Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Blog a little late!

Sunday has been much the same out here. Just had a nice ducking of cool salt water and am running my little fans to try and chase away that sticky humid feeling but I think it's just something I'm going to have to learn to live with.

My sleeping bag has been safely stowed away and I think a singlet and sarong have become my uniform for the next while. Sailing in the tropics!

My breakfasts now have become cereal rather than porridge (still with my extra large helping of cream, dried fruit and honey!).
The wind peaked at 30knots last night so life's still a little bouncy out here as we're sailing upwind. It's a little frustrating every time something goes flying across the cabin or when I discover that something else has somehow become wet and salty, but it only takes a glance at the log ticking away at the miles to keep me more than happy. Only a little over 1200nm till the

I was talking to my brother Tom who's spent the weekend tramping with some friends and it made me realize how much I'd love to stretch my own legs with a long walk right now. I hadn't realized how much I miss being able to take a walk or jog up the beach. The stretches and few exercises I do most days just aren't the same. It's funny how I never even thought to appreciate something like being able to go for a walk until now when I can't. Made me think of all you lucky people back on land. Hope you're all making the most of your Sunday afternoons to take nice long walks!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Hi from Tennessee, USA. I am following your blog and stayed up late for the Sunday post! You go girl, and be sure to wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days!

Laura from USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess.
I will remember you next time I am walking my little "moodle" on our beach. I will make that particular walk "Jessica's walk". How about that?
Do you have any fresh water at all? You know washing etc?? I realise you would have fresh for drinking but I am concerned about whether you are able to wash yourself in fresh water or not...
Take care. You've become very special in our lives. My hubby and I look every day for your blogs.
God Bless
Cheryl and Steve
Anna Bay NSW

Anonymous said...

I wish I could do a trip like yours,I look forward every afternoon to reading your days adventures,all the best Richard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

It's always a delight to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Darwin NT Australia

Anonymous said...

All the best on you voyage, your taking my dream with you.
Fair Weather and Following Seas

Billy from Sydney

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Glad to hear you are making good progress. It's also good to hear you are doing some exercises, hope you are doing enough to keep up and even increase your strength. You should be doing at least 1/2 hr. per day. Day will come when you'll need that strength.

Fair winds,

Steve from California

Robin Hood said...

We love following your progress & reading your blogs. Keep up the good work & stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
If I hurry I'll be 3rd.
Everytime I go for a walk now I will apperciate it and remeber that there is a person out there in the deep blue sea that is unable to do so.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Sun.
Saraya :-)

Jesse fan #9934 said...

Hi Jesse
No need to apologize, you're never late, since you aren't doing this just to make blog posts!

Sounds like you're making good speed, yeah? Sorry to hear about the hot weather, and stuff getting wet; that must take a bit of the fun out of things.

So it's straight to the equator now, right? Keep this up and you'll cheat your fanclub out of your birthday celebration at sea!

Strong winds, good seas and LOTS of sunny sunshine at ya!!!

Thanks Jesse!

ET Gurl said...

Hey blog author dont forget about ET's blog thankyou very much

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

You make me feel so guilty..te he ha ha. I am carrying a extra winter "food bag" on my hips, that I need to get off. Watched a work mate start his walk this arvo, I just came home and am sitting here reading your blog. (Which I so enjoy) So I am off now to take a walk. Take care, great to hear the miles you are covering. I have no idea whatsoever about sailing, but you are certainly the "teacher", in so many ways. Cheers. See ya tomorrow. (Chew up those miles and we will see you real soon).

Anonymous said...

Have been following you every day since the day you set sail...just love reading about your trip. Wondering though how you keep from being lonely or scared out in the middle of the ocean. I love your pictures, but the ocean looked "angry" in one of them. Still praying for your safety and success!
Jayne from Maine


Hey Jessica,
WOW love seeing your video diary's - mind you just watching the ocean out the little circle window behind your head made me feel queesy so a land lover I will have to be!!
I hear 4BC read out your Blog this morning which is so great for those who don't or can't view the internet so we were thinking of you!
We were also at Brigton Beach (Redcliffe) on the weekend WOW was it blowing - there were heaps of kite surfers and our kids enjoyed flying their 2 hand control kite - those kites have some power and then trying not to injure anyone as the kite would pelt towards the ground.
Take Care - enjoy the Tropics...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica.
Another day closer to your goal.
Keep enjoying yourself.
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Humid is good! It means you're reaching the tropics and i'm very jealous haha.

I love these daily posts so please keep up the good work, it's very inspiring!


Koala said...

I am going for a walk now :-)

Chris Akenfelds said...

Hey Jessica,

Try not to think too much about life on dry land... land is overrated :-) You are proving your critics wrong and you are engaging in the adventure of a life time. Tough it out, and the rewards will follow.

You are like a goddess in command of your own little universe. Keep up the great effort. You have millions - probably tens of millions - of people who are right behind you.


Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane, QLD
akenfelds @ lycos . com

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Your comments make me think I should like walking! But I look for any excuse!
Glad to know that you are making miles. Like everyone who responds to your blogs, I am eager to follow your journey too.
You are one amazing girl!

May the sun bring you new energy by day,
May the moon restore you by night, May the rain wash away your cares,
May the breeze blow new strength into your being,and bring you home to us safely.

Light and peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica.

Glad to get your post. Perhaps you can 'jog' around the cabin?? Ha Ha

Seriously, hope you are keeping your lower body strong through exercise. Having said that though, you are so well prepared and researched I am sure you have covered that aspect of your trip. Don't mind us land lubbers worrying a little about you, it just shows how much we care. You are an inspiration to many, many people.

I love how many young people and school groups are following you from around the world. I am going to write down all the different places around the world listed in the comments. (Sometime when I can't sleep as it will take a while} I am writing from Ozzie's little cuzzy New Zealand.

Godbless and keep you safe, you are in His hands.

Kathleen XX

Anonymous said...

OK--I'll do a "Jessica walk" as well.
If anyone asks me--I'll tell them.Then we can all have a good chuckle.


Anonymous said...

yes Jesse

I am sure it is very hard to take a run around the top of your boat with it bouncing the way it more then likely is doin right about now... an you will learn how to make things work for you to stay in fit. I don't get to run any more, cause of my leg's.. but my dear friend it is a true blessing to be able to follow your dreams through your eye's on this site with you.. I like many seem to keep hittin the compu just to see what's new with you and where your at. I for one watch the weather to kind of know just what your into about now, I am sure it's rather hummit for you being down inside ... but before to long you'll be heading south once again.. to where you'll be in much cooler waters.. but try not to go into the water to much for those's boys in the gray suit's are ever where.. and we don't want to loose you to them ya know..

stay strong , keep your mind always on something, and you'll be home before you know it...

I am sure that God is rideing the waves with you, for all of us are praying for you here and all over the world...

God Speed, fill your sails with wind.. Bless you my friend...


Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,
I was three years in Hawaii and I felt the same thing about not being able to drive more than 25 minutes in one direction. I hadnt realized til then how I much I enjoyed cross country driving. It's funny how much we all take for granted. Exciting to read your journey I'd love to be able to get out on the ocean again and enjoy the water. Hang tough and looking fwd to reading your crossing equator crossing. Hey do you have a crossing ritual? maybe put on a mop whig and invite trident and his mermaid entourage aboard. It's tradition you know!

San Antonio Texas

samurai said...

Hey Jess, I must say a smile kinda tickled my face after reading your last blog. After all, what need does a solo circumnavigator have for a "uniform" while sailing in the tropics. I'm just kidding...thought it was quite sweet actually. Reminded me of me. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the alternative, if you know what I mean. I'm on holidays at the moment and am finding myself glued to this computer waiting patiently for your next posts. Don't forget to take a pic of your GPS at the equator. You're doing great...Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to hear you are making some serious progress. Please don't envy us back here on dry land, its been hot here in Melbourne and this entire week will be much the same. I think there would be plenty of people who would gladly swap your place, including me. I can't wait for your equator crossing and then its SE for the horn. Enjoy it while you can as the time is flying!!
John (Macedon, Vic)

Unknown said...


Keep exercising and you'll do Great. The map is fantastic I followit daily andsoon, I'll seey sailing back into Sydney Harbor. Stay safe and strong.

Gerry from NY.

Nico said...

Hi out there,

reading about your longing to take a walk I can cool down your envy a little bit: Spending sunday in office kept me from walking as well! So you see: being on land isn't necessarily all fun either! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

good to hear all is well, except for dampness and saltiness!

Not being able to go for a long walk will make you appreciate any walk that you take, when you get back home!

Life will be so much richer in a million ways after your epic journey!
You are 'blowing' out all perceptions that you knowingly and unknowingly had in your life so far.
In a positive way of course! :-)

But while your adventure is on, you are enjoying all experiences, may as are not going anywhere!!!!!!! :-))))))
On your legs that is! But you are literally chewing up the nautical miles!
Good on you!

I am looking forward to arriving in Mackay on Friday and have booked a sailing class at Airley Beach. (never sailed before)

I am blaming you for unearthing my adventurous spirit even more!!!!
Thank Youuuuuuuu!
I can't be stopped now!!!!

You are in my heart and mind as you are with all your blog buddies, kindred spirits in a way even though we have never met!
And it is not limited by age, up or down!!!!!

Keep well, happy and safe, speed on to the equator!

Trudy, Tirol, Austria

ET Gurl said...

Hey Blog authour you forgot my 1st blog i said to say hello to Jesse so HI JESSE having fun out there hey & keep safe

ET Gurl Sunshine Coast Qld

paul said...

now there's a coincidence. we, [my partner and i,] were out walking the north adelaide parklands last night and i wondered what you are doing in the way of exersise. i had visions of you marching around the deck 50 times clockwise, then 50 times anticlockwise. whatever you're doing, keep it up and look after yourself. paul.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

My 11 year old daughter and I are going on a school camp tomorrow and we'll be back on Friday. I'll miss reading your blog every day but will be thinking of you. We will be staying in cabins next to a lake and the children may do a little fishing and building their own rafts. I will be thinking of you when I'm near the water.

You have put your sleeping bag away but I think I will be definitely having to use my sleeping bag as one of the nights the children will be making bivowaks (sorry if not spelt correctly) and us parents will be sleeping under the stars with them. I'm not looking forward to the hard ground and mozzies. I guess that's one advantage of being out at sea - no mosquitoes

Well my dear, you and Ella's Pink Lady are travelling along so nicely. Remember to keep safe up on deck.

Look forward to catching up on your blogs when we get back. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for your latest blog = suspense pure! Please keep it up! It's great! Smooth winds and good luck Jesse!!!!!
Hans from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Im impressed about your achievement, but why???
I have done quite a lot offshore racing in Sweden and i know what an effort it takes. Its not allways that funny out there especially when the weather is ruff or in no wind condition.
If your boat stays together its more up to your mind than your age if you make it or not.
Im sure you know about your mental strenght, nothing to prove there, then i dont get it. Why???
P.S. Stay away from idiots at sea, includes large ships, no one will give you a free passage.D.S


Zen Soul said...

I have to say I found it kind of amusing you miss 'long walks' when you're in the process of sailing around the world. You're taking a journey the rest of us can only dream of! You are a remarkable individual Jessica. I check your site and blog everyday and am loving tracking your progress on this adventure. Take care and stay safe! =)

Gigglepud said...

Hi Jess

I just can't wait until you complete the round. It must be so cool, you know, to travel round the world and having so much fans.

I do hope you get use to all the bad things about traveling so long in the sea. Unfortunately, I know I never will. But this is about you.

Good Luck,
Witch Girl

Dagmara from Norway said...

Walks here right now, in Norwey doesn't look soo great because og weather - winter fighting with late fall. But I enjoy dictonary I bought in London last week - english/australian and australian/english. Quite funny stuff :-)))
Takecare yourself there and have quick trip to northern earth.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

It is so good reading your new Blog. You write wonderfully well and is so very descriptive.

I can imagine you would miss walking and jogging but the adventure you are on now makes up for that. There will be plenty of time to do all that when you get back home.

You are certainly making great progress. You will be at the equator before you know it and the warmer weather will be behind you.

I look forward to your continuing updates.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn,

Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

We people are strange creatures. We always want what we do not have. You want to take a walk on the beach I want to taste that salty water in the ocean ;)
Go on Jess straight to equator!

Sofia - Bulgaria

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, my husband and I look forward to reading your blogs every day, was abit concerned when we hadnt heard anything on Sunday, thought you might have been to busy, but there you are again, telling us about your adventure, keep safe and try to stay dry , its very humid here in Maroochydore, with a little rain.Maxine and Colin

Chook ... said...

Was a great day on Sunday for a walk too! Nice and sunny! You can walk all you like when you're back Jess! Thinking of it, how long do you think you'll have sea legs for when you are back?! That's bound to be a bit weird for a few days!

Gary said...

Hi Jess,

Maybe if you lay on your back somehere where you can stretch out a bit, put you hands on your hips and raise your buttox. Then peddle your legs as if you are riding a bike, that should give you a fair bit of excersize. Worth a try. Maybe you could try swimming along behind the boat, on a safety harness of course. Just a thought.

Just 1200nm to go befor your well deserved u-turn. That's fantastic Jess, we are all pulling for you.

Keep safe little girl,

Till your next blog,

Gary from Carrum Downs.

Austen Reptiles said...

Hey Jess,
It always takes these kinds of situations to make us realise what we take for granted! And the small sacrifice's are the ones that always niggle the most :).. The second you set foot on land on your return, you'll probably want to get straight back on that boat again due to your lack of land legs :)..

Keep chewin away those Nm's girlie and bring on that big black line!.. We're thinking of you and with you every step of the way.

Michael from the Gold Coast

Shane said...

Hey Jess, having crossed the Atlantic ocean with the clipper round the world yacht race in 2007 I can appreciate having no place to run. You are a true inspiration to both young and old. We had 15 crew aboard and it was tough. Remember right now there are 10 boats east of South Africa doing what you are trying to do in the Clipper race. They are not alone and either are you.

Stay safe and always clip on.

Shane "clipper boy", Fremantle, Australia

hezakiah299 said...

11-09-09 @ 03:30
Hi Jessica,
Just finished reading your latest blog (I sure have missed you) and I was curious about whether or not you have something in the cabin to anchor yourself down to, to keep yourself from being tossed about should the sea get extremely rough. I had just read that there was some rough weather around Samoa. I do see that you are sailing a good bit East of Samoa (roughly about 250 miles) but I thought it was worth a mention, although I bet you are a way ahead of me.
Everyone is going to be pestering you for a picture of you in your sarong (me to, can you do the Hula) LOL. That might help limber up your legs, back and arms. Keep up the good work and have fun.
Take care and be safe.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Beaver said...

Stay strong and look ahead

Gemma Wiseman said...

Hi again Jess,

Even if your post is late, I am just relieved to see it appear!

Sounds as if your food stash is holding up well!

Still enjoying the excitement in your writing! I feel a part of your adventurous spirit!

Keep smiling and don't forget to keep a little laughter in your pocket!

from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,

I'm so pleased that so many people are keeping you company as you go through the miles. People from all over the world tune it to get their daily dose of Jesse. Your parents must be terribly proud. They have been a true inspiration for you. You're quite a family. If brother Tom is going for a walk I guess it's the Kokoda Track - no half measures for this family.

Brisbane is mild and showery at the moment. It's not November weather at all.

I look forward to your blog entries. Stay safe!

Ian from Brisbane

o0oooooo0o said...

Wow.. Jessi.. you're so right about the limited walking thing. Good thing you aren't addicted to golf.. at least I assume you aren't! Even if you were, I guess you could have at least taken a club along with you and spend calm days on the forward topside smacking balls into the ocean. And, according to one guy I heard about, you would only need ONE ball! Yeah, check it out!

A golfer is about to tee off when a greasy little salesman runs up to him and yells, "Wait! Before you tee off, I have something really amazing to show you!"

The golfer, annoyed, says, "What is it?"

"It's a special golf ball," says the salesman. "You can never lose it!"

"Whattaya mean," scoffs the golfer, "you can never lose it? What if you hit it into the water?"

"No problem," says the salesman. "It won't sink.. and it automatically detects where it came from and floats right back."

"Well, what if you hit it into the woods?"

"Easy," says the salesman. "It emits a beeping sound, and you can find it with your eyes closed."

"Okay," says the golfer, impressed. "But what if I am playing late and it gets dark?"

"No problem, sir, this golf ball glows in the dark! I'm telling you, you can never lose this golf ball!"

Before the golfer buys the ball he asks the salesman, "Just one question.. where did you get it?"

"I found it."


HaHa.. ask a stupid question and.. well.. you know. :-)

Glad to hear it is warming up for you! I'm jealous!

~Al yer pal~

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse...

Only around 1K to the equator, eh !!! Wow !~Hasn't the time blown past, so fast.

Missing walking, eh!--Y'll just have to do some 'air cycling'..... preferably with some elastic straps... to keep those 'walking calves' in good nick.

You mentioned 'squid' washed onto your deck some time back. gees, if you're hankering for a bit of a change, I reckon calamari in garlic goes down OK !!

Drink heaps of water up there in the low lats.... and , *always*, 'clipped on'.

Oh.... and with a heap of others, I was hanging for your Sunday blog..... so good to see it!! :))))

... 'til next time...


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Hey Jess
Good to hear things are still all"go". I have a blood red orange tree which is setting a huge amount of fruit. Drought, hail storms, locust plagues and excessive heat not withstanding I'll have a bucket waiting for you when you come through the heads in July. Don't worry if you are a little late the oranges last until early September.I just want to see you tuck into one and get red teeth in the process. The flesh is red and they are so so sweet! By the way I say hi Jess to the tree each day. PS. Your teeth return to white quite quickly.
Keep on going you good thing.
Dusty from Dubbo

Malum said...

All the best from all of us up north here in Papua New Guinea. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Malum Nalu
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

As usual, it's good to hear from ya again! The most important thing for you at the moment is to look after yourself and Ella, your goal is to finish the journey, not to let us know what is happenning each day.

So don't worry if you can't do a full blog each day. If you don't have the time to do a full blog, just do a quick 1-2 liner letting everyone know that all is well.

So tell me, as you are having cereal for breakfast, do you have it dry? Since you don't have a fridge, do you use that disgusting long life milk with your cereal, or do you eat it dry?

I can certainly relate to you about the frustrations of not being able to take a long walk and just stretch your legs out. I used to race pushbikes in Europe and in 1997, I missed a hairpin during a downhill stage of a race in Austria and fractured 4 vertebrae L2 - L5.

I spent the next 12 months in rehab, and all my walking for the first 3-4 months was in the rehab pool and the local swimming pool. It was very frustrating going from riding a bike 800km a week to only walking a few hundred metres a day, and all in water!

Good to hear that you are wearing cool clothes now that you are in the tropics - you need to manage your body temperatures in the extreme latitudes, both tropics and way down south. I am sure you have done enough education on this subject to keep on top of it all.

Keep healthy, keep smiling, and keep on churning out the miles.

You go gorgeous girl!

Caves Beach, Australia

infiniteblue said...

Clip on stay safe.
The wind is your friend

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Couldn't sleep at 4 am so I just had to check out "my ride to the equator". You're doing FANTASTIC.

Years ago my late father used to be involved with the junior sailing program at the local yacht club and had an interest in the local sea cadets ....both introducing young people to the world of sailing. I think it's wonderful that you are turning "the curious" onto the sport. They will not be disappointed. My last boat was a Soling...lots of fun.

Thinking of you 24/7. Be safe.

Big big hug,

Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

SailSim said...

Hi Jesse,

I can sympathise with 'sticky cabin syndrome' - I was sailing in Greece this summer, probably not as humid as where you are, but very hot at night. It must be tempting to sleep in the cockpit with a line on!!
It's really great to pick up your blog posts and to see that you are keeping on course.
I have been telling all my sailing buddies (landlocked for winter here in Europe) about your cupcakes - all agree this is impressive!

More photos, please, when you get a moment!
Jim @ SailSim

courtney said...

hey jessica Watson I HOPE U ARE having a good time. you have inspired me alot. i hope are very safe and when you come back to Australia you will be happy

Molly said...

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."
~Joseph Addison

Keep up with that stretching and exercise. And hey, how about dancing to your music? Probably a tricky thing to do on the bouncy sea, but I'm sure you can do it. I'm so jazzed that you are almost to the equator. I'm going to buy a Foster's to celebrate.
Sending you thoughts of courage, patience and love,

Macca said...

hey jess me again

pretty cool how there is good weather there and where i am on the gold coast there is rain


jess is hawt

Andrew Klein said...

Hello from New York City,

The international crowd you've been able to reach is awesome! I've overheard plenty of conversations on the C train about you. I'm so jealous that you're heading into hot weather, it's almost ready to snow here in NYC.

Well good luck with the rest of your voyage, I'll be watching your blog.

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Good to hear that all is still going well.
That 1200nm to the equator will disappear soon enough and then you can head south again to the cooler climate.

Best Wishes,

John F

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Good to read your post & to hear all going well. As a matter of fact I have started another health kick & planned to come straight home from work at 8pm & get on the treadmill. First though just had to check the computer for your latest & now it's 08:30pm because I've been reading all the messages of support. Looks like it'll be 9ish on the treddy. I'll have to do it now I know you miss it.

Also for "Trudy" Tirol, Austria,

have a wonderful time in Australia, you're in for a treat on the Barrier Reef. Have fun & welcome to Oz!

Have a good night Jess,

The McGraths.Nowra NSW

Brian Riley. said...

Rough, Humid And salty, sounds like heavy sailing,you seem to be well on top of it with minor concerns regarding loose things flying around.30knots of wind & 1200nm to the equator is great sailing, I have noticed in your blog than regardless the conditions you seem to set Ellas Pink Lady to a comfortable 6knots this is excellent control.
Safe passage,will talk later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I see you're well past Samoa and the 2,300nm mark now with the first 10% down already, seems you are ahead of schedule. In the interview with Jesse Martin you introduced us to your two "friends" you have on board with you - Big Ted and Chick With an Attitude, how are they bearing up on the bouncing sea?

Keep up the wonderful work Jess, you're making us all proud, following you every wave of the way.You must be close to the most thought of person on the planet and with good reason.

Jim - Perth WA

Unknown said...

Good to see you are progressing well Jess. You go girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

I had a good walk carrying my young son Connor along the beach between Caloundra and somewhere else just north???, anyways it was a great day with a fair wind blowing and good waves rolling in. My young lad seemed to enjoy the day too(6mths old) I enjoy the blog and sharing your adventure. The tracker is great. I hope to tell Connor all about this when he's old enough..haha
You will catch fish soon enough...

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Hey Jess

Perhaps this may solve the walking problem,its not a physical solution more a mind thing!
"Walk on, through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone.
You'll never walk alone.
sung originally by Judy Garland, then Gerry and the Pacemakers in the 60's and a heap of bands since

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - Beverly here from Tassie. Just reading your blog and all the comments. I have an "idea" - probably lots of others do too. The "Jessica Walk", you walk a couple steps, sway to and fro (you can use the motion of the Pink Lady, we have to just do it), walk backwards a couple steps, don't forget to sway to and fro. That will keep us all fit, even those of us who are house-bound or whatever. I can handle a to and fro a couple times a day. If you dip real low on each side and exaggerate all your movements could be a pretty good workout.

It was "HOT" here in Bridgewater today. I just layed (like I always do) but had the fan going full blast. Can't open my bedroom door to get the cool air from the air conditioner as my cat "Pudi" will wonder out and have a snack of our bird "Bird". So her & I have to suffer in the heat with just the fan. But we managed. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow, down to 18C, but I heard Saturday coming is going to be a scorcher. I do not do heat well at all!!

From the sounds of it, you are having a bit of a problem also. Never have been able to handle it. I even have one of those battery operated personal fans on my bedside stand for if it gets a fraction too hot in the night time. I hope you get enough breeze to evaporate the sweat and keep you cool. Oops, I forgot, women don't "sweat" they "glow". So keep glowin' girman - soon enough you will need that sleeping bag and every other piece of clothing you can get on for your venture into the great Southern Ocean.

I know it is uncomfortable but "this too shall pass", that is another of God's promises that I cling to in this life. Take the piece of cardboard from the back of your homework tablet of paper and fold it in half and use it as a fan. That works also. And hey, who cares what you wear out there, not like you are on the cover of Glam or anything, just stay cool.

Take care and God Bless You and know that His Angels are all around you. Beverly & Andrew Penney, Bridgewater, Tasmania

Len said...

Hi Jess I'm gonna go for a walk tommorrow, hope you keep making steady progress.

Sally said...

Hi Jess

Yep - certainly taking advantage of Sunday walks. We walk to the local cafe each Sunday morning and have brekky, read the papers and walk back home again. Round trip is 9k's... Monday nights I do a boxercise class that does not stop! The teacher has no mercy, she shouts at you "Keep going" if you look like you are slowing down - but it's good!! I am not long home from it now Jess and I can't move anymore - fortunately I can move my hands to type!!! Although I may be able to struggle my way to the cupboard for some chocolate! I can do it!

So the humidity is starting to pick up as you get closer to the equator! I imagined that would happen - I guess you will sleep out under the stars when you can? Your breakfasts sounds yummy. You are eating extremely well. Alot of good thought and planning has gone into this - it's great to see that your diet is interesting and enjoyable for you.

You certainly knocking away those miles, I look forward to reading your Blog when your cross that equator! I think all of us Bloggerholics will let out a big cheer at your achievement. You are a remarkable, tenacious young woman Jess. You make us proud.

Jess - with regards to the exercise. You can always turn up the volume on your stero and have a dance, even on the spot! There's noone out there to watch you. It's great exercise and gets all those feel good endorphins pumping through your body.

Take care Jess - stay safe!

'There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats'
-- Water Rat, Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

'It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end'
--Ursula K. Leguin

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, Being a mother of a teenage girl, I am doing all the usual "but what if' scenarios, not so much about storms but Somali pirates, have you got anything on board to protect yourself with?

Anonymous said...

Remember, you are doing something that NO ONE at your age has ever attempted. That's no one in the 5+ Billion people that live on this earth. You are courageous and inspiring others around the world to push boundaries, going beyond the comforts of daily life. I hope these words help to keep your spirits high.
Jeff from Indiana, USA

Steve Peters said...

Only 1200nm to the equator, lovely sounding breakfasts, and getting about in simple clothing makes up at least a little for not being able to go on walks Jess. You hang in there as we all know you will. Proud of you - stay safe.

Helene McGeever said...

Hello Jess
I am from South Australia. I enjoy sharing your journey. Take care and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read your blog Jess, I dream how wonderful it would be to be away from everything with known tasks to achieve every day. Meanwhile, you dream of what I can do right now - go for a walk! The grass is always greener on the other side, enjoy your journey - it will be completed, achieved and in the past all too soon!

Nick, Sydney NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
A damp cloth on the head or back of your neck will cool you down quickly. I can't think of any good advice about the walking other than deep knee bends or something. I agree with the others, keep up the exercise and try to build strength you may need it when it gets really rough.

I'm so proud. I've been watching your adventure since the beginning. I've shared your web address on FB and others are watching too.

Take care,
LG, Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

you inspire me

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse!! I think your AWESOME!!!!

Love from Sarah ( your friend) :)

Anonymous said...

stay safe jess!

Karin said...

HI Jess
I was hanging for this blog!! Missed it yesterday!

Now i feel guilty about the walking. Been promising myself every day to go for a walk and always have one excuse or another not i feel guilty!!! haha

Lovin the blog...i'm learning heaps about sailing! haha. keep it coming.
Karin from Sydney

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to hear from you. We have a saying here in the states. "YOU ARE TRUCKING! Meaning you are making great time and your last 3 position reports on your tracker have you covering an amazing number of NMs.

Could not believe you were already past American Samoa.

As wanting to take a long walk, lie back and do some bicycle leg pumps (make like you are riding a bike) and that will keep the hip joints loose. Up and down squats will help the muscle tone.

I think I'm beginning to understand where the term "Ole Salt" came from.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Linda Björk Pétursdóttir said...

hi Jess. Grettings from Iceland.

I'll send you good vibes when I take a walk today.

Closing the ecuator.... high five!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess...good blog... I did take a lovely walk sunday and was talking & thinking off you as we walked a local coastal walk here in Port Macquarie NSW. Just love to hear your progress and great now we can track your progress..take care !!
Bruce - PMQ nsw

Meli said...

Hi Jess

When I wake up in the morning and drag myself out of bed at 5.00 am to go for a walk I will remember you and remember how privileged I am to be able to have the space...All the best and God bless.

Regards Mel, Colin, Kieran, Talia & Justin

Two To Go said...

Hi Jess stay positive all those long beach walks and the steep hills will be waiting for you when you get back. Enjoy the moment :)j

Anonymous said...

That Equator is inching closer!!! Go Jess!!! What will be the next big goal after that?
Keep cool!


Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Tramping hey! Sounds like a bit of kiwi-speak slipping out. Still, I love tramping and skiing in NZ. Whilst I have not sailed up the NZ West Coast I have spent months solo tramping around the Sounds, Dusky Sound is my favourite. They would be very cool and maybe a bit finicky to sail up. And there are plenty of fish in the Sounds with your name on them!

Sounds like you need an exercise bike on deck to get your legs going! Maybe on your next time around the planet you could take one!

Take care!

Go Jess Go!


Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

G'day Jess,

Wow!, sailing the tropics, things dreams are made of!! When I go for my walk in the morning I will especially think of you, I can't imagine what it would be like not to be able to go for a good long walk, might make me appreciate it more though.

Life goes on pretty much as usual on the sunny coast, starting to get a few of the summer storms happening, nothing dramatic but we need the rain as you know.

Thanks again for including us all in your life and adventure, taking our minds away from the everyday and letting us see what could be achieved if we too set our minds to it. As Napoleon Hill said "whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.." (God willing - me!).
You are showing us the very reality of that and we thank you for the challenge that you put before us.

Keep safe, God bless.

Sunny Coast Qld

Tink said...

Hi Jesse from Kuala Lumpur. I have been following you with great interest and think you are not only brave but are doing a terrific job.

One thing has me puzzled. I thought the S&S 34 was a wheel steer, but your photo showing cockpit looks like tiller steer. Or is this a conversion for easier self steer? Tiller has way more "feel" anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jessica,

It's good to read your blogs and to know your travelling well. I had a pre-employent fitness test today (Mon 9th) which I passed but it proved I do need extra exercise.

The weather is warming up in the Canberra regions where I live but my family up north have had some rainfalls over the last weekend around Newcastle. Further up north around Coffs Harbor they have had landslides due to heavy rains which has been on the news as well.

Keep safe, stay focused,

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Lol, 30 knots upwind in a sarong. Now that's what I call a unique solo sailor! I hope the sarong's pink.
I'm sticking to walking like you recommend. Today I locked my keys in the car just around the corner from home and then my bike chain kept falling off.
Happy (sailing) days.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Excuse me Jess, This one's for us Bloggers!

I thought I had seen most if not all of the "Video" footage taken of Jessica before and after the beginning of her voyage, not to mention the Video's on this site, well if you haven't seen it by now I've just discovered that 60 Minutes (Australia) a couple of weeks ago did a 15 minute story on Jess, there is some great footage here, if the scene where Jessica's Farther (Robert) saying goodbye to his daughter doesn't get to you then nothing will!...the link is below, it is titled "Going Solo"...not sure how "web links" will go on the blog, otherwise just copy and paste....

The Second Clip I found almost by mistake, filmed I believe by Panasonic Australia this Video Clip on You Tube is really fascinating to watch, it's high quality and a pleasure to watch Jesse running through a description of what she has on board, I'm not sure why the Web Master hasn't included this footage here on Jess's web site?

I hope you can watch these without to many problems, one needs good fast Broadband for this type of viewing...

You Tube Clip Panasonic Australia

Jezzz it's hard to get a post at the top of the list!!

There's so many good commnets, from quotes to poetry to just caring and loving is really something...

I hope the links to the two above Video Clips impress even further this young Lady the "Master of her own Destiny" you..

Cya Jess....that equator is a gettin closer!

Clint - Dandenong

Anonymous said...

Guess what...? There is a mob of Scouts in Victoria planning a 20km Hike over 2 days next weekend. Rumour has it, that due to the persistant HOT weather and with Temps of 35C on Saturday, this hike could be cancelled. Talking about frustration...

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,
I am a polio victim when I was two years old. I am very thankful to my parents that they brought me to the specialist doctor. Though my right leg is thin still nobody notices that I suffered from polio. I always do some walking coz it will strengthen my legs and it is also good for the heart.
If you can do five paces back and forth, it is also a nice walking exercise. It is good that you brought out the importance of walking in your blog. Enjoy your journey. God bless.
Michael B. C.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Unknown said...

Hey Jessica,
Life is what we make it to be - I know you're enjoying yourself.
Keep safe


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Great to hear from you, and keep those miles ticking over.
It may be getting a little hotter now, but wait until you hit the equator and have one of those windless days (we hope not)it will be very sticky.
How long do you plan to sail on the other side of the equator, do you only need to cross over and then you can start heading south east?
I just finished reading your blogg and the wife came in and said coming for a walk, ya why not, not that easy for you. Keep doing your exercise program, I'm sure you got one and you will ok.
The way you are travelling you may be at the equator in about 10 days which would be great.
It just feels like we are all sailing along with you Jesse (it would be a little crowded)keep these bloggs coming, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Marco said...

Haha I'm going for a walk now too. I already went for a run this morning, which was very pleasant actually even though it was 0C and foggy outside. I was curious to see what the nearby lake would look like in this great misty fog anyway, so I'm going to go find out! :D

I've been following your blog on an almost daily basis since you started your voyage. I can't express in words how much of an inspiration you've been. You prove that anything is possible to all of humanity every day you are out there. Our world needs more people like you, who rally each and every one of us forward to a tomorrow where we are better people than we were yesterday.

I'm at the stage on my life where I'm 'packing my bags' for the adventure that will be the rest of my life. I have the intention to do some great things with my life, but as they say, the first step is always the hardest. I am tremendously thankful and honored to be able to witness a part of your great adventure now when I need the inspiration most of all. Godspeed Jessica!

Marco Nikander, Finland

Anonymous said...

1 Cor. 6:19
19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

Hi, Jessica. A late post is still a great post. Thanks for writing. As so many others have written to you, glad you are thinking about your body and exercise, trying to get and stay ready for what is to come. Glad a talk with your brother could encourage you, too. Today, I'll be praying for your comfort and safety, continued good and safe progress, and of course for the endurance of Ella's Pink Lady and all of her equipment.

RICHARD said...

Your current blog brings up an interesting point. Do you exercise daily?

You really need to do something to maintain strength. Even though it is getting quite warm you need to maintain hydration and strength. You may be doing well right now but when the weather turns challenging you will need all the strength and stamina you can muster.

If you haven't already covered this in your prep, work something out now while you can. Knowing your team, I am sure this was a concern. However, if it slipped through the cracks, please begin treating this as a priority. Pulling lines and working rigging in heavy sea can take a lot of strength.

Enough preaching. It is so great to see you are speeding along. Making great time can help make your supplies last longer. Which could translate into more goodies for Jesse in the final days of the journey. :)

Another friend jumped on board as one of your followers.I was telling them about you last evening. While we were talking on the phone they got on your website and started to explore. Once they began reading your blog and understood your quest, they were hooked.

You're doing a great job! Stay well.

See ya Sailor!

Rob said...

I was wondering when you were going to miss being able to stretch your legs with a walk or run! Just so you know I enjoyed my Sunday. It was amazing here 24 degrees C! Normally we are around 10. I spent it walking all over our farm checking on some habitat restoration we are doing. I hope as you turn back South things start to dry out for you.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

HAWKEYE said...


Jesse, it would be of great benefit to speak to your bro although he appears to have rekindled a hunger to go walking. Can I suggest you don't attempt to walk on water; only us board riders can do that - well almost!! But I guess it's stretching or running on the spot while visualizing you're on a treadmill. Boring uh- I'm trying and I care.

I said in yesterdays blog to keep the mind well exercised - that is very very important and I believe having other goals such as writing up the diary, writing a bit of poetry, music lyrics dreaming up melodies - how about posing a few questions to us bloggers to argue with you about.

Jesse, you seem to be making good progress and it's only understandable that you will miss certain things from your previous life but remember they are only on hold until you finish your present business and when you get back you will have great fun getting back into these things again. The problem then maybe that after a week or two you will miss the sea - you have maybe built yourself a revolving door and good on you.

Take care my dear and buckle up. Don't forget the fluids and be happy!!


Anonymous said...

I am sure that in a year or so, when you do the long Walk you will wish yourself to be on EPL again....

Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Jesse,
Re: wanting to walk on a beach. Sounds like what another blogger said about pickles. He couldn't have any at sea and developed a pickle obsession, finally gorging himself on pickles when finally got back on shore. Your narrative is great because it presents a different take on the day to day reality that people live out. It makes people look at things with new eyes.

Keep on keepin on!
Richard in Maryland

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
We are still living the experience just by reading your blog. The little good things and the little bad ones. Thanks for that.
Enjoy the tropics.
emgb1 in South Wales

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse,

It must be funny when the boat's rocking and you're doing your excercises.

Cya Jesse,

Attitude said...

Enjoy these special moments and try to make them last, you will be walking along the beach before you know it!

Kissyfrott said...

Hey Jesse!
Very late answer to your interesting blog about stretching your legs and that need for walking... quite true, certainly, as everyone needs what he is deprived of.
For your next lap you might borrow QM2 instead of EPL... Not only you would be her most scrumptious captain ever, but you could walk and run on her board as long as you wish! But... that lap wouldn't really be solo, I guess! hahaha
I am delighted as well by your bubbly living blog, as by your fans' comments. It is wonderful to see how many people are caring for you and following you knot by knot. Go, great girl, go!
And thank you for being so special!

Bernard said...

It must have been one of those "Smart Fish" that took a bite at your lure and immediately spat it out in disgust.

Apparently the "Smart Fish" taste a lot better than the "Dumb Fish" - not that I can personally vouch for this, as I have only been able to catch the dumb ones....

Anonymous said...

Haha, I liked your little bit of advice at the end there, and just felt like chiming in that I ran 5.6 miles today, so, maybe at the risk of making you feel a bit jealous...I must say that I am following your advice....XD

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
I'm still following your blog every day. Every day is one step to your goal, just keep that positive attitude and yes keep smiling. Take sailing!

Marion from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Im glad to hear that you're making good progress. Thanks for sharing your journey and wish you good luck getting closer to your goal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

My name is Michael and i am from Riverside Primary Shcool. My class and I are doing work about your voyage and my opinion is that you should keep going on your voyage. Dont forget to put on alot of sunscreen if it is hot or a cloudy day.

I hope that you get home safley to Sydney!

from Michael.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

Hello my name is Anais, I am 11 years old and I'm from Riverside Primary School. My class and I have been reading you blog and learning a little bit about you.

I support you all the way and hope you succeed. You are someone people look up to and hope you all the best. It's great that every thing is going well! Many people dont live up to their dream but im sure you will.

My sister wants to be a doctor and I hope she succeds one day. I have lots of funny story's whilst being on a boat.

I wish you the best of luck.....

.... Anais from Australia

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

Hello my name is Chozen, I'm 12 years old and I'm from Riverside Primary School.My class and I have been reading your blog, and learning a little bit about you. It's wonderful to hear that everything is going well whilst on your journey. I have full faith in you and I hope you complete your journey to circum-navigate around the world unassisted. Goodluck for the rest of your voyage and I hope everything goes well.

From Chozen :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

My name is Indigo. I live in western australia and my calss at school we've been looking at your blog and watching how your days have been on the seas. I fully support you and your voyage I think it is a great thing you are doing and you are like a good idol for young girls.We hope you succeed in your journey!

From Indigo=]

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

My name is Courteney, I am 12 years old. I live in Western Australia and go to Riverside Primary School I am in year 6. My class and I have been following the progress of your journey and I think that you are doing a great job!! I love to read your blog and and hear where you are and what you are doing.I love all the pictures that you put on your blog. they are amazing shots. i like the sound of Silly. i would like to wish you all the best with your journey and i hope that you have a safe trip !!

Best Wishes

From Courteney :p:p

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

My name is Amber and I'm 12 yrs old. I'm from WA and go to Riverside Primary School and I'm in year 6. My class and I have been following your progress and think your doing a great job!! You are doing better than any other girl your age. The class and I wish you the best of luck and hope that you have a safe and happy journey. By the way the pictures are awesome!!!

From Amber.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica

You have done so well keep it up!
You are so cloes to the equator keep it up girl!
I Hope you don't get caught by pirates.
I Hope you get home safely to Sydney.

Dont forget to put on lots and lots of suncream so you dont get sun burnt!

Callan from Australia/W.A

Anonymous said...

Hi jessica
My name is Mitchell I am a 11 years old. I go to Riverside Primary School and I just want to say that I hope you will get through your journey safely.From Mitchell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesica,
My name is Rose and I go to
Riverside primary School.
In my class we are follwing you in your journey as you circum-navigate the world alone. I hope you finish your journey safely.I am eleven years old and I am hoping you break the record of being the youngest girl to sail around the world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica Watson

I would like to say that you have made excelent progress so far try as hard as you can to self circum- navigate the world.

From Alex Western Australia Riverside Primary School.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you have a dream and that you're having fun making it happen.