Monday, October 26, 2009

Squid On The Deck

Pic: Jessica at Ella Bache media launch in Sydney.
When it got light this morning I did my usual check around Ella's Pink Lady to find a whole lot of little squid lying on the deck where they'd clearly got stuck after jumping on board during the night. One of them was a good 25cm long and as I worked on the deck during the day I kept finding more little ones tucked into all sorts of unusual places. Hopefully I found them all or I'm going to know about it when they start smelling in a few days!

Conditions are still pretty quiet, we've had about 14knots of wind right behind us all day so we're rolling along at a steady 5knots.

After all the usual chores, I spent the morning catching up on a few emails and reading. I've been re-reading Kay Cottee's book about her non-stop trip around the world and of course Jesse Martins book Lionheart. l love comparing my trip so far with their voyages. After reading how organized Kay was with the housework side of things I've made a new resolve to do better myself!

This afternoon I kept busy on deck working out the easiest way to pole the headsail (using the spinnaker pole to hold the headsail right out) to make sailing downwind (with the wind right behind us) more comfortable.

The water was still a little chilly when I had another salt water scrub down today and a quick rain squall came through so even Ella's Pink Lady had a nice wash down. So now we're both as fresh as roses! It's nice to have non-salty decks for a while and the rain was a bit of a novelty because it's the first I've had so far.

I've finally started getting a little more imaginative with cooking. Last night was cheese scones and very creamy soup (thanks to me adding maybe a little too much cream!). This morning was porridge with some of the last of my fresh fruit. Lunch was pasta again and I'm thinking Easy Foods chilli bean and chips (fried tinned potatoes) for dinner tonight.



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William said...

This is one of the best blogs I've read - keep it up


Warren Rice said...

Hey Jess

Today sounded like a great day for both of you. Take care.


Rodney said...

Those squid sure are pesky critters!!! Laughed out load when I read that!! Good luck finding them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess

Nice to hear all the updates and have a better idea on life out at sea.

Wonder if you are able to fish and cook them should you need to? am curious on what happens if the food run out? What about water ?

There are soo many questions I would love to ask.


Minji said...

hey Jesse!!
is it raining where u r????
just wondering.....
I'm really excited to follow u thourgh out this trip.....
we 've been talking all about u in class and reading ur blog coz my teacher is very interested in sailing.... (most of my class is)

good luck!!!

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Fancy finding squid on deck. Something I would never have thought of. I agree you need to find them all before the start going off.

Another great Blog. You have really settled into a routine. A little rain would be nice to help clean things down.

Great insite into your meal plans. It really does sound quite ok and enjoyable.

How many more miles do you have to travel north before hitting the equator and turn south east?? Also when do you think you will be passing Fiji?? We will be there in early December for a family holiday but i imagine you will be well past by then.

Really appreciate your blogs. You are a terrific author.

Stay safe, watch the sunburn and have fun.

Inglebrun, NSW

Minji said...

hey jesse!!

is it raining where u r???
just wondering....
i'm really excited to follow u through out this trip....
we (my teacher and my class)have been talking about u and reading ur blog.....

anyway good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

Im surprised it wasnt calamari for breakfast, then again they could have been sitting there a while.

Are you planning on writting your own book? Your blogs are always very well written and in such a way its easy to picture whats going on.

C ya


tony said...

Jessica Watson,,,,i'm going to write a book about how i did'nt sail around the world,,the title will be "How a 16 year old Lady made alot of old sailors feel inadequate",,Really well done,love to chat to your parents one day,!!.My partner is worried as i'm thinking of moving the family onto our yacht for the 8 months you are away,,more serious i am thinking of a trip to the southern ocean to wave hello to you as you pass somewhere south of Cape Leeuwin,but you have a lot of water to pass your keel before then. We wish you good winds. tony,aya and crest,,'different drum' fremantle

Jeff49 said...

Hi Jessica,
No, you don't know me, but I have been following your progress every day, and every day I am struck with a sense of awe about your journey.

My children and I followed the progress of the two kayakers who paddled to New Zealand every day - and I am SO glad you are not going backwards or round in circles as they had to for a good few days.

I hope you can find the time each day to maintain your blog - especially once you have got a few weeks sailing under your belt. Your writings are great - informative and lettin g we land-lubbers have a glimpse of how things are for you. (And I do hope you got al the squid!)

I hope that your emotional and spiritual journey is as rewarding and maybe even as challenging as your physical journey will become.

I wish you clear weather and smooth sailing - you know you have what it will take to do this job, so just do it and cherish every second.

Jeff Wallis (from near Bendigo)

Meli said...

Maybe you could do a little fishing with the squid Jess? You could be having fresh fish for breakfast!

Am loving checking in each day to see what you have been up to. God bless and have lots of fun!


Minji said...

hey jesse
sorry about commenting the same thing twice....
i was just wondering if we could through email so i can write things from my class we have been writing some letters but we couldn't send it coz we didn't know where to.....
my email is

Attitude said...

Flying fish? and now flying squid? What next? My sons asked me if you are able to drop a Lure out back and catch a fish? Could be a nice break to "Easy food" are you able to cook fish?

hezakiah299 said...

Good morning Jessica,
Well, it's morning here (04:45 in WV,USA). Sounds like everything is going pretty smooth. That's the way we like it. It's nice that you had some visitors drop in for a spell, but sometimes they can be messy, hope you got them all removed. LOL
Still thinking of you and working on following you on my maps. I'm getting an education on using what is available to me on the computer. One thing leads to another and so on......
Love the picture and the meals sound pretty good to. Take care and don't forget your tether.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We wish you all the best.

Dave, Emma and Harry

Anonymous said...

jesse you lokk great in the pics
a big big kiss
and have a goog wind

destinyiswithyou said...

Hi Jess
GREETINGS from an Aussie living in Switzerland. Have been reading your blogs daily and am so happy to read that all is going so well for you. You have gained more respect from people than those who are and were against your dream. You are doing yourself, your family and your country proud and I hope and pray, that this venture will be smoothe sailing for you all the way.
Your courage and your strength will be that which will bring you back home safely. May the good Lord, keep a watchful eye over you till you see once again see the Australian coastline.
Elissa from Berne Switzerland

Andrew said...

squid= bait=fish lol sounds like 2day would have been a good day for some fishing
hope u have found then all they get a good stink up after a few days!!
hop in a few day it still smells like roses!

Alan and Lena said...

Hi Jesse,

So glad you've introduced your team and shown the world you're not a vulnerable aloner - that should stop some of the negative drivelers...

And I always the love the squid jumpers - would you like a good recipe? The secret is a quick blanch and then skinning them.

Then they're as tender as any fish and twice as tasty.

Just annoy 'em hanging overboard first - so they dump the ink!

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess
" So now we're both as fresh as roses " CAN WE SEE A FRESH PICTURE PLEASE.

Brian Harrower said...

Jess, your blog is showing everyone you are better prepared for this challenge than many thought. Your outline yesterday of the on-shore "crew" roles was very interesting. Your regular communications- in fact all your tracking and safety systems plus your NZ based weather man mapping you ahead to prepare for or avert treacherous conditions as you head from the Tasman Sea into the gigantic Pacific Ocean is great stuff. Ten out of ten people thought you'd be so lonely once you get out of sight but not this chick - your blog is making sure you are never lonely as we are all just the touch of a button away.


Are you the 'Different Drum' built at DBCYA in the '90s? I think you were ex Marines or something?

If so - regards from Alan (Finder)

ColinD said...

It's great reading your posts Jess. One thing I am wondering, what sort of fitness routine do you have? You can't go flabby on all that fine food and then not be tough when you need it!

ccgeorge said...

Hi Jesse, Thanks for sharing your story. George N.

Anonymous said...

sounds like alot of squid out there! its great to hear what you are doing and where you are! my class and i come to school every morning and read your blog! our teacher(mr taylor) is enjoying reading your blog!!
! everyone thinks your very brave to sail areound the wourld bye yours self!!!
hope to hear froom you soon
eliza!!!PS keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What an unusual experience. Good to hear all is well, maybe Shorty is watching over you, cant imagine why he wouldnt be.

Keep safe Jess, hope the weather keeps being kind to you. If the going gets tough, gunna be a lot of people holding their breath waiting to hear from you.

You are well loved and cared about all over the world now, you are not alone. Beautiful photo of you also. Bet wishes from Bowen.

Andrea said...

Hi Jesse, I've jumped on board along with everyone else around the World and will be following your progress with great interest. Your blog is fantastic! Take care out there.

Melbourne Vic

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Sounds delicious!!!
Maybe you could try a squid for dinner?!? sounds like you've got plenty :-)

Be safe
Saraya :-)

Alan and Lena said...


I told them to note the height of the railings, the inflatajacket you wore for your photo ;D The clip-on safety line - that didn't satisfy them either.

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

Pete and Nancy in NH said...

Glad to read your blog this morning Jess. Missed it yesterday and was worried thay you may have comm issues Take care and be safe. We'll continue to keep an eye on you here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog again, Jesse.
Nice to see that both of you are fresh and fit.
Nice thinking of you, Sailor!
Best wishes...

Marcel said...

Hey Jess, sounds great what you're writing about your journey :) It's over a week that you are sailing around, and those 8 month are very quickly over! Keep going! Greetings Marcel

A. said...

Mmmm, cheese scones!

Mike said...

I spent few years on a ship during naval service. The smells, sights and sounds of the sea get in your blood and never go away. THanks for making those memories come to the service again.
Have and awesome day.
Mike Atlanta

John B. said...

Goood Morning Jess! I'm glad to see you're doing well and wish you nothing but the best.

I've been following your incredible journey since the beginning and will continue to do so until you are safely home again.

In response to the posts of the weekend from "Michael D." from Philadelphia, I would like to say that I don't think you need to apologize for being "too graphic". This is a huge undertaking by this young woman and I think a lot of folks on this blog just don't have a good sense of what she might be up against in the coming months.

This is a rare, unique breed of person that can isolate themselves from society for 8 months at sea in pursuit of a dream.

The odds are that she will face unbelieveable challenges and hardships over the coming months at sea. Challenges that ordinary people would never be able to handle. She will find herself at the mercy of the ocean and Mother Nature and will have to deal with whatever is thrown at her, no matter how difficult or insurmountable it may seem.

Once she rounds the Cape of Good Hope and enters the Southern Ocean, she will be up against the most challenging sailing on the planet. This is the Mt. Everest of the sailing world. It's you against the elements, and may the best win. Some do, some do not.

The "Roaring Forties" and the "Furious Fifties". The area of the world where the westerlies blow unimpeded by any land mass. Wind speeds can reach hurricane force and wave heights can easily be 40 - 50 ft or higher. This is the region where boats and crews are put to the ultimate test. Yachts lose rudders, are dismasted, and in the worst case scenario are capsized.

This is not news and is not meant to scare Jessica; she knows all this, as does her family. This is simply the harsh reality of what she is attempting to do.

An excellent book to read if anyone is interested is "Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World's Most Dangerous Waters" by Derek Lundy. This chronicles the Vendee Globe 'Round the World Race and gives a great insight into the difficulties of such an undertaking. It's available on

This is not a walk in the park for Jessica and the folks on this blog should realize that she is not out on a day sail around Sydney Harbour. She will face challenges on this quest that you and I can not begin to imagine or contemplate.

Jessica, all that being said, I wish you the best of luck in this fantastic endeavor. You are truly an inspiration to people young and old around the globe and you have brought us together in a very special way.

Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you.

Good sailing and godspeed.

Get home safely, keep your harness on, and keep Ella's Pink Lady happy!

From a kindred spirit,

John B.
"Sloop John B."

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I'm soo hooked on reading your blog! the squid sounds so cool! i'd love to wake to what you do every day even if its a smelly squid!!


Darbz said...

Wow im impressed . I never read blogs , but this is so interesting .

It has inspired me to write my own blog on my own personal journey about Depression and how I have learned to live with the waves !!! and squals and look forward to blue skys shining on me ..

This blog makes me smile so keep on writing !!



Ant said...

Hi Jess I read all the blogs, they are always very interesting.
This is the only blog I have ever been on. I do hope your writing a book on your Journey round the world.
by 4 now
Anthony from Ayr North Queensland Until my next entry.

Peter (The Pensioner) said...

Hi Jess, I am an aged Pensioner in Melbourne. Last thing each night before retireing is to check on how you are going. Its now a ritual for me.
Keep safe - I am riding each wave with you.
Peter The Pensioner

Anonymous said...

Ooh thanks Jess, a bonus blog.. Woohoo! I am so addicted, you have inspired me to do so much research into other sailing adventurers & I just find it all so amazing. You people are very gutsy, I'm just in awe of you. Lovely to see you looking relaxed too.
All the very best little one.
The McGraths Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Loving your blogs, and your attention to detail. Really gives us readers a feel for your life on EPL and your sea adventure.

I hope you don't find anymore squids! Must have been quite a sight!

Must be hard to keep such a small space clean but sure it's worth it and you would appreciate it if things got hectic and you suddenly needed to find things quickly.

Take care out there!


Blind Rage said...

Nothing better than fresh fish at sea. Fry'em up Jesse! Just smuther them in flour and salt and fry them in butter. Anyway, you're having a good time of it there. I guess on this heading you've mainly been on a run or broad reach ha? Poling out the gib in mid southern ocian - God I whish I were there too. Well enjoy the Trade winds while you can. It'll be more of a challenge coming down. My thoughts are with you Jesse. Robbie in Hamburg

John said...

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for taking us along on your adventure. I love reading your comments, you made me laugh today! Also a Great photo! You remain in our prayers for a safe journey.

Best regards,

John - From San Francisco

'different drum',tony said...

please excuse this message,thanks,,right yacht but we are current owners alan,,great boat,,your person is in darwin,
cheers 'different drum'

Ally said...

Your blogs just keep getting better Jess!
Cant wait till the tracker is up and running on the site.
I went on google earth and was in awe at the route your taking. Its fantastic, challenging and awe inspiring.
Keep those blogs coming & im sure we'll keep posting comments.
Keep on keeping on Jess!

Ally (sth Oz)
ps: hiya Andrew :p

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica Watson,

I am very curious about something...

How did you take the picture of yourself? Didn't the camera have to be outside Ella's Pink Lady?

Just wondering... I really do hope you answer my question in your blog.

Thanks in advance

Have a great time for the rest of your journey!

Gabe said...

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined."
~Henry David Thoreau

Wishing you another day of safe travels,

anth said...

All sounds good Jesse, make good use of the rain when it comes.

Michael and Elizabeth said...

Salt and pepper calamari - a simple recipe:

1. Clean the squid.
2. Slice the hood into rings.
3. Dry pieces and roll in corn flour or rice flour (salt and pepper mixed in).
4. Pan fry in oil with garlic and chilli to taste (only for a minute or too - don't overcook or it will be rubbery).

Well done Jesse.

Elizabeth and I, and our two sons, are following your voyage with great interest. Fair sailng and take care.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jess,

You are spoiling us! 2 blogs in one day - it must be quiet! How do you find the salt water scrubs - do they refresh you as much as a fresh water scrub?

Won't be long before you start hitting the warmer waters near the equator, I bet you'll take advantage of that!

When I was in the Navy, the worst thing about going out to see was the fresh water wash downs! All you can think of is getting ashore and partying away, but all you get to do for the first couple of hours is wash down. I remember once in Hobart, it was below zero with a gale blowing, and we still had to do the washdown.

Anyway, let me put it this way, we found plenty of amber liquid to warm up the soul afterwards!

Good to hear that you are moving a long a little faster now, and you are managing to cook some decent meals!

Enjoy your night!

Take care
Caves Beach, Australia

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could have some of the squid for dinner....mmmmmmm........

duane said...

Perhaps from all the comments you are starting to get an idea of the imagination and excitement you are stirring up. You truly are in inspiration. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...


What's cooking good looking? Something tells me that answer should be squid! :)

Can you tell us what you do for most of the day? Sorry if this is a silly question but this is from someone who doesn't sail...

Hope all is good for you...thinking of you often!

Kylie & Ash

Greybeard said...

Hey Captain Jesse it was great to read your blog about the shore crew. It lets us work out who’s who in the zoo. And as one other blogger said, it demonstrates how well organized you are. The guy in the NZ weather bureau is invaluable, as are all the other persons mentioned. You may wonder why I keep popping in these various sayings I find about the place. It’s to “hose down” any negative blogs you may get, which I note are very view.

Alice Walker said “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow”. I agree completely with your parents’ decision to let you go on this magnificent and challenging sojourn. I find the support they have and are giving you to be truly commendable.

Many have already said this and I will say it, you do write really well and when you return you will no doubt consider writing a book. Kind regards, Greybeard – Berowra Heights, Sydney NSW, Australia.

Neville & Jenny said...

hi jess, just wonderful to read you are in great spirits. And enjoying each day for what it is. We talk about you most days and Charlie and Jody are very pride to have you as there cousin. You are truely an inspiration to them and me. Stand strong and happy sailing. Auntie Jen x

Russell said...

Hey Jesse, thanks again for your very interesting writing, great to know that things are going so well so far!! Squids on the deck, hmmmm... calamari rings for dinner!
What is the next milestone?
I am in the process of puting together a photo album online of the sunny coast so when you feel far away you can jump online and see some of the things that are familar to you. Going to Mooloolaba in the morning to get a few images from there before work, thats if it doesn't rain!! As soon as I have enough uploaded to make it worthwhile looking at I will put in the url so you can view it.
Still praying for you, keep safe.
Sunny Coast Qld

Crash Jordan said...

Great blog, got the link bookmarked. I eagerly watch your progress, good luck Jess!

Those damn squid! :P

Summersailor said...

Summersailor said, Jesse if some of those squid were big enough they are great eating (after deboning), cooked in pan on your stove with some oil, yummy! Love your latest pic on the deck. Keep trucking girl!!!!! :-D


Anonymous said...

LOL squid on the deck! Do you eat fish Jessica????

Squid is one of the best baits to troll out the back.

Not much effort for a lot of dinner, draging a squid on a hook would could very easy food.

Wishing you well out there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica! I am happy to hear your are making good progress!
I went sailing myself yesterday. I haven't been in a while (4 months). Following along with your blog made me realize how much I miss it. We were blessed with a spectacular late fall day, and it was truely a pleasure to be back on the water! Sailing along looking at all the beauty around, you just can't help thinking you are in the presence of God. Thanks for reminding me of how much I enjoy being out there. Be safe and stay alert. Thanks for allowing us to share in your adventure!
God bless! I am praying for you daily!
Grace Fellowship Church.
North Stonington, CT. USA

Tania24 said...

Hey Jess, I read your blog every day and am with you in spirit, as are so many others. You're a true inspiration. I'll continue to follow you until you're finally back home.

Anonymous said...

hey, just a suggestion: maybe the webmaster can flip the blog around so the newest entries show up first instead of last? it would make it easier to read.


jake said...

aussie own all!!!!!!!!!
thanks for tellin us about the shore team good work to all u guys!
did you eat the squid? squid rings
yum yum :) lovein the pics cant wait to see more =P
what do you do for water did you just bring 100 000 bottles????

Tez said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for the mention of Easy Food. I looked them up on the web and emailed them.
I plan to go sailing one day and the Easy Food sounds fantastic.
I love reading your blog - it is fantastic.
PS There is a saying "Too many times I sat to string and re-string my instrument when still the song remains unsung."
Jess you are singing the song. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Another fantastic blog as i am often wondering what you are up to at different times of the day. Never a dull moment out there even thou you'd think it would be boring. I'd love it just as much as you. Very jealous of you.
John (Macedon, Vic)

Lissy said...

Hi Jesse,

I just love reading your blog. You are really talented at sailing and also at writing! You make it so easy to capture what's happening in your world. Well done. All your food talk is making me hungry, better go make some dinner. Look forward to tomorrow's blog!

Take care!

Gold Coast

Cheryl Garrett said...

Just wanted to let you know you are in our prayers in Cardington, Ohio, USA. :) Stay safe and have fun!
Cheryl, Jon, Sam, Liam and Maggie

Tim09 said...

I hope you didn't throw all the squid back and saved some for
After having no update yesterday, haveing two today was a real treat.
Thank you
and keep safe
Tim and Rosie Caboolture

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Squid surprise! What a surprise!

Great to hear you are trying to keep up with the housework!!

And great that you are enjoying reading Jessie Martin's and Kay Cottee's books....lots of inspiration and ideas there!

Jill (Newcastle)

ron said...

keep up the good work.

graeme said...

Was concerned that you missed a blog one day, if you are too busy to send a long blog, just a couple of lines will do some days. There is so much for you to do in 24 hours, and especially when the weather changes. Your days must fly.

I have wondered if you were Christopher Columbus in a previous life!!


from Graeme and Annabelle

angc10 said...

we are having big storms here in tonight and cant stop thinking about you out there all alone..... i hope the weather is being kind to you tonight!!!
I only mentioned to my husband today and have thought if i would do it in your position.... would you consider at any stage having a quick jump in and out of the ocean while on your Adventure?????...... now im thinking to much i would do it but i would tie a rope on me and the boat just incase......

Denny said...

Good luck Jess,I hope you make it!
You are one brave,gutsy woman.
I will be following you in your journey.

Sylva Barns said...

Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say congratulations - you are doing a great job and are an inspiration to so many people.

Many years ago I sailed with two guys from San Francisco to Australia on a Morgan OutIslander. It took us about 5 years to get to Australia so quite a different trip than yours. But I do understand some of it so know what a real feat this it and admire you very much.

My reward was that I met my now husband in Australia (I'm an American) and now live on the Sunshine Coast.


Anonymous said...

Always an inspirational read! Great to hear your progress updates, hope you did indeed find all the squid...
- Helen

Hatori Duong said...

Jessica,you're beautiful & wonderful,i love you
Viet Nam

Lily Boot said...

well those squid sound truly bizarre. I do hope you have found all of them or you'll never be able to eat squid again! It's raining here tonight - I hope you enjoyed your shower - we sure are enjoying ours. Hope the water warms up soon - when you get near the equator it will probably be like a warm bath!

peter said...

Hey Jess...what a way to start with that huge anticyclone...gave you nice easy light winds and a chance to get used to the daily routine.
We also got a few fine days here in NZ as well, from the same system.
Looks like your moving along now...

Great reading your blogs....go well and look after yourself.

Take care

Auckland NZ

Chris said...

Hey Jess
good posts happening, keep up the great stuff. if you took a fishing pole fresh squid makes great bait! the wind sounds a bit ay but must be fun out there.

Smooth sailing
Chris Young

workerbev said...

Evening Jessica! Beverly from Tassie here to wish you well on your night-time journey. It is 10:24pm Mon night here.

I hope the stars are shining for you. What a wonderful view, looking up into the dark void and seeing all the gazillion stars shining to light your way. What a beautiful sight.

I'm the 63yo who is bed-ridden with depression hoping to use your energy and enthusiasm to help me jump up and continue on with life! Life is just too short to waste it in bed (I've been in bed for a year today) and I'm not a happy camper. I want to be like you - follow my dreams, of which I have many, and now that I'm retired due to my illnesses I could do some of them. My husband & I have just bought a small boat(5mtrs) which is enough for me to start out in. Haven't had much to do with boating and the water in my life. Once I rented a 32ft boat with a friend in the UK and cruised the River Thames for 2 weeks. That was awesome. Although going through all the locks got a bit boring after a while as I was the one to jump on and off the 4"x4" boards to tie up and wait for the lock to open, then untie and hop back on board. Many times I thought I would surely end up in the water. But...I didn't so on this cruise if life I'm on I'm not going to end up in the "water" either.

So smooth sailing to you, my dear, with just enough weather to keep it interesting. Wouldn't want you to get bored! You could always search for hidden squid I reckon, lol. God Bless You and may His Angels be perched all over your ship like the squid were. Our thoughts and prayers are with you til next time. (Re: the person who asked you about your exercise routine, I reckon you better have one, the food all sounds too good!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
I just checked your site and here is another treat in form of your news!
Great that things are going so well. There must have been a lot of squid jumping for so many to land on EPL.
I loved Jesse Martins book as well and Kay Cottee's is already waiting for me in Queensland, when I arrive mid November.
Haven't got a clue what you are talking about 'poling the headsail', but it really doesn't matter in the end, the most important is your safety, your work on EPL and your journey!
Showering with salt water?????? I think that would be hard for me, for so long! Bless that rain!
But it's part of the deal!
I have started a notebook and write down all the interesting items I read from you and also from comments, websites and sayings of the commentaries.
It all makes a beautiful whole!
You, with the desire, your parents who recognized that you are serious, your team who helped make this happen and us who get inspired coming along on your journey in spirit!.
Isn't it a great life!
Keep well, stay save,
Trudy, Tirol, Austria

Anonymous said...

Psalm 8:8-9
8 the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas. 9 O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

Good morning, Jessica. I am grateful for the post about the morning's discovery on deck. No, you are not alone, as I am reminded by yesterday's post, this morning's post, and the words of these verses. Love the posts about calamari, too! Enjoy the day. I am praying today for you, your safety and health, your beautiful boat and all of its equipment, and good winds and weather.

JustPete said...

Sounds like your doing well and enjoying the challenge. Take it one step at a time and you will make it.

Debs said...

I saw your own Lionheart the first blog you your out there you will have to think up a really good title for your book....Maybe we could help you....or maybe you could have a competition and the winner could meet you hen you get idea's.

I hope those slippery little sucker Squid didnt leave any inky tell tale signs along Ella's Decks....they can be messy little

Yummmmm your diet sounds so much better than you can never have too much

I luv those quick squally rain showers.....they do freshen everything up.....i hope you get at least one a week to freshen Ella up.

Anyway.....its bed time here.. i hope you get a bit of sleep....catch you tomorrow.....stay safe but have fun

Deb and the guinea's

Hobiekenobi said...

Squid, yum. I wonder if they are good eating. uhh. Hope you have a nice wet suit to stay warm in the water. Cheerin you on!

Peter and Moira Gibbs said...

Hi Jessie,
Why would you want to eat chilli and chips for dinner when you could be eating beautiful fresh calamari.Looks like the trip is going well and i hope the weather holds for you.

Lots of luck & best wishes.
Peter & moira Gibbs
George (near Cape Town)

Anonymous said...

WOW you are truly incredible to do this. I am of a similar age and i can't imagine having the courage to do something like this!! You are really inspiring and you prove to just ordinary people like us that you really can do anything if you really really want to :) Good luck!!

Tina Leck, Newport NSW said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the regular updates and the pictures of you becalmed with no land in sight... amazing for me, I don't think I've ever been out of sight of land on a boat. I love to read what you are doing everyday, it feels like we're able to see you from land even though your miles away now.

Keep being imaginative in the kitchen & I hope your mum packed a few surprises.

Take care.

Em said...

Heyy Jesse!!

Just wanted to say hi and wish you the very best of luck for your voyage!! What you are doing is amazing, you are a real inspiration to everyone, myself, a fellow 16 year old included!! I sure as hell couldn't see myself doing what you are, but I admire you, and I really hope you can achieve your dream!! My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with you!! P.S Keep up the awesome blog and photos, I check it everyday!! STAY SAFE!!

Em xx :)

bushdoctor said...

Amazing girl. Just keep the faith and live your dreams. You will never be alone----all good folks are behind you. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. God speed and faith be with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. We are following you on your exciting journey.
I am a mom and I have my two daughters following as well. It sounds like all is going well!
Stay safe and we will look forward to checking your blog again tomorrow.
All the very best xxx
Sammi, Maddi and Riley xxx

Bonnie said...

Forget the pressure cooker, use frypan sitting on eggrings with lid on for scones, muffins etc. try dealing with mess with 2 kids, Belinda

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

G'day Jesse,
I'm wonder how the squid ended up on Ella's Pink Lady?...strange one.

Everyday I read out your posts to my mum, she has just turned 83 and loves to paint Sailing Ships and just loves the Sea and watching big waves!...our hearts are with you Jess...

I can't imagine a salt water scrub down, that little bit of rain must've been refreshing for sure...

Can't wait for your next post...

Cheers've been doing real great...amazing girl

Mike D said...

Hey Jessica,
It seems that you’re commanding quite an audience these days. Even the Squid want to see what you’re up to and how your fairing! Thank you again for keeping us up to date on your progress, and so very entertained! I appreciate that it’s just one more chore for you to do, so thank you for your generosity. You’re certainly doing a fantastic job of answering many of the questions that your fans have requested, with your easy & descriptive writing style. The pictures help to answer many of our questions too, and I can see that you wearing your harness and tether even in fair weather (good girl). Hope that wasn’t just for the camera ;-) kidding!

You know Jess, I woke up this morning thinking about all of the wonderful grab rails that your team has installed on the Pink Lady, but couldn’t help but think about how slippery and cold those bare metal rails can be, particularly down South; especially with sore, waterlogged, weather-beaten hands. I was thinking that you could discuss with your team the merits of wrapping some of the key grab rails (like on the foredeck) with rigging tape or rescue tape if your supplies are sufficient. It makes for a much stronger grip when you need it most. It’s easily removed too (just saying).
Stay in high spirits and keep secure!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

P.S. A hearty thanks to Jessica’s team!

nutralady2001 said...

Great to hear from you again Jesse! How funny about the squid who would have thought!

Keep writing you'll have great material for your book you have a wonderful way with words...til tomorrow .xx

Mary said...

Good day, Jess!

Lovely to have the additional posting from you. Thanks to you and your team. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I now know, from reading your blog archives, that you ARE planning to write a book about your voyage. To all the folks suggesting you do so, Jess IS WELL-PREPARED, with a long-range plan underway.

Love the donkey story from one of your cheerleaders. Very funny. I also appreciate the calm, experienced counsel from both Sloop John B. and Dave from PA, USA. I agree that Jess's experiences sailing the southern oceans, in waters unimpeded by landforms, will be the equivalent of scaling the tallest of mountain peaks.

Jess, we know you are, and will be, tested every day and night of your journey. In my belief system, God is within us. Your God will speak to you. I know you will listen.

Wishing you love, strength and courage all the way.
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable."

Helen Keller

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Magpie here,
Hi Jessica, There must be a lot of happy Dolphins out there with all that squid on hand. Who knows? One may pop up to say hello.
I think you aren't doing yourself any favours reading Kay Cottee's book. She didn't like those Tanker guys too much either, lol.
Gr8 to here you got some rain to wash the boat down. Adios.

Anonymous said...

fried squid are very tasty you know. quick to cook to. go well in fried rice.

Peter Vickerson said...

Hi Jess,
It's fantastic following your progress. 100nm a day including the becalmed days is fantastic progress. Well Done!
It takes more skill to keep a boat moving in light airs than bowling along in 20knots.
I'm absolutely envious of what you are doing. Many of us old sailors have been dreaming of what you are doing for years. (In my case dreaming for over 32 years, or twice your age).
Once again, you are an inspiration to young and old alike.

Good Onya

Roger said...

Hey, Jess,
Fry up some of that squid for dinner!

Sounds like you're progressing really well. Thanks for the nice photos. Have a safe passage to the Lines.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Jonathan Castelino said...

I am a father of 2 young ladies aged 22 and 18 and have 6 nieces aged between 8 and 18. I spoke about your great adventure to my niece in America over the weekend (she wants to become an astronaut !) and asked her to go look at your website/blog and take inspiration from the fact that you are following your dream ! She is about your age and a very smart kid. I told her that if Jessica can sail around the world, she can certainly become an astronaut !

Jessica, you are not only an inspration to your own peers but to people of all demographics and age.

I hope you accomplish what you set out to and wish you the very best.

Stuart said...

You're a true inspiration to people in this world Jess, I think what you are doing is remarkable.

Will continue to check your blog, and like many others have said, your writing style is enjoyable to read.


Dani and Graeme said...

Hi Jess,

Smooth seas and fair breezes.

Dani and Graeme

Anonymous said...

Aaah, Jessica...
why didn't you take pictures of the squids?

-nice blog

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jessica Watson, 26-10-2009 Gorinchem, Holland

My name is Cees van Beusekom.
I am a 75 year old widower, who is reading your web-blog every day.
I love your beautiful boat !!!
I have lived in Australia for 18 years and I went back to Holland in 1973.
When I was young, I worked on a see boat, so I was and still are, always connected with the see. I know how you fill when you are at see, you are now were you are meant to be…
I wish you calm weathers and a peaceful trip, and I hoop you will finish this trip with no injuries. I say “this trip” because I know you will make many, many more in your life time. I wish your family much strength and love, because they believe in you and because they let you go on your trip alone, they know that you are in your element, in your world. This is your gift, your thing… Be strong, believe in your self, this is YOU !!!
Thank you for giving people like me something to live for. We love you. You are not alone !!!
Take care !!!

Holland – The Netherlands

Cees van Beusekom
Kortebaan 2
4206 VM Gorinchem
Holland – The Netherlands

Stan Deere said...

Hi there Jesse. when wil we get to see your tracker plots and exactly which record are you going for? Keep on squishin those squid sister.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hi Jesse,
Great to see you with a life jacket on. Hope you have continued luck and good weather. Love your writing, can almost picture being there.... thanks for sharing.

RICHARD said...

Good stuff Jessica. Life on board The Pink sounds much busier than one would think! When my wife and I built our house the job foreman was constantly having clean the site. He said that not only would it help keep the construction workers more productive but "a clean site is a happy site!" I completely understand your keeping the boat tidy. I guess that's where we get the idiom "ship shape." Thanks for the insight into your team. We liked being able to know them a little better and the roles they play in this fantastic adventure.
Enjoying the posting. Have a great day.
See ya sailor!

Justin said...


What was it like for you to count the cost in all aspects of this journey? Did you go through a process? I am speaking to a group of teens this weekend and I wanted to use your story as an example?


thomass said...

Hey Jess,love to read you blog about you trip.As a sailor myshelf,I also dream about a trip around the world.Have a safe journey,and I hope you will beat the record.

Thomas Denmark

Anonymous said...


I don’t know if you can read the comments but you’re very brave. I believe you can make it with good luck. Just a few questions and comments that I hope will help you. Are you going to have any escort as you sail near the Somalia areas?

Always remember the powerful sea is unforgiving so don’t let your guard down ever.
In the middle of the night, if on occasion you must adjust sails midship deck, I really hope you keep yourself tethered to the boat. Also if you’re in a stretch of rough waters, don’t be afraid to rig a bit of suitable netting around the deck to catch you from being slashed off by a wave.

Warm Regards from Ft. Lauderdale USA

Lowell said...

Hi Jessica.
I read your entry and all the comments, 93 so far. As I do every day. Everything has been said by them and all the questions have been asked. I can only add my very best wishes for your continued success and happiness...And thanks for sharing with us land lubbers!!
Michigan, USA

Stanlee said...

Cool as a cucumber... that's how you sound. Seems as if all is well and just sailing on through the breeze. It's greaat you have so many people behind you. You must feel very supported by everyone back home and in the blog. The reality, however, is that even in the midsst of so many, we are really on our jounries all alone. The real support comes from inside and it is there that we find our true companions, our trueselves. Breathing in and breathing out, look inside, there you will find all the strength you ever need and even more.

Wolfhound said...

Good morning from NY, where the sun is out again on a beautiful autumn day.

You mentioned that you were reading books about sailing. Have you read Joshua Slocum's 'Sailing Alone Around the World', the story of the first solo circumnavigation in 1895 in a 34' sloop, 'Spray' ? It's great stuff.

I'm not sure if you like poetry, but your comment about squid landing on deck reminded me of a poem by Charles W Stork that, while about flying fish, could also apply to your journey:

"Yet joy it is! to scorn the dread of death,
To dwell for shining moments in the sun
Of Beauty and sweet Love, to drink one breath
Of a diviner element—though but one;
To reach a higher state
Of being, to explore a new domain;
To leap, and leap again,
Unheeding the gray menace of our fate
That follows till we fall:
For—fishes, men and all—
The grim old Shark will have us, soon or late."

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

Jess - arn't blogs wonderful things. I truly enjoy yours and will as long as it's up. Thanks for the updates. Be safe and tethered, don't forget the sunscreen. ~ Susan

Rob said...

Pleased to hear you are ahead of schedule, even if it is only slightly. I race triathlon and anytime you end up ahead of pace that is just extra time in the bank that you can use later if you need it.
I enjoy the bits about sailing. I don't have a clue what they mean but I read them and then try and find out. helps me get some basic knowledge in interesting little pieces.
Keep up the good work,
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I was wondering about you wearing your life jacket, and bloggers warning you about it... In the terrible case when you would fall into the ocean, using your jacket surely is not going to help much. Specially when Parker is steering. Your boat will keep on sailing all alone, and you will never be able to swim as fast as the boat is going.

You know that accidents wil happen most of the time when there is a lot of wind, and speed in the boat.

Unfortunately Nobody on board is going to turn around to pick you up, as you are all alone.

Even if you would have an electronic man over board alarm system, a helicopter will take a lot of time to get to your spot.

I think the most important thing is this coming months is to be absolutely sure that you will ALWAYS stay onboard. Clipping yourself to the boat will surely save your life!

So do us all a big favour, and clip yourself to boat, and dont ever get nonchalant about it!

In the mean time, have fun, have lots of fun, I am surely jealous.

Kjell said...

Hello! I'm a guy from Sweden who read your blog every day. It is exciting to follow your adventures. I wonder if you want to write your position in longitude / latitude of your blog so I can see on Google Earth where you are?
Yours sincerely, Kjell.

~j~ said...

Aaah the rain! a nice little present for both you and Ella! Hope it found and released any leftover squid on her deck :))
joy to you this day,

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

Hey Jessica , nice to hear about all your progress. I suppose you realy enjoy your live on sea, i did so nearly 15 years long working on cargoships.
Another question: what about your equator-christening when you´re passing the line. Or did you cross the line in the past yet.
Many regards so far, Marcus from Germany

M. Eric Carr said...

Free calamari! Flying fish I've heard of, but not squid. Strange. Thanks for the great stories -- keep having fun!

BTW: Do you carry all of your fresh water, or do you have a desalinization plant on board? Those take a lot of power...

Anonymous said...

HELLO JESSICA, from your friend,

albert1974 said...

Did you think about keeping a little squid alive in a pot, to travel with you? :-)
Good luck!

barry howard said...

i doubt you have time to read all these...but i look forward each morning to see if you've posted something new...i love hearing about daily life and what you are experiencing out there...fair winds to you...

Anonymous said...

HI there

Just the first day I catch on your blog, one more guy to say how amazing and awesome is your trip around the world. Maybe your team at home can keep a track of the number of followers and set a guinness record, hehe.
Congratulations for you and all your team and very good luck
From Mexico city

Nicholson Family said...

Hi Jessica. Thanks for the clarification of "we." Yes, I guess that EPLis indeed an equal partner in your adventure.

I wasn't thinking calamari for breakfast, but rather bait. As a fisherman myself, I was wondering if you have any plans to try to catch your dinner?

It would seem that you have a unique opportunity to literally eat your way around the seafood world with the tremendous variety of cuisine the sea has to offer.


The Nicholson Family
Sterling, Virginia, USA

P.S. Wouldn't it be cool if every morning you found something edible covering her deck? I'm hoping chocolate cupcakes for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Jess, love reading your blog! I'm excited for you and am impressed by your maturity and organization in getting this whole trip orchestrated. I look at your blog the first thing every morning to see what new adventures you've had! Am sailing vicariously through your descriptions of your journey. Thanks!!

summersailor said...

Summersailor said: You remind me of a younger Amelia Earhart and her words on Courage: "Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace".

PAOLO said...


Phil in Idaho said...

I laughed about the squid. Indeed, a combo of hiding squid and a bit of sunshine will make for a smelly day. Hopefully the rain helped wash them out. Love the photo's Jess. You have a great attitude.

Albert said...


A Chinese proverb: Those who say a thing can not be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Slamdunk said...

The rain must have been a nice treat. Keep up the good sailing.

summersailor said...

Summersailor said: Is it possible to give your position (roughly) on your blog so I can chart and follow you on my world map. If not, I can understand the reasons. Happy Sailing. :-D

pete g said...

wow even to get as far as you have i reckon you are just a legend, your seeing what most of us human beings will never see in our lifetime so dont forget to take it all in so you can tell us boring land dwellers what amazing things you must be experiencing . have fun. pete, cairns

Chas. "The Red Lion" said...

Hi Jessie
Good luck and I hope things keep going along as they are now.
I love reading your blog each day, it's the first thing I read when I switch on my computer each morning. Keep it going!!
Any sign of a Live Tracker? I have have been trying to follow you on Google Maps but that has you positioned somewhere around inland North Curl north of Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Following your progress.. keep going, Do your saftey checks, stay strapped in.

Check out...

Alex said...

Fresh squid could supplement the menu if you get them while they are still alive. lol

joe m from massachusetts said...

You go girl! I have never followed anything like this before. But your spirit has inspired me. I read your blog everyday. I hope your trip continues smoothly :)

Paul said...

These are great updates, your very articulate and descriptive. I find myself checking the blog twice or more a day hoping for an update. I really hope you write a book when you get back home. I for one would be buying it.

I also hope to see more pics but hope springs eternal eh?

molen said...

Hi Jesse,

Greetings from Utah (USA). Closest thing to the ocean hear is our big inland sea the Great Salt Lake.
After following Zac Sunderland for the last year I am very excited to follow your blog and adventure. Your courage and determination is an inspiration to all of us who are watching you chase your dream. Look forward to all the information you have time to give us. You will never bore us. Be safe, enjoy every minute, and know there are many of us from around the world thinking about you everyday.


Andy said...

Hi Jesse,

this is Andrea from Italy! I was talking about you today with a friend of mine, I am intrigued and I am following your great voyage around the world, it's a fantastci adventure.

I love venture and risky games, in fact some times ago I worked for Space Adventures and we sent 8 people in the space for a journey to the ISS.

You are really great, I read your blog everyday even if this is the first time I write to you.

Have a good wind with you, probably now you are sleeping while here in Italy is the sunses.

Talk to you! :-)


Darren Achim said...

Hi Jessica and Shore crew,

Great introductions, and what an amazing team!! you and your team are making history every single day of your adventure.

Having intently followed the Volvo Ocean race I was wondering about your weather prediction and routing capabilities, nice to hear you have a PRO back on land, I read that you took a celestial navigation course as well and was wondering if, although you have all the new high tech stuff, you would take the quieter times to practice taking sights with your sextant and plotting your position old school.

Do you think the Squid experience had anything to do with Ella being painted pink??? or do squid just do that sometimes??? I'm an inland Lake Ontario sailor so no dolphins or squid surprises :( that would be quite something!

sounds like you are having the time of your life.

Enjoy, stay safe and godspeed!

Darren Achim
Toronto Canada

Simply EC said...

Sounds the the squids had a crazy party without you. Make sure to take some pictures of that crazy type of stuff. Those stories are so fun to relive.

Continue to have a safe trip! Be blessed!
Northern California, USA

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you are going to tick of the 1000 mile markers as if it was nothing. I think I would mark every 100 and call every 1000 a special occasion to be celebrated with some special eating. Gives you always something to look forward to, which is important.

TheCarterFamily said...

Well you got all the people interested in calamari. It seems like everyone wanted you to keep the little buggers and cook em. Your use of the pole for your jib reminds me of racing on the down wind leg going "Wing a Wing". Our boat was too small for a spinaker in a race so we used the pole alot. I once remembered putting the pole up for my first time in a heated race and I got it hooked on the jib eyelet but I missed the clasp on the pole and there I was coming around the mark being lifted up into the air. Needless to say I did not let go and eventually got it hooked after my skipper had to luff the sail and yelling at me in 7 languages.
I also watched your 1min video when you turned the camera to let us look at Howard Islands. It's great to see your spirited face and listen to you talk. It takes me a bit of concentration as an American but I can figure it out.

Great job. Keep it up. We are all with you.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried eating squid? its like eating rubber! take care jess and look forward to reading your blog again tomorrow. Berney and Ryan from Preston , UK

hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
Enjoyed your latest blog as usual, it’s so nice to read all the letters that you get and they’re all positive. I get tired of reading about all the “stuff” (I’m being polite) going on in the world.
Jessica,I don’t think anyone has stirred the hearts of people throughout the world as you have. I see (as you do) letters from all over the world, the young, the teenagers, school children and their teachers, older people and Senior Citizens galore. How many people are living a dream thru you, how many young people will see that they can make dreams come true. Not fantasy, but reality. I think you are what the world needed right now. I am so full of admiration for you it’s amazing.
Keep up the good work, I see numerous people have asked you about the tether, so I’m not the only worrier. LOL
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael(74)from Kingwood, WV

sherll said...

Yay Jess !! Eight days down !! It sounds as though your settling in well. I really enjoy reading the descriptions of the technical stuff. Not being a sailor myself, I just don't know certain things. In fact I don't like it's odd for me to be so interested in your voyage. I can't imagine being in the middle of the ocean unable to see land, so I'm living vicariously through you !! Really fantastic writing, am enjoying your blog immensely. Mmm, I love squid !! LOL Thinking of you, as always, stay safe.

Sherll, Georgia, USA

Aficionado said...

Hi Jesse,

Any sign of Amelia Earhart?
Keep up the good work & keep your lifevest on.

Hermann said...

Hey Jess

what great blog, i read it every day - it's fascinating, please kepp it up, i wish you all the best


Anonymous said...

Love reading about your adventure. You are a very strong young woman to undertake a mission such as this. Stay strong & keep up the good work. Your writing makes me feel as if I were there. Fair winds & following seas,
Louisville, KY

Hermann said...

Hy Jesse

what great and fascinating blog, i read it every day, please keep it up, i wish you all the best


Barbara said...

Go Jessie Go, Go, Go!!!!! Regards from Sunny Southern California!

Meechree said...

Loving the pictures!
Take care
-Dimitri, USA

DJ said...

thank you for all of the information, you're doing a great job!

teodor7 said...

jess you are great/ keep pn going girl. i'm going to chack out with you every day.
eleanor, tel-aviv, "sailor" sailing yacht club

Carlos A. said...

I'd just like to say my group and I have become your latest fans. We think your doing an awesome job. We wish you well and will certainly check in on your progress.

Host said...

The first thing I do every morning Jessica is read your blog to check up on you, and give me inspiration for the day ahead. God's speed! Joe

Anonymous said...

Hy Jesse!!
I wish you all the best from germany.
I follow your blog everytime. Good luck for the next weeks!!

Gabi said...

G'day Jesse,

If I was there with the squid It'd be AUSOME!!!!!!!
When you next touch land PLEASE come and cook at our place!!

Cya soon/

Angus said...

Hi Jesse,
Sounds like your having a great time. The squid sound like there a bit annoying , I bet if you didn't fine all of them they will let you know pretty soon.
You certainly have a great team behind you.
I have four kids myself, but my baby is a 31 year old lawyer. So I now what your parents are going through.
Its good you talk to your dad each day. I watched the interviews on TV, you've got a great Mum and Dad.
Photos look great.
Fair winds and following seas.


Shenandoah 6th Grade said...

We are charting your position daily, and we use and enjoy all the information that you share. Sharing your coordinate positons is really helpfull too!! We are so excited for you. We thank it is great that you are able to email with Jesse Martin directly, that should add peace of mind! Hang in there Jess.....

Buddy Blanton said...

Hello Jesse,

Wow! Squid on the deck...can you say "calamri." I wonder how they are getting up on the deck. Yep, it could smelly if you did not find all them little creatures. Sounds like you are getting into a good rountine and feeling comfortable. That is great! Your making 5 knots, and I figured from your planned distance and planned time that you need to average about 3.8 knots an hour. So far, you are rocking right along. Great job! I bet the fresh water felt great, but let us hope that the thunder and lightning stay away. Have you passed Norfolk island yet and on your way to Fiji. Keep safe and keep smiling, for you are doing great!!

Elizabeth Bolen at Facebook said...

Hi Jessica,
I love your blog and the photographs you take. I read it faithfully everyday and always include you in my prayers for a safe and successful voyage.
Liz :-)
Corona, California said...

A modern day adventurer, doing an incredible journey with the aid of new technology - so the whole world can travel with you.

Safe Travels Jessica


Calpi said...

I love hearing about all the sailing stuff. I have so little idea of what you are talking about but feel like I am learning a little every day. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well done watching your fantastic progress and spirit!

Emile said...

Hi Jess ,You are making us hungry. We hope that you have a great day with good wind. Send us some of that rain. Maravale Home Schoolers 5 'bye

Sally McLean said...

Maybe you could have used the squid to make fresh calamari!!
Happy sailing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess....good to hear you are pleased with your progress and making good headway.

It's great to read your blogs each morning and know that all is going well to date. It's already over a week since you sailed out of the heads.

Keep on keeping on

barry howard said...

i found this interesting bit of history when i googled christmas island...thought you might enjoy reading it...

happy sailing...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica.. Mel from Sydney.. Good luck on your journey to the equator - I wish you calm seas and fair winds when you hit the big ol pacific. Cheese scons.. yum...

gustav said...

Dead Reckoning Navigation (DR):

This should be actually called'deduction reckoning' navigation,since this is the basic form of navigation used by sailors for hundreds of years.

Lets assume we don't have a ruler or a calculator,all we got is a 500 year old Map.

Now we know from Jessicas latest blog, that Ellas pink lady has just passed abeam Norfolk Island.The roughly 800nm voyage took about 8 days,which is about 100 nautical miles per day.

Divide the daily speed of 100 nautical miles by 24 hours and we get an average speed of roughly 4 knots per hour.

From Jessica's notes on her website we know her next destination as she wrote:

"Depending on the weather (direction and strength of the wind) I will choose a point where I turn left and head towards Fiji."

So we look at our old world map and messure roughly the distance from Norfolk Island to the Island of Fiji, with our index finger.(since we dont use calculator or a ruler)

2 index fingers from Norfolk Island to Fiji is roughly 800nm.

At an average speed of 100 nautical miles per day,we therefore estimate Ella's pink lady to arrive in Fiji roughly 8 days from now, or ETA:
Monday the 2nd November 2009 (UTC)
Universal coordinated time or Greenwich Mean Time(GMT).

To work out our Heading we look at our Map. The Top of our Map is true North.
(as opposed to magnetic North)

We see that Fiji is roughly in between the 1o'clock to 2o'clock position on our Map and because we are smart,we know that the magnetic field of Earth does not point directly to the north on our Map.In fact it has a variation of roughly 13˚degrees to the East .

Variation East-Magnetic least.
Variation West-Magnetic best.

1 o'clock to 2o'clock position of Fiji on our compass rose reads 040˚degrees
or North -North East exactly.

Deduct from that 10˚degrees of variation East and we get our magnetic Heading of 030˚degree from Norfolk Island to Fiji.

If we had no Compass,we would aim the stern of our boat 60˚ degrees left of the sun that rises in the east and at night the planets and stars also rising in the east (near the equator)
would guide us.

If all the navigation and sat-com equippment failed on Ella's pink lady, Jessica would be able to do all these dead reckoning calculations easily in her head and guide Ella's pink lady safely to her next destination.

As a Master Sailor,Jessica knows how to use dead reckoning navigation.

gustav in Sydney

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that I'm only catching up with your story now.
What an awe-inspiring, mind-blowing adventure !!
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the very best all along.
And a big hello from South Wales (no, not NSW! South Wales, on the west coast of Britain, with the coast of Ireland in front)

Anonymous said...

More pictures, more pictures. I am absolutely fascinated with the ocean and would love to be in your shoes right now. How beautiful in must be! Even if it's pictures of the open ocean, would love to see more.

Anonymous said...

Morning Jess,

Great to read your blog, hard to keep an audience interested but you definitely have a beautiful easy way with words!

Stay safe and enjoy!

Cheers Lynda from 1770

Anonymous said...

support to Jessica from kastela bay,adriatic sea ( CROATIA )

Captain Scott said...

Glad to hear you are still well. Just checking in on you and Ella. Thought about your trip today on the boat while the wind was blowing us all over the flats. We have had a little cold front with a nor easter blow for a few days. Keep the stories and photos coming so we can see how you are progressing. Stay safe and have fun.

Capt. Scott

Pete and Nancy in NH said...

Good evening Jess. Sorry for two messages in the same day. the Highlight of my morning is to get up and check your blog at 5:00 or 5:30 am (EST in the US) probably 7:00 or 7:30 pm your time and check your progress. Like others we get a little worried if we don't find a new message from you. We've told everone about you and your journey and have our 10 year old grandson hooked and his class at school following you. Stay safe and tied on. Have a great night and we'll all check on you in the am...

TechnoBabe said...

It is so much fun to read about your incredible adventure as you are having it. We all wish you well.

Bree said...

Is it possible for you to catch your own fish on board and cook it fresh? I always assumed thats what sailors do but looks like I was wrong lol... I imagine you'd get a little sick of it after awhile.

I imagine finding squid on deck would have been a pretty odd thing to wake up to.

Love reading your updates :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Yum, squid, did you save a couple for dinner? Pan fried in a bit of butter/oil with garlic (if you've got some), beautiful.

Suzanne said...

Hi Jessica,

I hope you have an EPIRB on your red life jacket and you have a cord tying you to the boat when on desk, and a knife with you for emergencies.

Its so easy for boom to swing silently and take you overboard. Please watch out for that, even in calmer conditions.

Safety first, ever day.....

Anonymous said...

Nature is a beautifull thing - enjoy its beauty



Best of Luck.I Wish you would have taken the route passing India.I hope you would have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Fiona Perham said...

I'm actually jealous of your dinner plans tonight, even though its out of a tin- I love chilli!

Fiona x

Anonymous said...

"It is time for us all to cheer the doer, the achiever - the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it."
- Vince Lombardi

You just popped into my head when I read this today. There are lots of people that will agree with the quote. Too many of us let our dreams slip away - - but not you.

Good to hear that you are ahead of schedule and that things are going well.

Being a landlubber, I didn't know that squid could jump. A new bit of knowledge.

Stay safe and God Bless You,
Dave in Minnesota

lgw said...


I'm really enjoying reading your entries - thanks for keeping us all updated!

Has all the chocolate gone yet?


Chule said...

Go girl go!!
Chule from Spain

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess. We were discussing how you keep fit on your boat. There are enough activities to keep you busy during the rough times but you probably have some fitness plan in place. As a change to routine, if you are not already using it, we thought you might like to try the Canadian 10BX Fitness Plan during calm times. The worst thing that can happen is to have no strength when you really need it. Click on link and download 'Woman's Plan' on right (You'll love it):

Cheers Tom Tyndall and the 4ST kids from Trinity Beach State School, Cairns.

mimo said...

Hey Jess,
It's good to hear everything is going well. I often wonder if you'd like the weather to freshen up a bit to make things more interesting for you, or are you more content with the calm conditions. Anyway, thanks for the updates and the pictures. I am truly just amazed at how someone so so is able to do this. You are a true inspiration to us all. I'm 47 and i would never have had the guts to do what you're doing. YOU ROCK. My family and I are in awe. Anyway, stay safe and look forward to the next update.

PS I was wondering if you could describe to us what it's like out there after the sun goes down. I imagine it would be beautiful but at the same time very eirie (think I spelt that right).


Anonymous said...

Amazing voyage Jess. We are all so proud of u! People like you make differences in life! I am reading The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra. It's amazing!

Stay well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for your update and hearing about surprise jelly fish and your first rain squall of the journey. I told classmates of your story in my neuroscience class so I think you'll soon be getting a following from michigan!
Also, thanks for those book reads on sailing journeys....I'm off to the library.
*Love~ Blessings~FairWinds*

xtY said...

Loving the daily updates keep em coming!

-seeya at the finishline :].


alex said...

Hey Jessica sounds awesome. Keep having fun and take control of the squid!

Dagmara said...

I'm still enjoying your blogg. Looks that you still doing great job. Take care yourself!
Dagmara from Norway

D. Joseph Schappert said...


I enjoy looking at your blog. Keep posting the pictures as you can. I really appreciate your willpower to keep going even against public opinion. Keep it up. We're rooting for you and your goal. Cheers!


Fabio said...

Hi Jessica
It's great being able to follow your progress
Hope all goes well with you

BillaBong said...

Hey Jessica,

Any chance of getting your waypoints to see where you are on Google Maps?

Thanks from GA.

Kevin Tobin said...

Hi Jess, Have a great day sailing out there today. Weather in Portland, Victoria is cool and a little windy, probably ideal for your sailing. Look forward to hearing from you again. You have captured our hearts Jess. Take care, Kevin Tobin

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