Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Day and Water

I've just come back into the cabin after pulling the fishing line in for the day. No fish but the lures are covered in huge big teeth marks, so looks like I've been getting some nibbles! Well maybe nibbles isn't the right word? I've decided not to think too hard about exactly what left the great big teeth marks, but I'm sure it wasn't anything nearly as dramatic as my imagination would like me to think.

Looks like it’s going to be another dark night out here and warmer than ever, but I'm a happy girl after a busy and productive day. The sea and wind finally dropped off (and the sun came out!) this morning so I was out of my bunk bright and early ready to launch into a few jobs on
deck that I'd been putting off due to the bouncy conditions. I got through my little list of maintenance and gave Ella's Pink Lady a really good check over for chafe and wear. Then the wind dropped off even more, to the point where we were left to roll a bit un-comfortably, not making any progress. But before it started getting too frustrating, a great big rain cloud came along and gave us a soaking in fresh water. Rain might not sound like something to get too excited about but I was just about in heaven!

Using the mainsail and the little gutters we strategically built into the dodger, I was able to collect enough water to top the water tanks up, fill a few empty containers and give myself a lovely fresh water scrub down. In fact I ended up with more water than I knew what to do with - even after washing all my clothes. So I decided to get right into it and ended up giving every surface in the cabin a wipe down. With the music up and the air temperature down for a while with the rain, I was really enjoying myself and I never thought I hear myself saying that! I've never exactly been one to enjoy cleaning and washing so maybe I am going a little crazy out here after all? It provided me with some great exercise as well.

Anyway this brings us to one of the questions that I still haven't answered for you all – water.

What am I doing for fresh water? Believe it or not along with all the food, Ella's Pink Lady is pretty much carrying all the fresh water I'll need. It might sound a bit hard to believe but I'm only using fresh water for drinking and cooking and there's only one of me. Also, I'm relying on being able to top up the tanks again in squalls a few times before leaving the tropics and heading south. As an emergency backup Pink Lady's also carrying a little hand desalinater, but judging by the amount of water I was so easily able to collect today, I don't think that I'll ever need it.

Another squall came through this evening, dumping a whole lot more rain and keeping my life interesting with a few grumbles of thunder, a pretty strong gust of wind and some random changes of wind direction. Ella's Pink lady took it all in her stride. Compared to some of the more severe tropical squalls I'm sure we'll soon be getting, this little puff will just look a lot like a fluffy white cloud.

There's not a heap of wind at the moment, just a gentle 13knots. But thanks to the quiet conditions this morning the sea has pretty much flatted right out leaving Pink Lady to fly along on a reach, unstopped by any of those wet, bouncy things - waves!

Just glanced at the speedo and we're doing a very healthy 7knots! I wouldn't say no to more of this, but the wind is predicted to drop off again soon, so I expect the next few days will be hard work trying to keep us moving along.

That's me for today. I'm now off to open a tin of mandarin pieces with a double
dose of cream for dessert!



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Andrew said...

7KNOTS!thats gr8 4 a s&s!!
sound like u that fun in the rain!!
and dont give up on the fishing the bites just let u know that there r fish out there lol
fair winds and following seas

Debs said... have had a busy must be great to get the fresh water and desalt everything...i can see why you would be excited.

Ive also had a busy day....its sooo hot at the ive been doing my best to keep all my little animals cool....AND

Patch gave birth to 3 adorable Guinea Pigs tonight....hopefully Hannah will pop into my blog and have a look at the

Yummmm your talking cream must love cream. I must far from your are eating extremely well.

Anyway....must go do one last animal check before bed

Stay safe, continue having

Deb and the Guinea's

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Don't let on too much about how you enjoy the "housework" or a little more may be expected of you when you return home!

Best Wishes,

John F.

Wendy said...

Rain! Well Jess we actually got some here in dry old central qld today as well. Like you we welcomed it also. I'm glad you got to rinse off in some fresh water. Keep up your wonderful blogs, we love hearing what you have been up to. Take care
Gladstone Qld

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

As I was writing and posting a comment on your Sunday Blog, in pops news of a wonderful refreshing shower and a fresh water scrub and clothes washing for you. I know it was a welcome relief and yes, I can understand how good that can make you feel.

Sounds like you have fresh water storage and supply down to a science.

I believe we all got a perfect word picture of a fresh scrubbed Jesse and EPL!

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

kaz said...

Hey Jessica,
Great job! Glad its all going well our there in the big blue sea! It's great to read your blog every day, keep up the positive attitude and the blogging! Fair winds and safe sailing!
Kaz (Melbourne)

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess, Excellent !! So glad to know that you got a wash down with the rain, right when you needed it. Thanks for the explanation about how you capture water and I am glad to know that you are all set if you get thirsty.

One question I do have to ask, as I was checking out the voyage map, seeing where you are at, and I wanted to know..

What strange urge of nature would make someone name that Rock south east of you "Scratch My Arse Rock". Is that for real? Avoid that place, as I am sure there are people there with smelly fingers !! Cheers.

Ron said...

Gday Jessica,

I am so glad things are going swell for you. Looks like this trip is going to be a breeze. Your effort so far has certainly knocked the wind out of the sails of those that were against your voyage.

Bus Driver Ph.D.

Diane said...

fantastic Jess, my daughter Tracie was just accepted into the police acadamy so I can just imagine I must feel just like your family, proud but scared at the same time. Take care out there

terryc said...

Hello Jessie,

Well done, you truly are a resourceful young lady. I certainly agree with your comments about trivial choirs, they seem horrible and unimportant until that is all we have, then we we cling onto them to remind to remind us we are still sane.

I believe you are a really good role model for young and old, a person who's vocabulary, has deleted the phrase "I can't". I have always admired and enjoyed those who are willing to give the impossible a try, of which you are most certainly walking in the path's of those who went before you.

Love your work and enjoy your updates immensely. Keep chipping away at the miles and you will soon enjoy a walk again along the promenade of the Sydney Yacht club when you arrive home.

All the best

Unknown said...

Jessica, thanks for the updates. Great to hear things are still going good for you. Interesting about your missing jogging and walking the beach. One thing for sure you are getting a whole new perspective on life. When you get a little sad about what you cannot do right now just remember the day will come when you can do all those things again and enjoy them to a much higher degree.
Never disappointed with your blog, always amazed at your narrative skills. Keep safe and remember God is always with you. duane

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse....

Sparkling blog today.... The rain 'made your day', eh !!! Hehhehheh.

BIG teeth marks on the lure.... Nahh, would've been as tough as ol' boots. Anyway, I know you'll identify the catch when you _do_ get one..... make sure it's not one of the 'nasty' ( get sick) carriers like some reef fish at certain times of the year off your QLD coast ( viz. ciguatera ( sp?))..... Hey, you might be able to 'net in' some anchovies when you get to the edge of the Humbolt of west S.America..... Now wouldn't _they _ be a treat !!!..... and there might be some other 'good stuff' chasing them around, too. Now _That_ will be a 'photo opportunity' , eh !! Hehheh.

Better get out of a busy young lady's way. So _excellent_ to read your blog and see you're going well.... Keep that clip ON, always, won't you.

... 'til next time..


Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

G'day Jess,

Wow, a double post, it really sounds awesome out there, almost has me wanting to be there (almost!!). I was wondering as I wrote my last comment, if you had any means of collecting rain water, that's answered!

The thought of facing big storms out there is something I really can't get my head around, you really are an amazing person with such great inner strength.

Thanks again for sharing it with us.
God bless, keep safe.

Sunny Coast Qld

Rosemary said...

Hi Jesse I know the satellite map of your voyage is "approximate" but it clearly shows the larger distances you have made in the last few days.
Thanks for writing about your fresh water supply. I guess you knew you would be able to top it up with rain water but as a matter of interest what is the litre capacity of your tanks?
The only regular boating I have done was during several years in the tropics and I clearly remember the pervading warm salty dampness.But one day you will just love the tropical moon. At least a singlet and sarong keeps the washing down.I guess the life jacket could be a bit hot though?
Sail on brave girl!
Rosemary, Kingaroy, QLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Well it sounds like the change of pace and rain water was a welcome treat for you. How nice to be feeling fresh and clean.

The storm birds were calling tonight but I think they have been mistaken, perhaps it will rain during the night.

Your Sunday blog reminded me of the things we take for granted and so I will be mindful of the joys of walking on my daily walks.

Study time for me! how are you studies going?

Happy smiling days


Richard Lathrop said...

good morning Jessica (it's 0600 here in Connecticut)

those followers in my time zone probably turned in last night worrying a bit as we haven't seen a blog in two days. you rewarded us this morning with TWO blogs, both very upbeat and highly informative.

i'm happy to hear that your rain collection system is working well and overflowing. i'm sure you will keep your tanks full.

your description of scrubbing everything clean with fresh water gave us all a bath and gave me a fresh new outlook on your quest. YOU WRITE WELL.

let me add two precautions that your blog has triggered in my mind. these are not necessarially for you, because i would not presume to have better judgment than you and your team have on any nautical matters. But there are thousands of us watching and listening to your adventure and wanting to try the things you are doing in our own limited ways. So I want to say this:

1) I circumnavigated New England and Eastern Canada in 1999 in an Ericson 32. The ONLY accident on that half-year treck occured while cooking in what you would call "bouncy" conditions--a bad burn from spilling water. The coffee could have waited.

2) If I were you I would not want to land a big fish. I won't recall all the mariners who have been set back by the fish they catch, but Hemmingway's Old Man might top the list. Fishing and sailing don't mix very well on modern boats. nuff said.

sorry to bring a cautionary note to what is otherwise a very upbeat story and an upbeat blog.

we are all behind you, 100%. You have already enriched the lives of e-multitudes, and you are really just getting started.

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Anonymous said...

Just amazing Jess, you make it sound so easy, like it's an everyday thing! Wow!!

I don't want to think about the big teeth marks on your lures though. Be careful, be very careful.

Goodnight little one, till tomorrow.

The McGraths. Nowra NSW

SailSim said...

Hi Jesse,

Lovely, salt free decks, at least for a while! It must be nice to get things wiped down, down below. Personally, I really hate the 'tacky salt feel' you get when sea water dries!
Are you putting purifier tabs in with the rain water? Better safe than getting a bug when single handed!
Please give us lots more of the little details - it's fascinating for all us sailor following you around the world!

Fair winds!
Jim @sailsim

Gary RedLid said...

Hey Jess don't forget your first rock climb at Tinbeerwah! I was very proud after you climbed so well and wish things could have worked better for us. Enjoy each day and thanks for letting me and RedLid into your life.
Go girl go!
Lots of love

torn blazer said...

Love following your journey... keep tryng for those fish....may the wind stay behind you

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess: I know the feeling soling when the refreshing rain has come and washed all the salt off the deck and yourself. It makes one feel so invigorating. Maybe you didn't catch a fish because Ella's Pink Lady was moving to fast for the fish to really take a good bite. Oh well, I am sure you will have many more opportunities. Enjoy! ;o)

Jo said...

Hi Jess, It's good to read your last few posts as I've not been able to get online for the last week. I'm always thinking of you out there.. I can't imagine how beautiful the dark night sky is and the quiet of just EPL and you. Can you believe how the time is flying by, you will be at the halfway mark before you know it. Take care 'til next time.


Unknown said...

good to see ur still enjoying it out there away from every one and cant go do simple things like go for a walk haahahahahah
u should just leave the fish rod out there if u have a good place to put it were you wont lost it and just set the drag a little lose so u can hear it click when u have a fish but i dont no how loud it is out there and your probly getting a little hearing problem crankin the music all the time keep up the good work

Alex. said...

Amazing journey you're undertaking.
Write a book! xx

Unknown said...

Great blogging, keeping us all on the edge of our less adventurous pastimes.

Love your writing, it comes so natually to you. One of your best talents JW. Would be very easy to be self indulgent.

So thanks for taking us on the exciting journey.

If you have some sad and dreary days, just polish off some more cream.

Go Pink Lady, go JW. You can do it.

with best wishes
graeme and annabelle

Anonymous said...

welcome back on Monday 9,2009. You must have passed the international dateline!?!
Where is the day you have gained or do you ignore it?
Good bye from Germany, where we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall today.

john b. said...

You can sail for one day, can't you?

That's all it is -- one day after another.

-Harry Pidgeon, three-time solo circumnavigator.

be safe,

john b.
"sloop john b."

Brian Riley said...

Having fun in the rain and collecting water,way to go Jessica. like your forward progress 7knots with a calm sea, what more could a sailor want. And ellas pink lady is more than likely thanking you for thr spruce up.
Safe Passage, Will talk later.
Hervey Bay QLD.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hello from Dallas. Been following your blog since you departed. You are one brave woman, good luck.

Dallas, TX USA

Linda said...

you are such an inspiration jessica!

GlenF said...

Sounds like a brilliant day Jesse, that equator is rushing up at you. It's really good to hear you've caught up on all the maintenance.

Keep on fishing, lure them in (have you tried cupcakes?)


Mal's Blog said...

Hi Jesse,

Mal Stewart here....Wendy's husband / Samara's dad form the Goldy.

I was just looking over the photos of your boat that Wendy took the day she came up to Mooloolaba and hooked up with mum down at the marina, and that got me thinking just how far away you and it are now.

I'm a regular checker of your blog and love the video diaries and keeping track of your progress .
Good to see all is going well. You're doing a mighty job out there and loving it at the same time.
It was good to see an explanation of your fresh water collecting in tonights post to answer the queries that have been posted on the subject. There's nothing like having a fresh shower after being salty for an extended period of time.

The equator crossing is really going to be something, and I look forward to reading all about it. This is such a monumental and unforgettable journey for you....your well on your way now and you have so much support from all your followers.

Stay safe, stay focused and take care, but above all..........Enjoy the ride.

All the best girl, and we are with you in mind and spirit.


PS............Say hi to mum from Wendy next time your talking to her on the phone.

Paula said...

Great to hear about the fresh water resupply and the nice sailing conditions. I was wondering about how you prevent scurvy. You finished your last fresh fruit a while back, so I assume the canned (you'd say tinned) fruit must have enough Vitamin C to prevent the ancient scourge of mariners?

Do you have a regular exercise program? I guess you don't have to work the winches too much, right? Just wondering how a young lady your age gets enough physical exercise on a confined boat.

It was super to get up this morning and find 2 new entries to read with my morning coffee. You're a big part of my day now, Jessica. Hugs from New York.

Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...


We know a thing or two about humidity here on the Texas Gulf Coast. It can be quite unpleasant and as you go further north, you will find that the rain showers simply make the humidity worse instead of cooling things down.

Word of advice: drink lots of that water you've been catching. If you become thirsty you are already dehydrated. Staying hydrated will keep your body cooler and more comfortable even in the higher humidity than you are used to.

If you begin to get a headache or overly tired you need to get into some shade with a fan blowing on you. That could be a sign of heat stress. Maybe even wet yourself down with seawater to cool your body off. And by all means, call your team and let them know about it.

We are all concerned about your time going around Cape Horn, but the heat can be just as dangerous.

We are praying for you and we are pulling for you.

Helen said...

Hi Jesse,

Have just started following your blog ... and I must say that your blogs have been descriptive yet concised ... in short they are great. Glad you managed to get your fresh water supply replenished. Keep up the good work ... and glad to note that you are enjoying yourself :-). My best wishes to you.
Helen T

TLC said...

Hi Jess

I am going away for 2 weeks to Borneo and may not have access to your blog. I wish you well. My heart will be with you. You are such an inspiration. See you in 2 weeks. You will be heading south then. Exciting.


Mary said...

Hallalooya, Jess!
You sound tiptop!

Very happy you've had a good soaker and a chance to rinse off, wash things and still have fresh water left over. YAY!

Drink, drink, drink, my dear. And keep that rich cream coming. Sounds like your body continues to be really happy when you top off your meals with such a good fat and calcium source.

Wishing you lots of love, courage and continued speedy sailing. You are doing a wonderful job, Jessica!

God bless you.
Mary, Maine, USA

Helen said...

Hi Jesse,

Have just started following your blog ... and I must say that your blogs have been descriptive yet concised ... in short they are great. Glad you managed to get your fresh water supply replenished. Keep up the good work ... and glad to note that you are enjoying yourself :-). My best wishes to you.
Helen T

Mike said...

Glad you got some rain. One of the greatest educations you are getting is tha ability to appreciate those things that most of us take for granted. It will be an awesome character trait for you forever. I am sure the heat will take a bit of getting used to but enjoy as much as you can. Be safe and keep a good eye on the radar for storms that could cause you trouble. You are doing great. Be safe.

Mike Atlanta

Georgia Guy said...

Hey Jesssica,

I had to look up what a Singlet was. Looks like something wrestlers wear LOL.

But whatever works.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

o0oooooo0o said...

Hi Jessi..

Better be careful chasing that big fish! If you hook into something too big and fast you could lose your "wind only" propulsion status! :-)

Besides that.. fishing can be tricky in many terms. Here are some of them:

"Catch and Release" - A concept that most often comes into play just before the local Fish and Game officer pulls over a boat that has caught over it's limit.

Hook - (1) A curved piece of metal used to catch fish. (2) A clever advertising gimmick to entice a fisherman to spend his live savings on a new rod and reel. (3) The punch administered by said fisherman's wife after he spends their life savings (see also, Right Hook, Left Hook).

Line - Something you give your co-workers when they ask on Monday how your fishing went the past weekend.

Lure - An object that is semi-enticing to fish, but will drive fishermen into such a frenzy that they will charge their credit card to the limit before exiting the tackle shop.

Reel - A weighted object that causes a rod to sink quickly when dropped overboard.

Rod - An attractively painted length of fiberglass that keeps a fisherman from ever getting too close to a fish.

School - A grouping in which fish are taught to avoid your $29.99 lures and hold out for Spam instead.

Tackle - What your last catch did to you as you reeled him in, but just before it wrestled free and jumped back overboard.

Tackle Box - A box shaped alarmingly like your first aid kit. Only a tackle box contains many sharp objects, so that when you reach in the wrong box blindly to get a Band Aid, you soon find that you need more than one.

Test - (1) The amount of strength a fishing line affords when fighting fish in a specific weight range. (2) A measure of your creativity in blaming "that darn line" for once again losing the fish.


And.. and.. ya spooked me when you said "never need it" about your desalinater! I'm not a wind sailor on water, though I've been flying hot air balloons on the wind for 12 years and I get kinda superstitious when someone says "ever/never". Easy does it. :-)

Be well, be safe.
~Al yer pal~

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
"Rain might not sound like something to get too excited about", makes perfect sense to me. Is that because rain usually takes the wind away?
Great to hear you're reaching across a flat sea, some of your pictures must be awesome today.
Yipidy Yippita.

OceanEnergy said...

Thanks for the detailed posting.


William Carrington
Fukuoka, Japan

rod said...

good day jesse,
did not get a chance to read sundays and mondays blogs until monday night.
noted that you are not able to do as much exercise on board as you would do on land, however you said that you are still enjoying all that cream , be careful young lady to watch the figure, its harder to take the calories off than to put them on.
take care until next time, thin young adventurer
regards and best wishes
blackbutt qld
ps your blogs were very enjoyable.

Texas Flyer said...

I never thought there would be so much to keep you that busy Jessica. That is great though as it helps the days go by. I can relate to your feelings about the teeth marks in your fishing gear. The deep ocean creeps me out for some reason. LOL
Stay safe!

Molly said...

I have this mental image of you singing in the rain (ala Gene Kelly)as you scrub down your Pink Lady. No surprise that you welcome the rain. It must get pretty salty in between showers. Glad to hear that Ma Nature doused you with a good dose of water to store up.
As usual, your smile comes shining through in your blog entry.
I will join you in "not thinking" about what made the teeth marks, okay? :)
Continued blessings and prayers for your safe journey,

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse,
glad to hear about the rain. Seriously, how big were those teeth marks and what to you think it may have been. My biggest hate would be not being able to have a shower, so I dont know how you can stand it. you're a pretty tough cookie though, so good on ya.

Stay safe


lswinter said...

8 AM EST, Nov 9, North Carolina

Jessica, I loved you comment about getting a fresh water shower. I served on a WWII sub (USS Pomfret, SS391) Most of the time we showered--when we could take time for showers--in salt water. So I KNOW what you mean about a fresh water bath!

The pictues you send some of the time are great. I'm wondering if larger files of your pictures could be available when a person clicks on the pictue in your blog? That would be such a neat thing and then we could print them for our wall as we follow you progress.

Keep that "fresh water shower" feeling going all day, Ha, ha,


Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

What a great side benefit of your journey - you gain a new appreciation for the little things in life that we take for granted, like a walk on the beach or a rain shower !

I'm sure the rain showers are a blessed relief to wash away the salt on deck, and on your clothes.

It's great to hear that you're continuing to make such good progress.

Meanwhile, enjoy the fruit and cream. Sometimes I think you eat better than I do !

All the best from NY,


gary said...

Way to go

You sound so comfortable in your journey .. I am inspired by your words daily . Would love to do something like thast an I am 45 .. never say never ... God speed

Gary Darbyshire - Wollongong

ben said...

Hi Jesse,
great to hear you had a positive day. Amazing how a bit of rain can be sooo uplifting, especially in a situation like urs. Some things we just take for granted, don't we. I'm sure EPL appreciated the spruce up too :) Btw, I reckon when you do catch a fish it's gonna taste just that much sweeter. Hope the wind picks up again soon. I'm off for a shower now he he. Take care.

Ben (Qld)

gustav said...

Hey supergirl,

forget the housework.
Think about big things like your book.

when you get home you need to get started straight away on the book and I hope you are taking a lot of pictures and writing down notes in your diary, because your voyage on Ella's Pink Lady is making history and will be followed by generations to come.

I can see your name up in lights Jessica, so forget the dishes and write down your feelings thoughts and ideas that come up day by day,because that will be the interesting stuff.

I read Amelia Earhart's:"For the fun of it" and Nancy Bird's:My God!It's a Woman! and I did'nt read a word about dishwashing or housework,so take off that apron and lose the tea towel skipper.

I also read Charles Lindberg's Spirit of St.Louis first non stop flight over the Atlantic and it was the little quirky things,his thoughts and fears and little dramas experienced on that 33hours 30min flight,that made the book come alive.

Now I reckon your non stop solo global
circumnavigation ,a solo voyage lasting 8 month around cape horn is by far more dramatic and challenging than a 34 hour flight,there is no doubt in my mind.

Nowadays most people sit in an aeroplane and think nothing of flying 24 hours to get to Europe.

But what about 8 month ? That is like being an Astronaut on the ISS for 8 month,but even they got company.

There is no doubt that this voyage is going to be an extraordinary achievement

Add to that Jessica's skill of writing, and her documentaries and photography and we got the makings of a bestseller.
There is no doubt in my mind at all.

The story of Jessica's voyage on Ella's Pink Lady will become history and will inspire many people,young and old for generations to come.

gustav haffner

Anonymous said...

Nice going with the water I was wondering where all that had been stored and good things your getting enough water and enjoying your trip have fun. Sean

bernie777 said...

you are really throwing yourself into it...and you sound extremely are the envy of all those who say I wish I coulda....but you are really doing it...and you are building a huge worldwide fan base...I am an aussie in Poland...u r making us all proud....cheers Bernie777...

anthony said...

Hi Jessica
I am a sailor and also a yoga teacher.You can get a lot out of a little yoga exercise.
I can give you some things to do that will develop into a simple sequence that you can learn and do on deck, in the cockpit, or on your bunk.
Lesson 1.Forward Fold
sit with legs out straight and gently fold forward and hold the outside of you feet.Take a big inhalation and relax as you draw your head towards your feet.
Breath deep and long and let the exhalation release any tightness.
Dont strain.Do it as often and for as long as you like.Use the long exhalation to release the body.
Enjoy it.
next lesson tomorrow The Chair

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi again Jesse,

Was thinkin' about my earlier comments in reply to your Sunday blog. Since you are missing walking so much, what about I walk 2 laps of Caves Beach (3km return per lap) each morning instead of one - that's one lap for me and one lap for you.

I find myself gazing out onto the ocean every morning, looking north-east, thinking of you and sending my good karma thoughts your way. I hope you are catching some of them! You must be because it sounds like a lot of things are falling nicely into place for you so far - except the fishing of course.

With the fishing, I would suspect that the big teeth marks on your lures might be dolphin fish. When I was on HMAS Stalwart and we were parked off Vanuatu during the coup in 1988, we did a lot of shooting practice. Anyway, we also caught a lot of dolphin fish, and most of them had stomachs full of bullet shells that they must have swallowed as they sunk to the bottom. Anyway, I remember that the dolphin fish, apart from being pretty ugly, had fairly big teeth.

It's good to hear about the sun coming out, the way you get excited about these little things really reminds me that although you are a brave young woman, you are still just a teenage girl. I can just see you giggling away with excitement - between the sun, the fresh rain showers and your music, I bet you are having the time of your life out there!

But then I think about you cleaning Ella up all the time, especially the cabin area and start to wonder, are you really only 16yo. Most 16yo girls that I used to know (my daughter's friends mainly), did not have a clue how to keep things tidy - like their bedroom!

You say that your favourite food is chocolate, which is understandable, you are a girl after all. But I am starting to think that by the end of this trip, cream will be your favourite food! Not only will you have to write a book about this trip, you are going to have to write a cookbook featuring all different recipes using cream! LOL

I can see how you would have plenty of water on board to keep you going - I suppose you would go through about 4-5 litres a day, so for 8 months, you would only need about 1200 litres.

Your blogs continue to be brilliant, well written, very informative - especially explaining things in layman's terms for us landlubbers, and with the personal, emotional touch that makes it very easy to imagine being there with you.

As far as I am concerned, your blogs are equal to anything that I have ever read, including any books by the great Stephen King. If all the blogs were in a book, it would be a book that you could not put down, while I am reading it, regardless of how tired I was, I would find myself saying, just one more page.

You are surprising me more every day, with your continued courage, your continual unflappable character, and your knowledge of composition skills. I think that your parents have done a brilliant job in raising you and they should be rightfully be extremely proud of your achievements so far.


Anyway, it's 12:40am, I have just finished work and time to get some sleep before another long day tomorrow of 6-8 hours golf practice, looking after my 14yo boy, and then back to working on my business.

Oh yeah, if you are reading my comments, which I will presume you are, my wrist was not fractured (as advised 2 weeks ago), I found out on Friday afternoon, and had the plaster off about 10 minutes after the news! Started golf practice again today so soon, will be back to playing tournament golf.

Anyway, don't want to ramble on too long.



Caves Beach, Andrew

Anonymous said...

O.K., confess... (we won't dob you in...) Have you been throwing any organic rubbish over board ?Kitchenscraps ? Of course you have, can't see you storing that stuff until your return to SYD. Now what do you think is on your trail now ? O.k., no sleepless night for our champ, I hear the others saying...
On a visit to Greece a few years ago we were told by the locals not to swim in the sea, when the ferry comes in. The Big Toothfish with the big Dorsalfin will follow as well and cruise for a few tasty tourists while in the bay...
Maybe, instead of spreading that stuff like crumbs to the pidgeons, pack a tight parcel and let it go once.

Mrs. Rad said...


Thank you for answering the questions about fresh water - we figured rain would play a role, but were not sure what was packed and how. So you say you have tanks - hmmm, would love to see a pic some time. My kinders and first graders are cheering you on. Continued good luck to you!
Mrs. Rad. Sunol Glen School, Sunol, California

Unknown said...

I love your posts ....first thing I do every morning is check on Jessica. ! Sounds like a wonderful voyage...stay safe.

mate of sailing vessel Talisman

Anonymous said...

Rain! I miss the rain. Take care when fishing. The fishing hooks are dangerous. Stay safe and enjoy whatever you do in your small place in a great ocean. God bless.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
I sense the calmness in you. Stay safe and strong

Maria Stuart said...

Hi Jessica,
Love reading your blog. You are one amazing person thats for sure. Its hot here too (Melbourne) Take care out there.
Best Regards,

Daniel said...

bonne appétit ma petite sirène.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear your going strong Jessica !Next time you get some havy rain and your tanks are full try and block your cockpit drains and you can have a real bath ;-)
Looking forward to crossing "the Line" with you hope you have some fun ritual planed !
Cheers "singelhanded"

Nadine said...

Hi Jesse,
I find myself looking forward to hearing your blogs. Some of your comments make me lol.

I try to check the weather and imagine how you are doing each day. It sounds like you are doing great.

I hope you catch a fish soon. bye


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
First thin I do in the morning is to look at your blog. Now it's afternoon and I checked your blog again to find your long interesting report. I'm happy to hear that you liked the rain, liked to wash up and tidy your space. Interesting to read about your fishing too. Many years ago when I was fishing I caught a big fish I wasn't familiar with. My children told me to pull it up, I hesitated, and in a sudden the fish got off the hook and swam away. I was very pleased. I do hope that you will catch a fish in perfect size for you before you do a u turn and go south.
Very interesting to hear about the fresh water on Ella's Pink Lady.
Keep smiling and safe sailing brave girl.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden


Its been a few days that I've been away. Just caught up with you. Washig the boat in the rain sounds like fun actually. I always love using the hose outside and getting all wet doing something. You were able to use HIS/HERS big funnel and drink,splash,wash, and play in it. Sounds like fun.
The big teeth marks on the lure sounds interesting. Dont know what to make of that not being a deep sea fisherman. I only fish for trout in streams they're little buggers compared to what you have out there. Cant wait to see what u catch. You'll have to take a pic. of it. Call it "My Proud Catch". By the way the pictures from a few days ago are lovely. Very pretty sunset.
My Sunday was about honeydos around the house. I have to clean also and it consists of vacuuming
and making the beds. And cleaning the pool where I get to take my plunge in the cold water.
Well enough for me. You look good and we are proud of you. Keep going and keep your chin up.
Love from the Carters.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess, been following your adventure since you left Sydney.
I suffer from depression but your blogs and all the comments here have been my best medicine lately so I have to thank you for that,
Also I know your trip is meant to be unassisted but I sent 2 angels to look after you. Hope you dont mind
Best of luck in your journey and I hope you achieve everything you dream of.
Stay safe and may the winds carry you safely all the way back home to us.


Anonymous said...

Psalm 19:5-6 (The Message)
The daybreaking sun an athlete racing to the tape. 6 That's how God's Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, scorching deserts, warming hearts to faith.

Hi again, Jessica! What a cheery, encouraging post! Sounds like that morning sun indeed warmed your heart! It so sounds like you know just what to do and when to do it, and I am encouraged, too! Enjoy your topped-off, refreshed, cleaned-up, fully checked-out day, and I will be praying today for your health, good rest, continued good progress, and for your family at home thinking about you, caring for you, and waiting for you.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jesse,
It's humid and sticky here in Melbourne tonight according to my Davis Weather Station its 76 percent at a warm 20.6 degrees at 1:21am, I've been looking at video's of you all evening a quick refresh of the page shows yet another blog from you!

Well I'd say all the fresh water questions have been answered....I know what its like to be out in the rain, I was out running one day and a cloud opened up and completly soaked me to the skin, I just kept on running, not really wise to stop.

My copy of Kay Cottee "First Lady" arrived today, I'll be right into it....

Keep on keeping on Jess...that equator is ticking down.

Clint - Melbourne

Unknown said...

UR such a funny girl. Don't put your hand over the side as bait.
Enjoy your blog so much.
Keep on going

RICHARD said...

Thanks for covering the water thing. It seems it was a concern for many of us who follow you daily.

Isn't it crazy how in calmer conditions you become more busy? Always a relief for us to know you have EPL once again in shipshape and well stocked with H2o. Personally I have always enjoyed washing my hair in rainwater. It always seems softer.

Do you actually enter areas where there is no wind? In those conditions are you simply adrift and at the mercy of the current? Could you actually lose ground?

Sounds like you are moving nicely. Perhaps you will have some time for another video. Can't get enough videos!

Wouldn't it be great if you could set up a live SKYPE type question and answer session. I am sure you would hear from people worldwide! That would be fun.
Have a great day Jess.

See Ya Sailor!

el grande said...

Neptune continues to favor your voyage. Enjoy that 2 seconds of freshness after a fresh water scrub!

Rob said...

Most people just don't appreciate the rain the way they should. For most of us it is a nuisance but for you out there it means a few moments free of the salt crust on everything!
What are some of the things that you really have to watch for wear on a somewhat daily basis?
Also, what is the typical top speed for you? Sounds like 7 knots is a pretty good clip. How fast can Ella's Pink Lady go? How fast are you comfortable with her going?
Enjoy the rest of your...... Monday? Maybe it is already Tuesday for you. Anyhow, hope it is going well.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Jeff and family said...

Hi Jessica,
You Know you could become a comedian,just reading the way you write,you have a good sense of humour.make sure you don`t lose it,because your Blogs are better than any TV Crap.Your great with words.
Do you realy need to fish anyway?
KEEP SAFE,Kind regard,Jeff,Lisa and Family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your experience.

I look forward each day to checking your position and reading your latest blog entry.

Don Stubbs
Summerfield, NC, USA

SaltyDog said...


That really does sound like a great day. But it hardly seems fair. We're all enjoying following your voyage but you're doing all of the work. Even though we're not there to help with the chores, know that you have a huge support group.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...


You are awesome little lady!! My Daughter Tatiana and myself will never miss your blog daily. 1st thing we look is your daily blog. You are very inspiring to little kids and off course to the old people like myself and my wife. keep up the good work!

SfO and Tatiana from Southern California

adam said...

i love 2 wake up and read your post u r greatest i thing you have a great family 2 help u on your trip good luck dont be ashamed 2 ask 4 help u still have alot of life 2 live .jes ur the best....adam

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

just a few hours ago I delighted in your new message and low and behold there is another treat, I can't resist to comment on!

Thank you sooo much!

Love the description of the lure with the teethmark and your corresponding imagination!

About the housework! I think you like doing it, because ELP is your territory, you are the Queen of the castle so to speak.
Like having a cubby house, boy did we sweep and clean that cubby house, but when Mum would want me to dry dishes or sweep the porch, I had a long face, hiding in the toilet with a book and hoping she'd forget about me!!!!!!! She never did, even though, I was as quiet as a mouse!

Never having had to 'live' so close to saltwater as you are doing at the moment, I can only imagine how welcome that shower was, to collect water, have a 'bath in freshwater' and wipe the inside of the cabin down.

All spruced up again and fresh! A good feeling!

Every time you tell us about the workings of EPL, it is revealed that you and your team have thought of everythin: about the gutters to catch the rain, the water tanks big enough to see you through, just marvelous, ingenious!

It is getting dark really early now, at 5 pm with winter coming on here in Tirol.
So I'll do a bit of my own cleaning up and continue packing!

Take care, have fun, keep safe,


Anonymous said...

Hi "Happy Girl",

I hope you have a little carpet in the cabin to sweep some of that "housework" under.

Ummmmmm... dessert.

Clip-on. Stay safe.

Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

'different drum' said...

Perhaps all Australians should do a voyage to appreciate the value of limited water,and the pleasure of a rain 'bath',,luxury.
wow,2 blog's in one day,,how spoilt are we,,,i assume the cream you mention,regularly mention,is the long life variety ??.
Happy sailing Jessica.
'different drum'

Ron said...

To hear you enjoying yourself is music to my ears. After reading your blogs, watching your videos and seeing all your photos, it's almost like my own daughter is making the trip. God bless you Jesse. Keep up the good spirits and the good work. I pray for you daily.

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Truly astounded by your fresh water conservation efforts! Thought you might have at least had a small 12 volt electric water-maker (desalinator) on board. Like, maybe a 25 GPD (gallon per day) unit. They draw quite a bit of wattage but jeepers, none at all? Not even a small engine driven unit to make extra water whenever you’re running the engine to top off the battery voltage? Water-makers require quite a bit of maintenance, spare parts and filters etc., so its tons easier to do without one, but still...

Your prolonged daily water preservation is HEROIC! You make it sound so commonplace when it’s really quite extraordinary! For a day or two, or even a week maybe, but for months on end? Especially when contemplating a persons daily comforts. Our hats are off to you. You continue to astonish!

Please don’t be excessively stingy with the H2O and dehydrate yourself. Stay especially well hydrated when you get far down into the cold Southern hemisphere too (hypothermia loves dehydrated persons). Just bits and pieces you’re already well aware of, but a friendly reminder never hurts ;-)

Please keep the little emergency hand-desalinator in your grab bag as well (in all probability it already is).

Wow... still amazed!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

To you gentlemen commentator(s) who are starting to get a little too forthcoming with Jess in your posts, you’re getting close to being considered a “creeper”.
Knock it off! Act your age. You know who you are...

HAWKEYE said...


Oh Jesse I was referring to exercise in my last blog and suggested you don't attempt to walk on water. Those big TEETH marks confirm my view - don't try it!! I do hope you keep yourself buckled up when you move around the deck.I'm going to keep telling you this until I drive you insane .. well not insane but I want you to know how much I care. Now the work regime has to some extent helped with the exercise needs - maybe all you need to do is change a few definitions such as: polishing the deck becomes working out the biceps, stretching up to clean above you head is now working on the calves, etc.

Anyway it's really good to hear your in good spirits and it reflects in the blog. The water system sounds well thought through and you have no excuse not to be taking in lots of fluid. Hope the weather goes to your liking over the next few days and progress continues to be made at a rate that keeps you happy and safe.

Jess until next time take care and be happy. I'll be thinking of you out there when I'm surfing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica.

I heard about your voyage on the news here in Dallas, TX USA the day you embarked. I envy you and wish you luck. Be safe and take care of yourself.

Dallas, TX USA

Emma said...

Hey Jess,

Great update. I hate cleaning but the result is really worth it I guess. lol. Keep enjoying yourself!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse! On the internet I came across a few words and phrases that can be traced back to the language of seafarers, such as "batten down the hatches", "over a barrel", "the coast is clear". Since you do such a great job describing the food you eat on board EPL, I thought this phrase was appropriate.

"Square Meal - In Kydd's day sailors ate their food off square wooden plates which had a raised edge called a fiddle. This design was partly to stop food falling off the plate, partly to set a limit on the amount of food taken. If a sailor overfilled the plate he was said to be “on the fiddle”, and could be punished, but he always insisted on a square meal."

SO, way back then, do you think the cook made cupcakes for the crew...ha. "Arrrrgh, where's me cupcakes with the fancy icing"...says the pirate.

I use to have a lot of fun sailing Hobie Cats many years ago. Here in the New Mexico desert there are only 3 or 4 lakes to sail on. I owned a 14, 16 and 18 foot. I loved sailing. It was a blast to hook in to your harness, stand on the edge of the trampoline and "fly a hull". I sailed with a friend who was a sailing instructor. We were a good match sailing together and had a really great time. We would wait until the wind picked up really strong then head out on the lake when everyone else was coming off. We would be the only boat left on the lake, sailing away on the white caps, having a blast. Ah yes, good ol memories...

What is your favorite subject in school? Hmmm...English perhaps? You write so well. Are you keeping up with your studies on board EPL??? huh huh...yeah I thought so, playing hooky. That must have been some note your mom wrote getting you out of school...ha. "Dear Principal, Jessica will be unable to attend classes for the next 8 months, she will be out, sailing around the world...."


Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Michael said...

Keep up the great work...

Let me know a little more about what type of fishing gear you have and I may be able to help you catch a fish????

One Day at a time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
We are living aboard Silver Beat for the winter in the Med. so know all about short washes! Talcum powder is great to get rid of a salty skin and good for feeling clean if you can't take a shower.
we really enjoy reading your blog. Stay safe.
Alison & Roger

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Oh yum, Mandarine! What a good idea to bring canned citrus! (No doubt the sailors on this blog will groan at that show of ignorance on my part--that's probably basic survival, hah?)
OK, so the moment you've been dreading since I told you last week that my Internet went down, and how it was too bad because I'd wanted to include a poem, is upon us.
Promise not to laugh now.
OK, here it least I kept it fairly short.

Jessica's Dream

As Ella Pink and Ladylike slides o'er the changing seas,

Jesse gazes o'er the bow, gauging swell and breeze.

Artfully converging; are water, wind, and sun;

playing off each other to an audience of one.

Day break awakes to droplets, jewel-like 'long the boom,

and nightfall casts a shimmery path of silver to the moon.

Sweet sixteen she sails the globe, a self-determined race,

while every day dance blues and grays, reflecting back her Faith.

And we who watch in wonder pray, "Safe passage by God's Grace."

Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Again Jessica! Thanks again for all the great descriptions of what is happening out there. The imagery your words provide really help us get a little glimpse of what it's like, and allowing us to ride along with you. My map has about 3" (76mm) of pink highlighter filled in as you head by Samoa. We look forward to your updates every day.
Be safe and stay alert.
We will keep praying for your health and strength.
Grace Fellowship Church.
North Stonington, Ct. USA

Steve M said...

Thanks for the updates. Your adventures are remarkable!

I look forward to reading about your day. Is it sad that I get bummed out when you don't have a chance to post an update?

Unknown said...

Well Jess, I'm sitting here in my dry condo in San Diego with nice sunshine and plenty of fresh water and the ability to go on a nice long walk any time I want and I'm feeling a little guilty. On the other hand, I bet you wouldn't change places with me for anything!! And I don't blame you. It sounds like you are having an awesome time doing an awesome thing!! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your progress and experiences. By the way, you mention listening to music frequently but you have said what you listen to. So???

Anonymous said...

The way you describe everything is wonderful. Its as if we are there with you!! Keep writing!! Take care!!
Deborah in Wilmington NC USA [on the east coast side]


hello Jessica -
I'm felicity. I just signed up on Blogger. I heard about your trip going so well when I was at a sleepover at a girlfriends place on weekend. We went online and read some of your blogs. Sounds like you are having so much fun.
I bet its starting to get hot as you get closer th equator. I bet you are making best of the fresh water to have shower with (have to be better than all that salty water -lol).
I think it was Sunday blog report you said about making T-shirt and sarong your Uniform as the wether gets warmer and you get closer to equator. LOL, I would be worried about sarong sweetie, lol, if it gonna be that hot, I'd just be wearing t-shirt and my undies, lol, afterall nobody gonna see you, unless you are close to land. You can always throw a towel around you if other boats get close, lol. Oh yeah, and just keep he sarong handy for video Diary Reports.

you go for it girlfriend :-)


Anonymous said...


Thanks again for keeping us up to date. I find myself checking in with you everyday. You paint such a complete picture with your words that one can feel like they are right there with you.

One day after you complete your voyage, you must write a book. It will be a bestseller I just know it.

Keep your courage up. You are doing great.


CCSLC said...

It’s great to see that you are doing so well. What kind of bait are you using for fishing? I’ll bet it wasn’t one of your wonderful looking chocolate cupcakes! You remain in our thoughts and prayers, and may the wind continue to fill your sails.

The Harris Family
Salt Lake City, UT

CCSLC said...

It’s great to see that you are doing so well. What kind of bait are you using for fishing? I’ll bet it wasn’t one of your wonderful looking chocolate cupcakes! You remain in our thoughts and prayers, and may the wind continue to fill your sails.

The Harris Family
Salt Lake City, UT

Anonymous said...

Time to send in the "deadliest Catch" Rescue Chopper to get you of that ship, I suppose..
When you start cleaning the inside that cannot be healthy, when your 16...
When being in those unbecoming waves that roll the ship around in no wind...Don't you have to think about the Gabriella Chilmi song, "Sweet about me"... All about blue waves crashing , and that she found that the world is a better place when its upside down?

Following from the netherlands, a couple of times per day... Have a save trip!

btw for the reader: 1200 miles is still a long way,even by car at 60 knots...

Meechree said...

The conditions seem to be going in the right direction for you, huh?
That's great to hear (:
-Dimitri, USA

richiek said...

Hey Jessica!
Im glad that all is well...Ive been cheering for you since I heard about all the troubles folks were giving you for doing this...
I give you props for making a go at your dreams, and I beleive that you are an inspiration to all, and also beleive that you can do this!

Ive been wanting to follow your journey using the "The Voyage" link on your site, but it isnt much help unless I am doing something wrong.
So im using Google Earth and your Blogs to guess where you may be.

Keep up your spirits, and may God continue to bless you!

Richie K
South Carolina, USA.

Anonymous said...

Ms Watson,
love your comments, but being a landlubber, would appreciate any photo of your rigging and it's purpose, photo of any other equipment that assist in your voyage.Example your outboard motor,brand etc. One photo with each posting would be wonderful.

Thanks for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess - Been keeping myself updated on the weather maps

( and can see that area where you went thru--- let a few minutes of rain wash the salt water off your dodger before storing the fresh --- keep up the good job

Gary O

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why you're going so far north, when your objective is Cape Horn. I suspect it has to do with making use of currents and prevailing winds, as well as not wanting to spend too much time in the Southern Ocean? I'm enjoying the blogs and tracker very much!

Be safe,

Anonymous said...

Jesse the Explorer

Hi, Jesse- Ben from Texas here.

Just finished placing a world map on the wall and adding map pins to mark your progress and location. Very exciting to sit and look at the map, wondering where you are now and how you are doing. Know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of thousands all across this "blue marble" we call home.

Your last post was very enjoyable. I find myself smiling as read about your adventures and imagine EPL moving and cutting through the waves. What a blessing for you to have had the support of your parents- I am as much in awe of them as I am of you.

Jesse, you are a peaceful, soothing, breath of fresh air each time I go to your website to see how you are doing. I check every day, sometimes twice a day.

In a world where we are constantly hearing of petty tyrants, greedy financiers, apathetic government officials and the distruction of our environment, you are, by example, giving hope to all of us that no dream is impossible and that the world can be better and more just for us all.

Sail on safely, Brave Jesse, Jesse the Explorer.

Digiscrapper said...

Hi Jess,

So happy to hear that things are still going along well for you and you are having the time of your life. Enjoy that beautiful fresh rain when you get it.

I would try not to think about those big teeth marks too. LOL

Enjoy your mandrins. I love them too.

Take care and stay safe.


Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

I can only imagine how refreshing the rain would have been for you. It is great that your water tanks are again topped up.

It is hard to believe that you are into the 4th week. Your choices in your second food bag will be becoming limited. Just think a few more days and you can crack open the next one with more goodies inside.

You are making good progress especially at around 7 knots. You will be at the equator in no time.

I love your updates. It is a highlight of my day. You are an inspiration to so many people young and old. Keep doing what you are doing!!

Stay safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

Keep happy, Jessica.
Rain is good
Smooth sailing.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

you GO, girl!
Sending you supporting encouragement from Bathurst NSW :)

And enjoy that rain!!!

Anonymous said...

I am just amazed by your ability to see the best in things despite the situation. The thing that qualifies you to take on this endeavor may not be all the hours of skill training and preparation-- it may be the unique personality that makes you, you!

Keep it up sister! You have a whole gang of women in Seattle who are thinking of you every day!

Anonymous said...

WOW! It sure is a real treat to read these blogs Jess- Youve really captured my heart- Im in Ontario Canada and just learnt to sail 2 yrs ago(Im 40) and wish i would have learnt a long time ago. I havnt bought a boat yet or even done that much sailing but it sure is addictive. - I'll be following your journey and telling everyone who will listen about ya- good luck!!

Stuart1981 said...

Its great to ready your blog Jess, good luck with catching the fish! You'll catch one eventually and that'll be good for you, what with all that cream :-)

Hope you're headache went away fast, keep up the amazing job your doing

Stuart - UK

fabian said...

Hi Jesse,
Reading your blog is so great. Thank you for every update!
I am looking forward to the day you catch your first fish. Don't forget to post a snapshot. ;-)
I started sailing two years ago, so your technical descriptions are very intersting for me.

Stay safe and enjoy!
Fabian (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Unknown said...

Hey Jess,

I have started getting into work early so i can read your blog so as not get fired for being a slacker and what a great read it is.

It is like i am there, thank you so much.

Stay safe


Marcus Schormann , Germany said...

HeyJessica , i´m always glad to read you´re well and on progress as well. To collect water by using rain is a good ting so you´ll always be trained in watching your facilities and on the other hand freh-water in your tanks is always fresh, some times if it is too long inside the tanks without refreshing it will get bad and smelly. Go ahead, we wlii watch your progress every day , yours Marcus from Germany

Anonymous said...

"the lures are covered in huge big teeth marks," photos please, perhaps someone can then do identification.

Marcus Schormann , Germany said...

HeyJessica , i´m always glad to read you´re well and on progress as well. To collect water by using rain is a good ting so you´ll always be trained in watching your facilities and on the other hand freh-water in your tanks is always fresh, some times if it is too long inside the tanks without refreshing it will get bad and smelly. Go ahead, we wlii watch your progress every day , yours Marcus from Germany

Sally said...

Good Morning Jess

Your certainly love your cream!! The Mandarin pieces and cream sounds lovely - I use tinned mandarin pieces in a salad that I make. Yumm!

Thanks for the interesting blog and the explanation on what you do for fresh water. It's amazing what you have packed away in Ella's Pink Lady.

Glad that mother nature is also contributing quite readily to your water supply to assist you! What an awesome creature she is!

Better luck with the fishing next time and yes don't think about what's making those teeth marks. Some things are better left alone!!

Hope that the wind stays with you Jess. Stay safe.

'I saw a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing on the sea.
And, oh, but it was laden
With pretty things for thee.

There were comfits in the cabin,
And apples in the hold;
The sails were made of silver
And the masts were made of gold. '

An Old Nursery Rhyme

Sally In Sydney

Sarah said...

Yaay thanks for the update. Wow you have had a busy day girl!! Hopefully the fishing goes better next time and I'm sure that rain was an absolute delight!! I can see why you're excited about it.

Just read your Sunday post too and I'l remember you when I get out for my next walk - its not easy here on land either there are so many other things that distract you!!

Anyway glad you're making good progress and enjoying yourself.

Keep it up! xo.

Anonymous said...

Jessica - you are loved and not alone. This is one of my favorite poems.


One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.

For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonging to him, and the other to the LORD.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it:

"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me."

The LORD replied:
"My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering,when you see only one set of footprints,it was then that I carried you."

Phoenix, Arizona

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse,

7 knots!! That's great!!
Hope u enjoyed your mandarin pieces and cream! I SO want it!

Cya Jesse,
Daily Blog Reader (DBR)

Anonymous said...

Great going Jess, good that you're able to top up your fresh water too...the scrub down,and getting some salt off you must have felt great.

I think you are the envy of many a person, especially while up in the tropics, we probably won't be thinking that when you are rounding the capes though.

Keep on powering along.

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,

Well I am ab-so-lu-te-ly amazed to hear that you are actually carrying pretty much your whole supply of fresh water on board the Pink Lady since the start of your periple. I was pretty sure that you were using a desalinater to save on weight and space. Since you hadn't answered that question yet, I had simply wrongly assumed.

However, still a daily pleasure to read your blog, most definitely.

Enjoy your time.
emgb1 in South Wales (uk, gmt+0)

Ruddy said...

hi champ
A fresh wash after all that salty water sticking to you is a luxury to remember Just thinking that maybe climbing in an out of the Pink Ladys cockpit if it is repeated enough times, may give your legs the desired exercise like a walk
At this time when you are getting there it seems timely to remind you Getting there isnt half the fun- Its all the fun.
Keep your hand on the line while its trolling when you can so you can keep tension on the line without allowing the fish to shake off because those bite marks indicate there is a chance you had a fish on and lost it, it was probably a huge one too :)
Wishing you the best.

Have a great day Jesse
Ulladulla Harbour

Attitude said...

Hi Jess, chasing your dream certainly has its benefits along the way, it allows you to enjoy the simple things in life like rain!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's lyrics to Garth Brooks' song "TWO PINA COLADAS" -

Now, I'll go set sail with Captain Morgan while you enjoy the lyrics!

I was feelin' the blues
I was watching the news
When this fella came on the TV
He said I'm tellin' you
That science has proven
That heartaches are healed by the sea
That got me goin'
Without even knowin'
I packed right up and drove down
Now I'm on a roll
And I swear to my soul
Tonight I'm gonna paint this town

So bring me two pina coladas
i want one for each hand
Let's set sail with Captin Morgan
And never leave dry land
any troubles I forgot 'em
I buried 'em in the sand
So bring me two pina coladas
She said good-bye to her good timin' man

Oh now I've gotta say
That the wind and the waves
And the moon winkin' down at me
Eases my mind
By leavin' behind
The heartaches that love often brings
Now I've got a smile
That goes on for miles
With no inclination to roam
I've gotta say
That I think I've gotta stay
'Cause this is feelin' more and more like home

So bring me two pina coladas
gotta have one for each hand
Let's set sail with Captin Morgan
oh and never leave dry land
any troubles I forgot 'em
I buried 'em in the sand
So bring me two pina coladas
She said good-bye to her good timin' man

bring me bring me two pina coladas
i want one for each hand
Let's set sail with Captin Morgan
oh and never leave dry land
any troubles I forgot 'em
I buried 'em in the sand
So bring me two pina coladas
and say hello to her good timin' man

Phoenix, Arizona

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, Good to see your blog again , hubby and I look forward every day to seeing it, you are such an amazing girl Jesse we are so proud of you your family must be so swelled up with pride, you make eveyone so proud to be Australian, go girl enjoy the ride and enjoy the mandarins. Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica. Question for you, do you use the rain water to flush your toilet. I'm assuming you have a little toilet in the cabin. Though I could be wrong, how exactly does all that work. Um... going to the toilet and all??? All the water just got me wondering... Mel (Sydney)

Calpi said...

Every post you continue to amaze me with how you make everything sound so matter of fact. Makes me think I might venture out and experiance sailing one day myself!!

Stay safe

hezakiah299 said...

11-09-09 @ 15:40
Hi Jessica,
After reading that the fish left teeth marks on the lure I was wondering, do you really want to clean a fish that big.
It sounds like you are really in High Spirits, good for you. I could almost hear you giggle a time or two. You sounded so excited explaining all the work that you had done, and that was quite a bit. Filling the tanks, washing the cabin, washing clothes and being able to take a refreshing "bucket bath", and a tour of the boats rigging. Which I hope you found in good shape.
You definitely made good use of the rain and I'm sure you feel much better getting all the salt off your body and Ella. I like the way you make use of the gutters that are built into the dodger.
How much water does your tanks hold?
Well Jessica, it looks like things are moving along rather well for you, and you seem to be in High Spirits. I hope it continues this way and you have a safe and enjoyable voyage. Take a break now and enjoy your dessert, you deserve it. Take care and stay alert and don’t forget the harness.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

trentgs said...

Reading your Sunday bit made me think you could run in place but I caneled that thought your footing being a bit bumply and shifting..Yeah you'll just have to content yourself with excercises and the hoisting of the sails..:O) You sound chipper and in good spirits and thats a great thing. Did you take some DVDs' to enjoy along with those CDs'?

Do take care and--don't pull anything aboard you don't intend to eat!! No telling what did the gnawing..thats whats so great about ocean fishing..though I admit I'm a bit more reserved prefering the usual rather than the unusual. Years ago while I was fishing with shrimp and catching ocean perch my brother started using one of his fresh water spinning lures and we were shocked as he caught flounder one after the that was a great day fishin'.

Keep at it eventually something will caught...

Blessings ..Jesse.

Hold on tight..

Gary & Jan

Jim P said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm writing from Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Last night I looked out from the beach into a black sea and a black night and thought of you. You have more courage than I can imagine.
I pray for a safe voyage for you and follow your progress every day.
When and how can we track your progress in real time on line?
Good luck - Safe trip
Jim P

Anonymous said...

Just a comment to let you know I am following your blog with great enthusiasm!! We have some family in Melbourne..My husband's sisterMargaret Wilkins met and married an Australian Naval Officer..Charles Falkiner around 40 years ago..they built a Chinese Junk and sailed from Melbourne to Norfolk, Va. It was quiet an event!! I have never forgotten when they pulled into Norfolk!! Her son Johnny Wilkins lives there as well as Kate Wilkins. His daughter Leslie is married and is with radio in the area. You have wonderful support of your family and I enjoy every day!! Thanks for sharing!! Blair Bickford

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jess!

Your website is now among the 1000 most frequently visited Australian sites!!

You can imagine this does mean really maaaany visitors!! :-)

@water: so you go "to bed" salty if the tanks are empty and there's no rain in sight?
hmm ok, think I'd need getting used to it, but one probably can, I think.

Keep goin' , Jesse!!

Don't think about people on land, think about you, probably having the chance to make history in some months! :-)


Song Riter said...


Great to hear you have plenty of fresh water. Nature has a way of providing, eh? Congratulations on the 2000 NM milestone. Thanks for sharing about walking. I went running on Sunday afternoon, sunny and temps in the 60's. You are right! We so take walking around for granted. I will appreciate my next run even more. Wish you had a stairmaster on board EPL. LOL. Probably take up too much room and weight though.

I think you are going for the record of the CLEANEST pink boat to sail around the world. LOL :~)
I think you are learning more than sailing out there! Hope Mum does not give you extra chores when you get back!

You have a great attitude about it all. On to the Equator...

John in Ashland

trentgs said...

Wow!! I just had to flip over my World map to place your position..You're zipping right along..won't be long and you'll be near the Line you're sneaking up on that Equator. {:O) Either way I just flipped to the otherside of the map where South America is looming large..

How are you going to Celebrate? I'm guessing this is your first crossing...

Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess I just got back from a 5km walk on Coolum Beach for you. It was great even though the waves are a bit rough and the wind is making the sand whip around your ankles. I so understand why you enjoyed your wash in the rain after the salty, sticky feeling. Heaven is a good way of explaining it.
Keep your chin up and enjoy.
Cheers Jo

Unknown said...

Now that's a cheerful blog! A pleasure to read about a girl in high spirits. Thanks so much.

Ian from Brisbane

angela said...

Enjoying your blog. Keep trying you will get a fish soon. I'm glad to hear your enjoying the "housework". I dont know many 16 year old that do.
Hope your luck in the wind department holds for you.
Best wishes

Unknown said...

Thanks Jessica, great update, look forward to your posts, really feel part of your adventure.

Anonymous said...

I am following your adventure from Eugene Oregon in the US. I have sailed in the San Juan Islands but that's about it. What kind of music are you listening to? I guess you can download music so that what you have won't get too terrible old. Thanks for letting the rest of the world follow in your adventure,

Jukeboy Jim in Oregon

DAN said...






Irox said...

i am seyed mohammad
my english languge it is not good.
but i under standing what do you do.
i know you will go around the world.
i come here for talk to you...
i hope you have good travel :)
i am sorry
my writting is trible.
have good time
bye bye

Libby O said...

Great blog today. Thanks so much! It makes us all feel like we're right there in the cockpit with you. What kind of celebration do you have in store for your crossing of the equator?

Kissyfrott said...

Rain can be delightful, cleaning can be pleasant, you are teaching us how the real life can be different, Jesse...
Most of all, reading that you are well, with full water tanks, and Pink Lady surfing nicely and closing to the equator line, we all feel at ease and happy.
You can't probably imagine the place you took, in just a few weeks, in the minds of so many people.
Each of us is living his daily usual life, home-school or work-home, with meals, tasks, leasures, and so on... but we all have on our minds, from dawn to dusk, the question: "How is Jessica?". And we check on the computers, many times a day, to read your great blogs, to see if the map has been updated, to watch for a new video hopefully...
You are not far enough in your journey, but some day we shall start wondering how will our lives become, once you will be back to Sydney? No news to wait for, no blog to read.. Life will look dull...
Jesse, you are our hero. Sail well and stay safe! We love you!

Rod said...

Good to see you are still upbeat and happy. I wish you well in this endeavor I'll definitely keep watching you blog.
Clear skies and fair winds Jess.

lilshawnee said...

Well Jess,We are so happy for you.
Keep posting i love it as i told you before your dreams are making our dreams come true soon.Like i said my 13 year old daughter and i are going to sail to Hawaii in a couple of years we are doing the learning now.And i am learning a lot from are my HERO.
Keep up the good work Jess.I love reading your life on the water.
You make it so real and so excited
i sure hope you talk about cabin for washing your clothes do you use sait water to wash with.
well lil Jess keep up the good work an am so so happy for yo lil girl.take care andbe safe.
your friend Robert,Ellen,Alison and Autumn

Naz said...

Hi Jess! I love reading your blog every day. You are such an inspiration.. so much so I looked up the basic sailing courses at Mooloolaba. Going to start working my way through them as I can afford it.
One of my favourite quotes (I think it has been posted here before but every time I read your blog I think of it) “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

Two To Go said...

Thanks Jess for another great blog. Rainy days can be lots of fun when you live on a boat I know that I love to give our boat a good wash down and relive her of all the salt and yes people that live on land find it hard to belive that we use so little.I'm sure if eveyone used as little as we do on board our boats for a couple of months the dam levels would stay a lot higher over the summer months with all the tropical storms that Brissy will recieve in the next couple of months. Well Jess stay safe keep busy and loook forward to you next blog

Vijay T said...

Well done Jess - the exercise is good & I am sure you are getting enough of this. Your prep for this trip is commendable. And i am sure most people will agree that the first episode was an eye opener. Good stuff girl & safe travelling - thanks for the update.


Péter said...

Hi Jeccica,

Congratulations for leaving the first 10% behind you.

I've created a Jessica Watson computer wallpaper. Download link:

I enjoy reading your blog, everything's interesting you write about. Keep trying with the fishing business, I'm sure

you'll catch one soon.

Take care.
Péter from Szeged, Hungary

Henri said...

Wow! You sound so organised! Work, planning, fun - we are all joining you on this adventure, in spirit at least :)) Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Sorry to comment on sunday, while being monday overhere and tuesday at your place. Can you tell us what type of exersize you do to stay healthy and also to stay muscular, i mean, walking a block is a bit short walk right now for you. Do you have a stepper? Or is just living on the boat enough to stay healthy?
Hope you did not felt slightly homesick last sunday, else is so, thats the way it is. Great blog and have enjoyed it again.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jesse,
Great to know that everything is going according to plan!Don't worry to much about those "toothmarks"probably a large 'barracuda'keep on fishing!!
Nothing to beat good rainfall Jesse,and you seem to have taken advantage of it with your single -handed "working bee".
You are clocking good speeds,keep it going Jesse,you are a "winner"Godspeed and God Bless,You are in our thoughts and prayers, Dougal.

John Vromans said...

Jessica, you are an absolute treasure. Considering that I didn't know you at all a few months ago, I am now getting to find out what a special person you are. I am pleased to hear that you are coping well with everything and nothing appears to be a problem. Time for another picture?

Vicki said...

Good morning Jesse,
Just catching up on your blogs, as I do every day, like so many others it seems! Great to hear you had a nice down fall of rain to rinse everything off. Must have felt really nice. I bet you and EPL are the prettiest things on the ocean right now lol. We hope you enjoy your mandarins & cream, which you seem to eat alot of I might add lol.
Till next time,
Happy sailing to you and EPL.
Love and cuddles
Vicki, Michael & family xoxoxo

Melinda said...

Hey Jessica, great blog you make it so personal always feels like you are talking to a friend rather than the whole world. We keep up with you everyday and just love it. All seems to be going really well. Love M and B

pgauld said...

I was looking at Jon Sanders' collection at the Curtin University website; they have an extract of his log book on his triple circumnavigation. One entry says - "Sun more prominent - hooray. Need something bright (and for sights)."

I would love you to say something about Jon, a very little recognised Australian ... well ... legend.

Cheers for now.

Molly said...

Greetings Sailor Girlie,
I posted my daily "hello" earlier today, but somehow it didn't show up.
So I will go for "take two".
It's amazing how your smile shines through your blog posts.
Really amazing.
I had a great mental image of you "singing in the rain" (ala Gene Kelly).
I'm not at all surprised that rain is heavenly for you.
It must get quite salty in between showers.
Glad to hear that you could collect some extra fresh water to add to your already large store of it.
Surely, Ma Nature is looking after you.
May you stay safe, and looked after by all the Great Spirits,
P.S. Looking forward to the "Crossing The Equator Party".
I'm making cupcakes.
For sure. :)

Toni McLean said...

hi Jessica,
The fresh water downpour must have been fun. I used to love it when it rained and we would be running around like chooks bottling the water from the awning gutters - at least in the tropics where it's warm, so you don't mind getting saturated. And it's nice to wash all the salt away. I remember that my partner and I would use about 20 litres a day, without feeling that we had rationed ourselves at all. I get cross when I see people just leave taps running.

You're having such good conditions,in spite of the uncomfortable patches, so you must be feeling blest. You'll be over the Equator before you know it, and what a milestone that will be. Extra dessert that night I suspect! And you're letting us know just how much work is involved in what you're doing - dispelling the image that it's all so easy.

Fair sailing

Charles said...

Hi Jess

thanks so much for the pleasure it is to read of your progress every day - we so much look forward to it
You've made one or two references to weather predictions. As a matter of interest, how do you get your met info - and how much of it do you get ?????

Every best wish

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess
Lovely to read about the cool, cool rain! Hope you took advantage of all the lovely creams that Ella B has provided you with to keep your beautiful face and skin safe, after your fresh water 'scrub down'!

A question. Do you have the year's worth of chocolate on board that I believe Whittaker's Chocolate supplied? I wondered when I read a post from their opposition 'Cad'
a few blogs back. If you do, do you limit yourself to a piece a day or save it up for a little celebration and reward after a day well spent? I would think your "busy day and water' day would be an occasion to celebrate!

You are soooooo inspiring Jess, keep safe, have fun, and blessings
from W Kathleen from NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Sailing in ocean is quite like walking in desert - you won't bump into many people. There is one interesting aspect for water in desert and ocean - water is scarce in desert but there is a lot in the ocean which you can't use directly. What it means is that water is priceless regardless of where you are.

Having said that, try to top up all the water tanks and use all the surplus you can't keep for anything you can think of - cleaning whatsoever. I will need to give it a thought what the best way would be to utilise your surplus water. There is one thing I am sure - don't waste them as rain might not be that frequent when you go down south.

In certain sense, I am actually (virtually) sailing with you and my role is your adviser :-)

Stay tuned.

Pele Leung
A Photographer

Anonymous said...

Jessica, my daughter Sydney here in Oregon US wants to know what you are doing for school?

pandj said...

hi jess,
love your updates, they r so real makes me feel we r there with u.yes the rain would b welcome for u,as long as not 2 much and not 2 rough.
smooth sailing and keep safe
good bless

Paula said...

To the Anonymous user who wonders why Jessica is so far north instead of heading straight for Cape Horn: the rules of the game say she has to cross the equator once. I guess otherwise the trip could be pretty short and "easy" if she could just zip around Antarctica at just about the narrowest part of the globe.

Am I right on this, folks?

hezakiah299 said...

11-09-09 @ 18:45
Hi Jessica,
I just checked the tracker before I shut down and you are doing GREAT. You don't have far to go to the Equator now. You're about 375 miles South East of Tokelau Island (this is by my figuring so I don't know how accurate it is), and roughly 1200 miles to Kiribati. That's looking over the top of my thumb (LOL) so as you can see I'm just playing. but regardless you are definitely getting there. Keep up the good work and enjoy. Stay alert and watch the fishes with teeth. LOL
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jess

Just caught the new blog had to answer before my next client. I hope you were singing in the rain, great song that. Did you try my WD40 recipe on that lure and attract a great big salmon..there are other things in the ocean with teeth!
Stay cool in that humidity hopefully little breezes will help.
You sound so happy...crazy happy which is great
Dusty from Dubbo

Alessandro Machi said...

Maybe take a picture of the teethmarks and perhaps some knowledgeable viewer might know what it was that made the teeth marks.

Anonymous said...

What can I say amaze me Jesse. I read your blog everyday for new updates. Travel safe and may the good winds follow you.

Sunshine Coast

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

no real problems so far - good to hear,

"Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them"

All the best
youra legend

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,
I posted last night but for some reason it didn't make it on the site. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the rain, and the teeth marks have got me wondering what the hell it was. What do you think.
Anyway, enjoy and stay safe.


Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Thanks for another great post and 'filling us'in on your water situation. I guess around 3L x 240days isn't that much for Ella to carry, but it sure sounds heavy.

Sounds like you had a quite a few meals having a go at your line. Can you make chips out of Deb? Just remember, if you hook up to something big, you can use one of Ella's whinches to bring it in for a closer look before deciding if it is suitable for dinner; anything with teeth bigger than your own is probably not suitable!

Fabulous to hear that you are enjoying yourself so much. And a clean boat to boot! Your amazing.



Tim09 said...

Hi Jesse,
It was good to catch up with what is happening out there (I have been away for the weekend and missed your blogs). Seems like you and Ella are making good progress. Good luck with the fishing.
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

thank heavens for tinned cream, jessica!

donna in perth

Dave said...

WOW !! You are a very brave young lady. I am sure you must be an inspiration to many best wishes and smooth sailing. Dave

alex said...

Hey Jesse. Sounds like awesome fun. Good dumps of rain would feel pretty good I imagine. I have one MASSIVE question. What music do you listen to. I imagine you must have the collection for 8 months of sailing. Music is a huge part of an adventure.

Claudio Vilches said...

Jessica, sigo con gran interes tu viaje. Ojalá puedas entender español. Te escribo desde Chile, Valdivia y también soy navegante aunque solo he soñado con aventuras como la tuya. Mucha suerte y que tengas buenos vientos.

Anonymous said...

If you don't get to read this Jessica I hope one of your team can pass it on to you sometime. You are a very special young lady to be not only living your dream but also in the way that you are able to communicate and share your experiences with so many people. Your writing (blogs) are a pleasure to read and paint a clear picture for us of experiences that few of us will encounter in our lifetime. Well done, you are doing great and I wish you a continuing safe passage.
Gary, QLD

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
You are doing everyone proud, so keep knocking off those miles. It looks like you may be heading for Jarvis Island and passing it to the east.
Getting closer to catching that fish. The teeth marks are most likely not what you are thinking of (shark), but could be one of the Mackeral family or a Wahoo, these fish have a good set of teeth so if you catch one of these, be careful when bringing it into the boat.
They are very good table fish, so best of luck.
Not sure if you have got a product called Night& Day shampoo. This works great in salt water and you feel clean and refreshed after using it, but a little late if you havn't got it. I'm sure you will get plenty of rain showers, but it's going to be a little bit harder when get down into the cold areas.
The water setup is what I thought it would be, well designed system, simple, but effective.
I don't think you are going a little crazy, when you havn't got mum there to do your washing, you got to do it yourself. You could put all your washing in bags and gave them to your on your return? only kidding.
So keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George
Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

You are a fantastic blogger! Each day I check in to see how you are doing and to learn a little more about sailing. Marvelous blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound so in control and mature! You go girl! I'm sure all those people who doubted you are reading your blog now and feeling pretty silly... lol! So great that you are proving them wrong! I am so happy you had some nice rain, but hope it clears up soon! Love the pictures you send, and the video's, keep 'em coming! Good luck and fair winds, and I hope you catch something soon (though not too big!)

Matt and Kym said...

Jess you make us very proud as Australians- that one of ours is out there exploring and discovering and adventuring! That same spirit of adventure and courage is what has endeared Australia to the world and given us our identity as a nation, and we are so proud that you are continuing that in your generation! Good on you! Following your progress and thinking of you out there!

Chris Akenfelds said...

Thanks for the explanation of the "water" situation out there on board Ella's Pink Lady, Jessica. I had been wondering what you did for fresh water. As always, keep up the good work. Please let us know when you're about to cross the Equator.

Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane, QLD
akenfelds @ lycos . com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed post.


Fukuoka, Japan

Jennifer C said...

Hi Jessica!

Seems like you are having the time of your life. I'm so happy for you. Keep up the great work.

Take care and we will be thinking of you in our prayers.

Illinois, USA

sean said...

Your doing a great job Jesse,
stay safe and may all the Angels in heaven be with you.

Sean Glenreagh NSW

Anonymous said...

Jessica,enjoy your travel adventure. You are a brave young lady to travel around the world alone. I have been following your site since before you left for your adventure. The site is wonderful and we enjoy checking on you daily. Keep the post coming.
This is to your parents, bless you for allowing your daughter to accomplish her dreams.

Anonymous said...

I met Tania Aebi (Maiden Voyage) on the 1st leg of her circumnavigation in St.Georges Burmuda when I was a young man and she was a younger woman of 17. I thought she was a day sailor when she asked if she could moor along side of the 75' schooner I was crewing acoss the Atlantic.
She told me she had just sailed solo from N.Y.C. and because her RDF was not working or she was unsure how to work it, she was afraid she'd end up in Antigua, but she smelled some kind of un-salty air odour like hairspray and kind of followed it into Burmuda.
We really hit it off and became quick friends and I even got a nice mention in her book.
But having read your blog and following your progress, I must say Jess, you are SO much more prepared for this in everyway, especially mentally. You seem to me to be so well prepared for this
that I know you will be successful.
I will drop a line or two to wish you well.
P.S. It's ok to talk outload to yourself or anything else, after 10.000 mi. you'll know what I mean.
lol-Not crazy - perfectly natural.
Go Girl! - Doug.

Astroglide_Australia said...

I think those bite marks in the lures maybe TUNA, how wonderful to catch one of those, although I bet you could only eat 1/5 before you have to use it as bait. Smooth sailing

Anonymous said...

jesse,u get to sail 4 hundreds of miles with no tack, i sail inland lakes tack every 50 yards, no chance to tune sails, i'm soooo jealous of u carry tins of sardines, peanut butter? is ur porridge oatmeal? you approach line islands put on ur aluminum foil suit girl, as they used to test atomic bombs there,LOL. look off the bow, if it's blue go thru, if it's brown go around! :)
on to zero degrees! u go girl
lenny pittsburgh USA

Anonymous said...

What a nice rain !
You must feel fresh after that nice bath.

How many stars you can see on a clear night?
No smog, no light... you should be able to see billions of stars !

I wonder what bit your bait...
Hope you catch one next time.

Keep it up, be cheerful !

Jon @ Va Beach.

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

What a great side benefit of your journey - you gain a new appreciation for the little things in life that we take for granted, like a walk on the beach or a rain shower !

I'm sure the rain showers are a blessed relief to wash away the salt on deck, and on your clothes.

It's great to hear that you're continuing to make such good progress.

Meanwhile, enjoy the fruit and cream. Sometimes I think you eat better than I do !

All the best from NY,


Tamara said...

Hi Jess,
sounds like you're having a wonderful time, wish I was there with you!! Sounds a bit better than school. Look forward to reading your next blog.
11 years Old
Coomera Qld.

Anonymous said...

This is Mrs Eastough's Year 8 reading class at John Willcock College in Geraldton, Western Australia. We have been following your journey and reading your blog. We hope you are successful and return safely to Sydney. By the time you get back we will be halfway through Year9.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica This is Shona in Adelaide. We are getting plenty of over 35 deg heat this week.
It is amazing the number of people all over the world that are out there with you. you are never alone.Do you have your birthday out there or will you be home for it?
Cheers Shona xxx

Brucey said...


8 Knts is great. What is the maximum hull speed of the boat? Surely it is not much above that?

Don't worry about the marks on the lure, it may well have been just the triple hooks hitting the lure. This fooled me once before I took a closer inspection.

I am really enjoying your blogs.

Enjoy the "Character Building" moments and the whole experience.


alex said...

Hi Jessica, glad to hear you're doing well. Loved your cup cake picture as I love to make cup cakes with my mum. I think it would've been a bit harder for you at sea. Keep the pictures coming, I have been saving them, they are great. Best wishes again from Alex and little brother (pain) Michael.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess, you inspire me to tackle the simplist things. Think of this Jess, you travelling the oceans of the world, the universe, the galaxy. Jess in her little pink boat navigating the planet. Huge, just HUGE. Enjoy the quiet times while you can, cause when you get back it's going to be noisy. Be safe and alert. John

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