Monday, October 12, 2009

Whirl Wind Sydney

It's been a busy and exciting week in Sydney with one of the highlights being the Ella Baché launch in Circular Quay. We managed to strike a lucky break in the rain. So sailing past the Sydney Opera House and under the bridge was really nice and must have provided a pretty cool photo opportunity. I'm so proud of having Ella Baché on board, and all around it was a pretty exciting day.

I've also been kitted out with the full range of Ella Baché skin care products, and to begin with, I'll admit to being a little intimidated by all those tubes and bottles! But armed with a manual and plenty of great advice I think that keeping my skin in top condition will be good fun.

The link below is to a segment I did with Jesse Martin on the 7pm Project. It's a must watch, and I had a lot of fun filming it. Spending time with Jesse was great and I have to admit I got a bit of a kick out of bossing him round on Ella's Pink Lady when we went for a quick sail!

So in and around all the media and corporate stuff we've been working away at plenty of little things on the boat, running new halyards, fitting new electronics including a pretty cool set of water proof cameras, testing out storm sails, laying out drogues and then sea trials to test it all.

It was a great shock for all of us Saturday morning to hear the terrible news of the yachting accident down the coast and the death of Andrew Short and Sally Gordon. We've only known the Short family for a brief time while staying at his marina but the hospitality we've received has been amazing. Nothing was too hard or too much trouble! So from myself and all the team I'd like to extend our condolences to the Short family.

I've still got a few of those butterflies when I think about leaving, but it's almost like my head is already out there, and, if anything, after so many years of build up, leaving feels all a bit normal!

We still haven't pinned it down to a day but not long now and I'll be off! Before then I'll be kept more than busy cramming in a last few long sleeps, hot showers, good normal food and spending plenty of time with all the team and my family.

Anyway, remember to keep an eye on the news page of the website so we can keep you updated on the departure date.

For now,



Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when old 'Lionheart'(Jesse Martin) said he didn't want you to break his record.
That competitive spirit is huge with you two! So sad to hear of the yachting tragedy on the weekend and i was impressed at how quickly you responded.
Regards Magpie:)

Peter Muller said...

go girl go ! Show them that you can live your dreams.

Peter, Lake Macquarie

Albert said...


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

Trust me when I say, Cape Horn will not disappoint. It's no wonder that sailors keep returning to relive the experience.

David W said...

6PM Sunday 11th October
Just watched you on KABC Los Angeles.\ evening news. It is nice to put a face on the blog now. A pretty one too!!!

Good luck when you start your voyage.

Dwight said...

I wish we could get this video link but it says it is not available in our country, which happens to be the USA. Not sure why the TV station blocks this, but oh well, I still want to wish you all the best on this journey.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see that segment with Jesse and you. I've tried a couple of times but I'm told that "Unfortunately this video is not currently available in your country or region." Hopefully it'll get uploaded to YouTube at some point.

There are times I'm amazed that anyone does anything before they've got gray hair with all the naysayers in the world. Then again, by that time they'd be told that they're too old to try anything.

Steelheart in Minnesota USA

Stromlo Yr 7 said...

Hello we are a year 7 class at Stromlo High School in Canberra. And we have been following your story along with Jesse Martin's story (and Laura Dekker too). We think that you should go for it and follow your dreams! Some of us are worried - but we wish you the best. Are you filming your journey? What will you do on the days with no wind? We thought Jesse's guitar playing was...interesting :) We'll read your updates and send messages during your journey. Good luck!

Andrew said...

good to see its all going well and that you will be out there soon

Kevin said...

I am so excited for you and I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure. I will be following and my prayers will be with you.

God speed Jessica!

Kevin, Moses Lake, Washington, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
unfortunately, I can't watch the video either....for the same reason as other international friends have stated, the video not being available in my area.
Every day I think of you and check the blog!!!!!!!!!
To read all the comments is wonderful too!
As I see it, however tragic the death of A. Short and his navigator is, their prime importance was speed.
Yours is safety, to make it in one piece!
And your boat and you are very well equipped to do that. I admire your family and team who support you totally.
Enjoy making the last preparations!
Trudy from Austria

dola said...

I like what u do it is cool but it is hard.
any way i hope for u a good journey

Anonymous said...

Live Strong Jess.I met you quickly in Sydney last week when you were kind enough to pose for photo.

We live in Noosa and will keep an eye on your progress over the next 8 months.

Stay strong,

Rob McGregor, Noosa Heads.


Hi Jessica, I posted a Comment on Your Blog that you Entered The day Prior to your 16th Birthday: I hope you can read it from that Entry. It has a Birthday Wish as well. I'm sure it will have more meaning if you read THAT PARTICULAR ENTRY rather than the COPY BELOW.

Anyway, Jessica, I have reprinted it below in case you don't see the original; but as I said above, please try to read the original version, because the Start of the original Has The Birthday Wish . . . . . AND . . . . . The END of The Copy Below has a DIFFERENT FINISHING LINE ..... Which I want you to read too. So read the first one (if you can), and then this copy.


I started reading some of your reports; then, after reading Your Latest Few Entries, I had to keep going. I clicked on OLDER POSTS, then on OLDER POSTS AGAIN, and SO ON ..... Although I must admit I haven't read ALL OF THEM ... YET ...(but I Do Intend to Read Them ..... So make sure They ALL STAY ON THIS SITE), I was Quite Impressed. At first I was a bit Sceptical and whether or not you should be aloud to Attempt This Feat. I was unaware of your actual experience until now. If Sailing Since You Were 8 Years Old ISN'T Good Enough ... Well !! ... There's Something Wrong. You "CAN And WILL Do It" Jessica !!! . . . . . GOOD LUCK !!! ... Have Safe and Happy Trip. I Believe In You !!! . . . Do It for Andrew Short and Sally Gordon . . . I’m sure They’ll Be watching Over You !!!


NM xx

Anonymous said...

From one sailor to another , good Luck!

Mr. Wheelborrow , Yandina , Qld

Dr. Michael said...

Good Luck, Jess, from USA!

trentgs said...

Glad to hear everything is on course. Was disappointed I couldn't
watch your video I presume because we use NTSC here in the States verses PAL in your corner of the universe. Thankfully I was able to watch those earlier ones..Still Great to hear You are near the lauching point..
Hope your onboard videos will be viewable here.

Gary & Jan
Savannah GA

Jazzy said...

We live on the northern beaches of Sydney and it has been fantastic to see you and your boat as we drive past! Our five-year-old daughter is thrilled and excited to hear about your adventures, and we look forward to following your journey around the world. Our very best wishes to you, your family and your support crew over the coming months - good on you for following your dreams!

terry wise said...

Good luck, safe voyage, all here at Pacific Sailing School CYCA wish you well. Good thing to do is keep a log with lat and long of all the life, birds, dolphins, seals, flying fish, sharks , whales, etc and try identify them. You should not be alone long. kind regards Terry Wise and all at PSS.
PS keep clipped on.

DB said...

Eye is on the news page.


Anonymous said...

Non-Australian followers can see the 7PM Project interview here:

I've got to say, I loved the Courier Mail pics of the inside of Ella's Pink Lady. Especially all the nice comments scribbled on the walls, and the random stuff like "window" and "food gets cooked here" haha. Just in case you happen to forget after a few months at sea :-P Link here:,23739,26192235-5019132,00.html

Well, absolute best of luck and hopefully I'll have a chance to pop over to the heads later in the week and watch you sail off.

txsblues said...

Don't let them steal the wind from your sails...leave the nay sayers in your wake!

praying for you, Guy

Kim said...

saw you on good morning, america in the states on sunday morning! you are a very confident young lady! looking forward to seeing you have set sail . . .

greenville, in

Joslin said...

Good luck. I love following your blog. I wish I could watch the interview but I can't since I am in the US.

Jos said...

I love following you as you work towards your goal. I wish I could watch the interview but I'm in the US. Good Luck!

THE WEST AUSSIE -renee said...

HA HA HA ... jesse martin is sooo scared you will beat his record .you can so tell in the clip you r a real inspiration to me and mt=y friends
luv- the west aussie (lol)-renee

monique said...

hi I'm monique where are you?
you rock

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Just to say I wish u lots of luck and a safe journey. I sailed from uk to Australia, not alone, but it makes me aware of what u are going to experience. Just stay safe darl and go for it! However, Jessica, never b afraid also to decide if u have had enough. You have already achieved so much and have such spirit. I will send my prayers to u and will follow each day your blog. love kris x

Anonymous said...

Love your new video diary! When you have blue water and blue skies you can smile for us once in a while! Seriously, the world is behind you and we admire you greatly.

gordolake said...

Congrats on the 500 milestone. We are all behind you from the sapphire coast NSW.

It's great to see someone of your age exploring and discovering what the world has to offer.

It's a real pity more children are not allowed to follow their dreams and aspirations because of the way parents are too scared to let them, well even get dirty.

"The art of the sailor is to leave nothing to chance."
-Annie Van De Wiele

All the best. :)

Anonymous said...

hey jessica,
i hope you have a safe trip.
and have fun i look up to you.
you have followed your dreams,

i'm only 12 years old.
so good luck with it all :)
all the best :)

Ronald said...

hi ,hope you go well you little brave lady and thanks for the great pictures as well,i give you our love from Sharon ( Adelaide ) and Ron ( Brisbane ) we will keep in touch with you until you return to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
yesterdays comment was somehow lost. So again from good old germany (probably THE country of naysayers) all the best wishes and prayers (also for the bravenes of your father!).
Google earth and your blog will be my companion for the next 234 days!
Except the birth of my son nothing was so inspiring during the last years than your trip.
Martin, 42