Thursday, October 29, 2009


Pic : Bathtime in the sun with the cockpit covered in cosmetics!

Pic : Ella's Pink Lady 'surfing' along yesterday


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Cameron B said...

hehe, well at least you are well looked after in the lotions department. :P
And i would love to circumnavigate when im older and have the amount of experience you do.
Take care, Cameron B

d said...

that is what i call surfing
nice!!! greetings from houston
listening to radiohead in concert(loud)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess:

Great Pics. Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep up the great work.

Any fix on your position??

We are all rooting for you!!!

Bob and Family from Denver CO USA

Anonymous said...

A bath with an amazing view! Must be inspiring :)

graemek2 said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to hear from you again & thanks for the pics.

Are you going around South of the Fiji islands or straight thru the middle of them all?

I have a (desktop)pic of a volcanic looking Island in your path or a bit South of it...should be visible for a long long way.

Here's a question for you:
Do you have to go thru Drake's Passage or can you go thru Magellan Strait?

Love reading your blogs & seeing pics too...All the Best,

John F said...

Hi Jessica

Great pictures.

Coupled with your description of the rolling seas in your previous post, I now feel a little sea sick!

Keep up the great work and the informative blogs.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks Jesse, "Anth" mentioned earlier that it seems like we are on the adventure too! That sums it up I think.
Another day I haven't got much housework done. (haha.)
The McGraths Nowra NSW

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the photos - nice bathroom with great views! LOL

Good to see that you are keeping up with the necessary things that all girls have to to. It is an important part of your psyche and will help you to stay positive.

And since you are interested in what us landlubbers get up to, here is a little about me.

Single parent of 14yo boy and we live across the road from Caves Beach in Newcastle. I support my son in whatever he wants to do, and would sacrifice plenty for him, similar to what your parents have done.

My whole life has revolved around sport and I support Aussies in all their ventures, both on the sporting fields and their adventures.

I run an online business from home selling computer games, jigsaw puzzles, kids toys & games etc and am working hard towards turning pro as a golfer.

Love hiking and the outdoors, but never been on a yacht, might have to give that a go one day, as you are providing plenty of inspiration.

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Anonymous said...

Nice hearing that you are enjoying your trip jessica, like the photos you have been taking during your long journey. The equator will be hot drink lots of water, and have fun.

Seth Mason said...

Thanks for the posts, I enjoy reading about your trip, and seeing it when possible! Keep up your great spirit, it's really amazing to see how well you are coping and ready to persevere whatever comes next! Soon you will be at the equator, on my side of the world.

Will Frye said...

Awesome pics of the Pink lady. How's the weather, been stormy of late?

Attitude said...

Love the photos Jess, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeccica,

I put new little green boats in Google Earth on the direction to Fiji islands every day. The newest today, 1000 nm from Sydney. I'm looking forward to exact position updates on your webpage, there's a lot of uncertainty now.

Enjoy the journey, be happy all the time. In spirit, many people travel with you on the boat, including me.
Take care. Congratulations for leaving the first 1000 nm behind you. Good job!

Péter from Szeged, Hungary

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Thanks for the photos. I'd rather be sailing than sitting in my Gold Coast uni library. So thanks for taking me sailing.

Best wishes


Ron said...

Reminds me of those peak hour times driving the bus down the terrace. So peaceful!

RICHARD said...

What? How are the cosmetics staying on the seat in that sea? You really are amazing! LOL. Seeing all the gray it is more clear to me now why sunset and sunrise are so welcome, probably the only time to get to sea much color! Pics are great. Thx for the peek into your daily goings on. I do hope that the live interview you did is posted on your website. I am in the USA and when we try to watch we get a message that reads"the video is not available in your country." Not too sporting I'd say.
See ya sailor!

Nyataleo_Kristina said...

Hey!! Jess,
my names Esta and about the same age as you, I live in Papua New Guinea, am very proud of you and pray that all will go well for you, you are not alone out there in the big blue ocean, the Lord has protect you and bring you home safely.
Wish you all the best...
Esta Talinah Mambrasar

Lindy said...

Can’t wait to see you sail back into Sydney harbour successfully, what a party there will be, but for now and each day till then know that there are hundreds if not thousands of people around the word living vicariously through you and Ella’s Pink Lady, hope the weather stays good through out your adventure

Mick said...

Me young hearty has surfaced.. just letting you know I was thinking of you and not worrying about you because I knew "Watson" was powering on.. good on you matey.. Loved the pics the marketing one with the creams etc and EPL's logistics was clever. but the surfing one near made me fall off my computer chair and is now on my desktop with my stack of brown paper bags TIC. You really sound great today so keep up the good work "Taurean Superstar" in every way. Take Care.

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

I forgot to ask; when you cross the equator for the first time are you going to throw a bucket of sea water over yourself and make an offering to King Neptune?

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

thank you muchly jess, love those pics, have a lovely day, tatiana

raygold said...

All the best from the Clarke family of Brisbane, Queensland. We're following you all the way. Something you'll be proud to tell your grandchildren one day. You're an inspiraTION TO ALL YOUNG PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD AND LIVE YOUR DREAM

Chook ... said...

That's soooooo even have a pink hairbrush!!!!! aaaaaawwwwwwww GREAT PICS JESS!!!

Emile said...

Miss Jess We have finished lesons 2day and luv yr pics. Oowwwer those waves look BIG. Please have a lovely night MHS 5

Old Iron said...

Great pictures.

Ralf from Germany said...

hello--Jessie--good luck at the Equator--see you---

Japevasi said...

Hi Jessica,

I love the pictures you attache to your blog. Keep up the good work.

Greetings Jan van der Wel, the Netherlands

Debs said...

Great Pics Jess

Better than a Spa

Well at least when you get back to sydney you wont smell like a dead

Thw Ocean Looks Enticing....Ella must be having a ball....Smile

Deb and the Guinea's

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I love the pics as they tell a thousand words, would love to experience your adventure myself but you are probably the closest I shall ever get! Keep up the good work, get that equator ticked off and then its onto the sailors Everest.
Take care
John (Macedon, Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica
I am so proud of you. You are a good little Aussie with a big heart. I check your blog every day. Being a sailor I feel I am with you for the journey. Love the pics and your writings. I can imagine the thrill for you with a couple of reefs in doing 8.5 knots from a 25 knot following breeze... listening to the noise of blue water on a slippery hull. Magnificent... best regards Roger from Cleveland Queensland

Martin said...

Hello Jessica,
good to read that you feel better now. Girl, you rock so much!
My small boat will get the benefits of your journey ;-))).
Someone from New York in your blog just brought it to the point: Thousands of people of all ages live their dream through you. And I have tears in my eyes while writing this.
Good luck,

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jessica,

Just filled in my profile (didn't realise until now how to do it). So if you want to see the ugly head behind the comments, just click on through!

So if you feel like saying hi or just need to take some weight off your shoulders, just fire away.

I'll be here supporting you through to the end - as stupid as it probably sounds, I think of you now as a long lost daughter! Poor you! LOL

Take care and keep in touch!

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you so much for the nice photos. Absolutely great. Your family must be so proud of you!

mickusmoose said...

G,day Jess;
you are one brave young lady that is making us aussies proud to be Aussies!!Havent missed a blog yet and look forward to them every arvo mate. Keep ya head high and we'll be seing you home through the Sydney heads b4 you know it.Not only will you b the youngest but you will be the best!!
We are all rite behnd you , On ya darlin!!

Anonymous said...

hey jesse

im also a young sailor(i say that everytime)and your an inspiation!!!!

good for you too take care of yourself keeping the boat happy and keeping yourself happy is all good nothing wrong with that ayye??


beautiful pictures

sounds like your having a great time!!!!!1


>Bruce of California said...

Hi Jessica --
I followed Zac and Mike on their respective circumnavigations. Now following Natasza & you, and soon Abby. I enjoy each one as much as the others, but each of you are different in the way you approach life in general and life on the sea. I refer to you collectively as "my kids" (I'm 58) and I have to check in on your blog each day. My own kids are grown and doing "normal" stuff. I particularly enjoy your writing and pictures; you bring your adventure to each of us, reading. Thank you for your courage and spirit! God bless you on your journey! Also, may God bless your parents for their courage and assistance.

captain andy said...

Hi Jessica
Could you post your latitude and longitude on your daily blog posts so we can all follow your progress?
Thank you
Captain Andy

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

It's glorious seeing all those ladies products in a yacht's cabin. you GO, girl! Good on ya!
Sending you encouragement and support from Bathurst NSW
Mal :)

nbradf09 said...

I have been following your journey from Sydney and am thoroughly enjoying
each and every one of your blogs. I have tried sailing in various forms and
know some of your technical comment. Keep this up as it is very interesting
for us novices.
Also, as a previous blogger suggested, is there any way you can provide
details of your position so that we can follow your progress on Google
earth etc.

Keep up the incredible work, we are all living your dream with you.

Noel - novice sailor Canberra

Twinny said...

G'day Jess,
WOW you have a Salon aboard!! Can I come and book myself in? I work 6 days a week and need a break. Thanks for the photo's. This was a lovely surprise. I checked your site at lunch time but these photo's weren't up yet. Happy sailing. Thinking of you constantly.
Twinny, Hervey Bay, QLD

kirsty aka seventysangel75 said...

i wish u all the best with ur dream to come true be safe keep strong ur doing great :)

Anonymous said...

I got very emotional being invited onto Ella's Pink Lady while you were getting all dolled up. Tears are still flowing as I reread your blog. Your writing is brilliant! I read Kay Cottee's book about 10years ago and wanted to sail around the world too. Now I am. Because of you.
Honour. Respect. Blessings.

Dagmara from Norway said...

Wonderfull!!!! Cosmetics... If I would be making this ride, that would be main cargo in Ella's... hahaha

Gary said...

Hi Jess
Once again a most interesting read. I too wonder what it is like at night. Do you have a good light to see around the cabin and is the cabin closed up so there is no draft or rain getting it on wet nights.

I can't even imagine how black it must be on an overcast night.

I'd love to hear from tour mother or father. I know they are extremely busy, but I love to talk to them by email.

You are such a great adventurer. While I am driving around in my Ambulance I ask all my patients if they are following your progress. If they are not I fill them in and give them your website ad etc.

Well stay safe little chicken and don't get your feet wet.

PS do you have a safety line to prevent you from falling overboard.

Gary, Carrum Downs Vic

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,
Nice surprise seeing the pics. They are fantastic. They give us more of an insight into your daily life.
It is great you are having a good day. Stay positive and you will conquer anything put out in front of you.
You are a wonderful person and great role model.
Stay safe and watch the sunburn.
Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration! full steam ahead jess

Maurie said...

Hi there Jess! Wow! Another blog for the day - what a surprise! Love the pics - more please! How's the skincare going? Better keep at it - Ella B won't be happy if you come back looking like a shrivelled up old prune! Hardly a good advertisement for their products! (ha ha) The sea looks a little forbidding but wild & free just like you! You are certainly one helluva chick! Go girl - we are all behind you! Stay safe, enjoy the stars, Maurie - Sydney

picasso said...

Great pics Jess. I follow your blog every day and usually leave a comment, but for some reason they don't get posted. Last try. Good luck. I think about you every day and wonder how you are going. You are inspirational.

Jessica's Jokester said...

Ahoy! Glad to see you remembered to take along your girly bath stuff to make you feel soft and clean.. and don't forget to wash behind your ears! And.. speaking of ears..

There were three traveling men who needed a place to sleep, so a local farmer told them they could spend the night. The farmer also told them that his young son did not have any ears and to please not stare at him or talk about it since it would upset the boy. It was agreed and they went inside for dinner.

After they ate, they were relaxing around the table when the boy noticed one of the men staring at him.
"What are you looking at!?!”, screamed the boy.
The man, embarrassed, said, “Oh, I was just admiring your hair. You have beautiful hair.”
The boy accepted the reply and they all sat a while longer when he noticed the second man staring at him.
“What are you looking at!?!”, screamed the boy.
The man felt guilty for staring and replied, “Uh.. well.. uh.. I was just admiring your teeth. You have a beautiful smile.”
The boy accepted the reply and they all sat a while longer when he noticed the third man staring at him.
“What are you looking at!?!”, screamed the boy.
The man, feeling confident in his reply, said, “I was just noticing your eyes.. you have beautiful eyes.. and you had better take good care of them because you sure can’t wear glasses!

Oh, so mean of me! I’ll shut up now.

Happy Friday 2U!
Be well, be safe.

Lynne said...

Hi Jessica, you have a nice lean going in that second picture. I hope all continues to go smoothly.

Renegade said...

Man so jealous of you. So glad you can stay in touch with the world (think of Kay Cottee, no internet back then, she did it tough) You will have your moments too no doubt, stay ready to deal with them, good luck and god speed. The country is still behind you. You go girl!

Raquel said...

Hi Jess,I have been following your blog daily and it's very interesting. I hope you make it around the world in 8 months. Sail safely from Raquel.

Anonymous said...

i could imagine u shower on the deck ;). nothing great than getting yourself clean.

have a great day out there!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica.
From all the comments, it sounds like everyone has fallen in love with you and your adventure, (me too).
Smooth sailing.
Keep happy.

Raquel said...

Hi Jess,I have been following your blog daily and it's very interesting. I hope you make it around the world in 8 months. Sail safely from Raquel.

Kortney said...

This post kinda reminds of that question: "If a tree falls in the woods and mp one is around, does it make a sound?"

Perhaps we could revise it to, "If a woman is in the middle of the ocean and no one is around, does she still wear make-up?"

It's great following your adventure! Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration. :)

--The American from Sydney

Jessika said...

cute pics :) You're an inspiriation

Heather - Sunshine Coast said...

Your pics are great Jess. Keep enjoying the moment...and stay safe....

Peter Bush said...

Hello sailors, tinkers, tailors,
And all the blogging crew
To all the rest who do not blog
Well shame and shame on you

For this is inspiration central
On board with Jess the Best
She’s up she’s down, she’s still around
She’s passed the doubters test

They said she should not sail
She’s too young and small,
But now they all, have gone quiet
Chasing some other ball

Alone but not so lonely
But alone is hard at times
With wind & waves and fine salt spray
To wake her from her pine

She has won the race already
From my perspective mate
When she sailed out of Sydney heads
With an eight month security wait

Jess The Best,
Congratulations on your continuing challenge and battle with the sea.


Peter W. B.

SailSim said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the pix, it's really great to see the details of your voyage. Fantastic for all of us shore bound at the moment!

Can you throw in the odd fix now and again with your blog? Would be great to stick some push pins into Google Maps. You can always add 24 delay to posting if you have any concerns!

Keep the blog posts coming!

Fair winds!

All at SailSim

Anonymous said...

Ah Just watched you on ONE its great to see you out there also the video of you workin workin.... Keep up the good work Have a good night. Marie

Anna said...

I love you blog and your photos (be sure to take tons of them)!!! Chicago is rooting for you!! Keep us all up to speed on your progress.. good luck and be safe. I absolutely envy the freedom you have right now. Treasure it.
Take care.
Anna- Chicago IL

Anna said...

I love you blog and your photos (be sure to take tons of them)!!! Chicago is rooting for you!! Keep us all up to speed on your progress.. good luck and be safe. I absolutely envy the freedom you have right now. Treasure it.
Take care.
Anna- Chicago IL

Anonymous said...

hay Jess :)
wow great picks you have practically got a pool right in front of you :P
im 16 to and i cant imagine doing anything like this of what you are doing!
well you have the knowledge and determination so you are sure to succeed :D
good luck

ArRaina said...

Hi Jess,

Greetings from Malaysia. I'm following your voyage, jess.Love your postings and pics.

A wise man once said, " To begin a journey one must have courage; to finish a journey one must have perseverance." We really admire you, jess.You are special to our family for your vision,
determination and courage.I'm sure you will persevere till you succeed.

Since you are special, I have posted your saga in my blog dated 19 october.

My daughter Iva in London,Son Dr Izad in Ireland, my wife and I pray for your safety and successful voyage.Amen.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jess,

Just watched the interview on TV - not bad!

Don't know if you heard the effects but amongst them was a ship sounding it's collision horn and Flipper! Pretty funny.

Have a good and hopefully quiet night!

Caves Beach, Australia

Jude said...

Hi Jessica,

Greetings from cloudy Sydney. Just saw you on Thursday night live and have been meaning to check out your website since you set sail...... so here i am. My son who is the same age thinks you are awesome but wonders what you do about your schooling?

He has just started year 12 (last week). I told him NOT to get any ideas that sailing around the world will get him out of studying for the HSC.

Take care Jessica all of Australia is behind you and we all so want you to succeed. Warmest wishes Jude

Jeff and Mary Goodieson said...

Thanks Jess, lovely to read your blog. regards Mary

Jayron said...

Can't wait until you get back,
and i know you will!!!


~eMm~ said...

Nice pics!


David said...

You're going great Jessica and you certainly have everyone's attention. Keep the descriptions of Pink Lady's equipment coming as it is very educational to "Land Lubbers" like myself. How you operate everything on the yacht, is it all working well and what you do about it if it's not? Good sailing. Regards, David

Rodney said...

Definitely a girl boat then!!! Great photo of the open (wavy) ocean too, puts thing into perspective. Stay safe!

theoldhillbilly said...

Wow doing well I see :) Woke up way too early today so its a good time to catch up on your trip. Missed a few days blogs dealing with my blown up truck >.< Great pics, keep em coming! The squid thing was both odd and funny lol

Dieter said...

Hi Jessica,
I never heard of a sailor sailing along with so many comments to read. So the media side of your project is really advanced but people also seem to like you and want to be part in your trip. It actually may also be your age.
Nights on the ocean: I had just the same feelings as you when I sailed around. We feel protected by the elements, that is where we come from. They can become cruel, but what could we do, just relax.
Dieter (from Kiel, North Germany)

Alan and Lena said...

Hi Jesse,

Don't you just LOVE that swell?.

But - when you're in the troughs, and the peaks seem like steep mountains penning you in - can Parker handle that?

We just realised - Thanks to All Jessica's sponsors from we supporters, so we can all enjoy this event...

Ella Bache - ladies buy some and try, we did, they're excellent!

And Don and Margie McIntyre - Awesome Longtime Oz Champions - for providing the yacht and so much more!

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

tseeds said...

You are a great inspiration! I follow your blog everyday and find you are a truly remarkable young lady. Best wishes and stay safe
Fellow Sunny Coaster

Tayt Thompson said...

hey jess,

nice pictures you are taking, keep up the amazing work!
Next stop Fiji? is so more photos please :D have fun, Tayt T

Linus said...

Great with some pictures!

angela said...

Hi Jess

You are so inspiring to me, I wish I could do what you're doing but I know I never could, so instead I'll find something that is more in my league and I will have a GO.

So I hope that you know that by doing this trip that you are not just following your dreams but making a lot of other people realise theirs.

Thinking of you everyday.

Stay safe and have fun.


duane said...

Great photos. Keeping up appearances is great for the morale. My wife and I were wondering if you could get colds or the flu being separated from people. We hope not. hope you have a great day sailing and living your dream. duane, USA

s0041972 said...

Hi Jess,

Sounds like all is going great!!!!

Have you used the head gear and the shoulder pads you bought off me at Rebel Sport?

Are you going to be able to listen and have a bet on the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday? I need a tip!!!!lol

Take Care
Matt (from rebel, Sunny Coast)

Andy said...

I like these pictures, please post more if you can.

When you will be on air considering GMT time? I am a little bit confused about time zones, please let us know your being on line at GMT hours.

Cheers from Italy :-)


hezakiah299 said...

Hi Jessica,
I was just sitting here admiring your beautiful open air bathroom, maybe a little tight but with a little breeze flowing thru you can dry off quick. LOL
I treasure every picture I get of you and the Pink Lady. That is a good shot looking over the bow at the waves. It all sounds like you are in good spirits and after looking at your pictures and reading your blog, I am too, Thank you. Keep up the good work and stay safe. You are one heck of a lady.
When I was in the Navy the trip across the equator changed a sailor from a Pollywog to a Shellback after one hellacious initiation. You’ll have to pour a bucket of saltwater over you to complete the initiation, and then you’ll be a Shellback. Good luck to you Jessica. Already looking forward to your next blog.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Carina said...

Hi Jessica,

I am one of those who follow your blog every day. I myself have a nautical training and took my first job on a big tankeras a 17-year-old girl (now I´m 47 ;-). Before that, I sailed much racing dinghy.
Now I live in the middle of Stockholm (Sweden) on board a large (well) trawler. I am a writer and working on film and television. But I still love the sea and although I can not make a trip that you do I wake up with the sound of the waves outside my window every morning. Good luck to you!

(This was Google translate who did it - my english sucks but I think this is even worse. Sorry ;-)

Maria Lilleøre said...

Everything just looks really amazing. It is a true adventure. My jalousy grows everytime I read your blog. Having sailed s little myself, reading the blog is my daily ritual.
I wish you all the best.
Maria from Denmark

Mike said...

Glad you got some rest. Your focus and strength is special. Embrace it. You are one awesome young lady. Be safe and always be ready for the unexpected.

Great book Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi Sailed fm NYC at 18.

You are much better prepared.

Mike Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Remember this quote when you are having doubts:

"Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right".
Henry Ford


todd said...

Hi Jess, just checked out your site, great to see you are doing well, cant wait to see you return to the sunshine coast a heroine.

Cheers, sunshine coaster, maroochydore, Todd.

Gabe said...

My Dad was a US Coast Guard Commander and he crossed the equator. I have his Shellback certificate. You must have some grand celebration when you cross.

Terry said...

Hi Jessica
Well done on the first 1000!
Wishing you Godspeed and fair winds.
The Gallies, near Newcastle

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, You keep me dreaming of going back therem thank you for that. I had the luck of going around twice back in the late eighties and early nineties, with crew though, now I am busy with other things but still sail a lot. Keep focused, one watch at the time, remember that after the rain comes always the sunshine, and particularly fight the laziness, sailors worst enemy, if anything looks like it might be a problem later on do something about it now.
Wish you fair winds and will keep visiting your site.
Kepp us informed!


Tania24 said...

Hey Jess, Thanks for sharing some more photos with us. I look forward to your posts each day and it makes me miss being at sea so much. I worked on cruise ships for 10 years and just miss looking out at the water...nothing beats it. Hope you have another good day tomorrow.

Pauline said...

Hey Jessica..only a girl would have cosmetics on deck ..ha ha..will keep track of you..good luck , keep safe...cheers

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Cool pictures!
I will have a look at the one HD website tomorrow as I missed it tonight.
I'm glad to hear you are happy again.
Thanks for keeping us posted.

Saraya :-)

Michael said...

Hi Jessicia,
I am very interested in the Satellite Systems that you use aboard Pink Lady, as well as how you generate and manage your power. You are pretty much self contained for the duration of your journey, and this is of interest to me.

good luck,

xtY said...

xtY here again.

Loving the pictures, keen for more!

- Seeya at the finishline.


Anonymous said...

hi jess. thanks for the amazing pics and updates on your progress.

thanks most of all for taking the world along on your incredible journey!!

regards from connecticut

dreamsailor said...

Love the pics, keep them coming, love to know an approx positon so i can day dream along with you while stuck in a hot kitchen.
we have a world map up so i am trying to plot your course,

Keep it positive and remember to enjoy it,

Dreamsailor,miami, fl, usa

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog and I am blown away by the power of your descriptions. What an amazing young woman you are.

I will be a regular visitor from now on
Your newset 'fan'
Andrea in Adelaide

EdAtlanta said...

While I would love to be able to plot your progress, I hope you don't provide this information when you even get close to the Indian Ocean.
Keep up the good work and I love reading your posts and updates.

Captain Ed
Atlanta, GA

Jo said...

Hi Jess, thanks for the great pics, keep them coming please. I check in with you every night for news and pics. I'm so glad you talked about the night sky and what it's like, thank you for sharing with us. I'm learning so much about sailing even though I've never been on a yacht. You are truly an inspiration Jessica, stay safe and enjoy every moment of this adventure.


Nora said...

Hi Jessica! :)

I must say that you are SO amazing and brave. Thanks for the pictures and updates, I come in here every day.

Since you are intrested in who we are, here it goes.

My name is Nora,20 years from Sweden.I study graphic design here but I also have a dream to do something worth remembering my whole life. Like you are doing right now. I'm soooo impressed. Good work. :)

Take good care and sorry for my english. :D

// Nora

Allen said...

Hey Jesse:

God Bless you in your endeavors!
Here's one for you ... A Japanese destroyer (Fully manned one would suppose) ran into a Korean freighter.
I haven't seen the Sailing Press or Australian Press suggest the Nippon Navy shouldn't be wandering about the oceans without the proper training, preparation or experience! Where's the outrage?

We're all following your progress here in the U.S. We're all reveling in your success!

Peace and safe passage,
Allen Leggett

Patricia said...

Hi Jess

Just caught up with all your news -I love hearing all the really basic stuff - like your mum organising all your food - she's amazing - I have trouble organising a week's worth for my 3 kids!!!! I will definately be saving up to give my kids a second go at sailing lessons - you're amazing .. take care.

The Carrs

Anonymous said...

Magpie here,
Hi Jessica,
Lol, I love the pink bail bucket matches the pink brush.
Great pictures, Vanaka.

Dave said...

Jessica, please keep sending some pics of your daily chores and activities. I love reading your updates and I really hope you fulfill your conquest. It's looking so good for you! You go Girl!


Manoy1 said...

Hi Jess,
When will you lose one day and gain one day in to your trip? Are you sailing near Somalia the home of the pirates? I am sure they have computers too and trying to locate your whereabouts. You are included in my prayers.

Ruben in California, USA

Donna said...

Don't think I'd want to trip over one of those if it rolled onto the floor...ouch!
Stay safe!! Praying for you to reach your goal!!

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Great photos, you are spoiling us but keep it up, keep safe.
George Simmons
Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, thank you Jesse...
I haven't been caught by aything like your adventure for years. We are all stuck to your site.
How shall we stand for one full week? anf for 8 months? ANyway, no doubt we will!!
Go, wondergirl, go!
Richie and family, PARIS

Christy Minnick said...


I am amazed at the peace and confidence you have all alone out on the big blue sea. I have a 16 year old daughter named Jessi and that's what caught my eye about your story.

Your blog has caused me to think of my Jessi in an entirely new light. She's very mature and capable like you. You are unknowingly telling parents around the globe that it is not age that matters but heart.

You Go Girl...God be with you! I'm praying for safe journey for you!

Christy-Mom from America

Beau said...

"One ship drives east and another west,
With the self-same winds that blow;
'Tis the set of the sails and not the gales
That determines where they go.
Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through life;
'Tis the set of a soul that decides its goal-
And not the calm or the strife."

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Keep the faith! We're with you!

Gareth said...

Hey Jess.

Great to hear you're having such a great time out there!

I just wanted to ask... How do you collect fresh water for drinking and cooking, etc?


Gareth, VIC

James Higham said...

Jessica or Jessica's mum, I'm borrowing [and attributing] the pics from time to time as I'm running a Jessicawatch series for the UK readers here, hope you don't mind.

For example.

15 knots sound lovely today. Good luck for the next bit.

John said...

Hi Jess,

What an incredibly gutsy effort!

Congratulations. You are a credit to your gender, and an inspiration to young, and not so young, people everywhere.

You're a very brave girl.

Safe voyaging.

John C
Melbourne, Australia

Michael said...

Excellent blog, I check every day to see how you and your boat are doing. Your adventure is truly inspiring, I wish I had the guts to do it. Thanks for showing us a snippet of your daily life. Keep up the great work.

Michael, Columbus, OH

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

It is such a delight to read about your adventure. It sure makes work a lot more interesting!

I have a question, probably a silly one but I really am clueless about sailing. How do you see the waves at nightime?

Thanks and safe journey!!

smkpro said...

Jess I see you have 3 lines attached to the tiller what happens if the wind direction changes and your sleeping how does that all work. Im currently doing my Yachtmaster and this one is not in the books. mmmmmm Nice to see your using Colgate toothpaste. Whats your current bearings???? Take care Jess.

Kris D said...

Hello Jess,

Looks just like my daughters room! My first blog, been following for a few days and talk about your adventure with my husband who's been following and blogging for a while now. But when I saw all the product I had to comment! I hope that the people following you take some of your determination and inspiration into their own lives and apply it there. Keep up the good work and don't forget to eat! God Speed!

ps- the Phillies took game one of the world series over the Yankees-just a little non-sailing news

Kris in Philly

Brad J said...

Hi Jess
I am high school teacher in Brisbane, I have been using your storey to show girls of the same age of what true courage is in its purist form. Once I had captured their minds with your adventure many started to evaluate what was truley important to them.
Your personality and character is effecting people over 1000Nm away.
Be proud young lady, very proud
Safe sea
Brad J

Mama Freemans' cafe' said...

You are amazing! I live in Nebraska,USA never been on the ocean.Hi to your mom, you are a good mom to have the courage to let her follow her dreams.I put your link on my facebook page, i want everyone to follow along with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Stay safe!

Lindy said...

Best wishes on your great adventure! I will be following along from here in Newport News, VA, USA

Paula said...

Hi, Jessica. Great shots. Keep 'em coming!

A sailing question for you: I see bungee cords holding the tiller in place. About how often do you have to adjust it to keep on course?

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Thanks for the pics! Mark Twain said"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not the absence of fear! You seem to embody that quote and I admire you for your inspiration and wish you the best. Your blog is great, even without the videos and pics your words create quite the mental picture for us landlocked followers and we are grateful!! Good Luck and Godspeed. Mike

jason said...

your a inspiration to all us old time captains around the world,stay strong and keep up the good work.

Marcel said...

Hey Jess! Great pics, and I just try to imagine how beautiful it would be, to see just blue... Blue sky and a blue sea. You are brave!
Keep in touch, and take care. Greetings Marcel

The Griffs Perth WA said...

Great Pics Jess.

Love seeing all the other people from around the world who are following you.

Lee said...

I've got my globe out to follow you and get a better perspective.Amazing! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Lee from Phila., Pa USA
Go Phillies!!!

Phil in Idaho said...

Very HAPPY to see another post today. Two in fact. Since there was no post for Wed here in the states I was a bit worried. Glad you are doing so well. Reading about your nighttime impressions bring back a flood of memories for me of dolphins riding the bow waves at night. They looked like bright tubes jumping and playing.

Keep on Jess!! I'm loving it!!

HAWKEYE said...


Well Jess Hawkeye's happy - you've had a good nights sleep, you are rigged out in the safety gear and the torch around your neck provides you with your own private headlight - Wandering about the deck at night you could be a Star Wars lookalike - (let's say R2D2). Also it's good to know you tucked into a good breakfast. And don't forget the fluids.

Good on you for pampering yourself and the deck looks a bit like the cosmetics counter at Myer - I had no idea they had opened a store near the Equator.

I said last night you need to put No 1 first and the rest follows in an orderly fashion because you obviously have a strong and caring support group. But your the one out there and you must keep yourself in good nick physically and mentally and give yourself a few more elephant stamps for the way you have managed yourself in the past couple of days.

I'm from the WA and today I caught a wave or two at Scarborough - not a bad swell. The waves were teasers, in the main, they'd form beautifully only to break up at the critical moment but I did OK. It's hard not to think of you when I'm sitting out the back waiting for a ride, it freaks me out to think you're out there alone at night. Believe me you are one in a million.

Anyway Jess have a good night and wake up tomorrow tick off another day and look after No 1. Once you cross the Equator the PM should declare it a Public Holiday - I'll see what I can do.

Take care and catcha tomorrow.


Pål Erik said...

hi Jess. Amazing pics! What do you do if you tear your sail? Do you have a spare?
Just want to let you know that people here in Norway loves to follow your progression as well.
Best regards


Hi There Jesse,

Jessica! Jessica! Jessica ! ...
.. You Are Truly Amazing !!! ... I can't help but Idolize Your Courage & Enthusiasm. A couple of day's ago you said that you were Feeling A Bit Down ... and Today you are Back To Your Old (Young) Self Again !!! ... as if it hadn't happened.

The Photo's so far are great. It shows people (especially the Skeptics) how devoted and in control of things you are. Make sure you get Photo's from Each Direction (N,S,W,E) of the Compass, and One In The Direction You are Heading at the time, as you Cross the Equator.

Your Goal is to 'BE THE YOUNGEST PERSON TO SAIL AROUND THE WORLD NON-STOP' ..... My Goal, during your Voyage, is to attempt to Comment on Each of Your Blogs, or As Many As I Can. Also, I am going to try to contact Other fans from along your Route, where you are likely to be in close proximity of Land, and see if they can get some Photos of you, and if I can manage this, I'll send them to your Team. I'll let you know if I have any luck, and Inform You of the Details of each Photo, so that you will know that they are from my Contacts and arranged by myself.

I'm looking forward to following your progress all the way Jesse. YOU GO GIRL !!! ... Prove 'em Wrong ... Don't worry about The Non-Believers !!! ... Remember The Wright Brothers ... They Were Told That MAN WOULD NEVER FLY !!! .....

Signing Off For Now . . .
. . "Have A Safe & Happy Voyage ... But Most Of All, Have Fun !!!" . .

"You CAN And WILL Do It Jessica Watson !!!"

NM xx

Martin said...

Wow, looks like the bathroom of my daughter.
Hey parents, everything is fine with your daughter!


Doug said...

Hi Jessica:
We're following your adventure every day from Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. We admire you and wish you all the best. Safe journey.
The Pieriks

Siraj said...

great pics Jess -- take care and keep on flowing ... you are amazing and a great source of inspiration to all pioneers!!!!


Anonymous said...

Luke 12:6-8
6 Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. 7 Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

8 "I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God.

G'day Jessica! Thanks for those pics. Every one is a better glimpse into your experience. As I saw those things in your cockpit and recall your many comments about how you are diligent to care for yourself I thought of the above passage. As you go through your regimen just remember your worth to your Creator and be encouraged by how He cares for you, too. You are not alone as has been observed by so many in these comments. Today I am again praying for your strength and health, your protection, your fine yacht, and that you will be blessed with seas and weather which will carry you safely and successfully on to your goal.

Jenn said...


Love keeping up with your adventure even though it makes me a little queasy reading about riding swells, etc (I don't have the strongest sea stomach, myself). Best of luck to you! You're an inspiration!

Best wishes from Jennifer in Idaho

donsmith said...


It is amazing we all can follow you adventure. Thanks so much for the daily updates. Good luck and keep up the good work and courage.

Don Smith

Rob said...

I enjoy the pictures! Keep them coming as you can. Will you take a picture of your "copilot"? I can't recall what you call it.
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to hear u r still making good progress. Careful wit the lotion, u might get slide off:-).
I'm taking a few days of in a summer house. But I would switch with u anytime! With the writing skills u have, u can keep sailing for the rest of your life. As long as u write us a book from time to time.
Here in Denmark, it's time to take the boat out of the water. The winter is coming, and waters here might freeze over. Now we will just have to look fwd to spring time. I'll be thinking of u when I freeze my a.. off :-)

Nice pix by the way..keep them coming!!!

be back soon;-)
take care - Jacob, Denmark

Nicholson Family said...

Hi Jessica. In your last blog entry you wrote, "Mum also keeps me updated on all the comments each evening."

Does this mean that you don't have Internet access yourself? We can understand going without television or even face-time with other people for extended periods of time. But going without Internet? Never!

Hang in there, stay safe and God Speed,

The Nicholson Family
Sterling, Virginia, USA

King Neptune's Messenger said...

Greetings Jess. Great to see you doing well. As you head up to the equator remember to prepare a little token of appreciation for King Neptune, to be gifted to him as you cross the line. Then will you receive the full protection from King Neptune and all the creatures of the sea as you continue your journey onward.
Take Care young Poly-Woggle (that is what a sailor is known as until they have crossed the line and paid their respects to King Neptune)

Anonymous said...

Hi jessica you r so brave i have 1 question were r u going?

Anonymous said...

Hi from NY Jess! Great pics!

Do you ever get off the boat and take a dip in the ocean? I was wondering,now that you're heading towards the equator, the water must be quite warm. Do you catch and eat fresh fish for meals or is everything prepackaged?


lilshawnee said...

Jess,well thankyou so much for the pics we all love to get them im just looking every few hrs for the vidio to come on.We live in the usa and cant get your stations.Jess your makeing a lot of people thinking of thire dreams.i ride motor boats and just dreamed of sailing,Well we signed up at a sailing school today my 13 year old girl and myself we want to get some of that too..your pics you put on are so so great thankyou so much lil a couple of years we will sail to Hawaii to see some of what you saw
thankyou lil Jess for sharing this with us
God Bless you and your Team

tim said...

Happy sailing, take care, Tim C. from Silverdale Wa. USA

Meechree said...

loving the photos!
Keep em coming (:
-Dimitri, USA

Mickey said...

Is the ocean telling you the story it longs to be told?

The local lake told me a story one morning as I set my Star's [Stella] sails in the predawn light.

I went like this...
The morning breeze was as confused as a child in a candy store, a little here, some from there, and a swirl from... everywhere.
Predawn light, as if from candles which edge a stage, illuminated our set up which was precise and quick and fueled with anticipation,a well choreographed and studied dance, almost ritualistic and silent .
The sails hoisted easily... a king placing a crown upon his head. Bondage of the dock lines faded into a wave from the bow like a gentle caress of a lover returning from an extended absence. A silent and solemn trek, the only indication of motion was an island slipping in to the past off the port.

Soon, as if an unseen hand untied a knot on a dark blue velveteen satchel spilling diamonds across the waters, the sun peeked over the eastern ridge.
Energy exploded in the atmosphere and the waters quickly became roiled, white caps sprung up everywhere, which always reminds me of a cabbage patch stretching to the shore.

The mast groaned as the sails filled and the heeling ship bowed to the rising sun.

Cheers to you Jessica,
Redding CA

Anonymous said...

I found your blog tonight ,and read through all your posts and enjoyed it. I am excited for you and this wonderful voyage you are on to make your dream come true. I will read your blog daily to see what your voyage brings, Wishing you all the best and safe travels... Ginger

Sally said...

Good Morning Jesse

Great to see & hear you on One HD last night - although the vision of Skype was a bit fragmenty you could still hear your voice loud 'n clear! You sounded in good spirits!

It was also good to see film footage of you 'doing your thing' on Ella's Pink lady - does that continuously relay back to your support family & crew? If it does that would be comforting for them, to be able to see that you are OK

Love the pic's - your bathroom has the best view!! Hope there's sunblock in those cosmetics!!

Take care Jesse

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. To reach for the stars and achieve our dreams, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor”

Sally In Sydney

Sergio said...

Hi Jessica!
Great to see the pictures. Keep them coming if you can. It helps one to figure out the whole thing, sort of.

Siempre adelante! (Always forward!)
Sergio (Venezuela)

kapitan said...

Say hello Jessica from Russia, please.

There are many people which follow your voyage here.
I wish you a fair wind and 7 foots under keel.

Best regards,

P.S. Kapitan - it is captain on russian.

kapitan said...

Say hello Jessica from Russia, please.
There are many people which follow your voyage here.
I wish you a fair wind and 7 foots under keel.
Best regards,
P.S. Kapitan - it is captain on russian.

Lut said...

Thanks for the pictures and your notes. Keeping an eye on your blog hoping that everything will be OK for you. No problem to stand the loneliness ? Take care

Rhonda said...

I wouldn't go ANYWHERE without my make up or hair products either! Don't let anyone give you a hard time about it!
Also, I have a view from my bathroom window as well but it doesn't compare to yours! Holy!

Sending all best wishes to you!
Maine USA

Noel said...

Hey Jess
I've been following your trip from Sydney. I am a novice sailor and love the technical side of your blogs,,,not to mention the shear admiration I have for your courage,
Any way you could give us your position so that we can follow your progress on Google Earth or the like.
Please keep safe.
Love all your blogs
Noel - Novice Sailor Canberra

Mary from Riverview said...

Hi Jess, we wtached you on Thursday Night Live last night - was great to hear and see you. We love reading your updates - keep them ccoming. We want to know how you get fresh water for drinking and cooking? Chat soon, Mary.

Taylor Family said...

Thought I'd post a note that our kids (Eden-7, James-5) are following your adventures as part of their science class (homeschool).

We plan to do some studying on topics/places you bring up in your posts, so enjoy the pressure of being a distant teacher to those even younger than yourself :)

Good Luck and stay vigilant!

Mary from Riverview said...

Hi Jess, we watched you on Thursday Night Live last night, it was great to hear and see you - that really brings it home for all of us here. Hope you have lots more favourable wind days. Take care, Mary.

Anonymous said...

hey Jessica, I'm a underground coal miner from Qld and have never been sailing before but reckon what ur doing is absolutley awsome...keep ur chin up and look forward to keeping a close eye on ur progress. Take care CW

Danus said...

I am LOVING this blog Jess! Keep it up. Quick question - with me not knowing a thing about yachting - on really calm/warm days do you ever tether yourself to the boat and jump over for a quick dip in the big blue?

I wasnt able to make it to see your departure, but Lord help me if anyone tries to stop me from viewing your triumphant return to Sydney after your successful voyage is complete!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey there Jesse,
Just doing a quick check here on Friday morning looking forward to our long Melbourne Cup Weekend....

It's amazing how the sea reflects the Colour of the Sky....

Blue Sky = blue sea
Gray Sky = gray sea


Pink Sky = pink sea

hehehehe....I thought that was logical...huh huh!



Clint - Melbourne....

Richard in MD said...

Hello Jesse,
Glad your having a "swell" time. I can't wait til you describe what it looks like under similar conditions with a full moon at night. It will be awesome seeing the rows of swells with the moonlight reflecting off of them.

Keep up the good work, surfer girl!

Richard in Maryland

Dusty from Dubbo said...

great to hear you on TV last night. You sounded so confident with that determined and clear voice of yours. The pictures did you no justice. Much the same when I talk to family on skype who are in England Everything out of sync. I didn't see your rubber duckie in your bathtime shot!. You are going so well
Dusty from Dubbo

Grimmo said...

Hi Jess, plotting your progress on my A4 map of the globe blue tacked on John Eales' signed world cup photo. Started putting little orange dots to track your progress as I read your blogs.

Go girl!


Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

Cosmetics in the cockpit! What next? A pink boat? Oh, hang on ... ;-)


john b. said...

hi jess!! i hope you're doing well, i know you are!

~~ Life is Good ~~
Do what you like
Like what you do

all the best to you!

john b.
"sloop john b."

Bebie said...

Hi Jesse,
Love the photos and love the details for us to picture in our minds, but the waves look too big for me, as inspiring as you are.
Through my waking moments in the nights, and throughout any given day, always do my thoughts turn to you both out there on the sea, trying to imagine the slap of the water against Ella's sides as she negotiates the rise and fall of the waves and your exileration as you get closer to the equator. Then always do I whisper, "Lord, keep them safe please".
You probably don't take anything for granted and I hope you won't be lulled into any false sense of security - for I know there's rogue waves out there.

Christie said...

Hi Jesse! I've been checking your blog every couple of days and really loving it. Who would've thought hearing about the daily maintenance of a boat could be so fascinating?!

You really are amazing and I think you're doing something so rare. :)

Sally McLean said...

Love the pics Jessica! A map or coordinates of your daily position would be interesting!

Have a great day!

TechnoBabe said...

Taking care of yourself. Doing normal things.

Ruby Kemp said...

Hey Jessica,
I am a grade 6 primary school student from Victoria and I am very interested in you blog and dream. Our class has been following your blog and journey every since you have started. We debated in our classroom about if you should go..At first I was not so sure, however now I think that you should follow your dream and break Jessie Martin record.
Please visit my blog and have a read and hopefully leave me a comment
Thanks Ruby!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
I am a grade 6 girl who lives in Victoria. My grade has been visiting your blog regularly at school, and it has been interseting to see how you have progressed. You have inspired my whole grade. Our class have been given netbooks to help us to learn, and we have our own blogs! We have written posts about our own posts aboout our own dreams. If you want to visit my blog here is the address:
It would be really interseting to get a comment from you if you have the time. I wish I had the guts to travel solo around the world, KEEP GOING!!!
Good luck,
From Eliza

Frazer said...

hi Jess me and my class are all doing blog entrys about you our last one was should you and can you. well personally I think that you can and becuase its your dream, I think that your doing well to accomplise it. Well done jess and keep it up.

Be safe from


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I am a grade six student from Victoria.
This year our class has been learning about your dream how you wanted to sail around the world. We had a debate if you should sail around the world solo. When we first talked about it I thought you should Sail around the world solo and I still do. I hope you complete your journey. If you have any spare time could you look at my blog. Here is the link-

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, I know your probably won't read this but hey, its worth a try.
You may have gotten some comments fom New Gisborne Primary school students, well I'm another one of them. Haha, my name is Isabelle, and I enjoy reading your voyage entries.
It must be an amazing experiene and I think it is wrong for the media to try and stop you.
Keep going, do your best, and break a record. :)
xxx Bella.

Jim said...

u r a strong young lady.
i wish u well and i am going to follow your voyage everyday.
i am curious--how do u get internet service?
be safe,


jdes said...

Hi Jessica, I absolutely love your use of technology which allows for constant updates on your round the world journey. The information that you give along with the photo's, gives me a great look in, as to how to sail, marvellous to say the least.

You are an amazing person for doing this and allowing so many people to do the journey with you.

All the best Jessica, I follow your journey daily and will continue to do so till you sail through to Sydney.

Karla said...

Dear Jessica,
I think that you are so brave doing what your doing.
It sounds like you're having the time of your life there. And I wish I had the courage follow my dream.
My class has been following you for a number of weeks now, and we all think you are amazing at how you wish to persue your dreams.

Alexandra said...

Hi Jess,
My class is following your blog and looking at how you followed your dream. By what i have heard on your blog you are having a good time,Oh and when you feel lonely try eating chocolate it would be like having your best friend right beside you!
Just wanted to say thanx for being a role model to all us students at my school!

Anonymous said...


You are an inspriration! A generation of teenagers worldwide have you to look up to. Thankyou for showing the oldies that generation "y" isn't all laziness and greed.

love that you're keeping up the cosmetics routine, girlfriend!


Karla said...

Dear Jessica,
I think that you are so brave doing what you are doing.
It's sounds like you're having the time of your life out there. And I wish I had the your courage to follow my dreams.
My class has been following you for a number of weeks now. We all think you are amazing at how you want to persue your dreams.

Shannon said...

Dear Jessica,
It sounds like you are having a great time, I think you are and idol to many people who wish to persue thir dreams. My class has been following your blog for a number of weeks now and are still really engrossed in your progress and blog entries. Our class is astonished at how much courage and determination goes through your body and mind.

Anonymous said...


You are truly an inspiration, to old and young alike. Safe passage.


john b. said...

hi everyone,

here's a link where you can check worldwide marine weather.

check under the "weather observations" tab for info on water temps, wave heights, wind speed/directions, etc.

john b.
"sloop john b."

Toni McLean said...

"Pic : Bathtime in the sun with the cockpit covered in cosmetics!"
And the best part is ... no parent there to tell you to clean it up!

Thanks for the piccies, especially of the sea.

You're doing good ... Look out Neptune ... she's coming!

Enjoy the solitude

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Another day on the fish pond

"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart"

Your a legend
MNCoast - NSW

Julia said...

cooooool!! looks like you are having fun! I wish I was out on the ocean and not writing an english paper! Do you do school work at all?

-Julia from Boston, MA, USA

In the Sewer said...

You're doing a great job. What you are doing is incredible. I used to live under water in a nuclear submarine for months at a time but I still had a lot of folks around. I am really pulling for you to succeed in this attempt. Did you bring some weights to work out with? It could be something you add to your daily routine. If you didn't bring weights make sure you are doing some sort of excersise daily along with stretching.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess,

I try to check your blogs most days as I am wishing for you a safe journey. I am a mother of 3 - 18yo son, 16 and 10 yo daughters. I can only imagine the pride your parents must feel as they read all these comments! This trip will create an unbreakable bond for you and your parents and support team. The photos are awesome. Enjoy every minute of every day and take in as much as you possibly can. Stay safe. Warmest wishes from Jo of Eton, Qld.

Geoffrey Hilliard said...

I assume you take down all the sails when you are sleeping at night. What about when you are eating or having a bath?
I presume you obtain fresh water by distilling seawater. How much is produced?
Your trip is inspiring many people. I look forward to your safe return.
Geoff, 54 (Melbourne)

Duane said...

Aloha Jessie

Am enjoying your updates. You are an inspiration to many. Stay strong my prayers are with you.

Duane (Honolulu)
We should not fear that our life will come to an end, but rather that it never had a beginning.

passenger said...

I can hear the creak of the boat in the wind as I read you blog.
Go Go Go Girl! ..and remember when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Aging Hippy said...

Hi Jess

Just found a copy of Braveheart in the second hand bookstore. Thought I would give it a read to understand your dream of sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted around the globe.

I read a similar book many years ago. It was called 'The Dove" and was written by Robin Lee Graham who, like you at 16, convinced his dad to let him sail around the world solo. I was 14 at the time and it captured my imagination.

Maybe you know the story.

Tight sheets

Aging Hippy

passenger said...

I can hear the creak of the boat in the wind as I read you blog.
Go Go Go Girl! ..and remember when the going gets tough the tough get going.

wayne reid said...

Hi Jess
Looks pretty good out there, pics look rely good,keep up all the blogs, this is starting to get me onto your web site just about everyday i am on myself.
Keep going girl
Wayne(Hobart tas)

wayne (hobart Tas) said...

Hi Jess
Looks pretty good out in the Pacific. The pics look great,even if they remind me of my bathroom once my girls are finished.
Keep your spirits up
Wayne(Hobart Tas)

ToSeeTheSea said...

Nice sailing conditions. The photos flaten the waves, they are bigger than they look in the pics.

The first wave in the picture is on the horizon, your standing about 1.8 meters above the sea surface when the photo was taken. That makes that wave in the photo close to 2 meters high, give or take some.

A quote I like:

All loose things seem to drift down to the sea, and so did I.
Louis L'Amour

Tracie L. Hall said...

How's it goin"?
I doubt I'll be the first to mention this...or the last; My AOL browser page is flashing a headline about a British couple sailing in Mogadishu, Somalia that encountered pirates. I know you've given this danger some thought, so I won't say anything more than that I'm kind of glad you have not yet provided your coordinates. I could be wrong, but I don't think Pirates are any less sophisticated with technology than anyone else...and I admit it's a concern of mine....but I don't mean to cause YOU to dwell on it...I just want to suggest that while it's fun for school classes and the rest of us to follow your exact course, it's not worth your safety. Myself? I'm content to know generalities.
So, how ya doin' with that sextant? Have you practiced with it? I guess you can't with clouds overhead, hah?
Gotta run.
Take care and blessings,

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