Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dry Land Again!

I might have passed through the Heads and arrived in Sydney yesterday butI’m telling you Australia is still rolling. Since I stepped off Ella’s PinkLady yesterday afternoon my head has been spinning and I’ve been doing abit of stumbling into things! Getting my land legs again has taken a while. I can’t image what I’m going to be like after 8 months at sea, rather than 5 days! The last day at sea I was keep busy keeping Ella’s Pink Lady moving withvery little wind and light rain squalls. The sea flattened out after apretty bouncy few days and I even had the chance to tidy her up before coming in. In fact on Sunday afternoon I covered the whole cockpit with cosmetics and had a good scrub up myself! As is becoming a bit normal lately we had a full media circus turn out to meet us, helicopters and a few boats pushing their way a bit too close. But it was a nice welcome into Sydney really and I have to say I started to get pretty excited (and a little nervous!) about leaving. It's starting to feel so real. All up the sail down was a good test for both Ella’s Pink Lady and I. We found a few more little things that need to be modified and had a bit of fun. Thanks to Bruce and Suzanne on ‘Big Wave Rider’ for sailing alongside me for the last few miles and escorting me into the Heads yesterday and to my brother Tom for jumping on board at the last minute to help me dock. At the press conference afterwards there were a few questions about the handsome young man onboard with me! Thanks also to Andrew and his family at Andrew Short Marine for hosting us. This morning I had a bit of a sleep in before heading down to the boat to start on a few things and the Panasonic technicians came down to give me a crash course on photography. Tomorrow is the big Ella Bache media conference in Sydney so another busy day ahead.


P.S Below are a few pictures of Ella’s Pink Lady reefed down in a bit of a sea, how cute does she look!


Roddy222 said...

Good on ya Jessica, keep the pictures and the updates comming. Cheers.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to follow your adventure!

And it really is such a cute boat!

Nev and Brittaney (Brisbane) said...

Hi Jess,
Yep, the photos look good. In fact, the conditions look similar to what we had over the weekend for the state titles; I hope you hade some terrific rides in that stuff, as we did.


Kim said...

she looks beautiful!! congrats on your swift sail down to sydney! looks like a busy couple of weeks for you there. but you'll handle it just fine, i'm sure! looking forward to hearing you've set sail on your journey . . .

greenville, in

Sally McLean said...

Jessica You have already achieved more than most sailors ever do in a lifetime let alone all those non-sailors!! Can't wait to follow your voyage once you get started!!

Anonymous said...

The photo's of Pink Lady are absolutely astonishing She's an awesome boat and look's Brilliant !Enjoy your stay in Sydney and we'll be following your trip on the blog Take care and keep us updated often as possiable !

trentgs said...

Woo..Looks kinda small at first. I was stationed on an aircraft carrier though and at times even she seemed small. Crowded with over 5,500 on board! Still I bet it was peaceful out there, and I admit a bit of envy at your being free to give into your wonder lust and take up the challenges ahead. And I believe you are up to them.

Gary & Jan

Ariel | CD 36 said...

For the critics and naysayers, and inspiration for you, Jessica:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Anonymous said...

That is one big sea and one little lady and I wish you both only the best.
Bend Oregon USA

Claudio said...

Glad you made it safe and sound, Jessica. A good shake-up for you and "Ella's". We are all praying for you and your team. I'm certain everything will turn out just fine.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
congrats on your successful 'test sail' with Ella's PL! Doesn't she look spectacular on the water!
And better still she is a good strong boat!
Soon you'll be at the starting line and my thoughts of well being, safety and success for your adventure go with you,
Trudy from Austria

Anonymous said...

Sailors and fishermen have a higher rate of cataracts than the average population in relationship to the high exposure of the eyes to sunlight.
Don't forget your sunnies!

blundoon said...

Congratulations Yachtmaster Jesse on your successful shakedown voyage to Sydney, (my hometown), through all sorts of sailing conditions. I love the way you describe 5M swell as "pretty bouncy"! No wonder you are having trouble getting your land legs! When you set off, I hope the "green phase" wears off quickly.

I read about your food supplies - I too am a huge fan of Spam - very big in the States, especially Hawaii. Also the 5 crates of lollies! Yum! Now, where did you say Ella's Pink Lady is moored again?!(LOL) I really like The Nat.Confect.Co's "Party Animals", and Cadbury's Old Jamaica dark choc used to keep me energised during 7 years of nightshift work.

Like you,(and I'm sure your family and friends) I'm excited and nervous at the same time about your voyage, and look forward to seing some pictures on One HD, and, of course, your very well written blogs.

One word of encouragement: if you have some tough moments, just project your mind forward to that fantastic time when you sail back through Sydney Heads having successfully completed your adventure. I have no doubt that you will Jesse.

All the best to you and the team.
Pete B Sydney NSW

bulletproof said...

more photos pls arhh when you get right out this will make it more fun reading your blogg anywhoose i gotter do me dishes..bonvoyage and i will be posting my comments from time to time no matter what OK!!go fishin yeahyeah!!JJJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Adventure is at the heart of the human condition, rock on.


New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Jessica, the year 11 Marine Studies class at Matthew Flinders all wish you well and we will follow your blogs in class. Stay strong - we believe you can do it.... from Mrs Bell and her class.

spoonbill said...

Great to see you following your dream. Don't listen to the naysayers just prove them wrong. Good luck on this quest. Having just followed Mike Perham, I'll be reading your blog with great interest. Alastair

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! Sounds like exciting times ahead Jess, best of luck all the way

Anonymous said...


You are a true inspiration for many just attempting this. The boat looks tops, you look confident and I can't wait to follow your journey around the globe! Godspeed Jessica

Clint - Ballarat Victoria

Olav said...

around the world in that big boat will probably be really cool. with all that equipment and stuff I think you be all right.

I`m sailing around the world myself in a 23 footer, and with a compass as the only navigating tool. :P added on that I never had been on a sailboat before I bought this one, and I started the tour after only 2 days practising..

I`d say you have a far better chance of making this compared to me.. never mind your age. age is just an illusion..:P

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

Hey Jessica, don´t worry about walking or better wavering on land as an old seaman. The thing is that you´re in a excelent mood to do your thing. All the best so far, Marcus Schormann , Germany

Pinin said...

Go Jessica Go!!!!
Have funa and god luck!!!!
Giuseppe (Bologna - Italy)

Anonymous said...

“Jessica’s ambition and will are admirable. Wishing the girl a safe and sound journey across oceans, overcoming all challenges.” (Comment from Kim, a reader from Vietnam made on blog http://leminhs.wordpress.com)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Pink Lady looks fantastic on the water.No wonder you were trying to get your land legs when you see the waves and wind.Loved the photos and glad everything worked out well on this leg.Get plenty of rest before you leave Sydney.Exciting times ahead.
Take Care
Yeppoon Qld

janine said...

you are an inspiration to your generation. those who criticize you and your family are mainly jealous of your desire to achieve your dreams. Go for it, you will achieve so much..

Beb (Qld Sunshine Coast) said...

All the very best on this enormous and exciting journey. Looking foward to updates. In tough times and calm waters, may God be your constant Pilot.

soraya (melbourne) said...

Great photos,you are one brave cookie.I wish you well on your adventure.Australia is proud of you.You go girl!

FDS said...

Hey, Jessy !

I follow your trip regularily from good old germany !
I adore you having such a chance in your youth. take care, make it a good experience and get home in one piece !


Anonymous said...

It would be great if there was a map on website showing your progress. Good luck and safe sailing. Barbara from Elk Grove

fnqgirl said...

Jessica, you are such an inspiration and already a champion for daring to dream out LOUD! I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...


Great photos of a great looking boat, never seen anything like it and it's a highly capable one too with an able captain and land crew. What more could one ask for other than good sailing conditions on your great adventure.

And yes, the Lady looks cute.

Wishing you fair winds,

Steve in California

Rob :) (Bris) said...

Good luck on your big adventure. Looking forward to tracking the trip via your site. My 10YO daughter watching as well. We have just got back from trekking across Timor.
Best wishes
Rob and Chelsea

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I am looking forward to following you on your amazing journey ! I wish you all the very very best. You are so incredibly brave !

Jon said...


I wish you all the best. I can't tell you how great it is for young person to do something out of the ordinary. We're all drilled into working like slaves by society around us, and it's just brilliant what you're doing! Just a quick request, can you post any pictures inside your boat? I've only ever seen from the outside. I really have no idea what the layout of a boat that you're about to take around the world is, and I'd love to know. Sorry if this comment turns up on two of the blog posts. Internet explorer crashed upon my last attempt.



Anonymous said...

Look, I wish you nothing but good luck however, I worry that this has already become a media circus event and the fact that you are aboard a "cute boat" isn't really going to help you much when you are battling the Southern Ocean....I doubt you'll publish this as most of the comments are completely positive. but I wish you well, nonetheless.

Tim Evans said...

Follow your dream Jessica! As a fellow Sunny Coaster, I applaud your courage and ambition to reach out and take on the world. I will watch your every move! Best of luck for the trip.

Tim E

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Where there is a will there is a way, regardless of your age. Don't worry about old men telling you what to do or not to do - yes things can go wrong, but hey, this is one big story for your grand kids! Don't let the media and the conservative spoil sports get you down. Some people have a certain arrogance about their talents and age and therefore probably don't want to see you succeed. You can do anything.

Anonymous said...

Do not post
Andrew Cape has sailed around Cape Horn 7 times Dee Caffari 3 times Kay Cottee 1 time Jesse Martin 1 time. Most sailors succeed at their first attempt. The 33% prediction of Andrew Cape is not based on fact. If Mr.Cape was concerned, why did he wait till the boat is ready to sail. I don't doubt his experience, he really had a duty to express his concern a long time ago OR join the support team to ensure Jessica had every possible chance of completing the journey. I think Mr.Cape knows that Jessica's mentors are just as well qualified.

Anonymous said...

hey Jess,
it's Anna, Joe's daughter I am really excited about your departure from Sydney.
I really hope you make it around the world. I'll keep looking at your blog to see what you're up to.

love Anna

Russell Worthington said...

Soon as I heard Andrew Cape's advice my thought was same as anonymous just above. Why, if he actually has any legitimate concern, would he say this at the 11th hour? .... I think for some publicity for himself.

All the power to you Jessica. Live your dream, and safe travels.

Learn from little experiences along the way. Respect mother nature.

I'll be following your adventure and wishing you well. Cheers, Russell.

sunshinecoastsurfmag said...

Gday Jessica my name is Crys-kai Carroll and I am the Editor from Sunshine Coast Surf Magazine, I would like say to you that I think you are an inspiration to the youth of today and from all of us at SCSURF Magazine we hope you smash the record and we would love to do an interview with you when you get back from mission!
Peace and may Huey the Wave God guide your way!

Anonymous said...

hello jessica
wish you all the best and wish to see you back in home.
i think you can do it and i always hope that you break the record.
i cant wait to aee you back home after you succed in sailing solo around the world and break the record.

Albert said...

I am still answering your critics on the SCD newspaper site.
Many of them make unfounded comments, so the acceptance is growing and there is no doubt that everyone will travel on the journey with you on your blog.
It seems to me that the whole country has adopted you, sorry Julie!Roger!
What I can't understand is why do some experts express concern now? Do they really think you have just decided to do this last week? It really exposes their lack of expertise if they assume someone does this without meticulous planning.

Albert said...

Jessica, family and friends,
Words can't explain the feeling to learn of the passing of Andrew Short and Sally Gordon.
Over the past months I have learned that the sailing community is one big family and any loss is like the loss of a family member.

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live".
Norman Cousins

Anonymous said...


oneravengi said...

for a yank living on the gold coast all i can say is wow most people your age are thinking about movies school or games and you have set yourself a goal that is amazing but i do think the media is going a little overboard with the hole u are to young if i had half the mind at your age that u do i can only imagine what i could acomplish i wish u well and i hope the best ps kickin photos hope to see more

Beth Carls said...

Good luck, Jessica. You're a wonderful example for teens across the world - set a goal and go for it! Author Robert Coles states "Children are ever attentive witnesses" and while he probably meant most children are watching adults, I think you're an excellent peer example. We're rooting for you!

Bob said...

Good Luck with your Journey..! I'm sure you'll so fine. You have plenty of support with your goal. Love the pictures as well. Many of us will keep track of your progress like if we were right there with you. SO, when you think your alone think again we watching over you on your journey. Keep the updates coming.

DNR87 said...

I'm 55/S/W/F from LACEY, WASHINGTON STATE; USA. We're up in the Pacific Northwest, near Canada.
Saw you on TV and have decided to follow your venture.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I saw your interview on the morning news this morning. I want to wish you the best of luck as you embark on your journey and tell you that I admire your courage and your spirit. I'll be following your journey.

As a woman in her mid-40's, I have to say that I want to be like you when I grow up! Godspeed.

Larry said...

Jessica ... I saw your story this morning in the US. Follow your dream! We are 100% behind you and will follow your adventure online.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

My name is Jaimee, and I am a year 6 student in Victoria.

I love your courage and ability to face your dream head first. I really don't think you should listen to the lies that the press make up, and I think you should just go for your dream.

I also saw the broadcast of you talking one on one with Jesse Martin, and I think that it is just wrong that they didn't make stuff up about him. They were trying to make you stop even before you crashed into the cargo ship.

But don't worry, I am behind you all the way, but I just want to say one thing...be careful, and follow your dream with all your heart. You are an inspiration.

I also have a blog, and I hope you might visit it and maybe post a comment too.

The address is here:

I hope I see more blog posts and pictures when you set sail soon.

Bye! Love Jaimee xx

Anonymous said...

You'd be alright. Go Jessica, great to see you following your dreams. God bless and bon voyage. Can't wait to follow your blogs.

maja said...

She looks really cute! You are extreamly brave! I will follow your amazing trip. Hugs//Maja from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

GL Jessica hope i do what u r doing now :P

from kuwait

Anonymous said...

Hello there Jessica, ive been sailing alot myself, and i think that your a really nice person with alot of courage :). Ill hope you will finish it in full condition.

Dear regards Benjamin from Denmark :)

Ze said...

Good luck Jessica! May the best winds keep you company all the way.
Ze (Berkshire - UK)

sham said...

hi jessica shamroz from pakistan i am really excited about your departure from sydney i really hope you make it around the world i"ll keep looking at your blong to see what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

well done girllll!
you are so brave, :)

Anonymous said...

hello! i am christoffer and i am from sweden cant wait to follow ur adventure out in the seas! and u got a nice pink boat

christoffer said...

when u gonna write more about ur adventure?

firegirrl said...

Keep battling sweetie, love your work.

Brad said...

Hi Jessica,

I am so inspired by your story. Wishing you well and looking forward to hearing about your journey.

Brad said...

Hi Jessica,

I am so inspired by your story and am looking forward to following your journey.

Brad said...

you are truly amazing. I love being able to hear about your daily updates. Stay strong and safe and god speed.


Saleem from USA said...

God bless you Jessica, I am praying for you everyday, you are a great motivation and ecouragement to all the people of world who are living in fear, and without any hope, you are great role model to women's of the world, young and old ... thanks Jessica ... Lord's Angels are with you.. keep it up.

Sehar Khan said...

Jessica read Holy Bible everyday, psalm 23 with give you great courage and strength... you can do it.. Ask Lord to protect and guide you and show you His Grace and Mercy... Lord is with you... just feel it.

Sehar Khan

Aidan said...

Hey Jessica,
Just would like to know if you consider yourself an Aussie battler for my English project?

And Keep you head up, your doing GREAT!!

Gary said...

Hi Jessica,thanx for the blog & the info...your not boring at all lol, best of luck and happy sailing

Anonymous said...

Hello out there brave and adventurous one:

First of all, wish you the best of luck that mother nature stays on your side with good weather.

Concerning safety, have a question.

Even though you have your heart set on finishing your sailing trip around the world, would you abort it in enough time to avoid being caught in bad weather and seas compromising your safety?

I would think that the sea can sometimes get too ruff, more than a sailboat can withstand.

Again, best of luck
God bless you

Peter James said...

Sorry... Did I post the link to the sailing songs???

Anonymous said...

Well Done Jessica keep the pictures coming GO Jessica GO!!