Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cleared Norfolk Island

The comfortable routine I had been getting very used to fell apart today with the wind picking up to 25 knots. A short building sea has been making life, I wouldn't say uncomfortable, but certainly different to some of the quiet days we've had. It's nice to be guaranteed some good progress and even with two reefs in the main sail Ella's Pink Lady has almost been surfing
along in the swell at up to 8.5 knots.

This morning we finally cleared Norfolk Island which was a relief because I didn't get much sleep last night with land and a few boats around and have now settled onto a north easterly course that should take us straight to the equator!

This afternoon I was feeling a little down, so to cheer myself up I made a few phone calls, turned the music up, gave my hair and teeth a good brush, all the things that would normally make me feel on top of the world before realizing that I'd forgotten to feed myself! A good helping of tinned potatoes, fried into chips later and I'm back to my normal cheerful self.

No colorful sunset tonight with the over cast skies but it's a little too wet to be sitting around on deck enjoying it anyway.

Sorry but thats all for today,



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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jess, your doing well!!

Ron said...

Cant believe you are cruising around the world in a yacht while I am driving a stupid bus all day. I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work jess!!

GrosserGrauer said...

Dear Jessica,

i´m very impressed about your Trip around the World! I wish you good luck and all the best.
Greetings from Munich, Germany!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Keep on at it, you are doing great. Always look at the positive if the conditons are rough be thankfull for the extra progress, if you are becalmed be thankfull for the break.

And remeber you are living many of our dreams.


Geoff said...

Hey Jessica

8.5 knots woohoo

that's just getting you closer to the finish line

stay safe & dry


Melbourne Orstralia

Georgie said...

Hay Jess
Hopefully you get some well deserved sleep tonight. Keep ya chin up mate and keep smiling you can do it mate as your are our true blue aussie chick..

Take Care Darl enjoy and have fun.


Phil said...

Stay happy and safe Jess...I really admire your courage...good luck. Phil

Mike said...


There are up days and down days and as you go you will figure out how to adjust the mood. Some of it may the related to your rest so hope you can get a few extra winks. Hang in there and know there are alot of us who are with you.

Mike Atlanta

lilshawnee said...

Good Morning Jess its 7;30 am Tues morning and just wanted to let you know we are all still behind you.
im so glad you have good wind today.i been reading your Blog from the start and you have such a good team.you must be home sick for land.Jess how long does it take you to make water from the sea water.
Well Jess take care and you will stay in all my familys harts and prayers the girls ask about you every day.safe sailing lil one
from lalonderob2004@yahoom

stephen said...

Surfing at 8.5 knots - thats fun , what music were you listening to - Beach Boys ?

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, youngest hero of our times!
Thank you for blogging and keeping our well-wishing thoughts uptodate on board with you, now that the wind raises up and the clouds are coming. You will do it! We admire and support you from the deepest of our hearts.
Richie & Family, Paris

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Good to hear the wind picked up & that your clear of Norfolk but sorry that you were feeling flat this afternoon. Maybe when you feel that way try to read some of the positive comments people from all over are sending. You are in everyones thoughts & hearts & we are sending big cuddles your way. You're doing a great job! All the very best.
Take care little one!
The McGraths Nowra NSW

Felipe said...

Bien Viaje Jess...tu eres muy muy bravo!

Anonymous said...

G`day again, Jess, how are you?
I was just going to mention, if you like your hot chips, you should try some hot chips on a buttered roll, or sliced bread, assuming you are able to keep some bread onboard, i`d imagine you would have some kind of refrigerator? Anyway, if you do, give them a try, they will pick you up nicely. I have to confess, i`m guilty once or twice of buying a nice healthy Subway roll, taking it home, cooking up some hot chips, and cramming them into the Sub roll, and enloying the taste of the contents melted in with the chips :)
Glad to hear your doing ok.
Regards from Ben

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Glad to hear you are making great progess. 25knts isn't that bad so make miles while you can. Enjoy yourself out there and I will await your next update.
All the best
John (Macedon, Vic)

phil said...

Wow, I'm first on your blog. I was getting worried about you. You've got a decent breeze now and you're past Norfolk - well on the way to the Equator. I love reading your blog - you are the first solo sailor to have such strong communication links. You looked wonderful in your pic. Thinking of you, Jessie. Phil, Western Australia. P.S. Hope you enjoyed the book I gave you at Mooloolaba -'Alone against the Pacific', if you've had time to read it, that is.

Anonymous said...

Your doing great, 8.5 knots with good wind 2 reefs ur doin well girl!!!! I remember those lol, u must eat and keep the protien going it will help with the moods.

Brian Riley said...

Nice that you have passed Norfolk Island and are in clear water, although a little more active than of the last week, the emotions are to me natural as norfolk Island subcontiously is a major turning point in your adventure as all is before you, you are a strong person with good ability, if you feed yourself (Ha Ha.) how time fly's. Safe passage, will talk again. Brian

Margie said...

Hi, Jessica I cant wait until you sail around Cape Town, I'm from Johannesburg and keeping track of you and Ella all the way. Margie.

Tania24 said...

Hey Jess,
Potatoes fried into chips always make me feel good too lol. Good to hear that you're making good progress but I hope you manage to catch up on some on that lost sleep. Looking forward to your next blog. Take care out there.
Tania, Brisbane

Kristi said...

Sounds like u are doing everything right sweetie! Whenever you get down, just know that there are people all around the world who are cheering you on! I'm proud of you! :)

Ohio, USA

M said...

Funny how we can all forget about food until it starts telling us in different ways. Sometimes I have to set an alarm to remind me to eat 'cause I'm so busy doing 'stuff'. Onwards & upwards :-) Mark, Plymouth UK

Vanessa McBeath said...

Dear Jess!

you are truly amazing and inspiring!!

Please remember that we all sleep under the same sky. You have millions of people thinking of you all the time. Including me!

I'm sending you loads of love and positive vibes!! Keep listening to your favourite tunes when you are feeling a little blue. I look forward to your updates everyday!!

woo hoo

Vanessa xxxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're feeling cheerful again Jesse, feeling a little down is very normal and to be expected from time to time, the important thing is to not stay down for too long. Breath deeply that wonderful sea air and acknowledge to yourself your incredible abilities. Ellas Pink Lady is flying along now and I bet she is in her element. Rounding Norfolk is a great milestone and the equator already beckons!

Bluefin, Buderim Qld.

Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul, Jess. We are following your progress with much interest. Take care... James

Andrew said...

Great stuff Jess. Your efforts are inspirational to so many people. Good luck. Millions of us are supporting you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Nice to hear you are finaly getting som speed in that boat :-), this it what u have been charging your batteries for;-) We all know u r up for it. Good that you maintaining your self. It is so importent for keeping your mind and body on track.
Keep something at hand, that u can easily grap, if there is no time to get it. Just in case your blood sugar drops. Out there, u have to be ready for everything at all times. I hope u have a good rest sometime soon. Behind u all the way - Jacob, Denmark

Bruce Lindley said...

Keep up your courage Jess. even though you are one the Pink Lady by yourself, there are thousands of peole around the world cheering you on & praying for you.

Nic said...

way to go Jess!!, keep up the great work, best wishes from the amps family in Mandurah WA.

Anonymous said...

You are a champion... some days will be tough, just remember to live in the now, completing one step at a time. Always, always visualise yourself crossing back through the heads in Sydney.. and it will be done!
Sail well

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
it was bound to happen, that your smooth ride so far turns into something more challenging!

Good for you, that you know how to pick yourself up again.

That is life, like the sea, sometimes up, sometimes down.

Glad that phone calls, music, body pampering, a nice dinner and keeping busy picked you up again.

Having tougher conditions lets us appreciate the easier times even more.

One very good thing, is that you are moving at a good clip!

Keep well and safe and soon enough, the sun is going to come out again and with the right wind added make sailing perfect again for you.

You are always in my thoughts, sending good vibes,
Trudy, Tirol, Austria

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, You seen to be going great - Norfolk Island already! and now the equator as the next milestone - so, God speed, fair winds and chin up. Someone said "inch by inch , life's a sinche (ie easy), yard by yard makes life hard" - lets hear about your inches of progress. It all makes a very exciting story, just hearing about the inches.
God's Blessings,
From our family of six in Brisbane Chris, Pam, Sarah, Matt, Tim, Jo

Janway said...

Jesse, your courage, strength is an inspiration us. We feel like were right there with you and look forward to your blog each day. Stay strong our prayers are with you & ella's pink lady.... Janice & Wayne in Canada

Russell said...

Jesse, glad to hear it's not all smooth seas and brilliant sunsets, when I have to sit in an office and only dream of what it might be like. In real life I would be scared speachless to be in your place, couldn't imagine being alone at sea, you are an incredible woman and inspire people far beyond what you might even dare to think!!
Keep up the great communications, allowing all of us following your blog be on this journey with you.
I will continue to pray for your safety. Go for it girl!!!
Sunny Coast Qld

Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...

Hey, it's no fun when it's all sunshine and light breezes. The heavy weather is where you really test your mettle as a sailor.

We are still pulling for you. Best wishes and stay safe.

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jesse

Can we have your picture on deck at some time in the night. It all would seem so magical.

Tony Cumner said...

Hi Jess
Cheer up, we all have those days and you will have many more out there but just remember that there is hundreds of thousands of people logging on here daily to see how you are and many many more are talking about your awsome trip. We all love your openess about your trip and how you are feeling, and in some small way with how you decribe your feelings and your journey we all feel like we are there with you.
So remember you are never alone.
Tony Cumner
Chancellor Park

RICHARD said...

Keep your spirits up Jessica! Now you're sailing! On an adventure like this you will encounter everything unimagined by those of us who are trying to live the journey with you. However, we all know you will persevere. I'll keep it short... Lots of fun things to do when the wind is filling your sails.
See ya sailor!

Shane said...

Congratulations on clearing Norfolk Island... and keep your chin up about the weather. The sun will come out again soon. Keep up the great work!!

duane said...

You are up to the tuff stuff. Keep your chin up. duane

evadne said...

We read your comments every day. Dont feel too alone (thats a bit silly given the obvious) Proud you are an Aussie and doing well. Drive safe and do your self proud!

Natasha said...

Hi there!

Just wanna say that im following your trip with great excitement! It unbelivable that u are doing that all by your self! I wish I had done anything near when I was 16!!

I wish you good luck and hope everything goes well!!

Greetings from Stockholm - Sweden!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
You will always have good and bad days.
Just keep the main goal/dream in your mind
and stay positive (even in bad conditions).
Saraya :-)
P.S Music is the best medicene.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Bit of wind, but not too much. Sweet, just what's needed. Stay alert and don't drop your gaurd for one second. U2 played live on YouTube yesterday, your ground breaking trip to follow - the web is offering up some great stuff. Drop in some lat/longs if you can. All the very best wishes to you from me and my crew in Balmoral Auckland - Keith

Anonymous said...

Whoever would have thought that little boat of yours (packed to the gunnels with food) could go that fast...and with double reef. Sounds like a bit of fun! Just make sure you keep the boat under the mast!
All the guys at work are keen to hear how you are and where you are and where you are going. We are all going to be world sailing experts by the time you get home.
Where are we off to next?

Greg Black

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

a bit of change, a bit more work and you are doing great !! Cheering for you and looking forward very much for every report from you. Its always different and also very interesting reading. Keep up the good work. Believe in you, Tatiana

LFR said...

Thinking of you often Jessica. Stay stong and happy sails!

Phila., Pa USA
Go Phillies!

Andrew said...

Sounds good out there now got the wind and the swell
sound better out then then here lol
wish i was out sailling but im stuck on land with a boat 50 km from water
hope u get a good night sleep

Bruce said...

I am 60 and you are 16 and to me you are a true Aussie champion.
Sounds like you are travelling along beautifully.
When it gets a little tuff, sit back, smile and say to yourself "Well, isn't this character building".
Best wishes.

Summersailor said...

Summrsailor said: Jesse you got a great attitude toward this exciting adventure. Doing something to change your mental state at the right time is critical. Your on the right track and you will get stronger as time goes on. Keep it up. Tracking you and putting up a red sticker after the Norfolk Is. on my world map. Can't wait to see a red line all around the world. :-D

Anonymous said...

Like many others of your ever growing fan community, I wait impatiently every day to read your latest report! It's fantastic how you 'take us along' on your trip; thanks a lot for the free ride. Keep it up you courageous young lady! You are a real inspirtation! Good luck!
Hans from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Don't apologise! You're doing a great job keeping us up to date. Right behind you all the way - keep safe.

Margie said...

Hi, I can't wait until you sail passed Cape Town, I am from Johannesburg, best of luck.

angc10 said...

Hey jess,

im glad you are all cheered up..........it's a natural thing we all have downers from time to time.......even if you are sailing around the world!!
i hope you have a great day of sailing tomorrow!!


Noel said...

Hi Jess,
So good your keeping us up to date with your advencher. I look forward to seeing your Blog every night.
God bless and smooth sailing.

Western Australia

mel said...

well done on your progress so far Jess and good luck with the rest of the trip, look forward to many more blogs

duane said...

Your trip has renewed my interest in adventure books. I just ordered Jesse Martin's Lionheart. Looking forward to your book. duane

kyena2 said...

As a sailer myself i am very proud of you GO GIRL SAFE SAILING & FAIR WINDS

Jacki said...

Hi Jess, You've gotta expect to have some down days - we all do from time to time. Glad to hear you're feeling better. My three kids and I are enjoying following your blog. You are such a brave person and very inspirational. Australia's behind you! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the daily update! I look forward to reading your blog every day, you are such a fantastic writer!
Keep up with the great work

Bonne Chance. "J'espere que tout va pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles" (Candide).

Ernest from NH USA said...

Hi Jess, I guess we knew there would be great days and not so great. But the lesson learned here is that you've made the ajustment and your life has improved under unpleasant conditions. Staying positive is very important.

Anonymous said...

I often thought what a huge risk you were taking in following through with this adventure and how nuts your parents were in letting you do it. You are obviously a very sensible and knowledgable girl and I have become engrossed in your updates each day. I will continue to pray for you and wish you every success in this journey. I cannot wait until the day you are back in Sydney and acknowledged for the absolutely humungous achievement that you have just completed. Go Jess, stay safe and may God always be with you.

Anonymous said...

Jess - oh well better than being stuck in a windowless office for 9 hours a day!! It's gunna start to get tougher now but you'll be right. Goodluck :) Keep us posted!

Koyoenkiwi said...

ha!ha! Yeah a bit of TUCKER, as us landlubbers say, helps!

What's ya seafarer's jargon? grub? gruel? grits? groat's ?? heaven forbid (groan)

Following ya all the way. Great stuff Jesse

Dagmara from Norway said...

Blue mood is normal in such escapades! But you're not alone,even if only blue surrounds you. Good luck on big sea right now!

Margie said...

Hi, I can't wait until you sail around Cape Town, I am from Johannesburg, best of luck.

legs2041 said...

Keep warm and dry. Weather not so great in Sydney either. Michael

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip to the Equator, stay sharp and safe, not a lot of shipping on this part of the journey. Gary

Rachael Everitt said...

Big hugs lovely.
Keep that wind in your sail and the sun above your shoulders.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog.. What an adventure you are having!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Magpie here,
Hi Jessica,
It's amazing isn't it when the wind picks up and the old sea salt tales come true.
I thought that bloke who told you to keep eating even when you don't feel like it had been drinking a bit too much salt water! But 'Lo and Behold' here you are stating that you forgot to eat, lol.
And just a quiet word to.....Blogmaster ANDREW, could you set up a FAQ or tell everyone to view the Video blog as well.
You're doing a gr8 job and I'm loving all the photos. Chao.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess They can not all be perfect days Hope you manage some sleep. Keep safe Love from Marie in OZ

Anonymous said...

good work & good luck

is your progress being posted on Google Earth yet?

Jeff Toronto Canada

Rachael Everitt said...

Big hugs lovely.
Keep the wind in your sails and the sun above your shoulders.



Hi Jesse,

When I started to Type This Message, there were '0' Comments on today's Blog, but now ther are about 4.

I hope you have had a chance to read my previous Comments: I'm sure you at least read one, where I Mentioned that when you spoke of "WE", you were referring to Yourself & ELLA'S PINK LADY', because on your Next Blog, you actually mentioned that by saying "WE (Pink Lady & I)".

have you had a chance to check out JESSICA WATSON FUNCLUB on Facebook ? ... It's now also known as JESSICA WATSON FAN CLUB.


Good to here you're making great progress. Those 'Building Seas' will get you prepared for the bigger ones later in the voyage. Just be careful if you are sailing over Areas of 200m or less in depth: If you are confronted with large extremely large swells, well may the depth be (let's say) 100m, but, in the Trough, it will be significantly less, and if you are over any high points on the ocean floor, you may only be a matter of metres above it.

(by the way, Today's Blog seems out of Format with Lines been broken into two parts. If WORDWRAP is Turned On, Don't hit the ENTER KEY unless you are Staring a NEW PARAGRAPH. If WORDWRAP is Turned OFF, turn it ON, and Only Hit ENTER for New Paragraphs).

Anyway Jesse, I'm gonna sign off now and see if My Comment can make at least within the First 5 or 10 Comments On The List today.

As I always say,

Have A Safe & Happy Voyage, but Most of All ... Have Fun !!!

"You CAN And WILL Do It Jessica Watson !!!"

NM xx

Amy Bowllan said...

Dear Jessica,

my students and I have been following your trip from the first day. They have a ton of questions for you, but understand how busy you must be. Since it's a technology class, we are exploring the various technological devices you are using. Also, they are learning about lines of latitude and longitude with now makes sense to them. Be safe, and keep being an inspiration to all of my young girls. We read your blog everyday!
Amy Bowllan

Brian said...

Thanks for the update Jessica. All ready plotted your course on Google Earth to the Equator.Stay safe AND don't forget to eat young lady......

Lakeland Florida USA

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Hiya Jessica. Hope the lumpy swell settles down for you during the night, and you manage to settle back into the new challenge tomorrow brings.
sending you best encouragement and support from Bathurst NSW :)
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

Getting addicted to your blog very quickly.
We all hope the weather and the conditions stay manageable
All the best from South Wales.

Arkansas Patti said...

Arkansas has its eye on you. Proud of you youngun. You are doing what most of us only dream of. Way to go.

josie said...

Hi Jess. U R A Legend. My sister and i are hoping U stay safe. We will be checking in on ur blog as much a we can. Good Luck from Perth WA

Vandermaats said...

It's good to hear you from you tonight. I had a bad day at work and looked at you blog and remembered that there is a 16 yo girl sailing around the world...I can do anything on dry land..you are inspirational. My wife and i travelled around Australia last year in a caraven with two children and a dog, and some days were "GOLD" but at times it was just a downer without our usual and daily conforts. Good to hear you picked up again. Just eat well, talk on the phone and keep sending blogs. I will certainly keep reading and drop you a thougth whenever I get time. We are all behind you and I keep showing your blogs to my kids to show them what we humans are capable of. Keep writing. Even though you may be alone out there...you are not.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Keep going strong! I used to be in the navy and at times it can be tough when you are away. My friend and i used to ask each other when we were going home, and the answer was always "Tomorrow"!!!!!!

Take care! you are doing really well.

Paula :)

Anonymous said...

fab job - YOU GO GIRL!

Suzie ;)

Tillman said...

Hi !

Don´t forget routines . They are quite important for you during these months.

Later on you have to invent also new ones.

Have a peacefull night ! I hope the heavy sea gets seady.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jesse,
Sounds like things are getting interesting, there was a post by John.B of Virginia awhile ago that had me getting a little emotional as I was reading it out to my mum, John's description paints a picture that produced an apple or two in my throat, you know Jess the scariest thing about all this is the sailing at night....what is the sea like at night time?...I mean we've all driven a car at night but a car has Headlights you can see down the road by maybe 200 meters or so and if you've ever turned off the lights and particularly if your out on a country road....it's pitch black you can't see a thing!...how would it be with waves that are peaking 5 meters, and what about bigger, at night!, oh the courage the strength of character...it gives me sweaty palms just thinking about what potentially lays ahead....keep at it Jesse...stay positive...stay strong!...and don't forget to feed yourself okay!



Roy said...

Hey Jesse,

You are doing a sensational job! The wind is picking up and I can just feel Ella's Pink Lady surfing down those swells.

You have one of the classic yacht designs that will take very good care of you.

Stay safe and you are definately not alone. We are are all here thinking of you.


Gary said...

Sounds like "one of those days". Good luck on a great trip. Please consider your position, wind direction/speed and heading in your blog for the sailors out here following your trip. Fair winds

Bluey Reid said...

hi there jesse
The calm seas had to begin to give way to a bit of rougher stuff sooner or later hay. If it was all flat seas & light breezes everyone would be out there sailing about. Just remember when the seas begin to jump up and shes a bit hairy that the spirit of Perie Banou lives in every one of those 34's. They are a tough little boat. Next milestone the equator hay. Keep on truckin along mate. Cheers Blue

ricklabranche said...

Keep on Truckin Jess, calmer days ahead according to "Passage Weather". Following your progress here in Connecticut USA "The other side of the world.

Best wishes...

Steve said...

Chin up mate, your bound to have down days but the sun will shine tomorrow.

EJ said...

Hi Jessica,

Really great progress. Had to look-up Norfolk Island though. Chocolate always helps!

Best wishes,
St. John, US Virgin Islands

Paula said...

Jessica, several people today mentioned how bored they are at work, and how much they look forward to reading new entries from you every day. I feel the same way, even though I'm not at all bored with my work (I'm a web newspaper publisher/techie.) Any time you feel overwhelmed or lonely, just remember all the thousands of people around the globe who are drawing inspiration and joy from your momentous journey. Because it's not just a sailing trip around the world, it's a journey of the soul. We are proud of you and thrilled to be able to take part, even a little, in your adventure.

Tony said...

Greetings from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in the states. I check in first thing each morning to see how you're progressing. In the words of the late great Joseph Campbell--enjoy the journey!!

God speed......Tony

Greg / Nancy said...

How about posting a few pictures. That would be the most interesting thing you could do.

Jen in Belgium said...

Sounds like you are speeding along and having a wonderful time.

Just curious, since you say you play your music loud, do you sing along, too? :)

NapoleonsLunch said...

im addicted to your blog! wow such good progress so far - I am proud of you

Anonymous said...

Is the weather warmer when you are nearing the equator?

What about the marine life around?

All the best !


Wolfhound said...

Best of luck. If it was all plain sailing it would get boring very quickly !
And of course when you forget to eat the blood sugar drops and you feel 'blah'.

All the best,

Brian, NY

Nico said...

I've been following your journey now for about a week and got used to look into your blog and other informations about twice a day at least!

You're doing great and I send you my best wishes from around the globe!


Anonymous said...

You're doing very well Jesse. Always happy to read your blogs and keep up with your progress. Every sailing moment moving forward along your planned route, is a step closer to your ambition fulfilled.
Step by step.. slow and steady.. and you've won.

David said...

Jess, your blog makes my day every day. I saw yesterday that you had some weather ahead of you. You are in my prayers.
David in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Ur a legend. My sister and I will be following ur blog as much as we can. We hope u stay safe. Good Luck.

Josie and Jemila... Perth WA

Greg Murphy said...

Jessica: Glad to see you're bookin at 8.5!

Here's a few more comments that have come in to my column site.

Entry: Jessica Watson: Squid on deck begin day 8 of voyage
Posted/Updated: 10/27/2009 03:45 AM
Ralf from Germany - go on Jessie--I follow you every day here on the examiner--good luck---see you

Entry: Jessica Watson: Spam, cereal, EasyFood and lollipops among food provisions aboard Ella's Pink Lady
Posted/Updated: 10/26/2009 10:22 PM
Alan Chapman - Jessica, from an Old Hand, coconut cut your hair so it doesn't go around your sheet winch as my wife's hair did, don't wear a watch or any adornments, wash yourself & clothes, and fill your F.W. tanks in every rain squall after flushing off the salt. Mainsl foot is a good source. Always remember, your nav. lights will be salted, which halves their visible distance. Sleep at every safe chance. Radar alarm must be at least 12 miles. Drake Passage is full of very soft ice, bad radar reflectors, and much crossing traffic in summer. Abandon ego, and save yaself for another day. That's how I have survived over 50 years at sea in yachts & ships. Stay SAFE!! Alan Chapman, Cap't. Ret'd.

Greg Murphy
Shelbyville, MI
1300 UTC,Tuesday, 10/27/09

Marcoo Byron Bay said...

Hey Jess, I'm a sailor from way back who's tuning in every day to keep a handle on what's going on with you and keep you safe in my thoughts. You're courageous and awesome, Joshua Slocum would be proud. I'm a lot older than you but still planning my first round the world trip and after many years of offshore racing I know what you're going through. You have a friend in many souls around the globe so if you get lonely just know that is true...even if you don't know them that is very good for your journey. Imagine what it would have been like in the olden days with no comms whatsoever and just a sextant to steer by! We are so lucky these days aren't we. Peace Out Marcoo

andrei said...

You have another follower Jess - to give you a little history when I was a young man I saw jesse in his self made documentary lionheart... It was something that gave me the courage to live life to the full. I wish you all the best and would like to say it's awesome to feel inspired all over again and know that you are doing amazing things for young people all over the world (and old :-)

mimo said...

Chin up mate, you're gonna have a lot of those down days along the way. But just think of us poor plebs trudging off to work every day and then look at what you're doing, that should cheer you up.



Anonymous said...

Jess what can I say, your such an inspiration, and I'm 39.

The Griff's Perth said...

Hey Jess

The good days can only be measured against the bad ones. Keep the faith girl. You are an inspiration to women everywhere. Keep sailing. We are all with you.xx

hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
Another milestone reached, good for you. Sorry to read that you felt a little down, but you handled it quite well. Don't let it get hold of you. You are in command "Captain". Nothing like a phone chat and a good snack. LOL
Keep up the good work, take care and stay safe. We are all with you.
Found any more squid???
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

P_Stevenson said...

Hi! Jessica, nice to hear from you again. Thank's for sharing your journey in your blog on blogger. Remember when your down or emotions run low which is normal you have a lot of people here wishing you the best.

Pete from Canberra.

Deep Thinker said...

Good to hear you are keeping your spirits up. We are thinking of you and cheering you on.

Svava said...

I'm a mother of two girls up here in Iceland, the older one is just about your age. Last spring me and my husband just bought our first yahct, so we are just beginners. We all have been reading your blog and the news about you. To us you are an amazing hero ! We wish you all the best and keep up all the good and positive things.
Greetings from a yahcting family in Iceland.
-You go girl !

Deep Thinker said...

Hi Jessica,
Keep you head clear and your true as you sail your way back to the ones who love you.

The first part is a cliche I made up a few years ago, the second part I made to rhyme with the first part as a small poem for you.

Russell Hopkins said...

Well done Jess, that's one milestone ticked off. Now let's track towards the equator with over a weeks confidence behind us.

Put a bit of Jack Johnson on too. Always works a treat :-)
Look forward to the next update.
Stay safe, keep learning and you will be one step closer to your goal.

Anonymous said...

I'm sailing right along with you, Jess. I don't understand all of the sailing lingo but I'm thinking you are one smart chick. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for the blog! Maureen from Minnesota, USA

John said...

Hi Jesse,

It is good to hear from you. Hopefully, you can catch up on some sleep today! We are following your progress and praying for you.


john said...


Just keep taking it one day at a time. You're not alone.

John and Rae


smkpro said...

Hey Jess would there a chance of some images on your blog say down below deck say the chart desk and so on nothing personal just keen to see how life is on board for you. Keep it up Jess....

Dan from Perth said...

Hi Jess,
You, your family and your friends are truly amazing and inspirational people.

You are living your dream, a challenge, an adventure and above all, living life to the full.

Tougher that the wildest and most jealous seas you will ever encounter, you have already conquered the most sinister of adversaries commonly known as the critic. Yet, unlike them, you will never have to live in the fear of regret of not having tried. You are truly amazing and inspirational.

Looking forward to every one of your entries.

See you in Sydney on your victorious return!

Elangovan said...

Jessica, that was a small milestone that you crossed. Even though it was a small one, still it counts. Congratulations on that and there are many more congratulations waiting for you. Keep rocking.


Anonymous said...

Job 9:7-9
7 He speaks to the sun and it does not shine; he seals off the light of the stars. 8 He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea. 9 He is the Maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.

Good morning, Jessica. Your anticipation of your equatorial crossing makes me think of this text. I remember your satisfaction when you passed your early milestones of a week out and leaving the Tasmans. Your journey will be one of anticipation and satisfaction, milestones made and those ahead. How exciting that you are now literally racing along in strong winds, surfing those seas. I am praying today for your strength and health, continued wisdom as you make decisions, and for peaceful rest at some time so you might feel like you caught up a little after fitful sleep overnight. I am praying for your family, too!

gustav said...

Dear Jessica,

I was getting worried for a while,your voyage would turn into the Loveboat cruise,with those slow conditions over the last week.But now the wind has picked up to a good speed as Ella's pink lady moves northwards from Norfolk Island and closer to Fiji and thence the Equator.

This Area is Oceania,home of over 1000 Polinesian Islands.So it is a good Idea to focus on Navigating through all these Islands and no doubt other traffic in the Area as you no doubt are doing right now.


The increase in wind speed is a good thing, because it will get you sooner over the Equator.


There is a strong low pressure cell right over the north of New Zealand and a second low pressure cell further east.Ella's pink lady is sailing just north of these low pressue systems.The winds could be quite strong for the next couple of days,between 20-30 knots.

These are southeasterly tradewinds associated with the Hadley cell.


synoptic chart:

Meteorological & Oceanographic Analyses Charts: http://www.bom.gov.au/nmoc/MSLP.shtml

keep safe Jessica and make sure you eat
well and rest yourself while you can.
Focus and keep the faith,you are doing a great job.

There will be times when things will get difficult,but keep on believing in yourself and you can do this.

lots of love and best wishes,
gustav tom and serena

Buddy Blanton said...

Hello Jesse,

Keep your spirits up; you are going to have some tough days out there, but the good days will by far out way them. So always soak in those good days, good moments, and remember them because that will be the fuel that gets you through those tough days. Headed to the equator! Alrighty! Very few people in the world get a chance to cross the equator on the ocean, so remember as you get there that you are special and you are stong. Get some rest when possible and eat regurally, for you will need your strength. Keep you head up and keep smiling that smile!!


Hi Jesse ... Me Again. Well, my Earlier Comment Today didn't make the first 5 - 10 Entries, but at least I was on the First Page when it was Posted. Any idea yet when the Tracking System on BLOG will be working ?

I've been tring to watch your Videos, but My PC is really slow and it takes SO LONG to Download. I haven't been able to even watch One Full One Yet; but it's good to hear your voice online.

Take care Jesse ... see you tomorrow.

As Usual,

Have A Safe & Happy Voyage, but Most Of All Have Fun !!!

"You CAN And WILL Do It Jessica Watson !!!"

NM xx

Gabe said...

Good for you! You not only made significant progress, but you turned your mood around when the blues hit.

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."

All of our good wishes sail with you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Gald you are doing well. Have never liked surfing in displacment hulls.

How are you going to deal with King Neptune at the equator? I am also assuming that you are a pollywog?


Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Another major milestone! Congratulations on clearing all of the recent obstacles (island & boats). I hope you can appreciate how well you’re doing :-)
Two reefs and a building sea! Don't sweat it; Parker's got your back. Let EPL speed you along to the next waypoint!

Jess, please, please, please always remember to feed yourself well. Make yourself eat if you have to! Nothing gets you down (mentally & physically) more than a lack of good nutritional intake. It’s still early into the voyage and you can’t expect to be completely physically adjusted to the stresses of the new sleeping patterns, packaged foods and all of the physical and mental challenges. It'll come, just give it time.
When you are otherwise feeling a little down and it’s not time for phone skeds and you need a boost, just read some of the fantastic blog posts. I can’t believe all of the great entries, pearls of wisdom, well wishes and technical information being posted. I know reading it makes my day!
Keep up the good work Jessica and steady as she goes!

To the bloggers...

Rexie, your JW story is cracking me up! It’s sure to be about 280 pages long. I can't wait to hear the happy ending!

Tracie L., nice photo tips. I’m sure Jess will be an expert photographer by the end of her voyage. Not that she isn't doing a fantastic job now.

Guss, we all appreciate the fantastic technical information and I’m sure Jessica does too. Keep it coming!

Everyone, keep on cheering on EPL!

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Rob said...

Hi Jess, was sitting having lunch today watching a few of the yachts cruising around on Champion Bay after the Perth to Geraldton race and could picture you and Ella apart from maybe a splash of pink paint sailing in a pretty similar scene. You seem to be making good progress now and hopefully this will continue in your favour for the rest of the pacific. If you have a good imagination, just picture looking behind and seeing all of the people sending you these messages waving at once and smiling wishing you a safe journey. As they say "We are all behind you".
Cheers from Rob, Geraldton WA

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica. I have never done anything adventurous. I always encourage the young ones to have a go.Still praying for you. I have your photo(Ella-Bache-Launch) as my screen background on my pc monitor.

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up Jess, you're doing great!! Do you have any great books to read on those dreary days?

Good luck,
Mrs. B

Andrew said...

All the best to you Jess, I have been following you from the start and what a great trip/experience. I have two daughters a couple years younger than you and they both reckon your great.
Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess! You go girl! Now go make some bread for the weather ahead. Hopefully you have a big tin of butter or jam to go with it or lather on the vegemite, mate.
Keep healthy and keep feeding your food locker - low blood sugar is as bad as lack of sleep. We're rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

When things get tough the tough get tougher.....you're tough, and its bound to get tougher, I guess you have to be ready for it. Count the smooth days as a bonus.

Maybe you dropped your blood glucose levels when you skipped meals, that can affect your energy levels and your brain.

Hope you didnt forget to pack some vegemite aboard, Its one of the richest sources of vitamin B and they didnt say happy little vegemites because it sounded nice. I always feel more alert and happier after vegemite. Try it.

You have done a splendid job, your parents must be real proud of you. You're progressing really well, before we know it, we will see you sailing down the home straight.

Hopefully I will be on holidays and in Sydney to watch you come back in.

Keep the chin up, you're doing great. Hopefully some nice fresh fish will jump on your boat next time. What a laugh with the squid. And a really nice photo of you relaxing also.

Daniel said...

Hej Jess,

It's far from my desk so I can't feel and see but I'm happy I can read about your adventures.I hope you'll have a good trip.


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Great going Jessie, you will get a lot more days like this and worse so just keep focused on making sure you get enough sleep and food.
You will look back later and say what was I worried about, look how much distance I covered.
On the fishing side, did I hear that you don't care for seafood that much. But just in case I will send you a easy batter mix to make and if you do catch any fish. It does taste great you may like it.
So may the sun shine and the winds be kind, keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

Wonderful blog - keep tethered!

Dieter said...

Hi Jessica,
I have started to like you. Because you keep writing good blogs regularly. A new blog from you is always the highlight of my day. Thank you!
Dieter (from Kiel, North Germany)

Marggan said...

Hallo Jessica!

I am an 66 ears old woman from Karlstad in Sweden.You are an very brave girl. I am thinking on you there you are on the big see around the world.
My English is not so good,i hope you can reed it.
Many greetings from Margareta in Sweden.

Van said...

Hey Jess, Keep up the great work :)

I look forward to following your trip!

Marcia said...

Hi Jessica

Love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures!

Lou and Laura said...

25 knots of wind, 8.5 knots CMG. Well done Jesse! Enjoy your run to the equator and be thankful for every zephyr. We imagine that all too soon you're going to discover the doldrums and be praying for the conditions you have now LOL
Watch out Tropic of Capricorn, here comes Jess and the Pink Lady!

Linda said...

Open seas can be scarey - hang in there - believe in yourself - we are so proud of you!

Fordland, MO, USA

Richard said...


Those two American airplane pilots that overflew their destination because they were using their laptops were probably engrossed in your blog!

Hope your feeling better!

Richard in Maryland

Chris said...

Hello Jessica-
Greetings from New York. I read your blog on the train every morning as I train into Manhattan each day from Long Island. You are an inspiration to so many. I admire your strength and determination as well as your parents courage and support..hats off to you all. Thank you for taking us all along via your words, pics and videos. I have another logistical question. you've covered food and sleep..how do you maintain fresh water supply for the journey? OK..stay safe..and happy.

Phil in Idaho said...

Keep your spirits up Jess. This is th event of a lifetime! Savor every moment! You are doing great and I love following you.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from California! I don't know you, nor do I sail, but you are living a dream right now, so enjoy and when you are feeling 'off', just remember you are living life as it was meant to be lived - on the edge, fulfilling your dream, and everyday is a piece of gold towards that treasure. The troubles of rough seas or lonliness will dim as you get past them - what a life lesson! So sail on, and I'll continue to live my dreams vicariously through yours...

Anonymous said...

I flew around the world in May/June and it was a good trip BUT your RTW SAILING sounds more exciting and so courageous.You are a good, fun writer so your blog has now become part of my daily routine.
All best wishes from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica!

We're watching you from Utah in the United States. Can you tell us if there is somewhere on your site that shows where you're sailing each day? A google map site or something. Thanks Be safe!

blairmouse said...

Learning about the South Pacific as I follow your route. Read that Sir Francis Chichester was the first to land an airplane on Norfolk Island. You know he later navigated the world in Gipsy Moth IV at age 65. I remember reading about him in the news and put his picture on my wall. What a fastastic adventure it will be sailing around the world. Best to you, Jessica!

jana said...

You are a great inspiration for so many thousands of people all around the world. I was born in small central European country where we have no ocean. Everybody dreams of ocean since we do not see it every day. I purchased a humble yacht in Mexico and am planning to sail to South Pacific sometimes in March 2010. If it was not for you I would be so scared but you are one of my inspirations.
Thank you!

Gary said...

Wonderful progress, Jesse. You are living my dream; Godspeed young lady!

TechnoBabe said...

Don't forget to eat! We love to hear how you are doing.

pj said...

When some people feel down they ask themselves about "HALT" which is an acronym that may help one get away from the feeling more quickly.

HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

Thus, if one ever feels down, one can ask if it's just because one is Hungry, simply Angry at whatever (equipment that isn't cooperating?), Lonely or Tired.

Speedily knowing a reason for feeling low allows one to more quickly HALT it.
Good luck!

HAWKEYE said...


Hey Jess you're doing fine and it's OK to feel down. But you said you know what perks you up as well and that a great bonus.

You have a great support team and you have the love and prayers of a Nation but the reality is you're the one out there doing the work and dealing with the conditions.

However you know you are well prepared and you also know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Never proceed on doubt always use your support team, your procedures, etc as well as trust your own considered judgment.

You'll have good days and ordinary days but never lose sight of your goal and enjoy combining your love of sailing with your incredible dream.

Don't forget to give yourself an elephant stamp for even those tiny achievement along the way.

Finally, your number ONE out there so eat well, have plenty of fluids - your gunna need plenty of fuel.

Stay positive Jess and knock over another day.


gun said...

greetings from Turquia.. I will be following this brave young lady until she reaches her destination.. wish you all the best..

Giggz said...

hi jess,

it's great to know you're making progress and already heading northeast to the equator...way to go!!

the journey will be more and more challenging day after day now you are at the open sea, so don't let your guts down; anyway you're a full-time sailor now...

keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Well, hope your able to get some sleep tonight after a shift in winds and blowing you pass the Norfolk Islands and clearing any ships! It's a 15 hour difference between you and michigan so were sending you restful vibes now in the middle of the night for you! Your doing awsome and to expect the ups and downs of emotions is sooooooooo normal especially on a journey like this! cheers for you!
Love,Hugs,Warm food,Steady Winds,
from Jenny,Gypsy,Barb,Tigger

Stanlee said...

Wouldn't it be great if we were always comfortable? Discomfort only helps us to enjoy the comfort so much more. You're making such great time. How empowering it will be to be on top of the center line of the earth. It will be a position of perfect symmetry. Balance, symmetry and equanamity are the hardest things to achieve. Your quest is inspiring.

Elizabeth said...

Ever since I found out about the journey you were going to undertake, I've been following you. You are an inspiration to me and to many others. I wish you strength, good health, and a safe and fulfilling adventure. I hope in the end this journey was everything and more that you dreamed it would be. I wish I was as brave and courageous as you! I eagerly await your blog updates daily, so please keep them coming! Keep it up girl, you rock!!!

Robert said...

Brave lady,

Thanks for the geography lesson. I had never heard of Lord Howe and Norfolk islands.

Reading your blog every morning. Wishing you a safe trip.

Bob from Seattle

el grande said...

You're doing great. There will be good and bad days. Stay in routine as much as possible and remember to eat!

Thanks for taking the time to blog - the world is enjoying a vicarious trip with you!

darrellb said...


I am watching your journey from North Dakota in the USA. Good Luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Jess - my readers and I are following your journey and appreciate the time you take to write us. Be safe and spirited - you're a inspiration to many. To keep up on what's happening elsewhere in the lives of teenagers, take a look at www.askthejudge.info. All the best. Judge Tom [from Flagstaff, Arizona].

Clinton in Arizona said...

Would love to see a tracker soon. The descriptions in your blog are good but something on Google earth would be great. I'm glad things are going so well. Fare winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

I see you are moving right along! HooRay!! Perhaps in stead of coordinates you could tell us what the next landmark you are planning on. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Tom in the USA

Crash Jordan said...

You're doing well Jess, and stay positive! You can do it. :D

Michael said...

Hey there Jessica!

I really admire what you do! I wouldn´t have the guts to do it! You are brave!

All the best!

I read your blog everyday!

Ken said...

Hey Jesse,

You are doing great!! You should definitely be proud of yourself!! I'm pulling for you. My family is pulling for you. The whole world is pulling for you!!

I can't imagine what you've been through so far but just know this - when you finish you are going to be even stronger than you are now and I'd say you're pretty damn strong now!!

Ken, San Diego, California

rob.adley said...

Godspeed Jessica. The world is cheering you on.

There'll be happy and sad days, wet and dry days, calm, rough and really rough days I'm sure. But that's why it's called an adventure! Keep your chin up and try to enjoy every moment for what it is. Unique.


i.m.thornton said...

Congrats on turning NE. Equator here you come. Still sending good vibes from Belgrade!! All the best, Ian

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your updates everyday!

Bonny in Phoenix, AZ

Barbara said...

Wow, your first taste of weather! Glad your making speed and on your way to the equator. What an amazing thing you are doing, will you know exactly when you cross? It will be time to celebrate. Just take each day, and night, as they come and you WILL be successful.

Following you from Elk Grove, Calif.

Bob said...

Hi There Jessica...

Been following your progress and your blog here in Oklahoma City.. You are amazing and we are pulling for you to live your dream and to have much success. No ocean to sail here but we do have a small lake that provides good sailing all year long.
Best regards and may God in Heaven bless and keep you...

Bob in OKC

M. Eric Carr said...

8.5 knots -- not bad! Next stop: the Northern Hemisphere!

Susan said...

Good thing your trip isn't on constant video stream, or lots of us wouldn't get much done watching a documentary unfolding in present time!

Old Man said...

Glad to hear that things are going smoothly so far. Keep up the good work.

As to keeping things ship-shape: my grandfather was very fond of quoting "a place for everything and everything in its place." Actually good advice when on the water . . .

Meechree said...

Aw, Jess, I hope you feel better ):
Be happy!
I don't want you to feel sad.
You're doing great (:
-Dimitri, USA

J said...

Hi Jess
I sure like reading your stories. Take good care of your self and the lady. You are doing great don't get bummed out life is a rollercoaster and you doing fine. alot of people all over the world are praying for you. My family and I are praying for you and are PROUD of what you are doing.
God Bless

BavariaBlu said...

Dear Jessica,
reading your blog today first thing that came to my head was "basics!!!" Has she eaten, slept, drunk enough? Talked with her dearest etc... and then reading you had done just that to balance again was good!
There's so much your trip is doing to so many, I don't think you can imagine.
Here's a little example to make you smile: English lessons today, Grammar, relative pronouns (OMG). This was my text:
1) Jessica Watson is some tough 16-year-old girl from Sydney, Australia __________ wants to sail all alone around the world.
2) She’s got a nice little yacht ________ she painted pink, called “Ella’s Pink Lady”.
3) The trip ________ she has planned is going to last well over 200 days.
4) It will take her up to the equator, a line ______ she has to cross according to the rules, and then back down again past Fireland and Cape Horn, _________ are the tips of South America and Africa.
5) Jessica, _________ land crew is watching every move she makes via satellite, has started her adventure last week. By now she has already got a huge fan community all around the world ________ questions she must answer every day.
6)There are people _______ think that this trip is dangerous, well we all do, don’t we? Others again say that the fulfillment of our dreams is _______ makes life worth living and hey let the girl do her thing. And doesn’t she fire the imagination of millions _______ do a simple job like you and me!
Hey, you're already into the schoolbooks :-))

Barbara said...

Go, Go Go, Jessie, Goooooo!!!!!! :)

From Southern California!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica..3am EST Aus having coffee and have just read your latest post. Great to hear that the wind has picked up for you, but you need a little bit of a push along considering you had thoughts of going around twice...only joshing ya. Sorry to hear you had a bit of a 'out of sorts day' but as you know its only a state of mind.. So pick it up,keep your eye on the ball and most of all keep powering on Jessica Watson the "Taurean Superstar"

Anonymous said...

Congrtaulations on your beginning.
Stay safe and enjoy your journey.
Could you post your progress on a map as Reid Stowe is doing has he finishes up on 1000 days at sea non stop?

Christopher said...

Have you seen her? The white whale? Tell me true. Have you seen the beast that is the Moby? The great white whale? Ring out, girl and tell me.

p.s. keep up the good work. Stiff breeze to ya.

Lillee said...

Good morning Jess - another day to tick off the calendar - every day is full of adventure - love reading your blog - stay safe and know that we are all with you

Go Aussie Go

jcat9372 said...

Continued good luck to you Jessica, we are all following your amazing journey.

Your fan base is growing daily!!

TheCarterFamily said...

Well its 2:06 in North Carolina and I have a little time to read your blog and all the comments. It appears most people are happy that you are moving along at a clip, and they do love to eat your food with u. You have a good steady following and some of US plan to be with you for the full 8 months.
Question for you---how many sets of warm clothes did you pack for the stormy days? In your study of the trip and interviews with other sea goers what could be the longest time in days that you might be in stormy weather.

On a side note: I was chatting with someone on the internet from Australia and I asked him what he thought about your trip. It was not positive so I asked him why. He said with all your instruments, and satellite link, and a phone that you are not sailing unassisted. I got so mad at him I said, "WELL YOU TRY TO DO IT THEN AND LETS SEE HOW YOU DO." I stood up for you because at 16 you are sooo going beyond where most of the population will go in their lives, and you inspire people. You have me at your backside on land and you have your father to be there for strength and encouragement. You are blessed. HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!!

Sue Eion said...

Hi Jess, One small comfort that I can offer from a life at sea on small boats is that you will notice, a rough sea dosn't seem as big as a calm one.


Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,
Another great, from the heart, blog. You are doing yourself very proud with the way you are handling all situations.

Sure, as in normal life, we all have good and bad days but I am sure with your spirit you will have many more good days than bad.
You are up to any challenge thrown up to you.

You just make sure you look after yourself and of course Ella's Pink Lady.

Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

All the best Jess. Some days are average, just put them behind you and stay strong
Simon, Waikato NZ

Chris said...

It's now apart of my daily internet habit to check your (blog) progress.

So while you're reading books, know you're the main character in the book we're reading! =D
Keep rockin'

Columbus, Ohio

mike said...

Keep your spirits up remember when you see the stars at night.. those are all the people watching over you and wishing you all the success in the world as you seek conquest on your voyage....

Mike Miami Florida

Angus said...

Hi Jesse,
How long before you get to the line islands , will this be the first time you've crossed the line? The first time I crossed the line I had an aircraft carrier under my feet. Was quite an experience, being so young I was a sure target to get dunked, you'll know what I mean. Hang in there Jesse, sounds like your doing just fine.
fair winds and following seas.


Graham said...

We lived on a yacht for 6 years but never managed more than the Brisbane Sydney trip. A wind of 25 knots could be scary. How high would you go before you "heave to"?
Fair winds
Graham and Judie

Norfolk Island said...

Hey Jess, there have been a few yachties sheltering here from the weather and I heard one saw you flying along! Still windy and overcast here this morning but you're making great progress. :)

Rexie said...

Chapter Three

They say for a lot of dogs that their bark is worse than their bite. This was definitely not the case for the big red and black angry castle – the Silver Yang. It's bite was the worst bite of any castle in the moat. So when it snapped at JW's little pink castle, it was a more than a miracle that the princess's little pink castle just didn't go straight to the bottom. In fact JW's little pink castle was so tough that it not only survived the bite, it took it's own little snap at the Silver Yang!! Despite being a brave castle and a brave princess, the little pink castle was still a little bit broken. In fact the highest turret on the castle completely broke – and without the highest turret the castle turns from a castle into a runabout – which just wouldn't do. I mean what sort of independent princess gets around in a run about?

So whilst the Silver Yang skulked off into the night, JW took the bit between her teeth and steered her castle back into her own private little moat to get straight onto fixing her turret and repairing the damage. However, once she got back into own private moat, would the people let this tiny little princess – that looks a bit like a cute puppy – take her castle back out onto the moat?

James Higham said...

Tracking you and blogging on you everyday. Praying for you too. As a sailor myself, i know the sorts of things you're going into. You'll make it.

ericveltman said...

Cheer up Jess. The will be plenty more blue skies and spectacular sunsets ahead, made all the more special by a few grey days.
Keep up the great work, everyone is really proud of you, and just a little bit jealous.

Tony said...

I have been following your blog and think you are doing an awesome job. I envy you very much and wish you good weather, and a great sail. Until you cross that finish line, you will be in my thoughts. You are living the dream that I have never had the courage to fulfill..

London, Ontario

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