Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanks for all the Support

I’ll keep this short as it’s a pretty busy time at the moment, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been offering their support, luck and best wishes. Thanks to everyone for commenting on my blogs, sending emails and to the constant stream of people stopping by Ella's Pink Lady, bringing gifts and letters. I’m not doing a very good job of remembering everyones names! But have to say how lucky I am to have the chance to meet so many interesting people. Its pretty special to meet so many people of all ages who are so totally inspired by the voyage and what I am setting out to achieve!

So we are all working away at last minute things, checking that nothing has been forgotten or left undecided. I’m staying pretty relaxed (but definitely very excited!) surrounded by family, friends and my absolutely totally amazing team.
Thanks everyone!



Anonymous said...

I would like to wish you all the best from the vermulm family especially cassandra who is your age and thinks you are the gutsyest girl in the world and we look forward to reading your Blog and follow your around the world.
Good Luck

riveter said...

From Sidney Bc, Canada. Have a blast kid! You cannot control the wind and waves on the seas...but you can always adjust your sails! I follow your trek with admiration! Cheers Riveter

Richard said...

I have read all your blogs and can see all the preparaton and hard work that you have put into this undertaking. (Down to x-raying the rudder post, keel bolts, etc, etc). The combination of your dinghy racing skills and a wellfound S&S yacht is a winning combination. Add to this a great support team and you are as set as you can be. Best of luck on your voyage!

SV "Shaba"
Maryland, USA

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of luck!

My 4th grade students asked me to ask you what "nonstop" means? Does this mean you will never anchor anywhere, or pull up to a marina for some fuel or a candy bar? They would love to hear more about your plans!

Jess said...

Jess, I will be with you all the way. My daughter has twice sailed a new yacht from Sydney to Mackay and I was anxious all of the way.

You are doing now what I flunked 50 years ago. So Go for it, good luck and God bless you.
Colin Jesse .

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blogs- I check at least 4 or 5 times a day to see if there is anything new happening.
All the best in you venture. I hope that you get time to post your position (long. and lat.) on a regular basis so we can all follow your trip in detail.
You may be too young to need it but I never leave port without my staminade in case of cramp!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
support and wishes of well being it is, to you and your team!
We are all excited with you as the day of departure draws near!
Good luck with all of your preparations,
Trudy from Austria

Barry said...

I didnt follow my dreams! Now i am too old. Always follow your dreams and follow your heart! I am so envious and wish u all the luck in the world.

Be safe and be happy, but most of all, HAVE FUN!

Chris Bray said...

Great to catch up with you today Jessica! The yacht's looking amazing! Just a few more days... hope you're lapping up the simple joys of sand between your toes, the smell of the good old eucalyptus trees... =P
You're an inspiration! All the best...

John W. Furst said...

I just heard about your adventure on Twitter. Good luck with it.

Will you be able to blog, tweet while you are on your way around the World?

I live at the ocean, water as something fascinating, but also something scary to it.

Once again,
Good luck.

(Canary Islands - I guess not on your route. :-) )

delatbabel said...

It was good to meet you and your mum at the boat last weekend. I'm glad to hear that other people have been coming past to offer support and gifts, not so many to weigh the boat down I hope! Keep us up to date on when your departure date is. Fair winds and safe sailing.

Blundoon said...

Dear Jess,
it was great to hear your interview today on WSFM (Sydney 101.7) with Jonesy and Amanda, and the recent TV coverage of your spin around Sydney harbour with Jesse Martin. I notice that he has been supporting your quest for some time and I agree with his comment that you are already a champion. I really don't think he will mind if you smash his record! You nearly had him with the arm wrestle, and by the time you get back your arms will be so strong...!

I am really interested in the electrical side of your yacht - obviously a 12v system - and look forward to any info that you may have time to share during quiet moments at sea - e.g. does your Yannmar diesel have an alternator in case the windgenny and solar panels fall behind in charging your house battery(s). I'd love to know the brand of battery too, but you may not be able to comment on that for commercial reasons. My mates who race cars use Odyssey - built to military specs.

Like all the other bloggers, I m really looking forward to you setting sail, but then again you can stay in Sydney as long as you like - we love you!

Pete B

Roddy222 said...

Cheers Jess, Thanks for keeping us updated. Flying to Tassie this week and will be thinkin of ya looking down from thirty thousand feet at that big blue ocean. What an Adventure.

Rebecca said...

from Perth, W.A.
I am so jealous! I crewed on a yacht when I was 17 from the Carribean down to days of my life... Still sailing, but nothing quite so fearless nowadays! Enjoy and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.
Stay safe

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

dear Jessica, God bless to you, your family and PINK LADY. All the best for your yourney and don´t forget : always one hand for the boat and one for yourself. I´ll follow all the news of you daily.
Many regards from the opposite of the globe, Marcus from Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess ! How are ya ? Hoping you will be relaxing before the day to depart Sydney. I will look forward to follow your Blog around the world. Wishing you a safe trip on your Voyage Trip.
Take Care Sweetie ! Just RELAX and SAIL !
Cheers =0)
Kangaroo Valley NSW.

trentgs said...

What a contradiction.."I’m staying pretty relaxed (but definitely very excited!). It must be a wild emotional ride hoping you have extra fix it kits and duct tape. Are you taking extra sails? I have a virtual sailing program that I thought I may be able to plot your planned course on and then tick the nautical miles off as you trek. I'm gonna look at it and see if its possible!

I know you gotta be having a hard time keeping it all in, but in reading between the tines it sounds like you are anxious to get underway too. We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers..Jess-Be safe..Be Happy..and be Blessed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

We wish you all the best for a very safe return .It won't be easy but then life wasn't meant to be easy.
Just keep your goal in view at all times.

One question please,
Is it possible to be able to track your journey on Google Earth updated say every half hour or so.
We could watch the progress of Sydney Hobart yacht race this way. This adds more reality to picture where you are.


Libby O said...

Best wishes for a safe voyage! We'll be following you all the way,from Arizona, USA.

Captain Jack said...

You sound like a very capable young lady and wish you the best on your journey you have in front of you. I know their will be times during rough weather you'll think you're nuts coming up with this goal, but remember when you finish the trip the personal rewards will be with you the rest of your life. The next time you struggle with something in your life you can always look back at what you did and say "Hey! I survived a trip around the world I can survive anything."

Captain Jack
USCG Licensed Master & Instructor
"May the winds be at your back and a bright start to guide you by."

Anonymous said...

best wises and the best of luck with your adventure, hope to to see lat. and long. updates so all of us can keep watch your progress.
Regards Jamie(aus)

oneravengi said...

i just cant wait to watch your progress i was talking to my family in california 2 days ago and she has heard about you and how the gov was trying to stop you and she said as the aussies would say good on ya she and all her freinds wish u all the best and cant wait to follow your journey i also hope u all the best from a (yank) on the gold coast jay

Anonymous said...

Magpie here,
I hope you don't have to use a sea anchor!! That part of Kay Cottee's exploits really opened up my eyes to what going around in the South seas is all about.
You must be buzzing now with all the afternoon comps starting up in the harbour.

Anonymous said...

Jessica sure hope you packed lots of good nutritious snacks force yourself to eat even when sea conditions are adverse You'll need tons of energy out there to carry out your chores ! Congradulations am Looking foward to following your progress ! Update us often !

Anonymous said...


Wow- you are such an inspiration!! So many people go through life too afraid to live their dreams- there are things holding them back like doubts or other people who would rather you didn't leave them behind in their own dreamless world. You're amazing, because first of all, you're only 16. To have such a PASSION so early in life that cannot be doused by ANYONE is such an amazing gift! What you're doing is setting your life up to be one of ADVENTURE and true LIVING! Anyone with doubts or qualms about what you are setting out to do truly mustn't understand what its like to have true PASSION and LOVE for something you do!
You're a true INSPIRATION for EVERYONE who dreams big. Thankyou for being you! Thankyou setting an example to the world, that we really can 'follow our dreams', no matter who tries to hold us back.

May Love and Light go with you on your voyage, and may your PASSION and ENTHUSIASM be a beacon to those of us who wish to accomplish our own dreams.

May your Voyage be Safe and full of new CHALLENGES and EXPERIENCES which you will conquer with your steadfast PASSION and DETERMINATION!!

Love, Light, Hope, and many, many THANKS going with you. :)

Jaime said...


My name is tony souter im from new zealand im a 23year old kiwi sailer i just wana give u the love and surport and ill b reading ur blog and i wana wish u good luck and a safe trip and look after urself and ur a cute brave chick from tony xoxoxo

alonahomework said...

Wow thats really cool that you are so brave to do this, in class we looked at your blog, and the way my teacher explains i think that you are REALLY brave

Scott said...

Go Jessica!!! We met you last Sunday and wished you luck at The Spit Marina (you probably don't remember us as you had many visitors that day). We look forward to hearing of your amazing journey - you will go down in history! Good luck and good health. Above all - enjoy this incredible adventure - that's what life is all about. love, Jane and Scott.

Mike said...

Hello Jessica! I pray things continue to go well for you and your team during your final preparations! I can understand your excitement and anticipation of getting under way. Before a race, I was always wound up pretty tight with emotions and thinking about what lies ahead, but once you get strapped in and get going, a calmness overrides and you can begin to focus. We have followed your route discription and with the help of Google Earth, traced it out on a map of the world so we can follow your progress. We will be praying for you daily!
One comment about all the great people you have met: Certainly this voyage is the challenge of a life time, an it is wonderful how far you and your team has come, and getting this far is a victory all by itself! But at the end of the day, what matters most is the relationships you have made and the lives that have been touched through your adventure. I am so happy to see that you have cherrished the encounters with the numerous people you have met!
God be with you!
Mike and the youth group from Grace Fellowship Church in North Stonington, CT, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I am in a small town in Central Jersey USA right near the Atlantic Ocean. I do a walk each morning and will send out good energy from the wind and the sea to you on your voyage.
Right now we are in the beginning of a nor'easter and that is better here than where you are.



Alston said...

Hey Jessica! I aspire your courage, inspiration, bravery and talent. Please stay focus and tuned-in with your surroundings, and I'll keep in touch. Have a very safe journey.

I'm Alston from New York, USA, originally from the island of Trinidad in the southern Caribbean.

Christiane said...

Dear Jess,

it's so important to follow your dream and I wish you all the best, a safe trip, lucky winds and concentration and staying power in dangerous situations.

I can imagine one mayor problem at sea is being on your own, so listen to music as much and as often as you can because it will make you feel better (at least I hope).

Stay calm and focused, keep in mind that you have so many people behind you!


CB said...

Good luck to you! I look forward to watching your progress. This will be a great adventure for you - good on you for following through with your dream. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Today on ABC Coast FM's Breakfast Show - a poem about Jessica by Harry Donnelly.

You can listen to it here -

Best of Luck Jessica!

Jessika said...

All the best Jessica I'm looking forward to reading more posts :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck from germany! :-)


Anonymous said...

What an awesome experience you are about to embark on. When you are alone out there on the ocean always remember that there are many, many people who are with you in spirit and who are thinking of you. You'll never be truly alone.
May your dreams come true!
FS - Tassie

Trung Truong!!! said...

heya jess!!!! just wanted to wish u all the luck for ur MASSIVE journey!!! being only a few years older than you i know how it must feel being soo lost on what to do but u have inspired me into doing somthing wit my life!!! anyways all the best!!!
ill be following u on ur blog!!!!
take care!!!
o yeh can u mention what type of food u bring on a journey of this scale??? cause me and my mates are always arguing on what u would bring!!!


Shannon said...

Hey Jess,
Go for your dream and don’t let anyone bring it down no matter what anyone says, you can do it, whatever comment some stupid person makes about you and you don’t believe it just put t behind you keep on trying because as many people want you to go for it and succeed. Many people have dreams so why is it so dreadful for you to pursue yours. If Jesse Martin can do it you can do it, go for your life!!!!
Love from Shannon
P.S. I would never doubt that you couldn’t do it Just like hundreds of other people.

Jules said...

Hey Jess
I saw the interview on The 7pm Project. Just wanted to thank you for helping me believe in myself again. Life is too short. I'm going to Nepal next year and climbing Mera Peak (6476m).

Take care always Jess. Wish you the best of luck. Don't worry what anyone else says. You're a responsible young adult now, and you make your own decisions.

Russell. said...

Well. Here we are back in Brisbane again. We had to cut our trip to Sydney short due to work commitments. But at least we got to see the yacht and have a few short words to you. We also listened to conversations you were having with other people.

We think you have your head screwed on right Jess. We think your more mature for your age than most others of a similar age.

Advice: GO GO GO girl! And when you get back home you'll be able to thumb your nose at all those who said you couldn't/shouln't do it.

Best of luck and smooth sailing Jess. I know it's a very serious voyage, but don't forget to have some fun along the way ok? :-)

david spencer said...

Dear Jessica
Here's wishing you fair winds and even better, in the right direction!!! You know they won't always be that way but that's not stopped you and that's what's great about you taking up a challenge and in this all too safe world - you inspire. You Go Girl!
Best regards
David Spencer
Ultimo, NSW, Australia

Amelia said...

I think you're fantastic! Very inspiring. Wishing you lots and lots of good luck and happy times!!

Kevin and Krista said...

Can't wait to follow the journey! Do you have know the date you will begin the journey yet?

:) Krista in North Carolina, USA

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
I just read that you are leaving on Sunday!
I am so excited for you. Reading all the messages of people wishing you well, brings tears of joy to my eyes.
I have never been a follower, but I feel such kinship with you, because you inspire me to live my own dreams!
My next years goals are rock climbing and a rope's course (I am afraid of heights).
This year at 62 I learned to play tennis from scratch, I had never played before and am able to play games, that are also satisfactory to my partners!
Your focus in realizing your dream has inspired me to follow my own, This is such a gift!
My thoughts of wellbeing and thanks for keeping your focus go to you, your family and your support team.
Trudy from Austria

Anonymous said...

(Sorry Jessica ... I forgot my PASSWORD so sending this as ANONYMOUS ... NM )

Things seem to be All On Track Jessica. Glad to see that your still ALL GO. When do you plan to Set sail. I'd love to get in to See PINK LADY and to Meet you personally: Unfortuneatly I don't think I'll get the chance. Take care and keep Up That " GUTSY GIRL SPIRIT " !!!

As I said before Jessica, "YOU CAN and WILL DO IT JESSICA WATSON !!! "

NM xx

Greg Murphy said...

On the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan in the U. S.

Jessica: All our best from here. Hang tight and follow your dream.

I'll be following your progress with my column; let everyone know how it goes. Thousands of people worldwide will be your mates - if only in spirit and prayer.

Captain Murph
Shelbyville, MI, USA

Anonymous said...

From Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee, I'm a 68-year-old admirer of everything you're planning to accomplish. When you finish this amazing voyage, I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor Swift or Keith Urban, two of our leading citizens (and yours) had written a salutatory ditty to pay tribute. You've picked a wonderfully spectacular way to kick off what will certainly be a fantastic young life. I'll be following you every tack of the way. Best of luck, mate - Tom

Anonymous said...

Go Jessica,

We will follow your voyage with great interest. Keep the blogs coming. Your an insperation to us old buggers.

Jen & Glenn
SV Crazy Lady

Geoff said...


Not long to go,hope you're eating all your favorite foods.

Have a safe and enjoyable voyage

best of luck

Melbourne Orstralia

Smidgen said...

Dear Jessica,
I sailed from Hong Kong to Sydney with my mum and dad when I was 9 months old - I hope you have as good a trip as I had.
Robyn (Sydney 8 years old).

cruke said...

Good luck jessica i know you can do it all the best and i'll be praying for a safe return

Anonymous said...

Aas an older sailor I was trying to think of "One Tip" you could take with you. And then it came to me. "Remember that most people go over board in fair weather as they become relaxed and complacent". Usually, its ok because the boat is turned around by the crew and there are no ramifications. In your case you have no crew. So remember not to be complacent on good days. Stay safe and all the best!

Al said...

Well Ms Jessica I see on the Coast News that you will be off soon so it's surely butterfly time. Remember a little enxiety is good for a person, keeps you sharp and on your toes as they say, whoever they are!! This ole Yank in Beijing will be watching all a long the way for like many others have already said, you are an inspiration to us all.

God Speed! Al

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jess. i will be watching your progress. Bon Voyage. Paul England Met Service Builder Campbell Island trip March 09.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jess

From all the St John Ambulance Cadets, Dromana Secondary College

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time in Sydney the other day. Just remeber the Nike saying.......JUST DO IT!!! Seeyou in about eight months on your successful return. I know you will succeed....Congratulations. Steve

Trav said...

good luck and enjoy..
bon voyage.

Paul said...

I never thought I, who is over 50, would have a hero who is only 16 years old. But I do now. I fully support you and your family in your adventure. The ocean scares the hell out of me, so I have all the respect and awe of those that sail it. But especially so for those that do it alone and even more so for those that are young. YOU GO GIRL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I am so excited to hear that you are setting off tomorrow morning! You must be relieved and a little anxious after so much planning and thinking about what it will be like out there. You are a real inspiration and I'm so proud of you. I wanted to let you know that you, Roger, Julie, and the whole family are in my thoughts. Sail safe and see you when you get home!
Best wishes, Olivia Robinson (Mooloolaba)

Anonymous said...

Believe in yourself jessica on what you can achieve, it is a long journey have fun!
best of luck to you
whatever happens in the vast ocean never ever give up and conquere your dream!
come back safely to family and friends
Good luck

Sean from the Gold Coast

Marijke (Rikki) van Gyen said...

GO FOR YOUR DREAMS JESSICA!! Have a safe & wonderful journey...We will be following you all the way. You have so much heart to be taking on this amazing adventure. Remember all the brave people who have gone before you to achieve their dreams and have completed them either assisted, unassisted, nonstop or stopping on their journey - Kay Cottee, Jesse Martin, David Dicks, Sir Francis Chichester and so many others.
You are an inspiration to us all.
Love & wishes, Rikki & Jim x x

Geoff said...


1 more sleep


go girl


Melbourne Orstralia

Russell. said...

Hi Jess,
I don't expect you'll read this tonight. I just heard you have chosen tomorrow as your departure date, so I imagine you'll spend some quiet time with your family then TRY to get some sleep. (good luck trying to sleep.) lol. ;-)

Things are going to get tough out there Jess. You'll have good days and days that you'll be wondering why the bloody hell did I do this. It's important during those bad days to think a little about all your supporters back here in Australia and the amazing greeting you'll have to look forward to when you sail back through the heads.

We wish you all the luck in the word dear. Be safe and have fun.

See ya on the wharf! :-)

YaseminPi said...

Best wishes from AUSTRIA to AUSTRALIA... :) your website is already on my favorite list and I keep the fingers crossing for you! I wish you Godspeed sweety!

carolyn said...

Hope you have a safe and successful journey Jess. Keep updating your blog so we can follow your amazing adventure. All the best!

Lynda said...

You go girl!! We live aboard our yacht and know what it is like to love the sea and it's challenges. We wish you safe sailing and will follow you via the net with our fingers crossed that you make this amazing voyage. You are a very insipring young lady! Good luck.
Duet II

Anonymous said...

Why? What a bizarre thing to do. Presuming you survive, you'll never get those long, boring months of your life back.

Lon In Lake Arrowhead said...


From Lake Arrowhead, CA...will be following your trip with great interest. God's speed and safety!


Orit Berl said...

I just read about this for the first time today on the local Israeli news website and I will be reading your updates from the great big sea.
Good luck and I wish you a safe journey!

Darren Gaudry said...

Go for it Jessica!

Don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams...

As a local of the Sunshine Coast, I will be following your voyage closely all the way...

Go hard, and prove all the doubters wrong...

All the best.

Darren Gaudry
Coolum Beach

Anonymous said...


Searching the internet for world current events for a school assignment we found your story. You are an amazingly brave young woman.

We are planning to check you blog from time to time to see how you are going.

Safe Journey....

An admiring family in Wayne, NJ/USA

mjhollywood said...

good luck jess god bless go get it girl........

skip hause said...

stop by marblehead harbor USA ...i'll photograph you from my 14 foot aluminum boat


skip hause

rex robins said...

hope you are good ,enjoy the space of your own company. enjoy the journey.i will keep track of how you are .rex in melbourne

theoldhillbilly said...

May nothing lay in your wake but realized goals, and nothing on your bow but the adventure of realizing more one day at a time. The open ocean is one thing I miss from my Navy days, the way the ship would pitch and roll had a calming effect on me that has never come back. And always I had a feeling of protection from past sailors unknown to me, still today they watch over all who dare venture into unknown reaches and find themselves looking into the water to see themselves looking back. Live the dream young lady, you took advantage of an oppertunity few would have the courage to undertake. God Bless, Scott

Anonymous said...


I have been overseas having my own adventure , while you were leading up to your own.

Glad to see you left Sydney in good conditions, Will be keeping an eye on your blog - Have shared it on my Facebook for everyone to see!
Take care out there, good luck and enjoy - looking forward to your safe return :)
Lisa, Melbourne.

JC said...


Grace_Marie said...

Would like to wish you all the best Jessica,I have Grandchildren your age and they are all following your trip with awe.Stay safe and positive Sweetie.Will be following along with you all the way.G.M.H.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, We,Yvonne & Norman, just want to tell you thatwe just enjoy so much your Blog updates and have been, and will follow them regularly from way down here in Dunedin. Your reports are so informative as to where you are at and what life is like for you, and we wish you safe travel and much strength to face each new day. God Bless.

Ric Johnson said...

Hi Jessica
You are an inspiration! Children at Rostrata PS wish you all the very best and we will be following your adventure.

Ric johnson (Science Teacher)

John said...

My wife and I are sailors we live aboard our cat and now retired continually sail, we have sailed from Caribbean to Oz so we know what you have to go through. We wish you well and will follow your progress.

Chitchester said that the first thing you do in a storm is go below and make a cup of tea. What he was actually saying was think about what you are going to do before you do it, do not react too quickly. That bit of advice helped me.
Good luck and good sailing.

Andrew said...

Good luck -- a lot of people are thinking of you and wishing you all the best. You sure have courage, but I'm sure you'll succeed.

Please look after yourself and take care!

John R, Seattle, USA said...

Hi Jessica. Good to see everything is working well. Good Luck and we are following your journey.

Could you post your coordinates so we can plot along you voyage.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

jesse - good luck - we are rooting for you here in the UK; my daughter who is same age as you and a sailor (crusing dinghies - so different species I guess!!) thinks you are awesome. we'll follow your journey everyday - keep trhe blog going. go for it; stay safe and have FUN; go for it girl
steve and Abbie in Plymouth UK

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessie, I'm a 60 year old from NSW trying to convince my wife to do a circumnavigation of Oz on our 20 year old 37' sloop. Your gutsy effort and great blogs are an inspiration, hope the rest of your trip is as enjoyable as this initial leg. Seapea

happyweed said...

hi jessica..have been following your journey using google earth which means i can record all of your journey ands see where u are and have been.. makes it easier to get a feel for your journey i reckon.. must feel gr8 to be out there on ya own.. pretty special in a world filled with so many people...hard to finf a quiet spot in this world. i live on the edge of a rainforest and love the peace and quiet.. hope u will give regular updates to yor blog site so it is easy to follow your path around the world... keep safe jessica and travel well...

Anonymous said...

hi jessica,
Have a nice day to so happy that your ambition to become a sail solo,your dream become true

Mark Hendy said...

I'd like to add my voice to those expressing good wishes. There are a lot of people who think you shouldn't be doing this so young. Prove them wrong and come back safely.

Mark Hendy said...

I'd like to add my voice to those expressing good wishes. There are a lot of people who think you shouldn't be doing this so young. Prove them wrong and come back safely.

Seaspray said...

Hi Jess,

I live in London and I am setting up an account so my ocean loveing Dad can support you. This is a test to see if the account works then I can tell him how to use it!

We are all following you closely and our best wishes go with you.

Chris in London on behalf of John in Sydney