Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flying Along and Power

Still overcast with a pretty bouncy sea out here but we're loving it and making some really good progress. I'm missing the sunshine a little but all the different shades of grey make for a pretty picture too. Looks like we're going to be on this course for a few days yet, with a steady wind slowlycoming around to the south east. Plenty of empty ocean in front of us for now before we start getting in among a few of the islands and reefs off the bottom of Fiji and Samoa.

Life on board is really pretty simple with all the little things filling up the day, but when the sea is up a little, then even the simplest task becomes an adventure. But the little things are keeping me more than happy. Food, talking with everyone back home, plotting our position to see how far we've come each day, music and standing behind the dodger watching the sun go down have become the highlights. Sure I'm missing everyone back in Australia a little, but mostly I'm having the time of my life out here! Bring on the next challenge!My sleep patterns are becoming a little strange as we keep going east and in to new time zones. I've got four different clocks all on different times zones, just to confuse myself! I've been sleeping less and less at night and more in the mornings and eating when I feel like it. Maybe I should call it Pink Lady time because it really is like we're off in our own little world. Well that is apart from all you guys who are out here with me!Anyway thought I'd finally get round to explaining the power systems on Ella's Pink Lady. Power is pretty important stuff because it runs the satphones, HF radio, computer, navigation equipment and possibly most importantly thestereo! But saying that we've also got to be able to survive without it all.If there was ever a power problem and when it comes down to it, all we really need is some wind (preferably 15knots behind us with sunshine lol). Hopefully it never comes to it but I've got sextant on board and know how to use it just in case.

First off we've got four 80 A/Hr gel batteries and another for starting the engine, I find that I'm almost constantly checking to see how full they are and how much power is coming in and out. Then for charging the batteries we've got two 80Watt solar panels, a 60Watt solar panel and a Rutland windgenerator. The solar panels give me plenty of power when the sun’s shining and the wind generator constantly works away trickling in a little power. Then for the days when the sun is not shining and the wind is down and I've been playing the stereo too loud, I can run the little Yanmar engine (out of gear!) to give the batteries a little extra boost. So far everything's been working great, probably thanks to Neil the electrician who completely rewired Ella's Pink Lady.

So it's pretty cool to be completely self sufficient, just think how great it would be if everyone used and produced there own power? Sorry if I all that got a little boring and technical but lots of people have been curious about the power!I'm off to go pull a reef out (pull some more sail up) as the wind is just dropping off a little and I should probably turn the computer off because we are a little low on power today with all the cloud around.



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Gurl said...

Hi Jess

Its only me again the ET i'm still watching over you & your doing a great job so have a safe wonderful journey & ye i'm from SIPPY DOWNS

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, Its great to hear that you are making some great progress and having so much fun with it, I am definitely jealous. What a fantastic blog update, please keep the pictures coming thou as they tell a story on their own. I love the updates.
Take care as always.
Good winds
John (Macedon, Vic)

nicky said...

Hi Jesssica,

I have been following you since you started nearly 2 weeks ago. Wishing you all the best. Good Luck.

Emile said...

hi Miss Jess, We are so happy that you have enjoyed your heavy weather and are runniung well. We loved your video. We felt like we were there in the boat with you, you are so COOL. WE hope you get plenty of sun foryour power and we are happy you have a sextant. Your gear sounds fantastic. We know that you wont have time to report when things are heavy but we are still cheering for you and hope that you are ok. FRom the MAravale Home SChoolers 5. We lived on Bougainvllie island and we had big hats for the big sun there near the equator (4 degrees S)

Andrew said...

Have u had "im on a boat" cranked? should have!! sounds like all is going well have fun!!

Carol Clark said...

So happy you're having a good time, Jessica!

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Pink Lady time, we love it! More power to the Lady. Stay safe and Enjoy. Viv&Larry, QLD.

Anonymous said...

Its good to see your still OK, keep powering on, may the wind in your sails always be full, god speed.

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast

Elmarie said...

I read your blog every day and find it very interesting!

Daz said...

Hi Jesse,

Heard you on HF on Friday (finally!) - A nice strong signal back into

Happy sailing,
Daz (Shortwave Listener)

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Maybe today I'll be the first to comment. Thanks for all that info about the power. Not boring for me. you've got something similar to what we had. I was always surprised about how useful that trickling power was from the wind generator, especially on cloudy days.
So, expecting to go below Fiji. It seemed like that from what you were saying. Sounds like you've got a nice reach going.
I hope you're a bit faster with the sextant than I ever was, should you need it. I could have sailed off the edge before I worked out my position. Thank heavens for GPSs.
It's still great to hear about how it is all going for you.
Hope your spirits stay up and you get just as much wind as you can manage.
Best wishes

Mark said...

Hi Jessica, there's nothing boring about it! I watched one of the videos where you are sitting in the cabin with a little porthole behind you. Is that a porthole or something else? There was something dangling in it but I couldn't make out what it was.. Being a techie, at first I thought it was some kind of display haha, but got real and said "porthole". Fair blows the wind :)

Gerald said...

Sounds like you are having the experience of a lifetime, I check many times for your posts and enjoy the photos. It would be GREAT if you could post latitude and longitude on your posts so we can track your progress on the map. As always, stay safe and have good seas.

Gerry from NY

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Thanks Jesse, so looking forward to being able to plt your course next week, you sound happy and contented and very satisfied with your progress and so you should be, we are proud of you Jesse, the world is proud of you, Kisses and Hugs and stay safe, Roger and Lou Dwyer.

Cameron B said...

Sounds as though you are all settled in after almost 2 weeks at sea. :)
Its always a great read, your blog and how in depth your explanation ventures through the components of Ella's Pink Lady
Happy sailing
Cameron B

Geoff said...

Hi Jessica

Thanks for the update re the power system, that's a real neat system

keep an eye out tonight for those squid it's halloween


Melbourne Orstralia


Hey Siren Jessica... just a note to say hello and tell you that Im so glad your cruising along nicely. Love that you can play the music LOUD! and no neighbors to yell at you to turn it down. You will be cruising by my port in the last stages of your journey so I might tie on my tail and swim out and say hello. Your not really alone are you?? So many hearts are with you all around the world, these been the wind in your sails and the Sea Sirens swimming at your bow paving the way for your safe passage. You wont fail Jessica just stay alert and focused. I want to ask something here without offending anyone...but does everyone besides your support team need to know your exact a mum of young mermaids {lol} I just kinda worry on this and Im happy personally just knowing sort of where you are. Am I been overly protective?? yep sure am cause your very special. smiles Funky Siren

Cobrarog said...

Hi Jesse,
What an adventure! I am constantly amazed how switched on you are for your age! What a lady!
One thing I must say is that; I am deeply concerned about the idea of publishing your real time positions or any of them at all.
Your wonderful running dialogue and photographs are enough for us all to enjoy your voyage with you, without inviting danger from the sinister forces that are surely out there.
Your safety, security and well being are of utmost important to us all. I would expect that everyone out there would be understanding and agreeable with me here.
I would strongly suggest that you and your crew have a rethink about this issue.
With you all the way.
Cobrarog from Hervey Bay.

Jack said...

Hi Jessica. I was pleased to hear you have a sextant on board and know how to use it. Have a bit of practice on stary nights and compare it with your sat-nav. Keep going you are doing really well. You may lose a bit of time when you get to the doldrums so keep going while you can. Jack

lucyeau said...

Hey Jesse! I have been reading your blog every day and have felt like I am on this adventure with you. You explain things so well. Thanks for keeping us updated daily. Great to hear everything has been going well for you and that you are having a blast! It's so awesome that you are following your dreams, you are a huge inspiration. It has been so interesting hearing about your daily routine, and the workings of Ella's Pink Lady. Sounds like Ella's Pink Lady constantly keeps you busy. Keep safe, and I look forward to your next post. Lucy.

Attitude said...

ATTITUDE….. “It’s ironic that one of the few things in life over which we have total control is our own attitude, and yet most of us live our entire life behaving as thought we had no control whatsoever. By our attitude we decide to read, or not to read. By our attitude we decide to try or give up. By our attitude, we blame ourselves for our failure, or we foolishly blame others. Our attitude determines whether we love or hate, tell the truth or lie, act or procrastinate, advance or recede, and by our own attitude we and we alone decide whether to succeed or fail”………
“The Seasons of Life” by James Rohn.

cath said...

You're an amazing young woman and it's very inspiring to read your blog! Gotta hand it to you - there's no way I'd be brave enough to do what you're doing. Go girl!

Debs said...

Hi Jess

Nothing you say in your blogs is
We are all just interested in anything and everything you tell us. It sounds like your in a real good routine now....and thinking of it as Pink ella time is a good way to go. Heck i get confused with daylight savings

Its a Hot one in Melbourne today....we have the air con on and the pool is clean and ready for a swim. We had some massive exciting Lightening displays last night...ive never seen constant lightening before, it was just one flash after another lasting well over an hour.
I saw the pic of ella's big solar panels....thats one great set up. sure your keeping busy, ill keep it short so you can read lots of peoples comments. Catch you next

Deb and The Guinea's

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a privilege to see the wonder of God's creation, to experience the vastness of the seas and to do this alone, yet not alone, as His creation directs us to consider Him.
I have gone onto google maps to see how far you have gone - pretty good after only two weeks. I am also learning a bit about geography too, as well as sailing and begining to understand a little bit what you might be going through, which I would not have otherwise done.
God's continued blessings,
Chris and family in Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess see u r realy having fun out there when u get to Samoa look out for those piretes do not want any harm to come to u GOD bless u from Barry

Lenny said...

I am not a sailor, but love your ambition. As I tell my 3 sons all the time, stay safe! May be a dumb question, but do you have power to ever move you forward (when the wind is slow) or are you on 100% wind?

William said...

ahaha "out of gear"... yup

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

Great to hear back from you. Got the news taht you faced 3 meter waves in last few days and went through them safely. Keep going girl ! And we pray for you. While you live your dream life , live each moment to its fullest. We love you. Seen the 7 PM video. You are getting prettier. What is your next challenge...Miss Australia Pageant??

shane said...

hi jesse,im so proud of you and the fact that you are living your dream,take care,safe passage,and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Great news, sounds like you're having the time of your life! The smallest things sound so interesting for us to read and we love hearing about your days, Hope you will have sunshine soon. Have a wonderful time, hugs & kisses too!
The McGraths Nowra. NSW

Anonymous said...


shane said...

hi jesse

Mark said...

Jesse - what an adventure!
It sounds like you've got most things covered - bit by bit - problems solved before they grow - and a big WOW smile - what a life !!! As everybody has said - GO GIRL.

Jan, NZ said...

I really look forward to your blog updates, Jessica. Thank you! Keep 'em coming, but not at the expense of other things you need to do, and your safety. Those are the most important things to ensure you reach your dream.

Carol said...


Tom said...

Great to hear all going well and a good bit of wind blowing. Power explanation is great too, especially to a sparky!

Hope the winds keep blowing a reasonable rate of knots and hopefully the sun will pop out again soon!

It's hard to put down in writing how much of an inspiration you are to a lot of people, but just know that plenty of people are amazed by you.

Good winds and good weather


Anonymous said...

Have been looking at your probable course up past Fiji,Tonga and Samoa.
A pity you don't have time to stop off at some of those--next time maybe eh--on your second lap. Stay safe Jessica.


benjcturner said...

Hey Jess,
I'll be doing an adventure of my own from across the Pacific from Lima, Peru to Sydney and the biggest thing I am looking forward to is what it is like at night time with a blanket of stars above you. Have you had much time to just lay there and look up?
Hope the clouds move to give you some more sun x
Ben Turner - Melbourne

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

I just found you through another blog, and so glad I did! I'll be visiting 'you' as often as I can. Best of wishes for a safe and successful trip! Becky

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jessica,

Thanks for the update and the information on the power - I was wondering just how much power those solar panels were giving you.

It's great to hear that you are enjoying yourself and that you are in good spirits. So how loud do you play the stereo, just normal loud or does the Pink Lady resemble a floating nightclub at times? LOL So what music do you like to listen to out there? Is there any particular singer that really lifts your spirits when you are down a bit?

The loneliness must be a hard battle to win at times, even though you get to talk to the important people every day, it is not quite the same as visual and physical contact.

I wouldn't be too worried about the clouds, when you get up to the tropics, you will probably be asking for some cloud cover to get out of the heat for a while!

It's also good to hear that you are continuing to make good progress - won't be long then before you sight some of those gorgeous tropical islands in the Samoa & Fijian group. I hope you at least get close enough to spot them even if its from miles away. It might just help you to keep sane, because once you start heading south, you won't be seeing anything for at least a month I would have thought?

Watched your video blog also, pretty good and it was interesting to see the ocean horizon through the window in the background, it gave me an idea of just how much you are bobbing around out there, apart from everything inside the cabin swinging all over the place that is!

Anyway, I don't want to take up too much of your time so take care, keep smiling, and I will continue to think about you and silently send good wishes to you via "psyche mail".

Caves Beach, Australia

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Wow!!!!! Another fantastic Blog!!!

It is great to hear from you and that all is going so well. Even the weather does not deter you.

You have really created a home for yourself out there on the ocean with Ella's Pink Lady. Everything sounds very comfortable and you have all you need.

A great insight into your power generation and your ability to recharge the batteries. I must admit having all those electronic gadgets to play with would be great. Although I appreciate they are also your lifeline with home.

Keep enjoying yourself. You have so many many thinking of you. You make every one of us so proud.

Keep safe and watch the sunburn.
Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
here is Michael D. from Germany again. On your videos you look a lttle bit sad or depressed. Perhaps tyred. Be proud of yourself and enjoy the time out there.
Stay helthy and happy!
Michael D.

Darryl said...

Hi Jessica, I have been watching your progress from day one and I will watch it until you reach your destination, good luck and take care, I wish I was as brave.

richard said...

Thanks for the update! Good to hear you are well and covering the miles. Keep your chin up girl.

Attitude said...

Hi Jess, I was thinking about this quote below during the time you were receiving some negative publicity after your incident off Stradbroke Island.

If you do not ever fail, then your goals are not nearly ambitious enough. If you do not come across new challenges on a regular basis, your abilities and effectiveness will become stale and weak.
Comfort is a good state in which to find rest, renewal and refuge for a while. It is a dreary and dismal place to take up permanent residence.

The reason life can be so rich is precisely because it can be so difficult. You cannot possibly appreciate or fully benefit from the good things if you have no experience with the bad things.

When your efforts are met with failure, you know you are on to something. Because on the other side of that failure is real and substantive accomplishment.

Seek not to create failure, nor to avoid failure. Seek instead to allow failure, when it comes, to keep you moving on the path to greater success.

Failure confirms that you are reaching higher. And higher is always the best direction to reach.

-- Ralph Marston

Bouboulinaa said...

Go, Go, Gooooo Jessica, Goooooo!

My spirit is with you!

From Southern California!
Barbara :)

Anonymous said...

it is pink lady time

Anonymous said...

A new fascinating blog, you are spoiling us, Jesse! I don't like much the cloudy patch of greys and the rough sea, but I love your sparkling and witty spirits to get through this darker period, waiting for the sun to show his nose again.
You are quite wise managing your power and we try to imagine how acrobatic may be some tasks when the waves are like this. The whole family is following your news, there is no meal without discussing about your adventure.
Go on Jesse, and keepp being careful. We all want to greet you in good shape when you will enter Sydney harbor next year. You are just marvelous.
Richie and family/Paris, France

Tim09 said...

Thanks for the update Jess,
You must have been busy the last couple of days, we are glad you are making good progress.
Tim and Rosie Caboolture

Bouboulinaa said...

Go, Go, Jessica, Goooooo!

My spirit is with you!

From Southern California,

Gary Darbyshire said...

I am very envious ..

What a journey ...
You inspired me to do my own blog too

Would love to have you on board ,,

Keep the spirits up ..

Gary Darbyshire

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Good on you Jessica, keep going.
With all the world behind you,some clown will say you are not "unassisted"
Bruce Caspersonn, Canberra.

Mark and Jude Thomas said...

Hi Jess
Seems a you sail into my thoughts most days. After a busy project or something, I find myself thinking... and she's still sailing..
onwards onwards.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - great to hear about all the techno stuff and that there will be tracking from next week although I understand how only a approximate location will be given, so you're playing stereo loud, good on ya!

Just one thing to hold in mind, as a previous blogger has said enjoy every wave of the journey but focus constantly on the END result, see yourself rounding the heads of Sydney harbour and sailing up the harbour, get into the FEELING of it, boat intact in good condition and immerse yourself in the FEEELINGS of rapturous delight at ACCOMPLISHING your dream, if you keep this as your focus, which of course you are already doing, it WILL happen. It's not a case of thinking you can do it, you KNOW you can do it - big difference!

You are such an inspiration, take care and be safe.

Jim - Perth WA

GABRIEL said...

Holass Jessica, buenos vientos para ti, saludos desde Quito Ecuador, sigue adelante.

Ralf from Germany said...

hi--jessie-----well done----you are really fast----on your way to the equator---i wish you the best--see you---have a nice day---i just looked at your video diary 10-----see you in sydney

Anonymous said...

hi jess,
how did you come up with the name
of epl? hope you get some sun, so
the music can stay on...
til tmro

dee said...

great to hear that you are having such a good time out there and have settled into a routine. My class and I are following your adventures. Stay safe!

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

Great explanations and descriptions. Everyone is just loving your posts, but we do understand that you might be a bit busy sometimes.
Speaking of Pacific Islands (in your post), don't go getting any ideas about spending a few days lazing on a beach somewhere ... King Neptune awaits.

Sail on!


Cheryl and Steve said...

Hi Jess.
We sure are with you every day. It must be a great feeling for you to have so many friends (although you've not met us) following your every nautical mile. My husband is following you on his large world globe.
How long before you cross the international dateline also the equator? I realise your speed all depends on the winds but perhaps you have an approximate time to cross these two.
YOu make us all so proud. Keep up the good work, and the blogs coming.
Cheryl and Steve
Anna Bay NSW

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess,

Was definately not boring and something i was curious about.

I love solar, we have been waiting for months to have it installed in our house.

Definately, you must have power for the stereo.

Take care,


Glen & Sarah Hale said...

You're doing great. The description of your trip is very well written.

Two questions:

1. How much diesel fuel do you have to run the engine?

2. Why not go through the Panama Canal? Is it necessary to go around Cape Horn?

Good luck and be safe.

mel said...

all the best.

can't wait to read more about your adventure

Howard said...

Cool stuff! Thanks Jesse for explaining the power on board. Looking forward to know more what's happening on Ella's Pink Lady. Hope I get to sail around the world one day too! =)

Have a save trip and God be with you!
From Sabah

Peter Bush said...

Hello Jessica,

The sea is deep
the sky is blue
The waves are tough
and so are you

The wind is wild
the sun is hot
The sunset pink
just like your yacht

You've got the GET
and you got the UP
So Go, Go, girl
Sail on non stop

Regards, From Hyden, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip reports Jess, I love to hear of the day to day routines & going ons'. It enables us landlubbers to kinda be there as well. Enjoyed finding out about your electics - you are self sufficient in your own little world. Looking forward to being able to see your positions on a map. Regards Rodg (Christchurch, NZ)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
so good to hear from you! You really are on the fast track, congratulations!

It is good to know, that with all the technology you have on board, batteries, chargers (sun and wind) etc., you could also make it, if some of this equipment fails.
That is comforting!
I have watched the latest video on your website a few times and it seems as if you are coming to us from a different world!
A world that most of humanity will never know!

I recognize your complete satisfaction with your life.
You are the master and you make sure, that you do everything in your power to see that all is functioning properly, looking after yourself and Ella.

You are not only the master of your ship, but you are also my teacher.

In your video, (it is said, pictures tell a thousand words) it shows you are self-sufficient and minding YOUR OWN BUSINESS, you rest within yourself.
It is as if you are coming to us from a different space and time, and you are .............Jessica's world.

Most people will never be able to experience this kind of freedom, self-direction, and self- responsibility. Too many societal expectations to behave and live in a certain way.
You have left that behind, when you sailed through Sydney heads.
I can understand, that you wanted to get away sooner than later from this deluge of people's uninformed opinions, who haven't got the guts to live and want to stop everyone else to do the same.

What does it matter now, what someone else says.

You have your wonderful support team, who are on a wavelength with you and a loyal support group, us commentators, who admire your zest for life and your focus to make it happen for yourself. We are lucky to have the oportunity to learn from your experience.

Thanks Jessica, for letting us come along on the adventure of a lifetime! Yours!

In my opinion, that is what we human beings are made for, that is when we are the happiest, when we are self determined.

You teach me to mind my own business, my own life in terms of my goals and dreams and head me in a direction that is more satisfying, than I have experienced in my life before!
I think even more actively about what would make me happy, bring me satisfaction and joy. Enhance my life!
Following your blog since August has broadened my mind and blown old worn out thinking patterns to pieces! They are gone, you have ignite a fire in me, awakened my spirit of adventure again, even more so than it was before.
I am a different person. Have people had difficulties following my reasons for doing things before! Well, will they be surprised!!!!!!

By being yourself, everyone else is free to be themselves as well.

Jessica you are motivated from within, not without!
And boy do I know that, because I did not grow up this way!

Your parents are very aware human beings, who have recognized your potential and are supporting you in your dreams, because they have and are experiencing their own.

I grew up,, that one behaved in a certain way as parents, society expected you to behave........... to what the neighbors thought, the church, the school, the state.
I tried so hard to be acceptable, to do what was expected of me, but it never worked, because I was and am, like a square peg in a round hole.

I had to 'fight' for my freedom and learn what it really meant.

My commentary was too long, I am sending a separate one for the rest!
Will keep my commentaires shorter next time, thought though you might be interested.
Trudy,Tirol, Austria

dave said...

another person cheeing for you all the way jess!

Anonymous said...

Here is the rest of the commentary:

I was born in Tirol, Austria. At age 21 I left to emigrate to Australia, after 23 years I went to live in the U.S.( Washington State) for 13 years.

After my father's death in Austria, 7 years ago, I travelled to and from Australia every year, spending half a year in each country.

You are fortunate, because I believe, that to do a journey like yours gives you the greatest potential for self determination and self direction.

It is in the end raw survival, your attitude in the moment counts, when it is you and the sea!

And you have the right outlook on life and the right attitude, you are captain of your own life, Jessica Watson. And that is just the beginning!

I am learning from you!
At 62 I smile and shake my head. But then the learning NEVER ends, no matter what the number of years say, that one is here on this planet!

You are a blessing!

Thinking of you so often and sending you good thoughts,
keep happy and safe,

Trudy, Tirol, Austria

I am going to do a sailing course in Mackay in the next few months!
I want to experience the ocean!

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

As you move to a differant time zone , you seem to getting closer to our time ( In Pakistan).Todays blog came in at 12;00 Pm with Pink Lady time 3:28PM. Sounds Great.
Today I wanted to write your Daily Things To Do; So it goes like this.
1)Wake up - See outside , still in Ocean.Think something like "Oh God , i am tired of this scene". But since you can't do any thing any thing about this now. Love the scene , take tooth brush and come on deck to clean the teeth.
2)Brush your hair and after some make over come on the deck again to see if some boys are around but as usual Just WAVES. Ok love the waves again and go back to the cock pit for break fast to see if Mum has done some great job here.
3)Since Mum is back in Australia , no time to go back and yell for no break fast , prepare your own and praise the great taste because there is no one else to blame for the poor service.
4)Start reading some book and keep looking around if some other young man happen to be around until its lunch time. Where to lunch .. cock pit again.. no restaurant and same cook as in the morning. No choice again. So take the lunch and appreciate at least tere is a cook and something to cook ( thanks to Julie (Mum) any way.
5)After Lunch , take some nap and in the evening have some chat with land team so that they know that you are still sailing and have not stopped on an island to enjoy life differantly for some time.
6)Dinner is still in the cock pit and god damn cook is still in job so go and salute her for all the food she is cooking because at least she is cooking something. Very long this time.

Coop said...

From: Nick at

Does anyone know the position of Jessica Watson? If so pls SMS it to me... Maybe we will cross paths?

Kevin Tobin said...

Hello Jessica, Great to hear from you again. Thanks for the great update. The weather in Portland, Victoria, Australia is much the same at the moment as you are having at the moment but very little wind. We are by the sea in with a lovely little deep sea port/harbour so today has been warm but a sea mist handing around all day. Look forward to reading your blog daily and always feel good to see that all is OK with you. take care and thanks for think of us all, Kevin Tobin

Bruce Watt said...

Hey Jessica,
great that you are making such good times, and hope as you near the equator that you encounter more sunshine.

Travel safely.

Alessandro Machi said...

"So it's pretty cool to be completely self sufficient, just think how great it would be if everyone used and produced there own power?"


Indeed. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Just read your blog again & find it most interesting.
Thought I woul estimate your position but without knowing your true course i am probably well out.

Some where around 24 degrees south 176 Degrees East is where i think you might be, time 12 noon Brisbane time
Keep sailing well

Reg K

Ian said...

Oh good! You're back again. I missed you there for a while. "Standing behind the dodger while the sun goes down" - could anything be more wonderful? I'm so pleased to hear that you're A-OK and that your team is keeping a close eye on you. Your very early blogs tell me that you are a more than competent sailor at sea but there is a lot out there that you can cope with while I, and many of your supporters, could not. I'll let the others talk to you about sleep patterns. Keep safe, precious girl, keep safe!

Ian from Brisbane

Roger said...

Glad to hear that things are progressing well. Thanks for the run-down on your power systems. The solar panel system sounds awesome. I've been thinking of adding an 80W system to my 26 ft sailboat. Have fun, and enjoy the ride!

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - enjoy the grey days whilst you can as it will probably be sunny and hot once you get up around the equator ... plus a few tropical storms to add to the adventure. But, at least there should be plenty of sun to recharge the batteries. Meantime here's wishing a few days of 15 knot winds to keep you moving towards your goal.
You are doing brilliantly!
FS in Tassie

boost said...

I cant believe it im the first person who wrote on your new paragraph.Anyway how has it been out there I hope its been good.Can you please tell me a few facts.


Nan Mim said...

Hello Jessica,
Here I am making my first comment. This does not mean that I have not been following your progress - I eagerly do it every day and in my Mum and Nan way I worry if you have missed a day or are late. You are a brave and talented young lady and I encourage you to stay encouraged as you press on with this mammoth adventure. It is an honour to be able to follow your progress each day and I will continue to pray for your safety. You seem to be doing so well with your sailing, housework and reporting which gives a wonderful impression of what you are contending times, spectacular times and testing times it seems. Blessings,

Brian Riley said...

For a 16yr old lass you have really crambed in a lot of learning to see you through this trip technically, great stuff, hope the wind stays with you as you approach the equator, don't run into any doldrums and become becalmed for lengthy periods, your sog is amazing keeping you well on track ahead of time. It is great to feel your enthusiasm in your words and the enjoyment you are experiencing. Safe passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay Qld.

Marcus Schormann,Germany said...

Hey Jessica, after a few day offline, i´m very proud to hear you´re in good condicions while enjoying to realise your dream. I´ve to admit i would love to do the same in these days.
Very nice to read about the very seamanslike thoughts of your technican equipments and that you´re realising that all the stuff is only a remedy to make lifeconditions on sea more eysier.
From my experiences on sea i can report that every responsable navigator every second on sea realises that every technican equipment can refuse and there always has to be an other way to keep a safe way on course by using your own knowledge and experiences. I take on simple thing into my life a shore and i have transmitted it to a simple epigram on the mirrors in the social facilities in my company :
" Here you see the collegue who is responsible for your safety " I can tell, you it works!
Please Jess , do me a favour and always use your safetybelt whenever you move on deck. You will never reach your boat again swimming after fell overboard.
So far from the opposite of the globe, fair winds and good conditions, yours Marcus from Germany

Christine said...

Keep flying girl, you are having an amazing adventure. Keep well and safe

RICHARD said...

Visiting your Pink World through your blogs and videos is a great joy. Just a word, I am sure you have things rationed and have thought your consumptions through, however, I might caution you about using that fuel.
There are so many of us traveling with you that it is almost amazing to find a sole who doesn't follow your daily updates. My cousins came over tonight and although they new of your quest, they had not been following along daily. Fortunately you are not further along on your trip because we started from day one/blog one, and we took turns reading your blogs until they were up to date on your adventure. Actually it was a fun time for us all and they are now among your daily followers! We even watched all of the videos you have posted. Your latest video was, I think the most compelling. We were taken by the rolling sea one could watch through the porthole behind you. We are sure there will be plenty of sunshine ahead. Keep up the good work. You make us all proud.
See ya Sailor!

Oh yeah, one more thing... are you using RO for your water supply? :)

Steve said...

Hey Jessica. I have been following your progress the past week or two and am thrilled at what you are achieving. I read your blogs every day they arrive, and keep track of your progress on Google maps. Keep it up and good luck for the next next of your trip. Also try to keep the photos coming! :)

Steve, Melbourne.

Jessika said...

Jess this is a fantastic update. I love rading your blog each day and keep checkin it for updates.

passenger said...

Power on!

Carola said...

Hi Jessica,
I just want to say that I'm been follow you from the start and will keep follow you the whole way. You are a very brave and smart girl. Keep going!

Carola from Sweden

ToSeeTheSee said...

Great discription of your power systems Jess. Thanks.

A quote I like.

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving — we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it — but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841 - 1935)

Nick said...

Hi Jessica!

Well done already!!! So thrilled to see you're going after your dreams. It sounds like everything is going really great, and we're all thinking of you back at home.

WOW! It's ten years today since Jesse Martin completed his amazing adventure... time flies! Pretty soon you'll have completed your amazing adventure too! Can't wait to see you sail back into Sydney Harbour!

You can do it! Yay Jess!!!

Ron said...

I might pop in for tea tonight if thats okay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse... Thanks for sharing the power requirements for your journey. I reckon the combination of electrical Pink Lady energy power and Jessica energy power is an unstoppable force. I admire you so much. I admire your parents so much. Their support for you is love beyond measure.
I send honour, respect to you, your parents, your supporters and the whole gang on Pink Lady. Blessings,

Redback said...

Great Work Jessica, I know you can do it with courage like yours, I find reading your blogg daily inspiring, Stay safe.
Cheers !!!!

Nico said...

Hey, 0 comments now! But I know your people are checking the postings you get, so its probably just due to that. Reading your last entry it catches my eye that you mention listening to some music quite often. I would really like to know what music do you hear out there! Do you have it all on file or do you tune in to some web radio channels?

And of cause as you're just about to cross the equator: Are you going to get an crossing-the-line-ceremony by yourself? After all, it's also Halloween today ... ;)


phil said...

Hi sailor girl!
Wonderful info. on power set-up. 5 batteries-wow. Great skills. You can use a sextant. Of course you are monitoring power levels but these computers take a lot-take care and just drop your devoted followers a one-liner if necessary. You sound in fine spirits. Keep it up. Phil.W.Oz.

Maurie said...

Hi there Jess

Thanks for the update. Another interesting insight into life on board! You are very wise for one so young - the ‘simple things in life’ more often than not do bring the greatest pleasure but many chasing a more materialistic lifestyle frequently fail to appreciate this. If you can be so undemanding of life & satisfied with such simple joys, then you will know happiness always Jess. Kudos to you kid! Take care.
Maurie - Sydney

Tez said...

Hi Jess
I enjoy all the little bits of detail you provide.
Keep it coming.

"It's not what happens to you in life, it's what you do about it that makes the difference."

Richard Lathrop said...

Thanks for the great summary of your power situation--not at all boring.
Maybe we should all hook up our houses the same way and conserve when we can't produce enough.
I have a lot of questions:
Can you continue to use the self-steering system in 28 knots of wind with ELP surfing down the face of 12-foot waves?
Are you in the tropics yet?
That conversation about time is interesting. When do you cross the International Date Line? What difference will it make when you do?
You are already a great adventurer and hero. Go Go Go, but please be safe and well.

Anonymous said...

Magpie here,
Hi Jessica, Just a quick note to ask you to smile at least once when you give your video updates. You certainly looked a bit humdrum on Day 10, lol.

I can't believe you have the stereo up loud! Don't you have head-phones? Or is that too dangerous. You certainly sound like you're enjoying it.

By the way Viewed looks a certainty in the Melbourne Cup. bart's looking good for another one, Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
Nothing you report is boring to all of your fans I myself check my computer all the time to see what you have been up to.keep the reports coming.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jesse.
Keep sailing smoothly
Enjoy yourself.

infiniteblue said...

another day, alls well.Music to my ears,thanks for the report Jess.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why do you keep saying "WE" and "US when you are taking about your trip???

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Love to read your updates every couple of days. Good to hear you're doing well. Will follow you 'til you land back in Sydney. Must be a fantastic feeling. Take care, Jane - South Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

nice to hear you that all is going well, you're a great writer, this is a facinating blog, i wish you all the best and have fun!


Tony Cumner said...

Hi Jess
Total loving your blogs and my daughter and I find ourselves checking all day to get a update. The way you decribe everyday chores is amazing. Keep up the good work and feel blessed that many of people like my daughter look at you as a mentor and just loves what your doing
Tony &Monique Cumner
Sippy Downs

Gabi said...

Hi Jesse,

That's heaps of equipment youv'e got there

See ya,
(A daily reader)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,im older age group,not quite so computer literate so not sure if im doing this right.Suspect there are tens of thousands just like me who are totally impressed with your adventure and positive attitude but find that not so easy to express.But be assured we are out here,safely on dry land and wishing you every success and fair winds.Absolutly love your Blogs,the more technical the better,and im wearing out the carpet between my computer and my World Map on the wall.Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this awesome experience. Cheers, John.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic journey for one who dared to begin

go well stay safe
A fellow Queenslander

Freddo said...

I'd like to thank you for all your regular updates along with everybody's blogs. It makes interesting reading. I also like to congratulate you for having the will and courage in taking on this plan. Really hope you succeed right through to the end and wish you all the best. Hope you can prove those critics wrong.

beth said...

Go Jess Go, what a journey, enjoy each moment and know we are all with you.
Beth. Sunshine Coast

Ruth said...

Hi Jessica,
You really are amazing; keeping up the correspondence, attending to your daily chores on board the Pink Lady and making time to enjoy special moments.

It sounds like another fabulous day on the ocean for you.

Happy days for you and the Pink Lady.


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Looks like I'm the first for today.
The power system has been well setup, with 3 different generating systems, power should not be a problem if used wisely.
The weather looks if it still kind to you, but I'm sure the sun will come out soon. With the different time zones you are going through will make it a little confusing for you and for all of us also.
Going to stop of for a quick snorkel at the fijian coral reefs? only kidding. So keep up with all the info on your boat and your adventure, it is not boring at all, we love it, so keep safe and catch ya later.
George Simmons and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Sally said...

Hi Jesse

What a great blog today - you are so informative. Your knowledge and level headedness astounds me. That would be for anyone, but for someone of your age its amazing. I am full of admiration and respect for what you are doing!

Gosh you must have put alot of hours into research with your support team to work out sufficient to power systems to last you throughout your journey, and to cover any situation. The mind boggles at the enormity of it all!

Good to see that you are moving along and I would imagine that as you are getting closer to the equator the weather would be getting warmer?

I bet you are having the time of your life out there, what a great experience and an amazing adventure. Doing what you love best and being challenged with it. Have you roughly mapped out where you should be and when?

Well my challenge at the moment is pull together our dancing school's Christmas Concert. That's nothing compared to what you are doing Jesse - but at times is certainly 'very' challenging!!!

Take Care Jesse - we are cheering you on as always!!

'One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time'
Andre Gide

Sally In Sydney

Mikaela =P said...

keep up all of the good work!

It sounds like you have you power situation under control but what about your water supply? How much fresh water do u have and is it enough to get you back?

Hope your having fun

QLD Australia

Anet said...

Let's hope your internal batteries will always be recharged :-)

Jo said...

Hi Jess, thanks for writing today. I saw your day 10 video and I must say I thought you looked really tired. I'm sure the time differences and lack of normal sleep has your body a little out of whack. I'm sure in time it will get easier and all fall into place. I'm always thinking of you out there pushing forward. Wow nearly two weeks out's gone so quickly. Have fun Jess 'til next time.


Anet said...

Let's hope your internal batteries will always be recharged :-)

Wayne said...

Hi Jessica

First time I have had a chance to read your blog all week, it has been great to hear what has been happening.

Just shows you what can happen when you put your mind to it.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures.

Well done keep up the great work remember we believe in you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

glad yo hear all is still going well for you. I guess you will need to stay alert around those islands, last thing you want is to brush against some reef.

Stay safe, you/ll be coming home in no yime.

Hakke said...

Nice to hear you're doing well.
We're following you from Sweden!
Go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
We look forward to each and every word that you write. You are a very brave girl with maturity beyound your your years. Have a safe trip I'm sure there will be lots to take on.
Calm seas and straight lines.
The Bishop Family
Bryan, Sally, Josh21, Kassie19, Kristie16, Nikki16, Jayden10, Jake 7

sailorgirl said...

hey Jesse

More POWER to you!!!! You go girl and enjoy the magical a few months time when your feet are on terra firma and you will be pondering life these moments of magic will keep you going!! this is the voice of experience of someone who has spent the last 3 years at sea and now sadly is land stuck!! So enjoy. fair winds

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
You wrote about the changing in your sleeping pattern, i.e., sleeping less at night and more in the morning. Could it be because the body's circadian clock is still on Australian Time but you are physically one or more time zones from Sydney?

Portland, Oregon, USA

aj-pandabear said...

Hi Jess,What a good read again, thanks for the info.
You have set out to sail around the world in the quickest time and also being the youngest person. You will do it. I know you will. But more importantly is what you have achieved for many other people, including my self, in what you write. You ask us "the bloggers" to send you positive messages.But in what you write to us is what you have really achieved. your messages give someone else hope, inspiration, it has the power to change people.And that is what you are doing, somewhere out their someone is changing because of what you are doing and what you have written. CONGRATULATIONS JESS. well done. you are extremely one impressive, inspirational little (big) girl. i wish i could of done something like this. maybe i will. who knows.
take care jess, eat healthy, and brush those teeth.Lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess what wonderful days you are having looking forward to your news every day, your days are flying have fun out there !!
Go Girl Go
Michele Qld

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse!!

My namne is Caroline, 28 years old from the westcoast of Sweden!! Really admire your courage to do this!! Always wanted to learn how to sail but never got the time. :(
Keep up the good work!!!!!

Dark said...

Hi Jessica

Reading your log today

Your time! I feel you should consider as (starship time) or local. That is your time disregard the others

I must admit from your day 10 vid noticing the sea, some concern it looked a little Swollen? Ie uncomfortable.

So very happy to hear from you today.

AS a landlubber I have little use for a sextant but wish i did know how they work, Might just check out ebay for one (it would be delivered to me) /giggles

So Music aside you have enough power gen thats good I must admit I would be using my power for my Second life and that would be hard on power I know

Ok Great you were able to update today

Don.t pay too much attention to your local as it really is for you irrelevant
there is no reason you could not stay on Sydney time for the entire trip

Make sure you get enough sleep



Anonymous said...

Have a nice day!
Seen any dolphines or other interesting creatures? Take some pictures!


moffa said...

I´m looking forward to your report every morning over here in sweden.I´m happy for you doing it so well.
Would it be too much to ask that you give us your pos in lat/lon so even we can plot your position.

Take care out there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica. Sounds like your having a great time. Im not much of a reader, and dont have alot of time to play on the net but am following your progress and story with great jealousy. Look forward to reading all about your fantastic journey!
Michelle stevenson Redcliffe QLD

George said...

Go get em Jess! We are thinking of you out there, especially at night. Look after yourself and the lady.
George from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. I read your blog every day. Irish Anon.

Angus. said...

Hi Jesse,
I had to get my son to record your interview on ten HD. Was worth watching, you sure sound like your having fun. You came across great.
bet your parents recorded it, most probable have 500 copies.
Glad things are passing Fiji, it is often overcast there, the sun will always come out.
It is going to start warming up as you well know, the closer you get to the line. Hang in there, were all thinking of you.
Fair winds and following seas.


Kim said...

Well done Jess for taking on this journey, you are an inspiration. I am going to enjoy following your trip. More power to you for following your dream. I know you will get home safely. Go you good thing!!! Regards Kim.

Anonymous said...

I love all the tech talk, jessica, keep it up!

donna in perth

gustav said...

Well it's a saturday night here in sydney, there is a 3/4 moon in the sky, as I listen to a Tom Waits song and it reminds me of Ella's Pink Lady and her fearless skipper Jessica sailing another 400nm or so northeast towards Fiji under that same 3/4 moon -

Shiver Me Timbers by Tom Waits.

I'm leaving my family, I'm leaving all my friends
My body's at home, but my heart's in the wind
Where the clouds are like headlines on a new front-page sky
My tears are salt water, and the moon's full and high

And I know Martin Eden's gonna be proud of me now
And many before me, who've been called by the sea
To be up in the crow's nest, and singing my say
Shiver me timbers, cause I'm a-sailing away

And the fog's lifting, and the sand's shifting, and I'm drifting on out
Old Captain Ahab, he ain't got nothing on me now
So swallow me, don't follow me, I'm traveling alone
Blue water's my daughter, and I'm gonna skip like a stone

So please call my missus, gotta tell her not to cry now
'Cause my goodbye is written by the moon in the sky
Hey, and nobody knows me, I can't fathom my staying
And shiver me timbers, cause I'm a-sailing away

And the fog's lifting, and the sand's shifting, and I'm drifting on out
And old Captain Ahab, he ain't got nothing on me
So come and swallow me, follow me, I'm traveling alone
Blue water's my daughter, I'm gonna skip like a stone

And I'm leaving my family, I'm leaving all my friends
My body's at home, but my heart's in the wind
Where the clouds are like headlines upon a new front-page sky
And shiver me timbers, 'cause I'm a-sailing away...

from The Heart of Saturday Night
(by Tom Waits).

Lilly said...

Good Luck Jess! Im following your blogs. You're an inspiration to all young people of following your dreams. Stay safe.

duane said...

Thanks Jessica for the power info, fascinating what modern technology can produce. Real happy to hear you are having a great time and not too home sick. I was wondering what you do to keep from being blown into the ocean when tending to the sails. Also what you do about fresh water.
Again just a word about the pride and enthusiasm a bunch of us have for you. You are an incredible young lady. duane

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, glad to hear you're travelling well, sailor girl! How do you cope with the dark at night? Do you keep lights on?
Keep you tales from the high seas coming....we're all fascinated!
Keep safe
Sharon from Sydney

Hall Family said...

Very impressed young lady with the way you handled your journey, (before you left Sydney)!
We have not missed a blog yet and really enjoy reading them.
How are those engine mount spaces going?

Best regards,
Hall Family Mooloolaba.

Janice Robertson said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog and hearing about your day to day life on board.

Have you seen any other sea creatures apart from the squid? Curious as to why they would jump on board?

Hope you have a great day.

Best wishes,

Janice x

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi there Jesse,
Your Day 10 Diary report was really great to see, you look a little sleepy probably something to do with lack of it!....but its good to see you getting on top of things like getting a good sleep in the mornings.

It was fascinating to watch the compass in the wall behind you moving about with respect to the boats motion too.

It was so interesting to read about your on board power resources, I think its just brilliant how you have an understanding on all the Technical aspects.

To be honest I wasn't even sure if Ella's Pink Lady had an engine, there's been no mention of it until now, even the drawings on your web site don't show an engine, but now we know, I had to laugh at the "out of gear" comment!

And I totally agree about your comment on being "self sufficient" the way the human race is taking, burning, using, polluting and is just taking the planet for granted is very sad and simply will be the reason for the downfall of the Human Race...but that's another story!

I have a Ships Clock and Barometer on the wall here just in front of where I'm sitting, they are the genuine article, I love the sound of listening to the "8 Bells" format, getting hold of a Sextant would be real great...learning how to use one is another thing...chalk up another point for the smarts!

I still have an interest in your HF Radio Jess...just wondering...

Well Port Philip Bay was like a Milk Pond yesterday but by about 10:30pm Melbourne had a fairly intense Electrical Thunderstorm averaging about 500 strikes a minute, but today its been tropical and sticky with a temp of about 33 Degrees, Summer is on its way!...

Keep strong Jesse remember your out to break (Smash) Jess Martins record and to beat him at Arm Wrestling, I just love watching that part in the Video Clip, you making me smile specially when you stand up saying to Jess, "that changes when I get back" just brilliant stuff!

Cya for now...

Clint - Melbourne town

Jessica's Jokester said...

Hi Jessica..

Just wondering.. if you have to cut the stereo to save power, did you happen to take along a small musical instrument.. like maybe a harmonica? Do you play any instruments? If not, I'll tell ya what.. the following are tone tunes that can be played on any touch-tone phone. Should you ever find yourself getting bored (like, REALLY bored), you can study and memorize the following info and come home as an accomplished musician! Plus.. assuming that your sat phone puts off the same tones as a conventional land phone, this could be the grand opportunity you have been waiting for to possibly become the first person ever to ever sail solo and send tone music at the same time! (gee wow)

Here they are::

Mary Had A Little Lamb:
3212333, 222, 399, 3212333322321

Jingle Bells:
333, 333, 39123, 666-663333322329, 333, 333, 39123, 666-6633, 399621

Frere Jacques:
1231, 1231, 369, 369, 9*9631, 9*9631, 111, 111

The Butterfly Song:
963, 23621, 3693236236932362, 963, 23621

Happy Birthday:
112, 163, 112, 196, 110, 8521, 008, 121

See?? I told ya I was worth keeping around! :-)

Love and hugs and happy Sunday!

Mary said...

It's all interesting to us Jess, nothing boring. Thanks for the update, happy sailing, regards Mary

mullawa said...

Look forward each day to your log.
All the little details are very interesting.Must be odd sailing on through the time zones.
Mount Gambier.

Ted S. said...


I hope the realization will sink in that this is the time of your life and that you should relish every moment. The power supply sounds great. Sail with headphones if you can to save power but in the open blue I can understand keeping your ears open for anything unexpected. Sleep is something I hope you can get enough of. The work must be daunting behind the scenes on Pink Lady. Rest is good.

Keeping your safe passage in my prayers,

Ted S.
Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

Amazing Post Jessica!
Good Morning from You Fan Club!

Anonymous said...

Thanks HEAPS for the update Jess'.
People just don't realise how much you really have your act together with all the tech stuff,so it's great when you can help explain just how bristling with technology Ellas' Pink Lady is...
I read somewhere that when some sailors were battening down at Norfolk Island the other day, one or two remarked that they saw Ella' out there FLYING along! COOL!!! People definitely have underestimated her capabilities huh, much the same, many have also underestimated yours young mate!
Thar she blows!
Love from the Harriott family in Sydney...

Peter H said...

Dear Jesse,
You are fascinating and do a very professional job.

Thank you for all your infos and the discipline of doing it daily. Your posts are the first think I check when I switch on my MacBook. and this I have to do daily as I work a lot via the internet.

I am living in Austria in the moutains and we are getting winter and snow now soon. I like it a lot how you are conneted to nature and enjoy the sun, the diffrent weather and your sunsets. I think the more you go and connect to nature, the easier your voyage will be.

Years ago I was sailing and wind surfing a lot, espescially when conditions got strong, so your description of surfing reminds me of that time and how much I loved it, when the boat speeded up and began to roar like it got a motorboat. So I understand you very well surfing with Ella´s Pink Lady.

Keep your fun and take it easy. I wish you all the best for your adventure.

theoldhillbilly said...

Again, the old hillbilly just says wow! I enjoy checking your blog before work each morning to see how its going out there. I get up, check and then on to see what adventures Jessica got into. Wonder how many other bloggers are thinking about showing up when you get back home?
Take care, Scott in West Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining sailing terms, e.g. "pull a reef out'. I can see you expertly handling the sails, equipment and navigation as though it were something simple.
Luv u,

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Thanks for giving us a run down on the power.
I was just wondering do you have a water maker on board???

Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica.

Im an old (60) retired ex seaman, I read your blog almost every morning. I live on the swedish west coast. As the winter is coming closer it will get me to remember the tropical oceans there I sailed on merchant wessels as a young boy.

I think you are a marvelous young lady, a good example for other young people.

I wish you a continued good sail.

Just remember the title of the book.
” The Sea Is so Wide and My Boat Is so Small”, (Marian Wright Edelman).

Take care and put safety first.

All the best/

Fiona said...

Hi Jessica

Sounds like you are still having a great time. It is funny how no matter what situation we are in it is the little things that keep us content. Happy Sailing
Malua Bay NSW

MUNGUS said...

Hi Jesse,

Routine, routine - can't beat that - for now.

Do be so happy that you're still being blown along - no dreaded equatorial doldrums yet!

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

Monika said...

Hi Jessica,

I am Monika from Germany and I am still by your site-

Best wishes,


Gabe said...

Not bored at all by the explanation of your power sources. I found it fascinating. And yes, what a world it would be if we could all generate our power like that. The concept of time is only relevant to where you are. When you sun comes up, when it goes down and how much daylight you have in between.
Hope today is smooth sailing and pretty sights. Happy Halloween! Hope the Lords and Ladies of The Sea send you a treat!

Anonymous said...

You are an incredible young lady. Your word pictures give all the readers a great overview of your life at sea. I follow your log each day as it is great to see someone so young be brave enough to follow their dreams. Good luck with your trip, it's something you will remember forever

Twinny said...

Hi Jess,
It was lovely to hear from you again!!!How lucky you are to have so much water it is like the Sahara desert...we haven't had rain for weeks.I was wondering if you haven't started missing the sight of trees or a lovely green lawn... or a bunch of colourful flowers? You seem to have so much tucked away in Elles Pink Lady ... have you by any chance hidden a pot of pansies between your beloved belongings? Have a great evening.
Twinny, Hervey Bay, QLD

Anonymous said...

Two weeks in the morning... keep up the good work........where are all the critics now.
well done Jess, we with you all the way

Dave on Seren said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for your posts on this blog. I can't believe how many of us are following you and enjoying the trip. I get home each day from work and the first place I go is to your blog to see what has been happening. It sounds like you have a very supportive family and a huge group of helpers who are watching over you and helped you put the trip together. Keep up the good work and have a fantastic time out there.


Lissy said...

Hi Jesse

I'm becoming addicted to checking your blog....:) Anyway, I'm so glad you're having the time of your makes me nervous thinking about being out in that big ocean! You're sooo brave.

You must feel like you're in a bit of a timewarp I bet.

Keep up the good work! Enjoy every moment.

Gold Coast

Skagen's mum said...

Hi Jesse
The kids are out trick or treating, so I'm the one here leaving a message tonight. Keep up the great work. We're riding with you!
Skagen's mum

Sharryn said...

hey jessica,
wow you are doing an amazing job. Keep on sailing on. A True amazing inspiration to all! My 7 year old is always checking up on where you are.
So keep up the SENSATIONAL job. Its so good to read all your info, see your pic's.
Take Great Care
Sharryn & Keesha :)

Liz Howland said...

Well done Jess! Sounds like you're making great progress and have had time to settle in. I pray you will continue to be kept safe in God's care with His angels being given 'especial charge' over you to protect you. I pray His wisdom will be freely available to you when you need it most! Love Liz Howland (Pastor)

Darren, Sunshine coast, Australia said...

Jessica. I was there when the guys who kayaked from Australia to New Zealand, arrived in New Plymouth, NZ. I was in a plane flying over the beach that they pulled up on. I have this vivid memory of the scene below of thousands of people crowding around them.

Keep on going. Visualise something like this for your journey and it will happen. Of course you can do it!

Oh, and congrats on your blog entries. They are so well written!

Meli said...

Hi Jess

Sound like you are making great speed. Our family are loving following your truly are an inspiration...I will look forward to reading your book... (I am hope there will be one) about your adventure around the world one day!
God Bless!

Mel, Colin, Kieran, Talia and Justin

Mike said...

Good Morning (us east coast time)
glad you are moving along well. In Maiden Voyage I read about reefs around Fiji. Be careful there, it seems it can be a tough place to sail. Dont let your sextant get rusty, she may be your second best friend next to Ella. Have a wonderful day of smooth sailing. You are doing great.

Mike Atlanta USA

Gaspy said...

Like others, I am now addicted to your blog... it's a morning ritual, pour some coffee, read the headlines and then check your blog.

Your post wasn't boring at all but very insightful. I just wish you could tell us your approximate location and heading. My best guess based on your posts would be 25 dgr. S, 178 dgr. E...

Marcel said...

Hey Jesse! For me, the most power got YOU! ;) I'm happy for you, that you have a lot fun! Keep going, maybe see you in Sydney ;) Take care. Marcel

Dennis said...

I love to read your updates and I have a request for us sailor geeks...could you post LAT/LONG every once in a while so we can follow you a bit more precisely? Enjoy your day!

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jessie,

It’s great to hear from you again. We got a little worried that it had been a while since your last entry.

Sounds as though the winds are still being kind to you and pushing you along at a generous rate.

Today in Brisbane has been a typical beautiful Spring day. Although tonight being Halloween has brought the usual gaggle of witches and warlocks looking for treats.

Our thoughts are with you always. You are a brave girl. May kind winds always follow you and blow you home as quickly as possible.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Great to hear your journey Jessica - hang in there! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!


DJK said...

Go Jessica

Pete and Nancy in NH said...

Good Morning Jess. Glad to see that everything is going along well. Don't think that you're getting boring when you're explaining things about EPL. Everyone thats following your trek is very interested. Along the same lines, How are you producing fresh water on board? And how much can you store? Take care and stay safe

GRACE said...

DEAR JESSICA you are a brave girl.I am 8 years old i live in walpole.I am keeping up with your interesting stories.From GRACE.

Bobby said...


Enjoyed your description of the power system. What are you doing for water? Do you have enough stored or are you somehow making fresh water from salt water?

Here is my favorite Bible verse for encouragement:

Romans 8:28

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

- Bobby (from the U.S.)

Andy said...

Hi Jesse,

good to hear this technical explanation, it seems you are very well trained for any kind of problems (also using the sextant!).
It's great that Ella is self sufficient with energy coming from the nature.

I think sometimes how your adventure can modify your way of thinking to life, we that are very confortable in our houses cannot even imagine!

Cheers from Italy!


Wolfhound said...

Great to see your videos and read your updates! It makes lot of us feel like we are there with you...well in spirit anyways. ;)

Thx and take care out there, So many Nm. already??

Greetz from the Netherlands, Michel x

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blog Jessie
It was reassuring to us all to hear that you know how to use a sextant in case of power problems.

May the sun shine and the wind blow 17 knots on the quarter for your whole voyage.
Volker - WA

John S said...

Hi Jess,

Glad to hear your still on a high and hope it lasts for the entire trip.

When your blasting the stereo, what does DJ Jess like to listen to?


Sue said...

Hi Jess, sounds like you are loving it out there. Make the most of it.I am so proud of you and Pink Ella, you make a great team. Keep your spirits high.

Take care and stay safe.

Didier said...

Hiya Jesse, This is my first blogg ever lol. I am getting myself educated regarding being on the water, so I googled knots to km's lol. As I often also escape into my music, I was wondering what you listening to? Are you watching movies? I was watching The Truman Show on the train for my 80 min trip which I will never complain about again. The end of the movie is a scene of Truman on his little boat surviving,it immediatley reminded me of your trip and gave me tingles lol.

Yabloodywombat said...

Wow !!!!
Over 300 comments a day and we log on today at 2115hrs and nothing.

We see your Dutch competition has been eliminated from the race.
WOOOHOOO You win !!!

Ausi Ausi Ausi.

aran said...

sounds wonderful!
enjoy the day

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Glad to hear that everythong is going well.

i thought of you constantly today as I was out in the lake in the boat fishing for almost 12 hours and when I reached shore I felt all rocking & rolling as it was very windy on the lake. I couldn't help but think what I would be like after 8 months at sea???
Keep up the good work. Jenni

Anonymous said...

Recently this was posted on Layne Beachley's (world champion surfer)blog in a dicussion about Jessica's sailing mission:

"She knows exactly what she's doing."

Hardly. How about some basic geography? Here's a quote from her web site: "Once past Fiji and Samoa my course is northeast to the Line Islands. The Equator lays just South of Christmas Island."

The Equator lies south of Christmas Island? I don't think so. The Equator is north of Christmas Island by about 1200km and is about 8000km away from the route she is taking via the Line Islands group. Instead of saying "You go girl!" How about, "Best of luck girl - you're going to need a boat load of it"

Well, if the person who posted this is reading this you owe Jessica an apology for she is correct. She was referring to a tiny island just north of the equator called Christmas Island aka Kritimati Island(it's in my atlas) and not the Christmas Island in the Indian ocean.


Anonymous said...

For the time-issue, have you considered using Internet-time? (Honestly, that exists!). Your friends back home and you could use it 'universally', regardless of timezones, to make life easier.. :)

Matthew said...

Awesome work Jess. Sounds like your settling in very nicely. Keep up the good work!

workerbev said...

Hi Jessica! Beverly here from Bridgewater, Tassie. Just watched your video, things were kinda swaying around in the cabin, I think I would have gotten a little "off my feet". But you looked just right at ease. I do wonder how you are going to walk once you get to land again. Will it be like the astronauts when they come down from zero gravity? I sorta charted for myself your routing. I found it easier if I turned Google upside-down, made everything you said in your "Route" portion make more sense to me. I could actually see how you go around the capes and then into the Southern Ocean. There is sure a lot of water you have to go through. Just don't forget your Guardian Angels are all over the Pink Lady, I'm sure God sent the ones who know how to swim. Remember, God will never give you more than you can handle, and if He choses to, He will give you the Grace and Courage and Energy to deal with it. Just remember He made the seas and the land and the skies you look at every day and just relax knowing how HUGE our GOD is! Hope you have a sunnier day tomorrow because you seem to get a bit down when you have to stay inside too long. Take care and know all our prayers are with you - and HAVE FUN! Beverly & Andrew Penney

Geraldine said...

Hi Jesse,Great to hear things are goin weell. I bet it will make a change when u finally c some land! Dont ever think u bore us with detail..I am sure alot of peoplw are enjoying every bit...Melbourne cup day Tuesday..mite bac horse whos colours are Pink...stay safe...Geraldine

stephen said...

you sound very comfortable and settled in with your surroundings , great progress. What music do you like?

Chrissie said...

Hi Jessica
Such admiration for you, I have great trouble with even the TV remote!
You are very inspiring in so many ways, I hope you realise this.
When Jesse Martin did his trip I remember 'forcing' my teenage daughters to read his book. I so wanted them to put down the Dolly magazine and turn off the Home & Away and set some goals.
Fortunately they did and its great to see them now in their late teens doing all sorts of thing. Nothing on such a grand scale as you (as yet!) However I hope you realise the impact you have on your peer age group, if you just inspire one other young person to get off the couch you have done a great thing.
Best wishes and Many thanks

Gorgie said...

Hi Jess,
I have been following you journey from the very beginning. I look forward to reading every new post you put up. The first time I moved away from home to go to Ag college was at age 16, and I remember that feeling of freedom but I was also scared sh...less! and I was only a 12 hrs drive from home! Keep travelling safe, & you go girl!!!
Ashleigh from Cloncurry Qld

Russell. said...

Hi Jess. No it wasn't too technical for me. I trained a a Marine Tech in the Navy. But that was a loooong time ago. In fact you wern't even born then. Hahaha. God that makes me feel old!

How much fresh water do you have onboard Jess? I'm wondering if you have a small de-sal plant running?

Anyways, I'm glad your having fun and wish you all the very best.

Stay safe ok? See ya on the wharf mate.

Mark B said...

Go Girl!

Wishing you all the best and everyone in our house is following you every day.

Safe Sailing!!!

duane said...

I was watching the video with Lexy Hamilton-Smith detailing your sailing experiences and they are very impressive. She said you are a Yacht Master and am curious about what all that entails. Could you explain that a little more when you get the chance? Love following your voyage. duane

Summersailor said...

Summersailor said: Hi Jesse: It's nice to see my red dot line on my world map getting longer, plotting your course. Nice power system + thanks for explaining it. Since you are not the strongest girl in the world + you lost in arm wrestling before you left, is your winches electric as well or is it too much of a power drain? Been soloing myself so I can share in your joy on being self sufficient as one is sailing along. I love the happiness you are feeling as your sailing along. :oD

k_abdool said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. I'm enthralled ! I told my 596 students about Jessica Watson and they were spellbound. I had to tell them as well about their countryman Harold La Borde who sailed around the world in a boat he built himself when I was a teenager. It's a thrill following your blog and all the reader comments.
Trinidad & Tobago

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