it .... yawn

Stay strong

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

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