Tuesday, November 24, 2009

South Again

We crossed back into the southern hemisphere this evening, its nice to be back home! I said a quick hi to Neptune and thanked him for the fish! Still no sign of the big red line though, I'm starting to think that all this water must have washed it away?!

More of a quiet day out here, nothing too exciting just keeping up with all the ins and outs, doing a little school work, reading and napping. Mostly we've made great progress and have had some light squalls come through. The squalls didn't give us any more than gusts of 20 knots of wind but that was just enough to make conditions just a little too wet to have the hatches open, making life pretty hot and sticky. Did I mention I'm looking forward to some cooler weather?

Plenty of open water ahead for the next few days so it will be nice to have some more uninterrupted sleep and I'm itching to put some miles behind us. Bob's latest forecast predicts south easterly winds, so looks like we'll be able to make some good progress south but none east for a while.

Hey guys, loving all the comments and support but please don't worry if I miss a blog now and then, I write when I can and love doing it, but sometimes I have to put the time and energy into something else. Just remember, I'm always in contact with the support team and chances are, if you don't hear from me, I'm just too busy sailing and having fun!

Back to Easyfoods for dinner tonight after that last of the fish for brecky, oh and yes it was really tasty!



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Michal, Czech Rep., Europe said...

GO JESS GO!!! keeping my fingers crossed for you. You're doing fine, I'm so happy to read it and I sort of envy you. I've never sailed a boat like yours and I'm just trying to imagine what it's like. And your blog helps me a lot!:-)

Good luck and wind!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you.

David from Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've following you and reading your blog 4 over 4 months, and every morning first this I do I'd check your blog. I just want to wish you good luck and stay strong :)..

Chadi (Quebec, Canada)

TheCarterFamily said...

I get to be the first comment today. Wow!! Well I haven't written anything in the past week but I read everything you wrote. It's actually fun to read about 5 blogs all at once because it's like a chapter of a book. I cant't put it down and it adds a thread to the whole voyage.
The crossing of the red line, the salute to Neptune, the traditional dunking, the bouy hitting the pink lady, the birds, and especially the fish. I cheered when I saw the heading of that blog and immediately went down to look at the picture. What a beautiful fish and what an achievement. Good for you. By the way who cares about the mess you should have seen what I did to my mom's kitchen after I cleaned my first Trout. Yuk!! what a mess.
Im glad you are moving south again into cooler weather. You know I think about you every so often during the day and say I wonder what Jessica's doing right now?. Then I send a little prayer and go on with my day.
Thank you for being you and letting me share your experience.
God Speed and Safe Journey!!!

Helen said...

Glad you enjoyed the fish! Just wait till you get back down South - you'll be missing the heat then!

Pleased to hear you have some more favourable conditions for the next leg of your amazing trip, enjoy it!

- Helen (UK)

John and Janet said...

A new leg and new hope. We are following you everyday and wish you fair winds and following seas!

John and Janet
older sailors
Southern Ontario, Canada

Gabe said...

Sounds like fair winds gave you a good push in the right direction.
Good news.
Congratulations on rounding the island and heading South.
It was lovely to read this, in your news section:

"Whilst everyone was rightly celebrating her crossing of the equator last week, the rounding of Kiritimati was in my opinion a far more significant achievement, as it has required a very high level of sailing skills to do so and Jess has come through with flying colours.”

So true, you should be very proud of yourself.
Personally, I'm amazed that you find the time to blog "almost" every day.
Check in when you can.
Know our good thoughts, wishes and prayers are always with you.
Maryland USA

Stu Timm said...

Hi Jessica;

Welcome back to your "home" hemisphere of the southern part of the globe. Can you enlighten us (when you have the time) as to how you handle your navigation? More to the point: Do you check your SatNav plotting with the old sextant? If so, do you use a noon sight or star sights or both?
Thanks again and fair winds and seas to you and Ella's Pink Lady!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse!

Thanks heaps for writing almost everyday! Gives me something cool to look forward to. Sounds like ur having alot of fun. It must feel awesome to know so many ppl r watching ur progress. I know i will be to the end. Best of luck


adam said...

good luck i love ur comments each day u can do it .....adam y

bernie777 said...

hi it me again ...Bernie 777...I live in Poland...but many of my Aussie friends are on your Blog ...hi to Bonnie from Melbourne...and Shelley from Arizona....the puppies are growing up at Martinville .pl....and we are so happy to have so many visitors too...you must write and tell us how the fish tasted...and you must be getting really exited about the big waves in the southern ocean....safe journey Jessica...well done....

Rob said...

I think the red line was caught on some other keel before you got there.
How do you keep motivated to do your school work? I'd be thinking, "I have plenty of days to catch up."
You say not to worry if you don't write, but what am I to do while I eat breakfast?? I enjoy keeping up with you and I hope you continue to have smooth sailing.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

I just pulled up Google Earth and placed a yellow pin marker in Kiritimati and another at Cape Horn. It tells me you are now on an approximate 5,500 NM run to the cape.

Wow, that's some miles and I am thinking, in the future months, what your route tracker will look like with all of the pink droppings all across the Pacific representing you position reports and blog postings.

Whomever came up with that method is to be congratulated. It really gives us landlubbers a real sense of the distance you have traveled.

I am not one of those who go into panic mode if you skip a day on the blog. However, I can also understand all those looking for any scrap of new news. This is just an indication of the tremendous following you have worldwide.

If you ever read the history of Magellan's voyage, he also complained about the same thing. Everyone always wanting an update to his blog; more pictures, more emails.

LOL - (bad joke)

I also have to hand it to whomever is charged with the responsibility of going through all of the comments and weeding out those inappropriate comments for such is the nature of some folks who prowl the internet. Hopefully, not too many however, but I am sure there are a few.

That's it for now and I am sure you are looking forward to some cooler weather.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Yeah we (your constant worriers) worry when there is no blog. But relieved when one comes through. So glad that the fish was good - it was a beauty!
Keep going kiddo

Hummer Man said...

Glad to hear the fish was tasty and your voyage is going so well. Did anyone ever figure out what kind of fish it was? Fair winds and smooth seas to you! You've already accomplished quite a bit!!

charley said...

Hi Jesse,
Nice catch Jesse, good for you tastes good too.
Great Sailing - The long detour ' requiring entering the Northern Hemisphere ' is over.
Now a long way DOWN and EAST to tick off Cape Horn passage then
EASTWARD all the way back home - a short run N to Sidney Harbour and a Grand Celebration. All the Best All the Way, Charley

Richard Lathrop said...

Sail on!
I (we) understand.
Your blogs are just the icing in the (cup)cake. They are not keeping EPL afloat.
But you know that we love to hear from you and root for you. The frequency has to be up to you.
Don't wish too hard for cooler weather because you might just get it in spades.
News reports have reached New England of Icebergs off the coast of New Zealand.
Now something like that could keep you awake!

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Mike D said...

Great Job Jess!

Really, really enjoyed the last few blogs (just caught up today). We're all very proud of your accomplishments thus far. What's left to say but keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy the ride! So, so proud and happy for you!

Be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Anonymous said...

nice going jessica, going towards cape horn your next destination have fun at the cooler ocean, hope that you'd catch bigger fish, ps if you get a chance while your down at cape horn to see some pengiuns plz take photos thanks. tayt from gold coast

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for coming to visit us up here on top of the world. It was nice to have you with us, if only for a few days !

Please don't pay attention to folks 'worrying' because you haven't updated the blog every 24 hours. Some of us - most, I hope - realise that you are doing a job and actually have a boat to sail, that you have family and friends and the team to check in with, and that updating this blog is a luxury, not a necessity. So thanks for updating it when you can, but don't sweat it if you can't. ('m sure the weather is hot and sticky enough as it is !)

Best of luck on the trip down south again. Although, dare I say it, enjoy the warm weather while you have it ? No doubt it will be cold and wet when you're rounding the capes !

Enjoy the day, and keep catching up on those naps. You'll be glad you've had them later on. Sleep is a good reserve to build up; while you'll have no troubles on the later legs of the voyage, nevertheless the better prepared you are the easier you'll find it !

All the best,

Brian in NY.

SailAway said...

I'm pleased to read about your adventure and wish you all the best from switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the "south", and congrats. on the first fish of the journey. Stay safe, and keep up the great blog!!

John, From Florida

Chris said...

Hey Jess
Keep it real, smooth sailing,

Hugo said...

Way to go Jessica!. As always, a pleasure reading your blog. Tell us, What do you read?
Safe winds,

Mike said...

Heading to see my family for our Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S. so I will miss your blog for a couple of days. Will keep say a special thank you for you being safe and for you support teams peace of mind.

Don't worry about the bloggers who maybe miss your blogsa abit too much. That's a tad on the crazy side.

Smooth sailing and happy days to you.

Mike Atlanta

Islanders said...

Well done - you're going great guns - bet the fish tasted really good (we had calamari tonight, lovely, but from a frozen pack!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Enjoying your updates so much! Besides sailing, you have a writing talent. Could you briefly explain "tacks" since I know nothing about sailing(but now have interest)? I am captivated by what you are doing and wish you the best.
Happy sails,
LFR from the USA

Roy - Gold Coast said...

Looks like everyone's gone to sleep except you and me Jess!

Keep careful watch and welcome back to the Southern Hemisphere!

Onwards to Cape Horn and homeward bound!

Roy GCoast

PS I'm sure you know it's "Schoolies" here and believe me... you aren't missing anything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Welcome back to our part of the world! Hopefully you'll catch another fish or two to supplement your dried and canned foods. It sounds like a bit of fresh fish made a very nice change for you.

Even though the winds are possibly not all that favourable for you at the moment, I dont think it will be all that long before you get all the westerlies you desire and you will make great progress.

Love your blogs. I'm sure you could become a writer if you ever decide to give up sailing! Keep up the incredible stuff you are doing and stay safe!

Kind Regards, Martin,Canning Vale W.A.

jo from perth said...

Hey Jesse,
I didn't realise from you last post just how much work it was for you to go around Kiritimati Island. It was only after reading what Bruce had to say and other bits i have read that i came to know just what a night it was for you, with your modesty it is hard to know these things. I hope you will accept my belated congratulations on your achievement and forgive my ignorance on all things sailing. I keep reading too how other people say they went back and read all of your blogs. Once again i didn't realise there was all the lead up to the journey, so l spent a wonderful morning starting at the beginning of you blog.
You shouldn't even need to write that you post when you can and sometimes you may be too busy. I am grateful from any posts from you and it just makes it that bit more exciting when I check your blog and see there is a new one.
Glad to hear you have made it back across the equator and into the Southern Hemisphere again.
I am so happy you enjoyed your fish and hope it's not too long til your next fishy comes along.
Jesse thankyou, thankyou for sharing your journey, you have me got me hook, line and sinker.
So i wish you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
You mentioning thanking King Neptune for the fish reminded me of "So long and thanks for the fish". That was the last of the series of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if you've ever read the books. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the fish. Sounds like you managed to get a few feeds out of it.
Glad to hear you're back in the southern hemisphere and back in open water and making good progress south.
I so agreed with Bruce's comments about your achievements on rounding the island being much more commendable than sailing straight through the equator due to it being more of a novelty than a testament to your sailing capabilities. But that's not to say that your crossing the equator is diminished in any way. After all, going from Pollywog to Shellback is indeed a big deal in itself.
It was good to hear from you again, as always. I hope you enjoy these next few days of easy breezy sailing south easterlies. Stay safe, take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

SaltyDog said...


Good job getting around Kiritimati. It's probably nice to have a long strech of open water now and a little less tacking for awhile. Don't worry about taking a break from the blog. You have plenty to keep you busy and deserve some time to relax and have fun.

Hope your brief visit to the northern hemisphere was good and memorable. Come back again sometime.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Us southern Hemispherions welcome you back .
Always great reading your blog.

Andy said...

Hi Jesse,

Andy from Italy here!
Good to hear you crosse bacj the equator and pointing to south...someone should draw a line in the ocean so you don't need a gps to know that you crossed the line! :-)

cheers from cold Italy, good to see you that you have hot, funny and busy days!


Grant Fjermedal said...

@AndrewBA a couple of days ago typed out a HUGE list of the different places from around the world that are watching Jessica's voyage -- and that was just from counting those who have posted a comment.

I counted 37 countries in the list AndrewBA put together.

ANY VOLUNTEERS? Would be cool if someone with more time than I have could organize a list by countries (and by states and towns within countries) and periodically update and re-post the list just to see how wide Jessica's audience is.

Imagine the list will only grow as she heads toward Cape Horn, and all the adventures beyond.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

grego said...

Congratulations and welcome back to down under ! Keep up the great work and bloggs! You are taking us all on a great adventure of a lifetime - and i feel we are there with you for a brief moment of every day ! Say hello to all your dolphin mates and bird visitors who drop in on you from time to time for us. That must be nice to have some company. Thank you also for your literary efforts - they are much appreciated. Go Jessica !
Cheers, Grego.

Anonymous said...

Hi jess
nobody should be worried about you not posting a blog, you are on the trip of a lifetime and for your own safety and enjoyment the blog although very interesting to follow and even if it has become a ritual for thousands to follow on a daily basis is definetly not as important as your own fun and safety, anyway i am sure when you head further south we will probably be hearing less and less from you.

Keep fishing and having fun

Stuck in a hot kitchen getting ready for lunch in miami, florida, usa

Lou said...

Glad to hear you're having fun Jessica. The cooler weather will be with you before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to come back North and see us again... ya hear!?

Bruce, Michigan

janel said...

Easyfoods sounds like something I need! Take care, be safe, and I hope you continue to have the time of your life. Turn up the music and dance!

Jen said...

Hey Jessica!
Very nice to hear that you're not alone. Just wanted to say that there are 'friends' watching out for you wherever you are. This planet is populated by such heart achingly beautiful creatures and it's so very nice to know that you are meeting some of them in the most out of the way places. My husband Chris and I, Queenslanders, live in Ecuador, South America and now that you have crossed back over our 'line' we just wanted to welcome you to the perimeters of this mighty continent. May it's people's good hearts keep you safe. We send our thoughts across the wave! Chao

RedHoney said...

Welcome back to the southern hemisphere! I love reading your blog I think your drive and dream is fantastic. If my kids have goals and vision like you when their 16 I will be a proud mother. I read your updates to my children all the time they love it! They are 10 9 and 7. Well continue to have fun whilst working hard. Our thoughts and prayers ate with you. You will do it!!
Melissa Qld

Anonymous said...

Well, final congratulations on your trek into the Northern Hemisphere. Hopefully, when you've completed your voyage, you'll make it back and, perhaps, try some of our dry land. We get spoiled, I guess, with your regular blogs, but certainly understand you have plenty of things to tend.
Is your next milestone the date line? We're praying for you and for fair winds and following seas.
Tom, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

It is great to see you're full on heading south again. The first lap well over, onto the next. What islands are you heading to next? Or does that completely depend on where the wind will take you?
There is a 13 year old girl, here in Holland, who wants to sail the world, just like you. In the end the court got involved and a judge said she wasn't allowed to go. Did you hear about this? And could you imagine having done this trip at a much younger age?
Every time my mind wanders of to you and your little boat (when I'm at work, at the busstop, doing the dishes)I feel a sense of freedom and adventure! Thanks for that!
Good sailing!

Kim and Bill said...

Howdy Jessica! Just got back from a long sunrise walk thinking of you! It's 16 degrees, F. here. The fish looked yummy and it's good you have a steady breeze and are heading south! You have so many followers and we're all wishing you the best!
Cheyenne, WYOMING, USA

Anonymous said...

Study hard and enjoy your rest, you have sure earned it!!!
~Deidre NC, USA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, going again south... Didn't you like northern hemisphere? ;)

Sofia - Bulgaria

That one girl said...

My hubby says your his new hero! Go get em girly!

Paul said...

You are such an inspiration. I really enjoy reading your blog every morning. I'm glad you have time to write now. We're all wishing you the best.

thefoxhole said...

Hi, Jessica
Nice fish! it's bigger than anything I ever cought, great photo . I like your trip so far can you come back and pick me up? no really I mean it. Anyway I love your photos and videos on youtube.
It's down hill now so keep your foot on the brake, see ya.

Anonymous said...

Way to go , you have shaken the no fish monkey of your back ...looks like there will be no stoppin ya now ....gotta say maybe bigger hooks will get bigger fish !! not that i am a fisher ....hope you enjoyed it ...keep up the great work Jess ,and yes watch those boys !!...best wishes from the Amps Family in mandurah WA ( again )

Bob said...

...and you were s-o-o-o close to Hawaii !

Congrats on the crossing.

Fair Winds

Anonymous said...

the first comment today XD
by from the northern hemisphier
m. f.

Kathy Haynie said...

Best wishes from Portland, Oregon. I enjoy reading your blog every morning. You are in my thoughts and prayers. So glad you caught the fish!

Ash said...

Hey Jesse, don't worry about missing a blog, just concentrate on catching more yummy fish :-)

Good luck, hope the weather is really good for you as you're heading south.

claudia said...

It's always good to see where you are and what you've been up to! I know we all get a little antsy when we don't hear from you, I understand, it's not like you are just laying around out there, doing nothing!
I'm glad to hear that all is well, and that you enjoyed your first catch! I hope there willo be more to come for you!
Happy sails to you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us that you are in good hands (yours and your teams). Happy sailing. Take care,
L.G., Seattle, USA

Mark said...

Congratulations on finally making it back southbound and into more open waters. At least now you know that you have some cooler more comfortable days ahead. Glad to hear that the fish was tasty; I hope that you catch another one very soon.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong

Atlanta, GA (USA)

Anonymous said...


Greetings from California! I'm so happy you were able to add some fresh fish to your menu. I hope you have more birds like Silly join you in your travels. Safe travels~


Anonymous said...

hi jess , your doing a great job, you are so brave also being out there in middle of the ocean all by your self. keep it up. Pete, Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Welcome back into your side of the world. I took a look in my atlas and I can see that you have some days of sailing before you come to an area with a lot of small islands. In that area you might catch some fish again.
I can imagine how much you have to take care of on Ella's Pink Lady. You are doing a great job Jessica. I have my friends round the world and sometimes it can become difficult for me to sit down and find out what to write about.
You tell us on land, a fantastic story.
Sail on safe.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jesse,
Figured you'd crossed that red line again, now its all the way south, and its going to start to get more interesting from now on, you'll need all your energy so yeh don't worry about the blog, I know Tas Coast have been calling you the last two days but you've obviously been busy...

Can't imagine having fish for breaky, give me WeetBix any day!

20 Knots is a reasonable gusty wind, if you have plenty of that in your sails you'll make good ground and will be soon back in a cooler climate, its been a nice 20 odd degrees here in Melbourne today...

How long do you think it'll be before finally entering Drakes Passage?...about 40 days you think?

Anyway Jess...take care, you young salt you...;)

Clint - Melbourne town

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jess, hopefully you can make some good progress in the next few days. Welcome back to the better hemisphere.

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse, you must be doing exceptionally well as the comments from Bruce Arms are glowing and well and truly highlighted in the latest news update. So well done darl that must give you a lot of confidence as you head towards Everest.

Back on the Easyfood I see but dinner and breakfast must have been a bit of a banquet - remember the so called good things also have their limitations but the Easyfood, she a stayer and in for the long haul. Nevertheless, I suspect now you have the taste there will be more F&C before Sydney.

You sound in good spirits today and, as you say, the weather will get cooler making conditions for you on the boat a lot more comfortable. Furthermore, now that you are back in open water, hopefully, you will have an opportunity to catch up on some sleep - and that is very important, Jesse.

So happy for you having done such a masterly job getting around the island - 'til next time, special one, remember safety first, stay clipped on, and be happy.


Anonymous said...

We you get down to the southern tip of South America and things get really busy, if someone from the home base team could post a blog entry indicating..."hey, we've talked with Jessica today on the satellite phone and she's busy sailing the boat. Stay tuned." would be appreciated. That way we'll all know you are OK and we'll just need to wait another day to hear from you.
Jeff from Indiana, USA

Anonymous said...

................)-BLOW WIND BLOW

A welcome breeze coming along to get you on your way down south Jesse.
Smooth sailing
Sally in Melbourne


Captain Jessica:

Congratulations on the Second Crossing!


MikeFitz said...

Welcome back to the southern hemisphere! Best wishes for smooth sailing -- Mike

RICHARD said...

Great to hear you and EPL are speeding along again. However, next time you must stay a while on our side of the line. Besides the fact, as you well know, that the fishing is better, we have a few more places and things of interest we would love to share with you. (Although it only has an abundance of chocolate to offer, even Hershey Penn. might hold you for a while)

Kidding aside, you are more than welcome back any time. No worries about lodging, I am quite sure you would have tens of thousands of offers from those of us who are traveling with you.

One more thing... by your comments about us all worrying and your missing a daily blog now and then... perhaps your brother or Mom or Dad, could post a simple sentence stating that you are well but too busy partying it up to get to sending us our Jessica fix.

Good sailing and many blessings,

See Ya Sailor!

Nighthawk said...

Hi Jessica.

I'm following your adventure with much enthusiasm and envy. I've always dreamed about such a voyage. A quick question for you, though. Have you noticed any unusual bioluminescence phytoplankton in the wake of the Pink Lady at night? Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Whatever you can manage by way of posts are fantastic - really I'm astounded how much you consistently share with us. But don't let the blog steal too much away from the time and energy you need to enjoy being in the moment of every little experience along your travels.

Best wishes from Melbourne

Scott said...

I'm glad you'll get to have smooth sailing for a little while. It will be nice to start getting back to cooler weather - I sailed in the Bahamas and it was miserably hot during the day.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

DeanB said...

Hi Jesse, I've been following you from the start but haven't commented yet, just saying hi and good luck with more fishing (and the whole project of course!) Someone asked me "would you let your daughter do that?" and I just had to say, "Sometimes you can't stop them."

I'm learning lots of geography looking up all the islands you're passing.

Dean near Boston Massachusetts, USA (42 North)

M said...

Hi Jess,
Just wishing you the best from Maine, Mo and Judy

PortcullisChain said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


I heard about your plans a while ago on television here in the States. I'm so glad I found your blog today. Yours is truly an inspirational story to admire, even from afar. I now have something worthwhile to read and invest my thoughts in. I wish you nothing but the best and can't wait to see more of you on the tele when you get back home. You are a hero to many, and deservedly so.

Always be true, always be you.

Sjoerd said...



bon voyage!

anger, no management required said...

what music are you listening to?happy days,thomas

Richard in Maryland said...

Thanks for the update. With all you have going on, the last thing you need is pressure to keep your fanclub entertained.( Although you do that quite well). You were right when you said your biggest worry was all the people worrying about you!

I have a feeling that the weeks to Cape Horn will pass very quickly. Now is the time to check and double check equipment and procedures. I'm sure that your support folks have you doing drills like putting up the storm sails, going over storm tactics,and making sure everything that can be nailed down in the boat is nailed down so it can't fly around. You don't want to get beaned by a can of beans!

I'm with you in spirit as you start this next leg.

Virtually Yours,
Richard W

PS. You have a great sense of humor!

tom paine said...

Great to hear you doing well. We're watching you here in the states each day. Good luck with the upcoming Cape.
Carlisle, PA

Brian said...

Shout out to Jessica!

Old Iron said...

back to the southern hemisphere already. Hope you can return to the the northern hemisphere sometime and stay longer.

tell us a little about your school work

Anonymous said...

Looks like a bonito tuna, YUM!

Anonymous said...

It's great to match your voice again with your words--thanks for the Skype contact with 7 PM Project, even if we are listening in from the States! How exciting to be around Christmas Island--must feel like Christmas!

There was a 6-point-something earthquake in Tonga, so hopefully no associated waves with that for you or anyone else.

Continued safe journey, Jessica!

Russ, said...

Nice going Jesse.
It wont be long before you are in the cooler weather. Glad to hear you enjoyed the fresh fish. Catch a few more when you get a chance. Very interesting stories, almost like being along. Excellent narratives. Best wishes from up north..Russ/Byron Bay/Calgary

Anonymous said...

I love the updates! The video was fun yesterday with you dumping water on your head. Glad you are having fun. Take lots of photos!!! :)

tom said...

following you from south florida in the U.S.... good luck!! tom

Stanlee said...

Ahhhh, finally a fish and even more progress. I can tell you are listening to yourself and doing what you need to do. The blog is awesome and you should write when the feelings strike. Listening to your own inner voice is the most importatant part of the journey. You know better than anyone when, what, and how to be you. Great offerings to Neptune! The power within the ocean is so amazing. As Rumi said...we aren't a drop in the ocean, we are the ocean in a drop.

Jessica's Jokester said...

Dear Ms. Line Double Crosser..

We all know you are a young woman, but, at least momentarily, you are actually an old man!! It’s true!

I'm guessing you’ve already figured this over but, since you were originally covering the southern hemisphere and moving north during this time of year, that means you passed the sun going the other direction on your way toward the equator. Now, after turning around, you will meet it coming back toward you again sometime after December 21st (assuming your average speed stays constant with what it has thus far) and you will end up finding it directly above you (again) and will experience TWO longest days of the year.

Why does this make you and old man, you ask? I'll tell ya. I call this the "Hemmingway Theory". It gets a little lengthy, but check it out in the following explanation:

A man goes out and buys the fastest car available. He takes it out for a drive and, while doing so, stops for a red light. An old man pulls up next to him on a little scooter.
The old man looks over at the sleek car and says "That sure is a fast lookin' car ya got there, sonny.".
The dude replies, "It can go 320 miles per hour!"
The old man asks "Can I take a look inside?"
"Sure" replies the owner.
So the old man pokes his head in the window and looks around. "That's a pretty nice car, alright.”
Just then the light changes, so the guy decides to show the old man what his car can do. He floors it, and within 10 seconds the speedometer reads 320. Suddenly, the guy notices a dot in his rear view mirror. It seems to be getting closer!
Whhhoooooooooossssshhhhhh! Something whips by him going three times as fast!
Then, ahead of him, he sees the dot coming back toward him.
Whooooooooooosh! It goes by again… and it almost looked like the old man on the scooter! It couldn't be, thinks the guy. How could a little scooter run circles around such a fast car?
Then, he sees it again in his rearview mirror coming at him from behind and an amazing speed. BAM!!! It plows into the back of his car..
The guy jumps out and discovers that it is the old man and runs up to him, "You're hurt bad! Is there anything I can do for you?"
The old man replies "Yeah… unhook my elastic suspenders from your side mirror!"

See how that works?? The car is the sun… and you are the old man on the scooter! And, since you are sailing the ocean, not only are you the old man, but the old man and the sea! The "Hemmingway” Theory… get it??

Hey, if you’ve read this far, you have way too much faith in me! Better get back to your chores. :-)

~Al yer pal~

Lance said...


Sailor is as Sailor does!! Rock on.


Bubba Gyllmal said...

I love what you're doing! Thank you a lot for making your dream come true and by doing so giving me hope of someday achieve my own.

All love;
Your supporter in Finland! (Pretty far away :D, we've got winter up here, it's dark and wet, +4C, wish I could be there)

Chas. "The Red Lion" said...

Keep it going Jessica. Love your blog. It's like reading each chapter in a great book.
Glad the fish was tasty.
Safe sailing.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Good to hear you are now clear and heading south again.

As always you blog is fantastic reading. Completely understand about you writing blogs with all the other things you have going on. It is great reading them whenever you post them.

I have just arrived in Singapore and I was watching the flight map and it had the equator line on it. I could not help but think of you 12,000m below me being that tiny pick dot in that vast ocean re-crossing the line.

Look after yourself.

Take care and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Have been reading your blog pretty much daily. That is quite a task you have taken on at your age. Glad to hear you are having a great time and are making good progress. Nice fish you got there too.
From Vancouver Island, Western Canada. Take care and be safe, Eric

Anonymous said...

Aww doesn't matter if you miss a post or two on your blog, you got a ship to sail.
Enjoying your stories, been following progress since day 5.
Saw yesterday you have almost sailed to Hawaii, that's a long way from home, ya doing fine. Cheers lass

Kevmiester from Perth

Mr. Canadian said...

Nov.24/2009 10:00am

Hi Jesse

Welcome back to the south.
So now you are back in more open water i guess there wont be much for land mares for a while, and probably wont be much to post about. Unless you catch a whale or something.☺ ☺

I was just looking at the merchandise you have for sale on your site.
I would like to order something for a keepsake but there isn't anything for men on there. Maybe you could ask your pro-mo teem to come up with something.

Keep up the good work out there.

♥ ♥ ♥

jordan air kites said...

You are no longer a pollywog, but a shellback! Wow, i miss a few days and you've crossed and crossed back!

Loved your looking for the line(keep looking you never know)!

Steady winds,

from Florida!

RichieParis said...

Thank you for this new enlightnening update, Captain Southerly Jesse Watson, Marchioness of Ella, Pink Toenails Lady of the Five Oceans!
It is always such a plesure reading the last details of your adventure that some (most?) of us may feel upset or worried, but if one thing is sure, it is that you must go your rhythm and pace, with the ship, with the trip, with the blog. We all miss you, that's all! But we are happy for you, as you sail and have fun.
Fair winds and smooth sailing, Captain!
We admire you.

The Green Sailor said...

Sounds like your having the time of your life! Thanks for sharing your journey. Sending you good thoughts...

'different drum' said...

welcome back to the 'south',,its amazing looking at the distance you are covering and have covered since your departure,it almost looks like you are in a race,does your shore crew ever tell you to slow down,,??,,you will be back before the preparations for your arrival are all in place,,,have you started on your speech yet,,??
I suspect your nature will have you worry about that when the time comes,,'the gambler' by johnny cash is a song i've sang to our kids many times,,
Enjoy the sail south,and enjoy the sun while you can.
'different drum' family,fremantle

Ashe said...

Everyone here at my work has your page Bookmarked. We discuss your journey and your progress every day and always look forward to your blog posts when we come in. You're such an inspiration to us Sailors that got stuck doing work ashore.

Take care of yourself out there, Jess!

-Ashe and a bunch of her Navy sailor friends. :)

Mrs. Dietrich's 5th grade class said...

Wow, great job catching the fish! We still love hearing from you...and we love all of your videos. Congrats on crossing the equator...again. Take care!

Mrs. Dietrich's 5th grade class, NC

Jean-Pierre said...

It's a lot of fun to hear how much fun you're having! You write very well and give us a sense of ocean travel while we're landlocked in the Midwest.
Greetings from Columbus , Ohio.

jwb777 said...

You are an amazing young woman! Through your blogs I've grown to love you like you were my own daughter, so just know my heart is out there with you wishing all the very best for you!! You have captured the hearts of thousands and we are all rooting for you! YOU GO GIRL!!

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Dave said...

Jess, you are an inspiration to many people, not only in the sailing community, but the whole world. Many young 16 year olds are worrying about getting their driving liciences, but you are out conquering the world. We here in Tampa Bay, Florida, watch your progress every day. God speed,be safe, stay clicked on, and have fun living your dream.

Captain Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess ! Good to hear your trip back south of "the Line" went witout anny hitches and that you dident tangle your self up this time :-) I think the fish you got was what is called "Skipp Jack Tuna" the Tongans often eat it raw.
Hope you gett som well deserved sleep..and sleep like the "Princesse" you are!
Take greate care and sweet dreams !
"singelhanded" on youtube.
Cheers for now from a "Swewi"

Gaurav Agarwal said...

All the best my sweet sis

Troy said...

Hey there Jessica,

I've been following your blog for awhile and I find your adventure fascinating. I did my own adventure through Alaska when I was younger and loved every minute of it.

One thing I've wondered and maybe its been already addressed somewhere in the blog; what sort of precautions are you taking when you near Africa with regards to pirates? Some of these pirate attacks are happening well off the coast and they seem to be very daring. With all the publicity you've managed to gardner, I'd imagine you'd be a good target. I don't know about you but that would make me very nervous.

hezakiah299 said...

11-24-09 @12:23
Hi Jessica,
Congrats on making it back across the Equator (without getting the line caught up on your keel) LOL.....Maybe it was being held down for you?!!
After all that work coming around Kiribati Island I think you deserve a few days of R&R. Catch up on a little schoolwork and relaxation.
Looks like you'll have some quiet days ahead of you for the rest of the week, as you say, so enjoy.
Not to worry about missing a blog Jessica, we know that you have your responsibilities on EPL and taking care of her and yourself comes first. So get busy and have lots of fun, you deserve it.
Take care, be safe and stay alert. Always thinking of you. How's the thumb?????
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Bob said...

I kept waiting for a comment of how the fish tasted. Glad you enjoyed it. Something fresh for a change. Enjoy the open seas and undistrubed rest. Goog sailing Bob in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Having fun, is one thing, getting complacent is inexcusable. Just because you are sailing in open waters doesn't mean it is without perils. Whales, drifting shipping containers, tsunami waves - you name it, it could happen. Scout's Motto: Be prepared. And to be paradox, don't spend too much time reading our comments, when there are important items to attend to. So keep sending the reports, whenever suitable, we'll argue it out with the support team.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Jesse,
Thanks for visiting us in the Northern Hemisphere.
Happy sailing as you head to the Cape.
Allan- Hawaii

Bob B said...

I forgot to talk about the RED line. Over the years it has faded that it is had to see just like the international date. Unless you are really looking it is easy to miss. Of if you are flying it is easy to tell when you cross because the airplane gives a little bump. Bob in Tucson

jennifer said...

i found it amusing how many people freaked out because you missed a day. we're lucky you write as much as you do, spicing up all our lives a little.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pleased to hear that you don't have time to blog every now and then because that means that you are definitely not bored...

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

as always, thanks for the update. we know you get busy, but we get worried when we don't hear from you!

be well. be safe. have fun.

richmond, VA

ET Gurl said...

Hi jessica hope i haven't missed this time its 3.30 am on the Sunshine coast & great dry weather here so i hope things are going ok for you & its a nice fish you have so sail on safely yep its me again the ET saying HELLO ha ha ha

Summersailor said...

Jess, please continue to focus on the task at hand and don't worry about not writing for a few days. We know you love to write, but having fun sailing and keeping in contact with your team mates/family is more important. I guess I'm amazed you've had the time to write so much, with all the stuff needing to be done with Ella's Pink Lady. Enjoy! :oD


ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica agin oh i forgot to say can you say hello to uncle BOB for me yahoo ET Gurl

Robbie said...

Hi Jess clad all is well nice to catch up on your progress each day and u take the time to do that boy will u have a story to tell when u get back u will have to write a book u are great Robbie Tassie

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
You are doing well
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, It's me, Myriam from Malta. It is good to read that you have started heading south. Yes it ought to be cooler now. Pity you didn't catch another fish but well at least you did vary your food for a while. Tuna is very good too!Well, good luch with your sailing and get plenty of rest while you can. Safe sailing from all of us following you in Malta. Myriam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Amanda here again, I haven't written you since the start of your adventure. I have been away and wondering how you've been so it was cool to see all your news. Happy to hear Neptune sent you a fish, mind you you might want to let him know that just because you are a solo sailer that doesn't mean you want a solo fish!
Enjoy the hot, sticky weather! I am hunkered down in my boat with 2 heaters going because the weather here is anything but hot and sticky. Not complaining, mind you as I know it is easier to heat a boat then to cool it down but... well yes I am complaining but only a little. :)
Talk to you again soon,

Danny said...

Loving ur Blog- so glad everything is going well and ur having a great time! U are living my dream- I'm sure there will be tuff times, but by the sounds of it you will handle it with a smile on your face. Remember to treasure EVERY moment- this truely is a once in a lifetime oppertunaty. Keep up the good work and stay strong

Hagar said...

Hi Jessica,
I read aboute you in a magazin in Israel, and I have to say that your journey sounds pretty amazing!
Are you having fun? I hope you are :)
It's really fascinating to read aboute all of your experiencea,
and I don't read English very good! lol..
So I hope you will enjoy the rest of your journey :)
Have fun!

daniel said...

My 7 Year old Daughter Bridget loves catching up with your blog and she always has lots of questions! Today she asked me about your family, if you have any brothers and sisters and what they think of what you are doing!

Chimli said...

Lol Jessica. I think with all the hassle about climate change currently the big red line may have sunk to the bottom. I read you did a brilliant bit of sailing around Christmas Is. took your time, didn't rush it, great skills and patience but then that's no surprise; you're up their with the great explorers and navigators Jessica. True grit!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to witness the genuine support you have from people all around the world. You are certainly a huge inspiration to many people, both young and old and from all walks of life and increasing numbers of us are following your progress daily. We all wish you smooth sailing, a safe but exciting adventure and a return to Sydney for perhaps the biggest welcome anyone has ever received! Thank you for being a most excellent ambassador for the young people of the world.

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi again, couldn't sleep so I thought I would see what you were up to.
I think you already know a lot of people are thinking of you and all want you to be safe and finish this, the best time of your life.

So just keep doing what your doing.
I like to see the photos you put upon the blog, the say a thousand words.
So if you don't put up a blog each day, a photo every now and then might be enough.
ps: good to see your back on our half again. :-)
stay safe

Anonymous said...

hi jessica,

it's always a pleasure to read your blog. If you are sometimes to busy, just post a picture from EPL, the waves or horizont.

Happy sailing,

pestinfo said...


Welcome back home (south of the equator) again.

Sail safe, enjoy the open seas and the beneficial winds.

Best Wishes
Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld. AU

Jan said...

Just keep on keeping on, Jessica. The blog, as much as I enjoy it, is secondary. Kia Kaha!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are heading south again. Enjoy the open sea and try and catch up on some rest.
Keep safe.

Matt said...

Enjoying whatever you can share with us. I can't wait to tell your story to my daughters when they are old enough. Best of luck from Thousand Oaks, California!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the ride south. I think you really are wonderful to write as often as you do, given all the other things you have to do.

I was wondering how the fish went down. Have you got a good recipe for the perfect piece of fish?

Hope you catch some more along the way, keep smiling, and wishing you a safe passage,

Russ north Qld

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse...

"Southward Bound"... Hey, y'could write a song to that theme, eh !! :)))

So Pleased to read your words on that 'you _do_ read the comments of all us serried rankers. I'd thought several times that maybe much of the 'raves' could pass you by between the moderation and the need to maintain the close contact with Mission Control... Hehheh. ~~~ Of course I realise that you can't ( for many significant reasons) have any 'particular responses' to your comments--- just generalised ones, ~ as with the fish. Hey did _anyone_ Not play a part in wishing that fish into your hands !!! Hahhahhah.

Did you get a photo of the Marine Culinary Extravaganza on the plate..... Or did you just rip it apart , cavegirl style ! Hahhah. It must have been such a delightful change from the 'usual'. But then, freshly cooked fish is _always_ a knockout, if you like 'em. ---- I'm sure you'll catch a few more 'corz all the 'will' is upon that from back here in OzLubberLand.

Undoubtedly you'll tell us all when you cross into 'yesterday' through the time warp of the IDL. Be a good one, that, eh !

As for 'cooler climate'..... Hehhehheh.. I know south of Tierra Del Fuego will serve as taste of that... :)) .. and you'll be looking to the warmer latitudes again. Geez, the Falklands will seem like the Gold Coast, eh !!

Just to make you 'think' cooler, the temps here in SE Oz have been around 40C. , so I'm with you--- some 'cooler' weather, please.

OK..... thanks for your words, again. Better get outa y'way--- Along with many, many others I hang for the 'latest'. There is a 'world' of followers out 'here' for which you are a significant part of their thoughts as you courageously pursue your quest... Best wishes, always!

... 'til next time..

... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

I know the problem your been look for a red line it's blue.
Your doing great I visit your blog every day I had a look on Google Earth at the island that you went around. I am in North Vic and we had a lot of rain last week some 58mm here but it is starting to warm up again.
Have a good day it's 5:30am here.
Rex Australia

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to hear the news that the Horn is your next target. I suspect a famous 'weather window' will come along quickly and you can then point EPL for WA.
The blogger crew are amping up their contribution I notice. You've got your fair share of doom and gloomers (all in a good way) mentioning staying clipped on, routines ,pirates ,icebergs... even 'freebird' is offering a - ciguatera test kit for your fish! Thankfully bloggers like gsimmons(WA) come to the rescue with a BIG don't panic! (saves googling) George even knows how to cook Tuna(bonito) proper, lol. What a top blog crew.

I'll even answer some, here goes...

The 'we' Jessica mentions all the time is herself and the yacht (EPL) as well as various names such as 'Parker' for the auto pilot when Jessica has a kip, lol.

Also, a lot of the bloggers, I notice, describe themselves as..."47 year old man who is is very happily married and has been for 28 years." This may look a bit strange, but as I meet the profile very closely you can be assured that we are Dad's who care! Simple as that. (Will someone now please explain this to my wife?) Hoo Roo.

Scott said...

Keep on truckin', er, sailing! Be careful what you wish for, that cold weather will find you soon enough. Congrats on the fish. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

hey jesse

youre amazing

Mathias said...

Following you now since two weeks.
Nice to read.

infiniteblue said...

have you found time for the sextant Jess? Practise makes perfect.

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

Hey Jessica,don´t excuse yourself
i think the most of us will understand that your first job on board is NOT chatting with the whole world. I´guess when we do not read something very actuell -everything is allright with you and PINK LADY .
I suppose you found your own routine on board as every seaman does it. Do your thing and we´ll be glad enough to watch your progress. Jessics , be careful and don´t forget : one hand for the ship one for you.
Many regards from Germany, yours Marcus

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back down here again. You are doing so well, keep it going, next stop the big left turn into that other ocean.
Best wishes, take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Great to hear you're heading south again, if not easterly... still time for that though.

The easy food you talk of has me intriqued... are these foods available to us Aussies some place. I live alone and admit to not being much of a cook but some of the meals sound really delightful... I'd be willing to give them a try.

Great blogging as usual, glad you enjoyed your fish and will now have the opportunity for some worry free napping and relaxing for awhile.

Take care and all the best...


Anonymous said...

Morning Jessica!
I trust you had a good night and have a great day of sailing ahead! After reading the "latest news" on your website, I realise just how cool, calm and collected you are when it comes to sailing and how you must just take things in your stride... as it mentions Bruce Arms as saying, “Whilst everyone was rightly celebrating her crossing of the equator last week, the rounding of Kiritimati was in my opinion a far more significant achievement, as it has required a very high level of sailing skills to do so and Jess has come through with flying colours.”

You go girl! With comments like that I realise just how much skill is actually involved and what a superb sailor you actually are! But your blogs are so relaxed we'd never realise it wasnt always such a breeze :-)

(It's a bit overcast and cooler in Redcliffe today)

Have a great Wednesday!
Hugs, Kerry

mike said...

Ahh Jesse - nice to have you back in the Southern Hemisphere. Glad you weren't tempted to stay up there for too long. Don't know if you can trust those NH 'boys' (only joking fellas).

See ya mate.

Mike (from Canberra)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Looking GREAT --- the only thing I see South (SSE) of you is Maulden Island. Should be some sea birds out visiting you when you get closer.

Keep your next "project" in mind - NASA and ISS.

Good Sailing and favorable winds,

Gary O


Alex said...

Sounds like your making great progress.
Not to make you jealous but I am just about to tuck into a nice fish finger and ketchup sandwich !

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica -

It looks like in 3 - 4 days your going to be in a "mess" of Islands.

Does the GPS/Parker work in conjunction to steer you between islands, or from point-to-point?

Just curious,

Gary O

ericveltman said...


Great to hear that everything is going so well for you. It seems as though you are still enjoying your adventure, hopefully it stays that way. Keep up the great work.


Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Well yes, it's true, you did alter your blogging schedule at some point on the weekend, but oddly, I didn't panic. I've come to trust that you are handling whatever comes your way, and I seem to be less worried about you. In fact I figured you were having your own weekend--a mini time off from the work week. But here you've made up for it and I find TWO posts today! Cool! And they are both full of great news and interesting tidbits. That's a fabulous pic of you with your first fishy! I'd think killing it would have been the hard part, so congratulations on completing the entire process from catching to eating!
Gotta run.
Take care Sailor Girl and blessings,

Paula said...

Jessica, we can't help worrying, especially those of us who are parents! But we have great confidence in you and your abilities, and many of us would love to have done what you're doing back before "real life" caught up with us.

I'll Google it, but can you describe Easyfoods?

Must be great to be heading back in the "right" direction now, even though it's tough going eastward if the winds are not cooperating. Have you spent much time actually becalmed?

Sally said...

Morning Jess!

Glad that you are making good progress and the wind is with you as you make your way back down south again.

I bet you can't wait for 'cooler' weather we've been a bit like that this week also. It's been pretty warm in Sydney town lately.

Catch up on those zzzzzz's whilst you can Jess, as I am sure there are plenty of adventures and long hours in store for you as you head towards your next milestone.

Take care & stay safe Jess!


'Sleep, sleep, sleep
It’s magnificent and nice,
With dreams beyond wonder,
Sleep! sleep! sleep!

Sleep, sleep, sleep
Eyes tightly closed,
A little smile on you r cheeks,
Feeling the warm sensations
Of the pure and precious sleep,
Sleep! sleep! sleep!

Sleep, sleep, sleep
Forgetting insane things of the mixed world outside
Relax my little one, feel the gentle breeze,
Do not worry about tomorrow, do not weep,
Wake up fresh in the morn with a recuperated mind,
Fresh and blessed with a wonderful sleep,

Sally In Sydney

Anonymous said...

greetings from Holland


Rowie said...

Hey Jess,

You've done so well to keep in touch as much as you have, it's an amazing read. You have a captive audience! I hope there will be a book and better still, a movie/doco for you.

I guess as you head south the weather will become more active so less time to be at the computer. It was great to have a blog from your Mum, maybe others from your support team could also do a blog every now and then. It gives a different perspective of the journey and like some of the others, I enjoy the stats and technical information. (and I don't even sail)

Have a great day! It's 550am here, not sure what your time is there!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Charles Kelowna Canada and Szeged Hungary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess...It must feel great now to be heading south and do you feel that you are now really going the right way.

It's tops being able to follow you via your site and blogs, don't worry about missing a blog or three, just make sure that the pink lady stays in fine shape to enable you to complete your goal.

Glad to hear the fish was tasty too...yum yum


Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

Great to hear you are heading south again. Enjoy some good sailing and rest up when you can. Most people understand that you can't always post every day so post when you can and we will just have to wait for updates!
BTW - don't let Parker take you to any secret islands he might know about in the South Pacific ...

Sail on,

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I´m a fan to your trip and I read your blog a couple of times a week. I´m up in the north, Sweden, and here it´s been gray and rainy every day for 5 weeks. You seeme to have better weather (-: Keep up the good work and good luck from a dark Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you have completed the kiribati loop and heading south again towards your next big milestone. Love reading your blogs and also the many responses from all over the globe. I am also pleased that you appear to be balancing it all out with sleep, chores and fun. Take care, Pete from Lake Macquarie

Anonymous said...

Safe journey onto Cape Horn and beyond Jessica.. Once your past there it will be smooth sailing all the way I'm sure. Enjoying your blogs but understand the mechanics of sailing take priority.. Mel (Sydney)

JS said...

Just let us know what you can and when you can but most of all stay safe champion!

Suzanne said...

Good Luck heading south Jessica

David W said...

I reckon all in the antipodes are asleep so I will try and be #1 in wishing you further God Speed and the wind on your back. Glad to send you a little tasty N. Hemisphere fish.Wish we could send you a little Thanksgiving turkey but I will have a nibble on your behalf!!!

Anonymous said...

Good one Jesse--have fun


Anonymous said...

Captain Jesse,

Thanks for visiting the Northern Hemisphere...we miss you already.

Jesse...you are putting on an outstanding show of your sailing skills.

Have FUN (and be safe out there).

Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

nutralady2001 said...

Yay!! The pink sails are heading South again on Google Earth.

Don't worry Jesse we know you are busy at times. Knowing you are in daily contact with "base" is good . x

Bebie said...

G'day Jesse,

Just looking at your voyage map. That's quite a curve back into the southern ocean. It's great to be able to see your approximate whereabouts. Enjoy some sleep and a little bit of relaxing time.

Take care little sweetheart, and God bless.

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Glad your having fun, I know what you mean by cooler weather. We've been working out Ipswich way for the past few days, today we move dack to the Sunshine coast, that will be cooler.
I think everyone knows you've got other chores beside writing your blog, its just that it is the only way we know your ok. I imagine it might be hard to write when your further south. Maybe your mum might drop in a note to let us know your doing well.
There's nothing like fresh fish, specially if you caught it your self.
Your certainly climbing that mountain. (I will explain more later)
Well with plenty of open space in front you should be able to get some well deserved rest. Take care.
Fair winds and following seas.

Ron said...

You're looking forward to cool weather and I'm a hot weather sailor. Jesse, you can't miss a blog your blogs have become my entire life. If you miss a blog I don't think I can make it through the day and you're right about the big red line, the water washed it away. Godspeed once again.

Ron - Alabama USA

Brian Riley said...

Great to hear that you are back in southern waters again, and enjoyed your tasty catch. SE winds for a while will make it a good reach across the Pacific Ocean on your way to Cape Horn.
What an adventure you are having, and with the photos you send, we can just dream that we are there with you.
Safe Passage,Will talk later.
Hervey Bay QLD.

Anonymous said...

Doing and awesome job Jessica! Love waking up to check out your progress. You are an inspiration to so many. The cool weather will come quickly enough.

Stay Safe :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess

We all know your very busy, we all just feel a part of your life out there, and we get anxious to where we are going next.

Glad the fish was tasty, take care

God speed

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Just think 12.5% done and downhill now to the bottom of the world. Hope the winds are kind and the storms keep away.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Glad you rounded Christmas Island OK, and you're back on your way south.

Thank you so much for keeping us in touch with your journey thru your blog - it's really helpful to feel as tho we're kinda "there with you" as you write. So, thank you!

But blog when you can! Of course there must be days when there feels as though there are a hundred other priorities, and that's OK too.

Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW
Mal :)

Calpi said...

Keep up the fun!!

Gerald said...

Congratulations on crossing the equator. on't worry about th blogs, you take care of Jesse and Ellas Pink Lady first. That's the most important. You are doing fantastic. Soon you will becrossingthe finish line and haveit ALL behind you. Glad you enjoyed the fish., and lovethe pics. I think I"m living it through your eyes.


Watertown,New York

Anonymous said...

I follow you everyday. You give great happiness to many! Keep on sailing...
Here in the USA it will be Thanksgiving. Besides all that I am thankful for, I am thankful that you are safe and having fun! Northern California will miss you in the Northern Hemisphere...Happy Day!

Andrew said...

Hi jess Happy to have you back down here. You have thrilled and entertained us all for the last month and a bit and my day starts with your blog, video or anything else about you. Was really excited by ur fish. Shame silly didn't come back, I sure he would have been excited too. I do miss u when theres no news from u but u do your thing an good speed an fair sailing to you. Will be waiting for you when you get back to sydney.


Jannette said...

Welcome back to the bottom half of the world!

I love reading your updates and totally understand that the most important thing for you right now is to actual sail the boat.

I wish you the best of luck!

Craig - Tasmania said...

Welcome Back to the Southern Hemisphere Jess, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Jessie, Horray! for you and crossing the equator. My class and I are keeping updated on your adventures. I (we) are from a small town in rural Eastern North Carolina (USA) and keeping track of you through your website.
We are looking forward to hearing about your daily adventures.
Joshua, Washington, North Carolina (USA)

The Griffs of WA said...

Hey Jess

Sounds like you're having a brilliant time. So glad you're on your way down south again. I'm sure it will be pretty cold where you're headed to make the most of the warmth.

Fair sailing til then.

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.


Glad the fish was tasty and filled your tummy, for a couple meals. A welcome change, I'm sure. Hope you'll be able to catch more. Love your progress reports on the blog. Take care of yourself. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jess.

Well heading south, back over that line....how long will it take to reach that huge left turn at the bottom of Sth America?....how do you feel about it? What sort of physical preparation were you able to do in yout 'training' for this event. How long should it actually take to 'round' the corner? so many questions.
Pleased you enjoyed that yummy fish you caught...
take care Jess, as usual, you are on my mind everyday.
Liz :-)

RadekCZ said...

Hi Jess. Good to know that you're also good cook :) . I had just a bread with some not fresh looking cheese this evening (middle european time), while dreaming about fresh tuna :)) . Hope you're not feeling alone, because I'm just a bit older then you and can't image myself, how it could be possible to be so long without people. Without my friends and without girls also. Have a nice day you there :) looking forward to your next comment.

Facebook: Radek Látal, Czech republic, redek1987@centrum.cz

Cobrarog said...

A big congratulations on the first leg of the trip behind you! It's all down hill from here to the Cape!

Thanks again for inviting us all along via your pics and blogs.

That first fish was a beaut! Just the right size. I wondered if your mom told you where she packed the wasabi sauce?

Press on Jess!
Cobrarog in Hervey Bay

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jesse,

Welcome back to the better half of the world! I can see how you missed the line - you were looking for a big red line, but the equator is actually a white painted line on the seabed! And I used waterproof paint so it can't wash away! I just thought you knew that you had to go for a dive to see it! Sorry that I didn't tell you earlier! LOL

Take advantage of the empty oceans and catch up on your sleep, you will need to be as fresh as possible for the tougher times down south.

Just remember to keep up your water intake if you are stuck inside for a while and can't cool down.

While you might be looking forward to the cooler weather, you will probably be looking for the warmer weather after a couple of months sailing around the south pole!

As usual, it's good to hear from you, keep up the good progress and take care.

Oh yeah, and don't slacken off on the school work, just because you are gallivanting around the world, it doesn't mean you can slacken off! LOL Just kidding!

My black crew shirt and pink Ella Bache cap arrived yesterday, and I will be wearing them with pride - well the shirt at least, I don't know if it's safe for me to be seen wearing a pink Ella Bache cap too often LOL!

Seeya gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Tails and Whiskers said...

wow Jesse I can't believe how many people from overseas are following you! Very impressive. It never ceases to amaze me how small a thing can really bring people together :-)

Sunny (well rainy this morning) Brisbane

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to see you're heading south again and that you're looking forward to some cooler weather.
The fish was a great size and I'm glad it was tasty.
Don't worry about missing blog. You have lots to do on board and I can see you are a capable young lady with tenacity and courage.
Look after yourself.

k878 said...

Hey Jesse,
Don't worry about blogging, just do what u have to do and have lots of fun on the way!! We can just keep checking until u blog next!! Most of us are just jealous that we havent the nerve to do something like this!!!lol!! And your 16!! Keep fishing and sailing!!
Best of luck sailing back down south!!
Kate, Melton, Vic, Aus

mark said...

Hi Jess,
Tuna's a tricky fish to fillet, an alternative is to slice it into cutlets at right angles to the backbone.
Hope you catch lots more.

Attitude said...

"Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory." General George S. Patton

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, well done on the second crossing, it must feel more comfortable being on the Aussie half - and in open water. Enjoy the warmth while you can, there are plenty of cool miles to come. You're going to be flying when you hit the roaring forties - or should we say roaring teens !


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

I fully understand that a blog a day will be taxing for you as you head further south, in fact I imagine we may not hear from you for days on end so I hope when you read the comments people send and will continue to send hopefully you will be inspired to push further and harder. You have a huge following because you are you sharing with us all your life and times aboard a small boat with a purposeful goal in mind.

My client was with me yesterday for the first time in a few days...not mentally very well but perked up a bit when he/she knew you had caught a fish!
Glad to see you are going to get some rest in open waters

Keep singing and giggling

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Vic said...

Hey Jess,

How is that nail polish on your toes holding out ?

Keep safe and cheerful. Thanks for your blogs.

Gary Patton said...

Hi Jesse, Good Morning and welcome back to the "home hemisphere". We hope you have a great run south and that you get to rest up for the challenges ahead. Stay Safe, Have Fun. Thanks for sharing this experience with us all. Gary & Kerryn, Traralgon VIC

glen said...

Ron dont put all your stuff on the young lady get your own life and enjoy jessica's adventure dont try and own it from her you go girl let us have a peek when you can into your adventure you are becoming family to us Jessicians so we do all care about you p[-p[-p[-p[-p[-p[-p[-p[-p[-p[-p[- glen p.s.little bit of code at bottom is a message of support from Mia the stray 3/4 grown cat who has adopted me she comes and plops down on keyboard to demand cuddles and wanted to send something to you

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